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Three for One

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‘Boring…" You internally muttered to yourself, staring off into space while Present Mic taught the English lesson for that morning, "So… Damn… Boring…’ 

“All right, who can find the mistake in the following English sentence? All right, everybody put your hands up-- Show me some spirit!!”

For whatever ungodly reason, you lazily raised your hand up, somehow beating 3D printer, Four-Eyes, and Izukun to the punch. That or the English teacher singled you out for a reason.

“Yes! You! Second from the back-- Uhm!”


“Yeah!! (L/N)! Whatcha think the answer is, Listener!?”

“The relative conjunction in four is wrong, “Please tell me that all you know.” should be “Please tell me all that you know.” If you wanna be real fancy, stick a comma in after “Please” . However, “Please, tell me anything you might know,” or “Please tell me everything you know.” Sounds a lot more natural.”

“R… Right!! Good job, (L/N)! Real sharp!” He quickly wrote something down on the chalkboard, mumbling, “And I thought you weren’t paying attention…”

“I wasn’t. I’m just fluent.” You shot him a smug grin from between your hands that held the sides of your face, internally snickering when he snapped his head around with a mildly mortified raise to his surprised brows, probably remembering all the little comments he’s made about random things-- From Pikachu not paying attention and being called on to figure out an adjective, to the mumbling about the “Damn hobo, doesn’t know how to clean his desk…!”

“Ah, I was right…” Izukun mumbled in front of you, holding his chin and looking up at the board, before scribbling down some notes in his journal-- Not his hero analysis journal, of course.

‘He’s cute when he’s focused.’

You turned your gaze to stare out at the scenic view of the city through the window, eyes half-closed as you thought back to last night.

… Not when you kissed Izukun’s cheek and turned him into a puddle, though. But when you had finally replied to Tomura’s text.


Tomura: All Might may be teaching this year.

You: Really? Had no idea.

Tomura: He was the one who replied to the acceptance letters of the top ten. Last I knew, you were number one.

You: Must have slipped my mind.

Tomura: Yeah, right. Stay available.  


… That gave you several mixed emotions. He would probably want you to spy, because, hey! You were so conveniently already going to UA! Who cares if you had your own plans and wanted nothing to do with his!

The likeliness that you would even have much of a choice was probably pretty low, considering how father played favorites.

Even if he insisted he did not.


“Alriiiight! Lunchtime! You kids hope to have fun at the heroics class after!”

“You mean, “Hope you kids have fun at the heroics class afterward!”, sir. Informal form, of course.”

“Don’t sass your elders, kid…”


You ended up sitting next to Izukun, across from Four-Eyes at lunch, with Round-Face next to him, who was contently eating a bowl of white rice as a man with a strange body walked by, stopping to chat with your group.

“Ah! White rice sure is comforting, isn’t it?” His voice sounded as if it were coming from a metal box-- Well, in a way, it was coming from a metal container--And he wore a chef’s uniform, the hat oversized and hiding where you assumed his face would be, while a metal pipe came out from and was slung over his shoulder, held in place by straps on his tunic.

“It’s good,” Round-Face happily mumbled around a mouthful, mostly drowned out by Izukun’s fanboy-ish… Screeching…? No, not that loud… Squealing? Squeeing? Close enough.

“(L/N)-san! I wanted to compliment you on your impressive English skills!” Four-Eyes’ orotund voice took over the conversation, as Lunch Rush, as Izuku named him, walked off to go familiarize himself with other students.

“Eh? Oh, thanks, I guess.” You poked at your katsudon with your chopsticks, boredly slumping your cheek against your free hand.

“Where did you learn it so well?”

“Nosy, much…?” You stuck your chopsticks in your half-eaten meal, picking up the pork chop as you looked up to him, “My father doesn’t like morons, so I was tutored pretty rigorously.”


“Hey, what’s the matter, (F/N)? You need to eat, we have heroics class next! Who knows what we’ll do!” Izukun cheerfully took a bite out of his own pork chop, looking at you with a smile as he chewed.

“Do you not like it? Lunch Rush’s food is so tasty…!” Infinity-Girl hummed, shoving another portion of white rice into her mouth for emphasis.

“It’s not as good as Izukun’s mom’s…” You sighed, flopping the food back down, not reacting to the surprised gasp she made.

“You’ve been to his house…!? Oh!” She pointed to you with her chopsticks, smiling widely, “Are you childhood friends? Oh! Are you dating!?--”

“N-N-No!” Izuku suddenly burst out, covering his mouth with one hand while he swallowed prematurely, coughing, “W-We aren’t dating! A-And, uhm, we aren’t childhood friends either… Actually… H-How long have we known each other, (F-F/N)...?”

“Give or take three months, if you don’t count our first meeting.” You hummed, letting a tired, sly smile quirk the corner of your lips while you glanced over to him, “I moved in next door, then he just kept insisting I come to have meals at his apartment...! He just can’t get enough of my company. Now, I’m just waiting for him to ask me out.”

“Y-You only ate instant ramen , cereal, and take-out, (F/N)!”


The class had all filed back into the classroom as soon as lunch had ended, most in an excited, chattering mood. Which, was apparently expected by a bunch of teenagers who didn’t have the chance to really apply their quirks too much in terms of combative training… No one wanted to miss a second of the next class.

Basic Hero Training.
“I have…!!”

“He’s here…!” Izukun gasped gleefully, gripping the edge of his desk in anticipation, while you watched silently, drumming your fingers with a twitching eye.

‘... I’m turning into pap--’

“Come through the door like a normal person!”

‘That’s not normal at all, you old bastard.’

“It’s All Might…! Incredible, he’s really gonna teach us…!”

“That’s his Silver-Age costume!”

‘Yeah, because Golden-Age got torn the hell up fighting my fathe--’

“Hero Basic training!” He flexed, showing off his back muscles through his costume, the cape flowing with… Absolutely no wind source, whatsoever, “The course that’ll put you through all sorts of special training to mold you into heroes! It also gives a ton of credits…” He pulled a small screen out of his pocket as he whipped around, displaying the word “BATTLE” in bold lettering, “No time to dally, today’s activity will be this-- Battle Training!”


“... Training!”

“And for that, you’ll need these!” He aimed the device towards the wall opposite of the door, continuing as it suddenly shifted and began to protrude out, “In addition to the Quirk Registry and the Special Request Forms you filled out before being admitted…”

“Costumes! Yeaaaaaah!”

You had to plug your ears from everyone’s excited shouting, rolling your eyes to look towards the outcropping of shelves-- And glancing around to see Izukun squeezing his backpack to his chest. Ah, right, his mother had made his costume.

… Do mothers usually do that…?

“After you get changed, come out to Training Ground Beta!”



“Looking good is very important, ladies and gentlemen… Look alive! Because from today on… You’re all heroes!”

“Heroes in training…” You muttered, stepping out from the tunnel that led to the training ground-- Izukun was just ahead, too busy rushing towards the rest of the class, while you walked at a much more leisurely pace.

A small smirk tugged at your lips, thinking about how he would react to your costume.

‘Sorry I didn’t stay true to your design, Izukun…’

“Ah! Deku! I like your costume, really practical looking!”

‘Did Round-Face just call Ms. Midoriya’s work cheap!?’

“A-Ah! Uraraka! W… Woah!”

“I wish I had been more specific on my costume form… This suit is so puffy and curvy…!”

‘Izukun, I’m going to count to three, and if you don’t stop looking at her…’

“Oh-- But-- Where’s (F/N)? I thought she would be--” Round-Face’s eyes shifted from Izuku’s form to yours as you approached, gasping while her hands flew up to her mouth, “(L/N)-chan…!”

Your second-favorite person turned around, eyes shooting wide open with his mouth agape as his gaze landed on you-- Exactly what you wanted. Even behind his mask, you could see all the blood rushed to his face.

“Can you believe those tailors, Izukun?” You “whined” melodramatically, striking a pose with your hip jutted out, “They completely disregarded your design…!”

Your costume consisted of a black, sleeveless, skin-tight crop-top with a deep V-Neck, the pants made from the same material-- Skin tight, high-waisted so it covered your navel, black, and went down into white boots with a stripe of bubblegum pink on the heels, pulling together the rest of the suit-- A white cape that was attached by a gold chain and buttons to your shirt, to match the golden belt buckle that depicted a stylized “V”-- Which held the pink tasset in place, that drifted down to the backs of your knees. The gold from the chain and belt buckle made the large, tipless yellow gloves a little more incorporated into the outfit.

“I’m kidding, my father came up with it-- Mostly the color scheme, even if I made a few tweaks, like pink instead of red. And a plain black jumpsuit was too boring for me… But, I couldn’t just disregard him, Izukun, I hope you’re not mad...”

“I-I-I-It l-l-l-l-l-loo-looks gre-gr-great…!”

“You really think so?” You asked innocently, smiling brightly and fondly while walking up to slide against him and hold his mask between your hands, “Well, your mom made your costume perfectly, and I love it…!”

“Y-You think so--!? T-Th-Thanks…!”

“Shall we begin, my wards!? It’s time for battle training!” All Might boomed, getting everyone’s attention-- Urging Izuku, Round-Face and yourself to line up with the rest of the class. “Looking good!” He laughed-- Then seemed to be suppressing snickers while looking at Izuku’s costume.

‘If this fucker is making fun of my Izukun…--’

But when his eyes landed on you, he paled considerably-- You swore you could see his Adam's apple stop mid-way, in an incredibly uncomfortable position, and his ever-present smile become… Strained .

‘... Don’t tell me all these teachers are secretly perverts…’

“Sensei! We appear to be in the same field used for the entrance exam-- Will we once again be performing cityscape maneuvers?” Four-Eye’s voice came from the guy in the full suit of armor-- You recognized the design, but couldn’t place your finger on the inspiration… Probably some lame, useless hero, like the rest of them.

‘Couldn’t even come up with something original…?’

“Nope! We’ll be moving on to step two! Indoor anti-personnel training!” All Might boasted loudly, beginning to explain what he had in store for today, “Villain battles are most commonly seen outdoors, but… Statistically, the most heinous villains… Are more likely to appear indoors. Between confinement, house arrest, and black market deals… This hero filled society of ours… Ahem--” He took half a second and cleared his throat, “The cleverest villains out there… Lurk indoors!”

‘Yeah, because you bash some of their faces in and make them unrecognizable…’

“You’ll now be split into Villain and Hero teams, and face off in two vs. two indoor battles!”

“So no basic training?” Tsu croaked, tilting her head.

“Practical experience teaches you the basics! The distinction here is that you won’t be fighting disposable robots.”

“What determines victory?”

“Can’t I just blast everyone away?”

“Are you threatening to expel someone, like Aizawa-sensei did…?”

“How do we proceed to divide ourselves into teams?”

“How fabulous is my cape?”

“One at a time-- My quirk isn’t super-hearing!” All Might stressed, before flipping out a small piece of paper.

‘A cheat sheet…? Wow. Pathetic.’

“Listen up! Here’s the deal. The villains will be hiding a nuclear weapon in the hideout. And the heroes have to go and take care of it! The heroes have a limited amount of time to either capture the villains or secure the weapon. The villains must either capture the heroes or protect the weapon until time is up. Your battle partners will be decided by… Drawing lots!”

“I-Is that really the best way…?”

“Makes sense, because pros often have to team up with heroes from other agencies on the spot during emergencies…” Midoriya murmured thoughtfully.

“I see! I apologize for getting ahead of myself-- My mistake!”

“No, actually, it’s a ridiculous idea…” You muttered to Izuku, glaring down a strangely sweating All Might.

“It’s fine! Let’s just get to it!”

“H-Huh…? What makes you say that, (F/N)...?” Izuku blinked in confusion as he looked back at you, getting in line behind Round-Face to draw a lot.

“You think Round-Face can handle getting blasted point-blank by Baka-kun? You think Invisible-Chick won’t die if Sparky over there accidentally unleashes too much electricity and fry her brains and explodes her heart? What if you accidentally let loose and kill someone?” You cracked your knuckles, still looking straight at the No. 1 hero, “You think everyone here at least knows hand-to-hand? You think everyone here can stand a chance against anyone’s quirk at this level? I sure as hell don’t.” You purse your lips, then sighed, rolling your neck, before turning your eyes to the opposite direction, “Whatever… Maybe I’m underestimating everyone here. Maybe I’m overthinking. Or maybe I think we should actually get some basic training so we don’t, you know, accidentally kill each other.”

“I… I think…” He swallowed thickly, looking away while he thought, then turned his eyes back to yours as you looked back to hear his answer, “... We should trust All Might’s decision!” Izukun whispered back, his gaze sure-fire as it was directed to you.

You snorted, shifting your eyes in a lazy half-roll, “Gee. That sure makes me believe in him.”

… The shocked look on his face at your curt answer would break your heart if you could see it, but you were too busy glaring down a bird that had landed nearby to peck at some specks on the ground.

‘... I wonder if Papa has a quirk that lets you talk to animals… Nah, that’d be ridiculous. He’s more practical than that.’

You continued following behind Izuku to draw your lot after him, rolling the labeled ball in your hand curiously while you stepped away to let the last of the class draw their own, “Team D… What’d you get, Izukun?”

“Ah, Team A…”

“Waah…” You whined, leaning against him, “I wanted to be on your team, Izukun…!”

“D-Don’t worry! We’ll have p-p-p-plenty of time to w-w-work together in the future--”

“Alright, everyone, find your partners!”

Everyone began calling out their letters, meeting up with their randomly designated-- ‘Fucking Round-Face got Izukun…!’

“Oi! Which one of you extras has D?!”

“Round-Face, switch with me.”

“W-What!?” She flinched back as you gripped her shoulders, your wide eyes probably terrifying her, “W-Why--”

You held up your ball.

“... Y-You’re on your own, (L/N)-san…”

“Changing teams is against the rules!” Four-Eyes made a hand-chopping motion, standing next to 3D-Printer.

You held up your ball for him to see, right as Baka-kun yelled again for Team D.

“... W… Well, I understand, but…”

“Traitors, all of you.” You muttered, releasing Round-Face’s shoulders to let out an annoyed sigh, stiffly walking up to Baka-kun, who had his back turned to you, “Don’t get in my way, Bubble-Pop.”

“Hah!?” He whipped his head around with a snarl, to see you holding the lot you had drawn up in his face, “The fuck did you call me--... Oh for fucks-- Hey! Someone switch with this extra! No way in hell--”

“No switching!”


“Moving on, first up are… These!” All Might stuck his hand into the two ballots, a black with white lettering for the villains, white with black for heroes, before calling out as he drew the lots, “The Heroes are… Team A! The villains are Team D! The villain team goes in first! The timer starts in five minutes and thats when the hero team sneaks in. The rest of us will watch via CCTV! (L/N), Bakugou, you two need to adopt a villain mindset! This is a practical experience, so go all out, don’t hold back! Though, I will stop you if you take things too far…”

‘I… I have to go against… Izukun…!? N… No way…! I can’t… God, this… This situation is too ironic…! Fuck, I don’t want to…!’

You couldn’t even look at Izuku’s face as you stiffly followed Baku-kun, swallowing thickly while you clenched your fists.

“D-Deku-kun, are you alright…?” You could hear Round-Face-- And regretted looking back as you saw he had a look of utter terror in his eyes-- And she had timidly put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

‘Don’t… Fucking… Touch… Oh, I’m coming for you, Round-Face…!’


“Don’t rush off after Izukun just because you think he’s your arch-nemesis.”

“Fuck off, I’ll do whatever I want.”

You glared at the back of Baka-kun’s head as you leaned against the paper-mache “bomb”, feeling your eye twitch sporadically, “Fine, then. Can’t wait to see us lose thanks to you.”

“Hah!?” He whipped around so fast that one of his heavy gauntlets nearly slammed into the pillar he stood by, “You think I’m gonna lose to that shitty nerd!?”

“No, I think we’re going to lose because you’re a hot-headed jackass who will rush in and get out-manuvered by the most tactical guy in existence.”

“Why, you-- I’ll fucking blast you away…!” As if to emphasize his point, he let off a series of small explosions in his hands, his lip curled in an attempt to be intimidating. It didn’t work, but it’s the thought that counts, you guess, "Deku is nothing but a useless pebble, and I'm gonna fuckin' prove that today!" 

“But, I do have a plan that guarantees our win.”

“Why the hell would I listen to you!?” Baka-kun snarled, starting to stomp towards you, “You’re just his shitty girlfriend, you’re probably going to sabotage things so the shitty nerd wi--”


You let out a small sigh, rolling your eyes, striding to stand behind the hot-headed blonde, “I’m gonna have to twist his arm, huh…?” Leaning in, you put your mouth by his ear, letting a wide smirk grace your lips.


“--ns--!? Where the fu--!?”

“You have beef with Izukun, I have beef with Round-Face, and--”

“Fuck! What the fuck!?” He leaped away from you, aiming his hand towards your face and --



You strode around the half-created explosion, choosing to stand up against his chest with your face right in his.

‘Heh, he’s kinda cute when he’s scared…’


“-- You’re not the only one on this team.”

“What the hell--!” He leaped backward again--


You walked to his side, stuck your leg out--


Baka-kun tripped over your leg and fell on his ass, looking around wildly until his thoroughly angered and freaked-out eyes met your cold, annoyed ones.

“You wanna beat Izukun one-on-one, right, Baka-kun?” You ignored the sneer he once more dawned. He was starting to get beat down; But more importantly, he was now actually listening, “Yeah, sure, I’ll let you do that. But I want to knock Round-Face on her ass, too, so she doesn’t get the wrong idea-- Izukun isn’t a free cupcake, he’s all mine.” Bending over so your head was level with his, hands on your hips, “So listen to me, and I won’t throw your ass out the window so you’re out of bounds and never get your chance. Oh, and,”


For him, he suddenly appeared up against the window behind the weapon, you in front of him, hand raised up as if it had anything to do with you putting him there-- Well, it did. Your strings were attached. “You know, I can do that. And will.”

The explosive blonde grit his teeth, right as All Might’s voice rang in your earpieces, stating that the match was to start. He let out an annoyed growl, eye twitching with an annoyed, pissed-off grin, “You’re really into this villain role, huh…!?”

“More than you’ll ever be.” Your lips turned up into a satisfied smirk, as he let out one more frustrated snarl, and hopped down off of the ledge. Looks like your little comment went right over his head.

“The fuck is your shitty grand-plan then, you crazy bitch? And if it gets in my way, I’m abandoning it the second it fucks up.

“Oh, it won’t.”


It went exactly how you wanted it to.

You “teleported” Baka-chan behind Izukun, switched him with Round-Face-- They had been walking, with Izukun not paying attention to the brunette behind him.

“Sorry, Izukun…” You gave him a peck on his Paused cheek as you passed by, carrying Round-Face above your heads as she was in mid-stride, “I’ll make it up to you later…!”

By the time you unpaused the world, you had returned to the bomb room, placing her where Baka-kun had been while placing yourself back in your spot-- Standing between her and the bomb.

“Sup, Round-Face.”


She flinched back, right as there was the distant sound of an explosion, looking around wildly-- But mostly with wide eyes at you.

“H-How did you--!? D-Deku-kun said you couldn’t--!”

“He doesn’t know everything about my quirk, sweetie.” You let a smirk slowly rise to your lips, enjoying the confused noise she made, “I’m not dumb enough to tell everyone the entire extents, that’s just asking to get your ass handed to you on a silver platter.”

“T-Teleporting me right into the bomb room… Y-You sure that was a good idea, (L-L/N)-san…?” Uraraka did her best to get into a readied pose, visibly swallowing thickly as she forced a shaky grin.

“Oh, you won’t get anywhere near this thing.” You jerked a thumb over your shoulder, smirk growing sinister, “Of course, for the sake of the exercise, you’re free to try. I even left everything on the floor for you to use!” You spread your arms open, gesturing to the array of boxes and other miscellaneous items around the room. “... Or did I?”


For her, everything but the bomb disappeared, along with you, leaving her to let out a gasp and look around wildly-- Until she finally spotted you behind her, causing her to let out a surprised grunt and enact an attempt to touch you.

You grabbed her wrist below her cuffs,-- Re-attaching strings as your fingers curled around, and held onto it tightly, then grabbed the other when she tried to slap her other hand against you. It was easy, she didn’t have as much upper-body strength as she should by now.

“D-Deku-kun… Said… You can only move… Ten things at a time!” She stuttered, right as there was the sound of more explosions.

“He promised not to tell anyone…” You sighed dramatically, tilting your head to the side, “Ah, well… No matter…” Your pout turned to a smirk as you connected eyes with her, “I lied.”

With that, you twisted her wrists one over the other and hooked a leg under the backs of her knees, spinning her around and let go, slamming her onto the ground on her back.

She let out a pained gasp, her helmet flying off her head. You quickly leapt back and snatched it up, holding it between your hands and frowning as you watched her wobble back up to her feet, “Here,” You tossed her the helmet, causing her eyes to widen in surprise as she stumbled to catch it, “In situations like these, you can use your helmet as something to float. You should get something like that to carry with you, a weapon or something.”

“W-What are you, a teacher…?” Round-Face furrowed her brows in confusion, frowning deeply as she put her helmet back on… Without realizing there were strings attached.

“I shouldn’t be. But… You’re Izukun’s friend.”


You once more got between her and the bomb, this time leaning against it with your arms crossed, watching as she whirled around again, “I don’t want you to get killed prematurely.”

“K-Killed…?” Round-Face murmured, then blinked and turned her eyes toward her right, probably getting some sort of message from Izukun through their shared earpiece “I-I got caught by (L/N)-san, sorry, Deku-kun… Fifth floor, right in the center!”

‘The bomb is too large to move out of the room.’ You thought to yourself, tapping a finger against one of your crossed arms as you watched her with a straight-laced poker-face, ‘Izukun is just as tactical as I am… I better be careful… I can’t use Pause too much since the match will take forever for me… I really wanna nap…’

“Hey, Round-Face!” You yelled out, grabbing her attention while your hand dove under your tasset, “You know I can only do much in terms of apprehending just with Teleportation , right!?”

“W-What…? I-I mean… I guess…-- E-Eek! ” Infinity-Girl let out a shriek as your hand whipped out-- with it, a metal hook, much like one that would be used for construction, flew out towards her, attached by a chain. The sound of the chain’s reel that hid under your tasset clinked loudly, and--


Using Puppet, you wrapped it around her, taking your time and stepping closer as she got reeled in with her arms pinned to her sides, the hook latching in place at her back to keep her secure.

“You really should have done something other than squeal in fear…” You grumbled to her, more to yourself as you sighed, “This is just embarrassing…” With an extra flick, you turned her helmet around to blind her.


“I solved that problem.”

Round-Face grunted and struggled, definitely not succeeding in any way, “Y… You…!”

“Well, now that you’re taken care of…” You sighed, rubbing your tongue against the roof of your mouth to massage the aching muscle, “... It’s Izukun’s turn.”


You carried Round-Face with you as you strode out of the bomb room, with her hovering behind you with the help of Puppet.

Walking down to the next level, you detached the reel that she was held captive with, coming to a stand-still in front of the room, in one of the many mazes of hallways.

‘Gotta keep up the act.’


“So,” You swung the door open, turning to look down at her. You bent over close to her, causing her to let out a frightened squeak as your nails tapped on her helmet… Then shifted to the side to dip under her helmet and-- surprisingly soft-- brunette hair.

“H… Huh…?”

You snatched the com device out of her ear and slipped it into your pocket, before straightening up, “Stay in here, and don’t cause any trouble for yourself.”


Round-Face was suddenly in the middle of the room, letting out a confused “H-Huh!?” Right as you slammed the door shut, glancing lazily down the hall as another of round of explosions rang out.

‘Next up…’


You had finally made it to the floor Izukun and Baka-kun had taken the liberty of destroying, scoffing at all the burn scuffs and rubble that decorated the halls as you strode through them

“What a mess…” You enunciated enough that your lips could be easily read, following the sounds of explosions and yelling-- Both coming from Baka-kun.

“Assuming they honored my design…”

You turned your attention back up ahead to see Bakakun standing at the entrance of a hallway, lifting up one of his gauntlets and reaching up to the pin.

“Bakugou, kid, stop it now. You trying to kill him or something?” All Might’s voice came in through your own earpiece, sending alarm down your spine.

‘Kill him? Izukun? Is… Is that what… Guessing by the fact that that’s a goddamn grenade on his wrist, does that mean--

“He won’t die… If it isn’t a direct hit!”




“Looks like I got here just in time.” You hissed under your breath, slowly starting to walk down the hall, then you straight up broke out Hover for the first time and flew towards Baka-kun, your eyes wide with hatred starting to creep up your back and wrap around your neck.

‘You’re going to have hell to pay, you fucker.’ Maneuvering around, you got a good look at Baka-kun’s current face.

The absolute crazed expression he wore, his sinister grin, the way his cheeks lifted with the teeth he bared…

… You didn’t like what it made you think of. Or, who.

Faster than you really needed to, you flew down around the half-made explosion, the yellow-orange glow casting a warm light on everything it touched-- Yet the shadows it made were sharp and eerie.

You made a beeline for Izukun-- And when your eyes landed on him, your heart leaped into your throat. Half of his mask was completely destroyed, he looked… He looked… Terrified…

‘I’ve seen that face before. Where… Where have I… Oh, yeah, there.’

On each one of Papa’s victims. Or your own. Or Tomi’s. Or...

You shook the thoughts from your head while using Puppet to snatch him up, carefully re-activating hover before turning, carrying him back to stand behind Bakakun.

“Sorry, Izukun…” You murmured, reaching with your left hand under your tasset, pulling out another hook and chain that matched the one used on Round-Face, “But I think this is better than getting blown the hell up.”



Izuku let out a loud screech that was drowned out and unheard by Bakakun over the explosion, but you just slid your eyes shut to avoid getting blinded by the smoke and dust as you calmly stood there, waiting for the fireworks to stop.

“Come on, Deku… Use your… H-Hah!?”

“You’re a dumbass.”

Bakakun whipped around at the sound of your voice, eyes wide and burning with angered confusion as his lip curled up and bared teeth, “What the fuck--!? Why the fuck did you--”

“What the fuck is your problem!?” You yelled back at him, startling Izuku but only causing Bakakun’s eyes to widen and his scowl to deepen, while he began to huff and puff. But, you continued without relenting, pointing your hook and chain at him with your words, “We might be “villains” right now, but you’re supposed to be training to become a hero, dumbass!”


“Hush!” You snapped down at Izukun, gritting your teeth at his shocked expression before you turned back to Bakakun, “You think all this shit is gonna fly in the real world!? Blowing the hell up out of a building just because you can’t get over yourself!? Newsflash, asshole, there’s something called collateral damage that you’re supposed to be minimizing! If I didn’t come down here, All Might would have come and stopped the fight and we would be disqualified and lose by default! You wanna lose like that!? You wanna lose at all!?”

“Y… You shut the hell up--!”


To the both of them, nothing happened… Except Izuku was suddenly chained up, while you held the chain like a leash and glared at your “partner”.

“V… Villain team… Wins…!”

“We really should have lost.”

“Y… You…!”

“You have a lot to learn, starting with controlling your damn emotions.

“You bi--!”

“She’s right, Young Bakugou.”

You glanced up while Bakakun snarled and whipped around to face All Might, who was trudging through the debris, having come from the giant hole that the teenager had made in the side of the building.

“Come, let’s further discuss this with the rest of the class.”

“I’ll go get Round-Face.” You unhooked Izuku and unraveled the chain, not acknowledging that he had a… A face similar to when he was in a daze, waiting for his UA acceptance letter.

“I-I’ll… Go get her…” Izukun mumbled, rubbing his arms where the chain had been digging into his muscles.

You blinked in surprise as you were pressing on the automatic reel-in button, the hook meeting the stopper with a loud, metallic clink! “... Are you…”

His face had fallen, he wasn’t looking in your eyes, his shoulders were slumped and tense at the same time, jaw was clenched, he swallowed nervously--

‘... He… He looks so… Upset…’

“... She’s on floor four, in the middle room on the right when you enter.”

He nodded slightly, beginning to trudge towards the staircase, only muttering quietly, “Got it…”

“... Right, meet us back at the monitoring room!”


Izukun and Round-Face had returned around ten minutes after Bakukun, All Might, and yourself. You stayed towards the front of the crowd with very little interest in what anyone was saying to you, only dolling out “thanks” and “it was nothing”s to the compliments you got.

… No one spoke to Bakakun, for a reason. He was too busy silently seething, obviously, not accepting this win as his own.

Which, it wasn’t.

But you were more concerned with the other boy, who came in, walking too close to that damn Round-Face.

… And when he didn’t move to stand by you, choosing to go idle at the edge of the class closest to the door while you were in the middle, your heart totally didn’t shatter in your chest, like one of Baka-kun’s explosions, sending shards throughout your body. And when he passed your reeled up chain to the nearest person-- Bird-Head dude-- To give it back to you, you totally didn’t feel like throwing it right back at his head.  

‘I should have considered his feelings.’ You thought, gripping onto the reel and chain-hook hard enough to cease the blood flow in your fingers, not listening to 3D-Printer as she droned on when All Might asked who the MVP was for the round. ‘... But what if he was going to die… There… There was no damn point…! Why does he have to be so difficult!? He should be giving me compliments! He should… He should be paying attention to me, not… Not her, not anyone else…!’

“... While I do believe it would have made more sense to have simply chained them as soon as they entered the building--”

“Then we wouldn’t have learned anything from the exercise.” You cut in at last, with crossed arms as you stared straight ahead at the blacked out screen, gaining everyone’s attention, “There’s a difference between a real life situation and a training simulation, which, this was the latter. That would have not only been incredibly boring, but no one would have made any strides in their training… But, hopefully, we all did learn something?” Your “question” at the end was more of a statement than anything.

Of course, the person you wanted the least to do within the room, had to open his big, Yankee mouth.

“Well, then, Young (L/N). What did you learn?”


‘Fucking old man, having to do me like that in front of the whole class…! I don’t want them to think I’m going to take a while to come up with this… He’s just trying to put me in place, I bet. So annoying… I’m tempted to talk to Tomi now…’

All Might’s question threw you for a loop, even if you kept your gaze quiet and stoic, shifting your weight onto your other leg while you pondered it.

“What did I learn…?” You mumbled aloud into the Paused world, letting out a long sigh, “... To consider others feelings? Ah, that’s stupid… What the hell am I supposed to have learned from this shitty thing…? It’s not my fault they’re so fuckin’ weak…”


“I learned, based on my partner’s actions, that I should probably understand my situation better. This was a training exercise, but at some point I got cocky, thinking it would be no big deal if I went the “sit back and watch the show” approach. This lead to my teammate being a fucking idiot, since I was too focused on my own goal to think that I had to spell out the fact that you can’t blow up the entire building just because you’re acting on a personal grudge.”

‘I would’ve leveled the entire city by now if that was the case.’

… Silence.

“R… Right… I suppose… In a more… Yes, that could be considered correct….”

“Of course it is.” You muttered, finally lifting your tasset and hooking your other reeled chain next to its twin, looking down in thought and turning to shuffle over to a bench, while ignoring Four-Eyes going on about respecting your superiors.

“(L/N)-san! You should show more respect to our superiors!”

‘Read the mood, dude.’

“That man is not only the No. 1 Pro hero in all of Japan but our teacher! We should only ever strive towards showing the utmost respect and honor in the fact that he has taken the time to teach us, while we are here at this prestigious sch--”

“Uuuhg, can it, Four-Eyes!” You finally snapped, shooting him a silencing death glare that he responded with an offended and taken-aback scoff, “The next match is starting. You’re interrupting it.” You used a mocking tone when you strained your words, facing forward where All Might was, indeed, starting the next round and sending out Tail-Boy, Invisible-Girl, Tentacles and that emotionless kid with the scar and half-and-half hair, the red side encased in fake ice.

Without listening to any else he had to say, you sat criss-cross on the bench in the back, watching the screens boredly while playing with your cape, scanning the backs of your “classmates”.

Baka-kun was staring emotionlessly at the screens, Four-Eyes was studying them carefully, along with most everyone else, Izukun included. He was mumbling and scribbling down notes in his notebook, while Round-Cheeks was…

‘Why is she coming this way…’ You internally let out an exasperated sigh as she came to sit by you, not looking in her direction while you watched the screen, waiting for the match to start.

“... (L/N)-chan…”

‘Since when did I give her permission to use chan?’

“Listen, uhm… D-Dekukun isn’t… Mad at you, I know you might think that since…--”

“Since I saved him from a possible nurse visit, maybe death?” You snorted, rolling your eyes away from her as you drew your knees up to your chest, wrapping your arms around your legs and resting your head on top, “No, why I would he be mad that I didn’t let Bakakun continue his little temper tantrum? That I stopped it when the supposed No. 1 Hero should have fuckin’ known to? That… That I made Izukun lose…”

“B-But you won! Shouldn’t you be… Uhm… Happy about that, at least?” She offered, pressing her fingers together as she leaned forward to try and look at your face, smiling thinly with her small brows creased.

“Like I care about winning or losing...” You mumbled, watching as that Half-and-Half kid froze the entire building, and was taking his time walking up to the bomb room. You were briefly considering taking his quirk as you continued, “Whatever. Why are you here anyway? Shouldn’t you be forming some kind of diabolical, elaborate plan to take me down once and for all, planning my demise in the long run so that you can come out on top and rule your world once again?”

“... W… What!?”



When All Might first laid eyes on the student who the teacher’s had more recently dubbed “Future Delinquent” or “F.D.” for short, it was about three months ago-- More or less.

She had shown up with Midoriya one day-- Rather, he showed up and Midoriya had… “Fallen” on top of her. He still didn’t quite believe that they weren’t an… “Item”, but, if Midoriya insists…

In the last month before the entrance exams, she had shown up on occasion, doing everything she could to gain Young Midoriya’s attention-- And, it always worked. At first, he thought she would only slow him down, get in the way of his training…

… But instead, she made it so. Much. More. Difficult.

Getting in his way-- Physically and mentally, yes. Holding him back? No. She would constantly sneak up on him, teleport him to random places when she felt like he wasn’t focusing on what she considered to be important at the moment (typically herself), and challenged him often. The displays of her quirk would humble him and encourage him to work harder-- If it wasn’t that, it was her cheering him on while he was carrying something heavy-- And with her on top of it, too.

When he saw her in a new light, he was…

… Floored. Amazed.


She took the entrance exam by storm, shattering his record like a glass and grinding it into dust, then using it to glaze her own chalice, the fire being the sheer ease in which she handled it.

When Midoriya had told him about how she had praised and applauded him for the entrance exam, he felt… Guilty. For assuming someone who was so kind to be… A villain.

When he saw her in “her” hero costume, he nearly lost his form in sheer shock.

Surely, surely it was sheer coincidence that…

Yes, it was just a coincidence. Things like that happened all the time. Not everyone was incredibly creative in coming up with completely new designs.

… He made a mental note to ask her who designed the costume, later.

And promptly forgot it during her match against Midoriya.

It was almost as if she switched between people-- With how her personalities changed so rapidly.

One minute, she could be a clever, crafty villain, the next a teacher, the next a crazed girl with a stalker-ish vibe, then will display heroic ideals, then…

… She was a wild card, and not in a good way, as far as he could tell. She appeared to show remorse when she recognized Midoriya’s emotions, so, surely…

But how could a quirk, supposed to be a simple Teleport, be so intricately used? In the blink of an eye, she can completely change a landscape. She can have someone chained up without looking as if she hardly moved a muscle, but then you can tell that she had moved. Every time he thought he had recognized the limit of her quirk, the drawback, what it cannot do-- She completely pulls the rug out from under him.

There is no way that was just a simple Teleport quirk.

“... Since I saved him from a possible nurse visit, maybe death?” She had snorted, “No, why I would he be mad that I didn’t let Bakakun continue his little temper tantrum? That I stopped it when the supposed No. 1 Hero should have fuckin’ known to?”

Yeah, that had been a blow to his ego. Especially when it came from someone who was dressed as…

“That… That I made Izukun lose…”

But she still showed emotional regret-- When, really, she should be happy that she won.

… Even if he was rooting for Midoriya.

“Whatever. Why are you here anyway? Shouldn’t you be forming some kind of diabolical, elaborate plan to take me down once and for all, planning my demise in the long run so that you can come out on top and rule your world once again?”

But that was concerning.

He made a mental note to speak to Midoriya about her, again.


‘He looks happy,’ You thought as Izukun took careful notes on every battle, looking between his notebook and the screen in rapid succession at times, smiling and chatting excitedly with his other classmates-- Infinity-Girl included after you finally told her to leave you alone.

There are only two people in the whole world who could make you happy, maybe three, and they were all unavailable at the moment.

… So you stewed in the back of the class, barely watching the screens over the heads of the students and the hulking figure of the No. 1 Hero, wondering briefly if he could feel you boring a hole into the back of his head with your glare.

‘It’s all his damn fault… No wonder Papa and Tomi want him dead so badly…’

No one really caught your eye. Half-and-Half was interesting-- Bakakun looked mortified at the sheer power he executed, which was a cherry on top. Note to self, make nice with the Snow-Cone. 3D-Printer, Papa would definitely be interested in her quirk. Pikachu might be the only other one with an unseeable quirk that you would be interested in taking for yourself-- Oooh, but that one boy could talk to animals…! Absolutely useless, but interesting nonetheless. Bird-Head had something living in him, and while that was sort of cool, you felt like it would be too troublesome in the long run. Never know when it would pop out, or if it would retain its memories after being transferred… All-in-all, the class wasn’t too impressive.

You could crush them easily.

“Good work everyone! We didn’t have any major injuries, either! You guys took this on seriously! You all did well with your first time training!”

“To have such a proper class after Aizawa-sensei’s… It feels sort of anticlimactic.” Frog-Girl croaked, with the other students humming in humored agreement.

“We’re free to have proper classes, as well! Well then, I must review the results with your homeroom teacher-- Change and return…” All Might got into a sprint-ready position, “... To the classroom!” And with that, he barreled off down the training ground hallway, a gust of air pressure sending wind against the class like a high-powered fan.

“Aaah… All Might’s amazing!” You raised an eyebrow to Pikachu as he gushed, then rolled your eyes away, tightening your crossed arms while you stood in the back, away from Mr. Explodo.

“In any case!” Four-Eyes strut to the front of the group, making an arm-chopping gesture, “We have been given orders! Everyone, proceed in an orderly fashion to the locker rooms! Girls on the right, boys on the left-- H-Hey! Wait!”

Everyone had already begun walking around him on their own way, chattering excitedly in their own little groups.

… While you hung back, staring at the ground and at your boots as they disappeared and reappeared beneath you, in the rhythmic motion of walking-- Well, trudging.

“(F-F/N)--” A second pair of feet began to walk by your own, boots a shade of green that matched the eyes of their owner, “Are… Are you okay? Uhm-- G-Good job during the exercise…!”

“W-Why are you talking to me…?” Your voice came out more hoarse than intended, prompting you to internally curse yourself for suddenly showing such weakness.

‘Papa would be disappointed.’

“Huh?” Izukun’s bewildered tone caught you off guard, slowing your pace-- His following shortly after to fall back in line by you. You still couldn’t look up at him.

“Y… You’re supposed to be mad at me…” You whispered, squeezing your eyes shut before wrapping your arms around yourself, stopping in your tracks, “Y… You lost… And it’s my fault…!”

“T-That’s the point of the exercise, (F/N)!” Izuku retracted his steps and stood in front of you, “You’re… Su-Supposed to do everything you can to win! It’s okay-- W-Why are you crying…!?”

“I don’t know…!” You whimpered, reaching up to start roughly rubbing the tears that you didn’t realize were falling down, “I-I-- I was scared he was going to really hurt you, s-so my body just moved on its own…!”

“(F/N)... (F-F/N), look at me, please…”

“W… What…?” You sniffed, doing as he requested without thinking about it. As soon as your head was tilted up, you felt a pair of nervous lips pressed to your forehead, shaking and resting there for a grand total of three seconds.


“T-That’s a thank you f-for saving me!” Izuku’s high-pitched squawk wasn’t enough to bring you out of your shocked state of wide-blown eyes and a slightly open mouth.


“I-I-I’ll see you back in class! We can talk more when we get home!”

His barrelling down the rest of the tunnel towards the changing rooms still didn’t pull you out of your daze, echoing a time after when you had officially met him.

Your face suddenly erupted like a volcano, red-hot and sending a puff of steam out of your ears, while you stood there in your trance as the rest of the class disappeared.

“... Eh…?!”