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Last of the Dragon Riders.

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Thunder echoed against the mountain side, it was a distant promise of rain. The wind had picked up and it sang through the rocks and bought a chill to the air. Bakugou eyes averted up as the vultures took skyward their bellies were full of flesh and meat from his fallen comrades. They were too content to bother with him, with so many dead they could wait for a less feisty victim. He screamed until he was hoarse and pulled at the chains that bound him until his wrist were raw and bloodied, he cursed the Gods for abandoning him for allowing his men to die so horrifically and most of all he cursed Todoroki.

He had bound them to this barren Mountain side at the edge of the world, so far from their homeland that their spirits would be lost and wouldn’t be able to find the afterworld. For three days his men had screamed as the birds of prey feasted on them alive, until blood gurgled into their throats and they choked and seized until death calmed them. He couldn’t tune it out, he thought it would drive him mad, but he had led down this path. He had been too confident, too prideful and believed that he could defeat the fire demon Endeavor and earn their freedom. His neck festered, the smell was rotten and flies bit at him reopening the wound drawing more blood. It was the greatest insult, Endeavor had treated him like an omega.

The vultures circled and then departed, the storm was rapidly approaching, and they took haven in their nest. He lowered his head, muttering what prayers he could remember for the fools that had believed in him, he had none for himself. Bakugou had been taken so young, that he no longer could recall the scent of his parents. He wondered if they were waiting for him in the afterworld? Would he even be allowed there?

He’s head jerked up when he felt the chain on his wrist being tugged. He growled deeply as a warning but his eyes widen as a man stood in front of him. He hadn’t even heard him approach. Green…his eyes were green and with the storm at his back Bakugou was certain he was God.

“Save them” His voice was weak, he was dehydrated and hoarse.

“They are dead.” He answered.

“Make sure.”

The man tilted his head inquisitively at Bakugou. His eyes narrowed at the wound at his neck, and then averted down his body. He was nude, he had been beaten and mounted. Dried blood was smeared down his legs. He had been bound against the mountain side. The rest had been staked to the ground, large wooden spikes had been driven through their ankles and arms, but this man had no mortal wounds. His death was meant to be much slower than the others.

“What is your name God?” Bakugou whispered, his was barely able to be remain conscious.

“Midoriya Izuku.”

Bakugou had heard of Demons that sounded sweet, they would come smelling like Omegas and doomed foolish Alphas that chased them, he wondered if Midoriya Izuku was one of them, but he was in no condition to chase after him.

Bakugou watched as Midoriya turned away from him. He approached each man. Pulling the spikes from their body and then would move to the next one. Midoriya wore nothing but a cloth around his waist and didn’t appear affected by the cold, although small in stature his body was toned and muscular.

Midoriya dragged each of them to where they were laying side by side. He folded their arms and closed their eyes. “Who is your God?” Midoriya inquired and glanced at Bakugou.

“How should we respect them?”

“Burn them” Bakugou whispered. He remember that at least. He remember his mother holding his hand, she told him it was the only way purify them. His head slumping as he slipped out of consciousness.
Midoriya placed Bakugou on his sled. He covered him in furs and begun to pull him upwards. He was certain that this was a bad idea, his Tribe likely wouldn’t accept the Alpha but the night before he had a vision while mediating. He believed that it was All Might showing him the future. He wasn’t fully in control of One for All and the vision had been very brief, but he recalled a Dragon and on top of the giant beast was a man with red eyes like fire. Izuku believed that All Might had led him here, the bound Alpha had red eyes, he had even requested his men be burnt. Maybe he was wrong, but the Alpha was serious injured. His wound on his neck was infected he was close to death. He had to hurry if he was to survive.

He approached the unseen, the magical border of his tribe. He glanced back at the unconscious Alpha, bringing him here was a Taboo. He might have All for One flowing through his veins but bringing him here wasn’t a decision he could make on his own. He dragged him through and then knelt. The others would smell him, and the Alpha. He lowered his head to the ground in complete submission.

Aizawa was the first to approach. His eyes shifted from Midoriya to the injured Alpha. He was the youngest member of the council and as the only Beta member he had told the others to hold back until he could access the situation. He ignored Midoriya for the time being and knelt beside the Alpha. He pulled down the furs and examined his neck. When an Alpha claimed another Alpha, it was a sign of great insult. He leaned forward and sneered at the scent. The calming couldn’t take of course, biologically impossible. The scent glands were enlarged and gave off a stench of distress.

“Where did you find him?”

“Base of the mountain.” Midoriya answered without lifting his head. “He was chained to the ground; twenty others had been spiked they had already walked into the beyond”

“You should have let him die along with them.” Aizawa sighed heavily. He pulled open the fur and studied his tattoos. He had plenty on his arms, he recognized them from the Fire Demon Endeavor’s tribe. Each tattoo was a mark of accomplishments, his right arm was almost completely covered. He was a strong and capable Alpha, high ranking despite his age. However, the scar on his chest was more curious, Aizawa placed his hand cover the burn.

Endeavor attacked other clans, he would steal Omegas and young Alpha Pups under the age of three and murder the others. The Alphas would become his soldiers, this mark was likely his former tribe. He only knew of a few that branded their children at such a young age none still existed.

Midoriya lifted his head. “All Might gave me a vision.”

“Was it a vision Young Midoriya, or a warning?” Aizawa covered the Alpha back up. Several other tribesmen approached. They were curious of the smell, they hadn’t had an Alpha in their ranks in a long time. Aizawa stood up and gestured for Midoriya to follow. “Take him to Chiyo, I will deal with the others.”
Bakugou jerked awake he tried to sit up but was quickly pushed down. His eyes shot towards the offender and he bared his teeth. Chiyo wasn’t having none of that and karate chopped the top of his head as if he was a misbehaved child.

The Elderly woman was an Omega, her scent was faded from time. Bakugou couldn’t remember ever seeing an Omega her age. Most died half her age, he watched as she moved around the room. Gathering herbs and placing them in a bowl. He glanced around, he was in a hut. It was well built, not made for moving like the tents he was used too. It looked like it has been here as long she the Omega has.

The omega grabbed his roughly and he snapped at her which earned him another thump on his head. “I will gag you Alpha” She warned but there wasn’t much threat in her tone.
She turned his head and placed a wrap on his neck. It stun but he didn’t show weaknesses and kept his face composed. “I’m going to need to clean and treat all your other wounds.”

Bakugou frown, he didn’t want this Omega to touch him. He didn’t want anyone near him. He growled deeply releasing pheromones as a warning to the omega. She placed her hand onto of his and squeezed it. “You’re scent gland on that side is injured, the scent you are giving off it very confusing” She smiled. “One side is pure distress and the other is threatening.” She patted his hand. “This has to be done…it can be between just of us or I can bring in others to hold you.

Bakugou bared his teeth but not at the Omega. “Fine.” Bakugou answered.
Torino, Kayama, and Aizawa sat in front of Midoriya Izuku. The only council member that wasn’t present was Chiyo and she was treated the Alpha. Aizawa was stuffing the pipe, his appeared bored as the others lectures Izuku on his foolishness.

“Are you certain you weren’t followed?” Kayama hand tightened around her whip. She like to carry it around to keep the pups in line. Izuku eyed it warily as a pup more than once he had felt it on his backside.

“All the others were dead, no fresh scents. Whoever left them there had been gone for days.” Izuku wet his lips. “I feel that All Might led me there.”
Torino tilted his head, he didn’t detect any lie not that Midoriya would. The boy was brave and had a good heart, but he was always naïve. “You were sent out to mediate before your approaching heat, to clear your mind. You come back with an Alpha. You understand our concern?”

“I...” Izuku blushed heavily. “It’s not like that.”

Aizawa lit the pipe and then handed it over to Midoriya. “Tell us about your vision.” Midoriya took the pipe. Hated the pipe, it tasted bad and the hangover from it was horrible, but it help him gain more clarity and access the visions. He bought the pipe to his mouth. He inhaled deeply and held it. He held it just for a few seconds before coughing loudly. Aizawa rolled his eyes, Midoriya took the pipe and breathed in again. This time he held it, his eyes were watering but he was determined not to cough again. He breathed out and slumped forward. Kayama put down her whip and grabbed a few pillows and laid Midoriya’s head on her lap. She brushed the curls out of his face. Midoriya breathed in deeply.

“Tell me what you saw?” Kayama said softly release calming Omega hormones. Midoriya’s eyes were closed. He was breathing deeply but he was still conscious, just in a relax state. He could access One for All easily in this state.

“Fire.” Midoriya answered.

Aizawa and Tornio exchanged glances.

“A man, blond hair, red eyes. He’s riding a dragon.”

Kayama eyes shoot towards Aizawa. Was that Alpha a Dragon Rider? Impossible they had all be destroyed.

“Anything else, Midoriya?” Aizawa ignored Kayama and focused on Midoriya. Midoriya looked like he was struggling to see more.

“It’s…dark…I don’t know if I can see more.”

“Push through” Aizawa instructed. “One for All is a part of you Midoriya. Control it” He ordered. Midoriya gritted his teeth and forced One for All to flow through his body.

“It’s…him. The alpha.” Midoriya announced. “He’s the Dragon Rider…he’s fight…no…we’re fighting” Midoriya lips thin. “I have…the sword. I can control its power.” His fist tightened. “We’re fighting together…there are other people…” He swallowed hard. “A witch…a man in metal…a prince…others I can’t see them.”

“Let’s bring him out of it.” Aizawa stood up. He went to the door and opened it, it would take a few minutes to clear the air.

“This is impossible, Aizawa. The tribe was destroyed. Letting this information out is reckless.”

“Why?” Aizawa turned towards the others. “Because of the Dragon born? Or that All for One has been reborn after a hundred-year absence?”
Midoriya sat up slowly and rubbed at his eyes, it had been somewhat of a shock to find out that he was the reincarnation of All Might. Many in the tribe were frightened, his mother had been an outsider. They had discovered her nearly dead and five months pregnant with him. Some had seen it as a sign to open up their borders, to once again save

Omegas that were being oppressed, other saw that War was approaching. Izuku was the 9th incarnation of One for All. He had been training for a year but still wasn’t strong enough to wield the sword.

“These are clearly signs…ones he can’t ignore.”
Torino glanced up “I agree…It is no consequence that we have a dragon born and a dragon Rider within our camp now.”

“A dragon Born is a man that can turn into a dragon…” Midoriya tilted his head. “That’s a legend, right?” Midoriya would recall if one of their tribe could turn into a dragon.

“Yes, but only if he’s in bond with a Dragon Rider. However, Kirishima is a Beta”

“Kirishima can turn into a Dragon!” Izuku’s eyes widen with excitement. He recalled when Aizawa had bought the boy back from his travels. He was three years old, he scared and orphaned but with time he had opened up and become very popular. The tribe accepted him, a new Beta in the group was welcoming.

“Yes, then they will need an omega to complete the bond.” Kayama muttered and played with her whip in her hand. She glanced at Midoriya, he was the right age and carrying One for All would make him a strong candidate. She glanced towards the others, they seemed to be coming to the same conclusion.
The tent door open and Chiyo walked in. She had a sober expression and sat down next to Aizawa.

“His injuries?” Aizawa inquired

“They will take time to heal…” She said disappointedly when she saw the pipe and realized she had missed out on the fun.

“He is a Dragon Rider.” Tornio informed her. Her brow lifted and sat back against the pillows.

“Endeavor destroyed them all a hundred years ago, when a witch told him that a Dragon Rider would kill him.” Chiyo sighed. “What are the consequences the blood line survived, and he was a member of Endeavor’s elite?”

“Do you believe he knowingly had one in tribe?” Tornio pondered. Endeavor was ambitious, as strong as he and his arm was. They couldn’t take down All for One, or his dark knights.

“Possible…but you saw the state he was in. I believe it was unknowing to him.” Aizawa answered. “Endeavor wouldn’t have tried to destroy the one tool that could defeat All for One.”

Midoriya glanced between them. He knew about All for One and knew that someday that he might have to face it. Was it possible that this Alpha would be his ally against All for One and they got to see a dragon!

“This alpha might be broken.” Chiyo sighed. “What happened to him…likely was publicly.”

The room fell silent. There was no denying the Alpha had been degraded. He had been claimed and mounted like an Omega. The outside world considered Omegas lowly, weak, and it’s unknown what this attack would do to his psyche.

“He’s strong” Midoriya broke the silence. “He was ready to fight me even bound on that mountain side. Before I approached, I heard him cursing the Gods, and Endeavor. When I arrived, he ask me to check his men first and properly send them into the beyond before I cared for him.” Midoriya lifted his eyes. “This won’t break him…it will just piss him off.”

He wanted to sound strong and wise but it all of this was coming from his gut. He knew that this wouldn’t break him, that he was going to ride that Dragon and they were going to set the world right again.

“Midoriya…would you please go keep guard on the Alpha. We have much to discuss.”

Midoriya reluctantly stood. He might be the next All Might, but he wasn’t a council member. He bowed his head and headed outside the hut. He glanced around at the other curious tribe members. Midoriya assured them that it was safe and that they should return their duties. He went inside the hunt, and for the first time was able to smell the Alpha. He didn’t stink of blood, or rot. He wasn’t surrounded by death. Midoriya sat down next to him and studied his face. He looked innocent sleeping, Midoriya wondered if he had an Omega in his tribe. Did he force someone to bond, did he rape them? He reached forward touching his hair, he couldn’t help but be curious. He had never seen an Alpha before.
Midoriya cried out in pain when the Alpha suddenly bit his finger. He pulled it back and instantly put it in his mouth. “Why you do that?” He question was muffled from his own finger. Bakugou turned his eyes sharply. Recognizing the green eyes, it was the God that had saved him. He tasted blood in his mouth, this man was mortal. He glanced down, noting that he wasn’t nearly nude.

“Finally put on clothes, idiot” Bakugou huffed and laid his head back. Midoriya glanced downwards.

“Those were…ceremonial. I’m going to be going through my first heat in a few weeks and I have to clear my mind.”

Bakugou’s cheeks turn pink. He wasn’t used to Omega discussing their heats so openly. An Alpha usually could tell by scent, but Omegas went to great efforts to cover it up.

Omegas born into the tribe waited until their first heat until accepted a bond, Omegas taken from other tribes were used for the run. A sporting events for lesser Alphas to claim an omega. It was a disgusting practice, some of the Omegas weren’t at age to bred.

“What the fuck are you?” He tilted his head looking at the Omega. He never seen one like him.

Midoriya chewed his lip, he couldn’t tell a outside about One for All, in fact he couldn’t tell him anything until the council agreed to it, but his name should be ok since he had already freely offered it before. “I’m Midoriya Izuku”

“You don’t look like one…”

“I don’t…how does an Izuku look then?” Midoriya glanced down at himself.

“Not that, you fucking idiot. An omega. You’re not soft or curvy”

Midoriya laughed. “Not many people are…if you work hard you don’t stay soft. I’m not a child”

Bakugou brow tightened. “What would an Omega have to do other than give birth?”

Midoriya eyes widen. Realizing how different their worlds actually were. As much as he wanted to deny it, he couldn’t any longer. Omegas were still repressed on the outside world. As a Beta Aizawa made regular trips outside the tribe, for trading and information. He never mentioned the state of the world. It was his duty as the carrier of One for All to stand up for those that cannot. His clenched his fist and stood.

“I am a warrior” He announced to the Alpha.

Bakugou laughed. “The fuck you are”

Izuku glared down at him. “I single handedly carried you up the mountain.”

“Alright…warrior Princess.” Bakugou sneered. “What was your named again…zuki…Deku?”

“Izuku!” Midoriya growled.

“Deku it is then.” He starred up at the ceiling, ignoring the fuming Omega. “Am I prisoner here?”

Midoriya sat back down. “No…but you can’t leave.”

Bakugou tilted his head. “So, I’m a prisoner?”

Midoriya blushed “I don’t know, Alpha. The counsel hadn’t came to a decision. We haven’t had an Alpha here in a long time.”

Bakugou did a double take. “What the fuc…what do you mean no Alphas. I can hear fucking children.”
Midoriya tilted his head, he could hear them now as well. Bakugou must be very observant. He had to be careful what he said.

“Betas and Omegas are capable of reproduction.” Midoriya turned slightly. Yes, heats were troublesome, but they didn’t require Alphas. Not for reproduction, not for anything.

“Where the fuck am I. I have never heard of this tribe. Because Endeavor would have invaded it a long fucking time ago!”

“And you will never hear from it again.” Izuku crossed his arms. “Our borders are magical. You’ll forget this place existed the very second you leave it…unless you’re a tribe member, Alpha.”

“I have a name, Deku.” Bakugou growled.

“And here I thought it was Vulgar, Boneheaded Alpha” Midoriya knew that it was immature, but he has never encountered anyone like this Alpha. He was so brass, and angry.

“Bakugou Katsuki” He glared. “Don’t forget it shitty Deku. I am the Alpha that is going to kill Endeavor”

“Bakugou…” Midoriya repeated and pretended to have issues to pronunciation “Kacc..chan. Kacchan” He smiled.

“Don’t you fucking call me that.”

“Kacchan it is then.”

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Kirishima yawned widely the children sitting next to him strained their necks to get a better look inside his mouth. He sharply turned and snapped. The little Omega next to him screamed and then begun to giggle. He grinned widely and poked her and gestured to her fishing pole.

“Got a bite…other than then me”

The omega stood up and rapidly pulled in her line as fast as her tiny arms could pull. Kirishima didn’t offer any assistance, she was out of the nursery and needed to learn she could do things for herself. She cried out in disgust and delight as the small fish flopped on the riverbed. Kirishima chuckled and gestured for her along with the others to watch. He grabbed the fish preventing it from getting injured.

“This is too small to fill our bellies.”

“I want to keep it.” The girl whined.

Kirishima shook his head. “Little one must grow first…we’re going to throw it back. So, it can go big, have many babies, and then one day you’ll catch it again.” He promised. He reached out and took her hand and guided it to the fish. “Hurry, we need to take out the hook.”
The little girl was hesitant to touch the fish but Kirishima encourage her gently, but his eyes averted upwards. Someone was approaching from upwind. He was certain that it was Aizawa and his muscles relaxed. “Bend the hook” Kirishima instructed as he kept his eyes towards the council member. “And push it back through”
She made a face but did as instructed. Kirishima placed the small fish in her hand. “Go release it”
The other children surrounded the little omega girl and cheered as she placed the fish in the water and it swim away. Kirishima stood up and met Aizawa half way. He kept an eye on the pups, although the magical borders kept them safe from other tribes there were still many other dangers for ones so little.

“You’re needed in the village.” Aizawa eyes drifted to the children. They were chatting excitedly about the fish, some of them were sticking out their lips to mimic the fish she had caught.
Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck, usually when he was needed it was grunt work. “Can it wait, we just got started.”

“Midoriya brought an Alpha to the village.”

Aizawa opened his mouth but the Beta took off in a full sprint towards the village. “Idiot” He rolled his eyes and turned towards the abandon children. “Time to go home” He ordered. The children complained loudly as they gathered their fishing poles.

Kirishima lungs burnt by the time he reached the village. He sniffed the air and his feet begun to move towards the scent of the Alpha, breaking into a sprint again he leaped into Chiyo’s hut like a wild animal. Izuku reacted immediately when the hut was breached. He stepped into the intruder grabbing his shoulders. He turned and stepped away from him while at the same time pulling him towards him. Kirishima was off balance now, Izuku had him by the arm and knew from their sparring that this wasn’t a good position.

Izuku push his bottom into Kirishima’s hip and with a quick squat he lifted while pulling his arm forward.

“Izuku!” Kirishima called out but he was already in the motion.

Izuku rolled him off his hip and flipped him straight over his back. The wind was knocked right out of him when his slammed against the floor. Izuku twisted his arm backwards pushing Bakugou back down when the Alpha had attempted to sit up. Bakugou snapped his teeth at the Omega but he didn’t have the strength to fight back. Izuku panted heavily and starred down at Kirishima.

“Hey Izuku.” Kirishima gasped for air. He pulled himself up to his knees and nuzzled affectionately against Izuku’s thigh. He kissed his leg and glanced upwards innocently. “Did I hurt you?”

“You are the fool that was planted on his back” Izuku countered, his eyes soften and shook his head. Kirishima grinned and quickly got to his feet. He buried his nose into the crook of his neck, Izuku always smelled good but being so close to his heat made him especially alluring. In a month maybe less Izuku would go into heat, it was driving him mad. He kissed right where his scent gland was and then rubbed against him. He really liked when Izuku smelled like him but Izuku wasn’t in the mood for scenting and pushed him away.

“That’s enough of that.” His cheeks were burning, and he refused to glance at the Alpha behind him. “What were you thinking?”

“Aizawa said there was an Alpha. So…I came.”

“What did exactly did he tell you?”

“There was an Alpha.” Kirishima repeated.

“So, your first reaction was too run in here like a mad dog?” Izuku put his hands on his hips “To protect me?”

“Of course not.” Kirishima rubbed the back of his head. “I wanted to see the fight…maybe join in.”

Bakugou’s eyes darted between the two. He had no idea what the hell was going on. The red hair one had charged into the hut like he was going into battle. When he breached the door way he smelled like an Alpha but now his scent resembled more of a beta and that green hair omega had flipped him like it was nothing. That wasn’t luck, that was strength and training.

“What the fuck…”

Kirishima and Izuku both turned and looked down at the Alpha. Kirishima cheeks went pink and he scratched the back of his head. “I didn’t expect him to be so manly looking.” He whispered.
Izuku pinched the bridge of his nose. “Control yourself”

Kirishima winked and completely ignored Izuku. “Hey…you bonded?”

“Oh, my gods!” Izuku pushed Kirishima out the hut. “Go find out what Aizawa wanted”

“You two bonded?” Bakugou inquired. The red headed beta had been very touchy feeling with the Omega..

“No.” Izuku folded his arms. “Kirishima is overly affectionate.” He cleared his throat. “And I had extended the offer to share my heat with him. He’s eager.”
Bakugou blushed, he wasn’t used to Omega’s speaking so openly about their heats. “Omega’s have nothing to offer, everything they have is taken.”

“Not here.” Izuku muttered and he became more guarded. Although the Alpha was injured he came from a world by his own account that Omegas were owned and held no rights. He couldn’t trust him, he couldn’t let himself forget what he was.

Aizawa along with Kirishima returned to the hut nearly an hour later. Aizawa requested a word with Midoriya and Kirishima was left in his stead to watch the Alpha. Izuku stepped outside the hut, he was thankful to get fresh air. The Alpha pheromones were starting to make his head hurt.

“Kirishima will take over guarding the Alpha.”

“Kirishima is more likely going to try to befriend him than guard him!” Izuku exclaimed. It was true that he had extended the offer to share his first heat with the Beta so obviously he trusted him, but he knew his short comings. He was extremely curious and friendly unless provoked.
Aizawa placed his hand on Izuku’s shoulder and guided him away from the hut. He knew that Midoriya would likely resist this order. He was stubborn when he thought he was doing the right thing but there was more to this than Midoriya realized.

Izuku glanced towards the hut where Kacchan was being held. Kirishima was a capable warrior but he was far too trusting. His brow tightened but he allowed Aizawa guided him.

“Leave Kirishima to his duty. You have your own” He held open the door and Izuku realized that they were in front of Aizawa personal hut. His hut was small and secluded, nestled against the mountain side. Aizawa was a private person and rarely entertained. He glanced up at the council member and with permission he stepped inside. Aizawa often left the safety of the village. He travelled far for trade and information and often bought back books and scrolls. Izuku had read a great many, but there were a few that he was itching to get his hands on.
Aizawa walked past him and went to the corner of his hut. He tossed aside a few furs and grabbed a metal box. It appeared heavy as he lifted it and walked it towards him carefully. He set it on the ground at his feet and Izuku instantly knelt beside it.

Inside was a single thick book that he has never seen before. He traced over the top of the book, it felt like a stone that had been washed smooth on the bottom of the river bed. The pages were made from parchments folded and sewn into strong cords that were attached to wooden boards.

“Vellum?” He glanced up at Aizawa and he nodded approvingly. Vellum is made from the skin of a calf. It is both smooth and durable. Izuku has never seen one of this quality. The preparation was impeccable. “This is old.” Izuku leaned down and sniffed at the pages. “They finished it with by abrading the surface with pumice and…a treatment of…” He looked up and grinned “Lime.”

“What of the cover?” Aizawa inquired.
Izuku closed the book and his fingers traced the outside again. “It’s hard like rock but smells like animal hide. I’m not entirely sure.”

“Dragon” Aizawa answer and knelt beside him. “I want you to translate this…there is a question you must answer.”

“And the question is in here?” Izuku tilted his head. He had translated many books, he had the vast knowledge of his previous incarnations, but this language was old. He had no memory of it. Some of his past lives gave up their knowledge and experience willing, while others he had to mediate and use the pipe to connect with and there were two he has never spoken too. The first and the One for All before him. He couldn’t connect to them, Aizawa believed it would take time but Izuku wasn’t sure that inexperience was the problem.

“Yes, can you do it before your heat?”

Izuku made a face. Something like this would takes months, he had maybe a few weeks. He did like a challenge and he was curious about the question he needed to answer within this book. “Can I take this with me?”

“Of course. In fact, I’ll walk you to your mother’s hut” Aizawa offered.

He had intended to stop by and make sure that Kirishima was treating the Alpha as the dangerous beast he was and not a possible new friend and Aizawa must have known that. “If you must” Izuku reached down and pick up the box that contain the book.
The two walked side by side. Izuku’s mother hut was on the opposite side of the village near the forest. The trees offered plenty of shade and protection and his mother enjoyed nature, although Izuku had always speculated it was because she felt like an outsider, even after all this time.

“Have you already translated this?”

Aizawa nodded. “Do you not wish to do it?” His brow lifted and Izuku shook his head.

“It just seems like an important book just to be busy work. I know you don’t want me too close to the Alpha this close to my heat, but this seems different.”

Aizawa sighed “That is a concern council shares, you have never been near a true Alpha…but I don’t have doubts about your ability to control your biology.” Aizawa rubbed the back of the neck. “And if he can’t control his I know you are strong enough to prevent anything”

Izuku straightened his posture, faith in his abilities always made him happy. “Is it truly important the question in this book? If you believe I can take care of myself shouldn’t my duty be to protect this village continue first and foremost?”

“I guess you will just have to translate it and find out yourself if it was worth it…” He placed his hand on his shoulder. “When you find this question…don’t think about your duty. I want you to think about as an Omega, as yourself and decide what your answer will be” Aizawa turned, Izuku’s hut was only a few feet away. His mother was outside stirring a pot that smelled like rabbit. If he didn’t leave he would be invited to stay and he wanted to avoid that at all cost.

Izuku nodded, that had made him more curious than ever, but he had more pressing matters. He set the book down and slowly approached his mother. He was careful not to step on a single twig or dried leaf as he approached her from behind.

“I could smell you the moment you returned to the village, Izuku. Do you not think I could smell you right behind me?” She chuckled. Izuku wrapped his arms from behind around her and nuzzled into her neck.

“Where did you get the rabbit?”

“Aizawa…claimed he caught too many again.” She turned and reached up touching Izuku’s hair. Izuku stood still as his mother inspected him. Her unseeing eyes never blinked as her hands gently touched his face and examined his neck.

“I wasn’t bitten” Izuku muttered. “I wouldn’t let him…I mean he didn’t even try. He’s very hurt”

“I know” She leaned up and kissed his cheek. “Please tell Aizawa next time that you see him that he’s getting too thin and he needs to stop pretending he’s such a great hunter and giving me his catches. I am content with what I can gather on my own.”

“He won’t listen to me” Izuku leaned down and smelled the soup.

“He just feels guilty.” She laughed. “When we first met…he kicked me so hard.”

Izuku brow wrinkle “Why did you kick you. I thought he found you and bought you here?”

“Oh no.” Inko stirred the pot and then tasted the soup. He gestured for Izuku to fetch the bowls. He quickly did as she instructed and touched her hand gently so that she knew that bowl was right beneath her bowl. She poured them both some soup. Izuku carried the bowls inside so that they could eat in peace.

“Are you sure I never told you this?” Inko blew on the soup. She knew with winter setting in that there wasn’t going to be much meat on the menu, so she wasn’t so quick to refuse his offering.

“No, but I try not to ask. I know your past is full of heart ache.”

“That it is…but the moment you came into this world Izuku. It was worth it.” Inko sipped the soup slowly. “Aizawa did find me first but he didn’t bring me here. I found this place on my own.”

“How…the magical border repels anyone from just wondering upon it…and you were pregnant how did you make it up the mountain?”
Inko shrugged her shoulders. “Went I got away…I was scarred and just ran. I always believed that it was a spirit or god. Maybe it was One for All guiding me. It lead me up this mountain and into the village…I caused quite a scare.” She laughed. “Aizawa kicked me so hard I went into labor. He didn’t realize I was a pregnant Omega, he just thought I was an intruder…”

“He stayed with me as you were born…and he told me that you glowed but even though I couldn’t see you I could feel it” She set her bowl down and wiped the tears from her eyes. “They told me that when an infant glows it was a sign that they were in the incarnation of the previous One for All and it has been over a hundred years since one was born.”

“I’ve heard that story” Izuku smiled. “I can’t believe he kicked you…no wonder he brings you rabbits.” Izuku huffed. “Oh…I left my book outside.” Izuku put down his soup and ran out to fetch his book. He bought it inside and set it beside his mother. “Feel the cover.”

“Oh.” Inko was surprised by the texture. “Is it an animal? Such a thick hide.”

“Aizawa claims it’s a Dragon…he wants me to translate it but it’s very old.”

“Dragon…all the Dragons were killed over a hundred years ago.” Inko opened the pages and gently touched the pages. “My grandfather told me stories about them and the men that rode them.”
“Men rode Dragons?” Izuku turned towards his mother.

“Just stories I’m sure.” Inko was very young when her grandfather told her about Dragon Riders. “I remember I thought the stories were romantic.”

“How so?” Izuku picked his soup back up.

“Well…Dragon Rider’s were all Alphas but not everyone in the clan could have a Dragon. They had to pass a test. They had to leave their village, with nothing but their clothes on their backs. They would have to travel across the country to reach their sister tribe.”

“Did all the Dragon’s live there?”

“Um…well from what I remember. Betas and Omega’s live there. The Alpha would then challenge a Beta and Omega pair bond to a duel.”
Izuku laughed. “They let Omega’s fight?”

“The world hasn’t always been a cruel place for our kind Izuku, in the Dragon clan they were equal. The Alpha would have to defeat them and if he did. He would join their pair bond. My grandfather said it was about balance and then the Beta would become a Dragon.” She laughed.

“Really? A person that can turn into a dragon?”

“Oh, I believed it when I was pup. I thought it was so romantic that an Alpha would travel the entire country just to find it's mates...I always kept looking for my own Dragon born beta.”

“Dragon Born…” Izuku glanced towards the book. Kirishima was a dragon born, he always thought it was just a name there was no denying that he was different. He had sharp teeth, he could harden his skin and he could change his scent to both Alpha and Omega and had other characteristics of those genders. (At least he claimed he did) He picked up the book and abandoned the soup.
“Are you mated?”

“Do you have pups?”

“Are you a fighter?”

“Do you like betas?”

“Stop fucking talking to me!” Bakugou finally snapped at the redheaded Beta.

Kirishima pouted and folded his arms. “This sucks” He sat on the floor. “I don’t want to watch you”

“Then go die” Bakugou growled and slowly pushed himself up. His body was sore as hell, but he needed to relieve himself.

Kirishima tilted his head. “Do you want to walk around?”

“Am I allowed to leave this hut?”

Kirishima shrugged. “I was told to be your shadow, there are a few places you definitely can’t go but I see no reason you gotta stay in here”
Kirishima was very curious about the Alpha. He was able to mimic the scents of other genders but he had always wondered how his scent compared to the real deal. Bakugou slowly got up, his wounds had been treated but did nothing for the pain.

He got to his feet and went pale. Kirishima jumped up and grabbed a hold of him. “Whoa there buddy. Don’t pass out”
Bakugou jerked away from him. “Don’t touch me”

Kirishima huffed in annoyance. “Go ahead and pass out and bust your face. Maybe breaking your nose and losing a couple teeth will cool your head”

“I need to piss shit for brains…just fucking move.” He took a couple of steps limping the entire way.

“Why are you limping?”

“Because I got a stick up my ass moron”

“Why did you do that? Doesn’t sound very comfortable”

Bakugou turned red “I didn’t do it myself!” He shouted loudly. “Endeavor the Demon King. When anyone that crossed him, he bites and mounts like an omega, but that fucker hasn’t been able to get it up for years.” He used the wall to balance himself. “He bit me and tried to shame me.”

“That’s not very manly” Kirishima walked long side him. He opened the door to the hut and waited for him to step outside. “Just stay away from people, especially the Omega’s. Otherwise I get to beat you up”

“Like you fucking could, I could kick your ass in the state I am in…and I don’t want any of your damn omegas.” Bakugou muttered. He closed his eyes when he felt the sun on his face. “I’m going to kill Endeavor.”

“I would too if he did that to me”

“I don’t give a shit about that.” Bakugou glared. “He killed my men. I had to listen to their screams as birds pecked out their eyes and pulled out their guts.”

Kirishima’s eyes widen, there was nothing he could say to that. He instead gestured to the woods. “As good as place as any”

Bakugou slowly made his way behind the hut. He struggled with his pants and nearly fell twice. “Bro…just let me help” Kirishima grabbed his shoulder and steadied him. “Gonna pull your pants down and you can do the rest.”

“Just look away.” Bakugou demanded. He waited as Kirishima pulled him free and reached down, relieving his bladder.

“Damn…I heard rumors”

Bakugou cheeks burned “Shut the fuck up, stop looking”

“It’s a compliment…when you get better you can share my hut”

“What the fuck is wrong with you. Aren’t you mated with that green hair Omega?”

“Nah, I’m just going to share his heat. I intend on having hundreds of kids. I’m going to populate the world with my red headed pups!” Kirishima helped Bakugou lifted his pants once he was finished.

“I can’t have your pups so fuck off.”

“I know, this would just be for fun” He gestured between them. “I can produce slick…it will be fun.”

“You can produce what?” Bakugou grabbed the tree for support. What the fuck was this guy. He had sworn he smelled like an Alpha, but he was obviously a beta and he claims to produce slick. He had seen powerful and strange individuals. There was many half Demons in the world with great power, but he has never heard of a Beta that sometimes smelled like an Alpha and could produce slick.

“Yeah, I forgot it’s not the norm. Everyone around here knows. I’m a Dragon Born…basically I can mimic other genders…scent wise. I can smell like an Alpha and Omega. I can produce some slick, and I even have a knot.” He opened up his trousers. “You want to see”

Bakugou growled and smacked him across the head, but Kirishima instantly harden and Bakugou shouted in pain. He stumbled backwards barely able to grab a tree before he fell. Kirishima entire was hard like a stone.

“What the fuck! Are you a demon?”

Kirishima returned to normal. “I’m sorry! It’s a natural reaction.” He grabbed Bakugou’s hand and examined it for cuts. “Aizawa said it’s a part of my clan…are you hurt?”

Bakugou jerked away. “Fucking freak.” He growled angrily. He started to lose his color and Kirishima instantly grabbed him. “Alright Stud lets go lay down. I think that’s enough excitement for today”