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To Voyage Again

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“So how exactly did the first war start?”

Kathryn paced up and down the Captain’s ready room as her daughter watched from the lounge.

“The Q’s cousin committed suicide with the help from Q, I don’t really remember the full details. He is nothing but trouble. His son’s not too better either.”


“Oh, really Kathy! I thought you taught him well during his stay on Voyager.”
“Q, nice to see you again. I’ve heard you’ve already meant my daughter.”
“Yes, truly a chip off the old block. Though, I do remember you telling me once that you weren't interested in Chuckles.”


“It’s a long story Rachel, and I’d rather not get into it right now. Q, I have spent far too much of my life time stuck in the Delta Quadrant, you have got to send us back!”
“I’m sorry, I can’t do that!”
“Well, then you have to help us.”
“By the looks of your indisposed 17 week pregnant daughter, you definitely need all the help you can get.”
“Sorry. But yes, I will help you. I have detected a wormhole though, it might take you about a month to get there, but it leads right back to the Alpha Quadrant.”

Kathryn sat down next to Rachel as they examined Q’s findings when the door chimed.
“Come in.”
“Ah Chuckles, good to see you again.”
“Just ignore him Chakotay. Come take a look at this, it might work.”
“Hm, seems legitimate. Let me guess, he found it.”
“Unfortunately yes.”

“Well,” Rachel stood, “It’s all we’ve got, so we’re doing it. I’ll be in astrometrics. Nice seeing you Q”
“Wow, Kathy, she really is a mini you.”


“The wormhole is intact and could be sufficient.”
“As Voyager get’s closer, I will be able to gather more accurate readings. Your back is causing you pain Captain, you should seek relief from the Doctor.”
“Thanks, but I’ll deal with it Seven.”
“It seems a risky move.”
“What does?”
“Agreeing to use this information Q has given you.”
“I do not want to have this baby here, plus, I’m sure the last thing Voyager’s original crew want is to be stuck out here again.”
“It is unpleasant, but a safer route might be wiser.”
“Well, this is the safest route right now so it’s going to have to do. You know, I might go get something for my back, I’ll see you later Seven.”


“This is quietest I’ve ever seen the mess hall.”
“Dad! Sorry, you scared me. Yeah, I guess everyone is working hard to get us out of this mess.”
“I guess not everyone is willing to jump into the first wormhole they find.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Honey, look, yes, this is not one of my favourite places to visit, but I’d rather that we all got home, rather than risk using a random wormhole that Q happened to find. We couldn’t even pick it up!”
“You must of made a great first officer.”
“Your mother could be irrational at times.”
“She still is! I guess, maybe I am too, but we are doing this.”
“I know. It’s impossible to convince a Janeway to change their mind. I feel like we have barely had a chance to catch up. Hows my old chair?”
“Not too bad, little daunting. I thought Voyager would be a little nicer to me knowing who my parents are! How's married life?”

“Not too bad, though with everything that’s going on we haven’t had a lot of us time, and not just your mom and me, but all three of us, well all four! But things are really great. I was worried that being stuck on Voyager would make her go back but it hasn’t, if anything, it’s made her more open.”
“That’s a relief! Speaking of the devil!”

“Hey! What are you two up to! Where is everybody.”
“Working, it seems.”
“On Voyager? That’s a first.”
“Oh so is that why it took you so long to get home.”
“Maybe, I might have been a little distracted by this one too.”

Rachel watched as her parents embraced and cuddled into each other on the lounge seat.
“So, did you convince her out of it?”
“She is most definitely your daughter”
“Rachel… are you sure?”
“We have to get home.”
“And we will.”
“Will we?”
“Voyager has done this once before, she’ll do it again!”