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"Nii-san, you're mine..."

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JULY 12, 20** 13:22:05 PM

Without any complaints his ass is always beaten up in utter smithereens and he's used to it by now. It all started when he got 'annoyingly' serious on his attempt in courting his childhood friend. Which is something he never thought of doing before even though he always address his (and his brother’s) undying love-crush. After all it’s too out of character for him this serious.

But now…?

He can’t help it.

Walking around his neighbourhood, he realizes something very, very important. People at his age already have someone by their side, someone who's willing to spend the rest of their life with, may it be for better or for worse. He has this weird itch that he doesn’t know where it came from, and he's desperate to scratch it away. That's why he end up thinking, it's time to get serious.

All this AVs he rented out doesn't work the way it does before. He disturbingly realizes that he is currently touching starved, and it makes his body involuntarily shudder. Alright! He needs (wants) a girlfriend. If he got one, he can fool around all day!

Sooner or later if he can’t find someone to love, he’ll die. And he's serious! He doesn’t want to have any form of regrets, especially if he is talking about his virginity.

‘Look for a job’, is what his mom told him while washing their dishes, ignoring his desperate ass when he started bawling on the kitchen sink, one-sided complaining to her about his problem.

Just like that, she mentally gave up on Osomatsu's non-existent love life. How can he complain so much when he's like this! He's not making any goddamn sense. All she could comprehend is words that you won't usually hear in the same sentence. In short, all she hears is her son's stupidity. She didn’t even reassure him or gave an advice. Well technically she did, but for him 'job' has nothing to do with love at all.

So he won't consider it as one.

Eventually their not-so-pleasant-and-one-sided conversation ends up in him asking for SOME change to get his mind off the depressing topic instead of continue his bountiful (not reallypachinko adventures.

Oi! At least he’s not asking her to buy some huge-ass bike like Shittymatsu,

or spend her money to some creepy body pillows and magazine of some idol wearing fake cat ears like Chorofappyski,

or ends up in prison in daily basis for being mistaken for a wanted criminal like Yamimatsu,

or causes too much--- just too much of anything like Jyushimatsu,

or be like Tottymonster who used her expensive make–ups without her knowledge or permission.

Well enough of that... Might as well visit my beloved. Ugghh, now he sounds like Karamatsu.


Skin stings and cheeks red from the slap right to his face. Without any time to recover a punch right to his solar plexus came and last but not the least was a kick straight to his balls. Sounds painful but hey!  He pays it no mind. His face was already gleaming in unrestrained glee. This is how she greeted him in this lovely afternoon OOff--- she’s merciless as always. I love her! ( Osomatsu is a huge masochist, no one can change my mind just try me)

The young woman Totoko-chan grumbled in annoyance. Her body moved on its own like it was second to her nature, that it was her instinct to hit him. Of course it was! because he's Osomatsu (again). Standing in front of her house like an idiot, which he really is, there is no denying in that. Waiting for her like there’s nothing wrong with his stalking tendencies, with him being there, feigning ignorance like usual on her obvious refusal.

She already rejected his advances countless of times, but this asshole remains adamant on pursuing her. She obviously doesn’t want him in any way more than what they are now (she can’t even call him her friend anymore with how obnoxious he’s acting). She just told him to fuck off yesterday and well look at him now. This thick-headed jerk is acting like this again.

Osomatsu bit his lips in anxiousness, he didn't even realized what he is doing, too hyper aware of Totoko's irked gaze burning him from where he is standing. He’s still have the same red hoodie he wore yesterday, and the day before that. He didn't change at all.

'This shameless asshole’ she thought.

Totoko's head is about to burst from her  blood pressure. Fortunately she is somehow capable of releasing the stress in the form of steam. The tension leaves her when she exhaled the breath she's holding, finally relaxing her whole body.

She’s not in the mood for some shitty (disgusting) flirting that Osomatsu is very talented in and does too well for his own good. Her mood totally plummeted, just imagining it. Maybe, she can reconsider her decision.

Wait, is there anything beneficial on dating him?

Hmmm  nope, nothing comes to mind.

Then, is it really bad to date him?


How about talk and get to know him better or something like that?

Nope, it’s pointless. I know him enough to consider him family.



He can’t even make himself presentable in this so-called ‘courtship’. The least he can do is wear something different, you know look better. All she sees is the same effin’ hoodie that this asshole and his asshole little brothers have. EVERYDAY! Like this is just a normal day for him to do his shits and not a day for her. If he’s really set on asking her out, show her that he is sincere. He knows that appearance to her is important. She loves pretty things. And he’s not one bit close to her standard. Which is very, very strict.

Osomatsu's grin dims a bit. Something is wrong. He totally felt it. He’s shocked when he saw the perplexed look on her face. What the hell? This is not the first time, and this definitely happened before. But those rare times when he felt conscious of someone's gaze, judging him, it’s very uncomfortable. But this is Totoko.

How can this happen?

She knows him. They're friends since childhood and he’s… he is--- He didn't notice his hand was slightly tugging his hoodie down. Silently and unconsciously trying to hide himself. Embarrassment slowly consuming his being. It hurts, now that he admits it. Half of it was from his still aching balls anyway.

“How many times do I have to tell you that I’m not going to date you or any of your brothers? I'll accept your gifts but not this! Do you want me to spell it out to you! N-O!! What is wrong with you this days? Your being extra annoying. I don't know you anymore!"

He let out a deep breath and started to pull his hair in frustration, a desperate attempt to stop whatever weird feeling bubbling inside of him. Just to stop it enough not to overwhelm and clogged his mind. He didn’t say anything, doesn’t move a single muscle, just gaping and silently watched her leave… again. Like how she always does. Leave him in shambles.

He admits that he is shameless and downright stupid, but he still got his pride and a bit of care on his dignity. ‘at least be considerate before saying anything or gave me a look as if I am worth less than a bug’ he thought as he swung his foot on the pavement, kicking a pebble.

It seems like his hopes in getting a girlfriend this year will remain as a wishful thinking for the next one. Well, so much for his new year's resolution that still won't change, at least for now. 

He then started walking around aimlessly. He’s very familiar with the scenery and there’s nothing noteworthy for him anymore. So he let his thoughts wander, eat him up and swallowed. It leaves a big lump on his throat, burning his chest and stings his eyes. He blinks everything away.

He considered searching and woo someone else, he did, he totally did. And the result is just as expected. He’s not being choosy or being picky but, Totoko-chan is someone he can’t ignore or forget just like that. Well, it’s not as if he has other options anyway.

His only chance is Totoko-chan, and she knows that, but... It seems like she doesn't care. Since he doesn’t have that many female friends--Or you could say that he doesn’t have anyone other than her. It's hopeless. 

Back in High School, all the girls in his class avoid him like the plague, he may have had a little chat with some of them, but only when they need or force to do it.

He’s not that dumb to not notice that.

Reluctant and fearful gaze almost directed to the ground just not to meet his eyes when they’re talking to him was enough evidence for him to know. Afraid of what he would and could do, he’s quite famous for being a dickhead and an asshole.

It was the same for his little brothers though. They’re a unit after all.

That is why Osomatsu spend his whole day in class either sleeping or daydreaming. He sometimes eavesdrop on some of the conversation the girls had. He prefers it that way than pay attention to the teacher in front discussing about something boring and complicated, stuff that he doesn’t give a fuck about.

The girls always have something to talk, and it was quite amusing. Most of them are about the popular boys in his class, their boyfriends and other things he’s… afraid to let anyone know.

Damn, girls are really scary.

Just look at Totoko-chan.

It makes so much sense now that he have a frame of reference for comparison to compare his childhood crush with. Anyways, he’s actually waiting for his name to be mentioned. At least once, please!

But what really caught his attention was the weird ass occult talk on an invisible string attached to their fingers. It was quite popular when he was young, and he still is, mind you! It was about a red string that bounded people without them knowing that they are connected, that they are destined to meet regardless of time, and circumstances sort of things.

He’s not really into those sappy things, he’s more on the practical side and not on romantic bullshit they spouted like some teenagers (they are) who recently undergo puberty.

However, come to think of it. If there’s a tiny, like a bit chance that it was true. Then he doesn’t need to run around in circles just to find his so-called ‘the one’. Right?!

There might be a way for him to see it? Oh—oh!!! Maybe he can cut it! If that certain someone actually exist and end up like Karamatsu's wife---  ahem  ex-wife, maybe he can cut their connection and change it to someone else. HAHAahha!!!!

Osomatsu was about to turn his body and start running, but somehow he finds himself in front of a familiar building. He let out an amused laugh.  Wow, this is destined to happen, isn’t it?

The door opens and he walks inside like a boss. Immediately, he saw the guy perfect for the job. He looks busy nit-picking a machine, connected in all huge glass tubes that consumed too much space in this small room. There’s a weird fluid-like substance on the far end of the room, and there’s a smell wafting around like Karamatsu’s cooking, the burnt one. He immediately felt excited just from thinking about his plans, and finally end this mindless chased and meet his fated one.

Dekapan stops pulling the cord he mistakenly connected to the wrong tube. He notices the eldest of the Matsuno brothers, who entered the building and greeted him like he always had. He almost got a heart attack from that. He thought ‘ I’m dead! I’m not done yet! I told them to wait! What is he doing here?!’  He sighs in relief that it was just Osomatsu, but boy, how wrong he is to think of that. Especially now that the young man looks like a dog waiting for treats on the tricks he just pulled off. It isn't a good sign. It always isn’t when they look like that. Even though he’s busy, he can’t ignore this lad.

“Is there something wrong, Osomatsu-dasu? How may I help you today?”

The young man excitedly jumps on him, causing him to lose his balance. Some of the tools clatter down when they hit the table.

“oh shi--- sorry about that Dekapan-hakase”

Osomatsu sheepishly smiles and rubs a finger under his nose, while still clinging on him like a koala.

He doesn’t look sorry at all.

The doctor simply smiles and pulls the young one out of his work corner, away from the fragile tools and machines, afraid of the damage he’ll be repairing if he doesn’t immediately pull the disaster magnet out. Osomatsu is a walking calamity after all.

“Dekapan-hakase! Do you know this so-called  ‘Red String of Fate’ ?”

Osomatsu tilted his head when he notices the blankness that suddenly came on the ever smiling baby-faced doctor. The doctor remains silent, have this ominous distant gaze that rubs Osomatsu off. The young man began waving his hands in front of the unresponsive doctor. He was able to bring and snapped the doctor back when he tap his shoulder, but the doctor flinched away seemingly afraid of him. Okay, that was hella weird.

“Perhaps what you’re asking for is a tool to help you see the string-dasu. I have the perfect thing for it. Wait here and I’ll go get it for you. Please don’t touch anything while I’m getting what you wanted.”

Osomatsu's brows twitch.

This oddity is annoying him, well if the doctor doesn’t want to say anything about it, then it is none of his business so he’ll just ignore it. So he just shrug and let it go for now. He’s happy that the doctor seems to know what he was talking about and is on the same page as him. So he doesn’t want to ruin this positive atmosphere he finally got after this long day of suffering.

The doctor stiffly leaves, after a few minutes he came back holding something for Osomatsu and put it on his waiting hands that have made grabby gestures when he saw the elder. Osomatsu felt his heart beats turns a bit weird when he touches what the doctor put on his hand.

It was a red-rimmed eye glasses that perfectly fit him, as if it was custom-made just for him. With his iconic color, not too dark and not too light just the perfect lighter maroon that he loves and the small dark green pine present on the corner of the upper left rim.

He examined it first, turning it all around, looking at it in every angle possible, as if waiting for something to come out of the glass. When he deems it safe he wears it right away. A minute pass, three then five. Nothing happens.

“Are you sure that this works?”

He eyed the doctor, the look was accusing the elder of something the doctor is not quite sure yet. The elder just nods at his question, eerily quiet and observing. He can’t see anything that resembled a string.


But when his line of sight was on the doctor, he notices this thin red thread line floating in an invisible gush of air that he doesn’t feel and know where it comes from.

Tied around the doctor’s smallest finger.

His sight lands on the other end of the string, past the door.

It was heading outside.

He’s confused.

He has a lot of questions that’s bugging him now.

But don’t know how and where to start.

But for now.

“Don’t you want to meet her or see her at least?”

His outstretched hand tried touching the string. How it flows as serene as the calm lake bewitched him. The elder just shrugs his shoulder and looks at the door longingly, his gaze past the wall that confines this room.

“If were really meant with each other then I’ll just have to wait-dasu, I don’t have to force it because I know it will come naturally.”

Osomatsu just hums in agreement.

Of course he knows that, but is not like he’s rushing just to get a girlfriend (he is), he’s just frustrated with what he has now, and he wants something but doesn’t know what it is. This irritating feeling of not knowing what to do seriously scares him.

For now, a girlfriend would suffice.

His perverted and rotten brain provided him the answer for his predicament. Dr. Dekapan took something out of his drawer, he was about to give it to Osomatsu. Before that the younger gone stiff, hand stopping midway from taking the object Dr. Dekapan was holding for him.

“wha--- what in the hell is this?”

Osomatsu bring his hand close to his face, inspecting it.

The hand looks messy with all the threads tied on it.

It was all tangled up and he’s not sure how many strings were present.

He’s intrigued that the strings are all different, some of them are darker, and some are thicker.

It was really different from what the doctor has.

Dekapan doesn’t look surprise at all, but he looks bothered and uncertain of something.

Instead of worrying, Osomatsu's line of thought (remember his perverted and rotten brain, yeah) forms something crazy.

It makes him blush, his cheeks felt hot down to his neck.

He grins and glows like he won the horse race three—no five times.

This only meant one thing.

This is a fucking harem, isn’t it? A HAREM!!!

“Osomatsu, please accept this-dasu”

The elder held out a scissor which looks expensive and authentic, that shouts like a bad omen for Osomatsu.

What the hell is the used for this?! He doesn’t need it!!

He reluctantly took the cutting tool.

Wait, is he going to use it? Can he really do it? What will happen if he cut it? Will his fated one notice if he cut it?

He was about to asked the doctor all the inquiries but he hesitated.


The doctor gave him a look that was expecting him to just keep the scissor inside his hoodie’s pocket.

“I don’t need this. I’ll… take a look and find them first.”

The doctor wasn’t able to stop him.

Osomatsu immediately put it back on the desk and rushed out the laboratory. The doctor just let him leave without saying anything.

He followed the trail where the threads were heading. He thought he’ll spending the day out, walking around, looking around the city but the strings were---- weirdly enough, heading to the same direction, to a very, very familiar place.

This is suspicious---

who are they…?

What if…?

But this is,

this is something he can’t----

no, he won’t accept.

If this is just a practical joke, and they coerce with Dr. Dekapan, then this isn’t funny at all.

But fate is such a dickhead and an asshole... just like him.

Fate totally had fun messing with him.

Eventually, he stops in front of a very, very familiar door.

His suspicions were correct, and his expectations betrayed him.

His wig---oh he doesn’t wear one.

Well still FUCK

Nii-sanHmmm? What's with that look? Do I have something on my face--- wait is that an eyeglass? Why are you wearing that? Is that from Dr. Dekapan? Did he--- Nii-san? Are you listening to me? Hey----”

what greeted him after he hastily opens the door, was reality.

The youngest was standing right at the door and he looks like he's about to leave the house.

Todomatsu was wearing the same hoodie in a lighter shade of pink.

Osomatsu pays attention to what the youngest was saying for a moment, but when his line of sight focuses down to the smooth hand, the one holding a pink phone.

On the pinky finger, there’s this thread wrapped around it floating.

Tied and connected…  to  him  .

The other threads are floating somewhere heading to the upper floor of their house.

Osomatsu just walk past Todomatsu, slightly hitting his shoulder in the process.

The youngest keeps on asking him questions but he remained unresponsive, distracted with matters that is far more important.

Todomatsu watches the eldest ignore him while stiffly heads upstairs where the others are busy minding their own miserable lives. The youngest hold tightened around his phone, he brings it closed to his face, expression hidden behind the sparkly pink gadget.


his panic went unnoticed to the eldest.

Osomatsu stops and just stand still for a moment, his hand was about to open the shoji. He’s right in front of the tatami room where they usually hang out and just relax.

He can hear Jyushimatsu’s bat, his younger bother's counting along with his energetic laugh,

Karamatsu’s deep voice and guitar, singing about the blessed weather they got. 

Choromatsu’s fan chant while the DVD player plays Nyaa-chan’s concert for nth time this week,

and Ichimatsu’s cats, purring for the darkmatsu.

Todomatsu is down the first floor, and currently heading upstairs towards where he is standing frozen. 

No noises around him were heard with how loud the beats of his heart sounds, as if it was just right beside of his eardrums.

He closed his eyes and started counting.

Maybe, that was just him being all weird again. His perverted and rotten mind playing tricks on him.

There's nothing on Todomatsu’s finger. Nothing at all.

He’s just too tired from walking, and chasing Totoko-chan.

He’s been stress and restless lately.

‘Okay. I’m fine.’

He slowly opens the shoji, but it still made a sound as if it was announcing to whoever inside the room that someone’s entering, be ready.

Doors opened.

Everyone looks at him.

Some greeted him and some just ignore his existence.

Somehow he heard a metaphorical shattering sound inside his head.

He found them, all right.

All the strings.

All of them are here, inside this very room.


Jyushimatsu stops swinging his bat and looks at the eldest, who’s remarkably deathly pale now.

Everyone stops with what they were doing.

Choromatsu pause the video player;

Karamatsu stood up and put his guitar down, and

Ichimatsu stops waving the cat toy he’s holding.

Osomatsu who was missing since this morning got their full attention when they noticed what was on the eldest face.

Osomatsu’s brows were furrowed together as if the eyewear on him doesn’t help his vision at all.

The eldest let out a startled yelp when he felt a hand from behind him touch his shoulder.

“Geez, Osomatsu nii-san! What’s with you today? You’re acting weird”

The eldest usually retort and answer with something witty but his brain is not functioning right and everything seems foggy.

He doesn’t know how to react and it's making his aching head hurts more.

He’s been ignoring it since this morning.


It turns out his harem is a group of five asshats who looks just like him.

Tied with an invisible thread, see-able using this eyeglasses he got from a doctor, famous for his remarkable works and utter failures.

His brain fried up from overworking, his heartbeats turns erratic, his chest heaves in a painful and ragged way, and lastly the fatigue he felt all day.

All of it came rushing back and forth on him.

Cold and hot, his body felt weird.

His eyesight swam, his eyes rolls back.

Everyone who saw that happened rush to catch him as the eldest’ body gave out.

He heard their voices calling out his name.

But all he sees is darkness, and the last scene that he remembered is his vision distorting to nothing.



JULY 12, 20** 17:37:12 PM

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JULY 13, 20** 10:21:34 AM


Osomatsu wakes up to a pounding headache and a body aching like he never felt before.

He's tired and hot, it must be because of the thick quilt draped over his overly dried body.

His eyelids felt heavy like lead, unable to truly open them for more than a second.

His vision was fuzzy, blurring in and out of focus.

His hearing is muffled as if he was under a hot boiling water struggling to even gulp a breath.

He groans in discomfort.

He heard noises, but it wasn’t really clear.

He barely remembers the day before this, but he realizes instantly that something is off.

He recognizes those voice, loudly ringing inside his head.

Are they arguing? Seriously?!


he curses

What the hell is wrong with them?!

What are they shouting about?!

Don’t fucking argue here!

A very sick person is suffering inside this very room,

And they’re having a fucking argument now.

Just wow

Now that he’s awake and aware of his body’s condition, this noises is making him feel worse!

Damn it!

He badly need rest.

Do they want him sleep without waking up, like ever?


good, they stop. Finally~ Might as well sleep more…

He was about to doze off again when suddenly he felt a hand touches his face.

It was refreshingly cold compared to him and his body heat.

He felt his rumbles and purr at the feeling.

After that, someone must have put a freshly soaked towel on his forehead.

He let out a big puff of breath in relief.

Ahhh~ that’s nice…


Hmmm... who was that? Choromatsu?

Tch, this guy doesn’t know when to shut his damn mouth, isn’t he?

Osomatsu tried to sit from his place, he groans in pain when he felt how weak and sluggish his muscles were.

He opens his eyes for a moment but close it right after when his vision shook and started spinning out of his control.

He saw green and pink in the corner of his eyes.

He doesn't feel nauseate but he's indeed dizzy.

Dizzy enough to make him sway from where he is seated.

Someone must have supported his back for him.

His stomach burns with acids for not eating yesterday even skipping breakfast today and his throat is really dry.

Too dry that he can even feel his own throat constricts in pain when he breath.

Choromatsu carefully watched the eldest, a bucket ready near them.

His stomach churns when he remembered how Osomatsu collapsed right before his very eyes.

It scared the fuck out of him.

He began to rub Osomatsu's back to help ease the tension in the eldest sore muscles.

Somehow Osomatsu leans himself more, putting all his weight to the touch, seeking heat and affection from the green matsu.

A weird heat coiled up inside Choromatsu, it was pleasantly warm that it excites him and made him want more.

He can’t ignore the way the eldest look on his vulnerable state, slouch posture and expression that shows he’s having a hard time even for the simplest task like breathing.

Eyes were closed and downcast, head is facing no one but the floor.

It brought unwanted images that reminds him of something he buried to the very bottom of his unrestrained brain. 

He wasn't supposed to think or remember it at all.

He felt his face goes warm when he realized where his hand at.

It was on Osomatsu's back right at the waist and shoulder, supporting the poor eldest.

Osomatsu is now wearing a simple red shirt.

And his pinkish nape made Choromatsu gulps in nervousness.

His hand is seemingly bewitched and wanted to touch and feel the bare, hot and sweaty skin of the unsuspecting eldest.

His hand twitch in want.

It was so close.

So. So close.

He then heard a loud fake cough bringing him back out.

He turns away from the eldest to look at Todomatsu, who’s now glaring daggers at him and at his hand as if he was about to snap the limb in half.

Choromatsu's face burn, the blush on his cheeks become clear.

Todomatsu rolls his eyes in exasperation.

 seriously nii-san? He’s sick, what are you doing?’

The youngest then move and sat near the futon the eldest been resting all night.

Choromatsu flinched when the heat behind the youngest gaze continuous to burn him. 

He put his hand back to his chest, where his heart is beating like crazy.

Sheepishly looking away from the youngest very annoyed stare.

Todomatsu then put a glass of water and medicine on the floor right in front of the eldest.

Glare is still strong, not relenting at the green matsu.

“Here… Osomatsu nii – san.”

Choromatsu shook his head and remind himself to pull himself together before he crumbles and regret it.

He ignores the painful throbbing in his chest.

He then took the medicine from the floor and place it on Osomatsu's barely open palm.

The eldest almost drop the tablet, both hands were trembling.

The two Matsuno grimaces at Osomatsu’s lack of strength.

They felt bad seeing him like this. Sick and tired.

The third eldest help him by putting the medicine inside Osomatsu's mouth.

Todomatsu's expression were indescribable at this moment an unexplainable emotion is wrecking him inside.

Even Choromatsu was silent after that, his limbs move on its own.

Like it was the most natural thing to do. 

Like it was clockwork for him, he doesn't need to think to do the action, to move. 

Like blinking, if he doesn't pay attention he won't even notices he is blinking. 

A dark feeling is swirling inside of him.

He is too afraid to acknowledge that the way his body move just now was too familiar.

As if, he done this before.

"Drink this Osomatsu nii-san and rest… You've been pushing yourself too hard this past few days, just rest for today, okay? Everything will be alright…"

Osomatsu actually thought that he's dreaming, he never heard someone made such voice before, it was soft, warm and full of love.

It wasn't really bad, but somehow it felt scary. But he’s awake… right? He is not having a nightmare now, or is he?

A sharp cold sensation came and sink, like it was a freshly sharpened knives slowly, slowly slicing him open.

It was so sudden, that he let out a soundless gasp.

He doesn't know where the frightening feeling came from but,

He couldn’t believe that those gentle and calm words were coming from the green Matsuno.

Though he knows that he and his brothers are capable of doing such sappy things for they are not exactly that bad.

That people can still trust them, but just not blindingly putting everything on their hands.

After all they still betray people’s expectation, in a not-that-good-way kind of betrayal. And now?

He can’t put the thought off that something is incredibly wrong at the same time right…


All this thinking is frying what was left on his brain cells! Meh~ nothing is wrong it was just the fever talking. 

After taking the medicine.

Osomatsu still felt his body trembles, it was cold but he's sweating.

Okay, it really is uncomfortable…

A very uncomfortable atmosphere is surrounding them.

Usually when things go awry and awkward, he is the one who ease the tension up.

But now he felt weird, weirdly terrified of something he doesn't remember.

What the heck is happening? What’s with all of this?

The attention, the concern looks he’s getting and their voices underlying with obvious care for him. 

It felt weird but at the same time, it’s nice…

He can’t deny that he likes it when they truly care about his well-being.

They are pretty bad at expressing their feelings, after all.

Most of them aren’t that shallow, and they could be hiding something that even Osomatsu, their eldest and was with them all throughout their life, might not know.

But he can't help it if he feels discomfort from receiving such things.

There’s no denying that the youngest is a dry monster.

Everyone already experienced the youngest dryness one way or another.

Osomatsu also knows that the youngest always avoid coming near when one of them are sick.

Acting as if it doesn’t concern him.

Even if his older brother is wheezing and dying from how clogged up their nose was.

He’s obviously be the first one to run away if things don’t go the way he wanted it to.

But look at him now.

Although he doesn’t really concern himself in taking care of the eldest.

And now, he’s on his phone busy with something else.

At least, he’s near and actually seated beside the eldest showing moral support and surprisingly not afraid to catch the bacteria.

Choromatsu seems different too.

His usual scowling face is gone. Not a trace was found in his soft expression.

Osomatsu actually felt repulsive instead of happy.

"Where are the others? Where's KaramatsuIchimatsuJyushimatsu?"

He looks around the room when his eyes adjusted to the lights coming from the windows.

Choromatsu help him when he tried to stand on his own.

"Oh, they're downstairs preparing lunch. Remember? Mom and Dad said they'll be gone for a week."

Todomatsu briefly looks up at Osomatsu who is now standing leaning a bit too close to Choromatsu.

"Don't tell me you forgot about Mom and Dad's vacation?"

He totally did.

Okay first of all. He’s busy wooing someone who’s obviously not interested.

He forgot that Karamatsu won a raffle in the market when they’re out buying groceries for their mom.

Gifting it to his parents instead of selling the tickets to gain more money to waste-- to spend.

Karamatsu then gave them the hard – earned tickets to Hawaii proclaiming how he loves them and telling that they deserve some time off away from their chaotic household courtesy of the sextuplets.

Osomatsu was about to change the subject, when someone came in from the door, loudly sliding it open.


Jyushimatsu's arrival scared the shit out of their souls that almost jump out of their body.

Osomatsu thought his heart stops for a moment there.

Ichimatsu came in after Jyushimatsu's unexpected entry.

Thank goodness… their dark and scary brother chooses to enter the room like a normal person and not went through the windows this time.

Unlike what he did last month, it causes too much mental damage on them.

For weeks, they become wary of windows. Too traumatized with what they had witnessed.

Karamatsu was almost done in preparing their lunch.

He’s quite capable in the kitchen, after all.

Taking the task of cooking their foods when their Mom and Dad is on a very important trip.

Lovers like them should have and deserved some alone time.

He’s done cooking and just waiting for the tea to finish boiling when he saw Choromatsu and Jyushimatsu together on either side of Osomatsu.

Helping his poor eldest to get through the stairs.

Ichimatsu was right behind them with Todomatsu who looks stupefied for some unknown reason.

Karamatsu immediately approach the group after turning the stove off.

He doesn’t want his parents to come home in a house of ashes.

"Aniki would you like to have some tea, I made it with utmost love and care. I brewed this just for my one and only older burazza, I assure you that this is the finest tea you'll taste in your whole life. My burazas, I made a lot, so help yourself, taste my labour boiling in this very tea along with my blood, sweat and tears—"

With a horrified look on his face, Todomatsu suddenly shrieks cutting Karamatsu off.

He pushes the tea that was being offered to him away.

"--Ohmyghad nii-san! That is so gross, I won't drink that! Not when your bodily fluids were mix in it!”

Ichimatsu then glares at Karamatsu and pour the tea in the sink, not taking even a small sip.

Karamatsu was silent for a moment, staring blankly at them.

Choromatsu rolls his eyes at his younger brothers over the top reaction.

Osomatsu giggles, amused at his little brothers antics.

While Jyushimatsu seemingly stiffen at the statement without anyone noticing.

Smile is still present, though it was strained in the yellow matsu’s face.

"Uh... No Todomatsu that was just an expression, I don't literally put any of my blood, sweat nor my tears in your tea. It has a separate meaning of its own."

Karamatsu tried to explain, looking a little dejected with the refusal of the tea he lovingly brewed.

Osomatsu felt his throat constricts so he reached his hand and picks his favorite cup on the table.

He was about to drink it when someone grab his hand haphazardly stopping it right before it touches his lips.

Startled, some of the tea spills at him and at the hand that’s now holding his wrist in great strength.

"J-Jyushimatsu? W-what...? Is there something wrong?"

Everyone stops their bickering and noticed Jyushimatsu’s demeanor drastic change.

Instead of giving Osomatsu the answer the eldest is seeking, Jyushimatsu just simply hide his mouth with his sleeve.

Both of their hands were still slightly red from the burns. With Jyushimatsu is hidden under his elongated sleeve. 

Jyushimatsu’s grip on Osomatsu's wrist tightened.

Osomatsu can’t handle the pain anymore, not now when the raw skin stings and every single muscle, single bones in his body were hella aching.

Before he could ask his little brother to let go, his hand gone numb.

Losing its strength in the process.

The sound of the glass breaking to pieces resonates across the small kitchen causing everyone and Osomatsu to flinch away from it.

Osomatsu looks at the mess with surprise, he can almost hear his own heart pounding like crazy.

He tugs his hand out from Jyushimatsu.

It was just like when he was betting a trifecta in a horserace and actually won.

But this is different.


"Nii-san?! Let me see your hand! You didn't get hurt, right?"

"Oh my Burazas! Please accept my sincerest apology, I shall clean this right away, before someone get hurt—"

Very different but… familiar. Déjà vu?

This feeling was… it was just like yesterday.

Like the feeling when he saw something he doesn’t expect to.

He ignored the ruckus around him, currently busy organizing his own thoughts.

The way his own heart races like that, is really familiar.


Osomatsu caught something red in the corner of his eyes.

The unfinished scarf his mother made his heart beats faster and even more faster he never thought was possible.




Osomatsu grunts as if someone punches him right through his solar plexus.

He remembers every single detail that happened yesterday.

From Totoko-chan’s rejection to Dr. Dekapan’s laboratory.

The talk they had, the eyeglasses, and the threads on his fingers.

Everything is clear now.

Crystal fucking clear.

Before anyone could further react, Osomatsu push the one making the biggest fuss and was standing in front of him.

He began to run, heading outside, away from them.

He hears them calling his name.

Ignoring how his body complains with the sudden extreme exertion of his already depleted and not so much stamina.

He was panting, sweating and drooling when he arrived in front Dr. Dekapan's house.

Using his whole body weight he pushes the door open, he’s on the verge of losing his consciousness when he found him.

His eyes were spinning around and his body felt really heavy.

He couldn't understand what was happening anymore.

But if there was someone who could explain it, he already knows who he should ask for help.

Dekapan was flabbergasted when Osomatsu went in, sweaty and red as if he’s drunk, grab him by the tie and bring their faces close, enough for their noses to touch.

So close that he can feel Osomatsu’s breath to his face, it was hot and breathy.

The eldest matsu looks tired and flush. He really looks drunk instead of sick.

"W-what? Is there something wrong Osomatsu—

"HAKASE! What the hell was that?! Huh?! What the fuck was that?! Was that a prank? This is just a prank, right? Is Iyami here? How much did he pay you to do this? That piece of glasses is not really for that right? It wasn’t for that!! Why did you do that?!"

Osomatsu angrily shook Dr. Dekapan.

Dr. Dekapan calmly hold up his hands in surrender to stop the delirious matsu, somehow Osomatsu was able to reclaim his sanity despite his mind being clouded in blind anger.

He stops shaking the old man and let him go.

Letting Dekapan have a breath of fresh air and not a puffs of air contaminated with bacterias.

Dr. Dekapan fix his appearance, tried to look presentable once more.

Osomatsu randomly wonders if the doctor was ever arrested because of his suspicious appearance, especially with the weird fashion style.

Only wearing a lab coat on top of some vertically striped underpants.

Who knew what this old man hides behind that smiling baby face.

And he doesn’t want to know.


“This is not a prank or someone’s sick joke. No one is messing with you. No one will. Everyone knows you enough not to try that – dasu. That eyeglasses I made for you is genuine and really effective.”

Dr. Dekapan explained.

Osomatsu clenched his teeth and balled his fist.

What the hell?

Then what was that he saw yesterday.

That mess up image of red lines on his fingers tied and connected to each of his younger brothers.

Osomatsu tried to calm his heart, he took a big gulp of air and release it slowly. Counting to four before repeating the process. 

"Then… perhaps there’s a way to fix this? How about that scissor?"

Osomatsu frantically look for the cutting tool he remembered he saw yesterday.

Dr. Dekapan frowns as he watched at Osomatsu's desperate attempt to change his sealed fate.

He sighs and opens one of his drawers, and pulled the scissor out of containment.

"This is— wait a minute"

Osomatsu felt himself shiver in realization as dread sink in.

Where is it?

The eyeglasses

the one he’s wearing yesterday.

Where the hell did he put it?

He just used it, right?

It’s not in the pockets of his hoodie.

It’s gone...

Did he leave it…

back at home?

They didn’t try to wear it, right?

Did they saw it...?

The threads?


Osomatsu’s body stiffen up.

He badly wanted to bolt out but his body as if it was capable of making its own decision, moves on its own, he then turns to face his fate.

"Oh great Jyushimatsu, perhaps you’re here for Osomatsu, he seems really sick. I got some medicine to help but I think he needs to go home now before his health—"

His hand clutching the scissor, trembled.

He forcefully turns his head the other way to face his current business.

He ignored his little brother’s hurt and concern gaze.

Even though he still feels it stabbing the back of his neck.

Causing for his hair to stand in the prickling feeling.

'This is more important.'  Osomatsu reminds himself. 

“I know you have spares for the eyeglasses hakase. Give me one NOW!”

The young man demanded.

Dr. Dekapan looks at him in silence for a moment, contemplating whether to move or not but then he eventually nods.

He can feel Osomatsu's gaze darken as the time passes.

Thoughts flying, mind providing him various scenarios.

The eldest Matsuno continues to ignore Jyushimatsu’s presence.

He’s still not in the right mind to think and make a rational decision.

He eventually got what he wanted.

Once the eyewear was on his face, he wasn’t able to stop his expression from contorting to something like utter disgust.

He reached out his hand and took the scissor.

Jyushimatsu silently watched the eldest in a corner several steps away from Osomatsu.

Even without telling he can feel the eldest raw emotion seeping through.

And he already knew that if he ever thought of interfering, he'll regret it.

Just call it his animal instinct or his brother instinct.

But it was something important solely built to protect himself.

Built in the best and the worse way possible, which was personal experience.

So don't question him, if he actually acts like a coward now, too afraid to approach the eldest when he is this sensitive.

Osomatsu slowly lowers the cutting tool to level it to his other hand.

When all the threads were ready to be cut.

Osomatsu stills for a minute.

What will happen next?

Will this threads move and connect to someone else?

Is he making a wrong decision?

He might ruin not just his future but his little brothers’ too.


They deserve better.

They don’t need someone like him.

They don’t want someone like him.

And he doesn’t deserve to be with them more than just being brothers.

He already sucks at being the eldest and now this...

His breathe stops as the scissor closed in.

The sound of the tool snapping reverberated around the small room and rungs too loud that it stings his ears.

He closed his eyes as he felt this weird tug in his heart.

It wasn’t exactly soothing or hurting him, not at all.

It was just empty, empty beats.

Just when he’s ready to accept his unfortunate fate.

He opens his eyes still wearing the glasses.

Those threads that he thought were gone by now are still lively lingering and tied up in his fingers.

Every single threads are still present and seemingly unscathed despite how sharp the scissor he just used looks.

Nothing happened?


It was as if, what he cuts was just air.

He once again took the scissor and tried to cut it again...

and again.

Until he used every single patience left in him.

He threw the tool across the room.

Even left some marks on the wall in the process of letting off some steam.

The threads.

They’re still here.

Connected and unrelenting.

He is still confused with what was happening.

As he heaves and counts in reverse, he watched them flows freely for a moment.

The threads were tangled up to each other, like a mess up cat ball.

Mocking him that no matter how many times he tried to cut it, no matter how sharp the tool he used, it won’t budge.

Fire burns his insides fueling his anger more as he once again turn his body to grab Dekapan’s neck.

This time it wasn't just to threaten the doctor but to force him cough out the fucking truth.

"You're really testing my patience, aren’t you Hakase?! Is this one of your failed experiments? Am I just one of your guinea pigs? Does it feel good mocking me?! You’re a sick piece of shit! Don’t fucking bring my brothers in your senseless prank, you pig! I’ll fucking kill you! You hear that, don’t fucking used my brothers, asshole—


Jyushimatsu jumps and hold Osomatsu’s body back from attacking the shocked doctor.

Jyushimatsu admits that he’s afraid of Osomatsu’s temper and his outburst now and then.

He knows how much it hurts when the eldest is deadly serious and violent.

However, Jyushimatsu still knows better and immediately takes action to stop the eldest when he knows that Osomatsu is not being rational.

That their eldest is not aware that the one he is hurting the most was himself. 

"Let me go Jyushimatsu! You have nothing to do with this! This is my business so you better let go now or else! I’m telling you Jyushimatsu. LET-THE-FUCK-GO-OF-ME!"

Jyushimatsu let out a tight—lipped smile, he’s now hugging the eldest.

His tight hands circled around the eldest torso.

As Osomatsu trash around just to get yellow matsu let go.

Jyushimatsu drag the eldest away the pale doctor.

With the eldest’ back so closed to his chest, he thoroughly felt Osomatsu’s dangerously hot temperature...

His fever got worst. What to expect. Osomatsu is really an idiot.

Jyushimatsu still remembers when they were 10, the eldest got sick.

So sick that they thought Osomatsu was going to hit the bucket and die.

They were all huddled up crying in the corner, being reassured that everything will be okay, that their nii–san would survive that awful night and be alright the next day. 

He doesn't want something like that to happen again.

He won’t let something like that happen.

Once was enough to make him—them feel anxious.

When Osomatsu fainted yesterday it terrifies them so much. Reminds them how much...

They care for him. How important he is to them. 

He must convince Osomatsu to go with him, back to their house and get him to rest.

But first he need the eldest to calm his shit down.

“Osomatsu–dasu please h-hear me out”

The eldest Matsuno stops his thrashing and acknowledge the doctor’s plea to defend himself.

Though Osomatsu is still fuming in anger, he stops and hear out the doctor. His trembling hands and burning gaze may show how annoyed he is feeling, but he will control it and listen.

Of all options he had, he knows which route to take despite it being his least favorite.

‘He must act civil’

Fuck no! but if he didn’t, he won’t be able to hear the answer that he wanted and he won’t resolve this problem.

What they need is proper communication to work this out. “…fine”

Jyushimatsu let go of the eldest with one of his hand still on Osomatsu’s wrist.

Osomatsu ignored this and looks at the doctor whose attention went to the one wearing the yellow hoodie.

Osomatsu frowns at this.

He also notices how Hakase’s face gone whiter and how his eyes dulled in unmistakable fear.

He turns his eyes back to the eldest

"I... Osomatsu, I’m sorry but this scissor is really capable of cutting the thread. I am not trying to fool you or make fun of you. We know each other far too long for that. However, it can only cut the thread  ONCE . Once a thread was removed, and connect it to somewhere or rather to someone else, you won’t be able to change it.  You cannot cut the same thread twice."


Osomatsu’s body lose it’s strength, the adrenaline he was sporting just a while ago left his system.

Leaving Jyushimatsu to catch the eldest’ body that was slowly getting heavy.

Jyushimatsu immediately grabs Osomatsu's arm and put it around his shoulder.

The eldest pure unadulterated shocked expression somehow amused Jyushimatsu, he supported the eldest to keep them both standing.

“cannot be cut twice… huh? But this is… the first… twice? Wait… huh?”

Osomatsu was so confused that he started mumbling out the thoughts that he can no longer hold inside his overworking head.

Jyushimatsu tried to talk, but the eldest was so deep on thinking that he didn’t notice it.

Suddenly the eldest sprung back to his feet and held the doctor’s gaze without fail.

When Osomatsu spoke Jyushimatsu flinches, it surprised him.

It was as if it is right next to his ears.

That deep, breathy and rough voice engulf his whole being.

The cold fury behind that raspy voice causes his body to reverberate in excitement.

“Who did it?”

Dekapan can’t look at Osomatsu in the eye.

“Who cut their threads?”

Dekapan snaps back his eyes to Osomatsu. His mouth opens, but thought otherwise and close it right after.

Dekapan can’t find the right words.

He can’t believe that the eldest Matsuno is far more concern on his little brother’s fate than his own mess up one.

“I’ll make sure whoever did this, regret it. I’ll make him regret messing up with a Matsuno. Regret playing this game. Regret using those scissors. Regret ruining my precious little brother’s future. Regret his existence. And regret ever living.”

However, no matter how much the doctor wants to help him.

He can’t tell him… He can’t tell him who it is– rather who they were.

He won’t risk it, not in front of him…

Not if one of them is here.

His own life is far more important than this.

He wanted to apologize to Osomatsu, he truly does but he can’t.

He won't.

Because they won't let him.

JULY 13, 20** 13:12:51 PM

Chapter Text


JULY 12, 20** 17:43:12 PM 
DAY 1 – (Todomatsu's POV)

Shrouded in fear, the youngest of the infamous Matsuno sextuplets, trembled.

This past few weeks was too calm to notice anything amiss and it was enough for him to let his guard down.

He never once thought that this day would come like this.

It was too unexpected.

However, he knew they fucked up when Osomatsu suddenly appear wearing something familiar.

It was the eyeglasses that broke up his illusion of normalcy.

It shook his world so hard, that he woke up from his stupor stumbling in urgency to stop it, to contain it from spilling the truth.

But it's too late.

Contented, he forgot something very important.

They haven't found the solution to this never-ending nightmare and yet, here they are.

Messing up, real hard.

Everything is too much to handle for a moment.

His ears were ringing.

Eyes were blurring.

And his heart started beating faster than before.

He was too hyper-aware of everything.

But it stops when he felt someone bump his shoulder.

When he turns his head he saw the eldest briskly went upstairs.

Not even a glance.

Thoroughly and mercilessly ignored.

He staggered while standing.

He push himself to keep his knees from buckling.

But when the eldest was gone, he felt a jagged knife twist in his chest, stabbing and tearing his insides.

It was painful, so painful.

His teeth clenched in anger.

Nails digging crescent moons into his palm at the tightness of his fists.

Multiple cracks formed around the screen of his phone.

He swallows the lump in his throat.

But this is nothing.

Compared to what happened, to what he felt before.

This doesn't hold a candle.

He knows he always recovers fast.

He's good at anything, he's even good enough to act like himself again.

Like nothing was wrong, when everything is clearly not okay. 

Right after that, he immediately follow the eldest back upstairs.

When he saw how pale everyone becomes after the shoji opened. 

He composed himself and tried to lessen the tension, tried to get the eldest attention away from them.

But Osomatsu is too occupied with his own thoughts, staring at no one but the windows behind everyone.

He wants to scream profanities at the eldest.

Notice me you shitty eldest!

He wants to pin him in the very corner of the room, away from everybody else.

Keep his eyes on him. Those balls fixed on Todomatsu.

Just him and no one else.

Please nii-san... Why can't you see me?

He was too busy pretending that the very next thing he knew, everything was moving in slow motion.

He felt the need to move his hands and feet, but his body won't budge.

Paralyzed, he couldn't do anything else but watched as the eldest slowly collapses.

In the corner of his eyes, he saw something flash.

Fast enough to catch the eldest before the body plummeted down and hit the floor. 

Coming all the way from the other end of the room.

Jyushimatsu lose all reason and just threw himself just to catch the eldest.

Todomatsu sighed in relief.

He saw how the other matsu moves a bit late in the pick off.

Karamatsu immediately sat beside the yellow matsu to check on the eldest.

His so-called 'precious guitar' is carelessly thrown on the floor without much thought.

Ichimatsu stood up in surprise and he accidentally step on a cat's tail.

He just notices it when he felt sharp claws and teeth on his calf.

Good thing his sweat pants is thick enough to lessen the pain.

“I-I’ll go get the futon!”

Todomatsu announces as he power walks the other room, he didn’t wait for anyone to response.

As soon as he open the shoji, he felt someone else's presence inside the room

He looks around and found Choromatsu cowering beside the cabinets.

Trying to hide himself in the darkness.

He looks… awful.

The color of his face is red and violet, he looks like he is suffocating.

He was panting, and both of his hands were at his chest, like it was in pain.

This is bad. Really fucking bad.

“Choromatsu nii-san calm down, control your breathing. C'mon, just follow how I do it. Inhale as I count to four and let it out at four, okay? One, two, three, four-inhale... One, two, three, four-exhale... C'mon do it nii-san"

The green matsu nodded as he follows the youngest instructions.

Fortunately Todomatsu knows how to help him on his panic attacks.

Todomatsu kneels in front of Choromatsu and put both hands on the older one's shoulder.

“I know how it feels nii-san. I know you’re having a hard time, but we all are. Were doing this for  his  sake. And you’re not alone in this battle... We won’t... We won't let it happen again. We'll make sure that this time  he  won't get hurt.”

I'll make sure of it.

Choromatsu just give a small nod while it was obvious that he's still having a hard time breathing.

Todomatsu knows he’ll be okay, that his nii-san is strong.

He can handle this.

The youngest then went back to bring the futon.

He knew why the third eldest suddenly panicked at the sight of Osomatsu.

Even Todomatsu is on the verge of losing rationality.

Same goes for everyone.

He found himself frozen at the sight of his immediate older brother when he opens the shoji.

Jyushimatsu nii-san?

There's nothing left of those open-mouthed smile he always have, replaced by a very disturbing expression.

He was cradling Osomatsu’s unconscious form.

Facing the windows, staring blankly at the sky.

Where's Karamatsu nii-san and Ichimatsu nii-san? They left Osomatsu nii-san alone?!

Todomatsu fake a cough to get his immediate older brother's attention.

oh... Totty! Welcome back!”

The youngest just nod and put the mattress down in the middle of the room.

He ignores the uneasy feeling bubbling inside of him.

Jyushimatsu slowly put the eldest down on the futon, bright smile returned.

He even tucked the eldest under an enormous amount of blankets.

That is so Jyushimatsu-like.

If he's a naïve boy, he’ll think that his eyes were playing tricks on him.

But he knows more than he ever wanted to.

Jyushimatsu soon left and went downstairs, he went to help Karamatsu and Ichimatsu in preparing their dinner.

He hopes that Yamimatsu is really just helping and not planning making dinner out of painfulmatsu.

He doesn't want to upset his stomach.

Todomatsu scrunched up his face at the sight of the unconscious eldest.

He threw away the excess blankets.

Huffing out some necessary breath.

It wasn't even winter yet, why is Jyushimatsu nii-san acting like this?

He looks down and shivers at the vulnerable sight of eldest.

Mouth is soft and there are no lines around his eyes like there usually is when he’s fully awake and grinning like an idiot.

His eyelashes fan out against his cheeks delicately and his head is tilted back against the pillow.

This is not the first time he saw him sleeping.

But it's strange that now his heart is really racing.

With just the two of them. Inside this room. Just... them, and they're alone.

No one will know.

No one will bother---  NO, Shut up!

Why am I alone with him at a time like this?!

He heard the shoji rattled behind him.

He's facing the opposite direction so he doesn't know who it was.

But he doesn't care.

He's too busy calming his heart down.

“Is it alright to leave dinner tonight to those guys?”

Todomatsu huffed and get his phone from his back pocket.

Choromatsu sat right beside him.

He looks more like himself now.


“It isn’t alright, at all. Mom and Dad told me to take care of everything especially the house. Let's just hope that when they come back there’ll be some ashes left from our corpses when yamimatsu nii-san snaps and burned the house down along with painfulmatsu nii-san.”

Todomatsu huff and squint his eyes at his phone. Choromatsu crawl from where he was sat at and went near the eldest while holding a small basin and a towel.

“and… we can’t leave Osomatsu nii-san to those guys. Well, Jyushimatsu is... he's okay I guess. But we know that me, Karamatsu and Ichimatsu is struggling right now.”

Choromatsu continues and began wiping the eldest face using the towel he brought.

Todomatsu grimaces and he sighs in disappointment.

“So you think, I'm better than you? That I’m okay? That I can handle this shit? That I am not dangerous, unlike you or those guys.”

Choromatsu stops midway in wiping the forming sweats in the eldest face.

He turns his head and looks at the youngest, eyes were staring daggers at the ground.

The green matsu's brows draw in obvious confusion.


“Nii-san, you’re aware of my hobbies, right?"

The older one stays silent and waited for the youngest to continue.

"Taking photos, mostly selfies. I admit that I like cute and small things, there's nothing wrong with that. Anything that looks pretty or pleasing to the eye, I got it, i should have it. But for me, Osomatsu nii-san is someone who shines so brightfully, so brilliantly. And I am craving to..."

Have him...

" I have a folder filled with Osomatsu nii-san’s photos. Most of it were secretly taken. Without his permission, I took photos of him in the bathhouse, at home. Bare or clothed. I have them all. I... I'm disgusting..."

Choromatsu was caught off guard when Todomatsu's face changes.

His annoying and cat-like grin was gone.

Replaced by something grim and dark.

Tired and dead eyes staring straight at him, right at his soul.


The older of the two flinched.

Todomatsu drop the pretense and didn't used nii-san in his statement.

Choromatsu gulps nervously.

"Even here  he's  not safe. We need to keep  him  somewhere far away, away from all of us.”

Choromatsu wants to agree, he really do.

But he can't.

There's no point in denying that he wants to keep the eldest somewhere safe.

But if keeping him safe also means losing him.


The dread that he might lose someone he absolutely don't want to, keep him from making the decision.

Right now, it's clear that they all treasure him and share the same fear.

But... Protecting while keeping him close is not the same as taking him away just to keep him safe. 

“You do realize that compared to you, mine was much worst?”

Todomatsu felt chills run down his spine.

Choromatsu have this blank stare.

Todomatsu felt like running, the green matsu's gaze had pierce right though him.

Before Todomatsu could even stand from where he was at the floor.

He found himself frozen at his tracks while looking at Choromatsu state.

He turns his head away.

His cheeks are red, lips were smiling as he brush Osomatsu's bangs away to see his bare sleeping face. 

He lovingly caress the eldest cheeks.

“I hate him. I love him. I want him dead. He is so much better when he’s asleep. He’s so beautiful like this. Just look at his innocent and peaceful face. Isn't it better if he doesn’t wake up…?”

Choromatsu muttered under his breath.

Choromatsu's hand went down slowly until it settled right at the eldest neck.

Before he could exert any form of force.

He snap out of his head and jump away from Osomatsu

He keeps backing away till his back hit the wall. Eyes were fixed on his trembling hands, shaking his head.

"No, no, no... No."

His eyes were also shaking, he's blinking away the tears that was forming.

He held his hand close to him, desperate to keep it from moving any further without his supervision.

“These toxic thoughts... These uncontrolled actions. They are just the tip of the iceberg Totty. Even me, I'm afraid to know what’s beyond. I don’t want to know and I don’t want see. I don’t want to hurt  him  .”

Todomatsu gave a tight-lipped smile.

"I know..."

I really do...

JULY 12, 20** 19:09:38 PM 
DAY 1 – (END of POV)


JULY 13, 20** 10:45:11 AM 
DAY 2 - (Karamatsu's POV)


He was giving a weird look at the knife he’s tightly holding.

His gaze keeps shifting from the raw ingredients back to the sharp object.

“Shittymatsu… I swear to Dekapan's underpants if you keep doing that I'll shove that knife in your nose so hard it will passed through your skull. The fucking food won’t cook itself. So you better start now before I lose all my patience and fried you using your own lipids as oil.”

Karamatsu snaps out of his inner turmoil when he felt the pricking glare right at his face from the younger matsu.

“I apologize my buraza. I was thinking of the best method to organize my unhelpful thoughts. I should use my admirable brain and think through this first then formulate an effective strategy. I was temporarily distracted, but now that I know what to do, let's begin---


Ichimatsu stops what he was doing and turns to his right to look at Karamatsu.

His gaze darkens and he began growling like a wild animal.

Karamatsu wants to bail out.

But instead of doing exactly what he thought he would do.

He's shock that he was actually struck by a pleasant feeling.

The thought of getting butchered, be his lunch and the eldest eating him.

It was something he never thought he would actually felt euphoric about.

The eldest tasting him.

Becoming a part of his palate.

Be his favorite.

Be someone who Osomatsu can't live without.

He imagines him savoring his flavor, becoming one, and be inside of him.

He trembled not in fear but in excitement.

He snap out of it when Jyushimatsu went downstairs and held Ichimatsu by the arm and drag him upstairs to check on the eldest.

They left Karamatsu alone in the kitchen.

"Aniki would you like to have some tea, I made it with utmost love and care. I brewed this just for my one and only older burazza, I assure you that this is the finest tea you'll taste in your whole life. My burazas, I made a lot, so help yourself, taste my labour boiling in this very tea along with my blood, sweat and tears— "--Ohmyghad nii-san! That is so gross, I won't drink that! Not when your bodily fluids were mix in it!”

Karamatsu felt weird at that statement.

"Uh... No Todomatsu that was just an expression, I don't literally put any of my blood, sweat nor my tears in your tea. It has a separate meaning of its own."

Why does it felt like he's lying?

Karamatsu's expression remains the same outside but deep inside there's a splitting headache that's making him lose all his ability to think straight.

Karamatsu’s is not terrible at cooking. He can cook decent meals every now and then.

Last night Osomatsu was unconscious, he missed the dinner Karamatsu prepares.

Today, he cooks again for their lunch and makes it with extra care and love. 

No one noticed it yet.

He's good at anything he actually put his mind to.

Especially him acting like a dense, empty-headed, trying hard and painful type of character.

Joining the drama club in high school pays off more than he gave credits it to.

The eldest went and pick a cup Karamatsu knew his favorite.

Osomatsu is so predictable it doesn't betray his expectation.

They've been together, from the very day they were born, he always there right next to him.

He’s been observing him for a long time now.

He knew the eldest better than Osomatsu himself.

Karamatsu watched without blinking trying to burn the scene in his mind.

It was so close, so so close when someone suddenly grab Osomatsu’s hand stopping it right before it touches his lips.

"J-Jyushimatsu? W-what...? Is there something wrong?"

Karamatsu brows furrowed, his teeth clenched together hidden behind his tight-lipped.

He silently watched the yellow matsu break his bright façade.

The silence was disrupted when the glass broke.

He notices how the eldest looks blank and distant for a moment.


"Nii-san?! Let me see your hand! You didn't get hurt, right?"

"Oh my Burazas! Please accept my sincerest apology, I shall clean this right away, before someone get hurt—"

Osomatsu was not responding to any of the matsu's queries.

He had this blank look while staring at something in the corner of room.

But soon after, Osomatsu who looks distant at first snapped out of it as if he just woke up from a bad dream.

Rapidly blinking, adjusting his vision.

The eldest looks around him, his face slowly lost its color.

His chest began to rise and fall faster than usual.

His frantic breathing pulled the third matsu near.

He was about to help the eldest, when Osomatsu pushed him out-of-the-way.

Todomatsu’s desperately called out the eldest name.

Jyushimatsu soon run after Osomatsu, so is Todomatsu and Ichimatsu.

Karamatsu turns his head to look at Choromatsu who's still in the middle of processing everything.

He looks so confused at the same time scared.

Karamatsu extend his arm and help Choromatsu stand.

Choromatsu grimaced at the broken glasses and the spilled tea.

Karamatsu was about to help and run after the others when Choromatsu tugged his arm back to stop him from doing so.

“You… What happened? Tell me Karamatsu you didn't do anything, tell me the truth. You didn't let them take over you, right? Karamatsu?! Please... ”

The second eldest turns his head away from him.

Choromatsu gasped in shock and let Karamatsu's arm go.

Choromatsu looks at him for a moment searching for a hint, anything that the blue matsu is hiding.

But it was enough proof.

Choromatsu pat Karamatsu's shoulder.

"Stay here, and don't leave. We'll find him, and after that we will talk."

He only nods.


Karamatsu pulls his finger away from the glass.

Blood came out from the cut in his fingers.


It reminds him of the color the sweatshirt the eldest was wearing before running off.

All of them went after the eldest but, Choromatsu stop him.

Asking Karamatsu to take care of the house.

Karamatsu wanted to help but his role this time is different.

Since he had nothing to do.

He began cleaning all the broken glasses.

He's not paying enough attention so he got hurt.

He put the finger in his mouth, tasting his blood.

The iron-like taste reminds him of what he did on the tea the eldest was about to drink.

Karamatsu felt his hand clenched in anger while holding one of the bigger shard of glass, giving him a nasty cut right in his palm.

It was deep and it looks painful.

But Karamatsu doesn't feel anything.

Drops of blood began to fall on the floor.

Mixing in the spilled tea he hasn't cleaned up yet.

He found himself staring at the sight of the tea slowly becoming muddy color.

Jyushimatsu notices it. Then Todomatsu spoke nonsense. Ichimatsu's wary of him. Choromatsu is now aware of what was happening.

They knew what Karamatsu did.

Todomatsu shouldn't have said anything and keep his mouth shut-----

Karamatsu fell back.

He tried to stand up but his vision began to fade... Black spots forming in the corner of his eyes.

no no no NO...

Not again. I promise...

I promise that I won't let it happen.

I don't want him to cry.

I don't want him to hate me.

Before Karamatsu can ask for help.

Without his permission, images began to pour inside his head.

Images he keeps getting after asking for the same glasses the eldest was wearing last night.

From that a certain memory began to play in his mind.

Karamatsu ran his hand through Osomatsu's feathery hair.

His fingers trailed down the eldest wet cheeks, wiping a trickle of tear that rolled down from Osomatsu's unfocused and tired rubies.

He studied the way Osomatsu's lashes curled and the marks and the bruises he had left on his body looks so, so perfect on him.

"Aniki,"  he breathed softly.

He felt how the eldest trembled in his hold.

Ahh~ how beautiful.

"I truly own you now, I'll never let you go and this time you'll choose me."


JULY 13, 20** 12:04:22 PM 
DAY 2 - (continue)


Chapter Text

JULY 13, 20** 113:23:44 PM 
DAY 2 – (Continues)


Karamatsu woke up gasping for air like a fish desperate to take a minuscule of oxygen.

It felt like he was drowning and can't get a hold of his lungs to breath.

His backside was aching and his head hurts like he was hit multiple times by Jyushimatsu’s bat.

He notices that he is panting and sweating profusely as he push himself to sat up.

He suddenly felt dizzy when his vision swam, he weakly held his pounding head to lessen the feeling.

He blinks his eyes wide open, realizing he was lying on the kitchen floor.

Right next to him, was a small puddle of the spilled tea mix with something murky and muddy.

After he noticed that, he began to feel a stinging pain right on his palm.

He is still holding a piece of the broken glassware.

He slowly opens his trembling hand and let it fall from his palm.

The blood dried up on the glass and his palm.

I should probably need to clean this.

He was about to stand when he suddenly stiffen and froze up.

He felt someone’s gaze and saw a shadow on the corner of his eyes.

He swallowed, but he's parched.

He’s afraid to look around him, but Karamatsu mustered enough courage while tightly gripping on his blue hoodie.

He ignored his palm that is trembling due to the pain and the fear the unwanted presence invoked.

Finally, with braveness tucked inside him he raised his face.

He looks up while turning his head to the side where he saw the shadow.

Karamatsu finds someone wearing a white polo under a green hoodie holding… a knife.

Standing against the light, everything is dark on his silhouette but there's glint reflected on his eyes.

Even though his face is blurry and dark. His stature and demeanor was familiar, there is no doubt about it.

When their eyes met, Karamatsu notices how the green matsu’s eyes dilated, his lips parted open, trembling as it searched for words.

Both of them was stunned and don’t know what to say.

Before he could ask what was he doing with the knife.

His little brother let the sharp weapon go, as if he lost the strength to hold it.

Choromatsu’s legs also gave out and let his body fell with a loud thump.

Karamatsu leap from where he was standing and kneels in front of Choromatsu.

When he got near, he heard him mumbling.

‘He’s alive… You didn’t do it… It’s okay… Osomatsu won’t hate you…’

Karamatsu clenches his teeth inside his bitten lips.

He wanted to comfort his little brother, ask him what is wrong and assures him that everything will be alright.

But his body won’t move.

Karamatsu’s body knows the truth, he's aware that everything is starting to get bad and worse by the minute.

Karamatsu nudge Choromatsu with his injured hand.

Both of them back away, one in pain and the other is in shock.

Their heart drops when they heard a shriek right when the door opens behind them.

“Omyghadd!!!---- Karamatsu nii-san! What happened here? Choromatsu nii-san?!”

Todomatsu and Ichimatsu went straight back home when they lost sight and doesn't find the eldest anywhere.

They trust Jyushimatsu to find Osomatsu with his skills they can guarantee that he can do it.

But what greets them when they got home was something they didn’t expect.

The second eldest cuddling his bloody hand and the third eldest is second away from suffocating, having a panic attack.

What a mess.

Todomatsu run, sat down and held Choromatsu’s face.

His face was damp with tears and snot and his eyes were distant.

Todomatsu clicked his tongue, annoyed.

Again?! This is the second time already! Why can’t Chorofappyski stop being a worrywart! Why is he like this? Is he hiding something?

“Todomatsu? Ichimatsu? Huh? Wha--- what happened? Where’s Osomatsu nii-san? Did you find him? Wait--- Karamatsu nii-san your hand!!”

Todomatsu’s hold on Choromatsu’s face tighten.

Karamatsu was about to say something when the youngest beat him and talk first.

“Niisan… you were having a panic attack. What is happening? Tell me what happened to you, or else this won't stop.”

Choromatsu was blank for a moment, thinking what to say.

He opens his mouth to say something but Todomatsu speak again.

“What I want is the truth. Tell me something that I know is a lie and I’ll fucking burn your Nyaa-chan albums."

Choromatsu flinches in fear.

NOooo~ not my albums!

"Nii-san… Is there something you want to tell us?”

Silence engulf the kitchen where the four of the Matsuno sextuplets gather.


Choromats’s eyes swam, not daring to meet the youngest gaze.

However, Todomatsu notices how the third eldest’s eyes abruptly stop.

He follows his older brother’s line of sight and find the knife beside them.

“I… Shouldn't have done it, but I was desperate. Totty, it wasn't me. My body moves on its own. It felt like I was watching behind my eyes. Those images showed me that I end up killing everyone. Including him ! I hurt him . Fucking shi--- I fucking failed him!”

Choromatsu’s declaration put their batted breath to a full stop.

Karamatsu held his head up in pain, images push itself through him and he doesn’t like what he is seeing.

Ichimatsu looks away and clicked his tongue.

While Todomatsu fisted his hand, his mind is chaotic.

He can hear sirens, screams and all sorts of sounds that were too loud but are familiar to him.

He purses his lips tight together, he doesn’t want to remember what he did... 

This images doesn't makes any sense. How did this happened? When?

He shakes his head to clear his mind.

“It wasn’t your fault nii-san. This is our retribution. We want him to be happy but in the end we were the one who hurted him the most. I… too did something unforgivable… to everyone. To him.”

Todomatsu’s brows wrinkled, head hanging low, eyes cast down, and lips were twisted.

“how fun... it is all the same for everyone then… we all end up doing something irredeemable! As I have thought, we are all unburnable trashes! Osomatsu nii-san is right, we are one, he is me and I am him.”

The three of them looks up to Ichimatsu who’s sneering at them.

“how nice to know that I'm not alone in this shithole, oi~ Kusomatsu tell me who you killed first?”

Everyone froze up except for Ichimatsu who bent his body down in front of Karamatsu.

Karamatsu felt his stomach turn.

“burazza~ I would never try and do something that will hurt anyone----“

He stops midway as he reminisces the images he just saw a while ago.

“eh~ you’re no different from us Kusomatsu, stop acting like a saint-----"

"Ichimatsu nii-san!!!”

Todomatsu stood up and pull Ichimatsu away from Karamatsu.

Karamatsu’s tears started to drop.

“K-karamatsu nii-san…?”

Choromatsu moves and went beside the blue matsu to rub his back.

Todomatsu scowled at Ichimatsu who just shrug and sat down on one of the stools.

“I’m so sorry my burazas, I broke my oath to protect everyone and I--- I let my self be eaten with d-desires. I choose my eudaimonia and did something terrible to everyone… I too… killed people.”

Karamatsu cleans his face with his sleeves, even though his voice broke midway he still tried to sound okay, they appreciate the effort.

Choromatsu nods, he continues to rub the second eldest's back.

He sighs in relief when Karamatsu's sobs lessen.

"Tch... there’s no need to feel shit  everything is fucked up already! Those images are just one of the million possibilities. We had it coming. That is what we get from committing the taboo and changing the supposed future. We are all in it so what’s the issue. All we need to do is to avoid taking the same path, isn’t it? No matter what happens as long as you didn't let yourself be swayed by your own shits everything will be fine."

Todomatsu’s brows furrowed as Ichimatsu took the lead in comforting them in a roundabout way.

“Easier said than done…” Todomatsu puffs his cheek and left to get the first aid kit.

“SOoo… who was it? Your first kill?”

When Todomatsu went back, he can’t believe that Darkmatsu is being fussy and persistent.

Is he serious?

Of all topics he wants to talk about, of all things, this guy wants to fucking chat about how we murder people?!

It was so easy to know the reason, their possessive tendency causes unnecessary  jealousy and all sorts of negative feelings towards each other.

So what Ichimatsu really wanted to know is the method and not the reason behind it.

So that is how you wanted to roll huh? Fine! I'll indulge your sorry ass myself nii-san.

“Oi! Yamimatsu nii-san before that, since I already told you guys about me, my frequent stalking, taking photos without his permission---- oh yeah I just distinctly remember Chorofappski nii-san used my phone before. There was this one time, I caught him fapping while drooling over Osomatsu nii-san sleeping face---- owww shit okay I’ll stop! Anyways, I know Choromatsu nii-san is creepy as fuck, he likes Osomatsu nii-san when he’s asleep, and felt that Osomatsu is better that way and hope he’ll never awake from his slumber…”

Choromatsu stood up and glare at Todomatsu, his eyes is enough to convey his thought ‘stop talking about me or I’ll fucking stab you.’

Todomatsu fake a cough and looks away. Hiding the curve that was forming on his petty mouth.

“Anyway Karamatsu nii-san seems to be the type who’s possessive and passive at the same time. He mixes his own blood on Osomatsu nii-san’s cup which is by the way, sorry nii-san but it’s fucking disgusting . So from now on, I won’t eat anything you made.”

Karamatsu was dumbfounded, he was about to say something in defense when Todomatsu turn and face Ichimatsu.

“So what’s yours?”

Todomatsu slurred, he was smirking at Ichimatsu who only gave him a deadpan look for a minute.

“Answer my question first…”

Todomatsu sighs.

This little piece of shit, I know what is he trying to do. Do he really hates him that much? I thought this is just all a big misunderstanding. I thought he likes Kusomatsu's leather jackets and glasses. What is he trying to do?

He turns to look at someone, who was shocked with what he did.

Todomatsu’s eyes were apologizing. Ichimatsu’s smile widen, he’s been waiting for this.

“I-it was Karamatsu nii-san…”

Todomatsu looks away from Karamatsu’s questioning gaze.

“woah--- I mean, I actually thought you’ll say it was me Totty…”

Choromatsu cleared his throat and pulled his hand away to look at Karamatsu with the same gaze as Todomatsu’s, it was asking for forgiveness.

“Mmmm…. Me too… It was Karamatsu.”

Karamatsu felt his mouth turned sour…

“… why?”

Karamatsu’s voice was weird, it was silent and lacks energy.

Todomatsu and Choromatsu felt like a bucket of dread was poured on them when they heard his voice.

“It was because we hate you…”

Ichimatsu was the one who answered.

They felt dizzy and before they know it Todomatsu punched Ichimatsu.

Ichimatsu spitted and cleans the blood with his hoodie dripping from his bloody mouth.

“Karamatsu nii-san, that wasn’t true!”

Choromatsu shake Karamatsu back who’s still in shock.

“We… we felt threatened!”

Todomatsu shove Choromatsu out of Karamatsu.

Choromatsu stumbled down from the sudden push but the youngest doesn’t care, this is more important.

Karamatsu slowly blinks, he felt someone’s hands on his shoulder, it was warm but those hands… those hands killed him, right?

But why does he it felt comforting?


Karamatsu’s voice shows that he wants to know the truth.

Todomatsu wince and felt a prick on his heart.

“I know who’s Osomatsu nii-san’s favorite. It wasn’t Choromatsu nii-san, it was you… Osomatsu let you do whatever you want, support and believe in you… push you through and trusts you the most… as the two eldest, the top two, your relationship is something we--- I cannot achieve. I cannot have, it is not really possible."

"I'm the youngest... And you are nii-san ... I thought if I could provide what Osomatsu nii-san needs, if I can support him by having a job, then he will finally treat me like how he acts around you. That he can trust me too. Trust me his vulnerable side that he doesn't show on his younger brothers. Unlike you. ”

Todomatsu felt his face steaming. He straight up told his older brothers his insecurities.

“That’s true…”

Choromatsu stood and put one of his hand on top of Karamatsu’s.

“I… I killed you because of that too. I felt threatened like how right now I am being vague with my feelings towards Osomatsu. I hate him when he’s being a fucking jerk. But at the same time love it when he pays attention to me. You’re like my biggest obstacle in pursuing his love. That’s why… I killed you. That is what my visions showed me, I killed you first. And I won't tell you how. This is enough Ichimatsu, don't you think?”

Karamatsu sighs…

his relationship with the eldest.

Is it really true or are they trying to comfort him?

Is Ichimatsu the one who’s telling the truth?

Karamatsu looks up to find Ichimatsu.

When their eyes met, Ichimatsu glares and clicked his tongue.

Todomatsu heard it.

“So Ichimatsu nii-san since we answered your question, now answer mine!”

At first Todomatsu thought that Ichimatsu would run away.

“I killed painfulmatsu first because he’s annoying.”

Todomatsu can’t help but grin at that…

“so you know what it feels like huh…? As expected nii-san, you’re normal.”

Ichimatsu glared at the youngest, but Todomatsu felt competitive and answer his older brother with a snicker.

Choromatsu taps the youngest shoulder to stop this bullshit. Stop taunting their yamimatsu.

"I won't really choose the word normal in this conversation Todomatsu. Anyways, Ichimatsu what happened to you? Todomatsu is a stalker, I have a weird fetish and Karamatsu is the same (what do you mean by that?!), how about you?”

Ichimatsu raised his eyebrow.

“I... Have Osomatsu nii-san in the basement. You guys thought that he was missing caught by that man. When I actually held him captive right under the house.”

Choromatsu’s face slowly paled as he realizes what his immediate younger brother did to the eldest.


Todomatsu shouted and felt his stomach turn, he did it… he totally did it with Osomatsu!!!

He went and grab Ichimatsu by the hood and held it up just to show his strength, hoping that Ichimatsu felt his anger.

He remains in his stool despite being manhandled like that.

“You fucker, what did you do to Osomatsu?!!”

Choromatsu felt that it was his duty to calm the two, but right now he can’t, his thoughts are filled with anger and murderous intent toward his younger brother he didn’t know he had.

“huh? Do you really want to know? Totty?”

Todomatsu wanted to punch Ichimatsu again.

But before he could do it, someone taps his shoulder, he felt the prickling feeling of fear to look behind him.

He slowly put Ichimatsu down and pulls his hands back.


Ichimatsu stiffen and felt his body trembled from that voice.

“Did you force Osomatsu?”

Somehow Ichimatsu can’t help but laugh, is he fucking serious?!

“So you think Osomatsu can't have sex with anyone but… you?”


“W-what? What do you mean by that Ichimatsu?”

Choromatsu was the first one to recover.

Ichimatsu looks away first.

He fucked up! Shit they won't stop asking him about this, aren't they?

This won’t end if I just ignored this. They’ll keep asking questions about it, for sure.

Avoiding this is too detrimental, might as well tell them the truth. Well half the truth, that is.

“Exactly what you heard, in my dreams---- the images I saw showed that Osomatsu nii-san had a relationship here with Kusomatsu. I always watched them being all over with each other and caught them about to fuck almost every day, and I… reached my limit and killed Shittymatsu… and held Osomatsu in the basement.”

He is not telling the whole truth, but this is enough for them to understand some things.

Todomatsu felt dizzy.

He turns to his side and find Karamatsu, face is steaming red.

Choromatsu felt something broke inside him.

Hmmm? What is this?

The four of them sighs

There are things that are better left untold.

Todomatsu went and help Karamatsu with his injury.

Choromatsu got some of the beers they reserved for later.

Ichimatsu just sat on the corner, left the stool and sat down on the floor.

Karamatsu was spacing out, they don’t know what the blue matsu was thinking but the frequent giggling, annoys them to death.

Todomatsu doesn’t like the atmosphere and he wanted to brighten it up even a little.

“Since we just talk about who’s the first person we killed--- which was Karamatsu nii-san with unanimous decision… who’s your second.”

'So much for brightening the atmosphere Totty, this is really a topic worth chatting about, really.' Choromatsu sarcastically thought.

Karamatsu snaps out of his thought when he heard his name.

Choromatsu well, he's interested too.

Ichimatsu was silent.

“since it was already obvious who’s my second, I’ll just state my reason for killing a certain fappymats-----“don’t call me that!!”

Choromatsu throws one of the empty cans, hitting Karamatsu in the process.

"Anyways, Chorofappyski’s used my phone to fap without asking for my permission----“you didn’t ask permission for Osomatsu’s photos!!!”

Todomatsu huffs and turns to Karamatsu

"How about you Karamatsu nii-san? You didn’t tell us yours---“Oi! Don’t ignore me!”

Karamatsu nod and pull his hand. It was clean and bandage now thanks to the youngest. Pain is still present but he felt better after it was cleaned.

“----uh… I think I killed Choromatsu first then… it was Chibita”

another silence.

Choromatsu sighs mentally, yup... What a topic.

“o-okay~ then how about you Ichimatsu nii-san?”

Todomatsu tried to clear the atmosphere but it doesn’t seem like an easy task.

'If you have something against me Fappyski, do something then!' Todomatsu caught Choromatsu's defeated expression, as if he can't believe they are really talking about this right now.

He knew and was ready that there'll be some things that they can't stop or avoid.

But he's still wishful, thinking that there's a way for everyone to find happiness and contentment in something. He hope there is...

"It... It was..."

Todomatsu notice Ichimatsu's pained expression...



Are you serious? It can't be him...

It can't be--


Todomatsu runs through the door seemingly to catch someone who was about to collapse.

Karamatsu almost had a heart attack because of Todomatsu's high-pitched voice.

Choromatsu gasped when he notices who was on the door.

Ichimatsu was stunned for a moment he felt his soul drifted

Everything stops with what they saw.

Jyushimatsu came back...

He came back full of bruises and his bat covered in fresh blood.

He came back without him.

He came back without Osomatsu.


Osomatsu is gone...

JULY 13, 20** 13:39:04 PM 
DAY 2 - (Continues)

Chapter Text


JULY 13, 20** 13:15:17 PM


"---fuck hakase answer me! who cut it?!"

Silent and still, the doctor's eyes were directed anywhere but the eldest Matsuno.

Suddenly, all Osomatsu could think was fuck this guy.

If he doesn't want to speak then make him.

He surged forward.

Jyushimatsu reacted a bit late and realized what had just happened when he was already been pushed away.

He looks up to where Osomatsu's fist collided with the professor's nose.

There was a sickening crunch that makes him pinch his face in pain.

Fist digging into the professor's baby face and sending the poor old man careening off across the room.

Skidding across the unused tools and passed through the wall of the laboratory with a resounding crash.

Jyushimatsu looked on in utter shock, left completely speechless by the display of power.

“fuck this shit! I told you not to test my patience you shitty hakase!”

Osomatsu yelled in anger, lightly clutching his red and trembling hand.

Jyushimatsu immediately stood from where he was pushed at and ran back to the eldest.

“Nii-san?! Wha--- Are you okay?!”

Jyushimatsu pulls Osomatsu's hand and examines it. He also looks up and down the eldest body silently checking for other injuries.

“I'm fine, you moron!"

Osomatsu once again pushed the younger but this time Jyushimatsu was able to stand and hold his balance.

"Calm down nii-san!”

Jyushimatsu put both his hands on the eldest shoulder keeping the eldest from moving away from him.

“I am calm! Fuck, I had it under control! Just give me a sec or two.”

Jyushimatsu wrapped his hands around Osomatsu's trembling shoulder. He struggles getting the younger off but Jyushimatsu just held him tighter. It was that moment Osomatsu realized what he did, unsure of what was his actual plan or what got to him to punch the elder.

Dekapan doesn't utter a word or made any sound that he is still conscious when he suddenly pushes a red button under a table.

The Matsuno brothers were caught off guard when the floor they were standing in shakes and suddenly tilted towards the door.

Jyushimatsu knows that they can easily jump and avoided the aforementioned. But since they were surprise and he's holding Osomatsu. They were thrown out of the doctor's laboratory and then the door was shut closed.

The eldest push Jyushimatsu to get off from the hug. He kicks and punch the door but it won't budge. With a sorrowful look Jyushimatsu silently watched the eldest.

Does he hate us that much that he'll let himself bleed just to cut our ties...? It hurts nii-san… It feels like my heart is about to burst from it. Stop. Nii-san will you please stop hurting yourself?

"Stop it already, Osomatsu nii-san!"

Jyushimatsu jumps and forcibly turns Osomatsu towards him.

The eldest was about to shout at his younger brother when he notices the lack of smile on Jyushimatsu's face.

That was when Osomatsu felt something prick his chest.

What was he doing?

What was he thinking?

This is all his fault.

That face... It doesn't suit Jyushimatsu.

Jyushimatsu no... Don't make that face.

"Osomatsu nii-san... do you hate me?"

Osomatsu flinches and stares at his younger brother in bafflement. Putting his mind around the question. What is he talking about?

Jyushimatsu looked down and closed his eyes, waiting for Osomatsu's verdict. He's trying to focus all his attention to the red matsu away from the answer that can potentially damage him beyond repair.

He doesn't want to hear it at all, he is satisfied with what they have as brothers.

But he must learn to face the truth.

So is Osomatsu.

Cause the truth will set them free.

But it's not just freedom that will be there once the truth is out.

Jyushimatsu just hopes Osomatsu accept his fate.

He must accept it.

There is a reason why they were doing this.

This is not just about them and their unspeakable deeds.

It's obvious that they don’t want him to get hurt.

But what they did to avoid that path is ironically traumatizing.

Despite the things they did to prevent it from happening.

It wasn't enough.

So, they cut his thread.

They were the one who cuts Osomatsu's fate.

Stop it, prevent it, don't let it happen.

Cut the line that was heading someone not worthy.

Someone who hurts him once and can still do it a couple more times if given the chance. 

That guy doesn't deserve Osomatsu at all.

That guy must suffer first or better yet for the rest of his life.

How can destiny be so cruel?

Be so, to Osomatsu?

Be so, to them?

Things doesn't always end up the way they wanted it to.

Why is that?

Please... Don't hurt him anymore...

Jyushimatsu was about to lose himself when he felt someone’s body heat enveloped him in comfortable and familiar warm.

"Hey there Jyushimatsu... nii-chan doesn't hate you. This isn't your fault. I'll look for the one responsible for this and I'll make him pay, okay? Don't worry nii-chan will make everything better."

Jyushimatsu's tears started to
fall in slow and hurtful manner.

How can he be so... Be so... Stop Nii-san

He hugs the eldest silently burrowed his tear stained face on Osomatsu's warm chest. He let the eldest brush his hair and hum a comforting song.

Nii-san... I'm sorry



Stiff, the eldest stop running his fingers on Jyushimatsu's soft hair.

The younger slightly push himself to look at Osomatsu, confusion and surprise is evident on the eldest face.

He then turns to his back, and found a familiar guy.

Why does he look so familiar?

"W-who are you?"

Osomatsu pulls Jyushimatsu behind him and hide his little brother.

He examines the guy standing confidently in the middle of the street.

He's wearing a suit with a yellow tie.

The guy adjusted it by pulling it down.

A pleasant smile was given towards them, it looks so genuine.

It makes Osomatsu step backs almost on Jyushimatsu's feet.

“What do you want?”

Osomatsu asked as his eyes moves around to look for an opening.

There's something wrong with this guy.

That tie is bad news.

“oh, that's right! Forgot that they actually succeeded in bringing you back without any trace of our connection or any idea about us huh?..."


He took another back step but this time, there's a hand that held his arm and pulls him to his left.

"Hmmm… this is bad, if it is like that then I don’t have that much choice but to bring you to him. Well, that is my plan from the start anyway. I’ll just have to take you back with me and make you remember"

Remember--- what is he talking about?

"Osomatsu, I think It’s time for you to remember us and know the truth.”

Jyushimatsu was about to run with Osomatsu when felt someone’s presence behind him.

He was about to turn around and face it when he suddenly felt something heavy and hard hit his abdomen.

Osomatsu shouted as Jyushimatsu suddenly let his arm go and jumps away.

The eldest turns his head towards Jyushimatsu's direction and saw someone wearing a black hoodie, face is obscured by the hood hiding their feature.

It made another swing towards them.

Jyushimatsu once again grabs the eldest arm, pulling him avoid the attack.

But Osomatsu push his little brother when he saw a shadow on his peripheral vision

W—what the fuc---ackk shit…”

Osomatsu was caught by the guy in yellow tie, punching right on his solar plexus.

Jyushimatsu falls right on his knees, someone hit his head this time with a bat.

He was dizzy and felt something warm and sticky coming from his head.

He can taste some in his tongue.

Something salty, metallic and bitter.

His focus is getting blurry.

He saw the guy in the yellow tie grab the eldest and put him on his shoulder.

What? Wait... Nii-san?

Osomatsu is unconscious, how?

Jyushimatsu knew that the red matsu is really good in fighting specially in a scuffle like this one.

He’s the best in the sextuplets, he took pride in being agile and the strongest.

So how?

What happened when he is too focused on his own problem?

The guy in yellow tie turns his head to his direction and find Jyushimatsu's bloody face contorted with fury.

Heh, Amusing~

He grins to mock the yellow matsu.

Jyushimatsu tried to stand but this time someone hit his back.

He yelps in pain.

He gritted his teeth to control his breathing and blood from flowing out of his mouth.

But he didn’t falter.

He waits for another swing.

When it came, he jumps and landed on the top of the bat, balancing his whole body while his vision is spinning.

The one in the black hood flinches when he saw Jyushimatsu’s face.

His nose, mouth and his head was bloody.

His bloodshot eyes were wide open in concentration.

The one in the black hoodie let the bat go and kick his feet high up.

But Jyushimatsu leap towards him and caught him in octopus hold.

“AAcKHhhh-------“Put Osomatsu nii-san down or I’ll break his neck.”

Eyes were blazing in fury, he threatens.

But it was ignored and the dude in yellow tie just grins wider.

“Sorry kid, but you’ve done enough. It is time for us to have him back…”

Jyushimatsu felt something hard and cold hit the back of his head.

His octopus hold slowly loosen, as if his strength is being sucked out of him.

That voice… he is here… and he’s here to get Osomatsu back.

The guy in the black hoodie pushes him off.

With no strength left his aching body fell and hit the cold floor.

The guys in the black hood heaves and put his hoodie down revealing his face.

“fuck, I thought I saw an angel for a moment there----“As if you’ll be in heaven!”

Jyushimatsu paled as he realized who it was.


He looks like them, he reminds him of his immediate older brother, Ichimatsu but much worst.

His eyes were bloodshot, redder than his and it was tired with bags underneath.

His scruffy hair smells like iron and ash.

He just notices it but his clothes were tattered.

When he heard his name, he grins and look down.

“Hi there nii-san. How was my acting, sounds believable, right?”

Jyushimatsu balled his fist, trembling in anger and glares at Akumatsu.


Why is he here?

We didn’t summon him, so how?!

“Akuma, Atsushi, let’s go”

They just walks in the opposite direction.

Did not spare even a moment to look back at Jyushimatsu.

“tch… oh c’mon, just when it was about to get interesting! right Atsushi!?”

Akumatsu turns his head and find that Atsushi already left.

Akumatsu ran after them.

Leaving Jyushimatsu.

Drenched in his own blood.

Still flowing nonstop.


He mutters in anger.

He clenches his teeth while watching them leave

He didn't blink his eyes while glaring at that man's back.

“Jyushimatsu nii-san!”

He can hear their voices.

I need to tell them what happened.

Tell them about Akumatsu

Tell them about Osomatsu

T ell them that Tougou is here

That he got Osomatsu

That they're late

It was too late

He's here to get him

And he already did

He got him... Again.

I need to… I… I'm useless.

Jyushimatsu felt it again.

He feels so...


He can't do anything but watch him left with him

Just like before

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