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Bonds to our Destiny [On Hiatus]

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Introduction: Before Once Upon a Time


A long, long time ago, in a time long before Once Upon a Time, there was a magnificent kingdom ruled by a King named Hélios and a Queen named Sélène.

They reigned upon their land for years with wisdom and kindness. Loved and respected by their peopled, they cherished them too with all their heart.

One day, as the Queen was pregnant, she gave birth to two healthy twins. The girl was the first to be born when the sun was at his highest point in the sky. The delivery lasted until the nightfall and the second twin, a boy, was born when the full moon illuminated the night sky in all its glory a little after midnight.

As they grew up, the girl was loved by her people for her free-spirit, bravery, and kindness. The boy, shyer than his sister, was loved for his cleverness and compassionate nature.

Both children deeply loved each other, and their connection as twins gave the impression they acted as if they were one unique soul instead of two different people. When one was sick, the other wouldn't leave his or her side until he or she was fully healed. Every single one of their decisions was made in a mutual agreement. And even if they had their share of arguments, they were sure they can count on each other in time of need.

But those children were also very special individuals. They were blessed by the star who had welcomed their birth. Thus, the girl was gifted with the power of the Sun when the boy with those of the Moon.

For the King and the Queen, only a bright future awaited their children for the rest of their lives.

And for those first few years, everything was perfect.

And then, those moments ended.

Once the twins reached the adulthood, darkness rose the kingdom and began to destroy everything.

A lot of people died in the war against the darkness, and even more, had been hurt. The royal family did their best to stop them, but they were powerless.

Because, one day, the younger brother betrayed them. Corrupted by the darkness, and fueled by anger and hatred, he nearly destroyed the entire kingdom in his madness. He was stopped by his sister a day of solar eclipse. She used the power of the Sun to put an end to the chaos created by her brother, and as the power of the two siblings was unleashed, there was a huge explosion which ravaged all the kingdom. The darkness vanished in the blast and everything seemed to return to normal.

But it was not truly the case.

The brother died this day, a small smile on his lips. Overwhelmed by sadness, the sister fell apart and died of grief a few days later.

The King Hélios and the Queen Sélène, distraught and sorrowful, prayed for days and days for the Sun and the Moon to have mercy upon the soul of their dear children gone far too soon.

The celestial bodies heard their cry and took pity on them. They proposed to the king and queen their places in the sky, as they were old and wished to rest for all eternity, to watch upon the human kind the same way they did when they ruled their kingdom. In exchange, the Sun and the Moon promised they'll get the chance to see their beloved children one day, as the story tends to repeat itself.

Both Hélios and Sélène agreed with the proposition and, as the old sun and moon returned to the Earth, they took their celestial thrones in the sky. Separated by the day and the night, they ruled with wisdom the sky and the stars above them, looking after the Earth below for decades and decades, watching kingdoms rise from ashes or be destroyed by the time.

As the century went by, Hélios and Sélène lost all hope that one day their children would be returned to them. By then, they had forgotten why they had taken the role of the sun and the moon in the first place, too accustomed to their duty of Earth's protector….

But deep down in their heart, under layers and layers of boredom and loneliness, a spark of hope still burnt within their soul. The hope that one day, they will be reunited as a family once again.

At one point, this feeling burst out of Hélios's Heart and he felt a wave of melancholia wash over him. Unfortunately for him, he didn't understand why he was feeling this way but, to his own surprise, he shed one single tear. It rolled down its way on his cheek and fell straight from his chin to the Earth.

And now,

Once Upon a time, a single drop of sunlight fell from the Heavens, and from this small drop of sun, grew a magic, golden flower…

~Legends of Corona: the Sun and the Moon~

A shaky hand wrote the final words of the story. The writer put slowly his pen down and looked fearfully at the shadowy figure which was towering him.

“I… I did what you ask me to… P-Please, let me go… I just want to see my wife and my children again, please… “

The Shadow chuckled. “Don't worry, you'll see them sooner than you expected…

“What do you mean by- ?” But the man question was cut short as the figure before him snapped his head off of his shoulder in a flick of the wrist.

The shocked expression of the man mirrored the malicious joy of the Shadow as the head fell in a loud 'thump' on the floor and rolled a little before stopping at the feet of the shadow, scattering some blood on the ground.

Taking the piece of paper that the old man's corpse still held in his hand, the Shadow compared it to the original version of the text.

The one which will be soon forgotten by all the humans.

The hooded figure tore it up in a hundred little pieces of white confetti and then burnt it and let the ashes fell upon the corpse of the dead man with a sadistic smile.

Everything is going perfectly … Thought the Shadow as it looked outside. The sun was setting down as the moon rose in the sky. Breathing deeply, the figure let the dark powers flowed through its body, sipping the remnant life's strings which were escaping from the Sun's Priest body.

Those foolish mortals don't need to know the truth… In time, they'll forget what really happened… And when this time will come, I'll finally get my revenge and we could rise once again…

A vicious grin spread across its distorted face.

They will pay…