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Third Year

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Karma P.O.V

When I first got to school today, I hadn’t expected things to turn out like they had.

Everything was fine at first; I got through comp-sci without any issues, and even art didn’t provide any problems. Really, the first piece of drama happened right before Nagisa, Kayano and I walked into the cafeteria. Just a day or so ago I had sent a second teenager crying because he thought that he was in the right when he demanded that I give him an interview because it would be rude not to. Like he wanted me to apologize for snapping at that girl from my art class.

You see, after that first day, the girl hadn’t given up. She had actually only gotten worse. She just wouldn’t fucking shut up about anything and wouldn’t take a goddamned hint. So yeah, I snapped a little, sue me. It was a bad day and I couldn’t handle the blatant stupidity that the girl was exuding. I seriously can’t handle it any-fucking-more. I didn’t think that what I said was all that mean or even unwarranted and unexpected. She had to know by how many times I shut her down that I wasn’t going to give her an interview.

But she just kept asking and asking and asking. I didn’t say anything too awful – just your typical Kunugikaoka Class A verbal warfare. They were rich brats! They should be used to the high society bullshit verbal warfare. If she can’t take someone insulting her intelligence, then she shouldn’t have gone to a school like this. Ouran values intelligence well enough, and honestly, she was only just passing her classes.

Of course that’s when the kids were like 'hey, that was mean, you made our clubmate cry'. Of course, because the newspaper club is a collection of the most intelligent people at Ouran Academy, they sent a fucking first year after me.

I was minding my own business and strutting down the hallway like I was a mean girl (I blame Kayano for that one) as you do, when the kid did his best to stalk up towards me. He started out confident, but that quickly fell apart when he realized that everyone was staring at him and waiting for him to fail miserably. After that it was easy to send the kid running. It was a first year – even talking to a third year can produce a sense of severe anxiety. The kid looked like a nervous wreck too.

So yeah, after all that bullshit people had taken to avoiding me for the most part. That was fine with me. I didn’t feel like dealing with people and I enjoyed the return of my Regina George status. Everyone likes feeling respected. Well, respected as in they know not to mess with me but because they’re dumb rich brats; they don’t fear me. Not that big of a loss. Things were okay.

But then we got almost to the lunchroom and were confronted with a wall of people. When I say ‘wall’ I’m being very generous. It was like 7 people tops and most of them looked like tiny little first years that didn’t want to be there. Only like 2 people actually cared. They were standing front and centre with their arms crossed in ‘disappointment’ and pouting glaring at me. I raised my hand causally to stop Nagisa and Kayano from continuing our approach. Maybe I was in a good mood, but I wanted to hear them out. I found it funny.

“Well, well, well, who do we have here?” I started off, you know, like an asshole.

The two ringleaders looked furious at this blatant disrespect and of course, instantly bristled. “You still have to apologize to two of our members.”

I raise an eyebrow at them, deciding to deliberately be a dick. You know, I was having a good day, but then this occurred and suddenly I felt the need to be my true self; an asshole. I was giving less shits about what people thought of me. Probably not a good thing to be doing in my final year of high school, but fuck it. I’m still in my denial phase of grief (even if I don’t want to admit it).

“I feel like it would be highly inappropriate of me to get anywhere close to any of your dicks so I’ll just… not do that, thanks.” I grin as they flinch backwards clearly not expecting me to react that way. I moved my hand to indicate moving aside and smarmily continued. “now if you could all move out of the way, I’d like to be able to enter the cafeteria, and I’m sure that the people currently trapped behind us would love to eat as well.”

The guy who proudly wore a badge proclaiming him the president of the newspaper had turned completely tomato red by now. He was almost redder than my hair, and for a boy of his colouring, that couldn’t be healthy. “Excuse me?!” he shrieked, his voice cracking amusingly halfway through his extended hold on the note that he was screaming ‘me’ on. “Um how about no? We’re not moving until you apologize!”

I rolled my eyes and assumed a power stance. No, not one of those weird squat ones – although I have a feeling that would be almost comically threatening in this situation – but the parade rest stable post. “Well you see, I don’t think I did anything wrong. Your club members were being assholes and they messed with the wrong person. No amount of money is gonna make me do something that I don’t want to – welcome to the real world! I did them a favour. Not everyone will be as nice as I was.” I sneer at them, crossing my arms and jutting out my hip slightly so that I can tap my toe impatiently. “And besides, it’s not like their actions have done all that much to convince me that they’re all that intelligent. I’m pretty sure pre-schoolers understand the concept of 'no' – that makes them dumber than pre-schoolers.”

They spluttered for a moment. It would appear that they hadn’t expected this outcome at all, and in their confusion as to what they should do next, I squeezed past them and made my way into the cafeteria, followed closely by Nagisa and Kayano.  



Botany; a very interesting and confusing class. First of all, we were in a private high school, so having a botany class at all was questionable. What was more questionable, was the fact that people were even taking this class. How did Kyoya even find this? Why was I signed up?

I like plants. Is that the only reason?

What am I doing?


I sit down on my lab stool and doodle in my plant related notebook – seriously… don’t judge me. Plants are my hobby, let me live. So what if I drew enough shit and had enough knowledge to warrant its own notebook. I’m blaming Shiemi’s mom for my lowkey obsession with fucking plants. (Wait no, not having sex with plants. 'Fucking' as in 'freaking', good golly gosh). I learned how to not kill anything I touch by neglect.

There’s a reason that I only have roses, hard to kill poison, and fucking succulents. Obviously, the research I have in my notebook now also contains some stuff about exorcism and exorcist shit like that, but I could probably just play it off as research for a history project if I was an idiot and someone managed to see the notebook. It all sounded like a bunch of fantasy anyways, and it’s not like there wasn’t thousands upon thousands of people believing in this shit.

Maybe I’m religious. Maybe I believe in demons. It’s not like anyone here knows me yet.

From what I’ve gathered of the first week and a bit that I’ve been attending this class, it was pretty damn obvious that this was that class. You know the one. It’s that class that has all the weird kids that either have a plant obsession (like me) or doesn’t have any idea how they ended up here. There was only 14 other people in the class and somehow I was still done with it.

The teacher wasn’t awful! Far from it – she was actually one of the better teachers at this school despite being a walking stereotype. At least she wasn’t like that one substitute teacher back at True Cross. The woman was some ‘plant disease doctor’ and she was fucking psycho. This teacher was just a well meaning nerd that didn’t quite get that at least 7 people in this class didn’t give any shits about what she was teaching us.

It’s a pity too, because she actually seemed to know her shit. I already had some knowledge on medicinal plants – treating various demonic injuries required a certain amount of knowledge – but I guess I’d just overlooked some of the more basic stuff that was apparently common knowledge? Either way, I’d filled many pages with the interesting information I’d gained from this class. So for once, I was actually looking forward to this lesson.

The teacher had promised to bring in something interesting today. With a scientist, that could mean anything.

The others in the class were buzzing with excitement. Even the kids that had no idea what they were doing were apparently looking forward to this class. There was just something about the teacher that really drew you into her lessons – it made you want to learn. For a teacher, I’d call that a success. And with how small the class was, she was able to pay attention to every one of us and we learned. She was also very observant, and she didn’t hesitate to call out the people that weren’t paying any attention to her lesson. She was determined to teach us, and for no other reason than she wanted to share her knowledge.

It was kind of sweet actually.


Shinrin-sensei was at the back of the class slowly unpacking a mysterious sealed bag and other materials. She had set up a projector to project onto the black board, and within a minute or two of the bell ringing to officially start class, she was ready. “Alright! So I did promise that we would be doing something interesting today,” she began, clapping her hands together and smiling brightly at us. “I don’t normally get the chance to bring in all that many of the plants that I have in my collection, so today is special. For the rest of this unit, we will be focusing mainly on medicinal plants, but this is one of the stranger ones that I’ve come across while I traveled.”

She grinned as she moved around the front desk and turned on the projector so that we could see a montage of pictures as she continued to introduce the mysterious plant that she is going to show us today. “I discovered this when I was training with a local doctor in India. It isn’t all that popular as an edible dish, but herbal doctors believe it has many properties that help it cure illnesses. It is a species of yam.” She flipped through a couple pictures of the yams prepared in a medical setting before stopping on what looked like a hand drawn sketch/diagram of the plant itself. I quickly copied down the sketch and labels, intrigued by the odd design of the plant. It kind of looked like–

“It’s called the amorphophallus paeoniifolius, or more commonly known as the elephant foot yam. It’s primarily grown in Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the tropical Pacific islands. It reproduces both sexually–” there was a snicker from the other side of the room, but Shinrin-sensei didn’t even pause in her explanation, “–and asexually because the ‘female’ and ‘male’ flowers are both on the same plant. The plant has also evolved in such a way that they bloom at different times, thus preventing inbreeding.”

She flipped through a couple more shots of the plant, this time focusing more on the flower itself. It was rather ugly; having a furled centre looking almost brain-like. There was also a variety of brightly coloured ones which was kind of interesting. She told us a stories of the different applications of the plant – citing the doctor that she learned from and informing us that we would be revisiting this plant when we got to the edible unit – but, she quickly ran out of pictures and we were left to stare at the opaque sealed bag that she had sitting in the middle of the table in front of her.

Shinrin-sensei grinned slyly at us before moving towards the bag. “I’ve probably bored you all by now, but I assure you, that I still have plenty more that I can talk about.” She was nearly bouncing as she held the opening to the bag and looked at all of us. “I do have to warn you though; this plant is known to have one of the foulest odors. It has been compared to that of a rotting corpse, although the smell only lasts a few hours after the flower blooms. Luckily for us, mine bloomed just before lunch!”

In one fell swoop, she unzipped the bag and dragged it down so we could all see the grotesque flower that she had brought into our class. The flower was wide open, and as promised, the smell was not only awful, but pungent and permeating too. I nearly flinched backwards at the sudden onslaught (mildly impressed at how good of a job the bag did at insulating the scent – even from my own enhanced nose) but I got a hold of myself. I had smelled many a rotting corpse, and it was an apt description of the scent that was currently all over the room.

Why the fuck a plant would do this, I don’t know. It probably had something to do with pollination, although why would bugs want this?

The rest of my classmates had significantly less self control than I did, and they were rather comical in their reactions. However, it was rather ridiculous how exaggerated their reactions were. I would be smelling this damn plant for an entire week on these clothes due to my sensitivity; I think they can handle this little hint.

Of course, I was quickly proven wrong when one of the kids kneeled over and promptly threw up all over the floor.



Hanging out in the courtyard after classes was something that was becoming a habit. I was a new student, and while Nagisa and Kayano were known to be quite striking, I was still an unknown and opinions were still being formed about me. I had one year to solidify my presence in the minds of the annoyances that attended this school – because we all know that I’m incapable of not being dramatic; I have a need to be important. It’s a thing.

Anyways, it was decided that the most efficient way for me to do this without being a delinquent and beating up Asano (I probably couldn’t worm my way out of getting expelled or at the very least suspended for that – I learned from Kunugikaoka, and since my half-brother isn’t the headmaster of this school…) was to just sort of insert myself into the student life. Having the reputation of the ‘new kid’ means that all eyes are on me, so it’s now or never to make that impression.

Now I am an asshole, but I don’t want the rest of the school populous to know that I’m an asshole. I’ve already began making my way towards that idea by being a dick to the particularly annoying students, and that was totally on me! Nagisa was just trying to do damage control. And that’s basically how I ended up fucking around one of the many courtyards around the school for an hour or so every day.

It was a lot of time, but a necessary sacrifice – or so Kayano seemed convinced.


We had chosen a courtyard with high walls around it so that I could fuck around and just sort of show off for a bit. My body was healed, but I still wasn’t where I wanted to be with my movement concerning all the new scar tissue. I’d been sparring and all that, but nothing quite challenged me enough. So the obvious solution was parkour.



After the interesting day that I’d had, I was walking around the fountain edge like a child and poking fun at Nagisa for some dumb shit that I’d head that he’d done from Kayano while I was at True Cross. There wasn’t too many people in the courtyard, but I was used to the ridiculous amount of students on the True Cross campus, so I guess it was a lot of people? The number easily doubled though when the infamous Host Club made their way to the courtyard and started talking with people. Yay.

Everything was going great up until the blond one – Suoh Tamaki; half Japanese half French son of the headmaster and Kyoya’s close friend – began to approach the fountain. Kyoya had not made me aware of anything happening today, so I just thought Tamaki wanted to do his little thing but in the centre of the area. The dude liked attention.

I didn’t exactly have room to talk.



He was just doing his thing right? Nope. As if on fucking cue, students pulled instruments out of fucking nowhere and began to play music while Tamaki strutted up and began to sing.


Right here, right now

I put the offer out

I don't want to chase you down

I know you see it


He was confident, although with what I know of his character, that’s not exactly all that out of character. That however, wasn’t what I was focusing on. First of all, he was making his way towards me, going so far as to make fucking eye contact with me. Also, I actually did recognize the song that he had chosen to serenade me with.  

Kayano had gone through that phase – you know the one – where movie musicals were suddenly the greatest thing ever. And since the grand majority that Japan had to offer was anime musicals, she had turned to western films. Gotta make use of all those hours spent studying English. Fuck yeah. And that had started her long term crush on Zac Efron, and the next thing you know, she’s forcing everyone in her life to watch the Greatest Showman with her because holy shit isn’t he so hot?

That was the only reason that I even know that this song exists. Seriously, the only reason.

But then how did Tamaki know about this? How did he get the music to all the band kids? How did he manage all of this in less than a week? There were so many questions! Also, Tamaki knew English? Since fucking when? He wasn’t in any of the language courses here at Ouran… at least that I know of…


You run with me

And I can cut you free

Out of the drudgery and walls you keep in


I mean clearly there was a reason that he had chosen this song. It was becoming very apparent through both his oddly suggestive dance moves and the lyrics of the song that he either wanted me to join his cult, or he wanted to have sex. Considering Kyoya had been complaining about Tamaki dating Fujioka Haruhi for the past 6 months, I highly doubted that he was intentionally coming on to me. He was just French.

And a drama queen.

The first verse of this song was very ambiguous – almost worryingly so. And since we’ve eliminated the possibility that he was publicly propositioning me for sex, the only other possible conclusion is that he was trying to get me to join the Host Club. That hadn’t been in the original plan.


So trade that typical for something colorful

And if it's crazy, live a little crazy

You can play it sensible, a king of conventional

Or you can risk it all and see


He crooned every single note as if he was trying to seduce everyone. The squeals of the girls beside me were telling me that it was working. Ugh.

By now, the older teen had made his way through the crowd until he was standing right in front of Nagisa, Kayano, and me. He was a lot taller than I had originally expected, but he was like the least intimidating thing I’d ever seen. Seriously, Shima was more intimidating than the blond. I don’t know what it was about Tamaki, but I really wanted to laugh at him as he brushed back his hair and winked at a very unimpressed Nagisa. I tilted my chin down slightly and stared up at him through my lashes with intrigue. He had clearly put thought into his song choice, and decoding what he was trying to tell me was rather interesting.

He was actually trying to imply that I was living a boring life and that there was a lot to gain from the Host Club. Dude. Has he seen me? I look like a fucking delinquent on a good day – the amount of comments I’d gotten about whether I bleach my hair or not was going to give me a Kurosaki Ichigo complex or something – does he really think that I don’t get out a lot? I have a life; a very adventurous one. What can his Host Club offer me in that way?

And that begs to question, what does he want from me? What does he think that he’ll gain by getting me to join his damn club?

He offered me his hand, grinning widely as the music picked up pace in preparation for the chorus of the song. I took a second to consider it, but I didn’t really have all that much time, and internally saying ‘fuck it’, I took his hand and he swept me into a dance.


Don't you wanna get away from the same old part you gotta play

'Cause I got what you need

So come with me and take the ride

It'll take you to the other side

'Cause you can do like you do

Or you can do like me

Stay in the cage, or you'll finally take the key

Oh, damn! Suddenly you're free to fly

It'll take you to the other side


Tamaki lead me around the courtyard in a modified waltz. It was fast paced, and perhaps not the best choice for a song like this, but I highly doubt that Tamaki knew any dances other than things that a rich child would be classically trained in. I, like many others from Kunugikaoka’s class 3 E, am proficient in ballroom dancing, so I’m more than capable of keeping up with Tamaki.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Kayano sneakily recording this entire thing and I resisted the urge to scowl at her. Why was I even surprised? She was always doing shit like this. It wasn’t out of character for her.

I subtly started to lead us back over towards the fountain, a certain smugness taking over my gait as I took in the impressed look on his face. He obviously hadn’t expected me to keep up with him – not in this. But joke’s on him. I was a dramatic little shit and I could keep up with his own drama queen ways.

He finished up his chorus, spinning me out until I was about a foot away from the fountain’s edge. I let go of his hand and jumped up onto the ledge beside where Kayano and Nagisa were sitting and watching along with a couple other girls. I spread my arms and grinned down at the slightly stunned blond. He started this, and now I was going to play along. Sure he had no way of knowing that I actually understood English; it might have all been a ploy to embarrass me or something. Nope. Not happening. I’m going to own this shit.


Okay, my friend,

You want to cut me in

Well I hate to tell you, but it just won't happen


I could see Kayano internally squealing at the fact that I had been saddled with Efron’s part. She was way too deep in her fangirl phase – I swear if I hear Bet On It one more time.

Tamaki also had an interesting look on his face as I sang the actual lyrics of the song. It was like he was taking them personally.

I mean, kinda yeah. The part that he had gifted me with was the part that denied him at first, but didn’t Tamaki know that he eventually caved? There was no need to look like a kicked puppy. Luckily though, the taller teen seemed to be able to get a grip on himself and soon all that was evident on his face was the surprise that he felt at the fact that a. I knew the song, and b. that I was capable of playing along and singing.


So thanks, but no

I think I'm good to go

'Cause I quite enjoy the life you say I'm trapped in


Just to be an asshole, I then jumped off of the fountain and did a flip in the time that I had in between verses, landing just in front of Tamaki who couldn’t hide his flinch at the sudden move. My mouth twitched slightly at his reaction as I sauntered past him, throwing him a look over my shoulder.

There was some nice little intricacies to Efron’s part of the song. As musicals do, he had taken the same melody that Jackman’s character had used, but instead of inviting, his tone was dismissive and almost mocking. I was making more of a show of my rejection and disbelief than Efron’s character did, but that was almost purely because of the crowd that we had here. I was maybe a little overdramatic with my dance moves, but he’d made the original scene. Who can blame me for escalating?


Now I admire you, and that whole show you do

You're onto something, really it's something


I glanced over at the Host Club in the corner of the courtyard, watching with glee as Tamaki looked even more stunned. I’ve been here for less than two weeks, but no duh I knew about the Host Club. Even if I didn’t like to think about it, they were the most popular club in the school. Of course I knew who they were.

The lyrics I had just sung were originally more sincere than mocking, but I’m an asshole, and I found the entire idea of a host club rather ridiculous. You know, in the ‘it sure is something, alright’ kind of way.

I waved my hand and gestured to the both of us and the students that Tamaki had no doubt convinced to join in with his nonsense. This was very much a show and we were both playing our parts. I sneered at him and prowled closer, looking down my nose and sniffing slightly. My disdain for his stupid club was going to be known dammit.


But I live among the swells, and we don't pick up peanut shells

I'll have to leave that up to you


There was a huge irony here about those lines. Not only was I in an insanely rich school run by Tamaki’s father, but I was also what people would consider a delinquent. I am a literal gang member, and I was telling the boy that had grown up with a silver spoon in his mouth to pick up peanut shells. How could I not find that kind of funny? It was very hard not to laugh right now, and I could tell by Kyoya’s shaking shoulders that he also found it a bit ridiculous.

I sashayed away, worming my way through the crowd until I found a tall wall and then proceeded to show off like a regular circus brat and flipped my way up to stand on top of the wall. Everyone else in the courtyard stood frozen, only their heads craning around to better see whoever was singing. It was amusing and I eagerly launched into my mockery of his chorus.


Don't you know that I'm okay with this uptown part I get to play

'Cause I got what I need and I don't want to take the ride

I don't need to see the other side


I belted loudly, moving smoothly across the wall and prowling around the courtyard. I sang effortlessly, heard by all with a strong and rich voice. I was kind of ashamed to admit that this was one of the few songs from that blasted movie that I actually enjoyed. Was it weird that I connected with the lyrics?

Everyone is always trying to convince you to follow your dreams and pursue your passions, but do I really have any? I’m moving through life in a state of contentment with brief flashes of glee and anger.

And, you know, depression.

I’m fine with the part that I play in this world. I don’t need some rich brat telling me that he knows what’s best for me. I got enough of that from teachers at True Cross telling me that I was ‘wasting my potential’. Bitch I was in first year – I hadn’t even fucking done anything yet. I am completely comfortable with who I am and what I do. Everything is fine.


So go and do like you do

I'm good to do like me

Ain't in a cage, so I don't need to take the key

Oh, damn! Can't you see I'm doing fine

I don't need to see the other side


I lunged around the courtyard, looking down at the faces of the observers of our little show. They don’t get the significance of the song chosen, they can’t possibly understand. I let a little bit of my barely contained bloodlust pass through my eyes, piercing into his bright blue eyes with my own golden ones. I’m dangerous, and no matter what I wanted the others to know, I wanted him and his little club to know that fact. I was a predator, and one that shouldn’t be trifled with.

I looked over at Tamaki over my shoulder, watching as his eyes narrowed with calculation as he observed my own theatrical show. I finished my chorus and threw the metaphorical ball back into his side of the metaphorical court. He could end things right here and now – take my rejection for what it was and give it up; play it off as nothing more than an impromptu Host Club activity. He had asked me to help or something like that. He could gracefully step away now and no one would be the wiser.


My face cooled until I had wiped all but my own calculating look off of it, relaxing my posture until I resembled my lazy but confident self rather than the predator that I was. I fully expect Tamaki to turn around and bow to the crowd, but that’s not what he chooses to do.


Now is this really how you like to spend your days?

Whiskey and misery, and parties and plays


Tamaki sang, slowly approaching the wall that I had stopped on. He hadn’t given up, as much as I had expected him too. He clearly saw something in my little show. Was he still interested in having me join his club? Seriously? I swear, the expression that I was wearing now was bored at best. I was clearly dismissing him – why would he continue?

He didn’t modify any lyrics either, simply choosing to appeal to my boredom. He was trying to turn my own strategy against me. I hadn’t had a class with him yet, but he must have heard somewhere about my ease with the supposedly ‘advanced’ classes offered here. It wasn’t hard to tell that I was often bored by the high society shenanigans that entertained the vast majority of the school’s populous.

The question was, whether he was appealing to me as a fellow teenager, or whether he was smart enough to know that he was baiting a sociopath.


If I were mixed up with you, I'd be the talk of the town

Disgraced and disowned, another one of the clowns


I didn’t bother with flipping off of the wall this time and instead simply stepped off and stuck the landing, standing nearly chest to chest with Tamaki. I looked at him with a challenging stance, a condescending smirk covering my face as I delicately arched an eyebrow.

I didn’t like the idea of caving – it would make me look weak. However, there was a certain advantage to caving. His Host Club was a mockery of people, but it would be an excellent opportunity for me, as much as I wanted to ignore that part. The Host Club were the most well known and well liked of the students, and they were often in direct opposition of Asano and his pose. The Host Club were powerful allies and far more likely to back me up instead of Asano if I was one of them and things came to blows.

Joining them could only help my reputation, and worst comes to worst, I could slip in some insults towards these annoyances while ‘hosting,’ just to see if they could understand me. I love to fuck with people, and if nothing else, it wouldn’t be boring, right? Tamaki was offering me a way of accomplishing what would have taken me months of careful handling in just a week or so of establishment. Plus, I would be able to spend more time with Kyoya without it seeming too weird.

Tamaki was either really good at reading my tells, or he was pleased that I didn’t back out of the performance either, as he shook his head and smiled surprisingly softly.


But you would finally live a little, finally laugh a little

Just let me give you the freedom to dream and it'll

Wake you up and cure your aching

Take your walls and start 'em breaking

Now that's a deal that seems worth taking

But I guess I'll leave that up to you


He paused for but a moment, taking one, two, steps back as the band stopped playing and a deafening silence took over the courtyard. I met his eyes carefully, trying to figure out why he was doing this. What he stood to gain was still a mystery to me, and I suspected that that’s what it would remain. He met my eyes without issues, and he seemed to be paying just as much attention to every shift as I was. Both of us searching for something, and in a few seconds, it seems that we’d come to an agreement.

The next part of the song wasn’t something that quite fit this situation, and the performance had become much more than that by now. Hoping he would take the hint, I opened my mouth to sing the last chorus and he followed suit, harmonizing beautifully as we sang together. I took the higher part, deciding to show off a little more by belting the part without strain.


Don't you wanna get away to a whole new part you're gonna play

'Cause I got what you need, so come with me and take the ride

To the other side

So if you do like I do

So if you do like me

Forget the cage, 'cause we know how to make the key

Oh, damn! Suddenly we're free to fly

We're going to the other side


I grinned, singing by himself while Tamaki jumped in every now and then. “So if you do like I do. So if you do like me,” Then the both of us sang the last two lines, dancing around each other and ending face to face with a final dramatic flair.


'Cause if we do we're going to the other side

We're going to the other side


We were both breathing heavily as the crowd erupted into thunderous applause. There was a self-satisfied grin on Tamaki’s face, and my eyes subconsciously shifted away so that I could look over at the Host Club. Kyoya had pulled out one of his many notebooks and was holding it in front of his face, but it was obvious that the scene that Tamaki had made amused him greatly.

The small brown-haired teen beside him (it must be the infamous Fujioka Haruhi) looked both stunned and dare I say it, horrified. She seemed to believe that she understood what had happened here, and perhaps she did. I doubt it though. She may be academically smart, but my understanding is that her first real friends were the Host Club, and they were not a good bench mark for anyone.

“Oi! Kyoya! Did you have anything to do with this?” I called over as the applause began to die down and I could actually hear myself think.

Kyoya rolled his eyes, snapping his notebook shut and tucking it under his arm. “I’m afraid not, Karma-kun. This was all the brainchild of our illustrious leader.” I suppressed a snicker at the nickname he had given Tamaki. It was by far one of the better ones I’d heard. The fact that Tamaki calls him ‘mommy’ and Kyoya calls him ‘daddy’ in turn sent me laughing for like an entire month.

The words ‘daddy kink’ and anything related to that subject have now been banned from Purgatory and all affiliated fields.


I hear Fujioka turn to Kyoya and begin to question him quietly, but my attention is caught by Tamaki and I’m forced to trust that Kyoya knows what to say and what not to. The guy was meant to be a yakuza style guy, the third son of the Otori family could handle a teenage girl. He can handle Tamaki, right?

“That was some show that we put on! Thank you for joining in – it made the whole thing much less awkward. You’re a good dancer.” Tamaki declared as he turned to look around the courtyard as people began to filter out now that the performance is over. “I’m pleasantly surprised that you know the song. I had fun singing with you!” How was he so cheerful? Seriously, how? You could bottle that and sell it and make millions.

“Rather impromptu,” I stated cordially, inclining my head slightly. “What exactly were you trying to accomplish with that little show?” I wanted him to say it. I was giving him yet another chance to back down and just say that he was playing around. He really doesn’t want me in his club. If you think I’m awful now, then holy shit it will get sooooo much worse.

Fuck yeah.

“I’m so glad you asked!” Tamaki perked up like a dog that was about to get a treat. “Well, I wanted to officially invite you to join the Host Club. I think we can both gain a lot from each other.” Tamaki grinned.

I raised an eyebrow as my eyes flickered over to look once more at the assembled Host Club that had slowly begun to approach us. “Oh really? And what, pray tell, makes you think that I’d be a good… fit for your little club.” Maybe if I was enough of a dick then he would change his mind. That way, I wouldn’t have to cave and willingly join the Host Club.

(Terasaka will never let me live it down when he finds out. Heck, he won’t let me live down this little incident.)

“Well uh…” Tamaki seemed surprised that I hadn’t immediately jumped at the chance to be one of the ‘cool kids’. Honestly, he should have known this by now. “You are very charismatic!” he said finally, looking almost as if he was struggling to find a reason that he wanted me when there were countless reasons why it was a foolish decision. Poor guy. “Despite people not knowing you, you’ve managed to become respected by everyone practically overnight. That’s quite the accomplishment, as we are unlikely to do anything but look down on commoners.”

Fujioka’s eyebrow twitched violently at that comment. Looks like Tamaki still had no tact when concerning the social status of his girlfriend. I was, however, surprised that he knew that I wasn’t a rich brat. To be fair, I’m sure that all the rich kids in Japan know each other by virtue of being rich, but still. I wasn’t exactly new to money…

I laughed, throwing my head back and full on cackling. “I’m charismatic alright. But I’ve heard about your little club, and I know I’m not exactly the right fit for it.” I smirk and take a step back so that Nagisa and Kayano could flank me. It was both a reassuring and a protective stance. Whether I can protect myself or not, it’s always smart to travel in packs. Well, unless you were trying to be sneaky, but that’s beside the point.

One of the twins – Hitachin Hikaru – peaked over one of Tamaki’s shoulder to look at me in confusion. “How so?”

The other brother then chose to pop up as well, looking like the Tweedled Dum to Hikaru’s Tweedled Dee. “Yeah. You’re attractive enough. I’m sure the ladies would love you.”

I resisted the urge to scowl as Nagisa and Kayano both burst into laughter behind me. Sure they were justified, but did they have to be so obvious. “Yeah, about that… you see… Damn, how should I say this? I’m very gay – and since I’m not about to hide in the closet again, I’m not going to play romantic prince.”

Tamaki waved his hand, seemingly not hearing what I’d just said – or at least not really understanding and comprehending the fact that I had just come out to him. Nope, the man was too focused on the last part of my statement. “Well of course you’re not playing prince. That’s my role, I was more thinking like bad bo–” he cut himself off, suddenly seeming to realize just what I’d said. I suppressed my own loud guffaws as I saw his face twist into a comical expression as he squatted and pointed at me like an idiot.

“Wait, you’re gay?!”