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You paced the living room nervously waiting for Dabi, who at this point was already three hours late. Which was unusual because he was almost never late. Matter of fact, he was the one that always complained when someone else was.

With the anxiety now setting in, it seemed like every negative possibility in existence was racing through your head at once. Was he hurt? Did he get arrested? Captured?

Briefly looking at clock on the end table, the bold numbers read 12:27am and after checking your phone for the fifth time in the past thirty minutes, the notification bar remained empty.

Finally snapping, you slipped on your coat and prepared to go look for him. Stepping outside the cold wind caused a small shiver to spread throughout your body adding to the prominent uneasiness. Having locked the door, you turned to walk down the staircase but tripped after only a few steps. A small scream escaping your lips when seeing the cause of your fall.

Laid against the wall by your apartment door, Dabi sat unconscious and obviously beaten. Patches of blue and purple that almost blended in with his scars had begun to appear on his exposed skin.

Crawling over to him, you cupped his cheeks with your hands and examined his face closer. It looked worse, you could now see that both his eyes were slightly swollen, his lip was busted and to top it all off he was freezing.

"What happened?" You whispered, pushing his hair back.

Standing up quickly you opened the door, assessing how you would be able to get him into the apartment. And even though the thought of carrying him inside seemed like an impossible feat, it appeared to be the only option available.

Pulling Dabi off the wall you stepped behind him and hooked your arms under his.

One. Two. Three.

Lifting him barely an inch off the ground you put all your strength into dragging Dabi just pass the threshold. Closing the door behind you and rushing to turn on the heat afterwards.

"Dabi..babe. I need you to wake up." You said as you tapped the side of his face lightly.

You quickly grabbed a blanket off the couch and covered him with it, trying to warm him up.

It wasn't unusual for Dabi to come home beaten up but this was the worst you had ever seen him. Getting a clean wet rag you began to wipe off his face, before a faint glimpse of red caught your eye. It was soaking into the beige blanket. Tearing it off you lifted up his shirt to reveal a large gash near his hip.

Holding back the panic driven tears that desperately wanted to fall, you tried to keep calm. Having temporarily covered the cut with the rag, you quickly got up and searched the house for supplies. Times like this made you wish you could call for an ambulance, but that wasn't possible. Dabi was a wanted criminal and taking him there would only ensure his arrest.

Not having much time to think at all. You found a few rolls of gauze on top of the fridge and filled a large bowl with water. Kneeling next to him once more you pushed his shirt up as far as it could go. The rag you had left over the gash was already soaked through and through with blood, but after removing the rag it seemed as if the bleeding was starting to somewhat slow down.

You gently poured water over the wound for about five minutes in an effort to try and clean it out before you applied the gauze. Wrapping it around his waist multiple times. Exhaling in relief once he was completely bandaged up. Though admittedly you weren't completely confident that you did everything which needed to be done in order to care for such a wound.

Finally taking in your surroundings, the sight was shocking. Blood had dried all over the tile, Dabi laid still in a puddle of red diluted water, and stray pieces of gauze were just about everywhere. Looking at the clock you didn't notice how much time had passed. As it was already almost 2AM.

Dabi's complexion seemed to be getting a little better. A sad smile making it way onto your face as you watched as he slept; He was the type to always have his guard up, and always be alert of everyone and everything around him. Long having lost his faith in people, Dabi was cold and defensive towards everyone he met. Which made it almost weird to see him so peaceful, his features soft, defenseless, almost like a child.

"An injured child." You countered your own thought.

After cleaning up your strength was all but gone. Dabi was still on the floor near the front door. Having doubt in your own ability to carry him to the bed you brought out a few blankets and pillows from the bedroom and set up a small area by the front door. Unwilling to leave his side, you laid next to him, gripping his hand tightly as you slipped into unconsciousness.


* * * * *


Turning over in his sleep Dabi was awakened by a sharp pain shooting up his side. Causing a groan to escape his lips and wake you shortly after. Sitting up you rubbed your eyes trying to focus your vision.

"Babe?" You cooed, placing your hand on his shoulder.

"Hey." He greets you with a strained smile.

It didn't take long for you to completely come to your senses and begin to panic, "Are you okay? Does it still hurt? What happened?!"

Dabi waves his hand in the air trying to calm you, "This? It's nothing."

Laying his hand over the bandages he applied light pressure with his index finger. Trying to find the most sensitive area. "This isn't working. Babe can you help me get to the bathroom?" He asked.

Nodding you quickly got up off the floor and offered your hand to him. Using it as support, Dabi pulled himself upright. His face reflecting the pain that came with each sudden movement.

After a slow walk to the bathroom, Dabi examined himself at the mirror before attempting to remove the bandages.

"Are you sure you should do that?" You interrupted, concerned about what would happen if he took them off.

"Yeah..I’ve got to assess the damage." Dabi said simply, as he pulled on the gauze wrapped around his torso, "Damn babe were you trying to mummify me or what?"

Walking up behind him you start to undo the wrapping for him, "No. I just wanted to stop bleeding."

With no memory of what happen after he blacked out last night, Dabi turned to you curiously “Was there a lot?”

He could not help but feel concerned as you nodded, “There was. There was so much."

The tears that you had held back the entire night finally began to fall as you held his hand tightly images of last night flashing in your mind, "I thought you were going to die, the bleeding wouldn't stop."

A pang of guilt began to grow within him as he watched you. Unable to withstand the urge he pulled you into a tight hug despite the pain ravishing his side.

"You did well." He said in an effort to comfort you.

Though the guilt wasn't going away. He was more than aware that over the past few months he had been relying on you more and more when it came to his injuries. Hesitant to admit it, Dabi had become accustomed to you patching him up after a fight, or a rough day out, even nursing him back to health when he was sick. Though until now it had never occurred to him the toll it would take on you.

You pull away from him after a few second to meet his gaze, "I'm just glad your okay." The unusually soft tone of your voice made him uneasy as you usually didn't hold back from scolding him for his reckless behavior.

Wiping your tears you muster up the best smile possible, "Okay! Let's get this off of you."

Taking off the bandages revealed that the gash was was not a big as you had originally thought, though it was still a pretty wide open wound.

"Babe go get me my black bag from on top of the closet." Dabi instructed.

Quickly retrieving the bag for him, he dug his arm around in it for awhile before pulling out an oddly shaped white tool. You watched closely as he also set out a small box.

"You might want to look away babe. This isn't for the light hearted." Dabi warned loading the tool with small square like metal pieces.

"Wait.." You pause, "Is that.."

"A medical stapler? Yes."

You felt your stomach twist into knots. Dabi stared at you for a few seconds before questioning your actions, "You really gonna watch?”

As much as your mind was telling you to turn away you couldn't bring yourself to do so. Shaking your head, Dabi sighed "Okay. If you say so."

Pinching the side of the injury, Dabi took a deep breath before gripping the handle on the tool tightly, and a small click echoed throughout the bathroom.

As the staple entered his skin he let out a grunt. You looked at him worried, though you knew he’d done this before, it was obvious how painful it still was. Dabi kept his eyes closed tight, biting his lip as he waited for some of the pain to subside. Before adding another staple, then another. Each time his face twisting into a look of pure agony.


A feeling of sadness overcame you, as you looked over his body and each staple in it.



The thought of him being in this much pain each time, made your heart ache.


This was his solution..


This was the best he could do in most situations.



Finally the room fell silent, Dabi exhaled dropping the stapler on the floor.

"Go get more Gauze we need to wrap it again." He instructed you once more, this time almost completely out of breath.

Practically running across the apartment you quickly gathered the left over supplies from last night before running back into the bathroom and laid the supplies out on the bathroom counter.

As you begun to wrap his wound once more you had to ask, "Are you okay?"

Dabi looked at you solemnly at first before giving a small smile, "I'm okay. I'm used to it."

"You shouldn't be.” you grumbled, “What even happened last night?"

Dabi shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly "I just had a run in with some pro heroes."

"Heroes? as in more than one?!"

Dabi flinched at your sudden outburst before nodding. You glared at him disapprovingly, "Guessing from this wound, your dumb ass stayed and tried to fight huh!"

There it is. Your anger finally started to show as you finished wrapping up his wound. You hated how little he valued himself. Dabi tried to diffuse the situation by assuring you he had almost won, "Babe, I had it taken care of. This, this was just a lucky shot."

"A lucky shot that almost killed you."

Dabi offered a reassuring smile, not wanting to make you worry anymore than you already had. "Please babe, there is no way something as insignificant as simple gash like this could of killed me--"

Holding your hand up you flicked his forehead causing him to look at you shocked.

"No matter how insignificant it is. Do you understand how much it hurts me to see you hurt. It literally kills me inside. What would you do if I came home with an injury like that and tried telling you it's insignificant, I'm not gonna die so don't worry about it." You argued, wanting him to understand your point of view.

Dabi took a deep breath as the possibility played out in his head. He would probably want to kill the person who hurt you. No, He would kill the person who hurt you. Seeing him deep in thought you grabbed his face pulling his attention back to you, "You understand. I'm never gonna stop worrying about you. I'm going to be patching you up till the day we die. So do me a favor and don't dismiss your injuries so easily okay. Even if I don't feel the physical pain from your wounds it still hurts."

Dabi nodded, not saying anything in response as you stepped about from him. He couldn’t find the word, he knew you meant everything you told him but for some reason it made him uneasy. This was his life and regretfully he was the one who had brought you into it. He brought you into the sad life, he hurt you even if not intentionally. There was no way you could ever be hap-

His was pulled from his thoughts by the sound of you humming, glancing over at you his eyes widen as he watched you clean up the counter with a small smile on your. He didn’t understand why you were smiling and such warm smile too. Comforting. Relieving to see. A smile that made everything feel not that bad.

He got up, hugging you tight from behind.

“What’s this for?” You asked.

“Just felt like it.”

Even though his doubts could never fully disappear, you gave him hope. Hope that maybe this could all work out.