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Blossoms DISCONTINUED!! - Please read chapter 18 for information

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Ever since I was a child, my parents have always been overprotective of me. My entire house was padded when I was a toddler, but they're still covered now. I was home-schooled and I was never allowed privacy, seeing how someone was constantly watching over me. Their hovering eyes felt like vines growing up a tree, never ending and always there no matter what you do. 

One cold, winter day, I escaped my "house arrest"- like lifestyle. It felt nice being alone, no one watching over me like a hawk as I did simple every-day activities. Suddenly, with my hands as dry as bone, a drop of blood fell to the pure white snow, red roses immediately blossoming out from the cold.


'What's going on?'

I pondered, squatting down in front of the freshly bloomed flowers in front of me. Their thorns were like a soft yellow, their stems as green as fresh grass. Not to mention their petals. The rose petals played a mixture of blood and someone's heart, a dark red shade. 

I looked back down at my hand, feeling another hot stream of blood drip into the cold snow. More flowers grew.


Never in my life have I seen something like this. The last I ever heard of on the news, there were no records of this sort of... Magic... Did someone place a curse on me? Is this their quirk? Suddenly, footsteps echoed through the foggy street, two people panting as they got closer to me.

"Izuku!" Mom shouted, her breath creating clouds in the cold temperatures. "Why'd you run of-." She paused, looking at the bundle of roses behind my torso. "Oh no.." She looked up at dad with worried eyes, both wearing sorrowed expressions. 

"Mom, what's going on with this?" I pointed down at the roses then my finger, "Is.. Is this a joke of some sort?" She didn't respond. "Mom?" 


"What.. What do you mean..?" I croaked, my shattered voice ended up spitting out. 

"Exactly what I said... Shukkezu disease.. When you were a toddler, you were diagnosed with it." Dad said, squeezing mom's left hand. "They said that.. with every drop of blood creates a bundle of roses."

"It may seem pretty at first, but the more roses you create the less time you have.. To.." Mom choked on her words, shimmering tears streaking her cheeks. 

Left in shock, I couldn't do anything but listen to my mom's whimpering, dad holding onto her as he held his own tears back.

"My boy, do you understand why we've been so overprotective of you now?" He asked, his right arm still wrapped around mom's shoulders. With a nod, he patted my head, trying to stay positive through this all. 

'This is a mess..' 

I thought, clenching my sweating fists as mom dried the last of her tears. 

"So.." I mumbled, looking down at the floorboards. "What am I going to do...?" Mom and dad both looked at each other before nodding, their eyes glistening with tear remnants and a goal that's been set. 

"We're going to continue your home-schooling for a little while longer.." Mom explained, balling up her tissues. "But we're going to transfer you into a private school... Seeing how you already know your condition.. We're going to let you live your life to the fullest.." She smiled, a radiant one at that. 

"Just try to not get hurt." Dad laughed, brightening up the atmosphere.

"When winter is over, you'll be joining a certain academy. I know you'll love it there.. It's got nice ratings and the students who graduate become-."

"HEROES!!" I shouted, eyes beaming brightly as I jumped out of my seat. Embarrassed, I coughed nervously and sat back down, feeling my cheeks burn. "S-sorry.. I've.. I've always wanted to go to that school... Dad graduated from it, so..!" 

"I know he did and I know you've always wanted to go.. That's why I'm enrolling you there!" Mom smiled, standing up and wrapped her comforting arms around me. I did so as well, the light wrapping us like a mother wraps her baby. But as I looked down at my bandaged hand, my smile started to fade.

'What a horrible disease..'

I thought, feeling dad's footsteps echo through the floor and over to us, his hand lightly patting the top of my head. 

"Don't let that bring you down, ok? Just remember to always watch out and you'll be ok. Letting this wretched disease stop you from having fun goes against your mom's wishes, does it not?" He smiled, his bone-y face always making me smile. 

"Right, I won't let this disease take over my life choices. And I'd rather not make mom upset.." I joked, mom letting go to lightly smack my biceps. 

"You know it aha..!" She laughed, the smile hiding what was left of her worries for me and my safety. 


Later that night, I ended up going to bed early.

"Are you sure you're not hungry?" Mom pushed, but I politely declined dinner. "Alright sweetie... I'll put some leftovers in the fridge if you change your mind later." She kissed my forehead and watched me head up to bed, hearing my bedroom door shut quietly. Dad and mom sat down and ate their dinner with small conversations, but still enough to make the two laugh.

"Do you.. Do you think this was the right choice..?" Mom asked, a small voice break as the sorrow puked its way back up. Dad placed his hand on top of hers, giving her a warming smile, taking away all her troubles and her worries.

"Of course. It's not like he wasn't going to figure it out one of these days. He's a smart boy and I wouldn't let this get to you..." Dad let go, taking their dishes and rinsed them off, putting them into the dishwasher and closed it. 

"I know Izuku is a smart boy, but I can't help but worry.. He's... He's already had a problem before.. The doctors said he'd only make it to 20.. If not possibly 18.." More tears swelled up in her eyes, a new Niagara Falls conjuring. Her emerald eyes glistened as she felt dad's arms wrap around her, a soft "shh" as they slowly rocked back and forth.




The next morning was New Year's Eve. People around the city all gathered up for the festival they hold here each year, which, was something I've always wanted to go to. This year, thankfully, my mom and dad allowed me to go for a little while, or at least until the fireworks. 

I ended up leaving late because mom didn't get home until around 10pm. Her job let her off early to spend time with her family, along with all the other staff members. 

"Go have fun!" Mom smiled, insisting I wear a yukata, but I declined. 

"What if I trip and fall?" I retaliated, bringing up all kinds of excuses so I didn't have to look so embarrassing. 

"That's... That's true.." Mom agreed, folding it back up. "Well, go enjoy the night! Your father and I will stay here and just binge watch some movies.. We're too old for excitement." She joked, pushing me out of the door and waved as I left their area of vision. 


The streets near the festival were filled with colorful, red lights, stringing down all the way to the main event. Beautiful red decorations overwhelmed the entire center, people roaming around in either a yukata or casual clothes. It felt good to be around so many people.. Being isolated to the house kept me from most social interactions, so being exposed like this felt great. 

I strolled down the walkway as little kids ran past me holding takoyaki sticks and wearing little masks to the side of their heads. Parents sped-walked past, apologizing to anyone they caused trouble to. I chuckled silently, watching at their yukatas disappeared behind a crowd of people. 

'I wish I came to one of these sooner...'

I thought, breathing in the delicious smell of fresh takoyaki. 

'Maybe I'll go buy some..'

I dug around through my pockets and thankfully found some yen, walking up to the stand and handed the man some.

"Here ya go kid!" He said with a masculine voice, a white ribbon tied across his forehead and a white yukata. His smile was seen from far off into the crowd, maybe that's why so many people went there. 

"Thank you, sir." I bowed, walking out of the way so others could purchase their's. 


Toothpicking a Takoyaki ball, I hear some people gather around a certain area. Their excited chatter spread through the entire festival, more and more citizens gathering around. 


I wondered, listening to the sudden, almost perfectly timed, whiz and pop. Bright and colorful lights filled the area. Shades of green, blue, red, yellow, pink and more covered the sky like cirrostratus clouds. As I began to walk away, trash in hand, I accidentally bumped into someone. Their stature was stiff, the person turning around to see who clumsily ran into them. I looked up at the strange, unknown person and met their eyes.


I thought, two different colors peering back at me. I knew hetero-chromatic eyes could look stunning, but I never knew they would look this breathtaking. One steel grey eye and one ice blue eye pierced my dark emerald eyes, a slight breeze brushing against our hair. We stood there frozen, both taking in features of each other. The boy I stood in front of had red and white hair, one snow white and the other half ruby red. His demeanor felt stoic and professional, no signs of silliness or screw-ups. And then there was me. 

"I-I'm sorry.." I apologized, breaking the awkward silence between us. I turned around and started speed-walking home, still feeling his icy cold gaze slither up my spine. More fireworks blew up green and red, slight hints of white within their final sparkle. 


"So, how was it?" Dad whispered, turning his head around to meet me at the door. Mom had fallen asleep on his torso, but ended up waking up to the sound of a clicking door. 

"Izuku?" She said tiredly, rubbing away the crust in her eyes. "How was the festival?" With a yawn, she slowly pushed herself up into a sitting position. 

"It was pretty fun..!" I replied, taking off my shoes as I threw away my takoyaki bowl. 

'I also met a pretty cute looking dude.'

I thought, smacking my forehead as mom and dad watched in confusion.

"Are you ok?" Dad asked, leaning his arm against the top of the couch. With an affirming "mhm", I walked upstairs and flopped onto my bed. 

'What's wrong with meee...'

I thought, grunting as I smacked my face into my pillow. I heard the TV turn back on, the news loud enough for me to faintly hear. Glancing over to my alarm clock, I stared at its green light.


I thought, my eyes fluttering to a close. 




January 1st: The day my mom enrolls me into a private academy. 

"I just know you'll love it there!" She beams, filling out the final page of paperwork. I jumped up and down as I ran into my room, looking at all the posters of heroes I've collected over the years. Of course, the main poster in the center of my room wall was of my dad: All Might. His catchphrase, "PLUS ULTRA!" was typed in bold letters and a signature at the bottom left. To the right was a poster of Mt. Lady, then one of Kamui Woods, one of my favorites. To the left of All Might's poster was one of Eraser Head, then one of Gran Torino. They all either worked or graduated from this prestigious academy; U.A. 

"Izuku! I've finished filling out the papers!" Mom shouted as I heard the folding of papers. "Can you run it out to the mailbox?"

"Of course! Give me a second!" I shouted, running down the carpeted staircase. Mom held it out as I ran past, slamming open the front door and closing it. With a glimmer in my eyes, I put it in the mailbox and squealed, pumping both fists into the air as I jumped back inside.


January 13th: We got a reply. 

"MOM MOM MOM MOM!!" I shouted, running into the living room where she was folding laundry. "WE GOT A LETTER REPLY!" Her eyes widened as she jumped out of the couch and stood next to me, peering at the letter and held low enough for her to see. 

"'Thank you for choosing U.A. High. Since you're enrolling late into the year we weren't allowed to accept you, but because you're All Might's kid, the staff members have made arrangements.'" I read, folding the paper back so I could continue reading. "On the 15th please come to U.A. so we can get your physicals done and written exam.'" 

"Oo!! This is good! Good job!" Mom smiled, but I continued to scroll.

"'If you do not pass this exam you will not be allowed into U.A. Sorry, but not even All Might's family can have special privileges. You must be prepared to enter without the help of others to back you up.'" I sighed, already knowing I was going to fail this physical.

"Mom, if they're going to examine Quirks.." I groaned, understanding exactly what I was getting into. "Mom, I have a blood quirk." Her expression changed from puppies and rainbows to rain clouds and darkness.

"Oh.. Right.. Uh.." Mom panicked. "Maybe.. As long as you don't drop it onto the ground you'll be ok?" 

"But what if flowers start to bloom either way? What if, even if I don't drop the blood, it'll start to grow? I don't want to risk it..! What if they figure out I have Shukkezu Disease? What am I going to do if they throw me out?"


"-What if I fail the physical and I end up getting hurt? What if I lose so much blood the flowers will just sprout everywhere?-"


"-What if-"

"IZUKU!" Mom shouted, snapping me out of my rambling session. "Look, I think you're overthinking this, dear.. All you need to do is show up and complete it, right? If problems happen then they will understand. There was a little notes section at the bottom of the medical needs paper form." She elbowed my bicep lightly, heading over to the kitchen and took out some ingredients. "Now, help your old mom make some Kastudon." 


Lemme explain some stuff: Shukkezu Disease is something I've made up. It's a play on the words "Bleeding" and "rose" in Japanese. "Shukke" is part of "Shukketsu" (bleeding) and "zu" is apart of "rōzu" (Rose).