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Don't! It'll burn!

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Two kids played excitedly in the yard, explosion's coming from the hands of a small ash blonde haired boy who was the spitting image of his Father (not counting the emerald green eyes). They hit a girl who was maybe a year younger than him, her harden skin fending the heated blasts off easily. Izuku's eyes flitted over to a girl with curly green hair that was sitting not too far away from them, she was picking at the grass nervously. Close to a month ago they went to the doctor and found out that she did, in fact, have an additional toe joint, which meant... He knew her current feeling all too well.

The door to the backyard flung open, his eyes fell on Katsuki who was holding a tray of raw meats. "Eijirou! Denki!" Izuku said brightly to the couple who followed him out of the house, they must have arrived while he was watching the kids.

"Hey dude! I hope Kuma didn't give you any trouble." The redhead said nervously, rubbing the back of his neck, his fingers intertwined with his Omega counterpart.

"Dad! Daddy!" The shrill voice of a young girl came echoing through the yard as a small girl bolted to the deck, the older boy followed suit. Finally, the last child walked over to great them.

"Uncle Eijirou, Uncle Denki!" The small blonde said, going up to meet them. Kirishima smiled, showing off his pointed teeth. "Hey Ryuu, have you been doing good at school?" He asked, the boy looked away and Denki laughed. "What about Kaida?" The electric Omega asked, looking over at the smaller girl. She smiled a bit, then glanced over to Katsuki. "Yeah... I got a 100% on the last test. Dad put it on the fridge..." She said quietly, fiddling with her hands.

A surprisingly soft smile came to Eijirou's face. "Maybe that's your Quirk, you're just super smart!" He told her in an attempt to make her feel better after the crushing news, but she looked away and everything fell silent.

Before Katsuki could explode off his stupid face, Ryuu beat him to the punch and set off an explosion on the older man's dick. Denki started laughing, and Izuku was having trouble stifling his own chuckle while Katsuki seemed to have a field day, even Kaida giggled a bit. Meanwhile, Eijirou's face was all scrunched up and he was holding his crotch. Lucky for him, Ryuu's Quirk was currently more along the lines of a firecracker rather than his Father's TNT power, but it would get that way at one point and that scared the hell out of both parents.

"You asshole!" Ryuu spat at his 'Uncle'.

"Ryuu! Go put fifty cents in the swear jar!" Izuku scolded, Ryuu stomped on the ground. "But Daddy, Dad says it all the time!" He said stubbornly.

"That's because I'm the Dad, go put your money in the swear jar brat!" Katsuki shouted, they glared at each other for a good fifteen seconds before Ryuu gave up and mumbled something before going back into the house.

"I think the swear jar makes more money than we do." Izuku joked, it was met by a bit of laughter, even by Eijirou who was still holding his crotch. It was almost protectively at this point.

Izuku finally stood up from his seat and walked over to Katsuki, looking over his shoulder at the food. It looked like Katsuki had poured the entire spice rack on some of them. "Kacchan, they're gonna be too hot." Izuku whined.

Katsuki grabbed Izuku's hips and pulled him close, resting his forehead on Izuku's own. "Shut up nerd, I left some with nothing on it because I knew you were gonna bitch." Katsuki hummed, a smirk taking over his features as Izuku pouted.

"Ewwww!" Ruma said, scrunching her nose up. Izuku smiled a bit and rolled his eyes while Katsuki looked at him devilishly.

He leaned forward and captured Izuku's lips in his own, kissing him roughly. Izuku forgot where they were for a second and wrapped his arms around Katsuki's neck.

"Hey! Earth to the Bakugou's! There are children!" Eijirou tried getting their attention and succeeded when Izuku pulled away with a bright red face. Denki had been holding his hands over the eyes of both girls, Kuma had been attempting to look past them while Kaida had been standing there rigidly, allowing her eyes to be covered. "Screw that, they need to know what happens after you get married." Katsuki shrugged, Izuku pulled away and as if on cue Ryuu walked back outside.

"Oh, Daddy!" Ruma turned her attention to Denki. "Ryuu and me decided that we're gonna be married together when we grow up!" She said proudly, everyone's eyes went to Ryuu who nodded in confirmation.

"Ryuu!" She said with an excited expression and rushed over to him. "We have to do what your Dad's did, they're married!" She said with a smile and he cocked his head. "What did they do?" He asked the younger girl. "They did this-" She started leaning towards him, and two hands came between them and pushed them apart.

"Okay- That's enough of that!" Eijirou said, scooping up the little girl and holding her tightly.

Izuku looked over at Kaida, she had walked back into the yard and sat down and returned to picking at the grass. He sighed and walked off the deck and over to the green haired girl.

"You're still upset, aren't you? I get it." Izuku said, sitting next to her.

"No you don't..." She sniffed, her crimson eyes were glazed over with unshed tears.

But he did. He knew that feeling all too well, he had that feeling for almost fourteen whole years. He put a soft hand on her back, she finally broke out in tears.

They sat there, and at one point Katsuki came over to sit with them, leaving Denki and Eijirou to finish cooking the food and watching the two other kids. He could hear their small argument about what goes better on hot dogs.

"Let me tell you a story." Katsuki said, the girl looked at him with sad eyes. He glanced over to Izuku, who nodded ever so slightly.

"I knew a boy once, he didn't have a Quirk." He told her, her eyes widened at his words. "He was bullied by someone very mean and bad, but he still never gave up on his dreams. In the end, he was able to achieve them." Katsuki told her vaguely. Izuku had a small smile on his face.

"So you mean I can be a Hero like you Dad?" She asked, her tears had begun drying.

"You can do anything, Quirk or no Quirk. You're our daughter, aren't you?" Izuku chuckled. The girl smiled shyly at the thought, her brother had never really shown an interest in being a Hero, but they were polar opposites when it came to that. She wanted to be a Hero more than anything, she wanted a Quirk that would be so good it'd take everyone's breath away!

"C'mon kid, let's go eat." Katsuki said, standing up and picking her up and letting her climb on to his shoulders and grip his head uncomfortably. He put one hand on her leg to make sure she didn't fall and grabbed Izuku's hand. They walked back to the deck together, the newly engaged couple were fighting over a stick. Izuku wasn't going to question why, so he let them fight. As long as it didn't get too violent (thanks to the mixture of personalities, the children were much more mellow than Katsuki.) then he wouldn't need to step in.

When all of the food was brought off the grill everyone sat down to eat. When Izuku dug his teeth into his hot dog he heard a sudden choking noise, he looked up at Denki, expecting the jokester to be the origin of the sound. When he seen that it wasn't him, he looked around and his eyes fell on Kaida who had her hands around her throat and her face was tinting blue.

She was choking.

Before he could react, Katsuki was out of his seat and giving their daughter the heimlich. Izuku's heart started to race and he stood up, he wasn't able to do anything, so he had to wait for Katsuki to get whatever was in her throat out. She hadn't eaten anything yet so he didn't know what it could be.

She suddenly started coughing, then exhaled deeply. But instead of it being normal, she exhaled smoke and white fire.

She caught the table on fire, that was a new table!

But she had a Quirk. She wasn't supposed to have a Quirk, but she beat the odds, very little people with the extra toe joint have a Quirk. It was rarer than winning the lottery twice in a row.

He had time to be excited later, he ran back into the house and brought out a fire extinguisher and started spraying wildly at the white flames by the time it was out it had almost completely disintegrated their table.

After this everyone was silent, the first one to speak was Kuma. "Kaida! You have a Quirk!" She squealed, Eijirou and Denki started clapping. "See, I told ya', there's no way my niece would be Quirkless!" He said proudly, Denki rolled his eyes at his husband's remarks. "You aren't even related." He reminded, Eijirou stuck his tongue out at the other who raised his hands and let them ripple with electricity. Eijirou's skin hardened. "Oh, it's on." He challenged, Ruma hardened up and Ryuu started throwing off little explosions.

"STOP!" Izuku shouted then let out an exasperated sigh. "No more Quirks on the deck." He sighed, but then smiled at Kaida who was still in Katsuki's arms. "Congratulations Kaida, you've got a Quirk now." He said, winking at her.

"Dad I've got a Quirk! Daddy watch!" She said excitedly. "Wait, Kaida!" She seemed too caught up in her Quirk to actually register what anyone was saying. She inhaled deeply and Katsuki turned on the balls of his feet to face her away from the deck. She let out a burst of hot white flames.

"Where the hell did she get this from?" Katsuki asked Izuku. "My Dad could breathe fire, but it was red, so the white must have come from somewhere on your side of the family." The green haired boy shrugged.

"I can become a Hero easy now, right?" She asked with a bright smile.

"Of course, you'll definitely become an amazing Hero kid." Katsuki said fondly, Izuku smirked a bit. "Look at you Kacchan, being a supporting Father!" He said, earning a glare from the blonde. "I've always been a supporting Father!" He snapped as he put Kaida down, making Izuku laugh.

"I'll get into UA, and I'll pass all the tests and be the best! Then I'll come up from behind and steal your spot at the top Daddy!" The small girl said with a sudden burst in confidence and energy. Izuku chuckled, when she got close enough he reached down and tousled her unruly hair. "Of course you will, you'll be a great Hero."

"Yeah, I'm gonna be the White Fire Hero; Ethereal Flame!" She said before running off.

"Where'd she learn that word from?" He asked Katsuki, the blonde walked over to him and wrapped an arm around his waist. "Shut up and just be happy your daughter has a Quirk." The blonde said, leaning over and kissing Izuku's cheek. Izuku returned the favor. "I am happy, I'm just scared she'll-" He glanced over and seen Kaida facing a tree as she inhaled another deep breath.

"Don't! It'll burn!"