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The Rebel Child

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The night was young when the bouncers let the group of humans into LUX. They weren't going to drink of course since they had to go to work again tomorrow, but they decided that a nice movie night would do them well. Chloe had suggested that all of them bond as a group earlier to relax after the stressful day at their jobs, and Linda, Ella, and Dan immediately agreed. Which of course led to Lucifer getting Maze to come over.

Amenadiel being there was a total coincidence. In all honesty, Lucifer would prefer it if he didn't have his older brother breathing down his neck, but he supposed that he couldn't win at everything. There had to be some concessions--and he would be quite mature about the whole thing too.

"Hey, Lucifer!" Ella greeted with a wave and a deep embrace, which resulted in the usual response of stiffening upon contact. "How are you, bud?"

"Good...." Lucifer looked down at the smaller being.

She brightened and turned towards the others. "Okay! Who's ready for movie night?" She grinned and threw her arms up.

"I'm going to the penthouse." Maze volunteered to go first, and the other humans went along with her, leaving Amenadiel and Lucifer as the only ones on the floor at the moment.

Amenadiel crossed his arms. "I expect you to be on your best behavior today."

Lucifer huffed. He really was just like a bloodhound. "Fine." Revenge is this mood, one could only expect horrible things to occur if he was on his 'best behavior.'

"Good." He nodded at him before turning towards where they were holding the elevator.

The two angels hopped on as it went up.

"Mother isn't in, right?" Amenadiel confirmed.

"No." Lucifer shook his head. "She is with Charlotte Richards's family for now."

The other angel understood. "I see."

An awkward silence fell over the group of friends, quiet enough that a pin drop would be audible.

Dan was the one brave enough to break it. "So, what up first? I got Bodybags."

Amenadiel grimaced. "May I suggest that we watch something else first?"

Lucifer laughed. "Are you scared, brother?"

"No." The fallen angel shook his head. "I would just prefer we watch something more light-hearted to start the night off with. We wouldn't want to set a bad mood for the entire night."

The elevator dinged, and the friends exited the elevator and entered the penthouse. It looked as it normally did although Lucifer had spent some time setting up an area where all of them could comfortably watch the television.

"So, what's going to be first?" Ella questioned. "How about Cinderella?" The classics had never failed her before.

Chloe agreed. "That'd be great."

The gang claimed seats and covered themselves with blankets as the room darkened and as the television powered on. The title sequence of the movie came up, and a silence fell over them once more as they prepared to be sucked into the story.

As the princess sang one of her songs, Amenadiel felt a sharp kick. He looked in annoyance towards the person responsible--his little brother--before returning his attention towards the screen; hopefully, he would not do it again.

But he did. The Devil continued to kick the eldest angel until he got is attention.

"What, Lucifer?" He hissed. It wasn't quite loud enough to be a major distraction, but it was loud enough that the humans were interested in what they were saying.

"Why do people use the eggplant to refer to their dick instead of bananas or corn or any other food of a similar shape?" The Devil spoke much louder than the fallen angel had.

Amenadiel sighed. Should he have expected anything else? "No idea, brother. I'm not interested in sexual lingo in texting."

"You're so boring." Lucifer huffed.

While they got quite a few weird looks from the humans, no one voiced any concerns yet. Amenadiel breathed a sigh of relief since it seemed like his younger brother was done tormenting him.

"You have an eyelash on you cheek." Lucifer was fixated on it. The older brother could tell that his attention had swayed away from the movie.

"Whatever." Amenadiel shrugged. It wasn't important.

Satan seemed to think is was though. "No, it's bothering me now." He moved his finger to take it off. "Make a wish?"

"You are literally the Devil, and you know that that superstition is not true." The elder angel deadpanned.

Lucifer blinked. "What's your bloody point?"

Amenadiel sighed and threw his hands up in the air. "Nothing--I guess."

"Dude, you're so childish." Dan rolled his eyes.

"You're watching a Disney princess movie." Lucifer rolled his eyes.

The male detective laughed. "And you're the one who couldn't sit still long enough to watch it!"

"That's completely natural for him. He's not fully mature yet after all." Amenadiel mentioned offhandedly.

Chloe seemed to glitch, and she paused the movie. "What?" Her face looked completely serious.

"Yeah, what?" Lucifer looked beyond annoyed at his brother.

"You promised you would be on your best behavior today!" The elder brother hissed at him.

"And this is my best behavior for the mood I'm in!" The younger one responded at the same volume.

Ella interrupted the two of them. "Are you saying that Lucifer isn't an adult yet?"

Amenadiel looked to her. "Yes, that is what I'm saying." He looked at his grumpy brother again. "What? I'm not going to lie on your behalf."

"But God kicked him out of Heaven a long time ago! That must have been like kicking out a child." Ella teared up.

"It was similar, yes." The fallen angel sighed.

Dan looked incredibly stoic as well. "And he's been in crimes scenes? He owns a bar, drinks, and has a crap ton of sex before he's even an adult--which I don't understand how you can be anything but an adult. You look like one."

"Glamour." Lucifer frowned.

Maze agreed. "Lucifer's Devil Face is usually hidden by a glamour, so he can manipulate his outward appearance to seem as old or as young as he desires."

Linda understood. "I see. Lucifer, is there any reason you haven't shared this with us or even with me in private?"

"This would happen." Lucifer pointed at all of them individually. "You might not realize it, but I see it already. You're all looking at me like I'm a bloody child now that you know that piece of information." He seemed rather emotional. "I'm eons old, you know. I've seen things I hope none of you ever have the misfortune of seeing, and I've felt things that I hope none of you have the misfortune of feeling."

Chloe understood. "You want to still be treated like an adult."

"Of course, detective. Otherwise, I wouldn't appear to be an adult." Lucifer smiled with too many teeth.

The detective stuttered a bit. "Sorry, I still don't understand how it is possible for you to be a're you."

"Exactly!" Lucifer grinned. "If I were to wear the glamour that would match my age, no one would take me seriously."

Dan paused. "Does that mean everyone who has had sex with you were exhibiting signs of...pedophilia?"

"No! Physically, I am an adult, remember?" The Devil grinned. "If Amenadiel hadn't bloody messed up, everything would be fine right now."

Chloe looked furious. "So you're Father not only kicked you out of the house period but also kicked you out when you were incredibly young?"

"Yeah, that's right." Lucifer nodded. "Angels don't have free will, but humans did. And...I wanted what you all had."

Ella understood that feeling. "But God is good...he wouldn't torture a child for millennia..."

"I am no child." Lucifer corrected. "I'm a monster of my Father's making."

The detective's eyes went up to meet his instantly. "You are not and have never been a monster, Lucifer."

"Well, my Dad didn't want me. He discarded me; the only other things he has discarded are the rest of the monsters. The Leviathans, the Behemoth-" He was cut off.

"I know you, Lucifer. You are no monster. Your Father was wrong to kick you out especially since you were so young. He should have stopped your siblings from torturing you and prevented the Fall and life in Hell from injuring you so grievously." Chloe promised.

Lucifer blinked. "Well, my Father isn't exactly a good one, you know. Mum told me that sending me into Hell was his second choice."

"And his first choice?" Ella didn't want to know the answer.

"Well, Miss Lopez, I would have thought the answer was obvious. Mum said he wanted to destroy me."

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"What." Chloe flatly said. She couldn't believe it. She would never destroy Trixie, and she knew no parent who would destroy their own living, breathing child.

"It would make more sense if you knew the whole tale, but I'm bored of this and don't want to talk anymore. So...bye." Lucifer awkwardly waved and ducked out of the room as fast as he could.

"So immature of you." Amenadiel rolled his eyes. "I'll explain more tomorrow."

"You better." Dan was furious.


"How old is he exactly?" Dan asked. Linda, Chloe, Ella, and him had decided to take Amenadiel to a place Lucifer would never go to (a cheap fast food restaurant) to get more information.

"Eons." Amenadiel answered matter-of-factly.

Linda sighed. "That's not what he meant. How old is he physically in comparison to human years?"

The angel understood what she meant. "Probably somewhere between fourteen and sixteen." He shrugged. "Lucifer's one of the oldest angels."

Ella gaped. "Do you mean that the army of God is composed of...children?"

"Yes." Amenadiel responded gravely. "I would keep in mind that despite the fact that they aren't fully mature, they are very capable of killing." His one of voice was ominous.

Chloe froze. "Lucifer said he hadn't killed anyone."

"You see, most people assume that Lucifer was the third oldest, right behind Michael and I, but this would be incorrect. Many of the creatures in Hell who would be considered demons by supernatural hunters today are merely corrupted fallen angels sent down with Lucifer himself. Ramiel, Azazel, Dagiel, and Asmodiel were all older than Lucifer and were sent down to Hell with him to...babysit of sorts. They were forgotten and corrupted by the Pit, and Dagiel and Asmodiel changed their name to Dagon and Asmodeus respectively." Amenadiel responded.

"How old was he when he fell?" Linda had a feeling she didn't want to know the answer.

"About seven in human years." Amenadiel swallowed. "Our Father couldn't wait for us to mature; he needed assistance then. Lucifer was then known as Samael, and he was tasked with lighting the stars."

Ella filled in the blanks. "So, when Samael fell, he changed his name to Lucifer?"

"Exactly. The -el ending on our names is used as a sort of surname for the angels, and removing it would renounce all relation to God and the Silver City."

Chloe felt anger burn in her heart. How dare Lucifer's father kick him out of the house at the age of seven? That was younger than Trixie was today! She couldn't imagine ever giving her up no matter what she did.

"As Lucifer matured, Asmodeus, Dagon, and Ramiel left Hell, and I believe they are dead. Unfortunately, you can never know with them. Azazel was fanatically obsessed with Lucifer however. He was the only child of God to disobey so boldly thus far. In 1972-ish, he found a way to contact Lucifer in his Cage. Azazel died in 2006." Amenadiel went on.

"Wait a second," Dan was already furious, but now, he was confused to. "What Cage?" He was suspicious.

The angel bit his lip. "God constructed a Cage capable of holding an archangel to imprison Lucifer in at the deepest point in Hell. He was considered to be too broken, evil, and insane to grace the human or demon realms."

"He did what now?" Chloe snarled at the thought. "God kicked his son out and imprisoned him alone in a cage when he was seven?" She was horrified.

"That is correct." Amenadiel was trying his best to move through the material as fast as he could. "The point is, Azazel was trying to release Lucifer, and Lucifer told him to free Lilith. That meant that they could start breaking the 66 Seals to free him and start finding a special child to be a vessel."

Linda was confused. "What do you mean by 'vessel?'"

"An angel's most primal form is too divine to be viewed without your eyeballs being burnt to nothing." Amenadiel responded. "Meaning, most of us take vessels. It's all very consensual; it is a requirement to get a 'yes' before entering. Lucifer's vessel was a dying man who had lost his entire family, and Lucifer promised that he could bring him to his family again. My vessel was a priest in Atlanta who was very excited when I offered."

The therapist was very concerned. "Can we go back to the cage thing? All the experiences Lucifer has gone through must have damaged his psyche."

"It did." The angel was nervous about explaining the next part. "Lucifer was completely insane when he was finally released from Hell. He killed people, many people, including some of our siblings." He thought of Gabriel. "The Apocalypse had officially started, but Lucifer was eventually sent back to his Cage with Michael in tow."

Chloe was shocked. "Lucifer is not one to kill. He would never." She refused to believe that.

"Not anymore, but Hell can corrupt even the brightest of angels. That is where Mazikeen comes in. You see, Mazikeen made a deal with Death, the Horseman. Death put a wall in Lucifer's mind to keep back the insanity, but now, Lucifer has no memory of ever being insane. He doesn't remember anyone he has killed." Except Uriel. Amenadiel made a point to leave him out of this for now.

Ella blinked. "Lucifer actually killed?"

"He did." Amenadiel confirmed this. "But don't ever mention it to him. I've been trying to keep all the reminders I can away from him because you never know what might trigger a flashback. And if the wall crumbles....well let's just say that all Hell will break loose."

Dan breathed heavy. "There is actually a chance of him becoming the stereotypical Devil?" He thought about his daughter. What would happen if it broke while he was near her?

No, he would never hurt Trixie.

"Yes, but Lucifer has been really good about not messing with his wall." Amenadiel gave a thumbs up.

The atmosphere was tense. Linda was still silent. Chloe didn't want to believe what she just heard, but she knew Lucifer wasn't at fault. His dad was. His dad shoved him in Hell and allowed him to go crazy down there, but now, he was fixed. He was a new man, rehabilitated from Hell.

And it was all thanks to Mazikeen.

Suddenly, Amenadiel was distracted. His eyes focused on something behind the four of them.

"Amenadiel!" A very high pitched voice called out to them, and the people in the restaurant were giving the source some very odd looks.

They couldn't resist the curiosity and turned to see a child, but this child was not wearing any clothing that seemed to be made for him. He didn't have any shoes or any pants on, but a long white dress shirt hung off of him like a dress, and a blue tie was still tied around his neck. He was wearing a large trench coat that dragged behind him as if he didn't want to part with it.

"Castiel?" The older angel was confused. "What happened to your vessel?"

"I-I touched the angel tablet, and now, I'm like this." He glared at the place wear his hand should be, but it was covered by fabric. "I bet Dean and Sam think I abandoned them." He was grumpy.

"Well, they'd certainly understand if they could see this. Sit up here." He moved over in the booth slightly, and the younger angel leapt up.

"Hello, humans." Castiel greeted. "I am Castiel, angel of the Lord."

"Chloe," Dan stared at the child.

Chloe shrugged. "I'm Chloe, and this is Dan, Ella, and Linda. Where did you come from, Castiel?"

"I was in one of Lucifer's crypts." The angel child shrugged.

"Lucifer has crypts?" Ella looked confused.

Castiel nodded. "Yes, it is where he put all of his most powerful belongings to hide them away from the angels. We only found it with the help of a demon named Meg."

"Was any demon after the tablet?" Amenadiel's voice was stern.

"Yes. Crowley and his demons were trying to find it as well, but I got to it first. However, when I touched it-" He was interrupted.

"Your vessel immediately changed to match your true age." He understood. "Do you still have the tablet?"

Castiel did. "I would not let it fall into enemy hands." He put it on the table.

It was a dark colored stone with runes carved into it. It looked very old.

"Wow," Dan breathed. "That thing looks ancient."

The younger angel looked up. "It is."

"What does it say?"

"No one knows except Metatron and Kevin Tran." Castiel crossed his arms and huffed.

Linda looked confused at the last name. "Who is Kevin Tran?"

"He is the current Prophet of the Lord. The only one capable of reading the Word of God. Metatron would know what it says, but he's been missing for so long." Castiel was sorrowful. "Amenadiel, the rest of the host is also coming after this. We can't let them get it."

"I know." Amenadiel sighed. "I can only imagine what it says if the demon tablet is meant to lock the gates of Hell."

The younger looked confused. "How did you know?"

"Lucifer is quite chatty."

Castiel started. "Lucifer is here?" He jumped out of his chair and looked around apprehensively, his hand fingering his blade beneath his coat.

"Not right now. Lucifer has a wall keeping him from going crazy." Amenadiel wondered why Castiel waited until after he explained it the first time to show up.

"That did not work well for Sam."

Amenadiel rolled his eyes. "Well, luckily, you've learned not to mess with that stuff."

The angel was solemn. "Is he...sane?"

"Well, he's still not quite whole again, but he wouldn't kill you."

"Good." He breathed a sigh of relief. "Do you have a phone? I need to call the Winchesters."

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"Just don't let Lucifer have it, okay?" Amenadiel rested his hand on the angel tablet.

Castiel furrowed his brow. "Do you expect him to use it with ill intent?"

"No, but when you touched it, this happened to you. If Lucifer touches it," he frowned, "who knows what would happen."

The younger brother understood. "You think it would strip away his glamour and all the magic stabilizing his vessel's age."

"Yes, he would probably revert to a teenager in appearance." Amenadiel glanced at Linda before he said the next line. "However, this table would probably strip him of all his glamour, leaving only his truest form. If you can't stabilize your vessel, maybe Lucifer wouldn't be able to either."

Linda's eyes widened. "It would be incredibly difficult for Lucifer to live his life in his true form." She chose her words carefully, not wanting to breach his privacy. "More so than you think."

Dan raised his eyebrow. "Yeah, I get that being a teenager again--well, he was never not a teenager, but you get what I mean--would be difficult, but it isn't like he would have to adjust his daily life in a globe-shattering way."

"He would."

Chloe looked concerned. "Is anything wrong with his true form? Scars? Deformities?"

Amenadiel shushed his younger brother with a glance before meeting eyes with Linda. He nodded.

The therapist responded to the detective. "It isn't my place to tell you all. Lucifer will share when he feels ready."

She nodded in understanding. "Oh, of course." She looked down at the angel sitting at the table. "Sorry, you wanted a phone, right?"

Castiel confirmed this. "Yes. Sam and Dean are warded against angels; I cannot find them alone." He reached to accept the mobile phone.

Amenadiel interjected. "I'm sure Lucifer wouldn't mind you staying for a little bit." He said hastily, wanting to keep his brother close. "The Winchesters could come here, and we can work together on this issue."

The other angel looked at the phone, trying to figure out how to work it. "I do not think Sam nor Dean would take kindly to working with the Devil."

"He has a wall up."

"Yes, but walls can crumble. They know that well, Amenadiel. Lucifer has tortured them enough that they can stay away from him if they want."

Ella paused the conversation by putting her hand out. "Wait a second...Lucifer tortured them?"

"Sam was the vessel of Lucifer in the Apocalypse, and Dean was that of Michael. Many demons tricked and confused them in his name, including one named Ruby. She nearly tore them apart. To stop the Apocalypse, Sam threw himself straight down into the Cage, taking Lucifer with him. There, Lucifer and Michael tortured him for 180 years; there was barely anything left of his soul. He should be a vegetable." Castiel remembered taking on Sam's burden and the pain that came with it.

The humans had trouble processing the fact that their good friend had killed, tortured, and done numerous other cruel, inhumane things to people. What would he do if he remembered? He participated in the LAPD; he sought justice in every situation. What would he do if he knew he did similar things?

"He's fine now, right?" Chloe asked.

Amenadiel looked confused but nodded. "Yeah, we just went over this."

The detective knew this. "Yeah, but how strong is that wall in his brain? How long will it last?"

"Hopefully, it will last millennia; Maze worked hard to get it for him. If he doesn't pick at it or anything, he should be fine, but if he tries to remember, tries to get at the memories behind the wall, it'll all come crashing down." He replied.

Dan looked surprised. "And he's good at this? I know that when I was a teenager I did the exact opposite of what people told me to do. If it were me, I'd be picking at the wall like it was a scab or an itch. Besides, he must be curious, right? Does he know that he did bad? Or does he think it is just hiding bad memories?"

Maze answered. "He doesn't know that he killed or hurt people. He just thinks he is being kept from traumatic memories."

Castiel finally got off the phone. "Thank you, Chloe."

"You're welcome." She accepted her device gladly. "How are they?"

"They are doing well. I told them of my predicament, and they seem adamant on coming over and making sure someone doesn't attack me or anything." He answered conversationally.

Amenadiel looked at him sharply. "You told them of Lucifer?"

"How could I not? That is why they are concerned about the possibility of attack as well as other angels and demons of course."

"If Lucifer sees them, it might trigger memories of his." The eldest angel lookef stressed. "I suppose they don't have to interact."

Castiel squirmed a bit. "I'm unsure of whether or not Dean would feel comfortable leaving him there."

"There will be no hunting any of us." He gestured to himself and Maze. "Make sure that the Winchesters know that we are off limits."

"As long as you guys don't start attacking people, you should be fine."

Amenadiel sighed. "I just don't want to deal with Winchesters." He groaned.

It would be a long day.

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Rolling into a spot, Dean parked his Impala. Gripping the gun on his side, he turned to his younger brother. "What do you think about this, Sam?"

"About what?"

"Cas being a child all of the sudden, a demon, another angel, and the fucking Devil." He raised his eyebrow. "I think we should just get Cas out of here and gank them."

"I don't think it would be that easy to get rid of all three of them. The demon is probably strong, and how are we supposed to get rid of Lucifer? The other angel may be fallen, but Lucifer is as strong as ever."

Dean chewed at his lip. "Maybe Cas could get him."

"I don't think he has the right form to do so now." Sam paused. "Look, Dean, Cas said that Lucifer had a wall up. Maybe we should give him a chance. He must be different now."

"Do you really want to take that risk, Sammy? Or do you not remember what happened to you? If his wall crumbles..." He trailed off.

The younger brother stood up outside the car. "I think we should give him a chance." He repeated. "We can try to keep his wall intact."

Dean didn't like this idea. He bit his lip. "I just don't know, Sammy."

"Trust me."

"All right. Your call."

The two brothers walked into the establishment, called Lux, with their hands on their guns. While Sam had decided to be peaceful with Lucifer for now, there was still a demon in there somewhere, and they might not be so calm.

"Sam! Dean!" They heard a voice they assume was Cas's.

Dean looked down at his friend. "What the hell, Cas?"

"I touched the angel tablet." He looked down at himself. "Now, I can't stablize my vessel."

"Great. Where is it now?"

"Amenadiel is keeping it safe. He's on our side, Dean. He doesn't want the host or Crowley to use it." Castiel explained.

Sam stared at his suddenly much smaller friend. "You're so cute." He teased.

He blinked owlishly and didn't respond. "There are some people I think you should meet. They are human and have known Lucifer, Amenadiel, and Mazikeen for a while now."

"And they know he's the Devil?" The older brother asked incredulously.

The angel confirmed this with a nod.

"Why would they want to associate with him at first?" Sam was confused. "If I suddenly met the Devil, I would steer clear."

Castiel didn't have the answer. "I haven't gathered much information about that, but they are good people." He led his friends towards the elevator. As it was Lux's off hours, it was remarkably empty.

"And you're sure we don't have to gank them?" Dean looked uncertain and gripped his gun.

The angel tried to get his friend to release his hold on it. "They are on our side, Dean. And against Hell and Heaven, we need as much help as we can get."

 He really didn't like this.

The elevator dinged and opened to show a penthouse full of people. As Dean noticed, some of them were packing as well.

"Winchesters." One of them, Dean assumed it was Amenadiel, said with a bit of disdain.

"Dick." He grumbled a bit.

"Where is he?" Sam asked.

"Lucifer? I'm not going to tell you that." A dangerous looking woman fingered a curved knife.

The taller brother sighed. "We won't try to kill him."

"Or attack him in any way, I guess." Dean added on.

Another woman arched her eyebrow. "You guess?"

"I mean, if he attacks us first..." He fell silent.

Sam elbowed him hard.


The younger brother ignored him. "Is the tablet safe?"

"Yes." Amenadiel responded. "We should do some introductions, I think. I'm Amenadiel. That's Mazikeen, Chloe, Ella, Dan, and Linda." He pointed at each person as he said their name.

"Sam." The younger brother gestured to himself. "The jerk is my brother Dean."

Chloe crossed her arms. "I hope you understand that I will shoot you if you try to hurt my partner."

"Understood, ma'am." Dean swore he had seen her before. "Have we met before?"

"No," she shook her head and walked off into one of the other rooms.

Chapter Text

"Lucifer," Chloe entered his bedroom hesitantly.

The Devil had been waiting there based on his brother's recommendation. Amenadiel didn't think it would be the best idea for Lucifer to meet the Winchesters right off the bat due to his past experiences with them. He wasn't quite sure what that referred to, but he didn't try to figure it out. Maze warned him that it would bring all of his memories back, and knowing her, she made that deal for a reason. Whatever it was, it must have been pretty traumatizing.

He wanted to go out, to be with his friends, but as usual, Amenadiel stopped him from doing so. He was eons old, old enough to make his own decisions at least. If he was going to meet with them anyway, why couldn't he be there when they first arrive? What was he doing? Protecting him? Like he needed to be protected.

"Yes, detective?" He looked up to see his good friend walking towards him.

"The Winchesters are here, and they seem to be okay for now. I think you could come and see him."

"Why couldn't I do that before?"

Chloe sighed. "Amenadiel just wanted to make sure it was safe."

"Safe? What could two measly humans do to me?" He laughed. "I'm capable of protecting myself. I did spend a lot of time in Hell, you know. Amenadiel wasn't there to check under my bed for monsters then." The Devil made a face.

She bit her lip, knowing this to be true. But what if he was thinking too much of Hell? Would part of his wall come down? The entire thing?

"Do you want to go see them?" Chloe asked.

"Sure." He shrugged. "I've always wanted to meet the infamous Winchesters, but a little bird told me that we've already met before."

"Try not to think of that." She reminded. "Your wall..."

Lucifer shrugged it off. "Yes, yes, I know. The wall must be protected at all costs." He rolled his eyes nonchalantly.

Upon joining the rest of the crowd, he noticed that the taller stranger stiffened and the shorter one looked down right murderous. The Devil shifted uncomfortably. What had he done to warrant that reaction? Or were they just prejudiced because he was the Devil?

He decided to stick with the latter option for now.

"Sam, Dean." Amenadiel spoke. "This is Lucifer. Lucifer, Sam and Dean."

"Pleasure." Lucifer started to walk to greet the two of them.

Dean stepped in front of his brother. "I don't think I want you coming that close."

"Why?" The Devil respected his desires and backed off a bit, but he was still quite confused. This whole situation was really confusing since he was missing a large portion of his memories supposedly.

The humans looked between themselves nervously, both Winchester and LAPD alike.

"We've had bad experiences in the past." Sam explained, pulling his brother back. "But don't try to think about it. It sucks a lot when walls break."

"You sound like you have experience." Lucifer picked up on that. "Why would you need one?"

The younger brother bit his lip. "I was traumatized." He shortly ended, looking in between Lucifer and Amenadiel, trying to figure out how much he should say.

Apparently, he said the correct amount because Amenadiel gave him a short nod of approval.

"Can I interest you in any alcohol?" He tried to maintain good pretenses with the newcomers.

Sam elbowed his brother hard; they should try to get on good terms with the Devil. If the wall comes down, maybe he would remember being civil with them.

Dean nodded his head. "Yeah, actually, do you got any beer?"

"I do." Lucifer smiled a bit. "Not the cheap kind, mind you."

Cas hopped down from the chair nervously and whispered something in Amenadiel's ear. Whatever it was made the eldest angel's eyes go wide, and he quickly directed his brother towards a different room.

"What's going on?" Linda looked curious.

"Castiel's vessel is on the fritz. I need all of the humans to close their eyes and cover them with something fast. If you see an angel's true form, it'll burn your eyes out. Literally." He warned.

Having dealt with things like this before, Sam and Dean were the first ones to cover their eyes. Slowly, the others caught on and placed their hands over them right in time for a great flash of light to clear through the penthouse originating from the room Castiel had gone into. But just as quickly as it had come, it vanished, leaving the penthouse relatively unscathed.

"He's going to need trousers, isn't he?" Lucifer hummed.

Amenadiel nodded his head. "Probably. You got any?"

"Yeah." He left to go find his younger brother and secure him some trousers. From the other room, the humans could hear him say. "Castiel! Father would be so ashamed if he could see you right now. It is a wonder he allowed humans to paint us nude."

An adult form of Castiel walked back in with Lucifer a few moments later. His hair was in disarray, but he was unharmed by the sudden change in his vessel.

"You good now?" Dean asked.

"Yes, Dean. I should be." The angel looked down at his arms. "For now, at least. My vessel is still unstable, so it might change back later."

Dan chose this moment to interject. "You are Castiel?"

"That is correct."

"The little kid we just saw?"

"Yes, Daniel. I am an angel of the lord; I have different forms. Touching the angel tablet destabilized everything."

Amenadiel chose that moment to speak up. "Speaking of, Lucifer, I put the angel tablet in your safe."

"Did you lock it?" The Devil raised his eyebrow.

"Yes, brother." The elder glared at him.

Lucifer huffed. "I still think it would be safer in one of my crypts."

"Yes, but that is where people would expect to find it." Amenadiel reminded. "Who would expect Castiel and the Winchesters to hide the tablet here where the Devil is?"

"Do they even know that I'm not in Hell?"

The eldest brother shrugged. "Father told me to go take you back. No one else; I don't think they know. Well, Uriel knew."

"Uriel is alive again?" Castiel looked confused. "Anna killed him years ago."

Lucifer looked confused. "What in Hell are you talking about, brother?"

"Uriel's been dead for years." He reiterated.

"Well, Father dearest obviously decided to bring him back. Then, I killed him. Happy?" He cynically smiled, but there was pain behind it. Had he stripped his brother of his second chance at life?

Castiel frowned. "So he's still dead."

"Yes." Amenadiel bit his lip. "It seems so."

Chapter Text

Lucifer truly couldn't help picking at the wall. Especially with these new humans around, these Winchesters, he's found it hard to leave it be. He knew them from somewhere, but he didn't know where from. Obviously, Amenadiel, the controlling ass, wouldn't allow them to explain anything to him. It would be all 'It will destroy your wall' and 'You really don't want to know.' Like, seriously, how bad could it have been? He was perfectly fine now.

But it seemed that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't figure out where he knew them from, but they seemed important. His siblings and the demons all talked about them nearly nonstop, so he knew that these humans were rather strong hunters. Luckily, it seemed that they were not targeting him or any of his friends. He wouldn't want to have to fight them or anything.

Lucifer did not consider himself to be an especially violent being. Sure, he may have hurt some people and damaged their psyche when a case called for it or when he felt as though it was deserved, but he never went out of his way to purposely harm an innocent soul. That was the one thing he liked about himself. No matter what his siblings thought of him, he knew that he wasn't an evil man like they all claimed he was.

Mentally, he pushed a little harder against the wall. Still nothing. He knew he shouldn't be doing this, that Maze must have worked hard to get this for him, but he felt like doing it out of spite. None of them were treating him the same way as before; they were treating him as though he were actually fourteen and not eons old. And he was getting frustrated about it. What better way was there to act out? To get their attention?

He had given the Winchesters and Castiel a floor of the building for sleeping and living purposes for the time being, and his friends were coming and going when their jobs allowed for it. Linda wasn't there at the moment. But there was a shift change at the LAPD, so the rest of the gang could come. Amenadiel and Mazikeen hung around, intent on guarding the angel tablet, but no one, demon or angel, had even tried to steal it from them yet.

He could faintly remember the tall human's hairstyle although it had certainly grown in length since their last encounter. Sam seemed incredibly familiar to him, more so than his brother Dean. The connection between them felt close to that of his and Chloe's. Could he also be a miracle child?

He felt a tingling, itchy sensation at the base of his skull whenever he thought about Castiel. There was just something inside of him that couldn't help but connect him to others, such as Uriel and Anael and Michael. And there was something about fire. And exploding. He wasn't too clear on the details, yet he didn't know if he wanted the clarification.

The naughty, morbid side of his brain laughed at him. Why didn't he want to know more? Did his younger brother explode? Did he set something on fire?

He ran his hand through his hair, surprised to see skin tinged blood red and scarred to high Hell. That was odd; he didn't remember switching forms. With a flick of his newly forked tongue, he forced his body into the shape he desired.

 "Lucifer, are you doing okay?" Chloe leaned against his bedroom door frame. "You haven't come out of here for hours."

"I've been....thinking, detective. I'll be right out." He stood, ignoring the way the world seemed to spin around him.

She seemed intrigued. "What are you thinking about?"

"The Winchesters."

The human woman froze. "I don't know if you should do that. What if your wall crumbles?"

"It hasn't. I will do as I please." He reminded her. He was independent now, more so than Amenadiel had been at his age. Thus, he didn't need anyone to tell him what he should and should not do.

"I just don't want to see anything bad happen to you." She explained.

Lucifer let out a small huff. "How bad could it possibly have been? It won't harm anything or anyone."

"You don't know that for certain."

He deflated a little. "Detective, I just want to know what is going on. I'm tired of you all walking on egg shells around me. I had the wall before you even knew about my identity as the Devil, and none of the crime scenes I've been to have triggered anything."

Chloe cursed at herself internally. The crime scenes! He could have easily been triggered seeing grotesque deaths, but fortunately, that did not appear to be the case. "Just....take care of yourself."

"I always have."

Chapter Text

"How did you come across the angel tablet?" Ella asked conversationally. The whole group had returned to Lucifer's penthouse the following night after they were released from their jobs. The situation with the angel tablet seemed serious; they would need all of them on board to defend it.

Sam, Dean, and Castiel all looked up in surprise. Hadn't they already gone over this? Maybe they just wanted more detail.

"It was in one of Lucifer's crypts, warded against the angels." The angel responded, nervously looking at the Devil.

Lucifer grumbled a little bit. "Amenadiel, why does he get to go through my stuff, but I can't mess with his?"

The eldest brother sighed and shook his head slightly. "I'm sure they only went in because the demons were after the tablet too, yes?"

Sam acknowledged this with a nod of his head. "Yeah, Crowley was trying to get to it."

The Devil furrowed his brow. "And how in bloody Hell did Crowley of all people learn about its existence?"

Chloe tensed her jaw. Ever since learning about Lucifer's wall, she couldn't help but obsess over whether or not it would start to crumble in certain circumstances. Would this topic be enough to chip away at it? She knew he could take care of himself, but he seemed more vulnerable now in a way he never had been before.

"Samandriel told him." Castiel answered. "Crowley tortured him, tried to undo his programming, and he succeeded. He discovered its existence after shoving rods into his head."

The humans froze. Who was this other angel? And how would they stop Crowley? If that demon was powerful enough to not only capture an angel but also torture them, how would they ever hope of defeating him?

"Crowley did what now?" Lucifer bit his lip in his fury. "Is Samandriel all right now?"

Dean looked awkwardly at Castiel and took a swig of the beer in his hand. "I don't know how to say this, but-"

The other angel interrupted. "He's dead."

"Samandriel is dead?" Lucifer's eyes widened. "Did you know of this, Amenadiel?"

"Vaguely." He replied, pointedly looking away from his brother.

"Why didn't you tell me? I had no part in it. There is no memory to unlock even behind the wall."

Amenadiel turned his gaze onto his younger brother. "I didn't want to upset you. The circumstances of his death would have....motivated you to do things you would regret."

Dan's heart hurt as he watched his friend learn of his brother's death. It was never easy to hear of the passing of a loved one, but Lucifer always seemed sensitive towards his family. He held many strong emotions, both good and bad, towards them.

"What happened?" Linda voiced her concern after a few moments of silence.

"Naomi made me do it." Castiel didn't meet their eyes.

Lucifer's eyes grew red. "She's involved in this? She took away your free will?"

"I'm sorry," the angel was obviously still affected by the experience. The Devil could understand, having killed his brother Uriel. 

Ella's eyebrows knit themselves together. "What do you mean?"

The supernatural beings paused for a moment. Did they really want to tell them of their nature in regards to free will?

Amenadiel was the one to speak up first. "Angels were not created with the same free will that humans had. That's what Lucifer wanted so dearly back in the day. Naomi is the one responsible for obedience."

Dan grew suspicious. "And how did she enforce it?"

"She fucking tortured Cas." Dean's hand tightened on the bottle. "He was like a Manchurian candidate or something."

"Does she still control you?" Lucifer was clearly still furious.

"I don't think so. The angel tablet seemed to clear my mind."

"Good." The Devil cursed a little under his breath. "I didn't think I'd have to deal with her again."

Chloe nearly jumped out of her seat. "Is this hurting your wall, Lucifer?"

"No, detective. This was all before Hell."

Ella looked sorrowfully at Castiel. "How long?"

He shrugged and looked away. "Lucifer had it worse. She worked at him for millennia before he fell."

"That doesn't mean it didn't affect you." While Linda made note of the comment, she empathized with Castiel.

Sam noticed that his friend desperately wanted a change of the subject. "Naomi seems to be partially responsible for the retrieval of the tablet. It is possible that she will send another."

"They don't know where it is though." Dan tried to calm himself. They were getting a large amount of troubling information all at once.

Maze finally looked up from where she was sharpening a knife. "She could probably figure it out."

Chloe tried to keep herself from wondering about the angels' past. What sort of place could Hell have been if it broke Lucifer when millennia of torture could not? Castiel seemed strong, but she knew that internally he was a storm. She had enough experience with the brothers to be able to tell.

"Why would your sister do that to you guys?" Ella would never do that to her siblings.

"It is her job." Lucifer had grown incredibly tense in his anger, trying not to let it out in front of his friends. He didn't want to scare them. "Dear old Dad instructed her to do so."

Chapter Text

"I swear I've seen this symbol before." Sam frowned as he observed some pictures of the demon tablet.

Ella peered over his shoulder. "Have you?"

"I think so." He responded, brushing his hair out of his face. "It's...I think it is Native American."

Dan paused for a second, adjusting his sitting position. Everyone but Linda had some off time, so they decided as a group that they should do some more investigating on the subject. The male detective bit his lip. "Why would there be a Native American symbol on it? Isn't it supposed to be from the Middle East or something? Like, where all the holy cities are and whatnot."

"We have access to the entire globe. While not everyone believes that there are angels like us, we still contributed to their culture." Castiel explained patiently.

Sam was still not completely sure what he was looking at, so he turned to the oldest being in the room. "Do you recognize it?" He asked.

Amenadiel leaned forward to get a better look. "It's definitely Native American in origin, probably from the western half of the continent. Colorado, perhaps?"

"Two Rivers tribe, I'd say." Lucifer interjected, squeezing in to see the picture and slightly elbowing Amenadiel out of the way.

The younger Winchester brother still wasn't completely comfortable being that close to the literal Devil, and by the look on Dean's face, it was obvious that he didn't like it either. Nevertheless, the hunter ignored it for now. After all, Lucifer wasn't causing any trouble at the moment. He was sane, coherent, and not a bad conversationalist.

Chloe furrowed her brow. "But why is the symbol there?"

The Devil shrugged and backed away from the picture. "No idea, detective. It seems a bit random if you ask me."

Her brain was working at a million miles per hour, trying hard to quickly solve the mystery before any demon or angel caught on to their location. She hadn't met any particularly bad ones, but by now, she was well aware of their existence. "Who wrote this?"

"Metatron." Amenadiel supplied. "The Scribe of God."

"Is there any way you could talk to him?" Ella inquired. "I know that we are trying to avoid angels, but he might be nice." She tried to see the bright side of the situation.

"I don't think so." The eldest angel shook his head.

Lucifer smirked a little before interjecting his thought. "Bloody bastard apparently disappeared right after Father went MIA."

"Was a body ever found?" Dan asked. Even if centuries had passed, an immortal could still be walking around the Earth.

"No." Amenadiel stared off into the distance. "There was a lot of infighting in the Silver City at the time. With Father gone, there was a power vacuum, and the archangels, Michael and Raphael mostly, decided to try to rule the universe. Metatron seemed to disappear right afterwards."

The humans glanced at each other in apprehension. Had Metatron been killed in the struggle for power? Or did he simply escape the chaos in Heaven?

"Was there any reason for anyone to want him dead?" Chloe questioned carefully.

Amenadiel shrugged. "He was more of a pencil pusher than anything. A writer, not a warrior. I can't think of any reason that Michael or Raphael would find him threatening."

"But he knows what is on the tablet, right?" The detective's eyes glittered. "Since he wrote it himself, he would have information that others would find valuable. They wouldn't want to kill him; they'd want to use him."

"You think he is still alive?" Lucifer sounded hopeful. He hated hearing about the deaths of his siblings regardless of his personal feelings towards them. For example, he downright despised Michael, but he would still feel the loss if he were to pass away.

"Maybe." Chloe hovered over the picture. "He might have wanted to go into hiding to protect the Word of God from the other angels."

Dan was still confused about the marking on the tablet. "What does this have to do with the symbol?"

"I don't know yet." His ex wife admitted. "It could be a lot of things."

Sam looked over at his brother and had a bit of a silent conversation. Why would there be a seemingly random and out of place mark on the ancient writing? It was definitely put there on purpose as if it were a clue to a big mystery.

He finally voiced his thoughts after a few seconds of silence. "It could be leading us to his location. Maybe he is with that specific tribe, hiding from the rest of the host."

"But what if he isn't there anymore?" Ella fretted, pulling at the sleeve of her shirt. "He marked this down millennia ago, and he's probably moved since then."

Castiel disagreed. "Metatron has always loved a good story, and I think the tribe would be able to provide that for him." He cocked his head slightly to the side, thinking about what his brother might be up to.

"Worth checking out." Dean shrugged. "If he ain't there, he ain't there, but we should still look."

Sam felt a flare up of pain, pain earned from completely some of the steps written on the demon tablet. He still wasn't sure what the final step was, but he was looking forward to being done with it all. He wanted the demons to be locked in Hell. Permanently. The taller brother ignored the pain for now, looking away as his brother sent a concerned look over to him.

"What if he lies?" Lucifer brought this point up for the group to consider. "A lot of our siblings are lying, fraudulent charlatans."

Amenadiel groaned. "No, they're not."

"Are you taking their side now? Seriously?"

"I'm not taking anyone's side!" Frustration grew within him exponentially. "Just....don't always assume the worst out of our siblings."

"Dad and all of you threw me into Hell and then got rid of the bloody key!" He growled involuntarily. "Now, you can talk to him all you like, but you'll see in the end that I was right."

The Devil then decided to tune out the rest of the conversation. He didn't care about what Amenadiel and the rest had to say about Metatron; as long as the tablet remained out of the hands of the enemy, he didn't care if anyone messed with it. Hell, he would prefer that they destroy it.

Thinking about his siblings filled him with a lot of anger and frustration, but with that came confusion and loneliness. What would it have been like for them all if they were raised as proper children should be and not warriors? Would he still talk to them? Would they still hate him as much as they did now?

It was useless considering this. Had he done something to offend them in the last couple years? He scratched at his brain but failed to come up with any useful information. Nearly half of his memories had been stolen from him, half of his entire life. Was Hell really that bad? It wasn't like it had corrupted him or anything; he was still the same person he was before. What could he possibly have done to warrant this continual aggression?

He picked at the wall some more. It was obviously the wrong thing to do, but at this point, he couldn't help himself. He felt as though he was surrounded by people who knew him better than he himself did, and that was not okay in his books. If his wall was real and in the physical world, he would say it was slightly thinner and more crumbly, but it was difficult to describe what exactly was going on in his head.

He hoped that Maze wouldn't be mad. She had gotten this wall for him to help him block traumatic memories, and he knew that she would have had to do a grand and difficult task to earn it. The demon would be furious with him if the wall fell, but it was all the Devil could think about. He wanted to know what was there, wanted to know what was beyond that wall.

There was no way that he'd be able to get the answers he was looking for alone, but luckily, he had his mobile on him. He opened Google and wandered off to the far end of the room, intent on catching up on some of the news he had missed due to the wall. What exactly was happening on Earth during that time?

Obviously, he knew enough to understand that a botched Apocalypse had taken place, and he was glad for it. He found that he liked it here, and he had made many irreplaceable friendships.

Lucifer would have needed a vessel once he escaped the Cage, but he just couldn't remember who it was at the moment. It was a shame since he prided himself on knowing the names of everyone who ever assisted him. And what happened to make it fail? He wasn't disappointed by the outcome, but it just left him confused. Did he decide to rebel against what his Father had decided to do? Or where they interrupted?

Suddenly, a few flashes of memory ran through his mind. They were brief and quick, but at least it was something. He saw an Impala, identical to the one the Winchesters drove. There was fire and screams, and it was so loud. But there was nothing he could do about the volume because he too was trapped in Hell. There were chained and dangling flesh and body parts, and it was all so much. He didn't know what to do.

It flashed back to the Impala during the Apocalypse. Michael was there too, but they weren't exactly fighting yet. Lucifer looked down and saw the body of someone all too familiar.

It was Sam's body, the body of the man who seemed to trust him. The Devil could only watch as Sam ripped back control of his body, stepped closer to the entrance to Hell, and dragged himself, Michael, and Lucifer down with him.

Lucifer had taken possession in Sam's body. Sam went to Hell, most likely into the Cage, and he was still willing to work with him. Sam was no bad person; that title belonged to Lucifer and Lucifer alone.

He knew more bad memories would be coming his way soon. The Devil hated how he used to act. Why was he doing this? He spent years delivering justice to those who deserved it, but he ignored the fact that he himself was one of the biggest monsters of them all.