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One-Shots & Drabbles for Detroit: Become Human

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Connor sends a message to you as soon as he and Hank begin their patrol of the park. He wasn't able to take the day off and join you at your friend's wedding, but this is as close as he could get, swapping routes with another patrol just to observe the affair from a distance.

They start on the far end of the park, Hank moving at a leisurely pace so Connor has to slow down and walk beside him. He feels a bit impatient at this, wanting to see what you look like since you would have had to dress up for the occasion. That and he's never witnessed a wedding before.

This gives him time however to enjoy the scenery, something he hasn't really done lately. It's only been a few months since he's become a deviant, and he's still learning about how to not always be in “investigation mode”, as you have so eloquently put it. Hank helps him here and there, but it mostly entails watching sports and figuring out the intricacies of hockey and baseball. He doesn't really enjoy watching sports, it seems too predictable to him.

“What are weddings supposed to be like, Hank?” Connor asks, grabbing his coin out of his pocket and flipping it between his knuckles. Hank sighs before glancing at him, fiddling with his coffee cup.

“I haven't been to one in a long time Connor, look it up online,” and Hank takes a sip of his coffee before stalking the path up ahead, weaving between the joggers running in the opposite direction. Connor accesses numerous articles on the subject before coming to the conclusion that they're usually about happiness, beginning life with the one you truly love and cherish.

He doesn't exactly understand that emotion; love. He has experienced affection and desire with you before you had asked him out on a date, and his feelings have grown exponentially in the months that you two have been together, but he's not sure if he has ever felt “love” for you. It's a difficult emotion to capture, but some of the Jericho crew seem to have figured it out so quickly. He might ask Markus next time they meet.

It's not long before he hears the crowd of people gathered all around a gazebo, flowers and different colored bows strung on the top of it. There's a middle aisle that's separating the two sections of seating, which are also covered in various decorations. He can spot you in one of the rows standing in front of the gazebo, your tux catching his eye immediately.

It's by all accounts what a male would wear, but yours is slightly more form fitting, the black and white accentuating your curves. He can feel his thirium pump working faster as a blush forms on his cheeks, and he continues to stare even as Hank notices and points it out.

Hank has to tug on his arm in order for him to move and continue the patrol, but he glances at you quite often while making their way in a circle around the gazebo. Two men wearing brightly colored tuxedos make their way to the inside of the gazebo, one after the other. From what Connor can deduce, that was the part where family escorts the bride to the altar.

Connor's sensor turns yellow as he sees the two men, and frowns a bit. “Hank,” he starts, “according to online resources, it hasn't been all that long since gay marriage was legalized.” Hank glances at him before seeing his LED color, and mumbles something incoherent to himself.

“You're right Connor, it hasn't been that long at all. Back in my day, people like that couldn't even confide in their own family for fear of being ostracized, it was disgusting. People should live how they want without fear,” and Hank walks off, leaving Connor standing in the middle of the path.

Connor's sensor keeps spinning yellow as he finishes going through articles about the topic, leaving him a bit conflicted. He feels like androids are in in the same situation, but knows it's not the exact same. Androids aren't just fighting for equality, they're fighting for everything that humans have. Considering how even interracial couple are still being criticized, Connor feels a bit worried for you. It might be 40 years until marriage between androids and humans will be legally recognized by the government. He's not sure if you'd be ok with that….

Connor jogs over to Hank once he's done cataloguing his thoughts, who is further along the path and looking towards the gazebo.

Everybody looks so happy, you included. You're smiling and giggling with the others next to you, and he registers a feeling he's never had before. He has to look it up, but now he knows it's contentment. He isn't sure why seeing you so happy at a wedding makes him feel this way, but he files it away for later.

The rest of the ceremony goes by in a blur as he and Hank do a full lap of the park, and by the time he makes it back to the gazebo everybody is idling about as the recently married couple gather them up.

The couple says some things Connor can't hear, but everybody claps and they start dancing to some music being played. Hank motions Connor to sit down on a bench with a view of the gazebo, and nurses his coffee. Connor turns towards him after a moment of thought, his sensor going from blue to yellow.

“ you think _____ would want to be married?” Connor looks alarmed as Hank chokes on his coffee and it spills on the grass, patting Hank's back as he catches his breath.

“Jesus Connor, warn a guy ok?” Hank takes a breath before looking at him, conflict etched across his face. “I dunno. You guys don't even have proper rights yet, I don't see how the whole thing could work out right this moment.” Hank turns to look at Connor but doesn't say anything, Connor staring at you, and you notice him and wave excitedly, blowing him a kiss.

Connor smiles and waves back, a blush already on his cheeks at the display of affection. Hank chuckles, slapping Connor on the back, making him stumble forward in surprise. “This isn't a question for me Connor, it's a question for her. As far as I know there haven't been any cross species couples that have tried, and even if they did, it wouldn't legally be recognized by the government. I don't have all the answers for this one, son.”

Connor hums in acknowledgement, and Hank finishes his coffee and throws in a nearby trashcan, turning on Connor and giving him an exasperated look. “Besides, you two have only been dating for a few months! Hit the brakes a little, you're making me feel old as fuck.”

“But—” Connor starts, and Hank just cuts him off with a sharp, “No! Not a word!” and Hank rushes off to find you, the wedding having ended since their lengthy talk. Connor stares at the two of you conversing, and your surprised reaction at whatever Hank tells you, and you start running towards him almost immediately.

“Connorrrrrr! You like my Best Woman outfit that much?!” You're shouting at him, giggling like mad, and Connor can't help but look at Hank with betrayal. All he gets is a shrug and Hank waves his hand at the two of you in dismissal.

“Well go on! I can finish the patrol on my own, go enjoy yourself Connor,” and Hank walks off, whistling some tune he doesn't quite catch.

Connor will have to thank Hank later, because at the moment you're dragging him to the dance floor of the vacated wedding location.

He supposess he can indulge in one dance, the look on your face making the heavy topic he had been thinking of fading away.