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Bakugou Katsuki was a ball of raging hormones. He knew part of puberty meant mood swings, awkward limbs and boners along with self-discovery but getting control of it was something out of his grasp. He didn't know what to do with it when it randomly happened. Changes had occurred so quick it was as if someone kept tugging the rug underneath Bakugou’s feet when he wasn't looking. So when he figured out he had a tiny crush on Uraraka he assumed he liked girls but then Kirishima started to appeal to him as well and with just that brought on an onslaught of questions. Turning to the only anonymous source he could ask all his embarrassing questions too, he researched on the internet. What he found out was that he could be bisexual. Fair enough. The blonde could live with that. But did this mean he'd have to tell his friends that he jacked off while he was in the shower because his mind wandered to random scenarios involving them? He would avoid it if possible, he definitely didn't want to have those conversations with them. It was too personal, way too weird. It made him uncomfortable thinking about it which just made him angry. Sometimes he went as far as lashing out at them the next day.

Sitting down in homeroom the next morning was awkward for him. He had to make his appearance more pissed off than normal. Last night’s fantasy of his squad and him going at it in an orgy forced him to avoid all eye contact. Bakugou knew if one of them said so much as a ‘hello’ he’d lose it and probably burn their throat to a crisp for even daring to say something. Speaking of crisp the blonde looked down at his palms when he noticed smoke coming from his lower view. Shit. He was burning the desk. Here comes class president with his annoying ass. All Might if you somehow have a second quirk please give him patience. Taking a deep breath in he counted down from ten.

“Bakugou! Why are you burning U.A. property this is the 3rd time this week! Do you intend to graduate? You should be acting like a student and respect the resources you are given. I will have to notify this to Aizawa-sensei of this when he gets here.” Iida shouted gaining others attention.

10-10-9-6..5..4..3….2...1- FUCK IT!

Bakugou had enough and blurted right back at the engine quirk user just as loud, maybe even louder seeing as he flinched, and got up all in his face adding a finger poke to his chest, “LISTEN HERE-”

Bakugou’s mouth was being covered from any further shouting. Aizawa’s disappointed sigh came right after and the restraints on Bakugou tightened when the blonde tried to free himself. He knew trying to use his quirk was pointless but he lifted his hand anyway and tried to test it out. It was all in vain and he knew it.maybe just an ‘of course’? Keeping quiet he closed his eyes and counted down again. 10..9..8.7..6..5..4.3.2 1… inhale...9..8..7..6..5..4..3 2 1 exhale.. 5.. 4 3 2 1 inhale.. Exhale inhale exhale. He relaxed and waited patiently for the capture weapon to come off.

“Everyone take your seats, we’ll skip the morning formalities, it appears we lost some time with this interruption,” their homeroom teacher muttered in annoyance and walked over to his podium.

Everyone settled in their desk quietly, afraid to say anything to further make their teacher upset or have the blonde lash out on them. Bakugou was secretly thankful for this and ran a hand through his spiky locks. Humming quietly he laid his chin on his palm and waited to see what the agenda was for today, hoping it was something to occupy both mind and hands for that matter.

“Today we’re taking a physical test, I will assign you into partners or groups. Depending on what your ranking is, is how I’m placing you together.” I’m pairing based on ranking.” However, I’ll need to change it. Bakugou you’re going up against me, you’re too riled up,” he earned a grunt from the boy, “Go with who you’re assigned to.”

The board lit up showing who would be partnered with who; Kirishima’s name was quickly taken off from being partnered with Bakugou to ending up in a group with Midoriya and Todoroki. Luck appeared to be on his side today. Who knows what would’ve happened if Kirishima dared to ask him why was he pissier than normal. Getting up from his chair he followed the other male students to the locker room. Ignoring Midoriya’s pity he quickly got dressed and pushed him aside to get out the room. Who cared if he got looks? Or if the whispers were about him. Screw them all. The main focus was passing this stupid little test, proving to all that he was, in fact, better than them, and he’d become the number one hero. Hormones weren’t going to get in his way.

“Bakugou, I want you to do your breathing exercises before we start. If you say no then I won’t help you take this test and you’ll have to make up for it next week in detention,” Aizawa stared at him, not in the mood to deal with bullshit.

He thought about being playfully stubborn just to lighten the mood but that would’ve been out of character, “Alright.”

He focused on his breathing technique for a couple of minutes ignoring everyone around him. The noise of laughter, chatter on topics not related to the assignment, and whispers about him were all far behind. Far behind. Far behin-- “Aizawa I want to take the detention.”

“No- Bakugou! Come back here!”

Bakugou didn't need to look back to know the teacher was following him but the blonde needed to get out of there if he didn't want to blow anyone up. This morning was already ruined because of last night, and him having to do stupid breathing exercises to calm himself were starting to become pointless. He didn't want to admit defeat but he also needed(?) a break.

Aizawa’s voice broke through his thoughts, “You walk back in that building and I'll expel you.”

Bakugou stopped and let out a distressed grunt. If that happened then everything would definitely go to shit. Not so much as even giving the homeless looking man a glance, he sat down on the dirt and covered his face. He hated when people saw him like this but it was better than when he was trying to hold in his tears like a loser. Bakugou growled when he sensed Aizawa getting near him, he scooted away and hunched further into his sitting position. Fuck everything!

“Bakugou what’s going on? You’re acting strange,” his voice was monotone, no hints of real concern.

“Nothin’, go away,” he dug his palms into his eyes.

“If it’s nothing then come back to the field. You’re acting childish and it’s very annoying.”


Aizawa didn’t say anything after that and from what Bakugou could make out, he heard the other walk away. Smirking to himself in victory he let his thoughts swirl until he heard the footsteps come back with some sort of russling and then it went silent. Lifting his face up from his hands he turned to see what was beside him. That lazy ass was knocked out in his sleeping bag! How did he even get a job as a teacher? Was he really a pro-hero!?

“Oi! Oi! Oi!!! What the fuck are you doing?” Bakugou extended his leg and gave him a poke to the ribs.

“Let me sleep, goddamn spoiled brat,” he swatted at his leg then closed the zipper back up, “You're wasting my damn time because you can't admit your feelings are getting in the way, so I'm going to take this opportunity to get some sleep.”

“I told you it was nothing!”

Aizawa sat up so quick the blonde felt himself get whiplash, “Then why are you walking away without even trying? The real Bakugou would suck it up and focus on his goal. Even Midoriya-”

“I'm tired too,” Bakugou interrupted and let himself fall onto his back. He didn't want to hear about Shitty Deku.

“Does it have to do with,” he paused as if choosing his words carefully would help, “when you were taken?”

Bakugou stood quiet. It wasn't that at all but thinking back on it from just the mention of it made him flinch. He was strong throughout that whole time but after hearing the press and knowing part of his classmates made themselves involved, damn Deku, and making shitty hair look so down.. He. He. He hated it. Fuck. There goes his uncontrollable mood swings. Fuck why did his cheeks feel so wet? Why was Aizawa looking at him like that? Why-

His vision went blank.

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“-You should've seen him. He started to hyperventilate. He was muttering the most hysterical things to himself. I never once in my whole career as a teacher seen one of my students cry out bloody tears that weren't because of their quirk!”

“Aizawa calm down. I've checked him out and he appears to be fine aside from his high blood pressure. He just needs to rest for a couple of days. The stress that's been built up and pushed away for so long has finally caught up with him. As for the bloody tears I asked his mother what medication he takes and it says that's one the side effects. Honestly, you're scaring me that you're this concerned over a student, it's almost like him all over again..”

Everything went quiet for a few minutes counting out Bakugou’s steady breathing. He wasn’t sure sure if he should’ve heard that last part but knowing Aizawa actually cared about him made him feel weird. It wasn’t really common for the teacher to show emotion. Sure he showed signs of irritation and tiredness but that was just default considering he dealt with annoying teenagers all day and his quirk usage required sleep. So hearing him concerned for Bakugou no less was quite an unsettling thought. What did Recovery Girl even mean by ‘it’s almost him all over again’? He’d have to do some snooping around there’s no way in hell he’d tell Aizawa he was listening.

Acting as he just woke up the blonde groaned, he started to move his head which was a big mistake. A wave of pain flooded inside his brain and his eyes started to burn. Cursing blindly he put his hands over his face and whimpered. Shit. What the fuck did he do to himself? All he could remember was being ticked off from the mention of Deku and then the snip of the conversation just now. He twisted and turned feeling hands try to clasp him down onto the bedding. He was about to start kicking if it weren't for the feeling of a needle in his arm.

“Bakugou relax!” it sounded like Aizawa’s voice, “Calm down or Recovery Girl will screw up on the pain reliever.”

The blonde relaxed and felt the needle inject fluids into him. He didn’t dare open his eyes, didn’t dare confirm it was his teacher holding him down, he didn’t want to feel the shame of being restrained so easily when he was at his lowest.

“What the fuck happened?” he played it off.

His teacher stayed quiet while Recovery Girl spoke up, “You overworked yourself. Your meds require you to be in a calm state. Pushing aside your problems build up stress so you finally broke. Since you’re training to be a hero I’m going to require you to see a therapist-”

“It didn’t work the last time.”

“Excuse me?”

“I’ve been through this before. The reason I have medication in the first place is because my therapist gave up on me. They said it’d be a better solution than someone trying to, and I quote, ‘Help an ungrateful brat with a hotshot quirk’ so I’m on these meds to keep my cool. But like you said I have to be in a calm state. Kind of stupid if that’s my problem, I mean what do you expect from me? I’m no Pavlov experiment. I have literally been to the hospital before because of this reason.”

“Bakugou I..” her tone wasn’t readable.

“I don’t need your pity and I don’t need to hear about how I’m an idiot so just leave me the hell alone.. What time is it?”

“14:00” his teacher finally spoke up, he was leaning against the wall in the corner with his arms crossed like he’d been listening to the whole conversation, “You’re not going back to class. I asked your mother already so you’re coming with me and also after school. No if’s and’s or but’s unless you want yours kicked by your mother.”

“Where are we going?” he furrowed his brows ignoring Aizawa’s remark.

“I’ll explain on the way,” he turned to the older hero, “How long does he have to stay in here? I can come back to pick him up.”

“It’ll only take ten minutes, I just want to give him a quick checkup.” she eyed the blonde as she got up to get her things.

“Alright,” he nodded, “I’ll be back in ten then, don’t give her a hard time and get dressed into those clothes there,” he pointed to a pile of clothes on the dresser.


After his teacher left it went quiet. Bakugou didn’t protest when Recovery Girl poked at him. He didn’t yell at her when she shined the light in his eyes. He didn’t even curse her out when she pinched him to stick another needle in him. He was in a completely calm state throughout the whole time. When she finished her checkup he quickly got changed into the clothes he was asked to and looked at himself in the mirror. He looked fucked up. Like SERIOUSLY fucked up. His hair was starting to look like Deku’s, all bunched up and curly kind of bed head. His eyeliner made him look like one of his favourite American bands, streaky and dark. He looked paler than normal which was saying something because of the tan he was working on. The whites of his eyes looked bloodshot, kind of like he had been crying too hard (he heard he was) or done drugs (he’d kill himself before being caught doing such an illegal thing). And lastly, his whole fucking face looked partly burnt and bruised. What the fuck did he do to himself?!


“I know you heard the conversation Aizawa and I had,” Recovery Girl appeared next to him in the mirror nearly scaring the blonde to death.

“Fucking hell woman! Don’t do that,” he placed a hand on his heart, “I only heard part of it.”

He looked down in thought wondering if he should bring up the last thing she said in that conversation. It would be wrong to try to ask but he was curious as hell and needed answers especially if this person also got to bring out other emotions from the man. Curse her for knowing and to bring it up to him too. He just wanted to snoop quietly but she knows he knows. Ah fuck it.

“Who was the person you were talking about, uh in, you know.”

“Ah I knew you’d be curious, it’s not my place to tell, I only stopped in mid-sentence because I confirmed you were listening.”

“How did you know I was listening?”

“I was watching you sleep the whole time, your facial expression changed when I brought it up. At first I thought your breathing was going out of its normal state but then that happened.”

Bakugou only hummed and rubbed his eyes lightly trying to smear off the makeup. Feeling a tap on his side he looked down to see the woman hand him a wet rag. He mumbled something close to appreciation then wiped off the remains of his eyeliner. He looked more fucked up without it. Now he could really see the bruising. How hard was he digging into his eyes? He smiled bitterly at the amount of force he was able to create. He felt strong but he didn’t want to pay the price on his own face like that. At least his hero costume would cover it up.

“Here, you can borrow some of mine,” his teacher came back and handed him a bag.

“What is this?” Bakugou held up the bag.

His teacher scoffed and rolled his eyes, “Open it.”

Opening it up he smiled at the makeup, giving him a nod he got to work on covering up all the awful shades of colour that he had. His teacher had a paler skin tone but it somehow worked with the state the blonde was in. Finishing up as quickly as he could noticing his teacher seemed a bit restless. He handed him back the bag and followed him out of the school infirmary. Where did that old woman run off to? He was going to thank her. Whatever. He looked up at his teacher waiting for him to say something like he said he would.

“Sooo.. Where are we going?” he decided to ask him anyway.

“Right,” his teacher slowed down, “I already talked with your mother and she seems to think it’s alright. The decision to go through it is still up to you but you have to at least try it out today before giving me a yes or no. She told me you already went through multiple therapists and they were all useless in helping you out,” he glanced at him, “So I made a deal with her, you come to me when you have problems and I help you out in training after school but you have to get off the medication slowly and not make a fuss with who will also be in our sessions.”

What the fuck?

“What the fuck?” he gave him a weird look.

“What? What’s so confusing about what I just said to you?”

“Why are you trying to help me?” Bakugou was suspicious. Was it because of who Recovery Girl was talking about?

“Because you are my student and as a teacher, I will not let you fail on my watch when you’ve already come so far. I don’t want my time wasted so hurry up. I can’t have him waiting any longer.” Aizawa picked up his pace again which made the blonde stumble in trying to catch up.

“Who’s this him?”

“What is Bakugou Katsuki doing here?” a tired voice appeared from around the corner of the hallway.

The blonde turned to the purplette, “Aren’t you that freak who went up against Deku?” Bakugou looked Shinsou up and downsizing him up. Not too attractive but he did make Bakugou feel something. Wait- what the fuck. Damn hormones.

“Bakugou be nice, this is who you’ll be training with,” his teacher warned.

“We’re training with him? He’s nuts! What did you do to force Aizawa into training you outside of what he already does?” Shinsou gave him a look.

“I didn’t do jack shit-!” Bakugou saw grey. What the fuck is this? Why can’t he say anything?! Why can’t he move!? What the fuck were those two laughing at?!

“Bakugou did you forget Shinsou can brainwash?” he chuckled, “I’m disappointed that you’re not keeping tabs on your opponents.”

“Hey ‘freak’, do me a favour and get us some Poc*ri Sweat from the vending machine,” Shinsou said smugly.

“Hito you’re bad,” he heard his teacher laugh.

What the fuck was happening? Was his teacher close to this freak? Looking at the similarities he wouldn’t doubt if they were related. Aizawa probably wouldn’t tell but maybe the other would speak. He’s pretty sure he’d want to boast about how he was the son of some underground pro-hero. Shit. Why can’t he break out of this trance? Just how far can he be for this to work. Damn this quirk needs to be taken more seriously. How did Deku even break out of this? He can’t ignite his palms for the life of him.

Approaching the vending machine he inserted 450 . He clicked the button for the sports drink and watched three fall down. Picking them up he started to walk back to the spot. Luck appeared to come again to the blonde for he ended up being pulled out of the quirk from his idiotic friend.

“Bakubro where did you go? Iida and Momo said Aizawa was taking you somewhere- why are you dressed like that and why do you have three drinks?” Kaminari kept rambling off questions not giving Bakugou a chance to respond.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” he blasted the drinks in his face and smirked at his dismay, “Go back to class idiot. Don’t tell anyone you saw me.”

As he was walking away the electric user followed suit. Scoffing and choosing not to give him attention he bought another three bottles. He inserted some more yuen then clicked the button for a Dr. Pepp*r. He handed the soda to him and ruffled his hair.

“Don’t say I never got you anything,” he stuck his tongue out and smiled when the other laughed, “Now listen up, you’re not going to tell anyone I did this crap!”

Bakugou flushed red and crossed his arms causing his friend to laugh harder but promising he’ll keep his secret, “I swear man, you’re such a tsundere!”

“Am not! Go to class already don’t you have..” he peaked at the clock, “Oh it’s homeroom.”

“Duh, that’s the only reason why I’m roaming the halls, which I’m glad because now I have a free Doc McPee”

“Don’t call it that, that's just weird and so gross and-” he flushed red remembering what he dreamt last night and quickly averted his eyes, “Go away already.”

“Something wrong dude? Hey, why did you even get three energy drinks? You have other friends?” he bumped his elbow and earned a shove from the boy, “Why are you being so mean to me? We were just joking five seconds ago.”

Bakugou didn’t want to see the pout on his friend's lips but thankfully Shinsou came to his rescue and he sighed in relief, “Bakugou why are you taking so long-” Shinsou froze when Kaminari looked at him.

“Aren’t you the guy who went up against Midoriya? That was a really nice fight you put up-” he was cut off by the purplette scoffing.

“I don’t need your pity especially if you’re from Class 1-A I know you’re all asses. Stop faking a compliment.”

“Dude relax, I know you think we’re asses but that’s just Bakugou- the old Bakugou-”

“Shut the fuck up before I beat your ass, now go back to class already,” the blonde gave a cold glare then stomped to the purplette, “Here’s your stupid drink.”

“Why did you buy three?” he eyed the two drinks as he opened his own.

“I- I don’t fucking know! Don’t question me!”

“Whatever you say bombshell” he smirked before taking a sip.

“Don’t call me that!” he blushed and stomped around the corner leaning up against the wall in embarrassment.

“In what definition were you using that term?” Kaminari dared to ask.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“Well yeah I did-” he went silent.

“Go back to class and forget whatever happened here.” he walked away letting out a sigh of relief when the others footsteps did as they were told.

“Don’t expect me to fall for that trick twice,” Bakugou spoke up when the other came into view.

“We’ll see about that,” he waved him off, “Let’s hurry back, training with Aizawa will only last for so long. It’s better to start right away.”

The blonde grunted in confirmation then followed him down the stairs and to the back of the school. Aizawa was there waiting in a black t-shirt and grey loose fitting sweats. Damn, he looked good with his hair tied back. The other seemed to take notice and nudge him but didn’t comment on it. He whined under his breath at being caught looking at his teacher, looking away only made Shinsou laugh. Shit wait Shinsou saw him looking at his dad. Fuck that freak better not tell him. Bakugou’s weakness for guys with tied up hair always made others throw an eyebrow raise in his direction. He’s pretty sure Deku already caught onto his..fetish? Damn this was stupid.

“Alright you two, we’re going to practice a few air punches and some air kicks. Both of you need to pay attention to the other so you can see what you’re up against. Shinsou may be in general studies but his private training with me has made him strong enough to earn a spot in Class B.”

“I’m sorry you're only good enough to be in the same class as copying bastard.”

“Bakugou I swear,” Aizawa stopped after hearing Shinsou break out a laugh.

“Good one Bombshell,” he covered his mouth.

“I told you don’t call me that,” he growled and got into a stance, “Let's just show each other what we got. I’ll go first!”

Bakugou demonstrated a few of his punches and kicks then started to build up his speed and strength. He was almost caught off guard when his teacher decided to throw in a couple of weapons. He snatched them in the air with ease, gaining balance and using them as a source of hidden power. When his teacher told him to add in his quirk he did as he was told. He didn’t miss the proud smile Aizawa gave or the awe expression written on Shinsou’s face. It made him happy he almost forgot to stop when he gave his final finish to the invisible enemy.

“There. Now you show me what you got.”

“Alright prepare to have your head blown,” he winked causing the blonde to sputter and back up to give him room.

Seeing Shinsou do more than just use his quirk back in the sports festival was impressive. He really did come far from this secret training Aizawa was giving. Aizawa was probably being too modest, he seemed to have more strength than the other purple bastard in his class. He did seem worthy to fight alongside in training, though his attitude would have to change- or maybe Bakugou would just need to be.. Nicer to him. But so far the training seemed to be fun so he’d probably stick around. He’d keep his own problems to himself though, like hell he’d tell his teacher his hormones were getting in the way of social interaction. Not like he needed it.

“Okay,” he panted when he was finished, “What do you think? Don’t lie, that smile says otherwise to any insult you could make.”

“I’m impressed.”

“Didn’t I just say- wait what?” he looked at him in shock.

“I said I’m impressed you freak,” Bakugou genuinely meant it but he couldn’t help but add in the nickname he embedded into his mind.

“O-okay” he looked down with his face all red, “Are we doing the usual Aizawa?”

“Mhmm, Bakugou what we usually do is hand to hand combat. Now that you’re here, Hito and you will fight against each other. I don’t want to add in your quirks just yet, you both need to be able to get used to each other’s patterns. If you blindly go in using your quirk you could get seriously hurt.”

“So in other words what you’re telling me is that if I were to just go up blindly against an enemy they can use my quirk to their advantage if they know what it is?”


“Fair enough. Let’s start this thing.” he got into position raising his fists.

The two squared off, both taking this training seriously, after all their teacher was a pro-hero who judged harshly. Underground or not his opinion mattered to them the most. Bakugou rose a fist and swung at Shinsou, he dodged it and aimed, hitting the blonde in the gut. It hurt but not as much as he thought it would. It seems like the bastard could move quick but couldn’t punch hard enough. He’d have to help him with that later. Bakugou’s weakness was speed, his power of attack was good but he needed to learn how to move as quick as Shinsou. This was especially needed since he had those big grenade gauntlets for his hero costume. They threw a few more punches, Shinsou groaning at a few hard ones but still standing tall, Bakugou catching up to his speed proud that he wasn’t lagging that much from when they started. It almost got to the point where they forgot their teacher was watching. They even managed to compliment each other in the fight. Finally properly dodging an attack he sweep kicked the purplette and smirked when he made an ‘oof’ noise when hitting the ground. He waited for the other to get up again before making a move. The other took this as a dirty advantage and tugged Bakugou’s leg bringing him next to him on the floor. They laughed at each other’s misfortune, giving a couple of playful shoves.

Aizawa started to applaud them, “Good job boys, take a break now. Be ready to go up against me. Now that you know how to fight each other you should try and fight me together. Try to get one punch in and I’ll let you go home.”

Both boys nodded and went to sit on the bench, they opened up their sports drinks and chugged them down like their life depended on it. They were sweaty and bursting with energy from the fight. It was a good one Bakugou had to admit he’d love to try again. Even though he thinks he technically won that one. Clearing his throat he looked over to the purplette. He seemed to be more built since the festival which made sense. He did look nice in his baggy sweatpants and a baggy shirt. Maybe he’d appeal more to Bakugou if he somehow tied his hair up. He could probably try and convince him to push his bangs back in a headband.

“Stop looking at me like I’m some kind of snack,” he muttered.

“You could be a snack,” he sipped his drink, looking away to hide his blush.

“You’re sure bold as hell!” Shinsou laughed and covered his mouth to not spit out anymore of his drink.

“Thanks, I also try to be sarcastic and uninterested.”

“You’re failing at being uninterested.”

“I did say try,” Bakugou shrugged, “Question.”

“No I won’t go out with you. You’re in class A and I’m ace/aro, I'm not really interested in relationships.”

“Hmm a shame but not that kind of question.”

“O-oh,” he looked away embarrassed.

“Who’s the bold one now? No but seriously are you Aizawa’s kid or something?”

“Heh. No but I may as well be, Aizawa has been there for me since the festival though I wish he actually was there sooner, I might’ve had a higher chance getting into heroics.”

“Hmm, you could probably pull it off if you wanted to trick others,” he looked down capping his drink, saving the rest for later on the train ride home.

“Oh I already have with Midoriya, he said he’d keep it a secret.”

“Oh my fuck! No wonder he gets all giddy around Aizawa,” Bakugou slapped a hand over his mouth and laughed uncontrollably.

“Cute.” Shinsou rolled his eyes and looked at his wrist for the time.


“17:30” he stretched and leaned on the blonde.

“Ew you’re sweaty, just for a few minutes alright?” he scoffed.

“Mmkay,” Shinsou closed his eyes.

“Another question.”

“Hmm?” he sounded sleepy.

“What’s ace/aro? I only know that I’m most likely Bisexual, but there are other sexualities than just straight, gay, and bi?”

“Oh boi, here we go.”

After Shinsou’s brief touch into the explanation of sexuality, they managed to cut it close before the teacher started to lose patience and leave them on the training grounds. He gave them a look but let it slide knowing that they somehow started to bond which was something he needed. The three of them looked at each other before Aizawa gave them the ready and the battle commenced.

Aizawa dodged both boys with ease, his attack was enough to make them stumble and hold onto wherever they felt the pain. They weren’t exactly the best in coordinating with each other but it was a start. Finally, Bakugou managed to grab Shinsou and pull him back, he had an idea and he hoped their teacher who was chasing them wouldn’t hear his plan.

“Hey listen I have an idea,” he whispered into his ear, “Try to pin Aizawa down since you’re the fastest and I’ll land the punch.”

“Okay but keep up because I’m about to do it now,” he dashed forward, “Hey Aizawa, remember Yama’s rice pudding incident?”

“What?” Aizawa looked caught off of guard as he was pinned by the purplette.

“Brace for impact Eraserhead,” Bakugou said darkly and punched him in the face, “Ah shit that might’ve been too hard.”

“You’re fucking right it was too hard,” Aizawa groaned as his nose bled, “Good job you two.”

“Oh my god Bakugou,” Shinsou laughed and collapsed onto the teacher.

“I-I’m sorry?” He was panicking and looked around confused, he never made his teacher bleed even in class fighting lessons, “D-do I need to get Recovery Girl?!”

“No she went home for the day, I can patch this myself when I get home, it’s not that bad. Relax. Remember no stress.”

“I-” oh he forgot about that part, looking away from the two he refused to meet the pity in Shinsou’s eyes. Fuck it’s that all over again, he can never escape this situation. Here comes the lecture.

“God you and me both dude, fuck stress,” Shinsou sighed and got up off Aizawa not noticing Bakugou was shocked, “Well I’m heading home. I have to go feed Tami and Uzu”

“What fucking kind of names are those?” Bakugou looked at him ridiculously.

“What? Oh right I forget people get this reaction,” he snorted, “Tami meaning people and Uzu meaning swirl. I broke it down from Taimuzu, time, because everyTIME I’m around PEOPLE they make me see SWIRLS. My quirk causes me pain but cats surprisingly don’t, so hence their names are ironic.”

“Fucking furry.”

“Shut the fuck up Bombshell!” Shinsou blushed and went to punch him but Bakugou dodged it.

“It’s nice to know my boys are getting along just fine,” Aizawa wiped his fake tear then picked up his sleeping back from god knows where, “I’m heading home, which you two should be as well, the train is going to be packed if you don’t pick up the pace.”

“Ah fuck,” Bakugou muttered.

“Nice to know you care about us papa,” Shinsou held his heart having a stupid smile on his face.

“Fuck you, text me when you get home twirp,” Aizawa flicked him off as he walked away.

“I think I’m papa’s favourite.”

“You’re a fucking delight, that’s what you are.”

Shinsou snorted again and rushed off ahead to the train, “Catch up if you can pussysuki”

“Motherfucker!” Bakugou raced after him, not prepped with a stretch but he seemed to be just fine.

They made it on time before the rush and got on. It was quiet on the ride home neither making a move to speak. It seemed the perfect time to text his mom, he pulled out his phone from his pocket, thanking the gods that he got a case that was quirk resistance and adhesively sticky so it wouldn’t fall out of his pocket during training.


Hey. <

Old Hag! <

I’m heading home. <

Mommy <3

> How was training?

> Stop calling me old!


Nah, it suits you. <

Training was okay. <

I guess, I’ll do it again but whatever. <

Mommy <3

> Hmmkayyy, talk to me more when I get home.

> Your father should be there to let you in.

> Get home safe <3


Okay. <

Love you. <

<3 <

“See you around Bombshell,” Shinsou pulled his attention away from his phone.

“Yeah see ya freak,” he smirked and flicked him off earning a bird himself.

Shinsou seemed like a keeper. A friend. Nothing more. Pfft. Besides he said he was Aro/Ace. At least he’d have someone to go to for questioning- ah shit he forgot to ask for his number-  AH FUCK! He forgot to tell Aizawa he was interested in his deal. Maybe if he got to school earlier tomorrow he’d be able to find him and tell him. Yeah. That’s what he’d do.

[Next Stop Shizuoka Prefecture]

Oh. He looked around himself to gather his things only to realise he left it all back at school. Shit he left his homework and school clothes there too. Ah fuck fuck fuck fuck! Alright calm down he’d really have to get up early tomorrow to find everything. He just had to hope shitty hair didn’t try to be good friend and gather everything. Knowing Ashido and Kaminari they would go through his things and probably write on important papers just to fuck with him. He tried to relax and not have a meltdown on the train, it would be a mistake to be sent to the hospital or robbed by other passengers when he was oh so close to home.

Coming to his stop he got up from his seat and dashed out when the doors opened up. He didn’t care for looks he just needed to get home quick before the stress came back. Once in the streets he ran to his home, looking up at the sight of the apartments made him calmer, he could finally meltdown without judgement. Opening up the gate and walking up the stairs he banged on his door loud enough for his dad to hear. Muttering a hello to the old man who opened the door he made his way to the couch and flopped down on it.

“Not one word,” he muttered and kept his eyes shut.

After a while, he drifted off to sleep. The cosiness of the couch engulfing him with slumber, he started to feel warmth when a blanket appeared to cover him. He buried his face into the couch pillows and let out a yawn. The last thing he remembered was the muttering of his father wishing him a peaceful slumber.

Bakugou didn’t dream during his nap but that was a good thing. Dreams always made him on edge because they were always too good to be true. One minute he’d be on top of his game as a hero and flourished with praise then it’d turn into a nightmare full of people looking down on him or his mother disowning him for some ridiculous reason. That always forced Bakugou in real life to keep secrets from her that she might find disappointing of him. He knew his attitude and the way he treated her were enough to make her seem that way, but he’d always try to make up for it by bonding with her when he had the patience or help her with things when he knew she was too busy to handle it. So not dreaming right now especially after today's incident really helped him reset.

“Katsuki wake up, I’m home now” his mother’s voice rang throughout the pitch blackness of his dreamless state, “Suki! Suki! Come on Suki~”

“Ah fuck off,” Bakugou groaned and swatted her hand away when she began to shake him, “You’re saying it wrong too, it makes no sense to say Like, Like, Come on Like”

“Oh would you like for me to say it as when you were a kid?~” she teased.

“God no-!”

“Like, like, like come on man,” she imitated an American cartoon teenagers voice then dogs confused tone.

“Let Scooby die already!”

“Never! He’s iconic! You still love him!”

“Mom no! Please stawp!”

“I agree with Bakugou, please stop,” his dad appeared around the corner trying to hide his amusement on the whole situation.

His mom kept on laughing, her eyes crinkled, holding her stomach, and her smile so wide Bakugou started to worry if she’d break her face in half. He put a hand on her shoulder when she started slipping down to the floor, he was hoping to calm her down but it seemed to only make her snort and hiccup in her laughter. As soon as he heard that Bakugou himself died of laughter.

“Well dinner’s ready so come to the table when you two are finished being hyenas,” his father tried to bribe them.

His mother was the first to calm down and help him by rubbing his back to soothe him, “Come on sweetie I’m hungry and I’m sure you are too,” she cooed.

Bakugou cleared his throat, “alright let's go,” he nodded.

The Bakugou family sat down at the dinner table. They gave thanks for their meal then quietly started to eat. Bakugou’s mother was the first to break the silence. She went on about her day as usual, mentioning what she had for lunch and the hot new gossip circling the office. It entertained Bakugou for about five seconds but then his hunger got the best of him so he focused back on his meal. His father added some input to show he was listening then, when she finished he talked about his. Bakugou would never admit it out loud but he loved it when his family got together for dinner. It was a time of comfort and delicious flavours crowding up his taste buds. It simply was a good mixer. He slowly stopped eating when he felt their eyes on him. Shit. Did they ask him something?

“What?” he gulped nervously.

Please don’t ask about today. Please don’t ask about today. Please don’t ask about today.

“How was training? Remember I wanted to know details,” his mother said as she took a bite of the broccoli.

Close enough.

“Hmm it was good. I think..” should he even say it? Fuck it, “I think I made a friend today?”

“That’s great Katsuki, what’s their name?” His father took a sip of his water.

“Uh-” Bakugou blushed.

“Their nickname you brat,” his mother smirked catching on the whole ‘I think”.

“Freak,” he shoved food into his mouth.

“Bakugou that’s not very nice,” his mom sighed in annoyance.

“Well whatever! He must be used to it already because he didn’t say anything!”

“That doesn’t mean it’s right!”

“I don’t care!”

“Please calm down, we’re having dinner and the neighbours begged us to keep quiet around this time,” his father spoke up as much as he could though with the arguing his voice could hardly be heard.

“Damn brat!”

“Fuck you old hag!” he slammed his fists on the table and flipped his plate, “I don’t need this crap!”

He got up and booked it to his room ignoring his mother’s pleas to come back and fix his mess. He slammed his door shut just to prove he didn’t care what she had to say then locked it before she could burst in and cause more chaos. Looking around his room he picked up his headset and plugged it into his laptop. He raised up the volume and picked a song that would drown out his mother and still calm him down.

Piano Concerto No 21 - Andante - Mozart "Elvira Madigan"

His mind went numb making he feel at peace. Deciding he needed some shut-eye, he let out a sigh and covered himself in a bundle of blankets. He fluffed his pillows, debating if he should fall face front or head back onto them. Choosing on the latter he let himself hit the pillow. The song was on loop so it’d play the whole night. It was better than ASMR in his opinion. Sleep crept it’s way and enveloped him with care.

Chapter Text



What the fuck?


Ding. Ding. Beep…


Ah shit.. He forgot to plug in his laptop last night. Waking up the next morning he rose like the dead and squinted at the electronic. Yeah it was hanging onto its last life bar. He got up and searched for the plug. Finding it in the trash bin for some odd reason he picked it up and plugged himself in. Ah shit did this mean he forgot to plug in his phone too? Reaching from his pocket he noticed it too was dying. Man he was a mess yesterday.. He slammed his phone onto his desk and plugged it in. Looking at himself in the mirror made him pale. Shit. What was he? A fucking deformed quirk user? He shivered and gathered up his things for the shower. He searched his dresser for some clean work out clothes and shoved them into an empty bag.  Making his way to the bathroom quietly he locked himself in. He was grateful to be the only one to be up at this unholy hour because of his tendency to train. Quickly getting in the shower he lathered himself up in his mother’s lavender scented body wash and his father’s coconut shampoo, his conditioner however made him smile. It was a nice citrus scent with added in aloe. Rinsing himself off he rushed to pat himself dry. While putting on his uniform messily he brushed his teeth. He took his time on make-up just to be sure the bruises and burn marks weren’t too noticeable. His plan was to make a quick breakfast then get the hell out of his house before his mother could wake up.

Making his way to the kitchen he inserted a slice of bread into the toaster then broke an egg into a pan, he let it settle as he grabbed the now toasted bread and slapped on some light mayo, sliding his egg onto bread he placed it onto a plate and poured himself some orange juice. Hmmm.. Something was missing. Oh. He added a pinch of pepper then sliced two pieces of avocados to place it on the egg. He opened back up the fridge and searched through for a garnish, pulling out a piece of cilantro he placed it onto the plate. It looked almost Instagr*m worthy- shit his phone. He ran to his room avoiding all creaky floorboards and unplugged it. He looked out his room to see his parent’s door was still closed and let himself relax a bit more. Sitting down at the table he took a photo of his food and saved it for posting later. He ate his food and choked on the juice when he heard his mother’s voice call out to him.

“Not now. Bye!” he grabbed his bag and shoved his phone into his pocket then booked it out of the house.

“Katsuki! Don’t you need money for the train?!” she yelled after him.

Today really wasn’t going to be his day. It was going so well, of course, he should’ve known the moment his laptop started dying things wouldn’t go his way. He sighed and made his way back up the walkway, not daring to see his mother wear her usual smirk. She did it way too often when she knew she was better than him.

“Yes,” he stared at the floor.

“Look at me Katsuki,” she pleaded.

“I don’t want to start shit so early in the goddamn fucking morning,” he growled.

“I won’t if you won’t,” she reasoned.

He looked up at her to see her smiling genuinely while holding his train fare. He took it from her, moving on one foot to the other debating if he should even thank her. He decided not to and ran for it mumbling that he was going to be late but he doubt she heard him. It’d probably come back to bite him in the ass later.


[Next Train leaving for Musutafu in .17 minutes]

Great, he had ten minutes until the next train. He would’ve missed the earlier train either way. At least he didn’t need to rush back home. Looking around he made himself comfortable in a spot away from other morning travellers. Hopefully the cart he was going to be in wouldn’t be too packed. Fishing out his phone he scrolled through forums of the latest news. Unlike Deku who caught up with heroes, Bakugou kept up with taking the safest route to keep himself out of trouble. After the sludge incident, USJ attack, and..that other occurrence… he knew what was best for his mental health. He’d deal with it later after graduation when he was aiming to be at pro-ranks.



“No. Not today. I swear Deku you’re a fucking idiot.”

“I know you’re not feeling well but your mom called mine and told me to go with you on the train,” he mumbled.

Of FUCKING course she did.

“Stay away. Please. I’m begging you,” he turned to the green mophead.

“How about I just stay in the same cart as you but don’t talk to you,” he tried to reason.

“No,” Bakugou wasn’t having it, “you’re making things worse. Leave.”

“What happened yesterday? Aizawa-sensei didn’t come back to class and Iida wouldn’t tell me why.”

So the damn class president knew something.

“I don’t know, I’m not his damn wife,” he rubbed his temples to ease his incoming headache.

“Hmmm.. I think you’re lying Kacchan but I won’t pressure you,” Deku gave him a weak smile.

“You’re the fucking liar here, you’ll ask as soon as we get off this train then stare at me all day until I crack,” he hovered over the greenette making him shrink, “but guess what?”


“You got whip cream on your face,” he pointed out.

“D-dammit Kacchan!” he flushed and rubbed his face to clean it off, “You had me going!”

“Never say that sentence again, I don’t even want to know what you meant by I had you going,” the blonde huffed with a sly smirk.

“Ugh. You’re being weird,” he looked at his feet.

“You’re weirder than me don’t start! I know stare at Uraraka when she isn’t looking, she knows too.”

“I-I do not!” he turned even a darker shade.

“Whatever lets you sleep at night,” he shrugged then got on the train when it came.

Like Deku promised sat on the other side of the train cart. Closing his eyes he listened to the stops go by waiting for it to call out Musutafu. The cart wasn’t crowded so he didn’t bother opening his eyes to keep watch. He was sure Deku would try and play hero anyways. Feeling movement to his left however made him startled. He peaked and was surprised to see Shinsou.

“I’m not here because I think of you as a friend, I’m just trying to avoid Midoriya,” he was munching on a piece of bread that was half burnt while sipping from a galaxy thermos.

“You’re lucky I scared him off earlier,” he eyed the thermos, “What are you drinking?”

“Coffee, black,” he sighed, “I didn’t have time to add any sugar or Cre*p.”

“Sounds like hell and I don’t even drink coffee,” he mirrored a face like the purplette’s.

“Oh believe me it is, I don’t know how edgy people drink this crap,” he chugged down the liquid despite his statement.

“I think it’s the same way you are,” Bakugou laughed, “hey I got another question for you.”


Bakugou looked at him shocked, “How the fuck do you do that?”

He gave the blonde a glare, almost offended, “Do you class A assholes never listen to your teacher?”

“Fuck you, answer the damn question! How did you do that?”

“Sometimes, not all the time, I can read people’s minds,” he licked his lips, “it doesn’t always work as you noticed yesterday. Me assuming you wanted to ask me out. I also don’t always do that without permission but it’s always a great technique to fuck with people.”

“You sneaky bastard,” Bakugou chuckled, feeling impressed.

“I was able to read one thing from your mind yesterday,” he took another sip of his coffee.

“Oh yeah and what’s that? I hate everyone in this fucking school-”

“You think Aizawa is hot with his hair tied up, fucking pervert.”

Bakugou looked at him shocked, embarrassment creeping on his face. He felt the shame drown him from being caught. How the fuck was he supposed to respond to that? It’s not like he could just play it off as if Shinsou was wrong. He already made it too obvious to deny the charges. Bakugou was sure fucking himself in his grave. He could see it now, his tombstone:


{Here lies the pervert of the century}

{Thought his teacher was hot with his hair tied back}



“Bakugou, relax already. I won’t tell, it’s not like it’s weird, plenty of girls fawn over their teachers,” he gave him a cheeky grin.

“Fuck you! I’m not a girl!” he flushed.

“Didn’t say you were but mmkay, why are you making it such a big deal?”

“Because I’m not a pervert, I’m not weird,” he looked down humiliated.

“Hey,” the blonde looked up at him, “Sorry for calling you a pervert, it was unnecessary of me to do that.”

Bakugou was about to burst saying he didn’t need to hear his lies but then he remembered what he said to Shinsou, “I- It’s fine or whatever I guess I deserve it for calling you a freak or whatever.”

“I get that a lot, so it’s whatever too,” he shrugged.

“So what’s your number again?”

Shinsou chuckled and held out his hand, “Give me your phone.”

He fished out the phone from his pocket and handed it over, he watched as the other typed in the number and texted himself, just as he was about to take it back, it was pulled out of his reach. He heard the other boy mumble ‘hold up’ and waited. Finally he took back his phone and read the information.


Pic: <Shinsou with cat nose/whiskers and a cat headband> Name: Freak-EE-Geek

Mobile Number: 090-17X0-XXXX

Home Number: 090-43X1-XXXX

Work Number: 090-23X2-XXXX



Freak-EE-Geek  090-17X0-XXXX (Mobile)




Hey Freak <3 <


> Aww <3

> Hello you bisexual bombshell


“I fucking hate you,” he smirked at the texts, “why did you give me all this information and even add your picture?”

“In case I go missing,” he looked at Bakugou dead serious before cracking a smile, “I’m just pulling your leg, I’m always bored and available so blow me whenever you want.”

“Somehow I feel like that’s not a joke,” he narrowed his eyes but agreed to message him when he wanted.

“Our stop is next let’s go stand by the doors,” he waved him to follow.

“Hello Shinsou!” Deku greeted him when they got there.

“Ugh ah fuck, too loud Midoriya, way too loud for the morning,” he held his head in pain.

“S-sorry,” he looked down then eyed Bakugou, “So Kacchan-”

“What did I fucking say? Leave me alone, I’m not telling you!”

“But it’s not about that, I just wanted to know when you and Shinsou got close,” he tilted his head.

“We’re not,” he rolled his eyes waiting to run when the doors opened.

Shinsou held him back when the doors did, “Midoriya, what’s that on your face?”


“Go to school and leave Bakugou alone. Mind your own business- oh and you have whip cream on your face,” and with that, the mophead of green hair walked away to school.

“Thanks,” Bakugou sighed, “since you seem to keep tabs with Aizawa do you know where he’s at right now?”

“Hmm? Oh I was about to head to his office, we usually hang out with Yamada and Kayama before class starts.”

“Who the fuck is Yamada and Kayama?!” he never once in his life heard anyone with those names.

“What the fuck? Do you deliberately go out of your way to not know anyone’s name? Those are your teachers! Yamada is Present Mic and Kayama is Midnight.”

“I don’t know their actual names, I only know Aizawa’s because he introduced himself that way.” he protested back.

Shinsou only hummed back in response. Their walk to school was peaceful but that might’ve been because it was so early. They made their way through the gate and past the doors. Exchanging their outdoor shoes for their indoor ones, they quickly made their way up the stairs, thankfully there wasn’t a need to climb that many considering they were just first years so the teacher’s office wasn’t too far.

“I’m home and brought brother dearest with,” Shinsou called out as he opened the door and looked around.

“Good morning Hitoshi! Bakugou what are you doing here so early?” Midnight quirked a brow and took a sip from her tea.

“It’s nice to see you two are getting along,” Aizawa yawned and got up from his sleeping bag in the corner, “the coffee is on my table, its made just how you like it.”

“Thank you,” Shinsou sighed and walked into the room.

“Did you need something Bakugou?” Midnight looked at him curiously, “Gasp! Or did you make friends with our dear Hitoshi? Oh Hito honey I’m so glad- ooh~ Could it be that the blonde bombshell of the school has made your heart go Doki Doki? Sweetie, why didn’t you tell me you started to catch feelings?”

Midnight’s cooing was making Bakugou both pissed off and a hot mess. He knew the answer already which kind of bummed him out but if she probed the real answer out of him for Shinsou to tell the truth then he’d be royally screwed over. He wasn’t ready for embarrassment.

“No I asked Bakugou to come,” Aizawa lied with ease, “Follow me.”

“Alright,” he didn’t question his saviour.

He walked out of the office with him and headed towards the infirmary. He made him wait outside and soon realised why, he heard Deku chatting up with Recovery Girl and All Might. He kept as quiet as possible until Aizawa returned with his gym uniform. Keeping the silence they headed to the classroom where the blonde gathered his school bag.

“I’ll open up the locker room so you can collect your uniform,” Aizawa stated.

“Fine by me,” Bakugou followed him once more and collected the rest of his things.

Coming out of the locker room he took note of his teacher leaning up against the wall. His clothes appeared to be wrinkled, his hair looking like it hadn’t been brushed in years, and his skin looking paler than the day before- god who let this man out of the house? Examining him further he noticed his facial expression was neutral but he looked exhausted, after yesterday’s incident he seemed to have aged five years. He felt kind of bad but not as bad when he noticed his nose was bandaged up. Shit. Did he really cause that much damage? Would Aizawa still even consider him into training with Shinsou again?

“Stop blaming yourself for this,” Aizawa sighed, “You’re making me tired of all this weird behaviour. So are you going to take my deal or not?”

A beat.

“Yes sir, if you’ll have me in training again then I’d appreciate it.”

“Good. Now it’s your choice if you want to stick around with Hitoshi, me, and the other two idiots or if you want to head to class. You can go to the library too but that opens up later, I do warn you, you might see Iida in class and most likely the library will not be quiet with the amount of slackers that go there.”

Heh. He cared?

“I’ll stick with Shinsou and you.” he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Okay,” he headed back to the office.

Feeling the need to say something Bakugou spoke up, “So how does that whole me coming to you for my problems work?”

Shit. SHIT SHIT! He didn’t want to bring that up. Why did he fucking say that?

Aizawa turned to him concerned, slowing down his pace, “You could pull me aside if we’re in class, I already told the other teachers if you ask for me to send you to where I’m at. They don’t know your situation so they won’t probe for answers, I made sure of that. If someone is bothering you just get up and walk away, I won’t say anything. The only ones who aren’t so blind are Iida and Yaoyorozu, they don’t know what’s going on with you personally, I just said you need my assistance in something important and to be less on you about your behaviour. Now, they are told to restrain you if you go out of control, but you’ll be hearing less of an ear full from Iida.”

Bakugou was at a loss of words. He never had someone look out for him the way Aizawa was doing with him right now. It made Bakugou feel something. No like literally feel something. Why were his cheeks wet? Was it raining in school? Was there a leak? Or maybe the sprinklers were turned on because he used his quirk somehow without his permission. Shit, why was Aizawa looking at him that way? Why was he coming closer? Why-

Aizawa was hugging him. Aizawa ‘Eraserhead’ Shouta was hugging Bakugou Katsuki, himself, in the middle of the fucking hallway at six in the fucking goddamn morning. Holy shit. This wasn’t real. Nope! Bakugou refused to believe it. He must’ve been having some fucked up dream, now he’d just wait for the nightmare. Yup! That was it. Now how can he wake up?

“Bakugou you’re such an ugly crier,” his teacher chuckled and rubbed the top of his head, “You should cry more often, you hold back so much, it’s not healthy.”

“I-I fucking know that! But I-I don’t w-want- to BE WE-AK!” he sobbed into his teacher's tracksuit.

God he sounded so fucking pathetic. Why was he weak? Why in front of his teacher of all things?

“Even the strongest of us need to cry Bakugou,” he murmured.

“B-but I’m not there yet to- BE able-to cry!” he choked and clung onto him like a child, he felt himself slipping. Shit he’s weak.

“Come on let’s sit on the floor, I’m not holding up your weight,” he chuckled and slid down to the floor bringing Bakugou with.

The blonde cried out for a few more minutes. His big fat tears seemed to have an endless supply. He laughed lightly at the thought of beating Deku in a crying contest. It would probably be a bad thing but he’d prove to the nerd that he was better at his own game. Calming down a bit by the hand rubbing his back, he hiccuped and wiped the tears that were starting to stain his red cheeks. Fuck he probably ruined his makeup. He felt awkward having to ask Aizawa for his again but he didn’t want to suffer from getting stares.

“I left my bag of makeup at home but Hito always has some on hand,” Aizawa muttered, Bakugou looked at him with a mix of shock and confusion making him laugh, “No I do not have mind reading ability like him, I just assumed you needed it.”

“I- Okay, thanks,” he huffed and got up waiting for his teacher to do the same.

Opening the door to teachers office he had him wait by the doors. He looked up to see Shinsou holding a bag of what he assumed his makeup. They quickly made their way into the bathroom where Shinsou fussed over letting Bakugou use his makeup and insisted he’d do it to conserve his precious ‘face paint’. What a weird way to call it. He didn’t put up much of a fight considering he was letting him use it.

He closed his eyes, waiting patiently and let out a sigh of relief when he felt the cool contact of the cold liquid. Shinsou cursed about how poor the bathroom lighting was as he added some setting powder and picked out one of his mascaras. He got close to Bakugou when curling his eyelashes and plumped them up with the dark colour. He told the blonde to close his eyes once more, scolding him at the facial expression he was making. Bakugou groaned of having to keep his face neutral as possible. He lightly jumped at the touch of something poking near his eye. What the fuck was he doing?

“Okay now open your eyes,” Shinsou said happily.

“Why the fuck do you sound so happy-” He was wearing eyeliner. But really good fucking eyeliner. Like his wings were out there! He could fly to the damn sun if he wanted to! Hell, he could fly away from all his problems. Shit! He was using the imported shit from overseas.

“Estée Lauder? Dude that shit costs money, what the fuck!”

“I know but listen. I found it on sale, which would be the normal cost if you’d buy it in America, so I ordered it and they shipped it and I’m fucking happy! So you should be too because fuck your eyeliner looks so good right now! Applaud me dammit!”

Bakugou was amused at how much effort he put into the wings and his speech, deciding to entertain him, he placed a hand on his shoulder, “Nice work Shinsou.”

“I-I..” he looked down at the hand and flushed, “Thanks.”

“What? Not used to praise?”

“No it’s weird,” he shook his head then grabbed his hand, “Come on I want to show you something before class starts. I think you’ll find this just as funny as I do.”

Bakugou followed Shinsou back to the teacher’s office he was curious to see what the freak was up to. Considering they were getting along well he wouldn’t be surprised if they shared the same level of humour. Opening the door quietly both boys peaked into the room. Aizawa appeared to be taking a nap while Midnight was doing his makeup a bit drag-like and Present Mic had taken upon himself to mark the homeroom teachers coffee cup rim in red lipstick adding what seemed to be like salt in substitute of sugar. Bakugou would’ve lost it if Shinsou hadn’t covered his mouth. Had they always done this kind of crap? He must’ve been missing out on a lot if this happened every morning.

“Watch what happens next,” the purplette snickered

The man woke up after being shaken multiple times, Midnight informed him that homeroom would start soon and to get up. A few stretches here and there bone cracking included, Aizawa got off the sofa and made his way to the cup of death. Bakugou felt like he should speak up but he was curious to see the reaction he’d make. One sip, two, and a whole chug later the man looked at his friends confused when they started freaking over the amount of salt he inhaled. The blonde would’ve laughed at their backfired of a prank but his teacher had the corners of his mouth marked making it look like some kind of fucked up clown smile with the drag makeup to clash it. It made him howl with laughter after Aizawa turned to see Shinsou and him at the door.

“Oh fuck! Sensei you got shit on you! Oh fuck my ribs!”

“Bakugou don’t tell him!” Midnight whined and hid behind the other blonde.

Present Mic jumped at the gaze of Aizawa, “He’ll kill me first I should be the one hiding behind you!”

“Rest in pieces homefry, I gotta go!” She ran out the door before Aizawa could even get a hold of her leaving Mic in a corner alone, trapped, ready to be attacked.

“Listen Shouta, it was her idea! She’s the one who added drag onto your face so my idea was way less harsh, I mean all I did was give you a red smile and add salt into your cup- YEEP!”

Aizawa quirk was activated, using the capture weapon he suspended the older blonde into the air and left him dangling over some caltrop. The other let out a distressed whine until his teacher slapped some duct tape over his mouth. Shinsou mumbled about having to leave before class but told him to stay and watch. Taking his advice he stood at the door and waited. Aizawa refilled his cup with fresh coffee and took a good sip then walked over and dumped the hot liquid making the man tied up whine through the tape. Aizawa laughed at his misfortune while scribbling on his face with a permanent marker. Bakugou didn’t know what to think of his teacher showing this kind of behaviour he wanted to laugh but he was too shocked to know he’d do this kind of revenge at this age. This was more like high schooler prank worthy.

“Bakugou help me wipe this off,” he held up a makeup remover wipe.


Quickly rushing to him, Bakugou took the wipe and took his time in removing every mark. It was weird to be this up close but he couldn’t complain, the man had a good musk smell to him, probably from some high-end cologne. Growling at the hair strand in his way the blonde reached up to tuck the hair behind the ear but was stopped when Aizawa held his wrist. He looked at him confused but understood when the man pulled something off his wrist. Waiting for him to tie his hair back the blonde prepared himself for the sight he was about to see. Holy shit. Aizawa looked fucking delicious with his hair back. His face looked bright, his eyes popped more, he seemed to have recently shaved but was earning himself a five o'clock shadow already, his neck was showing off how built he was, shit he was so glad he had his capture weapon off him because it revealed battle scars, Bakugou needed to know where they came from. Examining his face more he pouted at his nose, it was more visible now that it could be the centre of attention. Aizawa broke his gaze by handing him a fresh towelette. Being gentler than before the blonde leaned in closer focusing around the nose with care. He took off what he could and perked up when the first bell rang.

“Go to class, I won’t mark you tardy but I don’t want others to bother you if you come in with me.”

“You sure you don’ need my help? I can help you put your makeup back on.”

“No it’s fine go on ahead.”

The boy nodded leaving the office, he made his way to the classroom and stopped right in front of the door. He had to mentally prepare himself for the questioning of what happened yesterday. He didn’t know who saw him or what they knew or if they even cared but everything inside Bakugou rang ‘BE CAREFUL’. Slowly he opened the door and made his way to his desk like nothing happened. He tried not to flinch when he heard a gasp aimed in his direction but luckily he pulled it off as a reflex to sit in his seat.

“Bakugou you wear makeup?” a voice called out to him

Shit! He forgot Shinsou put wings on him.

“So what of it? I do the same for my hero costume” he grunted.

Mineta snorted, “That’s kind of ga-”

“Hah!?” Bakugou’s head whipped so hard he was lucky he didn’t get whiplash.

“I was joking!” he held up his hand in defence, “Totally joking!”

Turning back around the blonde threw over a bird and tilted his chair back. Fuck him he should’ve checked himself before coming into class. Sensing some movement around the class the blonde braised himself. He could only hope it was his friends and not some idiots who thought they could be bold to bother him. Opening his eyes he saw it was, in fact, his squad.

“What do you want?”

“You look manly dude!” Kirishima was the first to speak up having Sero and Kaminari nod in agreement.

“Yeah, and it’s better than my eyeliner today like no fair!” Ashido crossed her arms, “Can you do mine?”

“I didn’t do this to myself.”


“What?! Then who did? They did an awesome job that’s for sure!” Kaminari came in close pointing his finger at the wing.

“You don’t know ‘em,” he growled and slapped the other blonde’s hand away.

“Can you at least tell us if they go to this school dude? We didn’t know you had other friends.”

“They’re not my friend,” he wasn’t technically lying Shinsou did say they weren’t even if they were starting to act like it.

“That doesn’t answer my question,” Sero huffed and crossed his arms.


“Bakubro-” their chatter was cut off by Iida insisting they take a seat before Aizawa came in.

Right on queue the man entered the classroom. Everyone gasped at him no doubt it was because of his nose bandaged up and lack of a capture weapon or it was probably because of the hair tied back. The air was filled with whispers, some even daring to ask him how did this happen or if he was okay, even Iida was stunned. Deciding to help him out Bakugou got up and greeted the man with the morning routine. He was rewarded back by a good morning from him. Sitting down the blonde smirked at the attention he received for acting like nothing was wrong.

“Since yesterday’s homeroom was held by Midnight I assume no progress was made. Oh and I am aware of you wandering the halls Kaminari, you’re banned from bathroom breaks for a week,” the homeroom teacher smirked.

“It’s not fair! I went to the bathroom and then next thing I knew I was in the classroom holding Doc McPee-” Bakugou let out an unholy screech followed by a few students groaning in disgust by the name, “AND!!! Midnight was in front of me like this,” he made a face.

“Ah yes, the face of disappointment. I see it’s grown on her,” Aizawa muttered with an amused look.

“What a mood in this ch*li’s tonight,” Sero mumbled and backhanded Kaminari in the head.

“Squad Dad is still disappointed in me,” the blonde sniffled and wiped his fake tear.

“Okay but are we just going to ignore the fact that Aizawa-sensei has busted up nose right now?” Jirou lifted her hand in the direction of the man in question.

“Or the fact that he doesn’t have his capture weapon on him?”

“What about him walking in with his quirk activated?!”

“Quiet!!!” Aizawa boomed quirk activating but someone dared to mutter a sassy remark.

“It’s less intimidating when your quirk doesn't affect some of us..” it was Hagakure.

“He said quiet you fucking idiots!” Bakugou let out a few sparks making everyone shut their mouth.

Aizawa sighed running his hands over his face being mindful to not blink, “Is everyone quiet now?”


“Good. One more outburst and you all will be getting detention, now today we’ll be taking notes for your test next Monday. We have today and tomorrow to take notes so be wise and pay attention. I’m not going to go over this again with you.”

The class continued as usual but the students still felt the need to side eye Bakugou every once in a while then shift their eyes towards their teacher. It made Bakugou irritated but he couldn’t really complain when he knew Aizawa wouldn’t give him detention for yelling at them and then the class would really stare more. Deciding to repress the feeling he focused back on notes. He noticed every time his teacher would double tap on a certain line he’d make his line of view in Bakugou’s direction it was a strange signal but he took it as a ‘write this down this is really on the test’. Once class started to come to a close the man stopped writing and faced the students.

“Present Mic will most likely be late coming in today, I suggest you all be as loud as you can today with him. I give you my full permission to leave the class- not you Kaminari,” the other blonde groaned, “and wander the halls all you like and if a teacher approaches you, you say Present Mic told you so. Same with Midnight's class time.”

Bakugou snorted, “Fucking petty...”

“What was that Bakugou?”

“Nothin’” he looked away trying to hide his smirk.

“Anyways,” the bell rang, “Have fun in English!”

The class fell into a silence all eyes pointed at the door, Aizawa had been smiling the whole time while giving them permission to be disruptive in class. To everyone but the blonde it was unsettling. No one knew their teacher could be this expressive when suggesting rude behaviour. To them it must’ve felt like there was some kind of consequence or hidden meaning. Knowing it was coming, the boy prepared himself for the on slot of questions from his friends and classmates he’d never talked to.

“Kacchan what was that?” Deku mumbled behind him.

“Hah!?” He decided to play dumb.

“Don’t deny that you know something...”  Sero crossed his arms giving him the disappointed dad look.

“Or that you stood up for Aizawa-sensei!” Jirou pushed her seat out.

“Don’t forget that he said something and Aizawa-sensei didn’t give him detention for it!” Mineta jumped out of his seat.

Shit. The stupid grape stain was going to get him in trouble.

“Look! I just wanted to continue class alright! You idiots could’ve rationed our time for notes!”

“As vulgar as that statement is, I am glad Bakugou was able to gather us all back into remembering why we are all here,” Iida pushed up his glasses and smiled towards the blonde.

Bakugou grunted back, he didn’t need that from the classes president, it was annoying and weird.. Feeling his eye twitch the blonde settled to playing with his pencil as a distraction, all chatter in the background continued as normal and no eye felt like drifting onto him. Letting his mind wander the boy fell into a relaxed state. It wasn’t until the classroom door opened where everything fell silent. Present Mic strode in avoiding everyone's gaze, he still had permanent marker etched into his skin, his hair was soaked in coffee, and his wrists looked red. The blonde found it funny when the teacher jumped at the sight of him.

Clearing his throat he spoke in a calm voice, “Morning young listeners. Today we’re going to learn words that are about love. Are you ready? ” he finger gunned the class.

“Holy shit,” Bakugou snorted and covered his mouth.

“Bakugou please don’t do this to me,” Mic whined.

“What the fuck is going here?” Jirou erupted.

“Language!” Iida stressed.


The day went by quicker than Bakugou realised. By the time it was lunch the blonde found himself grateful considering he was starving. Passing up the line for Lunch Rush he sat in the back of the cafeteria waiting for the others. He grew used to eating with friends after they kept approaching him no matter where he sat in the cafeteria. After noticing their patterns he decided that they were a loud group so it was best to sit in the back. Plus, with the number of scandalous comments they made it would've probably sent Iida to the emergency room.

“Hey bro,” Kirishima was the first to come to the table.

“Hey,” he muttered and took his plate the redhead had brought for him.

“Someone's hungry,” Kaminari slammed on his other side making Bakugou growl at him.

“Watch it!”

“Sorry,” he laughed then shoved a hamburger into his mouth.

Bakugou grimaced, “Please eat with your mouth closed and don't forget to chew this time.”

The other just shrugged and kept on eating whining when Sero scooped up his meal away.

He looked at the burger with unappealing stare, “Listen to Baku, you had us scared last week! You're lucky he knew how to do the Heimlich manoeuvre.”

“Fine! I'll be careful now please let me eat I'm starving!”

“We all are sweetie,” Mina was the last to sit, taking her place across from Bakugou, “I'm so happy ‘Rush finally brought in okra to go with my natto and rice!”

“Told you all you had to do was ask,” the blonde muttered.

“Alright we get it, always listen to you,” Kaminari stuck his tongue out.

“Dude close your mouth!” Kirishima whined pointing his meat at him.

“You guys have no manners! Kiri put the chopsticks down!”

“You all are complete idiots! Where the fuck is earjack!”

“She's sitting with Momo today-”

“Goddammit! The only one who can help me keep sane at this table!” He slammed his hand down.

The group laughed at him because they all knew it wasn't true. He loved their quirkiness even though he'd never admit it. He'd do anything for them and they'd do anything for him, it's why they clicked as a group even if it was odd. Others would be drawn towards them but it mainly consisted of the five sitting at the table. This was why the next question was answered so smoothly.

“Hey Bakubro,” Kirishima put his chopsticks down, “Can we study with you this weekend?”

“You mean you want me to teach you idiots?”

“Dude,” Kaminari threw a fry at him.

Bakugou only chuckled while nodding, “Sure whatever just bring snacks because I'm not letting you escape like last time in taking three hours to get a pack of gummy bears-”

“It was stuck in the machine Sero can even vouch for us,” Mina kicked him lightly under the table whining.

“I will not vouch because you got me stuck trying to get it for you- like seriously I thought my whole arm was going to come off! It was scary!”

“And you all want to become heroes. All Might help us all.”