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Primrose Path

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Primrose Path.

Phrase: the pursuit of pleasure, especially when it is seen to bring disastrous consequences...






You had heard about Central City and their metahuman phenomenon, but seeing a person’s abilities with your own two eyes is the most amazing thing you’ve ever witnessed.

When you'd watched the reports on the news before moving here, they only ever showed the dangers of metahumans and the ones who decided to try and bring this city to its knees.

But your first encounter is nothing like that.

You almost drench your poor flower pot stationed outside your flower shop, Primrose Path, when you see your first metahuman. The man is rugged and dirty with tattered clothes. You assume he’s homeless, and offer a kind smile. He returns it, then takes notice of the begonia display drooping - a cause of the relentless summer sun. The man reaches for a petal, and instantly at the contact, the flower blooms back to life in full colour. You stand there mesmerized. It's an utterly incredible gift, the power of restoration, right there at this man's fingertips.

“My goodness, thank you, Sir-”

“-Stand back, Miss!” hollers an authoritative voice. When you turn, you see a tall, blond, and well-groomed police officer who is taking cautious steps towards the man, acting as though he's just threatened your life rather than give assistance to your flowers. His hand is readily on his gun in his holster. You start to panic.

“No, no, really officer! I’m fine, he-”

“Get inside to safety, now!” he shouts. You drop your watering can and the contents spill all across the sidewalk. There’s no reason to be afraid, but the tone of the officer’s words themselves is what’s most frightening. You heed his orders and run into your flower shop. The very second you close the door, the officer clamps a pair of rather heavy duty handcuffs on the man, who is now hanging his head, and reads him his rights.

But even though muffled behind the glass, it sounds as if this metahuman, this man who did no wrong, has none.




Harry ends his call, sighing heavily as he sinks back down at his desk. Papers litter the glass plane, all regarding new projects and current ones to be approved for Scientific and Technological Advanced Research Laboratories - or S.T.A.R. Labs - utilization.

Tossing his own phone aside, his hand smooths over one of the documents in front of him. He presses his lips into a thin line, anger culminating inside him from the phone call. He takes a small gadget from the corner of his desk and hurls it to the other side of the room. The device shatters when it smashes against the wall.

Frustrated, that's what he is. Annoyed, about to go ballistic - a volcano preparing to erupt and spread fiery lava at any second.

There’s a brief, firm knock at his office door.

"What?" he snaps, one hand rubbing his temple while his other hand grips the arm of his chair. The door opens and a man puts his head around it, looking a little anxious at the tone of his boss' voice.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, Sir, but we've just had news that one of the vacant shops has been occupied by someone no one seems to have heard of. Apparently they’re from out of town. It's only two blocks away and... Well, we thought you should know."

Harry's eyes narrow at the lower-rank man, adjusting his posture so that an elbow is propped on the armrest of his chair while his chin sits in the middle of his palm. He looks at the timid employee for a few seconds, with a dangerous storm brewing in his glare. The younger man swallows, palms sweaty as he avoids doing any sort of action to piss off the dark-haired scientist.

"I'll deal with it," Harry grumbles through gritted teeth, bitter rage still boiling within him from the previous and unsuccessful phone conversation. The blond goon senses that his boss is feeling extremely prickly at the moment and simply moves forward, placing a piece of paper with the address of the new tenant on the edge of the desk. Turning, he leaves in a hurry without any further words so as to not poke the bear.

Two blocks away? That was awfully close. Somewhere for someone new to get near to him, threaten him in his own territory.

Harry stands, walking over to the large window which overlooks the city below him. This is his city, and he'll be damned if someone tries to make a move to change that. He grabs his gun and strides through the company building, holding an antagonistic expression and glaring at anyone who dares look him in the eye.

Outside, the sun is up in the middle of the vast blue sky, signalling that it’s midday. The city bustles with noise as people chatter through the streets and birds chirp from tree to tree. If anything, the city-life only fuels Harry’s bellicose mood as the world around him seems to experience ecstasy and bliss while he has to address a current complication on his territory.

Harry continues his war-path through the populous streets, weaving through the gaps in the crowds to arrive at the now occupied property. His hand instinctively touches the cool metal of his concealed gun behind him, slender fingers at the ready to pull out the firearm if necessary.

Danger, an anomaly, or another bastard seeking to do away with his work - Harry’s prepared to show whoever the hell set foot on his property just who owns Central City.

What Harry doesn’t expect is coming face to face with… potted plants? An array of flowers that sit within tiny, terracotta pots… He blinks, reading the sign above, Primrose Path, thinking this is some sort of prank or front.

Is this really a floral shop?

Outside the quaint business sit several baskets of brightly coloured flowers, leading up to the door where beyond it, lay more and more crates of blooms all over the interior of the shop. And that's when Harry first hears your voice come from just inside the door.

"Six pink roses and a selection of white flowers to fill it out, wasn’t it? Oh, I’m sure that’ll make a wonderful display. Your mother is going to love it!"

Maybe Harry wasn’t as prepared as he thought.

The tenderness of your voice was definitely something he didn't expect. In fact, it rather takes him aback. Harry ducks and steps out of the way of the window so he wouldn’t be spotted, casting a glance at this new ‘resident’. Oddly enough though, when he catches sight of you, his fingers go limp from clutching his weapon. A weird, warm feeling courses through him as his eyes scan what they can from where he currently stands. It must be his gut warning him of something. With eyebrows knitting together, Harry figures he should go about this with caution.

He observes you with the customer, who had supposedly said something humorous because Harry hears you giggle and sees you covering your mouth. Your eyes crinkle in this adorable way that makes his stomach flip.

“Damn... she’s cute,” he mutters while hiding behind a hanging plant, peeking in through the window once more. He watches you for a few minutes, interacting with the customer and arranging a recent delivery of stock in your new premises. Your bright smile is utterly captivating and Harry finds the corner of his mouth turn up in a tiny smile as he looks at you. You couldn't be a threat, surely? No one that sweet would be trying to challenge him.

You let out another radiant laugh before Harry decides it’s time to leave. At the moment, he doesn’t consider you a risk or even a potential enemy in the future. Sometimes the property he owned was just a prime piece of real estate for someone to open a business. He has a hard time remembering that not everyone in this world has it in for him.

His hands bury into his pants pockets, still unable to wipe his smile away. He walks back to his company with the bell-like sound of your voice replaying in his head. The image of yourself has been burned into his mind.

"I'll come back and deal with this later," he whispers to himself, now registering how dry his throat had become.

He’ll deal with it... just not in the way he initially thought.




Ding ding!

You can’t stop the little gasp that escapes you when you see who it is walking through your door.

Since the event with the cop and the metahuman outside your shop, you’d been researching the creation and rise of the metahumans, and all of your reading seemed to culminate around the man now standing at the counter in your inconsequential little shop; one of the most famous, or maybe infamous, people in the city.

Doctor Harrison Wells.

From what you’d read, the man was a mystery, wrapped up in an enigma, wrapped up in a suit. A rather gorgeous, designer suit at that.

Several articles you’d found linked back to the War of the Americas and Harrison Wells’ name was prominently featured within them. He’d been discharged at the end of the war with a commendation and an award for bravery, though you hadn’t been able to find what it had been an award for. But now he seems to be seen more as a war-hero-turned-mad-scientist who had seen fit to turn this city upside down for his own gain as no one in Central City seemed to know what he and his team were working on in the high-rise S.T.A.R Labs building.

But despite much of this mockery and antagonism towards him, he had never been challenged to stop his work. He was a force to be reckoned with, and woe betides anyone who got in his way.

The rumours surrounding him seemed to go from the sublime to the ridiculous and you could not work out which, if any, were actually true. People said that since the war, there was a dark, underworld-type nature of most of his business that no one particularly wanted to talk about. He seemed to exude an aura of fear to the people of this city.

He apparently owned property in virtually every block, knew how to pay off the right people to get him what he needed and had a reputation of being able to… effectively deal with those who refused. The gossip all said that he dealt in the shadows, manipulating those small gangs in the criminal underworld to create the biggest empire the city had ever seen. Which, despite the mayor and elected officials, left Harrison Wells as the undisputed king of all of it.

But you couldn’t bring yourself to believe any of it. A man awarded such an honour during his service surely wouldn’t then come home to terrorize his own city. He was just another businessman, trying to make his way in a corporate world and people wanted to demonize him for his success.

Which brings you to the current hitch in your breath as the rumoured secret King of Central City lays a small bundle of bright blue flowers on your counter. His dark hair is messy, like he’s been running his hands through it, nothing like the styled pictures on the covers of magazines you’d seen. You notice his piercing blue eyes study you as you watch him. It’s hard not to be captivated by his handsome features but you force yourself to be professional again when he speaks.

“Hi there,” he says.

“H-hello,” you reply timidly. “Is this everything for you, today?”

“It is, thank you.” You ring in the bundle and tell him the cost. Harrison Wells slides a few bills across the flat surface to you, which you then place into the cash register. “Have a nice day...”

You offer your name at his hesitation and notice a slight tug in the upper corner of his mouth.

“(Y/N)... beautiful name.” You can’t hold back an uncontrollable, bright smile at his compliment. He doesn’t seem so scary. Harrison Wells turns to leave, but without his purchase.

“Uh, Sir? You forgot your flowers.”

“I didn’t forget,” the man says with a wink, leaving the shop as the door jingles when he exits. You pick up the pretty blue bundle of flowers and finally process their name.




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Much to your surprise, Harrison returns every day for the next week to Primrose Path, and every time he does, the butterflies in your stomach grow. He appears to like to come see you in the early afternoon, always dressed sharp, and chats you up while the store is quiet.

But the best part? The best part is when Harrison purchases a new kind of flower at the end of his visits, each time leaving it on the counter for you before he goes. Although, part of you worries what a man like him could be after with you, the other part can’t help but feel giddy every time you see him.

The front door jingles, and no surprise, it’s the ever dashing Harrison Wells, precisely on time. You happen to be tending to some potted plants in the middle of the store and you turn to welcome him. He greets you with one of his dreamy smiles.

“Hello!” you say, lively, “How are you today?”

His smile seems to brighten at your own happy mood as he comes a little further inside. "I'm very well, thank you," he says as he peruses the flowers. "All the better for seeing that smile," he adds with a little wink which makes you dip your head in embarrassment. He is most definitely flirting with you. Your heart skips a beat at that thought and you proceed to tend to the peonies and lilies that are carefully placed in the damp, but freshly-soiled pots. Fingers dancing over the fuchsia petals of the peonies, you start to water the compact flower with your watering pail in hopes of maybe distracting yourself from how elevated your heart seems to have gotten. Harrison saunters over to the table that you stand at, hands in shoved in his black pants pockets. He curiously watches you tend to your plants.

When you finish up with the peonies and lilies, you carry your amethyst-coloured pail and amble to another table on the other side of your shop to see if the camellias have started to bud or not. Harrison follows you.

"How's your day?" he starts, breaking the silence that had enveloped the shop, as you cascade water onto the flourishing ruby-red buds.

“Oh, it’s great... especially now.”

Did I really just say that? I’m totally flirting back with this man!

“I mean, now that, um, now that... I have you as an extra pair of hands! Would you mind terribly helping me carry these little guys over here?” Harrison smiles almost knowingly and quirks his eyebrow slightly but nods and assists you in moving the flowers across to the other side of the room to a set of shelves.

"They're wonderful," he says gently when you've re-homed them, his fingertips ghosting over the petals. "I’m not particularly knowledgeable when it comes to flowers, but you seem like you take good care of them."

"I do," you say merrily and accidentally meet his magnetic eyes. You have to look back to the blooming flowers that sit in front of you on the centre mahogany table.

Clearing your throat, you explain, "They're unique like people. Each has a certain preference and unique meaning. Kind of like how the people we meet hold a special meaning in our lives when we allow them in... especially if they manage to captivate the heart." You mumble the latter part more to yourself, turning your back to him and checking the shrubs that hang close to the glass-paned area of your shop.

"Yeah..." he trails off in a low voice. You’re unaware that he's staring at you until you subtly catch him doing so. You walk away from the shelves to the table in the middle of the room to rearrange a few more pots and some signage. Harrison follows you yet again, walking with his hands clasped behind his back.

“Do you have a favourite?”

“I mean, that’s like asking who’s your favourite child!” you exclaim.

"If you had to choose?" he pushes, standing across the table from you, that cheeky smile on his face. You take a breath and look thoughtful for a second.

"Well, it's a little cliché, but I really do love roses," you say as you sort through some cute pots. "But lilies and sweet peas have always caught my attention too..." He nods his head, seeming truly invested in your interests.

“And have you always wanted to be a florist? You run a wonderful small business, here. Do you have to go to a sort of flower school to get to where you are?”

You giggle at his words, biting your lower lip. "No, I didn't always want to do this, but sometimes things happen for a reason, right?"

He looks thoughtful about that for a second, nodding again.

“I couldn’t agree more.” You and he share a brief look. You might feel a little lightheaded. But then, you stop and wonder… You turn back to what you’re doing in order to stop trying to look into his eyes.

“I'm sorry, but surely someone like you has more to be doing with his time than just talking to me…?” You’re so confused because he must be so busy, and yet he’s staying and making small talk with you, of all people.

“Well, ‘someone like me’ has the luxury of being able to dictate his own schedule, so I'd say I have plenty of time.”

“And you’re choosing to spend your time with little ol’ me?” you joke. “My, I must be very lucky.”

"I am most definitely the lucky one," he replies, which makes you glance up at him before you take a flustered little gasp and go back over to the counter because you're not sure how much more of this man's complimenting you can take without squealing out loud.

Sure enough, Harrison follows you there, too.

“I’d like to make an order, please,” he says. You pull out your notepad and pen, looking at him expectantly with a smile.

“What’ll it be?”

“A bundle of lilies, sweet peas, and a single rose.”

Your eyes go wide for a split second because he really had been listening to you...

You slowly scribble the order down (not that you really need to...) and look up at him again.

"And would you like to come and pick that up or is there somewhere I can send it?" you ask a little hesitantly, wondering if you have entirely the wrong idea here. This is where he tells you it's for his girlfriend or wife and he was just seeking your expertise .

“I’ll pick them up. It’ll be another excuse to drop by and see you.” Your hand goes to your warming cheek, embarrassed by his sweetness. No, definitely not misreading this ...

“Oh, well then... um, how will you be pa-” Harrison slides some bills across the counter and his hand happens to brush yours.

Sparks .

You notice the amount he has given you. “This is... this is far too much! Here-” you try to hand back the extra bills, but he pushes your hand back and folds your fingers over the notes by enclosing your hand in his. You're incapable of giving him back the money now and mostly because all of your thoughts have just flown out of your head due to the way his hand is touching yours.

“An investment,” he whispers. Pulling out a black calling card from his pocket, Harrison hands it to you. “This is for you to, you know, call me.”

“When your flowers are ready?”

“Sure, that too.” He makes his way to the door and gives a little wave and a wink, and when he finally leaves, you find yourself breathing again. The effect that man has on you is completely astounding. And you find yourself instantly putting together his order, just because you can't wait to see him again. You're so unhappy when you're set back by a day because you find you have to order new lilies in before you can finish it that you give yourself a mental talking to. Because he's only a guy … But a very attractive guy who'd been flirting with you…

He gives you this feeling inside like you’re going to fly away up to the clouds. You might need to hold onto something.

You rub your thumb over the calling card, his name and number engraved in gold letters. You cannot wait to call this number.

So, after your delivery the next day, you diligently put your little arrangement together, filling it out a little with gypsophila and placing a single rose stem in the middle of the bunch. You finish it off by tying a white ribbon around the stems to match the flowers. You are sure it is some of your best work, though that may very well have had something to do with the customer…

Your fingers legitimately shake as you’re about to call Harrison. This is ridiculous! There’s nothing to it! You call people every day to let them know about their orders. The other side rings once, twice, three times... oh, my heart!

“Wells, here.”

“H-hi, Harrison? It’s um, it’s (Y/N), calling about your order. It’s all ready for you to pick up.”

"(Y/N)... That was very efficient of you. It's only been two days..."

You can hear the smirk in his voice and can almost picture the way he's just raised his eyebrow. It takes you a second to remember that you have to say something back.

"Oh yeah... Yeah, well it hasn’t been terribly busy this week... there aren’t any weddings or big events to prepare for yet and things… I mean, I’m still just a new shop..." You're rambling now. Why are you rambling? You clear your throat, snapping yourself out of it.

“So anyway, whenever you’re ready to pick them up is fine. I close at six today.”

"Alright then. I'll see you later today."

"Okay," you reply quietly, unable to keep the smile out of your voice, "bye for now." You hang up and immediately let out a deep and longing sigh. Looking around the shop, you make sure there aren’t any customers around who could have heard that. Now you’ll be anticipating his arrival all day, probably jumping every time the bell on the door dings. More so than usual, anyway.

But you don’t have to wait too long as a little after lunchtime, the bell rings and Harrison walks in wearing a particularly nice suit which has your eyes raking up and down his body. You shake your head to clear the thoughts away as he approaches the counter.

“I believe I have an order to pick up?”

“Yes, you do, it’s right here.” You hand him the beautifully done up arrangement and Harrison makes a sound of admiration.

“You are a talent, you really are,” he says. You blush at his words, running your hand through your hair.

"Thank you," you reply, glancing at him and the way he's still admiring the flowers.

“I apologize for potentially sounding too forward, but would you like to join me for dinner after work?”

“No- I mean no , you’re not being too forward. Because yes! I’d very much like to join you. Yes. ” You’re a mess. A total mess. And this guy still seems to like you? It’s some kind of miracle, really.

He smiles, a big, genuine one, at your enthusiasm and seeing that only makes you smile wider. If that were even possible.

"You said you close at six?" You nod quickly. "How about I pick you up at half past seven? To give you some time?"

"That sounds perfect," you reply.

“Perfect,” he echoes. “Meet here?” You nod in reply because if you open your mouth you’d squeal for sure.

“See you then.” You wiggle your fingers goodbye to him and Harrison waves back. As soon as he's gone you do a little twirl as you finally squeal to yourself. You have a date. An actual honest-to-God date with Harrison Wells no less. You're smiling so much that you don't think you're going to be able to stop and at least five of your customers during the afternoon comment on your evident happiness.

Like your best customer, a little elderly lady. She had come in not long after Harrison left and commented on your extra sunny disposition.

“Someone’s looking chipper today!” she had said. “There’s someone special in life, isn’t there?” You didn’t want to give away too much so you just shrugged and smiled slyly.


You're practically buzzing by the time you're ready to leave for the evening and since it's so quiet towards the end of the day, you close up twenty minutes early so that you can go and get ready.

When you get back to your apartment, you fly towards your closet and try to choose which will be the best outfit to wear to make the best impression on Harrison. You must try on nearly half your clothes before you find something you’re happy with.

Finally settling on the one - a deep purple halter dress at mid-thigh length - you’re almost ready to meet him back at the shop. A few little touch ups here and there and voilà !

You grab your purse and head out again, walking the few blocks back to your shop and by the time you reach it, it's seven-twenty. Time to spare.

You stand, looking at your phone for a few minutes and at seven-thirty on the dot, a fancy black car rolls up and Harrison gets out of the rear door and gives you a little wave. He’s dressed in this gorgeous black dress shirt, blazer, and trousers, fitting him like a dream. On top of all that, he dons a pair of smart looking glasses. You’re getting a little weak in the knees just taking him all in.

“Hi,” you say, smiling like a loon.

"Hi there," he replies, coming to stand in front of you. You're half proud, half bashful at the way he's looking you up and down as he approaches. "You look... breathtaking," he manages to get out as you tuck a strand of hair behind your ear and avert your gaze a little at the compliment.

“Thank you. And you look, I mean, wow .” You gesture with your hand to him. Harrison brings forth the bouquet arrangement of the flowers you did up for him earlier.

“Now, these look strangely familiar!”

He puts a hand out for you, which you take. “Shall we?” he asks with a grin, then helps you into the vehicle.

“So where are we going tonight?” you ask as you get comfortable in the back of the car.

“One of my favourite places, you’ll love it,” Harrison promises. A short ride later, you find yourselves outside one of Central City’s most expensive hotel’s restaurant and bar. Only no one else is in the place when you step through the entrance doors.

“Where is everyone?” you wonder aloud.

“I took the liberty of reserving the venue for the two of us tonight. Much quieter this way. No distractions.”

You knew Harrison had power, money, and connections in Central City, but it’s really only hitting you now. You can barely believe what he's done for you and tell him as much.

"Well, I thought it would be nice, just the two of us," he says, pulling out your chair for you as you sit down. "It reminds me of spending time in your shop."

He takes the seat opposite and gives you one of those gorgeous smiles.

“My shop isn’t anywhere near as fancy as this…” you say, motioning with your hand to the restaurant, still a little overwhelmed by this gesture.

"Yes, but this is so worth it. Anything is, really, if it means I get to see and spend some time with your delightful self," he answers, taking your hand and holding it as if you were made of delicate china. He watches you for any sign of uncomfortableness at his touch, but you just smile. “Are you hungry? We can get some food out here.”

“Starving,” you reply, as you remember you hadn’t eaten anything since lunchtime.

Harrison smiles, beckoning for one of the staff members to come over. A waiter immediately shuffles to your table and takes your orders, before heading to the kitchen and leaving you both time to chat freely. The mood in the room feels so comforting and serene, even if you did feel the occasional wave of excitable jitters. Harrison’s eyes flick to you a few times, a small grin gracing his features.

"What?" you ask, quirking an eyebrow at him and setting your glass of water down.

"I'm just so glad that you agreed to come out with me," he tells you with a bashful smile. "Not many people enjoy my company."

You give him a shy smile. "Well, I happen to find you incredibly charming and enjoy your company very much." You give his hand a light squeeze in reassurance.

You talk some more as a pianist starts to serenade you from the side of the room while you wait for your food to arrive.

"Care for a dance?" Harrison asks, raising an eyebrow at you, accompanied by an upward curve of his lips.

You chew on the inside of your cheek at his suggestion. "Oh, I don't know, I don't think I can dance..." you use as an excuse with a sheepish smile, waving the idea off a bit. You really don't want to embarrass yourself in front of him, especially when you think he might actually be into you. First date and you two seem to hit it off. Making a fool of yourself is the last thing on your to-do list this evening.

"Then I'll teach you." He takes your right hand in his larger one, feeling an instant warmth, and escorts you out of your chair and onto the empty floor.

He brings you close, his hand going to gently rest on your waist as you place yours on his arm.

"There's nothing to it, you just follow my lead, okay?" he says, a glint in his eye. You nod and he takes a small step forward, so you mirror and take one back. He counts the beat for you and soon you're slowly waltzing around the floor in time to the music. At one point you stumble, but Harrison catches you, helping you regain your balance as you laugh nervously. You ease into the sway of the dance, gazing up at him.

"See? You're getting the hang of it," Harrison says with a small, proud grin.

"Even though I stumbled a bit," you reply diffidently.

"Well, in my own experiences, you have to stumble and struggle to succeed, especially in life."

"Wise words," you reply slowly. You're completely enraptured by his blue eyes for a few seconds and you're both only broken away from each other's gaze by the waiter addressing you to inform you both that the food was ready.

You tear yourself away from his eyes as he leads you back to your table as the plates are placed in front of you.

“Now, I hope you don’t mind me asking,” you start, trying to figure out how to pose your forthcoming question.

“I’m sure I won’t.”

“How old are you, exactly?”

Of course, when he tells you, a little sound of amusement escapes you. Harrison tilts his head.

“What’s so funny?”

“It’s just that I’ve never heard someone lie about being older than they are before! There’s no way.”

At that remark, your age-defying date pulls out his wallet and opens it to show you his driver’s licence. He wasn’t lying…

“I am so sorry,” you apologize, “You- you don’t look your age. Like, at all.”

“It’s fine,” he replies graciously. Harry takes a sip of his water as you continue to blather on.

“Honestly, how are you still single?” you ask, which sends Harrison into a coughing fit, evidently catching him off guard mid-drink.

“You ask quite the questions,” he notes, once he regains his breath. “I suppose… I just haven’t really connected with anyone. Not in a very long time, that is. And work does tend to get in the way of pursuing a relationship.”

You consider this thoughtfully as you both start your delicious meals and you start up the conversation again.

"So, speaking of work, you know all about mine, but what about you and S.T.A.R. Labs? That must be exciting."

"You don't know the half of it," he says with a smile that says he knows something you don't, but you let it slide. "It's good work, we have a lot going on. I’m not sure if you know this, but I’m a scientist."

“I’ve heard things.”

“All good, I hope.”

You simply take a sip of your own drink in response.

You finish your delectable meal, having snuck many secret glances at each other the entire time, and when you finally had locked gazes, you had noticed a strange twinkle evident in his eyes.

By the end of the evening, you're content and utterly smitten with Harrison. There’s no denying it. From the way he had looked at you from across the table, to how he carried on the conversation comfortably and asked you almost everything there was to learn about you. The light teasing and entertaining stories that you two engaged in and even the way he held you during your dance made your world stand still. It was as if the universe had brought you two together - puzzle pieces completing each other.

He takes your hand and leads you outside to his car, opening the door for you.

"After you, my lady," he says with a wink and a kind grin on his face.

"Why thank you, kind sir," you say as you do a little curtsy before stepping into the car. He walks around to his side and takes the spot beside you on the leather seats, your hands gingerly finding each other's and fingers automatically lacing together as the driver started driving away from the lavish restaurant.

"Will you let me take you home? I wouldn't feel right leaving you at the shop to walk and it’d be awfully rude of me to do so," Harrison says.

"Oh yeah," you reply, suddenly remembering that he doesn't know where your apartment is. You give the address and Harrison signals to the driver to follow your instructions, giving you a smile from beside you.

The car ride is enveloped in tranquil silence. You repeatedly tuck a stray strand of hair behind your ear, unable to stop the heat from spreading on your cheeks and how your stomach will not cease doing back-flips because this date, this evening together, and Harrison alone … It just seems too good to be true.

The dark-haired CEO gives your hand a slight squeeze, which shifts your attention from the outside nightlife cast through the window back to him. He gives you an adoring look.

You’re so enchanted by Harrison beside you, you don’t even realize when the car eventually pulls up to your apartment. Your date exits the vehicle and helps you out, walks you to your door with his hands stuffed in his pockets.

“I had such a great time,” you tell him shyly.

"So did I," he agrees, "I hope we can do it again...?"

You can tell by his expression that he feels like he's hedging his bets but you don't even hesitate.

"I'd love to, I really would." You give him another beaming smile and see his brighten too.

"I'll stop by the shop again soon, then?" For a man who seems to exude confidence, he strikes you as really unsure of himself right now.

"I can't wait," you tell him. You both stand awkwardly in front of each other, unsure of what to do or say next.

"Um..." you say quietly, more to yourself than him.


You chew on your bottom lip. Gathering up enough courage, you lean up to the towering man and peck the corner of his mouth. Your face feels hot and tingly. Before Harrison can respond, or even think of responding, you break away and hurriedly head inside your home, your precious flower bundle in tow, having an almost-meltdown when you close the door.

Emphasis on melt .

You peek through the peephole to see Harrison standing there frozen, his own face growing light pink. He starts to rub his mouth with his hand and trying to keep his smile hidden from no one in particular.

You turn and rest against the door and your heart feels like it's going to beat right out of your chest because that man is everything you could possibly dream of and more. You’re finding it hard to believe he could be caught up in anything remotely sketchy. Sure, he’s a little tight-lipped about the specifics of his work, but what big-time company man isn’t? He’s nothing but a perfect man in your eyes and you honestly can't wait for him to come back to the shop so that you can see him again.

Chapter Text


You spin on your heels when you hear the door open. After your incredible date the night before, you expect Harrison to stride through the door, dressed in another one of those slick suits of his you love so much. However, you’re disappointed to find one of his bodyguards enter in his place.

“Good afternoon!” you greet him as you would any customer, “What can I do for you today?”

“Doctor Wells sends his apologies, ma’am,” says the man. “He is unfortunately too busy to make it in today.”

“Oh…” you say, unable to keep the disappointment from showing up in your expression and voice.

“But he sends his regards,” the large man adds, handing you a red carnation - admiration - and a neatly folded note.



I’m very sorry to say that I will be unable

to attend our daily rendezvous today as

I must oversee an important business

matter. Regardless, I will still be thinking

of you…

x H.W.


You smile at his words and run your thumb over his initials at the bottom before suddenly remembering that the man is still standing there.

“One second,” you say, pulling your notepad from the pocket of your apron and beginning to pen your own little note.

You tell Harrison that it’s okay that he couldn’t make it, you know he’s very busy, and you truly enjoyed the previous evening and wanted nothing more than to do it again. You try to keep the urgency to see him again out of your tone because the last thing you want to appear is desperate. You finish it off by giving him your own phone number, as you had rung him on the phone in the shop the last time, and tell him to call you.

You bite your lip lightly as you look around to find something to give him in return for the flower. You instantly spot the roses off to one side and smile as you take one with an unopened bud from the bucket and cut the stem to only a couple of inches. You then turn back to the man in front of you, who had been patiently waiting for you to finish what you were doing.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name,” you say.

“It’s Matthew, ma’am.”

“Well, Matthew, I know you probably have more important things to be doing than passing on notes, but would you possibly give these to Harrison for me?”

You hold out the folded paper and the rosebud while smiling hopefully. The man returns it with his own small smile, taking the items from you.

“Of course, ma’am,” he replies before turning to leave. “Have a good day.”

“You too,” you say as he exits the shop.




True to his word, Matthew delivers your note and flower to Harry as soon as his schedule of back to back meetings with the Board of Directors and then investing companies is over. As well as an unscheduled talk with some of his men over an entirely different kind of business...

Harry is sitting at his desk when Matthew knocks, and the CEO asks him a few questions about how you reacted, trying not to seem too eager, not that Matthew would ever pass judgement. But the thing is that he is eager. He had never been one to ‘play the field’, preferring instead to stick to committed relationships with genuine emotions, but women he had dated previously had never felt the same and he hadn’t been on a second date in longer than he cares to think about.

"She seemed happy, Boss," Matthew explains. "She smiled and everything. You've landed a sweet one, Sir."

He promptly sends the other man away so he can read your note in private, all the while twirling the stem of the sweet rosebud between his thumb and forefinger. His heart flutters at your words. 'Please call me' written at the bottom with your number.

Maybe he isn’t the only one feeling eager.

He keeps the note on his desk until late in the afternoon, contemplating whether he should call you now or later when he gets home. He doesn’t want to bother you, especially when you were working. But surely you're not too busy at this point in the day…

Not being able to contain himself, he dials your number and waits as the line rings a couple times.

"Hello?" Your voice is enough to make him smile widely when you pick up.

"Hi, (Y/N), it's Harrison," he says, "is this a bad time?"

"Harrison," you reply and he can almost hear the smile in your voice. "No, it's not a bad time at all! But I thought you were busy yourself."

"I was earlier, yes; a series of meetings this morning, I’m afraid, which has pushed the rest of my schedule back… but I always want to be able to make time for you, even if it can’t be in person," Harry says smoothly, reclining back a bit in his chair. His paperwork can wait.

"I just called because..." he runs a hand through his dark hair, "I miss hearing your voice."

He hears you chuckle down the phone. "That's so sweet... I missed talking to you too."

He smiles at your answer before building his courage enough to ask you the biggest question on his mind. "Um, so I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me again?”

“Of course!” comes your reply and he feels himself relax significantly.

“What about tomorrow night? We could go for a walk out by the lake, maybe? I can understand if you think it’s too soon and I don't want to rush anything, but-"

Your answer comes without the slightest hint of hesitation. "That would be wonderful. Shall we say seven?"

"I'd like that," he says. God, you make his heart race so much. He says something funny just to hear you laugh in that way you do and Harry puts a hand on his face, smile widening at how cute you sound.

"I'll pick you up by myself this time, okay?"

"Alright, outside my place at seven it is then," you confirm, clearly still grinning from the way you sound. "I'll see you tomorrow and have a lovely rest of your day, Harrison."

"You too, (Y/N)," he says, "I'll be thinking of you."

He can picture you nibbling on your bottom lip in perfect detail. "I will too. Goodbye, Harrison."

"Goodbye," he says before ending the call. Harrison is sure to save your number in his contacts and attempts to go back to his work, but the image of your radiant smile or the sound of your contagious laughter keeps swimming to the forefront of his mind. Although it does mean he's smiling throughout all the remaining time he spends at the company that day, which makes a change from usual, and simultaneously puts his men at ease and weirds them out.

Again, he runs a hand through his dark hair, getting up and walking to the window-view of the city. He thinks that it'd be best if the Inner Circle watch over you and him while you're both out on the walk so that he can take his time with you without them physically being there. He doesn't want you to feel anxious about the prospect of his men around, visibly surveying the area for threats. Instead, the core team should be able to keep tabs on you both from the Cortex.




The entirety of the next evening, you have the tendency to peek out your window down onto the street watching for him to show up. By the time seven o’clock arrives, Harrison is punctual yet again for your date, this time driving his own vehicle. You run your hands down the fabric of your floral, pink and cream coloured day dress and step outside of your front door as he approaches, locking it behind you. Harrison meets you at the end of the path with a smile and takes your hand, placing a kiss to the back of it.

"You look wonderful, as always," he says as you take his arm and he leads you to the car. He’s wearing the rose you had given him in his top pocket and this small display sends your heart soaring.

"Thank you," you say, brushing your hair to the side, before giving him a small sly smile. "And you look handsome, as always ."

He chuckles at your compliment and opens the passenger door for you, allowing you in first before he heads to the driver’s seat. Throughout the car ride, you both make small talk before slowly falling into a comfortable silence. You look out the window and when you feel his hand take your own, you won’t lie - it startles you at first. You look down at your intertwined fingers, then up to meet his eyes for a moment. The upper corner of Harrison’s lip tugs up and seeing this makes you turn to look out the window again to avoid the piercing way he looks at you. He makes you feel so much, it’s unreal.

You soon arrive at the park, where the light of the moon glitters on the water of the lake beyond. Harrison parks up and gets out, coming round to open the door for you and helping you out. This man is sincerely such a gentleman - you've never met someone like him before.

The pair of you walk around the lake for a bit, enjoying each other's presence in the balmy air.

“So then my car broke down in the middle of nowhere!” you recount one of the unluckiest days of your life.


“Yes! And then my skirt tore as I had tried to change the tire. That was a pointless feat, to say the least.”

Harrison laughs, but it’s the way he does it that makes you briefly wonder how long it’s been since he laughed like this.

He checks his watch, trying to be discrete, though you notice this on top of the wheels turning in his head.

“Harrison? What’s the matter?”

“Not a single thing,” he insists. “I’m just so glad you’re here with me.”

"Where else would I be?" you ask, amused, as you travel through the park, "There's something about you, Harrison, that makes me feel like this is where I’m supposed to be."

“I feel the same way. And please, I’d like you to call me Harry.”

"Harry..." You test it on your tongue, "that's cute..."

He gives a pleasant hum when you smile up at him. The moonlight falls on you both as you walk towards the lake, your fingers intertwined and butterflies in your stomach. You come to a stop and find yourself really hoping he kisses you right now. The moment is so perfect.

It’s like an unknown force is pulling you both to stand close, right in front of each other, looking up at his twinkling eyes.

“I’ve never met a man like you before,” you say, your faces slowly inching closer together. There’s something about this comment that makes him give a small, low laugh which in turn causes you to shiver. You’re hyper-aware of his hand now resting on the small of your back as it pushes you even closer to him. Your lips are barely touching...

“No, I’m sure you haven’t.”

He immediately closes the slight gap, free hand going to cup your cheek as his lips move delicately and hesitantly over yours, his touch leaving you utterly breathless. Your leg even kicks up as if on its own.

As Harry pulls away to gaze at you, he runs his thumb gently over your lips and smiles at the blissful expression on your face.

“I hope I’ll have the honour to do that again... on our next date?” he says.

"Hmm, I'll have to think about it... but I reckon you'll probably get lucky," you say teasingly with a smirk, taking his arm as you begin to walk back over to the car.

Although as you do, the wind picks up a little and you find yourself shivering in your short-sleeved dress. Harry seems to notice and immediately pauses and shrugs his jacket off before draping it over your shoulders despite your attempts at a protest. The scent of his cologne envelops you and you think you shiver a little more, but not because of the cold. You give him an appreciative smile and he mirrors it.

You tug on the jacket a little and when you look up, you spot something off in the distance. Was that a flash? A figure stands behind a tree far down the path.

“Harry, I think someone is taking pictures of us…” you say apprehensively. His hand goes to your back to guide you in the direction back to the car.

“Come on, let’s get you home.”

As for the ride back to your place, you soon forget about the stranger photographing you and have your chilly fingers connected with Harry’s the entire way there. When the car arrives at your place, you look up at him and let out a barely audible sigh.

"This is me," you say quietly, but you really don't want to let go of his hand. And it’s clear he doesn’t want to let go either, but he gets out first to help you out and walks you to your front door just like last time. Though you find your key in your pocket, you don’t want to take it out to unlock your door just yet because that would mean saying goodbye to Harry.

And you dread saying goodbye to this man.

You carefully take off his jacket, which is still around you, handing it back to him as you stand in front of him. You bite your lip as you place your free hand on his chest and lean up to kiss him again. It's not as long as previously but leaves your head spinning just as much.

"...I couldn't wait until next time," you say as you part, his forehead against yours. Harry grins like he’s on top of the world.

“See you tomorrow?” he checks. It’s the best part of your day when he shows up in your shop to buy a single flower for you.

“I look forward to it. Every day.”

Despite the fact that you'll be seeing him tomorrow, you spend the rest of the evening texting each other almost continuously. He seems to like to tease you through these texts, and truthfully, you enjoy it. At one point, you gather up every ounce of courage in you to ask your burning question.


Can I ask you something?


You just did.


I realize that, but that wasn't it.


Go on, then.


Are you seeing any other women currently?

Because if you are, I think I would very

much like to know what I’m getting into at

this point in the game...


You are the only woman I see.


Oh… You can’t help but do a little dance alone in the apartment. There’s something about Harrison Wells that makes you feel like a crushing school girl again. After a little while longer of flirty texts, you tell him you're going to bed, and he sends one last message:


Goodnight and sweet dreams, my Flower.


You snuggle into the bedsheets and begin to fall asleep with a content smile on your face, thinking of Harry’s own heart-stopping smile and the fact that you’ll see him again tomorrow. You are so happy with everything right now, you can’t imagine anything more perfect.

Chapter Text


Smile still a permanent feature on your face, you head out from your apartment the next morning, your mind filled with a mixture of thoughts, ranging from flowers to the ever-present Harrison. No one had been able to make you this happy in a long time, you think as you approach Primrose Path, maybe ever .

You stick the key in the lock to unlock your shop door just as a voice calls out to you.

“Hey, Miss, paper for you,” a young man addresses you, reaching into his bag and pulling out a copy of Central City Picture News. “Oh, yours is a familiar face,” he says, eyebrows going up in surprise when you properly turn to face him in order to take the paper.

“Have we met?” you ask in confusion, as the man holds out your newspaper, front page up so that you can see the main article. What you see makes you gasp, your eyes wide as it scans every inch of the paper.

“Nah, I’ve been handing out these all morning - that’s you, right?”

You don’t stop staring at the page in front of you even as you open your door and make your way inside the shop, laying it down on the counter so that you can properly read it.

The headline, bold and striking reads:


The title is accompanied by several pictures from last night, the largest one of you walking hand in hand with Harry after he’d given you his jacket, just before you’d spotted this photographer.

Admittedly, it was a gorgeous shot; you and Harry both looking at each other affectionately, a delicate feeling of intimacy with it, but you feel you could have appreciated it more if it wasn’t on the breakfast table of everyone in the city right now.

You hastily scan the other, smaller images. One of the pair of you laughing by the lake and another of the kiss. Your romantic kiss with this incredible man wasn’t the private affair you’d thought.

Resting your elbows on the countertop, you begin reading the article which details Harry’s pretty much non-existent love life before you, thoughts on who you could be and how long you’d been together.

But before you can get too far through it, your phone buzzes multiple times in quick succession in your pocket and you pull it out, seeing an increasing collection of frantic texts from Harry.


(Y/N), please tell me you haven’t seen CCPN.

I should have realized this would happen

when you mentioned the photographer.

I’m sorry this is happening.

Are you at the shop yet?

Screw it, I’m coming over.


You barely have enough time to type out a response and don’t even hit send, before the door to the shop bursts open, revealing an agitated looking Harry.

“Stay here!” he shouts over his shoulder, in a very different tone to what he uses around you, and you peer out of the window and see Matthew and two other guys stop in their tracks, blocking the shop door. Harry flicks the latch on the door before striding over to you.

“Is this what happens when you get your picture in the paper? A sudden entourage?” you joke as he reaches you. You watch as he peers down at the tabloid in front of you, sucking in a deep breath.

“I kind of hoped you wouldn’t have seen it yet…” he murmurs, running a hand over his face. “I didn’t want you to freak out without me having spoken to you.”

“Hey,” you say, coming around from your side of the table and standing in front of him, resting your hand over his that rests on the tabletop. “Not freaking out, okay? Look, I’m fine.”

You watch his eyes roam over every inch of your face to confirm this.

“I probably should have figured it was only a matter of time, you being who you are and everything…”

“I just didn’t want you to have to deal with this… invasion of privacy. This was meant to be safe for you… They’ve paid me very little mind since...” He clears his throat. “I didn’t think my love life would be of that much interest, let alone front page news.”

“We obviously picked a slow news day,” you reason, with a resigned smile. “But if you think that this is going to scare me enough to not want to keep seeing you, then you are very mistaken.”

“I’m very glad to hear it,” Harry replies, running a hand through your hair. “Then, if you can deal with more attention, would you like to do coffee after work on Monday, maybe? I’d do tonight, but I have business to do in Star City over the weekend and I have to leave soon.”

“Monday is fine , Harry, and I have a feeling I would be willing to go through much worse for you than a few stares. I’d feel great going out in public with you, if you are with me.”

“And have the chance to show the world I get to spend time with the most amazing woman I’ve ever met? Absolutely.”

You grin and lean up on your toes to peck his lips. “Always the charmer.”

“Well, I do try.”

Your smile widens against him as his hand settles on the back of your neck to pull you closer as he brushes your lips with his. It amazes you how he can always be so gentle with you.

“I’m just glad you’re okay,” he whispers when you pull away. “I’ll come back at closing on Monday then?”

“See you then. Have a good trip.” You smile, reluctantly removing your hand from where it had been resting on his hip as you kissed.

He walks back over to the door, unlocking it and giving you an adoring smile as he leaves. You hear him tell his guys to follow him back to S.T.A.R Labs as you start getting the shop ready for the day.

You fold the newspaper up and throw it in the trash.

You can remember the whole night without any kind of reminder at all.

With Harry away, you spend the weekend catching up with some orders in the shop, but also getting a little retail therapy in. You browse various stores, all the while thinking about what Harry might like on you, and you end up purchasing a few items that you think might be good for future dates.

And, of course, the whole weekend is filled with texts from Harry, checking on you and seeing what you’re filling your days with. You have found that when you try to ask him what he’s doing in return, he’ll find a way to dodge the question. Clearly, he’s still holding his cards close to his chest when it comes to his work but you don’t press too hard. You’re sure you’ll learn things about that side of his life eventually.

When Monday rolls around, you have a smile on your face all day, just wishing it to be closing time already. You feel like your eyes never leave the clock as the hours of the work day tick by and when it reaches five, you’re fidgeting like crazy.

At around quarter to six, Harry arrives and although you just want to throw your arms around his neck and kiss him, you have to settle for sending him a huge grin and telling him that he'll have to wait a little while longer for the last remaining customers to finish their shopping.

He leans casually on the counter, as do you. You both are staring sickeningly cute into each other’s eyes. With only a couple minutes to closing time, there’s only one other customer left browsing the shop.

“Still up for a grabbing a cup of coffee after you’re done?” Harry asks.

“I’m always up for anything as long as it’s with you,” you reply. Oh God, why did I say it like that?

“Well then, I’ll keep that in mind.” Harry winks at you and you can’t help but think he’s imagining wicked scenarios involving you both. He sees your eyes go wide at his suggestive reply and he leans in to give you a chaste kiss.

A throat clears from behind. The lingering customer holds a potted plant they’d like to purchase.

“Apologies,” Harry says to the woman, who then gives him a wary look. He steps to the side to let you ring in her purchase.

“Thanks and come again!” you say cheerily after the transaction. The woman just gives a flat-lipped smile and leaves with her plant, but not before frowning at Harry.

“What was that-?”

“-It’s six,” he notes. “Closing time.”

“Oh. Yes, you’re right! Just give me one minute.” You flip the sign so it reads Closed , and lock up. Grabbing your belongings and turning off the lights for the night, you exit the shop with Harry on your arm.

The walk to Jitters isn’t that far, but it feels longer than usual somehow with all the unusual looks you get on the way there. It’s like the strangers’ eyes are glued to you both, and it isn’t in the way that you thought it might be, due to the article the other day. No, they flick from Harry to you and widen with… worry? Some people walk faster past you after catching a glimpse of man you’re walking with while others see him coming and cross the street to avoid him.

Odd .

Once at Jitters, Harry orders your drinks while you pick out seats in the lounge chairs by the entrance doors. When Harry returns, he kisses your cheek and hands you your mug of piping hot coffee. Mmm… Taking a sip of your heavenly caffeinated drink, you instantly relax. This is just what you needed.

“Rough day?” Harry asks. “No one’s been giving you any trouble regarding the article, have they?”

“No, no,” you assure him, with a dismissive hand gesture, “it just dragged on. Plus, I don’t think it helped I was counting the hours until you showed up.”

“You know it’s difficult for me not to hang around your shop all day?”

“If we keep it up, we’ll both get nothing done!” You laugh, which was probably louder than it should be in a public setting. Checking to make sure no one was bothered by your mirth, you can’t help but notice something while looking around the room.

Seriously, why do people keep staring at us?

Why are they looking at me with disgust?

And why do they look afraid?

Surely everyone in the city didn’t really believe the rumours surrounding the man in front of you. Or did they?

Harry’s phone rings in his pocket, shaking you from your thoughts. He does a quick check, but ends up taking his phone out and directs an apologetic smile at you.

“I’m so sorry, Flower, it’s, uh... work. I need to-”

“You’re an important man, Harrison. I get it, it’s fine.”

“Harry,” he reminds you.

“Yes, right. Go, Harry.” Your boyfriend (something you still weren’t used to saying but you think you’d mutually agreed you’d reached this stage now) takes his phone call outside. He stays in your view outside the front window, giving you a small wave to let you know he hasn’t gone too far from you. He’s so amazing... You smile to yourself.

A stranger walks up to you, a man, just as Harry turns his back to the window.

“You best stay away from him,” the man warns.

“Wha- Excuse me?”

The man just gives you look. “You do know who that is, don't you?”

Your eyes dart away in confusion, automatically finding Harry outside the shop. Of course you know who he is and you tell the man as much.

“He's bad news, for the city and for someone like you.”

You’ve just about had enough of this man. Who is he to say anything about your blossoming relationship with Harry? He doesn't know anything about either of you, though he certainly seems to think he does.

“Thanks, but I think I’ll carry on judging him for myself,” you reply curtly.

The man takes a deep, resigned breath before speaking again. “Alright, but it's your funeral… maybe literally.”

Your eyes widen at his comment and you watch as he walks out of the store, eyeing Harry with a glare as they cross paths.

Harry must notice your expression as he returns because he's quick to put his hand over yours and catch your gaze.

“Flower? Is everything okay?” His eyes hold such concern but you don't want to worry him with what just happened.

“Yeah, everything’s fine,” you reply with a smile, turning your hand over so that you can hold his properly over the table. “You’re here with me, aren’t you?”

“No place I’d rather be.”

Harry continues to come in every day the week following your little coffee date and carries on with his tradition of spoiling you with lavish flowers. Each day, you'll be in your shop, working on your arrangements and orders but always with one eye on the door, just waiting for him to arrive.

And as soon as you see his car pull up outside on one of those days, a brilliant smile works its way onto your face. He gives you one of his own when he spots you behind the counter as he opens the door, the little bell tinkling with the movement.

“Good morning, Sir,” you say, smiling knowingly at him, “what can I get for you today?”

“Good morning, sweet thing,” he replies as he begins browsing the large baskets of flowers. “Hmm… I think I'll have…”

He moves further down to the bouquets that you’d made up before coming to a stop at a bunch of a dozen red roses, tied neatly with a golden ribbon around the stems.

Harry grins at you, taking the bouquet from its spot and brings it over to the counter, holding the stems out for you. He only ever buys you single stems or tiny bundles, so this bouquet is excessive for him.

"Harry, what's all this?" You gingerly take the roses from him and give him a confused look. A look that he finds so irresistibly innocent and adorable.

"I thought I’d have to up my game now that we’re romantic companions.”

‘Romantic companions’? You almost squeal at how dorky-cute your boyfriend is being, but you can’t help but think there would be plenty of other more sophisticated and intelligent women better fitted for him.

“Sometimes I don’t believe you’re real and that you’re still interested in plain old me.”

"You’re anything but plain . You're smart, funny and completely breathtaking with a heart of gold... Why on earth wouldn't I be interested?" he says, gently reaching forwards and stroking his thumb over your cheek. “How would you like to go out on a fourth date with me?” Your cheeks flush at this and you look back at him.

"What would a fourth date consist of?"

"Well, I was thinking maybe we could, you know..." Harry's now rubbing the back of his neck, a nervous habit of his that you’ve noticed since meeting him. "Maybe you’d like to come to my house for a small dinner and watch a film? I mean, I completely understand if you decline. That’s kind of dull. You know what, I can plan something else."

At this point, you're just giggling at his endearing rambling. You’re practically beaming at him and that alone should tell him your answer.

“No, that sounds perfect, Harry, I’d love to!”

“Great. Fantastic. Just wonderful,” he says with a clap of his hands. You can see on his face he’s thrilled. “I’ll have a car pick you up tomorrow evening.”

You nod and he hesitantly leans forwards and pecks your cheek, dropping a bill onto the counter that is way too large for what he’s just bought for you, but he’s turned and left the shop before you can call him out on it. You’re left standing there holding your newest bouquet, smiling ridiculously big and feeling like you were on cloud nine.

By the time the date rolls around the corner, you are antsy as hell. You figure you’d dress casually for tonight, seeing as you’re only going to his house for a dinner/movie date. His car arrives at around six and the destination it takes you to, honest to God, makes you gasp and cover your mouth in shock.

His house - no, his mansion - is one of the most amazing places you've ever laid eyes on. A huge sloping driveway leading to a spectacularly grand house that looks as though it could stretch back for miles. You look up with wide eyes as you get out of the car and head to the front door where Harry is already standing waiting for you.

"I almost feel underdressed, now," you say as you approach him in your jeans, light grey t-shirt and plaid ensemble, "your house is incredible."

"You look perfectly gorgeous and thank you. Shall we?" He gives you his hand, which you take without hesitation. Your tiny hand in his large, callous one. His electric gaze pins you to the ground before he leads you into his lavish home, a small smile on his face. The entire place is astonishing.

He laughs quietly to himself as he watches your awestruck face.

“Maybe I’ll give you a tour later if you’d like,” he says, “but first, dinner awaits us.” Harry leads you by the hand to the grand dining table, decorated so meticulously and already set with food, and pulls your chair out for you. Ever the gentleman…

As it turns out, Harry had cooked up a tasty meal for the night.

"I didn't know you could cook," you start.

"There are a lot of things I can do, you just have to stick around and find out," he responds, raising an eyebrow playfully at you, while giving you his signature smirk. Your cheeks redden a bit at him, looking down at your plate. Would he ever not make you feel this way?

And as for the food, it’s the most exquisite meal you’ve ever had! Of course you tell him as much many times over.

After a dinner full great conversation, you both move into his living room - more like home theatre - to watch a movie together. Initially, you’re sitting a comfortable distance apart from one another on the couch, but as the film progresses, you find yourself eventually leaning against his shoulder, then finally almost completely lying in his lap. Harry runs his hands through your hair. It’s so nice… You slowly close your eyes at the feel of his hands like he’s gently petting you like a kitten. You’re able to sense his eyes on you during the movie, but you pretend not to notice.

"So cute," he whispers to himself.


“Oh nothing, Flower.”

“Are you still watching?

“I must admit, no, I’m not.”

“Me neither...” You look up at him in this dim light, him down at you with twinkling eyes. Shifting a little against him, you press a hand to his chest and sit up to kiss him.

The kiss is soft and slow, the two of you just enjoying the moment you're having right now and soon both of you long forget about the movie and its plot. His hands wrap around your waist, gently pulling you close to him as you rest your hands on his toned chest through his shirt. You can feel his heartbeat under your palms. It’s fast and strong.

Leaning in again, you kiss him with a little more meaning. When his tongue brushes your bottom lip, you’re quick to let him in and make a little noise when it starts to explore your mouth. Your hands continue to feel up every inch of his chest then eventually find their way up to his hair where you let them roam through his curls. It seems your body has a mind of its own as you move against his as if you crave something so much more. Never before has a man made you feel quite like this. Which brings up a topic to the forefront of your brain that you know you should discuss with him. But your body has other plans right now.

“Mmm, Harry,” you say in between moments of catching your breath. When you both pull away he presses his forehead against yours, grinning at you and how you’re reacting to his touch. His smile is the perfect representation of how you’re feeling. A mirror image.

“You are... so wonderful,” he says. Harry better be careful - you don’t know how much more of his bewitching compliments you can take before your heart explodes from happiness. But then-

“Eeeeee!” you squeal. His fiendish fingers have found a patch of your skin where your shirt had been riding up from this make-out session with him to tickle you. “Whatdoyouthinkyou’redoing?!”

He wiggles his fingers at you.

"Someone's a bit ticklish, aren't they?"

"No..." But you bolt off his lap and run to hide somewhere in this mansion yelling, "You'll never take me alive!"

The first place you hide is in the kitchen, hoping he went to check the rooms first. You try to stifle your gleeful sounds.

Just when you think you’re safe, Harry sneaks up behind you, entering from the other room, and wraps a strong arm around your middle. You scream playfully, which turns immediately into more squeals.

“You can run, but you can’t hide,” he teases, tapping his fingers on your skin, about to tickle you again.

“Please, Harry. Don’t do it! I’ll do anything!” Here you are, pretending to be begging for your life. What a thrill.

"Anything?" He turns you in his arms, blue eyes twinkling in the light.

"Maybe..." you respond with a grin.

"Well, in that case." A mischievous smile makes its way to his face. His hands attack your sides until you're in hysterics in his arms. Harry starts laughing at your reaction, at the happiness radiating from you.

You don’t think your legs can hold you up anymore. Harry catches your stumble and gracefully falls with you to the floor. You lie back on the cool tiles and Harry does the same, trying to collect yourselves. Once you’ve calmed down you turn your head to the side to see him, only to find Harry already watching you.

"What's with that smile?" you ask with a slight eyebrow raise.

"It’s for you," he answers simply, taking your hand and holding it in his large one.

"You're a bad man, Harrison Wells," you say, leaning over to peck his nose, "And you're the only one that my heart's set on."

Chapter Text


You see Harry every day in your shop for another week after your first visit to his house since you’d both been inundated with work and were too caught up with everything to go on another proper date. But towards the end of the week, he invites you round to his place again, telling you he wants to spend some more time with you outside of both of your busy schedules and also mentions that he has something he wants to show you.

When you arrive, he is already waiting for you at the front door. You’re feeling fidgety and you think you can pinpoint as to why…

You have to tell him. It’s the fifth date for goodness sake!

This was bound to come up sooner or later, the topic of your inexperience, and frankly you’re surprised he hasn’t brought up the idea of sex with you once since you’ve been seeing each other.

"Hey, Harry," you say, walking up to him with a happy smile to mask your worry, and kiss his lips.

"Hey, how's my little Flower?" he asks with a grin, icy blues giving you their full attention. Oh, he looks positivity adorable when he grins like that. And only for you.

"I'm good." You nudge his arm and raise a curious eyebrow. "Now, what did you want to show me?"

"Come with me," he says, his expression not giving anything away as he takes your hand and leads you through the rooms in his cavernous home. You weren't that far off in your assumption that it went back for miles but you did eventually come to the rear of the house where huge glass doors looked out onto a beautiful and impressive display of plant life.

"Is this... your garden ?" Your mouth falls open at the beauty in front of you. Lilies, peonies, sunflowers... there’s so much variety, truly, it has you floored. Even a rose bush gracing the scene every so often. A gorgeous fountain structure in the middle of the garden accents the flowery view.

"Do you like it?" Harry asks hopefully, rubbing the back of his neck. You look up at him with a twinkle in your eyes. A huge grin breaks out across your awestruck face.

"I love it, Harry, it's so beautiful."

"Like the woman in front of me," he mumbles, but you hear him. He takes both of your hands into his own. He leads you outside, taking you over to the other side of the fountain where there’s a picnic set up on a blanket under the glowing light of the sunset. You didn't know if your smile could possibly get any bigger at this point… It’s so big that your cheeks are starting to hurt!

You sit and eat, joking together and telling little stories about your past. You are soon leaned into Harry's side, head on his shoulder and his arm around you, his fingers lightly brushing over your arm. The stars now litter the sky above you two, a beautiful contrast to the setting sun. You hum in contentment, slowly closing your eyes at the feel of Harry beside you. Your heart beats a little quicker in your chest like it always does when you are around him.


"Yeah?" You open your eyes and look up at him. Harry gently pulls you onto his lap, facing him with your legs on either side of him. You give him a questioning look. He gently cups your cheeks, his own becoming pink.

"These past weeks since I met you and got to know you... have just been so wonderful..."

"I know, they really have been, haven’t they?" you agree, brushing your fingers over his jaw and wondering where this was going.

"And I don't know whether there's a correct time to say this... But…” He turns and reaches into the picnic hamper, pulling out a bundle of half a dozen tulips. You gasp quietly because you know now what he's going to say; tulips are given as declarations of love.

He’s been learning flower language for me?

“I want to tell you how deeply in love with you I am already. You're the brightest light in my life now and I just need you to know that I love every little thing about you. You bring me so much joy." Harry looks at you with pure adoration. “When I’m with you, there aren’t any expectations. I don’t have to be the powerful CEO or the man that the rest of the city is so scared of, I just get to be me. You make it so easy for me to forget about all of that and I love that about you, too.”

"Harry..." Your heart pounds in your chest at his confession as you take the flowers from him. He loves you? Hell, he loves you! "That’s because… I love you, too, Harry. With all my heart. I know it sounds crazy, but you're the one man I can see myself with in the future. You’re the only man I want. No matter what you do, I don’t think I could stop loving you."

There’s a flash of skepticism in his eyes, but it’s gone in a flash. "You don't know what that means to me, Flower," he sighs, brushing your hair back from your face as you lean into his touch. One of his hands finds the back of your neck and brings you forward so that your lips meet in a searing kiss. You place the flowers gently beside you as you wind your arms around his neck to kiss him, lips moving desperately against one another, as you press your chest fully against his.

Sighing against Harry’s lips, you can feel him practically radiate with want and need for you. You run your hands through his dark, chaotic hair that refuses to be tamed, finding out right away that he likes it when you do this thanks to his growls. His hands run down your spine, causing you to shiver. Good shivers. So good that you feel yourself begin to ache between your legs at his touch. Something that you haven’t felt with another man before.

Because Harrison Wells is unlike any other man.

He nibbles on your bottom lip, causing you to gasp and he slips his tongue past your lips, exploring you as much as he can get. His hands find their way under the bottom of your shirt, his fingers lightly brushing against the skin of your stomach and you feel that fire again. That longing for him burning within you… it’s starting to take hold of you.

Harry slowly pulls away from you, a thin line of saliva connecting your mouths from the passionate kiss. You’re breathing raggedly from the kiss' intensity. Your hands leave his hair and instead clutch onto his arms.

"I... I'm not going to do anything you don't want me to, but I want to know if you want me to keep going," he whispers cupping your cheeks gently, icy blues gazing into your own. Even in the heat of the moment, he’s such a gentleman.

"I-I do... I want you, Harry," you say, running your hands over his shoulders, eyes bright and a shy smile. Harry nods, leaning back in to kiss you again, but you press a hand to his chest to hold him back.

"...Flower?" he asks worriedly as he looks into your eyes.

"Um... it’s just I've never... I mean I haven't... done this before..." You look away to hide the colour on your cheeks. Now you’re really kicking yourself for not having disclosed this to him earlier! But you were afraid. Afraid of Harry pushing you away if he found out the truth. Most men would drop you at the fact that you’ve never been with a man before in that way . Which is why you had let it fall to the wayside.

"So you're...?"

"Yeah..." You brace yourself for rejection. Oh God, and after his declaration of love, too!

"And I get to...?" Mouth agape, you look back at him.

Get to’? He’s okay with this?

"I-If you still want to..."

Your cheeks are probably as red as the roses beside you. There’s a bit of silence and then you hear him make a pleasing hum. Harry hooks a finger under your chin and guides you to look at him again. There’s amusement in his eyes, accompanied by a small smile curling on his lips.

"Of course I still want to. I'm happy to be your first, Flower. I consider it an honour. And now I know to be gentle and to take extra care with you," he starts, pecking your lips and grinning. Your heart feels like it’s doing flips in your chest. He doesn’t even ask how on Earth could a woman like you blah, blah, blah. And that only makes you love him more. He really is unlike any man you've ever met.

"If you ever want me to stop because you're uncomfortable or hurt, just tell me and we can stop."

You nod, smiling to yourself and playing with the collar of his dress shirt.


"Yes, Flower?"

"We probably should go inside for this..."

"Yeah, we should," he agrees, getting ready to stand, "hold on tight."

You do as he says, your arms wrapping around his neck and your legs around his middle as he gets up from the ground. His arms then settle around your back, supporting you as he takes you back into the house.

You go in for another kiss when you reach the threshold. His pink lips are simply irresistible. You can’t get enough.

He makes his way through the house, pecking your lips every few steps as though you were like air to him. You head upstairs to a part of the house you hadn't been in yet, as Harry pushes open one of the doors to reveal his bedroom.

It amazes you how he effortlessly carries you through the house, not once stumbling or bumping into the furniture or walls. He sets you down to lay at the head of his plush king-sized bed before crawling over top of you. A small lustful glint appears in his eyes, the colour of tropical waters fading to a black sea. Harry licks his lips at the sight of you - rosy and anticipating his mouth, his touch, waiting for his entire being to envelop you. He leans down to kiss you, his callous hands finding the hem of your shirt and sneaking them under to caress your skin. You run your hand through his hair again as he explores your mouth, your shirt now pushed halfway up your body. Harry pulls away for a second, taking the fabric in his fingers.

"May I...?"

You nod quickly, allowing him to pull your shirt up and over your head, revealing your chest to him. He smiles, placing kisses across the top of your breasts, down to where your bra covers you.

You know you're going to be constantly blushing this whole time. Just the thought of seeing all of him was enough to do the trick. Your own fingers fiddle with the buttons of Harry's shirt and he swiftly undoes them for you and takes it off, condemning it to the floor. This reveals a chain that is draped around his neck with two little metal plaques on it, which now hang freely over you. You had no idea that Harry wore dog tags… but you soon look past them and start paying attention to his stomach.

You knew Harry was fit, but you didn't know he was that fit. You shyly run your fingers down his toned abs, his skin is smooth but firm under your careful touch. You can’t help but stare, thinking that this is your man and how lucky you are to have him in your life.

His blue eyes watch you admire his body. That smirk shows up on his face again. "Like what you see?"

"Maybe..." You look up to him with a hint of a mischievous smile of your own.

"Well I like- no. I love what I see." Harry leans down and kisses your chest again, his hands going to undo your bra clasp, but hesitating in case you want him to stop.

You move to give him a kiss, "Harry, it's okay. I'm okay, please keep going."

He kisses you deeply again, and you can feel his love in it and it just utterly consumes you. Once your bra hits the bedroom floor, he pulls away in order to look down at you, his eyes roaming your form like you were the most precious thing he's ever seen.

"So beautiful..." he murmurs before placing kisses everywhere he can reach. His hands start to play with the waistband of your jeans but you can tell he's hesitating again, so you put your hands over his own and guide them as he removes your pants.

He kisses your stomach before trailing small ones even lower and nipping to where your panties are, glancing up at you with blue eyes asking for permission.

"Can I?"

"Y-yeah." You nod shyly and let him slip them off you, now fully exposed to him. Your heart is going to beat out of your chest any second now, you just know it.

"So breathtaking." Harry kisses up your body, then growls against your lips before capturing you in a heated kiss. His fingers sneak over your curves and down to your increasingly wet folds. You gasp as his fingers go between your legs and brush against you, but that turns into a moan when he begins stroking you gently at a tantalizing pace. Your eyes flutter to a close at the feeling of him teasing your entrance and you're sure he can see the pleasure on your face as he gently slips one finger into you, beginning to prepare you for what it was you were about to do.

He adds another and you moan at the sensation of his fingers inside you, slowly thrusting in and out. The fact that you're giving him access to a place no one else has had access to before quite possibly makes you wetter. You squirm under him and Harry bites down hard on his lip, seeing you be so vulnerable and receptive to his touch. He’s watching your face contort in pleasure, eyeing you up like you’re the Eighth Wonder of the World. His length visibly hardens in his pants at seeing you underneath him like this.

"Oh, H-Harry," you moan breathlessly as he hits your sweet spot. He repeats his motions to get this same beautiful rise out of you - writhing in pleasure under his touch. Though you can sense he’s holding something back... He slowly removes his fingers from you, following your reaction as your eyes open at the absence of him.

"It's okay, baby," he says, beginning to remove his own pants as fast as possible until he's bared before you. Your breathing is still heavy from his earlier ministrations but now you’ve seemed to have lost your breath altogether. Your eyes widen at the sheer size of him, watching as his erection curves up perfectly toward his abdomen. Harry looks down on you seriously.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asks while leaning down, gently rubbing circles on your hips. It’s like his fingers are burning you.

"Yes, Harry, I want you. I'm sure."

He smiles at your words and reaches over to search his nightstand drawer for some protection. Harry rips the little square package open and begins rolling the condom down his impressive cock. He lines himself up with your entrance as you grip his shoulders and prepare to feel every inch of him. You know he'll keep his promise to be as gentle as he possibly can. He slowly starts to push into your untouched centre, watching you for any sign of distress. You wince a bit, feeling small sharp pains as he stretches you out to accommodate his size. Mouth open, yet no sound emitting, you begin to tear up at the pain, but try to not let them fall because you want this. God, you really do want to do this with him. So you try to ignore what you’re feeling and focus on Harry. How he’s looking at you, how he smells, how he feels against you...

Harry leans down and starts to kiss you, trying to distract you from your discomfort.

"It’s okay, Flower," he whispers against your lips, "I've got you. I'm almost all the way inside of you." He cups your face and gently brushes your tears away. “Open up for me.” He shifts you carefully on the bed for easier access.

"H-Harry, you're so b-big," you whisper shakily, feeling his thick cock pulse within you. You breathe out a long sigh when he's fully inside of you because after the pain subsides, he feels better than anything you ever could have imagined.

"You feel so good, baby... so good," he breathes, kissing you again. He starts to move his hips, setting a slow and gentle rhythm which has you moaning with every thrust. You're aware of the tight feeling in your core already coiling within you as he thrusts a touch harder into you once, causing you to groan at the sensational mix of pain and pleasure.

But soon the pain slips away again and all you can feel now is the pleasure. You moan against his lips. His hips gently rock into you, just barely grazing your sweet spot and you accidentally roll your hips up against his careful movements, getting his length to hit you right there. You desperately want to feel that again.

"Harry... go f-faster, please."

"Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you." He pulls away and watches you attentively, his eyes full of uncertainty.

You nod, rolling your hips again. Harry ups his pace slightly for you, his dog tags dangling over your stomach, swaying in time with his movements. With his increased pace, he hits your sweet spot several times, causing a series of concurrent moans to fall from your lips.

“Harry, I think I’m-”

“Hang on, my Flower,” he says shakily, “I want us to c-come together.”

He thrusts a few more times, grinding down deep inside of you before you both equally can’t take it anymore. It only takes a couple more movements for the tightness to release inside of you as your walls clench around Harry and a euphoric feeling washes over your body, leaving you seeing stars. The feeling of you coming around him sends Harry over the edge as he finds his own release within you. The feeling is electric - losing yourselves to each other at the same time, through cries of pleasure and passion.

He works through your orgasms a bit, breathing heavily before pulling out when you finish and sweetly kissing your forehead. Your chest heaves from what you’ve just done and you lay your hand across your forehead and simply lie there to try to catch your breath while Harry deals with the condom.

When he collapses next to you, he brings you into his embrace for a kiss.

"How do you feel?" he asks gazing down at you. He has a warm smile on his face, happily having you in his strong arms.

"Like... I'm going to enjoy doing that more often," you whisper, starting to trace patterns on his gorgeous chest… Which is when you finally notice something. "Harry?"


"Is... that a bullet wound?” You run your fingers over the small, round scar that sits over where his heart lies, looking up at him with concern.

"Um... Yeah... But you don't need to worry about that, Flower," he assures, giving you another little kiss. "It was a long time ago."

You are curious about the scar but can sense that he's fairly guarded about it. There is definitely some mystery still surrounding this man, but you figure you’ll uncover it eventually. Piece by piece. In time.

But for now, you are content to lie in your afterglow, feeling warm and comfortable in his arms, relishing the fact that you are in love with this man who makes you feel so incredible.

Chapter Text


When you wake the next morning, you almost forget that you aren't in your own apartment. Almost. But everything comes flooding back when you finally register arm around your waist, instantly your ears picking up the sounds of relaxed breathing coming from right next to you. Your eyes flutter open languidly, blinking to step out of your sleepy trance. You can’t help the adoring smile that breaks out on your face when you see Harry still asleep beside you.

He looks so peaceful like this, truly content. You can only imagine that working at S.T.A.R Labs must be highly stressful, which is understandable. And yet, it looks as if any weight he could potentially bear was miles away from him.

You yawn inaudibly and rub your eyes, the early morning light filtering through the blinds. Moving your legs slowly, you feel that lingering ache radiating from between your thighs. You smile to yourself and let the memories of last night’s pleasure flood back into your mind, thinking to yourself that you really are going to enjoy doing that with him more often.

After tactically removing Harry's arm so as to not disturb him in his sleep, you sit up in bed and stretch your arms. The noise your stomach makes is a loud one and you immediately cover your mid-section with your hands as if that would help. You did work up an appetite last night, after all.

You look around the room for your clothes.

Where are my clothes? Hell, where are my underwear?

The only thing that you manage to find in your morning haze is Harry’s white dress shirt. You hope he doesn't mind if you put it on...

Doing up the buttons of the shirt, you do eventually spot your clothes in various places across the floor as you tiptoe around the bed. Harry really had thrown them quite far in his lustful state last night, but you’re feeling a tad too lazy to actually wear your own clothes and just opt for his large button-up instead.

You crouch down, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear when you find your pants and dig your phone out of the pocket, which you'd forgotten was even in there last night. The digital display tells you it's not quite quarter to eight. That gives you enough time to eat with Harry before you have to get back because you need to be there to open the shop at nine-thirty.

You suddenly wish you hadn't picked a weekday for this date, though you hadn't known it was going to end the way it did when you planned it.

Which can be said for most things in life.

The sleeves of his shirt run past the length of your arms so you fold them back to your wrists. The button-up shirt clings to your curves as it flows down your body to stop mid-thigh length, keeping you covered up enough to protect your modesty. But the one thing that catches your attention is the way his cologne sticks to the silky fabric, enveloping you in his scent.

Damn, he smells good, too.

You head into the ensuite in order to freshen up a little, then walk to the kitchen, feet quietly padding on the cool tiled floor.

Now, what should I make? You go to the fridge, opening it up to look through the variety of food he has stored in there as your stomach rumbles even louder, chastising you in its own way to make a decision.

"Bacon's on the bottom shelf, eggs at the top, I've got the toast."

Harry's voice comes from behind you suddenly and you spin around to see him enter the room, a pair of pyjama pants now covering his bottom half, but he’s still shirtless and you can't help but smile at that.

He walks over to you, dog tags dangling around his neck, and gives you a gentle good morning kiss.

"Morning, Flower," he says, brushing his thumb over your lips.

"Morning," you respond a little shyly, as his blue eyes look you over. A smirk grows on his face, saying it all.

"Well, what do we have here?" he asks teasingly, taking your hand and twirling you around to observe you in his shirt. His eyes skim your body from head to toe once more to take the sight in front of him all in.

"Couldn't find your clothes?"

You stick your tongue out at him before responding, "At first I couldn't because a certain someone decided to throw them around the room last night."

You both go on to tease each other, and as you rest your hands on Harry's chest, his arms wrap around you.

"You look good in my clothes."

"You think?" you ask, fingers dancing on his collarbone. "It feels good too. You have fine taste, Doctor Wells."

"It has been said," he replies, still smirking and giving one of your sides a slight squeeze. "My taste in women right now is especially fine."

You giggle at this as he tilts your chin up and kisses you deeply. Getting lost in his touch for a minute before remembering that you don't have a huge amount of time to fool around.

You pull away and gently finger the chain around his neck. "That'll have to wait, I don't have long. I have to be at the shop in an hour and a half," you tell him, "and I'm sure you have places to be too, Mister."

Harry presses his lips into a thin line and runs his fingers over your clothed hip.

"Do we have to? We can just stay here and... do stuff."

" Do stuff ?" You raise both your eyebrows, watching him with a humorous look.


"Like what, exactly?" You bite your lip to stop your smile from growing any more.

"Like... stuff. "

Now you're trying not to snort at how this man, this renowned genius, is trying to convince you to stay and not go to work with the promise of “stuff”.

"Harry, I have to go to work. And. So. Do. You." You articulate your point by poking his chest. He starts pouting at you, twinkling eyes attempting to fake sadness. You kiss the pout from his lips. His hand goes to your neck to pull you closer.

"Harry," you mumble against his lips with another laugh. "I meant it... we can't."

He reluctantly loosens his hold on you and you wiggle out of his arms and turn back to the food in the fridge. "Now, will you please make that toast for us because I'm so hungry."

You bat your eyelashes at him and he looks fondly at you, nodding in defeat and moving towards the toaster.

You make breakfast as fast as you can, setting the table with plates of bacon and eggs. Harry pulls out the necessary silverware and assorted condiments - jelly, honey, butter, cinnamon and chocolate-hazelnut spread - waiting for the toast to be done. Once it’s toasted to perfection and set on the table, you two chow down on your breakfast. Though you can't help but notice Harry keeps glancing at you.


He narrows his eyes a bit at you which confuses you even more.

"You have a little..." He makes a small gesture to your face where there’s a small bit of strawberry jelly on the corner of your mouth.

"Oh," you reply, but before you can go to wipe it off, Harry leans forward and kisses the jelly from the edge of your lips.

"Mmm, even sweeter than usual," he says with a little wink and you shake your head at him as you finish up your meal.

As you clean up, you take the now used-up condiment spread container and tell Harry to open up the trash can. He raises an eyebrow and you walk back to the other side of the room.

“There’s no way,” Harry shakes his head, with a little tug in the corner of his lips. You throw the container overhand and watch it sink perfectly into the trash.

“Yes way!” you shout victoriously.

“How often do you practice that?” he asks.

“Never. I’m just that good,” you boast. Time is ticking, so the both of you race back up to his room to get changed into your proper clothes. You strip out of his shirt, laying it on his bed, and pull on your bra and panties. Harry already has his suit pants on, but he stops getting dressed to kiss down the back of your neck to your shoulders. You hum at the feel of him, then share a few lingering kisses and hugs with Harry before actually finishing getting dressed.

"I'll drop you home?" he checks as you make sure you have everything you came with the previous evening. "I’m assuming you'll want to change before work?"

"Yes, that'd be lovely," you reply, taking his hand as you both leave the house and head to his car parked out front in his driveway.

As he drives, Harry asks you what you have planned for the day and whether it's okay for him to stop by to buy you flowers as usual.

"You know it is," you tell him, "I love seeing you."

"I just wouldn't want you to get sick of me," he replies as he pulls up outside your place. You can’t believe this man. You just confessed your love to each other and proceeded to give him your everything last night and he thinks you’ll get sick of him?

You take his hand and give it a loving squeeze. "Never going to happen."

Chapter Text


About a week after you first spent the magical night at Harry’s, you are quietly humming a tune to yourself as you walk down the street to Primrose Path, the nearby S.T.A.R. Labs building towering over the block. You can’t imagine that anything could break you out of this happiness you’ve found with Harry.

But when you make it to your shop and unlock the door, your carefree mood vanishes. You feel like your heart has been squeezed and a hollow feeling worms its way into your chest.

There are smashed vases and trampled stems stuck behind the door as you push it open slowly. Your breath picks up, your drink in the image set before you. Paper, which you use to wrap bouquets in, are scattered and crumpled all over the floor, plants are completely destroyed. Everything and everywhere is in complete ruin.

Your eyes skim every inch of the compact shop. There on the back wall, behind the cash register, there’s something written in red, drops dripping down from the letters. It’s still fresh. Is that blood?


The truth will be revealed.


You stare in horror at the sight before you. Taking a careful step into the place, your feet crunch on papers and broken glass on the floor. You swallow at the vivid destruction. Primrose Path... Your little place, the tiny haven to escape the bustling energy of the city ... completely demolished.

Whilst attempting to salvage a few things that seemed to have avoided damage, you’re crouched down near the floor, but soon hear footsteps approaching you from behind. You hold your breath.

"Ma’am, are you okay?"

You spin around on the balls of your feet at the voice and look up to see a guy dressed in a black suit. You recognize him as having delivered Harry’s note that time and passing on your own.


"Yes, ma'am." He nods, helping you up.

"Do you know what or who could've done this?"

"I'm not sure, ma'am, but Doctor Wells instructed me to come get you.”

"How..?" Harry knew something happened?

"I'm not allowed to say, ma'am, but I do know he'll explain everything to you." You take another look around before sighing and dropping your head. You nod and step back out of the shop, pulling the door closed behind you. What’s the point in locking it now?

Matthew walks you back the way you'd come, taking you into S.T.A.R. Labs. You’d never set foot in the place before but you barely have time to look around at anything inside because you're swept along into an elevator that takes you up to the top of the building, and you're assuming, Harry's office.

You’ve had some suspicions about Harry at first after getting to know him a bit more, you can’t lie, but it’s like they had all disappeared each and every time he’d make your heart race (which was often). Everything will clear up once I ask him, right? It's not like he's going to hide anything from me…


"This way, ma'am," Matthew guides you out of the elevator and down the short corridor towards Harry’s office. There are two men stationed outside of the door who look at both you and Matthew as you approach.

“Who’s this, Matthew?” one of the men asks, making you stop in your tracks.

“Miss (Y/L/N), you know Doctor Wells has been seeing her. He asked me to bring her up here to see him,” Matthew replies with a frown and you can hear the irate undertones in his voice. You get the impression that he is not used to being questioned when it comes to his boss’ orders.

“We have orders to stop any non-personnel from seeing Doctor Wells, Matthew, we’re going to have to escort Miss (Y/L/N) off the premises,” the first man tells you while the second takes your wrist and goes to lead you back the way you’d come.

You try to protest as Matthew gets into a more heated debate with the guard. None of you hears the door to Harry’s office open or the man himself coming towards you. He snatches the second man’s hand, making him drop yours in the process, and holds it far out from his body, Harry’s thumb digging harshly into the tendons of his wrist.

You let out a little gasp as the man makes an uncomfortable noise.

“Touch her again and you lose your hand. Do I make myself perfectly clear?” Harry says, his voice is barely above a whisper but it radiates danger. You’re stunned.

“Y-Yes, Sir,” the guard stutters and, seemingly satisfied with this answer, Harry lets him go. He then nods at Matthew to follow him and gently places his hand on your lower back to guide you into his office.

As soon as the door is shut, his demeanour changes completely.

"Harry,” you breathe, still incredibly shaken from everything that’s happened today.

"Flower." He stands in front of you, eyes full of concern as he holds onto your forearms. "Are you okay?"

"Harry, how did you...?" He’s already checking you over as if looking for injuries. "Harry, I wasn't even there, I just found the shop like that, I'm okay, really."

He nods and lets out a short breath before turning to Matthew, who was still standing by the door.

"Call West. Get him on this to try and keep it as hushed up as possible," he instructs as you look around in confusion. What is happening?

"Sir," Matthew replies understanding his orders, slipping out of the room to make the call.

"Harry, what's going on? How did you even know about the break-in?" you ask, a little frustrated at being kept in the dark when it was you who'd been victimized here.

"I have some of my... security guards keeping tabs on you to make sure you're safe," Harry starts, rubbing the back of his neck and leaning back against his desk. He averts his icy blues from you to the ground. "I'm not a liked man, sweetheart. I have enemies in the city, even outside of it."

You stand there in a bit of shock. Why would Harry have enemies? He was a scientist, albeit a radical one, but did that warrant enemies? Unless…

"Harry?" His gaze wanders back to look at you. He rubs his face with a hand, clearly anxious that his secrets are beginning to unravel. You take a breath and put on a determined face with a slight frown, clenching your fists in anticipation. "Are... are you really the “Big Bad King” that runs Central City? I know that’s what everyone says..."

Harry looks at you before narrowing his eyes, dangerously so. A look you’ve not seen on him, especially towards you. But something snaps within him in defence. He gets off his desk and nears you.

"What if I am, hmm? Would you leave me if I told that I run this city by illegal means? Would you leave me if I told you that I've hurt so many people, killed even, to make agreements and to make ends meet?" He moves forward as you step backwards, eventually hitting the wall with your back. Your heart thumps wildly in your chest, but… is it out of fear or love? Should you be afraid of him? With all he’s telling you, undoubtedly. Harry stands right in front of you with a deadly glint in his eyes that never leave yours as if challenging you.

You look up at him, his eyes holding a steeliness behind them, like he was preparing himself for the worst.

"Would you leave me if I told you that I am the so-called “Big Bad King” of Central City and that I love you?"

You are silent. He scans you one last time before turning around to look out the window to view the city, a hand running up his face to rub his eyes. You breathe heavily for a few seconds, your mind trying to comprehend everything he’s just told you.

"No," you finally speak up, watching Harry slowly turn to look at you, clearly wondering if he had heard you right. You walk right up to him with a fiery look of defiance - a stark difference from your normal blushing self. "No, I wouldn't leave. I’m never going to leave. I thought I made it pretty clear that you’re the only man I see myself with. No matter what it is that you do."

You start to tear up as you speak, folding your arms tightly across your chest at the notion he could think you might drop everything you and he have together. Everything you’ve created so far.

"And I will,” you continue, “All the good and all the bad. I want that, because that's you, Harry, and I love you with all my heart. I'm not going to leave you, even if you are some kind of crime lord !"

Harry looks at you like he can't believe what you're saying. As if he were thinking, you aren’t going to leave me?

"(Y/N)... I'm not a good man..." he says quietly now, taking a step back towards you.

"Well, I've not seen any evidence of that," you reply. "All I've seen is a loving, caring man who buys me flowers at every available opportunity and wouldn't let me get hurt, even if it put him in harm's way instead... It's going to take a lot more than that to scare me off now. I’m in too deep with you."

Harry presses his lips together before opening his arms to you and instantly you go to him.

"I was... so worried that you'd leave if you found out. They always leave and I just... I found you. Someone precious to me, someone I want to see when I come home at the end of the day. Someone I want to give all my love to." His eyes shine, verging on tears, "I love you so much, (Y/N). I swear on my life to protect you with every fibre of my being."

You pull away and cup his face in your hands. "I love you, Harrison Wells, always. And I trust you to protect me. I’m leaving my life in your hands, okay?" He pulls you in close to his chest and holds you tight.


You genuinely feel so safe in his arms. You couldn’t leave if you tried.

Just then, a long-haired man walks into the room and immediately looks awkward at seeing the two of you like this. The young man clears his throat.

“Uh, Boss?” he says.


“We found the guys.”

A charged silence falls over the room.

“You and the others - suit up. And grab my...” Harry looks down at your sweet face before continuing, “Grab my necessary tools .”

"I'm not going to ask," you say, looking up at him, "because I’m not sure either of us is ready for that conversation just yet, but I will ask... what am I meant to do now?"

He pauses for a second whilst contemplating it. "I'll get a few guys to go with you and they can start tidying up for you. I'll pay for everything to be fixed and have your stock replaced," he replies thoughtfully. You smile and nod at him in acceptance of his offer. You then lean up to give your man a quick kiss, fixing the lapels of his suit.

"Just be careful, okay? Come back safe."

"Anything for you, Flower." He leans down to catch one last kiss before heading out. Matthew and some more of Harry’s men have been waiting outside for you to accompany you to the broken flower shop.

“Okay, boys, let’s get to work,” you order them upon arriving back at Primrose Path. “And for the love of everything that is good, save the remaining living flowers!”

You start cleaning the shop up, picking up the few un-smashed vases and setting them to one side to keep them handy. You are about to start by sweeping the mess on the floor when your name is called.

"That's me," you say, turning to see a man in a long coat with a goatee accompanied by a vaguely familiar blond. It takes a second for you to realize he was the officer who’d arrested the metahuman where you were standing right now when you’d first set up shop in Central City.

"Detectives Joe West and Eddie Thawne, CCPD, there's been an incident here?"

"Uh, yeah," you walk closer to them outside on the sidewalk, glancing around to make sure no one was looking, but from what you’d gathered from earlier they all seemed familiar with each other. You cross your arms and go to speak again but Thawne cuts in before you can say anything else.

“I arrested a metahuman right here a few months ago, should have known they’d be likely to come back and cause trouble. Do you remember?”

“I remember,” you reply, a little curtly, “but nothing says a metahuman did this.” You turn back to Detective West, ignoring Thawne. "Did… er, did Harry send you to investigate?"

"Yeah, how do you... know Wells?"

"I'm his girlfriend," you say with a small proud smile, glancing at Matthew, who approaches you two. Thawne, meanwhile, surveys you with calculating eyes.

"Right," Joe says, looking a little weirded out, but keeps his mouth shut. "Matthew," he nods to the other man in acknowledgement, "Can you two fill us in?"

Matthew makes a small gesture for you to start and you explain to the detectives the absolute horror of arriving at your shop this morning. Then Matthew continues from where you left off, “We’ve located the perpetrators. Star City. We believe them to be members of...” Matthew eyes the room carefully, “Darhk’s team.”

Well, this is news to you! Who is this ‘Darhk’?

Joe seems to understand though, making a small note in his pad before turning back to Matthew. "I presume Wells has the matter... in hand ?"

Matthew just nods, as you look between the two of them trying to keep up with all this new information.

"I'll note it down as an ongoing investigation and we'll shelve it as unsolved in a month or two," Joe says quietly, while Detective Thawne is asking one of Harry’s men a few questions, basically talking to Matthew, rather than you. "And if you want my professional opinion on the matter, I don't think it's Darhk. I think it's Merlyn. Getting his League of Assassins to wreak havoc. They’re planning something. Especially if that bloody warning is any indication," Joe adds, looking around, then glancing at you.

So it was blood?

"Wait, so won't the other cops want to reopen it and such? It's going to be titled unsolved, so there's bound to be someone who's going to stumble upon it," you blurt out, glancing at Joe and Matthew. You were trying to take this all in, especially with the fact that it has to do with Harry and his enemies.

"Miss, you're a smart one. But you’re right, it will be unsolved, but if someone does stumble upon it, they'll have to address me because I led the investigation," Joe explains, using his hand to gesture to the entire flower shop dilemma. “And I cover Wells’ back, so you have nothing to worry about regarding him.”

You nod though you don’t understand how the Detective was wrapped up in Harry’s business. There were obviously still many things you didn’t understand concerning that particular matter.

“So, I take it that’s all?” Joe makes sure. Matthew nods. “Then, I’m off. Nice meeting you, Miss.” Joe hands you a card with his number on it. “If you need anything, I’ll be there.”

You watch Joe and Eddie leave the scene, the latter giving you a mildly suspicious once-over before he reaches the car, and turn back to Matthew. "So... the police let Harry... do whatever?" you ask curiously, leaning on the broom in your hands.

"I don't think I'm the one to tell you any of that... You'll have to ask Doctor Wells," he replies automatically before going back to the mess scattered around you.

After you’ve all cleaned up, you even manage to teach the boys how to carefully handle the living flowers, making sure to crack a few jokes and give them cheery smiles to lighten up the mood. At first, they were wary since you’re their boss's sweetheart, but before the day was over they were all comfortable around you. It was impossible not to be because who could resist cleaning up while playing wastepaper basketball with you? You show the guys your mad skills by never missing the bin once when you’d throw the dirty rags in. After doing a few trick shots, they wanted in on it too, and this was how your break was spent.

While Harry’s men continue to play each other in a game of “Horse”, you decide to treat them by making the group some sandwiches and offer them lemonade for all their hard work.

"Oh no, Ma’am, we really couldn't," Matthew puts up a fight on behalf of the group.

"Nonsense, you've helped me with this huge mess and made sure I was safe. I'd be a terrible owner if I didn't treat you for all you’ve done for me!"

“We really-”

You give them a deadpanned look. “You’re going to eat the sandwiches I’ve made you and drink the gosh darn lemonade and like it.” Of course, you meant it as a joke, but the men seem to take you seriously.

“Okay, Ma’am.” Matthew takes a bite of his sandwich and then says, “I can see why the boss is so taken with you.” You smile winningly before tucking into your own lunch.

A few minutes later, you hear a car pull up and a couple of doors shut before the shop door opens, revealing Harry. All the guys instantly stand up at the appearance of their boss but he waves them off with one hand, coming directly over to you.

"Everything okay?" he asks, hugging you.

"Mmm, yeah... Are you okay?" You look up and check him over for any injuries as he had done to you earlier, cupping his cheeks with your hands.

"I'm fine, Kitten. The boys did what you asked of them?"

"Yeah, they're good men, Harry," you smile up at him, glancing at the tired men, eating their lunch.

"They are my men after all," Harry confirms with a smirk, raising his eyebrow at you and holding both your hands.  "Speaking of which, there are some people I want you to meet. They're my... Inner Circle of specialists."

Inner Circle? That doesn’t sound intimidating at all…

“Okay,” you say, voice wavering a bit. He’s finally starting telling you things about the work he does, bit by bit. This is a big step. It’s not meeting one’s parents or children or anything, but it feels as nerve-wracking as if it were. Harry gestures to some people on the other side of the window and immediately the three in question walk through the door of your shop.

The first one is the guy with fantastic hair who'd come into the office earlier... Ramon, Harry had called him. His hair is better than mine!

Next to him is a woman with white-blonde hair, blue lipstick, and has a look on her face that almost dares someone to cross her. The last is a taller man with short brown hair and an easy, kind of cute smile on his face.

"(Y/N), this is Cisco Ramon, Barry Allen, and Frost... though she's more often Caitlin Snow.”

"Hi." You give them a kind smile and wave at them. You immediately get a good vibe off of them.

"Uh, um hi! I'm uh- Allen Barry- Barry Allen," the one with the cute smile introduces himself, holding a hand out. "It’s a pleasure to meet you."

You shake his hand and say, "You remind me of a nervous puppy, Barry."

"Smooth, dude. I'm Cisco." The other man elbows Barry and extends a hand to you as well. "Nice to finally meet you. Harry won't shut up about you." Frankly, you’re tickled pink at the fact that Harry talks about you to his people. “We almost thought he was making you up.”

"Ramon," Harry warns, glaring at the smaller man. You look up at Harry and peck his cheek. Frost speaks up next.

“Nice to have another woman brought into the mix,” she says with approval, “Can you fight?”

“No... I’ve never had a reason to.”

“And you never will,” Harry says sternly, and flashing the woman, Frost, a glare as if to say, stop talking now . You look up at him with the severity of his tone and he looks dead serious about it too, sliding a protective arm around your waist. But you're actually quite happy about that. It's as though he's making sure to make good on his promise to keep you safe.

"You'll meet Caitlin later, I'm sure," he says. Addressing the others in the room, Harry orders, "Time to move out, there are too many of us here, we could be a target out in the open."

"Yes, Sir.” They all head to the cars or walk back down the street, and you hurriedly close up shop to hop in beside Harry in his car. Once settled, he takes your hand and kisses the back of it. He has the driver follow behind Barry and the others back to the Labs.

"So, what do you think?" he asks.

"About them? I like them, they seem like really good people with their hearts in the right places. Funny, too!" You can just imagine Barry and Cisco goofing off on the job. They seem the sorts to do that kind of thing.

"They're... excitable." Harry watches you for a moment, calculating, analyzing. "There are some more things I know I need to show you, tell you. But in time.”

“Of course, I understand.”

“But for now you and I can relax in my office."

"Okay, yeah, I think I could do with a little relaxing right now," you say with a little, tired laugh. Today has been a lot to take in, to say the least.

Harry pulls you close in the back seat as you travel the short distance back to the Labs, where you swiftly make your way back up to the top of the building.

He holds your hand, his thumb rubbing it in soothing circles. You smile up at him to assure him that you'll be okay. This second time you set foot in his office, you actually take it all in. Multiple papers sit on his main desk, small devices and gadgets littered another and cozy-looking seats accented the large office in the corner.

"It all makes sense now. Why you’re such a busy man," you break the silence, taking a seat on one of the couches and sighing as you do.

"Effectively running two high-paced and changeable businesses will do that for you," he replies with a resigned chuckle. Harry takes a seat next to you and runs a hand through his hair, making a few bits stick up a little.

"That's what you see it as, then? A business?" you ask, unable to restrain yourself from both reaching forwards and smoothing his hair back down and subtly pressing him for a few more answers to his mysterious life.

"Yeah, the Labs and... well, they're both businesses, just one's slightly less legal than the other..." He gives a small bashful grin, rubbing the back of his neck. You start to run your fingers through his soft and silky hair. Harry leans into your touch, closing his eyes and letting out a quiet sigh. You love getting these kinds of reactions from him.

"So the Labs, that's mostly just all your legal science-y stuff, right?" You quirk an eyebrow at him, removing your fingers and folding your hands in your lap, looking at him expectantly.

"Yes, all sorts of legal science-y stuff," he seems to be entertained with your curiosity, amusement evident in his blue eyes.

You sit there in silence for a bit looking at each other, but really you were thinking about how to approach the next topic.

"Harry, I'm... I won’t ask you about the other business quite yet..." You look down and fiddle with your hands, "but just know I will once I fully process everything that’s happening."

He nods, clearly knowing that this moment was fast approaching in your relationship. "I know, Flower," he says gently, placing his hand over yours in your lap, "and I'll explain when that time comes."

You give him a small smile, knowing that you've reached an understanding. He brings you in for a hug, holding you close until there's a knock on the door. Harry reluctantly pulls away and says, "Come in."

The door opens, revealing Matthew who has a serious look on his face. "Boss, we went to check Miss (Y/L/N)'s apartment like you said and... It's in the same state as the shop, they must have been watching to see when she left this morning before going in."

You slowly get up from the couch and look at Harry then to Matthew. Before you can open your mouth to speak, Harry beats you to it.

"Thank you, Matthew, that'll be all," he responds tightly, his eyes narrowed in thought. Matthew nods to you both before leaving, closing the door behind him.

"It’s not safe for me to go back there, is it?" you ask, nibbling on your bottom lip. Harry stands up, lips pressed into a thin line as if he were looking for some sort answer, a solution.

"No, no, absolutely not. You can't stay there..." he says beginning to pace the room. "I don't think that they're trying to hurt you, else they wouldn't have waited for you to leave... they're trying to send me a message. But you're not safe, that’s for certain."

You have no idea who ‘they’ are, and you’re not certain Harry does at this point either. Surely they’d have been dealt with by now if he did. Whatever that entailed. But you look up at him, your imagination creating the image of your apartment looking like your trashed shop.

"I can always call a friend," you start, as you take your phone out. "I can stay with them until things calm down, that way I'm not in your way of figuring things out."

"No, you're not in the way, you'll never be in the way," he says abruptly and makes his way over to you. Harry places his large hands on your shoulders, eyes looking intently into your own, "I want you to stay with me. For a couple days at least, to ensure that I can keep you safe."

"Well... if you're sure," you reply, putting your phone back in your pocket.

"I've never been unsure when it comes to you," he says, dipping his head to press a slow kiss to your lips. You're comforted by the feel of him, knowing that he's here to protect you.

"Can we go and get things? From my apartment?" you ask hesitantly, not wanting to go to his without the essentials. “I’ll need to bring some clothes.”

"Yeah, of course," Harry smiles down at you before a teasing smirk made its way to his beautiful face, "But I mean, you could always wear my clothes." He wiggles his eyebrows at you, his hands already on your hips.

"Harry!" Your cheeks turn scarlet and you lightly slap his arm. This man is going to be the death of you one day.

"What? I think you look cute when you wear my shirts," he says, smirk still in place, "not that you don't look cute anyway."

You chuckle and rest your head against his shoulder.

After Harry finishes up a few things that needed attending to, he (and several of his men) accompanies you back to your apartment in order to pick up your stuff.

The mess inside is horrible, just as you’d feared, and you find yourself stuffing a few outfits and your makeup bag into a larger bag as speedily as you can so you didn't have to survey the destruction for longer than necessary.

You make a beeline for Harry, who is instructing his entourage about what to do with the damage.

"Ready?" he asks, staring down at your packed bag.

"As ready as I'll ever be," you respond as he takes your hand and leads you out to take you back to his place.

When you arrive at Harry's, he leads you up towards his bedroom, but instead of opening his door, he opens the one to the right and leads you into another large, comfortable room.

"You can, er, have this one... because I know this isn't exactly your choice and you might want some space of your own. But as you know, I'll be just next door-"

You put a hand on his chest to stop him rambling and he pauses, looking down at you. You push up on your toes and kiss his nose.

"Thank you, Harry. You're so sweet." You smile brightly up at him and you notice his face pinkens faintly.

"Okay, I'll leave you to unpack, then," he says, "I'll make some dinner?"

"That'd be lovely."

He leaves the room with a smile and a scratch of his head, leaving you to spend a little time hanging your clothes in the wardrobe before going to join Harry for dinner.

You almost squeal when you jump onto the plush bed. Oh, this is going to be so nice to sleep on tonight. Better than your old mattress, that one seriously needs to be replaced. You lie down and think for a bit. A huge grin breaks out on your face at the thought of living with Harry, even if it is for a few days. You change into some fresh new clothes that aren’t covered in dust from the shop and go down into the kitchen to find him still cooking away. You hug him from behind.

"Can I help?"

"I'm almost done, Flower, but you can get some plates out of that top cupboard there," he says, indicating to the right one with his head as he stirs something in a pot.

You give him a smile and pull out a couple of plates then notice the bottle of wine on the counter.

"I thought we could both do with a drink," he tells you.

"Hmm, yeah, you're not wrong."  

You both eat the heavenly pasta dish he had made, and when you couldn’t possibly eat any more, you decide to move to sit on the grassiness of his garden afterward. The wine bottle is sure to join you.

Sitting comfortably in between his legs, you lean your head back against his shoulder, and let out a content sigh as you look up at the stars that are beginning to sparkle in the sky.

Despite the chaos of today and the prospect of having to rebuild large portions of your life, you find yourself feeling incredibly relaxed in Harry's embrace. You turn a bit in his arms and look at him, contemplating something. Harry looks questioningly at you, icy blue eyes glowing in the dim lights from above. You set your glass down and narrow your eyes, going to reach up and play with his hair. His adorably floofy hair that can't be tamed for too long.

"Having fun there?" He sounds amused with how focused you were with his hair.

"Yeah, I am actually," you reply, very much entertained, likely thanks to the wine. You place a little kiss on his cheek. "You're so cute like this, baby."

"You're telling me, a man that you've just learned is a hardened criminal, that I’m cute ?" he asks. You don't miss the slight tinge rise on his cheeks.

"Yup!" you answer and kiss his nose then rub your own against his. Now he’s gone red! Harry tries his best to look away, but you’re not having any of it. "Nuh uh, I want to see your face, Mister Doctor." You cup his cheeks in both hands and get him to look at you. "Did I just get the hardened criminal, the King of Central City, to blush ?" You smirk at him.


Oh, he really is just too cute! You can't help but snicker at his reaction, placing little kisses all over his face to see if you can fluster him even more. But soon you find yourself yawning a little and Harry catches sight of it.

"Time for bed, I think, my Flower. You've had quite the day."

You nod a bit before pecking his lips then rest your forehead against his shoulder while wrapping your arms around him.

"But I don't want to get up," you sigh not wanting to move or leave his embrace.

Harry sighs at your own cuteness, "I'll carry you to your room, okay?"

"Okay." You let out another yawn and hang on tight, Harry standing up with you securely in his arms. You automatically wrap your legs around him and he starts making his way into the mansion to your temporary room. Although you do wish you had the courage to crawl into bed next to him, this will suffice.

He places you down when he reaches your door. You smile up at him, leaning up to kiss him goodnight where meets you halfway. He strokes his thumb over your cheek as you get your goodnight kiss.

"Sweet dreams, Flower," he says when you part. "Anything you need, I'm here."

"Goodnight, Harry," you reply, closing the door slowly when he enters his own room. You sigh, feeling content. You're here with him. Safe and sound.

However, there's this creeping feeling that won’t leave you alone. The feeling of something about to go wrong that eats at you. Like someone is watching, waiting to attack, or try to ruin this perfect dream-like life that you've been living. Whatever or whoever is after you might want you out of the picture or to at least use you to get to Harry. You don't want him to think of you as a weakness or a disadvantage…

You go to the bathroom to wash up and brush your teeth, attempting to calm yourself down and get these crazy thoughts out of your head. But by the time you've crawled under the soft sheets and gotten comfy, the feeling still hasn't left you. You roll over in the bed, but no matter what you do, you can't seem to fall asleep. There's something missing…

Lifting your head from the pillow, you look towards the door. He had said anything you needed... that includes sleep, surely?

You tiptoe out of your room and into the hallway, finding yourself in front of his bedroom door. You don’t want to be a bother to him or anything, but you know you would feel better with him close to you.

"It’s now or never," you whisper to yourself with a little sigh. At first, you knock on his door. When he doesn’t answer, you open it and find him fast asleep in his bed. He looks so serene. Like an angel, rather than the devil the public makes him out to be. His face shows no sign of any of the burdens he bears or the troubles he faces day to day. You sneak across to the other side of the bed, nibbling on your lip as you pull the sheets up and climb into the bed next to your boyfriend.

You can feel the way he's radiating heat beside you so you shuffle a little closer, but keeping a little distance so that you don't disturb him. You close your eyes and calm your mind.

"Flower?" he mumbles, shifting and running a hand through his hair.

Your eyes open at his voice and look up at him, "Oh no, did I wake you?"

"Yeah, but that’s fine. What's wrong? Couldn't sleep?" Harry scoots closer to you and props himself up on an elbow to get a good look at you, arm flexing in the faint light.

"Yeah," you confess, feeling ridiculous for coming to him for such a small thing as this.

"Hey, it's okay," he insists, lifting his other arm up so that you can move closer to him. "Come here."

You give him a grateful smile and move over so that you are pressing against his chest in your thin white tank top, cradled in his warmth. He wraps his arms around you, settling down against the pillows again.

He places a kiss to the top of your head. "It's okay if you're scared, Flower, you've been through a lot today." You play with the fabric of his black undershirt, running your fingers lightly over it.

"I know, I just can't help but feel silly for coming to you about this. I’m sorry," you say, looking up at him with a small smile. Harry cups your cheek and kisses your forehead sweetly.

"Hey, don't be sorry. I want you to come to me for anything. And I mean anything that's troubling you. Big or small. Silly or serious. I want to be able to help you no matter what it is," Harry whispers as his thumb rubs your cheek, trying to comfort you.

"I love you so much," you say, leaning into his touch automatically before yawning again.

"I love you, too. Now, get some sleep, my girl," he replies. And you do just that, closing your eyes and very quickly drifting off thanks to the calming sound of his strong heartbeat and the warmth his body is giving off.




Harry rhythmically runs his fingers through your hair, hoping that would soothe you into a deep and comfortable sleep. It always soothes him when you do it to him. He doesn’t fall asleep again right away though. His mind is still alert to the thoughts of who would want to threaten him or get to you to use against him.

Darhk's been on the down low for a couple of years now, even out of the country, or so Harry's been told by Queen.

But Merlyn... There’s a man with more than just a chip on his shoulder.

Harry knows he had been careless in all of this. You weren't supposed to be finding out this much, this soon. At least not how you did. He really shouldn’t have pursued anything with you in the first place… But it was impossible not to.

I mean, just look at her.

Eventually, you would know all about him being a crime syndicate leader and one of the most feared men in the Underground Network. He should have kept you at arm’s length longer, if anything, because now it’s happening. Whoever it is, they know. They know about you .

And Harry knows the faster you bury yourself into his heart, the sooner he would bear his soul to you.

It was only inevitable.

Harry sighs before allowing himself to succumb to sleep. Right now he'll remain content with having you like this in his arms, hoping that this won’t be the last time you two sleep together.

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You wake the next morning having slept so well, you can't help but grin. Despite everything that happened the previous day, you just can’t find it in you to be sad. At the end of the day, your shop and apartment were damaged, but everything could be replaced. What matters is that you’re safe and your relationship with Harry, if anything, has been made stronger by this whole scenario.

Turning your head back slightly, you see that Harry is still sleeping next to you, his hair sticking up at those cute, odd angles from where he's moved around in the night. You decide to leave him be and rustle up some breakfast for you both. Admittedly, you have fun trying to remove yourself from his embrace where he’s spooning you, but you do manage it and quietly walk barefoot out of the room.

First, you stretch your limbs and go freshen up back in your room next door, then head down to the kitchen. Once there, you’re sure to raid the fridge for some eggs and bacon, knowing exactly where everything is hidden this time around. You decide to make omelettes this morning, with the eggs in one pan and start up the bacon in another. While cooking, you start humming a joyful little tune and look out the kitchen window to marvel at the the sight of the dewy garden. Your already present smile widens and your heart skips a beat because you were sure that he did all that for you. Doing a happy dance, you fry up the eggs to perfection. Life is so good…

But when you turn around to grab the pepper, you almost have a heart attack.

“Harry!” You clutch your heart. “You nearly scared me to death!”

He just stands there with his arms crossed, leaning against the doorframe. A smirk appears on his perfect pink lips.

"Don't mind me," he says, gesturing for you to continue, "I was just admiring the view."

And he does not mean out of the window…

You bite your lip at his words. You're wearing some pyjama bottoms and a white tank top... hardly an alluring ensemble, but if he likes it, then who are you to judge? You have to turn around to hide your red face.

“Shouldn’t I be the one making you breakfast?” he asks as he makes his way over to you.

“Next time you can.”

Harry places his hands on your waist behind you and leans down to kiss your neck. “You have some nice moves, by the way,” he says with a growing smile against your skin. You visibly cringe.

"How much of that did you see?"

"Enough to cement you as the cutest person I've ever met," he replies, placing another kiss below your ear and then one to your burning up cheek. He surveys the food over your shoulder. "Smells good."


While you finish cooking up the heavenly scented breakfast, Harry brews a pot of coffee and gets the necessary silverware ready. When it’s finally time to dig in, the noise of approval Harry makes after taking his first bite makes your heart soar.

“You’re never leaving me,” he says in between chewing. “For any reason. Ever.”

You press your lips together in a satisfied smile, thrilled he likes your creation.

The pair of you make small talk over breakfast, with Harry teasing you on your earlier activities, which makes you laugh out of embarrassment. This just feels so right . You and him in this house together... you could so get used to this.

You kind of want to ask him if you could just stay with him even after the coast is clear. At first, you didn’t want to be a burden, staying with him so early on in the relationship, but after feeling everything you’re feeling now? You never want to leave. You half wonder if he’d notice if you slowly started moving your household items into his place piece by piece...

"So, anything important you have to get done at the company today?" you ask, glancing up at him curiously, starting to clear the table and place the empty plates into the sink. You might not have anywhere to go to work this morning, but you can’t imagine that Harry still won’t be busy. Probably more so, what with everything that’s happened.

"Nope," Harry simply responds, taking care of the dishes.

"No? But I thought that…?" You raise an eyebrow in confusion and turn away from the marble island to look at him full-on. "You're a busy man, Harry, and I don't want to be the reason that a project or something is getting delayed." Harry puts away the extra plates in one of the cabinets before looking down at you.

"I'm the head of the company, so I get to dictate when to take a day off and I'm taking one now just to spend time with you, (Y/N). I have plenty of capable people who do their jobs better than anyone. They can cope without me for a day."

“And you’re not just doing this to make sure someone doesn’t decide to whack me?” You had meant it as a joke, but Harry clearly doesn’t seem to take it as such. “Harry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

He’s already up and walking over to you, his arms find their way around you in comfort. For your comfort or his, you aren’t sure.

Don’t say that. For one thing, you’re not going to get whacked . Absurd. Second, I couldn’t possibly spend today away from your ravishing self, so I’m going to be right here with you. We can do whatever you like.” You wrap your arms around him, thinking for a bit of what you could do together. You let out a tiny gasp, your eyes lighting up as you pull away from him.

"Can we take a walk through the garden? I only got to see a small part last time, I can tell you what the flowers mean and what they're called!" Harry is delighted with your enthusiasm.

"If this is what you're like when you're fully rested, then you should sleep with me more often."

The colour in your face deepens at his suggestion, as well as the hidden meaning in that phrase, not actually knowing if he was joking or not. Because if he wasn't, you would totally jump at the offer. So all you do is bite your lip and look into his eyes expectantly, waiting for his answer. Harry strokes your pink cheek with his thumb.

“Tell me everything you know, Flower.”

Immediately, you grab him by the hand and drag him outside. Who cares if you’re both still in your night clothes? It’s not like anyone can see you! Not with those massive hedges that run around the perimeter of Harry’s backyard property (if you could even call it a ‘backyard’). You can’t wait to share your knowledge with Harry and it means the world to you that he’s genuinely interested in what you do and is willing to learn.

You see such variety. Some not even you have in your flower shop, so you’re sure to make a mental note of the ones you didn't have. You rattle off some complicated names of flowers to him like Alstroemeria, Delphinium, and Gladiolus followed by various facts about them. Harry holds your hand the entire time, watching you lovingly as you energetically and passionately ramble on about each flower’s meaning.

"Gladiolus typically means strength of character, honour, and faithfulness. Kind of reminds me of you, Harry." You grin up at him, tucking your hair behind your ear. You can't stop smiling when you're around him. Harry plucks a flower from below and fastens it into your hair.

“A flower for my Flower,” he says.

You continue your little flora lesson for the rest of the morning, swinging hands with Harry as you walk along the pebbled garden path. Eventually, you two head inside for lunch, making your specialty - club sandwiches.

"I thought you said you'd let me cook?" He raises an amused eyebrow at how you head to the kitchen to make you both something. You already feel so at home here. He leans back against the island, watching you work.

"Yeah, but you cooked me dinner like two - or was it three? - times before. And besides, you're letting me stay for a couple of days. I'd feel terrible if I just sat around and let you do everything ," you say, getting a few ingredients from the fridge. He shakes his head at you.

As you start to prep the snack, Harry’s phone rings on the counter. He casually checks the display before picking it up to answer.

“Wells, here.”

There’s a moment of silence before he answers again, turning away from you.

“No, it’s not a good- I told you-” You watch him talk to whoever is on the other line. The lines on his forehead appear as he frowns from what he’s being told.

You finish making the sandwiches and set them on plates, but worry fills you at the tone of his voice. What if someone got hurt? Like Matthew or Cisco? Frost or Barry? You just made new friends. You don't want them to get hurt because someone is targeting you.

"Yes, Allen- I know-" Harry sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose, "I'll be over as fast as I can anddon’tevenmakeajoke- ugh." Harry sets his phone down and turns to you.

"You have to go," you beat him to it. "Go, Harry, they need you."

“I’m sorry, it’s unavoidable and it’s well, it’s...”

“It’s the other business. I gathered as much.”

“Will you be okay here on your own?”

“Please! Of course I will. Now go!”

Harry hesitates, still meeting your eyes, but finally turns to leave. He makes his way to his room to change into an all-black ensemble while you make more sandwiches. You know the Inner Circle members are going to get hungry from... whatever it is they do. When Harry comes back, he looks sexy as hell in a black long sleeve and slacks. Your breath catches. It doesn’t even look like he brushed his hair (and that is not a bad thing). He’s fiddling with putting on his watch when you offer him the small box filled with sandwiches, which brings out a confused look on his face.

"It's for when all of you get hungry. And don't even try to deny it. With how much you all work it’s going to happen," you say with crossed arms and a knowing look. Harry gives a yielding smile before leaning down to kiss you.

"What would I do without you?"

“Let’s hope we never find out,” you reply and kiss him once more. “Be safe, please, with whatever you’re doing.”

“I will. And I’ll send some of my trusted people to drop by and check on you in a little while, so don’t be alarmed, okay?”

“So, I’ll have to change out of this?” You do a twirl, still in your night clothes. Harry bites his lip.



His eyes meet yours one more time before catching you off guard and giving you yet another kiss. He sets the box down on the table and cups your face. At first, you expected it to be a short kiss... but then it got longer. And longer. Oh, and when he introduces his tongue, you know you’re going to have a hard time separating from each other. His hands fall to your hips and your arms wrap around his neck, pulling him closer. Your lip-smacking sounds are accompanied by pleasant hums.

"I should... go..." he whispers against your lips in between kisses. His grinding hips tell you otherwise, pressing you back against the counter.

“You should...” you say, though not wanting it to become a reality in the slightest. Not when he makes you feel this good.

“It’s important work.” He kisses you again.

“I believe you,” you exhale against his parted lips. When you both finally pull away from each other, breathing heavily, your cheeks are so hot and you feel dazed from the intensity of the moment.

"We'll finish this later," he vows, grabbing the sandwiches and winking at you before taking his leave.

He really needs to stop winking before I jump him.

Who am I anymore?!

In a small voice not quite loud enough for him to hear, you say, “Make good choices.” You stand in the kitchen still in your hazy, aroused state before realizing that you have to go make a rapid wardrobe change before his people arrive. You hastily change into some of the clothes, a shirt and cropped jeans, that you’d brought with you and neatly fold your pyjamas up, placing them under one of the pillows on Harry's bed. He didn't seem to have any objection to you sleeping with him and you weren't about to pass up the opportunity to do it again.

It’s when you’ve put the finishing touches of your makeup on that the doorbell rings. You gingerly make your way downstairs, even though you know it was just Harry's people coming to check on you.

You peer through the peephole at the door and see two women with Matthew as well as three other men.

The first woman looks almost identical to Frost, except for the drastic style differences and caramel-brown hair. The second woman is shorter, beautifully dark-skinned and has wavy dark brown hair. They both have kind smiles on their faces and you know you were going to be okay with Matthew here, but these women seem friendly, so you unlock the door to open it.

“Hi, there" you greet them with a grin and tiny wave. No need to be wary anymore.

"Ma'am," Matthew addresses you with a small nod of his head, "everything okay?"

"Mmhm, just peachy" you reply, "But I mean, Harry's not been gone too long so... did you want to come in?" you ask suddenly, realizing they're all still on the doorstep.

"Thank you, Ma'am," Matthew says, and you open the door wide for them all to enter. The guys immediately make their way further inside to patrol the premises for potential threats to your safety, but the two women hang back as you close the door. You lead them to the living room where they look around in awe. It seems like Harry doesn't have many guests over, even if they are part of the Inner Circle.

"Oh, uh, we haven't introduced ourselves, sorry. I'm Iris. Iris West," she starts, breaking the small silence that had fallen upon the three of you. She holds out a hand which you shake.

"It’s nice to meet you. I'm assuming Harry has already told you who I am so..." you say with a polite smile. You turn to the other woman, pointing at her with a confused look on your face.

"Not to be rude or anything, but you sort of look like-"

"-Frost? I guess Harry didn't tell you, but I'll leave that up to him. I'm Caitlin Snow, it's a pleasure to meet you." She shakes your hand and you offer her another smile.

"So you guys... work for Harry too?"

"I do, yeah," Caitlin says, "I'm a bio-engineer, so I run quite a few of the projects we work on at the Labs."

You nod in understanding before turning to Iris.

"I wasn’t originally involved in all this," she tells you, "But I'm Barry's girlfriend and my dad works at CCPD and helps Harry out, so I kind of got swept up in it all. I try to promote S.T.A.R. Labs projects in a positive light. I'm a reporter for CCPN."

"So, what about the ‘Inner Circle’ and all their mysterious work? Are you part of that side of Harry’s business too?" you press.

“You would be correct,” Caitlin confirms. You’re starting to think that you could be good friends with these two in the future from this short time of meeting them. You offer for them to take a seat and relax on the couch.

"Iris, you're very lucky to have Barry by your side. He seems like a good guy and you know, he reminds me of a puppy."

"Right? I've known him my whole life and he's been like that since we were kids," she answers, a grin blooming on her face like happy memories were flashing through her mind. You know that feeling she’s having well.

"Wait until you see the sort of mischief he and Cisco get into," Caitlin says, "I don't know how many times I've told those two to stay away from my personal projects and yet they still behave like little boys."

You three go on to talk about the boys and gossip, thoroughly enjoying each other’s company before asking them if they'd like to see the garden Harry had surprised you with.

They both confirm that they'd love to since the sun was still shining high in the sky. So you head out of the house, leading the other two out into the vibrant coloured garden where you start a little circuit around the flower beds.

"I didn't know Harry was a flower kind of a guy..." Iris muses, looking around in amazement. "But then you are, aren't you? Barry told me about your shop. Harry must really love you."

You smile meekly at that, but it is nice to know that people Harry has known for ages could visibly see that he’s so happy with you.

"I guess when it comes to love, you'd do anything for the other person to be happy," Caitlin says. "You seem to be on his mind a lot. He really does talk about you a fair bit, you know."

"I just hope I'm not distracting him from his work or anything," you say, rubbing your wrist as you finish your walk.

Matthew comes up to you three, "Ma'ams, it seems like the perimeter is secure and nothing is out of the ordinary. We will continue to patrol until the Boss returns."

You glance at the ladies, then speak up, "Thank you, Matthew. I should have some lunch out for you and your men in a few minutes."

"Ma'am, you really don't have-" he tries to protest with you again, but you're not about to let your "protectors" go hungry.

"It's seriously the least I can do," you say with an encouraging smile and Matthew shakes his head a bit as he gives in.

"Alright, thank you very much," he replies before disappearing back out towards the front.

"I've never seen Matthew fold so fast in my life," Caitlin says with a stunned puff of air. "Have you done a number on all these guys?"

You smile and shrug, replying, "Kindness always pays."

You and Caitlin decide to head inside, but Iris lingers behind a bit.

"Iris, are you coming?" Caitlin asks. You turn to the reporter.

"Yeah, I just want to check something out. I'll be inside in a minute," she responds, then goes back through the garden path. Caitlin looks at you then shrugs before you both head inside. It’s time to get started on making some food for the security team.

You and Caitlin have a fun time while you work and she tells you a couple of non-incriminating stories about your boyfriend which make you crack up. You were right in thinking you were going to get along well. It was so easy and nice to have girlfriends in a new place.

The both of you take the plates of food out to Matthew and the other guys; two of them are standing sentry on the door while Matthew and the other patrol the driveway a little further up.

"Do I really need this much protection?" you wonder out loud, half to Caitlin and half to yourself.

"Oh hun, believe me when I say you do," she answers, placing her hand on your shoulder. You and she hand the men their meal and walk over to give Matthew his.

"I mean, I know he has enemies and everything because of his... business . But what good would it do if these people came after me?" You stop half-way and stare at her. "I mean, I don't want them, whoever they are, to come after Harry either, but..."

"You just want to live in peace with him?" Caitlin gives you a sympathetic look.

"Yeah... He means everything to me. But it scares me that, with the world he lives in, there might be a day where he doesn't come back..."

"Look, Harry is smart. Smarter than anyone I've ever met. He only takes risks when he needs to and even then it's all been thought out to the last detail. He knows how to handle himself and he’s just trying to do the same for you now," Caitlin assures you with a small smile. "Plus, he has Barry, Cisco and myself. We all have each other's backs."

You take a deep breath and give her a smile. "And I’m so glad for that."

The pair of you head back inside and see that Iris has finally come back into the house.

"Hey," you greet Iris, who is relaxing on the couch.

"Hey," she says with a small wave of her hand. You offer your new friends some drinks and when they agree happily, you bring them their beverages and take a seat so that you’re sitting in between the two ladies.

After you three get into a small conversation over some of the latest events in Central City, there’s a moment of silence, and Iris leans over to whisper something in Caitlin's ear. This  confuses the biochemist at first, but then nods in understanding. Iris gets up and ushers you to sit in her place and she takes a place on the floor in front of you. You look at them both for a second as Iris kneels up, bringing all your hair around to one side and begins to loosely braid it while Caitlin sorts through the flowers that Iris has evidently brought inside with her.

You sit there as they braid your hair while Caitlin adds the beautiful flowers to adorn the braid. As soon as Iris finishes up twisting your locks, her phone beeps in her pocket and she pulls it out to take a look.

"Barry says they’re almost here,” she says, tapping the screen to type out a reply, “Barry, Harry, and Cisco by the sounds of it.”

You nod and smile, relieved at the thought of Harry coming home.

"Alright! I think I'm done," Caitlin breaks the few moments of silence, admiring her handiwork. "Not bad, if I do say so myself!"

"I’m dying to see!"

Caitlin simply hands you her compact mirror. You look at your reflection, seeing the way she’s placed half a dozen lilies and a few other small white flowers in your braid. Iris looks rather pleased, too.

"Oh, it's so pretty," you tell them both, letting it lie over your shoulder, “Thank you!”

"Are you three getting along well?"

Harry's voice suddenly sounds from behind you and you whip your head to see him enter the room, followed by Cisco, then Barry, who Iris instantly gets up for and goes over to hug him.

I bet she worries about him all the time, too.

Harry has his hands in his pockets and a tiny smile inching across his face. Though, he’s clearly trying to suppress a much bigger one due to present company. He eyes you up, and you watch as his gaze follows the pattern of the white lilies accenting your hair and further down to the rest of your outfit, his cheeks turning a little pink. Cisco appears to notice the tinge on his boss’ face and probably makes a mental note to pester him about that in the future. You grin up at your man and get off the couch, making your way to him as he opens his arms for you.


"Hi." Harry wraps his arms around your waist, being careful of the flowers so intricately placed in your hair. "They look good."

"All Iris and Caitlin's skillful work," you say, turning your head and smiling at each of them in turn.

"Thank you for agreeing to stay," Harry tells them both as well and they nod in understanding. Harry releases you from his hug as he addresses everyone.

"Right, well, go on home, all of you. Rest up. Good job today." His order is gruff and you think he's trying to restrain himself from physically ushering them out of the house. Someone was clearly desperate to be alone with you…

"If I didn't know any better, I’d say that you're trying to kick us out, Harry," Cisco says raising his eyebrows teasingly at Harry, a hand going up to tap his chin thoughtfully. "What's old Harry Wells in a hurry to do, huh?"

Caitlin covers her mouth with her hand.

"Yeah, what's the rush? We're all friends here," Barry adds in with a smug smile, his arm around Iris' shoulder. Iris, in turn, facepalms. "Nothing beats all of us spending time together right now."

These two! Goodness! Caitlin and Iris were right about them! You have to cover your mouth at their antics in an attempt to push Harry to the limit of literally kicking them out of his house.

"May I remind you that I am your boss and that I can-"

" Harry ," you say in a way that says 'play nice' and he instantly stops his threat. Everyone's eyes widen and they look at you as though they’ve just discovered that you have an incredible superpower.

Cisco points towards you with a smirk on his face, "Oh, you can stay, my friend!"

You finally let out burst of laughter, both at the reaction of the others and Harry's own expression.

"Alright, Buttercup, I'd love to stay and piss Harry off even more, but this sexy beast," Cisco points to himself with his thumbs, "has a hot date in about an hour or so."

Harry sighs, rolling his eyes as you start giggling in his arms. Barry snorts at his friend’s statement, Caitlin shakes her head, and Iris raises her eyebrows at Cisco, humouring him, "Sexy beast?"


"Ramon," Harry says.

"Uh huh?"

"Get out."

You stifle your amusement as Cisco turns to leave.

"Alright, I'm going, I'm going," he says, and everyone follows him to the door. You leave Harry's side in order to say goodbye to your new friends, giving both Caitlin and Iris a hug as they leave the house and thanking them for coming by.

Barry waves at you before taking Iris' hand and leads her to a car to go. Caitlin and Cisco pile into a second one, but as they cross the driveway, Cisco shouts out through the backseat window, "You two have fun tonight!" He gives you an exaggerated wink. Caitlin has to pull him back into the car to stop him causing anymore embarrassment.

You close the door with a red face, biting down on your bottom lip. Cisco is such a troublemaker! As you turn around you collide into Harry’s solid chest, his hands automatically holding your waist to keep you steady. You look up at him and notice a hunger in his electric blue eyes.

You swallow a bit before shyly speaking up, "So, how was work?"

"Fine.” His answer is curt but with a gravelly tone, fingers lightly trailing over your curves almost tauntingly.

"Err... are you okay?" you ask hesitantly, seeing the way he's looking desperately at you.

"Wonderful... now that they're gone," he replies in a low voice as his mouth goes to your neck, placing hot, open-mouthed kisses to your skin.

"H-Harry… ohh..." you sigh, your eyes fluttering shut at his touch.

"Remember when I said that we'd finish what we started earlier?" he says, pulling back and raising an eyebrow at you.

"Yes..." You continue to nibble on your bottom lip. Your heart's thumping wildly in your chest.

"Well..." He gives you a wolfish smirk, playful eyes looking down at you as he sweeps you up. You squeak at the sudden movement and wrap your arms around his neck. "I haven’t stopped thinking about that all day… Now it’s time to have some fun," he whispers, proceeding to carry you up to the bedroom.

"You're unbelievable," you say with a shake of your head, but you can’t resist slanting your mouth against his. He always tastes so good...

Harry’s chuckling against your lips now that you’ve given in to him. He sets you down on the bed, pinning you to the mattress under him. You kiss him fervently, his hands on your hips as yours tangle in his dark hair. You sigh against his lips. He presses his body down against your form and you feel his growing excitement rise against you. Harry’s mouth moves down your neck as you let out pleased little noises when he reaches your most sensitive spots.

“I'm going deflower my little Flower," he jokes when he pulls away, looking down at you.

“I think you’ve already done that bit, Harry… ” you say while starting to feel a deep warming sensation on your face and prepare yourself for what Harry was about to do to you. His nimble fingers start to undo the buttons down your chest, planting a kiss to every new patch of skin he reveals until he can pull your shirt off completely. You pull him back in for another kiss while he softly caresses your bare skin.

You feel so fragile under his touch, his fingers lightly running over your blemish-free skin. His gruff, callousness contrasts with your purity. Levelling the playing field, Harry pulls his shirt up and over his head in one motion. Unaware you just licked your lips, you run your hands up his arms, resting them on his biceps, the muscle flexing under your touch.

Harry is quick to remove your pants next, never breaking eye contact while doing so. Is it possible to spontaneously combust under a man’s gaze? He kisses his way down your body before gently sliding your panties down your legs, leaving goosebumps on your skin. He grins up at you before starting to place quick kisses to your inner thighs, occasionally nipping at your skin, leaving little red marks.

Your cheeks redden and you exhale his name, feeling yourself getting wetter with each kiss he places closer to your centre. Your heart beats wildly inside your chest. His dazzling blue eyes focus on you again, giving you that damn eyebrow raise at how wet you already are. You’re suddenly embarrassed at how easily your body reacts to him.

“Relax, Kitten,” he tells you in a silky voice, running his hands over your thighs, “just lie back and let me make you come.” Harry winks at you before lowering his head down to kiss your swollen clit.

If you thought Harry was skilled with his fingers, then it had nothing on his tongue. The feel of the way it enters you is unbelievable, and you think that the image of his head between your thighs, licking at your heat like it's what he was made to do, will be burned into your brain forever. He flicks you in just the right way as you buck your hips unintentionally and moan his name again. Your hand flies to his hair to hold him closer to you, desperate to feel everything you can from him because, God, he makes you feel like the luckiest woman alive.

“I just love your taste,” he says, “I could live on this alone.”

Then he growls, pulling your body closer and holding your hips up, smiling against your most sensitive flesh at your squirming. Harry starts humming pleased noises and swirls his tongue deep inside you, then switches to lightly nibble on your nub with his teeth and that drives you into a full-on frenzy. The sensation of him and only him floods through you. You arch your back, needing him to eat you more. To fully devour you.

“Oh God, Harry, please don’t stop!”

He works his tongue incessantly against your little bundle of nerves and it takes no time for you to come undone for him. You cry out, spilling your juices into his mouth as he sucks and laps up every last drop, licking his lips as he pulls away. He watches your chest rise and fall rapidly as you come back from your blissed-out state, looking down at him with a content smile. Harry kisses your folds one last time before moving up to kiss your parted lips.

"You taste so sweet," he mumbles against your lips, "Like candy."

When he pulls away, you think out loud, "I wonder what you taste like, then..."

"Is that a question you want an answer to now, baby?" he asks huskily with another couple of kisses to your jaw. You blush deeply at the meaning of his words, biting your lip as you weighed it up.

"Yeah," you whisper as he cups your red cheeks. "I-I want to try..."

Harry lets out an amused hum before pulling away to get a good look at you. You look up at him with determined eyes, but with a bit of shyness still present.

"Alright, Kitten, if that's what you want," Harry moves to sit back against the headboard and allows you to settle at your own pace between his legs. You unbuckle his belt with shaky hands, unzipping his pants.

He helps you to rid him of his pants, swiftly followed by his boxers and his erection springs free before you. You subconsciously lick your lips at the sight and the thought of having him in your mouth.

"It's okay, Flower," he says gently, stroking your cheek with his thumb, "just do what feels right."

Slowly, you lean down, placing a couple of kisses to the tip, before darting your tongue out and giving him a slow lick. Your eyes flick to his for approval and his head bobbles, already beginning to breathe heavily just at the sight of his usually very innocent little Flower going down on him.

You take a small breath before you start swirling your tongue around his tip. Harry lets out a content sigh at the feel of your tongue, his eyes watching your every movement. Right now, you were his sex Kitten wanting to play.

Feeling brave, you start to take him in your mouth.

Dear God, he's so large.

"That's right, Flower, take it all in," he whispers breathlessly, running a hand through your hair. "Slow and steady, such a good girl."

His praise gives you a stroke of confidence and you begin to bob up and down on him, continuing to swirl your tongue around his length, spurred on by every little satisfied noise that leaves his lips.

"Mmm... good girl," he sighs, as you begin to up your pace for him. "Just like that. Your mouth is perfect. Like it was made for this."

He thrusts into your mouth, grunting as he does, hand still tangled in your hair.

You can tell by his noises that he's getting close already, so you start to hum around him, knowing that he did that to you. And he seems to like that a lot, letting out little moans of pleasure as his eyes shut tight.

"That's it, Flower. Ha, you're doing so g-good. My beautiful girl..." His moans motivate you to continue your stimulations. Licking and sucking, accidentally letting your teeth graze him.

“F-fuck…” Harry hisses as his heavy cock throbs and twitches in your mouth, about to spill his seed. He lets out a blissful moan as he comes, one hand stroking your hair as you swallow all of his release down before slowly removing your mouth from him and looking up at his content expression. He opens his eyes and looks at you, smirking a little as he lifts a hand and catches a drop of his come which was running down your chin, pushing it past your lips.

"So, do you have an answer to your question now, Flower?" he asks gently, as you gently suck his thumb clean and lie down next to him. You run your fingers over his toned chest before looking up at him. He raises an eyebrow, waiting.

"You taste like..." You look down in thought for a second before smiling up virtuously at him, "Vanilla!"

You both bear the expressions of trying to hold in your laughter at your absurd joke, but it’s too darn funny that you both start giggling. Howling until your stomachs and faces hurt, until you can’t breathe. Harry pulls you in closer to him, holding you tightly.

“How can you be so goddamn sexy one minute and adorably hilarious the next?” he asks rhetorically.

You don’t think you will ever tire of having Harry love you in this way. This is your only thought as you lie back against the pillows as Harry holds you in his arms. He tucks the sheets around you, gently caressing your bare skin as you look up at him and survey his content expression.

"So... everything went as you wanted it to today?" you ask curiously.

"Your first thought after fooling around is to ask me more about work?" he teases, raising his eyebrow.

"I'm just curious, okay?" you reply, hitting his arm lightly.

"Curiosity killed the Kitten," he says, pecking your lips. You press your chest close against his and run a finger down his arm. You bite your lip end up poking his arm, specifically his bulging bicep.


"They're so big... How did you even get them like this?" you ask, looking up at him in awe, still poking the finely toned muscle. You’re so focused on his arm that Harry can’t help but give a toothy smile at your wonder. He sits up on the plush bed, pulling you into his lap and wrapping the sheets around you again so you won’t get cold. He takes your hand and rests it on one of his arms before flexing for you.

"I should have known that you weren't just a scientist," you tell him, running your fingertips across his skin, "no scientist needs muscles like this..."

He chuckles, keeping you distracted by showing them off for a few minutes before you look up at him seriously.

"I know you don't want me to ask many questions... but will you at least tell me why Caitlin looks like a less threatening version of Frost?"

You need to hear the truth from him.

"Caitlin is..." Harry looks up, avoiding your gaze with narrowed eyes, thinking of how to word this. He sighs before looking back down at you, "You know about the metahumans frequently popping up in the news?"

"Yeah?" You raise an eyebrow at him. What does that have to do with...? "Harry, are you saying that Caitlin's a meta?" you ask, confused as hell because the media makes the metas out to be bottom line bad news. But Caitlin's so sweet! And Frost, when you met her, seems like a total badass. Harry rubs the back of his neck.

"And Ramon. And Allen, and Iris' brother, but he's... out of town."

Your eyes go wide at his confession. The majority of your new friends are metahumans? None of them seem to be bad in any way... if you discounted this whole "other business" thing, of course.

"I don't understand... aren't metas considered to be the worst thing in this city?"

"People... fear what they don't understand. Metas are outcasts mainly... that's what draws them into my... sphere," Harry explains slowly, trying to give you your answers without giving too much more away.

"Your sphere ?" you whisper, tilting your head a bit.

Harry swallows thickly, running his cool hands over the skin of your shoulder. He looks at you for a moment, lips pressed into a thin line.

"I help the metas because the government won’t. It’s a crime to be a metahuman, as I’m sure you’ve gathered. These people who don't want to use their powers or want to be in control them so as not to do accidental harm to others… they need my help," he admits, avoiding your eyes thinking that you'll judge him for it all.

"So, you're doing more good than harm… But because you associate with metahumans, that’s why people don’t trust you… why they’re scared of you," you state more to yourself than him. He nods at your words.

"Yeah, technically, in a sense, we’re doing good." You both fall into a few seconds of silence, then you go to hug him tightly. “The authorities would beg to differ, though they haven't caught me yet.”

"You may not think so, Harry, but you're not as much of a bad man as you think," you say earnestly, kissing his collarbone lightly.

"Hearing that from you means more than I can say," he murmurs against your head, closing his eyes as he breathes you in. “But I doubt you’d find the rest of it so humanitarian…”

“I don’t care,” you reply. “I know you have a good heart, Harry Wells.”

You both lay there for a while, simply holding each other close.

"I love you so much," he breathes into your hair.

"I love you, too."

Chapter Text


You end up spending four more days at Harry’s house while his guys put your apartment and shop back together for you. And true to his word, Harry pays for all the damages and replaces all of your ruined flowers with fresh stock, insisting that this was all his fault, no matter how many times you try to alleviate his guilt.

Both your places are fitted with increased security systems and Harry sets up part of his security team to monitor you specifically and on a much more regular basis, and after you’re given the all clear, you prepare to spend your last night living with Harry. At least for now.

It was a wonderful night. You and Harry eat dinner together, as has become the custom, before moving to the comfy sofas to watch a movie. Although, that doesn’t last particularly long thanks to Harry’s wandering hands and both of your desires to spend your last evening completely wrapped up in each other.

You now lie under the rich cotton sheets, fingertips tracing patterns over Harry’s chest as you often did after your love-making. Harry is propped up against the pillows, one arm behind his head while the opposite hand plays with your hair.

“This week… having you here, I couldn’t have imagined anything better,” Harry muses, breaking your comfortable silence and making you look up at him. “This house always was too big…”

You grin, placing a few kisses to his chest. “I’ve loved being here. You know, other than the reason for it in the first place.”

Harry pauses for a second before shifting himself from under you and reaches over to his bedside table. He then holds his closed fist over your open palm.

“I want you to have these.” You watch as he drops something cool into your hand. You look curiously at him before looking down and see that he's given you his dog tags which he almost always wore around his neck.

"Harry? What...?" you ask, glancing down and lightly gliding your fingers over his name on the cold metal. You stare up at him, confused by why he's giving such a personal item to you. Harry pulls you into his strong arms and pecks your lips.

"I want you to live with me," he confesses, eyes never leaving yours. He gauges your reaction closely. "It wouldn't be right if you left me in this house alone. It wouldn’t feel right. I don't want to be without you again. And I know that this is really soon, but I don’t want to worry if you got home safely or whether or not you need any help if you’re here, lying right next to me."

“I- I don’t know what to say!” You’re so overwhelmed by the gesture, you had feared it would be too soon for him.

Apparently not.

“Say yes.”

“Yes, of course, Harry, I’ll live with you!” You place the dog tags around your neck, a symbol of your acceptance.

“I want these to be a reminder,” he says, holding the little plaques up to you, “that no matter what, I will always come back to you, after each and every day.”

"I believe that you will, Harry, and I will always be here waiting for you," you reply, leaning forward and hugging him tightly. Harry holds you in his arms then leans his head down to place a lingering kiss to your chest, just over your heart.

"I love you, Flower."

"I love you too," you grin and kiss his forehead. "You've captured my heart, Harrison Wells."

Harry pulls back to look at you, love swimming in his ocean-blue eyes. He takes your hand and places it over where his heart is - where his bullet scar is. His hand presses down on yours to allow you to feel his heartbeat. "My heart will beat for you and only you, my precious Flower."

Your hand lingers there for a moment once he removes his hand from yours, still tracing over the scar.

"Harry? How did you... get this?" His face momentarily turns to stone as if the memories of how the scar came to be are flooding back to him. "Harry?" you ask with concern at the dramatic change. You worry now that you've ruined the entire moment. "I'm sorry, you don’t have to-"

"It's… okay, Flower," he replies, taking your hand and holding it like you could anchor him to the here and now.

"I..." Harry shakily starts, glancing away and taking a breath before looking at you. You give him a small encouraging smile, squeezing his hand in reassurance. "I got it back when I had been drafted into the army. It was the War of the Americas. Not that long ago, now that I think about it. That's when I met Allen and Ramon, just young boys fighting. Annoying at first, but they grew on me. They helped me back then when things got rough, watching my back and I watched out for them as their higher ranked officer. But then one night… the enemy had us surrounded outside our tents. They were getting closer by the second. There were four of them. I woke up Allen and Ramon, our guns ready for an ambush. We signed to each other which ones we would take out on the count of three, leaving us with the final enemy wildcard. We each took our shots, but then the wildcard was aiming at Ramon, and well...”

"You went in between them? You saved his life?" you fill in for him. Harry rubs the back of his neck.

"Yeah... and then Allen took down the final guy, though I don't remember any of that. I just remember waking up in the medical centre four days later. They said the surgery was tough. My heart stopped for a full minute at one point..."

At this point, tears are brimming your eyes as you look up at your man.

"That's when we met Snow, the prodigal doctor on the front lines. She saved my life... And here we all are." His eyes soften at you as he wipes your tears away. The whole story makes your heart ache. The fact that he could've died before you even met each other? It hurts because you don't know what you would do if you hadn't met him. You don’t meet Harry’s eyes. Instead, you stare at the scar, at the painful memories that the mark will always bring him.

"Hey, it’s okay,” he reassures. “I'm here now. With you. Nothing's going to take me away from you." He plants tiny kisses to your lips to cheer you up, to at least lighten the mood. You cuddle against his chest and wrap your arms around his middle as you lean against him. "It’s in the past, Kitten. I told you that when you asked about it the first time. You wouldn't catch me taking a bullet for Ramon these days anyway. He got much more annoying," he jokes and you let out a small involuntary laugh. "I learnt how to be more careful, so please don't worry. A promise is a promise."

"Don't you dare ever leave me," you mumble into his chest.

"That's the last thing I’d ever want to do." Harry lets out a small hum as he kisses the top of your head and runs his hands through your hair. You calm down a bit, feeling relieved that he's safe and here with you.

“Harry? I want to know everything about you. Good, bad, in between. Past and present. I’m not going to turn away from you when you tell me about yourself. I never would. Please don’t keep me in the dark with these kinds of things. I don’t want there to be any secrets kept between us. Okay?”

Harry inhales deeply, then gives a small tired smile.

“Alright,” he agrees with a sigh. “Starting tomorrow, we’ll tell each other everything.”

“No secrets?”

“No secrets.”

After a few minutes in his hold, you crawl back into a position on the bed that you can sleep in and Harry wraps his arms around you again to spoon you once you're settled.

"Goodnight, my Flower," he says in an almost whisper as he kisses the top of your head. "I'm right here."




Your nails clack on the kitchen table as you wait to hear what Harry has agreed to disclose to you. This was it - the moment he tells you the truth about his other business. You half wonder if this was a good idea after all.

He’s just staring at you.

“So…?” you start.

“So…” He’s stalling.

“Why don’t I go first, then?” you offer to break the ice. He makes a gesture as if to say, by all means.

“Okay, well, I used to work in Coast City at the hospital’s gift and flower shop.”

“Why does that not surprise me?”

You smile and shake your head. “Anyway, after about a couple months, one of the doctors started taking a liking to me.” You see Harry shift in his seat. Even though this is all in the past, your boyfriend seems to be getting jealous at the mention of someone else having been interested in you.

“He earned far more than any other doctor there and had made a name for himself. To be honest, I’m not sure if that all went to his head or if he was already like that. Everyone wanted something from him. Advice, his money… him. Except me. It’s like he saw me as a challenge or something. For the longest time, I didn’t even realize he was coming on to me! He’d come by the gift shop in his free moments to chat me up…”

Harry glares across the room, staring at nothing. It must be bothering him to know that someone had been doing the same thing he had.

“He asked me out to dinner one day when I was in the courtyard garden, but I turned him down. I had heard how he’d treat the other doctors, nurses, and really women in general. I wanted nothing to do with him, though I didn’t say that.”

“No, you wouldn’t,” Harry finally speaks up. You smile uncomfortably. “That’s… not it, is it?”

“I’m afraid not,” you sigh. “On a separate occasion, he cornered me in the hallway as I was leaving for the evening. No one was around. He asked me out to drinks this time, but when I said ‘no’...”

“Oh God, Flower, no…”

“It’s okay, Harry. I mean, it’s not okay; he was rough with me. So I kneed him in the groin and ran.”


“Over the course of the following week, all the nurses and doctors were treating me differently, looking at me strangely. I had no idea what was going on until I walked by one of the nurses and she called me a ‘slut’ loudly to her colleague. That’s when I learned that he had spread rumours about me. And him.”

What ?”

“Yeah. How I was sleeping with him for his money and power. Which is ridiculous because I hadn’t even… you know ! Argh ! It was awful! I was treated like dirt, both out of other people’s judgement and their jealousy that I’d supposedly managed to get what they couldn’t. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I quit and decided to start my own business. A fresh start in a whole other place.”

You look down at the table and play with your fingers before continuing. “I was a little… apprehensive when you came along…”

Harry’s gaze falls on you as you press your lips together.

“Another rich, powerful man coming and chatting with me whenever he could? It struck a little close to home. But I instantly knew that you were different and I couldn’t be happier that you came into my life, Harry. You are wonderful, the complete opposite…” You move over to Harry, sit in his lap and kiss his forehead. “And the rest is history.”

Harry takes your hand in his.

“I’m glad you told me this, Flower. Thank you.”

“I just felt you deserved to know how I ended up here. Now it’s your turn.”

He rubs his face with his other hand. “I don’t even know where to start…”

“Why don’t you start at the very beginning? How did you get involved with the metahumans?”

Harry takes a deep breath.

“I was just curious at first… the metahumans were a new, exciting potential for scientific advancement. I got permission and funding from massive corporations’ scientific divisions such as Stagg Industries to research them, look at their powers and genetics, and develop enhancements for technology from them. But they quickly started showing themselves in the city, attacking people and causing havoc and they were suddenly deemed, not a scientific miracle, but a threat. A crime. And then in an instant - the money was gone and I was told to drop the whole thing. I shouldn’t have been associating with criminals. But we were so close to a breakthrough and I couldn’t stop there!”

You squeeze his hand to encourage him to continue.

“I’d had an idea for a serum, it would dampen the powers of anyone who took it, meaning that people with the more volatile gifts wouldn’t have to keep hurting people when they lost control. It requires a daily dose to keep the powers suppressed, though I’ve been trying to make something that lasts longer, but that’s the best I’ve managed to do so far. But for the metacine, as Ramon likes to call it, the components are highly valuable and controlled and I’d lost my suppliers when I lost my funding. So, when I refused to drop it, I had to look elsewhere …”

“A black market?”

“Yeah. That’s when I first met Oliver Queen. He assured me he could get me what I needed and have it brought straight into Central City docks. So I started buying up property as an additional source of revenue to pay for everything he was offering. We began a good partnership. He sold me what I needed and in turn, I started supplying him and his gang with… weaponry that we’d been developing at the Labs.

“Pretty soon, we had a successful system going, and as more shipments came in, I started to recruit people of my own to protect them. People from the criminal underworld were asked to join and even began volunteering and before I knew it, I had my own group of loyal people who would guard the deliveries and get them to the Labs in one piece. That led to my reputation because I don’t take kindly to those who try to hijack my shipments or take a cut for themselves. I’ve had to deal with internal traitors and rival groups… People only cross me once.”

You are well aware of what the people of this city say about him. A force to be reckoned with… Harry holds you a little tighter to him.

“And as things got bigger and the metacine actually started to work and we had people wanting to come to us, well… More shipments required more people. More people, more weapons. Everything expanded. And now, I can help those who need it, but gain more profit and fall deeper into the darkness and illegality at the same time. It’s like I’m trapped in a vicious circle.”

“Baby, I’m... sorry.”

“It’s fine, Flower, I’m so used to it all now. It’s my life. You’re my life.”

“And you’re mine.”

Harry pauses. “There’s one more thing.”

You rest your hand on his shoulder. “What is it?” Whatever it is, it looks like it’s visibly hurting him inside.

“I… I was the one who created the metas.”

“I’m sorry, w-what?”

I did it. I set off the explosion that created the metahumans. They reported it as a gas leak in one of our facilities in the end, but it wasn’t, it was an experiment gone wrong... I never… I never meant for that to happen and now I’ve destroyed countless lives! I’ve killed so many innocent people and turned many more into being feared by the public! Feared by the government! It kills me every day, (Y/N). That’s why the metacine is so important. It’s my way of helping, of apologizing, though I know it will never, ever be enough.” You can feel the turmoil going on inside him. How does he deal with this on a daily basis? “You know I couldn’t sleep after it happened? Not until you.” You aren’t quite sure what to say to make him feel better. It’s such a heavy burden he’s had to bear all this time.

“Well, I’m glad I could help in some little way.” He’s not looking at you, but rather at the kitchen table. You take his chin in your hand and get him to look into your eyes. “But thank you for opening up to me, Harry. And I want you to know it does not , in any way, make me love you any less.”

“You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that.” Harry nuzzles into the side of your neck and you hold him close.

“You’re a brave man, Harrison Wells.”

“Only because of you.”

Chapter Text


It doesn’t even feel like you and Harry have been together for five months. Instead, it feels both like it was just yesterday you met and as if you’ve known him your entire life.

Over the next few weeks, you start moving your things into Harry’s house, getting comfortable in this new arrangement. This is by far the most serious relationship you’ve ever had and moving in with Harry was a big step, but one that you were incredibly willing to make.

The day after he’d asked you, Harry cleared half of his suit-filled walk-in closet for you to use so that his tailored jackets and silk shirts now hung opposite your clothes that you’d brought over, and some that Harry had bought for you as a ‘moving in gift’. Even this relatively small gesture made your heart soar and you ended up giving Harry a huge bear hug to show your appreciation which made Harry smile broadly too.

To say you two were in the honeymoon phase of your relationship was an understatement. Everything between you was effortless, and you feel high on love. His love. And Harry has so much to give.

In fact, your relationship had progressed even further - around the same time as your moving in. When Harry first brought up the idea about ditching the condoms during sex, you couldn’t deny you were a little startled and embarrassed at the thought. You had supposed it made sense, though. You were in a committed relationship, and with the added gift of heightened pleasure of skin on skin for you both, it was definitely up for discussion. Harry grinned like a madman when you reminded him that you hadn’t been sexually active with another man before him, evidently relishing in that fact. But his good mood hadn’t stopped you from fidgeting when you confessed that you would like a test to determine that you were both healthy. You knew he hadn’t been in a relationship for a while, but you didn’t know if he’d taken any lovers before you, but he agreed eagerly, putting your peace of mind to the top of his priorities, and the day after your awkward but informative talk about protection, you both went to get tested.

You had already started taking birth control pills since before Harry had first told you he loved you when the pair of you were becoming serious. You wanted to be prepared just in case. And when your tests came back issuing both clean bills of health, it was mutually decided the latex protection would no longer be needed in the bedroom.

Or literally anywhere else, for that matter.

And oh Lord, were you glad you both decided to do this because after testing out the new sensation of Harry’s hard, bare cock sliding into you, you finally knew now the meaning of ecstasy. You and Harry were sure to repeatedly test this revelation over the course of the weeks of moving you into his place in a steamy, intense love romp.

At present, Harry is having a post-sex shower as you browse your enormous walk-in closet of its seemingly endless articles of clothing gifted to you by him. They range from sweet and demure to dangerously sexy and scant. You still haven’t tried on the latter pieces yet. Those ones still make your heart race

About to emerge from the grandiose walk-in closet in a more modest-looking black nightgown, you stop short at something catching your eye.
You notice a small picture frame peeking out from one of Harry’s drawers that isn’t fully closed. Your hands move of their own accord and reach for the frame to help you get a better look at the person in the photo. It’s a young girl. She looks to be around twelve years old at the most. Her hair is a dark curly brown, wild and in her face as if she’d been running. Rosy cheeks, a little button nose, and beautiful green eyes.

“Um, Harry?” you call towards to the bathroom.

“Hmm?” He walks out of the ensuite while towelling his wet locks. You turn the photo to face him.

“Who is this?”

“Oh…” Harry says awkwardly while scratching his head.

“Oh? I find a picture of a little girl you’ve never mentioned before in your drawer and all you have to say is ‘oh’? Harrison, I thought we promised each other no more secrets between us…?” He stands there a moment longer as if thinking of what to say next.

“(Y/N), why don’t you sit down?” You frown and press your lips together, but take his suggestion and sit on the bed. Harry does the same, taking the frame from you and not taking his eyes off the photograph.

“This is my daughter,” he says, now handing it back over to you. “Her name is Jesse. She’s the brightest person I’ve ever known and I’m nothing but proud.”

“How old is she?” you ask quietly.

“Jesse’s eighteen now and she can be a bit headstrong and stubborn, but she undoubtedly got that from me.” Harry blows air out through his nose in a small laugh. The way he looks when he talks about her… You wonder why he never has.

“Why was this hiding in your drawer?” you ask.

“I wasn’t hiding her from you if that’s what you’re thinking.” Remaining silent, you let him continue, “We had an argument a long time ago. Well, arguments plural . Jesse planned to go off with West’s boy. To travel or something of the sort. She got the wandering from her mother… my late-wife.”

“Harry, I’m-”

He waves you off. “Cancer. Jesse was six. It was a rough time. I was fighting in South America when she passed and Detective West took Jesse in while I was away. It wasn’t much longer after that I returned home. But, I digress. I wasn’t having my daughter run off to God knows where with the West boy, so I told her she couldn’t. That it wasn’t safe for her to leave. But did she listen?”


“No. That’s exactly right. After that, I couldn’t bear to stare at the picture of my little girl anymore without feeling too much . I didn’t want to think about what I’d lost to the unknown, so I hid it away.”

“But she’s fine, right? There’s nothing to worry about? She’s a Wells after all.”

“I wouldn’t know. I haven’t heard from her since that day. Over a year ago.”

He hasn’t seen his own daughter in over a year?

You remain quiet and look down at your twiddling thumbs.

“My... my late-wife had to convince me to have a child, you know?” Harry continues to confess. “I was too preoccupied at the time to even consider it, bettering myself in the field of scientific advancements. But she had her ways of convincing me. And when it happened, when Jesse was finally born, she was my life . She was so tiny and had these enormous eyes. Quick learner, too. I couldn’t wait until she was old enough to teach her everything I knew. To bounce these theories I always have off of her. Maybe even to work alongside her one day. But that was the thing... she did get old enough. She did grow older, and soon, I didn’t want her to anymore. Things were so much easier when she was small and wide-eyed and didn’t have this insatiable need to gallivant across North America with some boy without bothering to call me back-”

You put a hand on his arm.


“Sorry. But God , what I wouldn’t give to savour the time I had with her when she was younger instead of...”

“Wishing for her to grow up?” Harry nods. This obviously isn’t easy to talk about for him. As he said, Jesse is his life. She’s all he had left after his wife passed. It’s understandable that he would cling to her like his life depended on it.

“I just wish you had told me about her,” you say, leaning into him to snuggle. “Anyone that’s important to you is important to me.”

“I know,” he agrees. “I’m sorry. And maybe subconsciously I didn’t want to scare you away with the fact that I had a daughter.”

“You think that would have scared me? Oh, Harry… Never. After all I’ve learned about you? I’m. Still. Here.”

“You are.” Harry holds you close. “You are still here and most of the time I still can’t believe it.”

“Believe it, Mister. And I am not going anywhere.”

Chapter Text


Living with Harry had been like a dream come true. When you’d first moved in, you’d been able to spend so much more time together than just when you were dating which was refreshing for the both of you.

But as the honeymoon period of your relationship begins to come to an end, you realize that living with Harry wasn’t always as perfect as you’d thought it would be.

Harry seemed to be getting more and more busy with work which was beginning to take its toll on you both.

You are well aware that Harry is a busy man and keeps strange hours when it comes to the office, but you had never really thought that he’d want to spend more time there than with you. Caitlin and Iris had told you on one of your girly lunch outings that Harry was choosing to work this much and you find yourself feeling a little put out.

Perhaps that was a selfish thought, considering all the good you knew he was doing, but it was a hard thing to come to terms with.

Harry didn’t offer up much in the way of explanation either, other than ‘work’ in general, when you swapped stories about your days.

You were starting to wonder whether the novelty of having you in his life had started to wear off and that Harry was now… bored of your company.

The more time you spend by yourself after work, the more time your thoughts have to swirl in your head, making you doubt every little thing that you had been so sure of.

After you finish eating dinner one evening, alone yet again, and head upstairs to shower and change, you start to develop a pain in your head that turns into a full-blown headache as you throw Harry’s dress shirt over your shoulders and button it up.

Putting it down to a lack of water that day, you pour yourself a glass and then go about finding some painkillers for some more immediate relief. You could have sworn you had some paracetamol left in what was now your bedside cabinet, but after rooting around in the drawers, you don’t find it.

“Hm,” you huff quietly to yourself, glancing around the room for another place to search. Your gaze instantly goes to the other side of the bed. Maybe Harry has some…

Taking a seat on the edge of his side of the bed, you open his top drawer and carefully start to move things in search of the medication. You push aside a few letters, revealing a couple of condom packets which makes you shake your head a little, but nothing that looks like it’s going to relieve your current suffering. But as you put everything back where it was, you notice a little black box at the back that you’d previously overlooked.

You know you shouldn’t go snooping through Harry’s belongings, but there’s something about this particular item that makes you take it from its hiding place and open it.

And you gasp when you see what is inside.

Three pairs of panties are neatly folded in it, one black sheer-lace pair, one pair which is dark charcoal grey with little ribbons on the sides and one white pair with satin ribbons criss-crossing over the back and tied in a bow.

But the reason you had gasped is because none of them are yours.

Holding the fabric in your fingers seems to send you into some sort of spiral. It’s already getting unusually late, Harry is nowhere to be seen, and now you that you begin to think about it -  this isn’t even the first time he’s been this late.

And finding these? Just the presence of these items is starting to add to your underlying suspicions as to why.

You've never had reason to doubt him. He's always charming and attentive with you, and you hate even to contemplate it, but could he be applying his charm elsewhere?

All those calls and texts at all hours of the day and night were not helping your theory either. There were far too many only to be ‘work.’ What if he hasn’t told me everything ?

"Don't overthink it," you whisper, your fingers fidgeting with the sleeves of your, well, Harry’s shirt. "Bad things happen when you overthink things." You swallow hard as your mind betrays you and thinks about him possibly sneaking off to be with a mistress - someone that's more on his level - as if your existence in his life is only for show.

You need to confront him because like hell you were going to take being treated this way if it is indeed the truth. You need answers.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, you wait for him to come home. And as every minute ticks by, you become more and more paranoid, imagining him in scenarios where he’s screwing another woman up against his desk in his office or off in a hotel room downtown. You know you’re not helping anyone by doing so, but you cannot help the thoughts swirling around in your head.

When the clock shows you it’s three in the morning, you finally think you hear Harry’s car pull up in the driveway. You get up from your seat on the bed, standing up tall and wait for him to make his way upstairs. It only takes another minute or two for the door handle to turn and Harry enters the room, looking exhausted, but his eyes widen when he sees you.

"Flower? Why... why are you still awake?"

Be straight to the point, you think. Your eyes had lit up when you saw him, but can you blame yourself? This is the man that you love.

I’m not some airhead that he can use and lie to.

Your thoughts encourage you to take in a breath through your nose and don a frown again, which causes Harry to knit his brow in confusion. You cross your arms.

"Are you cheating on me?"

What ?” he says incredulously. “Why the hell would you ask me that? Where is this coming from?”

“You didn’t answer my question,” you notice, which alone begins to kindle your anger.

“Is that what you think of me?”

Still not answering.

"Well it's not what I want to believe, but what am I meant to think, Harrison? It’s three a.m. and you’re only just coming home!" You're shouting now, all this repressed anger and worry bubbling up to the surface. Your insecurities are taking over. "What number is this, five? Six times you’ve come home in the middle of the night? And then there are these!”

You hold up the black pair of panties between the two of you before furiously tossing them to the side. “Are they like, trophies to you or something?”

“That’s not what you think-” he tries, holding his hands up and attempting a more level tone, possibly in an attempt to calm yours down, but you’re not having it.

“I let you go without protection when we’re together, and this is how you repay me?! I know I'm not exactly experienced when it comes to the bedroom, but that doesn't mean that you have the right to find pleasure somewhere else!"

"Okay, first of all, stop blowing things out of proportion. I come home late all the time because of work ." Harry narrows his eyes at your smaller frame, and you let out a sarcastic puff of air at the last word. You can tell that he knows you’re not going to back down, so neither is he. His temper seems to be climbing fast now, to maximum overload at your accusations.

"Second, I don't need to deal with being accused of shit I didn't do. I come home at the end of the night straight from the company, don't I?" He moves closer to you, clenching his jaw as his eyes gaze down dangerously at you - a storm about to hit.

"So, not only are you cheating on me, but it’s with someone from the company?" you cry, stabbing a finger to his chest when he gets close enough to you then press your lips together. Your earlier thoughts about this scenario come back to the surface in horrific clarity.

He grabs your wrist tightly and pulls you closer to him.

“I. Am not. Cheating ,” he growls at you, seething. “Don’t you know how much I love you?!”

"Apparently not enough to get you to come home to me!" you hiss back because this realization hurts you. This new living arrangement, where you share the same house, was meant to help you spend time together and yet now you barely see him. For a while, it’s been less than when you still lived separately.

You stand there toe to toe with each other for just a second, chests heaving with your boiling rage and Harry stares you down.

And then, without warning, his lips are on yours. Both his hands grasp your face tightly as you take a sharp breath in surprise at the abrupt contact. The small breath you take allows Harry to shove his tongue into your warm, wet mouth as if wanting nothing more than to devour you. To prove everything to you.

You ball up your fists and hit his chest in frustration, still pissed at him, but it soon dies down as you start to succumb to his sinful lips.

You find yourself attacking his mouth with your own, hands sliding up to his hair to grasp it. Harry corners you, pushing you up against the wall and slamming his palm next to your head. Your tongues clash with one another, almost as though you were carrying on your argument, only with a lot fewer words. One of your legs wraps around Harry's to pull him closer, and you tug forcefully on his hair. Being this rough is so unlike you, but you weren't going to let him forget your anger.

Harry's other hand rests on the curve of your back, pressing your body closer to him, but it doesn't stay there. It trails its way down to squeeze your ass, erupting a moan from your throat. Harry sucks on your lower lip, grinding himself hard against you. But you then take his lips in your teeth and reach down to palm him hard. Whether he’s been cheating or not, this is all yours. His hand now finds the waistband of your panties from underneath your long shirt. His eyes flash you a deadly look, making you hold your breath. That’s when he rips the thin lacy fabric from your body, causing you to gasp at the tearing.

Harry swiftly picks you up, and your legs wrap around his waist. You can feel how hard he is through his pants. He has your body pinned between his chest and the wall, heavy breaths leaving you both as you continue to lock lips with him.

You let out a mewl when Harry captures your mouth in a particularly hard kiss. Oh, it’s so difficult to keep being angry with him when he's rutting against you like this.

"You stubborn - ah ! -infuriating man," you manage to get out against his lips as your hands find his belt.

"And I am all yours . I'm going to show you I am all yours." His voice rumbles, which sends pleasurable vibes straight to your already dripping centre. “This is what my love feels like, Flower,” he continues, grinding himself harder against you, pushing you into the wall. “ No one else gets to feel this.”

"H-Harry," you whisper, fingers finishing with his belt before you undo his zipper and push his pants down over his hips, just the light fabric of his boxers between you. You hold his face away from yours so you can get a good look at him, and pull him closer with your legs. Watching his expression, you roll your hips to create more friction between you. God, he looks magnificent in this moment, and you hope to be the only woman ever to see him like this for the rest of your lives.

Your back is starting to hurt from being picked up and pressed into the wall by him, but damn is it worth it.

In a huff, Harry pushes down his pants a little further, along with his boxers, enough to reveal his cock. You cast your gaze downwards, then up to stare into his narrowed blue eyes. Harry dives in to claim your mouth again.

One of your hands rests on his shoulder for support, but the other tugs harshly on his hair, which causes him to growl. He grabs your wrist again and pins your arm above your head as he bites at your lips.

You feel him use his other hand to line himself up to you and then pushes himself roughly past your folds in a move that lets you feel all his built up passion.

"Mm-" you groan into the kiss, arching your back from against the wall. Harry's lips twitch up into a smirk and doesn't waste any time, not allowing you to adjust to his size, either. Instead, he pulls all the way out only to slam his pulsating cock back inside of you, hitting your g-spot with full force. His merciless thrusts elicit the impurest of sounds from you, borderline pornographic with the way he grinds himself deep inside of you.

You can tell he wants you to feel him, all of his frustration and aggression from your accusations. You know he’s right to be angry because at this moment you know that he isn’t sleeping around. You couldn’t have sex this intense if he wasn’t just as pent-up as you.

“Don’t you get it?” Harry says through his teeth. “You’re the only one I see. The only one I ughh- n-need.” He buries his face in the crook of your neck where you feel his erratic and hot breath heat you up even more. He lets go of your wrist to grip your hips instead, watching you writhe in front of him as he fucks you roughly.

“Ah-ah-ahhh-” The tensions between you are now all culminating between your legs. There’s no way you can hold on any longer with the way he’s fucking you.

You arch your back and press your chest into his as you come hard with a cry, the back of your head hitting the wall.

"Ahh- YesyesIgetit! I get it!"

Harry rapidly succumbs to the feeling of you losing yourself and comes inside of you with a guttural groan. Your fingernails claw at his back throughout your orgasm, feeling him spill his hot seed inside of you. Thrown into some sort of limbo, your chest heaves as you take in sharp breaths to calm yourself.

“You are perfect,” he whispers against your swollen lips. “Why would I want to go near another woman when I can watch you come like that?”

You can feel your combined releases drip out from you when Harry pulls out, and in a much more gentle move, he silently whisks you over to the bed and lies you down.

"I love you," he mumbles tiredly, tracing his fingers up your body as he kisses your forehead. "I love you so much," he echoes again, placing small kisses on your face, waiting for you to open your eyes.

They open slowly and instantly focus on him.

Never again will you doubt him or his love for you.

“I’m sorry...” you say. “I didn’t mean... I was just...”

“I know,” he says as if reading your mind. “I never want you to doubt what we have or how much I love you.”

“I won’t,” you promise. “I won’t anymore.”

Harry kicks his pants off the remaining way and takes his jacket and shirt off, lying down naked next to you in bed. You immediately curl into his side, just wanting to be close to him now.

"I'll make sure to get away from work earlier in future... it'll give us some more time together, and we can avoid this ." He gestures between you both. “It’s been so long since I’ve had someone to come home to that I forget that you’re waiting, so I’m… I’m sorry too.”

"I just want to see you,” you say gently. He takes one of your hands in his and twines your fingers together. “I do really love you."

"I love you too, Flower, and don't you ever forget it."

You hum at his words, his arms pulling you close to his warm chest. You’re both quiet for a moment before you let out a little laugh.

“I really liked those panties you destroyed…” you say with an amused glance up at him. He hums, rubbing your arm.

“I’ll buy you some more,” he replies. “In fact, I already had; that box was for you. It was a gift.”

You turn bright red at this new piece of information. How could you have got it so wrong? “Harry, oh my God, I’m so sorry-”

“Don’t be, Flower. You were right about the distance between us. Though, I’m not complaining about how it ended up going…” he says, glancing down at you with his hair sticking up in odd directions from your angry fuck fest.

Your cheeks remain incredibly heated, but you can’t deny that that was the best sex you’d ever had together.

"And for the record," he interjects, interrupting your thoughts, "It doesn’t matter if you’re experienced or not. What really matters to me is that you’re you and here by my side. But…” He weaves his fingers through your hair.


"It also means I get to teach you everything I know."

Chapter Text


When you arrive at S.T.A.R. Labs the next afternoon, each and every crew member you meet on your way up to Harry’s office nods hello to you. Some even speak the greeting followed by a “ma’am.” Such nice men work for your boyfriend. You carry the bundle of purple and azure balloon flowers a little closer to your chest, excited to see his face at your surprise visit. Just a little token that represents your ‘endless love’ after your misunderstanding the previous night.

After the elevator ride up, it’s just a short walk down the corridor to his office. But the closer you get, the louder a voice carries.

“-Let him get away?! I have half a mind to rip your fucking arms off if you think you’re suited to be apart of my team!”

Your heart drops.

That’s Harry’s voice…

He continues to berate the poor victim and you can only imagine the horror taking place in the room. You’ve not seen or heard this side of Harry before. You didn’t know he was capable of such hostility... There’s a sudden crash on the other side of the door as if something was thrown with great force.

“Get out of my sight, you worthless piece of-” The office door swings open, the sufferer of Harry’s wrath marching away from the scene, now leaving you in plain view of the CEO. His face is furiously red and you wouldn’t be surprised if steam really was coming out of his ears. “-(Y/N)...”

You don’t even know what to say right now.

“I thought I’d surprise you…”

“Come in.” He ushers you inside. You take a few unsure steps. When he closes the door, he asks, “So, um, exactly how much of that did you hear?”

Your eyes shift to the floor. “Quite enough.”

His gaze goes everywhere but to you right now as his hand flies up to rub the back of his neck. “I run a tight ship here, (Y/N), and sometimes the pressure is mounting and… well… sometimes that ... happens. But people who can’t do their jobs are no use to me.”

“Yeah… I can understand that, it’s just that… well, I didn’t know you had that kind of a temper.”

Looking back on all of the rumours whispered about him throughout the city and the successful position he sits in, maybe you shouldn’t have been as surprised as you were. You were sure that he had to have used at least some level of intimidation and scare tactics to get to where he was, but you’d never really imagined it because he’s been nothing but charming and sweet to you. And perhaps you hadn’t thought there was any truth to the rumours because of that, so you’d written them all off, not considering that maybe the basic points could have been built on truth.

Harry looks cautious and a little embarrassed. “I haven’t… I haven’t scared you, have I?” he asks hesitantly.

“No, Harry, you could never scare me. I understand.”

“Oh… good, then.” He shakes his head and brings his attention to the bouquet in your hands. “These are gorgeous! You brought them for me?”

You nod, smiling at seeing the Harry you know resurface again. You hand off the flowers to him and can’t help but bend down to pick up the shattered white ceramic mug that he had clearly thrown in his outburst.

“Flower, you don’t-”

“-I know.” It would bother you having a mess on the floor anyway and as if Harry would clean it up himself. “Just don’t make any more messes for me to clean up, Mister.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he says with a humbled smile. You smile back and go about finding a vase for the flowers.

“How’s your day so far?” Harry asks, coming over to you when you find a suitable enough tall glass to place the stems into it.

“Not as chaotic as yours, I don’t think,” you tell him with a little chuckle, filling the glass with water from one of the bottles that sat on his large work table. “Remind me to bring you an actual vase at some point too.”

“Noted,” he says before taking the makeshift vase from your hands and placing it in pride of place on his desk which makes your heart swell. “Could I possibly treat you to lunch?”

Your smile drops a little. “I’m sorry, Harry, I wish I could but this is a flying visit. I have a bride coming in half an hour to pick up all of her wedding flowers. It’s a huge commission.”

He looks a little put out, but understanding, placing his palm against your cheek which you then hold your own hand over. “My busy little Flower,” he muses. “I might be a little late tonight… I now have something to clean up that I didn’t anticipate.”

“Okay. You know I’ll be there,” you reply before leaning up to kiss him goodbye. The kiss is delicate, reassuring for both of you that you’re still on the same page. “See you later.”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

You start to walk out of the room and Harry only lets your hand drop when your arms are fully extended and you’re disappearing past the doors.



As weeks pass and you spend more time with Harry, coming home to each other every night, you begin to notice a lot of his little cues and indications as to his mood. And soon enough, you’re able to tell when he has had a good day or when he was stressed out to the point of throwing things and learn how to deal with him in each scenario.

For instance, when he's had a good day at work - a successful day - he comes home with a tiny, proud smile. He’s the definition of cheerful. Either pleased that one of his projects for S.T.A.R. Labs has successfully reached its prototype stage, blueprints for a specific design are now in development, or his men have concocted another successful batch of metacine to either help metas who seek aid or detain the berserk ones wreaking havoc on the city.

His city.

When he's in a bad mood, however, well, he gets frustrated, aggravated, or sometimes a bit... frisky.

Today, he’s had one of his bad days. When Harry first came home, he went directly to his office in the west wing of the house and closed the door, presumably to stress himself out even more with excess work.

You stand in the kitchen wondering whether you should go and try to find out what's wrong or just leave him to deal with what is bothering him in peace. You don't think he'd necessarily mind you being there as he always loves seeing you, but frustrated Harry's responses were always difficult to judge.

Like the one time you quietly walked into his workshop, standing in the doorway and finding it a dreadful mess, with papers and tools littering the tiled ground. All you heard were his maddened sighs and then decided to leave him to his work. You didn't want to irk or distract him even more.

But then there was the other time only about a week ago when you were cooking dinner and he came home... well, frustrated in the guise of horniness. You were just about done, going to get the plates when Harry hugged you from behind, whispering in a deep tone in your ear that he'd rather eat you instead.

Neither of you ate dinner that night, or left the bedroom at all, as a matter of fact.

So, in between throwing objects across the room in anger or ravaging you until his mind (and coincidentally, yours) has been cleared of any thoughts at all, it was always a gamble at how to handle him. Which is why you’re placing all your bets on the latter tonight.

You chew on your lip as you try to come up with some sort of plan. He generally comes to seek you out when he needs to let out his tension, but nothing says you can't go to him with that proposition… Being a distraction for him right now would definitely be the best way to make him feel better about whatever problem is currently plaguing him.

A light bulb goes on in your head. You shuffle your way to your shared room, heading to your walk-in closet full of new adorable and stylish outfits Harry has bought you.

"No... no," you mumble, starting to fish through your clothes, looking for something in particular. Something special. "Where is it?"

After a couple more minutes of searching, you finally find it. "Aha, here it is!" What you hold between your fingers is one of the first (of many) things that Harry had purchased for you since you moved in - lingerie he handpicked himself for you. Black and lacy, just how he likes it on you, he once said after you tried it on shyly for the very first time.

A cheeky smile works its way onto your face as you change into it, fitting you perfectly and showing your figure off beautifully. It leaves very little to the imagination and you could never have dreamed of wearing something like this before you met Harry. But he’s helped to bring out a side of you that you never knew existed, and you find that it’s a side you actually quite like...

So, time for a little fun.

While making your way to his home office, your heart races like mad. Will this even be enough to relax him? You had to try.

You fluff your hair before knocking on the door to rouse his attention. You only get a quick, low “come in” in reply but you decide that that's better than nothing. Slowly, you turn the handle and open the door, seeing Harry across the room at his desk. He stands, pencil in between his lips, trying to organize what looks like three different projects on top of his desk and looking incredibly grumpy as he does so.

You stand in the doorway, leaning against the frame as you try to look as seductive as you can. You put your hand on your hip and clear your throat when he doesn't look up, too focused on what’s on his desk. Harry looks up at last with narrowed eyes, previously from glaring at his work, before they widen at the sight of you.

That got his attention.

"Hey.” You give him a sultry wave. Damn, you're never going to get over the way he looks at you like that. Harry remains silent, taking the pencil out if his mouth as he takes you all in. He comes out from around his desk, head tilted in a predatory-like manner and eyes that were light in colour are now a lustful darker shade. Harry stalks his way over to you, as if ready to pounce.

“Why don’t you take a little break?” you suggest in a tempting voice. When he reaches you, you play with his shirt collar. “Maybe think about something else ?”

He's still totally speechless, his eyes travelling up and down your body over and over like he can't believe the sight before him. You're fairly certain you've already achieved your goal because he is not thinking about work anymore, that's for certain.

You slowly lean up and kiss his slightly parted lips, hoping to bring him out of his current daze. Harry responds almost instantly, groaning against your lips. His hands run down your sides, over the thin, lacy fabric. They run down to rest on your hips for a second before moving a little further down to grasp your ass in his strong hands, pulling you closer to his body. You gasp against his perfect lips at the sudden pressure and allow his tongue access into your mouth.

God, he makes you so hot.

Harry walks you back until you hit the wall. He pulls away for a moment to look down at your scantily clad self again, smirking.

“You’re not a flower,” he says, “you’re a little minx.”

You grin cheekily up at him, taking your lip between your teeth as your hands card through his hair.

"Mmm... tell me you don't love it," you whisper into his ear before nibbling on his lobe.

"You know I do," he tells you, letting his lips lock onto your neck where he starts sucking a mark on your skin. You let out a small moan, his hands going up your sides under the sheer dress-like material. Feeling your curves, he pulls you flush against his body then back again to survey you, a sort of deep hunger in the look he’s giving you.

"What do you need Harry?" you ask, a smirk growing on your face, getting so close to him that your lips are barely touching. No longer the wholesome girlfriend, but his skilled seductress.

"I need you. And I'm going to take you," he answers roughly against your lips before kissing you deeply. As much as you and he both love your sexy lingerie, Harry rapidly undresses you from it, untying the bow in between your shoulder blades and ghosting his fingers down your arms as he pulls the straps down to reveal your chest. You’re sure you can almost see him actually drooling as he looks down at your breasts, leaving the lace draped around your hips.

You take over, pushing it down to the floor and shimmy out of the scrap of fabric that passes for panties with this particular item, baring all of yourself to him. Harry licks his lips with a heavy lust.

And then his mouth is everywhere, biting and sucking on every patch of skin he can get at. You can feel his urge, his need to ravish you and you’re sure to encourage him with little murmurs in his ear, inviting him to take what he wished.

You start to unbutton his shirt, pulling it up from where it was tucked in and push it from his shoulders so it falls to the floor. You mewl as he takes you somewhere so far, the place where only you two can be. You run your hands over his heated skin all the way to his broad shoulders and up to his dark hair. Harry makes a low groan at the feel of your fingers threading through it. As for your mewls, this only drives his hunger as his hands find your hips, gripping them again before trailing down to your thighs. Harry pulls away from your skin to tower over you once more.

"Jump." He wasn't asking or suggesting. No.

He demanded it.

He crouches down a bit and you hop up to wrap your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck. He traps you against the wall, where his mouth and hand attack your breasts - licking and swirling one with his tongue while his hand kneads and pinches the other. Your desperate sounds only spur Harry on further, especially if his straining erection in his pants is any indication.

You can feel the way he's beginning to grind himself against you, creating the friction that you both want. You move against him a couple of times and hear the low growls that come from his throat.
"God, I want you inside me, Harry. Whatever you need, I-I'm all yours," you say breathlessly, in between your noises of pleasure. He pulls away from your chest, looking at you with lust-blown pupils.

"I know you are, Kitten," he says in a low tone as his lips ghost over yours. He plays with his dog tags that still remain around your neck as always. "But I want you to call me Daddy ."

This snaps you out of your hazy pleasure.

Did he say...?

Did you hear him correctly?

"H-Harry, what...?"

This is new.

"Call me Daddy and I'll give you what you need..." he answers, yet another smirk forming on his lips, taunting you. Hell, enticing you to play this game. His eyes dip down to look over every inch of you before leaning into your ear to whisper, "I’ll give you what we’re both craving."

You chew on the inside of your cheek, feeling that fire inside you ignite. He grinds his clothed self harder against your already wet folds, eliciting another small noise from you, wanting you to say it. And oh, you will. You'll give in to any of his wild needs, as long as he takes care of you and yours.

"D-Daddy," you quietly moan out as he presses himself harder against you.


“Daddy, please!”

It’s like your cry sends shockwaves through the both of you. Harry reaches down to take your ass in his hands to carry you over to his desk where he sets you down, spinning your body so your spine rests against his hard chest. Harry presses down on your back so your breasts are flat against the desktop. You crane your head to watch him hurriedly strip himself of his pants and boxers. His erection is revealed to you as he removes his clothes, finally as naked as you are, and you grin at how well your plan is working.

You're his perfect distraction.

He stands behind you, in between your legs, a hand gripping your hip while the other helps in lining himself up with your entrance. Your eyes meet his, your breathing still heavy as you speak.

"Go on. Take me, Daddy."

And that’s all it takes to set Harry off. You, splayed out on his desk, naked and ass on display below him, uttering those sinful words and all his to devour.

A wry smirk tugs at his lips as he rams his hard length into you - not slowly and with no warning. Nothing but pure, unadulterated lust stirs in the air from you both.

You moan loudly, falling into a daze and allowing him to do as he pleases with your body.

“You’re so fucking sexy, Kitten. You almost made me come on the spot showing up looking like that.”

Harry thrusts vigorously into you, moving desperately, wanting to feel all you have to offer. He spreads your legs to find a better angle to hit your core so that he can plunge into you even harder, deeper.

"Ah- r-right there, Daddy, yes, right there."

“Uh- your pussy feels so good,” he groans, “so perfect.” His stress is long behind him now. Any and all thoughts in his head now are only those of fucking you senseless, subconsciously releasing his tensions.

“You want me to make you come, baby?”

"Fuck, y-yes! Oh God, Daddy, yes!" you cry out as he relentlessly rams himself into you, wanting him to know how he's making you feel. This is unlike any other time you've had together. This is Harry at his most wild and you absolutely love it.

You can feel yourself getting so close your climax, your fingernails scraping down the desktop just as his are digging into your hips.

“Take it, baby, take my cock,” he says through gritted teeth. You swing a leg up onto the desk to feel him even better, both of you covered in a thin layer of sweat from the intensity of your movements.

“I-I’m... I’m-“ Your high pitched whine alerts him of you now reaching the brink. He lets out his own little grunts too. God, you're both teetering on the edge.

You feel yourself start to tighten around him as he growls: "That’s it. Come for me, baby girl, come for Daddy."

His words are like magic because the instant he utters them, your body obeys him, walls constricting around his cock and coming hard for him through strangled cries of passion. Harry continues to thrust into you until he finally reaches his own shuddering orgasm not long after, spilling into you. His eyes squeeze shut at the sensation before he collapses against you, his cheek burning against your back. Once the stars disappear from behind your eyes and when Harry gains his composure, he turns you around to face him to bury his face in your chest which is still rapidly rising and falling with your heavy breaths. You slowly lift your hands up and gently play with Harry's dark curls.

"Do you feel better now, honey?" you ask him as he presses a kiss to your heart.

"Mm, always with you, Kitten. Always with you," Harry whispers against your heated skin, kissing his way up to your lips. He’s once again slipping back into the Harry you recognize.

“Thank you,” he then says, gazing into your eyes.

"Trust me when I say it was my pleasure," you say with a grin and he laughs a little with you. He leads your tired self to join him for a moment, sitting back in his chair with you comfortably in his lap. Harry smiles, a small shimmer in his eyes as he threads his fingers through your hair.

“You’re far too good to me,” he says.

"I just want to help you," you reply tenderly, giving him a quick kiss.

"You certainly did that."

You smile before looking a little uncertain. "And now if you want to help me, then I think you might need to carry me to bed because I'm not sure I can walk..."

You pretend to pout at him, your fingers playing with the chain of the dog tags. He kisses your forehead and carefully wraps an arm around your waist and one under your legs.

“Let’s go to bed,” he says, leaving his work behind and scattered across his desk.

Mission accomplished.

Chapter Text



The newspapers and blogs still won’t stop posting candid photos and gossip articles about you and Harry and your relationship. It’s been months and yet they are still relentless. While some blogs post about how perfect a couple you two make, others are more slanderous, claiming he’s corrupting you with the mysterious darkness that follows him and keeping you locked away.

At least Iris has been doing her best in levelling these fluff pieces with more intellectual ones featuring his latest (legal) endeavours with S.T.A.R. Labs, showing the excellent work he does in the name of making Central City a better place. But despite her attempts, the majority of the informed public still can’t get past his ultimate and unspeakable mistake. Harry tries to keep a watchful eye out for the hidden cameramen when he’s out with you, because the next time he sees one, they’re going to be in a world of hurt.

As it happens, it’s when Harry takes you home from a late night date at your new favourite restaurant - the one he had first taken you to - that he spots one of those agitative paparazzi in his periphery.

Skulking around his property no less.

Harry gives you a quick kiss when you get out of the car.

“Aren’t you coming?” you ask him.

“I’ll be right in, Flower,” he replies, “I just want to take care of something real quick.”

“Okay,” you lean up to kiss him and tease, “just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” Harry makes sure you’ve been inside long enough to sneak up on where this perpetrator was hiding. He never even heard Harry approaching the bushes until it was too late. Harry yanks the man by his shirt collar and shoves him against the tree behind him. He clutches the photographer’s throat and holds the camera in his other hand.

“Have you been selling photos to CCPN? Tell me who you work for,” Harry snarls. The man chokes, unable to answer. “It can’t just be the paper. Is it Merlyn?” Harry throws the camera down to the ground. “ Tell me !”

“Y-es…” the man croaks, eyes bulging, “Mer...lyn…”

“Have you been giving him intel?”

When the perpetrator doesn’t answer, deliberately this time, Harry shakes him violently by the neck. The man starts nodding and manages a, “yes.”

“What does he want ? Tell me, goddammit!” His anger overtakes him, blinds him, and ends up choking the photographer until his eyes roll back in his head and then slumps to the ground. Harry checks the man’s pulse.


He bends down to check the photos that were taken on the camera. Each of them with one constant element: You.

You at Jitters getting a coffee.

You and Harry on dates.

You walking into your apartment. Into Harry’s home.

Walking arm in arm with him.

Kissing him.

And… oh no…

A series of shots of you in your lingerie, seducing Harry in his office. Being taken from behind at his desk...

This was bad.

He flicks through all of the photos before taking the SD card out of the camera and sliding it into his inside jacket pocket. No way would he ever allow you to see these. He’s almost sure that the explicit pictures of you two together were more to do with the man’s surveillance job, but if he’d ever released them to the paper…

The resulting mess didn’t even bear thinking about.

No, Harry would keep this safe and by extension, you, and hide it away from any other potential prying eyes.



"Fucking Merlyn and his band of jackwagons," Harry mutters in the darkness of the hallway, then finally reaches the sanctity of his bedroom. He had taken much longer than he’d said he’d be, having to find a solution to the dead body on his property.

Nothing a quick call to the Inner Circle couldn’t fix.

Harry sees you clutching his dog tags in your sleep when he enters, beat from your night out. He smiles to himself because he knows you wear them all the time as a reminder that he will indeed come home to you. He loves that they’re always around your neck and on display. That way people will think twice about bothering or laying a hand on you.

They’d have hell to pay otherwise.

Without meaning to, Harry makes a bit of noise as he shuffles around the room to change for bed, which causes you to wake up sleepily. You rub your eyes.


"I'm here, Flower,” he whispers, crawling into bed, pulling the covers up and sliding in next to you. All this week, he’s been working himself hard to keep the upper hand in the fight against his territory. His rugged outward appearance and the way in which he’s been responding to his men still hasn’t changed since you tried to distract him. Your fingers run lazily through his hair and down to rub his stubbly cheeks. It always calms him significantly when you do this. Harry leans into your touch. You kiss his forehead sweetly, and he snuggles into your arms. But he can’t help but cringe a little.

Your voice is in his head, “Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” You’re the only thing that keeps him going in all of this, but he feels almost wrong - touching you with the same hands that just took a man’s life. He had promised himself that he wouldn’t kill again now that you were in his life and yet he broke that promise tonight.

But what if it was required in order to keep you safe?

You cup his face and kiss his nose, then whisper, "Get some sleep, Harry. Everything that you’re thinking can wait until morning. I'll be here when you wake up."

“Mmm...” He’s so tired he can’t even form proper words anymore. Your relaxed heartbeat slowly puts him to sleep. The last thing he sees is you intently watching his eyes struggle to stay open as he eventually gives into a tranquil sleep, surrounded by your presence and warmth.

Until the middle of the night, when he’s trapped inside a gruesome nightmare of you being savagely murdered right in front of him.

Chapter Text


A sudden outburst beside you in bed brings you out of your deep sleep.

“Hmm...?” you say groggily. After your eyes adjust to the room, you notice Harry sweating through the bedsheets, tossing and turning and grunting in his sleep, a slave to what you assume is a bad dream.

Harry ?” Finally, he breaks through thanks to the concern in your voice. He bolts upright and breathes heavily, startled in the darkness of the room. You place your hand on his arm which he covers with his own and holds it tight. You ask if he’s alright, but he starts to worry you when he doesn’t respond, just staring straight ahead at nothing. This has never happened before, this kind of fit. You take Harry’s hand and try to get him to look at you.

"What's wrong?"

“Hmm? Nothing. It’s nothing, go back to sleep.”

"Hare." You brush your hair to the side and give him a look that you know he's keeping something from you.

“I can’t ...” he says pathetically. You can see whatever it is, it’s hurting him, and you’ve never seen Harry hurt like this before. You carefully move to kneel in front of him and cup his face with both of your hands, seeing the slight glimmer of tears welling up in his eyes.

“Please tell me. I need to know so I can help you. Please, Harrison...”

"I..." He averts his gaze before looking back up to your eyes. "I watched you die. Brutally. Right in front of me and I couldn't do anything. I couldn’t move. You died because of me." Your heart is breaking for him. You can only imagine what that dream could have looked like to him.

"It was just a bad dream, Harry. I'm right here," you say, taking his hand and guiding it to your beating heart. You stroke his temple with your thumb, pressing your forehead against his. Harry breathes you in like you’re the only thing he needs to survive in this world.

"I'm right here, and I'm not going anywhere," you tell him, “Remember?” He doesn’t respond with words, though his breathing is starting to return to normal. You both stay still like this for a while. Harry’s eyes close, and you can tell he’s trying to soak in your presence, letting it anchor him to reality.

"I'm just worried…” he starts again quietly, “one day I'll lose you and I wouldn't be able to do anything about it. I'd be completely powerless, robbed of you, and it would kill me. It would kill me, (Y/N)...” Your chest tightens up at his vocalized fears and the way he’s desperately looking at you. You pull him close so that his head rests against your chest.

“Not going to happen. Ever. Not on my watch,” you make the promise, of which you’re not sure you can necessarily keep, but you'll do your very best to keep it because damn everything to hell if you're going to ever have this man more broken than he already is.

Harry exhales as if the weight of his worries are finally leaving his body and mind. At least, for the night. You pet his hair, his arms, his chest all to calm him back into sleeping again.

Harry shifts you over in bed so that he ends up spooning you, holding you close as if you’ve become his security blanket. You hear the tell-tale signs of him falling asleep after a bit, leaving you still awake, deep in thought.

You fear you are becoming exactly what you’d hoped not to be. His weakness. A fragile point that someone can target to get at Harry and his business. You let out a small sigh at your realization. You’ll have to get stronger, for his sake, so that his dream will never come true.



The following morning, you fidget with your hands just before Harry is about to leave for work. He’s not going to like what you have to say, but damn it, you’re going to say it anyway!

“Harry, I know you said I’d never have to fight… but I want you to teach me self-defence.” Your tone is defiant and confident as you stand in front of your boyfriend.

“I- why?” he asks, narrowing his eyes. You can tell he’s reluctant to show you anything that would potentially lead you into any kind of danger.

“Last night… your dream, nightmare, it got me thinking. I want to be able to protect myself if anything were to happen-”

“-Nothing is going to happen to you,” he cuts in, seemingly resolved after his outburst last night. “I’m always going to be there to protect you.”

“But what if you’re not , Harry?” you implore, “You can’t always be around ‘just in case’ someone attacks me. And I love you, but I’m not really into the whole ‘damsel-in-distress’ thing. I want to be able to look out for myself, whether you’re there or not.”

The corner of Harry’s lips turn up at your confidence, and you can see him turning the decision over in his mind.

“Alright… self-defence only . Some hand to hand combat, just enough to get yourself out of trouble.”

You grin up at him before slipping your arms around his middle and hugging him tightly.

“Thank you, Harry. When do we start?”

Harry seems to like your eagerness. “Come to the Labs after you finish at the shop and we can get started. We have training rooms under the building.”

“Is there anything you don’t do there?” you ask, to which he smiles and kisses the top of your head.

But, you do as he says and as soon as you lock up after a moderately busy day, you walk the few blocks to S.T.A.R. Labs, already dressed in your workout outfit. Harry meets you at the building’s entrance dressed in a pair of shorts, a tank top, and a hoodie.

All black, naturally.

“Welcome back, sweet pea.” He kisses you hello. “We’re going to head down to the training facility in the basement.”

“Okay,” you say and let him lead the way inside.

It’s an impressive setup - dozens of training rooms all throughout the lowest level. As Harry leads you to your own room, you peek in through the windows seeing his men go at each other viciously. You’re glad they’re on your side.

Your room is completely padded on every wall, including the ceiling. You wring your hands together, unable to help but feel a little nervous now that this is actually happening.

“Where do we start?” you ask.

“Show me your best punch.”

You go to stand directly in front of him, planning to aim for his upper chest area. Pulling back your arm, you let it go and your fist collides with his body.

He doesn’t even flinch.

You try it again with a little more force behind it.

“No, come on. Hit me," Harry says with a little smirk, making a small 'come at me' motion as you stand in front of him, pouting a bit at his teasing.

"I am ! You're just so muscular that you can't even feel it!"

You take another swing at him, but he easily blocks you and makes you stumble backwards a few paces.

“You can’t let me use your momentum against you.” He starts to circle you on the mat. “Make your movements smaller, more compact. That’s how you’ll win a fight,” he tells you as you look at him with a determined expression. Although, it was difficult to soak in what he had just told you because Harry had shed his black hoodie, now showing off his jaw-dropping arm muscles that you’ll never tire of. You have the urge to run your hands over them, to feel his sinewy biceps...


"Huh, yeah?"

"Were you paying attention?"

"Pft! Yeah, I was totally paying attention and not staring at your… wonderfully muscled body..." your words dying down as you speak. You look at the floor in embarrassment. "I'm trying, okay?" you say with a little laugh, cheeks tinged with pink.

"I know." He comes up behind you, helping position your arms and legs to get a good hit. Not that that does much for your concentration either, because you can’t deny that you love the way his toned body is pressing up against yours.

"And as soon as you can land a good couple of hits, you should have me distracted enough to sweep my leg out so I go down. Got it?"

"Uh... I think?"

You shake yourself out of your little daydream and focus on his instructions because you know he really is trying to help and it is crucial that you get this right. Since Harry initially didn’t want you having anything to do with training of any kind, you needed to prove how serious you were about this. No more would you be his weakness. It takes several more attempts, but finally, you manage to pin him to the mat, a huge grin growing on your face in realization that you actually did it.

"I did it!"

You’re totally unaware that you're straddling his hips. You throw your arms up in triumph, and his hands automatically fly to your hips when they're freed from you, with a small smile on his face. He lifts himself up so that he sat upright, your chests touching and presses a deep kiss to your lips.

"I'm proud of you," he says quietly, still wearing a gentle smile. You return it, wrapping your arms around his neck and hugging him. Harry gives you small kisses in celebration, which you make happy noises at, lips smacking against each other. But Cisco just has to walk into the practice room to see you two kissing like this on the ground.

"Hey, we practice here!" he exclaims.

You feel your face get warmer at getting caught and climb out of Harry's lap and up off of the floor. Harry rolls his eyes at Cisco.

“How about a break, Flower? You’re doing so well. I’m impressed.” Harry hands you your water bottle and a towel to wipe the sweat that was glistening on your forehead.

“Thank you.”

“Would you like to have a look in on how my team trains?” You nod at the suggestion, Harry taking your hand and leading you out of the room.

"I wouldn't use the mat on the left," he says to Cisco as you walk away and you catch the younger man’s eyes go wide.

"Harry! But we didn't do anything!"

"He doesn't need to know that," he tells you with an amused smirk. He guides you down the hall and around a corner to a much more extensive training area where several men are paired off against each other.

This is intense.

“Wow... they’re good.”

“I only recruit the best.” You stare in awe at the masterful moves presented before you on the mats. One man holds the other in a headlock, face turning red and unable to breathe. You tug on Harry’s arm.

“Harry, he’s killing him. Aren’t you going to do something?!”

Your boyfriend stays where he is, eyes narrowed at the desperate struggle in front of him. He seems too invested, curious even, at the outcome.

Just when it seems like the brutal end, the man in the submissive hold locks his leg around the other’s while keeping his back curved forward. Bending his knees and turning one hundred and eighty degrees outward, he pulls his attacker’s arm diagonally across his body and throws him down hard on the mat.


Harry starts a slow clap and smiles proudly. The rest of the onlookers in the room join in the applause. You clap too, once you shake yourself out of your shocked daze. You had really thought he was going to die…

You take Harry’s hand.

“Let’s go again,” you say eagerly.



You and Harry go back to sparring in your training room, with you having found a little boost in your motivation to become better at this.

You manage to pin Harry to the mat a couple of times in a row, but then he starts making it harder and you realize he’s been taking it reasonably easy on you so far. He pins you to the mat once, flips you over so you land on your hands and knees another (although he had been fairly gentle in lowering you to the ground) and you are currently standing in front of him with his arm around your neck, just showing you what could happen if this was a more hostile environment.

“What did I tell you?” he whispers in your ear, “Don’t let me-”

“-get behind you, yeah, I know,” you say exasperatedly, holding onto his forearm which rests in front of your throat.

“Now, how would you get out of this one, Flower? You can’t overpower me,” Harry asks, looking at you intently.

“Well, I’m seriously considering kicking you where it’s going to hurt, but I might hold off on that in case I ever want to have children with you,” you reply with a smirk, turning your head to look at his amused blue eyes. Although something flickers in them at your words… something you can’t quite place. You feel your cheeks warm at the thought that he’s thinking about what you’ve just said. Oh god, no, it’s far too early to be considering that.

“I do appreciate your restraint, Flower,” he says with a chuckle, planting a quick kiss to your cheek. “But if you ever do get in a situation like this, I think it’d be highly effective.”

You use your entire body’s strength to flip Harry to the ground, catching him off-guard in his affectionate state. You detect a series of emotions in his eyes below you - the first being surprise, then clearly proud, then… arousal?

Harry clears his throat, “Well done.”

“Thank you.”

“Think you can do it again?”

You smirk and say, “I think so, yes.”

Harry holds up a finger to you. “Hang on.” He gets up from the floor and leaves the room for maybe two minutes, only to return with a few large men.

You feel your stomach drop at the sight of them and point between yourself and your potential opponents. “You want me… them? Really?”

“It’s not going to be me you’ll find attacking you,” he puts. “Strangers. Big guys. And here they are.” Harry stands behind you with his hands on your shoulders. He leans in to whisper in your ear, “Go get ‘em.”

With a daring, verging on mean, expression, you bend your knees in a ready position. Let’s kick some ass.

Your challenger fake-lunges at you in trying to catch you off guard, but you are far too focused to take the bait. You circle each other, but the man is fast - he grabs your wrist and spins you so that your back is against him. His arm is around your neck, but luckily you’re still able to breathe since you have your hand lodged in between your windpipe and his arm. It’s the same hold Harry had caught you in.

But this time, you don’t hold back.

You ram your elbow into your mock-foe’s gut, knocking him off balance, then take his wrist this time and twist. And the pièce de résistance - a sharp knee to the groin. He bends over in agony, and you start to express your apologies, but the man holds up a hand to say he’s okay.

You are thrilled you did so well, and by the look on Harry’s face, so is he.

“Good, um, match?” you congratulate the man, now sitting. He mumbles something which sounded like, “you too.”

“I think that’s enough for today, Flower.” Harry goes to rub your shoulders. “You were exceptional.”

“Thanks to you.” He grins down at you, hand on your lower back as he ushers you out of the training room, leaving everyone to continue their practice. You notice a tall figure standing at the end of the corridor and squint.

“Harry, who’s that over there?” you ask, pointing at a man you’ve never seen before in the building. He stares into one of the training room windows where two others are battling each other.

Harry recognizes the man in the distance, “That’s James, our new bookkeeper. So far he’s passed our entry tests, but we’ll see how he does on the job.”

You nod. The two of you walk down the hall, moving closer to the new addition to Harry’s team. The man, James, senses this and turns to greet his boss.

“Good evening, Sir,” he says.

“James,” Harry replies, “You’re here late.”

“Thought I’d see how the other half conducts themselves.” James’ eyes move to you. He smiles, then introduces himself.

“I saw you fight a little while ago,” he says, “I’m impressed.”

He was watching us? How did I not notice?

“Thank you,” you say, “It was my first time.”

“Had me fooled.”

“I have a very skilled teacher,” you grin, looking up at Harry, who’s smiling back.

“I have no doubt about that. Now, if you’ll excuse me.” He nods to Harry, “Sir.” The man takes his leave, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“He seems nice,” you muse. “Great accent, too.”

Harry doesn’t say anything, eyes glued to the bookkeeper’s back, watching him walk away and into the elevator.




The Dark Archer, Malcolm Merlyn, paces the room while his mole stands before him, arms behind his back.

“Do the cops have enough to arrest Wells?”

“Not yet,” the British spy replies, “but they soon will. When they get an anonymous tip telling them to look at his books, they’ll have all they need to tie him to his activities at the docks. And soon, I’ll know where all his bodies are buried. Figuratively and literally.”

“Good.” Malcolm pauses and moves to the window of his office at Merlyn Global Group overlooking the night lights of Star City. “He knows we know about his sweetheart but nothing needs to happen to her. I’ll settle for breaking him by having him only be able to see her from behind a pane of glass.”

The mole waits awkwardly by the mobster’s desk.

“What, you’re still here?” Merlyn catches his spy in the window’s reflexion.

“I just need to know- What has Wells done to you why you’re after him and his empire?”

“Not that it’s any of your goddamn business, but the bastard killed my wife in that explosion. Now get out. And don’t come back until the deed is done.”

Chapter Text

Harry sits at his desk, working intently on some legal S.T.A.R. Labs business. He’s already had two people come and grovel to him over the fact that this newest piece of tech isn’t ready for manufacture yet and that the company was going to have to find the extra money for it somewhere. He’d only dropped you off at the shop just over two hours ago, but it seems that since then, everything has gone to shit.

Just as he thinks he’s beginning to solve the problem with the device’s schematics, there’s a knock on his office door and Matthew steps into the room.

“Yes?” Harry asks curtly, huffing that he’s being interrupted at such a crucial stage.

“Doctor Wells, there’s a detective here to see you. He says it’s urgent.”

“Send him in,” Harry orders, pinching the bridge of his nose. This is the last thing he needs. Matthew withdraws from the office and Harry hears him tell the detective to enter in his place.

A blond man steps into the room as Harry gets out of his chair, rounding the desk to shake the other man’s hand. But the resolute expression that he sees warns him that he needs to be very careful with what he says from here on out. This is a man on a mission.

“Detective Thawne, isn’t it? You’re West’s partner. What can I do for you?” he asks, trying to start this off civil.

Thawne stands in front of him as Harry leans back against the edge of his desk. “You might as well cut the niceties, Wells, I know you’re going to be as difficult as you can be,” he says, his smile telling Harry that he believes he has the upper hand here.

“And why’s that exactly?” Harry counters, crossing his arms over his chest.

“I’ve received a tip-off that something isn’t quite right with your accounts. I’m going to need to see your books,” Thawne tells him in a commanding tone, putting his hands on his hips to reveal his badge and gun.

Harry gives a wry smile and a small huff of laughter, glancing at the revealed items then raises an eyebrow. “If you think you scare me, Detective, you’re mistaken. I’ve dealt with people far more intimidating than you.” Harry follows this up with a look, heading back to his chair behind his desk and taking a seat. Without looking back up at the younger man, he says, “Come back with a warrant, and I’ll get you my books.”

“Got something to hide?” the detective pushes, taking a step closer to the desk and getting Harry to look at him again.

“I just don’t like people I don’t trust going through my things.”

“Well, it seems that someone you do trust is ballsing it up for you anyway. How else would I have gotten a tip?” He places his hands firmly on the desk’s surface and looks menacingly at Harry. “And I tell you now - if I find anything crooked in them when I get that warrant? Next time, I’ll be turning up on your doorstep to arrest you.”

Harry leans forwards in his chair, resting his elbows on the desk and tenting his fingers in front of him. “Is that a threat, Detective?”

“Everyone knows that you’re up to your neck in illegal activity. We just need someone who cares about justice enough to prove it.”

“And that’s you, is it?”

“Yes,” he replies immediately. “I’m working with this tip now, but I’ve got plenty more angles I can work it from. Your girlfriend seems to have a particularly soft spot for the metas. Maybe if I charged her with aiding and abetting fugitives of the law, we can see how quickly you’d cave then. Either that or she’s bound to know something, maybe enough to put you away for good.”

The mention of you makes all the civility fly out of Harry’s demeanour. He stands, anger almost visibly radiating from him. “She would have the best lawyer in this city at the snap of my fingers. You leave her alone,” he growls back.

“Way to show that you’re not corrupting her with all this, Wells.”

Harry pushes off from the desk, and in a few long strides, gets right in the detective’s face.

“If you even think about coming after me or my girlfriend without a warrant again, not having a job will be the least of your problems. Trust me.”

Thawne takes a step away, a small triumphant smile on his lips, knowing that he’s managed to find Harry’s pressure point.

“I’ll let that one slide, but sit tight, Wells. I’ll be back, and this palace of yours is going to come tumbling down, brick by brick.”

Harry watches as Detective Thawne leaves the room, throwing his fist down on the desktop after the door has closed.

But he doesn’t have time to linger on this threat right now. He has to check that the books aren’t going to reveal anything incriminating. This will certainly be a test of his new bookkeeper’s ability. Harry has maybe twenty-four hours before Thawne comes back with his warrant.

He calls Matthew back in and orders him to find James and have all the accounts brought up to his office. The possibility of a mole tipping off the police in the first place would also have to be dealt with.

After these actions have been set in motion, Harry takes a deep breath and runs a hand over his face. He knows what he needs right now, and he just hopes that you’ll be able to make some time for him.

Taking his phone from his pocket, he finds your contact and dials your number, waiting a few rings for you to pick up.

“Hey, Harry, everything okay?” He can hear the concern in your voice and smiles at your sweetness despite himself.

“Hey, Flower. I’m having a nightmare of a day and I wondered if you could spare half an hour to have lunch with me?”

You pause for a second, likely looking at the clock before answering. “Of course, baby, give me twenty minutes and I’ll be there.”

“You’re amazing,” he replies, feeling himself relax a little while you let out a small chuckle.

“I try,” you reply. “Hang in there.”



You end the call with Harry, looking at a couple of customers who were browsing the flowers. While you wait to be able to head to your lunch break, you make a little bundle out of the daisies you have near the counter. It sounds as though Harry could do with something to brighten his day besides having you pop in to see him.

You serve both the customers, doing up a quick bouquet for one and take an order down for the other. After making sure to grab your bag, you put the little sign in the window to say you were going to lunch, and head over on the road to the S.T.A.R. Labs building.

The people inside give you their polite greetings as you make your way to the elevator to head to Harry’s office. As soon as the doors open, you’re striding over to Harry’s door, lightly rapping your knuckles on it before opening it up.


“(Y/N),” he replies, head snapping up at the sound of your voice. “Come on in.”

You grin back, but before closing the door, you take one of the daisies from the bundle and slide it into the lock as a message to everyone that Harry has you over. You want him to be able to tell you whatever is going on with him without interruption.

As you close the door, Harry, just in his shirtsleeves, gets up and meets you halfway across the room to take you in his arms, giving you a tight hug.

That bad, huh?” you say, hugging him back and gently smoothing your hands up and down his back. He buries his face into your neck, and you reach one hand up to pull him closer to you, combing your fingers through his hair.

After a minute of standing in each other’s embrace, Harry pulls back and looks at you, studying your face. Your hands go to his cheeks as you let out a small sigh.

“Who hurt my man, hmm? Let me at ‘em,” you joke as Harry lets out a little hum of laughter.

“It’s err, it’s nothing for you to worry about, Flower, it’ll all be alright. As long as I have you by my side,” he replies, bringing his hands up to hold your own, a reassuring smile on his face. You study him for another second before moving around him to place the daisies in the vase you’d given him. You turn back around when they’re in place and you can see from his expression that he’s so grateful for the gesture.

He leads you over to the couches on the other side of the room where two paper bags emblazoned with ‘Big Belly Burger’ already sit waiting for you. Raising an eyebrow, you take a seat and pull one of the bags towards you, taking out the cartons of fries and pass one to Harry.

“I didn’t have you pegged as a fan of fast food, Mister Fine-Taste?” you tease, taking a fry and eating it as he sits down next to you.

“Sometimes I like a… change of pace,” he tells you with a smile, passing you a milkshake after poking the straw in it. You thank him and take a sip before bringing up the previous topic again.

“You know I’m not going to let it go that easily, right? You asked me over here to talk, I can tell, but now you’re trying to shut me out… Talk to me, Harry, whatever it is, I can take it.”

You put your hand over his on the table and look into his eyes, intently trying to get him to open up. He sighs and runs his free hand over his face before looking back at you.

“A detective came to see me… Thawne? He works with West. You might have come across him-“

“-we’ve had a couple of run-ins,” you mutter and Harry nods.

“Well, if you have any more, you need to call me immediately, okay, Flower?” Harry puts his hand over yours and looks intently into your eyes. “Thawne has a lead on me… but if that doesn’t work out, he’s threatened to come after you in order to bring me down. And I’m not going to let that happen.”

“But we’re together. Surely there has to be some sort of rule to stop him from doing that? You know I’d never willingly testify against you, right?”

“Of course I do… But no, sweetheart, that unfortunately only applies to spouses and you’re not my wife yet…”

Yet? Someone’s keen,” you reply, trying to lighten the mood and Harry chuckles, but his smile doesn’t quite reach his eyes. This is too serious for joking around.

“I mean it, though, (Y/N). If Thawne starts trying to tempt you into selling me out or heaven forbid, he arrests you like he’s threatened, you call me, or this number right here.”

He takes a calling card out of his pocket, like the one he’d given you all those months ago and passes it to you. This one is cream with a decorative border around the edge and the words ‘Cecile Horton, Attorney at Law’ printed in the centre, accompanied by a phone number.

“Cecile Horton is the best lawyer I know, and if you need her, she’ll be there. I just want to keep you as protected as I can.”

You nod, squeezing his hand to reassure him that you understand. “I know you’re doing everything you can to keep me safe and I love you even more for it.”

You lean in and softly press your lips to his, and he lets out a small sigh of relief when you part.

“Come on, we need to eat before this goes cold,” you say, nudging his shoulder, “and there is nothing worse than cold fries.”

Harry gives an agreeing hum and pulls out the rest of the food to split between you. You eat your lunch, talking about making plans for the weekend and generally trying to lighten the mood after the threats of this morning.

And it seems as though your flower has been enough to keep everyone from opening the door and intrude on your private time. You’ve found one of the best parts of dating the CEO of a company/mob boss was that each one of the men who worked for him seemed to be afraid to interrupt him in his office when he was alone with you. When you’ve finished your food, Harry pulls you onto his lap to get you to straddle him, his hands going to your hips as he holds you close.

“Daddy wants some love.”

“Does he indeed?” you ask, running your hands over his shoulders. You place a few kisses on his jaw and he lets out a content little sound. At this, you continue showering him with kisses, cupping his cheeks and nuzzling his nose. “It’s all going to be okay, Harry, I know it will.”

But before he can reply, there’s a knock at the door to his office and a familiar face comes into the room. You blush a little at the intrusion and turn away because of the position you’re currently in. Harry lets out a low growl and instantly appears pissed because it is the new bookkeeper that has interrupted your precious alone time.

“I’ve brought the files, Sir,” he says, taking a few hesitant steps forward with the documents in his hands.

“James, get out,” Harry says curtly.

“But, Sir, I-”

“-James, you’re new here, so I’m going to say this once and only once. Do not interrupt my time with my Flower.” You forget that he’s even capable of that deadly serious tone because you almost never hear it.

“I-I’m sorry, Sir,” James cowers, “but you-”

“-Leave them here and get out,” Harry orders. The bookkeeper expeditiously removes himself from the room. You turn back to Harry and giggle embarrassedly into his shoulder.

“You’re a very scary man, Harrison Wells.”

“Hell yeah, I am. Now, where were we?” He pulls you back by hooking a finger underneath your chin, bringing you into a heated kiss and running his hands over your sides.

“I should leave you to get on with some work…” you say gently against his lips as you play with the hair at his nape. “It looks like you’re going to be busy with the books.”

“Mm, but I don’t want you to go,“ he says, going in for another kiss only for Cisco and Barry, followed by Frost, to barge in with smug smiles. Only three people were allowed to interrupt you and Harry without suffering his wrath. You quickly climb out of Harry’s lap and you both turn to the others.

"We have intel!” Barry announces.

“What have you got?” Harry asks.

“Okay, first- ew. Like please, we’re at work, man,” Cisco says gesturing a hand to both of you.

“I’m in my office, man,” Harry counters.

“Besides the point, bud,” Barry says to Cisco before turning back to Harry. “We located Snart’s next heist. Oliver and his team are going to accompany us there to help.” You can feel Harry study you from his seat because you’ve never been present for any of this particular business before. You’re well aware he wants to keep you safe, and as far as all this is concerned, it’s probably best if you know as little as possible about the specifics. Especially when Thawne is digging around in all this.

“What’s this guy going after?” you ask, crossing your arms in front of you. You catch a small smile grace his handsome face.

“It’s Leonard Snart, so definitely something cold related. I think it has to do with some sort of new gadget from Palmer Tech?” Barry says unsure, looking to Cisco for confirmation.

“Dude thinks he’s some kind of ice queen or something,” Cisco says, giving Barry a side-eye.

“When really, that description belongs to me,” Frost remarks while making her fingertips blue.

“What are we going to do to stop him?” you inquire, finally learning a bit more about this side of Harry’s life. Why not learn a little bit more about the business? Besides, Harry wasn’t asking you to leave…

We,” Harry says, getting up from the couch and heading out of the office with you four in tow, “are going to come up with something crafty enough to catch him off guard. Can’t have an egomaniac running around destroying cities. Mainly my city.” Harry turns to you when you reach the elevator, blocking your path.

“Listen, I appreciate you trying to get involved, Flower, but I need you to go and finish up your day and then go home, it’s too dangerous,” he says, taking your hand.

“But I want to help. Even though it’s dangerous, it’s all for a good cause.”

“I know, but I want, need, you to be safe, okay? Promise me you’ll go home and wait for me there?”

You sigh in defeat. “Yeah, okay.”

“If you really want to help… I suppose I could have our account books sent home to you to have a look over. That’s as far as I want you in with all of this, though. Just the paperwork. See if everything’s in order? Wouldn’t hurt to have another set of eyes check it through. Eyes I know I can trust… and that are so beautiful.” A big smile works its way onto your face. He really couldn’t bear to see you unhappy. You nod quickly before kissing him.

“Just come back safe.”

“Always. I’ll send a car to the shop at the end of the day to take you home,” he assures and you agree with his decision.

Harry and his trusted team head out just as you head back to Primrose Path to finish out the workday. Once you’re home later that evening, the account books get dropped off and within an hour or two of looking them over, you manage to track several errors and fix them promptly. Seeing everything spread out, it seems to you like the new bookkeeper wants Harry to get caught… Either that or he seriously wasn’t right for this job.

Could there be a spy in our midst?

Well, Harry’s going to need to do something about that.

You peer up at the clock, noticing it’s only half-past eight. You hold on to his dog tags which hang around your neck and hope that he’s taking care of himself. You have no idea when to expect him home.

In the meantime, you decide to take a shower and start getting ready for bed, wearing one of Harry’s shirts that he’s basically had to surrender completely to you to use as pyjamas. You crawl into bed and start to read a book in order to take your mind off things, looking towards the door every so often.

It isn’t until you’re half-asleep hours later, lying against the plush pillows with your book next to you, that you register the sound of the bedroom door opening in the back of your mind. You half-hear Harry walk in, stumbling a bit and change out of his suit and into a pair of pyjama pants. Once he gets into bed, he takes you in his arms, causing you to stir fully.


“I’m here, baby,” he whispers gently, kissing your forehead.

“Did you sort it out?” you ask sleepily.

“Yeah, Snart won’t be a problem for a while,” he replies, stroking your hair as you snuggle into his chest.

“That’s good.” You press a kiss over his heart. “Harry…” You pause to yawn. “I need to… tell you about the…”

“Shh, you can tell me about whatever it is tomorrow. Right now, we both need sleep. It’s been a long day,” he whispers to you, then kisses your lips. You nod and fall asleep, the warmth of your man surrounding you and filling your senses giving you a feeling of security.

Chapter Text


You wake the next morning, still curled up in Harry’s embrace, peering up at him to see him looking down at you with a smile on his face.

“Good morning,” he says. You stretch your arms and smile.

“Good morning,” you reply, bringing a hand up to cup his cheek. It’s then that you notice a small cut above his eye that you hadn’t noticed the night before.

“You got hurt,” you whisper, lightly running your fingers over the cut. The blood had dried off and had begun healing through the night. Harry winces a little since it’s still fresh.

“I’ve had worse,” he rasps out, taking your hand from his face and sweetly kissing it.

“I’m just glad that you’re safe.”

“Facing off against that cold gun-wielding maniac wasn’t easy, but everyone had my back.”

“Good, I’ll remember to thank them for it.”

Harry holds your hand as he speaks again.

“You wanted to tell me something last night?” he asks, looking curiously at you.

“Mm, yeah, I went through your books yesterday - an eye-opening experience to say the least. But I was fixing all the obvious bits and it was almost too easy to link everything together. I don’t think your bookkeeper is on your side…”

Harry is silent, a small frown on his face indicating that he’s in deep thought.

“Odd, though I can’t say I’m wholly surprised, I don’t trust him. But Joe ran a background check on James three times. His history was legit. Unless…”

You quirk up an eyebrow and prop yourself up on your elbow to look at your boyfriend.

“Unless what?”

“He’s working for another mafia undercover. He’s not working for CCPD, Joe’s made that clear.”

“But who would want to take you down? You’re the biggest power in this city, it’s hardly going to be a small job.”

“It’s got to be someone who has everything to gain…” he muses, and you sense he’s holding something back. “Someone who could completely take over the city if I’m out of the picture. I’m not exactly known to share.” You give an understanding smile at that. Harry’s territorial about everything, though especially over you.

“So what are we going to do about it?” you ask, watching his electric blue eyes flicker with an idea.

“For now, rest and prepare for the unexpected. I’ll have the team do some digging around, while Joe looks for anything suspicious or out of the ordinary on his end.” He kisses your lips before trailing his own over your jaw. You run a hand through his hair, sighing at his kisses.

“We should get out of bed and get some breakfast.”

“Mmm, in a minute,” he replies, kissing you again a few more times.

“Harry…” You giggle between kisses, managing to wiggle out of his hold and climb out of bed. “Come cook with me.”

You hold out your hand and he kicks the covers off of him, taking it as you lead him to the kitchen, intent on making pancakes for breakfast.

Whilst attempting to find the pancake mix, you finally notice it’s on the top shelf. You’re on your tiptoes stretching to reach for it. Harry’s dress shirt that you’re wearing rides up and shows off your panties to him. A new and ridiculously expensive pair he’s recently bought you.

“Here, Kitten, let me,” he says after a few seconds of admiring you. He comes forward and easily plucks the packet from the shelf and passes it to you before one hand falls to your ass, giving you a little pat. You look up, realizing what he must have seen and lightly shove his shoulder.

“That’s for later, Mister,” you say coyly before moving away to find a mixing bowl.

Once finding everything you’ll be needing, you get started on making the batter, humming as you stir the ingredients together. The gooey pancake batter becomes so smooth and creamy. You bite your lip trying to hide the mischievous smile that’s growing on your face. Dipping a finger in the batter, you look at Harry, who was busy fiddling with the TV, the remote in his hand.

“Hey, Hare?”


And before he knows it, you lather the pancake batter on his nose, breaking out into laughter as you do so.

“Oh, that’s how you want to play it?” he says as you run giggling back towards the kitchen counters as he chases after you. He catches up and grabs you around the middle, tickling your sides as you squeal and laugh out apologies to try and get him to stop.

“I’m sorry,” you say, out of breath and grinning, as you grab a cloth and wipe the mixture from his nose before giving it a little kiss. Harry gives you a genuine grin, only reserved for you, and pecks your lips.

As you both start making the breakfast food, Harry playfully pokes your sides a couple of times just to hear you squeak, and you elbow him lightly in the side to stop. Damn, this man and his height. But you know you love how he always towers over you.

Once you two finish a stack of pancakes, you both sit down to eat your delicious edible towers before going back up to get ready for the day.

You change into a nice little dress, a maroon number with a deep V, and do your hair and makeup as Harry comes back into the room in a fresh suit, looking incredibly dapper himself.

“I’m going to go and give Barry and Cisco the rundown on what we think about James. Do you… want to come?”

You look up at him, mouth slightly agape. “You really want me involved in this? I thought you’d be keeping me as far from your business as possible…”

“I’ve been thinking about it and I… I know I can’t keep you out of it forever,” he says gently, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear, “Besides, you’ve been so much help, I want you to carry on if you’d like? Strictly paperwork. Office duties. Listening in. That sort of thing. No field work.”

“Yeah, I’d like that, Boss,” you agree with a cheeky smirk on your face. Although it drops a little when you notice something. Harry sees your smile drop and raises an eyebrow.


“Hm…” You unbutton the top button of his dress shirt. “Better.”

He chuckles at you before taking your hand and leading you out of the house to his car, where you’re driven to the company.

Harry guides you into the S.T.A.R. Labs building with a hand on the small of your back and you’ve barely gotten through the door before Barry and Cisco are on you both, all with things for Harry to check up on. You’re in awe of how he handles everything all at once so well and he hasn’t even stepped foot into his office yet. Caitlin falls back a little to walk with you, letting the boys bounce theories off each other about the mole and what to prepare for. Barry and Cisco were on either side of Harry, rambling on and on.

As you enter the office, Harry turns to you. “Take Cisco through what you found in the books - if you think the cops know of any of it, accounts, shell companies, burn the trail and we’ll replace them.”

You give him a tiny mock salute and a smile, “Sure thing, Boss.”

He gives you a quick kiss. “Cisco will make sure you’re safe in case something happens.”


“Lead the way, Boss’s lady,” Cisco says, gesturing for you to show him the way. You decide to set up shop in one of the vacant rooms and pull out the books and documents.

The pair of you spend a few hours going through everything, making sure that it was all clear from suspicion. You even start to create a better code to write the accounts in so it would be harder to decipher if someone came snooping.

“Not a bad day’s work, Queenie,” Cisco says after you’ve finished.

“Queenie?” you press.

"That’s how everyone refers to you - the Queen. It started off as your code name for the security detail because Harry’s the King. Well, effectively anyway.”

“Not bad, Ramon, not bad. I like it,” you say amused, but then you fully take in his words. You look back at Cisco beside you, a confused look on your face. “Wait, everyone?”

“Don’t worry, just our people call you that. Central City doesn’t know that they have a reigning Queen,” he responds looking back through the codes and placing some files aside. “They don’t have to know.”

“I think it’s safer that way, we keep to the shadows, right?”

“Right,” Cisco says, grabbing the files and leading you back to Harry’s office. He sits at his desk when you enter, deep in conversation on the phone.

“I don’t know whether you were doing it deliberately or if you’re just that incompetent-” He holds a hand up as if to say ‘one sec’ as Cisco lays the books down. “-But you’re fired.”

Something on Cisco’s wrist beeps. He rests a hand on your shoulder. “I’ll leave you to explain it all. I’ve got to go help Barry and Frost,” he whispers.

You sit down on one of Harry’s comfy couches, zoning out from your thoughts. You run a hand through your hair as your mind processes everything you’re seeing in the company’s accounts and documents.

This is a really tricky business.

You don’t notice when Harry finishes his call. Not until he sits down next to you, cupping your cheek.

“Flower, you okay?” he asks with concerned blue eyes, snapping you back to reality.

“Yeah… Yeah, it’s just a lot to take in,” you say, “You’ve really got a lot going on and I guess I’ve lost my right to plausible deniability.”

You give a little laugh and he looks concernedly at you.

“You don’t have to be involved. You can go back to the flower shop and leave me to do all this,” he says gently. You take the hand that’s on your cheek and kiss his palm.

Looking up to him, you speak with honesty, “Harry, this is your life. If I’m going to be a part of it then I want all of it. The good and the bad.”

“And the ugly?” he asks.

“And the beautiful.”

He brings you in for a hug and you return it. You smile sweetly.

"Well, Cisco and I fixed your accounting problem. Only he and I can properly read the books now because it’s all coded. The few accounts the police knew about are being closed and the money moved. They won’t have anything on you.”

“Look at you, my little Mafiosa.” Smirking, he kisses your cheek. "Now, about earlier…” Harry says gruffly, pushing you down to lay on the couch.

“Earlier?” you repeat, heart pounding and cheeks flushing a bit.

"You had some very… lacy-looking panties on. Black and,” he responds in a low voice, hovering over you with a predatory glint in his electric blue eyes. “I haven’t been able to get the image of you wearing them out of my head. So tell me, my little Flower, what other secrets are you hiding underneath that dress?”

"Hmm… wouldn’t you like to know?” you say with a sly smile before bringing him down for a long and passionate kiss, his hands tracing up and down your body. Every curve was outlined in the dress you were wearing and that drove him even more wild.

“God, I love you so much,” he hums against your skin as he kisses down your neck and across the part of your chest that was free from the fabric of your dress.

His hands were about to uncover all your ‘secrets’ when his phone rings abruptly. Harry groans and ignores the obnoxious ringing, continuing his kissing trail.

“Harry, ah! Go… answer the phone,” you breathe out. His kisses make you feel all jittery.

“No, I’m spending time with my delicious girlfriend,” he says firmly against your skin. His mouth marking you up, biting and sucking.

“But what if it’s important?”

“You’re more important.”

Harry,” you cup both his cheeks and make him look at you, giving him a certain look.

“…Fine,” he sighs, giving in. He gets off you to pick up the phone. “What?”

“Boss, Frost has been seriously injured!” It sounds like a frantic Barry on the other line.

“What? Where are you? What happened?" 

You stand up from the sofa and look at Harry with your hands covering your mouth.

All of a sudden, a breach opens in the middle of the room where Cisco and Barry stumble through, Frost draped between them, looking as though she’s barely conscious. 

"Oh God,” you run forwards, taking over from Barry while he ran at the speed of sound to get some things to help patch her up. You and Cisco carefully lay Frost on the office couch. Pieces of shrapnel pierce her jacket and deep into her skin.

“Ramon, what happened?” Harry demands, glancing between him and Frost’s wounds.

“She said she was out patrolling the area and these drones came out of nowhere. Like fifty of them and whenever Frost touched them or used her powers they exploded, releasing the shrapnel.”

Barry returns with an armful of all the medical supplies needed (and some irrelevant tools, too).

"They’re laced with some sort of toxin that’s causing more pain than normal,” she tries to explain. Barry hands some syringes and medical tools to you. “I’m going to need your help,” Frost says, hair growing darker and eyes flickering between icy white and brown. She’s transforming back into Caitlin. “And you-” She looks to the agitated men in the room, “-I need you all to leave.”

“It’s a good thing I worked in a hospital, then,” you say, adrenaline kicking in and readying yourself. With instructions from the doctor herself, you get her sedated and get to work on removing the metal pieces from her body.

“We have to work fast, else my healing abilities will kick in and I’ll start to heal while the shrapnel’s still in me,” Caitlin says and you nod in agreement, beginning to work as swiftly and methodically as you can. A woozy Caitlin directs you and you manage by some miracle to accomplish everything she says without a hitch. Not once did you mishandle in each extraction of the shards and you silently thank your weird and wonderful talent of precision. When all is said and done, she then calls Cisco back in, in order to breach her into the med-bay and onto a bed to rest.

You sigh and clean up the blood which was left behind, not noticing the small red smears on your cheek from wiping the sweat away. Harry walks in and finds you sitting down on his other couch with a worried expression on your face, too focused on Caitlin and her critical condition. 

“Hey.” He grabs a cloth from the first aid kit on the floor, wets it, and cleans up your cheek. “She’s going to be fine. Snow’s a fighter.”

“I know. It’s just… they’re all like my family now, so…”

“I understand, Flower. She’s saved my life more times than I can count,” he says, sitting down with you and wrapping an arm around you. You lean into his side, resting your head on his shoulder as you waited.

Cisco breaches back into Harry’s office after a while with Barry by his side.

“She’s going to be okay. Sore and banged up for a day or two it looks like, though,”  Barry assures you.

“Thanks, Bare. I can sit with her now?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“See, she always pulls through,” Harry says with a reassuring smile, getting up and taking your hand to pull you up with him. The pair of you head down to the med-bay and when you see Caitlin on the bed, you let go of Harry’s hand, making a beeline to her bedside. 

“Hey,” you whisper to her, combing her hair to the side.

“Hey,” Caitlin gives you a tired smile. “That was some inspiring work you did earlier. I can’t thank you enough.”

“I did what I had to, Cait.”

Harry comes over to stand next to you and places an arm around your waist. 

"You took quite an assault,” he states to her.

"It was either me or Cisco, and Cisco doesn’t heal as fast as Barry or myself.”

“Speaking of which, we should leave you to rest, Snow. Good work, today. Glad you’re not dead.“

"Yeah,” she says, amused a bit at her gruff yet caring boss, “See you guys later.” You give Caitlin’s hand a little squeeze before leaving the room with Harry.


“So, let me get this straight…” Merlyn says slowly. “You not only failed in getting the police to get Wells’ financials but then managed to get caught and subsequently fired from the position I got you? What the hell happened?”

She happened!” James tries to explain. “He let her look over the books, she connected the dots and told him everything. We didn’t think he’d ever involve her, but now… together they could be formidable. She’s given him hope that he’s not had in a long time.”

Merlyn looks frustratedly at him, slamming his fist on the desk.

“Then it’s come to this,” Merlyn muses, “We have to take her out of the picture. It’s time for Wells to know what losing his love feels like.”

Chapter Text


“Hey,” you greet a still bedridden Caitlin, “Feeling any better today?”

“A little,” she admits, “but I still feel ghost pains every so often.”


“That’s the business,” your friend explains as you take a seat next to her, “never knowing what you’ll face next. And I shouldn’t have been so reckless. Well, she shouldn’t have been so reckless.”


Caitlin nods.

“What’s it like?” you ask.

“Not going to lie, at first it was frightening. Turning into another person, a whole other personality, it was a lot to take in. But we’ve been a part of each other for so long now it’s like a friend you can take with you wherever you go. Even if you don’t necessarily get to see one another…”

“So do you like, talk with Frost?” The whole notion of another personality within a person still is a mystery to you and you find it entirely fascinating.

“Kind of - we leave each other notes. She’s quite funny, actually. Though her humour isn’t for everyone-” Caitlin winces as she sits up in the medbay bed.

“Here, let me help you,” you offer.

“No, no, I’m fine, really.”

There’s a pause.

“I’m sorry, Cait. If there’s anything I can do, please tell me, okay? Text, call, I’ll be here.”

“Sure, could you go in my place to make my metacine exchange tonight at the docks?” she asks, followed by a string of laughter until it clearly hurts for her to do so. You pretend to join in.

“Ha ha ha… but what?”

“I was just kidding,” she clarifies. “I have- well, had , a meeting with a supplier tonight, but that’s obviously not going to happen. I’m probably going to get one of the Boss’ signature rants.”

“I won’t let him do that, don’t worry. I’ll talk to him.”

“Thanks, (Y/N).”

“Now get some rest,” you tell her, “I want to have a girls’ night soon and I want you to be in tip-top shape!”

Caitlin laughs again, “Okay, will do.” As you’re about to leave, her voice calls you back, “(Y/N), I can’t thank you enough for yesterday. You were phenomenal. Someone without having done a procedure like that before? Without having been to med school? I’m in awe.”

“It was nothing Caitlin. It was like pulling out slivers, seriously. And I’ve had my share of those.”

She doesn’t want to seem to accept your answer to your previous miraculous work but leaves it at that. You exit the medbay and on the way out of the Cortex, your foot bumps against something on the ground near one of the desks.

A briefcase.

You unlatch the top and peer inside, jaw-dropping at the bundles of cash. This must be the exchange Caitlin was talking about. That’s when you get an idea.

What if I do take this to the docks in Caitlin’s place? That way, Harry won’t yell at her, she won’t lose the deal, and the company gets the goods. And no one’s the wiser!

Not to mention you have all this self-defence training under your belt. If anyone decides to get rough with you, you’ll take them down hard. They won’t know what’ll hit them.

You snatch the case and walk with purpose down the S.T.A.R. Labs corridors. Not one of the guards on your way out questions or stops you. Why would they? No one messes with the Boss’ darling.




You’d never been to the docks before. Of course, there’d never been a reason to visit them. They’re a little creepy, sure, but nothing you couldn’t handle.

You so got this.

Not only had you managed to take down Harry in your recent training sessions, but his men as well, so you’re feeling pretty damn good about your skills right now. Not that you'd need them, hopefully. This was all meant to be simple. Go in, confirm the deal, hand over the money and get the crates for Harry, and get out again. Nothing was meant to get out of hand, so you were sure you'd be okay.

A pair of approaching headlights beam through the mist. That must be the supplier. You clutch the handle of the briefcase a little tighter.

Okay. Act confident. Like you’ve done this a million times before.

But what confidence you have disappears when the rear door of the car opens and a vaguely familiar looking figure gets out.

Wait, doesn't he work for Harry? Why would he be here?

The man walks forward and you try to hold your strong stance, lifting your chin a little higher.

“Good evening, Miss (Y/L/N),” the man says in a British accent. You’ve heard that voice before. As he gets closer and you can fully process his face, his name finally pops into your head.


“James?” You frown and shake your head. “I don’t understand...”

He gives a low, unsettling chuckle, evidently knowing something you don’t.

"Of course you don't understand," he tells you with a glint in his eye. "You're not meant to even be involved in any of this. You don’t understand this world. Wells is a foolish man for pulling you into his life, but that's his loss... You see, you have provided me and my employer a rare opportunity to take advantage of his rash decisions."

His employer?

“It was you. I was right. You’re the spy! It wasn’t just a mistake. You sabotaged the account books...”

“Well done, well done. Yes, I suppose I have you to thank for getting me fired.”

You stand up a little straighter. "I bet your employer wasn't happy about that. They're the one who put you there, right?"

"Yes, he did, and yes, he wasn't particularly thrilled. We've been trying to get at Harrison through the law, but it seems now that we're going to have to try a... different approach." James reaches around his back and you try to stall.

“So, you’re not here for the money?”

“No, you stupid girl. Don’t you see? It was all a setup! My boss took out the Ice Queen so that you would take her place to be here tonight. He was right, too - you did come. You’d do anything for your precious friends. For your beloved Doctor Frankenstein.”

Your entire body tenses.

“He’s helping people !” you yell.

“Helping people? Not only did the Particle Accelerator blast kill innocent people, but it also turned dozens upon dozens of citizens into horrifying aberrations. And now he’s profiting from it all! Harrison Wells is only helping himself, and he needs to be put to a stop.”

You can’t believe what you’re hearing. This man doesn’t know Harry like you do! He doesn’t know that Harry has slaved many nights over perfecting ways to help the metas, to help the ones whose lives he’d turned upside down.

“And what better way to take down Harrison Wells than to take away what he loves most?” James pulls a gun out on you from behind him. The sight takes your breath away as you stare down the barrel.

“Courtesy of Malcolm Merlyn.”

A gunshot blast echoes across the docks.

You don't have time to do anything. And even if you did, you were paralyzed by fear. All you register is a sudden sharp and excruciating pain originating from your right shoulder as you're knocked off balance and you hit the ground. Your left hand flies up to cling to your shoulder, immediately coming into contact with your own sticky blood.

There’s a flash of yellow lightning and a shout. Barry? The Speedster repeatedly punches James in the stomach and face with a speedy wrath after disarming him. Then Cisco appears in a breach beside you just in time to catch you from falling to the ground. How did they know...? You start to tear up.

"It hurts, Cisco, it hurts so much," you whimper and he puts pressure on your wound which makes you cry out again, tears rolling down your cheeks.

"You're going to be okay," he says with a tiny encouraging smile, "I just need you to hold on to me."

Your vision is starting to go black around the edges and you feel yourself slipping into unconsciousness. You feel an odd sensation envelop you before the shock sets in, swallowing you into nothing but blackness.




Your eyelids feel like bricks are holding them down.

You try to open them, but it proves to be a difficult feat. Two voices come from off to the side of the room.

“Look, she’s waking up.”

“Oh, thank God.”

You stir, shifting somewhat on the bed as you start to come around. Very slowly, you manage to crack open your eyes, coming face to face with a worried-looking Cisco and Barry.

"You had us scared for a second there, (Y/N)," Barry says, squeezing your hand gently.

"James..." you manage to get out, though your breathing was short and a little ragged. But they have to know about his employer. Harry has to know.

"Yeah, he’s a lying, scheming dick...?" Cisco asks, confusion apparent on his face. You have to make them believe that what you’re about to say wasn't just you making things up in your weakened state.

“Account books. Leading the cops right to us...” The boys continue to stare at you unblinkingly.

“Yeah, we know that bit-”

“He said ‘Merlyn,’” you cringe. Barry and Cisco’s eyes widen at the name.

"Oh no... no. Harry needs to know about this. He's going to have to-" Barry starts, but you cut him off.

"-You can't- You can't tell him what happened to me... Just about James and Merlyn."

You don’t know how you’re planning on keeping it from him in the long run, but now isn’t the time. This has to be handled first.

The boys exchange a look and you already know what they've done.

"Too late," Cisco says guiltily.

Chapter Text


Harry scrambles into the hospital, bumping shoulders with medical personnel, pushing past the wave of doctors and nurses with dreadful hastiness in every step. Each passing person in the ward either shares a look of frustration or annoyance at his frantic surge, but their current disgust was the very least of his worries. Cisco’s anxious chatter from the phone call still rings through his mind as a million other thoughts whirred alongside them. 

You. Blood. Fatal. Hospital. Urgent. Quick.

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!” Harry presses his lips into a tight, thin line, while wrinkles crease his forehead. Aggravation and distress wells up in his chest, and his insides tighten with each ticking second. With a swift beeline to the floor Cisco had claimed you resided in, he scans the doors for your room number. 

Once Harry finds your issued room, he stands at the door, trying to calm himself before confronting you. He takes a small breath. Harry grips the door handle tightly before wrenching it open. The door swings with such force startling Barry, Cisco, and yourself, as you lie in the hospital bed. Only then do Harry’s senses finally register the sterile smell of the hospital. 

“Harry, how did-?” you ask, still in a daze and recovering from the painkillers the nurses had administered in the IV. You blink your eyes a few times to keep your vision in focus. A nubilous scenery setting the mood outside the window of your hospital room, the faint smell of anesthesia escapes your nostrils.

Almost instantly, something inside of Harry snaps. Whether it's his mentality or heartstrings, it doesn’t matter at this point. When his azure eyes catch a glimpse of your heavily bandaged shoulder, the dark black colour of the damaged skin along with the several stitches protruding the whiteness of the wraps... Silent fury replaces the calmness that he managed to keep within him on his way up. Harry gives both younger men a dangerous glare. His eyes narrow as he tries to keep his tone to a civil level.

“Get. Out.”

“Harry, we-” Barry starts, him and Cisco rising from the hospital couch that was placed by your bedside.

Now. Allen.” Barry speeds Cisco and himself out at Harry’s critical tone. Harry turns his body to where the door flashes to a close behind them, before zoning in on you.  “What the hell were you thinking?”

“I was trying to help with-” you try, sobering up at his voice with discomfort building in your stomach.

“You could’ve died from the stupid stunt you pulled out there!” Harry steps closer to your bed, leaning forward to rest his clenched fists on top of the bland white of the bed covers. You move to completely sit up on the bed without furthering your almost-fatal injury and gulp before trying again. Harry has to understand your take on this. 

“Harry,” you speak up. He waits, watching you with a glint of deadliness that you rarely see. He backs up a bit from the bed with his hands behind his head. “I thought that… with what happened to Caitlin that I could go through with the delivery for her. You taught me self-defence so… I-I just didn’t know it was-” You’re cut off, smoothing the covers in your lap as the heart monitor beeped in the background.

“-A trap? Well, guess what? It was. And you know what happened?” Harry inquires rhetorically, putting a hand on his hip and pointing a finger accusingly at you. Shame and fear fill you as he continues, “You were there and you got shot , (Y/N). Now you’re here, injured for putting yourself out there. You were only supposed to work with documents, the office-level assignments, not go running out into the field! Did it mean anything to you when I told you that losing you would be the end of me? I confided my worst fears in you and you do this ? Try and make it more likely to happen?”

You look down at your lap, hands folded as you sense the guilt of every word he utters. The heart monitor beeps get quicker in succession. Harry has never raised his voice or talked to you like this. Never you. He falls silent when he sees your sullen expression, hands falling to his side. It’s as if you can see his walls building up inside.

“We shouldn’t have done this…” he whispers to himself while shaking his head slightly. His mouth pursed as if he was sucking on a sour candy.

“What?” Your head bolts up to look at him, confusion adorned on your face. “H-Harry? What do you…?”

Harry rubs his eyes with his hand, then pinches the bridge of his nose. He barely holds your teary gaze and a scoff accompanies it. “I shouldn’t have pursued this. Shouldn’t have gone for you. Shouldn’t have asked you out. I should’ve stopped myself, goddammit. Why I thought I could have both...”

Your eyes widen as he averts his gaze to the ground. Your heart strains in your chest and your breaths gradually slow. No, he didn’t mean that. He couldn’t. This can’t be the end for you two - your story had just begun.

How can…? Why would…?

“Harry, no, please - I love you. We can-”

“Stop.” He shuts you down and bites on the inside of his cheek. “We can’t do this anymore. This ,” he points in a back-and-forth manner to you and him, “wasn’t going to work and I was a fool to think it would.”

The tears that had formed in your eyes were beginning to sting. A small cry escapes your mouth as you start to beg. “B-but I love you. Please don’t leave. Don’t leave me, Harry, please . I can't do this without you! You said you’d never leave me!”

“I’m sorry this is happening to you. I’m sorry for all of this. For drawing you in. Letting you get this close to me. Everything. But that won’t be an issue anymore. You won’t see me again, (Y/N)... Goodbye.”

Harry dashes out of the room but not before glancing at your miserable, teary self one last time.

Chapter Text


You sit there, paralyzed. Pins and needles strike your body, numb you, and there is no stopping your bottom lip from quivering. Your shoulders silently quake during your inaudible sobs. A whimper or two escape you as you cry to yourself when Harry leaves the room.

When he leaves you.

If anyone else is present in the room, if anyone can strain their ears enough, then they could hear your heart shatter to smithereens - completely breaking because the man you love doesn’t think you’re worth it to pursue anymore. Or to try to make what special connection you two have work despite your horribly stupid mistake.

Memory after memory floods your mind, tear after tear flows to stain your cheeks from breaking down. It’s an ugly and sullen picture. You find yourself crying hysterically only after having collected yourself from your shock until it reverts to silent sobs.

Pathetic .

All those precious moments together, day by day. Minute by minute. You love him. You love Harrison Wells, but this… is this really reality? Or is it a bad dream that you'll wake up from any second? That you’ll wake up in Harry's strong arms with the pesky sunlight leaking from the cracks of the blinds.

There's a special place in your heart just for him and it feels like it's been ripped out of your chest, thrown out and trampled on. It doesn’t help that that special place took up two-thirds of your destroyed organ.

Your fault .

You had opened yourself up to Harry to the point where he could read you like an open book - the one man to whom you gave your heart, your body, your love. The same man to whom you knowingly spilled all your secrets and complicated past that you want to bury yourself in a grave. You chose to stay by his side even when you found out about his mafia reign, the people he's hurt, and Jesse. You accepted the darkness that hides behind that deceptive, intellectual smile and the danger that follows his every footstep. Every benevolent idea and ominous deed that makes up the man named Harrison Wells - only to have it all crushed from one simple mistake; from making one bad move you thought would be helpful to him and his team.


Dark thoughts swirl around in your head as a nurse comes in later that night – well at dawn – to check your vitals. Your hands lay limp in your lap, fingertips curling and uncurling as your wrecked form adorns a tear-stained mask. His dog tags that hang around your neck suddenly feel heavy as lead. An internal conflict wages war to ruin your already weak mental state.

You’re just not good enough for him. You weren’t worth it.

“What? But-”

Face it. You weren’t worth it to get him to stay for you. You’re only a weakness, a burden to him in the world he lives in.

“Stop. Please, no more.”

Why you thought someone like him would stoop so low to love someone like you is-

“But he does love me!”

Does he? Or now, did he? If he loved you, he wouldn’t have left you here. Struggling. If he truly loved you, then he wouldn’t have left you all alone. So broken and cold in a hospital.


It hurts, doesn't it? Not so important now, Queenie. He'll forget about your sad, pathetic existence and be with someone on his own level. And you'll never be a part of his life ever again.

It hurts knowing that you had meant so much to Harry, yet in an instant, everything turns around and somehow you’re not part of him, not as important to him as you thought you were. That numb, stabbing feeling from being insignificant to him welcomes you with open arms as you succumb to the tempting darkness of your thoughts.




James struggles against his binds which keep him in place to a chair in a dank warehouse. This was all Barry’s doing, of course. The Speedster had alerted Harry of where he’d tied up the mole so that the Boss could deal with him how he deemed fit.

Nothing but the echo of Harry’s shoes on the dirty concrete floor fills the massive room. James starts laughing.

“I don’t know whether to be happy to see you or to wish for Merlyn instead,” he says. Harry ignores this comment, eyes narrowing a bit.

I should just be happy that you’re a terrible shot.” Harry comes to stand in front of his traitor, who sneers. 

“What do you care? I know you left her. You should probably tell your lieutenants to keep their comments to themselves. But what happened? Didn’t turn out to be true love in the end, eh?” Still so cocky, even now.

Harry can’t stop himself from punching James in the face with unabated force before stepping back and pulling his gun out, aiming it straight at the other man’s head.

This man, this piece of garbage, was the reason that she currently resides in the hospital. The reason she could have died. He has to pay...

“Go on, Wells,” James says, spitting blood out to the side of his seat, his lip split. “If you don’t, I’ll just be found tomorrow with a black arrow in my chest anyway. Merlyn likes failures just as much as you do.”

Harry cocks the weapon, his lips pressed into a firm line. He’d sworn off this - off of killing - to try and be a better man. All for you.

“Come on, Wells. Pull the trigger. Show yourself that you never deserved her. Your Flower. Show her the monster you really are and will alwa-”

The shot rings out before the deafening silence takes over. 

Harry stares at a now lifeless James, head lulled to one side as a thin line of blood trails slowly down his forehead from the headshot. 

This is by no means the first time he’s done this and he is well accustomed to death after being in the war, but this time, he finds himself having to look away. He takes a deep breath, bringing one hand up to run over his face. It all feels different now.

It’s nothing more than he deserved, he tries to reason with himself. His business is safe now and he’d gotten revenge for you.

Harry clears his throat, trying to collect himself as he takes his phone out of his pocket and dials the number he needs.

“Matthew. I need a clean-up down by the docks. As soon as possible.” Harry glares back at James’ limp form. “Leave his body for Merlyn to find.”

Chapter Text


Harry gasps for air when he wakes up from his nightmare. It was the worst one he could have ever imagined.

It was about you again. You stand there before him with wide eyes, in shock. You were about to be shot, only not by James this time.

It’s the nightmarish gunshot blast made by his own hand that wakes him up.

Sleep seems futile at this point. It’s gotten him nowhere and he’s missed days of meetings and deadlines because of this. Because of what his dreams represented, Harry had unwittingly led you down the primrose path. If it weren’t for his team that night, you would have been killed. You would have died because of him and the choices he’s made. You would have been a cold and lifeless body down by the docks - a place where he’s been known to hide a few himself.

Throwing the covers off of himself, Harry’s feet hit the floor and he walks downstairs in search of something to dull the recurring image of your petrified face flying through his head. 

Grabbing the bottle of scotch he keeps on the counter and pouring himself a generous glass, he looks around the living room. One of your cardigans sits on the back of the couch that he still hasn’t moved. He can’t get rid of your things. He figures that when you need your clothes back, you’ll ask one of the Inner Circle to drop them back. He just can’t be in your life anymore.

He downs the amber liquid in one go and it burns his throat, but he quickly pours another one and takes it across to the couch. He picks up the cardigan and holds it between his fingers, stroking the soft fabric. Bringing the garment up, he inhales your scent and gets lost in the memories that it brings him.

Harry doesn’t even bother pouring another drink and instead takes a swig straight from the bottle while still clutching your kept belonging. His hand starts to shake when he lifts it up, but when he brings it down from his lips, something catches his eye in front of him.


Or rather, a hallucination of you.

“Why did you have to do it, Harry?” the imaginary-you asks him. Harry watches unblinkingly. “Why did you have to love me?

“I…” he falters.

“I was so innocent until I met you.”

The mirage vanishes.

Harry throws your cardigan over his face to create darkness. The metaphor is not lost on him, even in his intoxicated state. But all that the darkness brings Harry is only a clearer imagination - a clearer memory - of that last image of you in that damned hospital bed. It had killed him. It still does, but he has to do this.

I have to do this.




You stay at the hospital all that week, barely speaking to the medical associates. Neither to the nurses nor the doctors, and only giving one-word answers in acknowledgement as your heart remains torn in pieces. You completely close yourself off from anyone that you gradually stop speaking altogether, nodding and shaking your head with a mundane expression in response to the nurse’s questions. Not even the knock at your door can break you out of the trance that you seemed to be continually floating in.

“Heeey, (Y/N),” Caitlin says, peeking in. You haven’t spoken to her since before you took on her responsibility of delivering the cash for the supplies. “How are you doing today?”

Looking down at your bedsheets, you don’t answer her. You suppose Caitlin might think she had a part to play in you getting hurt and subsequently losing Harry, but you don’t have the energy to assure her that was not the case. She comes into the room and sits down next to your bed. You barely look up at her.

"So... Barry and Cisco said you were healing up okay. They'll let you go home soon?"

Still no response from you.

"Harry’ll be glad when you get out, you'll see."

"He's gone, Caitlin. He left me. He won't be glad. He won't be there." Your voice is raspy, as it hasn't been used in the couple days that you’ve spent in the hospital. Your hair is messy, and your cheeks are tinted pink but for the wrong reasons. Eyes that once twinkled like the stars are bland in comparison. No laughter lines, just streaks of dried tears.

You shake your head with a low, bitter laugh.

"He doesn't need me. I only got in the way," you let out, withholding your tongue from spilling your dark, swirling thoughts.

Of course I did. Why did I think we could work? Why did I ever think that the universe was giving me a chance to be happy? Two people from two completely different worlds. I guess happiness is just not written in my story.

Caitlin must be able to tell you’re not yet well enough to be seeing any guests right now - even if it is her. But you were falling deeper into your depression and it feels like not even your new friends could pull you out.

“Okay, well, I just wanted to drop by to say hello and bring you this.” Caitlin sets a vase of blue tulips on the bedside table - Friendship. Loyalty.

“I’ll see you around.” As she’s about to walk out the door, she turns back to say, “And (Y/N)? He really isn’t the same without you.”

Your heart breaks when she mentions Harry, eyes filling with tears again as you look at her.

"He clearly doesn't think so," you say, voice cracking and you roll over in the bed so that she can't see you crying again. You hear the door click shut and you start to sob again, curling yourself into a ball and wishing that the pain would go away. Your heart aches and it's like you've lost the ability to distinguish the pain from your shooting from that of your shattered soul.

You doubt that he's as miserable as you. Hell, he's probably relieved because now he doesn't have to be constantly burdened by your existence. His life's just better without you in it.



All anyone outside Harry’s office would be able to hear is hostility and critical frustration in the form of rants and shouts, and the smashing of yet another mug thrown at the wall. It had to be at least his third in as many days.

He’s been colder lately, crueller. Cisco and Barry now act wary around him, as if their boss was a ticking time bomb, and they have resisted from any sort of playful antics. No one would dare enter his office. If it were of any importance, a text or email would be sent in lieu of potentially facing his wrath. Everything has gotten out of hand. The angry neck vein almost seems to be a permanent feature on him since the breakup. Everyone at the Labs had gotten used to their much more relaxed and less-prone-to-violent-outbursts boss. You had kept him feeling more confident, more satisfied with his achievements.

But without you? He hasn't just reverted to his old ways, no, it is so much worse. One single mistake would undoubtedly receive an irate scolding full of yelling. Bigger ones meant he'd throw things at you. Lots of things - expensive materials or important devices. Especially around the Inner Circle, who, in Harry’s opinion, are acting like a "group of children.”

Every time Harry’s about to throw something an image of you pops into his head saying, "Just don’t make any more messes for me to clean up, Mister.”

This time, it’s a ceramic vase that you’d given him after that very incident in his hand. Since then, it almost always held a bunch of flowers that you’d give him to brighten up his day. The flowers that you placed in the beautifully-styled vase had long since wilted from negligence because you were the one to daily check up on the plants, but now... He places the vase down heavily back on the desk, unable to go through with his action, placing his head in his hands.

Another image of you resurfaces to the forefront of his mind, which Harry instantly shakes away because all his actions have been for the best. He's doing every single thing to ensure your safety, your happiness. Right now, he has to get you out of his head somehow and focus on the task at hand. It's only going to hurt him more because, in reality, what you two had was so real and so transcendent that he didn't ever want to let go. But he had to even though you were his happiness, his lifeline.

There were points throughout the weeks after the shooting where he almost broke down and went to see you.

But he couldn’t. It would only hurt you both.

Matthew had informed Harry that, after you’d been released from the hospital, you had closed your flower shop until further notice upon seeing the note in the window you had left. The note read that you found no joy in the flowers anymore, at least for the time being. 

Harry wishes he hadn’t been told that. He didn’t need to hear how ruined you were because of him.

"This is for the best," seemed to be his mantra, a failsafe.

Is it?

"Flower's going to be okay.”

Is she? Or are you doing more harm than good?

“Distance will help eliminate any threats targeting her. Through time she'll move on and..." Harry swallows thickly, his Adam's apple bobbing and his azure eyes that were once full of sparks are now sullen and hollow. 

...Find someone better. Someone that'll actually bring joy to her life, not the perils of endless danger.

Yet, what Harry doesn't realize is that this distance is digging a hole in his conscience and tearing up his damaged heart that was only starting to heal the moment he met you.

I don't deserve her love. That beautiful smile of hers that made my heart leap. Those eyes that look into my soul. A monster like me does not deserve her.

The first night Harry slept alone, well, he couldn't sleep. Not with the broken look on your face burned into his mind. Those mesmerizing eyes that his would wander to were filling to the brim with tears. He tossed and turned for hours, subconsciously reaching across the bed to drape an arm over you, but was met only with cold, empty sheets that held the lingering scent of you. 

Despite his pain, he keeps repeating his mantra - I'm keeping her safe - wishing that his words would heal how broken he is, or how he's become even more broken with that he now has to settle with the fact that you are no longer the first thing he wakes up to every day. 

Even with all this heartbreak, Harry can’t bring himself to rid his room of your things. Yes, it brought back memories of you, but this was his own personal torture method to punish him for everything he’s done to you.



You’re still wearing his dog tags.

Clutching them in your hand as you try to sleep, this is a special kind of torture in which you wallow in your pity. It’s impossible to sleep, so you don’t even try anymore. Bags hang heavily under your eyes, another added weight to the burden you carry. Why bother to distract yourself? It never works anyway.

Gardening and flowers only made you think of him even more and just looking at them reminded you of everything Harry had bought you, and spending time in his garden.

When you first were discharged, you mindlessly walked through the city and walked and walked, unaware of the paths and roads you were taking until you abruptly took in your surroundings and realized that you were halfway home. To Harry’s home.

No longer your home. What a shame.

Choking back a sob, you meander back to your apartment, lifeless and cold, just like your anguished soul. Your hand falls onto the cold metal of the bronze doorknob. A breath slips past your lips.

You haven’t been here in months. Harry continued to pay rent on the place for you, even after you’d moved in with him permanently. You briefly wonder why he had. Had he seen this coming all along? Had he known that you’d need somewhere to return to one day when it didn’t work out? When he no longer needed you in his life? When he already used you to fulfill his needs?

No, Harry wouldn't do that. I really believed that you were the greatest thing that kept me going, Harry.

The key in your hand bears weight as you move to unlock your front door. Clink. clonk. You swivel the handle to the left and push through the piece of mahogany. Greeted with the unyielding coldness, you watch your breath leave you in a tiny puff of fog and you pull the thin jacket you wear closer to shield you from the low temperature.

Warm… I want to feel warm… If Harry were here, he'd keep me warm. You walk to the living room to turn on the heat. Your apartment has always been that one to stay cold. Closing your eyes, you sink yourself more into the tiny bit of warmth that your jacket is currently providing you. He could be here to wrap me up in his arms and hold me close.

But he's not. It's so sad how he was such a vital part of your life. Your lifeline.

Your eyes snap open, wide in fear. Stop, please. Feet shuffling to your bedroom, your breathing escalates. That dark, twisted voice from deep within the depths of your shattered heart continues to taunt and mock.

You poured your love into a man who could have done better. 

Another sharp intake of cool air, tears pricked at your eyes.

Love… is such a worthless emotion. Irrational and flawed. You're stupid enough to even believe in such a thing.

You crash onto your bed, the icy sheets breaking as you faceplant. No more, please, my heart can't take it. A whimper escapes your throat. 

Heart? What heart? You're as hollow as the Tinman. You love him? Hell, you love him, but where has that gotten you?

Drowning, you feel like you’re helplessly drowning. Help...

Weak. Pathetic. Worthless. He didn't love you. Harrison had you wrapped around his fiendish finger. He only loved the power, the influence he had over you.

Harry would never do that! You move your face to rest your cheek against the ageing mattress. With a heaving chest, you try to keep your tears at bay, but there’s only so much you can take before you crash and burn. You breathe in gulps of air as if you really were drowning, trying to push forward for fresh air.

Then why are you here? Alone? Broken? You served your purpose and he threw you away like the piece of trash that you are.


He never loved you. Someone like him only saw you as a pawn. A stepping stone to a bigger picture - to his throne. Face it, your heart is as hollow as night sky at the dead of night. 

Help, please.

You loved him even though he gave you a thousand reasons not to. You should have listened, foolish girl.

Someone help me, please. Harry, help. You mouth those words over and over, a heave or a wily squeak erupting from your vocal cords as rain cascades from your eyes. The room has warmed up significantly, yet you can only sense the ache in your muscles. Your shaky hands take out your phone, mindlessly scrolling through your saved photos. There, in your camera roll, holds an abundant amount of pictures of you and Harry.

It hurts so much not to have you here by my side when I need you the most.

You click on the first picture and it was on from one of your movie dates. He had his arm slung around your shoulder, a small smile twitching on his lips as you sat beside him on the couch, a jubilant expression laces your features. It’s as if in that moment, you two were living in ignorant bliss. You flick to the left. All the pictures slide by, showing you the happiness that you once had. How whole you felt when you were with him and how you should have cherished every moment with him even more if this is what the outcome was going to be.

Harry, please, don’t go. Don’t leave me, I love you. You mean the most to me. Come back, please, I beg of you. Don’t leave me here alone. I don’t want to be alone.

Those words play over and over in your head. Another ache washes over you, this time right in the pit of your stomach, the zoo of butterflies that once fluttered are now dead. A finger hovers over the ‘Delete’ button for the entire album.

Go ahead. He basically erased you from his life. All you can do is erase him too.

You click it. A small window shows up, ‘Are you sure you want to delete this item?’


…No. You click ‘Cancel’ and open up your messages, reading through every single one. Hearing his voice in your head as you curl up into a ball with the covers around you.

The vast majority of your nights alone, you'd wake up in the middle of the night, expecting Harry to come home and enter the room like he usually did when he worked late, but all that greeted you was the silent darkness of your bedroom. Tears painted your cheeks once more. Not once had he visited you. Not once had he asked about you. It’s like he had dropped off the face of the Earth. Or more likely, he dropped you off the face of his own Earth.

But one night in particular, you wake up with a start and trembling hands. Nightmares were frequent from the times you manage to pass out from sleep neglect. But this? This was something else. In your nightmare, you stood at the docks, like you had when you confronted James, except he wasn't pointing the gun at you. Harry was. He stood there wordlessly with a malicious smirk twisting on his lips as he pulls the trigger to shoot you . Right in your heart.

There is a spot in my heart that will never belong to anyone else, but you. I don’t want to stop crying because I want you to come wipe them away and heal my heart. But you're gone and I'm here, all alone in the dark.

You lose track of the days, not leaving the house as you lose yourself in memories and salty tears. You glare in the mirror at your healing shoulder and mentally abuse yourself for what you had done. Your fault, you think as you sit on the cold, wooden ground of the kitchen with your knees close to your chest and your forehead against your knees. There comes a moment when you’re so far gone that you wonder if you’ll ever break out of this merciless cycle. Could you go back to normal now, knowing what could have been? Knowing what you’d lost?

Chapter Text


Three months.

Three months and he still can't get you out of his mind. He'd taken to drinking (probably too much) and frequented bars more than he had in a long time. But it helped. Or so he kept telling himself.

In reality, drinking was an attempt at distracting himself, distracting himself from remembering you and your beautiful smile. Your cheerful laugh and kind heart... The list went on.

No, it’s over and done with, he keeps telling himself when his own memories rush through his head reminding him that he’d lost something. Maybe everything.

Harry hangs his head over his scotch at the hotel’s bar counter. Was it a mistake to visit the same place he’d taken you on your first date? Probably. But Harry was wallowing in his misery and this fueled it even more. Just as another painfully happy memory of you and him together surfaces, he tosses back the remains of his drink and immediately asks the bartender for another.

“Let me get that one for you,” comes a sultry woman’s voice.

He turns his head to look to his right, in the direction the voice had come from and finds to whom it belongs. A leggy woman takes the seat beside him, placing her clutch on the bar and flicking her hair over one shoulder as she watches him, resting her chin delicately on her hand, elbow on the bar’s shiny surface.

She’s undeniably pretty, dark hair falling past her shoulders in loose curls, tight purple dress down to her mid-thighs.

"You look a little rough there, handsome... Want to share what's on your mind?"

Harry raises an eyebrow at her. A pretty stranger coming to sit down next to him... maybe this is what he needs.

"Hmph, broken heart. I should've known it was too good to be true." He narrows his eyes, looking down at his drink. That ache in his chest returns. "I shouldn't have tried to pursue anything with her. We're two different people from two different worlds. Shouldn't have... And now... "

It’s like big block letters flash in his mind: IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT. This is why he had sworn off relationships in the first place. They always end in heartbreak. Someone always gets hurt. Or worse.


The woman pouts her sympathies and puts her hand on his thigh in comfort, but it’s obvious that’s not what she’s after with Harry.

"And the drink doesn't cut it, huh?" she asks, taking a sip of her own as she moves a little further forward on her stool. "Sounds as though you need something else to help... clear your head?"

He hears the suggestive undertones in her voice, glancing at her again and running his eyes quickly down her body and back up. Perhaps it was the drinks talking, but he thinks she might be right.

"What else could I lose?" He downs his fresh drink before cocking his head to the side, pushing his empty glass forward and giving her a sly smile. She laughs loudly, but the sound doesn’t even begin to compare to the one he already stores in his mind. The woman smirks seductively, slapping some cash on the bar and grabs his hand. Her cleavage shows when she gets off the stool and presses herself closer to him.         

"Come on, handsome. I'll show you exactly how to let loose."

With no further words exchanged between them, the woman leads Harry out of the bar and up to her hotel room, eyeing him up as if he were a piece of fresh meat. The entire way up, she’s handsy with him, feeling him up and trying to get him to relax to her touch. But Harry isn’t mentally there. He feels nothing. He’s felt nothing since he left you.

The woman unlocks the door to her with her keycard and wastes no time in wrapping her arms around his neck, planting her lips directly on his as soon as the door shuts behind them. His hands automatically find her waist, but it all instantly feels so... wrong.

Her lips aren't soft enough to be yours. The shape of her curves under his hands is alien to him and he finds himself partially leaning away.

She seems to sense his hesitation.  

"Handsome?" She pulls away, confused, with her hands on his chest. "What's wrong?"

Harry shakes his head, retracting himself from her. His blue eyes seem lost - alone - not a single shine within them like they used to hold when he was with you.

This woman, she's not you. None of this is right. He can't... He feels like he's cheating on you, with this- this stranger. This is all so wrong. Where are you?

That familiar ache comes back in his chest.

“I-I can’t do this,” he says.

“Sure you can. All you need is a little help...” Her hand snakes down his chest, further down to his belt. “I can make you feel good.”

Harry swats her hands away, looking stunned, finally realizing everything he’s missing in his life.


“No. You can’t.”

She takes a step back at his tone, clearly starting to see that she's not going to be able to convince him into doing this.

"I'm... I'm sorry, I can't," he says, moving back towards the door, going for the handle, but he stops as she speaks again.

"Wow, she must really be something."

He turns his head back to her. "She is. She really is..." 

With that, Harry storms out of the room with one priority in his mind: getting you back. He rubs his hands over his face, actually noticing the stubble from neglecting to shave. Too busy trying to drown his sorrows.

That needs to be fixed as soon as possible because he knows you love it when he's all clean and smart-looking. Once he returns home, the feeling of missing you intensifies because you were always there to greet him when he got back from the company or a mission. Harry heads to his room, deep in thought.

But what the hell was he supposed to say?

‘Hey, sorry for breaking your heart into a million pieces, be mine again?’

Or, ‘I'm sorry for leaving you when you were struggling to hold onto life in the hospital, but I miss you so much?’

No, no, no!

Harry just needs to clear his head - sleep if he can. Maybe in the morning when he’s sober and rested he’ll think of the right thing to say to you. 

He had to win you back.




It had taken a while for him to work up the courage to go and talk to you, but Harry finally stands outside the door of your shop. You had only recently gone back to work, and Harry guessed that you’d have a lot to do around the place. It’s nearly closing time now, with the sun beginning to set in the sky, but he was counting on the fact that you’d still be there. 

Since the previous evening, he’d shaved and showered, slept at least a couple hours and paced around his house for many more, debating with himself on how best to apologize to you.

His hand lingers on the handle for a second, as he takes a deep breath and prepares himself to enter. His free hand clutches a small bundle of peonies, as he’d decided you might appreciate it if he showed that he was still invested in your interests.

He had so much to atone for, and this was just the first step in a long road to recovering everything you’d both had.

Just open the door. Go in. Apologize, and see, after everything, if she’ll take you back.

He pushes the door open, hearing the still-familiar sound of the little bell above the shop door which announces his presence. But what is less familiar is the empty space behind the counter where you usually stood, always greeting him with your beautiful bright smile and a cheery welcome.

“(Y/N)?” he calls out, uncertain that you’re even here, given the deafening silence inside the store. But then why would the door be unlocked?

He walks a little further in, coming up to the counter and wondering if you are in your workroom at the back, but you would have certainly come out at the sound of the bell and greeted your customer. And yes, you could have refused to see him, but you couldn’t have even known it was him entering by this point.

No, something is definitely wrong.

“(Y/N)… are you here?” he asks again into the seemingly vacant place, moving around the counter and entering your workspace. His hand goes to rest on his concealed weapon, just in case the situation is more hostile than it initially seems.

But when he rounds the corner, the scene that he is confronted with knocks all the air out of him like he’s been punched in the gut.

You’re lying sprawled out on the floor, hair loose and splayed out around your head. A bouquet’s worth of white roses lies on the ground around you, encircling you in a way that would have been pretty if the rest of the picture wasn’t so frightening.

Because that’s not what makes Harry drop the flowers and sprint over to you as fast as he can possibly move, falling to his knees at your side - it’s the amount of blood that’s currently drenching your side and starting to pool around you.

“(Y/N)?! Oh God, Flower, I need you to wake up! Please wake up!” he cries, lifting your upper half from the floor, but you continue to lie limp in his hold. His fingers are covered in your blood as he handles you, pressing two fingers against your neck and feeling for a pulse. He manages to recover some of his breathing when he finds one, removing his fingers and leaving two crimson smears on your skin.

He knows he has to find where the bleeding is coming from. Harry’s eyes search over the most heavily concentrated patches on your shirt and swiftly decides that the blood is oozing from your right shoulder – the place where you’d been shot. You must have torn it open again somehow.

“Oh, please, please don’t leave me, Flower. Please…” he begs your unconscious form as he looks around and grabs the nearest piece of fabric he can see, which happens to be one of your aprons and presses it against the wound to try and stop as much of the blood flow as he can.

With his free hand, he fumbles around in his pocket, pulling out his phone before unlocking it and hitting the call button next to Cisco’s name on his screen. Your blood on his hand makes it hard for him to hold the device properly. It almost slips out of his grasp before he can make the call, but he saves it, slamming the speaker button with his thumb before placing it on the ground next to his knee.

It takes a couple of rings, but then Cisco answers. “Boss? I thought you were going to-”

“- Ramon, come to (Y/N)’s shop, NOW! Backroom!” He knows he’ll gain nothing from yelling at Cisco, but the thought of losing you again feels like he’s drowning. He can’t let that happen. Not when he was about to make things right with you.

Cisco is there in an instant, a breach opening up a few feet from you and Harry and he jumps through, landing on your other side.

“Oh no…” he says when he surveys the scene.

“Help me!” Harry says desperately, glancing back down at you as he cradles your body in his arms. “We need to get her to Snow!”

Without another word, Cisco opens a second breach and helps Harry to lift you into his arms while still applying pressure to your shoulder and all three of you travel through the breach into the med-bay under S.T.A.R. Labs.

Harry refuses to leave your side as Caitlin carefully assesses the damage and begins to cut you out from your saturated shirt.

“How could they make such a mess of this?” she muses quietly to herself as studies your wound.

“Snow, is she going to be okay?” It’s all Harry can even think about right now, his hand linked with yours.

“Give me some room to work and she will be.”

Cisco eventually manages to convince Harry to wash himself up a bit while Caitlin tends to you. It takes vigorous scrubbing to rid his hands of your blood and he’s stuck in the bloody shirt because he refuses to leave the med-bay for even a second.

After what feels like forever, Caitlin finally allows Harry to pull up a chair next to your bed. 

“She’s stable. The bullet wound must have been sewn up badly in the hospital and it came open when she overstretched. She’s lost a lot of blood and she’s… not in the best physical shape right now. But she’ll be okay, in time.”

Harry just nods as she leaves, that feeling of guilt racking through his body again as he looks at your relaxed features.

He slowly reaches out, taking your limp hand in his again as he prepares for a long wait for you to wake up.



The first thing you feel is a pounding in your head. The sound of even beeps starts to register in your mind as you come to a little more. Sounds like… a heart monitor? You couldn’t remember anything past reaching for the basket of roses on that shelf, but you knew you were definitely on a bed now and seemingly in a hospital.

You slowly crack open your eyes, adjusting to the light around you, which seems to be too bright for you to make out anything properly. But as you stop squinting and begin to focus on your surroundings, your eyes fall on him.

The familiar blue eyes meet yours and you could have believed that you’d stopped breathing if you still couldn't hear the monitor in the background. Those eyes that you’ve never stopped thinking about.

You squeeze your own eyes shut and count to ten inside your head.

“He’s not here,” you mumble, wondering if you were actually losing your mind now. “He left you. He said he wasn’t coming back…”

You open your eyes again, expecting your apparent hallucination to have vanished, but he was still there. His dark hair is messy like he’d been running his hands through it repeatedly and his shirt is all creased. You could have imagined that he’d just come back from a hard day at work, if not for the blood smeared all over the fabric. Yours, you assume.

“...Harry?” you breathe, barely able to force his name past your lips, tears instantly beginning to fill your eyes as you just stare at him.

“It’s me, Flower… I’m really here,” Harry chokes out, his voice thick with emotion as he reaches for your hand. His hold is warm and comforting, just like you remember it being. Just like you’d wished for all these months.

A million questions fly through your head, but you only get a couple of them out. “What- what are you doing here? What happened? You said you- you weren’t coming back…”

He adjusts his hold on your hand, holding it a little tighter, though you were still too stunned to react.

“I went to the shop to come and beg your forgiveness and I found you on the floor. You’d torn your wound open again and, oh God, Flower, there was so much blood…”

You can see the pain in his expression as you fully take in his words. He’d been about to apologize? And hearing his nickname for you again after this long? The word was music to your ears.

“You… want me back?” you ask slowly, wondering if you’d got the right idea from his words. The hope welling up inside your chest was overwhelming.

“No, Flower, I want you to take me back. I was a fool and a coward. I thought that putting distance between us would keep you safe - would keep me safe. That if you were out of my life, you couldn’t get hurt again. But all it’s done is hurt us both emotionally instead and I can’t cope anymore.” He looks like he’s close to tears as he moves from the chair to the edge of the bed, not letting go of your hand.

“I don’t sleep. I barely eat. I drink far more than I should. You see? I make stupid choices when you’re not around, (Y/N).” You look up at him and begin to notice the signs that show the truth in his confession. You’re sure that the dark circles under his eyes rival your own and the lines of his forehead are more pronounced. He looks broken, distraught.

And you know exactly what that’s like. You feel entirely the same way. 

“I miss your voice and your laugh and your smile. I miss coming home to you every day. The house feels so empty now. I can’t even look at the garden without thinking of you. Not that I’ve ever stopped thinking about you,” he says with a resigned chuckle, running a hand through his already tousled hair. “I just need to know, even though I’ve treated you so appallingly, if you can find it in your heart to forgive me… And if you would even consider taking me back because I miss you so much and I still love you. I’ll never stop. But I can’t go on like this without you any longer. I will beg if I have to...”

His gaze never leaves yours as he waits for your answer. You can see in his eyes that he expects you to reject him, maybe even believes that you should after everything he put you through. 

But you can’t. You wouldn’t.

Both of you had fallen into a dark place without the other and you were tired of it - tired of being alone, tired of being heartbroken. You’d dreamed of this moment since the day he left and now you are getting the chance to tell him how you feel.

“The day you left, I felt like I’d shattered into a million pieces,” you start and he looks away in shame. You know he thinks this means you’re about to tell him to leave. “But I know that it was because it broke you too. You’re my heart, Harry, and if you’re broken, then so am I. I could never move on. I could never be with anyone else because you are at the very centre of me.”

You grip his hand a little tighter and twine your fingers together, looking down at them as you do so.

“I forgive you, Harry, and I want you back in my life. I can’t live without you.” 

Your voice breaks on the last word and you start to cry, hot tears streaming down your cheeks. Harry’s free hand cups your face, wiping some of them away with his thumb, but he’s starting to cry too, out of relief and happiness at the prospect of being with you again.

“I’ll never stop making this up to you, Flower, never. I’m so sorry I left,” he says shakily, pressing his forehead against yours as you both weep. Your tears mix together as they fall onto the sheets in your lap, both of you relish in this closeness again after the agony of being apart. “I will never leave you again, for as long as I live.”

He whispers this over and over until your sobs subside and your tears dry up.

And you believe him.

Chapter Text


Caitlin keeps you in the medbay for almost a week, wanting to make sure you’re more than ready to be released from her care. Everyday, Harry brings you a massive bouquet of pretty flowers to lighten up the plain room for you. Each bouquet holds a note with a cute and loving message from him, and they all make your heart skip and your cheeks to turn rosy red. Barry and Cisco come in to take care of the flowers sometimes, along with a visit to see how you’re doing, although it’s usually Caitlin doing this whenever she checks up on you.

Sometimes, when you’re dozing off, Harry holds your hand when he visits you and falls asleep next to you in his chair with his head in his arms. You’re so grateful to have him back in your life again you almost start to cry some more about it. This whole thing has really unsettled the grasp you once had on your emotions. Honestly, you can’t wait for the day when you can be back in your and Harry’s huge, comfy bed with him by your side.

On your final day in Caitlin’s care, she says, “You're healing well, which is miraculous. So, I’m going to let you go home today. I would suggest that just for a couple more weeks. No extraneous activity or carrying anything heavy."

You and Harry share a look, thinking this restriction would be rather difficult with all the overwhelming emotions and love you’ve yet to fully demonstrate to each other since getting back together. Lavish bouquets can only say so much.

Harry’s hand never leaves yours on the drive back to his place. It feels like it’s burning a hole in your skin, but you welcome it because you never thought you’d feel his touch again. He keeps giving you little glances as if not quite believing you were there beside him once more. You squeeze his hand to reassure him as you near his driveway and the house comes into view. It truly feels like coming home, in a way your own place hasn't felt, even since before you'd met Harry.

"Here we are," he breaks the silence that had hung in the air. Bringing your hand up, he kisses the back of it, fingers laced together. "Welcome home, Kitten."

“Home is where you are, Harry.”

He helps you out of the vehicle, letting you lean on him as you make your way into the house. It isn’t until you both make it into the foyer that your eyes start to well up with tears. It’s so strange to be back after all this time and yet so right.

Harry still refuses to drop your hand, and you only part from him for a second when you remove your jacket and shoes. Harry then leads you through into the next room, turning on a few lights in the gathering darkness. 

"Everything should be where you left it," he tells you quietly, "I couldn't bring myself to move anything." 

You peck his cheek. "Truth be told, I couldn't take off your dog tags. If I did, it made me feel... off. So I just kept them on when...."

"When you couldn't sleep?" he offers.

You nod, squeezing his hand.

"I could never sleep either. Every morning I'd lie there in a daze, hoping you were beside me, Flower. Sound asleep and safe." He looks past you with hesitation in his eyes and doesn’t look you in the eyes when he admits, “I killed him.”


“I killed James. For what he did to you. I couldn’t let…” He makes a low sound in the back of his throat and shakes his head.

“Oh, Harry,” you need to hold on to him, so your fingers clutch his shirt. “It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s over now.” You need to feel him again. It’s been so long… He slides his hands carefully around your middle, holding you equally close. 

"I'm... I can't tell you how hard it's been," he murmurs as you look up at him, eyes wide and shining with tears, “But it was all my fault…”

You gently press a kiss to his lips, breathing him in, his familiarity so comforting after all this time apart. 

"We're together again and that's what matters," you whisper.

"I'm never letting you go, no matter what." A single tear falls down his face. "I can't live without you, Flower." You cup his face, wiping the tear that fell, only for your own to form.

"I can’t live without you either, Harry. You're a part of me. A part of my soul," your voice breaks, choking back on a sob that's threatening to escape.

Harry can’t take it anymore. His hands cup your face and he swallows your would-be sob with his kiss. You deepen the kiss, pushing your tongue into his mouth and make a little whine.


Your hands slide over his chest, his shoulders, up to his neck. Anywhere you can reach. Because you need to feel him again, knowing that he was indeed back in your life. His lips move desperately over yours and you feel how much he needs this too. You’re breaking Caitlin’s rule, but you’re not willing to stop. Not for anything.

His hands find your thighs, helping you up so that your legs are wrapped around his middle and he begins the path to the bedroom. Your bedroom.

Your lips barely leave each other’s as he carries you upstairs. You lightly run your fingers over his neck to the back of his head, playing with his dark and chaotic locks. Harry groans into your mouth, missing the way you'd thread your fingers through his hair like that.

This feels right, familiar... like you're my home, he thinks to himself as he swings the door closed with a small push and shuffles forward to lay you down on the bed. 

Once you two part, Harry gazes down at you. "You're here. You're finally here in my arms. You're not a hallucination."

“I’m not,” you choke out, “I am here. And I need you...”

You’re able to remove his black blazer, but when you get to the buttons of his shirt, your hands start to fumble in your desperation. Thankfully, he’s quick to help you and fully undresses you both. Harry lies you down again and runs a hand up your bare thigh, while the other caresses your face.

“Make love to me, Harrison... please.”

His chest tightens at your words. His mouth is on yours with such intensity, as if with an assurance that he will do everything in his power to give you everything you deserve. His kisses trail down your neck to your collarbone, then lingers briefly between your breasts. Harry wonders how he could have been so incredibly stupid to leave you despite everything. He moves his attention to your injured shoulder, where your wound is now healing up thanks to Caitlin’s expertise. He peppers the surrounding area with tiny kisses and feels a tug in his heart at your slight hiss at the contact. 

You’d been through so much, but he hadn’t been there.

“I’m sorry,” he breathes out and continues his path down your stomach, “I’m so sorry…” A tear from his eye drops to your skin.

You see his tears and gently reach down to cup his face with both hands, bringing him back up so your faces are barely apart.

“It’s forgiven,” you breathe, looking up at him.

"I love you, baby, I love you," he says against your lips before kissing you again slowly and full of longing. You lock your legs around his middle again to pull him closer, as Harry pushes himself into your tight centre. You feel how careful he is with his movements as you’re sure he’s aware that you’ll find it uncomfortable after three months of separation. But you still moan at the feel of him inside you, arching your back into his chest as he presses your foreheads together.

The feeling of him stretching you out stings slightly, but that's a given from being apart from one another for so long. You let out another breath before you two start whispering sweet nothings to each other as you adjust to him, savouring the moment, this closeness after being so far apart from each other.

"I love you," you whisper, wincing but re-composing yourself underneath him. "Don't you ever leave me again."

“I promise, I promise. I swear on my broken heart that I never will again.”

It’s like your two hearts are beating as one, mending back together in this purest of moments. Having him back, being in his presence again, being with him in this way - It’s all too much. The tears trickle down your face as you grind up to meet his thrusts.


He brings his mouth down to keep you from letting out your cries. He can’t bear to hear them. His thumb rubs the damp skin of your cheek, his own few tears dripping onto your face too and running in with your own as he continues to move his hips, gradually increasing his pace. You're overwhelmed. You never thought you'd get the chance to do this with him again.

Your own hand strokes his cheek, running your fingers up his jaw as you let out a few whines as you get closer to the brink.

Harry feels that tightness coil up inside of him. A sensation that he thought he'd never feel again. Something that he never wants to feel with anyone else but you.

"Harry," you whisper in between kisses, "s-so... c-close."

He nibbles on your bottom lip, before groaning and you can tell he’s desperate for release. "We'll come together, Flower."

Harry takes your hands and presses them into the mattress, interlocking your fingers. Your bodies move together as one, just like they’re meant to be, sharing this love that you know could never die through more tears and cries of passion.

Harry's lips don't leave yours as your body shudders under him, arching your back again as you come undone for him. He holds you to his chest as his kisses become sloppy, losing himself to you as well. You both close your eyes as you relish in the sensation, your passionate mewls lost in his searing kiss before he pulls away a fraction, his breath ragged and hot on your cheeks.

Chest heaving, you dazedly look up at his blue eyes, the eyes that you love and thought you’d lost, as you relax your back against the plush pillows once more. Tears stain your cheeks and his, the presence of each other is the only thing that matters.

"You are my life, and without you, nothing will feel right,” he says, kissing your forehead before trailing his lips down to your heart. "I will cherish you and your heart. The heart that chose me out of all the men in the world." With hands still interlocked, Harry pulls out of your aching folds before collapsing beside you. You feel suddenly bereft without him inside you, but you instantly hook a leg around his own.

“I’d choose you every single time, unflinchingly.” His arms encircle you, pulling you close as he curls a strand of your hair around his finger. 

"I never deserved you and your goodness, but I'll never let you go, Flower. I love you more than my own life is worth."

"I love you too, Harry." You kiss his shoulder, "And everything that happens now, we face together."

"Together," he echoes, leaning down to kiss your swollen lips one last time before you two drift off into a comfortable and much needed sleep in each other’s arms. 

Chapter Text


"Mm." You lull your head to the side, laying on your back. Taking a pillow and cuddling it to your chest, you lazily shift to your side and snuggle into the comfort of the bed. You try to ignore the influx of sunlight filtering in through the blinds. Squeezing your already shut eyes, you take in the smell of food wafting up to the room.

You sigh at the enticing smells in the air, filling your senses. There’s definitely bacon mixed in there with... waffles?

There’s a gentle knock on the bedroom door.

You hum in acknowledgement of the noise and wrap the sheets around your chest a little more to keep yourself covered as Harry comes into the room with a tray ladened with so many foods you're not sure where your eyes go first.

"Good morning, Flower," Harry says as he places the tray down next to you. 

"Harry?" You sit up with one hand holding the covers up to your chest and the other rubbing sleep from your eyes. "What?..."

"I may," he starts slowly with a foolish smile, "have gone overboard with what to make you for breakfast so... I made you all the dishes you like in case you didn't want something in particular."

“You didn’t have to do that...” you say, eyeing up the incredible array of food before you. He did all this?

Harry gives you a look.

"No, I know that look," you say tilting your head. "Please stop feeling guilty over this. We just need to put it behind us." Easier said than done, but the least you both could do is try.

You cup his face with both hands over your breakfast and kiss his lips.

"You know it's not that easy..." he replies, voice low and unintentionally sexy.

"I know, baby," you kiss his forehead, "but... I’m here. With you again. And there's no place I'd rather be." He sets the tray on your lap and sits down next to you on the bed.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to feed me as well?” you joke.

“I mean...”

You give a little laugh and take a bit of the eggs he had prepared. “Mmm, Harry, wow.”

You really had missed his culinary skills in the time you'd been apart. You take another mouthful yourself before filling your fork and holding it out to him.

"No, Flower, I made this for you," he says, trying to push your hand away gently.

"You seriously think I can eat all this on my own?" you ask with a laugh, gesturing to the very full tray. "I mean, maybe if I was housing a baby, but I'm not so..." you hold the fork of food up to him again, "you eating with me it is, then."

"I really can't say no, can I?" He grins at you, taking a bite.

"Nope," you smile victoriously before digging into the rest of the spread.

And so, you and Harry spend most of the day in bed, watching movies and talking together. Harry's always got at least one hand on you, usually wrapped around your middle or having you sit in his lap. He waits on you hand and foot, anything you want, he immediately gets for you, even once sending Matthew on an errand to fetch your favourite ice cream.

He has a constant watch on you, never letting you stray from his line of vision for too long thanks to his lingering fear and guilt of the incident. Although, Harry does begrudgingly let you do things on your own, but he never lets you out of his sight for long.

He is extra gentle and loving with you, as if that were even possible.

You're sitting next to Harry in the middle of the bed, watching another film on the flat screen on the wall when your phone rings. Harry pauses the movie and then reaches for your phone on the bedside table, having claimed 'any overstretching could injure you again' and passes it to you.

You thank him with a smile and accept the call.

"Hi, (Y/N)," comes Caitlin's voice, "just checking if you're available for a check-up in two days?" 

“Oh, yes, of course,” you say.

“Great. It’s just to see how you’ve recouped in the time since...” There’s a pause. “Well, anyway, make sure you continue to take it easy still for the time being. I hope you haven’t been doing anything too rigorous.”

You laugh awkwardly, thinking that you may have already broken that rule.

“Haha, right, well, see you in two days, Caitlin! Thanks for the call!”

You hang up a let out a small breath.

"She wants to see you again?" Harry asks, moving the collar on his shirt that you're wearing to press his lips to your neck.

"Yeah, see how I'm healing. She must be worried about it since the hospital messed up the first time." Your fingers gently run over his bare forearm. "I think we may have already broken the rule about strenuous activity..."

"That was a rule?" he hums a laugh against your skin, nipping at it. You pull away to give him a look, amusement within your eyes and your eyebrows raised.

"What?" Harry pouts at you like a small puppy who's getting scolded. "I couldn’t help myself." 

We couldn’t help ourselves.” You snuggle up next to him again. “And besides, it was worth it.”

“Agreed,” he says. "But just so I'm clear... that's a 'no' to tonight?"

"Only if you want to face Caitlin's wrath in a few days."

He looks like he's weighing up the choice for a second but makes a face that says 'I won't risk it.’

You snicker at his restrained look and kiss the crown of his head. "My horny man."

"Horny ?"

"Do not even try to deny it."

"...Seductive little minx,” he teases. “It’s all your doing.”

You smile so big, having missed being this way with him. You could probably wear a paper bag and he’d still get riled up. 

Your laughter subsides and turns into yawns, despite it still being relatively early in the evening. However, you’re well aware that both you and Harry have three months worth of sleep to catch up on, so neither of you is opposed to an early night. You finish up getting ready for bed before crawling back under the sheets with Harry not too far behind. 

Lying on your side of the bed, you face him and he does the same, studying your face like he’s savouring every detail. He wordlessly takes your hand, bringing it up to kiss the back of it before linking your fingers together and rested your joined hands in the centre of the mattress between you. You slowly succumb to your tiredness and close your eyes, knowing that you’ll be connected to him for the whole night.




The next two days are a constant reminder of how useless you feel. Harry fusses over you constantly, getting you everything you want and don’t necessarily need.

He starts carrying you everywhere, from the bedroom to the kitchen and then to the couch where you could rest while he did some company business next to you. It was really fun and sweet at first, but you have to start reminding him that it’s your shoulder that’s injured, not your legs.

"Harry, I love you, I really do, but I think I can walk to the kitchen to get some water."

Little by little, you start tending to the garden again, only doing small things (and naturally Harry's nearby you all the time as your personal bodyguard). And since he’s by your side nearly every second, you teach him how to garden while you're at it.

He’s a natural at it, too, you notice as he plants a bulb in the soil. Then again, after watching you from previous times, he should be. This time together really is like a dream. It’s like a new beginning.

You stand up and wipe the dirt from your pant legs. Harry gets up too, putting his arms around you, picking you up and spinning you around a little, acting like there isn’t a care in the world. And it almost feels that way. You’re back by his side, alive and doing well.

"Harry, be careful,” you warn but can't help but laugh at his antics, “Caitlin will go ballistic if I come back to therapy more damaged." 

You know Harry's going to more than make up for the time you've missed after you're given the official all-clear from Caitlin. But, from now until the check-up, kisses, hugs, and cuddles will have to do. In the meantime, Harry compiles a list of naughty things and positions he wants to do and put you in once you're fully healed. You only know of this because you accidentally came across a scrap piece of paper with said list scribbled on it in his home office while tidying.

Caitlin’s all-clear can’t come fast enough...

Chapter Text


On the agreed day, Harry drives you back to S.T.A.R. Labs in order to see Caitlin. He holds your hand as you go through the building, some of the employees giving you little smiles as though they're glad to see you back with their boss.

Your lips twitch up, returning theirs with a small, cheerful one of your own. Harry's dressed casually today, which is a nice change to all those around. He still watches over you like a mother hen.

“Do you think she’ll know?” you ask.

“Know what?”

“That we, you know?”

“I sure hope not,” Harry says, “I may be the Boss, but Snow gives it back just as well. She knows she can get away with it. She did save my life, after all.”

You enter the Cortex and Caitlin immediately comes over to give you a delicate hug.

"Hi, (Y/N), Harry," she says, smiling at you both.

"Hi, Caitlin," you reply as she pulls back and begins to lead you to the med bay.

"So, how are you feeling? Okay?"

"I'm okay," you tell her honestly, "more than okay..." you clarify with another sweet glance over to Harry.

"Oh, well, good," she has a small tablet with the last updates on your vitals. "According to what the hospital did and what I managed to successfully clean up, the skin on your shoulder should be a bit tender from the wound, but the surrounding area will be vulnerable to soreness from your muscles being stressed and tense," Caitlin explains, showing you the schematics on the tablet. "And with the fact that you haven't done anything strenuous, it should be a pinkish colour that'll return to a healthy skin tone."

The biochemist grins. "Now, all I need for you to do is take your shirt off so I can apply this gel to speed up recovery and check that there's no discoloration."

“Okay...” you say, realizing that the last time you looked in the mirror, the wound area was not a pinkish colour.

As your shirt comes off, you grimace. Harry tries to help you take it off, but it still hurts a bit.

You put your shirt in your lap and Caitlin wheels her chair a little closer to the bed, eyes widening at the colour of your skin. Glancing down, you grimace again at the purplish-blue bruised colour blossoming around your healing wound. You bite your lip and peek at Harry worriedly before Caitlin speaks.

"Wow... So, you haven't been doing anything strenuous, right?"

"I mean... we've mainly just stayed in bed..." you reply. Not strictly a lie...

Caitlin looks confused for a second before a look of comprehension dawns on her face. She shakes her head and just gives you an incredulous look which says, why are you two like this? Your face turns pink when your bedroom activities flash through your mind.

"I specifically said to do nothing that causes exertion, that includes having sex! It’s only been four days!"

"Caitlin, I-"

"What were you thinking?” she cuts you off. “Do you want that to reopen? I mean-"

"-We-" Harry tries to reason a little at her serious voice.

"-It’s bad enough there’s going to be a scar, but do you really want to have to go through stitches and anesthesia and painkillers all over again?!"

“No,” you say, feeling ashamed.

“Right, well,” Caitlin huffs, standing up a little straighter, “Let’s get down to business.”

The following couple of hours are filled with routine check-up procedures and tests, as well as your first bit of muscle therapy. This all becomes familiar during your next few weeks, and by the end of the month, you get the long-awaited ‘all-clear’ from Caitlin.

And since you've come to be completely and fully healed now... well, Harry sweeps you off your feet and proceeds to have a field day with you in your bedroom using that naughty list he had made. The pair of you needed to celebrate after all.

You were exhausted (but thoroughly satisfied) by the end of it and the thought of some of the things you'd done makes you blush. You end up sleeping for a good few hours afterwards, cradled in Harry's arms - the only place you ever want to be. No matter how many times you two were intimate, your heart still races like mad.

Even after your many rounds, you lie in bed awake that night - any and every thought swirling around in your head. One in particular comes to mind and you can’t help but share it with him.

"Harry," you rub his cheek, hoping that he's still awake, "Harry?"

"Hm?" he opens his sleepy eyes at you.

"Do you realize we have matching bullet scars, now?" you say with a dumb smile.

His eye twitches before he brings you close in his arms, his hand at the back of your head and presses your face into his chest, "Go back to sleep."

Should I have even said anything? That scar on your shoulder would be a constant reminder to him now that you'd been brought into his dangerous world and that he might not always be able to protect you.

You snuggle into his chest and brush the thought away, instead replacing it with one of serenity. Because there was no more terror in your lives, no more hurt - emotional or physical - and it seemed no more ‘nemeses.’ You had overheard Harry mention to the Inner Circle earlier that Malcolm Merlyn hasn’t been seen or heard from in almost five months. Unheard of, especially from the head of his own company…

Maybe you and Harry could finally start living your lives now.




Malcolm slowly raises the glass of scotch to his lips, the liquid burning in his throat as he places it down with a touch more force than necessary.

But he was pissed.

The plan had failed.

Not only had James failed to make that kill shot when he’d had you alone and cornered, then he gets himself killed. Wells had barely lasted three months before begging you to take him back.

He hadn’t been broken. In fact, you and he, the ruling pair of Central City were now stronger than ever.

Wells had at least done him the favour of dispatching James. The mole failed on every front and wouldn’t have survived any longer if he’d got to him before Wells.

But Malcolm knows he isn’t out of the game quite yet.

He just has to make one call.

“I have some information you might find of particular interest…” he says into his phone, “I know who Harrison Wells cares about more than anyone in the whole world. What do you say to another good old fashioned team-up?”

Chapter Text


"Uh, Hare?"

He's been staring at you, deep thought. He knows he needs to do this right - perfectly - for your sake. Presently, you are with Harry in his office, sitting on his lap while helping him with some paperwork.


"You're staring at me again. Did I do something?" You tilt your head a bit in confusion at his behaviour.

“No, no, you're fine," he says quickly with a smile, "just thinking, that's all."

You give him a small, somewhat unconvinced smile in return, before turning back to the task at hand. You truly were the best part of him and Harry knew you deserved to be told as much.

Before he met you, he didn't care about getting hurt in the field. He didn't care that he could potentially die so long as the job got done. He didn't care about anyone else except his team, his business, and himself (and usually even then it leaned more toward himself). He didn't have anyone to return home to, so why would anyone care? 

And then he met you.

You’ve changed his entire world - your shy smile, your gleeful laughter, your everything. He has found something precious, something valuable, that he wanted to protect at all costs. So he would always make sure every time you see him, he wasn't injured, he wasn't a mess, but a whole man who was trying to be better for you. Because maybe, just maybe, you'd have it in your heart to accept and forgive everything about him and heal him.

And you did, without even trying, with all your heart and soul.

“How about I come home early tonight and we can get dinner and spend some time together?" he asks you suddenly, hands running over your arms. He knows that he wants to propose in your garden, somewhere you'd spent so much time and attention on making good again. Just like you had him.

"Yeah, I'd like that," you reply, kissing his cheek and smiling. He gives you a gentle kiss before moving his chair back for you to get off his lap.

"Get Allen to take you home, okay?" Harry runs a hand through his dark hair.

"I will, I will," you agree, pulling his glasses off his face and kissing his nose sweetly. "Don't you be late, though, okay?"

"Wild horses couldn’t keep me away," he promises, taking your hand and kissing the back of it. You give him back his glasses and make your way out of his office. He watches you leave, knowing he wouldn't dare be late. Not tonight. Not for what he had planned. Harry knows he'd sacrifice everything for you. His company, his team, even his life. All for you to keep living, to keep gracing this world with your unconditional love.

The love that he knows he would never get enough of. Harry knows deep in his heart that you love him just as much, too. You didn’t have to say anything for him to know this. You took a leap of faith into his dangerous world and stayed because he matters to you. Just as his happiness, his life, everything that makes up Harrison Wells, matters to you. His good and bad qualities are what you love and want.

The mob boss spends the rest of the day organizing things for that evening at home, making sure that every last detail would be utterly perfect for you.

Harry even had the Inner Circle help him out with the process. Barry went out with a list of things to acquire. Once the Speedster returned, he handed Cisco the fairy lights and told him to “get to work.” Cisco arranged them beautifully to accent the garden for your dinner date while Caitlin had kept the garden in tip-top shape. Iris had gone out to fetch you a cute dress which she and Barry would hand to you the very moment you arrived home.

After the pair pick you up and take you home, they whisk you upstairs, as Harry waits a while before coming up to check on you.

"Flower?" he calls out as he walks into your shared bedroom, wearing his crisp white shirt under a black suit. He holds a stemless, small white flower. Once he sees you in your new dress, his mouth drops a bit as he eyes you up. 



He grins at you, knowing he gets to see your beauty every day, and if or when you say ‘yes’ tonight, every day from here on out. Harry slowly makes his way to you to tuck the flower in your hair.

"Stunning," he says in an almost whisper, leaning in to kiss your lips, cupping your face in his palm. You smile up at him, resting your hands on his chest, smoothing out the fabric of his shirt. 

"And you look very handsome," you reply, giving him another little kiss on the cheek. He smiles down at you before offering you his arm and you take it with a slight raise of your eyebrow, still totally in the dark about what he has planned for this evening. 

"Harry, where are we going?" you ask curiously, quirking an eyebrow at him. He looks at you with those swoon-worthy, calm blue eyes that have the capability to rage like a storm - a heavy storm that sweeps you up with care and adoration.

"Somewhere special to both of us."

He leads you through the house and out of the glass doors that lead to the garden. You smile because this honestly is your little safe haven. Yours and Harry's special place.

And how wonderful it looks! The fairy lights are strung all around one corner, lighting up a little table and chairs, which is set for dinner, a bottle of wine is already in the middle of the table. 

You look at Harry and squeeze his arm happily and he can see on your face how much you love it.

"It's amazing," you whisper, your joy not once leaving your face. Your heart skips a beat when he stands in front of you, cupping both your cheeks. Harry feels like his heart will burst from happiness at your words. The fact that you love it makes him feel more confident to propose - to make you his, and him yours.

He takes your hand and leads you to the table, pulling out your chair for you like the gentleman he always is to you. He takes the seat opposite and pours you each a glass of wine before the food is brought over to you.

Dinner was superb, both of you talking and laughing together, just as it always was with you. You hold his hand across the table and his thumb rubs circles on the back of it as he silently prepares himself to ask you the pivotal question. 

"(Y/N), there's something I’ve been wanting to say," he starts and you smile at him, nodding to show you're listening. He lets go of your hand and stands up, moving away from the table. "Come here." He waves you over to follow. You stand up from your chair and do so, ending up at your favourite rose bush under the rowan tree.

Roses - those were the ones he always picked, more so than the other flowers, whenever he came home or had visited you. You remember scolding him once because roses are naturally hard to grow and maintain.

"Harry?" You look so delightfully confused. He plucks a rose, still thorny and fresh. Harry studies the flower then you, his eyes twinkling in the fairy lights’ glow.

"Ever since you stepped into my world, my dark and crooked world, you have shown me what it’s like to love again. You’ve shown me such love and innocence that I desperately want to shelter. And when I showed you all of me - my darkness, my danger... you didn't run. No, you stayed and continued to love me. Just like you love this rose even when it has thorns."

"Of course, I stayed," you reply, placing your hand on his wrist which holds the flower. "I can see the thorns, but they're there to protect the flowers, the beautiful heart of this plant, and I can see these petals much more clearly than I see the thorns." 

His free hand holds your cheek, thumb brushing over your skin as he wonders what on earth he did to deserve something so precious and good-natured as you.

"When you were shot, I was enraged. At the guy, at you, but mostly at myself, because I couldn't do anything. I brought you into my dangerous life and at any moment I could lose you. But I couldn’t stay away! I couldn’t! You are the one thing that I can't lose. I can't live a day without you in my life. A day- a life without you is a life that’s not worth living. I... I know I'm not a good man. I've done things - bad things - in the past. Some that I regret and some that I don't, but it kills me that I will never be good for you."

"I don't care," you say instantly, taking a step closer to him, "I love you. More than anything. And I don't want to be without you, Harry, I can’t be without you. So if you're going to try and push me away again, give me an out, I'm not taking it. You know I won’t. I am yours, Harrison Wells, even if I have to be good enough for the both of us."

Your eyes shine with tears as he speaks again.

"You are, you've always had more than enough good in you, and that's what I never understood about why you came to me. Why you continue to love me..."

A single tear falls from your eye. Harry's heart tightens up at the sight of you, at your words... He sets the rose down and cups both of your cheeks, wiping your tear with his thumb. He holds you close, eyes gazing back at yours, filled with adoration and gentleness. Your heart pounds wildly as you rest your hands on his chest.


"You are my heart. You are my future. I want everything with you. And I want us to last forever. I... (Y/N) (Y/L/N)-"

Your eyes widen as you watch him drop down to one knee in front of you, taking one of your hands in his while the other dives into his pocket, bringing out a small velvet box. He opens it, revealing a gorgeous diamond ring. Your free hand covers your mouth as you let out a gasp.

"-Will you marry me?" He holds your gaze as your lips turn up into a huge, gaping smile.

"Yes! Oh my God, yes, Harry, of course I will!" you exclaim, falling to your knees as well before throwing your arms around his neck and holding him tightly as more tears trail down your cheeks, but now ones of utter joy.

He could see in your eyes that you thought for a second that he was going to turn you away, tell you to leave his darkness when he actually wanted you to stay with him.


Harry instantly brings his arms around you equally as tight, holding you so much closer. A tear falls down his cheek, but he can finally rest at ease now, knowing that you belong to one another. And that makes him want to keep you safe even more.

His fiancée. His utterly precious, feisty fiancée and soon-to-be wife.

You both pull away sniffling, wiping each other's happy tears, goofy grins on your faces. Harry takes the ring from the box and slides it onto your finger. He kisses your banded finger, silently swearing his life to you.

"I love you, Flower."

"I love you, too, Harry."




“Well, isn’t this a sorry sight.”

The sound of footsteps accompanies the voice and the familiarity of it makes Malcolm pour another drink and instantly down it.

“And here I thought you might be running Central City by the time I came back…”

“I’m not exactly in the mood to play your games right now,” Malcolm says, setting the empty glass forcefully back down on his desk before finally looking up at Damien Darhk.

“You know I am truly sorry for your loss, Malcolm. Losses, really, as of late, but that explosion... it made me who I am today. I can do so much more because of it.”

“Excuse me if I don’t share the full extent of your enthusiasm.”

Darhk sighs. “Well, I’m assuming you called me here for a reason. And I believe, as ever, that problem is Harrison Wells?”

Malcolm confirms this with a curt nod.

“Well you’re in luck because I want a city to rule,” Darhk replies matter-of-factly. “And to do that, I’ll need to take Harrison Wells down.”

Merlyn coughs.

“I mean, we,” Darhk corrects himself. “You’ll get your revenge and soon we’ll have both Central City and Star City in the palm of our hands.”

Damien snaps his fingers.

“We just need a little magic.”

Chapter Text


“Wow, (Y/N), you’re glowing!” Caitlin remarks as you walk into the Lab’s Cortex on Harry’s arm.

“Yeah, there’s something different about you,” Barry notices. As if they don’t know!

“Hmm, well, I wonder what that might be…” you joke, knowing that they each surely had a hand in helping orchestrate Harry’s proposal last night. You create a dramatic hand gesture to your face that so obviously displays your massive diamond engagement ring.

“Oh my God!” Iris shouts while pointing at your new bling.

“Girl, that’s like an entire planet on your finger,” Cisco declares.

“You mean he didn’t show you the ring yesterday?”

Harry leans in to kiss your cheek. “I wanted you to be the first one to see it, Flower.”

You admire the ring with the girls while Harry tells the guys how you reacted.

“You two will be my bridesmaids, won’t you?” you ask them. Iris and Caitlin beam and eagerly accept your offer.

“Really, congratulations, you guys,” Caitlin says before whispering to you, “I brought some champagne up to his office.”

“Harry, let’s go to your office!”

Your fiancé gets a frisky look in his eye.

“Carry on, get back to work,” he orders his team while starting to drag you out of the room, “Do what it is you do best and all that.”

You both make your way up to Harry's office, but you’re deep in thought the whole time. You start to remember the conversation Harry had with you months ago - the time when Detective Thawne came to threaten him...

When you reach the office, Harry instantly spots the bottle of champagne and smiles, picking it up and reading the label as you prepare to ask him your question.

“Harry,” he turns at the sound of your voice, always giving you his attention, “I don’t want to read into this but… does Detective Thawne’s ongoing investigation with you have anything to do with why you proposed to me? You said before that we’d be safer if I were your wife and well…” You gestured around as if to say ‘things aren’t going particularly smoothly right now.’

Harry looks at you for a second, then places the bottle back down and approaches you. He takes both of your hands in his.

“That, as far as I’m concerned, is one tiny bonus to marrying you. I didn’t do it because of that. I did it because I love you more than anything and never want to be apart from you again.”

You look up at him and nod your head. “I just thought I’d ask because it is a bonus to the situation.”

“It is, but having you as my wife is the biggest bonus I’m ever going to get,” he says, holding your cheek in one hand, “and there is no way that I’m going to let Thawne ruin this and take me away from you.”

“Okay,” you say, bringing him in for a hug, “I love you.”

“I love you.”

He kisses the top of your head before pulling away and goes to open the bottle, but you’re not quite done with your queries. He turns back to you with his signature eyebrow raise when you don’t follow him.

“Flower? I thought we were going to do some more celebrating…” he says and you know he doesn’t just mean with a glass of alcohol.

"I know… But I was thinking maybe with everything going on and more people coming after us, that you could teach me how to use a gun or a knife," you say, toeing around the idea of no one being with you to protect you. “You know, now that I’ve mastered hand-to-hand combat? I want to try handling a weapon now.” You fiddle with your hands and look at him expectantly. Blue eyes narrow at you.


His answer comes swift and clear, barely giving you time to process it.


"No, because you're not going to be alone and in a situation where you’ll need a weapon. I'll have someone with you at all times," he answers simply, turning back to his desk.

"But what if something happens like last time and I end up alone and defenceless?! I don’t want to be your weakness. I want to be your strength, Harry!”

"..." He turns again to study you and you’re sure to give him your best puppy dog eyes. He must not want a repeat of that fateful night of you getting shot. If you did know how to handle a weapon properly, you'd be a lot safer in a potentially sticky situation. "Fine-"


"But on one condition. I'm training you."

"I wouldn’t have it any other way." You give him another mock salute and he just smiles and shakes his head a little at you.

Later that day, you meet up in the training room down in the lower levels, decked out in your training shorts, a tank top, and raring to go. Harry already has some targets set up in preparation.

"No gun?" you notice.

"That's the last thing that I want you to handle right now."

You nod, guessing he’s probably right, and stand with your hands on your hips and watch as Harry takes his place in front of one of the targets.

"Okay, so what you're going to do is..." he picks up a knife and throws it in one fluid motion at the target. Near perfect aim, hitting the ring just outside of the centre. "That."

"Uh, okay." You pick up another knife and stand as he did, narrowing your eyes at the target. Taking a breath, you throw the knife. 

It’s a perfect shot.

You do a small celebratory dance. Harry's eyes widen - the first try and you got a bullseye!

"Again," he instructs. Could it be beginner’s luck?

You do and hit the mark. Apparently not.


The same thing happens. How...? You were too caught up in celebrating that you don’t notice Harry look around for a makeshift blindfold, deep in thought at what he's witnessing.

"Let's try this," he puts the blindfold on your eyes and positions you in front of the target, the same distance apart.

"Harry, is this safe?"

"I just want to try something," he says. Once you’re secure, he lets go and stands back at a safe distance. "Now, once more."

You throw the knife yet again, and after removing the blindfold, you see that you’ve missed this time. Your shoulders sag.

Interesting, Harry thinks to himself. "I think... I have a theory."

"For what?"

"You managed to hit the mark perfectly each and every time with no visual obstructions, but when I put the blindfold on you… But you didn't live in Central City when the Particle Accelerator… went wrong ?” He checks and you instantly shake your head. 

Harry looks confused, but then you remember that you may not have lived here, but…

“Wait, that day- I was here, I was looking at potential buildings to house the shop and I was about to catch my train home when it exploded.”

His expression brightens again. “That would make sense…”

“What are you saying?”

Harry pauses for a moment. “I think you have metahuman abilities - one hundred percent accuracy with your targets unless your vision is obstructed.”

So freaking cool… But wait.

“This bad, right? Metahumans are illegal. I’m a metahuman! I could get taken away, locked up, killed-!”

“Hey, hey, hey,” he soothes you. “I will never let that happen to you. The Inner Circle would never let that happen to you. Everything is going to be okay. We’ll make sure this information doesn’t leave this building.”

You’re finally starting to breathe normally again. Harry lowers the blindfold back over your eyes.

“Harry, what are you doing?”

“I’m going to put this back on you,” he warns you while planting a kiss on your cheek. “And you’re going to learn to do this whether you can see or not. You’re going to embrace this.”

“But, Harry, I don't even know how I do it. How am I meant to do it without seeing?" you ask, holding onto his forearms. 

"You're standing in the same spot, with the same target. Just picture it in your head and throw as you would if you had your sight."

"Okay..." You take a deep breath, picturing the target in your head and throw. You hear the knife hit the mark and pull the blindfold off. It's about two rings out from the centre.

Close, at least.

You pout a bit and turn back to him.

"Flower, think of a clearer image. Think of how the knife is thrown and exactly where you want it to hit." Harry cups your cheeks and gives you a motivating kiss.

“Now, do it.”

You imagine it so clearly - as if you were really seeing it before your eyes. Taking a deep breath, you pull your arm back and let the knife fly. You feel Harry’s hands on your shoulders before you take your blindfold off, and when you do, you look at the target.

The knife sits at the outer edge of the bullseye’s ring.

“You're a quick study," Harry says with a smile as you look up at him. "Once more, you're so close."

You nod and pick up another knife and replacing the blindfold. You take your time with this one, taking long even breaths as you picture the knife hitting dead centre. Three, and you let go.

Everything feels slow in the darkness. It's like you were the blade, hitting the centre dead straight. Once you hear the target noise, you rip the blindfold off and see the target.

Dead centre.

You throw your arms up and cheer, "I did it!" You turn and throw your arms around Harry, giggling like crazy. "I did it. I did it!"

He wraps his arms around your waist tightly and holds you close. "You did, my beautiful Flower, you did."

He pulls away from your embrace and takes a good look at you, something inside of him sparking. Observing you perform such an impressive act of physical skill on top of seeing you wear those extremely fitted spandex training shorts and that tight tank top…

"Harry?" You tilt your head to the side, not fully registering his electric blue eyes igniting.

Harry rushes to lock the training room doors, dimming the lights down before slowly striding his way back over to you. A predator about to feast on his prey.


He stands directly in front of you, staring down into your wide eyes while tilting your chin up with his finger.

“You’re gorgeous and you’re strong and I need to have you right now .” He takes the blindfold from your hand and grins wickedly.

You look at his lust-filled gaze as he takes your hand in his and leads you to the training mats on the other side of the room. He twirls you into his arms, immediately kissing you passionately as your hands go to his arms. 

"My beautiful, talented little Flower," he murmurs against your lips.

You run your fingers over his biceps, feeling the firm muscle under your light touch before putting your arms around his neck. You feel his hunger for you growing - wanting to engulf you. 

And you would let him without hesitation.

Harry's nips at your bottom lip, causing you to gasp as he claims your mouth - claiming you for himself. His hands run down your spine and rest on your hips, gripping firmly.

Something about all this training and teaching you to be a badass member of this team has you feeling more powerful. More in control. That feeling mixed with these of overwhelming want creates a stellar combination within you.

So, catching Harry off guard, you grab hold of his hands and sweep his leg until he’s on the mat and pinned under you. You grin down at him, easily straddling him as you hold his arms above his head. It takes a moment for the shock to clear from his face at the sudden change in position, but it's soon replaced with an impressed smirk. 

"Glad I taught you that one," he says, as you lean down and kiss his parted lips.

"You did teach me well," you reply, smirking too, as you grind yourself against him and elicit your own low growl. "In more ways than one..."

You capture his lips again, nipping and biting at him. Both of you passionately make out on the cushy matted floor, rutting against each other and desiring that incredible friction. Having him vulnerable like this under you sends pleasurable vibes straight down to your core, kindling a flame within you. Harry bucks his hips up, making you moan against his lips.

“We need-”

“-Fewer clothes?” You fumble helping each other out of your workout gear, chuckling a little all the while and planting kisses when you can. But at long last, you and Harry are free from the fabrics between you, and your combined heat is making you sweat. Harry lies back down on the mat as you straddle him once more, but this time with the intention of getting so much more. His hands are instantly on your hips as you bite your lip lightly before lowering yourself onto his hardened length. You sigh at the feeling of him inside you, filling you up so deliciously, letting your hands trail down the muscled plane of his stomach.

He buries deep in your heated core and you know you're never going to get tired of this feeling - of having him inside you like this. Harry smirks up at you, reaching up and cupping your cheeks to bring you down to kiss you as you adjust to his size.

Once you do, Harry swivels his hips, creating such a wondrous motion inside you. You moan loudly into his mouth. He doesn’t stop and your body acts on its own in response - you’re not here anymore, somewhere else - grinding down on him to match his rhythm.

“That’s it,” he breathes out. “That’s my girl.”

"I-I'm your girl, all yours," you moan out, wanting him to know that he owns you, heart, mind and body. And, God, what he does with the power that gives him. He provides a particularly hard thrust up into you which makes you cry out at the way he hits that spot inside you. You respond, moving your hips harder against him, just wanting to feel anything and everything that he's offering.

“I wish you could see yourself right now, baby,” Harry says, sounding out of breath, “You’re an angel.”

You’re full-on panting now, Harry groaning at your hard and greedy movements. Your heat is a perfect mix of wetness and warmth. You keep mewling at the sensation, his hips meeting your grinding hips. His mouth is agape, watching your face contort in pleasure.

"You like this, F-Flower?" he stutters shakily, hands gripping your hips tightly. “You like fucking me from on top?”

God, this man.

"F-fuck, Harry," you whisper. His eyes widen at your quiet cursing and thanks to his dirty talk, you’re now moving even faster and wilder so that his cock plunges at a chaotic speed and rubs your clit deliciously. “Yes, yes, yes!”

He sits up and licks his lips, which are quick to kiss one of your breasts before his tongue starts to swirl around your pointed peak and sucks. You can feel your orgasm coiling up fast as you let yourself take each repeated slam of his cock inside of you.

"H-Harry, oh God, I'm going to-" you manage to get out before his final thrust up into you takes you somewhere else entirely. Your entire body quivers and shakes above him as you come, crying his name with your head tossed back. Your fingers are digging into the skin of his arms before he buries himself inside of you and reaches his own climax, face nuzzling against your neck.

He groans your name hotly against your skin, the sensation of your come all over his sizeable length is wonderful. Harry gently kisses your neck and whispers, "I love you.”

Both of you breathe heavily before he pulls his face away to get a better look at you - lips swollen, chest heaving, and eyes half-lidded. All because of him and his touch. Captivating, enigmatic - that's what you are to him. That's what you'll always be.

“And I love you, Harrison Wells...” You pull him down closer to your chest and kiss the side of his face, arms still clinging around his neck. “You magnificent beast of a man.”

His chest moves up and down in a silent laugh at your comment before reluctantly pulling out of you and allowing you to climb out of his lap. You both grab your hastily thrown clothes and put them back on, albeit a bit wrinkled. When you exit the room, you’re surprised to find Cisco and Caitlin standing outside the door. 

“We've been trying to get in here for fifteen minutes, what were you doing?” Cisco asks.

“Mat on the left, Ramon,” Harry says with a smirk and you can't help but snort at the look of disgust that works its way onto Cisco’s face. 

“Seriously? Sure, you can buy a ring the size of her head but does a rich guy like you not own a bed?”

Chapter Text


It’s relatively common knowledge at this point that when Harry’s S.T.A.R. Labs office door is closed with a flower sticking out from under the door, no one is to interrupt him.

Much like right now.

As you sit on Harry’s lap at his desk, you practice signing your name on a scrap piece of paper.

Mrs. (Y/N) Wells.

He plants lazy kisses on your neck, hands gliding down the back of the new strappy black dress he’d recently bought you.

“It suits you,” he says against your skin.

“The dress?”

He hums a laugh. “The name.”

“You think?”

“Mmhm.” His hands on you continue to rub your back between the crisscrossing straps.

“I like the sound of it, too-” you let out a squawk when his fingers tickle your sides. “How old are you?!” You start squirming on top of him. Harry lets out a “Hehehehe,” clearly enjoying your reaction. You try to remove his hands, but he’s got you locked in place. Neither of you hears the office door open through all your howling.

A backpack falls on the floor.

“Um…?” You finally hear a voice.

“Jess?” Harry asks in disbelief, not only dropping his devious hands but his smile, too.

Jess? As in Jesse? Harry’s quick-minded daughter who ran away?

“What are you doing here? I thought you were travelling around with what’s-his-name?” But Jesse ignores her father and stares at you still on his lap. You get up off of him at a speed Barry would be proud of and flatten your dress down.

“Dad..? Who’s this?”

Harry appears as if he’s been caught in a crossfire, standing up as well. “Uh well, Jesse, Sweetie, this is (Y/N). My fiancée.”

“Hi, Jesse! It’s so nice to finally meet you,” you say, rounding the desk toward her. You try to push out the thoughts of how you have been totally defiling her father from your head. “Harry’s told me so much about you!” You stick out your hand for her to shake, but Jesse merely looks you up and down with her arms folded across her chest.

“Not sure I can say the same.”


To you, it sounded a touch on the hostile side, which makes your heart sink. Meeting his daughter should be a happy occasion, shouldn’t it? Awkward, maybe. But not hostile and unpleasant. You look to Harry for reassurance, who practically gawks at the both of you.

“Fiancée, Dad? Really?”

“Jess, I wanted to tell you, but I couldn’t get ahold of you. You wouldn’t answer me.”

“I really am looking forward to getting to know you better,” you try again, with a genuinely kind smile.

“Don’t get too comfortable,” she tells you, then turns to her father, “I’ll be at the house.”

She hoists her backpack up to her shoulder and leaves the room. Truthfully, you’re stunned.

“(Y/N), I apologize for her. That’s not-”

“What? No! It’s fine. I’m fine.”

But Harry looks positively stricken. Seeing his daughter again after all this time, after their last argument… it must be hard for him.

“Harry, I think you should go home,” you tell him. “Talk with her. I know it might be awkward for you both after what happened between you, but you need to talk with your daughter.”

“You’re right, Flower,” he agrees with a sigh, “You’re right.” Harry puts his hand on your arm and kisses you on the cheek.

“I should go, anyway, too,” you say, “I’ll see you later tonight. I need to take care of some orders at the shop.”

“Love you.”

“Love you.”




Harry finds Jesse in her room, unpacking her bag of clothes and sorting them into piles.

“You’re planning on staying?” he asks, entering the room but continuing to hover near the doorway.

“Yeah, Wally wants to spend some time with Iris,” she replies, that antagonistic tone still present in her voice. “And besides, it looks like I should be here to make sure you don’t make any more unreasonable decisions.”

Harry crosses his arms defensively. “And what is it that you’re referring to, exactly?”

“I can understand if you were lonely, Dad, but you’ve actually asked this woman to marry you? Was I gone for longer than I thought, or are you rushing into this?” She finally looks at him, mirroring his stance.

“Jesse, first off, I don’t need to be babysat by you. I’m your parent, not the other way around. I can make my own decisions perfectly well without you standing over my shoulder. And second, (Y/N) and I have been through more than I can say. I’m not rushing into anything because I am certain that this is what I want. And what she wants.”

“Yeah, I’m sure it is,” Jesse murmurs, picking up a pile of washing as she moves around Harry and through the open door.

“What is that supposed to mean?” he asks, trying desperately to keep his anger under control with Jesse’s mood being what it is. He follows her down the hall towards the utility room, where she starts loading the washing machine with her back to her dad.

Jesse, what do you mean?” he tries again, patience beginning to wear thin.

“It means that I don’t trust anyone who would willingly stick with you like that while you’re still dealing with all your illegal business! If she knows about it all, which I assume she does, then why else would she want to be here, if not for your money and power! At least when I found out about how you were getting your funding, I ran the other way!”

She honestly thinks you were just after his money? Harry tries to hold his temper at bay and rationalize her thoughts. Because what else would she think? She doesn’t know the first thing about you.

“Jesse, if you just sit down with her and get to know her, you’d know it’s nothing like that. She’s nothing like that.”

“She’s seriously got you wrapped around her finger, hasn’t she?” she asks, standing again and looking Harry in the eye. “Although looking like that with that dress on, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.”

That’s all that Harry can take for this conversation. He doesn’t want to be angry with Jesse after she’s just returned to him, but he knows he will if she says anything else right now.

“I’ll make dinner for seven. I’ll be in my office,” he says in the same frosty tone as his daughter’s using. Turning on his heel, he heads to his office, closing the door with a little too much force. 

Running a hand over his face, he sighs deeply and looks at the picture of you and him that he keeps on his desk. 

This was going to be a tough adjustment for all of you.




“Harry?” you call out as you come through the front door later that evening. The silence that greets you doesn’t fill you with much hope that things went well between Harry and Jesse. “Harry, baby?”

You kick off your shoes and make your way into the house a little more, looking around for your fiancé in your cavernous home. You check the living room and then his office, but you end up finding him in the kitchen slaving over chopping boards on the side. His angry cutting of the vegetables tells you all you need to know about the conversation with Jesse.

“Hey, baby,” you say, slipping your arms around his middle from behind and leaning into his back. “Are you okay?”

“I’ve been better…” he mumbles, putting down the knife heavily and letting out a sigh, rubbing his hands over yours.

“You want to talk about it?” you ask as he turns in your arms and wraps his own around you in return.

“She’s got a few ideas in her head about you already… none of them good…” he says, holding you close as though he needs you in order to feel strong. 

“Really?” You pull back to look at him, a frown on your face. How had she formed that kind of opinion after only meeting you for two minutes? But then again, you were a stranger to her, who had been sitting on her father’s lap... 

“Yeah…” He proceeds to tell you about her ideas concerning your interest in his money.

“Well,” you say, clearing your throat and attempting to, instead, put an optimistic spin on it, “we’ll make dinner and make it relaxed and friendly and hopefully, she’ll start to come around.”

The corner of his mouth turns up and he nods. “Okay, Flower, let’s do this together.”

Harry lets you take over cutting vegetables while he takes the roasting chicken out of the oven and checks it, filling the room with delectable smells. You try to lighten the mood for him a bit, distracting him by talking about the rest of your day, and you can see he’s relaxing a bit. He hugs you from behind while you stir gravy in the pan, gently kissing your neck. 

“How do you manage to make me feel better, just by being around me and doing the simplest things?” he murmurs.

You laugh under your breath. “It’s a gift,” you tell him, pecking his cheek and handing him the spoon, before taking the crockery you’ll need out of the cupboard and heading to the dining room.

You’re as anxious, if not more so than Harry, about this dinner, but if you’re able to hide it enough to calm your fiancé down, then maybe you could do this after all.

You set the large dining table in an elegant way as Harry brings the dishes in, placing the steaming food down in front of each of the three seats. You and Harry often eat at the kitchen table when it’s just the two of you, but you’re determined to show Jesse that you want to make the effort.

As a final touch, you add a vase of fresh violets, which symbolize peace, at the centre of the table.

“Good job, Flower,” Harry says, gently wrapping an arm around your waist.

“And you. I can’t wait to eat this, Harry. It looks divine,” you reply, smiling up at him.

“As do you,” he purrs, returning your smile and leaning down to kiss you but you both stop at the sound of a throat clearing.

You spin around and Harry drops his hand from you, both of you looking a little awkwardly at Jesse.

“Wow, do you two do this all the time?” Jesse asks without any hint of a smile, that hostile tone still present from earlier. She comes further into the room, taking a seat at the table and you and Harry do the same, with him at the head and you and Jesse on either side facing each other.

You all start your food in silence. Jesse doesn’t seem like she wants to start a conversation, so you give it a try. She’s going to have to give you a chance at some point.

“So, Jesse, where did you go on your travels? Anywhere that particularly stood out for you? What was your favourite?”

“Oh, we went all over the place.”

You glance at Harry, but he gives you a little encouraging smile and attempts to break his daughter’s hostility himself.

“Did you finally get to see the Grand Canyon? Jess used to talk about it all the time, saying she was going to go one day,” he explains to you.

“Yeah, we did, it was amazing, I’d definitely go again,” she says, taking another forkful of her food. Hardly surprising she’s a bit more open with Harry.

Jesse answers a few more of Harry’s questions before she turns to you. Or more like turns on you.

“So, (Y/N), you’re a florist?”

“Yeah, that’s right, I have a shop a few blocks from S.T.A.R Labs,” you tell her, keeping your tone light and friendly. 

“That can’t be a particularly profitable job…”

Jess,” Harry warns, clearly figuring she’s trying to take this somewhere.

You clear your throat and take a second to take a sip of your drink before speaking again. “It’s… enough to keep me going…” you say, “but I don’t do it for the money. I just love flowers and seeing the joy they can bring people.”

Harry sends you a comforting smile at your response and Jesse seems to let whatever she had been trying to get at concerning money go. You internally let out a sigh of relief.

One hurdle avoided.

The rest of dinner is filled with stilted conversation, mostly with you attempting to pry a little more out of Jesse, but you accomplish very little. By the time you’ve washed up all of the dishes and Jesse had said a curt goodnight, you’re utterly exhausted from it all.

Harry leads the way up to your shared room in silence and you figure that you’ve both got a lot currently flying through your heads. Was there any way on earth that you would be able to get Jesse not to treat you with such disdain?

When you’ve readied yourself for bed, you climb beneath the sheets in Harry’s shirt, needing as much of him as you can get to calm yourself down. You run your hands over your face as the mattress dips and Harry’s gets in beside you.

His arms slide around your middle as you voice your biggest concern.

“What if she never gets over this animosity? What if she always sees me as the woman who’s replacing her mother?”

With a little tilt of his head, Harry considers this for a second. “You think that’s what she thinks?”

You let out a little huff of a laugh. “For a genius, sometimes you don’t see the obvious,” you say, cuddling into his chest a little more. “Think about it, Harry. You told me on our first date that you hadn’t connected with anyone in a long time, I’m assuming you meant your late wife?”

He simply nods in reply.

“Meaning that Jesse hasn’t had to face this before. And coming home after so long to see that her dad is ready to marry someone new… It has to be hard, and I understand that, I just really don’t want her to resent me for being in love with you.”

“She just has to see what a wonderful person you are, Flower,” Harry says as he strokes your hair. “How about seeing if she wants to go out with you on some of your tasks for the wedding? Spend some time together away from me, on neutral ground, and get to know each other?”

You think about this for a second. “Yeah, that could work…” you say after a few seconds. “I’ll give that a go tomorrow. Baby steps.”

“Baby steps,” Harry echoes.




Saturday. A day full of wedding errands. It was going to be tiring and fun and so worth it all.

You get up and ready for the day, leaving Harry to lie-in, and think you’ll start the day off with a bowl of cereal. You don’t have to meet the girls until noon, where you’ll meet up for lunch and head out to browse dress shops. When you walk into the kitchen, you spot Jesse having her own breakfast at the table.

Great. Just you and her. Please don’t be hostile today, please don’t be hostile today...

“Good morning, Jesse,” you greet your future stepdaughter.

“Hi,” she says, meeting your eyes for a moment, only to have them cast down again to her food. You reach up into the cabinet for a bowl.

“Nice day, huh?”


Wow, this is horribly awkward. You pour the cereal into the bowl and then the milk.

“I have such a busy day planned,” you go on, thinking the more you talk, the less awkward it’ll be, “I have to check out a bunch of potential cake shops to do our wedding cake, I’m going to need to inspect different venues...”


“And oh! Jesse! Would you like to come and help me pick out bridesmaid dresses? I thought maybe I would just scope out some places, but I would love your opinions and I think we would have a great time and we could get to know each other-”

“-Right, please stop, okay? I don’t want to spend time with you. I don’t want to get to know you. You’re my dad’s fiancée and nothing more. I don’t need you to try and be my friend and I certainly don’t want you to try and be my mom.”

You look at the floor dejectedly, your brow furrowing at her harsh words. You bite the inside of your cheek a little as you take a couple of steps backwards.

“Okay… if that’s how you feel…” you say quietly. You turn around and head for somewhere where you can clear your head. Which as ever, is your garden.

You begin to plant a few little shrubs that you’ve acquired recently, but you’ve barely been outside fifteen minutes when Harry finds you kneeling in front of the flowerbeds.

“Hey, I thought you were going to go make a dent in that list of jobs? And attempt to get Jesse to go with you?”

“Hm, yeah, so did I,” you reply, attacking the soil with your trowel, “but she made her feelings on that subject very clear.”

“Hey, hey,” Harry says, dropping to his knees next to you and placing a hand on your wrist to stop your assault on the soil. “What happened in there?”

You pause, looking up at him and it isn’t hard to see the hurt in your eyes. “She told me she doesn’t want to know me, that she doesn’t need me to try and be her mom,” you tell him, running a hand over your face before meeting his gaze again. “But I’m not even asking for that, Harry… At the moment, I’d be happy with one civil conversation.”

“I know, Flower, I’m sorry. She’s… stubborn,”

“Well, having been brought up by you, I shouldn’t have expected any less,” you quip, a tiny smile forming on your face. He chuckles at that, placing a loving kiss to your forehead.

“She’ll come around.”

“Yeah, I can hope…” you reply with a deep sigh.

We. We can hope. Nothing is going to stop me from marrying you, Flower, but… I would like to know that she’s onboard.”

You sigh. “I’m going to go change and head out. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”




Damien steeples his fingers from behind his desk while staring at his computer monitor. On the screen, a young woman huffs with a frown while leaving a gated property.

“You’ll never guess who’s stepped right into the playing field.” Damien’s frightening smile grows brighter. Malcolm stares out the window as he ponders the variables. Then, a lightbulb goes off in his head.


Yes,” Damien affirms his thoughts, “The prodigal daughter returns.”

“This seems too easy.” Malcolm turns to his ally, looking skeptical.

“That’s because it will be.”

Chapter Text


You met up with the girls at lunch and discussed your attack plan for the day. Iris seems to know all the best wedding dress shops across the city, so you’ll follow her lead today. You can’t wait to find the one. You’re sure you’ll just know when you try it on. It’ll be a unique moment that will be impossible to miss.

“Come on!” Iris insists, dragging you into the shop, “This place has such a stunning collection, you’ll die!”

“How do you even know all this?” Caitlin asks.

“I may or may not have already bought a dress for when that slow-poke boyfriend of mine pops the question.”

You giggle. Leave it to Iris to be prepared for any and all situations before they happen.

“Fast in the field, slow in the relationship,” Caitlin chimes in while shaking her head.

They’ve taken you to all the fanciest bridal boutiques in Central City. You told yourself you would simply try on a few dresses to quench the women’s thirst to see you in one. Window shopping was all it would be - no final decisions - just browsing.

At one point, you try on a mermaid-style gown and step out near the mirrors and couches where the girls sit. They ooh and aww at you.

“Damn, that looks great on you,” Iris says.

“You think?” you ask.

“Oh, for sure!” Caitlin adds. “Iris, make a note of this one.” A woman comes over and offers your trio champagne flutes while complimenting your dress choice. You take a sip, but end up downing the whole drink.

“So... what’s it like having Jesse around? It’s meant to be a big deal, meeting your significant other’s children,” Iris asks and you immediately look awkwardly at the ground. “Really? That bad?”

“Iris, she hates me.” You let out a long sigh and chew on your lower lip. “She thinks I’m some slutty golddigger or something, manipulating her dad to get what I want… She thinks he’s under some sort of spell.”

“Jesse was always hard-headed,” Caitlin tries to comfort you, “she just needs some time to adjust to this new situation. Harry’s her dad, after all.”

“I know that. It’s just so uncomfortable. Any time I’m in the same room as her, she makes some little quip or a backhanded compliment. I don’t give Harry any affection outside of our bedroom now, just in case she’s around. I know it’s her house too, and first , but I feel like I’m being driven out…”

“Oh no, (Y/N), that’s horrible.”

“I’m sure she’ll come around.”

“That’s what Harry said. But you don’t see the way she looks at me! It’s like I’m the devil or something!”

“Well, this dress makes you look like a total angel.”

You admire yourself in the mirror, doing little turns and swishes of your dress.

“It does, doesn’t it?”

“It’s so you.”

“I agree,” Caitlin chimes in.

“You’re not just saying that?”

“Not at all.”

“Of course not.”

You read them as sincere and smile wide.

“Good. Because I think it’s the one.”

“Wait, wait, you need to put the veil on!” Iris exclaims, scrambling from her seat to bring you the pièce de résistance. The beautiful ivory lace falls magnificently around you. It’s like this final piece makes you realize what it is you’re doing here.

“I...” you’re positively speechless, and if you’re not mistaken, you’re starting to cry.

“Aww, come here,” Iris coos, ushering Caitlin to get up here.

“I’m getting married!” you cry. The girls cry and hug you tighter.

“You are!”

“We’re so happy for you!”

“Can we get some tissues over here, please?” Iris calls out to the saleswoman. You wipe your eyes with the tissues brought to you and sigh.

“So much for just browsing,” you say with a little laugh, “because I’m getting this dress if it’s the last thing I do.”

The girls clap and cheer and tell you to bust out Harry’s credit card, seeing as he said money was no object when it comes to an important decision such as buying your wedding dress. You can’t wait until he sees you in it.

With the excitement of this first task done, the three of you make your way to the bake shop for the next task.

“So what’s next for you two?” Caitlin presses.

“What’s next? We’re getting married, silly!”

“Well, you know what they say. First comes love, then comes marriage...”

“Then comes a baby in a baby carriage!” Iris finishes.

“Truthfully, we haven’t talked about it yet,” you start nervously. “I suppose we probably should have at this point… I mean, I’m not even sure if he’s interested in having kids- more kids. I’d understand, I guess. I just want to spend the rest of my life with him. A child would just be the cherry on top if it ever happens.” You pause for a moment. “I mean, we’d have pretty cute babies, though, wouldn’t we?” You giggle and they join in. “Like, can you picture a little replica of Harry running around?”

“What about a little mini-you?”

“Now that would be a sight to see!” you exclaim.

“You never know (Y/N), anything can happen on a honeymoon,” Iris wiggles her eyebrows.

“You guys, you may not want to hear this, but Harry is a magnificent lover,” you share.

“Uh, you’re right, we don’t!”

“That’s our boss!”

“So passionate...” you continue.


“Such a giver...”


You’re howling at this point. Their hands cover their faces as they groan.




Jesse bursts into her father’s office with great urgency. “Dad, I need to talk to you. It’s extremely important.”

Harry instantly dons a frown. “Sure, what is it, Jess?”

“It’s about (Y/N).”

“What about her? Is she okay?” Harry’s starting to panic.

“She’s not who you think she is,” Jesse warns. “She’s keeping stuff from you.”

“I find that hard to-”

“-It’s just as I thought! She was sleeping with this wealthy surgeon in Coast City for his money and-


“And then she-”

“- Jesse !”

She quiets down and waits for her father to say his piece. He shakes his head and rubs his fingers against his forehead.

“She told me everything and that entire story was concocted out of jealousy on the bastard’s part.”

“She did?”



“Why are you so intent on ruining this? You’re the one who kept telling me to move on with my life, and now I have and you… do this?” Harry gestures around desperately as if trying to grasp the answer from the air. “I love this woman, Jesse, and it hurts me that you can’t see what kind of person she really is! Just tell me why… please .”

“Because I don’t think I ever anticipated how I’d feel when you actually did!” she cries, her hostile mood which she’s had the entire time she’s been back, melting with her words. She lets out a long sigh before continuing. “If you marry her, then pretty soon you’ll probably have a new family… you’ll forget about Mom… and you might not want me around anymore.”

Harry closes his eyes for a second as he finally begins to understand what was stopping his daughter from getting to know you. He lets out a sigh of his own and looks at her with a soft expression. “Jess, I would never, ever not want you around. You’re one of the most important people in my life.”

He gently reaches out and strokes her hair with one hand to bring her gaze back to him. “And I will never forget about your mother… I loved her, you know I did, but… that’s not going to bring her back, honey. And I’m happy now, for the first time in so long and all I want is for you and (Y/N) to get along. I’m going to marry her, Jess, whatever you think, but I would like you to at least try with her.”

“I know, Dad... I’m sorry.”

“She’s so hurt, sweetie. She’s trying her best not to let it get to her but you’re making her think you actually hate her because she’s here. Not because you’re scared of the future. So will you please try to explain?”

“Yeah… yeah, I will. Do you know where she is?”

“I think (Y/N) is still out with the girls, but I’m positive she’ll head straight to the garden when she gets home. That’s where she always is when she needs to think or relax.”

Jesse nods and Harry gives her a tight hug now that he finally understands why she was acting like this.

Chapter Text


After being drained from your long day of shopping and putting together the pieces that would make up your wedding, you change into your gardening clothes and relax the only way you know how.

You stare at the blooming rose petals on the bush Harry proposed next to that night. Deep in thought, you twist the gorgeous engagement ring on your finger as you consider the situation you were in now.

You’d never regret agreeing to marry him, but you couldn’t help but wonder if everything would be easier for everyone if you hadn’t. Harry wouldn’t now be torn between you and his only daughter and you wouldn’t have to bear all of Jesse’s hurtful words while trying to remain strong.

“Hey, um… (Y/N)?” Jesse’s voice catches your attention, making her way across the garden towards you. You take a deep breath and clear your throat as she reaches you, fidgeting. You fold your arms protectively across your chest.

“I don’t want to add to the unpleasantness between us, but if you’ve come to accuse me of anything else, I’m really not in the mood,” you say, trying your best not to sound too angry because you were doing your best to bridge this gap. But there was only so much you could take.

“No, I’ve come to apologize…” Jesse explains, “if you’ll let me?”

Your eyes widen as she moves back and forth on her feet in the grass. You can’t say you saw that one coming.

“Apologize?” is all you manage to get out in your surprised state.

“Yeah… I’ve been so mean and rude to you, and you haven’t done anything to deserve it. All you’ve done is take care of my dad and love him more than I’ve seen anyone do in so long and I’m… I was worried, I think, about where this leaves me now that he has you, but Dad and I have talked and… Can we start over? Please? Because I’m so sorry.”

Was this a dream? You didn’t know what had been said between Jesse and her father, but it must have worked.

“Yeah,” you say slowly with a small nod. “I’d like that.”

“Okay,” she replies, clearly thankful that you were willing to forgive her and give her a chance, even after everything she’d put you through in the last couple of days.

She sticks her hand out, like you had done when you’d first met. You shake her hand, smiling softly and she mirrors it.

There is still a little awkwardness in the air when you let go, so you decide to try and make her more comfortable; you’re not going to hold a grudge against her, you just want to move past it.

“Do you like to bake?” you ask suddenly, beginning to walk back towards the house, Jesse falling into step beside you.

“Yeah, though I haven’t done any in ages… travelling and all,” she tells you.

“Well, maybe I can teach you something new and we can get to know each other a bit at the same time?”

“That sounds good.”

“I was planning on baking a couple prototype options for the wedding reception... Would you like to help me out?”

“Yeah, totally.” Jesse offers a nod and a smile. She helps you retrieve all the necessary ingredients and equipment. “So what are we making?”

“Baked Apple Roses. You make the pastry, sprinkle cinnamon over it, then roll it with apple slices in the middle.”

“Lead the way, Head Baker.”

Between instructing Jesse on how to handle the dough and chatting about whatever pops into your minds, you start to feel relaxed with her. Eventually, you get to the part where you lay the thin apple slices along the line of pastry as a demonstration for Jesse. She examines your methods with a keen eye, and when you roll the apples in the pastry along the counter, she lets out a gasp at how elegant the dessert looks at this stage.

“And it’s not even baked yet!” Jesse exclaims. You smile and set the oven to four hundred degrees. The both of you continue to encase the apples until there’s no pasty left. Jesse places the “roses” in a series of muffin tins before placing them in the perfectly heated oven.

“...Do you- do you think we could bake chocolate chip cookies when these are done?” There’s something unsure in the way she asks this.

“Of course we can! Let me grab my recipe-”

“Actually, I know a recipe off the top of my head we can use.”

You’re impressed. Even you need to have a physical recipe to refer to when baking.

“Oh! Yes, perfect then. Wow, you must bake these all the time, then, huh?” Jesse scratches the back of her neck - her father’s nervous tick.

“I used to. All the time...”

You sense that she’s still partially guarded with you, and you don’t want to push too hard too fast, so you let it go for now. Nodding, you get a clean mixing bowl out while Jesse starts weighing the cookie ingredients into it.

There’s a moment of silence before Jesse clears her throat and asks, “So, I never asked, but how did you and my dad meet?”

“Oh! Well, it’s not a long story,” you admit, the question catching you off guard. “Your dad used to come into my shop and chat with me and buy me flowers… He would flirt a bit, and after a few weeks of dancing around one another, he asked me to dinner and, well, we’ve been together ever since,” you say, leaving out the heartbreak portion of the story, but feeling embarrassed that you’ve just disclosed Harry’s flirting to his daughter. You are new to this; what can and can’t you say? 

But she smiles, mixing the ingredients. “The thought of Dad flirting is… just wow,” Jesse says with a laugh that illustrates her disbelief as she starts spooning cookie dough onto a prepared tray.

“Well, either way, I’d say it worked,” you reply, though looking equally amused, “although he does get rather flustered at times.”

“-Oh, and whenever he’s flustered he does that little thing where he splutters words while rubbing the back of his neck and gives you that look,” she finishes for you and you know precisely what she’s referring to.

Any remaining discomfort in the room evaporates as you both dissolve into laughter at Harry’s expense, before finishing shaping the cookies and putting them in the oven.

You chat idly about a couple of things for the wedding while they bake before Jesse swiftly takes them from the oven and places them on the side to cool. You’re both fairly impatient and end up eating them hot when they’re still slightly gooey in the middle.

“These are amazing, Jesse!” you exclaim after one bite. “Where did you get this recipe?”

“It was my mom’s,” she says quietly, glancing at the floor. “That’s who I used to make them with.”

You feel the uncontrollable urge to ask about her late-mother.

“Do you think you could, um, tell me about her?”

Jesse frowns for only a second, then a look of flat-out surprise takes its place.

“You want me to tell you about my mom?” she clarifies.

“I mean, you don’t have to!” you backpedal. “It’s okay if you don’t want to, I was only curious. Forget it.” The kitchen goes silent for a moment until Jesse speaks.

“No, sorry, I was just surprised you’d want to know about her. I don’t mind...” She tucks a strand of wavy hair behind her ear. “Gee, where do I even start?” She thinks about it for a moment. “Mom was so kind. Like, to everyone,” Jesse explains, “And she was very calm. I do remember feeding off her serene energy. It was intoxicating.”

You nod and imagine a little upset Jesse being held by her mother and whispering to calm her down. “And she had a great sense of humour...”

“Your mother was also a fierce protector.”

Harry stands in the doorway, his arms crossed.

“She was,” Jesse thoughtfully agrees. Her father moves closer to you and nabs a cookie. “And I think she’d approve of you. She’d want Dad to be happy no matter what.”

“Jesse, that... that means so much.”

Your soon-to-be stepdaughter tilts her head a bit. “And I approve of you, too, by the way.” You start getting the happiness-jitters.

“Thank you. I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear you say that.”

She smiles, then covers her mouth in a yawn.

“I think I’m going to turn in,” she says, grabbing a cookie from the plate and taking a bite. “That was fun, thanks, (Y/N). Goodnight.”

Jesse leaves the kitchen and you’re left standing there in relieved silence. Harry watches you with his own growing smile.

“That went well,” he says with a hand on your shoulder.

“No, that went amazingly well! Did you see her? Did you hear her?”

Harry chuckles. “I did. I’m so glad things worked out between you two.” He comes up behind you and takes you in his arms. “My two favourite women.”

You spin around in his arms. “I can’t wait to marry you,” you say dreamily.

“And I, you.”

Chapter Text


“Boss, I’m sorry, okay?” Cisco says, over the commotion of small children. “How was I supposed to know Dante was going to drop his kids off on me? I never see the guy and then bam! I’m stuck being the babysitting uncle.”

“Why can’t your parents look after them?” Caitlin asks.

“They’re out of town on holiday for my dad’s birthday. It’s almost as though he did this just to inconvenience me,” Cisco huffs quietly, glancing at his niece and nephew who are giggling together by his side.

“You realize you have certain high profile matters to attend to today, don’t you?” Harry reminds him. He keeps eyeing the children carefully, worried they’ll see or hear something little eyes and ears shouldn’t.

“Of course I do! You don’t think I wanted to bring children into a,” he brings his speaking voice down to a whisper, “criminal organization, do you?”

You tap your finger on your chin. “Why don’t I watch over them for you?”

“Are you serious right now?” Cisco checks, “Because that would really save my ass-”

The kids gasp.

“-behind. I meant behind.”

“Yes! It’ll be great!” you insist. “We’ll have lots of fun while you’re away. Don’t be too jealous.”

“I think I’ve said it before, but you’re a real lifesaver, (Y/N),” Cisco says before turning to the children in order to explain to them what was going to happen.

“You’re sure you okay with this, Flower?” You feel Harry’s breath against your ear as he whispers to you. “You don’t have to.”

“Nonsense, it’s going to help you guys get everything done that you need to.”

“Okay, well, Jesse will be downstairs in the Cortex monitoring us if you need any help.”

“It’s just babysitting, Harry,” you reply with a little shrug, pecking his lips. “Piece of cake.”



Well, maybe not a ‘piece of cake’ as you had said, but still manageable. Cisco’s niece and nephew - Samuel and Isadora - were rather rambunctious after the Inner Circle left to take care of their illegal humanitarian work.

But you take it all in stride, enjoying the darndest things these kids say and running with them around the Labs. The guards have no idea what to do about this. Should they say something to you? The Boss’ sweetheart? To be on the safe side, they stay quiet. Some even try to hold their wavering stone expressions at the liveliness. You somehow wrangle the kids back into Harry’s office with the temptation of cookies and milk and arts and crafts.

At one point, all three of you climb on the office’s furniture and growl like fierce lions. It’s what Samuel wanted to do, and combined with Isadora’s request to have all of your faces painted, this had become the current game you were playing.



“Try louder, guys!” you encourage them, “Really give it your all! Like this - Grraarrrrghh!” You all roar especially loud this time.

“What do we have here?”

You turn around at the voice - Harry’s. He blinks at you with a smirk, clearly tickled at your face being painted with a little black nose and whiskers on your cheeks. He then looks at the kids to see their own little, painted cat faces.

“There are… kittens in my office?”

“No! We’re lions!” the kids protest and jump up when their Uncle Cisco walks into the room, followed by Caitlin and Jesse.

“So?” he asks, “You survived? They didn’t tear you limb from limb?”

“No! They were such fun! We had a good time, didn’t we, guys?”

“YEAH!” they shout in unison.

“(Y/N)’s the best!” Isadora cheers.

“She’s so much fun!” Samuel praises.

Harry smiles to himself while grabbing his jacket hanging on his desk chair. When he comes up beside you, he puts a hand on your waist and asks, “Ready to head home, Kitten?”

“Do you have to go?” Samuel asks with a long face.

“Are we ever going to see you again?” Isadora wonders. Their tiny, sad voices make you want to give them all the hugs and cuddles.

“Of course we’re going to see each other again!” you say, crouching down to their level. “You make sure your Uncle Cisco brings you back to visit, okay?”

The children give you a hug on either side of you and you feel like you’re going to burst with happiness. Today has been a blast, and as Harry guides you out of the Labs, you can’t help but feel like this experience has opened your eyes to something you never knew you wanted.

You suppose you’ll need to find the perfect time to bring this realization up with Harry…

On the way out, you tell Harry you’ll catch up with him in a minute. He nods and gives you a peck on the lips.

Jesse’s still collecting her bag from her dad’s office when you go back in to see her.

“Hey, Jesse, can I talk to you for a sec?”

“Sure, (Y/N),” she says, slinging her bag onto her shoulder, “what’s up?”

“So, now that we’re getting on really well-”

“You mean now that I’m not being a total bitch?”

“Now that we’re getting on really well, ” you insist, “it would make me so incredibly happy if you would be one of my bridesmaids at our wedding.”

Seeing her face light up at your offer is one of the greatest things you’ve ever seen. You could only imagine how Harry feels when he sees his daughter so happy like this. I wonder how it would feel if she were my own daughter?

“Wow, seriously? Yeah, oh my gosh, I’d love to, thank you.” Jesse hugs you.

When you pull apart, you say, “I’m so glad. The bridesmaid dresses should be ready any day now and I did order an extra one, just in case…”

“You’re the greatest,” she says.

“I know!” you laugh, “I’m just kidding. Now, shall we go catch up with your dad?”

“He wouldn’t dare leave without us.”

“No, he wouldn’t.” You wink at your future stepdaughter. “Or he’d be in heaps of trouble from us.”



Pen in hand, you sit at the kitchen table, checking off your guest list and seeing who still needs to RSVP. It’s getting late, but you feel the need to check everything over again.

Almost everyone you’ve invited has responded affirmatively to your invitation and this fills you with warmth. All these people coming together to see your love for Harry become something permanent and everlasting.

With only the low hanging bulb over the table to light up the room, you almost don’t notice Harry moving out of the shadows towards you.

“You know, nothing is going to fall apart if you take an hour off, Flower,” Harry says, and you can hear the smirk in his voice before you see it.

He stands across the table from you in his white dress shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and the top two buttons undone, with his hair a little messy. The low light seems to accentuate his handsome features and you find yourself smiling without even meaning to. 

“I just want everything to be perfect,” you sigh, relaxing back in your chair as you cap your pen. “This is our big day and I want it to go exactly according to plan.”

“I have no doubt that it will, just as long as we both remember to say ‘I do,’” he jokes, coming around the table and taking the seat next to you. You let out a little laugh before noticing that he has a box in one of his hands and eye him curiously.

Wordlessly, a small smile still in place, Harry slides the box in front of you, resting his hand on the lid as he speaks.

“This is just a little something I wanted to give to you after discovering your powers,” he says, eyes flicking from the box to yours as you tilt your head in silent question. “An early wedding present for my incredible bride, shall we say?”

You raise your eyebrow and pull the box a little closer to as Harry removes his hand from it. Undoing the white ribbon tied around it, you flash a look up at your fiancé.

“Hare, you need to stop spoiling me,” you tell him. 

“I haven’t even begun to spoil you yet,” he replies with a genuine grin which he reserves for you, running a hand through his hair, the other rests on his thigh as he watches you remove the lid and peer inside.

“Oh, wow,” you breathe, reaching inside and gently removing one of the pair of beautifully ornate throwing knives that rest on the cushioned interior. They’re so intricate, such a personal statement, that you can’t stop looking at them, gently turning it between your fingers.

“I had them made specially,” Harry explains, watching as you admire his gift, “they’re unique to you, Flower, and it means that I know you have both the skills and the means to defend yourself. And, call me old-fashioned, but these just represent that small part of me that still gets to defend you, even though I know you don’t need me to.”

“This means so much to me. I’ll treasure them always.”

“Will you treasure them when they’re piercing a man’s chest?”


He throws his hands up in defence. You shake your head and try to suppress your smile. “But yes, probably even then, but let’s avoid the whole ‘aim to kill’ thing. How about ‘aim to wound in self-defence’?”

“I can do that,” he agrees. “What do you say to taking these suckers out for a test drive?”

You take the blades out from their box and give them each a quick twirl in your hands.

“Let’s do it.”

Chapter Text


There were only five days left until the wedding and here you sit biting your nails because the bridal shop had taken their sweet time with alterations to the bridesmaid dresses. Their phone call late this morning to inform you they’re ready both relieves and infuriates you. Jesse must hear your clipped reply to the person on the other line because she offers to go pick up the dresses from the shop this afternoon in your place. She is insistent, and rather excited, now that she’s officially one of your bridesmaids too. Jesse also mentions that she still needs to pick out a wedding gift for you and her dad.

You busy yourself all day with more baking and calling to check on every business involved with your wedding. Are you still booked for the venue? Do they remember you wanted white cake instead of yellow cake? And the flowers! God forbid the shop you’ve hired gets the flowers all wrong!

But as the day turns to evening, there is still no word from Jesse. She’s been gone for quite a while now, and frankly, you’re starting to worry.

It shouldn’t take that long to do these tasks. Maybe she got distracted? Caught up with some old friends? Continued her own shopping? You really shouldn’t worry. She’s Harry’s daughter, for goodness sake! She can take care of herself.
You pace the bedroom floor as Harry comes into the room, grabbing his black cap and places it on his head. He must be about to go somewhere.

“What is it now?” you ask.

“I’m meeting with Oliver Queen.”

“You mean Mayor Queen? Of Star City? What business do you have with him?” Harry stays silent at your question, but you take a shot at it. “Wait- don’t tell me the mayor of Star City is a mob boss, too?”

“Okay,” Harry concedes, “then I won’t.”

“What’s the down-low? It must be pretty big if you’re meeting.”

“One of our common enemies has resurfaced,” Harry explains. “Damien Darhk. Deals with magic, if you can believe that. We’re creating an alliance between our teams. We’ll need all the man and woman-power in order to stop whatever Darhk might bring.”

You nod, taking this all in.

“I’ll probably be late tonight, fair warning, okay?” he says.

“Okay. I’ll be here. I’ll leave some food out for you,” you offer. “Sound good?”

“Sounds perfect.” His hand rests on your waist as he kisses you. Your heart swells and you are reminded of the special baby topic you’ve meant to bring up with him.

“Oh, and I don’t want to keep you any longer, but I’d like to talk to you about something when you get back.”

“Is it bad news? Or am I in trouble?” he jokes.

“No, not bad at all. But go, we’ll talk later.”

“Alright. See you later. I love you.”

“Bye. Love you, too.”

Not ten minutes later, your phone rings on the bed in front of you. The screen reads Jesse, accompanied by a picture of her and Harry that you’d taken earlier that week.

“Jesse! I was starting to get worried, where-”

“(Y/N), help! Get Dad-!” Jesse cuts you off, sounding frantic and scared to death.

“-How rude…” comes a second voice - a man’s. Your head is spinning as it tries to comprehend what’s happening.

“Who is this?” you ask, trying your best not to sound frightened. “What have you done to Jesse?”

“This must be Mrs. Wells to-be, yes? Yes, Jesse and I were just having a talk about your upcoming ceremony. I’m a fan of the bridesmaids’ dresses… such a lovely blue.” The voice on the other end of the call is calm, threatening, and strangely enough, amused. His tone is so casual that you immediately feel the danger. You have a horrible feeling as to who this voice belongs to.

“Who are you? And what do you want with her?” you press, attempting to keep your voice level and somewhat confident.

“My name is Damien Darhk, perhaps your fiancé mentioned me?” 

That’s who Harry was currently having a meeting with Oliver Queen about. Their mutual concern…

“Anyway, that isn’t the important part. Your stepdaughter is simply a placeholder,” he continues and you furrow your brow, not sure what he means by that. “My morals may be questionable on some levels, but holding children for my own ends has never sat well with me.”

“Then what do you want?” You dread the answer.

“I want you,” Darhk says. “A piece for a piece, Miss (Y/L/N), and the queen is definitely the most important one in chess. You’re worth more to me than poor Jesse here…”

“You want me to hand myself over to you in exchange for her?” you clarify, the hand that holds your phone shaking noticeably.

“Exactly. You have one hour to surrender yourself. If you so much as make a gesture to being in trouble, you’ll regret it instantly. Miss Wells will be sorely missed, I’m sure...”

The line goes dead on the other end and you're just left standing there, eyes closed as you think about this. You couldn't tell Harry, that was clear. You wouldn't let Jesse pay the price for your actions. So there was only one path you could take: give yourself over, just as Darhk wanted.

After hanging up, you run your fingers over the address of a card that had been delivered unbeknownst to you at your bedside.

Damien's address.

You make your way to your closet, taking your throwing knives with you in case things got hostile and you needed to defend yourself. The only thing you can do is to trade places with Jesse. She's too young to be involved, to be thrown into all this.

‘A piece for a piece,’ he had said on the phone. You could almost hear the smug smirk that prominently made its way to his face.

You pocket the card into your jeans and throw on a black leather jacket. Harry shouldn’t be back from his meeting with Oliver until much later tonight. It pains you that you won’t be able to say goodbye to your fiancé for what might very well be the last time. You crave his embrace, needing it to make you feel stronger, but you were trying your best to be strong enough for Jesse right now. He'd understand why you had to do this.

You take a deep breath before opening the front door and leaving the house, not knowing when, or if, you'd return. As always, there was a car set up out front to take you wherever you wanted to go. Climbing in the back, you give the driver instructions to drop you at your shop where you'd then walk to the meeting spot so that no one on Harry's staff would know where you'd gone.

Once you reach your shop, you wave a thank you to the driver, who then drives off, leaving you to your mission with no more security or surveying eyes on your movements.

You begin your walk to the warehouse district, giving you plenty of time to get lost in your head. Thinking about Harry and all of your happy times together, things that would keep you walking in the right direction.

This is for him, you think, as you approach the right address noted on the card in your pocket.

Finally reaching the door reading, NO TRESPASSING, you take a breath and go to knock on it. However, before your knuckles come in contact with the door, it opens as if by magic and reveals an empty corridor.

Oh, this was definitely the right place.  

You take a slow step over the threshold, and then another and another until you've reached the end where a second door swings opens onto a larger room. And there, over at the far end, is the unmistakable figure of Damien Darhk.

“Ah, you’ve made it!” the blond man says as if you’ve been lifelong friends. His tone alone makes you feel sick. “I was hoping you would.”

“I didn’t really have a choice, now did I?”

"Er, no, I guess not," he says with a little mirthless laugh, "But it was courageous of you, not telling your precious 'Harry.' I'll give you that." You glare at him in return. What you wouldn't give to wipe that look off of his face.

"And now, I'm going to have to take those weapons I know you've got stashed on you. Because we can't have you causing any trouble now, can we?"

Dammit, how did he-? You should have known he’d have figured it out. Damien raises a hand at you, and soon, your concealed knives slip out from their holsters attached to your legs under your skirt on their own. They float on their own, the points of your knives hover in front of your face. You suck in a breath and hold it.

"How easy it would be to just rid myself of you right now..." he muses as the blades move a fraction closer to you.

"Why don't you?" you fire back, your voice coming out much more confident than you feel.

"Because, my dear, I still need you." The knives instantly fly through the air into Darhk's hands. 

“Where’s Jesse?” you demand. “I’m here now. You can let her go.” You don’t know what you’d do if Darhk has already harmed her. Damien cackles at your gutsy words.

“Of course, how rude of me?” He motions for one of the side doors to open. Jesse chokes out your name as she runs to hug you.

“Jesse, please tell me you’re okay?”

"I'm okay, I'm okay," she says as you pull back from the embrace and hold her face, her hands covering yours and you see the tears welling in her eyes. "B-but what are you doing?"

"What I have to, okay? You have to go back to your dad and you tell him everything," you instruct her. "It's all going to be alright."

"No, no, you're coming back with me-" Jesse’s words are interrupted by her being pulled by an invisible force - Darhk’s magic - away from you and towards the exit. Even her voice, her defiant yells, seem to be muted as she’s forced out of the room.

“How do I know you won’t hurt her even now?” you ask.

"This is a game of chess, Miss (Y/L/N), and all games have rules. I'll abide by them, just as Wells will… if he wants to see you again, that is."

That at least gives you the hope that Jesse will make it back to Harry in one piece as she disappears from your view and the doors close, trapping you in this place. But it makes you less certain that you will.

"Now," Darhk says, clapping his hands together, "shall we get you settled in, your majesty ?"

Something tells you “settled” will not be the proper word for what was about to happen.




Harry's car pulls up outside the house as he returns from his meeting with Oliver, which now had the potential to lead to a proper alliance against Darhk. He makes his way inside, pulling off his jacket as he does before calling out to you. "Flower? Where are you?"

When there’s no response, he assumes you’re out in the garden.


You’re not there either.

Nor in the bedroom, nor any room in the vast house for that matter. Harry’s heart beats faster and faster. He tries calling your phone countless times, all ending with no answer. His hand runs through his hair as panic starts to set in.

He frantically calls Cisco instead to see if you'd decided to meet with the others while he's been gone, but when he's told that neither Cisco, Caitlin, Iris or Barry had seen you, he doesn't know what to do.

"Did she have somewhere she had to be this afternoon?" Cisco asks as the Inner Circle stands with Harry in your kitchen a couple of minutes later.

"No, she would have told me!" Harry runs his hand over his face as he paces back and forth. And then a horrible thought crosses his mind and he stops in his tracks. 

“It’s the wedding next week… what if she decided she didn’t want this and… left?”

“That’s ridiculous,” Caitlin says immediately before Harry can work himself up even more, “she wants nothing more than to marry you.”

Just then, Jesse bursts into the room, frantic and speaking far too quickly, stringing all her words together.

“He’sgother! Shetookmyplaceandhehashercaptive-”

"Jesse!? Slow down. What are you saying?" Harry's eyes go wide at seeing his daughter looking so startled, but she just holds onto his forearms and catches her breath before trying again.

"(Y/N), she went to Darhk and took my place so I could go free. He's got her captive now instead," she tells him and Harry stares at her for a second.

You'd done what?

His face turns to stone at the thought of you in this level of danger. An intense mix of emotions courses through him as he takes in the other part of Jesse’s sentence.

“What do you mean ‘took your place’?” Harry asks. What had Darhk done?

“He… he took me from the mall when I was buying you and (Y/N) a wedding present. He took me to this warehouse and then tried to get her to swap places with me… she didn’t even hesitate.”

Harry stands there looking stunned. “Jess, do you remember where you were, exactly?”

She shakes her head. Harry runs his hands through his hair again, taking a deep breath as he tries to think logically. But that rush of emotions comes back instantly - relief from having his daughter safe with him and dread from you being in the clutches of the worst man he knows.

Harry needs a plan and fast.

Chapter Text


After rushing everyone back to S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry, Jesse, and the team frantically try to pull a plan out of thin air with very little information to work from.

The ringtone on Harry’s phone at this moment seems almost deafening, making everyone freeze. Could it be you? Everyone else is present... Harry answers the call but doesn’t address the mystery caller on the other end.

“Harrison, right? I don’t believe we’ve met in person,” says the voice, “but I think we have a mutual little friend...”


"A little birdy once told me if you love something, set it free," Damien laughs evilly on the line, gently making a swirling motion with his hand as it grasps a clear glass of red wine. You are currently unconscious in your cell with a crown of rose thorns on your head and cold and iron chains around your wrists and ankles. “Shame you couldn't do the same for your precious little Flower."

"Darhk, if you do anything to her, I swear-"

"What I do to her is entirely up to you." Darhk's voice is calm, as though he and Harry were chatting about something like the weather. Harry clenches his fist. How dare he talk about your life so casually. "No, I'm calling now to make you an offer. I have what you want, and you have what I want, so I'm proposing a deal."

There’s a moment of silence on the other end and Harry blinks slowly, waiting.

“You hand everything over to me. The Labs, that profitable sketchy business and all that comes with it. You do this, and your bride will be yours again, just maybe a little out of sorts...”

Harry blows a puff of air, shaking his head towards the ground. He can’t believe it’s come to this. His entire life’s work for his whole world.

He doesn’t think twice.

Harry swallows, his Adam’s apple bobbing.

"Deal," Harry agrees firmly, his lips pressed into a thin line as he avoids everyone's eyes and stares ahead. "You have yourself a deal, Darhk."

"Excellent," the villain replies and Harry hears the wicked smile in his voice. "I'll give you a week. Seven days to have everything drawn up and ready to hand over to me. I'll give you an address on the morning of so that we can conduct our exchange. Your queen will be happy to see you, I have no doubt."

Harry licks his lips in thought. He’s doing this on purpose. He must know your wedding day is in five days. But he'll still have you then.

"Fine,” Harry utters through gritted teeth. “Seven days." 

The line goes dead and he pockets his phone. When Harry turns around, he finds everyone staring at him in anticipation.

“Damien Darhk?” Barry wonders. “What did he want?”

“Does he have (Y/N)?” Caitlin asks.

Harry nods. “Yeah. And he wants everything I have in exchange.”

“Everything?” Cisco clarifies.

“The Labs, the business and everything in between,” Harry replies.

“Including the tech? The metacine?”

Wait. That’s it.

"The metacine. Queen." Harry snaps his head up in realization. He hastily stands up from his chair with his hands flat on his desk. "I think... I have a plan," he looks to each one of them - Barry, Iris, Cisco, Caitlin, and Joe. They all inch closer with knitted eyebrows and concerned expressions. "Darhk said ‘queen’ - he meant (Y/N), but he’s given me an idea. We need a certain Mr. Oliver Queen for this to work."

"You have a plan?" Barry asks, suddenly much more hopeful.

"It's not foolproof, and it might not work, but it's all we've got if we want to stop Darhk from getting his hands on everything and save (Y/N)," Harry replies. "Allen, Queen should be halfway back to Star City by now. Turn him around, tell him everything, just get him here."

Barry nods before speeding out of the room.

"Snow, I need you to go back to the testing lab. The metacine is how we stop Darhk. We have to alter it to stop his powers - his magic specifically."

“I think I know where to start,” Caitlin says, “I’m on it. Jesse, care to help?”

“For sure,” she answers with a determined glare in her eyes.

Harry turns to Joe. “Can I count on you to be my back-up?”

Joe holds his hand out, which Harry shakes.

“Any day of the week.”


“But Wells, I think I’m going to need a bigger weapon.” Joe motions to his CCPD issued firearm - far too small for what they were up against.

“I know just the thing. Cisco-" Harry says, leaving his office with Iris, Joe, and Cisco in tow. "We need something from Queen," Harry makes a gesture to the mechanical engineer. "An object or cloth of some sort that links to Darhk so you can vibe him." The group head down to the lower levels of S.T.A.R. labs, where the Inner Circle prepares for their missions.

"So I can keep an eye on him and on (Y/N) for you? Got it, Boss." Cisco breaches out, hopefully to a rendezvous point where Oliver and Barry are.

"West," Harry turns to Iris as the three enter the elevator. "I need you to keep tabs on any surveillance tech in Central City and Star City in the Cortex. Pull up any info or recent news from the satellites regarding Darhk."

"You got it.” The elevator doors open and she heads to the Cortex immediately.

"Wells, where are we headed?" Joe asks.

"To my personal arsenal of firearms," he says over his shoulder with a smirk. “The Hidden Chamber.”

Harry leads Joe into the white room featuring various large pulse rifles and other weapons sitting on the shelves around the space.

"Take your pick," Harry says, grabbing his favoured one off of the wall while Joe heads to one of the cabinets.

"How have you not been arrested yet?" Joe asks, half incredulous, half teasing.

Harry just smirks and huffs out a small laugh. "Because I'm smart. And that's what I need to be and more right now." He primes his weapon and looks determined at Joe. "I need to outsmart him and save my fiancée." 

“And that’s just what you’ll do.” The detective picks one of the larger rifles from the cabinet.

“Great choice,” Harry says approvingly.

The Hidden Chamber’s door whooshes open.

"Did someone order a brooding archer with a first-rate experience with a pain-in-the-ass called Damien Darhk?" Felicity Smoak says as she and Oliver Queen strut into the weapons room. Oliver’s hands are stuffed in his pockets and a small yet apologetic smile appears his face.

"Queen, Miss Smoak," Harry says, shaking both of their hands. "Thank you for coming back... I need your help."
"I don't want to imagine being in your position right now," Oliver says, catching a glimpse at Felicity. "Whatever you need, we're here. I'll take any chance to take Darhk out for good."

“So will I,” Felicity says with some venom in her voice. “I was paralyzed because of what he did to us. Darhk needs to pay.”

Harry nods. He doesn’t even want to think about what he’s done to you already…




You wake up with a start, feeling tiny-like pricks against your forehead. Small sounds of clinking and clanking accompany your movements as you sit up from your laid down position, noticing that metal cuffs bind your hands and ankles with rusting chain lengths leading to the wall beside you.

Darhk had to have put you in some sort of limbo because now you were in a new room altogether. A cell. Your body aches, muscles tense from whatever the hell he had put you through while unconscious.

"Ah, you're awake," comes Darhk's casual voice from the other side of the bars. He stands with his hands behind his back and surveys you as you attempt to stand. You wobble on your feet but try to remain strong in his presence.

"Whatever you want from Harry, he is never going to give it to you," you say defiantly, your hands clenched into fists at your sides.

“Oh, how wrong you are!” Darhk replies smugly, “You see, he’s already agreed to our little arrangement. Harrison Wells is so blinded by his love for you, he’s ready to hand over his life’s work to me. Including his power over Central City.”

You can’t believe what you’re hearing.

"No," you swallow and shake of your head. Blood hammers through your body as your systems surge with adrenaline from your mind fully processing what's going on. "It can't be-"

"-True? Oh, my dear Flower." You crinkle your face in pure disgust at the way he says the nickname, but think it's best to bite your tongue in order to stay alive. Darhk continues, displaying his white teeth in a smirk, "It is true, and very soon, I will have control of an even bigger portion of the Underground Network."

You feel so many things at once that you have to sit down on the bench that serves as your makeshift bed in this place. Part of you feels flattered. Harry's willing to give up everything he's built to ensure your safe return to him. Another part feels guilty. You're potentially letting so many blameless people die at Darhk's hand by being the only leverage significant enough to accomplish his plan.

"Anyway, dear, in a week, you'll be back in Wells' arms. No need for you to worry about anything."

“A week?” you say, more to yourself, calculating the days in your head.

“Ah, yes, I’m afraid you’ll be missing your wedding... sorry about that.”

He clearly isn’t.

"Oh and uh," Darhk gestures to his head, then to you, "think of that as a little early wedding present. What better gift for a flower-loving queen than a crown of roses? Suits you, I think. Those droplets of blood are really accenting your whole look." He laughs cruelly, turning around and strutting as he exits the cell block. His enjoyment is drowned out by the door slamming shut.

Chapter Text


Over the next few days, Harry's plan begins to take shape. Caitlin and Jesse, with the help of Felicity and some nano-tech she'd helped Ray Palmer to develop, they are getting close to altering the metacine serum to target Darhk's magic specifically. No one is quite sure how long it was going to last without a proper field test, but it just had to be long enough for a Speedster to remove you out of his clutches.

“Everyone knows their role?” Harry asks his team in the Cortex. “I can’t stress enough how dire the situation is.”

“We understand, Boss,” Barry assures him.

“We’re ready,” Cisco chimes in.

Oliver puts a hand on Harry’s shoulder. “We’ll get her back.”

Harry takes a deep breath. “Good. Then let’s move out.”



You sit on your makeshift bed, staring into the darkness with only the dim light of a single dull light bulb hanging overhead. The blood that had been dripping from your cursed crown had now dried and caked onto your skin. You hug your knees close to your chest, shivering.

Cold... so cold.

Your clothes weren't enough to be a sufficient heat source for your body. Everything feels damp - a certain wetness in the air, almost as if it had rained — a cold rain.

You'd barely slept in the week you'd been in here, and the measly amount of food you'd been given has left you weak. A voice startles you.

“Well, we meet at last.”

The voice is smooth and cocky. At first, you think it’s Darhk, but when you look up and out behind the bars of your cell, you see a tall, dark-haired man with a stone-cold gaze emerge from the shadows.

“Who… who are you?” you rasp.

“My name is Malcolm Merlyn.”

You feel your muscles tense at the name.

“You put a hit out on me,” you say slowly, “You tried to have me killed.”

“Are you afraid?” he asks.

“No. It makes me want to kill you.”

“Charming. You’ve got spunk. Newly acquired?” You stare daggers at Malcolm, who moves a little closer to your cell. “You’re probably wondering why I did what I did?”

You can’t lie. That has crossed your mind maybe a thousand times.

“You hate Harry.”

“And do you know why?”

You shake your head.

“He killed my wife.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Can’t say the same for your fiancé.”

“That’s not true!” you defend Harry. “He’s distraught over the accident and all the victims from it. That includes your wife!”

“That may or may not be true, but that still didn’t stop him from destroying the lives of everyone in the city. You can understand how I had to take measures into my own hands, can’t you? I had to make him pay. To make him understand what losing the love of your life feels like. A piece for a piece, so my colleague tends to say.”

“What, are all you mob bosses friends or something?” you spit.

“Almost seems that way, doesn’t it? Damien and I have been friends and allies for years. When it came time to choose between my two lives, I chose Merlyn Global Group. It generates money and I had to provide for my wife and son. So I temporarily disbanded my League of Assassins, giving them a nice new home with Damien here at H.I.V.E. He’d hold onto them for me for when the time was right.

“As for Harrison, he and I go way back. Years ago, he went around to virtually everyone looking for backers for his Particle Accelerator. MGG had been one of them. I worked closely with him on that damned machine, though I was more on the business side of things, keeping up with progress and what have you. I learned a lot from that man.

“But when it became clear that the Particle Accelerator had a decent chance of resulting in mass destruction, I had to back out. For my company’s sake, the city’s and yes, for my own reputation. I couldn’t take that risk. I tried to tell him to shut it down, to quit before everything turned to shit. But did he listen? No. He wanted to see his brainchild come to life even if there was that small chance of horrific failure.

“On the night it went off… my wife, Rebecca - she was out on the balcony of our hotel. She wanted a nice view. I heard the explosion from our room, but only made it out in time to see her get hit by the wave and fall over the rail.”

You internally cringe at the thought.

“If he hadn’t- ” Merlyn breathes in through his nose and out through his mouth slowly. “That night, I vowed to take everything away from him one day. I thought that would only consist of his company and everything he’d worked for, especially after his daughter dropped off the face of the earth. I would have to settle for taking him down from the inside, but then you came along. You became the everything that I wanted to take from him.”

Your mind is reeling from all this information Merlyn is dropping on you. As if you didn’t have enough to deal with. But you're broken out of your thoughts when the door to your cell flies open and the binds on your wrists and ankles burst apart, clattering to the floor.

“You two have a nice chat?” Darhk strides in with a nod to Merlyn. He wears that annoying smirk on his face as he fiddles with the sleeve of his jacket. "Get up. It's time."

You’re still wobbly and have zero energy when you’re led out of your cell and down a series of corridors. It’s a surprise your legs even still know how to work. The only thing keeping you awake is the fact that he’s coming for you. Your Harry…

Damien drags you into an open room, and standing there in the middle of the space, is your fiancé. He’s dressed in his black jeans and shirt, with a leather jacket and his pulse rifle strapped to his back. He looks angry, but the moment he sees you, he’s relieved... until he recognizes the state you’re in. Then he’s furious.

"Harry," you say, voice raspy and you’re about to jump into his arms when Damien pulls you back by your wrist.
"Ah, ah, ah," he tsks, shaking his head in disapproval. "An exchange from King to King. Uphold it, and you'll have your Queen."

There's a briefcase by Harry's feet and he bends down to pick it up.

"Everything's in here. The accounts, my businesses, all of it detailed in here," Harry says in a deadly voice. "Now, let her go."

Damien uses his magical abilities to pull the briefcase through the air and into his hands.

“I’ll just need to look through this, in case you’re trying to cheat me.”

You’re practically shaking, wanting to run to the safety of your fiancé, but doing so could backfire against either of you. Darhk has that twisted smile on his face again, sitting down at the small table placed in the middle of the brightly lit, white room. Your eyes dart back and forth between the two men. Darhk sets the silver case on the table, hands nimbly about to open it, when a sudden bluish breach opens off to the side of the room.

Your eyes go wide as you watch Frost and Cisco jump through the opening before a red blur zips past them. Darhk instantly looks up from the case, face like thunder and you can't believe Harry's even trying something like this! He knows Darhk could beat every one of them with his magic. But then you hear the release of a bowstring and the sound of an arrow flying through the air…

At the same time the altered-metacine arrow soars, Cisco jumps through a new breach, finding himself behind Darhk and sends a vibe-pulse directly at him at the same time Frost shoots her icy powers. Three separate attacks from three different viewpoints. He can’t see everything coming at once…

With both hands, Darhk stops the vibe blasts and ice shots and smirks in triumph. But that triumph is short-lived because Oliver's precisely timed arrow pierces Damien’s back, injecting the serum into his spine which would ultimately paralyze him momentarily and stall his powers.

As a reflex, you sweep your leg with the only bit of strength you can muster, and maneuver Darhk to the ground where he writhes in pain.

“Take that, you bastard,” you wheeze.

“Why, you-”

You move to stumble towards Harry, but you only make it one step before you're lifted off the ground into Barry's arms as he speeds towards the breach, the light enveloping you as you're whisked through it. You close your eyes at the brightness before his feet land on the other side, the breach closing behind you.

In the blink of an eye, you’re standing in the safety of the Cortex, one of the many places you thought you’d never see again. Barry holds onto you as you wobble, but you turn to hug him.

“Thank you, Barry,” your voice tight.

“Anything for family.”

Another breach opens up, revealing Cisco and the rest of the team, Harry among them. He runs to you and you cry out, wrapping your tired arms around his middle.

Harry does the same and chokes back the bile that was rising in his throat from the stressful situation, trying to compose himself.

"It’s okay, Flower," he whispers against your forehead, petting your hair in a soothing manner that he always did to calm you down. "I'm here."

Harry feels the sting of the rose crown through his shirt and it makes him sick that Darhk subjected you to such a twisted form of torture. He grasps the wretched accessory, not registering it puncturing his skin. After removing it carefully from your head, he chucks it across the room with repulsion.

You press your face into his chest as he holds you as close to him as physically possible. You choke out a sob, your body beginning to relax against him as your adrenaline high ends. The pair of you just stand there for a few minutes, his hand smoothing over your knotted and dirty hair and he whispers sweet words against your head.

You are so incredibly exhausted, and filled with lingering anxiety and stress, your legs barely able to hold you up. But you could have stayed in his embrace forever. You just close your eyes as he holds you, balling his shirt up in your fist.

“Thank you,” he says quietly over your shoulder, addressing everyone in the room. They all give you tired but cheery smiles before leaving you two alone together. You pull away to gaze up at him, and he stares back with the same loving intensity. Harry leans in to kiss you, but you pull away from him.

"Harry, no, I'm not clean. I’m grimy and filthy."

Harry cups your face in both hands and you watch his every movement.

"I can’t imagine how it must have been for you in there, but just know, Flower, that for me, these last seven days have been the worst of my life. And that includes every set of seven days we were apart after your shooting, and that I really want to kiss you right now."

You chuckle to hide your impending tears. "I do too, but maybe I can have a bath first."

“You can have whatever you want.”




Harry has Cisco breach you, him and Jesse home so that you can get cleaned up and have the rest you so desperately crave. His hand is around your waist the whole time, letting you lean on him for support as you enter your home and make your way towards the stairs.

“I’ll make you something to eat, (Y/N)?” Jesse asks, edging her way over to the kitchen. You nod your head and give her a weak smile as Harry gives her instructions to make it something light so that you can be eased back into proper meals.

“Come on,” he says tenderly, taking you upstairs to your bedroom. As he enters the ensuite, you get distracted by the soothing evening sunlight streaming in through the windows, illuminating the crisp white sheets on your bed. This room holds so many good memories… and you’re glad that you’re finally back.

Vaguely registering the sound of running water, you turn on the spot and see Harry come out of the bathroom, drying his hands on a towel, and looking at you with a worried expression.

“Bath’s running. I used that bubble bath you like, the pink one? I hope that’s okay,” he says. The way he’s looking at you… like you’re fragile. You know he doesn’t mean it, but makes you feel useless.

“Thank you,” is all you say in response, as you both head back into the other room. Harry checks the temperature of the water and, seemingly satisfied, goes to leave you to it.

He walks by you, squeezing your arm gently. “I’ll be just out here if you need anything.”

He’s almost out of your reach before you grab his wrist to stop him from going any further. He looks at your hand and then up at your face as your eyes begin to water.

“Please, don’t leave me.” Your voice breaks as one tear rolls down your cheek. You’re not sure if it’s out of relief, exhaustion, or a result of your torture with Darhk, but you feel like being left on your own is going to make everything resurface and make you feel worse. And Harry is the one person who can make you feel better about anything.

“Okay,” he agrees, your own emotions reflected in his eyes, taking a few steps back towards you. 

You take a deep breath and start to undress, pulling off your ruined clothes and throwing them in a pile on the floor. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Harry covertly glancing at you, looking as though he’s checking you over for any injuries Darhk might have inflicted that he couldn’t see before. Luckily, there’s nothing more to rile him up; you’re sure he doesn’t need anything else to make him any angrier at his nemesis.

Looking at yourself in the mirror, you think you’ve lost quite a bit of weight over the week of barely eating, but most of the damage Darhk has done is in your mind. That’s going to be a lot harder to fix…

“I’m going to get a chair, Flower. I’ll be right back,” Harry assures, exiting the room as you get into the free-standing bath, lowering yourself into the steamy water. 

You let out a sigh as you relax in the bubbles, the scent of the berry soap filling your senses. You close your eyes and just concentrate on your breathing. The sound of Harry’s returning footsteps makes you look behind you, seeing him take a seat on a stool from one of the other rooms, your shampoo and conditioner in hand.

You’re safe. Everything is going to be okay now.

Neither of you says anything while Harry washes your hair and you’re perfectly fine with that, content to just focus on the feel of his fingers massaging the bubbles into your tresses, and washing away the past week the best that he can.

You hiss when the soap comes into contact with the remaining cuts on your head from that damn flower crown and you feel Harry freeze at the noise.

“Baby, I’m sorry,” he says hurriedly as you turn a bit to look at him. He looks worried that he’s caused you to hurt more and you know he’d never want to feel that way, even over something this relatively small.

“It’s alright, Harry, it’s not your fault.”

“Can I kiss you now?” Harry asks sweetly with a little smile, his thumb and forefinger holding your chin.

In reply, you just lean over and delicately press your lips to his in a short but tender kiss, telling him that you’re relieved to be back by his side.

And you never want to leave it again.

Chapter Text


It had taken many days after the ‘incident’ for you to finally set back into a regular schedule - a regular life again. Harry hadn’t so much as brought up the wedding you both were horribly robbed of amongst this whole mess. He wanted you to be ready for something that significant in your own time.

You wander into your grand walk-in closet, finding your wedding dress in its clear protective bag at the far end of the space. Unzipping and removing the case, you flounce out the dress and glide your fingers down the soft white fabric where it hangs. You should have been married by now, to the man who loves you with every part of himself. Not that you would ever have regretted trading places with Jesse, but you do wish that things hadn't gone quite so awry with the timing of it all. 

You sigh to yourself and cross your arms, a sombre look on your face.

"Hey," a voice startles you from behind. Your hand falls away from the dress upon seeing Harry.

“Hey...” you reply.

“You okay?” Harry inches closer to you.

“Yeah. I was just, I don’t know... thinking I should be your wife right now, but I’m not-” You’re about to ramble, but Harry breaks your string of thoughts by hugging you close. You relax in his arms. You'd missed his touch more than you could ever say while stuck in Darhk's clutches and now you savoured every hug, every bit of contact.

"I know, Flower," he murmurs into your hair, "and I'm sorry that the wedding didn't happen.”

"It's not your fault," you tell him, "I ran off to make a deal with Darhk. I'm the one who messed things up."

"Yes, to save my daughter." Harry pulls away from you to hold your cheeks tenderly. "You saved Jesse. Someone who was scared of the future and, because of that, treated you so terribly. But you saw past all that. Gradually getting to know her, and in the end, you were willing to sacrifice yourself for her to come back to me safe and sound. That is an amazing thing you did."

You look up at him and see the pure adoration in his eyes.

“And I don’t think I can ever thank you enough for that, Flower.” You step up onto your toes and kiss him.

“Marrying me will be enough. That’s all I want in this world right now.”

Harry squints as if in thought. You tilt your head as you watch him, silently asking him to tell you what's running through that brilliant mind of his.

"If we can get enough help to set something up and get invitations out again... maybe we would be able to rearrange it quickly?"

"How quickly?" You know you're beginning to sound impatient, but you truly want to marry him more than anything.

"A week or two, maybe sooner? We do happen to know two Speedsters."

An ecstatic grin breaks out on your face.

"A-are you sure, Harry? Is this what you want?" you inquire. Yes, you really want to marry him, but you want to make these decisions together. You didn't want to be the one to push the marriage if he didn't want it to happen right away. But then again, he wouldn't be in deep thought about it if he didn’t.

"Of course, I do, baby. What I want is to make you the happiest woman because you deserve the best and most precious things in life. And if I can do something to fulfill that, then I will."

“Okay.” You bite your lip, then go to peck his own a couple times, “I love you so much.”

“And I love you.” 

You snuggle into his chest and drape an arm around him. “You are my happiness, Harry,” you murmur.

You feel him smile as he holds you tightly, placing a kiss on the top of your head. There are a few seconds of silence before he speaks again.

"Well, we're going to have quite the evening ahead of us if we want to rearrange everything this fast," Harry muses as you look up at him again. "Are you hungry?"

"Mmm,” you hum at the thought, “can we get Chinese?"

"Yeah, just let me get my phone and I'll get Barry to drop some off for us. Fast delivery and all." Harry grins, quirking an eyebrow when he hears your stomach grumble loudly.

"I'll get the books, then. Meet you back here?" you ask expectantly, resting your hands on his chest. He leans down to kiss your lips.

"You bet."

You dig out your wedding planning materials, which you had filed in a giant three-ringed binder, and plop onto your king-sized bed. Truthfully, you hadn’t thought you’d be doing this again so soon, or ever again for that matter, but here you were. At least some of the more stressful elements could be carried over. You still think your dress is completely perfect, for one thing.

Harry arrives back in your room about ten minutes later, a bag of heavenly-smelling food in one hand, two glasses in the other, and a bottle of wine tucked under his arm.

"Expecting it to be that bad, eh?" you joke as he comes to sit next to you, passing you the food. He just chuckles in return. Pushing the huge binder in front so you both could observe and contemplate the wedding details, you pull out your order of delectable food contained in a takeout box along with some chopsticks. He fishes into the bag for his own order.

"So, what's the first thing that we need to look over, Flower?"




Harry can’t sleep. It could be from the late-in-the-day coffee or all the new last-minute plans to the wedding floating around in his head, but regardless, he’s awake and is resigned to wandering the house. He eventually ends up in the kitchen, thinking a middle-of-the-night snack would do him some good and is surprised to find Jesse sitting at the kitchen table under a single light, eating a sandwich.

“Jess, you’re awake.”

“So are you,” you notes.

“Can’t sleep?” Harry asks, reaching into the fridge for… he’s not even sure what at this point.

“Not really,” she says after swallowing, “I have a lot going on in my head.”

Harry hums, “Well, you’re in good company.”

“You too?”

He nods, rounding the island to sit next to his daughter. “Want to talk about it, Sweetie?”

Jesse snorts. “You won’t want to hear about it, trust me.”

“What makes you say that?”

“It’s about Wally.”

Harry grimaces.

“Told you,” she points out, then takes another large bite of her sandwich.

“We could… talk about it.”

“Okay then,” Jesse takes a breath, “After I was taken, then released by Darhk, Wally found out about it and he…”

“He what?” Harry presses.

“He told me he loves me.” Jesse’s voice is quiet, verging on confused. Harry sits back in his chair and rubs his face.

“Mhmm, he says, trying to keep his comments to himself while motioning for her to continue.

“And, I just, I don’t know. When he said it, I didn’t know what to say! I felt like I wanted to run.”

Harry clears his throat. “Do you, uh-”

“Love him too?”

“Yeah, that.”

“See, that’s what I don’t understand. I do love him. But why would I want to run away from that?”

“Honey, I think you’re scared of how much you’re feeling. I would know. I’ve been there.”

“You have?”

Harry nods. “And you know what you have to do? When you hear that voice telling you to flee, don’t run away from what’s scaring you. Run toward it. Run toward that love.”

Jesse takes in her father’s words, staring at the table, then looks up.

“Thanks, Dad.”

“Any time, Pumpkin.”

There are a few beats of silence between father and daughter.

“Dad, I was wondering…”


 “With you getting remarried and all, I was just curious- Are you, I mean, do you want to have kids with (Y/N)?” Harry’s eyes widen a bit at the question, his mouth open a little. His daughter is asking him if he wants to have children with you? This was not the conversation he thought he’d be having with her.


“-Because did you see the way she was with Samuel and Isadora? She’s so kind and loving and...” Jesse looks away for a moment, then lowers her voice to an unintentional whisper, “she kind of reminds me of Mom in that way.”

“Jesse.” Harry pulls his daughter in for a hug, kissing the top of her head. “She once mentioned hypothetically having a baby, and from then on, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it,” he confesses.

“I guess I wouldn’t mind having a little brother or sister one day.”

“You’d be the best big sister.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“I’m just- I don’t know if I’m physically able to do that for her.”

“Oh.” Jesse does the Wells family awkward tick and reaches behind to scratch her neck. “I mean, I’m sure everything is- you know what, I can’t do this. I’m trying to be an adult here, but,” Jesse shudders, “This is where I draw the line.”

Harry tries to resist laughing at that. “Okay. Now go to bed.”

“Dad, I’m eighteen. You can’t tell me when to go to bed.”

“Go to bed.”

She shakes her head in amusement. Things were finally back to normal between the two of them, better than in years, and he’s actually quite relieved they were able to have a relatively almost-not uncomfortable conversation about his relationship with you. The only issue was that Harry now has a new insecurity that has wormed its way into his brain.

Was he too old to have more children?

You clearly haven’t been outright in saying you didn’t want any, and if you indeed did wish to have children, what if he couldn’t fulfill that wish? He could give you anything in this world you asked for, but what if the one thing you wanted was the one thing he couldn’t deliver?

This worries him to no end but pushes the unwanted thoughts down in order to focus on his fast-approaching nuptials. He’ll cross that bridge when he gets to it.

Chapter Text


Today’s the day.

You never thought it would arrive, but here you stand, taking one last look in your full-length mirror, surveying yourself in your beautiful white dress, hair done up in an elegant style. Everything has to be perfect for this moment - this incredible moment that was finally happening.

Your wedding ceremony.

A smile breaks out on your face every time you even think about it.

"It's time." You turn to see Jesse standing behind you, looking wonderful in her bridesmaid dress. You take in a breath, the rush of adrenaline flowing through you - your heart swells at what’s to come. Grabbing your bouquet, you head to the door with Caitlin, Jesse, and Iris by your side.

The music begins to play and the ladies walk out first, pairing up with Harry’s groomsmen. Cisco, Wally, and Barry all looking tremendously dapper in their tuxes. When Barry and Iris have left to walk down the aisle, this leaves you alone to your thoughts in silence. A moment of peaceful happiness.

You close your eyes and take one final deep breath before stepping out into the petal-covered aisle yourself. Everyone stands at your appearance, but there might as well have been no one else in the garden just then because your eyes are fixed on Harry.

He's standing up there, his tux making him look so incredibly handsome while he looks your way and you can't help but smile brightly as you start making your way down the aisle towards him.

The biggest grin breaks out on Harry’s face at the sight of you. Every step you take matches with the beats of your thumping heart as he waits for you and you’re sure if you open your mouth, those butterflies will fly out. Your dress flows around you, emphasizing your enigmatic beauty as you glide gracefully to the front to be together again.

To become one.

When you reach the altar, you hand off your bouquet to Caitlin and turn to gaze upon Harry, who is pressing his lips together, trying to contain himself. You choke out a laugh at seeing him like this with his glistening eyes.

“You look so beautiful...” he whispers.

“You look so handsome,” you whisper back, though you both know these words can’t adequately describe how you really feel about the other. Harry gently takes your hands in his, kissing the back of one of them, both of you completely ecstatic right now. Neither of you takes your eyes off of the other, even as John Diggle, your last-minute officiant, begins reciting the words to the beginning of the ceremony.

“Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to join Harrison Wells and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) in matrimony commended to be honourable among all; and therefore is not to be entered into lightly, but reverently, passionately, lovingly and solemnly.”

Harry's eyes slowly well up with tears at John’s words and seeing him like this makes you teary as well.

“Into this - these two people present now come to be joined. If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together - let them speak now or forever hold their peace.”

The silence throughout the garden is deafening.

"Then, do you, (Y/N) (L/N), take Harrison Wells as your lawfully wedded husband?" John’s voice breaks you and Harry out of your trances, “-To have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death parts you?”

Without missing a beat, you say, “I do.”

“And do you, Harri-”

“-I do.” Everyone titters at his eager interruption. You smile up at him as you both wait for the next words.

“And now for the rings,” Dig says, and Barry is quick to supply them. He gives you both the promise to recite to each other as you place the gold wedding bands on the other’s finger.

You go first in repeating the line.

"I, (Y/N), give you Harrison, this ring as an eternal symbol of my love and commitment to you."

Your own hand shakes as Harry slides your ring onto your finger.

"I, Harrison, give you (Y/N), this ring as an eternal symbol of my love and commitment to you ."

"Then I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride."

Harry doesn't hesitate before moving in and pressing his lips against yours, cupping your cheek with one hand as everyone around you cheers, but you're totally wrapped up in Harry that you barely notice.

When you two part from your kiss, you smile up at him. His thumb tenderly brushes  your pink cheek. You lean up for another kiss, which Harry turns into a dip. He whisks you back up and takes your hand to walk down the aisle and into your home, officially as husband and wife.

Harry doesn't let go of your hand once as you wait for your guests to make their way from the seated area and into the marquee you had set up for the reception to take place. He steals little kisses from you before you both make your way across the garden, entering the tent to a tremendous applause. You have to dip your head slightly because all these eyes on you are suddenly now making you turn red.

Your fingers are interlocked, him leading you to the large table that holds the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The flowers and beautiful centrepieces in the middle of each table were all designed by you in the end. Oliver’s team takes their seats in tables set side by side. Felicity excitedly waves to you from next to Oliver. 

Before you take your seats, Harry leans in to whisper, "I can't wait to take that dress off you tonight... with my teeth."

You give him a playful shove.

“Shh, someone might hear you.“


You shake your head. “Harrison Wells, my naughty husband.”

He just hums his laughter and kisses your cheek. "Only for you, my Flower," he says as you both take your seats.

You've never seen him happier than he is right now. It's like he's allowed himself to let all of his problems with his businesses, Darhk, everything , go so he can spend this day with you, letting nothing in the world be more important than your happiness.

The reception night goes off without a hitch - from greeting the guests one by one, to listening to toasts from Caitlin and Cisco.

"Honestly, these two cannot keep their hands off each other,” Cisco says, “There was this one time-" Harry throws the fabric napkins at the younger man’s face as you gasp. The guests let out roars and wolf whistles, while poor Jesse hides her face at that comment. Cisco wasn’t wrong, though, because Harry has had his hand resting on your thigh the entire time you’ve been sitting down, his thumb rubbing little circle.

“Anyway,” Caitlin thankfully interrupts, “it’s about time for the bride and groom to have their first dance.”

You and Harry swiftly get up from your seats, eager to distract everyone from the previous comments. Harry leads you into the centre of the marquee as everyone gathers around the edge to watch you two.

He pulls you close with your linked fingers, his free hand resting on the small of your back and yours on his arm.

"You remember how to do it?" he whispers into your ear.

"Just like you taught me," you affirm, transported back to your first date. You'd come so far since then…

The song starts to play and Harry holds you close. He leads you in your dance, everyone and everything fading away because he’s the only one you see. Always has been.

A flood of memories flash before your eyes - all of you and Harry, all the things you’ve been through leading up to this perfect point. You don’t even mean to, but tears begin streaming from your eyes and Harry looks at you with such love that it makes them fall even easier. He brings your waltz down to a simple sway, wiping his thumbs under the tear streaks on your face.

As the song ends, Harry leans in and gives you another gentle kiss as everyone around you applauds. You pull back and look into his eyes, a small watery smile on your face before he brings you into a hug in the middle of the floor. A more upbeat song starts to play and other couples begin to join the pair of you, dancing to the music under the soft lighting in the tent.

You dance with Harry, tucking stray strands of hair behind your ear before Barry and Cisco pull him aside to have a turn. Chuckling, you humour them and dance along to the beat.

After the upbeat song ends, the guys all pull Harry in to do a little dance, picking him up to throw him in the air and back down.

"For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good felloooooooooooow!" the guys chant as Harry's thrown up multiple times. There might have been a time where Harry would have cringed, nay, lashed out at a gesture such as this. But since you’ve come along to brighten his life, his tolerance for these kinds of moments has increased. Though you like to think he secretly enjoys them now.

Later, when you and Harry have reunited with both feet on the floor and dancing again to the slower songs, Jesse comes up beside you.

"Dad?" You both pull away from your comfortable embrace, where you had been resting your chin on Harry's shoulder, eyes closed, and see Jesse standing there with Wally. "I'm gonna stay with Wally tonight, after this."

"Oh, okay," Harry says, sounding a little surprised as she's stayed at home almost the entire time she's been back.

"Come on, Dad," she replies, looking around a little awkwardly. "I know what happens on the night a couple gets married. I'm leaving the house to you two..."

"Right..." Harry says, rubbing the back of his neck and you have to suppress an embarrassed giggle, "Alright then, honey." 

"Remember - use protection, you two! Or don't! I'd be okay with a baby brother or sister running around," she quips before leading Wally back to their table. You both stand there, not knowing what to say or do at her teasing words, your index finger hooked onto his.

Caitlin shuffles up to you.

"Hey, it’s time to cut the cake."

You lead Harry by the hand to where everyone has gathered by the fabulous three-tier wedding cake. Both Harry and yourself cut the first slice, his hands placed on yours. The group cheers. But when you go to feed each other a piece of the decadent dessert, someone’s hand “slips.”

"Flower," Harry says in a chastising way, but his smile gives him away. You bite your lip to stop yourself smiling too widely as you see the way the icing is smeared around his mouth, with a little bit on the end of his nose.

"What?" you say, batting your eyelashes innocently, "you'd have done the same."

And then, just to prove your point, he does. 

Before you can say anything, he leans down to kiss your pouty, icing-covered lips. Licking it all up, and slowly building up to a heated kiss. Everyone ‘aww’s at you, except for two troublemakers.

"Keep it in your pants, Harry!" Cisco and Barry shout in unison, popping up from their chairs, hands around their mouths to project their words.

"I swear I'm going to kill them one day," he whispers to you when he pulls away.

Then it’s time for you to throw the bouquet to the unmarried ladies. You turn your back to them and count to three, tossing the bundle of flowers over your head. You can’t wait to see who catches them...

There’s a cry of excitement, and you see Cisco pat Barry on the shoulder. Iris had caught the bouquet!

But now it’s time for Harry to have his fun. He helps you sit down in your chair as he dives under the tulle of your gown, which gets the crowd whistling yet again. He gives your thigh a little nip, making you squeak, and pulls down your garter.

When he throws it in the same fashion you did to all the unmarried gentleman, Wally ends up being the one to catch the garment. Harry catches sight of this and immediately rejects the win.

“Nope, nope, can I get a re-do?”

You chuckle at his expression, clinging to his arm and kissing the look horror from his face. You easily get lost in the kiss and know that it's not going to be long before the pair of you leave this party to have one on your own... But you dance to another couple of songs, including one with Oliver Queen.

“Congratulations,” he says in a low voice while you sway slowly around the dance space. “If anyone deserves to be happy, it’s you two. You’ve been through so much.”

“Thank you, Mr. Queen, I’m sure we’ll be very happy.”

“Please, it’s Oliver. Harrison and I have been in business long enough for that,” he tells you with a friendly smile.

“Yeah…” you reply quietly, thoughts drifting to their mutual business interests for a second before Oliver pulls you out of them again.

“Listen, if you truly want to do right by him, you have to try and get him out of this,” he says in your ear as your eyes immediately fall to Harry, who is dancing like you are, with Felicity. “I’m in this life because I chose it, working underground in Star City in a way that helps to keep it running at least somewhat smoothly. But your husband… He is involved in this as his penance. He feels he’s repenting for his sins and when he’s done that, if you don’t help him out, he’ll be trapped in it. Forever.”

Oliver kisses your cheek as the song ends, leaving you to think about his words as you swap partners and settle back into Harry’s arms.

"Are you happy?" Harry asks you as he leads you to sit down at the head table.

"You know I'm always happy when I'm with you," you respond, taking a small sip of your water, feeling a tad exhausted, but elated at the same time. You both share a similar smile, falling into a sort of trance, just watching each other and being "sickeningly cute" as Cisco had once put it.

Some guests here and there had gone to your table to congratulate you, the happy couple, before leaving. Their gifts reside on a table set up by the entry-way. Luckily, the speedsters and members of the Inner Circle help with clean-up duty, which doesn’t take long at all.

You’ve been surrounded by people this entire day, so it’s a little off-putting when everyone has left for the night. Now it’s just you and Harry...

Your husband.

Wow, you’ll never get tired of hearing that.

"Ready to, um... go inside?" he asks, though you know what he really means by those words.

"So ready," you answer, linking your fingers with his. You both make your way back across the garden and in through the glass doors of your house. 

Harry locks the door behind you, officially shutting the outside world out and you waste no time in pulling on the lapels of his jacket and kissing him passionately - in a way you'd resisted during the rest of the day.

Harry's callous hands are all over you. Feeling every inch of your body over your white dress, pressing you close to him as he nips at your glossy lips. You gasp, allowing him entry into your mouth. He works his mouth as if he needs to memorize your taste as if he hadn’t already. You throw your arms around his neck, playing with the hair at his nape.

“Take me to bed, husband,” you tell him. You make a startled noise when he scoops you up in his arms to carry you to the bedroom.

“It would be my pleasure, wife.”

He quickly makes his way through the house with you urging him on with little kisses and nips to his jaw and neck. When you do reach your bedroom, Harry's almost overcome with need for you and immediately places you down on the bed. He goes in for your lips again.

You start to loosen his bowtie, not once breaking the kiss, your own hunger for him growing by the second.

Harry unzips your dress and, as he promised, pulls it off you with assistance from his teeth. They graze your tender skin as he makes his descent down, ridding you of the flowy article, pushing the dress to the floor, which you are not happy with.

“Harry, that dress is the single most expensive item of clothing I own; it is not staying on the floor.”

It is and it’ll stay there until we’re finished,” he growls, before kissing his way down your body.

You sigh in contentment at the feel of his lips, forgetting about your dress, but you squeal when he nuzzles his face into your white lace panties, placing kisses there over the fabric. You cup his cheeks and pull him to look at you, and pout.

"Uh-uh, how about we both strip?"

You start unbuttoning his dress shirt while Harry locks his lips to your neck. When the last button is free, he shucks it off without taking attention away from his heady kisses. Your fingers glide down his rippled stomach to meet his belt and you can’t help but rub his hardening self before undoing it.

He lets out a groan against your skin then helps you rid himself of his pants and throws them far across the room, so you're both now in your underwear. Harry maneuvers you onto the bed, where his fingers trace up and down your curves as you bury your fingers in his hair, lips smacking loudly against one another with your needy kisses. He slips his fingers into your lacy panties, sliding them off your legs and condemning them to the floor. His eyes flick between your own and your bare sex that he's just revealed.

"Go on, Harry, eat me," you say in an enticingly sinful tone.

"My, my… Not a blushing bride, are you?” he growls again, “Then I'm going to pleasure you until you’re wholly satisfied." He licks his perfect lips at you, deep blue eyes darkening with each passing second. Harry nestles his face into your neck again before trailing deep kisses and nips down your body. But suddenly, Harry’s mouth stops exploring and he lies flat on his back on the bed.

“I thought you were going to ‘pleasure me until I’m wholly satisfied’?” you ask curiously, going to straddle his middle.

“I am,” he puts simply. You’re about to ask how in that position, but he answers you before you can pose it. “You’re going to sit on my face.”

You let out a loud, involuntary moan at his words.

“I thought you’d like that,” he says, sounding smug. “Now, come up here.” You do as he says and shuffle up the length of his body so that your wet heat hovers just above your husband’s face. Harry’s mouth meets you halfway, stopping to linger for a moment. You feel his hot breath on you and it only ignites you so much more. His tongue darts out to lick up the length of you, followed by a kiss to your clit. You squirm at the feel of his unbelievable mouth.

“Mm, Harry, God...”

He smirks against you before his tongue enters your wetness, licking and sucking at such a slow pace. You toss your head back and close your eyes as you begin to arch your back and moan for more. But he pulls away slowly, looking up at you from between your thighs. "Mm, you taste so good, Mrs. Wells..."

You look down at him, panting as you lock into his dilated, hungry eyes.

"It’s all for you, Doctor Wells," you purr, which stirs something inside of him to dive back into your sinfully wet folds above him. His tongue roughly licks at you, then starts to suck your sensitive nub. Your legs quake and your hips rock down against his intoxicating mouth as your eyes roll back into your head. Harry has to hold your hips to keep you from twitching above him so much.

“I need your sweetness, (Y/N)... Give it to me.”

You whine and grip the headboard with both hands. You’ve lost all control of the speed in your hips’ movements, chasing your desperate climax. You come hard with Harry catching your release as it meets against his ready tongue. He always makes it sound as if you are the greatest delicacy he’s ever tasted. You mewl into your descent, only to realize that your husband isn’t quite finished with you just yet.

Harry helps you down to lie on the bed and hovers over you with a loving graze of your skin.

"You like that, baby?"

You nod, still in your content daze. 

"Do you want more?"

You bite your lip as you repeat your nodding, feeling that sensation building inside you again. He promised to make sure you were satisfied and you weren't fully there yet. 

"Well then," he says with a smirk, leaning up to kiss your lips again, tasting yourself on his tongue. Just as he lets two fingers play with you, he leans over to nibble on your earlobe and whisper in your ear, "I guess now I'll have to give it to you."

Now he's ghosting his slender and skilled digits just outside of you, knowingly teasing you. His finger dances a circle around your entrance until you’re begging him to stop playing around. He concedes, thrusting his fingers inside while his thumb goes to brush your nub, which is now positively pulsating from all of his stimulations. You’re a moaning mess, still not having fully recovered from Harry making you come previously.

“Harry, Harry, please, f-faster. I need faster.”

"I'll give you everything, beautiful," he growls, rubbing you faster, harder in time with his fingers' thrusts, watching as your back arches off of the bed underneath him. You keep eye contact with him, starting to whine as he brings you to the brink, wondering how he's still holding on himself.

He watches you mewl his name for your urgent release, fucking his hand with lustful want, your head tipping back with eyes screwed shut. His cock couldn’t be harder as he watches you start to unravel your everything to him, a tightening feeling forming in his lower abdomen that he starts to hiss, but continues to work you towards your second orgasm.

The room fills with your loud exclamations and the obscene slick noises his fingers make as he works you so fast. You’d almost think his fingers were vibrating at the speed they’re moving. With a curse on your tongue and a full-body shudder, you succumb to Harry’s master touch yet again.

You let out another high pitched moan of Harry's name, hands coming up to smooth over his chest. You open your eyes as you come down from this second high, smiling lightly at the pleased expression on his face.

"You... are so good... at that," you say between your heavy breaths. He sucks his fingers clean.

"I just know exactly what your body wants, beautiful. And I'll make you come ten times more if that's what you need from me," he replies against your lips before diving in for another kiss.

"I think it's your turn," you reply huskily, reaching down to palm him through the fabric of his boxers. "I want you inside me, Harry. I want you to… fill me up.” You take in a small breath, exhausted from coming hard twice already. This man should get a Ph.D. just for being able to make you feel like this. Your hand snakes into his boxers to feel his straining cock, the tip already wet with precome.

He crawls up to kiss you and run a hand through your hair.

“Oh, believe me, I will,” Harry growls with a rut of his raging hard-on against you.

"Ah-" you moan into the kiss, at the way he was putting pressure on your already highly sensitive region. But you are so ready for more. Your fingers claw at the waistband of his boxers and he takes your hint, reaching down to pull them off and throwing them away from the bed.

He's all bared to you now, love and lust and sex hanging heavily in the air. But Harry doesn't break the kiss, instead cupping your face and pouring all his love into it. He grinds his hips - his excitement - against you. Your arms wind around his neck, pulling him so close that your chests are pressed against each other. He takes hold of his cock and lines himself up to you. You’re ready. You’re more than ready. You need to have him buried deep - desperate to be connected to your husband in this way.

He pushes his way inside you, both of you letting out your own moans and grunts at the feeling. Every time you do this it feels incredible, giving yourselves to each other like this. When he's fully sheathed inside you, he gives you only a second to adjust before beginning to move his hips at a tantalizing pace.

You’re flushed under him, hair splayed out around you, looking like an angel and your heart's racing once more. He wants you to feel all of him, to know that you're his and he's yours.

He rocks his hips into you and you meet his perfect thrusts with those of your own.

“Yes, baby, ugh, so good...” he says, eyes refusing to look anywhere other than yours.

“I love you, Harrison, I love you, oh God, I love you so much!”

"I love you, Flower, I love you with everything I h-have," he says back as he increases the speed of his thrusts in order to pull you both to the brink. He's slamming into you, making you feel like nothing else in this world ever could.

"Oh God, Harrison, I'm coming-"

"I'm there, Flower, fuck-" 

He brings you in for a passionate kiss, tongues clashing. With one final thrust, you both come together, groaning into each other’s mouths. You spill onto his hardened length, clawing at his back, which causes him to hiss. He finds his release fully sheathed in you too, filling you up as you had wished. Your chests heave from the exertion and your shaky breaths collide to form one, even still when Harry can’t stop kissing you.

He gently pulls out of you, continually whispering words of love against your lips before lying down on his back next to you. You shuffle over on the mattress, almost lying on your stomach and resting your head on his chest as his fingers trace over your bare back. The two of you are content and tangled up together in the crisp bed sheets, his leg hooked around yours.

"My beautiful Flower," he muses, tenderly holding you close. You chuckle exhaustedly, the ache between your legs happily present.

"My strong, handsome man," you yawn sleepily. You are both lulled into a peaceful sleep by each other’s steady heartbeats and breathing, the warmth of your tired bodies the wonderfully soothing end to your perfect wedding night.

Chapter Text


“Aww, look, babe. Oliver tries to get sappy in this one!”

It’s late morning and you’re sitting at the kitchen table in your silky black dressing gown opening wedding cards. There are so many sweet cards from your friends and families and even some of Harry’s employees!

Harry laughs at the thought while stirring his coffee. You go to open another envelope from the pile, picking a solid black one. Opening it, you find a matching black card with no name.

Just the words in a shimmering silver:


Congratulations to the King and Queen. I await our final match.

You suck in a breath and drop the card from your fingers like you’ve been burned. The chair squeals as you get up to leave the room.

“Flower?” you hear Harry call, but you continue to walk out of the house and into the garden, stopping at the fountain’s edge where you can’t prevent the sobs from escaping you. 

All that time in Darhk’s prison comes flooding back and you feel like you can barely breathe.

Harry walks over to the table to see what it was that had made you upset. He picks up the card, and after reading the ominous words, he rips it to pieces. You thought you’d be okay once you’d returned home from the whole Darhk situation. Clearly, he still had a hand on the Queen.


A few days after the wedding card incident, you still feel restless, twitchy, and fall in and out of these strange dazes. Darhk has gotten under your skin. Even now, you couldn’t quite feel normal again and were always looking over your shoulder despite being in the safety of your own home and Harry’s seemingly constant hovering presence. It’s as if Damien had left a permanent curse of uneasiness within you after everything he had done.
And it was killing Harry.

“Flower. Pack your bags,” he says abruptly one afternoon, catching you staring out the window at nothing.

“Pack my what?” This catches your attention.

“We’re leaving,” he puts simply.

“For where?”


You stammer a string of nonsense. Fiji? What in the world? Surely, he must be joking.

“We’re going on our honeymoon,” he tells you. “We’re getting you out of here. Somewhere where we - mainly you - can relax and of course, put this horrid thing that happened far behind us. To start anew.” Harry moves carefully toward you to rub your shoulders. You tilt your head back and close your eyes at his touch. “Just imagine - crystal blue water, white sandy beaches...” His words help you to create a gorgeous mental image in your head. It does sound pretty amazing right about now.

Harry continues, “No work, no worries, no interruptions. Just enjoying each other’s company as husband and wife...”

You twist your head around to look him in the eyes, and instantly you feel a wave of comfort wash over you.

Maybe this is precisely what you need to move on.

You give Harry a little nod and a smile, getting up from your spot by the window. He pecks your lips before you pass him and head towards the stairs. 

“So, how long should I pack for…?” you ask over your shoulder.

“Two weeks as a starting point, but we’ll stay for however long you want,” he replies.

You hurry upstairs and start pulling out any beach-worthy outfits you can find from your closet. You find the packing process soothing and you begin to relax more as you think about standing on a beach in Harry’s arms.


The next morning, Cisco breaches you and Harry to a stretch of beach in Fiji. You know Harry owns at least two private jets, but this saves you both from travelling and the subsequent jetlag so that you can enjoy the most amount of time with each other.

Harry carries your bag and his own up the beach towards the only house you can see for nearly a mile in either direction.

“Harry, this place… it’s incredible,” you say in awe. Staring around, the ground below your feet changes from fine, white sand to a pale stone path that leads past a crystal blue pool and up to the villa itself. Palm trees surround the area in front of the beach, providing shade for the sun loungers decked with cream cushions and a sheltered seating area over to one side.

The building itself is white to reflect the vast amount of sunlight with tall pillars supporting an overhanging roof and balconies for both visible rooms on the first floor.

You can barely take it all in.

You reach the rear of the villa. The folding doors are open, revealing the interior of the place, which was just as gorgeous as the outside - all stylishly furnished. Surprisingly cool too, given the heat of the sun outside. 

“You must be Doctor and Mrs. Wells,” a woman says, coming through the open-plan ground floor and shakes Harry’s hand and then yours when she reaches you. “The place is all yours, Sir. Here are your keys and I hope you enjoy it here. I believe congratulations are in order as well,” she says with a broad smile as Harry takes your hand and returns the gesture.

“Thank you,” Harry replies, accepting the keys, “I’m sure we’ll be very happy here.”

“Well, if you need anything, don’t hesitate to call!” the woman replies brightly before giving you a parting nod and a smile and leaves the building to you and Harry.

“How long did you book this place for?” you ask after she’s gone, still not able to stop looking around, gently gliding your fingers over the cushions.

“Book? No, Flower, I bought it.”

You look at him, completely stunned. “You… bought it?”

“Yeah,” he says with a little smile, wrapping his arms around you from behind and kissing your neck. “Call it a wedding present for my beautiful and incredible wife.”

“Harry…” You’re utterly speechless. This man will never cease to amaze you.

You turn in his arms and bring your own around his neck, pressing your lips firmly against his in a kiss to convey all your love for him. “I can’t believe the things you do for me…”

“Baby, I would do anything for you, you know that,” Harry replies gently, one hand coming up to play with a strand of your hair that frames your face. “You’re my everything.”

You instantly lean up on your toes and kiss him again, this one longer and full of yearning. Your lips part with a soft smack and you look up at Harry, nibbling on your lip with a little gleam in your eye. 

“How do you feel about checking out the master bedroom?” you ask coyly, your hand snaking down and taking his. “I think that the bed might need… breaking in.”

A genuine smile breaks out on Harry’s face as he laces your fingers together. You suddenly realize that this is the first time you’ve shown interest in taking him to bed since your wedding night. Since before your bubble of contentment had been burst. His plan to distract you in this far away haven seems to be working already.

“I think that’s a wonderful idea, Flower.”

You spend a couple of days either lying on the beach and tanning, swimming in the pool or the sea or spending some quality time with your husband in your bedroom. Just you and him, just as he’d promised.

Chapter Text


You are quite possibly having the greatest time of your entire life.

Harry makes sure that you both are kept busy, booking activities and excursions one after the other. There’s not even time to think about anything awful that has happened in the past because you’re so in the moment of whatever you’re doing.

He has you zipline through the rainforest, soaring over the treetops and feeling the adrenaline as you feel like you’re flying. Now that’d be a meta-ability you’d be up for, although you wouldn’t give up your gift for anything.

Harry books a romantic dinner cruise on a boat that holds a two hundred person capacity, but in true Harrison Wells fashion, he arranges to have the vessel all to yourselves.

You watch the sunset over the ocean after you eat the fabulously prepared food. The sky leaves pink streaks and there’s a slight evening breeze that feels amazing on your skin. You notice how the water twinkles in the sunlight and you’re instantly reminded of Harry’s eyes. Out on the deck, he hugs you from behind and you reach back to place a hand to his cheek. You keep thinking you know what love is, but there always seems to be a new moment with Harry that redefines the word.

On another gorgeous evening during your spectacular honeymoon vacation, you catch wind of a festival happening later that night.

“A festival? Oh, Harry, let’s do that tonight!”

“Really? Because I was thinking we could stay here and... you know...”

“But we can do that any time. Come on, it’ll be fun!”

The look on his face shows he thinks otherwise. You’ll just have to show him a good time.




One thing is for sure - Harry can’t keep his eyes off you in your short, bluish-pink dress with a ribbon tied around your waist. And much to his chagrin, neither can the other men present at the festival.

This sends him into a silent, fuming spiral which is almost unrecognizable to the average eye. But Harry is your husband and you know him better than anyone else, and you sense it’s driving him off the wall.

Something else you’ve noticed throughout the evening is that his eyes have been almost constantly on your ass, and glaring at the other men doing the same. When he catches a few younger guys checking you out, Harry snakes a hand down to your bottom as you both walk past them.

"Harry," you whisper.

"Yes, Flower?" he says with a devilish smile masking as an angelic one, as if having his hand on your rear is a routine occurrence.

"As much as I love having your hands on me, we're in public. So you have about five seconds to take your hand off my ass, Mister."

It’s clear to you he half wants to respect you, half wants to test your limits, here. You stop walking and give him a warning look. Harry bites his lip and now stares directly down at your chest, which is accented well beneath your outfit for the night. It’s in this moment Harry squeezes your ass, eliciting a small squeak from you. You probably sounded like a squeak toy just then!

“Harrison Wells!” you scold, trying to keep your amused expression hidden.

"Sweetie... you know it’s hard for me to keep my hands off of you,” he tries to reason, “and my eyes. And the eyes of the other men here are just-" Harry makes a gesture. "I need to assert myself as your husband."

You suppose you can understand where he’s coming from. You catch a few other men staring at you off to the side, trying to be subtle and failing miserably.

“Okay then,” you concede. “Assert yourself, baby.”

"With pleasure." This unbelievable man - your husband - gives you a toothy smirk before both his hands go to grasp your ass, tenderly squeezing it before pressing you close to his body and gives you a heated tongue-filled kiss in front of a hoard of strangers. Your hands run up his back, then back down and up again. Harry dips you to make the whole scene over the top and the male spectators seem to have had enough of this.

Once you two pull away from your unabashed makeout display, Harry can’t help but feel proud that he can still manage to take your breath away as if every time he did it was the first.

“Think they got the picture?” he asks.

“I think everyone got the picture,” you say, looking around.

Off in the distance, music begins to play. This piques your curiosity and you make your way to where it plays. A group of people have gathered, couples dancing, at the end of the booths and tables of trinkets.

Your hips sway to the music. It’s foreign but familiar and you can’t help but dance, especially with any previous weight that was once in your shoulders having been lifted. You feel the beat, the rhythm, and spin out onto the space where others are dancing.

Harry stands momentarily off to the side, watching you. It’s like he’s transfixed. You relish the feeling of still being able to hold his attention like this after all this time. You wiggle a come-hither finger at him, to which Harry pretends to look around and points to himself.

Me ?” he mouths. You dance over to him and take his hand.

“Yes, you, handsome stranger.” You pull him into the group of people, which has now grown in size. “Dance with me.”

Harry twirls you, then in a swift motion, brings you in to press against his body, hand on your back. You suck in a breath.

“I want to do so much more than dance with you right now,” he says. You turn around so that your back is to him. With a series of swivelling hip movements, you bend your knees slowly, making sure your ass is grinding down against his crotch. You think you see him toss his head back as if he can’t believe what’s happening down in front of him.

Coming back up to kiss him into reality, you feel the evening heat and the music driving you even wilder. You practically purr against his parted lips, “Tell me what you want to do to me.”

"God, (Y/N), I love it when you talk like that..." Harry whispers, his hands holding your waist as you continue to move your hips to the beat. "You used to be so innocent..."

"Maybe I was always like this," you reply, looking up at him through your lashes, "I just needed someone like you to help bring it out of me.”

You see his eyes darken as he watches you dance in front of him, licking his lips. His lips ghost your ear, "I want to see you use these moves while you ride my cock, baby..."

"Then I guess you'll have to dance with me in bed, Daddy," you purr once more, a smirk showing on your face as the multi-coloured lights flickering on the people on the dance floor.

Harry looks like he’s stopped breathing but swiftly recovers, grasping your chin between his thumb and index finger to fully look at you in the dim light of the night.

"I love it when my good girl goes bad," he murmurs against your lips. You forget the people around you as the noise of the music drowns them out. It’s just you and Harry in this slow-moving moment.

“You want me to be bad? Tonight I’ll show you bad. I’ll tie you up and ride you just like you want.” Your hands snake lower in between you, teasing all the way.

“Would you really?” Harry asks breathlessly. “Because I’ll hold you to it.”

Your hand rubs against the tenting bulge in his pants and you smirk as Harry squeezes his eyes shut at the sensation. "If that's what turns you on... and judging by this, I have no doubts about that."

"Fuck, Flower." He takes your wrist and looks down at you, before beginning to guide you off of the outdoor dance floor. On the way back, it ends up you're the one that’s leading him to the villa, throwing seductive glances back at him. You let out a string of quiet giggles, which throws Harry in a bit of a trance as you both head back.

You open the front door and pull him into the bedroom, breathing heavily. After roughly removing the ribbon around your dress, you begin to bind his hands in front of him. Harry laughs.

“What’s so funny?” you ask.

“Looks like we could’ve stayed in tonight after all.”

“Shut up and get on the bed, Harry.”




After a stretch of days of continually doing things, you and Harry decide to kick back at your villa and enjoy the sand and sun. With your super cute swimsuit on, you head down to the beach to catch some rays while you read and splash around in the water. There’s something about the combination of the beating sun, the gorgeous view, and the fact that you’re thousands of miles away from where your anxiety stemmed is giving you a new hope and calmness about you.

Harry joins you shortly, of course, wearing nothing but black swim trunks and his black shades. You’re pretty confident half the reason he’s wearing those sunglasses is so that he can hide the fact that his stare never leaves your chest and ass without feeling guilty if you catch him.

“I know what you’re doing,” you tell him.

“What am I doing?”

“You’re checking me out.”

“What? I can’t check out my wife?”

“You can do whatever you like to your wife.”

Harry’s smirking now, hand gliding down your sides to feel you up.

“Well in that case, why don’t we-?” Just then, what looks like one of Cisco’s breaches opens up beside you. A speedy blur dashes out of it, revealing an uneasy Barry.

"Oh, hey Bare," you greet the Speedster with a small smile.

"Damn it, Allen! Can't you see we’re busy?" Harry says harshly, holding you in his arms.

"Sorry..." Barry says, looking a little taken aback at Harry's mood. "We, err... needed some advice.” Harry glares back at him, clearly pissed at this interruption during his honeymoon.

"I think you should help him, Harry," you say, pecking his lips, “and play nice.” You hug Barry hello before going to head off into the cool waves and leaving the guys to talk shop. Their voices carry down to where you enjoy the refreshing water.

"If this isn't life or death, Allen, I swear-"

"Snart and Rory are back on your turf,” he explains, “They must think this is an opportunity to seize control of some of your territory while you're gone." Barry speaks as fast as he runs. You catch Harry’s sigh and he pinches the bridge of his nose because, naturally, Snart would strike with his Rogues while he's gone. Snart has been laying low for some time, only to resurface now?

Harry and Barry converse and attempt to solve the problem, albeit a little hastily. Despite the apparent seriousness of the chat, you can’t help but become amused at the animated way they talk. As they do so, and after you take a refreshing dip, you saunter up the sandy beach back to the villa's patio to grab your coconut drink.

From under the bamboo structure, you admire your man from afar, knowing he's still trying to do his best for the city, for the people he had affected. To keep them safe. But you do kind of wish you didn't have to deal with all this while it was only meant to be the two of you.

You play with a few small shells on the counter. Ones you had picked up during your time here. Something sparks in your mind, something that has rubbed off on you since meeting the two biggest pranksters you know.

Eyeing up Barry in the distance, you pick up and throw one of the little shells over at him, clunking him in the head. The Speedster looks around, then tries to continue his conversation with Harry. So you lob another one at him. You think you hear him say, “Ow…” and he cranes his head up to the sky.

Gotta love the power of accuracy.

Harry looks over Barry’s shoulder at you, trying his best not to laugh and keep a straight and intimidating face. After one more time of lobbing shells, Barry spots you lowering your arm.

“Hey!” he shouts. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“What does it look like?” you shout back. “Trying to get rid of you! No offence!”

Harry puts a hand on Barry’s shoulder and you imagine him telling the younger man that he and the team are fully capable of handling things on their own by now. That they’ll do a great job without him.

Harry soon returns and you give him a tiny wave, sipping on your drink.

"All done?" you ask as he sits down beside you and kisses your exposed shoulder.

"With any luck."

"Mm, hopefully they won't interrupt us anymore," Harry whispers against your skin, kissing up your neck and arms automatically encasing you against him. He always feels so good, his lips against your skin. You lean your head to one side to give him better access as your eyes flutter closed.

“Inside?” he asks.





Harry runs into the villa from his morning run, his whole body covered in a glorious and glistening sheen. He’s wearing one of his workout tank tops, which shows off his muscular arms, and a pair of running shorts.

You stand there, dumbfounded, staring at your sex god husband.

“I saw the most amazing thing on my run,” he announces.

“It can’t be more amazing than what I’m looking at,” you reply.

“Hm,” he laughs, “I’ll show you. We’ll pack some food and go for a walk.”

“That sounds nice.”

You're still quite distracted and continue to lean against the counter, watching as Harry walks round to grab a glass of ice-cold water from the fridge. God, his ass looks great in those shorts...

"Flower, that means you have to go and get ready..." he says with a chuckle before downing the contents of the glass.

"Mmm yeah, in a minute," you sigh, still ogling him and his post-workout look.

Harry rolls his eyes lovingly with a smile is still plastered to his face because this time you're the one plainly making eyes at him. Usually, it’s him visually undressing you in whatever you’re wearing. What you don't expect is Harry opening the tap by a tiny bit, cupping a hand to gather some water and throwing it at you to snap you of whatever sexual daydreams you were having.

"Ah! Hey!" you pout at him, feigning anger, but really it was only a couple of droplets.

“Someone needs to cool off,” he says, “which is a clue as to where we’re going. Now move your cute little ass so I can surprise you.”

“So demanding,” you say like you’re surprised, “I like it.”

“I know you do,” he whispers in your ear as you pass him, giving your behind a pat.

You head towards the stairs with a smirk,  making sure to swing your hips so that he can have a good look at that 'cute ass' before you go and get dressed. You hear him laugh to himself as you move towards your bedroom, mentally picking out an outfit to wear.

You find a nice strappy top and a pair of shorts which should keep you cool on your little outing. You also pick out a small beach bag to hold a change of clothes, just in case something happens when he shows you this surprise.

I'd love it if he showed me the big surprise that he keeps tucked away in his pants.

You facepalm and grin widely.

Dear Lord, my head really is in the gutter. Permanently, maybe.

While you had gotten ready, Harry as it seems, has already packed a bag of food.

“You’re not going to shower before we leave?” you ask.

“No need,” he replies mysteriously. “Ready, beautiful?”

"Harry, where on earth are you taking me?" you ask with a laugh as you take his proffered hand and head out of the villa. 

"That would ruin it. But I promise you'll love it." 

It doesn't sound like you're going to get anything out of him, so you just let him lead the way to his mystery location.

The entire time you're in your head, thinking and wondering what amazing thing he found exactly. 

You walk for a while in a bit of the Fijian rainforest until Harry stops. He gives you a look and pulls back a few giant leaves, revealing the most spectacular view you’ve seen this whole vacation. A roaring waterfall against the rocks ahead of you, falling into the pristine blue-green water pooling at the bottom. It looks virtually untouched by human life.


You take a few steps forwards, mouth open as you stare at the incredible view. The light filters in through the trees and you can see tiny rainbows in the spray from the waterfall. 

"I take it back," Harry says from behind you as you turn to look at him again. "With you standing there, now it's the most amazing thing I've ever seen." 

You can't describe the feeling in your chest at that comment and you beam at him. Harry sets his things down, pulling out a blanket and making a little picnic area for you two under the palm trees. 

"Harry, this... this is breathtaking," you give him a quick smile before turning back to the waterfall. The tropical weather with the vegetation making it a bit hotter, but the spray from the water cools you off. Miniscule droplets pepper your body as you walk closer to the pooling water. It's like an endless spring of purity.

Harry watches you in your awestruck moment, then walks up to you and hugs you loosely from behind. His arms around your waist and your hands instinctively hold onto his forearms, lulling your head back. Your husband sets his chin on the top of your head, listening to the harmony the waterfall sets in this little haven.

It’s such a relaxing atmosphere. You go to sit and eat, all the while pointing out all the flamboyantly coloured birds as they fly by. You sit and lean against Harry's shoulder when you've finished eating, just stunned by the whole place.

"How about a dip, Flower?" Harry proposes, kissing your temple.

"But I didn't bring a swimsuit," you say, glancing at his face.


Your eyes go wide. "You're not serious!"

Harry pulls his shirt off in one go. “I’m dead serious.”

You can feel your face get hot and you look around to see if there’s any sign of human life.

"Flower, there's no one around. Just you and me and this view," he assures you, holding your waist. "And it would be such a shame to let this place go to waste." 

You let out a laugh before pecking Harry's mouth. "Yeah, I suppose you're right." You pull out of his embrace and take your own top off. Harry kisses your shoulder lovingly before stripping the rest of his clothes. You do the same, but you're not flustered about showing your body to Harry anymore. He is your husband, after all.

Once you’re both fully naked, you kiss Harry deeply. When you part, he becomes dramatic and pretends to faint, falling into the depths of the pool of water. You dive in after him with a yelp of excitement.

The water is so refreshing, a contrast to the heat in the air. It feels rejuvenating.

When you surface, you push your now wet hair out of your face and swim over to Harry, who opens his arms to you and yours go around his neck. 

You see his gaze drop below the waterline to take all of you in through the crystal blue water and you just roll your eyes.
"Surely you've seen me naked enough by now!" you ask with a little grin.

"I'll never get enough seeing you like this." He kisses your nose sweetly. "You're my one and only. You take my breath away, Flower."

That earns him another kiss. You backstroke over to where the waterfall meets the pool and swim under the falling water until you’re on the other side. Harry pops up beside you and he shakes his head when he emerges.

You splash a little water at him in return with a wide smile as he runs a hand through his wet hair. You cling to his neck again as you peer through the curtain of water in front of you.

"Kind of makes me want to give up city life altogether..." you muse, "I mean, can you imagine seeing this every day ? It's magical."

Your eyes flicker over to him, wondering if your words made any sort of connection or implication to what should be done. Harry's eyes stare out at the scenery the waterfall casts beyond it. His blue irises narrow a fraction as if he was trying to imagine what a world like that could be like.

“Yeah...” is all he says. You pull his chin so he looks at you and lock your legs around his hips under the water.

"Who knows what life could bring for us now? But as long as I'm with you, I'll try anything," you say, kissing his lips a few times.
"Likewise," he replies, brushing a strand of wet hair out of your face and holding your face. You beam. Maybe he would be open to leaving the danger behind one day.

You rest your chin on his shoulder while he holds you close, lips pressing together into a thin line. Oliver's words ring through your ears once more.
He feels he’s repenting for his sins.”

“If you don’t help him out, he’ll be trapped in it. Forever.”

You know you're not going to stop trying to pull him away from this ungodly cycle. Harry's paid twice the price that the universe has asked from him. It’s about time the universe paid him back considerably. You’ll see this through, you’ll make sure Harry gets everything he deserves, even if you have to kick the universe’s ass to get it.

You eventually come back out from behind the waterfall and end up on the bank of the pool, lying on the picnic blanket to dry yourselves off in the sun. You keep glancing around you to check that no one is intruding on this very private scene, but it seems to be just as Harry said. You and him and your version of paradise.

Chapter Text


Your time here in Fiji is coming to an end and what an amazing time it’s been. You don’t think you can thank Harry enough for what he’s done - for essentially resetting you back to normal.

On the final day of your honeymoon, you and Harry walk on the beach during the evening. The sun is setting beautifully in the distance where there’s a contrast of some stars in the sky. Hand in hand, you swing your arms joke around. You’re feeling playful tonight and you think of a little game.

"Hey, Harry."

"Yes, Flower?" A mischievous smirk curls onto your lips and you splash some water at him. He pulls a face like, I can’t believe you just did that.

"Catch me if you can!"

You dash ahead full speed and repeatedly turn to look back at him, giggling like mad. He’s definitely going to get you for that. He starts running through the edge of the waves to catch up with you, but as you laugh and toss your hair over your shoulder, silhouetted against the glowing orange and pink sky, he stops and just watches you with a strange look in his eyes.

You come to a stop, turning around with that goofy bright smile on your face. Harry remains standing in place, letting the little rolling waves rush over his feet. You walk back to him, wondering what’s on his mind.

"Hey, are you okay?" you check. Your cheerfulness is replaced with concern as you search his eyes, placing your palm on his cheek. He puts his hand over yours, bringing the other to your waist to hold you close.

"I just... I love you so much and sometimes I still can't quite believe that you're with me."

"Harry, I'm always going to be with you," you whisper, the rush of waves silencing around you as if the ocean and beach can sense the moment. You take his hand and move it to rest on top of your beating heart. Harry watches you, you now realize, with a look of adoration. You swallow before starting again.

"My heart is yours, Harry. ‘Til death do us part, that’s our vow, remember? I'm never going to leave you, nor am I ever going to let you leave me again."

“I won’t make the same mistake twice...”

You wrap your arms around his midsection and thank the universe he’s yours. Officially, legally, and in every other way that matters. You look up at his face and notice his pensive expression directed at you, seeming to read there’s still something left unsaid.

“Harry? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I, well, I guess now’s a good a time as any to ask.” He looks into your eyes and takes a deep breath. "I’ve been thinking about what I want. For you and me and our life together and, I want to know if maybe... do you want to... procreate with me?"

He looks totally earnest, and this is a serious conversation, but as you listen to him, you have to stop yourself from laughing at his choice of wording.

"Harry, do you mean do I want to have a baby with you?" You give him a humorous look, to which he awkwardly rubs the back of his neck - his habit in situations like these.

"Yeah. That," he stutters out, worried for your response. "But I’d understand if you don’t want to. I mean-" And while he's rambling, you're internally shocked, because, damn, he’s been thinking about having kids with you, too? This rocks your heart to the core at the very real possibility of having his baby.

"-Yes!" you interrupt him, snapping Harry out of his paranoid rambling state.


"Yes, I want to have your baby."


“A hundred times yes, Harry! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to bring this up. It’s just never been the best time, what with Darhk and everything. But he isn’t going to let that stop me from what I want. What we want.”

“You- you don’t think I’m, well, that is to say...” You merely look at him with a raised eyebrow. “Too old to have children now?”

You look up at him and your heart breaks a little as he confesses his insecurities to you. If you'd have known he felt like this, you would have conquered your own fears and reassured him ages ago.

"No, Harry. God , no," you say as you cup his face in both hands. "I don't care about that. I never cared about it and if you want, I'll give you one, two or ten children. Just as long as you're happy." 

"Ten?" Harry's eyes widen at the thought.

"Yes, ten if I have to."

"But what if they don't like me when...?" He makes a hand gesture as if to say, when they come into the world and breathe life.

"They're going to love you just as I love you." You take both his hands and place them on your stomach. "Because we’ll have made them together, you and I."

A dopey smile tugs at the corner of his mouth.

“Speaking of making them...”

“Yes...?” You draw out the word, having it sound like you know where he’s going with this.

“Shall we get to work on making our brood?” Harry wiggles his eyebrows at you.

"Well, if we're going to have ten, we are going to have to start pretty soon, here," you joke, kissing his lips as his hand takes yours.

"We are not having ten," he clarifies adamantly and you grin as you start to lead him back to the villa, kissing him every few steps. But Harry, being the impatient man that he is, sweeps you off of your feet effortlessly and carries you bridal style into your getaway home. As he rushes you to the bedroom, you start laughing at his enthusiastic impatience.

"Mrs. Wells," he starts, setting you down on the bed, "I think it’s time we get started on procreating."

"Harry, no one says that."

"I say it."

You shake your head at your husband. “You’re too much.”

Harry repeatedly kisses your lips while sliding the straps of your flowy floral print dress down from your shoulders.

“You love it.”

“I married you, didn’t I?”

"Yes, you did."

He grins as he pulls the fabric down your body, revealing your pretty underwear while you slide your hands under his shirt, gliding your fingers over his chest. He pulls the shirt up and over his head in one motion as you continue your long kisses.

His lips begin to trail down your neck, loving every inch of you that he can. Harry unclasps your bra, taking it off you and throwing it behind him. Unable to help it, you chew on your bottom lip. You sigh in contentment as his lips once again make contact with your skin. You trail your fingers over his broad shoulders as he peppers your exposed chest with tiny kisses.

Harry makes his way up, starting to mark up your neck with his intoxicating mouth, his large hands gently holding your breasts before squeezing them.

You let out a blissful noise at his touch, which makes him smirk. He knows exactly how to make you feel good. It’s as if he has an eighth Ph.D. with a focus on your pleasure. Harry captures one of your sounds with his mouth then pulls away, only a little, to search your eyes, waiting for further instruction on what you need from him. You bring a hand up to his warm cheek.

With whatever breath that still remains in your lungs, you breathe out, “Put a baby in me, Harry.”

The sound of those words does something to him. He dives in for another firm and desperate kiss, almost telling you how much it means to hear you say that without speaking it aloud. You wind your arms around his neck, holding him close as he plays with the top of your panties, sliding them down your legs and tossing them off the bed. Your eyes don't leave him as he moves a little further down, planting kisses all over your stomach, where your baby was going to live.

His baby's going to live here for nine months, be nurtured by you, creating an enigmatic new life that will bring out the best of you and him in the world. This new life that you’ll protect with the entirety of your own.

Harry continues to grace your skin with delightful kisses, trailing down to where you need him the most. He bends your legs while kissing the inside of your thighs. His lips explore your skin higher and higher until they kiss at your folds at long last. Each kiss to your flesh grows longer and you whimper at how his mouth feels against you.

"Harry..." you moan as the tip of his tongue darts out to taste you. You make an involuntary noise when he flicks it against your little nub, your fingers flying to thread through his hair as he starts to thoroughly lick at you.

Harry smirks against your dripping folds, listening to your pleasurable mewls. His blue eyes glaze at your every noise, every little twitch from his ministrations. You bring him closer to you with your hand, arching your back from the velvet sheets of the bed. You succumb to lust, surrendering yourself to Harry and his strong hold and wanting nothing more than for him to devour you. He deliberately has his lips make a smacking sound as he kisses and sucks at your climbing desire.

“Please...” The tone of your voice directs him as to what you so desperately crave.

"You want more, baby?" he asks, pulling away slightly to look up at you. "You want me?"

You make a small whine and bobble your head a yes . He smiles, beginning to unbuckle his belt and you lean up to assist with his zipper, removing the remaining fabric from his body.

Harry sheds his pants and boxers, erection springing free and standing proud and precome already glistening at the tip. You bite down on your lower lip at the anticipation, gently reaching up to plant a kiss at the tip of his throbbing member. You stroke him a few times before guiding his large self just before your entrance with your hand and slowly have him push inside you.

You both make your own little noises of pleasure at the feel of each other as you adjust to his size. You pull Harry down for a long and slow kiss as he begins to move, setting a good rhythm with his thrusts as his hands hold your hips, thumbs rubbing loving circles on your skin.

"I love you," he breathes against your lips as you let out another moan.

"I-I love you too, Harry," you whisper shakily, eyes screwed shut as his length brushes your clit, getting a rise out of you.

"Harry-" This closeness, this special moment - it’s like a safe haven for each of you. He’s the one you’ll always want to come back to, to see every day and to love forever, and undoubtedly vice versa. No one will stop you both from returning to and holding each other in your arms. And no one will be able to take this moment away from you. It’s untouchable - a moment of creation by an act of pure love.

His movements gradually increase in pace as he leans down to kiss you, keeping you both connected in this whole other place you’re climbing to together. Your hands travel over his chest, memorizing every curve of muscle with your fingertips as you approach your peak, arching your back again as he takes you towards your blissful state.

"H-Harry... I'm so close," you get out between breaths.


You just nod, kissing him again as you try to hold yourself back so that you can share your pleasure at the same time. Harry throws one of your legs over his shoulder with a little growl, thrusting into you faster at a whole new angle.

“Oh God, H-Harrison yes, like that! I…”

"I'm almost there," he mumbles against your mouth and grips tightly at your hips as he drives himself deeper into you and feeling you tighten up around him.

"Come for me, Flower."

It’s like his words turn a switch on inside you. That, and his final core-filling thrusts makes you finally give in to it all. Your fingernails press into Harry’s biceps as you shakily lose yourselves to one another. He spills himself inside of you, murmuring words of love against your skin as you run your hands through his hair. You stay like that for a moment, savouring the feel of each other, foreheads pressed together as both of you begin to come down from your highs.
Harry places a deep, lingering kiss to your forehead, before pulling out and collapsing on the bed beside you.

You instantly wriggle into his arms and he holds you close as you both regain control of your breathing.

"You think... it worked?" you ask breathlessly, looking up at your man, chest still heaving from making love. You let out a small huff of laughter when you notice his hair sticking up in multiple places from your hands’ good work.

"It should have, or else we'll have to do that a lot," Harry responds with his thumb brushing your pink cheek, a look of amusement on his face. "Which I'm never going to object to."

“Nor am I,” you agree, playing some more with his sex hair.

“We could always go again to make sure?” Harry suggests.

“We do have all night and nowhere to be...”

"Mm, I like the sound of that," he says, kissing your lips again.

"Well then, Doctor Wells," you reply with a little smirk as you pull away, "show your wife everything you've got.”

Chapter Text


By the time your honeymoon vacation is over, the darkness Damien had instilled in you had vanished and you are now officially back in good spirits.

After all, you were trying to start a family with the man you love. Nothing filled your heart more than this thought alone.

You and Harry are very thorough in your attempts to make sure that you’re pregnant, and the period after your honeymoon is filled with more heated sessions in the bedroom (which neither of you has any problems with).

It is two weeks after you and Harry first decided to try for a baby that you were woken in the small hours of the morning with an overwhelming feeling of nausea.

Your eyes fly open as you realize you need to get to the bathroom as quickly as you could. You wriggle hastily out of Harry’s arms and sprint to the adjoining bathroom as soon as your feet hit the floor.

Dropping to your knees, you lean over the toilet as you wait for the feeling to pass. You concentrate on your breathing, taking long, deep breaths as you turn over in your mind what this could mean. This could be the start of your symptoms… This could be the start of your family.

You’re only sitting there for a couple of minutes before Harry appears at your side, his hand beginning to rub circles on your back. You close your eyes.

“You okay?” Harry asks quietly, still sounding a little groggy.

“Yeah… it’s passing now,” you reply, leaning back a little to look at him.

“Do you need anything?” Harry’s expression looks to you like he’s starting to wonder the same thing as you.

“I keep a pregnancy test in the bottom drawer of my nightstand,” you tell him, partly wanting to just go back to bed and face this in the morning.

Harry simply nods, getting up to leave and returns a minute later with the box in his hand. He waits outside the bathroom door while you take the test, but after you place it on the side and prepare for the agonizing wait, you open the door and take his hand, pulling him back inside.

He holds you tightly as you both sit on the cold floor, every second passing slower than anything you’ve ever experienced.

“Harry? What if it isn’t…? And, oh God, what if it is?” The idea of being responsible for a whole new life that might be beginning to grow in you right now is overwhelming. Harry gives a little chuckle.

“Flower, we’ll handle it together, okay? Whatever it says.” He looks at you, pure love in his eyes as he kisses the back of your hand.

“Okay,” you breathe, squeezing his hand before taking a deep breath and reaching for the test, bringing it in front of both of you. There’s a second of silence as you both take in what the test is telling you.

“Flower… we’re pregnant,” Harry says, his voice tinged with awe as you both read the positive result on the little stick.

“We’re… having a baby. We’re actually having a baby!”

In these early morning hours of the day, you hold each other on the bathroom floor - ecstatic, nervous, and everything in between.

“We need to hide the knives,” you say, “and the guns!” Harry chuckles into your shoulder.

“We have nine months to hide the weapons, don’t you worry. We’ll baby proof the entire place. Even at work, if we have to.”

You don’t reply to that. How could you? You’ve barely had time to properly ask Harry about leaving his work behind. The mob life is no life in which to raise a child...

Oliver’s words, which have never really left you, repeat themselves in your head:

“If you truly want to do right by him, you have to try and get him out of this.”

You know Harry would do anything you ask, anything to make you happy, but did that include giving up his team? His business? Everything he’d worked for? The lives he was trying to help from the accident? He was going to hand everything over to Darhk for you, but that was only because he was being forced into it. Would he do it if you asked him? You think the odds might be in your favour, but what if you’re wrong? You need this world to be safe for when the baby comes. You need to get yourself and Harry away from everything he’s known for the past several years.

It’s time for this to end.

Chapter Text


“I hate hospitals.”

Harry takes your hands in his. “I know you do…” he says, “but I’m with you this time.”

“And I’m so grateful. Plus, we’re here for a happy reason.”

"Of course," he says with a smile in your direction. 

You wander down the corridor a little further and come to the maternity ward. You're here for your sixteen-week checkup and today, and you’ll get to find out the sex of your baby. 

Harry's almost more excited than you. There's a slight spring in his step despite the ever-looming problem of Darhk.

Your husband opens the door for you, anticipation going through him as his heart thumps wildly. You two have ‘procreated,’ and soon there will be a small bundle of joy that'll be born in a few months.

You’re instructed by a nurse to put on a hospital gown and sit in the patient’s chair. The entire wait for the doctor to enter the room churns your stomach. Harry places his hand on your shoulder and gives it a comforting squeeze. You reach up and put your hand over his as the door opens and the doctor comes in.

"Good morning, Doctor and Mrs. Wells, yes?" The doctor reads off of a clipboard in one hand and then smiles at you, giving Harry a slightly wary one. Apparently you - well, Harry - can never get away from the disapproving looks. One day, you hope that’ll change.

“Are we ready to learn the sex of your baby?” she asks.

“Yes, definitely,” you answer, while Harry grins. Without any delay, the doctor expertly explains the process and begins to coat your belly with a chilly jelly. She runs the special tool over your stomach and stares at a screen near you to locate the baby. From the speaker comes a whooshing-watery sound, and you can feel your heart beat faster.

“Is that…?” you ask.

“That’s your baby, right there, see?” the doctor points out. “And her heartbeat is perfectly normal.”

“Her?” Harry speaks up. “We’re having a girl?”

“You are. Congratulations to you both,” the doctor says genuinely. “Now, I’ll give you two a moment and I’ll be back shortly.”

You watch as Harry rubs his face with his hand, then through his hair. If you’re not mistaken, he’s on the verge of tears.

“We’re having a daughter,” you breathe out while taking his hand, “can you believe it?”

“It’s like a dream,” he says, bending down to kiss you. “A dream come true.”

“She’s going to be such a strong one,” you envision aloud. “Strong and a little genius.”

“And kind and caring,” Harry adds. “Fierce, too.”

“I can’t wait to meet her.”

“Me neither, Flower.”




Later that night, when you both are getting ready for bed, the events of the day have brought the ever-present thought back to the forefront of your brain.


“Mm, yeah?”

“At the risk of ruining our perfect baby-bubble that we’re in… what are we going to do about Darhk and Merlyn?”

Harry pauses in the middle of undoing the cuffs of his shirt but continues not long after in undressing for bed.

“You don’t need to worry about that, Flower. I have reinforcements in place.”

“But what if it’s not enough?”

“We’re going to defeat them. We’re going to keep this city safe.”

You watch as Harry comes around to his side of the bed, climbing under the sheets and shuffling over to you. He leans against the pillows as you do, running his hand over your stomach before planting an adoring kiss there.

Your bump was beginning to show, but it wasn’t noticeable as long as you wore relatively baggy shirts, which is how you and Harry intended to keep it until this was all over.

“…And then what, Harry?” you ask, turning your head to look at him.

“We have our baby and raise them together,” he says like it’s obvious.

“Do you really want them growing up around all this? Wondering if one of their parents is even going to come home?”

Harry looks down, brow furrowed as he takes in your words. You can almost see the gears turning in his mind as he weighs up his options.

“Would you… would you leave all of this behind? For me and your child?” you question and he instantly looks back at you, his beautiful blue eyes looking straight into yours.

“In a heartbeat.”

Your own heart swells at his firm declaration, wondering if maybe this means that you can live a normal life with Harry, away from all this chaos.

You continue to hold his gaze as you take his hand that isn’t resting on your midsection and twining your fingers together.

“Will you promise me… that when this is all over, when the city is safe from Darhk’s potential reign-of-terror that you’ll leave it all behind. You’ll give up the violence and the metas and all of this darkness and we’ll go somewhere. Somewhere far away where no one knows who you are or what you’ve dealt with in the past… Just you and me and our baby.”

He looks at you as the tears start to well up in your eyes and you bring your free hand up to stroke his cheek.

“You’ve done so much for this city, Harrison. You’ve sacrificed so much. Maybe, just this once, you should do something for you .”

His hand meets yours.

“Okay, I promise,” he says, and you can tell he’s sincere. “I promise we’ll leave it all.”

“Thank you.”

“Anything for you.”

And with those words, you know in your heart that Harry will stay true to his words to keep you safe forever after, and until his dying breath.

Chapter Text


Days turned into weeks, and the weeks added up to months. Each month that passed, your baby bump grew. Life progressed as normal, too. Or, at least as normal as life could get when you were married to a criminal in the government’s eye.

Metacine shipments continue to fly out of the Labs, and business keeps flourishing. Needless to say, this worries you, regardless of Harry promising to leave this all behind. But there still hadn’t been any sign of Darhk, Merlyn, or any other nefarious masterminds popping up on the scene. What if the proverbial shoe never did drop? You didn’t necessarily give Harry an end date to leave the illegal medicinal treatment business or whatever the hell it’s called.

Could you even bring it up again?

You sigh as you rub your swollen belly in thought, a habit you had formed in the fifth month of your pregnancy. Currently, you’re at S.T.A.R. Labs on your lunch break from the flower shop, kicking it in the Cortex while Cisco and Caitlin pack up the latest shipment. Their chatter and comical banter hadn’t really registered to your ears due to your wandering thoughts. It wasn’t until the metal container in Cisco’s care had been noisily yet carefully secured with the proper latches that you broke out of your thoughts.

“So where’s this one headed?” you ask after a bite of your sandwich, then rest it back on your protruding stomach as a makeshift table. “Is this for the Mercury Labs deal?”

“Yup,” Cisco confirms, “two hundred vials of grade-A metacine, courtesy of Team… who are we anyway? Team S.T.A.R. Labs? Team Wells? You know,” the dark-haired meta quirks an eyebrow, swivelling in his chair to turn towards you, “we’ve never actually decided on a name.”

“Let’s table that for now,” you suggest, and take another bite of your sandwich.

“Table what?”

Harry strides into the Cortex, dressed in one of the new suits you bought him. He always looks like perfection, no matter what.

You married well.

“Oh, nothing,” you reply, “how are you, honey?”

“I’m wonderful,” your husband grins, “especially now that you’re here.” Harry kisses your cheek, then places a gentle hand on your stomach. “Now that you’re both here.”

“Almost done with the shipment boss,” Caitlin announces.

“Great. The buyers will be here for a pickup in a few hours, so everything needs to be in order. I have an image to uphold with McGee, you know.”

“Yeah, Boss. We know.” The two chime in together.

By the time you’ve finished leisurely eating your sandwich, you brush some of the stray bread crumbs off of your clothes and stand up steadily. But just as you’re about to leave, you spot something on the security monitor.

“Hey, guys? The pickup isn’t for another few hours, right?”

“Yeah, why?” Cisco asks you.

“Because someone has let in a ton of Mercury Labs cargo trucks? I didn’t think they were getting that many packs of metacine?”

Caitlin rushes over to look at the screen herself. Her face pales.

“They’re not supposed to,” she clarifies. “Something’s not right.”

A lone body walks out from behind the trucks.

“Ding dong!” Damien Dahrk calls from out on the Labs property over the security feed, slowly moving closer. Your body locks up at that damned man’s voice, the blood in your veins turn ice-cold as the cogs in your mind stop working. “Anybody home?” Damien let out the question in sing-song kind of way that made your insides curl. It felt as if the fetus growing inside of you held the same amount of fear. “I’ve come to play. After all, the game isn’t over.”

In perfect two by two formation, hoards of armed soldiers - Dahrk’s army - file out of the cargo trucks and proceed to stand in an attack line facing the Labs. 

But that’s not the end.

While the army men have finished lining up, another large group of men and women  follow them - all dressed in black and carrying various foreign weapons. Malcolm Merlyn reveals himself out from behind them, taking his hood down from his head as he grabs his bow from the quiver full of arrows. This must be his League of Assassins.

You have always had the utmost confidence in Harry and the Inner Circle in times of crisis, but in this moment you find your confidence wavering.

“Come out, come out wherever you are!” summons the villain with a tune of his voice in a sickeningly entertained manner. “It’s your move!”

Harry dives a hand into his pocket to retrieve his phone.

“Queen. It’s time,” he says into the device. “Do you still have the Extrapolator? Great.”

It doesn’t take long for a breach to open in the Cortex, but it’s not one made by Cisco. Oliver Queen steps out of the glowing blue portal, with his own crew of weapon-packing allies. There isn’t time for formal introductions, but you recognize his team members from their personnel files that Harry had you look over sometime around when you started doing the company’s paperwork. As each of them steps foot into the Cortex, you register their faces and supersuits in your mental Rolodex: John Diggle, Thea Queen, Roy Harper, Sara Lance, Dinah Drake, Ray Palmer, Curtis Holt, Rene Ramirez, and what the-? Rogues Leonard Snart and Mick Rory?

“What are those two doing here?” you whisper to Harry, slightly alarmed.

“Allen handled them a while back and struck up a deal if something like this were to go down,” Harry explains. “Frankly, I’m surprised they kept their word. Maybe they considered my operation was the lesser of the two evils out there.”

Oliver strides over to Harry. “Wells.”

“Queen.” The two shake hands. “Thanks again.”

“Don’t mention it. Barry and I will lead the group out there. We got this.”

“Good luck.”

Oliver nods. “Alright, team. Let’s move out !”

In expert time, the amalgamation of Harry and Oliver’s allies line up in a defensive position facing the trespassers; their weapons are ready, their faces determined.

And then the final showdown begins.

You hardly know where to look on the screen when the two sides clash in the middle of the property. Everything is a flurry of swords, arrows, bow staffs, state-of-the-art tech, and pure flying fists among meta-induced powers from the Inner Circle. There are far more enemy fighters than your side, and though they may be putting up a fight, you have no idea how they can pull through.

“I don’t think there’s enough of us…” you murmur to yourself, but you think that Harry heard you. He scrambles for his phone again, dialling at the speed of light.

“West!” he raises his voice to the receiver, “Listen to me - I need you to send out a mass emergency message to the public. Ping everyone in the Greater Central area. We need to send out a call to arms.”

“On it, Boss,” you can hear Iris’ resolute voice over the airwaves. You’re not sure you understand. What kind of message to the public would help any of you in all of this? But you trust Harry in his leadership, even if it is mysterious.

The fight outside continues, and you’re starting to feel antsy. Your teams are making no apparent progress in taking down Dahrk and Merlyn’s men, only matching them in battle.

Harry’s frantically on his phone again.

“Jesse, honey, are you at home? I need you to initiate the lockdown protocol.” Harry waits for a beat, surely at his questioning daughter, then replies, “I don’t care. Just do as I say. Now .” He turns to you after ending the call. “Flower, stay here. I’ll be back.”

“Where do you think you’re going?!” you ask hysterically.

“I need to be out in the field with the rest of my team. If I’m not out there, fighting along with them, I’ll look cowardly.”

“Well, I don’t care how you’ll look ! I need you alive, dammit!”

“I’m sorry, but there’s no other way. If I can help, then I will. Stay here and keep our baby safe.” He kisses you one last time and bends down to kiss your stomach.

“I love you,” he says.

“I love you, too.”

Why does it sound like he’s saying this as if they’re his final words to you?

Your eyes stay glued to the screen, watching for when Harry appears on Camera Four. He’s packing a pulse rifle and has it held up, positioned to the sky.

“Face it, Wells,” Damien hollers triumphantly at him, “You and your friends are no match for our army. Surrender now, and you won’t have to suffer any casualties.”

Harry laughs, an ornery grin dancing on his features. “Surrender? Do you know who you’re talking to? Besides, I think it’s about time you made room on the playing field.”

“Room for what?” Merlyn asks, but as he looks around, he finds his answer approaching them from behind.

Your jaw drops.

It would seem that Iris’ mass public alert rallied the metahumans of Central City - the ones who have been still living in secret with their powers - to help put a stop to this attack. The sight is amazing to witness as the citizens barge onto the scene and give their all in attempting to disarm the enemy.

You can’t believe it. The people that Harry has worked tirelessly to help and provide a cure for them have returned the favour by helping him in a crisis. It pulls at your heartstrings, but then you feel a wave of… something.

You can’t just stay here. You can’t just sit around and watch as these people; these normal, everyday people put their lives on the line. You need to help too, somehow.

Reaching into your bag, you pull out your set of knives - the ones Harry gave you as an early wedding present. But that wouldn’t be enough. While running and holding onto your stomach, you race to the armory and make sure to take a pulse pistol. You set it to stun.

Once you’ve made it to the Labs’ loading dock, the fight is in full swing with the fresh recruits. You don’t even know where to start. This feels like you’re trying to find an opening to find the right time to hop into a moving jump rope. You’ve never fought in anything at this magnitude.

You peer behind a pile of crates. Sara Lance battles one of Meryln’s assassins - a near-even match - but there’s a fighter approaching her from behind. She doesn’t see him! You aim your pulse pistol and the blast flies tried and true, hitting the assassin directly in the chest. The man falls stunned to the ground. Sara whips her head around after taking down her immediate attacker, notices the body behind her on the ground, and looks at you.

She nods to you.

You nod back as you exhale through your nose steadily, the adrenaline already courses through your veins - stimulating your body on a whole other level.

Now there’s an enemy woman who’s caught sight of you, and lets out a battle cry. She’s locked eyes on the queen…

Your hand dances on the hilt of one of your knives, waiting… then you throw it at the right time - rendering the blade into the woman’s leg, which makes her tumble over. A scream leaves her throat at the hit as she curls down to her injured leg. She’ll be in pain, and she won’t be getting up with a shot like that, but she’ll live.

You’ve somehow now grown closer to the insanity. Your heart is in your throat with the adrenaline. You wonder where Harry has got to in all of this…

Up ahead, you notice one of the meta-citizens going head to head with an opponent. She doesn’t appear to be a real fighter, but she’s here to fight regardless. She mostly uses her apparent power of flight to dodge the attacks to her best ability. You want to get in there and help. The pistol wouldn’t be the right choice - even with your sure-fire accuracy, there’s no knowing if the meta woman would accidentally get in the way of the blast at the last second. No, this required another blade.

With a quick spin and a lunge, you manage to stab your other knife into one of the foe’s limbs. They cry out in pain, but you have to stay strong - you know you didn’t sever an artery. They’ll be fine.

Actually, they pass out.

“Are you okay?” you address the meta woman.

“Yes, thank you,” she replies and tucks a hair behind her ear. “I-”

“-Gotcha,” comes another voice.

Behind you stands the one and only Malcolm Merlyn, his bow and arrow pointed at you. You freeze with wide eyes wondering, stupidly, how you managed to get yourself in this position. But the woman you saved steps in front of you and in the way of Malcolm’s arrow.

Malcolm’s jaw drops.


Wait, Rebecca? As in, Rebecca Merlyn?

“You’re alive?” he asks her in disbelief. She nods. Malcolm lowers his bow at you. He can’t do it. You know he can’t follow through with taking you out. Not now, not that he knows and sees with his own two eyes that his wife is alive and well, despite now having altered meta DNA.

Damien scoffs at his weak partner and steals one of his assassins’ guns.

“If you won’t, I will.”

You look across, once again staring down the barrel of a gun. You squeeze your eyes tight. You don't want to see it coming this time.

"Harry..." you whisper, just before you hear the shot.

"(Y/N)! NO!"

You open your eyes just in time to see Harry dive in front of you, just as the bullet flies through the air and hits him in the stomach. A blood-curdling scream escapes you, piercing the air and causing all bodily movements around you to slow. Your hands, grimy and full of scratches prop you up and push you to shuffle forward to your fallen man.

“No, no, Harry-!”

You hover over him and search for his wound. Oh God, it’s so bad . His hand tries to stop the bleeding, but he’s starting to lose so much. Harry feels his head spinning at the blood loss as his body screams at him due to the wound. He licks his lips, feeling his throat drying up and tasting the bitterness of his blood flooding into his mouth.  You press your hand over his stomach to try and help stem the increasing flow.

"Harry, hey, hey, stay with me," you say, tears beginning to prick your eyes as you hold his head up. "It's all going to be okay."

You hear a laugh over your shoulder and turn to see Darhk standing over you, triumphantly smirking. "I'd say that's a rather naïve view to take, Mrs. Wells. I think this is checkmate."

Harry's vision hazes, coming and going. He blinks multiple times to focus on what's happening - to focus on you and the sound of your voice.

"F-Flower?" he croaks, bile rising along with the blood. He raises a bloody hand to touch your cheek, blood smearing your skin.

You want to scream, cry, even kill - at this horrible man staring down at you. How much more pain and suffering do you have to go through in this lifetime? Can’t this just be the end...?

“I’ll give you a choice,” the villain says, “Assist me in my endeavours to take control of S.T.A.R. Labs and the Underground Network or meet the same fate of your Romeo.”

You scowl at Damien and show your teeth. But something catches your eye behind the man that gives you a sliver of hope.

"Somehow, I don't think that's going to be a problem for you..." you say, looking past Darhk and making him do the same thing. A line of metahumans stands across from you, headed by the Inner Circle, looking at you and Harry on the floor. You look up at Darhk and see the look of horror cross his face and he starts to back away from you.

"Now, let's think about this," he says, holding his hands up, "we can..." Damien looks at them all, eyes wide as he backs away slowly from the scene, "negotiate something."

Even with his magic, Damien knew that he can't take them all on. Maybe a couple, but that's about it. Merlyn had already escaped into the shadows like the cowardly bastard he is. Damien gulps, then gives them all an anxious smile to show that he's on their side.

“Not a chance, Darhk,” Barry says with his arms crossed.

“But we have a choice for you,” Cisco adds.

Frost charges up her icy powers and sneers, “Surrender to us or lose the game.”

"Surrender isn't in my nature."

You watch as Darhk starts to back away from the approaching metas, but they encroach on him fast, running at him with cries of outrage. You could have gladly watched them take him out, but Harry draws your attention back to him.

"F-Flower," he coughs out, his hand falling to your growing stomach, "if I don't... if I don't make it, t-take care of our daughter… and Jesse..."

"Hell no, you are not leaving me," you hold him close, frantically speaking and breathing rapidly. "You are going to survive this and live and you're going to help me raise our daughter and you're going to see her grow up and walk her down the aisle. You are not leaving me, Harrison Wells. You promised you never would! Not again. And not if I have anything to say about it!"

Cisco and Frost jog, making their way back to you, automatically opening a breach.

“I love you...”

“I love you too, Harry, but dammit, this isn’t goodbye.”

It can’t be.

“Help me with him!” you call to them, voice breaking. Frost helps you get Harry up off the ground, and you can see him slip out of consciousness just before you make it through Cisco’s breach.

The tears are rolling down your cheeks as you and Frost put Harry on a bed, silently whispering for him to open his eyes again. This can't be it replaying over and over in your head.

You carry on applying pressure to the wound as Frost throws on a surgical coat, her hair beginning to turn back to brown. Cisco comes running back in with a small team of people from up in the labs, also in similar surgical gear.

"We're going to save him," she says to you, before motioning to Cisco to take you away.

Cisco, with his goggles perched on top of his head, pulls you away by your upper arms. Caitlin needs space to work her science and magic. You pace back and forth, desperately glancing at the medbay door and hoping good news would happen.

You force yourself not to hyperventilate so as not to disrupt your unaware baby growing inside you. All your efforts come up and out through a constant flow of streaking tears and muffled sobs.

But quite sometime later, Caitlin emerges with a solemn look. You have one hand pressed against your mouth as you shake your head at her, not wanting her to say the words if it was over...

"We got the bullet out," she starts, putting a hand on your arm, "but it had caught his liver... he lost a lot of blood and I think we've done the best we could. If he wakes up, I know he'll make it..."

" If ?" you croak. That word feels like it's crushing your heart.

"That's going to be the hard part... I can't tell you when that will be or even if..."

You’re frozen in place. Those words crumble your world, your world slows down as Cisco and Caitlin catch you from falling. They help you to sit in the closest chair, eyes dry and wide. Your body can’t even produce any more tears.

"Queenie, get it together," Cisco crouches down to shake you back into reality. "You need to stay calm for the baby."

“Baby...” you whisper and rub your stomach. The adrenaline-induced from this catastrophe had wiped your conscious clear of the fact that you had a baby girl growing inside of you. You try to take deep breaths for her sake. "Can I be with him?" you ask in the same weak voice, just glancing up at Caitlin.

"Yeah," she says, nodding with a sympathetic smile. "I'll find you a comfy chair."

You take in a little breath, calming your nerves before entering the medical room. Your heart shatters at the sight before you. Breath hitching, your eyes land on Harry, who's body lays limp on the bed. His bare chest is covered in patches to measure his vitals and you can just see the top of the gauze pad and bandages over his midsection. 

You don't register the door opening or the gasp in the air.


“Is he..?” she asks. Wally stands behind her with his hands on her shoulders.

“He’s... in a coma,” you manage to get the words out. “Caitlin says he may... or may not wake up.”


“I’ll give you a minute,” you hear Wally whisper to her. Jesse moves to stand next to you, where you both stay by Harry’s bedside, waiting for something. Anything. A twitch of the hand. You’ll take the tiniest bit of movement just to know he’s still with you. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Jesse's shoulders start to shake as her sobs wrack her body.

"Come here," you say, your own tears coming back at the presence of hers and you hug each other tightly, trying desperately to comfort the other.
"He's so strong, Jesse, he'll get through this," you whisper, looking down at him and hoping that you were right.

But will he? The thought rings loud and clear through your head, shaking not only your mind but your heart. Dread fills you. My fault. It’s all my fault. He wouldn't be like this if it weren't for me. He's barely hanging by a thread, rendered weak and helpless. Weak. Fake. Unnecessary.

If you had just stayed put, for once in your life, instead of acting on your perpetual need to help others. For God’s sake, what was I thinking? I’m carrying his baby! My baby!

He didn’t just save your life by taking that bullet for you.

Before you can spiral too far into your self-loathing, Jesse pulls out of the hug and wipes her eyes with her fingers.

"Um, I think I need some air," she manages and you just nod. "Do you want anything? A drink or something?"

"Um, just water, please," you reply, squeezing her shoulder as she passes you.

You're sure Caitlin will get you everything to keep yourself and the baby healthy because you're not leaving his bedside until he wakes up.

You sit down on the seat closest to Harry's bed, a hand gingerly holding your stomach. Wetting your lips and swallowing, you try to think hopefully for the sake of your baby. If something were to happen to the baby too, then it'd also be on you.

And you don’t think you can take losing the two most important lives in your own life… It’s going to be tough, but from now until Harry wakes up, you’ll need to eat, sleep, and breathe hope, faith, and optimism.

You sleep on a spare bed that Caitlin sets up for you in the room so that you can be close to Harry all the time. You sit and talk to him sometimes, hoping that the sound of your voice might help him to surface. You're often joined by Jesse or Caitlin, Barry and Cisco, all of them trying to help keep your hope alive.

But as the days tick by, you get more and more uneasy that this is never going to end.

"(Y/N)," Iris' voice snaps you out of your taunting thoughts. Slowly turning, you face her with a thin-lipped smile.

"Hey Iris," you greet her with a scratchy voice, hand automatically stops rubbing your bump. "How's-"

"Barry? He's fine," she comes close and holds one of your hands in a comforting manner. "What about you? How are you feeling? ... How's he doing?"

“I’m, well, I’m hanging in there,” you say, “As for Harry, nothing has changed. Iris, it’s been two weeks. How much longer can this go on? It’s getting harder to think that he might...”

"No, don't even go there," she says firmly. "Harrison Wells is one of the strongest, bravest men any of us have ever known. He will come through for you. For your baby. So stop thinking that."

You suck in a deep breath and look at your hand where it's joined with Harry's before nodding at Iris.

"And Caitlin said you were feeling guilty... that it was you he saved. Well, he would have taken the bullet for anyone of his group. It is not your fault."

"Then why do I feel as if the world’s come crashing down on us?" A strangled cry leaves your throat, your lip quivering even though you're trying to hold yourself from breaking down. "Why is it that we can just never be secured and safe and... I just want my husband and child to live."

Iris takes you in her arms to comfort you. “I know,” she says. “I know.” Her hand brushes your hair.

When you calm down, she sits with you for a while, talking about the baby and then just general things like how Barry and Cisco were helping things run smoothly upstairs.

"Everyone is still rooting for him," she says, hugging you as she goes to leave for the night. "I'll come back tomorrow if you'd like?"

"I'd like that," you say with a grateful smile.

After Iris leaves, you prepare yourself for yet another long night at Harry’s side. You rest your head and arms on his bed, holding his hand in yours. You’re never letting go. You doze off to the thought of being in the position he was in when it was you unconscious in this bed.

Your sleep isn't a particularly deep one, the position you're in isn't the most comfortable, but you swear you feel a squeeze of your hand... Are you dreaming still? In your semi-conscious state, you don't know if your mind is playing tricks on you.

You nuzzle into the blanket a little, then feel another squeeze.


Your eyes slowly flutter open, adjusting to the dim light as you look up the bed at Harry, who was... looking back at you! His blue eyes study you as your heart starts thumping in your chest.

"I always did like watching you sleep..." His voice is gruff, but just hearing it at all makes you feel ecstatic.

“Oh my God!” you exclaim. You can’t help yourself when you scramble up to kiss him - his lips over and over and then every inch of his face. “Harry!” Kiss. “I thought you’d never come back to me.” Kiss.

"Takes more than a bullet to get rid of me," he says, gently reaching up to just hold your upper arms. You go to laugh at that, but it comes out as a half sob and before you know it, tears are streaming down your face out of pure relief.

He must notice how serious your reaction is and eyes you carefully. "I was out longer than a couple of days, wasn't I?"

“Try two weeks.”

“I’m sorry to have put you through-“

“-Harry, stop,” you interrupt. “You are the last person that needs to apologize right now.”

You take his hand in yours and press a kiss to it. "You saved my life, Harry, and I am so sorry that I put you in that position. I should have listened to you, I should have gone with Jesse and I am s-so sorry that I almost t-took away your chance to meet our daughter..." You can't go on as you start to break down.

“Hey, hey, shhh,” he tries to calm you. His hand brings your head to rest in the crook of his neck. “It’s okay. I’m here now. I told you I’d never leave you again.”

"I love you so much," you breathe, "I didn't know if I would get to say that again..."

He kisses your temple. "I love you too, Flower. So much. You're my one and only." You weave your fingers through his unruly and dark hair before kissing his forehead as he speaks again. "At every chance, in every lifetime, I would take that bullet for you. I would choose you,” He places his hand on your stomach. “ Us . Every single time."

Something inside you pushes hard against your stomach. You gasp and look at Harry with wide eyes. He mirrors your expression.

“Did you-?”

“-Feel that?” Harry starts laughing in disbelief. “Looks like our little bud chooses us, too.”

Chapter Text


~Seven years later~


“Mommy, Daddy! Wose kicked sand in my fwace again!”

“Rose, bud, play nicely with your brother,” Harry says as his daughter gives him her best look of feigned innocence. He’s still never been able to resist that look.

Rowan, your five year old, seeks you out for hugs - something that never fails to cheer him back up.

“Rose, what do you have to say to your brother?” you ask her. Rose looks down at the sand and pretends to be enthralled with burying her feet underneath it.

“Sorry, Ro.”

“S’okay, Wo.”

“Those are my babies,” you say proudly.

“I’m not a baby!” Rose protests, “I’m seven!”

Harry chuckles and drags her to his lap. “What your mother meant to say,” he explains, “is that she’s proud of her well-mannered children.” Rose nods thoughtfully, but then becomes distracted by something on her father’s skin. Her small fingers draw over the pattern of the dark blue rose that Harry had inked onto the left side of his chest shortly after his second daughter had been born. She reads out the words in cursive handwriting that make up the stem and leaves of the flower: your name and all three of the children. Harry encourages her until she moves onto something else that catches her attention.

"Mommy?” she says in her curious ‘scientist’ voice. “Me and Rowan were wondering why you and Daddy have the same little circle mark?”

Harry freezes at his youngest daughter’s question. Still, you manage to come up with an excuse, explaining to her that the matching bullet scars on your shoulder and Harry’s chest she’s referring to are really something called ‘soulmate marks.’

They're far too young to know the truth of the events from your past from when you lived in Central City. Jesse gives you two a worried look from where she sits on her towel because these two are budding little geniuses. It won’t be long until they figure out how scars like that come about… But until then, you will do your best to prolong their innocence.

Harry has tended to use your pasts as bedtime stories for the little ones, with them not knowing that what he tells them is actually true. You and Harry have vowed that when they’re old enough to understand, you’ll tell them everything about what you’ve been through.

Plenty has changed in the seven years since leaving Central City. You and your husband left your home in the city for a smaller, cozier home in a much smaller town. With no one there knowing your business or your pasts, it felt like the perfect new beginning - the perfect place to start up a new shop, slow down, and raise your family away from all the chaos.

Harry handed over everything to Barry before the move. S.T.A.R. Labs and everything conducted within those walls now belonged to the Speedster. He was the Boss now, and what he decided to do with the business was up to him. Ultimately, Barry made a drastic change to the business.

He disbanded it.

What happened was, with the help of the incomparable Cecile Horton, the team managed to take the matter of the illegal metacine to court. In the end, the government passed a bill that resulted in many more legal methods for citizens afflicted with unwanted meta-powers to obtain the cure.

What were Barry and the gang up to now?

They continue to make Central City a better and safer place, just in a different way. Now, your friends are regarded as heroes and are celebrated by everyone. They call themselves Team Flash, but they will always be the Inner Circle to you.

You both still keep in touch every so often with the gang. They’ve come to visit your family during the holidays, and Cisco still calls once and while to bounce technical engineering ideas off of Harry.

You let your restless son run off into the shallow waves, as Rose gets up to tag along.

“I’ll go watch them,” Jesse offers, getting up to follow her brother and sister. Harry shifts down closer beside you, putting his arm around you and watching all of his children playing and laughing together. Your man slowly pulls you between his legs, his hands running over your exposed stomach and kissing your shoulders.

"Harry, no! Bad Harry!” you chastise him. “They're right there!"

"I wasn't doing anything!" he defends himself. You turn around and give him a doubtful look. Yeah, how very unlikely.

"But maybe tonight we could...?" you suggest.

"I'd like that," he says with a smirk and gives you a lingering kiss.

"Eww, that's gross!" Rowan says, appearing at your side, looking disgusted at his parents’ kiss. You giggle when you pull away from Harry and take Rowan in your arms to dry him off only to tickle the living daylights out of him. Jesse and Rose return from their frolic in the sand and Rose instantly goes to Harry, hugging him tightly. Rowan finally stops giggling.

"My turn!" Rowan’s eyes light up at Jesse, wanting to be chased too. You can see in her own eyes that she loves her baby siblings so much. She would do whatever she could to see them smile. Jesse knows now that she should never have worried about Harry and you having a family all those years ago because you all include her in everything. One big happy family.

You decide to get up and stretch your legs a bit, maybe get your feet a little wet. Harry follows, and you hold his hand in your short walk. It’s a good thing Harry kept the villa in Fiji with the long stretch beach because now you can monitor your young ones easily. It’s the perfect place for a family getaway.

"I remember standing on this beach and asking you to have a family with me…” Harry says gently as you smile at him, “and now look."

"They're extraordinary," you reply, squeezing his hand.

"You're extraordinary."

You lean up to kiss him and his arms instinctively go around you. “I found this for you,” he adds, holding out to you an apple blossom in his hand. You smile serenely up at Harry, knowing full well one of the virtues that apple blossoms symbolize.