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Three for One

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You had been standing, rooted in spot for a little longer than could be considered normal-- Everyone was probably changed and about to head back to the classroom by now.

‘I… I-I’m not distracted. Not at all. Not fazed one bit, I am a powerhouse, nothing can sway me like… N-Nothing can sway me, dammit!’

That’s what you kept telling yourself as you held your burning cheeks in your hands, smiling widely while zooming through the large corridor to get to the changing rooms.


You stopped in front of the door that had been falling shut, labeled with a pink, plastic placard depicting the female symbol that glinted in the fluorescent lighting. You pushed the door open and reentered the changing room, pausing and unpausing to reappear in front of the locker you had stashed your regular uniform away in.

“Uhm, (L/N)-chan…”

‘Don’t you dare sour my mood, Round-Face.’

“What is it?” You didn’t look to the brunette as you opened your locker and plucked up your uniform, aiming to go use a changing stall for… Reasons.

She was silent for a moment, until you finally turned to her, holding your uniform

against your chest, to see her clutching her fists in front of her chest, little eyebrows knit together in a weak-hearted scowl

“What is it?”

“W-Why did you lie to Deku-kun about your quirk!?” She suddenly blurted out, gaining the attention of the other girls in the room, and earning an eyebrow raise from yourself, “Friends don’t lie to each other!”

“Friends?” You frowned, staring at her with dead-panned eyes, “I didn’t lie to Izukun because we’re not friends.” You let out an annoyed sigh, walking around the brunette, “See, if I told him about all my weaknesses, I could have lost the match today. I mean, no, I wouldn’t, but it doesn’t hurt to be careful.” You turned back briefly, shooting her a lazy pointed glance, “And, for the record, I didn’t lie.” You shrugged, continuing on to a dressing room, humming boredly as you shrugged, “Eh, well… Not like you think I did.”


English 1 commenced once everyone had arrived back at class, a throwback to earlier in the day.

… You still didn’t pay attention, just stared out the window, at the back of Izukun’s head, at Present Mic’s ridiculous hair. Sometimes, if Izukun shoved his nose far enough into his book, you could see the back of Baka-kun’s head, so, that was cool.

‘... School is so fucking boring. Why did I want to come here again…? Man, I wish I could have more quirks… Maybe I could find one that lets me play video games without being caught, like, in my head or something… I mean, imagining them is fine, but it’s not the same. Plus, if you focus too hard, you end up losing the ability to imagine images, you just see what you’re physically looking at. Uhg, I hate that. It’s so annoying. I wonder if Izukun ever gets like that. Maybe I can convince him to let me into his room tonight and we could play video games… Eee! A boy’s room!? How forbidden! If Papa found out, he’d destroy the entire prefecture, heh!--’

“Alright!! Get along, all ya’, you got P.E.!”

You nearly jumped out of your skin when Present Mic’s voice unnecessarily shouted throughout the room-- A few other students seemed to be almost as affected.

‘I’ll have to get used to that, I guess…’ You thought begrudgingly, as you shoved your notebook back into your desk-- And snatched up your phone, slipping it into your skirt pocket. You glanced up to Izuku, letting a tiny smile to flicker over your lips-- Then let your face fall in annoyance as Four-Eyes made a new appearance.


“A-Ah! Iida-san…”

You watched in mild (strong) annoyance as Izukun was whisked away by the other student, leaving you to be the last one still sitting in the classroom-- Everyone was so eager… Were other teens always like this…?

Just as you were rising from your seat, the door slid open once again.

Two blond bangs, standing tall and proud, were the first things you saw before the rest of the man appeared.

“Ah! Young (L/N)!”

‘Not my name, and fuck off you old bastard.’

“I was hoping I could speak to you for a moment!”

“You spoke,”


“... There’s your moment,” You appeared behind him, walking out the door with your hands in your skirt pockets, “I gotta get to P.E.”

“Young (L/N), who designed your costume?”


You stopped, choosing your next words carefully for once. ‘Maybe I can give him the roundabout and get out of here…’ “If you think it’s inappropriate, I think there are a lot of other students you should talk to first…”

“N-No, that’s not it, it’s just…”

“I designed it.” You answered with little hesitation and heard a grunt of surprise. 

'Papa did something, didn't he? Should have known. He was too specific...' 

“It’s… Inspired by someone I admire.”


“I… See.” You heard his heavy footsteps, until a large hand came down to pat your shoulder.


“Well, that someone is someone I admired as well! You have excellent judgment, Young (L/N). Go on, now, don’t want to be late for your next class!”

‘Oh thank god, the old bastard actually bought it.’ “Yeah, uh, see ya, teach.” You shrugged his hand off, pretending not to be absolutely disgusted, trying to push down the thoughts of burning this uniform jacket, and continued down the hallway without looking back.

If you did, you would have seen him steaming ever so slightly.


‘... Nana was someone she admired? Perhaps I’ve been wrong about her this entire time… I’m surprised she knows who she is… Was… Hm…’


‘He said, “admired”... Past-tense… I knew I was feeding him bullshit, but I didn’t think he’d actually eat it. Well, then again, I am a good liar. Whatever, I’ll question Papa about this “hero” All Might admired so much later. I think I have about forty-five minutes of pause left…’ You rambled your internal monologue on and on as you pushed through the doors to the gymnasium-- then immediately stepped to the side as several forms were pushing past, “O-Oi, what’s the big idea?” You frowned at the big Tentacle-dude, Round-Face, and Four-Eyes, “Watch where you’re--” Your eyes had wandered up to the Tentacle-dude since you haven’t studied him before.

Your jaw immediately almost hit the floor.

Izuku was hurt. Not just hurt, mangled. The sleeve on one of his arms--the right, his dominant--gone, leaving the arm to be purple and crooked, one leg was no better off, three of the fingers on his other hand completed the look, he had burns and soot--

“What the fuck I was gone for ten minutes--!!” Your screech caused the group to blink and flinch, the Tentacles moving back as you reached for your Izuku-- “Give him to me!”

“(L-L/N)-san, you should--!”

“Shut the hell up, Four-eyes!” You hissed to the “Stuck-up elitist”, curling your lip in a brief snarl.


“Midoriya Izuku we are going to talk about this later…” You growled quietly, reaching up to tap all five fingers onto his shoulder, then spread them out to his limbs. You were careful not to shift him at all-- That was the beauty of a paused world. Nothing changed shape or even moved unless you willed it.

Only you.

After that, you barely had enough mind to keep up your act-- Pausing, unpausing, pausing, unpausing… Hover in between, while holding Izuku in your arms bridal-style.

You had zero remorse for kicking open Recovery Girl’s door, hard enough to startle the old woman and hear a terrified yelp from her.

“H… Help… My… Izuku…!” Your whimper was so uncharacteristic for you, that when you thought about it later, you nearly slapped yourself for showing such weakness. But in the moment, you were too busy stumbling over to set him on the cot the “Backbone of UA” pointed to.

You had to sit down on the bed next to his and bury your face into your hands while the old woman worked-- You knew your adrenaline was high, you were shaking, you couldn’t stop it even though you so desperately wanted to. Because… Seeing Izuku so broken…!

The only other time you felt this was had been when you thought your father was dead or dying, whichever was worse.

‘What if he’s dying? What if he’s crippled? What if he never walks again, what if he… What if he blames me for not being there!? I should have been there, but I was… That bastard old man was holding me up…! It was his fault…! And Bakugou Katsuki, he’s the bastard who did this… Why… Why do the men I care about have to be mangled and nearly killed by blonde guys who think they rule the fucking world!? I swear, when I see him, either of them… I’m going to… I’m going to--!’

“He should be fine now, (L/N).”

Recovery Girl’s voice yanked you out of your thoughts.

“H-He is?” You took your hands away from your face, looking to her and then him, “He’s… He’s fine…--?”

“Well, I couldn’t completely heal him without using too much stamina,” She sighed, hobbling over to hop back into her chair, “His arm will have to stay in that sling. I’ll heal him some more tomorrow, but he’s going to be unconscious for a while. You should get back to class.”

‘No, I don’t want to!’ You nearly shouted, ‘I don’t want to leave him, he’s my Izukun!’

But another thought came into your mind.


This was the day you would finally kill someone.

“Take… Care of him.” You ground out between grit teeth as you stood slowly, clenching your fists tightly, aware of every movement you made as you robotically walked to the door, pausing with your hand hovering by the handle, “... And, thank you.”

You opened the door and stepped into the hallway, gently sliding it shut behind you. Then you turned in the direction of the gym and stared down the hall for a moment.

‘I’m not going to waste any pause getting there, maybe not even going to the gym.’ Your fists clenched hard enough that you knew, chances were, it was going to draw blood as you robotically, almost in a daze, took the first few steps.

Then you broke out in a sprint.

Then you used a little bit of hover to make you take longer strides.

‘I’m going to kill him. Everything else be damned, Bakugou Katsuki, you are going to die.’

When you finally slammed open the doors of the gymnasium, there were the original morons who were going to take Izukun to Recovery Girl there-- Tentacles, Four-Eyes, Round-Face, joined by Frog-Girl and Shark-Teeth.

“You all have five seconds,” You slowly stalked forward, clenching your fists, with wide, livid eyes, “To tell me what the fuck happened, before I level this place will everyone in it.”


“Actually, nevermind.” You stopped Round-Face by raising your hand, taking a deep breath and closing your eyes for a few seconds, “... Just tell me where the fuck Bakugou is.”

“(L/N)-san! I would--” Four-Eyes began walking towards you, making his stupid hand-chopping motion.

“Stay out of my way or I’ll kill you.”

You walked through all the stunned students without sparing them another glance. Granted, out of your peripheral, you could see them stunned and a few even starting to sweat.

‘Papa was right, intimidation does run in the family.’

The sound of explosions was coming from a simulated canyon, telling you that your target was there.

‘I’m coming for you, Bakugou.’


He brushed off the fifth time his body trembled and a cold chill ran up his spine.

‘The hell, is some bastard dancing on my grave or something?’ Katsuki growled to himself, launching another attack onto a defenseless boulder.

Showing Deku his place was what he had wanted to do. Instead, the nerd had collapsed the side of a simulated cliff and made a mess of the place.

Fucking Deku was physically stronger than him, and it pissed him off to no end.

He stood there, in shock while their fucking classmates gathered Deku up like a child and rushed him off to the nurse.

So now he was left to take out his frustration on these rocks.

When another chill went up his spine, there was a whoosh-- And this time he turned.

Barely in time to move out of the way of a boulder the size of a bus.

“What the fuck--!?”


“Auhg-- Fuck!” Before he knew it, something Bakugou on the back of his head hard, and actually sent him falling forwards onto his knees. “Who the fuck--!?” He whipped around to see that damn attack bitch of Deku’s standing over him, fist still raised where she had clocked him, “That was a cheap-ass move!” He snarled, hopping to his feet with his palms displayed at his sides, cracking small explosions in intimidation, “If you’re gonna fight me, do it face to f--!”


He couldn’t even blink before his nose was met with a fist-- He didn’t get a split second to react before he stomach was kneed and his lunch was trying to come up, barely a chance to taste the blood from the clock to his jaw, not even a moment to process suddenly being thrown through the air--

He slid onto the concrete, rolling and rolling until he managed to use his explosions to right himself and prevent him from crashing into the cement-brick wall.

“You think you can take me on, bi--!?”

His head was suddenly slammed against the wall and he was being held by the throat-- He couldn’t move, he tried to, but it was like his limbs were being held down--

As he stared into the eyes of the devil herself.

Bakugou never felt fear, not even during the slime incident, he told himself.

The crazy bitch that was cutting off his air supply and digging her nails into his skin had true murderous intent in her dark eyes as she stared up at him, unblinking, her voice almost demonic.

“If you dare think for a second that I’m going to let you get away with hurting my Izukun anymore, if you think you’re hot shit, if you think that you’re all that matters in this world, then I’m going to break you more than physically, Bakugou Katsuki, I’m going to destroy your entire, pathetic world.”

He was suddenly released as she disappeared, allowing him to crumple to the ground and gasp for air, and try to wipe away the blood that was streaming from his nose and mouth.

He wanted to be angry. He wanted to yell, and blast that bitch into the stratosphere, show her he’s stronger. Even if he was clenching his teeth and glaring menacingly at her back as she walked away, hands shoved into her pockets as she walked straight towards their damn teacher that only just arrived.

But he was too scared.

‘And people call me a fucking villain.’


You literally weren’t listening to a single thing that you were being threatening with from Eraserhead.

He was yelling, holding onto you with his scarf, trying to put something in your head. You just stared on into his red eyes without amusement.

You’ve already seen the devil himself angry, this guy was nothing compared to Papa. No one was.

Instead you focused on the dull throbbing in your fists, and your head, on calculating the amount of Pause you had left for the day-- twenty minutes, maybe, since you took your time calculating every move you made on Bakugou. Wondering if you should check up on Izuku. What Ms. Midoriya was making for dinner. If Tomura had contacted you yet, since your phone was in your locker.

So far, this hero business was proving to be troublesome. So much for having fun.

“Do I make myself clear?”

You slowly blinked (some of) your attention back to the teacher who was scolding you.

“Did you talk to Bakugou like this too?”


“Bakugou left Izukun mangled, even if it was probably his own quirk’s doing. But he knows Izukun doesn’t have the ability to control his quirk yet, yes he still attacked. Did you scold Bakugou too?”

“Don’t worry about him, worry about your own skin, because you’re right on the line of being expelled.”

You wanted to reply with something sarcastic and witty. Say you didn’t give half a shit about being expelled.

Then you remembered Izuku in your arms, broken and mangled.

“All right,” You ground out, doing your best not to let your face contort into an angry sneer, “Understood, Sensei.”

“Good.” The scarves roughly contracted, scraping slightly against your skin, “Now, use your quirk, and take Bakugou to Recovery Girl.”

‘I have to waste my fucking time on him…!? Goddamnit…!’

“Yes, Sensei.” Your limbs felt like lead from your mind and body screaming at you to resist, to fight against the order, to not comply--

“No way in hell am I letting that bitch take me anywhere!”

“I’m not finished talking to you either, Bakugou!” Aizawa snapped, and you noticed Izukun’s “friends” flinch back. Bakugou just snarled harder.

‘The sooner we get this over with…’


‘... The sooner I can go the fuck home.’




“--the fuck--!”


“I said I didn’t--!”


“--want your fucking--”


“Quirk to take me any-fucking-where--!”

“For fuck’s sake will you stop whining like a little piss-baby?” You quipped with your back to Bakugou, sliding the door to Recovery Girl’s office open, “Maybe I should have just broken your jaw!”

“The fuck did you just say!? I’ll fucking--”

“Blast me away, yeah, yeah, we’ve heard it all before.” You shot a glare back at the seething boy, subconsciously congratulating yourself when you saw how bloody his face and hand was.

You could hear him inhaling to shoot another anger-fueled retort when Recovery Girl swiveled in her chair, usually wrinkled-shut eyes widened in surprise, “What in the world happened?”

You jerked a thumb back at Baka-kun, “I kicked his ass for hurting Izukun, so Aizawa made me bring him here.”

“She did not--!”

“Well if that’s the case, you can clean him up before I heal him.” Recovery Girl huffed, shaking her head, pulling open one of the drawers of her desk to reveal an array of first-aid supplies, “Get to work.”

“No way in hell am I letting this freak touch me--!”


Bakugou ended up sitting in the stool by Recovery Girl’s desk.


You flicked his forehead, glaring down menacingly, “The sooner we get this over

with, the sooner I can go home, eat, and go to sleep.”

Successfully, he shut his mouth with only a grating, annoyed snarl and eyes shifted away while you grabbed a wet wipe and began wiping away the blood on his face, ignoring the subtle wincing he made whenever you neared spots where you had landed a punch.

Amusing, how un-Bakugou he was being now that you had him by the nose.

But now that you were working on him, you were forced to exam him up close again. Red eyes, ash blonde lashes and eyebrows. Always a sneer. He’d be a bit more handsome if he smiled, and maybe if Izukun wasn’t your one and only, you’d chase after this asshole. Also, it was weird how he smelled like caramel and how smooth his skin seemed to be. Must have a good moisture regimen, maybe he shopped at one of those bath and body stores meant mostly for women?

You felt your dominant hand begin to ache and radiate with hot pain in the knuckles-- You finally glanced down to see them swelling a bit, bruised, and a few open scrapes. But you just looked away and tossed the soiled wipe away, flexing the hand while your other grabbed another wipe.


“The hell is your deal?”

You shot Bakugou a glare into his blood red eyes, then glanced back down to your hand, and shrugged it off. No need to keep a big smooch from the old lady for some bruised knuckles.

After much hissing and swearing from Bakugou, you were able to finally step away, having mostly finished cleaning the blood, dirt, and spit from his face, “There, I couldn’t wipe away the ugly, but I did my best.”

“You bi--!”



As amusing at it would have been watching Bakugou get smooched by an old lady, you were more interested in other things as you turned away, walking towards the small array of beds, one sectioned off with a curtain-- That you pulled back, simply to see Izuku still laying in his bed, asleep.

“(L/N), don’t you need your hands taken care of?”

Despite your fingers twitching in pain, you answered dully, “No, I’m fine.”

“Well, then, you two, get back to class. I don’t want to see either of you back here for at least another week, got it?”

“Can’t make any promises on his part.” You muttered, pulling the curtain shut tight again, before shoving your hands into your pockets to turn and head for the door.

Bakugou stood in the doorway, snarling at you with arms crossed. He still had a bit of crusty blood on the corner of his nose and jaw.

You just blinked slowly, “... What?”

He opened his mouth to bark something--


For him, you were suddenly on the other side of the door, already trudging down the hall, “Actually, I don’t care.”

‘Seeing Izukun like that, even though I beat the shit out of Bakugou…’ You nervously chewed on the nail of your thumb, other hand clenching tightly in its pocket, ‘It… Doesn’t make me feel any better… Damnit… Why don’t I feel better…!?’

Bakugou was still yelling as you walked, you could hear small explosions in his hands and his yelling--


Hover carried you through the halls, while you thought, nearly tripping every time it ran out. ‘I should feel better, like, a weight has been lifted off my chest. Or… Satisfied! I should feel satisfied! Like I finally swat a fly that was buzzing all around my head, or… I don’t know! I should feel relaxed! Happy! Not… Frustrated…!’


You fiddled with the wrist cuff of your jacket while standing in front of the gym doors, glaring down at the elastic while trying to fold it back without cutting off the circulation in your arm. Finally, you just shoved both sleeves up so they bunched at your elbows, before pushing the doors open, briefly wary of a small stampeding herd of students this time.

No such thing came. Instead, there was just Round-Face, Four-Eyes, Frog-Girl and Rock-Boy. All four whipped around to look at you.

Round-Face opened her mouth.


You shoved your hands into your pockets, stalked around them, and continued on towards a simulated forested area.


“(L--!?-- (L/N)-chan!”

“Never gave you permission to use “-chan”,” You cut her off with a sour sneer, feeling annoyance beginning to poke you in the back with a stick as you heard several pairs of footsteps following you, “What do you want?”

“Why do you…!--”

“We were wanting to know how Midoriya-san was doing, ribbit.”

You came to an abrupt stop next to a tree, with a diameter as wide as you were. Slowly, you reached up and placed a hand on it, “... He’s… Fine…”

“He looked pretty beat up, that was pretty unmanly of Bakugou to just wail on him like that, even though--”


Pain . There was pain in your hand but mostly in your chest. It felt like your heart was going to burst-- Not like how you felt when you first saw Izukun. It was like someone had pierced your body, reached into the cavity of your chest and was clutching your heart.

‘I should have been there,’ You repeated a mantra while you began to trudge like a zombie, slapping a string onto each tree you passed, ‘I should have been there. I should have been there! He’s hurt because of me! Damnit, damnit!’ You lifted both your hands, not even listening to the sound of ten trees being yanked from their homes in the ground. The tips of your fingers felt as though they were on fire, hell, they could be smoking right now. You didn’t care. You told yourself that you deserve this pain. ‘It’s just like with Papa! If I just gave him Pause or didn’t use up all the time he would have been fine-- If I just stopped fucking around I could have protected Izukun!’

You couldn’t breathe, but you were breathing too much, your knees became jello, and you feel waves of heat and freezing cold shooting up your legs and back and it clutched you around the neck and squeezed--


All the trees came crashing down, the sound of crunching branches, falling trunks, and surprised-or-terrified screeches hardly registering. Why were they screaming? All you did was block the direct path so they’d get the idea and fuck off.

You trudged on, shoving your hands back into your pockets, aiming for a simulated abandoned building to relax in until the period was over and you could go home.

You didn’t regret kicking the precariously hanging door off its final hinge. Or sliding down the wall to sit amongst a few bits of shattered glass and dusty air.

Wouldn’t be the first time.

The first time was when Kurogiri took you and Tomura away from the fight with All Might.

You both slept on a dingy, dusty floor, Tomura holding you protectively while wearing the half gloves that only lasted a few days at a time. You had been scared, shaking, crying, fearing for your father’s life as he fought against the number-one threat to your lifestyle. The one you didn’t choose. The one you loved anyway. The one that your papa worked so hard to create for you and Tomi yet that bastard had to come in and ruin it and nearly kill him and you had to see him without a face and gaze at his brains and all that blood--

‘Fuck, I’m hyperventilating again--’


A hand rested on your shoulder.

‘Don’tTouchMeDon’tTouchMeDo n’tFuckingTouchMe--’

“What,” You resisted the urge to shrug off your teacher’s hand from your shoulder. You knew he could feel how tense you had grown under it. He’d take it away if he was worried about you feeling uncomfortable, “Do you want?”

“Why did you attack Bakugou?” His voice would send a fearful shiver down your spine, if you were a weaker person. Weak person you were not, but it did something else. It felt like Father was scolding you.

“I thought I’d feel better,” You couldn’t stop talking, why were you talking!? Did he have a fucking quirk that made you talk!? “... Knowing he was hurting after he hurt Izuku.”

“And do you?”

“Oh I feel so much better, it feels like someone is punching me in the chest and like I can’t breathe, but other than that, just peachy.” You grit your teeth and forcefully pulled away from his hand, ignoring the pain of your shoulder blade hitting the brick wall behind you, “No, I don’t feel better, damnit! I’m even more pissed off because I feel worse!” Shaking. You were shaking, with blood rushing in your ears like you were next to a waterfall.

“Good, then.” You glanced up with a sour glare to see him squatting in front of you, his typical, annoying, deadpan stare unwavering, “So you learned something.”


You appeared behind him, hands clenched into fists while you began to storm off, shuffling through the dilapidated doorway and back into the fresh air, “Yeah, I learned I should have hit him harder.”


‘Fucking Round-Face.’



‘Ah, shit.’

“Please, (L/N)-chan!” The brunette was panting as she slowed to a stop, followed by the same entourage from earlier.

The only other one breaking a sweat was Rocky. Figures, Frogger can jump over things and Four-Eyes was part car.

“Will you just… Listen… To… Us…!”

‘I got a minute before I start bleeding from my eyes, ears, mouth, and nose.’

“I really, really don’t have time to listen to whatever friendship-lecture you thought of between here and there.”

‘No pun intended, I’m literally out of time.’

“You can’t just try to protect Deku-kun from everything!”


‘Shut up.’

“He wants to be a hero, too, after all! We will be going through extreme training to hone our bodies to handle fighting and such!”


‘Shut. Up. Four-Eyes.’

“A-And you keep being so… Mean! Why do you have to be so rude to everyone all the time!?”

‘If you don’t can it Round-Face, Four-Eyes’ You thought between head throbs, ‘I’m going to…’

Rocky jumped in now, “Just because you think you’re better than all of us--!”

‘Shut up.’


‘Shut up.’


‘Shut up!’


All four faces suddenly appeared pale and bug-eyed in sheer horror etched in every centimeter of their faces.

“What?” You felt a rush of fluid flow from your mouth, blinking away liquid from your eyes, “Somethin’ on my face?”

You barely glanced up at Aizawa as he was walking around you-- He did a double take when he looked down at you, his usually indifferent eyes suddenly widening with shock.

“Can I go now? I feel a little light headed.”

Something that was reminiscent of Round-Face fainting didn’t even catch your attention, or anyone else’s for that matter.


You passed by Bakugou trudging towards the main entrance of the building with his regular uniform on and bookcase slung over his shoulder.

“The fuck happened to her!?”

He was probably referring to the fact that Aizawa was carrying you over his shoulder so you wouldn’t choke on the blood that was pouring from your face, whatever fell being caught with the jacket Four-Eyes had shed, by Round-Face.  

“Awe, don’t go falling in love with me just because I kicked your ass.” You smirked and weakly shot a peace sign Bakugou’s way, which was difficult with Aizawa rushing so fast, “Seeya tomorrow, Baka-kun.”

The last echoes of his yelling were music to your ringing ears.

“I’m serious, teach, this is normal. I’ll sleep it off.”

“You’re bleeding more than a normal human should be,” He stiffly responded, “Especially when it’s from your head.”

You rolled your eyes, feeling your lip rise in annoyance, “Didn’t have to carry me out like that. Everyone probably thinks I’m weak as hell, now. I mean it, I’m fine... It’s just a… Side effect… To tell me I’m… Over… My…”

‘I’m tired…’

“(L/N)-san--” Frogger’s voice barely managed to snap you back into reality. You lazily looked up to her as she was hopping behind the Round-Face. “You need to keep your eyes open-- Stay awake.”

“She’s right, (L/N)-chan! Stay awake!”

“Alright, alright! I’m awake! Geez…”

‘Nevermind, I’m going to sleep…’