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snippets of animosity and curiosity

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"Is this all you got?" Vector's voice is taunting, but when is it not, really?

Nasch returns to his fighting position, still annoyed at almost having dropped his sword.

Training with Vector is nostalgic, in a way.

(He remembers the times Vector's mother would bring Vector over to Poseidon. Something about the princes needing to be friends for diplomatic reasons. At that time, Vector was a much better person, and also a lot worse at fighting. Nasch is sure that back then, he told Vector the same words he had to hear just now.

500 years later, Nasch is rusty at fighting and Vector is a taunting asshole.


"Watch your footwork." Nasch swiftly forces Vector into a corner, leaving Vector no time to breathe.

"Now that's what I'm talking about." Vector laughs. "You've been slacking, lately. I was worried you couldn't even fight anymore." He drops his sword.

(Nasch hates himself for actually not using the opportunity to hurt him.)

"Slacking?" Nasch raises an eyebrow.

"You've been lifeless. And you're supposed to be the guy who almost killed me? Ridiculous." Vector yawns.

And yeah, perhaps Nasch has been lifeless. Empty, like a shell for the people he used to be. Perhaps it is fitting that he can still be someone, as long as he's his worst self.

Perhaps it would be the most spiteful option to try and show Vector he's not lifeless.

After all, it is kind of pathetic to have his worst enemy worry about him.

"For someone who's lifeless, I sure do a good job kicking your ass." Nasch smirks.

"Oh?" Vector picks up his sword. "Bring it, then."