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Hermione walked through the hall towards the elevator slowly. She was in a fancy hotel with chandeliers hanging from the ceilings and gold tinged moulding along the wall. It was a bit too gaudy for her taste, which was most definitely more demure. Stepping foot into the empty mirrored elevator she caught sight of herself. She pressed the button labelled with the number nine. Her hair, a frizzy mess as per although it had settled down in her adulthood, was frizzing at the top. She patted it down and sighed realizing her attempt was useless. She puckered a bit in the mirror examining the sheer gloss on her lips. Her light-weight cardigan was a tad bit wrinkled along the side, but so was the hem on her black dress. She had rushed to get out of her flat earlier in the morning, she wanted to avoid Ron before he was out of the bathroom. Hermione felt guilty for feeling that way, but things had turned upside down quickly in their relationship. She knew from the start that he had been wrong for her, she complied as a means to give it a chance. Her small crush and slight obsession with Ron had wavered after the war. It was as though a flame had gone out within her. She was 23 years old now and decided to take a step back from the Magical World. She worked a small job in a Muggle bookshop to get away from the attention she received in the Wizarding World; even now it was unbearable. Being referred to as part of the Golden Trio got old fast. She didn’t have an identity, she was just ‘Harry Potter’s Brainy Best Friend’ or ‘The Brightest Witch of Her Age’. At first it was flattering and she was well aware that it could’ve been worse; she just wanted to be herself. She wanted a name. She just wanted to be Hermione Granger. One person could give her that and his name wasn’t Ronald Weasley.

The blond haired man glanced quickly at the clock on the mantel of the fireplace. Two more minutes before it was eight – she wasn’t going to come. His leg bounced as he waited anxiously for the familiar click of the door unlocking. His throat felt dry as he swallowed, his hand automatically reached for the glass of whiskey beside him. A small burn went down his throat as he gulped the drink down. Muggles had weak taste. He chuckled.

‘What’s so funny?’

He froze and turned to face the door. She was there. She was dressed differently from what he was used to. No Muggle blue jeans or a t-shirt with a logo. No jumper matched with neutral slacks. This had to have been the second time – or third, he wasn’t sure now – that he had seen her in a dress. It was a simple black dress that cut off at her knees, but he could see the silhouette of her body. Oh God, he could see that tiny waist, those shapely hips and the legs that held her up. Her dress, of course, didn’t show off any cleavage. Prim and proper Hermione Granger.

‘Who said anything was funny, Granger?’ he replied.

She approached him cautiously before taking a seat in the armchair beside him. ‘I heard you laugh when I came in. Usually when one laughs-’

‘Granger, spare me the incessant small talk.’ Malfoy held his hand up with a slight grimace on his face. ‘You know for a fact that that’s not why you’re here.’

‘Oh?’ she said. ‘I’m still not quite sure why I’m here.’

He smirked. ‘Yes you do. Don’t pretend you haven’t found yourself in this situation before.’

Hermione’s hands shook as she folded them. She hoped to the Gods that he didn’t notice. Her heart was pounding and it was as though she could hear her hair crackling as it frizzed because she was starting to sweat slightly. Why did I come, she thought. You know why you came. Stop pretending as though you’re innocent, another voice rang in her head. Shut up. Shut up.

‘It would seem Hermione Granger is at a loss for words.’

She cleared her throat. ‘I’m being honest when I say I haven’t a clue why I’m here, Malfoy.’


‘You do know that when you lie your hands start to go into conniptions?’

She felt her fingers twisting and glanced down at them. Shit.


‘Weaselbee still not giving you what you want.’

She felt her face turning red. ‘How dare-’

‘I dare, Granger. Trust me when I say that I dare.’

He stood abruptly placing his glass on the table. He shrugged off his blazer and let it fall onto the beige carpet. Malfoy started to unbutton his cuffs before Hermione spoke.

‘I need to leave him,’ she said staring up into his grey eyes. ‘This is wrong. I can’t keep doing this to him.’

‘Granger,’ he said as he dropped down to his knees, shimmying his way in between her legs with his hands atop her thighs. ‘Don’t start this ‘Woe is Me’ charade before I even touch you.’

‘Fuck you, Malfoy,’ Hermione replied with a stony glare.

She continued to glare as he pushed her cardigan off exposing her arms and shoulders. His eyes flickered down her body and back up to her face. She could see the lust starting to pool in his eyes. The dilation of those grey eyes that she had come to know several months ago. Maybe it had been a year now. She didn’t care because she could feel his hands moving up her thighs and under her dress until he stopped to brush a hand along her crotch. She breathed in deeply and saw him smirk.

‘No knickers, Miss ‘I-Don’t-Know-Why-I’m-Here’. Really?’ he murmured quietly, his hands continuing up her dress and stopping at her waist. ‘Get up.’

She stood nervously following his command. She couldn’t look at him and vowed to keep her eyes set on the fireplace. She could hear the rustling of his shirt and she felt the material land close to her feet.

‘Take the dress off.’

His voice came from the armchair he was sitting in when she first saw him. She nodded and her sweaty hands unzipped the back of her dress. She let it fall down her body and pool at her feet before taking a few awkward steps out of it. Her shoes made her wobble. Gods, why did I wear these. The air wasn’t cold, but her nipples hardened instantly. She could feel his eyes glued to her back, burning a hole into her ass.

‘You can turn around,’ he said when he felt her hesitate. ‘You know I don’t bite…hard anyway.’

She shuddered briefly before turning to face him. She started to kick her shoes off and he shook his head.

‘Leave them on until I say otherwise.’

How Ronald Weasley could neglect such a perfect piece of ass was unfathomable to him. He knew the wanker had been cheating on Hermione for more than a year now with some tart named Eloise Harrington. They never discussed it and he wasn’t sure if Hermione even knew. She had to be observant enough to realise what was going on. Weasley wasn’t smart enough to deceive her. Hermione was still standing a few feet away from him biting on her lip.

His finger beckoned at her. ‘Come here.’

Hermione was hyper aware of the way her body moved. She could feel her thighs rubbing together, the moisture between them making the walk uncomfortable. The soft bounce of her breasts each time she took a step. The jiggle of her ass because of the stupid heels. She could see Malfoy licking his lips with his focus on her chest before he eyed the trimmed brown patch of hair between her legs. She flushed.

‘Don’t be so modest,’ he said, unbuckling the belt around his now tightened trousers. ‘You know how much I adore this delectable body of yours.’

When he had first said that to her she had thought he was kidding. When the disbelief wore off she noticed the look on his face. He was being serious. Her body was average at most. She could treat it much better, but she couldn’t stop herself from having a slice of cake or an extra serving of trifle. She was fighting a losing battle with a pear shaped body. It all went down to her ass anyway.

‘You know it has very little to do with modesty,’ she retorted.

‘Then what is it?’ Malfoy raised an eyebrow.

Hermione straddled him, keeping her hands on his shoulders. His fingers trailed their way down her calves to the heel of her foot before pushing off her shoes, they fell with a muffled thud.

‘The fact that you look at me as though I’m the most beautiful woman,’ she whispered into his ear, her curly hair tickling the side of his face.

Malfoy could smell her now. Cinnamon mixing with the musk seeping from between her legs. He could feel the heat emanating from her body through his pants. Her small hands burning his skin. His cock twitched.

‘You are beautiful,’ he replied brushing a few strands from her face. ‘Some people are just too dense to see it.’

His alabaster skin seemed to glow in the dim lighting. She would be lying if she said that a compliment from Malfoy didn’t boost her ego. Women fell all over themselves whenever they were around him. His perfect ski slope nose and cheekbones that male models would die for made it hard not to find him attractive. His broad shoulders and firm torso were another added bonus. His legs usually hid underneath his trousers, but they were just as toned as the rest of his body. His eyes were her favourite though. The stormy mix of light blue and grey made her body shiver.

She closed her eyes as he kissed a trail from her collarbone up to her neck, sucking hard on the skin making blood rush up to her head and a shock travel down to her crotch. She ground down on him and felt the hardness covered by his trousers. He groaned.

‘You’re so beautiful,’ he murmured along the corner of her mouth before her lips were on his.

Hermione felt her face grow hotter and any resolve she had disappeared quickly. She moaned into his mouth as his tongue wrapped around hers. His lips were perfect. The warmth of his mouth made Hermione feel as though she was on fire. His hand met the juncture between her legs. She was so wet, her fluids were smeared onto his trousers. His finger dipped into her being sucked greedily by her walls. She moaned again as she ground herself against the heel of his palm stimulating her clit. Malfoy’s kiss was aggressive. She could feel the growl rumbling in his chest as he controlled the kiss. Controlled her body. He was sucking on her bottom lip, nibbling it until he broke the kiss and withdrew his hand. Hermione tried to catch her breath, her chest heaving slightly. Malfoy wanted to make the night last. He didn’t know when he would see her again. If at all. He didn’t want to have a one off in an armchair rutting into her like a schoolboy.

‘The bed.’

He held onto her waist as her feet found the floor. Her stomach was tight, her muscles clenched as though they were strained. Her core was burning as she padded her way to the bedroom taking in the opulent wooden headboard and perfectly made sheets. They looked crisp and were soft to the touch as she ran her hand down the duvet. It was a typical hotel bedroom with two nightstands on each side of the bed. There was a flat screen TV placed within the wall and a complimentary tea set on one of the dressers. She was startled when she felt two hands grab hold of her bottom.


‘I recall mentioning the bed, not studying the contents of the room.’

She could feel his cock pressing up against her backside as his hands cupped her breasts, he bit into the side of her neck leaving a mark that she would have to glamour when she went home. He guided her to the bed slowly, still keeping his body against her. Her knees hit the edge of the mattress and she caught herself on her hands before falling face first. She looked over her shoulder to see Malfoy massaging both of her ass cheeks seemingly contemplating something. She felt the sting of the smack before the noise echoed through the room. Her body jerked. She bit her tongue to stop herself from screaming out. He smacked her again, enjoying the pink hand print on her skin.

‘Did you miss me?’ he asked, licking the shell of her ear with his fingers moving down her stomach to her cunt.

He massaged the outer lips gently, waiting for her reply. Hermione’s body was tense now. She tried shifting her hips to get more pressure where she needed it, he pushed her head down gently and he wrapped his arm around her waist to keep her still. She whimpered.

‘Yes,’ she said, her voice cracked. ‘I missed you.’

‘Are you sure it was me and not my cock?’

He pushed her thighs apart with his knee allowing his length to slide along the slit between her legs. She shuddered as the head of his cock brushed against her clit.

‘Both,’ she moaned.

‘Should I make you beg for it?’

Hermione shook her head, her hair knotting as it rubbed against the duvet. As desperate as she was for him she didn’t want to voice her desperation aloud for him to hear. It made this meeting all the more real for her. Which was hilarious in itself because they were almost hitting a year since this ‘affair’ had started.

‘Tsk tsk. Thinking too much aren’t you?’ Malfoy could practically hear the synapses in her brain making connections.


His cock was sliding vigorously between her legs because of her arousal. With every stroke she could feel herself getting closer to the edge. Her legs started to twitch and her breath became a staccato. He loved watching her fall apart because it was all of his doing. She looked like a goddess with the sheen across her forehead and along her back. He watched her ass grind against him for more friction and a blush started to stain her cheeks, the telltale signs of her orgasm approaching. Weasley was such a twat.

‘You’re about to come aren’t you, Granger,’ he purred.

She grunted in response. Malfoy’s arm shot out to grasp a fist full of her hair pulling her head up and curving her back.

‘Answer me,’ he said into her ear, his breath hot on her skin.

Her head was too muddled. She was so close.

‘I’m going to back away if I don’t get an answer,’ he threatened, angling himself away so she could stop grinding onto him.

Her fist clenched in frustration as the tension in her stomach increased.

‘If you’re not going to fuck me I might as well take what I can get.’

He grinned. ‘So now you’re telling me you’re a selfish tart.’

She scowled. ‘Why can’t you just cooperate?’

‘I should ask you the same,’ he replied as he loosened his grip on her hair, dragging his hands along her sides and spanning her waist. ‘You know, I always did enjoy annoying the piss out of you.’

‘Because you’re an insufferable prat.’

She couldn’t believe he stopped her to talk about how he enjoyed being annoying. He was being annoying right now.

‘I’m annoying you, aren’t I?’

‘Gods…if this is what happens when I refuse to beg—’

‘It is.’

She turned her head to glare at him. The glare was unsuccessful because of the evident heat in her eyes. He was so annoying.


He watched her hand move towards the juncture between her thighs. A small moan escaped her lips.


He froze. He could only see the length of her arm moving slightly, but he knew what she was doing. The use of his first name and the fact that she was trying to get herself off were two things Hermione knew he couldn’t resist. He felt even harder than he had before if that was physically possible. He groaned loudly as he positioned himself at her entrance and thrust into her. He could feel her walls clenching around him. He could hear her trying to gasp for air as he set a slow pace. She convulsed quickly with a drawn out moan, her hands splayed out onto the sheets. He threaded his fingers through them hunching over her.

‘You really are a selfish tart.’

She was in another world. Her legs were trembling and she was sweaty. She could feel her hair sticking to the back of her neck and she wasn’t listening to a word Malfoy was saying. She could only focus on the delicious thrusts Malfoy was laying into her body. She could stay like this forever. Listening to him pant over her. Feeling his hips snapping into her. The way he fucked her was like nothing she had experienced before. She could hear how wet she was now. His cock was hitting the perfect spot that reignited the approach of another orgasm.

‘Oh Gods…Yesssss you bastard.’

He watched her ass ripple every time he hit bottom, the small jerk of her body as she absorbed the impact of his thrusts. He could fuck her all day if he had the restraint. Even now he was struggling to keep his orgasm at bay. Her fingers were gripping his tightly, his hand was starting to feel numb. He didn’t really care. He could only focus on how snug she was. How hot she was. The ripples that were massaging his cock begging him to just let go. His grunts became more audible and he could hear himself sounding like the animal he was as he ravaged her body.

‘Do you know how bloody mad I feel whenever I fuck you?’

His words barely registered. The generic smell of the sheets were replaced with her scent. Her mascara was smeared along one side of her face. She felt like she couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t think. She could only feel. He knew how to manipulate her body and how to drive her into sensory overload. She just needed a few more thrusts and she knew she’d be tumbling off the edge again. She couldn’t stop the moans or the various swear words from spilling out of her mouth. Her filter was gone and Malfoy felt like he was in Heaven. Of course he’d fucked a line-up of women, but none of them could hold a candle to Hermione. If he had ever known that such a composed woman could turn into a puddle of passion if you stoked the fire correctly he would’ve tried to sleep with her earlier on. His mistake. And suddenly he pulled out, a soft squelching sound rang in his ears. He looked down at the creamy gloss coating his length. Hermione’s legs slid out from under her stretching out as she tried to catch her breath. Malfoy held onto her waist, turned her over and smirked when he saw the smear on one side of her face. He watched her take in deep breaths. Her chest was splotched pink and her waist had red marks in the shape of his fingertips embedded onto her skin. Her body was still quivering. He covered her body with his and rolled them over so she was straddling his hips. She stared at him.

‘You know what I want,’ he whispered leaning up to steal a brief kiss.

She ran her hands down his chest and over his stomach before brushing her fingertips along the thatch of ash blond hair to grip his cock. She rose a little and sank down onto him slowly. Her eyes fluttered shut as she bit into the side of her cheek. She swirled her hips experimentally eliciting a groan from Malfoy. As she started to move he could feel her thighs begin to quake against him. Every time she sank down onto him surrounding him in her heat he had to stop his inevitable release. Just seeing her bounce on top of him with her breasts hypnotizing him with each jerk…he wasn’t going to be able to last as long as he wanted. Her head was tilted back now and she could see stars even though her eyes were still shut. Malfoy was starting to reciprocate with his thrusts setting a pace she couldn’t manage on her own. She felt so deliciously full and she knew she would be coming soon as Malfoy pinched her nipples. Her moans were back to being passionately loud. Her entire body was shaking now and Malfoy watched her fingers erratically rub her clit.

‘Fuck, Hermione,’ he managed to hiss as he kneaded her breasts. ‘You’re fucking beautiful. Riding me with your hand between your legs.’

The shuddering had started. The flow of unintelligible words was relentless. She was trying to suck him dry with every squeeze and contraction that her orgasm brought on. The pressure was so unbearable.

‘Yes. Fuck yes,’ he moaned as he thrust into her for a final time as his release surged through him.

They laid in the middle of the bed quietly with Hermione atop him for several minutes. The cramping in her legs had started. This was her punishment for ignoring an exercise regime. She couldn’t be arsed until her body gave her signals to let her know about the neglect it was going through. Like now. Her head was resting on Malfoy’s chest listening to the thud of his heart beat that had finally slowed. She knew she must smell like pine needles and sandalwood at this point. If she was honest she didn’t want to leave, but this wasn’t her life. It was pathetic that she couldn’t find it within herself to tell Ron to fuck off. Everyone expected her to stay with Ron except for Ginny. And most likely Malfoy. She sighed.

‘A knut for your thoughts?’ Malfoy asked.

Hermione brushed her hair back and angled herself upwards to rest on her elbows. She met his cool grey eyes and thought about her answer.

‘If I…left Ron, how do you think you’d feel?’

‘Ecstatic. He’s a tosser,’ he smirked.

‘I’m being serious.’

His eyebrow rose. ‘As am I.’

‘I can’t believe this,’ she muttered before breaking eye contact and rolling over onto the other side of the bed.