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One Term

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Ever since he got back to the dorm , Jay can't seem to focus. He keeps zoning out during presentations. He trips on his own feet . He even ran into a wall once. He couldn't do tasks like he used to. He keeps replaying the nights he spent with Cole in his head. What Cole said, confessed , what Cole did. How Cole looked when he slept. All the details came like he was watching movie going playing. He wondered what Cole was doing at the moment. What would have happened if he took a different course of action. This kept going for five days till something pulled him out of his thoughts.
Cyrus summoned Jay to his office at top floor. Jay was so nervous when he got the call. He walked to the elevator wreaking with anxiety. He walked to Cyrus' office feeling his knees are about to give up. Cyrus was looking through the window "Take a seat, Jay" . Jay did as he was told. Borg turned his chair around so he could face Jay. "What's going on, Jay? " Borg asked. "What?" Jay asked back. "I've read your file, Jay" Cyrus started "According to Zane, you've always been smart and determined. Through the three weeks you've been here I've been watching your progress. You've been an overachieving hyper focused fire ball" . "Jee I -" Jay tried but was cut off by Cyrus. "Let me finish" Cyrus said and Jay's mouth slammed shut. "As i was saying," Cyrus continued "Your progress was remarkable. Till now, ". Jay swallowed hard . "You got this emergency call and you disappeared for two days. And when you came back, you're as clumsy as a 5 years old. You don't pay attention, you miss due dates on assignments... Ugh" Borg sighed "Etcetera. Something happened in the two days you were gone and it's eating your brain. You can't stop thinking about it, yes? " .Jay nodded. "I know it's personal and I can't get evolved in it. So here's the deal" He leaned forward "You are released from your internship. You can come back and finish it when you're ready, or not. I'll still confirm it on your resume. I have a place for you for after when you graduate. A real job for your future self. But for now, go pack and solve your current problem" . "Mr Borg, I -" Jay tried again. "Go!" Cyrus said louder than Jay. "Stop wasting time. And good luck". Jay practically ran towards the elevator. He felt hyper active inside it. He kept bouncing until he got off. He tried to walk towards the dorm but kept skipping. He walked inside his room and shoved all his belongings into his bag. He dragged the bag out and threw it inside the beetle. For the next couple hours, he kept over thinking what he was doing and whether he was up for the consequences.
Cole called in sick that day. He wasn't sick he just wanted stay in bed for no reason. He was sitting on the couch scrolling aimlessly through the channels when he heard knocking on his door. On the other side Jay stood with a neutral expression on his face, which was weird because Jay always smiled. "Jay ? What are you doing here? " Cole asked "It's not Sunday". "Can I come in? " Jay asked with a bit sad tone. Now Cole started to worry. Jay always barged in when someone opened the door for him. This question had a serious thing behind it. "Of course". Cole let him in. Jay waled in slowly but didn't sit on the couch like he usually did. "Something's wrong" Cole stated "What happened? " . Jay looked lost and lowered his gaze to his shoes "I got fired" he managed. "What? " Cole exclaimed "Why? " . "Boss said my head wasn't in the job" Jay started "And he was Right. I can't focus on what I'm doing most of the time. I zone out, i day dream, i trip on my own feet and run into walls" he sighed. Cole didn't know what to do. He has never seen Jay so down before. "When did this start? What is causing this? " he asked. "The night I found you drunk. You said something that keeps going through my head all the time" Jay said so quietly it came as whispering . Cole face palmed. What could drunk him say that was so bad it cost Jay his internship? . "What did i say? " he held his breath. Jay took a but to gather his guts to say it. "You're in love with me" he blurted. Cole froze. His heartbeat rose up and his face went red. He pulled himself back together and walked towards Jay entering his personal space. "Jay I'm sorry" He managed "I never thought something drunk me said could make you lose your internship. I really am sorry" Jay looked down again. "That's not what's bothering me" ."What is it then? " Cole asked. "What's bothering me is how long was i oblivious to it" Jay replied. "What?" Cole lost track. "I mean yes I'm a flirt and I'm always teasing but how could i be so oblivious? I had feelings for you too but i didn't recognize them at all . How could i be so naïve and ignorant?" . "Hey hey" Cole is losing him "Look at me" He cupped Jay's face and lifted his chin up "Oblivious or not, I Love You" and kissed him. Jay took a moment then kissed back. It was soft and passionate and greedy. They kissed like there is no tomorrow. Cole put his hand on Jay's hips. Jay on the other hand kept pulling on Cole's collar. They finally broke it to breath and pressed their foreheads together. "I love you too" Jay whispered. Cole lifted him up and walked to his bedroom. He dropped him on the bed and jumped by his side. They made out for what seems like years. They felt content just like that. "So were together now" Cole whispered . "Well... Technically you haven't asked me out yet" Jay smirked. Cole pulled him on top of him "Will you go out with me? " he laughed. "Where to? " Jay said while playing with a strand of Cole's hair. "We can go see a movie. I know you like those space pirate thing movies" Cole suggested. "Only if we get to hold hands all the time" Jay tease. Cole laughed " I wouldn't have it any other way" . "Sounds perfect" Jay said and he kissed Cole again. ***
Later they got out of the theatre after the movie is over. "This is fun" said Jay "Let's do this again soon". "Well we have a whole week before school starts so i guess we will" Cole stated. Jay froze. "What? " Cole asked. "I don't know if I'm going back to school or not" Jay said. "Why?" asked Cole. "I made a deal with my parents that this will be for only one semester" Jay whined. "So? You passed. You can still go, Right? " Cole asked with hesitation . "I don't know" Jay said "It'll be a long convincing session to change their minds". "If it makes you feel any better I'll come with you. I'll try to Persuade your folks into it" . "You're the best" Jay said and pulled him into a kiss. "I know" Cole said after they separated. Whether they convinced the Walkers or not, being together was worth it. What a beginning for the new term.