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A visit from old friends adorable moments

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“ alright blue we finally arrived at earth”

“Umm yellow are you sure this is a good idea visiting our old friend?”

“Well we did promise her , after the second gem war.”
Those homeworld gems thought we forgotten our old friend who chose to fight in the rebellion. But we remembered everything.

( in pearls room , pearl gives her friends a tour of the room )

“ you know, normal people don’t have a room full of weapon says yellow”

“ I have you know that every single one of these spears saved my life. Says pearl”

“What about that shotgun over there? Says blue”

“Oh, that? That’s just for decoration.” ( watch a single pale rose pearl literally owns a shotgun in her gem lol )


“You never stuck me as a professional criminal” Says yellow

“That’s what makes me so good at it.” Says pearl

“You’re special, I finally understand get why
Pink diamond chose you.... do you miss her? Says blue”

“ all the time” Says a crying pearl

“oh great she’s crying, what do I do?” Says yellow

“we should go comfort her.” Says blue
“ how would we do that” Says yellow

“Start with hugs like the earthlings do” Says blue

“Fine” ( both gives a comforting hug to pearl)


( sometime later pearl shows blue and yellow around the town)

“Question pearl, what’s that building for those tiny creatures over there?” Says yellow

“Oh those are human children and that’s a school.” Says pearl

“ I’m trying to have a serious conversation with you!” Says yellow

“ and I’m literally trying to be honest with both of you” Says pearl

“ come on yellow be nice” Says blue

“.... alright then let me show you both the rest of the earth, let’s go use the warped pads” Says pearl

( pearl thinks to herself while walking down the boardwalk, homeworld says I’m a traitor. May I am. All I know is that I did I did to protect earth.”
“ you know what the humans say, yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.