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Only You

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One moment Connors has been sobbing, saline tears pouring out his eyes as he waited for Hank to tell him he was being ridiculous, that he's confused, that he doesn't want Connor around anymore if he's going to be like this. The next Hanks face was on him, warm soft lips against his and a beard tickling across Connors synthetic skin. It feels like something explodes inside his chest and pools in his belly. It hurts so bad and he doesn't understand how at the same time it feels so wonderful.

Connor notices Hank start to pull back and possessively wraps his arms round him, not wanting this to end. He doesn't have any personal experience but he's seen humans kissing... he's seen androids kissing... even a few first hand glimpses from the TRACIs. He just had to copy what they do right? Connor's nervous and tries simply opening and closing his mouth, pressing his lips round one of Hanks.

He must've done something right because Hanks hand slips down from below his ear and cups the side of his neck to pull his face close, parting Connors lips with his own. The android can feel himself shaking as Hanks tongue slides against the tip of his own, immediately an analysis of Hanks saliva pops up.

Water, electrolytes, barley... He wills the pop up away. He doesn't need an analysis, he can taste the beer in Hanks mouth as he follows the tongue withdrawing from his mouth into his partners. It's so much wetter and hotter than his own. Connor feels his thirium pump speed up as he pulls an necessary breath in through his nose and pushes his tongue against Hanks, slowly closing off his mouth till his lips are around the tip of his humans tongue.

Connor shudders lightly and pulls Hank back onto the couch, moaning into their kiss as Hank grinds himself between Connors thighs. He can feel Hanks erection press up against his thigh and the urge that had never presented itself before was fizzing deep in his belly. Connor moves his arms from Hanks shoulders and runs his hands down the humans back, feeling muscles tense underneath his shirt as Hank rolls himself up against him. Connor quietly gasps into their kiss as Hank repeats the movement again and again, each time adding to the pressure building inside.

Hank curses softly against his lips and moves to plant wet kisses across Connors neck. The androids legs are shaking when Hank pushes against him again and the needy grunt by Connors ear sends a spark straight down to his groin. Connor knows what's going to happen soon, he can feel it. He wants it so badly and grabs at Hanks ass, greedily pushing his aching dick up against him, rocking his hips back and forth... just a little more... almost...

The band that had been pulling taut inside Connors gut violently snaps as he hits his climax, pulling Hank flush against him, his mind goes blank and all he can feel is pleasure forcefully pulsing though every inch of his body. Connors vision is riddled with Static, he can barely see the ceiling above and loses track of time.


Every moan Hank manages to drag out from Connors mouth is like a damn drug, shooting straight down to his cock. He can feel Connors ragged breathing beneath him, he'd question why an android would be breathing so heavy if it wasn't one of the sexiest noises he'd ever heard, moans getting caught in his androids throat as Hank rolled himself into against Connors crotch.

Hanks caught a little off guard when he feels Connor grab at his ass, but he soon understands why as the android begins relentlessly grinding himself against him, Connors moans moving up an octave before going rigid, breath hitching in his throat. Just the thought of Connor coming is almost enough to push him over the edge but he holds back wanting to fully take it all in.

He leans back enough to see Connors face, his mouth parted slightly and half lidded eyes gazing out at nothing. Connors nightlight lazily pulsing red. Hank commits the image to memory and after a few long seconds the LED starts blinking yellow and Connors eyes come back into focus. His android looks adorably confused for a moment then smiles, sinking down into the cushions and lets his hands slip from Hanks ass.

"Welcome back..." Hank chuckles quietly, running a hand through Connors hair... He's wanted to do that for a while and finally feels he can do so. It's wonderfully soft.

Connor just hums in reply still looking a little dazed. It takes a good minute till Connors LED is back to blue and his android speaks "That felt nothing like what I imagined it would..."

Hank raises an eyebrow "With me? ... or a human in general?"

Connor pushes himself up a bit as Hank sits back down by his feet

"Hm? No, an orgasm. I'd read up on them but I guess no matter how much you know about something it doesn't prepare you for the real thing. It was... Intense"

"That was the first time you've come?" Hanks incredulous. No fucking way.

"Yes. Speaking of which, did you?"

"Nah but that's fine. I've had whiskey dick enough times to deal with things, it'll quiet down"

Connors LED spins for fair while, eyes slightly unfocused before the blue blush which had been starting to fade glows back onto his cheeks. Hank watches the android slide down himself off the couch and crawl over between Hanks legs, kneeling on the floor with a mischievous glint in his dark brown eyes.

"I'll feel bad if I'm the only one who got to reach climax Hank. I want you to feel good too... " Connor slowly runs his hands up Hanks thighs, eyes trained on his crotch as he tucks his fingers into Hanks waistband and gives them a light tug, looking up at Hank to let him remove them with his LED slowly pulsing between yellow and blue.

Hank can't shake of the shame of his own body plaguing the back of his mind as he stares down at the android, staring up through his thick lashes... He looks damn near angelic, and Hank... He's well past his prime. He accepts that Connor has decided he wants him emotionally, and Hank wants him too but it's a bit different when it comes down to being exposed in front of someone who was literally build to look perfect.

"It's OK Con."

"Please" Connor trails kisses along his thigh. It feels good...

"...." Hank bites the inside of his cheek and with his heart giving a nervous squeeze, lifts his lower half off the cushions. Gritting his teeth to keep it together when he feels the fabric being slid down down his legs and off his ankles. He doesn't have the guts to look down, he doesn't want to see Connors disappointment.


Connors watches his human intently as he kisses up Hanks thigh. He doesn't understand why Hank isn't letting him do this... maybe because Connors never performed oral before? He'd just searched the basics now... maybe he should let Hank know he is aware that the term 'blowjob' is not a literal meaning of the act. He pulls in a breath to speak but just smiles when Hank finally moves so he can remove his shorts.

Connors bites down on his lip when he gets the view between Hanks legs, he's quite thicker than Connor had expected though not quite matching in length. It's a good trade off. Hank's unshaved and Connor hadn't expected any differently, it wasn't like an android had to shave, they were both just as their bodies were designed to be. His eyes draw lower to Hanks balls... not decorative like his own and he could see them pull up slightly as Hank shifted his leg to the side. Connor finds the sight greatly appealing, it's just so... Human.

Connor rubs his tongue against the roof of his mouth, stimulating his analysis fluid to work overtime. His mouth by default is not dry but more.. damp and it won't be easy establishing a rhythm unless his mouth is generously lubricated. He leans forward to press his lips to Hanks shaft when a hand blocks his path. Connor looks up opening his mouth to speak and feels a small trickle of fluid run down the corner of his mouth so swallows first.

"Is something wrong?" He doesn't get why Hanks looking so concerned "....I do know what to do Hank... I know to keep my teeth away and I don't have a gag reflex so-"

"I just... don't want you to do this because you feel you have to. I'm ok with not getting off tonight"

"....but I do want to...." Connor rests his chin on the couch, and frowns at Hanks hand then remembers something and he really does try to stop himself but a undignified snort of laughter escapes him.

"What?!" Hank snaps.

"You're literally cock blocking me"

There's a sigh of relief above and Connor nuzzles his face into the inside of Hanks thigh with a light chuckle. Connor wets his mouth again before dragging it along Hanks thumb, taking the tip between his lips with a light suckle. He earns a groan from Hank and it dawns on Connor there may be a secondary use for his interrogation algorithims.

"Are you going to make me beg Lieutenant?"

"Don't call me that right now... Jeez."

"Then remove your hand... If you fill my throat I won't be able to"

"Fucking Christ, I swear you fake all that naive puppy bullshit Connor"

"I'm simply stating facts lieutenant. I need my mouth to speak and if you would let me do what I would like to do, you wouldn't have to listen to me keep talking." He can tell he's starting to get under Hanks skin... and keeps pushing "But If you would like me to talk I can. I know plenty information on the subject of oral intercourse if you like I cou-" Connor doesn't get to finish his sentence.

Hank takes a handful of Connors hair and proceeds to push the androids face into his crotch. It'd taken a bit of wearing down but he's got what he wanted. Connor opens his mouth and licks his tongue across Hanks cock and the analysis pops up. Water, salt, urea, fructose, amino acids, proteins... Connor stores it away into a temporary folder, he'll a look later.

Connor continues his messy slurping across Hanks member till the hand disappears from the back of his head. Finally Connor can back up enough to get his lips round the head and in one smooth movement pushes down till his nose is nestled firmly into the mess of hair at Hanks base before swallowing round Hanks cock. The strained groan above makes Connor smirk for a moment... or as close as he can considering Hanks girth currently stretching his mouth.

Connor starts bobbing his head up and down in a slow rhythm, massaging his tongue along Hanks shaft with every movement, swallowing when too much pre-ejaculate accumulates in the back of his throat.

"I'm not gonna last long if you keep that up..." Hank groans,

Connor looks up, lips still round the base of Hanks penis "Hmmmm?" His vocal unit vibrating along Hanks length.

He'd only wanted to tease Hank a little more but it would seem he wasn't lying when he said he was close because only a second later Connor can feel Hanks cock start pumping out semen against the back of his throat. A hand returns to the back of his head to keep his face buried against Hanks pelvis. Connor doesn't need to breathe and closes his eyes, letting himself focus in on the feel of Hanks ejaculate coating the back of his throat and the throb of Hanks heated cock as he finishes inside him.


Hank leans his head back on the couch, panting and keeps his fingers threaded through Connors hair, keeping him tightly pressed against his crotch as he empties himself into Connors throat. Even when he's finished and afterglow settles in he doesn't let go, the warm tight passage hugging his cock feels wonderful even as he softens. After a couple minutes Hank lets go and shivers as his cock slides free of Connors mouth.

"Wasn't so bad was it?" Connor winks smoothly at him, licking some liquid from his lip.

"Fishing for compliments?" Hank raises an eyebrow, the need to sleep hitting him hard.

His LED only flashes yellow for a brief moment then he smiles "Hmmm... maybe"

"You were perfect" Hank praises, stroking a hand along Connors jawline before attempting to stifle a yawn. "Urgh... I'm gonna fall asleep here unless I get up now... You... you wanna come to bed?"

"Yes." Connors eyes are warm and he stands up, waiting with Hanks boxers in hand.

Hank chuckles and pushes himself up, taking the boxers with a 'Thanks' and slips them back on before working his way down the hall to flop back into his bed. Fuck... that blowjob took a lot out of him. He watches Connor lay on the other side of the bed on his back, hands over his stomach almost hidden in the folds of Hanks oversized jersey.

"... Usually my breathing module shuts off when I'm stasis but if that would bother you Hank, I can alter the routine?"

Hank thinks for a moment "...Nah , I'll be asleep anyways. Is there a way to wake you up if I need to?"

"My name will bring me out of stasis" Connor smiles then looks up at the ceiling "Good night Lieutenant..."

Connors eyelids start to flicker then close and the glow from his LED is a constant dim blue. Hank's glad he won't have to deal with a blinking nightlight and sprawls out on his half of the bed barely able to keep his eyes open.
"G'night Kid" Hank says mostly to himself and can't help but think... he could get used to this.