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snippets of animosity and curiosity

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Hollow laughter resounds, and before Nasch can turn, he feels a sharp pain in his back.

He waits, expecting his attacker to drive the sword through and end his miserable existence, but-


"Vector," Nasch hisses, gritting his teeth again. "What-"

Vector continues to laugh behind him, and Nasch can already imagine that annoying, smug face. "What? Did you expect me to let you die that easily? It's much more fun-" He moves the sword around a bit, widening the wound in Nasch's back. "-to watch you squirm, no?"

Nasch bites back a scream, and instead, "Vector." He doesn't dare to move, but the contempt in his voice is as apparent as ever.

Vector keeps laughing. "I wish I could see your face right now. Twisted with hatred."

"You're sick."

Vector idly turns the sword a bit more, until Nasch makes a sound of agony. "That's the voice I wanted to hear. Well then, it's time for you to join your sister... later."