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Never Mind Love

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It was the sixth time this week that Seokjin entered the shared flat and smelled something heavenly. He got rid of his coat - it was still extremely cold even though it was already may - and shoes and made his way to the kitchen, where his flatmate Hoseok stood with an apron on. His red curly hair sparkled in the kitchen light  and the smile he send his food could light up the whole house. Breathtaking as always.

Seokjin stepped closer to look into the pot on the stove and saw some kind of stew that looked extremely delicious.

“Hey, hyung!”, Hoseok greeted with a big smile and a short hug. “I’m almost done, can you get the plates?”

“Of course”, the older answered and moved to the shelves to get two plates, glasses, and cutlery. After putting everything on the table Hoseok brought the pot over and set it down in front of them. The two boys sat down and started to eat, Seokjin almost letting out a moan after taking the first spoon of stew into his mouth. He didn’t know what the younger had put in there but he didn’t care because it was perfect.

“How was your day, hyung?”

“Exhausting, we have this new intern on set and he managed to break a camera so we had to refilm half of the scene today. I swear I could sleep for 48 hours straight.”

“Oh damn, that sounds tiring. How about we watch a movie after dinner so you can relax?”

Seokjin felt warmth explode in his chest while butterflies filled his stomach. Why did his flatmate have to be so perfect?

“I would love that.”


After they finished dinner and cleaned up they settled on the couch in their shared living room and put in a movie to watch. They decided on Kingsman .

30 minutes into the movie Hoseok suddenly stood up and walked into the kitchen. Seokjin heard him rummage through the fridge and some drawers. When he came back and sat down he had a big bowl of cookie dough ice cream in his hands together with two spoons. He handed Seokjin one of the spoons and put the bowl between them for them to dig in.

It was how he wanted to spend his evening everyday. A movie, ice cream, and his unfairly great flatmate next to him. He should talk to Hoseok about it, and he would. At some point. Probably. Maybe. He wasn’t sure and he didn’t want to risk what they had. Hoseok was the best flatmate and friend Seokjin had ever had. He was considerate, clean, and could cook. And a lot more, but Seokjin tried hard to concentrate on the movie and not his endlessly long list of Reasons To Love Jung Hoseok .

But just when he thought it couldn’t get any better, the younger put the bowl and the spoons on the small table in front of them and crawled over the couch to sit behind Seokjin.

Before the older could even ask what was going on Hoseok started to massage his shoulders.

This time Seokjin couldn’t hold back the sound of pleasure, his muscles too sore and in need of the kneading that was happening. Hoseok knew exactly what he was doing and Seokjin felt himself melt under his touch. It didn’t take long for him to become a small puddle of goo on their couch, mentally completely gone.

“Is that good?”

“It’s perfect, please don’t ever stop”, Seokjin muttered barely coherent while his flatmate chuckled amused. It was over too soon and the older complained, whining and begging, but Hoseok just wrapped his arms around him and pulled him close to watch the rest of the movie.


When the credits rolled Seokjin knew he had to get up was was entirely too tired and comfortable to do so.

“Hyung, you need to go to bed and sleep.”

“I can’t move, though.”

“You are lazy.”

“I had a very exhausting day, show some pity.”

“You’re such a drama queen!”, Hoseok laughed and detangled himself from the mess f limbs they had become in the last hour.

“Should I carry you to bed, princess?”

“I thought I was a queen?”

“Queen then. So?”

Seokjin just nodded and let himself be lifted into the dancers arms. He carried the older to his room and carefully set him down to tuck him in.

“I swear to God, Hobi, you need to stop being so nice to me.”

“But I care about you too much, hyung.”

“It’s very rude of you to make me fall in love with you. Inconsiderate, really.”

“Not what you had in mind?”

“No, so inconvenient.”

“I’m not sorry, though, hyung.”

“Me neither.”

Hoseok lay down next to Seokjin and cuddled up to his side.

“Goodnight, hyung. Love you.”

“Goodnight, love you, too.”

“You better be taking me out to a date tomorrow to make it up to me.”

“Whatever you want, hyung.”