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snippets of animosity and curiosity

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"So? Enjoying this charade?"

Ryouga doesn't need to turn around to know it's Vector. He rests his hands on the rooftop railing. "What do you want, Vector?"

What Vector wants is obvious: Not being human. But they're human now, just like they used to be in their very first life, and Ryouga isn't so unhappy about that.

(After all, he has friends.)

Ryouga can hear Vector's overtheatrical yawn. "I wonder. Would you die for good if I pushed you off this rooftop, Nasch? Or would you come back, again?"

Instinctively, Ryouga dodges Vector's half-hearted attempt at a swipe, scowling. "Quit it. If you're bored, duel me."

"I am bored. Not like we learn anything good here."

Which is half-true. They both had mandatory education in their past lives already, but period-appropriateness is a thing. Not that he likes it, considering their history books straight up lie about his and Vector's period and most other subjects are boring.

"Oh no, did the mad prince dislike math as a child?" Ryouga laughs, mocking Vector.

Vector scowls. "And you didn't? You didn't even bother calculating for enough troops."

You don't need calculations if you have the gods on your side, bucko, is what Ryouga would like to say, but instead, "Are you done yet? I want my peace up here." He sits down on the ground.

Vector takes his tie off, eyeing the thing with contempt. "I hate school and school uniforms and I hate you."

Ryouga rolls his eyes and shrugs. "Yeah, shut up and duel me. And don't even dare to think about pushing me off the roof again."

"We'll see," says Vector. "By the way, does that mean you're skipping class, too?"