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did you mean it (when you said i was pretty)

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(fanart credit: @meeshmorp)

Kara is staring at her again.

It's been happening a lot throughout the night. Or at least, it seems that way from all the times that Lena managed to catch Kara in the act, only for Kara to turn away, shaking her head with a shy smile and a fierce blush on her cheeks. And Lena lets her do so with a confused smile on her lips because even though she burns with curiosity to know why, they both have so much work to do.

She had a conference call earlier in the night that she couldn't get out of and it somehow resulted in more work to do that Lena decided to just stay at LCorp through the night. And so Kara decided that she’d work in Lena’s office to keep her company instead of her own at CatCo, though Kara seems distracted for a reason that Lena just doesn't quite know.

But she does have an inkling. A small, tiny, infinitesimal kernel of an idea, that she thinks is a little ridiculous but the more she catches Kara looking at her, the more she can't let go of the theory. Lena wonders if she looks up from her tablet to where Kara is sitting across from her on the couch, if this time Kara’s eyes will stay on hers. Her cheeks have been feeling hot from the attention, an intense warmth spreading down from the back of her neck and Lena is so glad that Kara suggested opening the door to the balcony earlier. The late night hour brings with it a cool, gentle breeze that Lena welcomes with gratitude.

Lena takes a deep breath to steady herself before she finally dares to look up. Dark blue eyes meet her gaze and she tries to swallow down the dry feeling in her throat, tries to see why Kara is looking at her like this because she's sure that friends don't do this.

Friends don't have staring contests that feel heavy with some kind of intention. And Lena doesn't know how to handle it, doesn't know how to handle the way Kara’s gaze lowers and she tries to will her face to not react and blush even further. But the heat in her cheeks still blossom and something not too deep inside her preens from the attention. And she doesn't know how to handle any of this so she falls back into the familiar, falls back into what she knows to do in moments like these. She breaks the tension.

“Penny for your thoughts, Miss Danvers?”

Kara blinks slow, shaking her head as if she's ridding herself of whatever thoughts are inside. Thoughts that could probably answer for the fading blush in her cheeks. Kara smiles bashfully at her then, pushing her glasses back up on her nose as she does so. “I was just thinking that I really like the necklace that you're wearing.”

“Oh?” She puts her tablet down on her lap, scooting closer to Kara as she reaches to hold up the necklace that she decided to wear this morning, a delicate white gold thing with an emerald teardrop pendant that she bought for herself so many years ago. When Kara’s eyes lower once more, she knows now exactly what has captured Kara’s attention and she immediately brushes away the tendril of disappointment that curls inside her.

Kara nods, leaning in to take hold of the pendant in between her fingers. As long fingers start to nimbly play with the pendant, she looks up to where Kara’s stare is so enraptured with the jewel and god, Lena doesn't even know where to look anymore. She doesn't even know how they got so close that she can feel the heat that Kara naturally radiates. She takes a moment to sweep her gaze over her friend, takes in Kara’s after-hours look. The top two buttons of her untucked shirt are undone while her sleeves are folded up to her forearms and it's a look that Kara wears unfairly well. Really unfairly well.

She looks up when she realizes the silence that's been between them and Lena just barely manages to hold herself back from reacting to the dark of Kara’s blue eyes. She feels a slight tug on her necklace and her eyes nearly flutter close at the subtle pressure. “It looks really good on you,” Kara whispers finally, releasing the pendant from her agile fingers.

“Thank you,” Lena whispers in kind, so keenly aware of how breathless she sounds but she can't find it in herself to pull away. Her hands are gripping tight on her knees now and Lena isn't sure exactly what she wants to do with them but she feels this inexplicable desire to reach up and pull . And god, it certainly doesn't help that Kara seems to be leaning towards her too. Lena curls her fingers into tight fists as Kara’s eyes are searching hers and she waits and waits and waits .

The solid thump of her tablet falling to the floor breaks the silence, and before she knows it, Kara’s blue eyes lose their intensity. Lena is set free from the moment but for some reason, she doesn't feel relieved by it. She silently follows Kara’s movement as she leans back - god, when did they get so close ? - and shakes her head. She watches Kara picking up her tablet, wiping gently away at the screen before placing it back onto Lena’s lap. Lena feels the weight of Kara’s hands pressing down on her tablet and she meets Kara’s blue eyes. They look so tender now. “I'm hungry. Are you hungry?”

Lena is thankful then for her ability to pull herself back together quickly enough to answer. “I could eat,” she replies, taking hold of the tablet to place it safely on the table. Now that the moment has gone, she realizes then that she is actually hungry since the last time she ate was at lunch.

“Any particular cravings?” Kara asks as she pushes off the couch to stand instead of picking up her phone. Lena realizes then that Kara plans to actually fly somewhere to pick up their food and it takes her longer than she will ever willingly admit to anyone, to look away when Kara starts to change into her suit.

She picks up her tablet from the table and walks across her office to place the device on her desk. Crossing her arms as she turns around, Lena can't help but chuckle at seeing Kara goofily standing in her well-known Supergirl pose with her fists resting right on her hips. Her fingers are curling over her arm as she quirks a brow at the sight. “Surprise me.” Lena shakes her head when Kara gives her a dorky salute before making her way to the balcony. “Be careful,” she calls out just as Kara’s knees bend to push off for flight.

Kara pauses mid-bend before pushing off to float just a few feet off the ground and gives her a soft, reassuring smile. “I will,” she promises and then she's gone before Lena can even blink.

And just like that, the room seems to cool down without Kara’s presence. Lena closes the balcony door and surveys the remaining paperwork on her desk. Thankfully she has managed to get through most of the work that she needed to do before Kara thoroughly distracted her. She can either keep going and finish it all so that she won't have to worry about it when she goes home later or she can think about what the hell was happening between them earlier.

Resigning herself to what she knows she's actually going to do, Lena sighs. She’ll just have to finish everything tomorrow instead.


Taking one last bite of her naan, Kara tries to sneak a glance over to where Lena’s sitting next to her. They decided to eat outside on the balcony because Lena didn't want to come back to work tomorrow to the lingering scent of their late night dinner.

She averts her gaze back to her now empty plate when she realizes that Lena is already looking right at her and Kara can only hope that it's dark enough for her fierce blush to go unseen. There's something in Lena’s eyes that's making her stomach twist, like there's a question that's yearning to be asked. But she doesn't know if she's ready to hear it and so Kara starts picking up their plates, putting away the containers in a bag to throw away later.

So distracted by her task that Kara doesn't notice Lena helping her until she feels a hand on her bicep. Kara looks to the hand on her arm and lets her stare travel along the bend of Lena’s arm and Kara pauses at the necklace around her neck. She doesn't know what it is about it that's held her attention nearly all night. She can't decide whether it's something to do with how the pendant complements the green of Lena’s eyes or how it sits so prettily right in the dip between her collarbones. With a slight shake of her head, Kara finally meets Lena’s gaze. There's a softness in her eyes that betrays her tiredness that makes Kara hope Lena will want to head home soon.

“Thank you for dinner, Kara. I’m sorry it hasn't been that exciting hanging out with me tonight,” Lena murmurs ruefully, taking her hand back to rub the back of her neck as she leans back in her seat. “I promise next time will be more exciting than paperwork.”

She shoots Lena a reassuring grin before sitting back down next to her and playfully bumping their shoulders together. “I didn't mind. I was just happy to spend some time with you,” she replies, watching as Lena shyly ducks her head in such a way that makes her heart skip a beat. “Plus, I’m sure Snapper’s gonna be so surprised when he sees I finished all the work he assigned me,” she adds, allowing herself a brief moment of self-congratulation for her completed work. She knows that come tomorrow, he’ll have even more grunt work for her to do so she's going to take whatever free time that she can get.

Lena lets out a dry chuckle before looking back towards the desk. The pile of papers aren't as madly strewn about as they had been earlier in the night when Kara walked in to Lena’s office. There's an organized mess to them now, arranged in a fashion that probably only Lena understands but Kara can see that there has to be at least another day’s work left to go. “Lucky. I can't say the same about my work. There's still so much to do.”

“There's no relaxing in the life of a CEO, huh?” It worries Kara sometimes, how much Lena is always working, how tirelessly, but she knows that Lena is aware of her limits, that she knows when she needs to stop, knows when to take a step back and rest. Lena sighs deeply before sliding a little closer to rest her head on Kara’s shoulder. Kara doesn't even hesitate before leaning in too, bringing her arm around Lena’s waist as she lays her head on top of Lena’s.

“You worked for Cat Grant, so you tell me.” And Kara laughs because Lena isn't wrong. Miss Grant worked hard, was relentless in her pursuit of building her media empire and made sure that everybody that worked for her met her expectations. “Do you miss her?”

When Kara lets out a quiet sigh, she feels Lena's hand on hers and it draws her gaze down to their joined hands on her thigh. “Sometimes I miss her,” she murmurs a little wistfully. She was with Miss Grant for all of two years and she thinks of all those late nights that sometimes bled into the early mornings and all because Miss Grant felt that something just wasn't right. There are times when Kara keenly feels the space that Miss Grant left behind, a space that she doesn't think anybody else could ever really fill because there's nobody really like her. It tends to happen when she walks by James’ office, still not used to seeing him sitting behind that desk even though it’s been nearly two years since Miss Grant left. It happens when she patrols the skies, sees the CatCo building and remembering that if she lands on the balcony, it won't be Miss Grant greeting her.

Lena’s hand gently squeezes hers, pulling her out of her thoughts. The soft comforting touch easily soothes the tight ache in her chest, reminds her that Lena is the one here with her now and Kara wouldn't trade that for anything in the world. She squeezes Lena’s hand back in turn before leaning back and letting out a sigh. “Especially when Snapper is being a jerk-face.”

Her dramatics earn her a chuckle and when Lena turns to look back at her, she's greeted with an incredibly impressive eye-roll she has ever seen. But then Lena softens, her smile so warm and so fond that Kara can't help but reciprocate, blushing as she does so. “I'm sure that she misses you too.”

“You think?” she asks just as a cool breeze starts to pick up and Kara moves her arm tighter around Lena to bring her closer when she feels her start to shiver. They should probably make a move back inside Lena's office so that Lena won't catch a cold but Kara can't seem to find it in her to say it. There's just something so addictive about the way that Lena curls and burrows further into her, trying to take in as much of Kara’s heat that she possibly can. She thinks that she feels even hotter when Lena nuzzles her cold nose into her neck.

Lena’s breath of a sigh sweeps over her. “Oh Kara, I don't know how anybody wouldn't miss you.”


Lena’s no longer sure what the time is but she’s pretty sure that they have to be somewhere close to midnight and Lena feels guilty even though Kara insisted on accompanying her home. Kara always insists.

They’re on the elevator now, heading up to her floor. She’s staring at the ascending numbers on the panel when she realizes how it's so quiet between them. She almost puts it down to the both of them being too tired to say anything when she finally turns to look at Kara properly, Lena just barely catches blue eyes looking away from her. If it weren't for the pink in Kara’s cheeks, Lena might have thought she was imagining things. And now she can't help but think back of that look Kara gave her while she held the pendant between her graceful fingers.

Despite the late hour, Kara doesn't look like she's completely dead on her feet and Lena knows already that it's down to her alien biology more than anything. And as a self-aware workaholic, Lena envies that a lot. Just as she envies how Kara looks so terribly good under the ostentatiously yellow light of the elevator.

The sharp ding of the elevator breaks her out of her thoughts and Kara’s blue eyes meet hers then. They both share a tired smile just as the doors slide open. “You didn't have to come with me, y’know. You could have just gone home and been in bed by now,” she tells Kara, taking her keys out of her bag as they walk out together. It's not a far walk from the elevator to her apartment and a part of Lena wishes that she could stretch out their time just a little more. Even though they just spent nearly the whole night together, she never feels like she could ever get tired of being around Kara. She feels so greedy and so selfish for hogging Kara all to herself.

Kara shrugs casually, adjusting the strap of her satchel over her shoulder before putting her hand back in her pocket. “I get more time with you and that is always a big plus for me.”

The smile she gives Lena is bashful and reassuring and Lena can't help but return a bashful smile of her own. Kara’s one of the very, very few people who can see right through her and it should scare her a little bit, having somebody know her so well that she's an open book to them. But she knows in the deepest of her heart that if there's anybody in the world that could make her feel the safest when she lays open her pages, it's Kara.

Lena fiddles with her keys before finally inserting the one for her front door and at the faint sound of it unlocking, she looks over her shoulder to Kara. “Do you maybe want something to drink before you go? I've got some of that hot chocolate that you love.”

She can tell from the glint in her eyes that the very mention of Kara’s favourite hot beverage is more than enough to convince her to stay. But Kara still frowns a little, biting anxiously at her lip as she asks, “Are you sure you don't want to just go on to sleep?”

Lena shakes her head, pulling off her coat as she does so. “I'm not terribly tired just yet,” she reassures her as she gestures for Kara to take off her jacket. When she closes the door to the coat closet and takes a few steps into the apartment, she finds Kara already cozy in the kitchen and taking out all the things they'll need to make their drinks. “I’m going to get changed first so I’ll be right back, okay?”

She gets a nod as Kara focuses on carefully chopping the dark chocolate bar. Lena takes in the look of utter concentration on Kara’s face and she can't help but chuckle at the sight as she thinks of the last time Kara tried to speed through the process and how it took them nearly a whole afternoon trying to find the chocolate chunks that had flown away in every direction. Kara had been so remorseful by the whole ordeal though a part of Lena largely suspects that it was more due to the fact that they couldn't have any hot chocolate then because of it.

Lena takes one last long look before turning around and making her way to her bedroom.


They're only about halfway into the movie when Kara decides that Lena has yawned one too many times and she pauses the movie. When Lena barely even reacts to it, Kara nudges her. “Lena?” She gets a quiet hum, letting her know that Lena is at least somewhat responsive. She runs her fingers through Lena’s loosened jet black hair before she places her hand on Lena’s shoulder, gently squeezing it. “You should get to bed and sleep.”

“‘kay,” Lena mumbles, scooting closer to lay her head on Kara’s shoulder. Half-lidded green eyes closing shut once she deems herself comfortable.

Affection burns in her chest at the way Lena nuzzles her cheek on her shoulder and Kara lets out a little chuckle. “Honestly, you're like a cat sometimes, Lena,” she mutters to herself. Kara presses a soft kiss to Lena’s forehead. “I’ll be right back, okay?” she tells her as she moves Lena to let her head lay on the pillow beside her. With one last look to make sure that there's no way Lena will fall off the couch, Kara goes to the master bedroom and sets about going through everything she has seen Lena do so many times before.

Once the covers are turned down on Lena’s favored side of the bed, a filled glass of water is placed on the bedside table, the bedroom lights are now dimmed, the coffee machine is set for the next morning and everything is locked and secure, Kara goes back to where she left Lena sleeping. She looks so at peace and relaxed as she sleeps all curled in on herself with her fist tucked in under her chin and the beat of her heart, strong and steady. Kara finds herself almost unwilling to actually move her at all. But no matter how comfortable Lena's couch might be, she knows that Lena’s back will thank her in the morning for moving her to the bed.

Running her fingers through thick black hair before moving her hand to gently cup Lena’s jaw, Kara smiles apologetically when drowsy green eyes open to meet hers. “Hey pretty girl,” she whispers, smiling softly at the way Lena rubs her cheek into her palm. “Is it okay if I carry you?” The answer comes in the form of a lazy nod and Kara swiftly goes to take Lena in her arms. As she carries Lena to the bedroom, she can't help but chuckle when she feels Lena nuzzling into her neck. Kara shakes her head. “Totally a cat,” she whispers, holding Lena closer as she presses her cheek to Lena’s temple.

Taking a seat beside Lena once she's got her all snuggled up under the covers, Kara smiles at the half-lidded gaze staring up at her. “Thank you for tonight, Kara,” she murmurs quietly.

Her heart twists at the pretty sight of Lena’s sleepy grin. “Thank you right back. Lunch tomorrow?” An affirmative hum and a nod are all she gets from Lena, obviously time for Kara to make a move and get on home. “Goodnight Lena. Sweet dreams.” She leans over to press a kiss to Lena's forehead before peering down to meet Lena’s eyes, feeling the slide of Lena’s hand moving up her arm.

The slight pressure of Lena’s hand lightly gripping her arm keeps Kara in place as Lena whispers a soft goodnight in return. The touch of Lena's palm now on her shoulder pulls Kara back down as Lena lifts herself a little to kiss her cheek. And Kara goes along, closing her eyes as she turns her face to return her own kiss to Lena's cheek.

But instead of a soft cheek, she feels even softer lips and Kara quickly pulls away. Their eyes meet and there is an infinitesimal space in that moment when Kara panics but something pushes that feeling away, something about the way that Lena is looking at her that stops her from descending into a ramble of apologies, the same something that Lena must see on her face too. Something that makes them break into a soft laughter instead.

It's a laughter that doesn't last long and Kara feels that quick and urgent need to apologize. “Oh Lena, I’m so- I didn’t-”

“Wait,” Lena blurts out, thankfully interrupting Kara and stopping her from going down a spiral. There’s heat rising up the back of her neck and she feels it warm in her cheeks under Lena’s piercing gaze. Lena looks wide awake now; any traces of exhaustion that had been on her face just a minute ago have completely gone. Kara moves back to give Lena some space when she pushes herself to sit up, folding her hands primly on her lap. “You were staring at me all night. Is this- is this why? Did you want to kiss me?”

It's the very question that Kara wasn't ready to answer and truth be told, she's not even sure she's ready now . But the look on Lena’s face isn't reproachful, isn’t even saying that Lena seems confused or angry. There's only curiosity in her green eyes and a darkness that’s inexplicably drawing Kara even closer. “I-”

“Why didn't you?”

And that question stumps her even further because that was definitely not something she'd ever expect to hear and Kara feels something kind of like whiplash trying to come up with a coherent answer. Why didn't she kiss her?

“I- You just looked so-” She stops and shakes her head before taking a deep breath as she takes off her glasses and sets it carefully on the bedside table. Her heart is racing at having to lay down her cards so plainly but she reminds herself that this is Lena and not somebody who would ever take advantage of her weakness. “I- you- you're my best friend, Lena and I just- I got scared,” she mumbles, nervously tracing the embroidered lines of Lena’s sheets.

She's just in the middle of mindlessly tracing a black-lined curve when Lena’s hand falls on top of hers and her eyes slowly trail up Lena’s arm until she meets Lena’s gaze. Her light green eyes are so soft and so tender and there's an ache that tightens in her chest at the sight of it. “You don't have anything to be scared of with me. Never, ever.”

Kara nods in reply, intertwining their fingers as she does so because she does know this. Though there are many people that she trusts, there aren't many that she trusts implicitly. She can just barely count those on two hands, Lena included. She lightly squeezes their fingers together, still a little too embarrassed to say anything.

And it's a testament to how well Lena knows her that she's so patient with her, that she doesn't push Kara to say anything. She only asks in a soft whisper as she rubs her thumb over the back of Kara's hand, “Can I tell you something?”

Kara watches, so fascinated with the way that Lena’s thumb moves so languid over her skin and she nods once again, because of course. Lena can tell her anything and Kara is always so eager to listen.

“I- I think I would like it if you did that again.”

She thinks that her brain short-circuits, or maybe it has stopped completely. Did Lena really say that? One look at Lena’s face and another and another and Kara knows that her best friend wasn't joking at all, that she really means it and that's- that’s- something that Kara really doesn't know what to name.

There are moments in a person’s life when something comes along, an opportunity, a chance, a door opening. Something that feels monumental, like it could change the world as they know it. And it's something that feels like it can only be decided in a split of a second and that is all it takes. It only takes that split of a second for Kara to think that she would like to kiss Lena again.

“It's okay if you don't want to and if you want me to forget about it and act normal tomorrow, I will. But if you want to, I’m not- I’m not going to say no.” There's still this great measure of disbelief and she has no doubt how plainly it shows on her face. Lena’s cheeks blush prettily and she tries to play it off with a shrug and a roll of her eyes. “Kara, I'm not going to pretend that it didn't feel kind of nice.”

Kara knows that she should probably stop to think about it. It's something so many people wishes that she would do more often, to hang back and just process before acting. And Kara has been better at doing that, better at listening to everybody else give their opinion before taking action. But the look in Lena's green eyes, the near frantic pounding of her heart and the distracting way that she’s biting down on her bottom lip, are enough to make Kara forget everything that she has learned, makes her go back to her true default on being guided by her gut, guided in the unfailing faith that whatever happens between them, she and Lena will make it through.

And so she scoots closer, leans in just a little bit closer and she watches the realization dawning on Lena’s face. “Only kind of?” she simpers with a tiny smile.

She does her best to keep her gaze trained on Lena’s eyes and not her lips but she knows she doesn't succeed when Lena’s eyebrow arches in amusement. “Hard to gauge the full niceness when it was a really short kiss,” Lena replies, the dare so clear in her voice.

“So, if I were to kiss you right now-” she trails off as she leans in a little more until her forehead is pressing gentle against Lena’s and all that's in her line of sight now are Lena’s lips, so soft and pink and waiting, waiting, waiting.

Lena takes a deep breath and she feels it sweep across her lips. “I would kiss you right back,” she finishes softly.


It doesn't surprise Lena to find out that Kara is a good kisser. Somebody who rambles half as much as Kara does on a daily basis can't not be good with their mouths. The accidental kiss barely gave her a glimpse of the kind of kisser that Kara Zor-El Danvers would be.

Once the disbelief has quickly worn off that their mouths are actually pressing up against each other, that this is actually happening, that is when Kara starts to move. Her lips press a little firmer against Lena’s and that pressure is already enough to make her reach out for Kara, placing her hands on broad shoulders. Her fingers curl in, digging into the soft material of Kara’s cardigan to pull her tight against her and Lena gets a brief flash of desire to touch Kara’s muscled back.

There's a flutter in her chest when she feels Kara hum against her. It's a satisfied, content kind of a noise that fills Lena with the ardent want to see what other kind of noises she can pull out of Kara. She feels the heat of Kara’s hands, shy and unassuming, on top of her blanket on either side of her thighs and Lena realizes with a startling heart-wrenching fondness that Kara is waiting for permission to touch.

She smiles at the way that Kara chases her lips when she goes to pull away and oh, the fierce blush in Kara’s cheeks is a little disarming and the darkness in her eyes is a little captivating and Lena almost doesn't know what to do with herself. “You can touch me, Kara,” Lena whispers, breathless as she gestures to Kara’s hands and she watches one curl into a tight fist before slowly spreading open to slide onto her hip.

The heat of Kara’s palm, even through satin sheets, is even more maddening now and Lena doesn't even stop to think. She just pulls Kara to her, kisses her firm and deep until she finally has Kara laying on top of her and her eyes fall shut because god , it's been so long since she's felt the weight of another bearing down on her like this. Too long since she has felt this hot rush in her veins from a simple touch. Far too long since she has wanted more than just a kiss. And Lena can't help but moan against Kara, can't help but grip her hands tight around the collar of Kara's shirt just so she won't move away.

And Lena wonders if this is something they should stop to talk about, to see if Kara would be okay if this led to something more than kisses, to see if she even wants that at all. Because making out is one thing, but anything more than that is another thing entirely.

She's broken out of her thoughts when Kara calls her name. Lena opens her eyes to the sight of Kara’s swollen lips and she’s asking herself why the fuck aren't those lips on her anymore? And so she goes to reclaim them but realizes that Kara is pulling back and she finally looks up to meet Kara’s dark blue eyes. She doesn't know what kind of look is on her face but it prompts a proud smirk on Kara’s face before it changes right into a questioning one. “What is it?” she asks, her thumb gently stroking across Kara’s jaw.

Kara hesitates, her mouth opening and closing as she seems to try and find the words. She can almost feel the warm flush that's creeping up Kara’s neck. “Is it okay if I- um- if I kiss your neck?” she finally asks.

Her heart stops at the request as Lena thinks immediately of Kara’s hot mouth on her sensitive neck, knows that whatever little resolve she has left will more likely be gone once that happens. Lena nods regardless, moves her hands back down to Kara’s shoulders. “Oh- yes- more than okay.”

She holds her breath as Kara shifts, moves until she can feel Kara’s breath sweeping over her neck and Lena shivers, wishing that this damn blanket wasn't in between them. “Wait, Kara-” she blurts out just as Kara’s lips are less than an inch away. She meets Kara’s patient stare when she hastily pulls back and Lena makes what might just be one of the fastest decisions she has ever made. “Just, so you know, unless I tell you no, you can just- go with your instincts, okay?”

She hopes that Kara understands the implications of her words, understands the green light that Lena is giving her to touch and explore as much as she wants. Kara only nods once, the same pretty smile still on her face as her hand on Lena’s hip squeezes a little. “I’m going to kiss your neck now,” she utters plainly with a determined glint in her blue eyes.

Lena swallows thickly at the reality of her neck becoming the single-minded focus of Kara’s attention. “Okay.”

She watches with bated breath as Kara leans down, watches her pause to shyly meet Lena’s gaze, watches in rapt fascination as her cheeks blush. “The same applies to you, by the way. About the um- going with your instincts- thing.”

She doesn't even get the chance to respond or nod before she feels the press of Kara’s lips to the side of her neck and Lena can't hold back the shaky moan that escapes her, can't hold back the way her hips rocks right up against Kara when that hot mouth starts to move up to the juncture of her neck and her jaw. Lena’s hand moves to bury itself in Kara’s hair while the other hurriedly pulls at the hair tie to let wavy blonde locks fall around them.

The blanket still on top of her is unceremoniously tugged away from between them and there's nothing to keep Lena from the searing heat of Kara’s tall body pressing firmly against her. Kara’s hands are on her thighs now, holding them with the kind of gentle grip that she has only ever associated with Kara. Her own hands move to Kara’s back, resting flat between her shoulders to keep her close.

She's briefly thankful that Kara isn't attempting to leave any marks as she continues to nip and lightly suck on random spots on her neck. Not that Lena doesn't know how to hide them but still, she appreciates it all the same. “ Fuck ,” she whimpers breathlessly when Kara surprises her by slowly dragging her tongue up the side of her neck, letting loose a filthy moan that goes right through to her pussy. Kara’s hands tightens a little around her hips when they jolt up.

There’s a slick heat in between her legs making itself known and Lena wonders if Kara can tell exactly what she's doing to her. She has to know, if the way that Kara’s hips meet hers are anything to go by, as if she's trying to help soothe the ache that Lena feels. The friction of their sliding hips is driving Lena crazy and she feels so hot all over. Too hot, almost. And it's as if Kara can tell because Lena feels the suggestive tug at the bottom of her sleep shirt and she's nodding quickly. “Yes, yes, take it off.”

She mourns the moment when Kara has to pull away to take her shirt off her, carelessly casting it somewhere away from them. The cool air feels good on her skin but she eagerly pulls Kara back into her arms, not even giving her a moment to look at her. Lena sighs and she thinks about the smile on Kara’s face before she continues the breathtaking ministrations on her neck, feeling Kara’s hands slide around to her back.


It’s an almost overwhelming moment to suddenly realize that she’s laying on top of her best friend who is actually topless and she's actually touching her. Kara can't get over how soft Lena feels under her eager hands or how she arches so easily against her.

There's something about knowing that unless stated otherwise, she has expressed permission to follow her instincts. There's a freedom in it that Kara is grateful to have, grateful that Lena understands her well enough to know exactly what she needed to hear.

Her mouth treks down Lena’s neck to find that little dip between her collarbones and Kara thinks about the necklace Lena had worn earlier. It’s still so fresh in her mind, how it sat so prettily and so captivating on Lena’s chest and Kara doesn't even think twice before pressing her tongue into it. A deep groan rumbles in her chest at the taste of Lena on her tongue and Kara savors the unrestrained whimper that falls out of Lena’s lips, presses her tongue harder.

A heated feeling swoops in her belly when Lena tugs a little harder at her hair. And when Kara actually pulls back enough to look at Lena, she barely gets a moment to take in the flush of her cheeks and the dark of her eyes before Lena is already bringing her back in to kiss her. She can taste the urgency on her best friend’s tongue, in the smooth undulating of her hips, in her restless hands as they move from Kara’s hair to her shoulders to her back. Lena’s hands fist the materials of her cardigan and her shirt in a solid grip and Kara finds herself with the inexplicable desire to have Lena’s hands traveling the full length of her body, to feel Lena’s nails slowly raking up her skin.

When she goes to sit up, Lena follows to chase her mouth and Kara almost gets lost in the kiss once again before she remembers to start unbuttoning her shirt. But her hands are slapped away, only for Lena to take up the pursuit of divesting Kara of her shirt. Lena seems to stop kissing her once she's a few buttons undone though, seemingly distracted by something as she suddenly presses her hands to her chest. Kara leans back a little, rests her forehead to Lena’s. “What is it?” she asks softly, curious at the sight of Lena’s thoughtful gaze.

Lena is shaking her head before she meets Kara’s eyes, playfully bumping their noses together. “I just don't know if I can remember a time when I've ever seen you without your suit under your shirt before.”

She laughs a little at that, bringing her hands up to bury in Lena’s dark locks. “Is that a bad thing?”

“No, not at all, considering,” Lena whispers with a teasing smirk that fills Kara with breathless anticipation before she goes back to her previous task. She holds back and she watches as Lena with deft fingers unfastens the rest of her buttons until she finally pulls her shirt open. “Fuck Kara, where the hell have you been hiding those ?” she blurts out.

A fierce heat fills her cheeks at Lena gaping at her revealed torso, her best friend’s green eyes staring intently at her stomach. A part of her wants to tug her shirt back around to cover herself back up but there's something about the way that Lena’s looking at her that keeps her from doing so. And she waits for Lena to say something or maybe do something. Her trembling hands are barely inches away from her and though Kara isn't known for her patience, she waits for Lena.

They both let out a collective breath when Lena finally does place her hands on her belly, laughing quietly together when exchanging a brief look at each other. Kara doesn't think she has ever seen Lena look so shy before. She has seen her play coy and maybe demure but never shy, especially not with her. And it’s so terribly charming that it makes Kara want to kiss her again.

Her shirt is finally pushed off her shoulders, tossed to the side along with her bra and Kara moans at the touch of Lena’s hands finally gliding over her skin, trailing down her arms. Kara’s breath stutters when Lena finally looks back up at her, the hungry gaze in her green eyes making that swooping feeling in her gut tighten just a little bit more.

Before she can even try to say anything, Lena’s hands fall to her belt and swiftly unbuckles it; a contrast to when she eventually unzips Kara’s trousers, doing it so slowly that the sound of it is nearly deafening to Kara as she watches it all happen. And Kara is really just a little more than mystified at how Lena is making the mundane task of taking off her trousers and her underwear seem so freaking erotic, so much so that she completely misses Lena pulling her own shorts and panties off.

She comes back to herself when Lena tugs her back down to kiss her, her hands falling on either either side of Lena’s head and Kara isn't sure how to describe that silken feeling of pressing against Lena with absolutely no barriers between them. She's so soft and warm and inviting as her arms circle Kara’s shoulders and her legs wrap tight around Kara's hips. It's so goddamn breathtaking and the heat between her legs is downright dizzying. She relishes in Lena’s relieved moan against her lips when she bucks her hips down to meet Lena’s, her thigh pressing up against her pussy before she does it again and again and again.

“Fuck Kara, you're going to make me come,” Lena gasps out, breathless with a pretty flush in her cheeks.

She chuckles, ducking her head into the crook of Lena’s neck as she moans at the stunning wetness that greets her, at the sharp nails digging hard into her skin, at the hard thumps of Lena’s heart beating against her. “That is kind of the point, isn't it?” she teases, licking a firm, hot trail along the sharp line of Lena’s jaw.

But come to think of it, there is a part of Kara that wants to take it slower, wants to stay in the moment with Lena just a little longer, wants to taste and touch more of her.

And so Kara does, she slows down the rock of her hips and softens the kisses that she's leaving along the column of Lena’s throat. She nuzzles into Lena’s neck in apology at the sound of her quiet, disappointed whine, reaching down to slow down the roll of Lena’s hips. “I've got you,” she promises in a whisper, squeezing Lena’s thigh reassuringly. Kara waits until she feels Lena nodding, her chin bumping against her temple, feels her hips melting under her touch before Kara begins her descent.


Her hands bury in messy blonde hair when Kara dips her tongue in the hollow between her collarbones once again and Lena thinks about that look in her best friend’s eyes earlier in the evening. The darkness in Kara’s blue eyes as she was transfixed by the teardrop pendant that sat right where Kara’s tongue is curling into right now. And Lena can't help but shudder at the trail of wet heat on her neck and Kara’s hands squeezing around her thighs.

There's a raging fire in the low of her belly as she rubs herself against the hardness of Kara’s taut stomach, a brief flash of relief before Kara puts a little distance between their bodies once again. Lena whines, the ache between her legs so fierce and insistent. She had been so close earlier when Kara’s thigh was moving on her so incessantly, so unyielding, god, she was so so close.

Strong hands glide smoothly up her body, over her waist until they're eventually cupping her breasts. Kara’s mouth is hot on her throat before she abruptly leans back and Lena goes to ask, starting to get a little more than impatient now, when she sees the look on Kara’s face. There’s no mistaking that Kara is definitely looking at her chest this time.

And honestly, it kind of makes her want to laugh at how Kara seems to be in a complete trance right now, making her forget how much she just wants to be fucked to oblivion. “I never took you for a boob girl, Miss Danvers,” she teases, giggling at the furious blush painting Kara’s cheeks as she playfully tugs at Kara’s hair.

Blue eyes narrow into a mild, affronted glare though it's completely offset by the pout on Kara’s lips. “Have you seen them? I mean, obviously you have because they're yours but jeez Lena,” Kara trails off then, her blue eyes dutifully going back to basically ogle her chest.

She tries to smirk but ends up having to bite down on her lip to keep herself from making a sound as Kara gently squeezes her breasts, her thumbs confidently flicking across hard nipples. As she arches under Kara’s touch, Lena lets out a trembling breath and she remembers once again, just how much she wants and needs to come. And despite the dumbstruck glaze in Kara’s blue eyes, her hands are sure and steady and fuck - they're firm too.

Lena really isn't at all prepared for this.

And she is even less so when Kara leans down to take a nipple in her mouth. “Fuck,” she gasps as she brusquely fists Kara’s blonde locks in her hands, mentally noting the responding moan to her rough touch. “Warn a girl before you do that, will you?” she scolds in a shaky whimper, moaning loudly as Kara starts to suck in tandem with her other hand squeezing and kneading her other breast.

Her mind goes completely blank when Kara’s tongue starts to play with her nipple, starts to flick and circle around the stiff bud, alternating between light and rough touches. And Lena can't help it, can't help but think what else that seemingly talented tongue can do. She thinks about what it would be like to have it move and thrust and curl inside her. And Lena knows that there's no way she isn't dripping wet now if she wasn't already, her thighs coming away sticky as she tries to alleviate the ache in between them. She tries to buck her hips when they blindly locate Kara’s thigh but it just- it just isn't enough and she whines, her pussy clenching with even more wetness trickling out. She just knows she's making an absolute mess of her sheets and it certainly doesn't help that she can feel how wet Kara is too.

And Kara must know or she must realize at least, just how very near the edge Lena is because her other hand starts to move down to her thigh, imbuing an ardent urgency in her. “Oh god yes, yes, yes ,” she moans shamelessly, moans in anticipation as she closes her eyes shut and arches her chest further into Kara’s hungry mouth, her hips rocking even faster just to get closer to Kara’s hand.

There's a soothing motion as Kara gently strokes her inner thigh and suddenly there isn't a mouth on her breast anymore and Lena whimpers at the loss. “Hey,” Kara whispers, calling out for her attention and Lena unwillingly opens her eyes to see a tender smile on Kara’s face. “I’m going to take care of you, okay?” she tells her with a dark promise and a kind of surety in her blue eyes that fills Lena with unbridled expectation. Kara’s asking for Lena to trust her and of course, Lena gives it to her.

She nods shakily.

Kara kisses her then, kisses her with those amazing lips and with that mind-blowing passion that only Kara seems to possess. She can't help but wonder how Kara kisses a person that she's actually in love with, wonders just how much more that Kara could put behind a kiss because holy fucking damn, what a talented mouth.

And there aren't any words to describe the relief that floods right through her body when Kara finally touches her, when her fingers are finally touching her clit. And Lena groans- she groans deep and so fucking guttural that she feels it vibrate between them as Kara’s fingers moves on her clit in breathtaking tight circles. She doesn't even get a chance to take a breath in when Kara’s mouth moves down to the top swell of her breast and lightly sinks her teeth into the pliant skin before she starts to suck on it. That's definitely going to leave a mark and honestly, Lena doesn't even mind at all.

She swallows down a whimper when Kara’s fingers travel down, circling her entrance before one finger pushes in and her pussy eagerly tightens around it. “Fuck Kara,” she rasps out and she hears Kara’s breath hitch as she curls her finger deeper inside her. Lena takes a steadying deep breath when Kara pulls out before thrusting back in, this time with an added finger. There's a heat in her cheeks at the unmistakable sounds of her sopping cunt but Lena can't even be bothered to be embarrassed about it as she fucks herself to Kara’s fingers. “Kara, please ,” she urges in a whining plea, peering down only to find Kara’s eyes are already on her. “Fuck me harder and make me come,” she adds breathlessly, punctuating her demand with a hard pull to Kara’s hair and she watches the way Kara’s eyes flutter just as she adds a third finger and Lena groans in appreciation.

Kara stops sucking on her breast, crawls up to seek her lips once again and Lena tightens her arms around Kara to keep her close. She can't keep a steady connection between their lips, too focused on moving her hips and every delicious inch of Kara’s long and talented fingers thrusting and curling inside her. That swooping feeling in the low of her belly is getting tighter and tighter and tighter when Kara’s thumb starts to press doggedly on her clit and that's all she needs to set her off and Lena arches back, groaning deeply as she comes.

But Kara doesn't stop fucking her, only takes her thumb off her now sensitive clit and slows down her fingers. And then she rebuilds the momentum once again, this time adding a fourth finger and pushing her fingers deeper and fucking harder and god, it doesn't take long before it rips another orgasm out of Lena, still barely coming down from her first.


There's a looseness in Lena’s body now, a tiredness in her eyes. It was an incredible moment, watching Lena come, watching her fall apart under her touch like that. Kara plants soft kisses all over her face as she waits for Lena to come back to herself. Her fingers are still inside her but they are unmoving as she almost can't get enough of the now slowly pulsing heat around them.

She looks to the bedside clock to see the time and winces when she realizes how late it is. Lena’s going to be so tired when she gets to work tomorrow. There's still a buzzing, restless energy going through her and Kara nearly jumps when she feels a hand on her thigh and realizes that Lena is squeezing it with implication.

When she peers down to look at Lena, her best friend only quietly nods, giving her that same tired smile. “Are you sure?” she asks, even though she knows it won't take much to get her off.

“I’d rather do it myself but I feel like I'm close to passing out,” Lena murmurs apologetically, squeezing Kara’s thigh once again. She looks thoughtful for a second before nodding as she comes to a decision. “Will you stay tonight?”

She nods, always willing to spend her night in the most comfortable bed ever. “You know I’m always down for a sleepover.” She remembers then to gently pull out her fingers, smoothing her palm up Lena’s pussy. She smirks playfully at Lena’s moan when her palm passes over her clit.

Her best friend narrows a glare at her before softening when she squeezes Lena’s hip. “Then how about an IOU that you can cash in tomorrow or- whenever you want,” she offers quietly.

Kara takes a deep breath, her heart fluttering madly at the idea of doing this again with Lena. And somehow, it really doesn't surprise her at how much she wants that. “Consider your IOU accepted.”

Green eyes brighten at her answer. “Great, and until then-” Lena quirks her eyebrow, smoothly continues with a throaty, “ride me, Supergirl.”

She swallows thickly at the languid, seductive smirk playing on Lena's lips, knowing that Lena is more than completely aware of the effect she just had on her. She has been witness to Lena using this very tactic on far too many people and on far too occasions when she wants something out of them. And of course, Lena has used it on her before, just not to this blistering degree that stokes the fire in her belly even further. Apparently her best friend has been holding out on her and really, Kara is grateful for that because saying no to Lena is already near impossible as it is. “How do you do that ?”

Lena chuckles, the smirk gone and now replaced with the playful smile that Kara adores on her. “You’ll find out when you cash in your IOU.”

She shakes her head and laughs at the assured grin on Lena’s face before the hand on her thigh squeezes again. And this time Kara doesn't stop to ask but instead rocks her hips down, rubbing her still wet and aching pussy against Lena’s thigh. And Kara moans, placing her hands on either side of Lena before moving her hips again and again, chasing that relief with a single-minded determination. Lena’s hands creep up until they're right on her belly and Kara shakes at the fingernails dragging hard across her skin. “Close,” she mutters.

Lena nods knowingly, placing her hands on Kara’s shoulders to pull her down and kisses her. Her hands start to move wherever she can reach and it's when Lena’s fingers are raking down her back, reaching just over the curve of her ass that Kara pulls away groaning at the feeling that shoots right through her. She moves her hips faster and faster and faster, wanting that heart-stopping feeling to last just a little bit longer.

Eventually, she lets her hips slow and Kara lets out a deep breath as she closes in on Lena, kissing her soft and slow before pulling away to rest her forehead against Lena’s. Kara hums, satisfied and content and she closes her eyes to the sound of Lena’s heartbeat returning to its regular strong and steady rhythm. She feels Lena sigh heavily against her, her hands running up and down her back in a soothing motion. “Tired?” she mumbles, nudging her nose against Lena’s.

Lena nods against her, humming quietly. “Gotta clean up a little bit before we sleep though,” she mutters, her hand patting down on the drying bedsheets.

She bumps her forehead against Lena’s, opening her eyes to see Lena’s, though they're just barely open. “You go on and clean up. I'll change the sheets out for you.” And though Lena looks reluctant, she lets Kara nudge her towards the master bathroom anyway.

The sheets are changed out quickly and Kara has cleaned herself up long before Lena even comes back to bed. She's wearing a different pair of sleep shirt and shorts, while Kara is wearing a pair of her own clothes that she usually leaves behind when she sleeps over in Lena’s apartment. She grins tiredly at the sleepy look on Lena's face, thinking once again how much like a cat her best friend is when Lena yawns and stretches before cuddling into her and Kara melts at the very sight of it.

“G’night Kara,” she whispers.

“Good night, Lena,” she softly replies, tenderly kissing Lena’s forehead as she closes her eyes to sleep, wondering just what the morning will bring.