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I want others to know our story

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The most painful moment is when you are standing in front of the coffin with your beloved one, laying lifeless, yet surprisingly calm. But it's even more painful when you have to listen to someone else speaking for you.
Jisoo was standing still, proud like he a good solider should, but the way that Jeonghan looked made him sick. His face peaceful, eyes closed instead squeezed shut, his outfit finally clean and the blood wiped away, all the bruises on the pale unbothered face almost vanished. Yet he still remembered that moment when he lost the love of his life. Tears burning his eyes, but he couldn't let any of them slip, a good solider was supposed to hold back emotions. They lost a lot of good men that day. It was hell, just few of them came back barely breathing. How much would Jisoo give to forget that moment when he noticed that his beloved stopped running behind him. Instead, he was laying on the ground, facing the mud. His heart stopped beating, everything stopped. It was unfair, the one in the coffin should be him. Not Jeonghan.
When he was told that someone could tell a  "goodbye note" he wished it would be him. But other people knew. They knew who Jeonghan was for Jisoo. And they did everything to not make it happen. He ended up listening to someone speaking instead of him and telling ugly, made up truth. Listening to things that never happen, seeing an almost unknown person wiping away tears like it was him who lost the love of their life. But they didn't.
Little did they know that Jisoo didn't want to stay quiet anymore. He didn't want their story to be forgotten. Even if it meant that he would have to pay with his reputation or even life.