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snippets of animosity and curiosity

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The words feel wrong now.

"With the best intentions."

Nasch remembers the day the words first flared up on his arm, burning hot and not comprehensible. He'd asked Merag to translate- it's the script of Vector's country, and Vector's messy handwriting, and Vector's motto.

The day the words flared up was the day they met.

(Nasch always had a thing for cute guys who smile as brightly as the sun, but he didn't know it was his type this much until Vector stood in front of him.)

But they are captives of their fate, destined to be tangled up in the mess that is their nations' conflict, so Nasch had almost forgotten the words.

(Nasch was told from a young age that his soulmate's identity wouldn't matter. He'd hoped it'd be different.

He was wrong.)

Now, the words have changed. They burn, again, but inside Nasch is freezing.

"With the worst intentions."

(Nasch was told that Vector struck down his own father. That's a lie, Nasch reassured his advisors, not too long ago; Vector would never.

His arm is proof that Vector would.)