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snippets of animosity and curiosity

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Nasch wakes up to an uncomfortable amount of pressure on his torso.


Oh god, not that voice.

Nasch squeezes his eyes further shut, still vainly hoping that it's a bad dream. Vector is in his dreams pretty often, so this is not entirely unlikely.

"Nasch, I'll tear up your deck if you don't answer."

Okay, that's an emergency. Nasch abruptly gets into a sitting position and opens his eyes, headbutting Vector in the process. Vector, who's been straddling Nasch before, theatrically lets himself fall backwards.

(But Nasch can tell from the way Vector bites his lip that it hurt. Good.)

"What the fuck do you want," says Nasch, letting himself sink into his pillow again. He rubs his forehead. No blood. That's something.

"Breakfast." Vector grins.

This lazy piece of shit has been freeloading on Nasch for the entire vacation, because apparently Durbe and Merag still think it's wise to leave Nasch alone with his worst enemy.

Then again, Vector does nothing but being annoying in Summer. It's an improvement from being actually murderous.

"Not now. It's-" Nasch glances at the clock. "Fuck off, it's 8:30. Wait until 10 AM or make it yourself."

He half-heartedly kicks in Vector's general direction; an easily dodged attempt.

Vector shrugs. "Fine." He lies down next to Nasch. "Let's see if this'll make you change your mind."

"No." Nasch rolls over to the right, pushing Vector off the bed.

You deserve it, asshole.