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Blossoms DISCONTINUED!! - Please read chapter 18 for information

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I was frozen with fear, my blood turned to ice. My legs went numb as I almost fell over, my eyes pinned to the villains exiting the purple smoke.


"Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you," the smoke said, his voice raspy and deep. "We are the League of Villains, and our purpose is to take down your precious hero; All Might. Isn't it ironic? All Might, killed in the center of justice? It's fitting."


Suddenly, the black smoke engulfed the class and I, devouring us in darkness. I watched as Iida pushed students out of the way, grabbing my shoulder and throwing me outside. 


"Sorry, Midoriya!" Iida apologized as I grunted in pain. "Are you ok? are you hurt?"


"No, I'm fine..." I replied weakly, placing my right hand against my left shoulder. "I'll be fine... What about the others? Who else is here?"


I looked around, Shoji, Sato, Sero, Uraraka and Mina stood outside of the purple dome, some still terrified. Iida looked at 13, hearing her call his name.


"I need you to get outside and alert the faculty members," she said, standing her guard. "Bring them here."


"But ma'am!" Iida protested. "That would be dishonorable to leave you all!"


I punched Iida, my legs still numb from the fear. However, my eyes were burning with passion, Iida sensing it. 


"It would be dishonorable to stay here and not get help!" I replied. "The honorable thing would be to save your class, and yourself!"


"Exactly." 13 agreed. "Use your Quirk to save others. Become a hero, Class Rep!"


Iida gulped, staring straight at the door as he fixed his glasses. I watched as he bent over, hearing his engines preparing for his sprint. Suddenly, purple smoke came running over at the seven of us, 13 stepping in front to protect the students.


"Black Hole!" 13 shouted, sucking up the purple smoke. I turned my head over to Mr. Aizawa, watching his body movements slowly begin to die down.


He's overexerting himself... At this rate, he'll be taken down by all of those villains. I thought, looking back at the other five students outside of the smoke. Suddenly, said smoke disappeared, the students gone with other small portals opening all around the USJ. Portals.


I pulled myself together and stood up, patting Uraraka's shoulder. She turned around, slightly scared but mostly composed. 


"We need to help Mr. Aizawa..." I said. "With the way he keeps battling those villains, he's going to be worn out..."


Uraraka stood silent for a minute before giving in, agreeing to my idea. However, she glanced back at Iida, watching his engines halfway powered. 


"I'll help.." Uraraka gulped. "But what if we fail? We can't just jump into the battle."


"No, we can't." I agreed. "But we can at least help take out some villains from the sidelines. We're going to be Pro Heroes one day, but today is the day we will fully understand what it's like to help a Pro."


Uraraka smiled, the two of us turning to Mr. Aizawa and the villains surrounding him. 


"I'll raise some iron from the "natural disasters" and bring them here." I whispered. "I want you to make them float overhead the villains... I'll tell you when to let them go as soon as I give you a signal."


"Right!" Uraraka whispered back.



Giant chunks of iron came above the disasters, flying towards us with thankfully no one noticing. "Uraraka!" 


Each one of the iron chucks flew past Uraraka's hands, Uraraka safely touching each of them as they floated into the air. I "steered" them towards the villains around Mr. Aizawa, completely exhausted. 


"NOW!" I shouted, watching Uraraka press her fingers together. 


"Huh?" the blue haired villain said, looking upwards at the ceiling. Said iron chucks came raining down and fell on top of some of the villains, Mr. Aizawa's work cut down to about half. 


"What the hell-?!" Mr. Aizawa turned around quickly, taking his eyes off the battlefield. "STUDENTS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?"


"WE'RE HELPING YOU!" I shouted, catching my tongue. "LOOK OUT!" 


It was almost too late, Mr. Aizawa close to being pinned to the ground. I pricked my palm, blood almost falling onto the ground before lifted up. Tentacle like spikes came out of my hand, firing into the villain's limbs. 


"So the students can fight as well..." the villain cackled. "Their death will be more and more interesting." 


I brought all the blood back into my hand, catching any drop that would possibly fall onto the ground and break my cover. 


I can't tell anyone. I thought.


Mr. Aizawa jumped away and continued fighting, protecting himself and us. I turned to Uraraka, my face pale from the overusage of my Quirk.


She smiled, the two of us high-fiving each other.


"We're a good team!" Uraraka giggled.



Kaminari screamed like a little girl as he ran away from a villain, swinging their fist at him.


"I've never been so scared in my whole life!" Kaminari proclaimed. "What's going on!? Are we going to die here?!"


Jirou sighed, pushing back a villain with her foot. Momo fought next to her, pushing back yet another villain with a metal rod. 


"Can you calm down here, dude?" Jirou asked.


"Right now, we must focus on escaping." Momo said. "Try using your electricity to stun them all... I've made notes on anyone who is currently wearing something conductive, and it seems to be roughly 98 percent."


"Jirou, dude, did you not pay attention during All Might's combat training?!" Kaminari squealed. "I can surround myself in electricity, but I can't actually fire it. If I do, you're going to be taken down with them..! I'm no use here!"


Momo and Jirou looked at each other with disappointment. The same villain from before swung his hand down at Kaminari, Jirou kicking him into them.


"You know what?!" Jirou shouted. "You're officially my human stun gun!"


The villain, a second later, was covered in electricity, Kaminari quite proud of himself.


"Hey, it's working!" Kaminari smiled. "Step back you two lovely ladies, I'll take care of this!"


"You are so damn tiring." Jirou sighed.


One of the other villains in front of Momo swung a sort of rock tail down at the two, Jirou plugging her ear-jacks into her boots. High pitched sound waves came out from her boots' speakers, shattering the rock and promptly damaging their ears.


More villains came after Kaminari, starting a chain reaction of electric shock. Momo bent over on her knees, Jirou raising an eyebrow.


"Sadly, it takes me a longer time to actually create something this big." Momo stated, a blanket appearing from her back. It fell on top of the two. 


"What, are they supposed to use that blanket as a shield?" a villain snickered.


"Actually, it's an insulation sheet, 100 millimeters thick." Momo smirked. "Go for it Kaminari!"


Momo then covered herself again, Kaminari grinning widely.


"Alright!" Kaminari shouted. "Now I can fight without hurting my friends! I'm going to fry you like takoyaki!"


Electricity pulsed from Kaminari's hands, shot down like lightning and promptly electrocuted all the villains around the three. Momo lifted the sheet off her head, looking outside and at the surrounding area.


"We should go look for the other students." Momo said.


"Uh... Yaoyorozu," Jirou gulped, her face completely red. "You're looking a little too free there..!"


"It's fine. I can make new clothes." Momo said, shaking it off.


Jirou looked at Kaminari approaching the two, shielding Momo from him. She suddenly backed off, Momo making clothes as Kaminari walked around aimlessly. He looked....


"Pfft-" Jirou held back her laughter.



I moved with Uraraka, the two of us making it down the staircase and hid around an area where Mr. Aizawa was. I watched and waited for an opportunity, calculating something in my head.


Suddenly, the "main boss" came running at Mr. Aizawa, taking hold of his elbow. I gasped, along with Uraraka as Mr. Aizawa's skin began to crumble. 


"Your Quirk isn't meant for longtime battles like this, is it?" the villain said. "But even when you knew that, you still jumped into the fight to protect your... precious students." 


Mr. Aizawa froze, turning around slowly to look up at the shadow covering him. Some strange creature opened its... beak and grabbed Mr. Aizawa by the head, smacking him against the ground harshly.


I held back my lunch, Uraraka turning away with fright. 


Shit... I thought, kind of reluctant to swear. I need to help him...!


The creature began twisting Mr. Aizawa's right arm, screeching.


"Isn't he wonderful?" the blue villain asked, Mr. Aizawa's face against the ground. "His sole purpose is to eradicate the symbol of peace.... But for now, you can call him Nomu."


13 was still fighting the portal villain, when suddenly a portal opened up behind her. The same Black Hole she uses began to suck her up in on herself, her hero costume beginning to tear.



The blue haired villain began to scratch at his neck again, clearly annoyed and terrified. 


13 fell over on her face, unconscious and severely wounded. Mina sat next to 13 to keep her safe, the others protecting 13 as well.


Iida finally finished powering up, sprinting for the door.


"I WON'T LET YOU GET AWAY!" the portal villain shouted, almost swallowing Iida up with purple smoke. Sero stuck tape to the villain's guard, pulling him backwards as Iida managed to reach the door. He began to pull it opened, squeezing through right before the villain could catch him.


He's going to alert the school. the villain thought. This fight is over.


I knelt behind a wall of iron, watching Mr. Aizawa's arm twist and twist. His left arm was promptly smashed like a twig, broken and bleeding.


"It's annoying how your Quirk can erase things..." the blue villain sighed. "But isn't it funny when we erase yours?"


Suddenly, the portal villain appeared beside the other, explaining the escape if Iida.


"He managed to get out safely!" Uraraka whispered triumphantly.


"Dammit... dammit dammit dammit, Kurogiri!" the guy shouted, scratching at his neck violently. He stopped, abruptly. "This is game over... we're back at the title screen."


"Does that mean they're leaving?" Uraraka whispered, a smile growing on her face. 


But why would they turn around now? This is their best chance to fight.... UA will change their security system, so why would they retreat? I thought, watching the villain turn to Uraraka and I.


"But before we leave," he said. "I might as well make sure this... symbol of peace is broken. I want every cell of his pride to be shattered."


The villain's hand pressed against Uraraka's face, only to not work. the villain chuckled, turning his head slightly.


"You really are amazing," he said. "Eraserhead."


The Nomu smashed Mr. Aizawa's head back into the ground, giving me a chance to attack. 


"YOU!" I shouted, pushing Uraraka backwards. "DON'T YOU EVER TOUCH MY FRIEND!"


One of the chunks of iron came flying towards the villain, smashing against the ground. Dirt flew up and creating a dust cloud, blocking me from seeing the damage.


"Did.. Did I...?" I exhaled, Uraraka taking in what just happened to her. "Ur-Uraraka!! Are you okay?!"


I turned back to her, looking behind me with wide eyes. The Nomu from before stood in front of the blue villain, the iron falling apart against its body.


It... didn't work? I thought, a cold rush burning through my skin. 


I thought back to when I heard someone from my class speak, saying the villains planned ahead of time.. That they had something to kill... Dad..


"That Quirk of yours.." the villain asked, watching a piece of iron cut through my skin. A single drop of blood fell onto the ground, a small rose growing from it. "Are you one of the Infected? How funny.... Then this will make me even happier."


the Nomu grabbed onto my arm, squeezing it tightly as it cut off my blood circulation. I screamed in pain, watching the Nomu's other hand reach for my face. Mr. Aizawa was unconscious behind us, more and more blood spilling from his body. 


Uraraka was frozen on the ground, the blue villain's hands slowly reaching her face. When, all of a sudden, the front doors of the USJ burst and flew into the middle of the building. The student still in the front of the entryway looked to their left or right, staring at the smoke cleared from the doors. 


I began to smile, tears falling from my eyes as a man walked through.


"Have no fear students," they said, tears falling down most of the student's eyes. "For am here..!"


I looked at dad's face closely, the familiar smile I remember gone. Instead, it was replaced with an enraged, pissed frown.


I've never seen dad this upset. I thought, the Nomu letting go of my arm. I quickly covered the cut wound with a layer of iron, stomping on the flowers before Uraraka could notice.


The blue villain smiled, his eyes pinned to dad.


"Looks like this game is going to level two." he said.



Dad stood at the entrance, the five students still up there crying their eyes out. 


"I began to worry when 13 never answered my calls." Dad explained. "I came as quick as I could when Young Iida ran into me, explaining the devastating villainy happening here." 


The blue villain stood up from Uraraka, staring as dad took down five different villains. Dad picked up Mr. Aizawa from the ground, clearly upset as his friend and colleague breathed shallowly. 


Dad suddenly came at Uraraka and I, taking both of us to the sidelines.


"Take Mr. Aizawa with you! Get out of danger!" Dad said.


"Da-" I paused, placing Mr. Aizawa on my shoulders, Uraraka making his body lighter. "I mean, All Might, I tried attacking that.. Creature earlier, but it didn't work..! I don't know if-"


Dad turned to me with a smile, reassuring me.


"I've got this, Young Midoriya! Just take Mr. Aizawa to safety!" Dad said. "He doesn't have much time.!"


I nodded, watching dad begin fighting with the Nomu. Uraraka and I took of running as I tried to put as much blood back inside of Mr. Aizawa as I could, keeping his blood pressure at an acceptable level.


I can't help him... I couldn't even help Mr. Aizawa when he needed it... I told myself, holding back more tears. "It's all my fault."


Uraraka didn't hear my mumbling as we made it to the entrance, leaving Mr. Aizawa with the other five students. Thankfully, more and more scattered classmates made it back to the entrance safely, meeting up with Uraraka and I. Momo gasped, the first one to arrive back, running straight over to Mr. Aizawa to help bandage his wounds. 


"Keep... Keep an eye on Mr. Aizawa..." I said, turning back around.


"What do you think you're doing?!" Uraraka shouted, watching be run back to dad. 


"I CAN'T LET HIM FIGHT THIS ALONE!" I replied, sprinting back to dad's side.


I can't lose you. Mom can't either, nor can all of Japan. I thought. I won't let that monster kill you!


"Get out of the way!" "Kurogiri" said, opening a portal right where I tried to reach for dad. 


I panicked, right before the villain was pushed back by an explosion I knew so well. 


"BACK OFF, DEKU!" Kacchan shouted, grabbing onto the villain by the same metal guard Sero and Sato held the villain by. Todoroki came around as well, freezing the Nomu's right arm that was currently digging into dad's torso.


"Todoroki! Kacchan!" I shouted, watching Kirishima run towards the other villain. Kirishima swung his arm at the villain, only to be dodged. 


"I've learned from one of those weak "villains" that you guys are trying to kill All Might." Todoroki said chillingly. "I won't let that happen. The symbol of peace won't be taken down by some scrubs like you."


I cried, wiping the tears from my eyes. 


"Todoroki, Kacchan..!" I whimpered. "Everyone!"


"Kurogiri...." the blue villain grumbled. "How the hell did you let a little brat overcome you."


"Ha..!" Kacchan smiled. "You were so easy to figure out, you dumb villain! Only parts of you turn into that weird ass purple smoke. The rest of you is completely vulnerable!"


"Tomura Shigaraki-" Kurogiri grunted, only to be slightly exploded by Kacchan.


"Don't you dare think about moving." Kacchan threatened. "You make a single move and I'll blow your ass up right now. They'll be cleaning you from the USJ for weeks."


Kirishima pointed out Kacchan's.... Mean behavior, only for this "Shigaraki" to get more upset.


"Kids these days are a lot stronger than I remember." Shigaraki said. "Nomu." 


the Nomu began moving around in the portal, crawling back out of it as the ice shattered its arm and leg. 


"How is it still moving..?!" I panicked, Todoroki also shocked. 


Its arm began to regenerate, the Nomu screeching profoundly. I gulped, taking a step backwards.


"I thought it only had Shock Absorbing!" Dad stated, holding his wound. 


"This Nomu has been modified to specifically take you down, All Might." Shigaraki mentioned. "Even at one hundred percent power, he's like a big punching bag.... that punches back."


Shigaraki turned to Kacchan, pointing at him with a smile.


"First, we need to get our exit ticket." Shigaraki said. "Get him."


The Nomu ran straight at Kacchan at high speeds, I couldn't see him, nor could anyone else. Dad ran into the fray, throwing Kacchan towards Todoroki and I. He took the hit and Kacchan didn't, safely landing beside me.


"THESE ARE KIDS!" Dad shouted.


"I had to do what was right. That kid was threatening my companion." Shigaraki said, walking next to the Nomu. "Besides, those kids aren't precious little angels. The green boy tired crushing me with a bolder of iron. The blond boy threatened to murder my friend here. What kind of hero does something like that? You really think you guys can get away with violence just because you're a hero? Us "villains" aren't allowed to fight back because we're "villains"? It pisses me off. Why do you categorize acts of violence as either good or bad? You think you're some symbol of PEACE? Ha, you're just another spawn from the government; a pawn."


"You criminals always try to make your acts sound righteous." Dad said. "When really, you're just a lunatic. Admit it, you're doing it because you like it, not because it's for the sake of what's right and wrong!"


Todoroki lowered his head, glancing over at me.


"We have them outnumbered." Todoroki said. 


"Y-yeah.." I agreed, swallowing any of the fear I had left inside of me. "Kacchan found the portal villain's weakness, meaning he's going to be easier to take down."


"Do not engage in fight!" Dad shouted. 


"Really? If it weren't for me, you'd be dead right now." Todoroki added.


"Just sit back," Dad said, Todoroki outspoken. "And let a Pro handle this!"


Shigaraki turned to the four of us, staring into my eyes.


"Kurogiri, Nomu..." he said. "Kill him. I'll take care of the kids."


Shigaraki came running at us as dad fought with the Nomu, taking blast after blast, returning them to its rightful owner. The sheer amount of force kept pushing the four of us back, keeping Shigaraki away from us. 


Even with the giant injury on his abdomen.. I thought. He's giving those punches his all... Above 100 percent of his ability..




Dad clenched his right fist tightly, pulling it back as far as it would go. 


"GO BEYOND!" he shouted.


The four of us watched in silence, taken aback by the amount of power dad was expelling from him. 




The Nomu, on impact, went flying into the USJ, dad standing victorious. The pressure of the punch destroyed the ground below dad, creating a sort of shield of smoke and dust. The USJ began to shake as the Nomu broke through the building's material, blowing up the lights around the rim. The other students inside the natural disaster zones felt the trembling, questioning the action outside of the domes.


"Was that the brain monster.. thing flying by?" Sero asked, holding up 13. "Or was I seeing things?"


"No..! All Might won!!" Mineta shouted. "That's All Might for you! The number one hero!!"


He... Beat it.. I gasped, watching smoke expel from dad's body. Oh no... He's run out of time..! He's gone over his limit!


"Look's like I have gotten weaker." dad said. "It would've taken only 5 mighty blows, but instead, it took around 300!"


Dad turned to Shigaraki and Kurogiri, Shigaraki shaking with rage.


"Looks like you've been bested, villains!" dad exclaimed. "It would be best if you surrendered."


Dad stood in the cloud of smoke, only to hide the smoke he excreted from his body himself. The two villains hesitated, only for Shigaraki to make a move. I moved on my own, cutting open my hand as blood swam around me.


"DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH ALL MIGHT!" I screamed, Shigaraki's hand appearing in front of me seconds later.


"I won't fall for your tricks again." Kurogiri stated, Shigaraki's laughs heard from the other side of Kurogiri.


Suddenly, something shot through Shigaraki's hand, Shigaraki falling backwards in pain. I fell on my face, bringing all the blood back inside of my hand and covered it with iron.


"Iida!" Uraraka said happily. "You're back!"




Practically the whole UA staff was at the entrance, even the principal was there. 


"Protect the students." the principal said, the staff running into the fight. Present Mic went to the front, screaming wildly at the approaching villains. 


"Come on!" Todoroki said, pulling me off the ground. "We need to get going."


"Y-yeah.." I turned back to dad, watching him give me a thumbs up. "Right..!"


Kacchan and Kirishima went ahead, Todoroki and I following close behind. 


"Are you okay," Todoroki asked. "The usage of blood-"


"I'm fine." I replied sternly. "I'll be okay."


Todoroki looked worried, but quickly shook it off and continued running with me to the entrance. Shigaraki backed up, walking into Kurogiri before being shot several times from Snipe, the Cowboy Hero.


"This may be our game over," Shigaraki said, glaring at dad. "But this doesn't mean we won't strike again... Your days are ending faster and faster... symbol of peace."


I looked back at dad, only to be completely ashamed. 



Police cars arrived to the scene a couple minutes later, dad gone with our teacher Cementoss. I got into the pile all my other classmates were in, letting one of the detectives count us off.


"17.. 18.. 19... 20... Looks like you're all here and slightly unharmed." the man said. "Except for you.. Thankfully we had a nurse patch your wounds up."


I shivered, the man staring at me. 


"We won't be questioning you all right away, so you can head back to school." the man said.


"What... What about Mr. Aizawa?" Mineta asked. 


The detective pulled out his phone, pressing the speaker button.


"He his bones are splintered and completely broken, and he has fractures all across his face." a doctor explained. "Thankfully, we don't see any signs of brain damage, but we're not so sure about his eyesight. We'll have to see once he recovers."


The class gasped with sorrow, my guilt only rising. Uraraka mentioned All Might, making me feel worse. 


"All Might is currently in the nurses office with Recovery Girl. He should be just fine." the man smiled. "Now get back on the bus, you all need to get back to your school."


We obliged, filing back onto the bus quickly so the police officers could do their work. I sat down next to Todoroki in the back, surprising him. 


"Sorry," I said. "I just... Need someone to sit next to who won't bother to ask what's wrong."


Todoroki nodded, turning away and closed his eyes. I buried my face in my hands, Todoroki reopening his eyes to look at me. He held back his questions, listening to me quietly sob as the other classmates engaged in small chatter.



We managed to get back to school on time, Todoroki tapping my shoulder a couple minutes before we arrived in the parking lot. He stood up, waiting patiently for me to stand as well. He watched as I smiled weakly, hurrying outside of the bus and into the school. He looked over at Momo, the two agreeing to not bother me later.


"Is everything okay, Deku?" Uraraka asked, leaning in closer to me. "Your eyes are all puffy."


"Yeah, everything's fine." I replied with a fake smile. "I have to head over to the nurses' office before I leave. You and Iida can go on without me."


Uraraka nodded worriedly, watching me head over to the nurse. Todoroki and Momo glanced at each other again, Momo shooing Todoroki with me.


"Do I have to." Todoroki asked, Momo giving him a stink eye. "Fine.."


I hurried into the clinic, seeing dad on one of the beds. The detective man from earlier was there as well, Recovery Girl sitting in her chair. 


"Dad!" I shouted, running up to him. 


"Hey, kiddo." dad smiled, putting his shirt on. "Are you okay? Did you lose any blood at all?"


"No... Well, I couple of drops.." I admitted. "It's.. It's not that much. It is probably a couple hours of difference, I promise."


Dad sighed, the detective looking at the two of us with confusion.


"I never knew you had a kid, Toshinori." he said.


"He's not my biological child. Inko had him with his original dad, I'm just the step father." dad explained. 


"He's more of a dad than my first was." I muttered. "Are you okay though? What about your time? I thought you said you would stop doing all this? Especially when it came to the hero work...!"


"I was strolling around the city, I couldn't just let the citizens in needs suffer." dad replied. "Even if it made some complications... Ah- let me introduce you to my friend here. Sorry for blocking you out there."


"No it's fine." the detective said.


"Izuku, this is Naomasa Tsukaushi, a friend of mine." dad said, the man smiling and waving at me. "He's the third person who knows of my secret here."


"Ah..." I said. "Hello... I'm Midoriya Izuku.. AH! I need to get back to change and get home! Mom is going to freak out."


Dad jolted, feeling the same fear as I. 


"Hurry hurry, I don't want to anger her..." dad hurried me. "I hope she doesn't know of the events today.... As far as I know, it hasn't been broadcast."


I nodded, changing into my uniform and hurried over to my class, grabbing my belongings. Todoroki waited outside the classroom, fiddling with a small chunk of ice.


"Todoroki?" I asked. "What are you doing here?"


"Oh." he looked up from his hand, the ice melting away. "Momo told me to wait for you. To check and see if you were okay."


"O-oh... Well, thank you for waiting." I smiled, my cheeks slightly warm. 


Todoroki looked away, waiting for me to put on my shoes. He was silent as I walked with him, dad already ahead since he didn't want Todoroki to see him.


"Just a question," Todoroki said, finally breaking the silence. "Did you possibly go to the nurse because of the blood you lost."


I jumped slightly, figuring Todoroki would find out anyway.


"Possibly...." I whispered. "But.. I also went to check on d- All Might."


"You seem quite close to him." Todoroki mentioned. "Another question.. Are you.. Well, his secret love child or whatever?"


I stopped, looking up at Todoroki, who was actually quite serious about this question. I laughed, covering my face as Todoroki stood there confused. 


"Was it the question..." Todoroki asked. 


"Possibly, possibly." I chuckled. Todoroki's face was slightly red, turning away when I noticed.


My face began to burn a slight red color, my arms wrapping around my head. Todoroki said goodbye as he walked to his house, a separate route than me. 


"See you later." I said, still embarrassed. 


Todoroki waved his hand side to side without turning around, my cheeks cooling down. The sun above us was warm, the sky a bright amber shade. With a smile, I entered my home, mom and dad greeting me.


"You and Young Todoroki seem to have a nice friendship." dad smiled, that same warmth felt earlier running back into my face. "I'm just teasing."


"We're making Pork Cutlet tonight!" mom said loudly, placing rice into the rice cooker. "Can you help with setting up the table, Izuku?"


"Ok!" I smiled, taking off my shoes and plopped my bag down on the ground, hiding the wounds on my arms from her. Dad had done the same, keeping his torso a secret from her. There was no way the two of us could say anything, mom's anxiety is already bad enough. Her finding out I've been losing blood already, shortening my time.... It'll kill her.