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Third Year

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Karma P.O.V

As far as things go, the classes at Ouran weren’t actually that bad. It reminded me an awful lot of how Kunugikaoka had worked, and that wasn’t a bad thing. It was kind of nice to have something familiar, you know? High school is that big looming thing where you meet new people and have to get used to a whole new set of circumstances. Well, True Cross had been a special breed, but Ouran was something more like what I had expected from high school while I was in middle school. Well… before Korosensei.

They even had a fucking host club. This school was such an experience.


So yeah, my first day of school was going okay.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have any classes with Nagisa and Kayano, so after they gave me a quick tour, they had to rush to go to their own classes. They did promise to meet up with me at lunch however, so there was that. It was a nice thought, to eat not eat lunch alone at a new school and to not have to deal with every issue that comes with being a new student. Kyoya did what he could concerning True Cross, but it was simply the first year of high school. Of course there would be a lot of paperwork. Still, with Yukio involved, I had to do most of it.

That had been a pain and a half to do – especially since Fujimoto insisted upon sticking his nose into literally everything. He wanted to know all about my test scores and the different courses I was taking. It was exhausting! With Ouran, all I had to do was tell Kyoya that I wanted to go to Ouran. After that, it was a simple matter of attending the placement exams and then I was in. Kyoya set up all of my classes and handled all the registration information.

Heck… until I’d gotten my schedule this morning, I’d had no idea what classes he’d even signed me up for. All I know is that I want high school out of the way as soon as possible. I’m sick and tired of teenagers. It was frustrating to deal with people who lacked intelligence, and if my first class was anything to go by, then this school was filled with people who weren’t capable of not caring and getting good grades at the same time.

If you don’t want to work, then that’s your problem. As long as you’re not a dumbass and you maintain a high-grade average, I see no problem in slacking off and not caring about anything. But, there are far too many students here who are not capable of maintaining a good average with this course load and as such, are considered to be failures. Seriously, it doesn’t take all that much to be pass a fucking course.

Even at Kunugikaoka, grades weren’t an issue. Sure I wasn’t the best for a while, but I was never less than a genius. It wasn’t a thing that I had to worry about. I was a genius. Impatience with certain kinds of people was going to be a given – especially considering my personality type. So yeah, I was annoyed by people. Nonetheless, there were also some nice people that honestly wanted to learn – and kudos to them for not being insufferable. I know I was being a dick the entire morning.


My first class was a computer science class. They had this computer engineering one, but I had a feeling that that was more hardware than actual coding. Kyoya knew me well and signed me up for the one that might actually be a challenge depending on what the teacher wanted from us. Getting into the class, I just picked a seat at one of the tables in the middle of the room and pulled out my school safe laptop and booted it up. It was a laptop that I had only some school files on. I had my transcript and the school safe resume as well as all my projects from True Cross and Kunugikaoka 3-E. It was the laptop that I had worked with at school so that if someone were to either steal the laptop or look over my shoulder it would be safe.

There were computers around the room, but they were shitty apple computers, so I wasn’t about to approach that. Seriously, people are allowed to like Apple, but I’m just going to throw it out there now; Apple’s shit. It’s just not good, okay?

Moving on; people were beginning to file into the room along with their friends. A couple other kids pulled up a wheely chair to the table that I was at, but most ended up taking a seat around the room. However, only like, three kids ended up pulling up their profiles on the desktop. The others pulled out their own laptops and did the same thing that I was doing; fucking around with some random file. I was currently dicking around with Microsoft paint.

Because that’s the best program to work on. I love art.


I looked up as a teacher walked out of the closet. Seriously, there was a small closet in the corner of the room, and I’d previously overlooked it because you know, they have different materials that they need to store. I should have considered the fact that this was a giant ass school for a small amount of students and it was a rich private school. Of course, the storage closets were more than big enough for a person to make a dramatic entrance. At the very least, the teacher seemed like a generally normal person.

He looked a bit frazzled, but he was wearing a business outfit, so he looked the part of a teacher at a private school. He had some pens stuck behind his ear, but he looked like a genuine guy. He stood at the front of the class, fiddling with his hands and smiling awkwardly. “Alright class, welcome to your first day of 3rd year computer science. I’ll start off by calling everyone’s names, so I’m sorry if I pronounce any name incorrectly. I’m new to the country so I’m still a little uh, unskilled at reading kanji.”

I mean, fair enough? But you’re going to have to edit our code and read the notes that we make in kanji, man. His loss.

I sort of tuned out after he called my name and spent my time changing every pixel on the screen to a slightly different shade of blue. I tuned in when the teacher put down the iPad he was using to do attendance and began writing on the white board behind him. “So since this is a final year course and some of you will be taking this for university, I will be giving you some free time to work on an introductory project. It’s pretty simple. Just make a game – it could be anything. Seriously, anything. I have had someone submit a Waluigi dating simulator. I don’t care how weird it is, I’m giving you a month to show me what you’re capable of. Go.”

Well. That was… not a good way to start a class. First of all, can we actually be taught some things about code? Or maybe even offer some help? Can we do that? Nope. We got no instruction on what he wanted from us other than to ‘show him what we were capable of’. Fucking why.

(I’m starting to think that I’m just in a bad mood… maybe.)

Deciding to be a shit, I pull up fucking RPG maker and start going to town. I don’t give any shits right now. It’s the first day of new school and I’ve already had to deal with Asano. I thought that things were going to go great, but then they just started going downhill. It’s first period. How am I this pissy? It’s literally like, 10 in the morning, tops.

Oh well, the teacher apparently dealt with a Waluigi dating simulator, so he’s dealing with an RPG horror game. It’s happening.

And because I literally can’t think of anything else right now, I’ve chosen to release all my pent up emotions surrounding my past through code. Because that’s how normal people handle their issues. Yes.

Why not base a game off of the damn Fabricated World. It’s not like anyone is going to believe it was real.



Art class, I quickly discovered, as not much better than comp-sci despite being in a completely different department and therefore building. As soon as I walked into the classroom, I was greeted with the overwhelming smell of axe. Not just your normal teenage male musk either, no, it smelt like someone had sprayed an entire bottle of axe above the ventilation system. First of all, why? Second of all, why?


I quickly made my way to the desk as close to the window as possible and dug through my bag for my thermos. I’d made some tea this morning as an afterthought, but it was a strong tea, and therefore had a strong scent. While not favourable it was still better than smelling axe at the moment. I opened the thermos and breathed in the aroma quickly, glowering over the rim of the thing. The other students filed into the room without a care – like they couldn’t even smell the axe – and sat down with their friends and began to talk. Loudly.

A couple girls had sat on the other side of the table in front of me and they had all pulled out their phones and began to gossip about boyfriends or whatever. I didn’t bother paying too much attention to it because I was a bitter person and the scent of axe had put me in a fowl mood.


“Hellllooooo everybody!” A high pitched female voice yelled, and I jerked upwards, nearly spilling my tea as I jumped. I look up to see a petite woman standing at the front of the class. She was dressed in sharp business casual but with various art utensils placed in odd places around her body. Her perfect updo was held in place with paintbrushes, and she had what looked like a bendy pencil wrapped around her wrist. There was way too many pens shoved into the front pocket of her blazer too, and her makeup was bright and funky. She was really pushing the limits for professional appearance, but I really wasn’t complaining. She seemed like a pleasantly no stuck up person. Ehhhhhhh.

The class seemed equally as intrigued by this teacher as I was, because they perked up and looked up at her with big grins on their faces. “Ohayo, Hana-sensei!” the class chorused around me.

Hana-sensei beamed at everyone and walked awkwardly over to the front desk in front of a chalkboard. She was wearing very high heels and didn’t seem to know how to walk comfortably in them. I didn’t exactly blame her for not knowing how to walk in them – heels were not fun – but if you don’t know how and it’s uncomfortable… then why wear them? She was a strange one, wasn’t she.

“So I know that it’s the first day of school, and since I haven’t had many of you before, I want to start with getting to know you! By the end of the week I want you to turn in an art project.” Hana-sensei declared brightly, clapping her hands together and bouncing slightly. “It doesn’t matter what medium or technique you use because I want to get to know what I’m working with! I want to know how you do your art so that I can make this the best experience for you that I can. You can use the rest of this period to either plan out your project or work on it.” She waved her hand and then the students sort of just rushed around the classroom to grab supplies all willy-nilly.

I, being a sophisticated person, decided to wait until I got home to rifle through my previously finished works so I didn’t have to do anything else. I was already doing a bunch of shit for comp-sci, so there was no way that I would go out of my way to make some more shit for this class. The only reason that I have to do stuff for comp-sci is because I don’t have a game readily available. I didn’t take comp-sci at True Cross, and it’s not like I waste my time programming a bunny platformer.

Since I would be mooching off my previous work for this project, I decided to waste away my time by sketching some stuff for the comp-sci project. There has to be some art, and I might as well get started. I could always use some of the older sketches that I had, but I didn’t have anything else to do right now, so I mean, I might as well. Because I’m a glutton for punishment, I started with Mary first. I had an urge to draw hair. You know that feeling? Do the small details and make everything look realistic. So I started with a simple frame and slowly began adding almost ridiculous amounts of care into each stroke of the pen I was using.

Note to self; ballpoint SWAG pens aren’t fun to sketch with and they smear.



“I haven’t seen you around here before.” I look up to see the girl sitting across the table from me was no longer focusing on her own work and instead staring at me. Her pen was hovering lazily over a mostly blank paper in front of her. She had a surprisingly calculating look in her eye, but nothing that I’d be overly worried about.

I cocked my head to the side slightly and looked at her. “Well, I didn’t go to this school before this year,” I settled on saying, pointedly returning to the sketch that I was doing. It was rough, but I didn’t exactly have anything else to work with. I waive my pen a little so that she could see the logo and then add some more detail to the sketch of a young Mary. I figure that an RPG is like the minimum amount of effort that I can put in and not look like a complete dick, and if I add some good art, then the teacher might think I cared more.

I’m totally trying, teach. I promise.

The girl’s eyes widen, and she leans forward more, her breasts brushing the table as she practically crawled over the damn thing to look at my drawing. “Really? That’s so cool!” she gushes, “where’d you transfer from?”

I don’t bother to look up from my sketch. She was really being dense, wasn’t she? I was literally using some shitty True Cross SWAG and she still was confused? Why couldn’t people just mind their own business. (Okay, I know that I’m being a little unfair, but everything here was setting me a bit on edge. I thought I had a better handle on myself, but apparently, I didn’t.) I scratched at my shoulder a bit and fix a curve on Mary’s hair. “True Cross.” I respond stiffly, not completely wanting to be rude. It was my first day, and being an asshole was all fine and dandy, but that required more energy than I currently wanted to spend right now.

“Really? Oh… why did you transfer? That was a perfectly good school.” The girl says, pouting and sticking her nose right above my art, one of her legs going up in the air. “Oh wow! She’s really pretty! Is she your girlfriend?” she asks, rapid fire and not even waiting for me to respond before continuing. “I wish I could draw like that! That’s why I took this class.”

Okay, thanks for the information that I didn’t ask for.

“Hey so, uhh, can I get an interview with you? For the school newspaper, you know?” She asks, fluttering her eyelashes and looking at me curiously. I raised an eyebrow at her – she couldn’t be serious, right? Asking for an interview for the school newspaper wasn’t something that people actually did… right? I chose to ignore her and tugged my book a bit closer to me before moving it to my lap so that I could begin to sketch a version of me as a child (but like, female) and scooted my chair back when the girl continued to follow me?

This was going to be a fun year. I can tell.



Walking into the cafeteria was something that I’d done more than a thousand times at various schools that could be considered ‘rich’ schools. It shouldn’t have been anything new, and yet it still was. Literally everyone that attended this damn school could fit in the cafeteria like 5 times over. The sheer size of everything was honestly impressive. I’d seen training rooms smaller than this. This was bigger than the entire schoolhouse that Kunugikaoka gave the E class.


I swiveled my head around to look around the tables until I spotted Nagisa and Kayano and then I made a beeline towards them, hoping that my long strides weren’t being mistaken as harried or anything like that. I was just taking long strides because I could. This room was too big and holy shit was that gourmet food?

Fucking rich people.


“Karma! How have you classes been?” Nagisa asks brightly, effortlessly shifting over to make room for me to take a seat and then offering me a plate of food off of his tray.

I rolled my eyes, but took the offered food, grateful that I wouldn’t have to do my own tests on the food. If Nagisa was offering it then it shouldn’t have any adverse effects on my system. I’d learned that I actually have some allergies – who knew – and combine that with the increased paranoia, of course I was overly cautious with food. Especially given my history with… parents. Besides with my profession I knew just how easy it was to take people out via food.

“It hasn’t been awful.” I concede, taking a large bite of whatever it was that Nagisa had shoved in front of me. “I had comp-sci and that was interesting, and then I was able to work on my project in art too since the teacher just wanted to gauge our skill. I’d already decided to just bring in something I’d already done, so she let me do whatever.” I didn’t mention the overly curious girl who had tried to sidle up to me just so that she could get an interview for the damn school newspaper. It was just a minor annoyance, nothing to be overly concerned with… right?

Well I hope so.


“Well that’s good, right?” Nagisa smiled, dipping a small spoon into a bowl of what looked like vanilla pudding. “It’s pretty calm here as far as I can tell, honestly. Much less drama than even at Kunugikaoka.”

Kayano laughed brightly, “I mean, 3rd year was interesting.” She joked, twirling her hair around her finger and flickering her eyes around the room as people slowly began to look away and go back to their own conversations. Then she began to whisper, smiling and picking up her utensils to eat with. “But in all honesty, it’s very quiet here. There shouldn’t be anything unexpected.” She mutters, grinning over at Nagisa. “If there is, I’m sure that Kyoya-san can help you. He knows the situation and is in some of your classes.”

I chuckle slightly, my nerves eased by the presence of familiar people – people that I’m comfortable with. “Yeah, but do I really want to get involved with the Host Club?” I snicker again, as Nagisa and Kayano smile softly at me.

“Probably not – at least, if you don’t want to draw too much attention.”




I walked leisurely through the school grounds as I examined my schedule again, squinting slightly at the class that I was supposed to be heading to. Apparently, this school actually had its own personal greenhouse, and really that didn’t surprise me, if I was going to be honest. This was just another one of those weird courses that I had that weren’t completely academic. I had the advanced math and science courses as well as an English course, so it looks like Kyoya gave me comp-sci, art and botany as like a little break or something.

Either way, I now had to make my way to a fucking botany class. Seriously what kind of high school had botany as a fucking elective. What even. I mean… I wasn’t exactly opposed to the idea of planting some shit for class or whatever, but at the same time… fucking why?

My brain was occupied with these thoughts for ay too fucking long and before I even knew it, I was there at the greenhouse. I didn’t bother knocking – where would I knock? The doors were glass? – and I just walked right in without caring too much about what was happening. I was already exhausted, and the day wasn’t even over yet. It wasn’t even three quarters of the way done – I had literally just finished lunch.

Ughhhh, you know the feeling when the first day of school seems to never fucking end. I literally can’t right now.


Choosing a seat at the back of the ‘classroom’ I suppressed the urge to bash my head into the ‘desk’ in front of me. Really, it was a large desk sorta like the ones that are in the chemistry labs. They also had those really awful lab stools, so I couldn’t even slouch like I would’ve baCK IN THE DAY. So now I was just suffering and that was great. I dumped my bag on the ground and pulled out my phone, going through some reports while I waited for the rest of the class to fill in to the other seats in the room. Luckily, it didn’t look like there was more than 15 seats in the room including the one that I had chosen to occupy. This asshole was not about to sit next to anybody again, thank you very much.

I had to deal with that person trying to actually converse with me – like… why? What was this school? I don’t know if it’s a step up from True Cross or not if I was going to be perfectly honest.

I was just considering whether I should pull out my sketchbook or not when the teacher filed into the classroom along with the 14 other people. The teacher looked like your typical biologist; wearing a stained lab coat with a messy bun and nerd glasses. She was short and looked rather frazzled too, so you know… a stereotype. “Alright class, we’re just going to go over some basic biology for today…”

Fucking amazing. I could tell that I was going to love this class already…


What even was this school? It seriously couldn’t get weirder than this… right?



Haruhi P.O.V

When I walked into the club room after classes alongside the Hitachin twins, I was not prepared to see Tamaki not making a scene. It sounds weird, I know, but the thing is that Tamaki-sempai is an incredibly dramatic person. Big surprise, I know. He was almost always making a scene about seemingly random things. He was kind of just eternally a scene. It was kind of ridiculous. Tamaki was ridiculous.

Usually, he would be doing something like crying in a corner or whining at Kyoya to buy a really ridiculous costume. On bad days he would be brooding over a cup of ‘commoner’s coffee’ – or what was more commonly known as ‘instant coffee’ – and crying about someone not noticing him. Despite our weird romantic bonding moment at the end of last year, our relationship hadn’t really progressed more than that. It wasn’t exactly for lack of effort – Tamaki wasn’t subtle in any way, shape, or form – but he understood the ramifications of us actually dating. Well, Kyoya beat him over the head with the ramifications and how it would affect my scholarship and reputation (and even gender identity) here at Ouran and Tamaki went full overprotective boyfriend and insisted that the only people who could know was the host club.

It made sense – they were basically our only friends, so it wasn’t something that was so awful.

All the same, Tamaki was usually there to greet us at the door like a little lost puppy. Today, he was standing and looking out the window. Well, he wasn’t just looking out the window… he was… gawking. Tamaki had a stunned look on his face as he stared with an open mouth. He looked very ridiculous, and the twins were not afraid to tell him this. Surprisingly, Tamaki didn’t immediately go into a pouting phase where he sort of just fell apart and sulked in the corner. I know right? It’s crazy – it’s his typical go-to move whenever something happens that even slightly inconveniences him. For example, a tiny piece of tea leaf fell into his tea cup. He sulked for a solid half hour. It was almost impressive.

But the point is, this time, he didn’t do that. Instead, he continued to stare off into the distance dramatically. Well, not into the distance, but more out the window of the club room and down into the courtyard. The twins followed me along as I approached Tamaki and tried to look past his still form out the window.

Not just anything could get Tamaki to react like this. For all he liked to freak out, he was also a pretty collected guy. He was just dramatic and over the top – extra, if you will.

I peered over his shoulder and saw that the courtyard was emptier than I thought that it would be. Sure it was the first official day back and school was technically over right now, but usually the rich asshats like to hang around and make fun of people. The courtyard under the club room window was usually a popular hang out spot for people. Whether it was the clients that liked to try and see what stuff that we had up our sleeves or guys that were trying to pick up those girls.

But it was empty… ish. There were a couple first year students milling around and looking at the school grounds in awe. I remember what it was like to first walk around the campus, back before I had even heard of the host club. Ah yes, the good ol’ days.


I looked down at the courtyard, my eyes being drawn to the fountain in the centre of the courtyard. There were only three students standing there; two girls and a guy. The two girls were Shiota Nagisa and Kayano Kaede. The two pretty girls with the striking hair from Kunugikaoka Middle School. They were there to great the new student when he arrived this morning. An Akabane Karma, if I remember correctly. Huh, and sure enough, the third person down at the fountain was the red headed punk.

He was walking along the side of the fountain, balancing effortlessly and strolling around in circles while the two girls sat on the side of the fountain and looked up at him. He had folded his blazer over one arm and rolled up the dress shirt sleeves revealing that he was breaking the dress code in more than one way. Not only did he have visible piercings, but looking at the exposed forearms that were visible even from this distance, he also had some very vibrant tattoos.

He was like… 14, maybe 15? Why the hell did he have tattoos? Was he actually some delinquent? That Asano had really seemed to not like him, so I mean, he just might be. All the same, he had also attended Kunugikaoka and tested into the final year despite being the age of a second year.

“Who is that?” Tamaki breathed as his eyes clearly tracked Akabane’s every casual movement as he spun around on the fountain, maintain his perfect balance.

I frowned, peering up at him. “Well I mean, that’s Akabane Karma, Sempai. He’s in your grade; just transferred in this year.” I say simply, frowning at him. Surely he’d had some classes with Tamaki-sempai. It would only make sense… right? This school didn’t have all that many students, so the likelihood of Tamaki not having a single class with the guy. Maybe he did with his B schedule.

Akabane twirled dramatically on the fountain, casually walking up the two girls and without even breaking his stride, flipped over them and stuck the landing. Holy shit – there might be someone who’s just as extra as Tamaki was. Unbelievable.


“He’s perfect.”

I flinch backwards, deadpanning at the fool that I called my boyfriend. “I’m sorry, what?” I asked. What on earth was he going on about? I knew that Tamaki would be interested in the new kid – who wouldn’t be in a school like this? – but I wasn’t quite expecting this reaction.

He shook his head, looking at me with actual stars in his eyes. “Just look at him! We have to get him to join the host club!”


And this began one of the most eventful school years of my life.