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McTavish & Beauchamp

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We arrived at what Jamie told me was Castle Leoch, only I knew that. I had been here only a couple of days ago with Frank exploring. Oh God, Frank. I stood still, unsure where to go or what I should do.

“And what do we have here?” A woman said, casting curious eyes on me. “Claire Beauchamp…Mistress Fitzgibbons. Murtagh found her, Dougal said we must bring her along with us, so…” Jamie said quietly to her.

“So…” She looked me up and down “Well, Claire. Come wi’ me” She said, “We shall find ye somethin’ to eat and somethin’ to wear that’s a bit more well… a bit more.”

“What about him?” I asked, looking back at Jamie unloading his belongings off his horse. “I can fend for myself” He grunted, clearly still in bad shape.

“No you’re hurt.” I turned to Mistress Fitzgibbons, “He was shot yesterday.” I begged Mistress Fitgibbons to do something. “I’ll be fine” Jamie tried to reassure us.

“No you won’t!” I replied, “I bandaged his shoulder but I wasn’t able to clean it or dress it properly. I must tend to it before it gets infected…” She looked at me like she didn’t know what I was saying, oh right, “I mean inflamed. You know, with fever and swelling.”

“Oh Aye. I ken fine what ye mean. But ye mean to say ye know what to do for that?” She asked. I nodded. “Are ye a charmer then? A Beaton?” She quizzed me. “Something like that.” I replied. What the hell was “A Beaton”?

“Jamie! Ye heard the lady, ye need tendin’. This way.” She took me by the arm and led me into the castle. “Let’s get ye out of the rain!” We walked through the damp and poorly lit halls. We came to a room with a fire already burning and Mistress Fitzgibbons went to fetch the things I would need to attend to Jamie’s arm. She came back swiftly, which I was glad for. Still unsure about being alone with Jamie.

“As ye asked, garlic and witch hazel to boil the rags. I also brought cherry bark for the pain.” She sighed and gave Jamie a gentle pat on the back. “Perfect.” I said and dipped the cloth into the water.

“Call out if ye need anythin’ else.” She said, walking over to the door. “I will. Thank you Miss Fitgibbons.” I said. “Everybody calls me Mrs. Fitz. You… may also.” She smiled sweetly and then turned and shut the door, leaving Jamie and I alone.

I stood and walked behind Jamie, assessing his wound once more and I gently pulled at the tartan around his shoulders, revealing deep and nasty red scars all over his back.

“Redcoats. Flogged me twice, in the space of a week.” I let my hand brush down his back, touching the wounded flesh. “They woulda done it twice in the same day I expect, were they no’ afraid of killin’ me. There’s no joy in floggin’ a dead man.” He sighed.

“I shouldn’t think anyone would do such a thing for joy.” I grimaced.

“Well if Randall wasna possessed wi’ joy, at least very pleased wi’ himself.” He said making me drop the bandages at the mention of Randall’s name.

“Clumsy. They’ll have to be boiled again.” I picked them up and went to the fire, dropping the cloth into the boiling water once again. “Why were you flogged?” I said bravely.

“Hmm, the first time was escapin’ Fort William and the second was theft. At least that’s what the charge sheet read.”

“Why were you escaping in the first place?” I asked, standing up and walking behind him, pressing the hot rag against his wound to clean it.

“They were holdin’ me prisoner,” he whispered.

“I gathered that. Why? On what charge?” I asked again.

“Well I think it was obstruction.” He sighed.

“Obstruction, what’s that? That doesn’t sound like a serious crime.” I said, placing the rags across his shoulder.

“Ah well, I suppose it’s whatever the English say it is.” He looked up at me then, over his shoulder. “It twas near to four years ago now.” He said and began to tell me the story of his capture by Randall, when he had held his sister Jenny and threatened to rape her. He surrendered and offered his body to be flogged.

“So, she went with him. She thought he’d kill me and perhaps she was right. After that I dinna ken what happened. When I woke up I was tressed up wi’ the chickens, jolting down the road to Fort William.”

“I’m so sorry” I said quietly, placing my hands on his back, my fingers tracing small circles on his neck. “It must’ve been terrible for you.”

“Oh aye, chickens are verra poor company.” He chuckled. I tied off his bandage and came to sit in front of him by the fire. He moved his shoulder, flexing the bandage.

“Don’t do that. Strap that on to your side.” I grabbed another long cloth and began to tie it around his side. “Hold still.”

“Ye’re a kind woman. Wi’ a good touch.” He grunted as I tied it tightly against him. “Ye’re husband is a lucky man.” I turned back to the fire and thought of what Frank must be going through, worried that I was dead or worse, left him for another man. I couldn’t help the tears as they began to sting my eyes, my breath becoming laboured.

“Mistress,” Jamie took notice of my tears, “Mistress Beauchamp what’s wrong?”

“I’m fine. I was just thinking about my husband.” I choked out.

“Lass… is he not alive?” He said and my chin quivered, sniffing I turned to look at him, “No actually… he’s not alive.” And more tears spilled over my cheeks. “Shh,” Jamie came down to me on the floor and wrapped his strong uninjured arm around me, I leant into his body, pressing my full weight against him. He let me cry into his arms, I pulled back slightly and we were face to face. The look of longing was evident on his face and it must have been on mine too.

Get a grip Beauchamp, you were just crying over your “dead” husband.

I didn’t pull away as Jamie leaned in, his lips brushing against mine, waiting for me to respond. Caught up in my heightened emotions of the last twenty-four hours I lost all caution and met his kiss.

He was gentle, more gentle than I imagined someone as big as him could be. His uninjured arm was still wrapped securely around me, he sat with his knees on either side of my body, I could just feel his length pressing against my side. He brought one hand up to my chin and held me, trembling, he broke the kiss to gaze at me, a silent question, was this okay?

I nodded slowly and brought my own hand up to his neck, running my fingers through his curls at the nape of his neck. He was sweating from the fire and now so was I.

Jamie slid his tongue along my bottom lip and then I responded by opening my mouth, letting him in. He was so warm and inviting. I forgot about Frank and kissed him deeper. He readjusted his body and pulled me onto his lap, my legs straddling his waist and I felt his cock straining under the fabric of his kilt.

I moaned and pressed my hips down against his making him grunt, “Sassenach” He called me again. He met my thrust with one of his own and our kiss quickened, what was a slow burn now was becoming a blazing explosion.

I let my hands wander along his bare back, my fingers lightly pressing against his scars making him moan against my mouth. He kissed my jawline, licking slowly down to my neck and sucking. Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ.

Just as I moved my hand under the hem of his kilt a knock came at the door making us both jump and I stood up quickly from his lap.

Mrs. Fitz opened the door, raising her eyebrows when she saw us both standing now across the room, breathing heavily and unable to meet one another’s gaze.

“Just checkin’ on ye two. Do ye need anythin’?” She asked, looking over at Jamie who had his back turned to her, I assumed to hide his growing excitement from what we had just been about to do.

“We’re alright” I managed to squeak out, “I was just finishing his bandage.” I said and she smiled, turning and closing the door for the second time. Once she had left and I was sure she couldn’t hear us I said “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” He turned to face me, smiling he replied, “Ye need not be scairt of me or anyone else here, as long as I am wi’ ye.” He said.

“When you’re not with me?” I asked, and walked over to him and gripped his arm. “Just never forget that ye’re English in a place where that’s no’ a pretty thing to be.” He looked deeply into my eyes.

“Thank you.” I said.

“Ye sleep a bit. Ye’re worn out. Someone will want to speak to ye before too long.” He sighed and moved a stray curl behind my ear. Jamie then crossed the room and picked up his shirt, shrugging it on over his bandaged arm and walked to the door.

“Goodnight Mistress Beauchamp, I shall see ye around the castle.” He grinned and with that he was gone, leaving me standing there thinking about what could have been between us.


I saw Jamie a few more times, in fact, I had brought him lunch to the stables so I could check on his bandage. That’s what I told myself at least. If I was being honest with myself I had very much wanted to be close to him but it was almost impossible to find him alone and in a suitable place where we might be able to pick up where we left off on our first night at Leoch.

One night I found myself sitting by Laoghaire, a young girl who I suspected had eyes for Jamie. I exchanged pleasantries with her and then spotted Jamie across the room. He smiled at us and walked over, sitting in between us. I tried to get him to talk with Laoghaire but he wasn’t paying her any attention. Poor girl.

We listened to the entertainment, the man sang in Gaelic so I understood nothing. What I did understand was that Colum’s Rhenish was very good. I took another long drink, meeting Jamie’s gaze.

“Colum’s rhenish isn’t it?” He grinned. “It’s very good” I whispered, “I’ve had two-“ I rolled my eyes and recounted, “three glasses. You can have the rest if you like.” I offered it to Jamie.

“Most folks that drink wi’ Colum are under the table after the second glass.” He said taking a sip of the rhenish. “Are you implying that I’m intoxicated?” I asked, beginning to feel a bit light headed. “I’d be impressed if ye’re weren’t” He replied, grinning at me.

The song finished and we applauded. Jamie turned to me and said, “This dressings been chafin’ me for days. Would ye mind helpin’ me wi it?” I laughed, “What…now?”

“Well?” He said. “Yes of course” I blushed, thoughts of our previous encounter when we had been alone came rushing back to the surface. He finished the rest of the drink and handed the empty glass to Laoghaire, “Take that back wi’ ye lass.” We stood and he walked me through the castle to the surgery where I had been spending most of my time.

“Alright, let’s have a look at that shoulder” I said cheerfully.

“Ah, I dinna need ye’re help.” Jamie admitted sheepishly. “Just thought I should see ye back to the surgery while ye could still walk upright.” I walked over to the table and leaned against it, coughing I replied, “Oh, thank you. I suppose I did over indulge slightly. I should’ve known though, if it was really uncomfortable, I imagine you would have just ripped off the bandages yourself.” I grinned and suddenly I had a clear image of Jamie ripping off my dress, bending me over the very table I leaned against.

“I was afraid to, thought I’d get my arse scalped if I touched it.” He chuckled. “Too right” I replied, “I am the healer after all. I’m in charge.” Oh what I wouldn’t do to have Jamie be in charge of my body right now.

“Never doubted it.” He said. I giggled and sighed, “Really though, if it was bothering you, you should have told me. I would’ve taken it off of you the other day at the stables.”

“Aye, I couldna do that before Alec” He said walking towards me and leaning against the table beside me. “Scars” I smiled sweetly at him, “You don’t want Alec to know you’ve been flogged.”

“Well Alec knows I’ve been flogged but he’s not seen it. To know somethin’ like that is- well it’s no’ the same as seein’ it with ye’re own eyes. It’s a bit… personal, maybe is what I mean.” He set his hand down beside mine, his fingertips just brushing against mine. “I think if Alec were to see the scars, he couldn’t see me anymore withou’ thinkin’ of my back.” He said bluntly.

“You dont’ mind me seeing your back?” I asked, quite pleased with myself that he had let me see him before.

He thought and said “I don’t. Ye seem to have a knack for lettin’ me know ye feel sorry for it withou’ makin’ me feel pitiful about it.” We both smiled and held one another’s gaze. I needed to find another excuse to touch him, my hands were itching to.

“Anyway.” He said, “I should go” He stood from the table and walked to leave. When he almost reached the door I said, “Wait, let me have a look at that.” I pointed my hand towards his shoulder and walked to stand in front of him. Jamie turned back to face me and I untied his kerchief, unwinding the fabric from his neck. He stared down at me, that burning look returning to his eyes once again. This was the moment if there ever was one.

I checked his wound quickly but left my hands lingering on his solid chest, the hair there tickling against my skin. He brought his hands to my waist, pulling me in closer to him.

“Mistress Beauchamp.” He sighed, holding my gaze as he leaned in and kissed my cheek. He pulled back and turned to leave but I grabbed his arm, “No!” I said too loudly and he slowly faced me again. “It’s alright.” I blushed and looked at my hand on his arm, I could see his pulse beating fast in his veins.

“Are ye sure Mistress?” He asked me as he brought one hand to cup my cheek, his other arm settling against my waist once again. “We canna go back after we do this.” He smiled down at me. “I want to.” I said quietly and stood on the tips of my toes to reach him, he met me halfway and our lips crushed against each other’s. It was like before, that first time, slow at first and then we sped up, our tongues meeting, his exploring the inside of my mouth. “Ye taste so sweet Sassenach, must be the rhenish” He chuckled and wound one of his hands in my hair, pressing me harder against his body.

The heat radiating off him was beginning to affect me, drenching me in sweat. “Please Jamie” I moaned as he sucked slowly on my neck. We had gotten this far before, I wouldn’t let anything stop me now.

He breathed heavily and pushed me to walk backwards until we bumped into the table, he pushed off bowls and instruments to the side, making room for us. I pressed against his body, he stood between my legs and as thick as the layers of fabric were between us, I still managed to feel his cock between my thighs. “No one will come lookin’ for ye here Sassenach.” Jamie kissed up my neck, pausing before my lips. “They’re all too drunk.” He laughed then, his hands finding the laces of my bodice and tugging on them.

I helped him pull them loose, his hand hesitantly reaching for my breast, my nipple already hard. “Ye’re skin…” he sighed, his palm cupping the full weight of my breast, “is verra smooth.” He marvelled and ran his thumb against my nipple, eliciting moans from me. “I’ve never…” He began, looking up at me then, “I mean, I’m a virgin.” He took his hand away from my chest.

“You know I’m not. But it doesn’t matter to me Mr. McTavish, I need you.” I almost whimpered and leaned up into him, guiding his hands to touch me once again.

Jamie moaned and kissed me hard, forcing my body to lay back against the table with my legs dangling off the end. He kissed a trail down my body, pushing fabric aside to touch as much as my skin as he could. At this moment I didn’t care that I was still married to another man, I wanted Jamie and I wanted him now.

My fingers grabbed ahold of his curls and I pulled his face up to mine, bringing him down to me, kissing him and licking the inside of his mouth. “Oh God.” He grunted as my hands moved under his kilt, taking him in my hands. “Ye sure about this Sassenach? Uhhhh” He moaned, my hand stroking up and down his cock, my thumb pressing against the head and wiping pre-cum. “I’ve never been more sure about anything Jamie.” With his help we managed to pull my heavy skirts to puddle around my waist, leaving my stocking clad legs exposed and out in the open underneath his body.

“I dinna think I can be gentle or stop when I’m inside ye Claire.” His face twisted with desire, only moments from taking me. I cupped his face with both hands, “Then don’t be gentle Jamie” and once his name left my swollen lips, he slid into me, filling me so completely beyond anything I had ever felt.

“Uhhhh” I moaned, one arm drifting down his back to clench his buttocks and push him deeper inside. I bit my bottom lip as he began to thrust, at first he was hesitant to move much, simply taking in the feeling of me around him.

“Sassenach…” his full body weight was crushing me but I didn’t care. Jamie pressed his face into my neck, moaning and grunting as he pushed in and out of me, my walls clenching around him, begging him for more. I cried out, “Oh Jamie! Uhhh oh Christ,” making him look at me, scared that he hurt me. “It’s alright, it’s good.” I laughed and he smiled, kissing me gently all while continuing to move our bodies together. Jamie called out and his body shuddered above me, he settled against me, my legs dangling on either side of him.

We lay there for awhile, my hands hovering over his back, careful to not touch his injured shoulder, although I’m sure after this it would need another bandage. Jamie finally sat up off me, still inside me and pulled me to him, holding me against his chest. I wrapped my legs around him as he stood. We hadn’t bothered to undress in the heat of our passionate embrace. But it wasn’t that I needed to see his body, although I would very much like to, but it was the connection that was growing between us that sent chills down my body then.

“Sassenach, are ye alright? I dinna hurt ye?” He asked me, holding my chin in his large rough hand. “No. You didn’t hurt me.” I smiled, “I liked it very much Jamie.”

“Aye, so did I. I only wish it wasna like this” he motioned to the table I was sitting on and the dark room around us. “So secret ye ken? I wish I coulda had ye in my bed, seen ye’re smooth velvet skin against the white sheets.” As he said this his hands drifted over my shoulders, my breasts and on my waist.

“Well…” I sighed, closing my eyes, “I don’t leave for a few days…” I looked up at him, the rhenish still coursing through my system. “We still have time to do it properly, if you like?” My breath came short, I was nervous for God’s sake. How could I be feeling this way when I knew I had to get back to Frank?

He kissed me softly, “Aye,” He said against my mouth, his breath warm on my face, “I would like that verra much Sassenach.” He gently pulled out of me, tucking himself back into his kilt and he helped pull my dress back down from around my waist. We both laughed, now nervous and feeling a little awkward.

“I can never look at this table the same way I’m afraid.” I said, my arms wrapped tightly around him, not able to let him leave me just yet.

Jamie huffed, “Aye, I dinna think I can look at ye the same Claire… this wasna just me takin’ pleasure from ye’re body ye ken?” He asked me and I did “ken” what he meant. My heart was reaching towards him but I knew that I would never be able to tell him that, especially if I would be leaving him in a few days to return back to my own time.

I nodded and before he could see the tear that was threatening to spill down my blushing cheek, I leaned my face into his chest and he set his chin against the top of my head. “Ah Dhia… Mo Ghràidh” Jamie whispered so softly I barely heard him. “What did you say?” I asked. I felt my eyes grow heavy and knew I was drifting off to sleep. “Ah nothin’ Sassenach, dinna fash.” He said and the last thing I remember was Jamie carrying me in his arms and laying me gently in the bed whispering “Mo Ghràidh” once again.