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Blossoms DISCONTINUED!! - Please read chapter 18 for information

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Ever since I was a child, my parents have always been overprotective of me. My entire house was padded when I was a toddler, but they're still covered now. I was home-schooled and I was never allowed privacy, seeing how someone was constantly watching over me. Their hovering eyes felt like vines growing up a tree, never ending and always there no matter what you do. 

One cold, winter day, I escaped my "house arrest"- like lifestyle. It felt nice being alone, no one watching over me like a hawk as I did simple every-day activities. Suddenly, with my hands as dry as bone, a drop of blood fell to the pure white snow, red roses immediately blossoming out from the cold.


'What's going on?'

I pondered, squatting down in front of the freshly bloomed flowers in front of me. Their thorns were like a soft yellow, their stems as green as fresh grass. Not to mention their petals. The rose petals played a mixture of blood and someone's heart, a dark red shade. 

I looked back down at my hand, feeling another hot stream of blood drip into the cold snow. More flowers grew.


Never in my life have I seen something like this. The last I ever heard of on the news, there were no records of this sort of... Magic... Did someone place a curse on me? Is this their quirk? Suddenly, footsteps echoed through the foggy street, two people panting as they got closer to me.

"Izuku!" Mom shouted, her breath creating clouds in the cold temperatures. "Why'd you run of-." She paused, looking at the bundle of roses behind my torso. "Oh no.." She looked up at dad with worried eyes, both wearing sorrowed expressions. 

"Mom, what's going on with this?" I pointed down at the roses then my finger, "Is.. Is this a joke of some sort?" She didn't respond. "Mom?" 


"What.. What do you mean..?" I croaked, my shattered voice ended up spitting out. 

"Exactly what I said... Shukkezu disease.. When you were a toddler, you were diagnosed with it." Dad said, squeezing mom's left hand. "They said that.. with every drop of blood creates a bundle of roses."

"It may seem pretty at first, but the more roses you create the less time you have.. To.." Mom choked on her words, shimmering tears streaking her cheeks. 

Left in shock, I couldn't do anything but listen to my mom's whimpering, dad holding onto her as he held his own tears back.

"My boy, do you understand why we've been so overprotective of you now?" He asked, his right arm still wrapped around mom's shoulders. With a nod, he patted my head, trying to stay positive through this all. 

'This is a mess..' 

I thought, clenching my sweating fists as mom dried the last of her tears. 

"So.." I mumbled, looking down at the floorboards. "What am I going to do...?" Mom and dad both looked at each other before nodding, their eyes glistening with tear remnants and a goal that's been set. 

"We're going to continue your home-schooling for a little while longer.." Mom explained, balling up her tissues. "But we're going to transfer you into a private school... Seeing how you already know your condition.. We're going to let you live your life to the fullest.." She smiled, a radiant one at that. 

"Just try to not get hurt." Dad laughed, brightening up the atmosphere.

"When winter is over, you'll be joining a certain academy. I know you'll love it there.. It's got nice ratings and the students who graduate become-."

"HEROES!!" I shouted, eyes beaming brightly as I jumped out of my seat. Embarrassed, I coughed nervously and sat back down, feeling my cheeks burn. "S-sorry.. I've.. I've always wanted to go to that school... Dad graduated from it, so..!" 

"I know he did and I know you've always wanted to go.. That's why I'm enrolling you there!" Mom smiled, standing up and wrapped her comforting arms around me. I did so as well, the light wrapping us like a mother wraps her baby. But as I looked down at my bandaged hand, my smile started to fade.

'What a horrible disease..'

I thought, feeling dad's footsteps echo through the floor and over to us, his hand lightly patting the top of my head. 

"Don't let that bring you down, ok? Just remember to always watch out and you'll be ok. Letting this wretched disease stop you from having fun goes against your mom's wishes, does it not?" He smiled, his bone-y face always making me smile. 

"Right, I won't let this disease take over my life choices. And I'd rather not make mom upset.." I joked, mom letting go to lightly smack my biceps. 

"You know it aha..!" She laughed, the smile hiding what was left of her worries for me and my safety. 


Later that night, I ended up going to bed early.

"Are you sure you're not hungry?" Mom pushed, but I politely declined dinner. "Alright sweetie... I'll put some leftovers in the fridge if you change your mind later." She kissed my forehead and watched me head up to bed, hearing my bedroom door shut quietly. Dad and mom sat down and ate their dinner with small conversations, but still enough to make the two laugh.

"Do you.. Do you think this was the right choice..?" Mom asked, a small voice break as the sorrow puked its way back up. Dad placed his hand on top of hers, giving her a warming smile, taking away all her troubles and her worries.

"Of course. It's not like he wasn't going to figure it out one of these days. He's a smart boy and I wouldn't let this get to you..." Dad let go, taking their dishes and rinsed them off, putting them into the dishwasher and closed it. 

"I know Izuku is a smart boy, but I can't help but worry.. He's... He's already had a problem before.. The doctors said he'd only make it to 20.. If not possibly 18.." More tears swelled up in her eyes, a new Niagara Falls conjuring. Her emerald eyes glistened as she felt dad's arms wrap around her, a soft "shh" as they slowly rocked back and forth.




The next morning was New Year's Eve. People around the city all gathered up for the festival they hold here each year, which, was something I've always wanted to go to. This year, thankfully, my mom and dad allowed me to go for a little while, or at least until the fireworks. 

I ended up leaving late because mom didn't get home until around 10pm. Her job let her off early to spend time with her family, along with all the other staff members. 

"Go have fun!" Mom smiled, insisting I wear a yukata, but I declined. 

"What if I trip and fall?" I retaliated, bringing up all kinds of excuses so I didn't have to look so embarrassing. 

"That's... That's true.." Mom agreed, folding it back up. "Well, go enjoy the night! Your father and I will stay here and just binge watch some movies.. We're too old for excitement." She joked, pushing me out of the door and waved as I left their area of vision. 


The streets near the festival were filled with colorful, red lights, stringing down all the way to the main event. Beautiful red decorations overwhelmed the entire center, people roaming around in either a yukata or casual clothes. It felt good to be around so many people.. Being isolated to the house kept me from most social interactions, so being exposed like this felt great. 

I strolled down the walkway as little kids ran past me holding takoyaki sticks and wearing little masks to the side of their heads. Parents sped-walked past, apologizing to anyone they caused trouble to. I chuckled silently, watching at their yukatas disappeared behind a crowd of people. 

'I wish I came to one of these sooner...'

I thought, breathing in the delicious smell of fresh takoyaki. 

'Maybe I'll go buy some..'

I dug around through my pockets and thankfully found some yen, walking up to the stand and handed the man some.

"Here ya go kid!" He said with a masculine voice, a white ribbon tied across his forehead and a white yukata. His smile was seen from far off into the crowd, maybe that's why so many people went there. 

"Thank you, sir." I bowed, walking out of the way so others could purchase their's. 


Toothpicking a Takoyaki ball, I hear some people gather around a certain area. Their excited chatter spread through the entire festival, more and more citizens gathering around. 


I wondered, listening to the sudden, almost perfectly timed, whiz and pop. Bright and colorful lights filled the area. Shades of green, blue, red, yellow, pink and more covered the sky like cirrostratus clouds. As I began to walk away, trash in hand, I accidentally bumped into someone. Their stature was stiff, the person turning around to see who clumsily ran into them. I looked up at the strange, unknown person and met their eyes.


I thought, two different colors peering back at me. I knew hetero-chromatic eyes could look stunning, but I never knew they would look this breathtaking. One steel grey eye and one ice blue eye pierced my dark emerald eyes, a slight breeze brushing against our hair. We stood there frozen, both taking in features of each other. The boy I stood in front of had red and white hair, one snow white and the other half ruby red. His demeanor felt stoic and professional, no signs of silliness or screw-ups. And then there was me. 

"I-I'm sorry.." I apologized, breaking the awkward silence between us. I turned around and started speed-walking home, still feeling his icy cold gaze slither up my spine. More fireworks blew up green and red, slight hints of white within their final sparkle. 


"So, how was it?" Dad whispered, turning his head around to meet me at the door. Mom had fallen asleep on his torso, but ended up waking up to the sound of a clicking door. 

"Izuku?" She said tiredly, rubbing away the crust in her eyes. "How was the festival?" With a yawn, she slowly pushed herself up into a sitting position. 

"It was pretty fun..!" I replied, taking off my shoes as I threw away my takoyaki bowl. 

'I also met a pretty cute looking dude.'

I thought, smacking my forehead as mom and dad watched in confusion.

"Are you ok?" Dad asked, leaning his arm against the top of the couch. With an affirming "mhm", I walked upstairs and flopped onto my bed. 

'What's wrong with meee...'

I thought, grunting as I smacked my face into my pillow. I heard the TV turn back on, the news loud enough for me to faintly hear. Glancing over to my alarm clock, I stared at its green light.


I thought, my eyes fluttering to a close. 




January 1st: The day my mom enrolls me into a private academy. 

"I just know you'll love it there!" She beams, filling out the final page of paperwork. I jumped up and down as I ran into my room, looking at all the posters of heroes I've collected over the years. Of course, the main poster in the center of my room wall was of my dad: All Might. His catchphrase, "PLUS ULTRA!" was typed in bold letters and a signature at the bottom left. To the right was a poster of Mt. Lady, then one of Kamui Woods, one of my favorites. To the left of All Might's poster was one of Eraser Head, then one of Gran Torino. They all either worked or graduated from this prestigious academy; U.A. 

"Izuku! I've finished filling out the papers!" Mom shouted as I heard the folding of papers. "Can you run it out to the mailbox?"

"Of course! Give me a second!" I shouted, running down the carpeted staircase. Mom held it out as I ran past, slamming open the front door and closing it. With a glimmer in my eyes, I put it in the mailbox and squealed, pumping both fists into the air as I jumped back inside.


January 13th: We got a reply. 

"MOM MOM MOM MOM!!" I shouted, running into the living room where she was folding laundry. "WE GOT A LETTER REPLY!" Her eyes widened as she jumped out of the couch and stood next to me, peering at the letter and held low enough for her to see. 

"'Thank you for choosing U.A. High. Since you're enrolling late into the year we weren't allowed to accept you, but because you're All Might's kid, the staff members have made arrangements.'" I read, folding the paper back so I could continue reading. "On the 15th please come to U.A. so we can get your physicals done and written exam.'" 

"Oo!! This is good! Good job!" Mom smiled, but I continued to scroll.

"'If you do not pass this exam you will not be allowed into U.A. Sorry, but not even All Might's family can have special privileges. You must be prepared to enter without the help of others to back you up.'" I sighed, already knowing I was going to fail this physical.

"Mom, if they're going to examine Quirks.." I groaned, understanding exactly what I was getting into. "Mom, I have a blood quirk." Her expression changed from puppies and rainbows to rain clouds and darkness.

"Oh.. Right.. Uh.." Mom panicked. "Maybe.. As long as you don't drop it onto the ground you'll be ok?" 

"But what if flowers start to bloom either way? What if, even if I don't drop the blood, it'll start to grow? I don't want to risk it..! What if they figure out I have Shukkezu Disease? What am I going to do if they throw me out?"


"-What if I fail the physical and I end up getting hurt? What if I lose so much blood the flowers will just sprout everywhere?-"


"-What if-"

"IZUKU!" Mom shouted, snapping me out of my rambling session. "Look, I think you're overthinking this, dear.. All you need to do is show up and complete it, right? If problems happen then they will understand. There was a little notes section at the bottom of the medical needs paper form." She elbowed my bicep lightly, heading over to the kitchen and took out some ingredients. "Now, help your old mom make some Kastudon." 


Lemme explain some stuff: Shukkezu Disease is something I've made up. It's a play on the words "Bleeding" and "rose" in Japanese. "Shukke" is part of "Shukketsu" (bleeding) and "zu" is apart of "rōzu" (Rose).

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When I was a little boy, my mother and father were under-protective of me. Father was always training me to be the best in everything I do, which requires bloodshed. The first time father drew blood was... Strange. As soon as the first tiny drop hit the wooden floor, emerald roses started to grow from it. Its petals were a beautiful ombre green, its stem was a light lime green with pale yellow thorns. 

"Get up." Father demanded, pulling my hair so I would get onto my feet. His eyes were still pinned on the flowers before crushing them under his foot. "This measly "disease" will not stop you from training with me, do you understand?" His voice was cold and dark, small flames waved around his face, bringing out the color in his icy blue eyes. 


Every time father bruised me or burned me, blood would pour from it. I wouldn't even call it a "bruise" anymore... A bush of roses grew from the puddle of blood, its leaves were a dark green shade like the petals blossoming from the top. Suddenly, mother opened the door and fell to her knees. 

"Shouto.." She whispered, holding out her hands. "Come here.." 

I ran next to her as she waved her hand over my wounds, covering them in ice so they'd stop bleeding. 

"Now, I need you to tell me something.." She said softly, but inside she felt so much fear. "Whenever you bleed, how many roses grow?"

"Mommy," I whimpered, "What do the roses mean...?" Her steel grey eyes fell to the ground, her hands on my shoulders as we both heard footsteps from the hallway. 

"Get out of the way, woman." Father growled, grabbing her hands off of my shoulders and threw her into a wall. "You're interrupting my son's and I's training."


As I walked into the kitchen, I could hear mother speaking to someone on the phone. Her voice was shaky and scared, her grip on the phone tight and begun to turn her hands white.

"I can't even look at him anymore.." She whispered.

"Mommy...?" I mumbled, stepping into her line of view. As she looked at me, her eyes were broken and shattered. The tea kettle began to whistle as I stepped backwards, mother reaching for it. "Mom...My?" Mother ran and grabbed my left arm, pouring the kettle water onto my left eye. It burned my skin, dripping down my left side of my face and onto my neck.

"Unsightly.." She snarled, hearing father's footsteps. Suddenly, his hand slapped her away, dragging mother somewhere else as I sat there, holding my left eye and covered it with ice. 




Today was New Year's Eve. The streets were filled with people dressed in Yukatas and were preparing for the annual festival they hold here. I snuck out of the house and walked down the street, red lights lined across the tall walls and into the center of the city. People were still setting up the food courts and the children's games, all seemingly happy about the beginning of a new year. 


As evening came around, more and more people began to gather around. They were all smiling and happy, children running around with takoyaki sticks in their hands. 

"Excuse me, I'm sorry.." Parent's said, scooting past on-comers around them. "I'm sorry." They repeated. I turned around to watch the children's yukata's disappear into the crowds, never to be seen again. 


I walked around a little more and ended up buying some takoyaki myself. It was baked perfectly, the bread outside the octopus was seasoned just right.


I thought, paying the man and walked away.

"Come again, young man!" He shouted, bowing his head and letting the white rope around his head fall against his face.

"Sure." I ended up replying, bowing slightly as I turned back around to continue my walk. Suddenly, a loud boom rang through the dark night sky, lights engulfing everyone here. I looked up at the colored sky, admiring the different shades and hues illuminating our bodies. 

'It's gorgeous.'

I thought, slowly putting my last takoyaki ball into my mouth. 

'Get back here. We're doubling your training.'

With a sigh, I turned around and began walking, hearing a fake voice resembling father's. 


The walk back home felt like time had begun to slow down. The idea of me not wanting to go back kept popping into my head as I trudged through the festival. The fireworks continued to burst behind us, the sky becoming a disco ball. Suddenly, someone accidentally ran into my shoulder, almost falling onto his bottom.

"I-I'm so sor.." His voice trailed off, eyes widened as he peered into my eyes. "ry.." 

As we looked into each other's eyes, I gathered every detail I could possibly get.


I thought, watching as his emerald eyes reflected the fireworks covering the sky in radiant light. His cute curls bobbled every time he moved his head around a little. Not to mention his freckles. Oh my god his freckles. Every single one on his face I could trace into some sort of constellation, anything you could think of. 

"I-I'm sorry." He repeated, turning his head back around as he sped-walked away. 

'Wait, don't go.'

I thought, unable to put into words. I watched him go as red and green fireworks blew up, the final giant firework they had for tonight.




"How dare you leave without telling someone." Father growled, crossing his arms as he glared down at me. "Your training will be increased." 

Of course, what else was he going to do. 

"And don't forget, your new enrollment into U.A. begins January 30th." He said deeply, stomping away as I walked upstairs and into my room. 


I couldn't stop thinking about that boy from earlier and his glistening, emerald eyes. His adorable curls and his millions of freckles. 


I told myself, closing my eyes as I drifted to sleep.



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Today was the day of the entrance exam. Well, not the entrance exam, but instead my "special" entry.

"Are you ready?" Dad asked, mom pumping her fists into the air excitedly. 

"I.. I guess." I stuttered, sweating nervous bullets. "I just hope I get in.."

"Don't worry about getting in or not, pay attention to what they're throwing at you." Dad replied, placing his firm hands onto my shoulders, smiling towards me and settling my worries. 

"I know you'll do just fine, Izuku!" Mom cooed, wrapping her arms around my body, squeezing me tightly. "Don't forget to have fun!" She shouted as I ran over to the door, throwing on my shoes and bolted out of the house, a new excitement running through me.


The run to school was filled with crisp air, a silly smile glued to my mouth.

I'll do just fine!

I thought, eyes glowing brighter and brighter. Suddenly, someone appeared from the corner as I turned, both of us colliding together. I fell onto my bottom painfully, the spark of nerves running up my spine. I filled with worry as I checked my body, looking for any scratches or blood in general.

"I'm so sorry!" I bowed, taking off again after I was in the clear. 

The person's eyes pinned onto my back as I made my way to the school, the familiar cold gaze giving me a strange deja vu. 


Minutes later I finally arrived at the prestigious school; U.A. Its breathtaking stature left me like a statue as I took in every detail I could. Its golden initials shone brightly in the morning sunlight bouncing across earth's surface. 

"Are you Midoriya Izuku?" Someone asked, their voice tired and raspy. I whipped around and met a man with black hair and bags under his eyes, a resting bitch face, well, resting on his face.

"Y-yes sir!" I replied, a shiver travelling through my skin as I straightened myself. 

"And I'm guessing you're here for that special entrance exam thing.." He yawned, turning around and walked through the towering gates. I stood frozen as I watched him pause, looking back at me with his hand raised. "Are you a statue or something? Let's go, we don't have all day." He sighed, realization hitting me in the face.

"S-sorry sir!" I half shouted, running behind him flustered tomato red.

I'm a moron.

I thought, burying my face into my palms. The man unlocked the front doors and held it for me as I thanked him and stepped through, the sight of the school leaving me in awe. 

"We're not here to drool over the shoe lockers. We're going to the main office for your written exam." The man said, snapping me back into reality.

"Right!" I replied, walking slowly behind him as my eyes traveled up and down the school walls. 

The man trudged through the first hallway and next to a door, his keys jingling as he unlocked it. 

"Let's go." He grumbled, shoving the ring of keys back into his pocket and held open the door, flicking on the lights on the left-side wall. "Sit over there or whatever." He flapped his right hand over at a table, walking over to a shelf and rummaged through the papers. 

He pulled out a packet and stole a pencil off a desk, plopping the two down in front of me. 

"You'll have about two-three hours to complete this exam.. After that, we'll move to the physical." The man sort of explained, pulling a strange yellow bag out of a drawer, zipping it up with himself inside. 

"Uh.. S-sir.." I croaked. "What are you doing?" 

"Becoming one with the void. Now complete the exam, I've already started the clock." He yawned, rolling into a wall and fell asleep. I stared at him for a moment before closing my eyes and shaking my head, turning around to face the packet in front of me. 




A small alarm clock buzzed in the man's sleeping bag(?) a second after I put down my pencil and flipped the packet over. He stood up and hopped over to me, unzipping his cocoon and snatching the test from the table. 

"Give me a minute to go over this.." He grumbled, hopping to the main desk and stole a red pen from the pencil cup. 

"O-of course." I whispered, cupping my hands as my forehead became flooded with nervous sweat.

Oh random god who hears me right now, please allow me to pass this test!

I prayed, looking up and outside of a window. Suddenly, the packet was dropped down in front of me, the man patting my shoulder.

"Good job, kid." He said as I looked down at the front page. A "100" in a circle was written in the top right corner, even a small smiley face was drawn next to it. 

"OH MY GOOOD!!!" I shouted, grabbing the sides and held it up like an offering to the Gods. "I PASSED!!!"

"Yeah you passed. Congrats." The man yawned, hopping over to the door. "But there's still the physical you need to deal with." 

And with that sentence, my blood chilled. 

Oh right.

I thought, clenching the paper as I bit my bottom lip.

"Right sir." I replied quietly, setting the exam down as I trudged over to the door, a sudden mud slide of worry hitting me in the back. "Let's get this over with.." I sighed, standing up straight and proud, knowing my mom and dad wouldn't care either way, knowing that I at least tried.


"Just so you know," The man yawned, finally stepping outside of his cocoon. "This test is a little different from the original physical."

"How so..?" I asked, looking around a fake city block. 

"Well, this time you're not exactly dealing with gigantic robots." He sighed, shoving his hands into his pockets. I gulped, imagining all the suffering I'd go through having to fight off giant robots. "Instead, since you're one person, you'll be fighting me." 

"Eh?" I stared at him surprised, a dumbfounded smile curved around my mouth. "What.. What do you mean?" 

"Don't, 'what do you mean' me. I meant exactly what I said." He replied, fixing a pair of goggles over his eyes. 

His strange scarf began floating around his head, his hair lifting up as well. I gulped, figuring out exactly who this person was. Eraser Head.

Oh for the love of banana smoothies...

I thought, backing up and away from him. 

"Uh... S-sir.. Can we possibly do s-something else?" I begged, pitch growing higher as his scarf shot towards me. With a girly screech, I leaped out of the way and onto my torso, his mouth curling into an awkward smile. 

"Too bad, kid." He said. "This is your physical exam, you're gonna have to deal with it."

Chapter Text

Mr. Aizawa threw on his goggles as his scarf flew up, along with his hair.

"How..??" I mumbled, only receiving a shrug. 

Suddenly, his scarf fired towards me, lifting me up and throwing me against a wall. I held in my blood, swallowing it back down so it wouldn't fall onto the ground. 

If I remember correctly, Mr. Aizawa was the same person as.. Eraser Head...???

I thought, dodging his attacks. 

Eraser Head... What was his Quirk again...??? Scarf Power?? No, what the heck, what's wrong with you, me? 

I smacked my forehead, confusing Mr. Aizawa as he stood still. 

"Uh, kid, what are you doing.." He grumbled, taking his goggles off, resting them onto his own forehead. "Are you taking this seriously."

"Y-Yes of course!!" I stuttered, standing straight with sweat dripping down my temple. "I.. I was just trying to figure out something..." 

"Oh..??" He smiled. "Like what." 

"That's... It's not best to give your opponent information..." I replied, worried I upset him. "Sorry.." 

Mr. Aizawa threw his goggles back on and sighed, scarf and hair flying back up. 

Suddenly, he jumped towards me and swung his leg at my head, almost colliding. I held my hand besides his foot and clenched it into a fist, throwing my hand to the left. Mr. Aizawa's body went flying into the wall, creating a dent. 

"A..Ah..!!! M-Mr. Aizawa!!! I.. I'm so sorry!!!" I panicked, mumbling on about how terrible I am. 

"Kid, kid, calm down.." He coughed, standing back up. "I don't really care. I've been beaten in worse situations." 

I looked at Mr. Aizawa worriedly, praying he was okay. 

"I'm so sorry!!!" I panicked, stepping closer to him. Suddenly, my body felt lighter, Mr. Aizawa's eyes glowing bright red. Scared, I backed up and picked up a chair, chucking it as hard as I could at him. He threw his head to the side, kicking away the chair.

This is my chance! I thought, bolting for the door. 

I swung it open and ran down the hallway, hearing Mr. Aizawa chase after me. 

When does the Quirk fade? How much time do I have until I get my Quirk back...?

I made my way to the courtyard, scooping a handful of dirt into my pocket. Mr. Aizawa appeared from the air, firing his scarf at me. 

"AAAAAAAHH!” I screeched, my voice almost cracking with the pitch of the cry for help. I turned around quickly and threw the dirt in his eyes, Mr. Aizawa taking his goggles off to rub the dirt away. My Quirk came back, pointing my hand at Mr. Aizawa as his body flew back into the school. I threw the rest of the dirt in my own eyes, hearing Mr. Aizawa run back. 

"Blocking out vision?" Mr. Aizawa said, his eyes flashing red again. "That's smart, kid... But will you be able to fight blind?"

I listened carefully, his footsteps moving around me as his scarf floated in the air. Twiddling my fingers, I pointed my right index finger straight at him, his body crunching together. I opened my eyes slightly, his Erasure Quirk still unable to do much. 

"I hope this works..." I muttered, pulling back my hand, clenching it into a fist, and threw it forward as if I were punching him. His body flung thirty miles backwards into a tree, falling nearly unconscious. 

"Alright alright, that's enough.. Don't go hurting him." A woman said, her voice old and shaky. 

I turned to face the speaker, a sweet-looking old lady walking up to me. 

"My name is Recovery Girl, it's a pleasure to meet you, honey." She said kindly, sighing as she looked at Mr. Aizawa. 

"I'm so sorry!! I didn't mean to hurt him!! I.. I just sort of threw him?" I stuttered, watching Mr. Aizawa stand up. 

"You're a pretty strong kid." He said, rubbing his right arm. "I haven't been thrown like that since-"

"Get over here quicker! Do you want to be healed or not?" Recovery Girl complained, her hands against her hips. "Hurry hurry! I'm an old lady, I don't like wasting time!"

Mr. Aizawa walked over, Recovery Girl kissing his wounds. 

"Like I was saying; you're a strong kid. I'll send you your results later this week, so don't forget to check your mail." Mr. Aizawa mentioned, the three of us walking back into the school. 

"Give... Give me a moment..." I said, rubbing vigorously at my eyes. "This still hurts." 


I thanked Mr. Aizawa and Recovery Girl, who were the only two there that I knew of. I waved goodbye as I ran home happy, careful of the rocks on the sidewalk. 

"He seems like a good kid." Recovery Girl smiled. 

"He's too nice though. He attacks and then immediately apologizes. That can be his downfall one of these days." Mr. Aizawa replied, suddenly crawling back into his yellow sleeping bag. "We'll have to toughen him."


As I made it into my house, mom and dad both met me at the door. 

"Hello sweetie! How'd it go?" Mom asked excitedly. "Are you injured? Are you ok? Are there any scratches anywhere?"

"No mom, I'm ok.. I may have hurt the teacher a little too much..." I laughed nervously, dad approaching me. "Mr. Aizawa, I believe. I passed the written test, though!! I'm super excited, and nervous, for my physical results.."

Mom, dad and I all cooked dinner together, celebrating the possible success of my tests. Later that night after we stuffed ourselves of food, I wandered into bed and flopped onto it, covering my face with my pillow. The person I met with red and white hair flashed into my mind, my face turning into a slight pink shade.

No time to think about people! Worry about the test results! I pumped myself up, falling asleep ready for my letter.

Chapter Text

The next week was terrible, the wait slowly cutting away at my sanity. Mom and dad were also nervous for me, mom pacing herself in circles. 

"You'll get in, I'm sure, my boy!" Dad encouraged me, rubbing the top of my head softly. "Don't worry so much."

"But... I can't help but worry!!" I replied, my voice shivering. "I messed up so many times during that test.... Not to start with the fact I didn't even attend the actual test with all the others!"

Dad sighed, lightly punching my left shoulder. I looked up at him, rubbing the aching target as he smiled. 

"I believe you did perfectly fine." he said. "Your mother and I have been eagerly waiting all day to hear your experience. Why don't we talk about the good things instead of the bad, my boy?"

I nodded rapidly, a happy, pure-faced smile grew around my lips. Dad brought me into the living room and sat me down, along with mom besides me. The three of us talked, describing the exam with sound effects and a lot of gestures. Suddenly, the doorbell rang and mother ran over to answer it, freaking out as she shut the door.

"Izuku! Izuku!!" mom cried, her hands shaking as she gave me a letter. "It's UA!! You got your letter!"

I gasped, my jaw dropping to the ground. With one swift movement, I took it from her hands and ripped it open, a strange, grey disk dropping into mom's hands. The middle began to glow, a screen appearing above mom's head. Dad got closer as mom placed it down onto the coffee table, the three of us waiting patiently. 

"Hello, Midoriya Izuku." A voice said, Mr. Aizawa coming into view. "It's been a long-awaited letter, so I'll make this short."

He cleared his throat and drank some of his... Power juice?... and then sighed. Dad and mom worried, their sweat forming on their temples.

"Congratulations on getting in, kid." he said, mom jumping up happily. "From this day forth, you'll be attending UA. You, as you know, passed the written exam, and most definitely passed the physical. Your performance, however, could be improved. But that's why you will be now enrolled in UA. This school will be hard and dangerous, so you'd better give it your all. Welcome to your Hero Academia."

Mom burst into geysers of tears, dad smiling at Mr. Aizawa. The screen disappeared back into the disk, the house falling silent. 

"MY IZUKU!!" mom hollered, her tears like rain. "I'M SO PROUD!!"

Dad looked at me as he comforted mom, a proud, happy smile on his face.

"Good job, my boy."





Chapter Text

I woke up to the sound of annoyed shouting, doors slamming with hints of whimpering. 


Slowly, I swung my legs out from the covers and changed my clothes, trudging into the bathroom. I brushed out my hair and brushed my teeth, washing off my face before exiting the bathroom. 


Down the hallway, I heard thunderous footsteps crashing against the wooden floorboards, my excitement for the day decreasing.


"Shouto," father bellowed, crossing his arms. "Don't forget that from this day forth, you will be attending UA. I've already recommended you for it, so don't disappoint me."


I clicked my tongue as he walked away, slamming his door shut. I looked over at my sister, Fuyumi, and sighed deeply. 


"I'm sorry about that, Shouto." Fuyumi complained, packing up her teaching supplies. She neatly placed folders of, probably, graded assignments into her bag. "He said he wouldn't be here for too long.. I'll be working at the school, ok? I don't know why I'm teaching these kids, they're capable enough to not go through extra classes like this."


I shrugged, saying goodbye quietly as she shut the front door. I heard her footsteps patter away on the snowy ground outside, leaving me to myself. I looked behind me down the hallway, carefully gathering my things and exiting the house.


I strolled along the sidewalk, my hands in my pockets. Kicking around the snow, I remembered back to New Year's. The boy I saw with the emerald eyes, the sea of freckles; endlessly floating along his face. 


Stop thinking about him. I told myself. Worry about school. 


I paused, standing still in the cold, wintry snow. I rose my head upwards, feeling the cool morning breeze against my cheeks. With a heavy inhale, I watched as my breath froze and floated down the street, fading away the farther it traveled. 


I continued my stroll, only to phase back into a daydream. The same boy's face came into clear view, his eyes shimmering like the stars in the night. 


Why do I keep thinking of you. I thought, reaching my hand out to touch him. 


My hand fell through him, his body just a mere image. I stood still again, my hand outstretched in front of me, reaching for nothing but imaginary wishes. 


"I should head back." I mumbled, turning around and followed my trail. 



I opened the door and stepped inside, knocking off the snow on my shoes and took them off. I hung my coat on the coat rack and wrapped up my scarf, setting it down on the shelf to my left. Father came out from his room and crossed his arms, his face scrunched up, his eyebrows furrowed. 


"Where have you been." he asked coldly, his voice deep with rage. 


"Out." I replied, my expression still and blank. "I needed fresh air."


"You're half an hour late for training." he growled, the fire around his face growing hotter. "Training will be doubled."


Lovely. I thought, sighing to myself as he stomped down the hallway. 


Father and I trained in the back room, bruises forming all over my limbs. His fist came in contact with my gut, blood splashing against the floorboards. Green roses grew from the puddle, father burning them in seconds. 


"Get up." he ordered. "We're not done."


We've been training for hours.... I wheezed, wiping the blood off my mouth. My gut felt like it was just ripped apart, my body screaming at me to stop. When will this end. 



Training ended three hours later, my body aching and begging me to just leave. I couldn't, though. My life is controlled by him. I'm like a bird in a birdcage, readying myself for death. The world felt so blank, empty and without purpose.


I walked inside the bathroom and cleaned off the blood stains from my shirt, wiping my face and cleaned my wounds. My arms, however, could barely move they felt so broken. 


I should go to a hospital one of these days. I told myself, wrapping the open sores with gauze. 


I left the house again since father was gone, Fuyumi should be arriving back home around eight. I made my way down the sidewalk again, observing my surroundings. Birds flew back to their homes, trees swaying ever so slightly in the wind. Dead leaves crunched under my feet as I walked through a park, sitting down on one of the swings. I noticed someone running down the sidewalk, their curly hair bouncing along with their movements. 


They ran frantically about, holding a bag of groceries in their arms. 


Like a lost puppy. I scoffed, looking away. 


"Hey!" someone called out from a distance. "Do you happen to know where 5920 Eki street from here is, do you?!"


I didn't reply, although, the voice sounded slightly familiar. I shook my head side to side, hoping the stranger got the message.


"Oh!" they replied. "Thanks anyway!"


I listened to their panicked muttering, running down to the left of the park as they faded into the unknown. I peeked behind me, standing up and exited the park. The sun began to set beyond the horizon, my calling back home before Fuyumi freaks out. 


The quietness on the way home was nice, the distant leaves blowing in the wind quite calming. I unlocked my door and stepped inside, taking off my shoes and hung up my coat. Fuyumi opened the door minutes later, setting down her bag and slipped off her shoes.


"I'm home." she yawned, plopping herself onto a chair in the kitchen. "Oh my, you're face..."


I brushed my fingers against my face, a bruise formed and quite painful.


"Were you and dad training again..." Fuyumi sighed, rubbing her brows. "I thought you guys were over training. You know, if he wants you in UA, he probably shouldn't kill you first."


I stayed quiet, helping Fuyumi make dinner. She set down two bowls of soba as we ate in silence, Fuyumi adding some comments about her day. She ranted about the students she was teaching, complaining about the wasted time.


"They're such smart kids!" she said, leaning back in her seat. "I don't know why they're in these classes.... School starts soon anyways."


"Hmm." I hummed, slurping the last couple noodles. "I'm going to bed.."


Fuyumi looked at me sorrowfully, saying good night as she washed our dishes. 


I shut my door and changed my clothing, falling into my bed with a heavy sigh. Subconsciously, I rested my hand against my left eye, shutting them tightly and drifted to sleep. Suddenly, green colors flashed around my head in spirals. A face came into view, their eyes sparkling like fireworks. 


"Who are you?!" I called out, watching them fade into the distance. With an outstretched hand, I tried to grab them, but to no prevail. "What's your name?!"


They didn't respond, turning their back. I ran after them frantically, trying to catch up. 


I jolted awake from my bed, covered in sweat.


What the hell was that... I thought, rubbing my face against my hands. I groaned, standing up and trudged into the bathroom. 




I trotted down the stairs and into the living room, Fuyumi making some sort of list at the coffee table. 


"What's that." I asked, peering over her shoulder.


"Ahh! I was just about to go ask you." Fuyumi smiled. "Do you mind going to the store? I know it's a Saturday and it's your day off from apparent "training", but could you go get these few things?"


I nodded, taking her list of the table. Fuyumi thanked me and said goodbye, watching as I left the house.


There was still snow on the ground that morning, crunching under my shoes. The cool, morning air froze my breath as I exhaled, drying my skin. I tied the scarf around my neck a little more, unaware of my surroundings. Suddenly, someone ran into me and we both fell down, crashing against the thin layer of snow.


"I-I'm so sorry!" they said, running off seconds later. 


I looked up at them, watching the curls of their hair bounce. I held out my hand again, eyes wide and surprised. They became more and more distant as I stood there, watching them run in the direction opposite of me. 


Again....? I thought, looking down at my left hand. 

Chapter Text

A week passed and school began, Fuyumi excited for me. She packed me a lunch and freshly cleaned my uniform, smiling brightly as I prepared for the day ahead of me. 


"Have a good day today! Tell me about it when you get back!" Fuyumi glistened, her eyes sparkling like glitter. "I'm so proud!"


"You act like a mom." I replied. "But I will. Bye."


I opened the front door and put on my shoes, glancing at myself in the mirror before walking outside. I shut the door behind me and sighed, feeling the crisp, Autumn air on my face. Students in the same uniform as I walked alongside me, chatting excitedly. 


Loud. I thought, picking up my pace. 


I looked around the halls and found my classroom, taking my seat way way way in the back. 


I don't want to be bothered. I told myself, hanging my back on the hook to the left of my desk. I leaned against the back of my chair, closing my eyes as I waited for the day to begin. Suddenly, an angry presence walked through the door, their feet stomping against the ground. They sat down in a seat, thankfully away from me, gritting their teeth. 


"Hey, Todoroki." someone said, my eyes opening. A girl with black hair, tied in a ponytail, waved her hand lightly with a smile, taking a seat next to me. 


"Yaoyorozu." I replied, glancing over at her. 


"I told you to call me "Momo". We're friends, aren't we?" she said, hanging her bag on a hook. 


"Right." I muttered. Momo sighed, fixing the tie wrapped around her collar. 


"You're still as stoic as I remember." she joked. I took no mind to it, listening to the bell ring. 


Class began with a man scooting in with a.... yellow sleeping bag. He looked like he was hungover after three straight nights of alcohol, his hair a mess and dark circles under his eyes. He quietly finished a packet of... Juice?


"Hello I'm Shota Aizawa." he said, each student staring at him awkwardly. "Your teacher."


OUR TEACHER?! each student thought, as if almost screaming it out loud.


Mr. Aizawa took out a uniform from his sleeping bag, holding it up in front of the class.


"Alright, let's get to it." he said. "Put these on and head outside."


I blinked once, turning to Momo as she shrugged. We took uniforms from Mr. Aizawa and hurried to the changing rooms, putting them on and directing ourselves to where Mr. Aizawa waited.



"A quirk assessment test...?" Momo tilted her head to the left. "I thought we were going to orientation..."


Mr. Aizawa sighed, turning his back.


"If you really want to make the big league, you shouldn't waste your time on pointless ceremonies." he said bluntly, shutting one of the other students up. "Here at UA, we're not tethered to traditions. That means I get to run my class however I see fit."


Jeez. I thought, standing still and quiet as he continued to tell the students off.


"You've been taking standardized tests most of your lives, however, you never used your Quirks for any." he said, taking out his phone with a list of, well, tests. "The country is trying to pretend we're all created equal and not letting those with the most power excel. It isn't rational. One day, hopefully, the Ministry of Education will learn..."


Mr. Aizawa turned to a spiky, blond headed boy, his hands in his pockets. 


"Bakugou, you scored the highest on the entrance exam," he said, the boy, "Bakugou", taken aback. "What was your farthest distance throw with a softball in junior high?"


Bakugou thought for a moment, lowering his head slightly.


"67 meters, I think." he admitted. Mr. Aizawa asked for him to use his Quirk, Bakugou perking. 


"Just stay in the circle." Mr. Aizawa said, Bakugou holding a softball tightly in his hands. 


Momo and I watched as Bakugou grinned, stretching like any baseball player before throwing a ball towards the batter. Bakugou pulled his hand back, his grin widening as he shot it from his hand with a loud explosion, following with a heavy statement:




A boy in front of me shivered, not taking his eyes off Bakugou.


"Oh jesus.." he muttered.


I took notice to the green curls, shaking it off and focused on the activity.


There's no way. I told myself.


Mr. Aizawa took out his phone and exhibited Bakugou's distance, reading "705.2". 


"All of you need to know your maximum capabilities. it's the most rational way of figuring out where you stand as a potential pro hero." he explained.


Each student gasped with surprise, bending down slightly to read the score more clearly.


"Holy-... 705 meter?!" a yellow-haired boy exclaimed. "Are you joking?"


"I wanna go! This looks fun!" a pink hair and.. skinned girl shouted, clapping her hands together.


"Oh.. So you think this is fun, huh?" Mr. Aizawa asked with a menacing tone. "All of you have three years to ready yourself for becoming a pro hero. You think within that time will be all fun and games?

"Morons." he grinned, sending shivers down multiple spines. "Today, you all will be competing in eight different physical exams; whoever comes in last will be immediately expelled."


"EXPELLED?!" students shouted.


"If you have a problem with this," Mr. Aizawa smiled. "You can leave now."


No one moved, standing their ground straight and tall.


This really isn't that bad. I thought, sighing slightly. 


"What an intense teacher." Momo whispered. "Nothing less from UA."





Tests began even after one student complained, Mr. Aizawa reacting professionally. 


"If you want to be a Pro, you have to push yourself to your limits." he explained. "Throughout your three years enrolled here, this school will be throwing one terrible hardship to you after another, so be prepared. Show me what you got."


The first test was in session; running.


Oh. I sighed, watching another student finish across the line within seconds. Lovely. 


Each test continued throughout the day, a test of grip strength following. 


"Man, these tests... I gotta tell you," Momo smiled. "This is ever so slightly fun."


I nodded, pulling down on the machine. Momo did as well, listing down what her highest score was. 


"Interesting, I guess." I said. "This school, I mean."


Next was long jump, my score slightly average. 


Maybe I should've practiced this more. I told myself, walking off the grounds and to the side, where all the other students were finished.


The same green haired boy sighed, his face pale and worried. I didn't say much, since it wasn't my problem. 


Focus on yourself here, there's no time to think about others. I thought.


Test four: side steps, something I hated. This one student with strange hair, I guess you would call it, bounced side to side without actually moving his body. 


How did you make it into this class.... I sighed. You're... Pretty useless.


Test five: Ball throw, another test I hated.


I just hate everything right now. I complained, to myself, of course. 


"Are you ok?" Momo asked, tapping my shoulder. "You seem upset."


"I'm fine." I replied. "The real one who seems upset is that green haired boy over there."


I gestured to the shivering boy, his face scrunched up as sweat dripped down his cheeks. 


"He's been worried the whole time we're been taking this test.... And he hasn't been doing well either." Momo sighed. "I feel a little bad, to be honest... I hope he passes."


I muttered an answer under my breath, watching carefully. 


"Do you think he's just worried about the false expulsion...?" Momo whispered. "It's really not that hard to figure out though..."


"Probably." I replied. 


The boy was suddenly stopped by Mr. Aizawa with his scarf, unable to move as he was talked down. The boy's eyes flickered with fear as Momo and I watched. The boy tightened his grip on the softball, chucking it into the air and cut up his finger in the process.


"Wow." Momo whispered. "705.3. Isn't that higher than Bakugou?" 


"I guess.. I haven't been paying attention." I replied. "I've been focusing on how badly I've been doing..."


"You're doing just fine!" Momo smiled. 


"Not really." 


The boy held onto his hand in pain, but smiled through it. He started walking away before that Bakugou kid ran at him with burning rage. 


"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT, DEKU?!" Bakugou hollered, holding out his hand. Before it could come within hitting distance, his body was held back by Mr. Aizawa's same scarf. 


"That boy has anger issues." I said bluntly, Momo hitting my shoulder slightly.


Bakugou backed off, but grit his teeth as "Deku" ran away from him. His eyes held pure rage within them still, blood vessels appearing in his sclera. 


This class is a mess. I thought.



We finished the tests and Mr. Aizawa pulled up the score board, my name under Momo's. However, that "Deku" kid was all the way at the bottom, sitting strongly in the "20th" spot.


But how did he get below that Mineta kid.. I questioned.


"I was just kidding about the expulsion thing. I just wanted you guys to do your best." Mr. Aizawa smiled, however, it was quite terrifying. 


"Huh...?" Deku stuttered, gasping as his soul left his body.


"You guys didn't figure it out?" Momo asked. "It wasn't hard... I probably should have told you all."


I closed my eyes as we went back to the classroom, Deku dismissed to the nurse. Momo took the syllabus off her desk and flipped through it, packing it nicely into her bag. 


"I'll see you tomorrow, Todoroki!" she smiled, leaving with her apparent new friend. 


I nodded, taking my bag and tucked it under my arm. On the way out, someone ran inside and accidentally ran into my shoulder.


"Sorry!" they apologized. "Oh! It's you! You did really well with all the tests!!"


I looked down at Deku, who I ran into, staring into his eyes for a moment. I didn't reply, just continued out the door and ignored his call.


I have no time to make friends. I told myself. Even if I have a hunch. 



I sat at home and finished the last bits of my costume, laying it down against my bed. The hood had wool around the rim to keep myself warm when using my Quirk, shoulder and back protection for other occurrences. There were sleeves, which didn't connect to my shirt for some reason, with the ends reaching my palm. Attached to the end, there was a device that powered my Quirk, ending right around the fingers. A belt laid against the shirt, which was a typical ice and fire proof shirt, holding the power refills. Typical fire and ice proof pants with white boots. 


"This looks terrible." I said, Fuyumi knocking on the door and entering. 


"What looks terrible?" she asked, noticing the hero outfit on my bed. "Wow! That looks so nice!"


"It looks horrible." I repeated. "I could have done better on the design."


"Well, it's just a first costume. I bet your next one will be even better!" Fuyumi patted my back, glancing over at the clock. "Oh dear, you should probably turn it into the school...."


"Ah..." I nodded, folding it nicely into a pile. "I'll be back soon."


Fuyumi helped me out of the house with the costume, watching me hurry down the street with it in a bag. 




The next day we were taught by All Might himself. Momo smiled most of the time he was explaining the rules, getting quite a few questions back from Momo included. 


All Might announced the team match ups, Bakugou grinning with malevolence. Deku almost passed out, but was with another nice seeming girl named "Uraraka". 


"I feel bad for him again." Momo sighed, the rest of the class walking into the monitor room. "By the way, I really like your her costume!"


Momo's her costume consisted of a bathing suit-like outfit, except there was a hoodie for her head. Wrist, armpit, and knee braces were wrapped around her, colored a pale yellow. white boots ended around her ankles, a belt with first aid supplies.


"Yours too." I replied, my eyes pinned to the screen before me. 


"Pay attention, kids!" All Might said proudly.


Deku and Uraraka entered the building, Deku quickly moving about the layout. Uraraka followed close behind.


Momo turned to the screen as well, watching as Deku and his partner walk into the building. Deku scanned the area as Uraraka ran towards the stairwell, knowing that Bakugou would take the most attention to Deku.


"I hope he doesn't get hurt." one of the students whispered. 


"Same here, bro." replied another. 


I glanced at Momo, her eyes fixed on the battle soon to arrive.


Deku turned the corner with Uraraka almost making it to the stairs, just within reach of the door. Bakugou suddenly came out from the side and blew up the area around the two, Deku and Uraraka safely dodging it.


"A sneak attack?!" a student shouted. "Bakugou, what kind of man pulls cheap tricks?"


"It's a good strategy." All Might replied. "He's playing the part of the Villain, acting like one would."


"Midoriya dodged it!" the pink girl exclaimed. 


"Look!" another said. "There he goes!"


Bakugou came running at Deku with his left hand ready for his explosion.


"I'll hurt you so badly, they'll have to pick up your severed limbs!!!" Bakugou shouted, picking up his pace.


Bakugou switched arms, but Deku took hold of it. Deku slammed his body against Bakugou's taking Uraraka and the others watching by surprise; even Bakugou himself. 


Deku, with all his strength, threw Bakugou against the ground, knocking the wind out of him. 


"Kacchan.." Deku huffed, catching his own breath. "You always start with a right hook, I know.... Because I've watched you for years!!"


Bakugou turned to Deku, gritting his teeth.


"I analyzed every amazing hero... Even you!" Deku proclaimed. "I wanted to learn everything my mind could handle about those heroes.... That notebook you burned and threw into the pond had all the information..!"


All of us inside the monitor room watched with awe, silent as a graveyard. 


"You can call me, Deku, but I'm no longer the helpless... Defenseless kid anymore!" he shouted. "You hear me?! I'm a changed person!!! Now Deku is the name of a hero!!!"


Bakugou rose from the ground and clenched his hands, smaller explosions booming in his hands.


"You're so pathetic..." Bakugou growled. "You're so scared, but you still wanna fight me..."


"Oh no...." Momo gasped, Bakugou's eyes burning... Burning with seething anger. 


"THAT'S WHY I HATE YOU SO DAMN MUCH!!!" he screamed, Deku gulping nervously.


This class is a real mess. I told myself again, sighing heavily. 

Chapter Text

 "THIS IS WHY I HATE YOU!!" Kacchan cried, clenching his fists as small explosions boomed in his palms. 


I gulped, watching Kacchan push his hand behind him. I glanced at Uraraka, nodding as I dodged Kacchan's attack.


"GO!" I shouted, watching her run off around the corner to find the weapon. Kacchan was inches away from my face, his foot coming close into view.


Watch the scratching. I told myself, blocking his attack. 


Uraraka successfully managed to run away as I stayed back to fight with Kacchan.


It would be too dangerous for us to run away with each other, I monologued. Uraraka should continue looking for the weapon by herself while I distract Kacchan.


"It's our only way for winning...!" I said aloud, wrapping the capture tape around Kacchan's left calf. 


Thank god I learned more about Mr. Aizawa.... Or Eraser Head... I told myself, sighing softly and quickly. 


Kacchan retorted, worrying and threw a punch towards my face. 


Dodge it! I told myself, safely jumping out of his range. Kacchan grit his teeth, the smoke clearing from his hefty explosion. He seems to be switching things around... I need to get away...


I looked around as Kacchan put his hands behind his waist, preparing to launch himself towards me. In a hurry, I turned to the left and ran down the hallway, hiding from him as he searched for me. 


I can't use my Quirk... It's too dangerous and just not.... Good here... I glanced at the walls, inspecting the material used. It's iron! Or at least, there's iron in it... But that means I can use it!


I turned the corner, hearing Kacchan's demoralizing shouts of anger. 


"That guy has some serious anger issues." a student sighed, a shiver running down his spine. "Freaky."


"So not manly." another replied.


I stopped to catch my breath, peaking behind the corner and watched for his movements. Listening carefully, feeling for the vibrations in the floor. 


I need to stay on this level... At least until Uraraka says she found the weapon. I thought, holding the capture tape tightly in my hand.


"COME OUT AND FACE ME!!" Kacchan hollered, stomping his foot against the ground. 


I stood up and sighed, hurrying around another corner as I heard his footsteps approaching. 



Uraraka managed to find the weapon, peaking at Iida next to it behind a pillar. She listened to Iida's whispering, clearly talking to himself. 


"I need to become one with villainy...." Iida said, Uraraka almost losing it. "MUAAHAHAHHA."


"Oh my goodness..." Uraraka chuckled, holding her hands against her mouth. "So serious...."


"Was that you, Uraraka?" Iida said with an.... Evil...? tone, turning to face her. Uraraka stepped out from behind the pillar and laughed nervously, listening to Iida's proclamations. "My trickster-ing tricks have rendered you helpless, Uraraka! Muahahahah!!"


"He... Is so..." Uraraka said. "Well, he fits the part.....?"


I listened in on the earpiece dad gave me earlier, hearing Uraraka.


"I found the weapon, but Iida knows I'm in the room.. Sorry about that." she apologized. "But he's monologuing."


"Where are the two of you?" I asked, checking behind me again.


"Middle of the fifth floor." she replied. 


"So right above me..." I whispered, letting go of the "SPEAK" button on the ear piece. "Ok, I have a plan... Just wait for my signal."


"Got it." Uraraka replied, leaving herself and Iida to fight.


All I have to do is capture Kacchan... I won't lose this fight to him! I stated.


Suddenly, a loud "DING" echoed behind me, Kacchan standing only feet away. I gulped, gripping two ends of the capture tape tightly.


"I'm all ready to go." Kacchan grinned, pointing his gauntlet at me. 


I need to think of something... I thought, my eyes glancing around the room. There is iron in these walls... I can use them against Kacchan's Quirk, possibly..


"Don't tell me you're trying to run away again," Kacchan said with mal-intent. "Don't you dare.... Don't tell me you're underestimating me, you coward."


"I'm not!" I replied.


"Yeah right! You've been underestimating me ever since we were kids!" Kacchan replied, pulling back a cover for a pin. He placed his finger inside the loop of the pin, slowly pulling it from its place. 


"Young Bakugou!" dad's voice came on the speaker, clearly upset and worried. "Don't you dare pull that trigger! You'll kill him!"


"It doesn't matter!" Kacchan replied. "Just as long as he dodges it!"


I gulped, dropping the tape and swung both hands inwards towards my torso, the iron within the walls coming out like a protective shield. 


"YOU CAN'T RUN FROM THIS THIS TIME, DEKU!!" Kacchan shouted, the pin ripped out from its place. 


I closed my eyes, a massive explosion expelling from Kacchan's gauntlet. The iron around me didn't hold long enough to cover me, my body flying backwards. 


I could feel the scratches along my arms and legs, but the growing flowers were burned away from the fire around Kacchan's explosion.


The whole building shook, Iida and Uraraka looking around the find the source.


"Wow wow wow!" a student yelped. "What was that?!"


"Come in!" dad shouted into the microphone, "Young Izu- Midoriya, come in! Do you hear me?!"


I panted, the wind completely knocked from my lungs. 


"Is this... Allowed?" I asked, mostly to myself. 


Kacchan walked through the clearing smoke, a wide, menacing grin plastered against his face.


"Man," Kacchan laughed. "These things are amazing... The more I sweat, the more damage I can do... No matter what, you'll never beat someone like me.... You'll always be below me!"



Iida shouted into his earpiece for Kacchan's response, asking for an explanation to the shaking.


Now's my chance to get the weapon! Uraraka thought, sprinting towards Iida and the bomb.


Iida looked towards Uraraka, watching her jump into the air and touch her fingers. She began to float, Iida flabbergasted.


"When could she make herself fly?!" he questioned, mid-voice crack. 


Uraraka was only two feet away from the weapon, but was snatched by Iida and brought to the other side of the room. Uraraka fell down harshly onto the ground, rolling about until she caught herself. 


"When it comes to speed, you'll never beat me!" Iida cackled.



I gulped, Kacchan staring directly into my eyes.


"What's the matter?" he smiled. "You scared? You dodged my attack, so that must mean you can still fight... Come on, try me."


If I stay here, he can still attack me because of those gauntlets... I'm not safe anywhere... I can't hide anymore.. I planned my next moves carefully, struggling to find a way out. All I can do for now is rely on Uraraka to beat Iida and touch the weapon, then we'll win.


"Uraraka, what's going on up there?" I asked, ticking off Kacchan.


"Nothing good, that's for sure...!" Uraraka replied.


"Ignoring me, huh? Bold move..." Kacchan growled.


"Sir," a student asked. "Isn't this a little too... out of control? Bakugou has already gone crazy... He's gonna kill Midoriya if he doesn't stop!"


Dad fell silent, trying his best to not be biased. He leaned into the microphone and cleared his throat, pressing down on the "SPEAK" button.


"Bakugou, the next time you use that gauntlet, I'm putting an end to this fight!" dad said sternly. "Is that clear?"


Kacchan looked up at the speaker, clearly annoyed.


"This kind of behavior is not only unacceptable, but it is destroying your stronghold for the weapon." dad explained. "It is a poor strategy, hero or villain. It would be a massive loss of points."


Kacchan screamed in anger as I got up, finishing my plan with Uraraka. 


"Get by the third pillar near the window," I said. "Wait for my signal..!"


"Got it!" Uraraka replied. 


"FINE!" Kacchan exclaimed. "I'LL JUST FIGHT HAND TO HAND!"


Kacchan came flying towards me, burning rage bellowing in his gut. I backed away, stepping on broken floor and began to fall backwards. 


I can't dodge this...! All I can do is try to protect myself! I thought.


I rose my hand and swung upwards, iron lifting from the ground. Kacchan, in seconds, dodged it in a cloud of smoke, appearing behind me and using his Quirk against my back. It shot me forwards in immense amounts of pain, shivers and electric tingling sensations shot up my body.


The students in the monitor room gasped in shock, questioning Kacchan's moves.


"Although he doesn't really seem like a guy with a strategy," Todoroki spoke up, even surprising Momo. "He's quite intelligent... He used the smoke as a screen so he could blind his opponent for a split second, swinging over and attacking him from behind."


"An attack like that would require an extreme amount of calculation and precision. He needed to use physics and control against the area he was in and his Quirk.." Momo added, Todoroki agreeing.


However, I do feel back for the green-hair one. Todoroki thought. Midoriya, was it?


"Bakugou is so talented, I kind of hate him." a student groaned, slouching a slight bit.


"HERE I COME!" Kacchan hollered, smacking his gauntlet against my right arm, taking hold of it a second later.


Kacchan swung around with smaller, more controlled explosions, throwing me against the ground.


There's nothing I can do.... I thought, I have to use my real Quirk.... I can't beat him hand to hand, he's too strong, to good..


I turned around and fell on my stomach, digging my nail into my arm. With a wince, I caught the blood mid-fall before it fell onto the ground, shaping it into a blade of sorts.


"I thought Midoriya could only control iron," a student said. "I didn't know he could control blood too."


"Kaminari, dude, iron and blood run together." a student replied, to the apparent "Kaminari". "I wouldn't actually be surprised if he could control both."


"Yes," Momo added. "Iron does run in with our blood, but also having control of both elements takes time and practice...."


I got up and ran to the other side of the room, I could even hear the comments from my classmates. Quickly, I rose to my feet and turned around, standing right where I wanted to be. 


"What? You think you're better than me?" Kacchan asked, the anger in his throat building.


"That's..." I muttered. "That's not it... I've never thought of myself as better than you."


"You've been weak your whole life, even with that stupid Quirk of yours!" Kacchan yelled. "And now you waltz right into UA, just to make fun of me?!"


"No...." I grit my teeth, tears forming in my eyes. "You idiot!"


Kacchan stopped in his tracks, watching my head lift from its slumped state. 


"I've always thought you were stronger than me, and you still are!" I said. "I know that you're better than me! But that's why I want to beat you! BECAUSE YOU'RE SO AMAZING!!"


Kacchan rose his hand, a small explosion booming in his palm.


"THEN COME AT ME!" he cried, the two of us bolting towards each other. 


I balled my hand into a fist, the blood in my hand becoming like a boxing glove. It turned into iron, a single drop of blood falling against the ground, a small little flower blossoming from the drop. It was blown away by the fast movements of Kacchan and I, unseen by anyone in the monitor room.


"NOW, URARAKA!" I shouted into the earpiece, Uraraka moving towards, and held onto, the pillar I told her to.


You've always been at the top.... I won't ever beat you in a one on one fight. I thought, the iron turning back into blood and soaked into the cut I opened earlier. But I will win!


I dropped my hand and opened it, swinging upwards. Iron shot up from the ground and the ceiling above Kacchan and I, breaking apart the floor. 


Kacchan's explosion hit me right in the face, thankfully mostly protected by my left arm. 


"What's going on?!" Iida proclaimed, seeing all the debris fly upwards with Uraraka in the middle. 


"Sorry Iida!!" Uraraka shouted, "My special, but improvised, special move! Comet Home Run!!!"


She swung said pillar and hit all the debris, watching them fly towards Iida at fast speeds. As Iida protected his face, Uraraka flew towards the weapon again, landing successfully upon it.


"I got it!!" Uraraka gasped with relief. "I got the weapon!"


Seconds later, the timer went off, the match ending. 


"This... Was your "big" plan!?" Kacchan shuttered. "From the start, wasn't it?!"


Kacchan looked down at me from the ceiling.


"You were playing with me this whole time, you fucking bastard!" Kacchan snarled. 


"I wasn't...... Going to use... My Quirk..." I stuttered, shocks of pain running through my body. "Because... If I do.... I'll kill myself using it..."


The smoke began to clear, drops of blood falling against the ground. The monitor camera was blocked by the smoke, but the vision of Kacchan and I clear. 


Kacchan's eyes widened slightly at the sight of the blood, flowers growing from them and wrapped around my legs. Blood dripped onto my clothing, petals falling from the cloth like the flowers began to die.


"I'll lose myself using my Quirk... Because of something I was born with..." I explained. 


Kacchan backed down, still pissed, but slightly understanding. He watched as I fell unconscious against the ground, the flowers crushed against my body weight. They shriveled and disappeared, only leaving the small puddles of blood around me.


"The hero team....." dad said into the microphone. "WIIIIIIINS!!!"


He stopped abruptly, noticing the blood against the ground. Kacchan stood there frozen with anger and confusion, the blood reaching Kacchan's boot. 


"Oh my god..." students gasped, staring at the camera as the view cleared. "Is that blood...?!"


"Oh my god, Midoriya's..." Kaminari gasped, others along with him. "Nurse! Call the nurse!!"


"Call a hospital!!!!!" another shouted. 


"Calm down!" dad said, students quieting their voices. "We will deal with this, stay here!"


Dad ran out of the room quickly and towards the building, panicking, knowing his time was almost up.


Shit. he thought.


"Do you think Midoriya will be ok?" a girl asked. 


"Don't worry, Mina, he put up a good fight against Bakugou." another said. "I bet he's going to be fine."


"Thanks, Asui.... But I still think he is dead nonetheless." Mina replied.  


"I knew he was going to get hurt...." Momo whispered to Todoroki. 


"Are those... Flower petals...?" Todoroki whispered, Momo squinting her eyes. "Don't say anything to the other students."


"Oh my god, those are..." Momo gasped. "You don't think-?"


"Shit." Todoroki whispered. "This is a complete mess."

Chapter Text

After the fight between Bakugou and Midoriya, the practice was put to a hiatus for close to an hour. All Might brought the injured student to the clinic, Bakugou walking into the monitor room. His face was pale and his eyes were fairly blank, erased of any sort of emotion he felt towards Midoriya.


"Hey, Bakugou, are you okay?" Kirishima asked, placing his hand against Bakugou's right shoulder.


Kirishima was quickly shrugged away, Bakugou scowling angrily.


"Sorry man, I didn't mean to anger you..." Kirishima apologized. "I'll let you be."


Momo looked at me worriedly, taking me out of the monitor room. The two of us stood outside in silence for a moment before Momo opened her mouth to speak.


"You don't think- Well, that he has the same disease as you, do you?" Momo gulped. "I hope he doesn't, but that would explain why he didn't want to get involved with hand-to-hand... Or any kind of fighting."


I nodded, staring down at my left hand.


"It's a small world." I said quietly, Momo nodding slightly.


"It's sad, how there's another person here with this... I don't want to know if there's anyone else who has it." Momo sighed. "This retched disease has to have some sort of cure in the future... It's depleting the citizens here; heroes and minors alike."


"But... We can always go visit him." Momo suggested.


"I am up next." I explained. "I can go and see him after I'm done with the exercise."


Momo nodded, the two of us walking back into the monitor room, All Might following close behind.


"Todoroki!" All Might said. "You're up next with Young Shoji!"


I nodded my head, Shoji walking with me to the next building; one that isn't completely demolished.

Shoji and I, mostly me, finished the exercise quickly so I could go visit the one student. More of a Momo-suggestion, because I couldn't necessarily care all too much, but Momo wanted to show respect to fellow Shukkezu's.


Momo politely knocked on the clinic door, the two of us entering the room.


"Hello. Do you need something?" an old woman asked kindly, turning around in her chair.


"Hello ma'am," Momo bowed. "We're here to see Midoriya."


"Ahh...." the woman croaked, her tone a little lower pitched; possibly worried. "He's the last bed in to the left. I'll tell you now, he's not in good shape."


Momo thanked the woman kindly, walking to the end of the room. Momo and I could hear faint breathing, raspy and broken. I poked my head around the corner, noticing Midoriya fast asleep on the medical bed. His arms were covered in gauze, his hero outfit torn to shreds. His face was covered with bruises and open wounds, thankfully most closing.


Small patches of dried blood were scattered along his clothing, a few flower petals falling off onto the sheets.


"We were right." Momo whispered, Midoriya's eyes slightly opening.


Midoriya screamed, pushing himself upwards before feeling painful shocks through his arms and legs.


"Who- What?! Where?!" Midoriya panicked, staring down at his arms. "Oh no, oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no."


"Midoriya, calm down..." Momo said softly, placing her hands on his shoulders. "You're in the clinic right now."


"But.. but, but but..." Midoriya stuttered. "How much blood-?!"


The woman from before strolled over to Midoriya's bed with a worried expression.


"You lost about a liter of blood, kiddo." she said sorrowfully. "And I've been informed about your disease; your father explained it to me."


"How... How much time...??" Midoriya asked shakily, his face pale.


"A couple months." the woman replied. "Around ten, to be exact."


"That's... Not a couple." Midoriya shivered, curling up into a ball.


Momo and I stood silently next to each other, Momo taking a seat in the chair beside Midoriya.


"Why are the two of you here, though...?" Midoriya asked, calming himself down. "Don't you two have class...? You shouldn't be worrying about me."


"It's already four o'clock." I said bluntly. "The day is practically over."


Midoriya's head perked up, my eyes pinned to his curls bouncing around.


Like jello. I thought.


"I... I need to get back to class... I need to change. I missed all the possible notes I could've taken today..." Midoriya panicked.


"And here we go." the woman sighed. She placed her hand on Midoriya's shoulder, patting him softly. "Calm down kid, it isn't the end of the world."


"But it's the end of me." Midoriya said with a straight face, sending slight shivers up Momo and I's spines. "I.. I just need to get back to class... Can I be dismissed?"


The woman sighed, finally nodding her head and handed Midoriya his clothes. She pointed to the bathroom, Midoriya getting up with the help of Momo. I sat quietly in my chair, which I sat down in after Momo got up.


"I've heard about your case too." the woman said. "Recovery Girl, by the way. I'm the school nurse."


"I know." I replied. "About the nurse part."


"I guess you came here to talk to him about it." Recovery Girl said. "It's gonna be hard. I've tried talking to him about it, but he keeps blocking me. I asked him about his Quirk too, but he kept freaking out."


"Ah." I mumbled.


Why am I even bothering. I asked myself, standing up as Momo came back with Midoriya. He was smaller than he looked, probably a couple inches shorter than me. Momo thanked Recovery Girl and the three of us left, closing the door behind us.


Midoriya was quiet the whole way back to the classroom; well, almost. He looked up at me and opened his mouth, asking me something I almost forgot about.


"Hey, I feel like I've seen you from somewhere." Midoriya said. "Did you go to the New Year's festival? And happen to run into someone?"


"I bet multiple people ran into people." I replied.


"Ah... sorry..." Midoriya muttered. "Your hair just reminded me of that person. Kind of like the fireworks there."


I turned away, Momo smiling as if she were a proud parent.

The three of us entered the classroom, Midoriya quickly covered by the other students. Momo and I packed up our belongings, exiting with each other. Momo and I looked back at Midoriya, Momo waving and smiling. I nodded, Midoriya and I exchanging eye contact.


Midoriya turned away, his cheeks slightly blushed. Suddenly, he took off running out into the stairway, disappearing before I, or Momo, or anyone else to be exact, could say anything. He ran out into the middle of the front yard, encountering with Bakugou. With a heavy breath, preparing himself for the worst, Midoriya opened his mouth to speak to the anger-management student.


"Kacchan..." Midoriya said, Bakugou turning around with a scowl.


Midoriya gulped, jumping from his pissed " huh ?". Midoriya paused for a moment, just enough time for Momo to drag me down the stairs and into the main entrance, the two of us listening to their upcoming conversation.


"And why am I here...?" I asked quizzically, Momo "shh"-ing me. "Whatever.. I'll never understand your interest in these kinds of situations."


"I just want to be here for him if he needs backup." Momo replied, her eyes still glued to Midoriya and Bakugou. "You never know what could happen, especially after Bakugou almost killed Midoriya earlier."


She has a point. I thought, turning my attention back to Bakugou's and Midoriya's confrontation.


"I...." Midoriya started, Momo and I listening carefully. "I didn't want to use my Quirk... On you or at all.."


Bakugou's eyes were pinned to Midoriya's, clear anger inside of them. Bakugou, in a fit of rage, opened his mouth and began to shout at Midoriya.




Bakugou smacked his hand against his eyes, hiding his tears for a moment. 




Midoriya gulped, placing his right hand against his chest. Bakugou turned away before tears fell from his eyes, wiping them away so he wouldn't leave a trace. 


"This Quirk..... Or curse..." Midoriya shivered, tightening his grip against his clothing. "I can't control what happens when I use it... No matter what I try, I can't get rid of it. It takes a toll on me each time I activate it. I don't even know what to do anymore.... This curse is killing me, and I can't stop it.."


Bakugou caught his tongue, listening to the pain within his old friend's voice. Midoriya looked down, fighting off the tears forming in his eyes. Seconds later, Midoriya looked up from the ground and directly into Bakugou's eyes, confidently and standing tall.


"But... This disease," Midoriya started again, his voice still shaking. "Won't hold me back to building up my strength... I'll beat you with or without this disease, no matter what!"


Bakugou grit his teeth, although slightly toned down since earlier. Momo and I began to walk away, Midoriya standing confidently in the walkway. All Might came running outside into the front yard, placing his hands against Bakugou's shoulders.


"Young Bakugou!" All Might shouted. "I wanted to say-"


"Back off old man." Bakugou snarled, shocking All Might. "One of these days, I'll become even better than you. I'll take your spotlight as number one."


Bakugou shoved All Might away, Midoriya and All Might standing in the walkway awkwardly. Bakugou, not looking back, continued to walk away from the school. All Might looked at Midoriya and smiled, Midoriya and him both walking back inside the building.


"We should get going." Momo said. "Maybe you can walk with Midoriya."


"I have better things to do." I replied, securing my bag against my shoulder. 


Momo sighed, saying goodbye to me as she ran back to the classroom, stating she had forgotten something. I nodded, turning around the corner and walked slowly back to my own home, closing my eyes as I thought back to the New Year's festival.


The face... I can't remember their face. I thought, trying to remember in as much detail as possible. 


There were millions of freckles, the freckles I'd never forget, their hair green like evergreen trees. They had a soft voice, clearly skinnier and slightly smaller than me. But, I could never figure out their actual face. 


Midoriya looks similar. I told myself. But there's no way he is that person.


Fuyumi made me dinner when I got home, "father" waltzing in and ate with us. He stayed and made me practice for a little while before taking his leave. His burning eyes drilled holes into my brain, eyes I'd never forget even if I died. Quickly, I brushed my teeth and wiped away the petals on my arms, cleaning my face before changing for bed. I set down my school bag and sighed, staring at my desk for a moment before flopping onto the bed. Fuyumi turned off the lights in the house and went to sleep herself, the building now silent. I rolled onto my side, covering myself, half might I add, and fell into a deep sleep.



The next morning was hectic, reporters surrounding our school. They asked my class questions, including myself. However, I never answered.


"Hey!" a reporter shouted, catching my attention. Their microphone was directly in front of Midoriya, his arm still in a cast. "Can you tell us how it must be to be working so closely to All Might?"


Midoriya panicked, apologizing before running away quickly. The reporters quickly moved to another student as Midoriya ran past me, apologizing to me as well.


"SORRY TODOROKI I GOTTA GO!" Midoriya said hastily, nervous sweat dripping from his left and right temple. "SEEYOUINCLASS."


"Right...." I muttered, watching him leave. I turned back to the others, waiting patiently for Momo to arrive. 


She did, but was promptly bombarded by reporters before she managed to squeeze through.


"Man." Momo wheezed. "I knew this was going to happen eventually...."


I nodded, only to feel myself jump two feet off the ground. Momo and I turned back to the entrance, now covered by layers and layers of steel. A reporter outside screamed, falling backwards as she was told be another the reason. 


"This school is pretty prepared." Momo smiled. "Good to know we're in good hands here."


"Yeah." I mumbled, the two of us walking inside. "I wouldn't take it for granted, you never know."



Momo and I entered the classroom, taking our seats a couple minutes before the bell rang. Once it did, Mr. Aizawa began class and told us little tips about yesterday's exercise.


"Bakugou, you're strong, but don't get all sulky over not winning." Mr. Aizawa said bluntly. 


"And Midoriya, you're Quirk is useful, but you need to start learning how to not completely destroy yourself while using it. While iron manipulating is useful, there isn't iron everywhere. Sometimes, you'll have to use your blood, got it? You need to practice more on controlling that."


Midoriya nodded, although quite nervous. Mr. Aizawa sighed, neatly stacking his papers on his desk before looking up at us. 


"Let's get down to business." Mr. Aizawa said.


To defeat the Huns. I thought, hearing the complaints from both Fuyumi and Momo. I need to focus. 


"This will be deciding the future of your lives." Mr. Aizawa explained. "You will all be needing to decide a class representative today."


The class soon became an uproar of "pick me!". I glanced at Momo, who just sat there silently. 


"Fun." I whispered, Momo almost breaking character. 


Suddenly, Iida rose from his seat and proposed a "democratic" approach to the representative.


"We will hold an election to chose who will be the rep for this class." Iida explained.


Although the slight worries, the class eventually agreed on composing a sort of election booth. It took the class a couple of minutes to write their choice and place it into a box, then soon organized and placed into groups. 


The runner up was Momo, which, I'm not exactly surprised. What I am surprised about what the fact that Midoriya, with three votes, was the highest. 


"WHAT?!" Midoriya exclaimed, jolting up from his seat. "HOW DID I GET THE MOST VOTES?!"


I looked over at Iida, who was shaking in his seat, and sighed. Momo's face was kind of red, surprised even for herself.


"I voted for you, heads up." I whispered. 


"I know... I just want to know who else voted for me." Momo replied, looking around the class. "So far, you're my only friend, sad to admit."


Midoriya stood in front of the class, shaking violently. Mr. Aizawa confirmed Midoriya as the representative, only making Midoriya feel even more on the spot. 


The lunch bell rang and all of us went to the cafeteria, Momo and I taking a seat near Iida and Midoriya. Some girl named Uraraka smiled and waved at us, Momo returning the gesture as I sat quietly. 


Midoriya worried about his position as rep, only to receive praise from Iida.


"Your strength yesterday during the exercise and during the entrance exam were spectacular." Iida said. "That's why they chose you as representative."


"But Iida, didn't you want to be representative? Why'd you vote for Midoriya? You even look like a representative, those glasses and all..." Uraraka asked. "Not in an offensive way, I'm sorry Deku."


"No no, I was going to ask the same thing." Midoriya replied.


"Well you see, looking and being the part of a representative are two completely different things." Iida said, Momo nodding along, yet not barging in on their conversation. "I know this fairly well, due to watching my own family."


Iida sighed, taking another sip of his beverage. 


"Agency?" Midoriya and Uraraka questioned in unison, Momo nodding again. "What does your family do, exactly?"


Iida caught his tongue, denying anything of super importance.


"You know," Uraraka smiled. "I've always secretly wondered... Iida, you must be filthy rich or something!"


Iida retorted, turning away with worry.


"I was afraid of people figuring this out..." Iida whispered. "I hoped they wouldn't see me differently... You see, my family has been pro heroes for generations. Hopefully you know of the pro hero "Ingenium"."


"Of course!" Midoriya said fairly loudly. "He's one of the more popular heroes! He's got 65 sidekicks working alongside him at his Tokyo agency!!- Wait... Don't tell me-"


"Yes! He's my elder brother!" Iida proclaimed. 


"That's so cool!! Your family line is famous!" Uraraka and Midoriya said. 


"As the second oldest son in my family, I want to be just like him." Iida smiled. "But I think it's too soon for me to be in a leading role. Midoriya, however, you managed to figure out what those judges were looking for in the exam. That's the kind of leader most people want."


Midoriya and Uraraka's eyes were pinned on Iida with their jaws slightly dropped, Uraraka mentioning Iida's smile. 


"Hey, uh, about being representative..." Midoriya began, Iida and Uraraka listening to him.


Momo and I packed up our things and stood up, not wanting to interrupt their conversation in a way.


"It's nice having friends like those, huh." Momo smiled. 


"I have no time for friends." I replied coldly, Momo groaning.


"You've been like this for years. What am I to you exactly?" Momo said.


"A fri-" I paused. "Well, I only have time for some people."


Momo rolled her eyes. Suddenly, a bell began to ring throughout the school, a voice coming on over the intercom.


"Warning, level 3 security breach." it said. "Please evacuate the building in an orderly fashion."


 Iida turned to the person next to him question this breach.


"It means someone broke through the gates!" they explained, Momo and I turning to the windows. 


Momo and I hurried out into the hallways with Midoriya, Iida and Uraraka, only to be surrounded by other panicked students. The four of us were separated, the only person I knew around me was Midoriya.


"Jeez!" Midoriya said, elbows pushed into his face. "I thought they said orderly fashion!"


"That's not going to work with younger students." I explained. "When fear runs in, there's nothing stopping you from panicking."


Midoriya looked up at me as I shielded him, knowing I had the same thing as him.


"You're physically less built, so you're most likely prone to being hurt." I said. "Stay near me."


Midoriya nodded, the two of us trying to push through the crowd to find the others. Midoriya noticed Iida flying above us, only to slam against the exit wall. 




The students began looking outside the windows, police sirens blaring in the distance.


"Look! The police!" a girl said, most students sighing with relief. 



The halls cleared and we managed to get back to our classes, Midoriya thanking me as he took to the front of the class. Momo stood up next to him, smiling as she told the two of them to begin.


"Uhm..." Midoriya shuttered. "I... Think I need to say something..."


The class looked at Midoriya in confusion, watching Midoriya look up and towards Iida.


"I think Iida Tenya should be our class rep." Midoriya said confidently. "He was the one to get the students to calm down during the alarm today. He clearly has more influence over the students and a much better leader than I could ever be... Which I why, I want to hand over my position over to him."


Iida was taken aback, hearing the polite agreements.


"You know," Kirishima smiled. "If Midoriya says he should be in charge, then I'm with him. Plus, he was the one to think fast and get all of our attention. He totally man-ed up and took charge of the situation!"


The class agreed upon Iida, Iida thanking the classroom. I looked out the window and noticed the destroyed gate, multiple staff members standing there with worry in their eyes.


It wasn't the press. I thought, glancing up at Momo. She managed to take the hint, asking Midoriya for Iida to begin with taking charge. Mr. Aizawa stood up and began class again, Momo hurrying over to my side.


"What's wrong?" she whispered.


"The break in wasn't the press," I said. "Look at the gates."


Momo's eyes peered up from her seat and out from the window, gasping only to cover her mouth. Mr. Aizawa looked at her, only to shake it off and continue class again.


"Someone else broke in." I said. "I think they used the press as a distraction."


"But.. Who would have done something like that...?" Momo asked, Midoriya glancing behind him, taking notice to our eyes. He looked over at the window, also noticing the destroyed gates. "No villain I know of has that type of destruction Quirk..."


"I don't know either..." I gulped, furrowing my brows. "But I also don't like the sound of it."



The day ended, students walking home from their classes. I said goodbye to Momo and exited the building, taking my chance to steal a glance towards Midoriya. Midoriya looked up from the ground with a sigh, our eyes meeting for a split second. 


"See you tomorrow." Midoriya smiled.


I looked away, hurrying my pace as I turned around the gates. I could hear the heavy sigh coming from Midoriya behind me, his steps echoing in the background.


Don't feel bad. I thought. I have no time to feel bad... I have no time for friends.




The next day was bright and sunny, birds chirping overhead, flying across the blue sky. I said goodbye to Fuyumi and left, closing the front door behind me as I walked to school. Momo waved her hand, the two of us walking together silently.


"I guess we've figured out something new." Momo smiled. "At least we can confirm Midoriya has-"


"It's none of my business, nor is it my problem, Momo." I said harshly, Momo's eyes widening slightly. "I'm not here to worry about others or to make friends. I came here to learn."


Momo sighed, mumbling "same old same old" under her breath. We walked inside of the school and changed our shoes, heading towards our class. Momo and I met multiple other classmates, saying our good morning's and then hurried past.


Mr. Aizawa walked inside of our classroom after the bell rang, his eyes as dead as ever. He stayed for roll, then left. Cementoss walked in, our literature teacher, and began teaching. It was normal, the random mumbling coming from Midoriya, Bakugou's clear anger with him, and Cementoss' clear disappointment. 


The afternoon rolled around, Mr. Aizawa coming back.


"Today, we well be training, per usual. However, it'll be quite different." Mr. Aizawa sighed. "You'll all have three instructors, me, All Might, and another staff member."


Sero, the one with black hair which I learned from Momo, rose his hand. 


"What exactly are we learning today?" he asked, leaning over past a girl named "Jiro".


"Rescue." Mr. Aizawa replied. "You'll be dealing with rescues and natural disasters, like broken buildings or fires."


Multiple gasps fell upon the group, "Kaminari" complaining slightly. "Mina", the pink... person.... replied to Kaminari excitedly, "Kirishima" referencing this to "Hero" work.


It's really not, though.... It's just practical workout. I thought, although didn't have much energy to say so out loud.


Mr. Aizawa took out a remote, pressing a button a couple times. The wall began to move outwards, out supposed costumes appearing in cases.


"However, what you wear to this exercise is up to you." Mr. Aizawa said. "Preferably your hero costumes, though. We're going to have to take the bus to the site, so hurry up and change... Or whatever."


I stood up and took my outfit, walking slowly over to the changing rooms. Midoriya groaned, knowing his outfit was destroyed.


"Did they not fix your outfit in time, Midoriya?" Iida asked.


"No.... I'm so glad I had a back up...." Midoriya answered. "I... Just don't like the design of this one.. It was a kind of last minute idea."


I looked over at Midoriya, not pervertedly, to look at his outfit. It consisted of the same design his main costume is, but instead of green, it was black and red. His mouth guard was a steel, but it was coated in something of dark red. The bag of blades was the same, and so were his shoes. 


"It was something I needed at the last minute.. I'm not really proud of it." Midoriya sighed. 


I closed my case and placed it in my locker, walking outside with the others as we waited for the bus. Momo met up with me after talking with another classmate, smiling at me with a wave.


"Midoriya is using his second costume?" Momo asked. "I figured the school would have repaired his first already... It hasn't been that short of a time period."


"I don't care." I replied. 


Suddenly, Iida blew a whistle, the bus arriving shortly after. Everyone turned to him, already knowing he was going way too far. 


"He's too organized." I whispered, Momo standing with a straight face. "It's kind of annoying at this point."


"I want to agree, but there's nothing wrong with being organized." Momo replied. "However, when it gets under people's skin to the point where we can't stand it, that's when it becomes a problem."


"I know." I said.


"Gather 'round, everyone!" Iida shouted. "Please form two neat lines so we can enter the bus smoothly and quickly, thus not causing delay!"


I sighed, soon hearing other people following along with me. 


"That's Iida for you." Midoriya smiled. 


Everyone entered the bus, Iida realizing it was a different kind than the one he originally thought. The bus started and Iida sat down, covering his face with his hands. 


"The layout of this bus ruined my strategy..." Iida whispered. 


"Chill man, it's fine." Mina said, patting Iida's back lightly. 


Midoriya sat back, glancing out the window before he heard his name.


"Hey Midoriya," a girl named "Tsuyu" said, turning her head towards Midoriya. "How come you don't use your Quirk? The blood part, I mean. You used it for about two seconds during the villain-hero exercise the other day."


Midoriya shivered, jolting upwards in his seat.


"What... What are you talking about?" Midoriya gulped. "I.. I mean... I thought it was.. was more practical to use the iron around me than to use my blood.... right, yeah..."


"I wish I had something as flashy as you there, Midoriya." Kirishima smiled. "Although my Hardening may be cool, it's not so much standout-y."


"Oh no no!" Midoriya said back. "I think your Quirk is definitely Pro Hero worthy! It's really awesome for when it comes to rescue."


"You really think so?" Kirishima asked.


"My naval laser is sure to stand out to the crowd." "Aoyama" said, his head cupped in his hands. 


"But it's totally lame if it gives you "tummy aches" after a minute of usage." Mina added harshly, although with a happy smile.


Aoyama's head dropped, slightly ashamed and disappointed. I closed my eyes and leaned back, drowning out the sound of student chattering.


"However, if anyone of us in here has flashy Quirks besides Midoriya, it has to be Bakugou and Todoroki." Kirishima said. I didn't answer, thinking of an evening dinner of Soba.


Bakugou looked up, as if to say something, but quickly turned back to the window and grunted. 



The bus arrived moments after I promptly fell asleep, perfectly in the mood of napping.


Wow, thanks there, timing. I grumbled, standing up from my seat. Mr. Aizawa leaded us inside the building, a staff member greeting us there. 


"Oh my god!" Midoriya squealed. "It's the Space Hero 13!!"


"Hello!" she said. "I've been patiently awaiting you all to arrive! Hopefully Mr. Aizawa here has already given you a basic rundown of today's activity."


"Yes ma'am!" the class replied.


"Good!" 13 smiled. We couldn't actually see her smile, though. "Let's go inside so I can explain in further detail!"


We followed 13 inside the building, Midoriya barely containing his excitement. 13 opened the doors, listing all the different types of disasters waiting for us.


"I built this place just for you guys to practice rescuing injured "citizens" in different situations!" 13 explained. "I call it... The Unforeseen Simulation Joint!"


Just like Universal Studios Japan. The class thought together in unison, Mr. Aizawa approaching 13.


"Hey," he whispered. "Where's All Might? Shouldn't he be here already?"


"All Might used up all of his power earlier today doing hero work. He's busy resting in the teacher's lounge."


"Ah." Mr. Aizawa muttered. "Whatever... The clock is still moving, we should get started."


"Great!" 13 said with excitement. "Before we begin, actually, let me say a couple of things. As you all know, I have a Quirk called "Black Hole". I can use my Quirk to suck up anything and turn it into dust.... While this may be cool, it can also be dangerous; it can be used to kill."


The class fell silent, the excited bouncing coming to a pause.


"In the Hero society, we don't necessarily regulate our Quirks very well, which can be extremely dangerous." 13 said. "Which is why I want all of you to be careful today. One wrong move and it can be turned against you and others.

"Thanks to Aizawa's fitness testing, you all know where your Quirks stand. And thanks to All Might's combat training, you know just how deadly your Quirk can be. Carry those learned lessons with you through today's class, because today you'll be learning how to save lives, not destroy them. You'll use your Quirks to help, because that's what Heroes do!"


After applause and cheering, my eyes changed from 13 to the fountain in the center of the building. A black portal-ish hole opened up in front of it, everyone falling silent again. Mr. Aizawa caught notice to the portal as well, turning around to face it. The portal grew bigger, soon a face and body came into view. The portal, now an actual entity, spread out throughout the bottom floor, a hand stretching through it.


"Stay together!" Mr. Aizawa ordered. "Do not move from this spot..! 13, protect the students!"


"Is this the test? Has it already begun?" Kaminari asked.


"No," Mr. Aizawa replied. "This is real. Those are villains."


The class began to panic, even Momo started shaking. I placed a hand on her shoulder, looking her in the eyes for a moment. 


"There's no time to be panicking." I said. "Focus on protecting yourself and the other students as well."


I stared at the portal, preparing myself for the possible worst. I also looked over at Midoriya, watching his face go pale at the sight of the villains. His breathing was slightly shallow, his eyes shaking with fear. 


The villains below looked up at the class with grins, the one still besides the portal glaring straight at us. 


"I thought All Might was supposed to be here...!" he shouted. The villain began to scratch at his neck, stopping for a moment before dropping his hand. "Maybe... I'll just torture his students."


Chapter Text

I was frozen with fear, my blood turned to ice. My legs went numb as I almost fell over, my eyes pinned to the villains exiting the purple smoke.


"Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you," the smoke said, his voice raspy and deep. "We are the League of Villains, and our purpose is to take down your precious hero; All Might. Isn't it ironic? All Might, killed in the center of justice? It's fitting."


Suddenly, the black smoke engulfed the class and I, devouring us in darkness. I watched as Iida pushed students out of the way, grabbing my shoulder and throwing me outside. 


"Sorry, Midoriya!" Iida apologized as I grunted in pain. "Are you ok? are you hurt?"


"No, I'm fine..." I replied weakly, placing my right hand against my left shoulder. "I'll be fine... What about the others? Who else is here?"


I looked around, Shoji, Sato, Sero, Uraraka and Mina stood outside of the purple dome, some still terrified. Iida looked at 13, hearing her call his name.


"I need you to get outside and alert the faculty members," she said, standing her guard. "Bring them here."


"But ma'am!" Iida protested. "That would be dishonorable to leave you all!"


I punched Iida, my legs still numb from the fear. However, my eyes were burning with passion, Iida sensing it. 


"It would be dishonorable to stay here and not get help!" I replied. "The honorable thing would be to save your class, and yourself!"


"Exactly." 13 agreed. "Use your Quirk to save others. Become a hero, Class Rep!"


Iida gulped, staring straight at the door as he fixed his glasses. I watched as he bent over, hearing his engines preparing for his sprint. Suddenly, purple smoke came running over at the seven of us, 13 stepping in front to protect the students.


"Black Hole!" 13 shouted, sucking up the purple smoke. I turned my head over to Mr. Aizawa, watching his body movements slowly begin to die down.


He's overexerting himself... At this rate, he'll be taken down by all of those villains. I thought, looking back at the other five students outside of the smoke. Suddenly, said smoke disappeared, the students gone with other small portals opening all around the USJ. Portals.


I pulled myself together and stood up, patting Uraraka's shoulder. She turned around, slightly scared but mostly composed. 


"We need to help Mr. Aizawa..." I said. "With the way he keeps battling those villains, he's going to be worn out..."


Uraraka stood silent for a minute before giving in, agreeing to my idea. However, she glanced back at Iida, watching his engines halfway powered. 


"I'll help.." Uraraka gulped. "But what if we fail? We can't just jump into the battle."


"No, we can't." I agreed. "But we can at least help take out some villains from the sidelines. We're going to be Pro Heroes one day, but today is the day we will fully understand what it's like to help a Pro."


Uraraka smiled, the two of us turning to Mr. Aizawa and the villains surrounding him. 


"I'll raise some iron from the "natural disasters" and bring them here." I whispered. "I want you to make them float overhead the villains... I'll tell you when to let them go as soon as I give you a signal."


"Right!" Uraraka whispered back.



Giant chunks of iron came above the disasters, flying towards us with thankfully no one noticing. "Uraraka!" 


Each one of the iron chucks flew past Uraraka's hands, Uraraka safely touching each of them as they floated into the air. I "steered" them towards the villains around Mr. Aizawa, completely exhausted. 


"NOW!" I shouted, watching Uraraka press her fingers together. 


"Huh?" the blue haired villain said, looking upwards at the ceiling. Said iron chucks came raining down and fell on top of some of the villains, Mr. Aizawa's work cut down to about half. 


"What the hell-?!" Mr. Aizawa turned around quickly, taking his eyes off the battlefield. "STUDENTS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?"


"WE'RE HELPING YOU!" I shouted, catching my tongue. "LOOK OUT!" 


It was almost too late, Mr. Aizawa close to being pinned to the ground. I pricked my palm, blood almost falling onto the ground before lifted up. Tentacle like spikes came out of my hand, firing into the villain's limbs. 


"So the students can fight as well..." the villain cackled. "Their death will be more and more interesting." 


I brought all the blood back into my hand, catching any drop that would possibly fall onto the ground and break my cover. 


I can't tell anyone. I thought.


Mr. Aizawa jumped away and continued fighting, protecting himself and us. I turned to Uraraka, my face pale from the overusage of my Quirk.


She smiled, the two of us high-fiving each other.


"We're a good team!" Uraraka giggled.



Kaminari screamed like a little girl as he ran away from a villain, swinging their fist at him.


"I've never been so scared in my whole life!" Kaminari proclaimed. "What's going on!? Are we going to die here?!"


Jirou sighed, pushing back a villain with her foot. Momo fought next to her, pushing back yet another villain with a metal rod. 


"Can you calm down here, dude?" Jirou asked.


"Right now, we must focus on escaping." Momo said. "Try using your electricity to stun them all... I've made notes on anyone who is currently wearing something conductive, and it seems to be roughly 98 percent."


"Jirou, dude, did you not pay attention during All Might's combat training?!" Kaminari squealed. "I can surround myself in electricity, but I can't actually fire it. If I do, you're going to be taken down with them..! I'm no use here!"


Momo and Jirou looked at each other with disappointment. The same villain from before swung his hand down at Kaminari, Jirou kicking him into them.


"You know what?!" Jirou shouted. "You're officially my human stun gun!"


The villain, a second later, was covered in electricity, Kaminari quite proud of himself.


"Hey, it's working!" Kaminari smiled. "Step back you two lovely ladies, I'll take care of this!"


"You are so damn tiring." Jirou sighed.


One of the other villains in front of Momo swung a sort of rock tail down at the two, Jirou plugging her ear-jacks into her boots. High pitched sound waves came out from her boots' speakers, shattering the rock and promptly damaging their ears.


More villains came after Kaminari, starting a chain reaction of electric shock. Momo bent over on her knees, Jirou raising an eyebrow.


"Sadly, it takes me a longer time to actually create something this big." Momo stated, a blanket appearing from her back. It fell on top of the two. 


"What, are they supposed to use that blanket as a shield?" a villain snickered.


"Actually, it's an insulation sheet, 100 millimeters thick." Momo smirked. "Go for it Kaminari!"


Momo then covered herself again, Kaminari grinning widely.


"Alright!" Kaminari shouted. "Now I can fight without hurting my friends! I'm going to fry you like takoyaki!"


Electricity pulsed from Kaminari's hands, shot down like lightning and promptly electrocuted all the villains around the three. Momo lifted the sheet off her head, looking outside and at the surrounding area.


"We should go look for the other students." Momo said.


"Uh... Yaoyorozu," Jirou gulped, her face completely red. "You're looking a little too free there..!"


"It's fine. I can make new clothes." Momo said, shaking it off.


Jirou looked at Kaminari approaching the two, shielding Momo from him. She suddenly backed off, Momo making clothes as Kaminari walked around aimlessly. He looked....


"Pfft-" Jirou held back her laughter.



I moved with Uraraka, the two of us making it down the staircase and hid around an area where Mr. Aizawa was. I watched and waited for an opportunity, calculating something in my head.


Suddenly, the "main boss" came running at Mr. Aizawa, taking hold of his elbow. I gasped, along with Uraraka as Mr. Aizawa's skin began to crumble. 


"Your Quirk isn't meant for longtime battles like this, is it?" the villain said. "But even when you knew that, you still jumped into the fight to protect your... precious students." 


Mr. Aizawa froze, turning around slowly to look up at the shadow covering him. Some strange creature opened its... beak and grabbed Mr. Aizawa by the head, smacking him against the ground harshly.


I held back my lunch, Uraraka turning away with fright. 


Shit... I thought, kind of reluctant to swear. I need to help him...!


The creature began twisting Mr. Aizawa's right arm, screeching.


"Isn't he wonderful?" the blue villain asked, Mr. Aizawa's face against the ground. "His sole purpose is to eradicate the symbol of peace.... But for now, you can call him Nomu."


13 was still fighting the portal villain, when suddenly a portal opened up behind her. The same Black Hole she uses began to suck her up in on herself, her hero costume beginning to tear.



The blue haired villain began to scratch at his neck again, clearly annoyed and terrified. 


13 fell over on her face, unconscious and severely wounded. Mina sat next to 13 to keep her safe, the others protecting 13 as well.


Iida finally finished powering up, sprinting for the door.


"I WON'T LET YOU GET AWAY!" the portal villain shouted, almost swallowing Iida up with purple smoke. Sero stuck tape to the villain's guard, pulling him backwards as Iida managed to reach the door. He began to pull it opened, squeezing through right before the villain could catch him.


He's going to alert the school. the villain thought. This fight is over.


I knelt behind a wall of iron, watching Mr. Aizawa's arm twist and twist. His left arm was promptly smashed like a twig, broken and bleeding.


"It's annoying how your Quirk can erase things..." the blue villain sighed. "But isn't it funny when we erase yours?"


Suddenly, the portal villain appeared beside the other, explaining the escape if Iida.


"He managed to get out safely!" Uraraka whispered triumphantly.


"Dammit... dammit dammit dammit, Kurogiri!" the guy shouted, scratching at his neck violently. He stopped, abruptly. "This is game over... we're back at the title screen."


"Does that mean they're leaving?" Uraraka whispered, a smile growing on her face. 


But why would they turn around now? This is their best chance to fight.... UA will change their security system, so why would they retreat? I thought, watching the villain turn to Uraraka and I.


"But before we leave," he said. "I might as well make sure this... symbol of peace is broken. I want every cell of his pride to be shattered."


The villain's hand pressed against Uraraka's face, only to not work. the villain chuckled, turning his head slightly.


"You really are amazing," he said. "Eraserhead."


The Nomu smashed Mr. Aizawa's head back into the ground, giving me a chance to attack. 


"YOU!" I shouted, pushing Uraraka backwards. "DON'T YOU EVER TOUCH MY FRIEND!"


One of the chunks of iron came flying towards the villain, smashing against the ground. Dirt flew up and creating a dust cloud, blocking me from seeing the damage.


"Did.. Did I...?" I exhaled, Uraraka taking in what just happened to her. "Ur-Uraraka!! Are you okay?!"


I turned back to her, looking behind me with wide eyes. The Nomu from before stood in front of the blue villain, the iron falling apart against its body.


It... didn't work? I thought, a cold rush burning through my skin. 


I thought back to when I heard someone from my class speak, saying the villains planned ahead of time.. That they had something to kill... Dad..


"That Quirk of yours.." the villain asked, watching a piece of iron cut through my skin. A single drop of blood fell onto the ground, a small rose growing from it. "Are you one of the Infected? How funny.... Then this will make me even happier."


the Nomu grabbed onto my arm, squeezing it tightly as it cut off my blood circulation. I screamed in pain, watching the Nomu's other hand reach for my face. Mr. Aizawa was unconscious behind us, more and more blood spilling from his body. 


Uraraka was frozen on the ground, the blue villain's hands slowly reaching her face. When, all of a sudden, the front doors of the USJ burst and flew into the middle of the building. The student still in the front of the entryway looked to their left or right, staring at the smoke cleared from the doors. 


I began to smile, tears falling from my eyes as a man walked through.


"Have no fear students," they said, tears falling down most of the student's eyes. "For am here..!"


I looked at dad's face closely, the familiar smile I remember gone. Instead, it was replaced with an enraged, pissed frown.


I've never seen dad this upset. I thought, the Nomu letting go of my arm. I quickly covered the cut wound with a layer of iron, stomping on the flowers before Uraraka could notice.


The blue villain smiled, his eyes pinned to dad.


"Looks like this game is going to level two." he said.



Dad stood at the entrance, the five students still up there crying their eyes out. 


"I began to worry when 13 never answered my calls." Dad explained. "I came as quick as I could when Young Iida ran into me, explaining the devastating villainy happening here." 


The blue villain stood up from Uraraka, staring as dad took down five different villains. Dad picked up Mr. Aizawa from the ground, clearly upset as his friend and colleague breathed shallowly. 


Dad suddenly came at Uraraka and I, taking both of us to the sidelines.


"Take Mr. Aizawa with you! Get out of danger!" Dad said.


"Da-" I paused, placing Mr. Aizawa on my shoulders, Uraraka making his body lighter. "I mean, All Might, I tried attacking that.. Creature earlier, but it didn't work..! I don't know if-"


Dad turned to me with a smile, reassuring me.


"I've got this, Young Midoriya! Just take Mr. Aizawa to safety!" Dad said. "He doesn't have much time.!"


I nodded, watching dad begin fighting with the Nomu. Uraraka and I took of running as I tried to put as much blood back inside of Mr. Aizawa as I could, keeping his blood pressure at an acceptable level.


I can't help him... I couldn't even help Mr. Aizawa when he needed it... I told myself, holding back more tears. "It's all my fault."


Uraraka didn't hear my mumbling as we made it to the entrance, leaving Mr. Aizawa with the other five students. Thankfully, more and more scattered classmates made it back to the entrance safely, meeting up with Uraraka and I. Momo gasped, the first one to arrive back, running straight over to Mr. Aizawa to help bandage his wounds. 


"Keep... Keep an eye on Mr. Aizawa..." I said, turning back around.


"What do you think you're doing?!" Uraraka shouted, watching be run back to dad. 


"I CAN'T LET HIM FIGHT THIS ALONE!" I replied, sprinting back to dad's side.


I can't lose you. Mom can't either, nor can all of Japan. I thought. I won't let that monster kill you!


"Get out of the way!" "Kurogiri" said, opening a portal right where I tried to reach for dad. 


I panicked, right before the villain was pushed back by an explosion I knew so well. 


"BACK OFF, DEKU!" Kacchan shouted, grabbing onto the villain by the same metal guard Sero and Sato held the villain by. Todoroki came around as well, freezing the Nomu's right arm that was currently digging into dad's torso.


"Todoroki! Kacchan!" I shouted, watching Kirishima run towards the other villain. Kirishima swung his arm at the villain, only to be dodged. 


"I've learned from one of those weak "villains" that you guys are trying to kill All Might." Todoroki said chillingly. "I won't let that happen. The symbol of peace won't be taken down by some scrubs like you."


I cried, wiping the tears from my eyes. 


"Todoroki, Kacchan..!" I whimpered. "Everyone!"


"Kurogiri...." the blue villain grumbled. "How the hell did you let a little brat overcome you."


"Ha..!" Kacchan smiled. "You were so easy to figure out, you dumb villain! Only parts of you turn into that weird ass purple smoke. The rest of you is completely vulnerable!"


"Tomura Shigaraki-" Kurogiri grunted, only to be slightly exploded by Kacchan.


"Don't you dare think about moving." Kacchan threatened. "You make a single move and I'll blow your ass up right now. They'll be cleaning you from the USJ for weeks."


Kirishima pointed out Kacchan's.... Mean behavior, only for this "Shigaraki" to get more upset.


"Kids these days are a lot stronger than I remember." Shigaraki said. "Nomu." 


the Nomu began moving around in the portal, crawling back out of it as the ice shattered its arm and leg. 


"How is it still moving..?!" I panicked, Todoroki also shocked. 


Its arm began to regenerate, the Nomu screeching profoundly. I gulped, taking a step backwards.


"I thought it only had Shock Absorbing!" Dad stated, holding his wound. 


"This Nomu has been modified to specifically take you down, All Might." Shigaraki mentioned. "Even at one hundred percent power, he's like a big punching bag.... that punches back."


Shigaraki turned to Kacchan, pointing at him with a smile.


"First, we need to get our exit ticket." Shigaraki said. "Get him."


The Nomu ran straight at Kacchan at high speeds, I couldn't see him, nor could anyone else. Dad ran into the fray, throwing Kacchan towards Todoroki and I. He took the hit and Kacchan didn't, safely landing beside me.


"THESE ARE KIDS!" Dad shouted.


"I had to do what was right. That kid was threatening my companion." Shigaraki said, walking next to the Nomu. "Besides, those kids aren't precious little angels. The green boy tired crushing me with a bolder of iron. The blond boy threatened to murder my friend here. What kind of hero does something like that? You really think you guys can get away with violence just because you're a hero? Us "villains" aren't allowed to fight back because we're "villains"? It pisses me off. Why do you categorize acts of violence as either good or bad? You think you're some symbol of PEACE? Ha, you're just another spawn from the government; a pawn."


"You criminals always try to make your acts sound righteous." Dad said. "When really, you're just a lunatic. Admit it, you're doing it because you like it, not because it's for the sake of what's right and wrong!"


Todoroki lowered his head, glancing over at me.


"We have them outnumbered." Todoroki said. 


"Y-yeah.." I agreed, swallowing any of the fear I had left inside of me. "Kacchan found the portal villain's weakness, meaning he's going to be easier to take down."


"Do not engage in fight!" Dad shouted. 


"Really? If it weren't for me, you'd be dead right now." Todoroki added.


"Just sit back," Dad said, Todoroki outspoken. "And let a Pro handle this!"


Shigaraki turned to the four of us, staring into my eyes.


"Kurogiri, Nomu..." he said. "Kill him. I'll take care of the kids."


Shigaraki came running at us as dad fought with the Nomu, taking blast after blast, returning them to its rightful owner. The sheer amount of force kept pushing the four of us back, keeping Shigaraki away from us. 


Even with the giant injury on his abdomen.. I thought. He's giving those punches his all... Above 100 percent of his ability..




Dad clenched his right fist tightly, pulling it back as far as it would go. 


"GO BEYOND!" he shouted.


The four of us watched in silence, taken aback by the amount of power dad was expelling from him. 




The Nomu, on impact, went flying into the USJ, dad standing victorious. The pressure of the punch destroyed the ground below dad, creating a sort of shield of smoke and dust. The USJ began to shake as the Nomu broke through the building's material, blowing up the lights around the rim. The other students inside the natural disaster zones felt the trembling, questioning the action outside of the domes.


"Was that the brain monster.. thing flying by?" Sero asked, holding up 13. "Or was I seeing things?"


"No..! All Might won!!" Mineta shouted. "That's All Might for you! The number one hero!!"


He... Beat it.. I gasped, watching smoke expel from dad's body. Oh no... He's run out of time..! He's gone over his limit!


"Look's like I have gotten weaker." dad said. "It would've taken only 5 mighty blows, but instead, it took around 300!"


Dad turned to Shigaraki and Kurogiri, Shigaraki shaking with rage.


"Looks like you've been bested, villains!" dad exclaimed. "It would be best if you surrendered."


Dad stood in the cloud of smoke, only to hide the smoke he excreted from his body himself. The two villains hesitated, only for Shigaraki to make a move. I moved on my own, cutting open my hand as blood swam around me.


"DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH ALL MIGHT!" I screamed, Shigaraki's hand appearing in front of me seconds later.


"I won't fall for your tricks again." Kurogiri stated, Shigaraki's laughs heard from the other side of Kurogiri.


Suddenly, something shot through Shigaraki's hand, Shigaraki falling backwards in pain. I fell on my face, bringing all the blood back inside of my hand and covered it with iron.


"Iida!" Uraraka said happily. "You're back!"




Practically the whole UA staff was at the entrance, even the principal was there. 


"Protect the students." the principal said, the staff running into the fight. Present Mic went to the front, screaming wildly at the approaching villains. 


"Come on!" Todoroki said, pulling me off the ground. "We need to get going."


"Y-yeah.." I turned back to dad, watching him give me a thumbs up. "Right..!"


Kacchan and Kirishima went ahead, Todoroki and I following close behind. 


"Are you okay," Todoroki asked. "The usage of blood-"


"I'm fine." I replied sternly. "I'll be okay."


Todoroki looked worried, but quickly shook it off and continued running with me to the entrance. Shigaraki backed up, walking into Kurogiri before being shot several times from Snipe, the Cowboy Hero.


"This may be our game over," Shigaraki said, glaring at dad. "But this doesn't mean we won't strike again... Your days are ending faster and faster... symbol of peace."


I looked back at dad, only to be completely ashamed. 



Police cars arrived to the scene a couple minutes later, dad gone with our teacher Cementoss. I got into the pile all my other classmates were in, letting one of the detectives count us off.


"17.. 18.. 19... 20... Looks like you're all here and slightly unharmed." the man said. "Except for you.. Thankfully we had a nurse patch your wounds up."


I shivered, the man staring at me. 


"We won't be questioning you all right away, so you can head back to school." the man said.


"What... What about Mr. Aizawa?" Mineta asked. 


The detective pulled out his phone, pressing the speaker button.


"He his bones are splintered and completely broken, and he has fractures all across his face." a doctor explained. "Thankfully, we don't see any signs of brain damage, but we're not so sure about his eyesight. We'll have to see once he recovers."


The class gasped with sorrow, my guilt only rising. Uraraka mentioned All Might, making me feel worse. 


"All Might is currently in the nurses office with Recovery Girl. He should be just fine." the man smiled. "Now get back on the bus, you all need to get back to your school."


We obliged, filing back onto the bus quickly so the police officers could do their work. I sat down next to Todoroki in the back, surprising him. 


"Sorry," I said. "I just... Need someone to sit next to who won't bother to ask what's wrong."


Todoroki nodded, turning away and closed his eyes. I buried my face in my hands, Todoroki reopening his eyes to look at me. He held back his questions, listening to me quietly sob as the other classmates engaged in small chatter.



We managed to get back to school on time, Todoroki tapping my shoulder a couple minutes before we arrived in the parking lot. He stood up, waiting patiently for me to stand as well. He watched as I smiled weakly, hurrying outside of the bus and into the school. He looked over at Momo, the two agreeing to not bother me later.


"Is everything okay, Deku?" Uraraka asked, leaning in closer to me. "Your eyes are all puffy."


"Yeah, everything's fine." I replied with a fake smile. "I have to head over to the nurses' office before I leave. You and Iida can go on without me."


Uraraka nodded worriedly, watching me head over to the nurse. Todoroki and Momo glanced at each other again, Momo shooing Todoroki with me.


"Do I have to." Todoroki asked, Momo giving him a stink eye. "Fine.."


I hurried into the clinic, seeing dad on one of the beds. The detective man from earlier was there as well, Recovery Girl sitting in her chair. 


"Dad!" I shouted, running up to him. 


"Hey, kiddo." dad smiled, putting his shirt on. "Are you okay? Did you lose any blood at all?"


"No... Well, I couple of drops.." I admitted. "It's.. It's not that much. It is probably a couple hours of difference, I promise."


Dad sighed, the detective looking at the two of us with confusion.


"I never knew you had a kid, Toshinori." he said.


"He's not my biological child. Inko had him with his original dad, I'm just the step father." dad explained. 


"He's more of a dad than my first was." I muttered. "Are you okay though? What about your time? I thought you said you would stop doing all this? Especially when it came to the hero work...!"


"I was strolling around the city, I couldn't just let the citizens in needs suffer." dad replied. "Even if it made some complications... Ah- let me introduce you to my friend here. Sorry for blocking you out there."


"No it's fine." the detective said.


"Izuku, this is Naomasa Tsukaushi, a friend of mine." dad said, the man smiling and waving at me. "He's the third person who knows of my secret here."


"Ah..." I said. "Hello... I'm Midoriya Izuku.. AH! I need to get back to change and get home! Mom is going to freak out."


Dad jolted, feeling the same fear as I. 


"Hurry hurry, I don't want to anger her..." dad hurried me. "I hope she doesn't know of the events today.... As far as I know, it hasn't been broadcast."


I nodded, changing into my uniform and hurried over to my class, grabbing my belongings. Todoroki waited outside the classroom, fiddling with a small chunk of ice.


"Todoroki?" I asked. "What are you doing here?"


"Oh." he looked up from his hand, the ice melting away. "Momo told me to wait for you. To check and see if you were okay."


"O-oh... Well, thank you for waiting." I smiled, my cheeks slightly warm. 


Todoroki looked away, waiting for me to put on my shoes. He was silent as I walked with him, dad already ahead since he didn't want Todoroki to see him.


"Just a question," Todoroki said, finally breaking the silence. "Did you possibly go to the nurse because of the blood you lost."


I jumped slightly, figuring Todoroki would find out anyway.


"Possibly...." I whispered. "But.. I also went to check on d- All Might."


"You seem quite close to him." Todoroki mentioned. "Another question.. Are you.. Well, his secret love child or whatever?"


I stopped, looking up at Todoroki, who was actually quite serious about this question. I laughed, covering my face as Todoroki stood there confused. 


"Was it the question..." Todoroki asked. 


"Possibly, possibly." I chuckled. Todoroki's face was slightly red, turning away when I noticed.


My face began to burn a slight red color, my arms wrapping around my head. Todoroki said goodbye as he walked to his house, a separate route than me. 


"See you later." I said, still embarrassed. 


Todoroki waved his hand side to side without turning around, my cheeks cooling down. The sun above us was warm, the sky a bright amber shade. With a smile, I entered my home, mom and dad greeting me.


"You and Young Todoroki seem to have a nice friendship." dad smiled, that same warmth felt earlier running back into my face. "I'm just teasing."


"We're making Pork Cutlet tonight!" mom said loudly, placing rice into the rice cooker. "Can you help with setting up the table, Izuku?"


"Ok!" I smiled, taking off my shoes and plopped my bag down on the ground, hiding the wounds on my arms from her. Dad had done the same, keeping his torso a secret from her. There was no way the two of us could say anything, mom's anxiety is already bad enough. Her finding out I've been losing blood already, shortening my time.... It'll kill her.





Chapter Text

Weeks passed by, the memories of the USJ attack still hanging in the air. We, class 1-A, would rather not bring up the events anytime soon. The day, however, was fairly peaceful as we learned english peacefully. I sighed, glancing outside of the window at the freshly repaired entrance.


The lunch bell rang and my class scattered throughout the school, along with all the other classes of course. Momo and I sat in the cafeteria together, discussing over the new English terms Present Mic handed out. Momo, as expected, memorized each of the words perfectly, even if the class just ended.


“You’re like a Goddess, Yaoyorozu….” a girl said, taking a seat next to Momo. It was Uraraka, to no one’s surprise. “How can you so efficiently memorize the words? I wish I was like you sometimes.”


Momo’s face was bright pink, another girl hurrying over to agree with Uraraka. Her hair was a dark purple, closing in on black if the light didn’t reflect. She seemed laid back, but also had.. What, earphone jacks?


“Uraraka’s right, Yaomomo.” the girl said, elbowing Momo’s right bicep.


Momo’s face grew even pinker, now transitioning into a deep crimson.


“Jirou, there’s no need for flattering others.” Momo whispered. “The subject Present Mic taught today was easy to catch on, especially since the subjunctive terms are easy-flowing.”


“To me, this subject is one of the worst…” Jirou, the earphone jack girl, sighed, slouching into her seat. “In general, English is the worst.”


The three of them proceeded having a lively conversation with each other, leaving me, the singled out classmate, to eat my lunch silently.


“Todoroki!” someone shouted, catching my attention. I glanced upwards, noticing the beaming, green eyes of one particular Midoriya Izuku. “Come sit with us!!”


Midoriya gestered over to the spot in front of him, a bright smile crossing his face. With a sigh, I picked up my half empty lunch tray and plopped down in front of Midoriya, Iida sitting to his right.


“Why did you call me over,” I asked. “There was no reason for you to do so…”


Midoriya urked, a tiny drop of sweat forming on his left temple.


“I just…” Midoriya stuttered. “Noticed you being left out over there with Uraraka, Jirou and Yaoyorozu.. So I thought it would be nice to invite you over here?”


Midoriya’s pitch rose with each word he let out, kind of shrinking as well. I sighed heavily, picking up my chopsticks and ate. The glow in Midoriya’s eyes began to shine brighter, Iida smiling as well.


“So,” Midoriya started, wiping a grain of rice off his cheek. “I’ve heard the Sports Festival is coming up soon!”


I winced, remembering back to last night’s encounter with, dare I say it, father.


“I’ve noticed a certain boy in your class,” Endeavor began, placing his dishes in the sink. “Who has a striking connection with my rival, All Might.”


“And what of it.” I asked harshly, glaring up at him. His eyes glowed with menace in the dark shadows of a hallway, a fire hotter than his temper burning behind them.


“Because of this,” he grumbled. “I have also noticed your blossoming “friendship” with him. Quit it . Becoming a Hero does not include screwing around with “friends”. If you’re going to rise to the top, you will have no one get in your way. I’ve accepting your “friend” Yaoyorozu because of her position and class, but this green boy? I want you to terminate that friendship now . I want you to surpass All Might, not join his side. If I see you befriending this boy again,”


“What?” I scoffed. “You’ll do what?”


Father’s fire cackled, snapping along with his patience. He held up his phone, a number already dialed in. It was the hospital .


“I’ll see it that your mother will continue living in that ward,” he said. “And live miserably . You have no idea what power you’re fighting against, Shouto.”


I backed down, father taking his leave and slammed the front door shut. Fuyumi jogged over to my side, giving me a look of sorrow. My fists were clenched, fingernails digging deep into my skin before I stormed into my room. Fuyumi looked back at me with squinted eyes; pained eyes.


“And what of it.” I asked, repeating the words I used against father.


“I just wanted to wish all you guys luck!” Midoriya smiled, something shattering in my chest. “As friends-”


We’re not friends .” I said sharply, cutting of Midoriya mid sentence. I wish I could take it back, but I couldn’t. Not with my mother’s life in danger. “I didn’t come to this school to make friends. I don’t intend to become friends with you anytime soon. I came to this school to become a Pro Hero, and I won’t let “friends” hold me down.”


Fuck. I thought. I sound like my father.


Midoriya looked at me with shattered eyes, as if I hurt something. Something I shouldn’t have.


“Just because Momo found out about you and your problem,” I can’t make myself shut up. “Doesn’t mean I wanted to be your friend. She dragged me into this, I never obliged.”


I stood up and took my tray, placing it on a rack and began to walk back to class. Momo, sadly, overheard Midoriya and I’s conversation, along with her two friends. Midoriya sat back, his bright smile void as Iida tried to shake him out of it.


“I’m so sorry.” Momo apologized.


“No no!!” Midoriya’s smile came back, although, it wasn’t bright. “It’s okay… I kind of figured this out earlier when he became more and more distant…”


Momo watched as Midoriya, too, placed his tray on a rack and hurried to class, the bell a couple minutes away from ringing.


“What did your father do this time.” Momo whispered, barely audible to the people around her. “I swear, if I could, and if it were legal, I would beat his sorry ass-”


“Momo?” Jirou tapped her shoulder. “You’re mumbling. Don’t tell me Midoriya’s habit can spread…”


Uraraka laughed, spitting a little bit as well.


“Ah,” Momo giggled. “No no, I was just.. Out of it for a second there.”


Jirou hummed, walking with Momo and Uraraka back into class. Most of the other students were already there, the bell ringing the minute the three girls sat down.




“As you all know,” Mr. Aizawa said, dropping his “cocoon” onto the floor. “The Sports Festival is coming up soon. You’ll be fighting against, not only your own class, but the other classes here as well. Well, besides the second and third years that is.”


Mr. Aizawa continued to explain the ins and outs of the Sports Festival, right until the bell rang for dismissal. Suddenly, footsteps rampaged through the hallway and landed right in front of our classroom door. Bakugou, in the middle of trying to leave, was stormed by all the other students from the different departments. He groaned, wanting to get out as soon as possible.


“What do you think they’re doing here?” I hear someone ask.


“Probably scoping out the competition,” Bakugou replied. “I mean, we survived a villain attack. They want to see us face to face.”


Bakugou stepped up to the doorway, some students backing off as he got closer.


“At least you know what a future Pro Hero looks like,” Bakugou said, his eyes glaring daggers into theirs’. “Now fuck off, you Extras.”


“Bakugou! That’s no way to treat the other students here!” Iida shouted, his arm robotically chopping up and down. “Be respectful!”


“This must be class 1-A, huh?” someone said, their voice semi-close to our homeroom teacher. “But you…. You just sound like a complete ass.”


I held back a snicker, Bakugou’s level of anger slowly rising. The student stepped closer to Bakugou, their hair peeking out from the crowd. As they got closer, their face came into view. Dark circles fell under his eyes, his posture slouched and tired.


As if he hadn’t sleep in years.


“It’s sad that I’ve come to look at this class, only to find a bunch of egotistical brats.” they said. “Unfortunately, I had to take a different spot in this school, even if I did want to be a hero. But, if any of these students here, including myself, do well in this sports festival, we have a chance of being bumped up. However, that would mean we would need to take the spot of someone else .”


He looked at each of us individually, his cockiness increasing with each minute.


“Just so you know,” he began again. “If you don’t bring your very best to this festival, I can steal your place from right under you. Consider this as a “Declaration of War”, have at you.”


Bakugou at this mysterious purple haired boy gave each other a good stare before they were interrupted. Some student from class 1-B shouted through the crowd at Bakugou, mostly nonsense. I took this at my chance to leave, shoving my hands into my pockets as I walked to the doorway.


Bakugou had already left, everyone watching his he quietly made his way down the hallway.


“So manly,” Kirishima said. “And I hate it.”



Because of this statement, each of us trained hard for the day of the festival. Everyone, not just including my class. Each student in our building trained for the upcoming festival, giving it our all as we prepared.


“You’re going to win this festival,” father said. “No matter what. Is this clear?”


I didn’t reply, eating the last of my dinner as I went outside to continue my training. Father, although fairly pissed, did not engage afterwards. He was just happy I was training hard.


I won’t use my flame, just in spite of you. I promised, throwing a heavy punch into the air. I will win by my mother’s side, not by yours.



After we all knew it, the festival arrived. Each one of us trained nonstop, readying for this exact day. I left my home after saying goodbye to Fuyumi, hearing her say she’d watch. Father would be there anyways, so her words of encouragement didn’t help as much; she could tell too.


I arrived at school, fireworks blasting into the sky as we made our into our apparent waiting room. We changed into our gym uniforms, sitting, or standing, and waited for us to be called out. Momo walked over to me and said her hello, before running off to her new friends.


“Glad you branched out.” I whispered, sighing lightly before leaning against the wall.


I noticed Midoriya’s gaze fall on me, a certain strike of pain running through my chest. I didn’t mean to hurt him, it just… Sort of came out that way.


“You will forget about this little friendship game with this boy.” father ordered. “You will win this festival.”


Iida burst into the room, explaining we only had a couple minutes until we were call outside. This was my chance. I walked up to Midoriya, his surprise clear on his face.


“H-hey, Todoroki…” he stuttered.


With a heavy, painful sigh, I looked into his eyes coldly. He shivered, hah, the two of us standing there for a moment with all class looking.


“From where we both stand, I am clearly at an advantage from you.” I said. To my surprise, Midoriya agreed to it. “However… You have All Might right behind you, don’t you? I’ve noticed the extra treatment he gives you, anyone could notice. But know this.”


Midoriya gulped, Momo sighing in the far right corner.


“I will beat you.” I proclaimed, my voice replicating my father…. Disgustingly.


“What’s with all the declarations all of a sudden?” Kaminari sighed, Kirishima rising from his seat. He placed a hand on my right shoulder, looking at me strangely.


“Yeah, Kaminari’s right.” Kirishima said. “What’s with it, Todoroki? Picking a fight before the festival has even begun?”


I shrugged him off harshly, not looking into his eyes.


“We’re not here to make friends with each other.” I turned away from the two students, my back to them. “Don’t forget, this festival isn’t a team effort.”


I began walking outside of the room, Midoriya suddenly saying my name.


“I don’t know what’s running around in your head right now,” he gulped, clearly nervous. “Or why you’re suddenly saying this, even when we’ve been getting along just fine lately. But yeah, of course you’re better than me, I’ve known that. You have better control over your Quirk than I do, even with- everything…”


I winced.


“All the other courses here,” Midoriya said, his head lowered. “Are coming after us during this festival with all that they have. That means that we’re also going to be giving it our all.”


Midoriya looked up at me with determined eyes, the two of us glaring.


“That means I am also going to be giving it my all.” he said confidently, his hands resting at his side.


“Fine.” I replied deeply. The class was filled with tension, silence reigning over us before we were called out of the waiting room.


“That’s was quite the proclamation there, Todoroki.” Momo whispered. “What’s gotten into you lately…?”


I didn’t answer, but kept my eyes in front of me.


“Was it your fa-”


I turned to her with cold eyes, the two colors catching a glimpse of the light outside. Momo stopped, taking it as her time to be quiet.


“Yes,” I looked away. “It was. Who else would it be.”


“I’m sorry,” Momo apologized. “But there’s no reason to lash out like that.”


“If I don’t win this,” I gulped, my hands sweating. “He’ll hurt my mot-”


Momo looked at me with fear, Present Mic’s voice coming on over the speakerphone which cut me off.




The crowd went wild, our ears ringing as we made it out of the dark. The crowd, surprisingly, was a lot bigger than I had expected. I glanced over at Midoriya, who was slightly shaking, but mostly standing his ground.


Why the hell did I have to go off like that. I asked myself, mentally hitting my side. These are my father’s words, not mine… I never wanted to-


Present Mic’s introduction of us cut off my monologue, which was probably for the better. We walked out into the field, a podium in the middle of it. He then introduced class 1-B, clearly talking them up as well.


This is getting annoying.




Midnight took to the podium, a certain nervous student behind me gulping fairly loudly. His whole body shook with nervously tension, pulling his collar away from him.


“You ready for this, Deku?” Uraraka whispered. “Aren’t you the one giving the spee-”


“And now, the introductory speech!” Midnight shouted, crashing her whip in the air. “For this student pledge, please welcome to the podium, MIDORIYA IZUKU!”


I was wide-eyed, unknowing of his.. Call to the podium. Had I really not paid attention enough?


He seemed a lot more nervous recently…


Midoriya slowly made his way up the podium stairs, Midnight waiting with a smile.


“You got this, kiddo.” she said with a thumbs up.


“R-right…” Midoriya tapped on the microphone, clearly his throat. “Uhm…”


The whole arena fell quiet, only a few whispers were heard.


“As… Us first years..” Midoriya said with a lump in his throat. “Have a lot to bring into this year’s festival… There are so many strong students here today, but there are other things we need to look out for… We’re being watched by every agency out there, which means we need to bring our best.”


“He’s handling it surprisingly well.” Uraraka whispered.


“This is our way of showing ourselves to the world.” Midoriya smiled. “So this is our chance… To show everyone what us first year students really have..!!”


The crowd, silence for another second, fell over in loud cheering, screaming their support at the classes. Midoriya hurried off the stage, his face fallen over in crimson shades. I scoffed, holding back laughter that I knew I shouldn’t have. I can’t act all friendly… Not after what I did.


“What an excellent speech, Midoriya!” Midnight said into the microphone. “As you heard him, this is their time to shine! Their time to show everyone what they have! Without further ado, though, we are now beginning the first game!”


A screen projected right behind Midnight, options spinning around and around.


“This is where you all, firsthand, experience the pain of the game!” Midnight smiled. “What will the first game be, I wonder?”


The options continued spinning before it landed right on one of the options I kind of didn’t want… The Obstacle Course.


“TA-DAH!” Midnight sung. “Each class with be participating in this contest, may I say. The track will be four kilometers around the stadium, outside of course.”


Midnight licked her lips, pointing her whip at each of us.


“I won’t have to step in, hopefully,” she smirked. “But as long as you don’t step outside of this obstacle course, you’re free to do whatever you please!”


A big, red entrance, or exit, began to glow, three green dots above waiting to count down. I stood in the front, waiting patiently as I planned for the course.


“You will win.”


Father’s voice echoed in my mind, his eyes holding me down against the ground like something crushed me under its weight. It was hard for me to speak out, let alone breathe. I couldn’t do anything under his control. And I still can’t.


The green lights finally all went out, a door opening. Students crammed to get outside, thankfully I was out of the mess.


“Little Mister Mummy Man!” Present Mic said, pointing to Mr. Aizawa. “What should be we looking at this round?”


With a sarcastic reply, Mr. Aizawa said “The doorway”. I sighed, freezing the ground beneath me as I ran ahead. I could hear Momo behind me, along with several other classmates.


“Nice trick, Todoroki!” Momo shouted, a metal pole extending from her hand.


“Never tried to trick you,” I replied, a slight smile creeping up on Momo’s face. “Just tried to get ahead.”


I continued running, Mineta strangely catching up to me. But suddenly, he was hit in the face by a-


“The robots!” Midoriya shouted. “From the entrance exam!”


“OH NO!!” Present Mic smiled. “WHAT A SURPRISE!! IT’S A, RRRRRROBO INFERNO!!!”


I stopped, staring up at one of the robots blocking my path. It unclenched its hand, trying to drop it over me.


“This is what you people had to deal with in that entrance exam?” I whispered, bending down with my right hand against the ground. “I wish you guys would put a little more into it…”


Ice began to swirl around me like a gust of wind would hit the ground, my eyes staring straight at the robots’.


“Since my dear old man is watching me.” I finished, sweeping my hand upwards at the robot. Ice came running out of it like a sudden tidal wave, freezing the robot for mere moments.


“Dude! We can get passed!” a student shouted.


“Careful,” I smiled, running ahead. “I froze them while they were reach out… Off balance.


“On purpose…” Momo added, watching the robot come crashing down on the students I left behind.




I looked behind me, picking up my pace as the others were left to fight the robots alone.


“You will win.”


The man’s echo rung in my ears like a bell, reminding me over and over again. To be like him .

Chapter Text

I watched as Todoroki left us all behind, as if we didn’t matter to him. Oh who am I kidding? Of course we didn’t matter to him. Not anymore. Not after his declaration. Not after… He shut our friendship down. I could tell there was something wrong, but I never knew it would be something like this. He never seemed like the type of person to just… Push us all away.


I carried on, blocking out my emotions. I couldn’t drown in them now, I had a battle to face. These robots, or what I’ve heard of, were the ones my friends had to fight in the entrance exam… Hense my cry earlier.


“How… How…” I stuttered, looking back at Uraraka. “How did you take these things down?”


“I didn’t take down many.” Uraraka gulped. “I was stuck under some rubble before Iida came and helped me…”




“Okay… okay okay okay…” I gulped, calculating as quickly as I could in my head. “Uh… Uh…. Urarak-”


“Midoriya, remember,” Iida said. “This isn’t a team effort… Even though I hate to admit it, Todoroki was right. But don’t worry, we’ll be fine without you!”


I looked back at Iida and Uraraka, the two giving me a wide smile. I couldn’t help but feel slightly bad, but ended up agreeing to their words. With a weary smile, I turned back to the fight at hand and prepared carefully.


With a single, quick motion, I swung my hands in the exact motion Todoroki made, however, it wasn’t ice. The robots, thankfully containing iron, swung upwards or to the side. I made my run for it, catching up with Todoroki.




“First, stop calling me “mummy man”.” Mr. Aizawa sighed. “And second, Midoriya, unlike Todoroki, who has an ice Quirk, has what you would call Sanguiskinesis. So, blood control.”




Because he can control blood , it contains iron. Midoriya is strong enough to control both blood and iron.” Mr. Aizawa finished, sending a slightly annoyed glance at Present Mic. “It takes a lot of time and precision to actually control both.”




The crowd cheered behind me as I ran past Todoroki, his body freezing up suddenly.


“I’m so glad I got to practice my Quirk before school began…” I sighed, taking a couple more feet from Todoroki before releasing him.


Suddenly, Kacchan’s screams were heard behind me as well, Todoroki and Kacchan both fighting to get ahead. I picked up my pace, a single sentence screaming at me. DON’T GET CAUGHT DON’T GET CAUGHT DON’T GET CAUGHT!!




I couldn’t look back for the fear I had wailing in my head, telling me to keep going. If I stopped, I’d probably be dead. Kacchan pushed himself forwards with a handful, hah, of explosions, gaining more distance from Todoroki than me.


I’m going to die . I thought quickly, a relieved smile on my face. At least I got to make friends .



The course had finally finished with me, thankfully not dead, running into the arena first. The crowd went wild, pumping their fists into the air as they cheered violently. I cowered, hearing Kacchan and Todoroki coming in second and third. Uraraka followed behind Iida, some other students following after them.


“Good job on becoming first!” Uraraka congratulated. “After that speech you gave, Iida and I got all fired up to be our best!”


“I.. I didn’t do anything, Uraraka….” I replied modestly, listening to Present Mic explain further details.


I had apparently won the most points, , to be exact.


“With our next event!” Midnight cracked her whip in the air once more. “The Cavalry Battle!”


Midnight pointed to the screen behind her with her whip, “CAVALRY BATTLE” written out in caps. She began explaining the rules, a “king of the hill” sort of play, but there were more than just one “hill”. I glanced around, looking for people to team up with me.


But no one wants to because of the points I won… I panicked, looking into the eyes of the other students. But no one risked the chances.


“Deku!” I heard Uraraka’s voice call my name, her hand in the air excitedly. “I’ll be your partner!”


I burst into tears, Uraraka very kindly handing me a handkerchief.


“Thank you so much!” I croaked, wiping away the final tears in my eyes. Uraraka nodding, two other students approaching her and I.


“Hello~!” a girl said, her hair pink and eyes like gears. “I’d like to join your team~!”


Uraraka and I obliged, even after the mentioning of “showing off babies”. Tokoyami was behind her, asking for permission as well. I, with another tear, said yes and happily became a team with them. I watched as Iida teamed up with Todoroki, along with other powerful students.


I gulped nervously, trying to swallow the fear in my throat. But it just came back no matter how hard I tried. A sudden throb in my head shook me to the side slightly, my eyesight blurring for a moment.


“Are you ok, Deku?” Uraraka asked worriedly, placing her hands on my shoulders. “You seem… Out of it?”


“I’m fine, I promise.” I gave her a weak smile. “Let’s win this battle!”


Uraraka nodded, the team agreeing that I could be at the top of the pile. Thankfully, I wouldn’t have to do most of the walking, my head yelled with joy at that.


“And with the final teams set!” Midnight smiled, waving her whip into the air. “LET THE GAME BEGIN!”


Students ran at each other, using their Quirks without hesitation.


“What’s the plan Deku?” Uraraka asked.


“I think we should just…. Stick to the sidelines for a little while.” I said, my hand at my chin. “If we manage to stay out of the way, we can observe who is getting the most points. With that, we can attack them before the time is up and steal as many points as we can….”


“We should also watch out for any of the people who try to attack us.” Tokoyami added. “I’ll keep Dark Shadow at watch while we keep out of the line of fire. Might I ask what your Quirk is again, Midoriya.”


“Oh, yeah that’s okay.” I said with a nervous giggle. “I have a Blood Quirk… But I can also control Iron….”


“That can be quite useful for my babies!!!” Hatsume smiled, which I figured out her name after her… interesting introduction.


“R-right…” I stuttered, focusing my attention at the fight. Students clashed, stealing one headband after the other. It was close to chaos.


“One team at six o’clock!” Dark Shadow said.


I turned around quickly and held out my hand, the whole team stopping in their tracks. I noticed they didn’t have a headband, which meant they were probably trying to get theirs’ back. Without delay, I swung my hand to the right and the team went flying, my team fairly impressed.


“That took the wind out of me…” I wheezed. “I haven’t done something like that… In, well, a while.”




I held one hand against my throbbing head, leaning over slightly.


“He’s giving me one hell of a headache.” I whispered, my eyesight going blurry again. “I.. Can’t focus..”


“Deku?” Uraraka looked up at me with worried eyes, soon turning to fear. “DEKU!!”


I almost passed out, the whole team wobbling to the side. Uraraka made all of us less heavy, trying to get me to wake up.


“Deku!! Deku are you alright?!” Uraraka panicked, watching the other teams approach. Some with worry, some ready to fight. “Deku!!”


I looked back up, my green eyes fading into nothing but a pale version of what it should have been. My head rose back up, staring into the sky for a moment as a team approached us.


“Midoriya, time for a new plan!!” Dark Shadow hollered, my head lowering to face the team in front of me.


With a blank, forced smile, I cut open my wrist. A single drop of blood almost fell onto the ground before freezing, lifting back up and around my hand. Blood from my wrist, like tendrils appearing like spears, released into the air. The team stopped, watching the bloody tentacles fire down at them rapidly. The blood crashed into the ground, breaking apart the floor. Before any flowers could form, “I” picked the blood back up and combined it into the tendrils.


“Deku…” Uraraka muttered.


With another blank look, the tendrils fired down at the team again, one damaging a “pillar”. The whole team fell over and were eliminated, but the tendrils didn’t stop firing.


“HEY MAN! WE’RE ELIMINATED!” a member shouted, dodging a hefty attack. “CUT IT OUT!”


“I” lowered my hand, that smile fading away like the color did in my eyes. The blood rose from the ground again, firing behind me and into a different team.




“I didn’t do anything.” Mr. Aizawa replied. “I never knew-”


“Deku!” Uraraka shouted, hitting my back and not lightly. “Snap out of it!”


I can’t .


“AND HERE COMES THE MAIN RIVAL TEAM! TEAM TODOROKI!” Present Mic announced. “My” attention turned to them, eyes pinned to Todoroki. “WHO WILL COME OUT AS THE WINNER?!”


“Midoriya, we need a plan…” Tokoyami grunted, Dark Shadow slightly cowering behind him.


We fight .” “I” replied, my voice gargled. “ Without backing down .”


“Is… Is something wrong with Midoriya?” Momo whispered to Todoroki, the two sharing a glance. “He seems… Different.”


“Now isn’t the time to worry.” Todoroki grumbled… But that was the worst possible reply he could give.


The blood around “me” began to grow dark, my skin paling. But my eyes were still dark and empty, the tendrils growing bigger and bigger with more and more blood. They loomed over the two teams, casting shadows heavier and heavier.


A disgusting, terrifying smile crept up on “my” face, baring my teeth like a snake ready to attack its prey. We sat there staring at each other while the tendrils dropped blood on the ground, but there were no flowers. It fell like acid, destroying the ground underneath it with a single touch. Todoroki gulped, but didn’t back down.


Mr. Aizawa looked carefully at the staff on the other side of the arena, their faces worried and completely terrified. Something was wrong. Something was most definitely wrong.



“I” rose my hand, the wrist I cut open dripping blood onto my face. “I” cocked my head to the left, “my” finger pointing to Todoroki’s left. With that disgusting smile still on my face, the bloody tendrils fired at his team. Crashing into the ground, lifting dirt up and bringing it down upon them. Momo created a shield for them, blocking away most of the falling debris.


“We need to do something,” Uraraka whispered, Tokoyami agreeing. “This isn’t Deku… He wouldn’t just attack like this!”


I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do .” a voice whispered, coming from “my” mouth. Uraraka looked up at “me” with terror flooding her gaze, sweat falling down her forehead.


“TIME IS ALMOST UP FOLKS!” Present Mic said, the clock buzzing loudly. “FIVE MORE MINUTES BEFORE THE GAME IS OVER!”


Kacchan’s team came at “mine” suddenly, reaching for the headband. He was caught off guard, “my” head doing an almost perfect 180 turn to face him. A single tendril shot down at him before Kacchan was pulled back by one of his teammates, safely landing against them.




But Kacchan knew he was bluffing, his eyes held the answer. Behind his cocky attitude held fear, even nervous sweat couldn’t be held back. Kacchan’s hands popped with nitroglycerin, that sweat was only covered with horror as his oldest friend smiled with the blank-est eyes he’d seen in his life.




“WHAT’S WRONG, DEKU!?” Kacchan taunted, holding his arms out. “YOU SCARED?! IS THAT WHY YOU WON’T ATTACK US?!”


“I” didn’t turned to face him, the same tendril that attacked him before split into several other ones.


“Someone call off the fight.” Mr. Aizawa whispered, getting up from the microphone. “He needs to be taken off the court.”


Present Mic didn’t hear him over his excessive yelling, hyping up the crowd for something they didn’t know would happen.


The blood began to rise higher, Kacchan taking back his words. He’d never been so fucking scared in his life . He’d never feared for his friend’s life is so fucking long.


“Someone stop the fight!” Mr. Aizawa rose his voice, Present Mic finally taking notice to his friend’s worry.


“I” looked down at my wrist, noticing clotting blood that had run down my arm.


Get it over with .


With a single snap of “my” fingers, the blood came running down at the two teams, my senses finally coming back to me. With screams of pain, I held my hands against my head. My team shook side to side as the tendrils continuously fell down against the other teams, practically destroying the arena.


“GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” I cried, tears falling down from my eyes. “GET OUT OF MY HEAD GET OUT OF MY HEAD GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!”


The blood began to spasm, its form crumbling under itself. It sucked itself back into my wrist, a moment of screaming filling the arena. Each team was frozen, their eyes pinned to me. Without stopping, the blood began to spit out of my mouth and into the sky, the same tendrils appearing again.








Everyone’s cries filled my mind with even more pain, my hands around my throat. Suddenly, the timer buzzed a longer buzz, the two minutes up. My body fell against the ground, the blood back inside of my body and clotted against the cut on my wrist. My mind went blank, the sound of panic as they called out my name. I couldn’t move, nor could some of the students. Some? More like everyone .


Mr. Aizawa and Present Mic ran outside of the announcing room, the staff members also running down to my side.


“Move!” Recovery Girl ordered, teachers pulling away worried students. “Out of the way! This is an emergency!”


Kacchan got off from his friend and walked over to me, no longer angry and vengeful…. But terrifyingly worried.


“Young Bakugou!” dad shouted, pulling him away. “Do not crowd around…”


Kacchan didn’t even shrug dad off, just stood there with his eyes wide open. All eyes turned to Kacchan, because they knew him and I were friends.


“Did… Did you know about this?” Uraraka asked, Kacchan’s nerves slightly ticked off.


“No.” Kacchan replied. “Why the hell would I know about something like this? My dumbass friend, puking out blood like it was just…?! NO! WHY THE HELL WOULD I KNOW?!”


Kacchan began to freak out, dad holding him back in his fit of rage. Dad asked for someone to calm him down, Midnight coming over quickly to sedate him.


“Sleep, kid.” Midnight whispered, Kacchan passing out on the ground.


The crowd fell into whispers, Recovery Girl, Present Mic, Mr. Aizawa and dad taking me into the infirmary.


“The festival has been put on hold for now!” Midnight announced, the crowd totally understanding of why. “Please.. Make yourself outside and home! We will deal with everything here, so do not worry!”


Midnight turned to the students.


“And students!” she said. “Please make your way back into the waiting rooms for further instructions!”


The students, as ordered, moved back into the waiting rooms. Class 1-A, completely shocked, moved without saying anything to each other. Kacchan was brought into the waiting room and was woken up, throwing a fit before finally calming down.


They all sat in silence, the most inflicted were probably his teammates. They were up close and personal to the disaster. Todoroki sat next to Momo with his face sort of frozen in one expression. His eyes were open wide, his mouth closed in one straight line.


“Is…” Kirishima began to speak, the first one to in about half an hour. “Do you think he’ll be okay?”


“I don’t know.” Kacchan replied. “For the first time, I actually don’t know.”


Chapter Text

My mind went blank, darkness overwhelming my eyes. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t do anything . I heard my friends shout with terror as… whatever was inside of me took control. It hurt them. It made them feel unsafe. And it was my fault .


“LET ME GO!” I cried, shaking at the shackles around my wrists and ankles. I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t do… Anything. “Please… Let me go.”


Nothing replied. No one replied. I didn’t get an answer, and nor did I need one. I could feel blood draining from my body, my body weak and fell against the… Nothing. I tried to free myself, but the tight shackles against my body kept me against the ground.




Someone’s voice echoed to my right, as if they were right beside me.




Another voice hollered from behind, anger and fear dwelling deep inside.




A voice from the front, their voice cracking under the pressure of that cry.


But I couldn’t reply, or at least make them hear said reply.


“GUYS! GUYS, ARE YOU OKAY?!” I questioned, but nothing answered me.


Another swift, heavy flow of blood escaped my body,,, except from the mouth. My wrist no longer felt any pain, except there was blood dripping from the corners of my mouth.


“Move! Out of the way! This is an emergency!”




“The games are cancelled for today! Please, students, make your way back into the waiting rooms!”




My body felt like it was lifted from the ground, my consciousness coming back to me. I could see the arena, although hazy. My friends walked away from me as I was carried in my dad’s hands, their faces frozen. I couldn’t move to them; I couldn’t say I was sorry.



I woke up in the infirmary, my body weakened by, most likely, Recovery Girl’s Quirk. I glanced down at my wrist, gauze wrapped around the possible cut. A single pulse of pain punctured my torso, my tongue tasting the remnants of metallic blood. Dad sat to my right, Recovery Girl to my left. Dad held a face of worry as he hung up his phone, resting his forehead against the backs of his hands.


“D-dad?” I choked, my voice too destroyed to muster anything else.


Dad looked up from the tile clinic floor, tears weltering in his eyes. Recovery Girl smiled, pushing her chair to her desk. The old woman picked up her phone and called someone with a soft smile on her face.


“Oh, my boy, are you alright?” dad asked, trying his best not to hurt me. “What happened out there? Is your wrist okay?”


I chuckled, with a slight gurgle of blood still in my throat. I coughed into my palm, smacking it against my chest.


“I’m fine.” I smiled.


Recovery Girl pushed herself over to the door, peeking her head outside before someone opened it all the way. Mr. Aizawa stepped into the infirmary and sighed, a smile hidden behind the layers of gauze around his face.


“Hey-” I croaked. “How ya doing?”


I sound so stupid.


“That’s a question I should be asking you,” Mr. Aizawa said back. “After that fiasco.”


I shut my eyes, placing my hands over them in a crossed position, groaning profoundly.


“I… What happened to me…?” I asked, waiting for a quick reply.


“We don’t know.”


I looked up, craning my neck so my head was slightly lifted from the pillow. With a quick push-myself-up motion, I looked at each of them in the eyes.


“What… What do you mean?” I stuttered, swallowing the worry I had pent up in my stomach.


“That’s just it.” Recovery Girl sighed. “We’re suspecting it was the work of a Villain who could utilize their Quirk through television, but we also don’t know what it only happened to you .”


“What we’re saying is,” dad started, adding to Recover Girl’s statement. “We need to keep a closer eye on what the League is planning, especially what they’re trying to do to you.”


I gulped, loudly that is. There had to have been something going on, and possibly that was it. But again, like they were questioning, why only me? What was so special about me? I’m just some green haired, diseased person with a terrible Quirk. There’s nothing special about me.


A few hours went by as I was checked up on by Recovery Girl, saying I should just go home for the day.


“My stuff is still in the classroom…” I whispered, cupping my hands together. Recovery Girl sighed, waving my outside to grab my belongings. “Thank you! I’ll be right back!”


Recovery Girl, Mr. Aizawa and dad watched as I bolted down the hallway, all three sighing heavily.


“He just got out of that and he’s all energetic.” Mr. Aizawa complained. “I can’t handle those types of people.”


“Oh get over it, you baby.” Recovery Girl snapped back, a smile on her face. “Be glad he isn’t dwelling on it.”


I stopped in front of my class, hearing the worried chatter inside. They were no longer in the waiting rooms? I wouldn’t know, I was passed out in the clinic. With a shaky sigh, I slowly opened the door. All eyes turned to me as I walked inside, Uraraka the first one to rise from her seat. She ran over to me and wrapped her comforting arms around my shoulders, burying her face into my left shoulder.


“U-U-Uraraka?!” I panicked, face completely red. “What… What are you doing?”


I calmed down, realizing she was clearly shaken up from the Cavalry Battle’s…. Situation. I gave up the cheery smile and let it go, hugging her back tightly. Iida was the second to get up, picking the two of us up in a hefty embrace.


“DEKU!” Kacchan’s voice echoed in the classroom, Uraraka clicking her tongue. “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?”


Kacchan held his hand over his chest, his hand squeezing onto his clothing. I looked at him, pouting my bottom lip before running over to him for an embrace. Surprisingly, he didn’t fight back.. Instead, he, too, hugged me. If Kacchan is hugging me, it had to have been bad.


“Don’t fucking do that again.” he grumbled, a small explosion popping in his palm. “I’ll kill you..”


With a small chuckle, I let him go. He scoffed, all the other students running over to me for a hug. They didn’t say anything, except smiled and held me. It was nice…


I looked over at Todoroki, who was rubbing the back of his neck nervously, not knowing what to do. As Aoyama let go of me, with a weird French fragment, I ran over to Todoroki and wrapped my arms around his waist. He was startled, to say the least, but gave the hug back. I buried my face in his chest, the two of us standing there in tears.


“I was…” I whimpered. “ So scared …”


Todoroki didn’t reply, his grip only tightening. I didn’t let him go, though, holding onto him the longest. With a long pause of smiling, Mr. Aizawa knocked on the classroom door with dad standing behind him.


“I thought you were leaving,” Mr. Aizawa asked. “Recovery Girl told me to hurry you up, knowing you would take this long.”


The class broke into small laughs, Todoroki even letting out a small huff. I let him go, knowing the two of us were still… In a weird place for our friendship.. Or whatever he wanted to call it now.


I took my bag off my desk and said goodbye to my classmates, giving Todoroki one last glance. He looked away, sitting back down as well as the rest of the class. Mr. Aizawa lightly patted my head as I left, looking me in the eyes for a couple moments.


“I’ll see you all tomorrow.” I said softly, hearing their collective “goodbye!!”’s as I closed the door.


I looked down at the floor, scuffing my shoes against the stairs as dad and I made our way home. He didn’t say anything though, he just kept the talking to my mom.


Oh no… Mom… She was watching the whole event.


I’m going to be so in for it. I sighed, unlocking our apartment door. With a single click, I could hear the frantic footsteps gaining its way over to dad and I.


“Mom…” I muttered, her eyes red and puffy with tears. “I’m-”


“Don’t say that, dear.” mom said, squeezing an unused tissue in her hands. “Come here..”


I dropped my bag and ran to her, eyes flowing heavily with tears. Hers did as well, dad joining the tears club. We all cried in the foyer for a good five minutes until we all ran out of liquid, mom getting us something to drink. I sat down in the living room, my phone blinking with each text message my friends had sent me at the end of the day.


I hope you’re alright!


It’s nice seeing you were doing alright. Get better and we’ll see you tomorrow!”


How are you doing, Midoriya?


Ribbit, are you doing any better?


I hope you’re feeling more refreshed, and I’m glad you could get over what happened earlier.


Man, coming into class like that with a smile, even after you had gone through that… You’re such a manly man! I want to be as tough as you some day. Hope you feel better, bro!


I have a whole stash of movies if you wanna borrow it, dude.


It’s Todoroki.. I’m sorry about what I said earlier and I hope you feel better tomorrow. But that promise still stands.


I looked at Todoroki’s message longer than the others, a single sigh escaping my mouth before it curled into a smile.


Look dumbass, next time you pull a shitty act like that, I swear to God I will pummel you into the ground .”


Kacchan’s affection was no different, but it was a little later than the others. Maybe he was trying to say something nice?


Mom and dad walked into the living room together, mom’s eyes no less puffy. I put my phone down and looked at them with sad eyes.


“Are you feeling any better, honey?” mom asked, handing me a glass of warm water, a couple tea flakes at the bottom of the cup.


“I am, thank you..” I smiled, taking a sip of the tea water(?). Mom probably forgot, which is fine. I don’t mind it. “Are you okay?”


Mom chuckled, leaning against dad on the couch.


“Always worrying about others before yourself huh?” mom smiled, her eyes watering again. “I swear, you’re just like your dad here.”


Dad rubbed the back of his head, slightly agreeing with what mom said. Was it an insult? A compliment? I don’t know really, mom’s voice was too… broken to understand. We all sat in silence before mom asked me what I wanted to do, hoping for a different answer than the one I eventually provided.


“I want to continue with the festival.” I said bluntly, mom choking on her water. “I know that sounds like a dumb thing to do.. But this is important to me.”


“But so is your health, sweetie!” mom protested.


“I.. I know it is..” I looked away, my mouth pressed into a straight line. “But so is this. Fighting with my friends, watching them fight, working together with them.. This is all important as well. If I stay back… Maybe… Recovery Girl said this was probably the work of a villain. If I am to back down and not appear again, they’ll know they got me.”


I looked into my mom’s eyes, her disapproval clearly showing.


“As a hero, I can’t back down.” I added. “I want to show them that I’m not easily taken down by some fear show.”


Mom held onto dad’s hand tightly, the two looking solemnly at my determined expression. Dad sighed, rubbing his eyes before looking back at me. Mom held her gaze to the ground, tears forming in her eyes again. I figured we ran out of tears.


“My boy,” dad sighed. “This can be extremely dangerous, you know this right? And with everything that’s happened to you recently-”


“Dad.” I stepped in. “I’ll be fine. What’s a hero without a little loss? Even if… It takes away my time… I think helping people and showing people I am there for them is more important. This disease shouldn’t stand in my way of saving others.”


Mom placed her hand on my shoulder, a brief squeeze before letting me go.


“You’ve grown up so much, Izuku.” mom said, taking me in for a tight hug. “What would I do without you.”


I giggled, resting my head against her shoulder. Dad smiled, joining the two of us in our big ol’ hug session.


“I’ve gotten so many hugs today, I don’t know how to feel.” I joked, mom and dad both laughing. “I think it’s a new record somewhere.”


“Probably probably.” mom laughed. “And with the amount of times you’ve hurt yourself, there has to be a record for that too.”


I blushed, apologizing against her shoulder. Mom said she was sorry too, admitting it was only a joke.


The three of us sat in the living room together, just ordering a take out since none of us felt up for cooking. I looked at my phone and responded to my friend’s text with one single reply.


Be ready for my all tomorrow, because even with what happened today, I’m not backing down.

Chapter Text

After the whole fiasco with yesterday’s cavalry battle, Midoriya still ended up participating in the main event. Uraraka ran up to him and questioned his motives, but just shut her down by saying “it was important”.


“Are you absolutely sure?” Iida continued to ask, moving his arms in a robotical manner. “The situation yesterday seemed to have taken a toll on you and your body, so wouldn’t it be better for you to sit this out?”


Midoriya shook his head, sending a short glance at me before looking back at his friends.


“I’m not going to back down,” Midoriya paused before “from this challenge” came out of his mouth, accepting the fact I knew what he was trying to say. “Not after… All that.”


Iida sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose before smiling weakly. Uraraka patted Midoriya’s back with an “I guess we’re rivals now!” kind of look before the day began. Mr. Aizawa walked in, slightly surprised by the fact Midoriya was in the room, but shook it off and brought them out into the arena.


The board created each battle for the students, the first group lining up. I watched quietly, silently congratulating the students who won. Midoriya and his friends cheered each student on, even if they were in other classes. But soon, Midoriya was up against the student who declared war on our class; Shinsou Hitoshi (or so I discovered from the leaderboard). Midoriya gulped as soon as he stepped out into the field, Ojiro appearing back in the stands.


“What happened to him?” Hagakure whispered to Ojiro.


“I..” Ojiro rubbed the back of his neck, nervously looking away. “Gave him some advice.”


I turned away from the two whispering students and looked on at the competition. Shinsou began to smile, opening his mouth to speak. Midoriya didn’t reply to the questions, or comments, no matter how rash.


“You think you “heroes” are so perfect don’t you?” Shinsou asked, clear pain behind his tired act. “You all have everything set out for you, don’t ya? You and your Quirks… You’re all born with these fantastic “hero” Quirks, shone light upon! While the kids with Quirks like “villains” are frowned upon! You’ve got it so lucky don’t you?!”


“YOU HAVE IT ALL WRO-” Midoriya stopped, Ojiro rising from his seat with worry. Midoriya’s eyes went dull, glassy and pale. His body went from slouched to straight, his eyes pinned to Shinsou.


“Turn around and walk out of bounds.” Shinsou smirked, Midoriya’s body doing as told.


He swung around and began to move, Ojiro shouting at Midoriya. But suddenly, Midoriya stopped inches away from the line, his nails digging into his arm. Shinsou backed away worriedly, that cocky smirk vanishing quickly. Midoriya snapped out of the trance and whipped around, throwing both of his hands down at the ground. Shinsou’s body smacked against the ground harshly, Midoriya rising his hands upwards towards the sky. Shinsou muttered something, his body rising upwards as if Uraraka used her Quirk on him ahead of time.


“I don’t know what you’ve been thinking about heroes..” Midoriya said, clenching his fists tightly at his sides. “But you’ve got it wrong.”


Shinsou stared at the green haired boy widely, his body falling back against the ground.


“Being a hero is not defined by your Quirk, but by the way you use it.” Midoriya stared into Shinsou’s eyes deeply, his green pearls catching a ray of sunlight. “Just because people are telling you your Quirk is one of a villain doesn’t mean that you will be. A hero stands their ground and tells them off, rising above the clouds to become a hero!”


Shinsou stared with shock at Midoriya, right as Midoriya’s fist came in contact with Shinsou’s stomach. Shinsou tumbled backwards, his foot a single inch away from the line. Midoriya cut his wrist open with his thumbnail, blood swirling around Midoriya’s head.


“And even if you can’t see that!” Midoriya shouted, stomping one foot out in front of him, holding his arms open towards Shinsou. “I CAN ! YOU CAN BECOME A HERO! NO MATTER THE QUIRK!”


Shinsou took another step backwards, Midnight calling off the match.


“Shinsou has stepped out of bounds!” Midnight called, pointing her whip at his foot. “Midoriya Izuku wins this match!”


Shinsou shuttered, looking down at the ground behind him. His left foot was over the line slightly, a sigh of defeat escaping his lips. Midoriya smiled, the blood sinking back into his wrist. Blood clotted around the cut wound, Midoriya sighing heavily.


Midoriya walked over to Shinsou and held out his hand, the purple haired boy smiling. The dark circles under his eyes lightened for even a moment as the two competitors shook hands, both stepping off the field.




“It was his wish to continue with the festival,” Mr. Aizawa added, his body still covered in gauze. “Even if it was against his parents’, and his teachers’ wishes.”


Midoriya made his way back to the stands, his friends congratulating him with energetic smiles. Midoriya turned to Ojiro, silently apologizing to him. The two smiled, Ojiro taking no offense and sat back down, everyone now focusing on the next round.



I looked at the board, Midoriya and I were now up against each other. After using too much of my Quirk on Aoyama, the after effects were still surging through my hands. I sighed, standing up and walked out to the entrances ahead of time.


“Midoriya,” I stopped, my hands in my pockets. “A word.”


He looked at me awkwardly, the two of us making our way to one of the field entrances. We leaned against separate walls, the two of us staring at each other for a couple seconds.


“You… Wanted to talk to me?” Midoriya shuttered, his voice trembling. “I’m going to guess… It’s about “defeating me”... Or something?”


I inhaled sharply, stone cold face piercing Midoriya’s timid and vulnerable one.


“I just wanted to remind you..” I said. “That I won’t be going nice on you. This battle, between you and I, is extremely important to me.” Not me, my father .


“You seem to be with All Might a lot, I’ve noticed.” I mentioned, Midoriya’s body shivering. “You two also seem to have a connection no one else in this school has.”


Midoriya tried to avoid eye contact, but continued trying to stare me down.


“Are you his secret love child or something…” I asked, completely serious before Midoriya burst out into laughter. “I’m being serious.”


Midoriya stopped, catching his tongue before composing himself again.


“And what about you and your fathe-”


Don’t even mention him. ” I barked, Midoriya shutting up quickly. “All he’s done for me is cause pain and misery.. To my siblings, to me.. Not to mention the kind of troubles he’s caused my mother.”


I subconsciously moved my left hand against my eye, rubbing at the scar that covered it.


“My mother was tormented each day because of him.” I added, Midoriya’s face turning pale. “He married her just for the sake of Quirks and their power; love was irrelative. He wanted a “perfect creation”, half fire half ice. Out of all my siblings, I was the one to be his “perfect”.”


“My siblings got to spend their time playing with each other and friends while I trained miserably each and every day, my mother losing each bit of her sanity because of it. She tried to protect me, but only ended up getting beat up and taken away.”




“One day, I overheard my mother talking to her mother over the phone,” I began to shake, my head lowering. “She called my left side unbearable.. Unsightly and it reminded her of dad. That was right before she poured boiling hot water over my eye.”


Midoriya froze, his hand outstretched as if to try and reach me, but was quickly dropped.


And it was all my father’s fault .” I cursed, hatred flowing through my veins. “I’ll never use my left side again… No matter how much he wants me to.”


I looked up at Midoriya, the two of us glaring at each other. One with hate, one with sorrow.


“And I will win this without him.” I finished. “I’ll prove to him I don’t need him, and never will.”




I stood still as Midoriya walked away into the dark corridor, leaving me behind. With a dark, heavy sigh, I looked out into the field. Maybe I was too harsh . No. I’ll win this.


(I feel like this should be in Midoriya’s POV, just because I feel like this scene is kind of important :P)


I walked down the hallway to my side of the field, bumping into someone on the way. Intense heat surrounded me as I looked up, eyes widening.


All he did was cause my family pain .”


Todoroki’s words replayed in my mind as Endeavor and I stared at each other, the man’s presence hovering like a hawk.


“You must be Midoriya,” the man said, his voice deep and powerful. “Your performance during the cavalry battle was.. Interesting. You seem like quite the opponent for my creation. He’ll be just like his father, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree .”


Creation . It had a bitter taste.


“Don’t call Todoroki a “creation”. He’s a human, not some tool of yours.” I grit my teeth, furrowing my brows as if a mouse appeared before said hawk. “He will never be some creation.”


Endeavor rose a brow, the fire around his face growing hotter.


“You’re quite the child, speaking up to me like that.” he said. “And I will do what I want with my boy, not you . Don’t think you’re some tough kid. I know what you have, I know what it does to the body when you lose blood. It’s a shame, someone like that to be so weak… then enrolled into UA like that. They’re getting soft .”


I couldn’t take it anymore, my blood screaming at me to fight back as my nails dug deeper into the palms of my hands.


“I’m not useless .” I growled, beginning to walk past Endeavor. My eyes caught his, rage and pure black hatred flowing through the pupils of our eyes. “ And Shouto isn’t you. He will never be .”


I stomped away, knowing my time was running short before the match began. I could feel the heat burning against the nape of my neck, but I ignored it. Someone had to tell him, and he’s going to suck it up and deal.



(And back to Todoroki :D)


Present Mic called Midoriya and I out to the field, both of us seemingly off put.




Even more of the crowd screamed, the two of us taking our step on the main plate. I noticed Midoriya had become more determined, the presence of my father weighing against him and I. I also noticed the indents in Midoriya’s palms, in which his nails sunk too deeply into him. What happened?


“AAAAANDD” Present Mic smiled. “BEGIN!”


I didn’t waste any time, sending a wave of ice towards Midoriya. He didn’t either, cutting open his wrist again before the ice hit him. Bloody tendrils wrapped around the ice and crushed it, any blood frozen was taken back into said tendrils.


“NO TIME WASTED!” Present Mic jumped, his eyes pinned to the fight before him. “THAT’S TODOROKI FOR YOU!”


I sent another wave of ice at Midoriya, the same event happening again. I gasped to myself, Midoriya’s body going straight again, his eyes dull.. But not like Shinsou… The Cavalry Battle .


“Fuck.” I whispered, Midoriya’s blood becoming closer to the shade of black than red.


Midoriya held out his hand, pulling behind him as my body flew towards him. Suddenly, a sharp pain shook through my stomach as Midoriya’s knee came in contact, myself propelling backwards.


“AND WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT!” Present Mic asked, astonished but yet wanting for more action. “MIDORIYA TOOK A QUICK MOVEMENT AND TOTALLY KNEE-D TODOROKI!”


Did the teachers notice again? Why haven’t they done anything?


“HIS GREEN EYES SHOW NO MERCY!” Present Mic added, the crowd going wild.


Maybe this time.. People that are too far away from him don’t notice… shit .


I stomped my foot down, charging at him with ice right behind me. Midoriya bent down slightly, the tendrils pointing at me with a sharp point. They slithered around Midoriya like snakes, before lunging at its prey; me .


I dodged it in time and covered Midoriya in ice, hopefully winning. Maybe it was over. Maybe this would snap him out of it. But I was wrong. The ice shattered as Midoriya’s green eyes stared back at me, but his resolve was still there. I broke the trance, but not the determination in him.


“WHY DO YOU HAVE TO HOLD BACK LIKE THIS?!” Midoriya cried, his hand going white from the usage of blood. “GIVE IT YOUR ALL, GOD DAMN IT!”


I didn’t reply, besides with another wave of ice that is. Midoriya rose his hand, iron smacking into the ice and destroyed it with a quick motion.




My heart clenched, Midoriya running towards me as he dug his fist into my stomach, the exact same spot as his knee.




I remembered back to my mother, the first smile I’ve remembered on her face since I was four.


“You can be a hero, sweetie.” she said. “You won’t be like your father here. You’ll be yourself; a dashing hero who looks just like his mother. You’ll be the best hero, Shouto. I know it.


I grit my teeth, my left side erupting in flames. Midoriya smiled, but he was also reluctant. I could see the regret from him, but also pride. Fear, but happiness. Worry, but a sense of letting go. The two of us smiled at each other, my fire growing brighter, hotter, and larger. It spread all throughout the field, Endeavor’s voice meddled in it. He called out my name, but I couldn’t care. I’m not him, and I will never recognize him as me.


The iron beforehand swirled around Midoriya’s body, the blood and iron mixing together. I held out my hand, so did he. I smiled a little softer, fire exploding from my hands. Mixing with the ice on my right, the fire exploded around us. Cementoss created walls of, well, cement, but it didn’t do much. Our Quirks still clashed and blew up, sending debris everywhere across the playing field.


“Thank you,” I whispered, the smoke clearing. “For everything.”


“JEEZ AIZAWA!” Present Mic hollered, fallen backwards from the sheer amount of wind force. “WHAT ARE YOU FEEDING THESE KIDS?! WHAT’S GOING ON WITH YOUR CLASS?!”


Mr. Aizawa didn’t respond, but a small smile was covered by the gauze. More smoke cleared as Midoriya’s blood sucked back into his cut wound, a single drop falling onto the ground. Actually… More than a single drop fell. A dozen drops of blood, big drops at that, fell onto the ground around Midoriya and I. Red roses blossomed from the puddles, white soaking in from the tips of the petals. I stared at one of them, realizing they were almost everywhere. Midoriya stared at them with dread, gathering the blood up and brought it back into his arm. The flowers wilted away, a single petal dropping at my foot. And then I noticed,,


“TODOROKI IS OUT OF BOUNDS?!” Present Mic shrieked, the crowd covering their ears. “WHAT?! IS MIDORIYA IN BOUNDS?!”


Midnight walked onto the field and pointed to Midoriya’s foot, stepping over the line. She then ran over to my side, which is also when I noticed half of my uniform was gone.


“Might wanna deal with that too, dear.” Midnight said, pointing to my foot. “Midoriya and Todoroki are both out of bounds, but Todoroki is farther off the line! Midoriya wins this round!”


The crowd screams with confusion, but begins to cheer at both of us. Midoriya is on the brink of passing out before I ran over to him, creating a “seat” of ice under him so he wouldn’t crash onto the dirt.


“Ah…” Midoriya chuckled, patting the ice. “Thanks.”


His face soon blew up in shades of red, noticing half of my uniform was burnt off. He covered his face, awkwardly at that, with his arms wrapped around like some strange dancer. I covered my face as well with my left hand, turning away as Midnight approached him and I.


“Good job on today’s fight,” she smiled, it soon disappearing. “But you kind of destroyed the whole arena?”


Midoriya and I looked up and around, the ground lifted, the walls cracked and destroyed.


“Damn,” Midoriya chuckled, blood slightly coughing up out of his mouth. Not to mention he swore . “I didn’t even notice?”


“We should get the two of you to the infirmary.” Midnight sighed. “Midoriya, can you walk?”


Midoriya nodded, pushing himself up against the ice I provided. Without thinking, I moved to wrap his arm around my shoulders, leaning his weight against me.


“A-ah…” Midoriya stuttered, his face dusted in pink. “T-thanks.”


I couldn’t really back away now…


With a slight nod, we made our way off the field and into the infirmary. This thankfully gave us time because they were repairing the arena. Oops .


“Now what did you two do this time.” Recovery Girl hissed, his hands at her hips. “I heard the crashing and rumbling, but I didn’t expect it to be you to. How many times have you guys alone come into this infirmary?”


Midoriya chuckled, scratching the back of his head apologetically.


“We’re sorry for bothering you.” I said with a bow, Midoriya as well.


Recovery Girl sighed, telling the two of us to sit down on the beds. We obliged; I set Midoriya down on the nearest bed while I took the next one, us sitting in comfortable silence.


“Sorry for going all…” Midoriya sighed, covering his wrist in slight pain. “Berserk… I shouldn’t have said those things. Everything kind of went black again.. I went all weird in that darkness and I was screaming to get out. I didn’t know what I was doing until my vision came back and then I started screaming at you.. That was totally uncalled for and I shouldn’t do that again because it was just not my thing to talk ab-”


“Midoriya,” I said, cutting him off. “You’re rambling.”


“Oh… I’m.. I’m sorry.” Midoriya whispered. “It’s a dumb habit of mine.”


“It’s fine,” I reassured, looking down at my left hand. “I don’t mind.”


Recovery Girl came strolling over in her chair, healing Midoriya first before healing me. She clicked her tongue a couple times at both of us, shaking her head side to side.


“Bruises, cuts,” Recovery Girl listed off all the kinds of wounds on us, her head turning to Midoriya. “Not including the loss of blood again. How much was lost, kiddo?”


“I… I don’t know.” Midoriya mumbled. “In the separate puddles.. I think there were about three flowers each?”


“How many puddles?”


“A dozen? I don’t.. I don’t know.”


Recovery Girl groaned, her hand against her forehead.


“What am I going to do with you.” she whispered. “You know how much time that takes off? A month, dear. Possibly two. Maybe even three. I don’t know the exact measurements of the blood loss, but I’m going to guess it took off three.”


Midoriya shrunk down, his hands on his head as he curled up into a ball.


“I’m sorry.” he whimpered. “ I’m sorry .”


“Don’t be sorry at me.” Recovery Girl said sassily. “Be sorry at your mother and father. They’re probably the most worried.”


Midoriya pressed his head against his knees, whispering things I couldn’t understand to himself. I looked at Recovery Girl, who was hesitant to continue berating the poor kid.


“Look,” Recovery Girl said, her voice a little softer. “Stay in here for a little and get some rest. I hope you don’t plan to continue with this festival.”


“I do.” Midoriya shot back. “And I don’t care.. I’m going to do it. I won’t say anything else.”


Recovery Girl was about to talk him out of it before looking into the boy’s eyes, shining, green pearls glistening back at her. She couldn’t say anything else.


“If I have to see you in here after the finals, I’m going to call your parents and have a stern talk with your father.” Recovery Girl said, her hands on her hips again. “Do I make myself clear? You’re taking a real toll on this poor old lady.”


“Y-yes ma’am..” Midoriya whispered, Recovery Girl smiling.


“Good.” she said, looking over at me. “Now for you. What was that all about?”


I didn’t reply, lowering my head.


“I know you have it too, dear. What is going on between the two of you?” Recovery Girl sighed. “I thought you guys would want to take it less seriously and not injure yourself like this. But who am I kidding.”


I let Recovery Girl heal my wounds, Midoriya still curled up on his own bed. With a sigh, I thanked Recovery Girl and exited the clinic, since my wounds weren’t as bad. Midoriya followed behind a couple minutes later, his wrist wrapped in gauze. I winced, knowing it was all my fault. He lost blood because of my stupid mouth.


Father came around the corner, his eyes burning with disappointment.


“I told you to win.” he said harshly.


“And I did .” I replied, him and I staring at each other angrily. “But not in the way you would think. All you care is if I physically won, not if I mentally or emotionally won.”


And with that, I walked past father to the changing rooms for my extra uniform. Father’s gaze was crawling against my back, the fires surrounding his body heating the hallway. But I didn’t care. I won, in my books.


Midoriya caught up to me in the changing rooms, thankfully it was just to two of us. No one to bother him, no one to ask why he was doing what he was doing. Just,,, comfortable silence.


“Hey,” I cleared my throat, putting my shoes back on as Midoriya took off his shirt. “Thank you… And I’m sorry.”


I didn’t give a change for him to reply as I left, hurrying back to where my class waited for us. Midoriya held out his hand again, but dropped it. He furrowed his brows and sighed, staring down at his right hand (where the cut was just underneath). He smiled, putting on his own shoes before sprinting down the hallway.


“TODOROKI!” he shouted. I stopped and turned around, staring at him confusedly. “I… I.. Holy shit…. I need to talk to you.”


Midoriya was leaned down, out of breath as he spoke.


“What do you need…” I tilted my head to the side, face blank and stoic. It was hard to express emotions, lemme tell you. “Did I do something wrong..”


“N-no!! I just… Need to talk with you.”




Midoriya looked around and dragged me to the staircase, the two of us hiding from any passing students. He fidgeted with his hands, eyes darting from one corner to the next.


“You needed to tell me something.” I reminded him, Midoriya’s head perking up.


“Ah… Right, I’m sorry.” Midoriya smiled worriedly. “Uhm… Uh… Did.. Did I lose c-control back there. I.. I said everything went dark for a minute.. Did.. Did I hurt you?”


That’s what you’re worrying about?


“You did.” I said honestly, Midoriya’s head drooping with a groan of annoyance. “But don’t worry, you didn’t really hurt me.. Too badly.”


“Oh. Okay, that’s good… At least?” Midoriya chuckled, a strange needle poking at my chest. “We should go back to the waiting rooms… I bet everyone’s waiting.”


I nodded, the two of us hurrying down to the waiting rooms with another moment of silence.


“And.. One more thing,” Midoriya swallowed, his face slightly pink. “Do.. Do you mind if we, uh, become friends? A-again, that is.”


“We stopped being friends?”


“O-oh! No, no.. I mean, yes? No? I don’t know.. After you proclaimed the “I am going to beat you” thingy.. I thought that was an “I’m over being friends with you”.” Midoriya imitated my voice and stature, getting a single huff of laughter out of me.


“If you thought that was my intention, I’m sorry.” Midoriya looked at me after composing himself back to what he would normally look like, a faint smile on his face. “But I never said to end our.. Friendship.”


“Great!” Midoriya squealed. “Then we’re still friends???”


“Of course.” I replied, my right side feeling a little warmer. Actually, it was more like my whole body. “That is, if you want to.”


“Of course!!!” Midoriya smiled widely. I squinted, turning away from the sun that stood next to me.


I smiled, Midoriya staring at me bewildered.


“You should smile more.” Midoriya stated, his face turning a shade of pink again. “It suits you…”


I lightly punched Midoriya’s shoulder, getting a light giggle from him. We walked back to the waiting room with faint smiles on our faces.


He’s right. I thought. Maybe I should smile more.

Chapter Text

After the fight between Todoroki and I, things seemed to have lightened up between us. We no longer glared at each other or proclaimed out of the blue fights, but just enjoyed each other’s company. We both shared our pasts, which in my opinion, brought us closer. It was nice.


A couple hours passed and the arena was freshly remade, the battles beginning once again. Tokoyami managed to get into the semifinals, leaving Bakugou, Tokoyami and I to fight. It was, at the least, absolutely terrifying . I stepped onto the battlefield and looked Tokoyami dead in the eyes, my body trembling.




I swallowed, shoving the giant tree lodged in my throat. I was scared, knowing full well of Tokokyami’s capabilities. It was a different fear though, from Todoroki or from Shinsou. It was more of a “don’t lose control” or “you’re not helping someone this time, you’re actually going to beat their as-”


“BEGIN!” Midnight smiled, cracking her whip to the left.


Dark Shadow rose from behind Tokoyami, charging towards me. I panicked, throwing myself to the side before Dark Shadow crashed into the ground. Tokoyami glanced over at me as Dark Shadow got back up, screeching in pain.


“Oh calm down.” Tokoyami grunted, Dark Shadow rubbing its beak.


I watched as the two bickered, my hand twitching with… Annoyance? Quickly, I pushed myself onto my feet and held my hand out to the right, the metal surrounding the main fighting area rising. Tokoyami and Dark Shadow turned their attention to me, iron falling down against them in piles.


Midnight watched and waited for Tokoyami to make a movement, but he didn’t. She raised her whip, only for Dark Shadow to break out of the iron cage. He was bigger now, since he was covered in the shade casted by the iron above him.


“Oh shit .” I swore, jumping out of the way from Dark Shadow’s attack.


The iron flew over to my side and promptly shot itself back at the shadow, pushing them backwards. The iron dug itself into the ground as I fell back onto the playing field, a couple feet away from stepping over the boundary. Dark Shadow, who soon lost its power, cowered behind Tokoyami’s back.


“I won’t give you another chance for shadows.” I said, throwing both of my hands behind my head. The iron pulled itself out from the ground and around my head, shaping itself into sharp spears.


With a quick motion, I threw my hands back down, the spears firing at Tokoyami. Dark Shadow had disappeared back inside of him, Tokoyami having to fight on his own.


“I swear, sometimes you’re useless.” Tokoyami muttered, mentally punching Dark Shadow.


Tokoyami stepped over the line, unable to get close since the iron had stuck up like some sort of barrier.


“Tokoyami is out of bounds!” Midnight declared, pointing at Tokoyami’s feet. “Midoriya wins!”


“ALRIGHT!!!” the crowd bellowed, erupting into roars of cheering.


“MIDORIYA IZUKU MOVES ONTO THE FINALS!” Present Mic affirms happily, punching both fists into the air.


Mr. Aizawa sat in his seat quietly, his mouth quirking up slightly behind his bandages.


“WHICH MEANS????” Present Mic pulled out the “s” in “means”, leaving us all in suspicion. “MIDORIYA IZUKU AND BAKUGOU KATSUKI WILL COMPETE AGAINST EACH OTHER!”


I felt my world shatter as Kacchan’s eyes fell upon me from the stands, red piercing green; rage burning fear. I looked over at Uraraka and muttered a “help me” to her, the both of us apologizing to each other. Todoroki looked over at me from the field and smiled, putting his thumbs up for a moment before setting his hand down. I gave him a white smile back, placing both of my index fingers at the sides of my mouth.


Slowly, I walked back into the waiting area, muttering to myself for any kind of plan to defeat Kacchan.


Oh who am I kidding. I rolled my eyes. I’m going to die out there .


My eyes flickered over to Kacchan at the other side of the arena, his hands in his pockets and his eyes burning with anger. I gulped, my Adam’s apple bobbing downwards.


I’m so screwed .




Kacchan and I stepped out into the playing field, our eyes pinned to each other. I glanced over at where Present Mic and Mr. Aizawa were sitting, waiting for them to call the fight. Kacchan dropped his hands out of his pockets and clicked his tongue, leaning over with menace in his expression.


“BEGIN!” Present Mic shouted, Kacchan immediately sending himself towards me.


I squeaked with worry, jumping over to the side before he could attack. Kacchan turned his head to me, his teeth grinding down on each other.


“DON’T RUN AWAY FROM ME!!” Kacchan demanded, pointing his right hand at me. “YOU SHITTY DEKU!”


Suddenly, his hand exploded with nitroglycerin, almost destroying the entire field. Iron surrounded my body as I cowered to the side, my whole body shaking. Holy shit . Kacchan’s head turn to me again as he charged forwards, my classmates in the stands cheering me on.


“I’m gonna die .” I whispered, slicing my wrist with my fingernail. “ I’m so gonna die .”


Blood poured out of my arm, encasing myself as Kacchan sent another powerful explosion my way. Everything went dark again, my mind screaming at me to wake up. I couldn’t, despite my begs.




Suddenly, my vision came to when I was on the ground, Kacchan’s left hand wrapped around my throat. Explosions popped in his hand, a devious grin spread across his face. I threw my hand to the side, Kacchan’s body flying off of me as I caught my breath. The blood was still floating around me, Kacchan screaming at me with unrecognizable words.


“WHAT THE HELL, DEKU?!” Kacchan croaked, his body a foot away from the border. “YOU REALLY WANNA GO LIKE THIS!? I’LL KILL YOU!”


“Of course you will…” I murmured, pushing my wobbling body back up from the ground. “Of course you will.”


Kacchan caught his tongue as I stared him down, coughing into the crook of my elbow. He ran towards me again, both hands at his hands exploding rapidly. I threw my hands downwards, Kacchan’s body mimicking the movements as he fell against the packed sand. I balling up my hand and punched outwards, Kacchan’s body flying towards the border line. Suddenly, he fought back and propelled himself forwards at me, his fist coming in contact with my stomach.


“YOU WON’T BEAT ME, DEKU!” he proclaimed, my body rolling towards the side. “I’LL KILL YOU IF YOU EVEN TRY!!!”


“You say “I’ll kill you” a lot…” I wheezed, wiping the corners of my mouth.


Kacchan grit his teeth, his body trembling with hatred. I got myself up again, holding my arms out in the position of the cross. Kacchan’s eyes widened slightly, the blood soaking itself back into my arm.


“Fine. Do it .” I snarled. “I’m so sick of hearing it.”


My eyes went dull again, my mind blacking out… However, I could still see. I was under something’s control again, but I could see. I could see Kacchan standing still with his eyes wide open. I could see the crowd sitting in their seats quietly. I could see Present Mic and Mr. Aizawa in their announcement booth on edge. I could see Kacchan’s hands begin to pop.




My body moved backwards as Kacchan’s feet left the ground in a pattern, speeding up as he ran towards me.


“FINE! HAVE IT YOUR WAY, DEKU!” Kacchan hollered, pushing himself forwards with his explosions.


He balled his hand into a fist and threw himself at me, my body swinging around him. My foot dug itself into Kacchan’s torso, sending him outside of the main field. His body crashed into the wall in front of me, blood seeping out from my wrist again. One tendril sent itself towards where Kacchan was, holding out his hand to destroy it in case.


“STOP! THE FIGHT IS OVER!” Midnight ordered, the tendril inches away from Kacchan’s head. “Bakugou Katsuki is out of bounds. Midoriya Izuku wins!”


I could finally feel myself again, the color in my eyes coming back as my mind finally came to. I looked down at my hands, the blood flowing through my arm again. I then looked up at my classmates, all of them cheering happily together. Kacchan sat on the ground with his hands clenched, veins visible from his forehead.


I walked over to Kacchan, but decided against getting closer as his eyes travelled up to mine. Kacchan clicked his tongue, standing up from where he sat and walked closer to me, grabbing my collar in his right hand. I shot upwards, sweat trickling down my face.




Stop calling me that, you little shit .” Kacchan grumbled. “You’re still that worthless little shit that followed me around when we were kids. With this dumbass Quirk of yours, and with that stupid disease.”


My blood ran cold, Kacchan’s eyes glowing bright red.


“Don’t think this is a win for you, Deku.” Kacchan snarled, throwing me backwards onto the ground. “You’ll never beat me again. Worthless, pathetic trash.”


Kacchan stomped off the field, Midnight moving herself to the middle of the broken field.


“And that concludes our sports festival!” Midnight smiled, waving her whip in the air before cracking it to her left. “Midoriya Izuku is our winner!”


I looked over at her as I pushed myself off the ground, the two of us exchanging a smile. I walked off the field and into the waiting room where my classmates waited excitedly. I opened the door hesitantly, Uraraka’s head the first to turn. She ran over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck, the two of us laughing triumphantly. Iida walked over to us and hugged us as well, almost lifting the us off the ground.


“Congratulations, Midoriya!!” Uraraka giggled, letting me go after Iida. “I’m surprised you beat Bakugou, actually…”


“I.. I didn’t… Kind of..” I replied sheepishly, rubbing the back of my neck. “Remember when I lost control…? Yeah uh, it happened again.”


Uraraka’s smile faded slightly, along with Iida’s and the rest of the class.


“But that’s alright, because the festival is over and it won’t happen anymore!” I cheered, Uraraka’s smile coming back again. “And now we can at least celebrate!”


“Yeah!” Uraraka pumped her fists into the air, the class cheering excitedly. I smiled softly, the call for the awards ceremony buzzing on the intercom. I walked out with my friends and waved goodbye as I made my way to the “stage” of sorts.


Slowly, I climbed upon my pedestal and smiled, pressing my hands against my chest. My heart thumped wildly against my ribcage, dad coming up to the three winning students with medals. Dad placed Tokoyami’s medal around his neck, Tokoyami thanking him softly.


Kacchan was next, unwilling to take the medal from dad’s hands, but was forced to take it in the end. Dad looked up at me last, placing the medal around my neck with a pleased smile.


“Congratulations, you three!” dad said with a wide smile. “You deserve it.”


Dad’s eyes looked at me with his last comment, the two of us sharing a thumbs up. Midnight took the microphone from All Might’s hands, announcing the official end of the sports festival. Quickly, I hopped off the pedestal and ran to my friends, Uraraka shrieking with excitement. Well, not exactly “shrieking”, but really excited squeals.


“You deserve that medal, Midoriya.” Iida said, fixing the glasses on his nose. “Congratulations.”


I chuckled nervously, my hand moving to the back of my neck. The whole class and I walked back into the waiting room, celebrating with ourselves for a little. Mr. Aizawa walked into the waiting room and congratulated Tokoyami, Kacchan and I, telling us to head back to the classroom.


Uraraka walked to the classroom with Tsuyu, Iida also tagging alongside them. I was alone for a little while, strolling behind the classroom while I dove into my thoughts.


“Are you alright.” Todoroki asked, breaking apart the little bubble I was in. “Sorry… Did I intrude on something…?”


“Oh! No no no!” I squeaked, shaking my hands around my body. “You’re fine, Todoroki! You’re fine, I promise!”


Todoroki rose an eyebrow before shaking it off, shoving his hands into his pockets. The two of us walked into the classroom silently, Mr. Aizawa arriving a couple minutes later. Class went smoothly, the day finally ending after the events of the festival.


Uraraka and Iida said their goodbye’s, the three of us turning separate ways. I stared up at the red and orange sky, feeling the light breeze against my face. Suddenly, my eyes took to the two bright shades in the corner of my eye, as if they were some sort of beacon..


“Todoroki?” I asked, the dual-toned boy turning his head towards me. “What.. What are you doing out here?”


“I was waiting for you.” Todoroki replied, putting his phone into his bag.


“No.. Uh.. No offense, but why?” I asked skeptically, the boy’s face as stoic as ever. With a sigh, I smiled, the two of us walking together.


“No reason.” Todoroki muttered. “I just don’t feel like going home yet.”


“O-oh..” I murmured, staring down at the ground as the two of us walked side by side, my face growing hotter. “Why not Yaoyorozu?”


“She left with Jirou ahead of me.” Todoroki responded. “Besides, I would like to walk with you..”


“You’re so blunt.” I scoffed, the corners of my mouth quirking up into an acute smile.




“Did things go according to plan?” someone had asked, their voice muffled through static. “Did he win?”


“Yes, Tomura, calm down. Everything’s going according to plan…”


A muffled laughter filled the speakers of the television, a man sitting in the dark listened to it. A grin spread across his face, his shining white teeth shimmering in the darkness.


“Tomura, move a little quicker with the plan…” the man said, his smirk growing wider. “Midoriya Izuku will suffer per your request. Terribly .”

Chapter Text

Weeks passed after the sports festival. The class was taken into agency’s, trained, and brought back to UA better than they were before. Midoriya had chosen to work with Vlad King, who, too, had a blood Quirk. Uraraka worked with Gunhead, Tsuyu went with Selkie, and other students from my class, too, went to work with wonderful agencies. I ended with choosing my father, Endeavor, and his agency. Training was strenuous, nothing more than what he would typically do; take me out for villain hunting, promptly get caught by the Hero Killer, and then the old fart got all the credit. Nothing different.


Mr. Aizawa mentioned something a week after the training with the agencies about a training camp. Most students were excited, mainly the ones who passed the exams from the following week. Our teacher explained when we would leave, what we would do, yadah yadah.. I just wanted to sleep.



The day of the training camp arrived sooner than expected, students packing their bags and getting onto a bus. I chose to sit next to Midoriya, in which he didn’t oppose. We smiled and waved at each other, Midoriya taking the window seat whilst I took the isle. The bus was filled with excited chatter, mostly from the boys rather than the girls. Midoriya stared out of the bus window most of the way there, watching the sun begin to fall.


“Are you alright.” I asked, noticing Midoriya begin to fidget. “Is something wrong..?”


“A-ah, no, no nothing’s wrong.” Midoriya replied, shaking his hands side to side. “Nothing at all.”


“Are you sure.”


“Y-yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”


“Because you’re acting different.”


“W-well.. N-no, there’s uhh, nothing wrong, I promise.”


I sighed, taking Midoriya’s persistent denying as a sign. We sat together in silence, Midoriya tapping away at the armrest. I couldn’t care less about his tapping, besides the fact that it increasingly got faster and louder the closer we got to the camp. Maybe something was wrong? About the camp, that is.



“We’re here!” Uraraka shouted, stretching her arms up into the sky. “Asui, let’s go look around!”


“Ochako, you can’t just declare you’re “escape”.” Tsuyu croaked, sticking out her tongue. “But fine.”


I glanced back at Midoriya, his face paler than when we first left.


“Are you okay.” I asked again, Midoriya shivering ever so slightly.




“No, you’re not.” I cut him off, Midoriya taken aback. “If there’s something you need from me, please don’t hide it. You helped me, so all I can do in return is help you back.”


Midoriya’s mouth pulled into a straight line, his hands cupped around each other.


“I.. I uh,, this might sound really stupid.” Midoriya groaned. “I feel like something bad is going to happen while we’re all here.. And I.. I just don’t want to.. To ruin it? I guess? I don’t know.. I feel like if I say something about it, everyone will not have as much fun as before. I’m pretty sure I’m just overthinking things like I always do, so I’ll just ignore it or something..”


“I feel like you just answered your questions and statements,” I said, Midoriya chuckling nervously to himself. “But if you need to get something off your chest, please don’t hesitate to talk to me.”


“T-thank you, Todoroki.” Midoriya smiled, a tiny drop of color reappearing on his face.


My heart clenched, seeing his smile somehow making my whole world disappear. His face was the only thing I saw, something I’d never want to let go.






“Shouto, call me Shouto.”


Midoriya’s smile wavered, only to appear wider and brighter than previously.


“Then call me Izuku.”


I nodded, the two of us making our way to where the rest of the group waited. Then, completely out of nowhere, four strangers popped out of the trees and right in front of class 1-A. Midoriya squeaked, his body jumping up almost three feet from the ground. The four strangers introduced themselves, said to be the Wild Wild Pussycats… Didn’t know they existed.


One of them, Pixie Bob, walked over to Midoriya and I. She got all up in our faces, then running over to Bakugou and Kirishima. With a playful smirk, she hurried back over to her comrades and whispered something to them.


Then, like none of that had just happened, Pixie Bob explained what we, the class, would be doing to get to our “hotel”. This included running through the giant ass forest in front of us, fighting off the mud monsters Pixie Bob conjured inside.


I’m not loving this . McDonalds, you lied to me.


Midoriya and I ran into the forest after Bakugou and Kirishima, the rest of the class following not too far behind. I peeked back at my other classmates, Momo giving me a thumbs up. She had some expression of, “show off to him or something”, and it was completely uncalled for. I rolled my eyes and focused on the fight in front of me, Bakugou blowing up a mud monster all over the forest trees.


“So uhh,” Midoriya gulped, his hands shaking at his sides. “I don’t think I can fight?”


“What are you talking about…”


“I’m not strong enough to pick up all the iron deep within the earth’s crust… And these monsters don’t have blood in them.” Midoriya explained, running his right hand through his hair. “And I uhh- oh sHIT.”


Midoriya pushed me out of the way and cut open his wrist, blood forming a shield over the green-haired boy. A split second after he did, a muddy fist fell down against it. Blood fell onto the ground, thankfully mixed in with the wildlife around us. I stood back up and froze the monster, watching it shatter into the earth it was before.


“It’s rare for you to swear…”


“I don’t like doing it, but I lived with Kacchan my whole life?” Midoriya chuckled, the blood seeping back into his arm. “But again, I can’t fight..”


“You don’t need to fight to get through the forest, you know.” I replied, Midoriya groaning. “Or are you still worried about this trip?”


Midoriya dug his foot into the ground, rubbing his right forearm and avoided eye contact. With a light sigh, I took his hand in mine and dragged him to where the others were, Midoriya yelling protests.


“H-hey! What are you doing!?”


“You need to stop worrying, Mido- Izuku.” I sighed, looking back at him from over my shoulder. “If something is to happen, I’ll be right there for you, I promise.”


Midoriya didn’t say anything, keeping his mouth shut as we ran away from the monsters together and unwilling to let go of his hand. I felt Midoriya’s hand tighten around mine, he, too, unwilling to let go. The two of us met up with the other students halfway through the forest, a single, giant mud-creation standing before them.


I swear, I should have just slept in today. I thought to myself, swearing on hearing a slight chuckle.


I stomped my foot down onto the forest floor, ice swirling around the monster’s legs. They froze in place, the monster screaming in surprise. Bakugou propelled himself off a tree and shouted his famous catchline at the creation, its head blowing up against the tree leaves. Momo created herself, shockingly, a cannon from her torso, a cannonball shooting out and into the monster’s own stomach.


Midoriya let go of my hand, and, with a shaky sigh, cut open his wrist. Two blood tendrils shot out from his cut and into the monster’s shoulders, the mud falling onto the ground with a final splash. 1-A cheered as they made their way forward, meeting smaller, more easily handleable monsters, until we got to the hostel.


“Good job everyone!” Mandalay congratulated, clapping her hands together.


Everyone was covered in mud and shallow wounds, but most were still smiling. Albeit, completely worn out and ready to fall asleep. Midoriya’s eyes panned over to the small, angry boy at Mandalay’s side, his hat poking out the most. It had two yellow spikes at the front, as if they were horns. His eyes drilled holes into the heads of the future heroes, a clear-as-day hatred for us.


The tired students went into the hotel and got themselves something to eat quickly, heading into the showers to clean the mud off of them. I sat in the warm water and cleaned myself quickly, just wanting to go to sleep. Midoriya had the same mindset as I, cleaning himself almost as fast as me and ran back to the rooms to change.


I walked in after him, already clothed and ready for bed. I took out my futon and set it down next to Midoriya, knowing we’d have some time to talk before the others arrived.


Midoriya had been staring down at his hands the whole time, not even noticing my approach. He’d been trapped in his own little world, focused solely on his trembling hands.


“Izuku,” I said aloud, his body unresponsive. “Izuku, oi, you there?”


He didn’t move, his eyes still focused on his hands. I knelt down in front of him and wrapped my hands around his, a slight tingle in my heart shuttering around my chest. Midoriya’s eyes shot up to mine, the two of us locking eye contact for a few seconds.


“You were staring… At your hands?” I questioned, my eyes following down to his trembling hands. “Is something still wrong..”


My grip on his hands tightened, his skin turning white for a moment. Midoriya pulled away, placing his hand on his elbows as if hugging himself.


“Of course something’s still wrong, Shouto.” Midoriya whispered, turning his head to the side. “It’s not like this feeling will just… go away.”


“Is.. Is there something I can do for you?”


Midoriya didn’t respond, his head lifting back up. I stared into his emerald eyes, watching the moonlight shimmer against them.


“Can you..” Midoriya bit his bottom lip, lifting up his arms. “Hug me? Please?”


I didn’t move for a good minute, my eyes wide with surprise. A hug? He wanted a hug?


“I- Sure.. I can.” I nodded, the two of us embracing each other.


We sat like that for a couple minutes, Midoriya trying to silence his worried sobs against my shoulder as best he could. I didn’t mind it, allowing him to let it go. It was something everyone needed, sometimes even myself. I pressed my face against Midoriya’s neck, feeling him do the same. Shutting my eyes, everything went dark, Midoriya’s warmth still lingering against my body. The faint sound of whispering students around me was the last thing I heard before completely passing out, the soft laughs and annoyed tongue clicking distant.



I woke up the next morning to Midoriya’s arms wrapped around me, the two of us asleep on Midoriya’s futon. The sun wasn’t fully up yet, leaving the class in the darkness. I let a small smile loose, holding Midoriya’s body closer to mine. Midoriya twitched, resting his tired face against my chest.


“Shouto…” he mumbled, a smile quirking at his lips.


I felt another burst of… Something… In my chest. Momo will most likely tease me about this later if I tell her.




An hour or so passed and everyone was up, the last to wake was Midoriya. That was okay though, it meant I could have more time to feel his warmth against me. It was nice, besides the occasional comments from the other boys.


“Cute.” Kirishima mentioned, Bakugou rolling his eyes with a tongue click. “Come on, Bakugou, it’s not that bad. Is it worse when you-”


“Shut up, Shitty Hair!” Bakugou lashed out, Midoriya’s eyes opening.


“Oh look at what you did, you woke up the boy!” Kirishima replied, pointing to Midoriya who was rubbing his eyes. “I was this close to taking a picture and you ruined it.”


“It’s not my fault you can’t keep your mouth shut!”


I rolled my eyes, sitting up as Midoriya removed his arms from me. It was kind of sad, his warmth disappearing as he moved away from my side. I wanted to hold him more.


“WAHH!” Midoriya screeched, his hands thrown up. “I’M SO SORRY, SHOUTO! I DIDN’T MEAN TO FALL ASLEEP ON YOU!”


“It’s fine…” I replied, rubbing at my ears. “I didn’t mind.”


Midoriya’s face burnt up as he heard the girl’s voices outside of their room, Momo shouting for them to hurry up.


I helped Midoriya onto his feet, waiting outside for him to finish changing. He was still slightly jittery, but not as bad as last night. That, at least, was reassuring.



Nothing happened for a couple more hours until we met with class 1-B, the students deciding to do a “test of courage”. It wasn’t something I, in particular, wanted to do, but most of the students agreed to it. I partnered up with Midoriya, keeping to his side in case he got worried again and needed support. Screams echoed in the trees, students running out as pale as ghosts from the other class scaring them. They all laughed together, Midoriya and I going in together to get through the “course” of sorts. He held onto my sleeve the entire time, his eyes darting from shadow to shadow each time he took a step.


“Are you doing okay?” I asked, glancing down at the worried boy. “If you need something…”


“No no no!” Midoriya croaked. “I’m fine, I swear! I just.. I just don’t like these “courage” tests. I don’t have courage to begin with… Kacchan tells me that more times than I do myself, honestly.”


“You’re quite courageous, if I do say so myself.” I mentioned, Midoriya tilting his head to the side in confusion. “You don’t back away from a challenge easily, even if you’re scared. You put on a face that says “everything will be fine”, which people in fear really look up to. You’re probably the first one to run into a fight, even if you’re likely to get hurt in the process.”


I stopped, turning my body slightly to face Midoriya.


“You need to stop selling yourself short, Izuku. You’re not a wimp, no matter how many times Bakugou might rub it in your face. At least.. I don’t think you’re a wimp.”


“That’s probably the cutest thing I’ve heard in my whole life, oh my god.” a student said, poking their head out from behind a tree. “I can’t scare that.”


Even though the student said they wouldn’t scare us, Midoriya practically ran up a tree in fear of what was in front of him. I stared up at him as he clung to a tree branch, way too far off the ground. He kind of looked like a cat stuck in a tree.


“O-oh…” Midoriya sighed. “It’s… It’s just a student, thank god.”


Midoriya looked at the ground, which was promptly ten or eleven feet from under him. He squeaked, almost falling off.


“You can jump down here,” I offered, holding open my arms. “I’ll catch you.”


Midoriya was hesitant, staring me in the eyes for a second. He nodded slowly, letting his legs swing off the branch.


“If you don’t catch me, Shouto,” Midoriya tried to threaten, although his voice was shaking. “I swear to anything that’s good here, I will hurt you.”


“How can you hurt me if you’re legless?”


“This isn’t funny, Shouto.”


“Of course, of course.. Just let go.”


Midoriya, on command let go of the branch. He fell into my arms safely, his face inches from mine.


“If you guys are going to kiss, I can leave.” the student said, hiding the bloody nose from the two future heroes. “There are other teams I need to scare.”


Suddenly, the forest burst with blue light, Midoriya falling out from my arms. He backed up against a tree, his eyes shaking like they did back at the USJ.


“I was.. I thought… I knew something bad..” Midoriya scrambled his words, my attention turning from the light to him. “I.. I…”


“Hey, calm down..” I whispered, cupping my hands around his face. “Calm down.. Breathe, can you do that?”


Crackling sounds rang from behind us, the student previously already gone. I took Midoriya’s hand and ran, hearing his breathing calm down. I watched for any other students in need for help, a feeling of dread waving over my head.


“S.. Shouto.” Midoriya called, the two of us slowing down.


“Is something wrong?” I asked worriedly, my hand still in his. “Do you need- WATCH OUT!”


I pushed Midoriya to the side, hearing his body crash against the dirt with a grunt. It didn’t matter, what mattered was keeping him safe. I conjured an ice barrier between me and an attack, hearing it burn against the ice. Midoriya jumped up from the ground and cut his wrist, blood swirling around him. It was weak, though, this time. The tendrils were smaller and less full and “fight me”-like. They were shaking and seemingly about to fall apart if even moved.


“Reaction times in these kids are insane.” someone said, stepping out of the forest’s shadows. “You moved that boy out of the way even before I attacked. What crazy shit are you learning?”


Midoriya took a step back, hiding behind me with tendrils poking out in front of us. The villain hummed to themselves, setting the grass and trees ablaze around him. Everything was a shade of blue, the villain’s eyes flickering the same color.


“Hey, you’re the kid we need, huh?” they said, Midoriya freezing up. I held a hand out in front of him, the temperature around us dropping lower and lower. “I should probably tell Mr. Compress…”


“No need to say my name, I’m right here,” another voice said, poking their head out from behind Midoriya and I. “Gotcha!”


I didn’t move in time, Midoriya’s body sucked up into a marble and fell into the other villain’s hand. I panicked, sending ice and fire at both the villains surrounding me. Quickly, I kicked upwards at where the villain took Midoriya, hoping to attack him. But I felt nothing. Nothing grunted in pain, nothing but air swung around my foot.


“GIVE HIM BACK!” I demanded, feeling a burning sensation at the nape of my neck.


“Oh? You care for him or something?” one of the villains grinned, holding the marble in his hand. “Do you want him back?”


I grit my teeth, knowing full well the consequences to my next moves. The strange smiled at me as they walked away, toying with the marble in between their fingers.


Blue flame surrounded me, the first villain getting ready to fight.


I need to leave .


Hurriedly, I jumped out of the fray and ran deeper into the forest, hoping to find the marble guy from before. I couldn’t just.. Lose Midoriya. And he was taken away so easily… I failed to protect him, even though he kept warning me about something bad happening. And it’s all my fault for not believing in it.



I met up with some of the other classmates who managed to dodge the strange gathering of pink smoke. Momo said it seemed to be a sleeping gas, something strong and something we should keep away from. Even if there were people inside the gas, we needed to stay away.


“Where’s Midoriya?” Kirishima asked, out of breath from running to the group. “He was with you last, right Todoroki?”


“He….” I bit my tongue, face scrunching up with guilt. “One of those villains said that he was “the one they were looking for”.. And… another appeared behind us… Izuku slipped right out of my grasp.”


“Todoroki….” Uraraka gasped, placing a comforting, determined hand on my shoulder. “We’ll get him back. I promise.”


I winced, running my left hand through my messy hair. It was my fault, so it was me who should try to get him back. I let that villain get away with taking Midoriya… It was my fault, my failure. I could hear father’s voice shouting at me in the back of my mind, telling me how much of a failure I am.


“Come on, if we move now we can try to track them down.” Uraraka said, the others agreeing. “Let’s go!”


The group took off running, me following not too far behind. Uraraka scanned the area in front of us, Bakugou still complaining but had been helping the whole time. Kirishima checked the bits Uraraka may have missed, Momo and Tsuyu doing the same. Momo noticed pink smoke approaching us, quickly making gas masks.


“Put these on!” Momo ordered, tossing them over to us individually. “Hurry!”


The five of us stumbled to put on the masks, but successfully covered our faces before the pink smoke overtook us. It was hard to see much of anything, besides the pink shades and silhouettes of our fellow friends around us.


“Come on! Keep moving!” Kirishima shouted, running further into the smoke.


I hurried with him, praying to find that marble man from earlier.



The pink smoke cleared away and my group took off their masks, letting them rest against our necks as we continued to search for Midoriya. Suddenly, out of the corner of Momo’s eyes, a man jumped out at her. He wore a top hat of sorts, a deep cream colored trench coat and red gloves. A mask covered his face, adored with black paint. It was that marble dude .


Momo, at the last moment, moved out of the way before the man fell onto the ground, his movements slow, but yet again quick.


“That man can capture you into a sphere! Don’t get too close to him!” Momo warned, creating a shield in her right thigh. “Todoroki, this is the man who caught Midoriya, right?”


I nodded, sending a wave of ice at the man’s legs. He froze immediately, the man squeaking with shock. Bakugou’s hands exploded with nitroglycerin, knocking the man out from the ice and into a tree a couple feet behind him. A single marble dropped onto the ground, Midoriya falling out of it and rolled against the dirt.


“Izuku!” I shouted, running to his side.


“S...S-Shouto?” Midoriya wheezed, pushing himself off the ground. “Are you alright?”


“Why are you asking me?” I scoffed, staying next to Midoriya until he stood up properly. “I’m not the one who got caught…”


“Midoriya, you need to be careful from now on,” Momo warned. “They’re after you, suspiciously… We don’t know their reasons yet, but you need to be on your guard.”


“R-right..” Midoriya agreed, nodding his head once before turning to the unconscious villain.


“What a fool, what a fool.” someone said, their feet crunching the dead leaves. “Mr. Dabi sent me here as backup, just in case Mr. Compress failed us. He got knocked out by a bunch of kids… A bunch of kids… what a fool, what a fool.”


Their whole body was wrapped up in a black straight jacket, their mouth stretched open by metal hinges. Midoriya stepped backwards, his cut from earlier opening up. Blood spun around him, pointing at the approaching villain.


“Oh oh, it’s the boy we need.” they said, stopping to “stare” at Midoriya. “I need to tell Mr. Dabi.. Mr. Dabi, I found the boy, I found the boy.”


The villains teeth suddenly shot out in zigzag patterns, piercing through the ground and some of the students. Momo fell onto her side, a tooth-blade stuck in her right calf. Uraraka had one through her left arm, Kirishima and Bakugou untouched. I fired ice at the man, watching him move out of the way without even being scathed. I grit my teeth, watching the man’s movements carefully. None of them made sense; he just wobbled back and forth. His teeth shot out again, aiming mostly at the four who were still standing. Kirishima pushed Bakugou out of the way and felt the teeth crash against his hardened body, but it didn’t puncture him. I watched as three different teeth came flying at me, only to be blocked by a barrier of ice.


“SHOUTO LOOK OUT!” Midoriya shouted, running in front of me. He shoved me to the side and next to Momo, who’d begun cleaning and wrapping her’s and Uraraka’s wounds.


I looked up at Midoriya in horror, three of those teeth had been stuck inside of Midoriya’s body. One in his leg, one in his arm, one in his chest. The blood around him fell onto the ground, soaking into the dirt before red roses blossomed from it. There were thousands, growing stronger and taller from the mass amounts of fallen blood.


Midoriya’s body was pale, his consciousness gone and eyes shut tight.


“MIDORIYA!” Uraraka cried, getting up and tried to run to his side.


Blue flames cut her off, surrounding the green-haired boy. The flowers began to wilt or burn, only the blood stains left on the forest floor. Another villain stepped out from the trees and took Midoriya in his arms, a black and purple portal summoning behind him.


“IZUKU!” I hollered, reaching out my hand to grab Midoriya.


I was too far from him, the villain’s face plastered with a devious smile.


“Here I thought the son of Endeavor could put up to more of a fight.” they said, their ice blue eyes glowing from the blue flames. “Todoroki Shouto.”


He disappeared, along with Midoriya and the other villains in the forest. I stood there, inches away from where the villains vanished from, my hand still outstretched.


“No… No no no…” Uraraka gasped, covering her mouth with her right hand. “Midoriya.. He… He was-”


“Dammit…” Bakugou swore, Kirishima helping Bakugou up. “That stupid fucking nerd.. All he had to do was stay out of the way! Keep himself from getting hurt! NO! Of course the fucker didn’t!”


“Shouto, the blood..” Momo panicked, gesturing shakily to the giant puddles. “The amount of flowers.. Shouto, he.. No no, he-”


“Stop.” my voice trembled, the blood slowly making its way to my feet.


The puddles of blood were able to fill at least four liters worth, flower petals swimming softly on the surface of the blood. I fell to my knees; my hands were inches within reach, but I couldn’t make it.


I couldn’t save him .



The camp was ended, the heroes calling for backup to help with the students. Mr. Aizawa found the rest of our class and sent the wounded to the hospital, which basically included everyone. I sat on my hospital bed silently, my face frozen and void of expression. I’d lost him. He was in my reach. I could have gotten him back. I could have saved him from losing all that blood. It’s my fault I didn’t pay attention. It’s my fault he’s gone. It’s my fault .




Midoriya was set down on something hard, his consciousness barely alive. He’d lost all that blood from earlier, his body felt completely weak.


“What are we going to do with him until he wakes up.”


“For now, just leave him be. He’ll wake up eventually.”


“And if he doesn’t?”


“If he doesn’t, then this whole thing is going to fail.”


“Fucking Moonfish, I swear to god this is his fault for attacking the boy.”


“It was Midoriya who decided to jump in between Moonfish and that other one. Moonfish hadn’t directly attacked our target.”


“Even so! If this kid dies, what the hell are we going to do? We can’t just stop this! And we can’t just find another kid!”


“Just shut up and wait, he’ll wake up. I’ll make sure he wakes up.”


Footsteps echoed in the room Midoriya was in, the sound of a TV screen turning off buzzed down Midoriya’s ear canal. Four fingers rested upon Midoriya’s shoulder, the fifth brushing against his torn shirt.


“You’d better wake up.” a voice said, raspy and completely dead with malice. “I’ll kill all the people you love if you don’t.”

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