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Family Fun and Family Thoughts

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Izuku Midoriya was considered by most to be quite the workaholic. With how often he studied and trained, it was the general assumption that he was essentially an ‘all work and no play’ sort of person outside of his obvious obsession with professional heroes. There were times where even his best friends and girlfriend wondered if he ever went out to just have fun and be a normal teenager, so when the idea of going to an amusement park after passing a rigorous exam came out of his mouth, his peers were genuinely shocked, much to his mixed confusion and annoyance. It didn’t take long for them to quickly agree to the idea, though. After everything the class has been through, they deserved to treat themselves with some rides, games, and good old junk food. They deserved that much at least, and they were grateful to Izuku to have brought up the idea.

This was a special trip in particular, however,  because not only were all of the young successor’s classmates were going to the park but also a certain little someone as well. After hearing about the trip from the others during a visit, the child requested her guardian to go along with them, who agreed reluctantly so long as someone responsible enough was going to watch her. It was then decided unanimously that Izuku would be the one to chaperone her, seeing as he was the one that was closest to him in comparison to everyone else. He was more than ok, with it, though, as he was hoping to spend some more time with her before things got busy for everyone.

And now here he was, dressed in his traditional checkered dress shirt, green sweater and dark pants and standing by the entrance of a generic amusement park that had just been re-opened to the public after repairs were made due to a villain attack, waiting for his temporary charge to arrive. His fellow classmates have already arrived, with most of them already headed inside the park to have fun. The only ones who had not went ahead inside were two of his closer friends; Tenya and Tsuyu, who decided to wait alongside him so that he wouldn’t be alone.

Oddly enough, the one person he was most looking forward to spend time with other than the newcomer was running late. He wasn’t concerned, though. She had messaged him earlier about her running behind but wouldn’t elaborate as to why. He was admittedly confused by the statement but went along with it and proceeded to wait patiently for to arrive with the rest of their shared friends. He just hoped that she didn’t take too long, since it appeared that his engine powered friend was starting to get a little agitated by her absence.

“Midoriya! Has Uraraka messaged you about her arrival yet? We have been waiting for quite some time now and she has yet to arrive!” Tenya exclaimed with his signature hand motions, wearing a plain dark grey button shirt with dark blue pants and his glasses gleaming in the sunlight.

“Calm down, Tenya. Ochako will be here soon, I’m sure. You know she wouldn’t skip out on something like this, especially if it means spending more time with Izuku.” Tsuyu croaked in assurance, dressed in a black long-sleeved shirt with an orange dress skirt and a crimson scarf around her neck.

“She’s on her way. She messaged me not too long ago saying that she left the dorm. She should be here any minute now.” Izuku explained while holding up his phone, chuckling nervously when his energetic friend zoomed over to him.

“Has she told you as to why she is so tardy? It is not like her to be late to such an occasion! Especially one that she was looking forward to so!”

“He has a point, ribbit.” The frog girl spoke up. “Ochako’s not one to flake when it comes to our group outings. She loves it when we’re all going out together. I wonder what she’s done that made her this late?”

“I dunno. She never specified. All she told me that she was held up with something important and will be here in a bit.” Izuku answered before holding his chin in thought. “Then again, our guest of honor isn’t here, either. Even if Uraraka shows up, I still have to wait until you-know-who gets here before going in. Its her first time going to experience something like this, so I want to make sure she has the time of her life. I don’t mind waiting around a little longer until she shows up. Both her and Uraraka. Both of them are very important to my life and I want make sure that they-”

“Hey guys! Sorry we’re late! Got caught up with something and lost track of time!”

Interrupted by the voice of the very person he was waiting for, Izuku turned his head to see not just the one person he was waiting for, but both of them. Ochako and Eri, his wonderful girlfriend and the little girl he and his fellow heroes helped rescue shortly after getting his provisional hero license, were rushing over to them with practically matching outfits. Both were sporting short-sleeved, rabbit-themed hoodies with small carrots on the ends of the sleeves and rabbit ears sticking on the top of the hoods, skirts that had patterns of rabbit paws all over them and even leggings that had images of carrots and bunny heads all over them. There were little differences between their outfits, with the teen’s being pink with an orange skirt and the child’s being blue with a white skirt, but other than that, their clothing was virtually identical, and Izuku felt his heart and his face clench at the incredibly adorable sight that was before him.

“…Mr. Deku? Are you ok? Your face is all scrunched up. It’s really weird.” Eri asked, her ponytailed head tilted curiously.

“He’s fine, sweetie. This happens sometimes whenever he sees something super cute and bright to him. He’ll go back to normal in a bit.” Ochako assured while gently patting the child before looking up at her boyfriend with a wide grin while fiddling with her spiked hair bun. “If he’s acting like this, it just means he really likes what he sees.”

“I do not blame him! Uraraka! Eri! You two are looking wonderful in those matching outfits!” Tenya stated with a wide smile and a thumbs up.

“He’s right. Your clothes are quite adorable. I didn’t know you had them.” Tsuyu croaked questionably with a finger under her lip in thought.

“They’re a gift from Mandalay after I helped her out on a collaborative mission Miss Ryukyu’s agency had with the Pussy Cats. She even had a matching set made for Eri too as thanks for befriending Kota and we figured now would be a good time to wear them.” Ochako explained before Eri trotted over to Izuku and began pulling on his leg.

“Mr. Deku? Can we go inside? Ms. Ocha said that there are candy apples in the park and I want one. Is that ok?” Eri asked innocently, her big red eyes staring right into Izuku’s own emerald as he snapped out of this stupor to give the girl a warm smile.

“Of course, Eri. We’ll go and grab some in a bit. First we’re going to play a few games and have fun. It’ll be just like the culture festival, but with bigger rides and more food to eat.” The successor explained before crouching down and lifting Eri into his arms. “So what do you say? Want me to win you a prize?”

“Yes please!” Eri nodded vigorously, causing a laugh to erupt out of Izuku before he proceeded to enter through the gate of the amusement park, Tenya, Tsuyu and Ochako following close by with fond expressions.

“Deku is such a big brother to Eri. It’s really cute to see them like this.” Ochako cooed lovingly, a sappy smile on her face after seeing her boyfriend interact to the bunny-themed child.

“He’s taken the role quite well, also! The way he acts is not dissimilar to how my brother helped raise me when I was young! It’s impressive!” Tenya chimed in with a tone of pride.

“He’s a natural, for sure. Something tells me that he will also make a great father as well in the future.” Tsuyu mused out loud, causing Ochako to stare at her in surprise before a contemplative expression started to form on her face.

Deku as a father, huh… Hmm… With how he is with both Eri and Kota, I guess it would make sense. She thought to herself, her imagination starting to run wild as thoughts of green and brown-haired children with rosy cheeks and cute freckles started to form in her mind. An image that immediately made her face red and prompt her to fan her face with her hands as she tried desperately to rid herself of the cute mental image with little success.

“Uraraka? Is something the matter? You are looking quite flustered right now.” The concerned voice of her speedy friend broke the gravity girl out of her thoughts, prompting her to silently thank him as she looked up at her trio of friends who were all staring at her curiously.

“I-I’m fine! J-Just thought of something kinda embarrassing! Don’t mind me!” Ochako admitted sheepishly, being truthful with her words but hoping that they didn’t ask her to elaborate. Even if she was going out with her long-time crush now and was more comfortable with being open with her feelings, telling him and the others that she was daydreaming of their future kids was not something she wanted to do.

“…If you say so, Uraraka.” Izuku muttered with a hint of worry, he and Eri staring at the young heroine and causing her to feel mildly guilty.

“She’s fine, Izuku. You don’t need to worry. You know this happens sometimes, ribbit.” Tsuyu assured while placing a gentle hand on her best friend’s shoulder, causing said friend to smile at her gratefully in response. “Now then, how about we go and have fun? I heard that there’s a shooting gallery that has hero plushies as prizes. Maybe we can go there first, ribbit. Habuko told me that the stand had a rare All Might plush as the top prize, so-”

“A rare All Might plush?! What are we waiting for then? Let’s go!” Izuku suddenly announced, his hand practically flying over to Ochako’s and latching on to it before dragging her surprised form to the stand in question, completely unaware of her protesting screams or Eri’s excited laughter.

“…You did that on purpose, didn’t you,” Tenya stated with his arms crossed and an eyebrow raised at the frog girl, who simply looked back at him blankly.

“I just wanted to help bring Ochako’s mood up after she embarrassed herself and seeing Izuku happy is usually the fastest way to do it. I wasn’t expecting him to act like this, ribbit.” Tsuyu admitted bluntly with a finger under her lip once more. “Besides, Habuko told me about the plush about a week ago. There’s a good chance that it might be gone by now.”

“Hmm. Best that we go over to him now, lest he suffers from a meltdown in front of Uraraka and Eri.” Tenya suggested, getting a nod of agreement before the pair followed the couple and child to hang out and provide damage control should the Rainy Season Hero’s words hold merit.

The group of teenagers end up having quite a lot of fun at the park after everything was said and done. Izuku was, indeed, upset when he discovered that the rare push had already been won, but didn’t really suffer as bad as Tsuyu and Tenya had feared. The One for All successor actually had a lot of fun in the range after calming down and managed to get a pair of plushies in the form of the space hero Thirteen. He ended up giving them to Eri and Ochako after winning them and was rewarded with a hug and a kiss from them respectively. After that, the quartet simply wandered around the park to enjoy themselves, meeting up with some of their classmates every so often as they traveled, from an embarrassed Jiro and brain fried Kaminari at the tunnel of love, the amused trio of Kirishima, Sero and Mina hanging out at the merry-go-round, a surprisingly excited Tokoyami dragging everyone to a haunted house to the sickly Shoto and Momo after the pair spent too much time in the spinning tea cups. There was an incident regarding Mineta being too short to ride the rollercoaster and Bakugo nearly exploding due to the tiny pervert’s excessive complaining, but other than that, everything turned out well.

It was getting close to the end of the day when Eri, candy-apple in hand, requested to go onto the ferris wheel before the park closed. A request that Izuku couldn’t say no to thanks to those pleading crimson eyes of hers. As a result, the young hero found himself moving upwards inside a small metal box alongside his little companion, who was staring outside through the window in childlike awe.

“Wow… Mr. Deku we’re really high up! Look, look! Everyone is really small!” Eri exclaimed while pointing at the window, causing a laugh to erupt from the teen’s mouth.

“They are, Eri. And the higher we get, the smaller everything is. Pretty soon we’ll be able to see the whole park. Wouldn’t that be amazing?” Izuku explained, his smile growing more at the excited gasp that came out of the girl’s mouth as a cute laugh escaped from the mouth of the other occupant of the room.

“Eri, be careful. We’re still moving right now and you might trip if you keep bouncing like that.” Ochako chided gently, a sweet smile on her face as Eri turned to her with a massive smile of her own and a nod.

“I will, Ms. Ocha! I promise!” She responded happily, getting a giggle and a pat on the head from the brunette before she focused her attention back outside, leaving the couple alone for the time being.

“Wow, Uraraka. You and Eri have really gotten along lately. That’s really amazing, you know.” Izuku stated with pride, his words causing his girlfriend’s rosy cheeks to darken slightly at his kind words.

“It’s nothing really. Tsu and I have been spending a lot of time with her ever since the fair, so it’s only natural that we get along so soon. She’s such a sweetheart as well, not to mention super adorable. Makes me wish I had a little sister like her…” Ochako said in a wistful tone, shuffling closer to Izuku and laying her head on his shoulder as he let off a quiet, fond chuckle.

“I’m sure Eri sees you as an older sister at this point. She sees me and Togata as her other brothers already so it isn’t much of a stretch. In fact, I’m sure she’ll see everyone in our dorm as family soon enough with how often we spend time with her.” Izuku assured, placing a hand around Ochako’s shoulder and pulling her closer to him.

“Maybe, but something tells me that even after that, you’ll end up being the favorite. With how often you take care of her, it’s more like you’re her father than her brother.” Ochako stated, recalling the words Tsuyu had said earlier and withheld a giggle when her boyfriend ended up blushing madly while giving her an incredulous look. “What? I’m serious! Tsu even said the same thing after seeing you dote on her so much. Trust me, you’ll make a super father when you get older!”

“…And with the way you’ve been with Eri, I’m sure you’ll make a good mother, Ochako.” Izuku responded softly in kind, his words slipping out of his mouth without either of them realizing it and causing both their faces to practically explode in furious blushes.

“Ah… Um… Th-Thanks, Deku. That was…sweet of you to say.” Ochako muttered, looking away from her boyfriend as her earlier thoughts of brown and green haired children started to return.

“N-No problem! J-Just stating the truth! You’d make a wonderful mother, I’m sure! Heck, I’d be happy for you to be the mother of my future kids when the time comes!” Izuku blurted out uncontrollably, his words further embarrassing each other and causing the two of them to babble and apologize to one another…

“...Would be nice to have a family together someday, though.”

“Deku, what did you just say?!”

“Crap, did I say that out loud?!”

“I-I… Deku, um… Wait, eh, I-Izuku...ah”

“Ura-no, I m-mean Ochako, I…er...w-well”

The two were blushing harder than ever before, unable to form a single sentence after what Izuku had just confessed to. Despite the embarrassment, there was a layer of happiness around them, hidden amongst the mounds of awkwardness that the two were producing. As the pair tried to both calm and reassure each other and themselves, Eri was watching them curiously, their shouting having distracted her from sight seeing for a good while.

“…They’re really red.” The child muttered simply, tilting her head as she tried to make sense of the odd chattering the couple were making before giving up with a shrug and returning her attention back to the amusement park as the wheel made its descent. It had been a very fun day for her and she loved spending it with Izuku and his friends. She wanted to come again someday, hopefully with Aizawa as well, since he was her guardian now. With all the joy that she had today, she was sure that bringing him along will make him happy and smiling, too.

“…Maybe I can bring Kota and Ms. Sosaki to come with us, too. Kota’s fun to be with and Mr. Aizawa looks less scary when Ms. Sosaki’s visiting. It’ll be fun!”