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Blossoms DISCONTINUED!! - Please read chapter 18 for information

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 "THIS IS WHY I HATE YOU!!" Kacchan cried, clenching his fists as small explosions boomed in his palms. 


I gulped, watching Kacchan push his hand behind him. I glanced at Uraraka, nodding as I dodged Kacchan's attack.


"GO!" I shouted, watching her run off around the corner to find the weapon. Kacchan was inches away from my face, his foot coming close into view.


Watch the scratching. I told myself, blocking his attack. 


Uraraka successfully managed to run away as I stayed back to fight with Kacchan.


It would be too dangerous for us to run away with each other, I monologued. Uraraka should continue looking for the weapon by herself while I distract Kacchan.


"It's our only way for winning...!" I said aloud, wrapping the capture tape around Kacchan's left calf. 


Thank god I learned more about Mr. Aizawa.... Or Eraser Head... I told myself, sighing softly and quickly. 


Kacchan retorted, worrying and threw a punch towards my face. 


Dodge it! I told myself, safely jumping out of his range. Kacchan grit his teeth, the smoke clearing from his hefty explosion. He seems to be switching things around... I need to get away...


I looked around as Kacchan put his hands behind his waist, preparing to launch himself towards me. In a hurry, I turned to the left and ran down the hallway, hiding from him as he searched for me. 


I can't use my Quirk... It's too dangerous and just not.... Good here... I glanced at the walls, inspecting the material used. It's iron! Or at least, there's iron in it... But that means I can use it!


I turned the corner, hearing Kacchan's demoralizing shouts of anger. 


"That guy has some serious anger issues." a student sighed, a shiver running down his spine. "Freaky."


"So not manly." another replied.


I stopped to catch my breath, peaking behind the corner and watched for his movements. Listening carefully, feeling for the vibrations in the floor. 


I need to stay on this level... At least until Uraraka says she found the weapon. I thought, holding the capture tape tightly in my hand.


"COME OUT AND FACE ME!!" Kacchan hollered, stomping his foot against the ground. 


I stood up and sighed, hurrying around another corner as I heard his footsteps approaching. 



Uraraka managed to find the weapon, peaking at Iida next to it behind a pillar. She listened to Iida's whispering, clearly talking to himself. 


"I need to become one with villainy...." Iida said, Uraraka almost losing it. "MUAAHAHAHHA."


"Oh my goodness..." Uraraka chuckled, holding her hands against her mouth. "So serious...."


"Was that you, Uraraka?" Iida said with an.... Evil...? tone, turning to face her. Uraraka stepped out from behind the pillar and laughed nervously, listening to Iida's proclamations. "My trickster-ing tricks have rendered you helpless, Uraraka! Muahahahah!!"


"He... Is so..." Uraraka said. "Well, he fits the part.....?"


I listened in on the earpiece dad gave me earlier, hearing Uraraka.


"I found the weapon, but Iida knows I'm in the room.. Sorry about that." she apologized. "But he's monologuing."


"Where are the two of you?" I asked, checking behind me again.


"Middle of the fifth floor." she replied. 


"So right above me..." I whispered, letting go of the "SPEAK" button on the ear piece. "Ok, I have a plan... Just wait for my signal."


"Got it." Uraraka replied, leaving herself and Iida to fight.


All I have to do is capture Kacchan... I won't lose this fight to him! I stated.


Suddenly, a loud "DING" echoed behind me, Kacchan standing only feet away. I gulped, gripping two ends of the capture tape tightly.


"I'm all ready to go." Kacchan grinned, pointing his gauntlet at me. 


I need to think of something... I thought, my eyes glancing around the room. There is iron in these walls... I can use them against Kacchan's Quirk, possibly..


"Don't tell me you're trying to run away again," Kacchan said with mal-intent. "Don't you dare.... Don't tell me you're underestimating me, you coward."


"I'm not!" I replied.


"Yeah right! You've been underestimating me ever since we were kids!" Kacchan replied, pulling back a cover for a pin. He placed his finger inside the loop of the pin, slowly pulling it from its place. 


"Young Bakugou!" dad's voice came on the speaker, clearly upset and worried. "Don't you dare pull that trigger! You'll kill him!"


"It doesn't matter!" Kacchan replied. "Just as long as he dodges it!"


I gulped, dropping the tape and swung both hands inwards towards my torso, the iron within the walls coming out like a protective shield. 


"YOU CAN'T RUN FROM THIS THIS TIME, DEKU!!" Kacchan shouted, the pin ripped out from its place. 


I closed my eyes, a massive explosion expelling from Kacchan's gauntlet. The iron around me didn't hold long enough to cover me, my body flying backwards. 


I could feel the scratches along my arms and legs, but the growing flowers were burned away from the fire around Kacchan's explosion.


The whole building shook, Iida and Uraraka looking around the find the source.


"Wow wow wow!" a student yelped. "What was that?!"


"Come in!" dad shouted into the microphone, "Young Izu- Midoriya, come in! Do you hear me?!"


I panted, the wind completely knocked from my lungs. 


"Is this... Allowed?" I asked, mostly to myself. 


Kacchan walked through the clearing smoke, a wide, menacing grin plastered against his face.


"Man," Kacchan laughed. "These things are amazing... The more I sweat, the more damage I can do... No matter what, you'll never beat someone like me.... You'll always be below me!"



Iida shouted into his earpiece for Kacchan's response, asking for an explanation to the shaking.


Now's my chance to get the weapon! Uraraka thought, sprinting towards Iida and the bomb.


Iida looked towards Uraraka, watching her jump into the air and touch her fingers. She began to float, Iida flabbergasted.


"When could she make herself fly?!" he questioned, mid-voice crack. 


Uraraka was only two feet away from the weapon, but was snatched by Iida and brought to the other side of the room. Uraraka fell down harshly onto the ground, rolling about until she caught herself. 


"When it comes to speed, you'll never beat me!" Iida cackled.



I gulped, Kacchan staring directly into my eyes.


"What's the matter?" he smiled. "You scared? You dodged my attack, so that must mean you can still fight... Come on, try me."


If I stay here, he can still attack me because of those gauntlets... I'm not safe anywhere... I can't hide anymore.. I planned my next moves carefully, struggling to find a way out. All I can do for now is rely on Uraraka to beat Iida and touch the weapon, then we'll win.


"Uraraka, what's going on up there?" I asked, ticking off Kacchan.


"Nothing good, that's for sure...!" Uraraka replied.


"Ignoring me, huh? Bold move..." Kacchan growled.


"Sir," a student asked. "Isn't this a little too... out of control? Bakugou has already gone crazy... He's gonna kill Midoriya if he doesn't stop!"


Dad fell silent, trying his best to not be biased. He leaned into the microphone and cleared his throat, pressing down on the "SPEAK" button.


"Bakugou, the next time you use that gauntlet, I'm putting an end to this fight!" dad said sternly. "Is that clear?"


Kacchan looked up at the speaker, clearly annoyed.


"This kind of behavior is not only unacceptable, but it is destroying your stronghold for the weapon." dad explained. "It is a poor strategy, hero or villain. It would be a massive loss of points."


Kacchan screamed in anger as I got up, finishing my plan with Uraraka. 


"Get by the third pillar near the window," I said. "Wait for my signal..!"


"Got it!" Uraraka replied. 


"FINE!" Kacchan exclaimed. "I'LL JUST FIGHT HAND TO HAND!"


Kacchan came flying towards me, burning rage bellowing in his gut. I backed away, stepping on broken floor and began to fall backwards. 


I can't dodge this...! All I can do is try to protect myself! I thought.


I rose my hand and swung upwards, iron lifting from the ground. Kacchan, in seconds, dodged it in a cloud of smoke, appearing behind me and using his Quirk against my back. It shot me forwards in immense amounts of pain, shivers and electric tingling sensations shot up my body.


The students in the monitor room gasped in shock, questioning Kacchan's moves.


"Although he doesn't really seem like a guy with a strategy," Todoroki spoke up, even surprising Momo. "He's quite intelligent... He used the smoke as a screen so he could blind his opponent for a split second, swinging over and attacking him from behind."


"An attack like that would require an extreme amount of calculation and precision. He needed to use physics and control against the area he was in and his Quirk.." Momo added, Todoroki agreeing.


However, I do feel back for the green-hair one. Todoroki thought. Midoriya, was it?


"Bakugou is so talented, I kind of hate him." a student groaned, slouching a slight bit.


"HERE I COME!" Kacchan hollered, smacking his gauntlet against my right arm, taking hold of it a second later.


Kacchan swung around with smaller, more controlled explosions, throwing me against the ground.


There's nothing I can do.... I thought, I have to use my real Quirk.... I can't beat him hand to hand, he's too strong, to good..


I turned around and fell on my stomach, digging my nail into my arm. With a wince, I caught the blood mid-fall before it fell onto the ground, shaping it into a blade of sorts.


"I thought Midoriya could only control iron," a student said. "I didn't know he could control blood too."


"Kaminari, dude, iron and blood run together." a student replied, to the apparent "Kaminari". "I wouldn't actually be surprised if he could control both."


"Yes," Momo added. "Iron does run in with our blood, but also having control of both elements takes time and practice...."


I got up and ran to the other side of the room, I could even hear the comments from my classmates. Quickly, I rose to my feet and turned around, standing right where I wanted to be. 


"What? You think you're better than me?" Kacchan asked, the anger in his throat building.


"That's..." I muttered. "That's not it... I've never thought of myself as better than you."


"You've been weak your whole life, even with that stupid Quirk of yours!" Kacchan yelled. "And now you waltz right into UA, just to make fun of me?!"


"No...." I grit my teeth, tears forming in my eyes. "You idiot!"


Kacchan stopped in his tracks, watching my head lift from its slumped state. 


"I've always thought you were stronger than me, and you still are!" I said. "I know that you're better than me! But that's why I want to beat you! BECAUSE YOU'RE SO AMAZING!!"


Kacchan rose his hand, a small explosion booming in his palm.


"THEN COME AT ME!" he cried, the two of us bolting towards each other. 


I balled my hand into a fist, the blood in my hand becoming like a boxing glove. It turned into iron, a single drop of blood falling against the ground, a small little flower blossoming from the drop. It was blown away by the fast movements of Kacchan and I, unseen by anyone in the monitor room.


"NOW, URARAKA!" I shouted into the earpiece, Uraraka moving towards, and held onto, the pillar I told her to.


You've always been at the top.... I won't ever beat you in a one on one fight. I thought, the iron turning back into blood and soaked into the cut I opened earlier. But I will win!


I dropped my hand and opened it, swinging upwards. Iron shot up from the ground and the ceiling above Kacchan and I, breaking apart the floor. 


Kacchan's explosion hit me right in the face, thankfully mostly protected by my left arm. 


"What's going on?!" Iida proclaimed, seeing all the debris fly upwards with Uraraka in the middle. 


"Sorry Iida!!" Uraraka shouted, "My special, but improvised, special move! Comet Home Run!!!"


She swung said pillar and hit all the debris, watching them fly towards Iida at fast speeds. As Iida protected his face, Uraraka flew towards the weapon again, landing successfully upon it.


"I got it!!" Uraraka gasped with relief. "I got the weapon!"


Seconds later, the timer went off, the match ending. 


"This... Was your "big" plan!?" Kacchan shuttered. "From the start, wasn't it?!"


Kacchan looked down at me from the ceiling.


"You were playing with me this whole time, you fucking bastard!" Kacchan snarled. 


"I wasn't...... Going to use... My Quirk..." I stuttered, shocks of pain running through my body. "Because... If I do.... I'll kill myself using it..."


The smoke began to clear, drops of blood falling against the ground. The monitor camera was blocked by the smoke, but the vision of Kacchan and I clear. 


Kacchan's eyes widened slightly at the sight of the blood, flowers growing from them and wrapped around my legs. Blood dripped onto my clothing, petals falling from the cloth like the flowers began to die.


"I'll lose myself using my Quirk... Because of something I was born with..." I explained. 


Kacchan backed down, still pissed, but slightly understanding. He watched as I fell unconscious against the ground, the flowers crushed against my body weight. They shriveled and disappeared, only leaving the small puddles of blood around me.


"The hero team....." dad said into the microphone. "WIIIIIIINS!!!"


He stopped abruptly, noticing the blood against the ground. Kacchan stood there frozen with anger and confusion, the blood reaching Kacchan's boot. 


"Oh my god..." students gasped, staring at the camera as the view cleared. "Is that blood...?!"


"Oh my god, Midoriya's..." Kaminari gasped, others along with him. "Nurse! Call the nurse!!"


"Call a hospital!!!!!" another shouted. 


"Calm down!" dad said, students quieting their voices. "We will deal with this, stay here!"


Dad ran out of the room quickly and towards the building, panicking, knowing his time was almost up.


Shit. he thought.


"Do you think Midoriya will be ok?" a girl asked. 


"Don't worry, Mina, he put up a good fight against Bakugou." another said. "I bet he's going to be fine."


"Thanks, Asui.... But I still think he is dead nonetheless." Mina replied.  


"I knew he was going to get hurt...." Momo whispered to Todoroki. 


"Are those... Flower petals...?" Todoroki whispered, Momo squinting her eyes. "Don't say anything to the other students."


"Oh my god, those are..." Momo gasped. "You don't think-?"


"Shit." Todoroki whispered. "This is a complete mess."