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One-Shots & Drabbles for Detroit: Become Human

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Sometimes you really hate the effects of working out. Sure you're starting to show some muscle definition, and you've lost a couple pounds, but that's not why you're doing it.

Connor is that reason.

You express your curiosity in working out and he's so enthusiastic about it, encouraging you to research and helping you when you get stuck. He actually goes so far as to create a workout regimen for you, but one look at it and you have to gently tell him that it's a bit too much for a beginner to start with, and he concedes defeat in place of your exercise plan.

You'd feel touched on how thoughtful he's been so far, except the sweat pouring down your face into your panting mouth is giving you other feelings. Feelings like how exhausted you are, and how rank you must smell after your ten minute cooldown on the treadmill.

It's only been one month and you'd rather be spending that time chilling at home with said android, laughing at his reactions to another classic movie from the early 2000s. But for now you climb off the treadmill with your towel and water bottle in hand, rushing to the changing room.

You have a rule about not using the communal showers in the gym center, because you believe they harbor the nastiest germs ever; no way you're stepping foot in there. A quick wipe down and then you're in your car and back to your apartment in about twenty minutes, dashing up the stairs to the third floor. You're sweating again as you close the door separating you and the outside world, sighing in relief. You would never want to subject another being to the terror that is your scent right now.

Connor steps out from the kitchen, a protein shake already made and passing it to you as you sit down on the couch for a hot second. “I'm happy you are keeping up with the schedule you've created for yourself. I know you were hesitant in starting this, but the health benefits greatly outweigh the aches and pains you'll encounter now.” He smiles at you, and you grin back.

“So would you say no pain, no gain?” And Connor just tilts his head, confused, before the imaginary lightbulb goes off.

“Oh! That's one of those inspirational quotes, correct? I believe you can also find them on those posters with the kittens, sporting a similar saying?” Oh my god, he is just too cute. You try not to choke as you down the last of your shake and move in for a kiss, a noise of contentment leaving Connor's lips as he settles his hands at your hips.

Although you were itching to take a shower, your mind has wandered to how deft Connor is, his lips on yours. Catching your breath leaves you open to Connor trailing kisses down to your neck, delicate nips making you squeak in surprise. You definitely didn't see that coming. He chuckles against your neck, something you find very sexy, and he continues the assault.

It's only after awhile do you decide to end the impromptu make out session, pulling back with your cheeks flushed and eyes hazy. “That was—Connor, what are you doing?”

You look on in horrified amusement as he swipes his tongue against your neck and pulls back, licking his lips. Sometimes you wonder what runs through his brain at times.

He tilts his head as his sensor turns yellow, then blue as he stares at you with a grin. “I was wondering what I was analysing when kissing your neck; I looked it up and figured it was sweat. Did you know your sweat is made up mostly of water? It also contains trace amounts of urea, ammonia, salt, and protein—”

You slap a hand over his mouth while laughing hysterically, baffled by this chain of events. “That's the most disgusting thing I have ever seen you do, Connor. I've even heard you licked blood once upon a time.”

“Analyzed it, and if by 'once upon a time’ you mean last week, then yes.” He says this so cheerily you just scoff, rolling your eyes.

"Connor, I know you have to. But that is fucking gross and the way you do it is disturbingly attractive. I'm going to go shower."

He tries to chase after you to apologise but you quickly shut the bathroom door, because if you let him explain himself you'll only laugh more. You calm down as you close your eyes and let the warm water rush along your back, smiling to yourself with how suave Connor was acting; it's nice to enjoy each other's presence.

After a while in the shower you step out with your towel wrapping you up, wiping away the condensation that had gathered on the mirror. The person you see looking back seems much happier than you would have thought, a slight smile tugging at the corners of your lips. It wasn't every day you enjoyed your reflection, but it was hard to deny how nice the blush of your cheeks and how full of life your eyes are.

As you make your way to the bedroom to towel dry yourself and comb your hair in front of your vanity Connor sneaks into the room, evidenced by the fact you gasp as he hugs you from behind, his chin resting on your shoulder.

“Connor! Jesus, you scared me. Make some noise, will you?” you tease him, because he almost never makes noise, other than during menial tasks. To be honest you'd find it unnerving if you haven't been living with him as long as you have.

He huffs out a laugh that tickles your cheek and makes you shiver; he always knows how to make you react to the most inconsequential of things. Since it looks like you're not getting your hair combed you set the comb onto the vanity while Connor traces the curves of your body upwards, stopping briefly at your breasts, humming at the feel of them through the towel.

That feeling of pleasure from your make-out session returns quickly as his hands breeze back and forth above the spot where your towel is being held together. He brushes his lips against your ear whispering against it, “may I take this off?”

The way he lowers his voice just the tiniest bit has goosebumps rising on your arms, and all you can do is nod in confirmation. You love how Connor always asks before he does something, how considerate he is above all else. It's very cute, but at the moment all you can think is how sexy it is.

Connor sees the way you're reacting to him with your elevated heart rate, and the bumps on your arms tells him that what he's doing is successful. He can't help it when he slowly and gently takes your chin in one of his hands and turns your head so he's able to look into your eyes, observing way they're starting to dilate. “I'd like you to tell me, please,” and the blush that spreads across your cheeks is so adorable he can't help but chuckle. He knows you don't love saying stuff like that out loud, that you're embarrassed, but he loves seeing you this way.

“I-I'd like you to take it off,” and the way you stammer it out has him pressing a kiss to your neck, one hand undoing the towel while the other turns your head back forward, letting you focus on the both of you through the mirror. As the towel lands on the floor you look down towards the ground, not wanting to glance at your own image.

You're embarrassed, not happy with the way you look, especially pressed against Connor who is looking at your body. You don't notice the way he's absolutely enraptured, a faint blue blush coming to the surface of his cheeks. “You're so beautiful,” he whispers, “i want you to see that, always.” You want to cry sometimes when he starts talking like this, because his words hit home for you.

Connor smiles when you finally look up from the ground, meeting your gaze as you reward him with a smile of your own. Once he's seen your smile he effortlessly picks you up and sits you down on the vanity, and he begins to undo his tie. You stop him as he loosens it and pout, a brow raised. “You're not letting me have any of the fun,” you admonish, and he drops his hands to your thighs.

“I'm sorry, I just couldn't help it. You always make me feel flustered. I just want to make you feel good, you do so much for me.” You lean forward and plant a quick kiss on his nose, undoing the rest of his tie and tossing it onto the bed nearby, starting upon his dress shirt next.

Connor inches his hands towards your inner thighs, that smirk of his following your movements as you swiftly unbutton the last of his shirt. He stops your ministrations as soon as his fingers reach your folds, starting gentle as he moves circles on your clit.

“Ah! Shit,” you jerk at the sudden attention you're given, Connor capturing your lips in a searing kiss leaving you dizzy at the onslaught of feelings. Your heart is racing as his tongue tangles with yours, a moan escaping your lips. You haven't even gotten half of his clothes off before he's already making a mess of you, your legs beginning to quiver.

Connor loves seeing desire cloud your eyes, your hands gripping his shirt making it bunch up. He'd be slightly miffed at the way it'll be wrinkled afterwards, but a quick ironing will get that out. He stops as soon as he feels you start to tense, your whine from having your release withheld from you like music to his hears.

He gives you one last kiss before he shrugs off his dress shirt and lays it neatly on the bed, turning back towards you and lifting his fingers to his lips and licking them in a way that makes you squirm restlessly under his gaze.

“That is so disgusting,” you state as your brows knit together and you bite your lower lip.

He just grins widely. “But disturbingly attractive, as you so eloquently put it,” which elicits a snort from you.

Connor loves hearing all the ways you show your feelings for him; it makes his thirium pump work harder, sucking in a needless breath as you confidently reach for his pants and unbuckle them, shoving them down and figuring out that he was going commando the entire time; something he decided to try out since the underwear given to androids is really only a formality. A formality he didn't really want to go through with anymore.

Connor chokes back a gasp as you take hold of his erection, slowly pumping him and drawing as many sounds as you can from his lips, his eyelids fluttering briefly at the input being registered. He's able to step closer to you, to continue what had been started before and kiss your neck. He bites and sucks the way you like, hard enough it feels like it's on the precipice of pleasure and pain; also enough to leave the slightest of marks along your neck.

He hasn't told you, but he suspects you know that he loves leaving proof of your lovemaking on your body, especially ones you couldn't hide as easily. He feels a sense of happiness when you become shy and self-conscious because of them, but if you ever told him to stop he would.

You're at it for who knows how long before you're both panting and releasing little moans of enjoyment. When you pull him in enough for his dick to press lightly against your folds, a whimper escapes your lips at the contact.

“Please, Connor, I can't wait any longer…” and to emphasize you thrust your hips so he goes deeper in, you were already so wet.

Connor grunts at the sensation, hands gripping your hips in an almost vice like grip.

He begins to slowly thrust into you, already feeling you shake as he moved, almost torturously slow. After a while and more intense kissing he picks up the pace, his finger moving to rub your clit and drawing more of those wonderful sounds from you.

“Ah, c-close!” you yell out and he keeps his pace, leaning in close to you.

“I love you so much, come for me, please,” and those words are all it takes for you to experience your release, Connor's following quickly after yours. You lean back against the vanity mirror as you catch your breath, Connor having pulled out and is now peppering your face in kisses.

He picks you up off the vanity and carries you to the bathroom, drawing a bath. “What's this for?” you inquire, and he just looks at you funny.

“I’m drawing us a bath, so we can relax and cuddle some more. We rarely get to enjoy our time alone,” and your heart just squeezes, he's so heartfelt and considerate in everything he does.

You two have been relaxing in the water for about ten minutes before Connor speaks up. “I'm going to enjoy watching that if I want to have some fun on my own.” You turn and gape at him, brain working at light speed considering what he said.

“You fucking didn't,” and his only answer is to smirk and kiss the top of your head. You'll get him back, soon enough.