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Playing with Fire

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Much like a stray, Dabi came and went as he pleased. There was no rhyme or reason to his intermittent visits and no discernible schedule that I could use to predict when he would show up next. He floated in on the coattails of the full moon more often than not, but by the next morning he was always gone. No doubt off to terrorize the streets in typical Tom cat fashion and perhaps find someone else willing to toss him a few scraps.


This arrangement suited me just fine as I had my own life to live, my own set of problems that demanded attention above a nomadic criminal, and since he never asked for anything besides a warm bed to share, I was happy to invite him in. Of course the underlying threat of danger was always present, lurking just below the surface of each and every rendezvous, but it didn't particularly bother me. While certainly a little rough around the edges, Dabi wasn't half the disturbed psychopath his appearance implied and he was actually rather charming in his own right. I wasn't going to invite him out to a five star restaurant any time soon, but the man was fully capable of holding a decent conversation and he'd proven himself quite intelligent on multiple occasions. I had to give him credit for that, if nothing else.


What I didn't have to give him credit for though was his penchant for scaring me half to death every single time he showed up on my doorstep (something he clearly reveled in) and tonight was no different.


I was on my way home after a long day at work when he shuffled out of an alley just down the road from my apartment building, his footsteps practically silent. The convenience store bag dangling from my hand rustled loudly when I came to an abrupt halt and I couldn't seem to keep my expression neutral enough to hide the fact that he'd startled me. Naturally Dabi caught on almost immediately, he always did, and he smiled at me through the gloom of night.


“You're out past your bedtime.”


“Oh?” I countered snidely, trying to calm my anxiously pounding heart. “Are you keeping tabs on me now?”


He didn't look particularly bothered by my sass as he gave his broad shoulders an apathetic shrug. “And if I was?”


I snorted derisively at that. “I could call the police, for starters.”


It was an empty threat and we both knew that, but our seemingly random encounters always called for a bit of banter. True to script, Dabi promptly laughed at my bluff and when I stepped into motion again he followed hot on the heels of my shadow.


“If you were going to get the cops involved, you would have done that a long time ago.”


It was my turn to shrug now. “It's never too late for a change of heart.”


His only response was a raspy snicker that sent shivers racing up and down my spine but I was loathe to give him any more of a reaction than that. After all, he knew just as well as I did how tonight would end and I had every intention of making him work for it.


Rather than playing hard to get, it would be more accurate to call our little game one of cat and mouse. The bottom line was always the same regardless of what path we took to get there – it was the one reliable thing you could always count on in this farce of a relationship – but I wasn't about to just hand that over. No matter how badly I craved his touch, needed it more than anything else in that moment, I was still a little too proud to throw myself at him and if that bothered Dabi, he certainly didn't show it. Ever undeterred, he met me head on without fail and he always seemed to strike at the most opportune moment when I'd inevitably let my guard down. So the fewer openings I gave him, the longer this bizarre strain of foreplay could drag on and the more satisfying the conclusion would eventually be.


“By the way,” He said lightly, and I couldn't miss the taunting lilt in his voice if I'd wanted to. “You look absolutely ravishing this evening.”


“I'm quite sure.” I rolled my eyes even though he couldn't see it. “A dress suit and messy hair. I always knew you were a kinky bastard.”


I heard Dabi scoff behind me and then the tall tell tickle of fingers danced across my backside, making me tense up in surprise. “I don't know about all that, but your ass looks great in this tight little skirt. You should wear it for me more often.”


Frowning, I turned to look over my shoulder and somehow I wasn't at all surprised by the smug smirk gracing his scarred features. “If you're gonna' make special requests then you'll have to start sending calling cards from now on. I can't get all dolled up if I don't know when you're coming.”


Cocking a thin brow at that, Dabi tilted his head to one side in a curious manner. “If you want me to send you a love letter, all you've got to do is ask. There's no reason to beat around the bush like this.”


“That's not what I meant and you know it!”


My cheeks felt hot in the cool night air as I swung back around and stomped my way up the stairs to the second floor of my apartment building with Dabi chuckling as he trailed after me. He seemed to be in a particularly feisty mood this evening which, although a bit uncharacteristic of him, was not an entirely unwelcome turn of events. I could only fathom that something good must have happened before he came looking for me, maybe that was what inspired this impromptu visit in the first place, and I hastily fumbled to get my key out.


“Seriously though,” I murmured. “If you'd just give me a call or something, I'd really appreciate it. I know you like to scare the shit out of me every time you come around but it would be nice to have a heads up.”


“Yeah, yeah. I hear you.” Dabi grumbled and my ears pricked at the slightest hint of irritation edging his voice. “I'll figure out something for next time. Just hurry up with the door before someone sees me and calls the cops.”


Practically shaking with anticipation, I slid the key into the lock before shooting him a sidelong glance. “I thought that threat didn't work on you.”


He sneered at me viciously in response, his kerosene blue eyes glinting dangerously in the dark. “Only when its coming from you.”


“Oh -”


I turned the doorknob with a click of the latch and Dabi suddenly lurched into motion. He slammed into me with what felt like all of his weight, not even giving me enough time to comprehend what was happening, and we stumbled through the door as it swung open. Everything happened in a blur of motion and sound, my plastic bag hitting the floor in a crumpled heap at the same time that the door smacked into the wall. Then I was falling before I could even attempt to catch myself. Completely knocked off balance, there was nothing I could do to stop it, especially not when it felt like the world had been snatched right out from under my feet. Inertia went bottoms up and rolled over itself as I went down like a sack of bricks but, much to my surprise, Dabi managed to snag my arm in that split second of chaos. With more strength than was really necessary, he jerked me upright and slammed me against the wall hard enough that I caught the sound of plaster cracking and I winced with a startled gasp.


“H-hey!” I squawked, indignant, but that was all the protest he allowed me to vocalize.


The hard lines and edges of Dabi's body pressed into me as he shuffled close until we were flush together and I was effectively pinned. My breath hitched when the woodsy smell of a forest fire, caustic and malicious, swarmed my senses like an insidious fog. It left me dazed and disoriented, and I was frozen to the spot when he brought his face close to mine with a sinister grin splitting his mouth wide open. He reminded me a little too much of a sneering jack-o-lantern in that moment and I found myself gulping dryly as I eyed him cautiously from just a scant few inches away.


“I thought you'd be happier to see me than this,” He said, low and quiet and a little too dangerous for my liking. “But you seem to be in quite the mood today. You usually don't don't nag me quite this much. You'll start sounding like my mother at this rate.”


“Fuck you.”


“That's the plan, isn't it?” Dabi's smile only grew larger at that, the pinched skin along his cheeks and under his eyes wrinkling over itself. “But if you're always this grumpy after work then you should just quit and let me take care of you. I'd make sure it was worth your while.”


I clicked my teeth and quickly turned my head away when he leaned in to start to nibbling at the side of my neck. He knew how to play me like a violin, that was damn sure, but I wasn't down for the count just yet.


“What, and be stuck with you for the rest of my life? Thanks, but I'll pass.”


He laughed in response, lifting his head just enough to speak again and I shivered when the singed flesh that made up the lower half of his jaw brushed against my skin. “Oh, don't be like that. You know you'd enjoy every minute of it.”


Despite my best attempts to keep my legs clamped shut, Dabi managed to wiggle his knee between them and, with a rough jostle, he forced them wide apart. I seethed in response, bringing my hands up to fist in the front of his shirt as he hitched his thigh up into my cunt to tauntingly tease and rub me in slow, sure motions. That my body was eagerly betraying me by reacting to the crude ministrations only served to fluster me even more and I sucked in a hissing breath through my teeth.


“Dabi ...”


“Hmm?” He took a slow, tentative breath and whispered against my jaw in that sickeningly attractive voice of his. “I always make sure to leave you sore and satisfied, don't I?”


I bit down on my bottom lip to silence the traitorous sounds already forming in my throat, struggling to keep my composure in the face of his overly confident actions. It was incredibly, tortuously hard when I wanted nothing more than to give myself over to him but I had an ego to maintain here. He wouldn't see me roll over in submission any time soon if I had a say in the matter.


“I think you might be giving yourself a little too much credit.” I grit out, forcing myself to meet his poisonous gaze head on when he lifted his head to regard me through the shadows. “Humility must not be a strong suit of yours, huh? Maybe your mom should have nagged you about that a little more.”


Dabi chortled at that, his sparse brows rising in mock surprise as he cocked his knee so high that I was forced to go up onto my tiptoes with a soft groan. “You don't even care that I could kill you right here and now, do you?”


“You won't.” I said, leering at him viciously as I quoted his earlier statement almost word for word. “If you were going to kill me, you would have done that already. Besides,” I simpered and arched my back, pressing my chest into his and Dabi tensed at the contact, though his eyes did not stray from mine for so much as a mere a second. “Lets be serious, babe. You haven't even fucked me yet and I don't think you'd waste you're own time like that.”


A bark of laughter burst forth from his skeleton mouth and he shook his head as he leaned in to purr against the side of my face with all the charm and toxicity of an oil spill. “Ooh, aren't you just the little spitfire tonight.” Dabi practically spat against my cheek, making me flinch, but I was determined to stand my ground. “I can't wait to tear you in half and see just how much that attitude of yours changes.”


“I'd like to see you try it.” I whispered, further balling my hands into his shirt, but I grew still again when I realized that I wasn't sure if I wanted to shove him away or yank him even closer. Quite the conundrum indeed.


Softly laughing, Dabi placed his hands on my shoulders and traced a threatening path along the column of my neck in silent threat. I found myself trembling against him – shaking in need as much as in fear – and his thumbs brushed along the edge of my jaw as he hooked his long, cadaverous fingers under the curve of my skull in taunting slow motion.


“You don't have to worry about that.” He told me on a menacing hiss of an exhale as he pried my head off the wall and pulled me towards his face. “I never make promises that I can't keep.”


There wasn't a single part of me that doubted him on that. In fact, I was quite certain he meant every word with brutal honesty and the underlying threat there was certainly every bit as real as I perceived it to be.


However as he closed the distance between us with a subdued sort of aggression, his azure eyes practically glowing like a smoldering bonfire that had grown wild and out of control, I knew that I just did not care about any of that. Whether it was from a faulty sense of self preservation or perhaps a deep seated need to push myself to the absolute breaking point, it was hard to say. Either way, my lashes fluttered against my cheeks when I closed my eyes and the only thing I was aware of in the next moment was the sear of his lips against mine.


Dabi kissed me with a voracious hunger and his fingers tightened around my skull as if to keep me in place though that hardly seemed necessary when I was already clinging to him in volatile desperation. All of the need which had accumulated since his last visit came crashing up to the surface and what little self control I'd used to maintain my earlier bravado sunk like a rock into the depths of a bottomless ocean. Like some kind of half starved animal, I opened my mouth wide as if to swallow him whole and I pawed at every inch of him I could reach. The leathery bumps and divots along his neck, the delightfully broad shoulders that almost felt fragile under my fingers, the bony expanse of his chest. All of it. I needed all of that with overwhelming urgency and he met my hasty advances with equal fervor.


Pinching the skin just behind my ear so that my mouth fell open in a quiet moan, Dabi slipped his tongue past my teeth to lather mine with attention. I titled my head in response, allowing him to reach even deeper inside, and I felt his lips curl against mine in satisfaction. He know this was a mere game just as much as I did – he likely always had – and it seemed that he took just as much satisfaction from it as I did. Our tongues swirled in a heated dance that appeared to mimic our seduction tango right down to the point where he overpowered me just as easily as ever. Meanwhile his hands were busy yanking at my work clothes, trying to feel the skin just below the soft cotton and growing yet even more hasty when he couldn't find any purchase. He growled into my mouth, sounding for all the world like a rabid panther as he gave the suit jacket a vicious tug that resulted in the sound of snapping thread.


My adrenaline was already pounding hard enough to make my head hurt and I gave him a rough push to shove him away but my tight hold on his shirt kept us connected. Dabi stumbled only once, his dagger like fingers digging into both sides of my ribs as he peered down at me through the darkness in the foyer. A split second passed between us like that and then I shoved myself off the wall, slamming into him and effectively pinning against the opposite side. Our lips slammed together again and we resumed our heated kissing from just a moment ago as we worked at one anothers clothes.


His black jacket was the first item to be discarded, but only because it was easy to get off his thin frame. Mine followed a scant few seconds later and not without the sound of clattering buttons hitting the hardwood floor when he jerked it open before forcing it back over my shoulders. I couldn't help but whine against his mouth when he roughly jostled me back a step, forcing me to release my hold on his white t-shirt in the process, but I slammed back into him the second the blazer came off.


“That's more like it,” Dabi murmured, glowering down at me as he snatched my arms in a pinching grip to stop me from climbing him like tree. “There's the good girl who always keeps me coming back for more. I knew you'd warm up quickly enough.”


“Stop talking.” I said, breathless and hot. The game was over. Now it was time for action. “You're a lot cuter when you don't talk, y'know that?”


“Hmm? Is that a fact?”


Licking his charred lips hungrily, Dabi used his hold on my wrists to push me into motion and I was helpless to stop it as I stepped backwards into the rest of the apartment under his guidance. He was much taller than me on those long legs of his and our gait was a bit awkward as a result but he refused to relent until I suddenly found myself standing in the threshold of the kitchen. It was only then that he allowed his hands to find my hips, tracing a sure path across the band of my skirt until he found the button and zipper tucked off to the side. With a too forceful snap of his wrist, the latter came crashing down at the same time that he attached his mouth to the side of my neck again. Groaning, I allowed my own hands to explore the lengths of his war torn arms and I paid special attention to his biceps while he worked on inching the skirt down over my ass. Our limbs were a tangled mess at this point and it was suddenly incredibly hard to figure out where one of us stopped and the other began but I was already well on my way to the heights of euphoria. The only thing I could bring myself to care about was the sensation of his scab-like skin brushing mine and how I needed to feel more.


“It's true.” I told him on a sultry exhale, groaning when he bit down on the juncture between my neck and shoulder. “You've always got something smart to say. Its like … ngh. Like you think you're hot shit or something.”


The flutter of fabric sounded loud in the otherwise silent apartment when my skirt hit the floor and then Dabi was burying his face into my hair. One of his hands snaked around my shoulders to tangle in the messy bun at the back of my head, locking me against him with iron like strength, while the other forcibly wedged itself between our bodies. I couldn't stop myself from tensing when his spidery fingers found the waistband of my panties and slipped inside with an eager wickedness that seared the skin along my pelvis.


“You trying to tell me that I'm not?” He asked lightly, the smooth tone of his voice a jarring contradiction to the way his index finger unceremoniously delved between the folds of my labia to tease my clit. “I didn't think that was a matter of opinion, baby face. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong though.”


My mouth fell open in a silent scream as he drew crude circles around the sensitive nub, practically trying to grind it out of existence by the feel of it, but I was helpless to do anything except blindly stare at the far wall. With my hips involuntarily bucking and my knees shaking under my weight, I was as good as putty in Dabi's hands. He knew this all too well and it delighted him to no end, as evidenced by the way he laughed against the outer shell of my ear.


“What? Nothing else to say? I thought you were just full of opinions tonight.”


It was a struggle to find the inner strength necessary to dig my nails into his arm and try to push him away but I somehow managed. The fact he only backed off by a mere millimeter hardly seemed to matter when it allotted me enough space to angle my hips away from the onslaught of his attention. I was going to come undone if I didn't put a stop to it now, it already felt like I was right on the brink. He was driving me insane and there was nothing I could do about it.


“I thought I told you to shut up already.” I whispered, as tense as an over tuned chord, and I looked up at him through the fall of my lashes with a carnal smile firmly in place. “You know what I want to be full of right now. Don't make me wait any longer.”


Dabi hummed appreciatively as he wiggled his hand free of my underwear before bringing it up to my face. His haunting blue eyes bore into mine with a unique sort of mischievous intensity I'd never seen anyone else capable of conveying. When he pressed the pad of his index finger to my bottom lip, I obediently stuck my tongue out to lap the digit clean and I held Dabi's gaze as I littered his skin with kitten licks, basking in the taste of my own arousal mixed with the bitter flavor of his hand. When I finally closed my mouth around the offered finger and started to suck, he released a slithery groan from deep in the back of his throat that made my loins curl.


“Ask and you shall receive.” Dabi grinned, all arrogant confidence and villainously seductive.


I took a moment to swirl my tongue around his fingertip, lathering it in saliva before releasing him with an audible pop that sounded earth shatteringly loud in the heat of the moment.


“Please, Dabi.” A steadying breath and then, “Please fuck me.”


Dark lashes fluttered closed for a brief moment as he moaned again, a little louder this time, and the need was apparent in his jerky motions as he cupped my face with both hands. Tilting my head back, Dabi kissed me just as hard as he did the first time before pushing me into motion again. I clung to him as we blindly backed up until my ass hit the island counter that took up more than half of my tiny kitchen. In a matter of seconds, he'd grabbed my hips and hefted me up to perch on the ledge, and I eagerly wrapped my legs around his thin waist to pull him in close. The overwhelming heat straining through the front of his pants pressed into me tight as he settled between my thighs. I gasped at the sensation, breaking apart the union of our lips in the process, and he took the opportunity to nip at the corner of my mouth.


My fingers twisted in the fabric of his shirt as I desperately grinded my clothed sex against him, panting in my overwhelming need to feel skin on skin contact. Dabi was clearly on the same page as me though and when he found the hem of my panties again, this time hooking those long digits of his under the waistband and shoving them down, I helpfully lifted my hips up off the counter. He hummed against the side of my face in anticipation, not even pausing long enough to untangle the panties from my ankles when they caught on my heels. Instead he merely took my calves in both palms and shoved me onto my back with a startled groan on my part.


Balling my hands into fists, I pushed up on my elbows and looked down the length of my own body just in time to watch him duck his head between my thighs. Dabi's mouth attacked my clit with a ravenous hunger that made me jolt at the sudden contact and my legs jerked uselessly in the air. Seething through my teeth, I wiggled helplessly against the counter top while he lapped at me like one would an ice cream cone, enthusiastically mapping the entire length of my slit with his tongue. From the top to the bottom, pausing just long enough to suckle at the erogenous button and make me gasp, he repeated the process over and over. His spindly fingers dug into the backside of my thighs, effectively keeping them bent up in the air, but when he decided that the position was no longer good enough, he effortlessly pinned my knees down to my chest. I was completely exposed like this, and just as powerless as ever, and I trembled uncontrollably as he continued to earnestly lick every inch of my pussy.




That singed mouth of his curled against my sex and if I was in my right mind at the moment, I would've told him to wipe the smug smirk off his face. But I wasn't, so all I could do was lay there and take it until something finally gave. Either he would eat me out to completion or he would eventually deem me well lubricated enough to continue on to the main act. I wasn't sure which option I would've preferred when both were so sinfully satisfying in their own right and I writhed breathlessly underneath him while my fingers fumbled for purchase on the smooth counter.


“Just give it up already.” Dabi murmured, the sound of his voice muffled by the meat of my pussy. “Just say you'll be my pet and come with me. It'll be fun.” As if to emphasize his point, he paused to slurp my clit up between his lips and I went ramrod stiff with a hoarse gasp. “I promise. It'll never be a dull moment.”


“I believe you!” I groaned, a little louder than I'd intended, as I reached down to blindly latch onto his hands.


He groaned into my cunt, his hot breath wafting over all the accumulated slick to make me realize just how drenched in arousal I actually was. “Then you'll do it? Will you actually throw everything away for someone like me?”


My body clenched on itself and spasmed when the first waves of molten lava roiled through my stomach to leave me practically wheezing. Just the thought of doing something like that, joining a ruthless vagabond for a future of crime and mayhem, excited me more than I would ever care to admit. The danger, the adrenaline, the high stakes. All of the possibilities crashed into me like solid sheet of ice and I quivered hard enough to make my bones ache while I clung to what little I could reach of him as if my life depended on it. I could barely breathe let alone think straight and he wanted to have this conversation now?


“You know I can't do that!” I blurted out in a noticeably higher octave than normal. The effect he was having on me, physically and mentally alike, was undeniable. I wouldn't have been able to hide it anyway but it was especially hard when he buried up to his nose in my pussy.


He clicked his teeth, a little too close to my clit for comfort, and I jumped in surprise. “You're not scared are you?”


Looking for all the world like a corpse rising from its grave, Dabi came up off my cunt with a near wild look in his hooded eyes. He straightened up to his full height and stared down at me with such an impassively cruel look that it was almost hard to believe we were in the middle of having sex just a moment ago. I eyed him uncertainty, secretly glad for the reprieve on my cunt, and when I tried to move my legs he refused to let up on the pressure keeping them pinned to my chest. Fighting down the urge to scoff, I fixed him with a less than impressed frown that I hoped got my point across.


“If I was scared then I wouldn't be fucking a villain right now, would I?”


Dabi regarded me in silence for a long moment before finally issuing a curt sigh that made his shoulders pop. “Then why?”


“Because I've worked too hard for what I've got.” I told him honestly, squirming slightly under his intense gaze. “It might not be much, but I've earned it. I'm sure it would be fun running the streets with you but I've put in too much effort to flush it all down the toilet. Why do you care so much anyway? Its not like I'm a hardened criminal or anything. Surely you could find a better partner than me?”


To my surprise, his expression softened just a pinch and his lips curled in amusement as he leaned over me. His hands slid out from behind my knees in favor of taking hold of my waist in a pinching tight grip, but the weight of his body pressing into me kept my legs bent like a pretzel. Despite all the warning bells going off in my head, I quickly reached up to wrap my arms around his neck and Dabi chuckled darkly as his face came to a hovering stop over mine.


“You don't even realize what a good villain you'd make, do you?” It was a statement more than a question, but I found myself shaking my head anyway. Maybe it was more out of denial than outright rejection to the notion but regardless of the reasoning, he offered me a rueful little grin as he nuzzled my nose with his. “I can just see it now. The two of us becoming the king and queen of the underworld. We'd make a great team, y'know? But I guess if you'd rather stay in this boring life you've managed to eke out for yourself, then I can't exactly force you.”


Exhaling a rather forlorn breath, Dabi started to stand up straight again and this time he used his hold on my waist to drag me with him. He pulled me straight to the edge and, without so much as a pause, yanked my ass right off the counter with a rough jerk. I yelped in surprise, clutching at him wildly in a vain attempt to keep myself off the linoleum below but it was a lost cause. My legs crumpled under me the second my feet hit the floor and I half collapsed against him in an inelegant mess of tangled limbs. His sturdy arms were the only thing that kept me somewhat upright and, not missing a beat, he half spun me around and slammed me against the kitchen island so that my upper body was splayed across the surface.


“Hey!” I squawked indignantly, already trying to push myself back up.


That effort proved utterly futile when Dabi unceremoniously grabbed one of my legs and yanked it up into the air at an angle that left me whimpering. He closed the distance between us yet again as he threw my foot over his shoulder, keeping the limb pinned between our bodies as he reached down with one hand to unfasten his slacks. His other took a bruising grip on my shoulder to keep me still while he worked at releasing his cock from its confines. Gritting my teeth in anticipation as well as against the pain of this uncomfortable position he'd trapped me in, I reached back with the hand that wasn't stuck underneath me to fist my fingers in the sleeve of his shirt.


“Are you finally done running your mouth, you piece of shit?” I snarled heatedly, giving him a rough yank to make him speed things up a little bit. He'd already wasted enough time with all that yammering and I was done waiting. I didn't really care if he was being serious about the proposition to join him or if it was just an exciting new addition to our usual games, but whatever it was could wait until we'd both gotten off.


Dabi laughed at my impatience just moments before I caught the sound of his zipper slowly descending in the sexually tense air. It sent my body into overdrive immediately and I trembled against the counter with a soft moan as my sight started to slip out of focus. I was practically vibrating in need at this point and I jerked hard when I felt the smooth head of his cock slide threateningly across the length of my slit. My cunt clenched tight as I pushed back into him, blindly seeking the release I knew he could provide me, but I only groaned in disappointment when it skittered uselessly against my slick folds.


“You sure like to talk a big game for someone whose about to be screaming their head off.” He tsk'ed rather offhandedly but the current of amusement just below the surface was unmistakable. This whole thing really was nothing but a game to him, the little bastard.


I took a breath to tell him exactly where he could shove that opinion but he didn't allow me to utter so much as a syllable. With a single, solid thrust of his thin hips, Dabi's cock shoved its way inside my waiting my body and I threw my head back with a half broken cry when the delicious burn made my toes curl. All it took was another little push and he was sheathed down to the hilt with the front of his body flush against mine. The awkward position made him feel absolutely huge inside of me and I released a low, keening moan when I realized that he was going in at the perfect angle to absolutely break me in half. My pussy was already throbbing with the overwhelming heat of release thanks to the interrupted oral just a few minutes ago and I wasn't so sure how long I'd last like this.


With him pressing tight into my g-spot like he was, I'd wager that it probably wouldn't be long at all.


Now that our bodies were sealed together, he was free to let his hands roam and wander they did. Both of them found the front of my shirt which he took two big fistfuls of before promptly tearing it open with a violent clatter of buttons flying through the kitchen. I gasped in hot surprise as I turned my attention downward to watch him grab at the cups of my bra and yank them down under my breasts which bounced at the forcefulness of the action.


“Dabi!” I all but wailed, clenching down on his cock with a vice like grip when he roughly palmed my chest.


“Keep screaming. Just like that.” He commanded in a tensely hoarse voice as he started to fuck me, slowly at first, but his pace quickly increased with each passing second. “Let all of your neighbors know whose destroying you right now. I want the whole block to hear you tonight!”


Anything I may have had to say in response to that was quickly drowned out in the pleasured gasps and groans spilling freely from my mouth. The sound of skin on skin rose up in the air to join the cacophony of squelching wet noises as he worked himself up into a frenzy, ramming into me over and over again. I couldn't even see straight as I weakly pushed back into him by using the counter as leverage but Dabi seemed more than content to do all the work. Just as I'd predicted, he slammed my g-spot with each and every push and pull, and all I could seem to do was cry out in abandon. It felt so good to finally feel his body heaving against mine after so long apart that I felt the sting of tears in the corners of my eyes and it didn't take me long at all to reach the edge of oblivion. I'd already been so worked up and wound tight that it was really no surprise all, but I still clutched at him desperately when the pressure inside my loins started to swell. Like a tsunami wave, it reached a little higher with each rolling swell until it finally piqued in a mind numbing explosion that left me wildly jerking against him.


Dabi grunted over me as I rode out the intense orgasm, just screaming his name over and over again, and the longer my pussy spasmed around him the harder he seemed to fuck me. Even when I started to come down from the blurry heights of euphoria, he still refused to stop and I whimpered in over stimulated sensitivity. The sensation of my pussy juices dribbling down the inside of my thigh left me trembling uncontrollably while my voice grew gradually more and more hoarse as I continued to cry out with each thrust. He really was trying to break me in half, I realized with startling clarity, and I loved every second of it.


The minutes seemed to stretch on for hours as he fucked me damn near into a satiated coma and it was only when I felt his long fingers curl around my neck did I startle back to reality. Chest heaving, I cracked my eyes open to look at Dabi as he pushed up just under my chin and a wheezing gasp escaped me when he effectively cut off my air supply. Trying to arch my back in this awkward position proved damn near impossible and I was left with no other choice but to squirm against him while the rhythm of his thrusts started to falter. My head was getting fuzzy as I stared blankly up at his sweat drenched face as he worked me over towards his own completion and I was so far gone that at first I almost didn't realize when he'd finally piqued.


Hot seed spilled deep inside my aching pussy, splattering the convulsing walls and permanently marking me as his. Dabi didn't immediately release me though and I was just starting to wonder in a far off kind of way if he was actually going to kill me right then and there on the island counter when he abruptly yanked his hand off my neck. My senses were instantly overwhelmed with a flood of stimuli as I sucked in a ragged breath and, before I even realized what was happening, my body rocked with another orgasm that left me wailing up at the ceiling. It was ten times more powerful than the first and it seemed to drag on forever to the point of near discomfort but, after what seemed like an eternity to my sore body, the waves of pleasure finally started to die down and subside to a comfortable after glow.


As I came down from the high a panting, groaning mess, I glanced up at Dabi to find him leaning over me, just watching. I tried to school my expression into a frown but he merely offered me a lopsided grin before ever so slowly backing off and his softening cock slipped out of me with a fresh wave of fluid hot on its trail. I couldn't help but wince at the searingly warm semen dripping down my leg and I collapsed, boneless, onto the counter.






I was in heaven with a veritable demon who ever so gently eased my numb foot down to the ground and I would've laughed at the absurdity if I'd had the presence of mind to do so.


“Are you sure you wont change your mind?” Dabi asked after a long moment of silence and I tensed when he draped himself against my back, folding his arms against the counter so I was caged between them. “You really don't want to come with me?”


“Dabi,” I sighed, trying to find the strength to stand up and push him away but failing. “For the last time, the answer is no. Drop it.”


I heard him snicker quietly in response and then the sensation of his nose nuzzling the side of my head brought my attention up. He was grinning, just like I knew he would be, yet it didn't particularly bother me in that moment. Against my better judgment, I returned his smile with a sly little smirk of my own as I pushed myself up onto my elbows to get a better look at his fiendishly handsome face.


“Haven't you ever been told to let sleeping does lie?” I asked coyly.


He shrugged, docking his chin on my shoulder with a rather aloof sigh that seemed to imply he was bracing himself for yet more nagging on my part. “Maybe I have, maybe I haven't. But you're not asleep though.” A mischievous smirk to match the impish glimmer in his eyes. “Nor are you a dog.”


“How flattering.” I rolled my eyes, turning in his arms so that our chests were pressed together and I could fix him with a lascivious grin. “My point was that things are fine just the way they are. Why try to fix what isn't broken? You come visit me whenever you want,” I leaned in and caught his rough lips in a slow, tender kiss which he eagerly leaned into but I was quick to pull away. “And I'll make you breakfast if you promise not to leave at the crack of dawn. How does that sound?”


Dabi snorted, though he couldn't quite seem to get the bemused smile curling his lips under control. “I think that sounds like a deal. What are you making?”


“What about pancakes?” I asked, giggling to myself.


It seemed that stray cats could be tamed with the right persuasion after all.