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snippets of animosity and curiosity

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Nasch is stupid. Stupid in the sense that he somehow thought it was appropriate to drunkenly fall asleep on the guy who tried to kill him thrice, and also stupid in the sense that he tried to win a drinking contest against people who visit bars regularly.

Vector can't talk; he tried, too.

And here Vector is, buried under this marginally taller manchild, with the alcohol making everything seem a bit less terrible, and isn't Nasch's hair color almost the same as Vector's eyes? How obnoxious.

(And god, Nasch is awful, but at least he shuts up when he's asleep.)

Vector shoves Nasch off of him and takes out a marker, spells 'IDIOT' on Nasch's forehead, ties Nasch's shoelaces together and lies down again, using Nasch as a pillow.

Much better.