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The man's footsteps echoed in the hallways as he made his way to the throneroom where everyone was currently standing around Snow in a defensive position, ready to fight whatever was coming at them.

"My my, what a turn out~" The man spoke with a sultry voice and a grin. He looked straight at the Evil Queen and tilted his head. "Though, I didn't quite expect to see you here. I thought you were dead in a ditch somewhere. I suppose life is full of surprises." The man went on and moved even closer. "But I suppose I should have known that you would survive, after all, vermin is hard to kill no matter how pretty it might look." He stopped and looked at the new faces in the room. "Where are my manners? My name is..." But before the man could even utter another word, Regina charged forward and ripped his heart clean out, crushing it at the same time.

She turned around and dusted off her hands while the corpse collapsed behind her. Everyone looked at her with their mouth agape in shock and surprise.
"What?" She asked. "I wasn't gonna wait for him to finish. What's the point anyway? Wait for him to finish his villain monologue only to attack us afterwards?" She explained and Emma bit her lip before snorting a little.
"I suppose its just not quite what we expected. You made him sound rather terrifying." She said and looked at the others quickly.
"I said he's a pain but rather weak. See..." She motioned to the dead body behind her and Charming laughed a little.

"Well, so much for an epic battle." He said and sheeted his sword. "I think I speak for all of us when I say you saved us a lot of trouble." The man moved to face the former Queen properly. "Thank you for helping me save my wife and Kingdom... And for staying with my daughter." He smiled a little and turned back to his wife. Snow was still a bit confused by all of this but got up slowly and with the help of Emma moved towards Regina and Charming.
"I think I owe you an apology." The woman said softly. Regina was a little taken aback since she didn't expect this from her at all.
"You don't have to..." She said quickly and waved it off. "Let's just call it even now, shall we?" The brunette said and Snow smiled.
"I can live with that." She said and held out her hand to the woman. The former Queen looked at it and hesitated for a moment before taking it.
"Wonderful!" Charming said and smiled. "I'm going to send out the messenger birds. I think it's time to spread the good news." He said and wandered off.

Michael and his men bowed to the royalty in the room and smiled.
"If you'll excuse us, we have an army to reorganize." He said and took his leave as well.

Emma looked at her mother and smiled a little.
"You sound like you again." The blonde spoke softly and Snow bit her lip and looked at her daughter full of regret.
"I hurt you and your father so much. I should have never trusted that man, I'm so sorry." She said and Regina rolled her eyes a little.
"It's not really your fault. He was a slippery cockroach of society with a charming face and a way with words." She said and Snow looked back at her former enemy.
"You knew him then." She said and the brunette nodded.
"I knew many cockroaches, but I no longer associate myself with them." Snow frowned a little as the woman said that. Emma moved to stand beside Regina and put her hand on the woman's lower back.

"Regina had an accident and lost her memories. I found her and she's been with me ever since. She did get her memories back recently, but this is the first time in months she has used her magic to this extend or even killed someone." The blonde said. Regina leaned a little into the warm touch to her back and leaned closer to Emma. Snow didn't fail to notice the interaction between the two of them.

"Well, I'm thankful that you saved my family from me." She said and looked at the man on the floor. "And from him."
"It was my pleasure, but don't expect me to make habit of it because I kicked the habit when I hit my head."
"Oh trust me, I feel much safer knowing my heart will stay where it belongs." Snow chuckled a little and Regina glared at her a little before smirking.
"Don't tempt me to change my mind."
"Ok, that's enough." Emma snorted and shook her head. "Mom, I'm sure you want to get some rest, we'll go see if we can help somewhere else." The blonde gave Regina a meaningful look and the brunette nodded.
"Perhaps get some sleep, after all, we've been at it since this morning." Emma nodded in agreement.
"We'll be in my room if you're looking for us." The blonde said and quickly hugged her mother before guiding the brunette to the door.
"Good night." Snow said quickly and watched the two women hurry off. "I must be imagining things..." She said softly to herself and shook her head.


Regina and Emma were lying in the blonde's double bed, curled up in each other's arms while completely naked as the palace was warm and the blankets protected them from any other form of cold.

Emma was watching as the brunette had fallen asleep the moment her head hit the pillow. The blonde knew she had exerted herself, using the amount of magic she did to make the fog and pushing herself to keep going. Emma kissed the woman's forehead gently and smiled.
"I love you." She whispered before lying down properly and closing her own eyes and letting sleep claim her as well.

In the morning, she woke up again with Regina lying on top of her sleeping like the dead. Emma smiled a little as she looked the the messy brunette hair sprawled all over them and felt the woman's tickling breathe on her neck.

"Emma, are you decent?" Charming knocked on the door and the blonde gasped softly as she was a little startled. She didn't have it in her to move Regina and bit her lip. The blonde pulled the blankets tighter around them to cover up more.
"Sort of..." She said loud enough for the man to hear. Charming cracked the door open and glanced inside. He chuckled a little at the sight of the still sleeping Regina and his daughter trapped under the dead weight.
"Am I disturbing anything?" He asked and Emma shook her head.
"I think you could set off a cannon next to her head and she still wouldn't wake." The blonde mused a little and the man bit his lip to stop himself from laughing.
"I just wanted to invite you to breakfast, but it seems like you have your hands full." He said and the blonde smirked a little.
"You're personally inviting me to breakfast. That's a first." She said and he scratched behind his ear.
"I thought I might find you somewhere along these lines, so I decided against sending a maid who's likely to tell everyone what she saw in here." He reasoned and Emma chuckled.
"Did you tell mom yet?" She asked and He shook his head.
"No, I think this is something you should tell her. It's not my news to tell after all." He said and the blonde nodded.
"Thank you." She said softly and watched Regina stir a little.

Charming smiled and took it as his cue to leave.
"I'll tell her you two were still sleeping. I'll see you at lunch." He chuckled and quietly left the couple. When the door closed, Regina opened her eyes.

"A cannon hmm?" Regina asked and Emma gasped.
"I thought you were still sleeping!"
"I was... But I rather pretend to sleep than face your parents first thing in the morning while my hair is an absolute mess and I'm in a severe state of undress." The brunette reasoned and Emma chuckled.
"You're right." She said and pushed the woman's hair behind her ear before kissing her deeply. "But, now we have till lunch~" She reasoned and Regina smirked a little before kissing the woman again.
"I could think of a few things that would make excellent use of the time that we just got..." The brunette said and Emma grinned a little.
"I think I know what you mean~" She said and rolled them over so Regina was now lying on her back, the blankets slipping away from their bodies as they moved together perfectly. Emma slid her hands over the former Queen's arms and slowly moved to lace their fingers together, pressing the woman's hands into the mattress as they kissed deeply. Regina slowly moved to wrap her legs around the blonde's waist and pulled her down to lie properly on top of her, holding her in place. Emma purred and kissed a little deeper, their lips and tongues moving together sensually, making the both of them moan softly.

In the distance, Snow walked through the hallway.
"What do you mean they were still sleeping? Why are they even in the same room? We have more than one guestroom..." Snow said and Charming tried to stop the woman from going inside the room but it was too late. Before he could even stop the woman from turning the handle, she was already inside and blushing deeply at the sight she was met with.
"I'M SO SORRY."  She said and quickly marched out of the room, slamming the door closed behind her. She looked at Charming with a deep blush and shook her head.

"Not a word." She hissed.

Regina looked at the closed door with wide eyes and slowly turned to look at Emma.
"Did we just start a new war?" The brunette asked carefully and the blonde chuckled.
"It can definitely wait till we're done." She said and Regina blushed deeply.
"Your mom just walk in on us and you want to continue... You're hopeless." She said and Emma kissed the woman again to shut her up.
"You're talking too much and I'm horny." The blonde said and slid her hands down the Queen's body, rubbing her soft breasts before pulling her nipples a little to tease her. "If you're insisting on being busy with your mouth I have another plan for those lips." The blonde grinned and looked into her lover's eyes deeply, watching them darken with lust and desire.

She knew then and there she had won this battle.


Emma and Regina walked into the dining room with their arms linked together. Snow and Charming were already seated in their places and waiting for the two women to join them for lunch.

"Sorry about this morning." Emma said casually as she sat down. Charming smiled a little but Snow blushed deeply and swallowed. She said nothing however.

Lunch was brought in and about halfway through the lunch, Snow broke the awkward silence.
"So... Are the two of you..?" She didn't even finish her sentence properly.
"I'd say we are..." Emma said and looked at Regina. The brunette smirked a little.
"Yeah, we definitely are having sex together." She said bluntly, making Snow spit out the wine she was drinking to hide her discomfort. "I thought it was pretty obvious seeing you saw us." Regina added for good measure and looked at Emma playfully who was desperately holding back her laughter.
"I already gave her the dad speech." Charming said as Snow looked at him. The pixie haired woman leaned back in her chair and looked at her husband seriously before looked at the other two women.
"He knew?"
"Yep." Emma said and took a bite from an apple.
"When were you gonna tell me?"

"Right now." Regina smiled. "I love her more than anything. Emma has given me the best memories I could ever wish for. She makes me a better person and she makes me want to be better still. So, do you mind if I date your daughter?"

The brunette looked straight at Snow who was a little taken aback by the woman's words, but she could tell they were the truth. She looked at Emma who was smiling at Regina. By the shimmer in her eyes, Snow could tell the woman was tearing up, touched by the words as well. Snow looked back at the former Evil Queen and nodded.

"Take care of her. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me." She smiled and bit her lip as she suddenly thought of something. "But when you get married, please don't call me mom..."