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A Nest for the Best

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You should never deny a nesting omega whatever pieces of clothing or fabric they want. This is fairly common knowledge, especially among young alphas. Despite knowing this, Katsuki can’t help but bite his tongue in anger at the scene before him.

Deku, HIS Deku, is currently beaming his cute fucking face off as Ura-whatever-her-name-is gives him a pale blue scarf—the third piece of clothing today. Deku immediately snuggles his face in the fabric and cuddles it. And Katsuki can’t do ANYTHING about it because shitty Deku had ASKED her for it.

Just like he had asked Icy-Hot bastard for a sweater and Frog-girl for a beanie. It was disgusting. All these extras just cozying on up to HIS omega, acting like they have some claim to him. Acting like they’re special. It’s been nearly a week since Deku first asked Iida for his jacket and it’s all been down-hill since then.

Who do they think they are giving their stinky used clothes to his Deku? Why is Deku even asking for their clothes to begin with?! Katsuki has plenty of clothes he could give Deku! And blankets! And pillows! And he smells WAY better! He’s even been hording his old worn t-shirts in anticipation of this day. Deku’s nest should have his scent and his scent alone!

Katsuki would give Deku all his clothes right now if he could, just to get that smug look off half-and-half’s face, but he can’t. It’s strictly forbidden to give nesting omegas clothes they didn’t ask for. So Katsuki just had to sit there and take it.

“Damn, dude. What is that, the third one today?” Kirishima asked, pulling a chair up.

“Don’t talk to me, traitor.”

The redhead laughed, “What was I supposed to do? Not give him my shirt?”

Katsuki just glared.

“Don’t worry, man. You're his mate. I’m sure he’ll ask for half your closet soon enough. Just be patient.”

“All right students, settle down. Get to your seats.”

“Aizawa-sensei!” The green-haired omega piped up, “May I have your sleeping bag, please!”

Everyone stopped.

Aizawa sighed, “Sure, Midoriya.”




They were headed back to the dorms. The day had since ended without any other incidents and Katsuki was ready to go back to his room and mope. Ever since Deku started nesting he hasn’t allowed anyone in his room, including Katsuki.

Whatever. It’s not like he wants to see his omega’s nest anyways.

"Wow, Kacchan! I can’t believe Aizawa-sensei actually gave me his sleeping bag!”

The blonde gritted his teeth, “Yeah, s’great.”

“This’ll be great addition to our nest!”




“I said this’ll be great in our nest, don’t you think, Kacchan? It’s so soft and--”

He whirled around and grabbed the omega’s shoulders.

Our nest?”

Deku suddenly turned beet red and avoided his gaze, “Um yeah. I-I was just assuming—ah!”

It was hard wrapping his arms around Deku with the puffy sleeping bag in between them, but he made it work.

“Shitty fuckin Deku I thought--! I-I thought you forgot about me or you were ignoring me or something.”

“What?! Kacchan! No! I would never! I even asked the principal if we could move in together.”

The alpha snapped his head back to stare at the other.

“You did... what?”

“I-I hope you don’t mind! If you still want your own room that’s perfectly fine--”

He surged forward pressing his lips to his mate’s.

“Of course I fuckin’ want to!”

Deku giggled and rubbed his nose in Katsuki’s neck.

“That’s a relief, I’ve been so worried about that.”

“Shitty fuckin' Deku. There was nothing to be worried about.” Katsuki murmured, half to himself. There really was nothing to worry about after all.

They continued to the dorms, hand-in-hand. They passed Kirishima along the way who just gave an obnoxious thumbs-ups and a wink. Katsuki made a mental note to kick his ass later.

“So can I see it?” Katsuki asked.

“Ah, well it’s not done yet...” The blonde glared, but wasn’t going to push, “but I guess it’s okay... Just know it’s still a work in progress.”

‘Of course it’s not done yet, none of my stuff’s there.’ Katsuki thought, but refrained from saying.

Deku brought him to his room, fumbled with the lock for a few moments before finally opening the door. Katuski’s jaw dropped.

“Okay, here it is. I-I hope you like it! Like I said, it’s not finished, so uh-- Kacchan?”

It was by no means a mountain, but still impressive. The pile of clothes and blankets stacked in a donut shape came up to his knees, large enough for two people in the soft center. It was adorable. Katsuki would never admit it to anyone, but the sight of the nest in front of him (and his cute omega to boot) made Katuski’s heart squeeze. He could just imagine Izuku cuddled amongst the blankets with a sleepy smile peering up at him.

“Are you okay, Kacchan?”

“Deku.” He turned his omega to face him.


“I’ll be right back!” He shouted speeding down the hall.



“Wow, Kacchan… Do you think that’s maybe… too much?” Izuku asked, gazing at the pile of fabric in his mate’s arms.

“Hell no! It’s not enough! I already texted my mom to send stuff from home.”

The green haired boy just smiled and let his mate plop the pile onto his nest. He had to admit, it was endearing, seeing how excited Kacchan was. And it was nice to finally see Kacchan’s stuff added to the nest. Of course Kacchan’s scent should be on top.

The alpha was busying himself with folding and tucking his clothes into the nooks and crannies of the nest, and Izuku smiled at the sight.

“It’s almost like Kacchan’s nesting, too.”

The blonde whipped his head around to glare at him.

“Shut up, nerd! I’m just fixing it! It has to be perfect!”

Izuku laughed and tumbled onto the nest, pulling his mate with him.

“It already is.”

“D-Don’t say cheesy things! Fuckin’ Deku!”