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Fandom Stocking 2010/11

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Jadzia looked at the new thing that had suddenly appeared on the centre of the table in their quarters. She didn't remember ever seeing it before, and it was unlike Worf to add personal touches unless they were of the spiky warrior accessories variety. This was just a candlestick - a candelabrum to be precise, with nine branches in a row, the centre one a little taller than the others.

'What's this, Worf?' she called, and he came in from the other room. She pointed at the object. 'Decorating without me?' she teased.

'It will only be there for eight days,' he told her, seriously.

'It's all right,' she said. 'I'm just curious.'

He did not reply, so she leaned over and prodded him. 'So? What's it for?' she asked. 'I thought I knew all the Klingon traditions.'

'This is not a Klingon tradition,' he said. 'It is a menorah - it is part of the tradition of my human family.'

'Huh - that's nice,' she said. 'What do you do with it?'

'I will show you,' he said. 

He took a lamp lighter from the drawer inside the table and used it to light the centre candle, and then used that candle to light a single other candle before replacing it. He spoke a few words that her commbadge didn't translate. He looked at the candles for a moment, and then turned away.

'Is that all?' Jadzia asked. 'No long, dreary prayers? No glorifying the souls of warriors past?'

Worf shrugged. 'My mother used to make doughnuts. And we would play games.'

'Well, why didn't you say so?' Jadzia asked. 'That's the kind of tradition I can get behind.'