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Romantic Love and Crumple-Horned Snorkacks (Through the Years)

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Luna is seven years old, and told she'll be in love one day.

When it happens, she's visiting Ginny.

It's a pleasant summer day: spring is happening, and Luna can hear the world around her for miles around, just loud enough to be interesting, but not loud enough to hurt, and so she decides to skip over to visit Ginny in the afternoon.

The skipping's literal, in fact - it's fun, and she likes it, and it makes her feel like joy is exploding out of her chest, and so she skips, all the way, through hills and the little bit of forest nearby and just existence in general.

Her father has brought out another article recently: It's on a crumple-horned snorkack sighting, right here in Britain! She can't wait to tell Ginny about it!

She arrives at the Burrow, bathed in golden sunlight - pretty, Luna thinks, but also maybe a bit too much for her: It's the way the Burrow always feels, nice and warm and just a bit too much.

She rings the doorbell, and patiently waits until someone lets her in - it's Ginny, and a smile steals itself onto Luna's face.

Immediately, she moves to hug her friend - hugs are nice, and warm; Luna likes hugs.

Ginny hugs her back, and squeals - a bit too high, but Luna can deal with that. She always has.

She burrows her head into her friend's shoulder, and feels warm and at peace and friendships are the best.

"Did you hear what they sighted?", Luna asks.

"Harry Potter!", Ginny answers, and Luna blinks.

She has… not expected that answer.

"Crumple-horned snorkacks in Britain, actually. Maybe, at least."

"No, I mean maybe they did, but there was a Harry Potter sighting recently, Luna!"

… and why is that supposed to be important when there are crumple-horned snorkacks?

Sometimes, Luna doesn't understand Ginny at all. That's alright, they could still be friends even if Ginny was a bit odd sometimes.

"They said it was in London, near the ministry - apparently, Mister Diggle ran into him, and even got to shake his hand! You know, I kind of wish I could shake his  hand… Do you think he'd like me, Luna?"

"Well - of course", Luna answers, feeling a bit confused - how can anyone not like Ginny? Apart from some of her brothers, and that is probably A Sibling Thing, and therefore incomprehensible to an only child like Luna.

At least, that's how Ginny described Sibling Things. Quite a few things that don't have anything to do with siblings are also incomprehensible to Luna, so she isn't quite sure whether it actually is down to that, but for now, she's going to go with Ginny's expertise on the matter.

"See? I knew you'd agree! I have to tell Ron!"

And so, Ginny hurries into the house, leaving a baffled and slightly unsatisfied Luna behind. She hadn't gotten to talk about the crumple-horned snorkack sighting at all! 

Still, Luna scurries after her friend, into the loud, cheerful and sometimes incomprehensible innards of the Burrow, intent on getting to talk about crumple-horned snorkacks at some point.

"Ron! Ron! Luna agrees that Harry Potter would like me!"

"Yeah, but she has to, she's your friend."

And so, another Sibling Thing (in this case, an argument) starts, one that soon devolves into "m-hm"s and "nu-uh"s, going back and forth, something that Luna always found fascinating.

Maybe daddy's next article could be on the fascinating habits of sibling interaction in humans? Daddy doesn't have any siblings either, so it would be sure to be fascinating to him, too! Mummy could help!

Decided on her plan to bring this up at home, Luna nods to herself, a chorus of "m-hm"s and "nu-uh"s still going on behind her.

That is around the time Mrs Weasley interrupted the Sibling Thing.

"Ronald, Ginevra, stop it - I'm sure Harry Potter would be friends with both of you."

Ronald sticks his tongue out, while Ginny blushes furiously. "But Mum, she doesn't want to be friends with him - Harry and Ginny are sitting in a tree, K-"

"Ronald Bilius Weasley, you stop teasing your sister!", Mrs Weasley interrupts, leaving Luna very confused - why was Ron teasing Ginny about kissing Harry Potter? What has she missed? Had it been important?

"But Mum!"

"No backtalk! It's kind of sweet your sister's having her first crush, but that doesn't mean you get to tease her about it."

Crush? Crush? Aren't they too young for crushes? Luna has kind of been looking forward to a few more years without Nargles confusing everything.

"Crush?", Luna asks, and Ginny blushes again - if she keeps up like that, her face might permanently be stuck the colour of her hair. Which, well, would be interesting, but not particularly nice for Ginny, probably.

"Ah, yes - she's been talking about Harry Potter all week, Luna-dear, it's the cutest thing ever."

Ginny squeaks, and flees, leaving a confused Luna alone to face the baffling Mrs Weasley, who really isn't making any sense at all.

"Aren't we too young for crushes?", Luna asks, voicing her earlier thought, and Mrs Weasley pats her head.

"Ah-ah, those can happen at any age, my dear! I remember..." Mrs Weasley  laughs softly to herself, a pleasant, rumbling sound - like the purring of a cat, but higher-pitched.

"But yes, a crush. Just you wait - one day you'll have one too, and then it'll all make sense, hun." Mrs Weasely pats Luna's head again.

Luna? Have a crush? Something in her rails against that, but Luna doesn't let it bother her too much. Mrs Weasley means well, Mummy always says.

Still, she is kind of annoyed she still hasn't gotten to talk about crumple-horned snorkacks with anybody. 

Luna side-eyes Mrs Weasley - maybe she would be a receptive audience?

Well, the only way to figure it out is to try.