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Blue Ribbon

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The spring of France was warm as always, filled with different colors of the blooming flowers. Draco always enjoyed this time of the year, it was his 5th year in Beauxbatons but the garden always managed to steal his breath away.

He rested lazily upon the hard back of s huge olive tree.

Dropping the book he was reading onto his lap, his long pale eyelashes fluttered closed onto his cheeks, he licked his plump cherry lips consciously. His long blonde bordering white hair was braided draped across his shoulder stopping onto his lap while a silk blue ribbon tied elegantly into a bow.

The sun complimented his features greatly, the light showed the depth of his sharp cheekbones, his nose was sharp and pointy like the rest of him. His lips reflected and shined all pink and ripe, pale eyelashes sheltered his eyes making the pools of mercury he called eyes truly stick out.

His frame was slender with only light muscle mass.

The uniform of Beauxbaton hid none of that beautiful body, with the warm weather, Draco ditched his school cloak and vest only wearing his white blouse and tight blue pants, his boots brown in color reached his knees.

He stretched calmly moaning softly as his muscles relaxed, free from tension. Unknown to the attention slight things like stretching brought him, since Draco was not the only one to realize how well the weather was there quite a few groups of students in the gardens area, eyes darting to the ethereal beauty that was Draco Malfoy.

Everyone in Beauxbaton could agree on that.

Some eyes filled with how beautiful a male could be, while other filled with lust fantasizing about having the blonde in their bed. But everyone knew that was impossible and that was for a dozen of Reasons. The important ones were that:

-Draco was a Malfoy, his standards was higher than his riches.

-Draco didn’t care for lovers rejecting mostly everyone that approached him.

-Even if Draco for some reason found you attractive you still won’t have a chance due to fact you had to get throu-

“DRAY!! DRAY!!” Speak of the devil. The roar seized Draco from his peaceful peace, he looked up and smile fondly at the approaching figure. His best friend in the world Chantelle De’vere.

Chantelle was Draco’s first friend when he first came to France. He met her at 8, at some silly ball his parents threw. Draco dwelled on the memory quite fondly.


The Summer Solstice Ball ,The Malfoy’s threw was in full swing. Rich Families from all of France mingled and chatted in the gardens of the new “Malfoy Manor”. After the atrocities of the first war it seemed the Malfoy’s (both with the remaining Lestranges and Blacks) thought right to switch sides. In the end they were Slytherin’s and a Slytherin’s will save only themselves and their family. It seemed society either didn’t agree or didn’t trust them so they had no other choice but to flee London. Draco was only a toddler then, so he had been practically raised in France.

His parents were always very protective of him. He wasn’t even allowed to play without at least one adult watching him, so he had spent most of his childhood either in his mother’s drawing room with his aunts playing with his toys or in his fathers office reading through his huge library as his father worked or discussed with his uncles.

So he isn’t a great with interacting with kids his age as he wished. So he found himself seating under a tree reading some story book while the other kids played. He was quite content staying by himself, he found the other children immature and bratty. His Uncle Rabastan said his standards were to high but what did he know.

Midway through the part were the witch stumbles upon the ancient tribe of dragons, he felt a shadow looming over him.

“Your blocking my sun, move.” He ordered coldly without looking up from the book. Expecting a annoyed scoff he instead got an amused chuckle.

“Do you think she’s actually gonna find the jewel or what?” The question shocked Draco a bit not really expecting that. Looking up he saw a tall girl in front of him, golden eyes twinkled with curiosity, a warm smile on her face. Her short chestnut hair brushed Draco’s nose as she loomed over him.

“Well,” Draco began, pausing as he looked for an answer “Doubt it, to early in the story.”

Instead of replying the girl only continued to grin a Draco, after a few seconds she dumped herself next to him and shuffled over so she could lean over to see the pages.

“What are you doing?” Draco asked quizzically. Again only received an amused chuckle.

“Hanging out of course.” She replied quite amused.

“Why?” Draco wondered now fully curious on why someone will want to hang out with someone as distant as him.

“You seemed interesting,” she said as if it was the common knowledge “a lot more mature than those rugrats, someone I’ll like to be friends with.”

“Who said I’d like to be friends with you?” Draco had know other reply to such an observation.

“Because,” she drawled, her grin widening “why not.”

Draco stared at the brunette for a couple minutes, grey eyes looking for deceit in those pools of gold. Against his better judgment, he stretched a pale hand out to the tanned girl.

“Draco Malfoy.” He introduced, the tall girl took his hand with great enthusiasm.

“Chantelle De’vere” she introduced back then adding “ I think we’re gonna get along swell.”

They had talked about everything and nothing at the same time. Somewhere in that conversation Chantelle mentioned her parents traveling a lot and leaving her by herself, so she was stuck not having much friends and alone at her family estate only with house elves to keep her company and him being her first friend.

So with the impulse of an 8 year old Draco begged his parents to let Chantelle sleep over at the manor till her parents return from trips. Lucius and Narcissa took pity and always had a hard time resisting Draco’s eyes.

It soon became a tradition, Chantelle stayed at their manor so much she was practically adopted in the family. She was Draco’s most important person.


Compared to each other they looked like opposites, Draco being petite and calm boy while Chantelle was tall and brash. They suited each other well. Draco deemed the “Ice Prince” But Chantelle was like the Sun you can’t escape her heat.

Chantelle was beautiful as she was terrifying. She had tanned bronze skin, long wavy chestnut hair that reached the top of her ass, currently braided the exact same as Draco, blue bow and all. Chantelle was still extremely tall standing up to 6”7 while Draco was only 5”10.

While boys of Beauxbaton wore pants the girls wore tight blue skirts, Chantelle’s the knee length clothes just barely passed her mid-thigh, she also with Draco had ditched Beauxbatons cloak as she showed of her figure in the tight white blouse and blazer.

Her once frustrated expression seized as soon she saw Draco, morphing into a huge grin at the sight of her waving blonde friend. A real beauty with her caramel skin and pure gold eyes.

“There you are Draco,” she whined her face pouty “I looked for you everywhere.” Draco giggled at his friends childish ways, Chantelle dumped herself ungracefully to the side of Draco and proceeded to rest her head in his lap.

Draco only giggled more before lacing his finger into her hair, playing with the threads of pure chestnut. Peace returned back to the Olive tree.

“Dray,” Chantelle voice small and soft.

“Mhmm..” Draco murmured almost a whisper.

“Did you hear?”

“Hear what?” Draco voice was sleepy and lazy not really interested in the lates gossip.

“About Hogwarts, you know?” She said peeking up at telling her friend about the gossip, “ How all 5th years are gonna spend 6th year in there for some tri-wizard competition.”

Silver eyes snapped open clearly no one had told him. This all was probably announced that ONE time Draco skipped the announcements to study.

“WHAT!!” Draco’s loud voice attracting numerous curious eyes across the garden, standing up quickly causing Chantelle to yelp not expecting that.

Chantelle stood up rubbing her head after being dumped not so softly on to the not so soft ground.

“Yeah it’s true Dray,” Chantelle just trying to calm the pacing blonde. “We have all summer to prepare .”

“I know but that a whole year in England, I mean how was I not aware. This is disastrous, what’ll I say to my mother. Merlin have mercy, she’ll freak. Let’s not start with my father, Merlin how in the name of magic do I miss thi-”

Draco’s ramblings cut short by the tanned girl seizing him by the shoulders and stopping him in his tracks. Her golden eyes burning into his silver ones, Draco’s once erratic breathing seemed to calm down a reasonable amounts. Without words both had a connection like they read each other’s minds through staring, but you’ll guess 8 years of friendship can form that.

“Dragon listen,” Chantelle started softly as not to spook the shorter boy “There is still a month of of 5th year left and another 3 months of summer ends. That’s more than enough time to get our shit together.” It seemed the speech worked as Draco’s breathing began normally, his heart no longer frantic and his wide eyes now docile.

A huge smile graced Draco as he eloped his friend in a hug which was returned warmly.

“What will I ever do with you?” He murmured into his best friends arms.

“I don’t know,” she smirked as she rubbed calming circles on Draco’s back, “Die, be a pure blood supremacist, maybe be a prostitute.”

A snort came out of Draco as she was right. Well not the prostitution and dying thing but the blood purity. If Draco ever believed in that stuff when he was younger, Chantelle changed his mind.

Chantelle was a good educator, her parents rather had spent time exploring muggle culture then spend time with their child. Only time she interacted with her parents was when they sent her some type of muggle gadget that Chantelle for some odd reason treasured. She said that “if muggles were so amazing to her parents they must be amazing in real life, so we got to give em a shot.”

“I’d make an fairly good prostitute.” Draco mumbled.

“You’d make an amazing prostitute.” Chantelle encouraged, “Don’t tell Uncle Lucius I said that he’ll throw a fit” this made Draco began to giggle and soon they both were laughing their heads off at the thought of Lucius’s face.

Draco was the first to calm down and had to hit Chantelle with a sobering charm to calm her down. Straightening herself up, they linked arms leaving the Olive tree as they made their way to the royal castle of Beauxbaton.


“Momm!! Please stop this is embarrassing.” Harry whined as he shrugged up the doting hand of his mother Lily Potter-Evans from his hair, who continued cooed at her 16 year old son. This was the times Harry wished he had gone with his sisters idea of sleeping over at a friends house a day before school started, but knowing Ms.Weasley it probably won’t make a difference.

His mother seriously acted like he was a first year.

‘He was 16 FOR MERLINS SAKE! In a year he’d get his apparation license.’ He complained to himself. He sent a withering glare to the two “grown” men to his side. To know surprise at all James and Sirius were acting the fools. At least Remus has the decency to send a pitying glance to him as he shook his head at his Best friend and Boyfriend, who were currently fake sobbing onto each other.

“Our little prongslet is a all grown-up now.” Sirius sobbed flailing dramatically onto James shoulder.

“I know Pads I know it seems like only yesterday,” James said adding the “dabbing-his-eyes-with a-napkin” for extra affect. Harry has to remember to get them back for that.

They weren’t wrong he was far grown up. Harry first came to Hogwarts a scrawny, small, nerdy looking 11 year old with the huge lightning scar. But man did Puberty beat the shit out of him, after third year Harry shot up like a tree now a whooping 6”4 not as tall as his best mate Ron but he was getting there.

Quidditch and Harry’s personality of not staying at one place for to long helped him gain muscle mass and he was pretty built not bodybuilder but lean and muscled.

His hair which was once described as “a-birds-nest” now deemed “just-shagged” and if that’s not an improvement then what is. The scar was still there but his last ex Cho Chang had said that scars were hot as fuck and a major turn on.

He attracted boys and girls from all angles which he couldn’t help but indulge in. Being the youngest seeker in the century had his perks.

His eyes landed on a group of girls that were blatantly checking him out. They were dressed in a tight light blue silk uniform, he could recall Hermione talking about some French school over her letters but he’s not sure. Hermoine’s letters were filled to the brim with boring information you couldn’t blame him for skimming through.
‘Boxbatrons, Bowbaton, Bar-BEAUXBATON!’ Harry cheered to himself for remembering the name.

They were gathered in a group whispering among themselves and sending him flirty looks. He sent his own dashing smile back earning squeals and blushing but also earning a flick on his forehead.

“Harry James Potter, are you listening?” Looking down at his mom, his cheeks tinted. No one wants to be caught flirting by their mother. His mother looked a lot like a young girl when she got like this and not a 30 something mother of three. All red and ready to bite, terrifying woman she was.

“Calm down Lily, Harry’s at that special age.” James joked good heartedly, thumping Harry onto the back enthusiastically, causing him to stumble. His dad being a Head Auror was a whole tonne of muscle compared to him.

“No excuse to ignore me!” Lily retorted back, James knowing when beat stepped back, “Now Harry, this year is gonna be different. No pranks, no secret chamber, no sneaking out, no detention, no letters from the school, or Merlin help us the ministry...”

They have had this rant since his first year in Hogwarts. It was not his fault that that Professor Quirell had tried to steal the philosophers stone and the Golden trio had to stop him, or that Ginny got her hands on that creepy journal and opened the Chamber of secrets and Harry had to save her and slay that basilisk . At least he got to brag to his Dad and co that he found the Chamber before them.

Harry couldn’t help getting in trouble it just happens.

With an internal sigh, Harry tuned out and he began to look around he station for those group of girls.

‘It be nice to have something to look at.’ Harry thought to himself. All he saw where families wish children good bye and friends greet each other, nothing interesting.

Until there was.

His eyes caught sight of pure white. Following the color like a dog, Harry caught sight of the most beautiful person he’d ever seen stop not far from him. The platinum blonde angel was trying to focus on the book he had but will occasionally look up.

His pale eyebrows furrowed annoyance, his face was like those china dolls Harry stumbled upon when cleaning out the attic. All pointy and aristocratic like he was carved out of the palest of stone.

Porcelain white skin with a pink tint, flustered by his own confusion, plump pink lips that he bit consciously an action Harry followed intently, Big silver eyes flickered through the crowd looking for someone.

His long, blonde, silky hair braided elegantly into a French braid that was tied with a blue ribbon shaped like a bow. He wore what could only assume was the Beauxbaton male uniform and Damn did he look fine.

The blue pants hung to him quite nicely, melted onto his long legs, slender waist and his hip cocked to the side. To bad for those cloaks but also thank Godric too, Harry wanted to see more of that sinful body but no one wants to get hard while your mom told you off.

Harry stared openly at the boy, noticed every flicker of movement, fantasizing at how he’d talk to him and chat him up but only fantasizing. Because just the thought of acting upon his fantasies Harry felt every ounce of Gryffindor courage leave his body.

Yes he fought a teacher, slayed a basilisk and rode a Hippogriff but getting almost killed seemed more pleasing than approaching the blonde.
‘I mean what’ll I say- Merlin, what if he’s taken, I’ll be shocked if he isn’t. Even if he’s single why will he go for me. I’m awkward and nerdy and got stupid glasses, he seems posh though, probably a pureblood beauty, I’d shag him still, nice and har-’

“HARRY!!” Harry’s thought process was cut off is mother’s voice, he winced at the loudness “are you listening?!?”

“Mhmmm” the blatant reply earned him a scoff over the head, turning to glare at perpetrator and all he got was the steely ambers of Remus Lupin’s “I’m-disappointed-with-you” look. An internal eye roll was all he replied , not external of course, his mother will murder him if he gave cheek.

Potter’s weren’t known for their ability to take correction so instinctively Harry reverted to looking for the pretty blonde, but the once solitary angel was now surrounded by about 4 more people. Harry glared internally, imaging sending a stinging hex to a raven haired bloke who had the audacity to sling a grimey hand over HIS angel.

‘Wooow’ Harry’s common sense warned (that sounded a lot like Hermione) ‘you haven’t even talked with him or know his name, he probably doesn’t even know you exist.’

But Harry ignored that voice once he saw the git whisper something into the blondes ear making him bust out in giggles, this guy must be a professional comedian as it was soooo funny.

He should admire how his pointy features softened considerably but he was to pissed with the bastard with so much gunk in his black hair that it resembled a certain’s potion professor’s oily locks. Speaking of him...

“Now, now Harry I know you hate potions but most jobs need you to at least get an O in it”

Lily’s voice brought Harry out of his thoughts, only wondering when they began talking about potions, as Harry tried to recall through the conversation it figuring out a lost cause.

“Yeah Harry, even if it’s Snivellus that teaches it.” Sirius narrowed his eyes at crude nickname while Harry snorted and the name. It wasn’t his fault that Severus Snape was a man dictated on making his life a living hell, even Neville didn’t like him so that was saying something.

Just as his mom turned around to tell of Sirius about maturity until the conductor yelled for everyone to board the train cutting her off.

Harry groaned in appreciation, he pecked his mom on the cheek before she could say anything earning a pleased smile. As he turned around he felt two hands on his shoulder turning back around he saw his dad and Sirius presenting their cheek as if expecting a kiss too.

Harry gave them a deadpan look clearly not amused, ignoring them completely, he gave his Uncle Remus an exasperated look.

Remus chuckled happily, he himself had to get going to. As the DADA teacher he should’ve been in school preparing but he just HAD to see Harry leave but Harry knew it was an excuse to stay with Sirius longer. The two were to obvious.

Remus gave Sirius a peck on the lips which soon turned into a full on snog and Harry thought it right to quickly escape. He was happy for them but for Merlin sake they had the libido of an adolescent. Harry learned this fact with many unfortunate walk ins when they were going at it.

Shivering slightly to himself. He rushed to get on the train, shoving past some sniveling first years. He gave one more longing look to the blonde he was pushing that gelled git into the train. Through all Harry’s checking out the blonde finally noticed silver eyes caught his gaze, something Harry did not expect.

So as sauve as possible he proceeded to stumble over his two feet.

“Smoothe.” Harry mumbled to himself through gritted teeth. At least the blonde and the decency to cover his amusement with a delicate hand and dashed Harry a shy smile. Harry’s ego immediately shot up and he felt so smug at making the pretty boy smile that he almost didn’t heard his parents wish him goodbye.

“Don’t get yourself killed, Prongslett!”

“Please, Don’t get yourself killed. Your my favorite kid!!”

“James don’t say that, but don’t get killed!!”

“I can only do so much as your teacher!!”

Harry waved back at them with a chuckle, he wasn’t that bad. Harry waved at the Marauders as the train began moving, before turning on his heel to look for his friends.