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La Vacanza

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The car pulled up to the hotel and the window rolled down, Agent 47 starred out at the building.  "This is it," he said to the driver.  The man nodded and opened the drivers' side door, coming around to open the passenger's door.  "There you are, sir.  Enjoy your stay"
Agent 47 had been all around the world and stayed in various hotels, they say a Hitman never sleeps, but Diana was insistent that he get some time away from his job for a little recreation, he didn't quite see the purpose of it, but she seemed to believe it would make him better at his job.  He recalled the prior discussion as he walked up the steps to the front entrance.
She had asked him to see her at the ICA headquarters in her office, This was something that most handlers did not do as the rule-book states handlers and agents should not meet with each other in person, nor form a personal bond. Diana had broken both of those rules on many occasions, but there wasn't a lot anyone could do to stop her.  47 had no mind of it, of course, and he did as directed.
"Why don't you have a seat, Agent 47" She spoke clearly, concise.  He obliged and took a seat in the chair in front of her desk.
Included in her office was a large window that saw most of the sky, it let in quite a bit of light when the blinds weren't drawn, such as they weren't at that moment, 47 found it a bit distracting.
She sat down in her chair and placed her hands over her lap "I have been looking over some of your case files, past hits and jobs we've taken and it seems as though the more recent ones are... a bit different" She bit her bottom lip as she placed a folder on the desk
"Different how?" He asked, eyeing the folder
"Don't misunderstand me here, but you seem to be a bit..."
"Sloppy?" He offered
"Well, your words. Not mine.  In any case, the ICA has taken notice of it as well and they wished me to discuss setting a vacation for you. To get your bearings again, to get some well-deserved rest and relaxation."
He shook his head "I do not understand the purpose of a vacation when there is work to be done" He said, a small smile appeared at the edges of Diana's mouth and she shut the folder.
"Exactly what I told them you would say. But, studies have shown that an increase in work without rest can have an unwanted effect on the human body. You may be... special in that case, but you are still human"
"Understood, one question"
"Of course, 47" She put the file back into a drawer and turned her attention to the man in front of her
"Do I have to?"
She responded in a way that was completely unexpected, she started laughing, not a simple chuckle, not a polite laugh, but one that seemed to take her a time to recover from.  She regained her composure "I apologize for that, 47. It is simply that many of the agents here would be absolutely delighted to be assigned vacation time, and here you are, trying to get out of it"
"I do not get the need for it, and I am good at my job"
"Don't get me wrong, Agent. I know more than anyone how good you are in the field. But, getting some much-needed relaxation will help you hone your skills, you'll come back refreshed, energized and ready for whatever we have to offer"
"There is no way you will reconsider?" He asked, a last ditch attempt, as he knew she had her mind set and was impossible to change. He had experience with her stubborn behavior before. She was very unlikely to relent for any reason.
"No, I'm sorry 47. But it appears you'll have to go on a wonderfully relaxing vacation. You are dismissed" She turned her attention to her laptop as 47 made for the door.
"Oh and, 47," She said, stopping him before he could open the door. He turned back to her
"Please do try to enjoy yourself," She said, the small smirk reappearing on her face.

* * *

So here he was, arriving at the Gran Meliá hotel in Rome, He was a very light packer when he wasn't preparing for a job, so many of the things he had brought were merely a couple of outfit changes, it was easy for the hotel staff to help him with his bags up to his room and they were very fond of him for not ordering them around the way other patrons were known to do.  By the time he was settled into his room, he felt strange, as if something were incomplete.

In another example of breaking protocol, 47 retrieved his cell phone from his pocket and dialed a number he had memorized long ago. After a moment of ringing, a voice on the other line "Hello?"
"It's me"
"Oh, Hello Agent 47. I trust you should be at your hotel by now?"
"You do realise calling your handler defeats the purpose of your vacation. It isn't about work, it is to relax. Though now that I think of it, I'm not sure I can imagine you relaxing"
"It isn't that I do not know how Diana. It's simply that I feel it lacks purpose"
"Ah, of course. You've gotten so used to the ICA sending you to these fancy corners of the world for jobs that you have no idea what to do with yourself"
"Well," Diana said, "May I suggest a walk around the pool? I hear they have a lovely one at the Meliá "
"You've never been?"
She chuckled "I've been to a lot of places, never Rome. I've never had the excuse to go"
"You could"
"47, Are you asking me to come to Rome?"
"Of course not"
"Because it is incredibly unprofessional and not to mention against the rules for a handler and their agent to be 'hanging out'"
"It is a large place"
"Ah yes, I have heard," She said, he could almost hear her smile through the phone "I understand, if I were to choose to go on vacation, Which I rightly could at any moment, Rome would be a fantastic place to go. And, it is such a large place with many hotels. One would never run into a co-worker."
"Unless they went out of their way, of course"
"Of course. Well, Agent 47, I wouldn't wish to keep you from your relaxing vacation. Do try and stay out of trouble, the ICA does not have enough funds to find someone quite of your caliber if you get detained, or shot."
"As you wish," He said simply, ending the call.