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Oh My God, Dad

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Todoroki blinked, pausing in his walk to the communal kitchen. It wasn’t very often students in 2-A besides Midoriya, and occasionally Uraraka, called out to him. To hear himself being beckoned over by Mina was odd indeed. Deciding that collecting his laundry could wait, he joined her where she was gathered on the couches with a few other students.

“Can I help you?” he asked politely.

She waved an arm erratically. “You think All Might’s Midoriya’s dad, right?”

Todoroki frowned. “I...have my suspicions.”

“See?!” Uraraka cried. “I told you he believed it too!”

Iida, the object of her shouting, pushed his glasses up his nose with a cough. “Regardless, it is impolite to assume! Midoriya has made no mention of-”

“Oh shit, remember Father’s Day?” Kaminari cut in. “Midoriya wouldn’t say what his plans were every time we asked, just that he was doing “not much”. I bet he’s not allowed to say.”

Mina nodded tightly, pointing at Asui. “And it was Tsu who pointed out how similar their quirks were.”

Asui tapped her chin with a finger, glancing at Todoroki. “Not to bring up bad memories Todoroki, but your father implied Midori was related to All Might too.”

“Ah,” Todoroki agreed. “We agree on something, it seems.”

“Deku accidentally told me that All Might was the one that picked him up from camp when he was sick. Remember, the one where Aizawa wouldn’t tell us where he’d gone?” Uraraka hissed.

Todoroki shrugged. “Not surprising. All Might is often at Midoriya’s.”

Everyone gathered froze, rounding on Todoroki with an almost terrifying gleam in their eyes. “I’m sorry,” Mina said in a horrifyingly false voice. “What was that?”

“I-...uh, he is,” Todoroki said, taking a step back. “Bakugou can confirm.”

“I knew it!” Kaminari yelled, jumping to his feet alongside Uraraka and both of them punching the air. “Midoriya and All Might spend way too much time together to just be teacher and student! I haven’t forgotten that day Bakugou threw the shit into the fan and Aizawa pulled them both out and what happened after class? All Might came and picked up Midoriya! They’re way obvious!”

Whether by cruelness or kindness, Midoriya chose that very moment to enter the common room, muttering away as he tapped at his phone. He must have sensed all their gazes though, eyes slowly rising from the screen and pausing like a deer caught in headlights. Todoroki saw the hesitation but also the moment Midoriya saw him and so counted the situation as ‘safe’. It probably was but Todoroki didn’t think he was really the best judge of that. Still, Midoriya approached when Mina waved him over, pasting a smile on his face.

“I-is everything alright?” he asked nervously, fingers stilling on his phone’s screen.

“Everything’s fine,” Mina said, far too casually. “We were just wondering why you never told us you’re All Might’s son. We wouldn’t tell anyone!”

Midoriya spluttered for several seconds before turning bright red. “I-it’s-...That’s-!...I, no, it’s not...We...ah, no. All Might and I, it’s...I...we’re not like that. It’s…” Midoriya flailed before turning to Todoroki. “I told you I wasn’t!”

Todoroki merely returned his gaze. “You never openly denied it.”

Midoriya groaned, kneading his forehead. “Come on guys! I...I wouldn’t lie about-”

“Then what is your dad like?”

Mina’s voice cut through the room, Midoriya stilling. Kaminari nodded rapidly, throwing himself down next to Mina and hanging over the back of the couch. “Come on Midoriya, what’s he like? Does he have a quirk? And what kind? I bet he’s strong like you! You never tell us anything about him and he never comes to pick you up!”

“He could simply be busy!” Iida interjected. “That is no reason to assume-”

“I’m sure he’s wonderful,” Uraraka added, going for cheerful but Todoroki realised how much that had missed the mark with one look at Midoriya., he didn’t look alright at all.

Asui was nodding along. “You said your mum moves objects, so…”


“Come on Midoriya,” Mina wheedled, cutting over the top of Todoroki. “Something, anything! A photo, one photo! Or, or! Just admit it. Come on, the whole class knows about you and All Might anyway. We don’t mind!

“I kinda mind,” Kaminari objected. “I mean, All Might as your dad? You’re lucky Midoriya! If he was mine, I’d-”

“...I said it wasn’t like that.”

Everyone froze at how flat Midoriya’s voice was. Even Todoroki’s eyes widened marginally. He went to reach out but Midoriya shied away, turning on his heel and jogging back up the stairs. Todoroki contemplated following but then...he wouldn’t know what to say. Uraraka or Iida would undoubtedly handle the situation better. He excused himself even as the group on the couches started arguing over Midoriya’s “cryptic” answers. Uraraka had made to stand only to be drawn back in by Kaminari screaming about how that was undeniable proof while Asui was stating she’d changed her mind. Mina was crying at the apparent betrayal while Iida was trying to scold all of them at once.

The conversation - for lack of a better word - was only stopped when the door leading to the stairs suddenly opened so hard it ricocheted off the wall behind it. Todoroki wasn’t too surprised when Bakugou turned out to be the source of the noise, stomping in and scowling at them.

“What are you fuckers up to?”

Mina puffed her cheeks out. “Hey, that’s mean! Ask nicely!”

Bakugou merely growled, slamming a hand down on the table closest, smoke rising from under his palm. “I said, what the fuck were you doing?”

Uraraka rolled her eyes at him even as Kaminari was squeaking, diving onto the floor. “We were just trying to get Midoriya to admit All Might was his dad!” he wailed.

Bakugou suddenly went still, eyes burning as they locked on Todoroki from across the room. “I told you that was a fucking lie.”

“And why should we believe you?” Mina argued. “And besides, Midoriya wouldn’t tell us about his dad when we asked!”

“That’s because he can’t remember the fucker!” Bakugou roared, several mouths snapping shut. “That shitstain walked out before Deku was even two or something! Auntie’s fucking stupid enough to think he’s coming back so keeps feeding some bullshit about him “working abroad” but even Deku’s not that dumb. We all know. He’s fucked off and he’s a shitty dad so fucking back off Deku about it!”

He made as if to leave, only to whirl back around when Uraraka made a dash for the stairs. “Don’t even fucking try it,” he snarled.

“Deku’s my friend!” Uraraka snapped.

“And you fucked up so give him some fucking space. He doesn’t want you right now, got it?”

Bakugou left it at that, shoving his hands in his pockets before marching to the elevator. Uraraka went to ignore him anyway but Todoroki quietly called her back. When she demanded an explanation he simply shrugged. His attention, however, was on the elevator and where, exactly, it had stopped:

The teacher’s floor.





Toshinori would admit that the last person he expected to see on a Sunday morning at the door to the teacher’s common room was Bakugou Katsuki and yet there he was, leaning against the door frame and looking like he’d rather be anywhere else.

“Can we help you Bakugou?” Aizawa asked, not even looking up from his reports.

Bakugou just gave an awkward, shrug-like gesture. He turned so he was facing Toshinori a little more. “Some fuckheads downstairs upset Deku and he’s crying. You should...I don’t know, go deal with it or some shit.”

“I-Izuku?” Toshinori stammered, heart jumping in his chest.

Aizawa frowned from his right, eyes finally lifting from the page. “2-A kids? What did they do?”

Another shrug. “Gave him shit about his dad. ‘Cause they all reckon All Might’s Deku’s dad - as fucking if! - and his real dad’s some walkout scumbag so…”

Bakugou didn’t need to say anymore, Toshinori only pausing the second long enough it took to bring Bakugou into a hug - as kicking and snarling as he was - before making for Izuku’s room. Bakugou’s mumbling followed him to the end of the hall before he opted to take the stairs while Toshinori took the elevator. Arriving at the second floor, Toshinori walked as fast as his body would allow, coming to a stop outside of Izuku’s room. He listened for a moment but only got sniffling from the other side, and the kind of sniffling that meant Izuku was crying a lot harder, he was just smothering the sound in his knees.

Pushing the door open, that’s exactly what Toshinori was met with; Izuku tucked up against the wall, knees brought up to his chest as he sobbed into them. Closing the door as quietly as possible, Toshinori knelt down in front of the bed, sighing heavily.

“Oh my dear boy.”

Izuku’s head snapped up, eyes widening at the sight of him. He went to wipe at his eyes but Toshinori simply caught his wrists. “If you need to cry Izuku, then cry.”

Izuku’s bottom lip trembled. “Aren’t I already a crybaby?”

Toshinori cupped his cheek in his hand. “We’re all crybabies when it comes to family.”

Izuku’s control snapped just like that, flinging himself into his arms so hard that Toshinori staggered back. He managed to keep his balance, barely, arms wrapping around Izuku and running a hand through his hair. Izuku’s hands fisted in the back of his shirt, head tucked into his neck. Toshinori shushed him gently, waiting for the sobs to subside a little.

“Would you like to talk about it?”

Izuku shook his head firmly, Toshinori just nodding. He let Izuku cry it out until he had no tears left, pulling away and reaching for his nightstand to grab a tissue. Izuku stared at his feet once he’d blown his nose, swinging them absently. “They didn’t know,” he murmured.

“Perhaps not,” Toshinori agreed. “But they didn’t have to pry either, if the topic obviously made you uncomfortable.” Izuku frowned at that so Toshinori tapped his knees to get his attention, smiling widely. “Did I ever tell you about the restaurant on the moon?”

Izuku blinked twice. “Huh? There’s no-”

“The food was great, but there was no atmosphere.”

There was a beat and then Izuku shrieked, flailing as he threw himself onto his bed, phone bouncing precariously close to the edge. He was muttering furiously under his breath, Toshinori having to smother a laugh even as he handed his phone back.

“Careful with that, you nearly punched it. And if you did-”

There was a horrified “no…

“-then you would have needed tech-knuckle support.”

“All Might, stop,” Izuku groaned, dragging his pillow over his head. “You’re not funny! Those are the worst! They’re not even funny.”

Toshinori allowed himself a laugh, pushing himself up and taking a seat on the edge of Izuku’s bed, a hand settling on the small of his student’s back. “Either way, just know this young Izuku, Endeavour wasn’t wrong. You’re mine...or well, at least to me,” he added awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck.

Izuku’s head suddenly popped out from under the pillow, eyes wide. “Y-you...All Might, you...really?”

Toshinori ruffled his hair. “You truly are full of nonsense if you haven’t figured that out already, Izuku.”

Ah, here came the tears again. Oh well, Toshinori thought as he pulled Izuku into his arms. Some things never changed.




Two Months Later

Kaminari gave a low whistle as he looked out the window. No one really blamed him either. It had been raining for most of the morning but the rain had since progressed into something more like a monsoon. The water fell in thick sheets and pelted the grounds of UA. The rain was set to stick around all week and their hero classes had been shifted inside for the most part; it turned out extreme weather training fell behind student safety in the eyes of the board.

Seeing the students were distracted, All Might’s gaze turned to the window too, mildly impressed.

“I hope this rain keeps up!” he said jovially, spreading his arms widely. “Because then it won’t come down!”


Total, absolute silence.

And then, from the left side of the room, so soft yet so disgusted, “Oh my god Dad.

Kaminari and Kirishima lost it, others snickering as Midoriya did his best to glare at All Might. All Might simply flashed him a thumbs up, which had Midoriya groaning and rubbing his temples. Still, there was a smile on his face and if it was the happiest he’d looked in awhile, one was going to bring it up.

(Midoriya calling his mum and asking if “dad” could around for dinner was another matter entirely but that wasn’t any of their business. Not really.)