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Seating Plan

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One thing Tsuyu never realised about being in a polyamorous relationship is car seating arrangements can be complicated. But she learns this one day when Izuku, having just got his license, drives his brand new car up to their apartment and invites his two girlfriends for a drive.

Ecstatic to know they finally have a car, Tsuyu and Ochako rush out of the apartment and up to Izuku’s green car. And then it occurs to them.

“Hey, Deku, who’s going in the front with you?” Ochako asks.

“Yeah, because whoever’s left in the back’s going to feel kind of… rejected,” Tsuyu says.

Izuku frowns, clearly realising this problem too. “Oh yeah… what should we do?”

Tsuyu rolls her eyes, amazed that things are always so random in their relationship.

In the end, Tsuyu and Ochako sit in the back. But then whenever they talk to Izuku, he reflexively tries to turn around in his seat, and the two girls freak out.


Tsuyu shrieks as the car veers into the wrong lane for a second. “Keep your eyes on the road or so help me…”

In the end, Izuku stops this reflex. And then things finally go without a hitch.