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did you mean it (when you said i was pretty)

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(fanart credit: @meeshmorp)

Kara is staring at her again.

It's been happening a lot throughout the night. Or at least, it seems that way from all the times that Lena managed to catch Kara in the act, only for Kara to turn away, shaking her head with a shy smile and a fierce blush on her cheeks. And Lena lets her do so with a confused smile on her lips because even though she burns with curiosity to know why, they both have so much work to do.

She had a conference call earlier in the night that she couldn't get out of and it somehow resulted in more work to do that Lena decided to just stay at LCorp through the night. And so Kara decided that she’d work in Lena’s office to keep her company instead of her own at CatCo, though Kara seems distracted for a reason that Lena just doesn't quite know.

But she does have an inkling. A small, tiny, infinitesimal kernel of an idea, that she thinks is a little ridiculous but the more she catches Kara looking at her, the more she can't let go of the theory. Lena wonders if she looks up from her tablet to where Kara is sitting across from her on the couch, if this time Kara’s eyes will stay on hers. Her cheeks have been feeling hot from the attention, an intense warmth spreading down from the back of her neck and Lena is so glad that Kara suggested opening the door to the balcony earlier. The late night hour brings with it a cool, gentle breeze that Lena welcomes with gratitude.

Lena takes a deep breath to steady herself before she finally dares to look up. Dark blue eyes meet her gaze and she tries to swallow down the dry feeling in her throat, tries to see why Kara is looking at her like this because she's sure that friends don't do this.

Friends don't have staring contests that feel heavy with some kind of intention. And Lena doesn't know how to handle it, doesn't know how to handle the way Kara’s gaze lowers and she tries to will her face to not react and blush even further. But the heat in her cheeks still blossom and something not too deep inside her preens from the attention. And she doesn't know how to handle any of this so she falls back into the familiar, falls back into what she knows to do in moments like these. She breaks the tension.

“Penny for your thoughts, Miss Danvers?”

Kara blinks slow, shaking her head as if she's ridding herself of whatever thoughts are inside. Thoughts that could probably answer for the fading blush in her cheeks. Kara smiles bashfully at her then, pushing her glasses back up on her nose as she does so. “I was just thinking that I really like the necklace that you're wearing.”

“Oh?” She puts her tablet down on her lap, scooting closer to Kara as she reaches to hold up the necklace that she decided to wear this morning, a delicate white gold thing with an emerald teardrop pendant that she bought for herself so many years ago. When Kara’s eyes lower once more, she knows now exactly what has captured Kara’s attention and she immediately brushes away the tendril of disappointment that curls inside her.

Kara nods, leaning in to take hold of the pendant in between her fingers. As long fingers start to nimbly play with the pendant, she looks up to where Kara’s stare is so enraptured with the jewel and god, Lena doesn't even know where to look anymore. She doesn't even know how they got so close that she can feel the heat that Kara naturally radiates. She takes a moment to sweep her gaze over her friend, takes in Kara’s after-hours look. The top two buttons of her untucked shirt are undone while her sleeves are folded up to her forearms and it's a look that Kara wears unfairly well. Really unfairly well.

She looks up when she realizes the silence that's been between them and Lena just barely manages to hold herself back from reacting to the dark of Kara’s blue eyes. She feels a slight tug on her necklace and her eyes nearly flutter close at the subtle pressure. “It looks really good on you,” Kara whispers finally, releasing the pendant from her agile fingers.

“Thank you,” Lena whispers in kind, so keenly aware of how breathless she sounds but she can't find it in herself to pull away. Her hands are gripping tight on her knees now and Lena isn't sure exactly what she wants to do with them but she feels this inexplicable desire to reach up and pull . And god, it certainly doesn't help that Kara seems to be leaning towards her too. Lena curls her fingers into tight fists as Kara’s eyes are searching hers and she waits and waits and waits .

The solid thump of her tablet falling to the floor breaks the silence, and before she knows it, Kara’s blue eyes lose their intensity. Lena is set free from the moment but for some reason, she doesn't feel relieved by it. She silently follows Kara’s movement as she leans back - god, when did they get so close ? - and shakes her head. She watches Kara picking up her tablet, wiping gently away at the screen before placing it back onto Lena’s lap. Lena feels the weight of Kara’s hands pressing down on her tablet and she meets Kara’s blue eyes. They look so tender now. “I'm hungry. Are you hungry?”

Lena is thankful then for her ability to pull herself back together quickly enough to answer. “I could eat,” she replies, taking hold of the tablet to place it safely on the table. Now that the moment has gone, she realizes then that she is actually hungry since the last time she ate was at lunch.

“Any particular cravings?” Kara asks as she pushes off the couch to stand instead of picking up her phone. Lena realizes then that Kara plans to actually fly somewhere to pick up their food and it takes her longer than she will ever willingly admit to anyone, to look away when Kara starts to change into her suit.

She picks up her tablet from the table and walks across her office to place the device on her desk. Crossing her arms as she turns around, Lena can't help but chuckle at seeing Kara goofily standing in her well-known Supergirl pose with her fists resting right on her hips. Her fingers are curling over her arm as she quirks a brow at the sight. “Surprise me.” Lena shakes her head when Kara gives her a dorky salute before making her way to the balcony. “Be careful,” she calls out just as Kara’s knees bend to push off for flight.

Kara pauses mid-bend before pushing off to float just a few feet off the ground and gives her a soft, reassuring smile. “I will,” she promises and then she's gone before Lena can even blink.

And just like that, the room seems to cool down without Kara’s presence. Lena closes the balcony door and surveys the remaining paperwork on her desk. Thankfully she has managed to get through most of the work that she needed to do before Kara thoroughly distracted her. She can either keep going and finish it all so that she won't have to worry about it when she goes home later or she can think about what the hell was happening between them earlier.

Resigning herself to what she knows she's actually going to do, Lena sighs. She’ll just have to finish everything tomorrow instead.


Taking one last bite of her naan, Kara tries to sneak a glance over to where Lena’s sitting next to her. They decided to eat outside on the balcony because Lena didn't want to come back to work tomorrow to the lingering scent of their late night dinner.

She averts her gaze back to her now empty plate when she realizes that Lena is already looking right at her and Kara can only hope that it's dark enough for her fierce blush to go unseen. There's something in Lena’s eyes that's making her stomach twist, like there's a question that's yearning to be asked. But she doesn't know if she's ready to hear it and so Kara starts picking up their plates, putting away the containers in a bag to throw away later.

So distracted by her task that Kara doesn't notice Lena helping her until she feels a hand on her bicep. Kara looks to the hand on her arm and lets her stare travel along the bend of Lena’s arm and Kara pauses at the necklace around her neck. She doesn't know what it is about it that's held her attention nearly all night. She can't decide whether it's something to do with how the pendant complements the green of Lena’s eyes or how it sits so prettily right in the dip between her collarbones. With a slight shake of her head, Kara finally meets Lena’s gaze. There's a softness in her eyes that betrays her tiredness that makes Kara hope Lena will want to head home soon.

“Thank you for dinner, Kara. I’m sorry it hasn't been that exciting hanging out with me tonight,” Lena murmurs ruefully, taking her hand back to rub the back of her neck as she leans back in her seat. “I promise next time will be more exciting than paperwork.”

She shoots Lena a reassuring grin before sitting back down next to her and playfully bumping their shoulders together. “I didn't mind. I was just happy to spend some time with you,” she replies, watching as Lena shyly ducks her head in such a way that makes her heart skip a beat. “Plus, I’m sure Snapper’s gonna be so surprised when he sees I finished all the work he assigned me,” she adds, allowing herself a brief moment of self-congratulation for her completed work. She knows that come tomorrow, he’ll have even more grunt work for her to do so she's going to take whatever free time that she can get.

Lena lets out a dry chuckle before looking back towards the desk. The pile of papers aren't as madly strewn about as they had been earlier in the night when Kara walked in to Lena’s office. There's an organized mess to them now, arranged in a fashion that probably only Lena understands but Kara can see that there has to be at least another day’s work left to go. “Lucky. I can't say the same about my work. There's still so much to do.”

“There's no relaxing in the life of a CEO, huh?” It worries Kara sometimes, how much Lena is always working, how tirelessly, but she knows that Lena is aware of her limits, that she knows when she needs to stop, knows when to take a step back and rest. Lena sighs deeply before sliding a little closer to rest her head on Kara’s shoulder. Kara doesn't even hesitate before leaning in too, bringing her arm around Lena’s waist as she lays her head on top of Lena’s.

“You worked for Cat Grant, so you tell me.” And Kara laughs because Lena isn't wrong. Miss Grant worked hard, was relentless in her pursuit of building her media empire and made sure that everybody that worked for her met her expectations. “Do you miss her?”

When Kara lets out a quiet sigh, she feels Lena's hand on hers and it draws her gaze down to their joined hands on her thigh. “Sometimes I miss her,” she murmurs a little wistfully. She was with Miss Grant for all of two years and she thinks of all those late nights that sometimes bled into the early mornings and all because Miss Grant felt that something just wasn't right. There are times when Kara keenly feels the space that Miss Grant left behind, a space that she doesn't think anybody else could ever really fill because there's nobody really like her. It tends to happen when she walks by James’ office, still not used to seeing him sitting behind that desk even though it’s been nearly two years since Miss Grant left. It happens when she patrols the skies, sees the CatCo building and remembering that if she lands on the balcony, it won't be Miss Grant greeting her.

Lena’s hand gently squeezes hers, pulling her out of her thoughts. The soft comforting touch easily soothes the tight ache in her chest, reminds her that Lena is the one here with her now and Kara wouldn't trade that for anything in the world. She squeezes Lena’s hand back in turn before leaning back and letting out a sigh. “Especially when Snapper is being a jerk-face.”

Her dramatics earn her a chuckle and when Lena turns to look back at her, she's greeted with an incredibly impressive eye-roll she has ever seen. But then Lena softens, her smile so warm and so fond that Kara can't help but reciprocate, blushing as she does so. “I'm sure that she misses you too.”

“You think?” she asks just as a cool breeze starts to pick up and Kara moves her arm tighter around Lena to bring her closer when she feels her start to shiver. They should probably make a move back inside Lena's office so that Lena won't catch a cold but Kara can't seem to find it in her to say it. There's just something so addictive about the way that Lena curls and burrows further into her, trying to take in as much of Kara’s heat that she possibly can. She thinks that she feels even hotter when Lena nuzzles her cold nose into her neck.

Lena’s breath of a sigh sweeps over her. “Oh Kara, I don't know how anybody wouldn't miss you.”


Lena’s no longer sure what the time is but she’s pretty sure that they have to be somewhere close to midnight and Lena feels guilty even though Kara insisted on accompanying her home. Kara always insists.

They’re on the elevator now, heading up to her floor. She’s staring at the ascending numbers on the panel when she realizes how it's so quiet between them. She almost puts it down to the both of them being too tired to say anything when she finally turns to look at Kara properly, Lena just barely catches blue eyes looking away from her. If it weren't for the pink in Kara’s cheeks, Lena might have thought she was imagining things. And now she can't help but think back of that look Kara gave her while she held the pendant between her graceful fingers.

Despite the late hour, Kara doesn't look like she's completely dead on her feet and Lena knows already that it's down to her alien biology more than anything. And as a self-aware workaholic, Lena envies that a lot. Just as she envies how Kara looks so terribly good under the ostentatiously yellow light of the elevator.

The sharp ding of the elevator breaks her out of her thoughts and Kara’s blue eyes meet hers then. They both share a tired smile just as the doors slide open. “You didn't have to come with me, y’know. You could have just gone home and been in bed by now,” she tells Kara, taking her keys out of her bag as they walk out together. It's not a far walk from the elevator to her apartment and a part of Lena wishes that she could stretch out their time just a little more. Even though they just spent nearly the whole night together, she never feels like she could ever get tired of being around Kara. She feels so greedy and so selfish for hogging Kara all to herself.

Kara shrugs casually, adjusting the strap of her satchel over her shoulder before putting her hand back in her pocket. “I get more time with you and that is always a big plus for me.”

The smile she gives Lena is bashful and reassuring and Lena can't help but return a bashful smile of her own. Kara’s one of the very, very few people who can see right through her and it should scare her a little bit, having somebody know her so well that she's an open book to them. But she knows in the deepest of her heart that if there's anybody in the world that could make her feel the safest when she lays open her pages, it's Kara.

Lena fiddles with her keys before finally inserting the one for her front door and at the faint sound of it unlocking, she looks over her shoulder to Kara. “Do you maybe want something to drink before you go? I've got some of that hot chocolate that you love.”

She can tell from the glint in her eyes that the very mention of Kara’s favourite hot beverage is more than enough to convince her to stay. But Kara still frowns a little, biting anxiously at her lip as she asks, “Are you sure you don't want to just go on to sleep?”

Lena shakes her head, pulling off her coat as she does so. “I'm not terribly tired just yet,” she reassures her as she gestures for Kara to take off her jacket. When she closes the door to the coat closet and takes a few steps into the apartment, she finds Kara already cozy in the kitchen and taking out all the things they'll need to make their drinks. “I’m going to get changed first so I’ll be right back, okay?”

She gets a nod as Kara focuses on carefully chopping the dark chocolate bar. Lena takes in the look of utter concentration on Kara’s face and she can't help but chuckle at the sight as she thinks of the last time Kara tried to speed through the process and how it took them nearly a whole afternoon trying to find the chocolate chunks that had flown away in every direction. Kara had been so remorseful by the whole ordeal though a part of Lena largely suspects that it was more due to the fact that they couldn't have any hot chocolate then because of it.

Lena takes one last long look before turning around and making her way to her bedroom.


They're only about halfway into the movie when Kara decides that Lena has yawned one too many times and she pauses the movie. When Lena barely even reacts to it, Kara nudges her. “Lena?” She gets a quiet hum, letting her know that Lena is at least somewhat responsive. She runs her fingers through Lena’s loosened jet black hair before she places her hand on Lena’s shoulder, gently squeezing it. “You should get to bed and sleep.”

“‘kay,” Lena mumbles, scooting closer to lay her head on Kara’s shoulder. Half-lidded green eyes closing shut once she deems herself comfortable.

Affection burns in her chest at the way Lena nuzzles her cheek on her shoulder and Kara lets out a little chuckle. “Honestly, you're like a cat sometimes, Lena,” she mutters to herself. Kara presses a soft kiss to Lena’s forehead. “I’ll be right back, okay?” she tells her as she moves Lena to let her head lay on the pillow beside her. With one last look to make sure that there's no way Lena will fall off the couch, Kara goes to the master bedroom and sets about going through everything she has seen Lena do so many times before.

Once the covers are turned down on Lena’s favored side of the bed, a filled glass of water is placed on the bedside table, the bedroom lights are now dimmed, the coffee machine is set for the next morning and everything is locked and secure, Kara goes back to where she left Lena sleeping. She looks so at peace and relaxed as she sleeps all curled in on herself with her fist tucked in under her chin and the beat of her heart, strong and steady. Kara finds herself almost unwilling to actually move her at all. But no matter how comfortable Lena's couch might be, she knows that Lena’s back will thank her in the morning for moving her to the bed.

Running her fingers through thick black hair before moving her hand to gently cup Lena’s jaw, Kara smiles apologetically when drowsy green eyes open to meet hers. “Hey pretty girl,” she whispers, smiling softly at the way Lena rubs her cheek into her palm. “Is it okay if I carry you?” The answer comes in the form of a lazy nod and Kara swiftly goes to take Lena in her arms. As she carries Lena to the bedroom, she can't help but chuckle when she feels Lena nuzzling into her neck. Kara shakes her head. “Totally a cat,” she whispers, holding Lena closer as she presses her cheek to Lena’s temple.

Taking a seat beside Lena once she's got her all snuggled up under the covers, Kara smiles at the half-lidded gaze staring up at her. “Thank you for tonight, Kara,” she murmurs quietly.

Her heart twists at the pretty sight of Lena’s sleepy grin. “Thank you right back. Lunch tomorrow?” An affirmative hum and a nod are all she gets from Lena, obviously time for Kara to make a move and get on home. “Goodnight Lena. Sweet dreams.” She leans over to press a kiss to Lena's forehead before peering down to meet Lena’s eyes, feeling the slide of Lena’s hand moving up her arm.

The slight pressure of Lena’s hand lightly gripping her arm keeps Kara in place as Lena whispers a soft goodnight in return. The touch of Lena's palm now on her shoulder pulls Kara back down as Lena lifts herself a little to kiss her cheek. And Kara goes along, closing her eyes as she turns her face to return her own kiss to Lena's cheek.

But instead of a soft cheek, she feels even softer lips and Kara quickly pulls away. Their eyes meet and there is an infinitesimal space in that moment when Kara panics but something pushes that feeling away, something about the way that Lena is looking at her that stops her from descending into a ramble of apologies, the same something that Lena must see on her face too. Something that makes them break into a soft laughter instead.

It's a laughter that doesn't last long and Kara feels that quick and urgent need to apologize. “Oh Lena, I’m so- I didn’t-”

“Wait,” Lena blurts out, thankfully interrupting Kara and stopping her from going down a spiral. There’s heat rising up the back of her neck and she feels it warm in her cheeks under Lena’s piercing gaze. Lena looks wide awake now; any traces of exhaustion that had been on her face just a minute ago have completely gone. Kara moves back to give Lena some space when she pushes herself to sit up, folding her hands primly on her lap. “You were staring at me all night. Is this- is this why? Did you want to kiss me?”

It's the very question that Kara wasn't ready to answer and truth be told, she's not even sure she's ready now . But the look on Lena’s face isn't reproachful, isn’t even saying that Lena seems confused or angry. There's only curiosity in her green eyes and a darkness that’s inexplicably drawing Kara even closer. “I-”

“Why didn't you?”

And that question stumps her even further because that was definitely not something she'd ever expect to hear and Kara feels something kind of like whiplash trying to come up with a coherent answer. Why didn't she kiss her?

“I- You just looked so-” She stops and shakes her head before taking a deep breath as she takes off her glasses and sets it carefully on the bedside table. Her heart is racing at having to lay down her cards so plainly but she reminds herself that this is Lena and not somebody who would ever take advantage of her weakness. “I- you- you're my best friend, Lena and I just- I got scared,” she mumbles, nervously tracing the embroidered lines of Lena’s sheets.

She's just in the middle of mindlessly tracing a black-lined curve when Lena’s hand falls on top of hers and her eyes slowly trail up Lena’s arm until she meets Lena’s gaze. Her light green eyes are so soft and so tender and there's an ache that tightens in her chest at the sight of it. “You don't have anything to be scared of with me. Never, ever.”

Kara nods in reply, intertwining their fingers as she does so because she does know this. Though there are many people that she trusts, there aren't many that she trusts implicitly. She can just barely count those on two hands, Lena included. She lightly squeezes their fingers together, still a little too embarrassed to say anything.

And it's a testament to how well Lena knows her that she's so patient with her, that she doesn't push Kara to say anything. She only asks in a soft whisper as she rubs her thumb over the back of Kara's hand, “Can I tell you something?”

Kara watches, so fascinated with the way that Lena’s thumb moves so languid over her skin and she nods once again, because of course. Lena can tell her anything and Kara is always so eager to listen.

“I- I think I would like it if you did that again.”

She thinks that her brain short-circuits, or maybe it has stopped completely. Did Lena really say that? One look at Lena’s face and another and another and Kara knows that her best friend wasn't joking at all, that she really means it and that's- that’s- something that Kara really doesn't know what to name.

There are moments in a person’s life when something comes along, an opportunity, a chance, a door opening. Something that feels monumental, like it could change the world as they know it. And it's something that feels like it can only be decided in a split of a second and that is all it takes. It only takes that split of a second for Kara to think that she would like to kiss Lena again.

“It's okay if you don't want to and if you want me to forget about it and act normal tomorrow, I will. But if you want to, I’m not- I’m not going to say no.” There's still this great measure of disbelief and she has no doubt how plainly it shows on her face. Lena’s cheeks blush prettily and she tries to play it off with a shrug and a roll of her eyes. “Kara, I'm not going to pretend that it didn't feel kind of nice.”

Kara knows that she should probably stop to think about it. It's something so many people wishes that she would do more often, to hang back and just process before acting. And Kara has been better at doing that, better at listening to everybody else give their opinion before taking action. But the look in Lena's green eyes, the near frantic pounding of her heart and the distracting way that she’s biting down on her bottom lip, are enough to make Kara forget everything that she has learned, makes her go back to her true default on being guided by her gut, guided in the unfailing faith that whatever happens between them, she and Lena will make it through.

And so she scoots closer, leans in just a little bit closer and she watches the realization dawning on Lena’s face. “Only kind of?” she simpers with a tiny smile.

She does her best to keep her gaze trained on Lena’s eyes and not her lips but she knows she doesn't succeed when Lena’s eyebrow arches in amusement. “Hard to gauge the full niceness when it was a really short kiss,” Lena replies, the dare so clear in her voice.

“So, if I were to kiss you right now-” she trails off as she leans in a little more until her forehead is pressing gentle against Lena’s and all that's in her line of sight now are Lena’s lips, so soft and pink and waiting, waiting, waiting.

Lena takes a deep breath and she feels it sweep across her lips. “I would kiss you right back,” she finishes softly.


It doesn't surprise Lena to find out that Kara is a good kisser. Somebody who rambles half as much as Kara does on a daily basis can't not be good with their mouths. The accidental kiss barely gave her a glimpse of the kind of kisser that Kara Zor-El Danvers would be.

Once the disbelief has quickly worn off that their mouths are actually pressing up against each other, that this is actually happening, that is when Kara starts to move. Her lips press a little firmer against Lena’s and that pressure is already enough to make her reach out for Kara, placing her hands on broad shoulders. Her fingers curl in, digging into the soft material of Kara’s cardigan to pull her tight against her and Lena gets a brief flash of desire to touch Kara’s muscled back.

There's a flutter in her chest when she feels Kara hum against her. It's a satisfied, content kind of a noise that fills Lena with the ardent want to see what other kind of noises she can pull out of Kara. She feels the heat of Kara’s hands, shy and unassuming, on top of her blanket on either side of her thighs and Lena realizes with a startling heart-wrenching fondness that Kara is waiting for permission to touch.

She smiles at the way that Kara chases her lips when she goes to pull away and oh, the fierce blush in Kara’s cheeks is a little disarming and the darkness in her eyes is a little captivating and Lena almost doesn't know what to do with herself. “You can touch me, Kara,” Lena whispers, breathless as she gestures to Kara’s hands and she watches one curl into a tight fist before slowly spreading open to slide onto her hip.

The heat of Kara’s palm, even through satin sheets, is even more maddening now and Lena doesn't even stop to think. She just pulls Kara to her, kisses her firm and deep until she finally has Kara laying on top of her and her eyes fall shut because god , it's been so long since she's felt the weight of another bearing down on her like this. Too long since she has felt this hot rush in her veins from a simple touch. Far too long since she has wanted more than just a kiss. And Lena can't help but moan against Kara, can't help but grip her hands tight around the collar of Kara's shirt just so she won't move away.

And Lena wonders if this is something they should stop to talk about, to see if Kara would be okay if this led to something more than kisses, to see if she even wants that at all. Because making out is one thing, but anything more than that is another thing entirely.

She's broken out of her thoughts when Kara calls her name. Lena opens her eyes to the sight of Kara’s swollen lips and she’s asking herself why the fuck aren't those lips on her anymore? And so she goes to reclaim them but realizes that Kara is pulling back and she finally looks up to meet Kara’s dark blue eyes. She doesn't know what kind of look is on her face but it prompts a proud smirk on Kara’s face before it changes right into a questioning one. “What is it?” she asks, her thumb gently stroking across Kara’s jaw.

Kara hesitates, her mouth opening and closing as she seems to try and find the words. She can almost feel the warm flush that's creeping up Kara’s neck. “Is it okay if I- um- if I kiss your neck?” she finally asks.

Her heart stops at the request as Lena thinks immediately of Kara’s hot mouth on her sensitive neck, knows that whatever little resolve she has left will more likely be gone once that happens. Lena nods regardless, moves her hands back down to Kara’s shoulders. “Oh- yes- more than okay.”

She holds her breath as Kara shifts, moves until she can feel Kara’s breath sweeping over her neck and Lena shivers, wishing that this damn blanket wasn't in between them. “Wait, Kara-” she blurts out just as Kara’s lips are less than an inch away. She meets Kara’s patient stare when she hastily pulls back and Lena makes what might just be one of the fastest decisions she has ever made. “Just, so you know, unless I tell you no, you can just- go with your instincts, okay?”

She hopes that Kara understands the implications of her words, understands the green light that Lena is giving her to touch and explore as much as she wants. Kara only nods once, the same pretty smile still on her face as her hand on Lena’s hip squeezes a little. “I’m going to kiss your neck now,” she utters plainly with a determined glint in her blue eyes.

Lena swallows thickly at the reality of her neck becoming the single-minded focus of Kara’s attention. “Okay.”

She watches with bated breath as Kara leans down, watches her pause to shyly meet Lena’s gaze, watches in rapt fascination as her cheeks blush. “The same applies to you, by the way. About the um- going with your instincts- thing.”

She doesn't even get the chance to respond or nod before she feels the press of Kara’s lips to the side of her neck and Lena can't hold back the shaky moan that escapes her, can't hold back the way her hips rocks right up against Kara when that hot mouth starts to move up to the juncture of her neck and her jaw. Lena’s hand moves to bury itself in Kara’s hair while the other hurriedly pulls at the hair tie to let wavy blonde locks fall around them.

The blanket still on top of her is unceremoniously tugged away from between them and there's nothing to keep Lena from the searing heat of Kara’s tall body pressing firmly against her. Kara’s hands are on her thighs now, holding them with the kind of gentle grip that she has only ever associated with Kara. Her own hands move to Kara’s back, resting flat between her shoulders to keep her close.

She's briefly thankful that Kara isn't attempting to leave any marks as she continues to nip and lightly suck on random spots on her neck. Not that Lena doesn't know how to hide them but still, she appreciates it all the same. “ Fuck ,” she whimpers breathlessly when Kara surprises her by slowly dragging her tongue up the side of her neck, letting loose a filthy moan that goes right through to her pussy. Kara’s hands tightens a little around her hips when they jolt up.

There’s a slick heat in between her legs making itself known and Lena wonders if Kara can tell exactly what she's doing to her. She has to know, if the way that Kara’s hips meet hers are anything to go by, as if she's trying to help soothe the ache that Lena feels. The friction of their sliding hips is driving Lena crazy and she feels so hot all over. Too hot, almost. And it's as if Kara can tell because Lena feels the suggestive tug at the bottom of her sleep shirt and she's nodding quickly. “Yes, yes, take it off.”

She mourns the moment when Kara has to pull away to take her shirt off her, carelessly casting it somewhere away from them. The cool air feels good on her skin but she eagerly pulls Kara back into her arms, not even giving her a moment to look at her. Lena sighs and she thinks about the smile on Kara’s face before she continues the breathtaking ministrations on her neck, feeling Kara’s hands slide around to her back.


It’s an almost overwhelming moment to suddenly realize that she’s laying on top of her best friend who is actually topless and she's actually touching her. Kara can't get over how soft Lena feels under her eager hands or how she arches so easily against her.

There's something about knowing that unless stated otherwise, she has expressed permission to follow her instincts. There's a freedom in it that Kara is grateful to have, grateful that Lena understands her well enough to know exactly what she needed to hear.

Her mouth treks down Lena’s neck to find that little dip between her collarbones and Kara thinks about the necklace Lena had worn earlier. It’s still so fresh in her mind, how it sat so prettily and so captivating on Lena’s chest and Kara doesn't even think twice before pressing her tongue into it. A deep groan rumbles in her chest at the taste of Lena on her tongue and Kara savors the unrestrained whimper that falls out of Lena’s lips, presses her tongue harder.

A heated feeling swoops in her belly when Lena tugs a little harder at her hair. And when Kara actually pulls back enough to look at Lena, she barely gets a moment to take in the flush of her cheeks and the dark of her eyes before Lena is already bringing her back in to kiss her. She can taste the urgency on her best friend’s tongue, in the smooth undulating of her hips, in her restless hands as they move from Kara’s hair to her shoulders to her back. Lena’s hands fist the materials of her cardigan and her shirt in a solid grip and Kara finds herself with the inexplicable desire to have Lena’s hands traveling the full length of her body, to feel Lena’s nails slowly raking up her skin.

When she goes to sit up, Lena follows to chase her mouth and Kara almost gets lost in the kiss once again before she remembers to start unbuttoning her shirt. But her hands are slapped away, only for Lena to take up the pursuit of divesting Kara of her shirt. Lena seems to stop kissing her once she's a few buttons undone though, seemingly distracted by something as she suddenly presses her hands to her chest. Kara leans back a little, rests her forehead to Lena’s. “What is it?” she asks softly, curious at the sight of Lena’s thoughtful gaze.

Lena is shaking her head before she meets Kara’s eyes, playfully bumping their noses together. “I just don't know if I can remember a time when I've ever seen you without your suit under your shirt before.”

She laughs a little at that, bringing her hands up to bury in Lena’s dark locks. “Is that a bad thing?”

“No, not at all, considering,” Lena whispers with a teasing smirk that fills Kara with breathless anticipation before she goes back to her previous task. She holds back and she watches as Lena with deft fingers unfastens the rest of her buttons until she finally pulls her shirt open. “Fuck Kara, where the hell have you been hiding those ?” she blurts out.

A fierce heat fills her cheeks at Lena gaping at her revealed torso, her best friend’s green eyes staring intently at her stomach. A part of her wants to tug her shirt back around to cover herself back up but there's something about the way that Lena’s looking at her that keeps her from doing so. And she waits for Lena to say something or maybe do something. Her trembling hands are barely inches away from her and though Kara isn't known for her patience, she waits for Lena.

They both let out a collective breath when Lena finally does place her hands on her belly, laughing quietly together when exchanging a brief look at each other. Kara doesn't think she has ever seen Lena look so shy before. She has seen her play coy and maybe demure but never shy, especially not with her. And it’s so terribly charming that it makes Kara want to kiss her again.

Her shirt is finally pushed off her shoulders, tossed to the side along with her bra and Kara moans at the touch of Lena’s hands finally gliding over her skin, trailing down her arms. Kara’s breath stutters when Lena finally looks back up at her, the hungry gaze in her green eyes making that swooping feeling in her gut tighten just a little bit more.

Before she can even try to say anything, Lena’s hands fall to her belt and swiftly unbuckles it; a contrast to when she eventually unzips Kara’s trousers, doing it so slowly that the sound of it is nearly deafening to Kara as she watches it all happen. And Kara is really just a little more than mystified at how Lena is making the mundane task of taking off her trousers and her underwear seem so freaking erotic, so much so that she completely misses Lena pulling her own shorts and panties off.

She comes back to herself when Lena tugs her back down to kiss her, her hands falling on either either side of Lena’s head and Kara isn't sure how to describe that silken feeling of pressing against Lena with absolutely no barriers between them. She's so soft and warm and inviting as her arms circle Kara’s shoulders and her legs wrap tight around Kara's hips. It's so goddamn breathtaking and the heat between her legs is downright dizzying. She relishes in Lena’s relieved moan against her lips when she bucks her hips down to meet Lena’s, her thigh pressing up against her pussy before she does it again and again and again.

“Fuck Kara, you're going to make me come,” Lena gasps out, breathless with a pretty flush in her cheeks.

She chuckles, ducking her head into the crook of Lena’s neck as she moans at the stunning wetness that greets her, at the sharp nails digging hard into her skin, at the hard thumps of Lena’s heart beating against her. “That is kind of the point, isn't it?” she teases, licking a firm, hot trail along the sharp line of Lena’s jaw.

But come to think of it, there is a part of Kara that wants to take it slower, wants to stay in the moment with Lena just a little longer, wants to taste and touch more of her.

And so Kara does, she slows down the rock of her hips and softens the kisses that she's leaving along the column of Lena’s throat. She nuzzles into Lena’s neck in apology at the sound of her quiet, disappointed whine, reaching down to slow down the roll of Lena’s hips. “I've got you,” she promises in a whisper, squeezing Lena’s thigh reassuringly. Kara waits until she feels Lena nodding, her chin bumping against her temple, feels her hips melting under her touch before Kara begins her descent.


Her hands bury in messy blonde hair when Kara dips her tongue in the hollow between her collarbones once again and Lena thinks about that look in her best friend’s eyes earlier in the evening. The darkness in Kara’s blue eyes as she was transfixed by the teardrop pendant that sat right where Kara’s tongue is curling into right now. And Lena can't help but shudder at the trail of wet heat on her neck and Kara’s hands squeezing around her thighs.

There's a raging fire in the low of her belly as she rubs herself against the hardness of Kara’s taut stomach, a brief flash of relief before Kara puts a little distance between their bodies once again. Lena whines, the ache between her legs so fierce and insistent. She had been so close earlier when Kara’s thigh was moving on her so incessantly, so unyielding, god, she was so so close.

Strong hands glide smoothly up her body, over her waist until they're eventually cupping her breasts. Kara’s mouth is hot on her throat before she abruptly leans back and Lena goes to ask, starting to get a little more than impatient now, when she sees the look on Kara’s face. There’s no mistaking that Kara is definitely looking at her chest this time.

And honestly, it kind of makes her want to laugh at how Kara seems to be in a complete trance right now, making her forget how much she just wants to be fucked to oblivion. “I never took you for a boob girl, Miss Danvers,” she teases, giggling at the furious blush painting Kara’s cheeks as she playfully tugs at Kara’s hair.

Blue eyes narrow into a mild, affronted glare though it's completely offset by the pout on Kara’s lips. “Have you seen them? I mean, obviously you have because they're yours but jeez Lena,” Kara trails off then, her blue eyes dutifully going back to basically ogle her chest.

She tries to smirk but ends up having to bite down on her lip to keep herself from making a sound as Kara gently squeezes her breasts, her thumbs confidently flicking across hard nipples. As she arches under Kara’s touch, Lena lets out a trembling breath and she remembers once again, just how much she wants and needs to come. And despite the dumbstruck glaze in Kara’s blue eyes, her hands are sure and steady and fuck - they're firm too.

Lena really isn't at all prepared for this.

And she is even less so when Kara leans down to take a nipple in her mouth. “Fuck,” she gasps as she brusquely fists Kara’s blonde locks in her hands, mentally noting the responding moan to her rough touch. “Warn a girl before you do that, will you?” she scolds in a shaky whimper, moaning loudly as Kara starts to suck in tandem with her other hand squeezing and kneading her other breast.

Her mind goes completely blank when Kara’s tongue starts to play with her nipple, starts to flick and circle around the stiff bud, alternating between light and rough touches. And Lena can't help it, can't help but think what else that seemingly talented tongue can do. She thinks about what it would be like to have it move and thrust and curl inside her. And Lena knows that there's no way she isn't dripping wet now if she wasn't already, her thighs coming away sticky as she tries to alleviate the ache in between them. She tries to buck her hips when they blindly locate Kara’s thigh but it just- it just isn't enough and she whines, her pussy clenching with even more wetness trickling out. She just knows she's making an absolute mess of her sheets and it certainly doesn't help that she can feel how wet Kara is too.

And Kara must know or she must realize at least, just how very near the edge Lena is because her other hand starts to move down to her thigh, imbuing an ardent urgency in her. “Oh god yes, yes, yes ,” she moans shamelessly, moans in anticipation as she closes her eyes shut and arches her chest further into Kara’s hungry mouth, her hips rocking even faster just to get closer to Kara’s hand.

There's a soothing motion as Kara gently strokes her inner thigh and suddenly there isn't a mouth on her breast anymore and Lena whimpers at the loss. “Hey,” Kara whispers, calling out for her attention and Lena unwillingly opens her eyes to see a tender smile on Kara’s face. “I’m going to take care of you, okay?” she tells her with a dark promise and a kind of surety in her blue eyes that fills Lena with unbridled expectation. Kara’s asking for Lena to trust her and of course, Lena gives it to her.

She nods shakily.

Kara kisses her then, kisses her with those amazing lips and with that mind-blowing passion that only Kara seems to possess. She can't help but wonder how Kara kisses a person that she's actually in love with, wonders just how much more that Kara could put behind a kiss because holy fucking damn, what a talented mouth.

And there aren't any words to describe the relief that floods right through her body when Kara finally touches her, when her fingers are finally touching her clit. And Lena groans- she groans deep and so fucking guttural that she feels it vibrate between them as Kara’s fingers moves on her clit in breathtaking tight circles. She doesn't even get a chance to take a breath in when Kara’s mouth moves down to the top swell of her breast and lightly sinks her teeth into the pliant skin before she starts to suck on it. That's definitely going to leave a mark and honestly, Lena doesn't even mind at all.

She swallows down a whimper when Kara’s fingers travel down, circling her entrance before one finger pushes in and her pussy eagerly tightens around it. “Fuck Kara,” she rasps out and she hears Kara’s breath hitch as she curls her finger deeper inside her. Lena takes a steadying deep breath when Kara pulls out before thrusting back in, this time with an added finger. There's a heat in her cheeks at the unmistakable sounds of her sopping cunt but Lena can't even be bothered to be embarrassed about it as she fucks herself to Kara’s fingers. “Kara, please ,” she urges in a whining plea, peering down only to find Kara’s eyes are already on her. “Fuck me harder and make me come,” she adds breathlessly, punctuating her demand with a hard pull to Kara’s hair and she watches the way Kara’s eyes flutter just as she adds a third finger and Lena groans in appreciation.

Kara stops sucking on her breast, crawls up to seek her lips once again and Lena tightens her arms around Kara to keep her close. She can't keep a steady connection between their lips, too focused on moving her hips and every delicious inch of Kara’s long and talented fingers thrusting and curling inside her. That swooping feeling in the low of her belly is getting tighter and tighter and tighter when Kara’s thumb starts to press doggedly on her clit and that's all she needs to set her off and Lena arches back, groaning deeply as she comes.

But Kara doesn't stop fucking her, only takes her thumb off her now sensitive clit and slows down her fingers. And then she rebuilds the momentum once again, this time adding a fourth finger and pushing her fingers deeper and fucking harder and god, it doesn't take long before it rips another orgasm out of Lena, still barely coming down from her first.


There's a looseness in Lena’s body now, a tiredness in her eyes. It was an incredible moment, watching Lena come, watching her fall apart under her touch like that. Kara plants soft kisses all over her face as she waits for Lena to come back to herself. Her fingers are still inside her but they are unmoving as she almost can't get enough of the now slowly pulsing heat around them.

She looks to the bedside clock to see the time and winces when she realizes how late it is. Lena’s going to be so tired when she gets to work tomorrow. There's still a buzzing, restless energy going through her and Kara nearly jumps when she feels a hand on her thigh and realizes that Lena is squeezing it with implication.

When she peers down to look at Lena, her best friend only quietly nods, giving her that same tired smile. “Are you sure?” she asks, even though she knows it won't take much to get her off.

“I’d rather do it myself but I feel like I'm close to passing out,” Lena murmurs apologetically, squeezing Kara’s thigh once again. She looks thoughtful for a second before nodding as she comes to a decision. “Will you stay tonight?”

She nods, always willing to spend her night in the most comfortable bed ever. “You know I’m always down for a sleepover.” She remembers then to gently pull out her fingers, smoothing her palm up Lena’s pussy. She smirks playfully at Lena’s moan when her palm passes over her clit.

Her best friend narrows a glare at her before softening when she squeezes Lena’s hip. “Then how about an IOU that you can cash in tomorrow or- whenever you want,” she offers quietly.

Kara takes a deep breath, her heart fluttering madly at the idea of doing this again with Lena. And somehow, it really doesn't surprise her at how much she wants that. “Consider your IOU accepted.”

Green eyes brighten at her answer. “Great, and until then-” Lena quirks her eyebrow, smoothly continues with a throaty, “ride me, Supergirl.”

She swallows thickly at the languid, seductive smirk playing on Lena's lips, knowing that Lena is more than completely aware of the effect she just had on her. She has been witness to Lena using this very tactic on far too many people and on far too occasions when she wants something out of them. And of course, Lena has used it on her before, just not to this blistering degree that stokes the fire in her belly even further. Apparently her best friend has been holding out on her and really, Kara is grateful for that because saying no to Lena is already near impossible as it is. “How do you do that ?”

Lena chuckles, the smirk gone and now replaced with the playful smile that Kara adores on her. “You’ll find out when you cash in your IOU.”

She shakes her head and laughs at the assured grin on Lena’s face before the hand on her thigh squeezes again. And this time Kara doesn't stop to ask but instead rocks her hips down, rubbing her still wet and aching pussy against Lena’s thigh. And Kara moans, placing her hands on either side of Lena before moving her hips again and again, chasing that relief with a single-minded determination. Lena’s hands creep up until they're right on her belly and Kara shakes at the fingernails dragging hard across her skin. “Close,” she mutters.

Lena nods knowingly, placing her hands on Kara’s shoulders to pull her down and kisses her. Her hands start to move wherever she can reach and it's when Lena’s fingers are raking down her back, reaching just over the curve of her ass that Kara pulls away groaning at the feeling that shoots right through her. She moves her hips faster and faster and faster, wanting that heart-stopping feeling to last just a little bit longer.

Eventually, she lets her hips slow and Kara lets out a deep breath as she closes in on Lena, kissing her soft and slow before pulling away to rest her forehead against Lena’s. Kara hums, satisfied and content and she closes her eyes to the sound of Lena’s heartbeat returning to its regular strong and steady rhythm. She feels Lena sigh heavily against her, her hands running up and down her back in a soothing motion. “Tired?” she mumbles, nudging her nose against Lena’s.

Lena nods against her, humming quietly. “Gotta clean up a little bit before we sleep though,” she mutters, her hand patting down on the drying bedsheets.

She bumps her forehead against Lena’s, opening her eyes to see Lena’s, though they're just barely open. “You go on and clean up. I'll change the sheets out for you.” And though Lena looks reluctant, she lets Kara nudge her towards the master bathroom anyway.

The sheets are changed out quickly and Kara has cleaned herself up long before Lena even comes back to bed. She's wearing a different pair of sleep shirt and shorts, while Kara is wearing a pair of her own clothes that she usually leaves behind when she sleeps over in Lena’s apartment. She grins tiredly at the sleepy look on Lena's face, thinking once again how much like a cat her best friend is when Lena yawns and stretches before cuddling into her and Kara melts at the very sight of it.

“G’night Kara,” she whispers.

“Good night, Lena,” she softly replies, tenderly kissing Lena’s forehead as she closes her eyes to sleep, wondering just what the morning will bring.

Chapter Text

Despite the late hour that she went to sleep, Lena finds herself waking up early and when she looks to her bedside clock, she sighs, annoyed at finding out her alarm hasn't even gone off yet.

A heavier sigh fills the silence of the room and she turns to the source of it to see a still-sleeping Kara Danvers laying on her belly by Lena’s side. It's obviously not the first time that Kara has slept over in her bed but the very sight of her now takes Lena back a little. It immediately brings back the memories of what happened between them last night and Lena is suddenly very aware of the subtle pleasant ache all over her body. She bites down on her lip as she thinks about Kara’s fingers moving inside her.

Until last night, Lena hadn't realized how much she has missed the intimate touch of another person. At best she thinks it could have been nearly a year since she had broken up with James and she’s been so focused on work and establishing her lead over the new international branch of LCorp in Aberdeen that her more basic needs fell to the wayside. There's really been no time to think about anything else. She's pretty sure it was what played a part in her willingness to let things happen as they did last night but another part of her knows that she still wouldn't have said no anyway. And there's no part of her that regrets anything of what they've done. There's only moving forward now.

The need to have a proper conversation about this with Kara is forefront in her thoughts and Lena is terribly curious about how that's going to go. Sex between best friends is really not something that can be ignored. Not that Lena ever would anyway. Sex isn't a topic that she'd ever shy away from and she has absolutely no problem speaking about it at length with people that know her well. There have been many alcoholic-fueled girls’ nights when sex escapades were coquettishly revealed between giggles and it felt so freeing, to be able to share more of herself with others and knowing that none of it will ever be maliciously used against her.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

Her heart stops and starts at the interruption and she jumps, turning to see Kara with her eyes still closed but her lips are pulled into an amused smile. Lena still shoots her a mild glare anyway as she turns to face her. “I was just thinking about how you snore like a tractor.”

Blue eyes shoot open, widening as Kara gasps. “You say that every time I sleep over. I don't snore, take that back.”

She smirks at her best friend's affronted look, the sleepy glare that’s completely offset by the impressive mess of bedhead. “No.”

“Lena, take it back,” she whines, a cute pout on her lips.

She almost gives in at the sight of Kara’s famous pout when she remembers exactly what else that mouth can do well. “Make me,” she replies, a challenging smirk on her lips as she quirks an eyebrow.

There’s a brief blink of surprise on Kara's face before a thoughtful look takes over. Under the covers, Kara’s arm tentatively reaches out for her until she finds Lena’s thigh, gently squeezing it. Her hand is warm against her and Lena has to suck in a breath at how it spreads all the way through her so quickly, how her body wakes up from one single touch. She scoots closer, Kara’s hand sliding around her until it’s flat on the small of her back and then Kara is flipping over to lay on her back, pulling Lena closer.

She finds herself draped fully over Kara and Lena barely represses the bodily tremor going through her. Her hands move to Kara’s waist while Kara's hands are on her back, sliding down to fully cup her ass and Lena can't keep herself from letting out a quiet and eager moan as she tucks her face into the crook of Kara’s neck, rocking her hips down in response.

“Gonna take it back yet?” she whispers tauntingly in her ear and as she shakes her head, Lena thinks that she really shouldn't find that as obnoxiously sexy as she does and yet the throb of her cunt is telling her that yeah, she's totally into it. Kara’s hands move smoothly up her back until they're cupping the back of her neck and Lena’s eyes close to the firm and undemanding touch. She nuzzles into Kara’s neck and she breathes her in, breathes in the rising sun in her skin.

There's a restless energy making itself known, thrumming somewhere underneath her skin as Kara starts to play with the fine hairs at the nape of her neck. She pushes herself up so that they're finally face to face and she finds herself charmed by the dopey, sleepy smile on Kara’s face. Her best friend is really too precious sometimes that she can't help but lean down to kiss her cheek.

It doesn't surprise her when Kara's lips meet hers instead. Kara kisses her slow and lazy and it’s breathtaking in a completely different way to how Kara kissed her last night. She wraps her arms around Kara's shoulders, presses her curves into the firmness of Kara’s body and oh, isn't that a heart-stopping feeling that goes through her right there and then. Lena can't help but wonder at this physical chemistry between them, can’t help but wonder if it has always been there waiting, untapped and undiscovered. And that's all she wants to do now, to explore and unearth what more is between them.

She yanks Kara’s hair back and is utterly pleased with herself when Kara moans into her mouth, a filthy sound that shoots straight to the aching throb of her cunt. Lena pulls away from the kiss. “Who knew sweet Kara Danvers likes it so rough?” she whispers, teasing almost gleefully as she slowly nips and grazes her teeth along the elegant column of Kara’s throat.


“What else do you like, Kara?”

She swallows thickly, letting out a heavy breath at the rasp within Lena’s voice and how it murmurs teasingly against her skin. Heat blossoms in her cheeks and Kara has to take in a deep breath, closing her eyes when Lena tugs down the collar of her sleep shirt to press soft lips to her collarbone. Her hips are already moving against Lena’s, a fire slowly building inside her.

Oh, how the tables have quickly turned on her.

There’s a staggering thrum going through her as the sun slowly rises outside Lena’s bedroom window and Kara feels almost like she's floating when Lena’s hands fall to her hips. And that firm touch grounds her back down, keeps her in the moment and focused on the way that Lena’s lips brush against her skin. The wiry strength in her planted hands and the softness of her venturing mouth are polarizing and is doing a really great job at rendering Kara completely speechless.

Her breath hitches when Lena’s hands slide underneath her sleep shirt and sharp nails rake lightly down her belly, so light that she almost doesn't feel them. Kara moans at the toned thigh nestled in between her legs, rocking so insistently against her that she has to grab hold of the bedsheets. There is a different feeling to having Lena on top of her like this, different to being on top of Lena as she was last night. Lena’s breath is coming out in staggered pants and it's hot against her neck while her hands are warm and firm on her belly and Kara can't honestly say which she prefers more. But right now, having the weight of Lena’s body pressing so deliciously down on her? It's world-shaking and breathtaking and it feels like Lena is everywhere and all over her. And if the way her pussy throbs and aches and clenches desperately is anything to go by, she wants Lena inside her too.

A whine tears out of her when Lena’s lips leave her neck and she opens her eyes to meet her best friend’s green eyes. She swallows thickly at the dark and hungry gaze directed down at her and Kara wonders how she already feels so consumed by her without Lena doing more than just looking at her like this. She feels Lena’s thumbs start to stroke across her hot skin, feathery-light and it's slightly ticklish that her belly tightens at the touch. “You okay?” she asks, licking her lips as she does so.

Lena softens then as she smiles down at her, playfully bumping their noses together as she hums quietly. “Are you okay?” she asks in return, tugging at the hem of her sleep shirt. There's a silent question in her pretty green eyes that Kara can't find it in herself to refuse and so she nods in reply. Kara can't keep her eyes off the way that Lena’s chewing so thoughtfully on her bottom lip and how it fills her with this fluttering anticipation that she's only ever associated with flying and it's telling her of the implied intention in the way Lena’s hands grip tight around the material of her shirt. “Trust me?”

There's that softness in Lena’s voice that she loves hearing so much, the one that reminds her of late nights spent working together in Lena's office, of afternoons they'd spend together in either of their apartments just hanging out. There's something about hearing that kind of softness in this setting that breathes new life into it and makes Kara’s eyes flutter close at the sound of it. She reaches up to cup the back of Lena’s neck, her thumbs stroking along the sharpness of her jaw as she pulls Lena down to press their foreheads together. Kara listens intently to the sound of Lena breathing against her, of Lena’s heartbeat, hard and strong and so very familiar to her now. “Always,” she finally replies in a quiet sigh, with the kind of firm conviction that can only mean nothing but the truth.

And then Lena kisses her.

The kiss goes on far too briefly for Kara’s liking. But she can't find it in herself to complain when Lena’s lips find that spot near the bottom of her neck, the very same one that makes her breath catch in her throat, the one that makes her toes curl. Her hands drift down to rest on the small of Lena’s back and Kara has to take measured breaths as she thinks to herself, reminds herself to be gentle, gentle, gentle , even though she feels that need, the urge to hold Lena tighter to her.

A tongue curls into the dip between her collarbones and there's that heavy, tightening swoop in the low of her belly. Her eyes open when Lena starts to shift and Kara watches in fascination as Lena pulls up her shirt before moving swiftly down to press her lips right on her belly and Kara can't help but sigh, her heart pounding harder at the tenderness of the gesture.

She watches as Lena pulls her own shirt off, having decided that it's become more of a hindrance than anything and Kara’s breath catches at the sight of exposed skin in the bare light of day. There's still a part of her that can't believe this is even happening, or that last night even happened. She's always known that her best friend is one of the most attractive people that she has ever met, that her best friend is the kind of person that knows how to wield their sexuality like it's her very own superpower. She has seen it work on many people, seen how it affects them and how they fall quickly under her spell. Kara may not be human but her body is telling her that she is certainly not immune to any of that. Now that she seems to be the focus of Lena’s attention, she knows what it feels like now, knows already how quickly addictive it is.

Fingers curl around the waistband of her pajama pants and her underwear, pulling them down and off her legs while Kara takes her own shirt off. Kara feels herself blushing when she sees the intent gaze that Lena is directing right where she can see just how much she has already worked her up. Kara can smell it in the air, how completely soaked she is. It's thick and musky and heady and god, how the wetness drips right out of her as her pussy clenches all needy around nothing. She breathes out a whimper as Lena slides down her body and she feels the bottom curls of Lena’s long dark locks trailing after her as Lena hooks her arms around her thighs and spreads her legs a little further apart.

Half a whine escapes her when she feels Lena’s lips repeatedly press against the sensitive skin of her inner thigh before they drag teasingly across her sopping cunt to kiss the other side. It's all so slow and deliberate and so much torture that Kara doesn't know how she's managing to not grind her pussy right onto Lena’s face. “Lena,” she mewls, reaching up to run her fingers through her blonde hair as Lena’s mouth is everywhere except exactly where she wants her.

Her thighs shake and tremble as Lena continues to take her time to kiss and nip along them. She’s sweeping her hands soothingly across the expanse of Kara’s belly, as if she isn't the one making Kara wait. She's already staring down at Lena when dark green eyes look up to meet her gaze and Kara lets out a shaky breath at the very sight of it.

And that's when she feels a tongue start to slide along her cunt.

Her eyes flutter at that first touch of Lena’s tongue on her swollen pussy, closes completely when Lena presses in a little harder. Her cheeks heat at the filthy moan that Lena makes against her, feeling the sound vibrate right through her. Kara opens her eyes back up, not wanting to miss a single moment of this.

Her fingers itch to run through Lena’s dark hair, still so incredibly wild from sleep but it has been so long and Kara is just barely keeping control, so she keeps her hands to herself. She lets them rest just close enough that her fingers brush right against Lena’s hands splayed over her belly. Her heart beats faster when Lena pauses what she's doing, pulls back a little as she moves her hands to cover Kara’s, her fingers sliding so smoothly and so effortlessly between her own. Kara goes to protest, goes to pull her hands away but Lena only squeezes them tight and reassuring, telling Kara in unspoken terms just how much she trusts her before she lets her go.

Lena lets her go and Kara watches as her hands return to rest right where they had been on her belly. When she finally dares to look, Lena is already staring back at her with a tender smile on her lips.


Was it weird to share such a touching moment when her face was literally right in her best friend's pussy? Probably but then again, this isn't just any random person. This isn't just some stranger that she picked up from a bar. This is Kara , one of her best friends in the world and one of the best people she's ever known.

Her patience pays off when Kara nervously moves her hands closer to hers. It is with the shyest and the most innocent of touches that Kara hooks their fingers together but it's still something and Lena is incredibly aware that this is the most Kara can give her right now, the most she can let herself go. And for now, that's enough.

After all, she was in the middle of something and far it be for her to leave anything unfinished. And if the way that Kara’s entire body shakes is anything to go by, she needs Lena to do what she had set out to do.

And so she slides her tongue through Kara’s slick folds, firm and heavy and purposefully ignoring Kara’s aching clit. And maybe she feels a little smug when Kara groans at this. She groans as her hips jerk a little bit, seemingly trying to chase Lena’s mouth. But she doesn't give into it as she continues to lick and suck and taste as much of Kara that she can, moaning deeply as she goes.

She can't get over how wet Kara is right now, how her wetness makes her inner thighs glimmer with a sinful shine. Her juices pass heavy and thick over Lena’s tongue, her chin and fuck , she can feel it smearing all over her chest too.

Please,” Kara eventually mewls so desperately above her that she decides to take pity on her, decides to stop her teasing. She finally, finally pushes her tongue inside the heat of Kara’s swollen cunt. She watches in delight as Kara throws her head back onto the pillow, exposing the graceful length of her neck as a long drawn-out groan escapes her throat and the very sound of it shoots straight to the ache in between Lena’s thighs.

Flattening her tongue, Lena closes her eyes as she drags it over Kara’s sopping cunt until she flicks it against her clit. And as she repeats her actions, Lena listens intently to the sounds that Kara makes, listens to how she gasps and how her breath hitches in this delicate way that Lena wants to hear again and again and again. She thinks that she hears her name somewhere in there too as Kara’s hips are rocking with a little more abandon now. The fingers hooked around hers are a little tighter but not painfully so, and that's when Lena wraps her mouth around Kara’s clit, sucks on it hard.

The body beneath hers starts to tense under their locked hands and Kara’s thighs are trembling harder on either side of Lena. She’s so close now and Lena doesn't stop. She doesn't stop when she finally hears this mix of a growl and a groan rumbling through Kara, doesn't stop when Kara pulls her hands back to grab at the bedsheets and she hears the satin rip and tear. She opens her eyes to the sight of Kara with her body arching up, with one hand on her breast, pulling and pinching at a hard and straining nipple. She can't see her face but she can imagine the parted lips, the gasp and the moan falling out of them as Lena keeps going with her tongue licking up Kara’s sopping cunt.

She lets herself drag her tongue one last time over Kara’s pussy, flicking playfully against her clit and she smirks at how Kara’s hips jerk at the touch. Lena unwraps her arms from around Kara’s thighs and crawls up, pressing her lips to Kara’s belly, still tense and flexing under her hands. She wraps her mouth around the nipple that Kara had been pulling at earlier, touching lightly with her tongue to soothe it. She continues on to kiss Kara’s collarbones, her neck, her jaw until she finds her lips.

It's a sloppy mess of a kiss, with Kara still trying to catch her breath and Lena’s mouth and chin completely soaked from Kara coming in her face. And though Lena moans at the mind-shatteringly skillful way Kara sucks around her tongue, she can't help but laugh at their lack of coordination and somehow Kara manages to chuckle as well. She draws back from the kiss to look at her friend and Kara’s blue eyes are closed to her. There's this goofy smile on Kara’s face that's almost too precious for words that she leans back down to press her lips softly to her cheek, wanting to be closer to her best friend's lovely smile.

Her bedroom is bathed in yellow light when Lena flips over to lay back on her bed, trying to catch her own breath. Her heart is still racing, still pounding hard in her chest and she can still taste Kara on her lips, in her mouth. There are still remnants of Kara dripping down her chest and very idea makes her body shudder all over. A hot shower is definitely required once she gets the energy to get back up.

There's a contented silence between them as the minutes pass by before Kara finally breaks it. “Good morning indeed.” Kara hums next to her before turning to lay on her side to drape her arm over Lena’s waist, nuzzling her jaw. “Thank you,” she murmurs shyly.

Bringing her arm around to brush her fingers through Kara’s hair, Lena lets out a quiet chuckle. “My pleasure,” she replies, more than a little charmed that Kara felt the need to thank her at all.

Peering down to catch her gaze, Kara blushes, shaking her head at Lena’s teasing grin, her quirked eyebrow. “Not just that but also with the whole-” she trails off, raising her arm to show up her hand and wiggling her fingers before letting it fall back over Lena’s waist.

She sighs, withdrawing her arm from around Kara so that she can scoot down and face her best friend. Lena grabs one of Kara’s hands to hook their fingers together in the same way that they had been earlier, giving them a light squeeze. “I trust you, Kara, and I know you could never hurt me but I’m never going to push you beyond what you're comfortable doing.” She gives her a reassuring grin, smiling wider when Kara returns it with a shy and grateful smile of her own.

Her heart flutters when Kara’s eyes fall to her lips. There is still a restless buzzing going through her body, the throbbing between her legs calling desperately for attention. But a side glance to her bedside clock tells Lena that if she wants to make it to the office in time, they need to start making a move soon. And so Lena pushes away the thought of giving into this need and decides to sate a different need instead.

She playfully bumps her nose against Kara’s, taking delighted note at the way Kara starts to lean towards her. “Do you want to go get breakfast?”


It's another beautiful sunny day in National City and Kara basks in the rejuvenating warmth of the sun while Lena sits contentedly in the shade of the awning outside of Noonan’s. Another beautiful sunny day that she gets to start with four - now three - plates full of delicious warm pastry goodness all to herself, just waiting to be devoured. Another beautiful sunny day that so far seems to be going peacefully.

But it's not just any other beautiful sunny day.

Images of last night and this morning have been running through her mind repeatedly as Kara quietly munches on her cinnamon roll while at the same time, staring at Lena catching up on her work emails. Lena has that serious thoughtful look on her face, showing just how deep in concentration she is that her cup of coffee has more than likely gotten cold already. She's already finished with her breakfast whereas Kara’s still going through hers. She hadn't realized how utterly famished she was until they got to Noonan’s and the smell of their specialty sticky buns filled her nose and made her mouth water. Lena had joked then that her stomach growled so loud it nearly broke the sound barrier.

Once they had gotten out of bed earlier, it was like any other time when Kara slept over. They took separate showers, got dressed and left Lena’s apartment for breakfast. And even now as they sit quietly at a table together, with Lena on her phone and Kara happily eating her food, it's all still the same. Maybe routine, even.

But perhaps the real noticeable difference was when they had gotten dressed earlier and how there seemed to be - this unspoken tension between them that's not uneasy or uncomfortable but it certainly was thick and heavy. Though there has always been this ease and flow to their teasing banter, there's something remarkably new and different in light of all that they've done.

There are things she notices now. The light brush of Lena’s fingers over her palm when she was passing Lena the keys to her car, how something sparked right through her and left her breathless. The red of Lena’s lipstick against her pale skin and how it’s just calling to be kissed and how Kara wants imprints of those lips all over her skin. And she certainly can't help but notice that Lena is wearing that same necklace from yesterday once again, how her pale green eyes had locked with Kara’s as a knowing smirk grew on her face while she clasped it around her neck. Kara thinks that even now, she can still feel herself blushing.

She's sadly on her last plate of pastries when Lena puts her phone face down on the table, indicating that she's taking a break for the time being. Kara watches her best friend take a graceful sip of her coffee, frowning immediately at the taste of it. She chuckles at Lena’s adorable pout. “Coffee got cold?”

Lena sighs, a rueful grin on her lips as she sets her cup back down on the table. “Unfortunately but it's okay, I'm going to order another cup. Do you want anything more to eat?” Though Kara knows that she most definitely wants some more to eat and that Lena wouldn't mind getting her more food, she shakes her head, attempting a reassuring smile with her mouth still full of food. Thankfully used to Kara’s eating habits, Lena only laughs it off and shakes her head. “I’ll be right back,” she tells her before heading inside the cafe.

Kara knows that there is a conversation waiting to happen between them, one that they can't let sit for too long. But she can't help but feel a little nervous and apprehensive about what's going to come out of it. She's not even really sure what she wants to come out of it, let alone what Lena wants. And she has learned to never presume what Lena wants or feels as it is the most direct way to getting on her bad side, a place where Kara definitely does not want to be.

While she waits for Lena to get back to their table, Kara decides that it's probably time to actually look through her own phone and see if Snapper has given her any assignments for the day. There are a few messages from Winn and Alex, though thankfully nothing terribly pressing. There's an email from Snapper telling her that he wants to see her this afternoon which fills her with the same kind of anxiety-ridden dread that she used to get before having to see the principal in her school. She just hopes that she's not in trouble for something, again.

She’s in the middle of replying to let him know that she’s received his email and that she will indeed be there to see him later when Lena comes back with her coffee and a large white paper bag. “Here, I got you some donuts for your second breakfast later.”

“Have I ever told you that you're my favorite person in the whole world?” Kara is pretty sure that the goofiest smile is on her face right now as she grabs the bag and takes a peek to see the assorted donuts. She takes a slight whiff of the freshly-made warm sugary goodness. When she looks up at Lena, there's an amused smile on her face and Kara suddenly gets the nearly irresistible urge to kiss her.

Somehow Lena must realize this when she bites down on her bottom lip and the tension thickens between them before Lena shakes her head. “So-” she starts to say and Kara can't help but notice the husky timbre that Lena’s voice has taken. Lena clears her throat before continuing, “so, we had sex last night. And this morning.” Kara nods dumbly as her mouth gapes open. It probably shouldn't have taken her so much by surprise that Lena is the one to actually bring it up with no preamble whatsoever. Plus, Kara is self-aware enough to know that she's not so brave to broach the subject on her own and a part of her is grateful that Lena knows her well enough to take the reins for now. “What do you think?”

Heat is slowly rising up the back of her neck and Kara reaches to palm her face when she feels it spread to her cheeks. “About the sex?” she asks, willing herself to not think about last night and Lena’s face in the throes of ecstasy.

“Oh, I’m pretty sure I already know what you think about the sex itself,” Lena drawls lazily, a teasing smirk on her lips that only makes the blush in Kara’s cheeks burn even hotter. And it must visibly show when Lena shakes her head, chuckling with this affectionate expression on her face. “I meant more about the us part. You and me.”

She swallows thickly. “Oh,” she replies in a whisper, her mind drawing a complete blank. She turns away from Lena, the stirrings of frustration swirling inside her that she doesn't even know where to start.

A soft hand covering her own, Lena’s thumb rubbing soothingly over the back of her hand. She turns back to look at Lena, finding no judgment but comfort in her pale green eyes. “You don't have anything to be scared of with me, Kara,” she murmurs softly.

She flips her hand over so that she could tangle her fingers with Lena’s, giving them a gentle squeeze. Kara takes a deep breath. “I just don't want anything to ruin what we have.”

“Oh Kara.” Understanding shines clear in Lena’s eyes and she reaches over to take both Kara’s hands in hers, pulling them close to her chest. “Sex isn't going to ruin what we have. You're still my best friend across the multiverse, still my most favorite person ever. That's never going to change.”

She doesn't need to look into Lena’s eyes to gauge her sincerity, to see the earnest truth in them. Kara knows that Lena would never lie to her, that she’s not going to start lying to her now. Lena’s heartbeat is strong and steady and Kara takes comfort in its constant rhythm. “Yeah?”

Her heart flutters when Lena presses two firm kisses to the back of her hands. “Of course, I love you, super dummy,” Lena reminds her with a near scolding tone, softened by the smile on her face.

“I love you too,” she replies before protesting, “and hey, I’m your super dummy.”

A contemplative frown takes over Lena’s face before she nods, making her decision. She squeezes Kara’s hands in hers. “How about this, do you want to take a little time to think it over before we talk properly about this?”

There's this way that Lena is looking at her as if she already knows that it is exactly what Kara needed to hear, exactly what Kara needs. And there's no denying that rush of overwhelming affection swelling in her chest for her best friend. “Is that really okay?”

Lena ducks her head, laughing softly in a way that isn't mocking but more with this note of disbelief before she peers back up to meet Kara’s gaze. She gives Kara this shy smile that twists something hard in her chest. “Of course it’s okay, Kara.”

And Kara can't take it. She can't take the physical distance between them, the table that separates them even though it’s not even that big of a table. She can't take that oh so lovely, reassuring smile on Lena’s face without wanting to do something . She tugs on Lena’s hands. “Can I hug you?” she asks, almost pleading.

Her best friend is on her feet before she even finishes asking and Kara follows suit, rushing to get around the table and take Lena in her arms. And the relief that flows through her is immediate. Her body relaxes instantly at the press of Lena’s against hers, of Lena’s arms moving around and up her back. Kara melts under the flat of Lena’s hands resting between her shoulders. She lets out a heavy sigh then as Lena murmurs soothingly, “oh my darling Kara, you know you never ever have to ask me for a hug.”

And as they stand there outside of Noonan’s with their arms around each other and not a care for whomever is watching them, Kara realizes that she and Lena really are going to be okay. There's no lingering doubt in her mind that no matter what came of their conversation later on, this isn’t going to ruin them. All too soon, Lena withdraws from their hug but not before leaning up to gently kiss Kara’s cheek. She laughs when Kara ducks her head to hide her blushing face.

The sound of Lena’s phone is loud and shrill and Kara easily recognizes it as Jess’ ringtone, a stark reminder that Lena needs to officially get started on her work day. She tidies up their table as Lena packs her things back in her bag before they start making their way to where they’d have to separate. Lena fiddles with her car keys; her car not more than a few feet away. “Are you sure you don't want a ride back to CatCo?”

She gives Lena an assuring smile. “I am. But thank you anyway.”

Nodding in acceptance, Lena grabs her hand to give it a firm squeeze. “Text me if you still want to have lunch later?”

“I will,” she promises. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Lena then leaves her with a lingering kiss on her cheek and she watches thoughtfully as her best friend walks away with that same determined game face that she always puts on before she gets to work. It amazes her sometimes, the difference between the Lena she knows and loves, and the Lena Luthor that the rest of the world does.

She waits until Lena’s completely out of view before grabbing her phone and immediately pressing her number one speed dial.

“Alex? Are you busy? Want some donuts?”


She’s at the tail end of telling Jess all the things that need to get done by the end of the day when Sam barges into her office, practically stomping in as she points an accusing finger at Lena.

“You had sex!”

There’s a beat of a moment when she and Jess are just staring at each other in dumbfounded silence, completely unsure on who’s going to say anything first. Jess’ eyes are wide and maybe a little panicked, more than likely from the shock of Sam’s stomping entrance more than her accusation. Though she doesn't know why. Jess really should be used to Sam’s antics at this point since they've all been working together for near three years now. Which is also why Lena should have known from the inquisitive look on Sam’s face during the board meeting earlier, that she would know that something was up. After all, apart from Kara, Sam knows her best and much to Lena’s displeasure, always notices these things.

So when Jess only blinks owlishly back at her, Lena sighs, finally looking over to Sam. Her friend of so many years now, standing there in the middle of her office with a manic mix of impatience on her face and also - she wants to say - excitement? Oh, she's a little perturbed now. “That’ll be all, Jess. Please close the door behind you.”

The dismissal breaks Jess out of her trance as she looks between Sam and Lena. “Wait, is Sam right?” Lena doesn't bother to answer but only narrows her green eyes into what she hopes is an intimidating glare but crumbles when it only has Jess rolling her eyes. “Urgh, fine. Just for the record, I’m leaving under protest and also because it's working hours, I have too much to do and I’d rather get the details from Sam when we go out for drinks later.”

“There’s nothing t-” she starts to object when the rest of what Jess said finally registers and Lena pouts immediately. “Wait, why am I not joining you guys for drinks tonight?”

It was a tradition Sam started after she and Ruby moved to National City. The first time, she had dragged Lena under the guise of catching up since Lena had moved from Metropolis. The city was still recovering from the Daxamite invasion and Kara was so busy being Supergirl and helping everywhere that she could, though Lena obviously hadn't known it at the time. Back then, Kara had put down her unavailability to having to cover all of Supergirl’s assistance to the city and though she understood, Lena still missed her good friend. So she went willingly the next time after Sam mentioned ‘CEO and CFO bonding time’. And the next time, and the next time. And it wasn't too long after, when Lena asked Sam where they were having drinks that week and she realized how much she looked forward to these nights with her old friend. So of course, the very day that Jess’ promotion to COO was officially approved by the board, Lena and Sam happily brought Jess into the fold.

“We can't talk about you in front of you. That's just rude, Lena.”

Though perhaps she's not feeling so happy about it right now . “I'm pretty sure disinviting me from drinks is even more rude, Jessica,” she retorts petulantly with a mocking tone that again, only gets a spectacular eye-roll. “And really, there’s nothing to tell.”

Her reluctance to talk about the whole thing takes Lena by surprise. She has never had a problem telling Sam and even Jess about the people she's been with before and what she’s done with them. And it's not like Kara isn't telling Alex about it. She knows her best friend well enough to know that she definitely called her sister as soon as she had left Noonan’s. But she supposes it's because a part of her wants to wait until she talks with Kara first before saying anything, while the other part of her wants to selfishly keep the memory of last night to herself.

With the most impressive stony expression, Jess stares at Lena and Lena stares right back and she is determined not to break this time. But after so many years of being her assistant, Jess is used to holding this very expression for as long as required against anybody and everybody that tried to mess up Lena’s daily schedule, including Lena herself. And Lena always loses these staredowns, much to her chagrin. She's already close to squirming and shifting in her heels when Jess finally rolls her eyes and turns to Sam. “I expect all the details when we grab lunch later,” she demands before she turns to Lena. “I’m getting you stupid drunk tonight.”

She gets a jaunty salute from Sam while Lena only quietly nods, gratefully accepting that she's not disinvited from drinks tonight. They both watch Jess, following her as she walks out of the office and closes the door behind her before Sam finally walks closer to her, grabbing her arm to drag her to the couch. “Now tell me all the sexy details. And don't worry, I’ll make the story even sexier when I relay it back to Jess.”

She sighs heavily and shoots Sam an exasperated smile. “Don't you have paperwork to get through?” she asks in one last ditch attempt to delay the conversation as she stares mournfully at her own desk stacked with even more papers that Jess brought in earlier. She might need another cup of coffee to get through everything.

Sam scoffs. “Oh sure, tons . I think my desk is actually trying to grow a forest. But paperwork is so boring, Lena,” she whines, falling back on the couch in a dramatic fashion that Lena is pretty sure she has seen Ruby done once or twice.

She chuckles at the reminder of her favorite teenager as she joins her friend on the couch. A brief image of last night, of Kara sitting across from her, with her dark blue eyes piercing and intense, flashes bright and vivid in her mind. Lena shakes her head, clearing her throat as she valiantly tries to fight off the blush that she feels rising up her cheeks. “And my sex life is just more interesting?”

There's a mischievous and knowing glint in Sam’s brown eyes as she raises an eyebrow at her, letting Lena know that her little moment had not gone unnoticed. “Lena, it's been almost a year since you and James broke up. You guys were together for almost two years and since then you've been throwing yourself into work even more than usual. We all know you're a workaholic as it is but Jess and I have been just a smidge worried. I mean, thank god for Kara.”

The very mention of their mutual friend takes her by surprise. “Kara?”

Her undignified squeak earns her a curious and wary look from Sam. “Yeah? If it weren't for her, you'd just be right here in this office, day and night working and working and god help me - working. She manages to get you to semi-regularly attend girls’ nights and game nights.”

She tries not to let the relief show, smiling brightly as she fervently nods. “Right, yes, thank god for Kara.”

Lena nonchalantly looks down to her long nails, making a mental note to set up an appointment for a mani-pedi soon. She looks to her door then to her desk then back to her door, humming quietly to herself. She looks everywhere but at Sam because she knows from the following silence that Sam is slowly but surely figuring her out. And her friend doesn't disappoint when she eventually lets out a loud gasp.

“Oh my god.” Lena closes her eyes in resignation as she takes a deep, steadying breath, finally turning to face Sam when she exclaims, “you had sex with Kara!”


“You had what with Lena?”

Kara whimpers loudly, hiding her fiercely blushing face behind her hands before putting on a pleading look to her big sister. “Please don’t make me repeat it. I know you heard what I said.”

She watches Alex visibly try to school her face into a less-than-shocked expression but Kara can still see the naked disbelief on her face. It's painfully clear that Alex was most definitely not expecting this particular news to come with the donuts that Kara brought with her. Heck, even Kara was unsure about telling Alex but who else can she tell this to, if not her sister? It may not exactly be a subject that they talk about frequently but there's nobody else who understands her like Alex does.

She does take a big bite of her donut instead of attempting to say anything further because though there are things she does want to say, she's pretty sure that telling Alex about how Lena’s pale green eyes turn a really pretty blue when she comes, might just be a little much for her sister. Or about how really incredible Lena’s wet heat felt around her fingers. Definitely can't tell Alex any of these things anyway.

Kara can't help but wonder what a disaster this conversation would have been like if she and Lena had actually talked earlier. As much as she loves and appreciates how generously patient Lena is with her and how easily she gives Kara her space, sometimes she needs to be pushed and prodded so that she doesn't ignore the important things and push them to the side. Not that she wants to ignore this but she definitely needs somebody to keep her on track while she processes everything and Alex has always been the best at that.

They're thankfully in the privacy of Alex’s office that's just across from J’onn’s but he’s out having breakfast with his dad so it currently sits empty. The work space around her isn't exactly as neat as it normally is and Kara can smell the stale coffee in the air, which can only mean that Alex has been putting in some late hours. That actually isn't as common as it used to be. Not since J’onn promoted her to the post of Deputy Director just last year. Kara winces at the amount of paperwork on top of Alex’s desk.

Chewing on her bottom lip, Alex has a thoughtful frown on her face. “Okay well, is this a good thing? Are we- happy it happened?” she asks, still completely at a loss at how to move forward.

Her cheeks puff up before Kara lets out a heavy breath, shrugging. “I’m not upset?” she ventures unsurely, leaning over to grab the white paper bag on the coffee table in front of them.

“But?” Alex asks, quickly picking up on Kara’s uncertainty.

“But- I don't know,” she whines, throwing her hands up in a helpless gesture. Scooting to sit closer to Kara, Alex wraps an arm around her shoulders, pulling her in and Kara melts immediately into her sister’s familiar, protective warmth. She sighs, digging into the bag and yanks out a donut as she takes another deep breath. “Lena doesn't seem upset about it though,” she adds calmly this time before biting into the donut.

Alex’s heart beats strong and Kara latches onto the sound, drawing comfort from it. It's a habit she's never learned to outgrow over the years and she doesn't plan on doing so anytime soon. She cuddles closer, pressing her forehead to Alex’s neck. Her sister grunts, wiping away the donut crumbs that are falling all over her shirt. Kara smiles sheepishly under Alex’s mild glare before watching her soften once again, pulling Kara back into her side. “So you guys are okay?”

A small smile tugs at her lips at the thought of Lena and how they had left things earlier. Kara wonders what she's doing right now and how her morning is going. “Yeah, we are,” she sighs.

Alex nods. “Okay so then, you're like, what? Are you guys going to start dating now?”


It almost strikes Kara as weird that the very thought of dating Lena had never occurred to her before. But she has just always been so happy to have Lena in her life at all that she didn't think about the fact that dating her was even a remote possibility. Kara had been so excited, so hopeful at the fact that she and Lena were going to change the perceptions of their Super-Luthor connection. Nothing else seemed to matter then.

“Friends with benefits?”

Heat floods her cheeks at that and Kara reaches up to rub her face, willing the redness to just disappear. “We didn't- exactly have time to cover that part?”

Impatience starts to colour Alex’s face before she stops and takes a deep breath. “Kara, I’m trying to understand here. Do you have feelings for her or what?”

Kara sputters, offended. “Of course I do. She's my best friend and I love her.”

That earns her a swat to the head and Kara pouts, as if the slap had actually hurt. Alex rolls her eyes. “Don't act dumb, dummy. You know exactly what I was asking you.”

“It's not like I was lying,” she mutters, petulantly brushing back her hair.

Alex sighs, squeezing her arm around Kara’s shoulders. “I know you love Lena. I love Lena too. Sam loves Lena. Ruby loves Lena. Even mom loves Lena. But do you love her in a different way than we do?”

She throws her hands up in frustration this time. “I don't know, Alex! I’ve never- I’ve never had to think about it before.”

“So then why-”

“She just- she looked so-” She really needs to figure out how to finish that sentence eventually. English has always been difficult but it's never been this challenging. She reluctantly pulls away from Alex, facing her as she crosses her legs, fidgeting with her sleeves. “It was like- I don't know. One second she was just Lena, my best friend in the whole world and next to you, somebody I love more than anything in the world, and then the next thing I knew, she was Lena and I wanted to kiss the living daylights out of her.”

“Okay, well, thank you for keeping that PG.” The look of naked relief on Alex’s face makes Kara laugh, makes her shake her head at her sister. “So how do you feel now? Do you feel weird that you and Lena had sex?”

“No, I don't,” she answers almost immediately and it takes Kara by surprise, even more so when she realizes the truth in it. She looks back to her sister. “I- I really don’t,” she whispers in awe.


Once she manages to calm Sam down, Lena starts telling all that she was willing to tell her, which really isn't that much at all.

Still wanting to keep so much of last night and this morning to herself, Lena doesn't tell Sam some things such as how Kara’s mouth is like the fucking eighth wonder of the world, how it blew her goddamn mind every time Kara kissed her. She doesn't tell Sam about how even now, her pussy clenches at just the thought of Kara’s fingers curling inside her, how so firm and heartachingly gentle they were. Instead, she tells Sam about what led to it. She tells Sam about what started it, about the way that Kara stared at her nearly all night, the dark of her blue eyes as she sat across from her, the tension that wrapped itself around them. She tells Sam about how Kara accidentally kissed her and then how Lena kissed her back after she asked her to do it again. She tells Sam about how that kiss led to more kisses and how that led into something that neither of them seemed to want to stop.

“Is it weird that it felt like the most natural thing in the world?” she asks, taking a small sip of her thankfully still warm coffee.

The way things progressed between her and Kara last night went so smoothly that Lena can't help but wonder why. After all, sex with somebody for the first time doesn't generally flow so well, that sometimes there’s some miscommunication and misunderstanding. She wonders what it means that they had no such problem whatsoever.

Sam, who has been sitting across from her on the couch and attentively listening to her whole story, shrugs casually at the question. “Heck if I know. So what's next for you guys then? Are you going to start dating now?”

She reaches up to rub the back of her neck, frowning slightly. “Won't that be strange though? We've been friends for close to four years now and we've never really shown any romantic interest in each other and then suddenly this happens?”

“You just told me that you guys had sex last night. And this morning,” Sam replies, rolling her eyes as she does so. “If I weren't so dang confused right now, I'd be jealous.”

Failing to stifle her laughter, she stares at Sam incredulously. “Jealous? Why?” she asks, instantly regretting it when she sees the naughty glint in Sam’s brown eyes.

“You looked like Christmas came early when you came in the meeting this morning and if memory serves me right, we have long pegged Kara as a mix between a bottom and a total service top but weren't sure to which degree for either.”

She lets out a strangled laugh, feeling her cheeks blushing intensely at the reminder of a discussion they had a while ago on a night out with Kara and Alex. “Sam! Kara is our friend.”

It all started out as a harmless joke between her and Sam, about the kind of partners they made in the bedroom that eventually led to them teasing the Danvers sisters. Though Kara and Alex spent a lot of that conversation hiding their scandalized faces behind their hands (Kara) or their drink (Alex), they didn't seem to mind the teasing or get upset about it. It was a night not too long after Alex and Maggie had broken up and Alex had obviously needed the distraction.

And now it's almost strange to think that she has actual intimate knowledge that could confirm whether their speculations were right or not. At least, when it comes to Kara anyway.

Sam only laughs, obviously enjoying Lena’s sudden and very uncharacteristic bout of modesty. “Our friend that you had sex with last night,” she gleefully reminds her.

“You're fired,” she deadpans, only managing to make her friend laugh even harder. Lena waits for Sam to finish, a mild glare on her face before breathing out a heavy sigh. She leans forward to rest her elbows on her knees, chewing on her bottom lip as she stares at her clasped hands. “Things have been going really great for all of us recently. It seems kind of risky to rock the boat, doesn't it?”

There was a period of adjustment when she and James broke up the year before. Everybody was unsure as to how to handle it, unsure of whether there was a side to stand by, which there wasn't. Not really anyway. Whatever spark there had been between them wasn't enough to keep her and James together, and their relationship just came to a natural end. And though she was sad it ended, at least it didn't end in tears and bloodshed as things in her life are wont to do. But there was still a period of strained awkwardness and Lena doesn't think she could deal with it if that happened with Kara. She has come to mean so much to Lena and the very idea of risking their relationship is beyond terrifying.

And Sam must notice her trepidation when she feels Sam’s hand on her shoulder and she leans into the warmth of the gesture that spreads and settles in her chest. “But it could be better for you and Kara.” She turns to shoot a questioning look at Sam, unsure of what she means. “Or maybe not ‘better’ because you guys are pretty solid but I don't know? More? Isn't that the dream? To be with somebody who’s also your best friend? Like what you had with Jackie?”

Her heart tightens at the unexpected mention of Jack’s name and one look at Sam’s face tells Lena that Sam certainly didn't expect to say it either. She smiles reproachfully, a tinge of sadness in them. “You know he hated it when you called him that.”

“He got too cocky sometimes. Somebody needed to take him down a notch from time to time.” Sam returns her sad smile with one of her own, moving her hand to grasp Lena’s still clasped ones. She feels Sam gently squeezing her hands.

“I miss him,” she confesses quietly, earning another squeeze around her hands.

And Sam doesn't look at all surprised by her admission. She bore witness to most of Jack and Lena’s relationship after all and she saw how much they loved each other back then. “Me too,” Sam admits softly as she scoots closer until her knee bumps against Lena’s thigh, a much more serious look on her face. “Listen Lena, I'm not saying that you and Kara have to be together just because you had some really great sex. For all we know, it could be purely a physical thing.”

Lena starts to nod when Sam adds, “but what I am saying is, what if it could be more?”


“Don't you think it could be worth something to find out?”

Kara sighs, shrugging helplessly. “Maybe. But how do I know though?”

“I don't think anybody ever really knows that, Kara.” Alex chuckles, squeezing Kara’s hand in hers. She stares off into the distance and Kara recognizes it easily as the look she gets when she's lost in her memories. “Like, would I have still gone ahead with my relationship with Maggie if I had known it was going to end the way it did?”

“Would you have?” she asks.

Alex turns to look back at her with a heartbreakingly sad smile that quickly transforms into a resolute one. “It took me a long while to figure it out but she's kind of proof that I’m not broken, proof that I actually can be happy with somebody, you know?”

Her amazing big sister, always keeping so many things so close to the vest just to take care of her and everybody else, always pushing away her own needs for everybody else. But Alex has been getting better at that now that she works primarily behind her desk rather than on the field and even though Kara misses having her sister out there with her, she’s really happy that Alex has found some peace in regards to her relationship with Maggie, that she has even started opening up and letting new people in her life. “Have you talked to her lately?” she asks, scooting closer to lean against Alex.

Adjusting to her change in position, Alex leans back on the couch, sighing. “Just the other day. She's doing pretty good. As good as anybody can be in Gotham anyway.”

Kara chuckles at the joke. “I’m happy to hear that. I’m glad you guys still talk.” Last year really was a year of changes for the lot of them and it certainly was a big change when Maggie announced that she was being transferred to Gotham. She and Alex were still a little estranged after the break-up but weirdly enough, the distance seems to be helping them rebuild their friendship more than the forced girls’ nights they had before Maggie left. “Speaking of dating and relationships, how’s Parker?”

Alex clears her throat, blushing at the mention of the person she’s been seeing for the past month or so now, somebody she met on one of the nights that Kara dragged her to a gay bar. They aren't the first person that Alex dated after Maggie but definitely one that seems to be sticking around a little longer than a couple of weeks. “They're good. It’s going to be our fifth date tonight.”

She grins at the contented look on Alex’s face, letting out a squeal as she wraps her arms around Alex to give her an excited, tight hug. “So am I going to be meeting them soon then?” she asks, loosening her arms and smiling apologetically when Alex breathes out a pained huff at her embrace.

“I like them, so maybe soon,” Alex promises. “But enough about me, we’re talking about you and Lena.”

She rolls her eyes at Alex’s deflection but Kara lets it go for now. She can just get Alex to gush about Parker tomorrow night anyway and somehow get Alex to bring them to the next game night. She turns her thoughts back to Lena and their situation and Kara sighs. “I really love our relationship as it is now,” she pauses then, feels herself blushing as she thinks about their activities earlier this morning. She ignores the impulse to keep it to herself, grinning wickedly as she feels the sudden sisterly duty to torture her big sister just a little bit. “But on the other hand, and I’m really sorry to say this, the sex was really, really good.”

A loud, pained whine fills the space of the room and Kara can't help but laugh maniacally as Alex shoves her face away from her. “Seriously? I literally felt my stomach turning,” her sister grouses.

Once she manages to stop laughing, Kara tries to pull her sister back in for a hug but her laughter starts all the more when Alex only glares back at her, slapping her hands away. It only then starts a hand-slapping war that they used to partake in when they were younger, once Kara learned and calculated how to limit her strength so that she didn't end up hurting Alex. It really shouldn't be but it is a pretty regular sight to find Supergirl and Director Danvers in the middle of this particular activity from time to time. Most have learned to largely ignore it by now.

It tends to go on until somebody forcibly stops them or until Alex flicks her forehead, which is what she does now. It makes Kara pout but Alex only returns it with a scolding glare that she knows is telling her to be serious.

Chastened, Kara takes a deep breath before letting it out in a resigned sigh. “I think maybe the best thing right now is to wait and see how our talk goes, go with the flow and see where it leads us,” she surmises, making a lame attempt for a casual shrug. Kara scoots back to lean her head on Alex's shoulder, thankful that her sister doesn't push her away this time. “I just don't want to lose her, Alex,” she admits in a quiet whisper.


“She's one of the most important people in my life.” At the sound of Sam pointedly clearing her throat, Lena rolls her eyes. “Present company included,” she adds dryly before sticking her tongue out at her friend.

Shooting her a smirk, Sam clicks her tongue as she playfully pops her collar. “Thank you,” she preens before retaliating by sticking her own tongue out at Lena. All too quickly, her face turns pensive. “If that's really what you want to do, Lena, to just wait and see what happens between you guys, then I really hope it works out,” she adds, punctuating her words with a gentle squeeze of her hands as she leans in a little closer. “I love you both and I don't want you guys to get hurt.”

A soft smile tugs at her lips and Lena closes the distance between them to rest her temple to Sam’s forehead. “I love you too, Sammy,” she murmurs.

She feels a slight pressure as Sam nudges her temple before Sam pulls back with a nurturing smile. “Talk to Kara, okay? You both love each other and that should be something you need to remember when you make a decision on whatever to do next.”

Lena dutifully nods, giving her an obliging smile. “I know, Sam, but thank you for reminding me.”

Sam then leans back in with a solemn look on her face, taking a deep breath as she places her hand on Lena’s shoulder. “And if you ever feel like telling me more about what Kara is like in bed, I would totally be okay with that,” she declares with a long-suffering sigh before putting on an incredibly annoying rascally smirk.

Her green eyes quickly narrow into a stony glare, though she feels her lips trembling as she tries to stifle her laughter. “Didn't I fire you? Get out of my office.”

Throwing up her hands in mock surrender, Sam chuckles and starts backing up towards the door. “Okay okay, I’m going, I’m going. Don't forget Ruby's game the day after tomorrow though. It's the semis,” she reminds Lena with a pointed finger and a mild glare, as if Lena has ever forgotten to attend one of Ruby’s games.

She nods, taking a seat at her desk. “I’ll be there,” she promises anyway, waving as she watches Sam walk out of her room.

At the click of her door closing, Lena sighs down at her paperwork on her desk. A glance over at the clock on her laptop tells her that she has just about enough time to get through most of it before lunch. Hopefully.


At the sound of the alarm on her phone, Kara groans as she turns it off before pushing off the very comfortable couch to stand. Alex doesn't follow but does move to sit up a little more now that she doesn't have a cuddly Kryptonian clinging to her side. “I should get to work and see if Snapper has anything for me to do today,” Kara mumbles, pouting when she sees that there are only two donuts left in the bag. It's not exactly going to last her until she gets to her desk but maybe she can pick something up on her way.

“You got plans for lunch?”

Kara grabs her phone from the table then, remembering her promise to text Lena if she still wanted to have lunch. And she does, so much. If there's only one thing that she's taking from this talk with Alex, it’s that she and Lena definitely need to talk this over. She knows that Lena was ready to talk earlier and Kara is now too. “Hopefully with Lena so we can talk,” she answers, and as she waits for Lena to reply, she looks to Alex. “Sisters night tomorrow night though, right?”

Alex nods. “Still okay that I sleep over?”

She frowns at the question but she nods anyway, grabbing her coat to drape it over her arm. “Of course, we’re both going to Ruby’s game anyway and we’re all getting breakfast together before that, aren't we?”

There's this reluctant look on Alex’s face as if she really doesn't want to say what she's thinking. “Yeah, but what if you and Lena want to meet up and… y’know?”

Despite her teasing earlier, Kara still blushes, feeling the fierce heat in her cheeks at her own sister more than implying that she and Lena might be having sex. And Alex must realize this by the slowly widening grin on her face as Kara sputters in protest. “We haven't even had our talk yet.”

Alex hums nonchalantly at that then, maybe too nonchalantly even, if there is such a thing. “So, just a quickie in her office then?”

Her mouth falls open and Kara doesn't know how long she stands there gaping at Alex but she knows it's long enough to watch her sister cackle to her heart’s content. She grabs her satchel from the floor and stomps towards the door. “I'm leaving now,” she grumbles.

“Use protection!” she hears Alex yell triumphantly as she takes the first step out of the office. Kara growls quietly to herself, storming towards the regular DEO exit since she's not in her Supergirl uniform.

Once she's walking around the corner from the building, she gets a text from Alex. Kara rolls her eyes, smiling when she reads the message from Alex telling her that she loves her. She promptly replies back that she loves her too.


At the knock of her door, Lena looks up from her laptop to see a smiling Kara leaning oh-so-casually against her doorway. She can feel her own smile growing as she leans back in her chair, shaking her head when she realizes how tense her shoulders have been this whole time and how they loosen just at the mere sight of Kara right in front of her.

“You are a sight for my very sore eyes,” she blurts out, not even bothering to feel embarrassed. Not when Kara blushes so prettily.

Kara walks in the room, adjusting her glasses as she does so before closing the door behind her. “Hectic morning?” she asks, a sympathetic smile on her face as she goes to drop off her bag at the foot of the couch.

She sighs heavily, watching as Kara takes off her coat to lay it over the armrest. She watches Kara move around her office and Lena can't help but smile at how at ease Kara moves in this space, her space. “I had a board meeting earlier and I am just getting through all that work I didn't do last night and fielding calls from foreign investors.”

“Only just?”

She shoots Kara a mild glare. “Oh hush. How’s your morning been?” she asks while making sure she has everything closed before she turns her laptop off. She’s not going to be working while Kara is here and she needs a little mental break anyway. Lena’s in the middle of arranging her papers when she realizes that Kara hasn't answered her and she looks up to see Kara staring at her. And it's the very same stare from last night, dark and unyielding, that Lena feels the warmth in her cheeks as Kara’s gaze fall to her lips.

Her breath catches when Kara starts to move towards her, reaching out to lightly trace the edge of her desk with one finger. Lena watches intently as Kara continues to walks around the desk, still tracing its lines as she goes. She gets on her feet the closer that Kara gets to her, waiting until Kara is so very close to her, so close that she can feel the heat of her body within her grasp, so close that she can easily take in the smoky scent that's very likely from a recent Supergirl save. Lena lets out a shaky breath when Kara finally stops. She takes her time looking up, gradually taking in the sight of her best friend in front of her until eventually their eyes meet and Lena can't help but slowly smile. “Hi,” she breathes out in a soft whisper.

Kara returns the smile with a bashful one of her own, shaking her head with a tiny laugh that somehow lightens the growing tension between them. “Hi,” she answers back just as softly. She takes a deep breath as she runs her fingers through her blonde hair. “Y’know, my morning’s been pretty good,” she murmurs, placing her hands behind her back.

Her eyebrow quirks at the oddly charming gesture. She wonders if Kara is doing it to fight an urge, the very same urge that Lena feels making her own fingers itch to touch Kara. “Oh?”

“I mean, it started out pretty great, so, yeah,” Kara trails off, an intense blush colouring her cheeks at the subtle reminder of their morning.

She tries to stifle her widening smirk by biting down on her bottom lip, preening at the way Kara’s eyes darken when they fall to her mouth. “Oh really?” she asks, taking a small step to close the remaining distance between them. “I do recall quite the spectacular morning.”

That's when she feels Kara's hands reaching low on her hips and her body makes this little jolt of relief, as if it's been waiting so desperately for Kara to touch her. Heat rises up the back of her neck as Kara pulls her in and how her body just yields to the motion. Lena doesn't even try to fight it anymore and she reaches up to rest her hands on Kara’s broad shoulders. Kara’s hands are moving around to the small of her back while she moves her own around to place them right between Kara's shoulder blades.

Her eyes flutter close when Kara leans in, nuzzling her nose against her jaw. The breath that escapes her is ragged and shaky as Kara’s nose nudges against her cheek before she presses her lips tenderly to it.

“May I?” Kara quietly whispers into her cheek, trailing her lips to the corner of Lena’s mouth, lingering in such a tantalizing way that makes her heart pound a little faster, makes her breathe a little harder. There’s just barely any space between their mouths and Lena nods, sighing at the light touch of Kara’s lips finally pressing on hers.

The loud knock on her door is sudden and forces them to quickly break apart, unwilling to get caught in such an intimate position. Her lips tingling from the all too brief kiss and Lena smiles apologetically at Kara’s questioning gaze. “I think that's our lunch?” she reminds her, waiting for Kara to nod in acknowledgement before calling out to who she assumes is Jess with their lunch order to come inside, clearing her throat when her voice comes out shaky. She watches Kara slowly back away from her, a shy smile on her face before making her way back towards the couch.

Lena blushes at the pointed and knowing glance Jess shoots her when she walks inside her office.


They decide to have the door to the balcony open so as to let in some fresh air while they eat their lunch on Lena’s couch. Kara’s in the middle of her third dish while Lena’s already done and resting with her back against the couch.

And while Kara usually enjoys the food from one of her favorite Italian restaurants, her mind is completely distracted by the short kiss that she and Lena shared before Jess interrupted them. Her intention at first when walking up to Lena earlier, was to give her best friend a hug. But that pull to kiss Lena came over her once again, and it was just as inexplicable as it was last night. She couldn't stop staring at Lena, as if it had been so long since she had seen her instead of it just being this morning, couldn't stop staring at the red of Lena’s lips like they were calling out to her to claim them once again.

It still feels a little bizarre to her how normal this still feels to her, being with Lena and having lunch with her. It’s just like any other day for them, with Lena telling her more about her morning and Kara sharing with her about the fire in one of the apartment buildings downtown that Supergirl helped put out earlier. It's confusing for Kara to wrap her head around it, how it's still so completely the same with Lena but so different at the same time. She has always been aware of Lena’s presence, so keenly tuned to her heartbeat and well-versed in her subtle mannerisms, but now Kara is so intimately aware of Lena, that now she lives through a moment when she can't stop staring at the elegant line of Lena’s neck. That part is certainly new for Kara.

And she has certainly never done this kind of thing with a friend before, has never crossed her mind to do so. It's very well-established amongst her friends and family that Kara has always been kind of a hopeless romantic in that way but she knows that Lena isn't much a believer in romance, despite being the one with more experience in serious relationships than Kara.

“What's on your mind?” Lena asks, breaking her out of her winding thoughts. “Are you still hungry? You’ve been scraping at that plate for a solid minute.”

She shakes her head, blushing as she drops her fork and places her empty plate on the table. “It's nothing,” she replies, trying to act casual by copying the way that Lena’s sitting but finds herself at a loss about what to do with her hands. She ends up clasping her hands over her lap instead.

There's a knowing smirk on Lena’s face. “Liar,” she counters.

Kara chuckles, shaking her head at the way Lena knows her so well. She scoots a little bit closer, assuming the position as she tucks her legs underneath her, resting her elbow on the back of the couch. Lena follows suit, shifting closer until their knees bump against each other. “Is it okay if I ask you some things?”

That earns her a mild scolding glare from Lena before softening into a gentle smile. “We’ve known each other long enough that you don't have to ask permission from me, Kara, but yes, it's okay.”

She blushes at the admonition but this is definitely entering a whole new territory in their friendship and Kara felt that instinctual need to make sure before going ahead. Not that she actually really knows how to articulate the first question forming in her head. “So this- thing - have you- is this-”

Thankfully Lena understands what she's trying to say and she reaches over to rest her hand on Kara’s knee. “There have been a couple of people, once in college and another some time after that.”

She lets out a loud breath of relief, making Lena chuckle, gently squeezing her knee. “Do you still keep in touch with them?”

Lena shakes her head, her jaw tightening and her green eyes dark. “When all that went down with Lex, they were suddenly unreachable and too busy for me. And I didn't need people like that in my life, even if none of them were anything close to serious.”

She frowns, reaching for Lena’s hands with both of hers, pulling until their hands rest right on top of her lap. “I’m sorry,” she whispers, feeling guilty for dredging up memories that Lena most likely didn't want to remember. She feels the need to learn who these people are so she can give them a good stern talking to about abandoning somebody who deserves so much better than that.

With a shake of her head, Lena gives her a heartbreakingly self-deprecating smile. “It isn't your fault and I don't blame them either,” she sighs, glancing away for a brief moment before turning back to face her. Kara feels her stomach churn at the thoughtful look on Lena’s face as she bites down on her bottom lip. She seems unsure and Kara has a feeling that the conversation is going to be steered towards them. Lena lets out a deep breath. “It's been awhile y’know, since I’ve been with anybody, not since James.”

Kara nods. “It’s been awhile for me too.”

She wonders if she should feel bad about this, about having slept with a friend’s ex even though said ex also happens to be her friend. But she knows that their break-up had been somewhat amicable which was a little weird for everybody else so used to relationship drama and tension and maybe some kind of carnage. But Lena and James seem pretty friendly when they all hang out together so logically, Kara doesn't have to feel bad about it.

It's been two years since the last time she was with anybody and that was a relationship that didn't last for as long as she wanted. And maybe it had left her a little more than gun-shy about approaching anything to do with romance and relationships, despite wanting so badly to be with somebody.

“I mean, don't get me wrong, I masturbate nearly every day.”

She lets out a strangled noise of surprise that makes Lena giggle almost wickedly. “Yes, I’m aware of that,” Kara whines, bringing her hands up to hide her blushing face.

She knows that Lena is less laughing about shocking her but more at the reminder of that one time Kara thought Lena was in danger and found herself sorely mistaken when she saw Lena with one hand up her sleep shirt and another in her shorts and Kara promptly crashed into Lena’s bedroom window. Lena was so absolutely beside herself with laughter that she didn't even care about the shattered window.

Her hands are pulled away from her face and she finds Lena sitting much closer to her now with an apologetic grin as she pulls Kara’s arm to wrap around her waist. She sighs, grateful that Lena anticipated her need for contact and rests her forehead on Lena’s shoulder. A part of her can't quite believe that they're actually talking about this and her face still feels warm as she nuzzles against the silk material of Lena’s shirt. “I don't really-” she trails off, feeling the heat in her cheeks coming back.


Her hand squeezes around Lena’s waist. “I mean, I do but I don't do it very often. Maybe once or twice every few weeks?”

“I imagine punching the bad guys helps release some tension,” Lena remarks dryly and Kara shrugs because she's not completely wrong about that. “But there is something about having somebody else touch you, isn't there? And there's certainly no amount of toys that I can buy or make that can ever replicate that. Especially when you know it’s somebody who cares about you and won't hurt you.”

She presses in a little closer to Lena’s side, liking  the way that Lena seems to melt into her. “I didn't realize how much I missed the intimacy of being with another person and showing them how much I want them, not until last night.”

Lena lets out an undignified snort then. “So what we’re saying is, we were both incredibly horny last night.”

“You're horrible,” she groans, burying her face in the crook of Lena’s neck.

She feels Lena’s hand in her hair, tangling in her locks with a gentle tug. “I’m just telling it like it is, darling.” Lena turns to nuzzle her cheek before pressing her lips to it. “And just so you know, I wouldn't be opposed to last night happening again.”

Surprised, she pulls back to look for some trace of Lena joking but finds none. “Really?” she asks.

Kara finds herself in the same spot as she was last night, facing a moment that feels monumental like it can change the world as she knows it. And just like last night, it barely even takes her a second for her to think that yes, she wouldn’t mind it happening again too.

“If you're willing, then so am I.” Lena reaches back up to rest her hand on Kara’s face, her thumb gently stroking across her cheek. There’s a tender smile on her face that Kara can't help but return as she softens in the palm of Lena’s hand. “But no pressure, okay? I'm happy to hang out with you the same as always and I don't want you to worry about hurting my feelings if you say no. You’re too important to me and I don't ever want to make you feel uncomfortable.”

And Kara doesn't even try to stop herself then. She kisses Lena, kisses her firm and sure, kisses her with her arm secure around her waist while Lena shifts the rest of her body around to properly bury her fingers in Kara’s hair. Her heart stops and jumpstarts at the way Lena moans so delicately into her mouth, the way she pulls Kara into her, the way she follows and chases her mouth when Kara starts to pull back a little.

She lets her arms loosen around Lena’s waist as she takes in the sight of her. There's a charming rosiness to Lena’s cheeks, a darkness in her green eyes. Kara feels oddly proud at the smudged state of Lena’s lipstick. She reaches up to press her thumb to the edge of Lena’s lips. “You could never ever make me feel like that, Lena,” she promises in a whisper. “Is it weird that doing this with you feels so comfortable?”

“You can just say ‘sex', you know,” Lena sasses, sending Kara an innocent grin in response to her mild glare. “But no, it's not weird because I am very comfortable doing this with you too.”

“You can just say ‘sex', you know,” she retorts with a playfully mocking tone.

Lena rolls her eyes, pushing her face away from her and making Kara laugh as she anchors her hands on Lena’s waist. “Brat.”

“You love me,” she retorts cheekily before she leans in to nuzzle her nose against Lena’s face. She hears her best friend hum skeptically at that and she only presses in a little harder.

Eventually she feels Lena sigh against her, feels Lena’s hand cupping the back of her neck, her fingers playing with the baby hairs there. “You will tell me though, right? If or when it starts to make you feel bad or anything close to it, you’ll tell me?”

“I will,” she promises. “You’ll do the same too?”

Lena nods against her as she tugs lightly at her hair. “I promise, Kara.”

She leans back a little to meet Lena’s stare, feeling Lena’s hand moving down to the side of her neck. “So we're really doing this, huh?”

“How do you feel about it?”

“I feel good? I trust you,” she murmurs assuredly. And Kara realizes then that perhaps that is why it doesn't feel so weird for her, why she feels so comfortable with Lena, why it feels the way it does. It tells her of the strength of their bond and she can only anticipate it becoming even stronger.

The smile on Lena’s face is near blinding and it makes her want to kiss her again. Kara thinks that maybe Lena has come to the same conclusion that she did too. “And I trust you,” she replies softly. “So, we have some time left before my next meeting. Can I Interest you with dessert?” Lena asks as she gets up from the couch, walking towards her door.

Kara starts to tidy up the table a little, gathering all their empty plates into the paper bag that they came in earlier. “Ooh, you bought dessert? What did you get?” she asks, excited at the thought of eating something sweet before she has to leave and head back to CatCo. She looks up to find Lena staring pointedly at her, a sultry look in her pale green eyes as she twists the lock on her door. “Oh.”


A loud moan echoes in the relative silence of her office and Lena pats herself on the back for having the foresight to soundproof the room because god, she is really terrible at holding anything back.

Kara's tongue is firm and cool as it moves along her hot, wet folds and god help her, Lena blushes fiercely at the filthy sound that it makes.

It isn't long before Kara’s mouth wraps around her clit and her fingers are fucking her like she's got all the time in the world. Though Lena doesn't think she really minds the languid pace considering the fantastically devastating sight of Kara on her knees and her gorgeous face in between her trembling thighs. Lena is arched back and spread out with one hand tightly gripping the back of her pristine white couch while the other is buried in silky golden locks, keeping Kara exactly where she wants her.

A groan rumbles out of her throat when Kara adds a third finger and her own fingers tighten further in Kara’s hair. “Fuck me,” she whimpers and Kara only responds with a pleased hum that vibrates right through her. Kara’s hand is solid on her thigh, keeping her from being able to rock her hips in the way she desperately wants to do.

What a sight they must be right now. Lena, with her shirt completely open to reveal the lacy purple bra that she decided to wear this morning. She remembers her skirt was taken off somewhere in between her desk and the couch. And her hair has long been taken down from the tight bun she had it in this morning. Kara’s own shirt is also open as Lena hadn't been able to resist, wanting to see those fucking abs on display once again. She was met instead with the sight of Kara’s house crest and it hits Lena like a freight train that she's being fucked by Supergirl, backlit by the midday sun behind her. And she realizes exactly what it does for her when she almost loses it right then and there. Kara looks up at her then, her blue eyes as dark as the deepest parts of the ocean.

Release is so close and within her grasp but Lena knows that she needs a little something more. Kara’s mouth and fingers are working wonders on her pussy, going in tandem as she sucks on her clit and fucks her faster and harder. But Lena needs just a little nudge to get there. And so she loosens her hold on the back of the couch and pulls down the cup of her bra. Her nipple is already hard and straining when she first touches it and Lena groans as she tweaks and pulls roughly at it.

“So close, I’m so close, Kara,” she mewls, urgent and so fucking needy that Kara’s hand moves away from holding her down, roams up to pull down the other cup of her bra. Her breath hitches at the twin sensations of her nipples being played with and now with her hips free, Lena rocks them with abandon and with the sole purpose of making a shameless mess of Kara’s pretty face. And she can't find it in herself to feel bad about that.

The swooping feeling in the low of her belly tightens and tightens and tightens until Lena can't keep it in any longer. With one last devastating pinch of her nipple, she reaches for the back of the couch once again as the combination of Kara’s fingers curling and twisting in her swollen cunt and the ones mercilessly tugging at her nipple is near overwhelming. And when Lena finally cries out her orgasm, it’s drawn out with a breathless, groaning satisfaction that rushes all the way through her.

“Oh god,” she moans, trying to catch her breath when Kara’s mouth moves off her and her fingers slow down to a standstill. Lena feels her sensitive clit still throbbing with aching want and it's almost ridiculous how she already wants to go again.

Kara’s mouth is on her stomach when she feels her chuckle against her. She takes a deep breath, deep into her lungs, before peering down at her best friend, working diligently to suck a red bruise out of her pale skin. When their eyes meet, Kara arches an eyebrow at her. “One more?” she murmurs into the softness of her belly.

She watches as Kara starts to move up her stomach to between her breasts, licking a wet trail with her tongue. Lena moans when a hot mouth replaces the fingers on her nipple, gently sucking on it. And it's a different kind of soothing relief that shoots right down to her pussy. “Please,” she whines, making a point by thrusting her hips upwards to Kara’s still unmoving fingers as Lena moves to bury her hand back in Kara’s hair. A shudder goes through her as Kara’s tongue flicks hard against her nipple.

Just one more.

Chapter Text

The next time she sees Kara is on the day of Ruby’s game. She and Sam had just dropped Ruby off at her school. Even though the game is still a few hours away, Ruby’s coach wanted the team to be there early so they can have ample time to get warmed up.

There was a good period of time after moving to National City, when Lena thought there was no possible way she can ever get used to all of the sunshine the city has to offer and its sometimes unrelenting heat. Not that Metropolis is particularly gloomy or perpetually miserable but there’s also no changing the unfortunate way her body reacts to the sun. Droplets of sweat trickle heavy down the back of her neck as she and Sam make their way to the restaurant where they're meeting both Kara and Alex and is thankfully not too far away from the school. Lena can't wait to get inside to soak in the coolness of the air-conditioned room, especially since she's going to be spending the better part of three hours outside.

“You've got quite the pep in your step.”

She glances over to catch the discerning smirk on Sam’s face and shrugs. “It is a weekend and I get to start it with my favourite people. Who wouldn't?”

Sam hums, looking so effortlessly casual as she strolls with her hands tucked in the back pockets of her jeans and so annoyingly unbothered by the heat while Lena feels like a sweaty mess next to her. It's really quite unfair. “This pep wouldn't have anything to do with Kara, would it?”

“She is included in the list of my favourite people.” Lena isn't quite sure what it is that Sam is seeing about her that seems to be worth mentioning. There's not anything that she's doing that's different to any of the other times they've all gone out for breakfast together. But Sam obviously thinks so and it's something that apparently calls for the teasing grin on her face.

“But she’s right on top, isn't she?”

Pushing down a groan, Lena shoots her friend an exasperated glare. She really should have known that that is what's going on in Sam’s mind. And there's no doubt that she’s going to take full advantage of the fact that they all will be sharing the same space in a few minutes. “I see right through you, y’know.”

That only earns her an impish grin before Sam lets out an exaggerated sigh. “I know, but you can't blame a girl for trying.”

Lena chuckles at the playfully put-out expression on her old friend’s face before shaking her head once again. Despite the teasing, this is one of those moments when she’s so glad that she managed to convince Sam what a great idea it would be for her and Ruby to move to National City. Not that she was alone or felt lonely, or anything like that of course, but Sam and Ruby might just be the last two good remaining things about Metropolis, and she never stopped feeling guilty about leaving them behind as she had with Jack.

They're finally walking up to the entrance of restaurant when she hears from behind them, the unmistakable sound of the Danvers sisters’ playful bickering. When she turns around to look, she lets out a sharp laugh at the sight of Kara giving Alex a piggyback ride. Alex has her chin resting on Kara’s shoulder and looks like she could do with at least another hour of sleep while Kara unsurprisingly has the brightest smile on her face, beaming brighter when she catches sight of Lena looking back at them. “Lena, Sam, hi!” she calls out, putting just a little bit more speed in her step to catch up to them.

She shakes her head at Kara’s excited grin, still completely amazed at how much energy she has no matter what time of day it is, even though she knows that logically that it’s all to do with her alien biology. “Good morning, Kara.”

The smile on Kara’s face softens as she comes to a stop in front of her, slowly loosening her arms to let Alex situate herself back on her feet. “Good morning, Lena.”

Blue eyes slowly rake over her then and Lena wills herself to not react to the wandering gaze. Lena has no doubt that Kara can hear the fast pounding in her chest by the knowing glint in her eyes. It's a little more daring than Lena expects Kara to be, especially in front of Alex and Sam but she finds that she’s not completely averse to it, utterly pleased with herself when Kara licks her lips. She arches her eyebrow when Kara finally meets her stare.

She’s jostled forward when Sam bumps right up against her, bringing her a little closer to Kara. “Oh it's so good to see you, Sam! Oh golly thank you, Kara, it has been a hot minute since we’ve seen each other, hasn't it?” It's obvious from the higher pitch Sam uses at first, that she's trying and failing spectacularly to mimic Kara’s voice.

Though Lena rolls her eyes at Sam’s dramatics, Kara only laughs as she reaches around Lena to wrap her arms around their friend in a careful, tight hug. “I've missed you, Sammy.”

The snarky grin on Sam’s face softens into an affectionate one as she pulls back from their hug. “I guess I’ve missed you too.”

“What am I, chopped liver?” Alex grumbles from behind them, making them laugh as Sam walks over to greet her while Kara reaches over to wrap her arms around Lena’s waist.

Her hands rest where they always do when she hugs Kara, right between her shoulders with her palms pressing Kara even closer to her. Kara is so very warm and it should probably bother her considering the heat of the day itself but Lena finds herself melting further into the embrace. She smiles, sighing when she feels Kara humming happily against her, the sound practically vibrating between them.

“Did you and Alex have a good time last night?” she asks softly as she pulls away from the hug once she sees Alex and Sam coming closer.

Kara nods in lieu of answering. “Alex was not happy that I woke her up so early though. First thing she said to me was, ‘fight me’.” She rolls her eyes and laughs when Alex pushes her, feigning as if it actually moves her but stops herself from bumping into Lena.

Widening her stance as she places her hands on her hips, Alex points at Kara with a challenging glare. “And I still stand by it. You and me, red sun room, next week."

Lena chuckles when Alex’s challenge only earns her another eye-roll from Kara. She watches as Kara then copies her older sister’s posture, right down to the fists on her hips. The glare on her face is much more playful though. “We train every week, dummy.”

It strikes her as funny how she and Sam are so used to these moments of watching Kara and Alex bicker in the way that they do. How they merely exchange a look of amusement when Alex flicks Kara on the nose and knowing immediately that it's going to start some kind of playful scuffle between them. It's probably a good thing that there’s still a lot of time before Ruby’s game because it looks like breakfast might just end up becoming brunch instead.

“How long do you think this is going to go for?” Sam asks her as she grabs her phone out of her pocket. She hears the familiar sound of the game that Ruby introduced to them just a few weeks ago.

She takes one long look at the distracted Danvers sisters. “I’m going to bet: when Kara realizes that she’s hungry and remembers that there’s food waiting inside.”

“Long enough for me to destroy this goddamn level then,” Sam mutters almost to herself, already getting a little consumed with her game.

Sometimes watching the way that Kara and Alex interact with each other are the few times when she'd feel the keen pain of missing Lex as they used to bicker and roughhouse in much the same manner. After all, once upon a time, he did love her in his own way and even now, she loves him still and the thought of wanting to see him will never ever really go away. But then she’d look over at Sam or Jess or sometimes even Winn, and she thinks that even though they can't ever replace her brother, they still do a pretty damn good job at being her family.

The frighteningly loud growl of Kara’s belly is what gets Alex to release her from the headlock that she had apparently trapped her in, and it all honestly amazes Lena sometimes. Even though it’s become so normal, so practically benign for her to see them play-fight like this, she doesn't think she’ll ever really get used to just how far they can go without Kara accidentally hurting Alex just because of how rough it seems to get. But she supposes that after so many years of them training and sparring especially with each other, they've by now learned the limits of each other's bodies when it came to how much the other can take.

The look on Alex’s face is flush with triumph, much more alert and awake than when they first walked up to her and Sam barely a few minutes ago. Kara meanwhile looks a little more disheveled but still very much the same with her bright eyes and even brighter smile. Promptly seizing the moment as Sam is still playing her game, Lena hurries and reaches for the door, pulling it open. “After you.”

From beside her, Sam automatically turns to walk through the door just as she lets out a shamelessly loud devastated groan, indicating that she had lost at whatever part she was playing. Alex follows closely behind Sam, gracing her with a dorky salute in thanks for keeping the door open. Kara isn't too far behind and just before she starts to make her way inside, she places her hand high on Lena’s waist, leaning in to give her a lingering kiss on the cheek. “Thank you,” she mumbles shyly into her cheek before pulling away with a charmingly bashful smile. Lena can't help but stare dumbly, her cheeks hot as Kara goes to join her sister and their friend.

The restaurant is nearly full with people when she finally walks in and Lena easily recognizes most of them as families of the girls in Ruby’s team, which makes sense considering the near location to the school. She hopes that a server will get them situated at a table soon as the warm and delicious smell of cooked food reminds Lena that she herself hasn't eaten breakfast and is looking forward to fill her belly with some sustenance.

Kara turns around to them, using her thumb to point over to the left of them where the restrooms are. “I’m just going to go wash up, be right back,” she tells them, already heading off in that same direction.

It isn't until Kara is some distance away when Alex turns to face her and Sam with a serious and determined look on her face. “Okay first things first, can we all agree to be mature adults and not pretend that we don't know about certain recent developments? And then not talk about it at the breakfast table?”

She nods readily. While she usually doesn't have any issue telling her friends about her sexual exploits, it would probably feel a little unsettling for Alex to hear certain things about her sister.

It should come to no surprise to either of them though that Sam however, has no such issue. “Are you talking about Lena having sex with Kara, your baby sister Kara?” It truly impresses Lena how Alex’s heated glare doesn't even affect Sam or make her squirm where she stands, unlike Winn who still wilts at even the slight mention of it. Sam shoots Alex this innocent smile instead, a smile that Lena is almost sure she has seen Ruby try to give whenever she herself got in trouble. “What? You said at the breakfast table. We're still waiting to be seated.”

She shakes her head, wanting to sigh in exasperation but smiles anyway because this is just Sam and she wouldn't love her in any other way. And she knows from the odd mix of consternation and affection on Alex’s face, that she wouldn't either. Alex’s glare softens, most likely seeing the reminder of Ruby just as Lena had too but she still rolls her eyes. “You knew what I meant, Samantha. And just for that, you're paying for my meal.”

“We just can't take you anywhere, can we?”

The smile on Sam’s face is unapologetic and annoyingly charming in its own way. “No, you really can't.”

With a light chuckle, Lena shakes her head again. She realizes then that Kara hasn't returned just yet. “Hey, I’ll be right back,” she tells the two of them, starting to take the left turn towards the restroom.

She isn't so far away yet that she doesn't miss Sam asking Alex, “you know they’re just going to be making out in there now, right?”

“Don't make me shove a bagel in your mouth.”


Lena laughs quietly to herself as she leaves Alex and Sam to go on with their banter. She’s almost sure now of the reason why Kara hasn’t come back out.

The restroom door swings open from the slight push of her hand and she feels a smirk grow on her face when she finds Kara with her arms crossed, leaning back so casually against the sink. “Hi there.”

“Hi,” Kara replies with a slight smirk of her own.

It seems that avoiding Sam’s inevitable teasing isn't the only reason why Kara’s still there. The restroom is empty for the time being but with how many patrons there currently are in the restaurant, Lena’s sure somebody will be coming along soon enough. But she takes one look at Kara and Lena finds herself walking further inside until she’s leaning back against the sink right beside her. She nudges Kara’s shoulder lightly as she reaches to circle her arm around Kara’s waist. Kara unfolds her arms, turning to face her fully and Lena starts to lean in when she quietly asks, “Were you waiting long?”

Kara lets out this deep breath that sounds like a chuckle, shaking her head before meeting her stare. She reaches for her hand, lightly tracing the back of it with her fingers. The gentle touch is light, teasing - the smile on Kara's lips is tender and so heartbreakingly disarming. “No, you came in just in time.”


At the first press of Lena’s lips on hers, Kara breathes out a sigh that she thinks feels like relief as her hands move from Lena’s waist to grip carefully at her hips resulting in her arching a little more into her body. She feels Lena sliding her arms around her shoulders, burying her hands in her hair and without any further thought, she nudges Lena backwards until she’s got her right up against the sink. Her thumbs hook around the belt hoops of Lena’s jeans, tugging suggestively at them in a way that makes Lena’s hips rock against her. A different kind of velvet heat goes through her when Lena lets out a quiet gasp between the space of her lips.

She had actually been just about to leave the restroom when she heard Lena telling Sam and Alex that she was going to be right back, when she heard Lena’s heartbeat - so strong and steady - coming closer and closer to where she was. The last time she saw Lena, she was rushing out of her office the other day after their shared lunch and the very memory of Lena spread out and open across her couch, with her hand on her breast and another on the back of the couch, has stayed with Kara since then. And that particular image has been a little distracting at the worst of times, especially when she's trying to work, either on an article or even when she's on her Supergirl duties.

Well, maybe more than a little distracting.

Even though she doesn't view masturbation as a merely perfunctory act and she usually does quite enjoy the activity; the thing is that, it usually takes Kara a little bit of time before she remembers that oh, this is something she can do for herself. She knows that it shouldn't be so hard to realize that. It's a perfectly revolutionary form of self-love that should be encouraged more often and one that Kara actually indulged in just yesterday, a couple or so hours before Alex said she would be coming over.

It might have just been the fastest she had ever made herself come. Though she doesn't think it should be that much of a surprise. Not when she had the thought of Lena and the sounds she made, her sighs, her moans, how she whimpered out Kara’s name. She felt the phantom touch of Lena’s hands over her body, when Lena raked her fingernails right down her belly, when she buried her fingers in Kara’s hair and how she pulled at it. The exact way that she’s pulling at Kara’s hair right now and Kara doesn't even bother to hide the moan that rumbles in her throat.

The fierce heat of a blush creeps its way up her neck and across her cheeks. She knows that she should probably keep an ear out in case somebody is near and about to interrupt them. But it seems that all of Kara’s senses are only tuning into the sounds she and Lena are making, the wet sounds of their kissing lips, the heavy pants of their breathing. “Your heart is driving me crazy,” she rushes to say in a breathless whisper before bringing her mouth down the side of Lena’s neck. Her grip tightens on Lena’s hips when she hears her whimper as she grazes her teeth across her sensitive skin. Lena’s heart is pounding loud, racing fast and Kara can't seem to get enough of it, can't seem to get enough of Lena. She doesn't know what’s come over her. No, scratch that, she knows exactly what it is.

Kara recognizes the restlessness that lingers under her skin easily, that need to move or do something but flying hasn't been enough to sate it, not like it usually does. No, there's something in her now that's been set free and if she can put a name to it, she thinks that it’s something that comes close to desire.

She has always been tactile, physically affectionate with everybody that she loves and cares for and she absolutely thrives when she gets that affection back in return. Sometimes she thinks that she could burst from how much she feels for the people around her and she has learned that she doesn't want to filter any of that from them. Not when she’s Supergirl and who knows which fight will end up being her last. She can't ever take that chance.

From what little experience she has had with romantic partners, she has been made very aware of the fact that her tactility becomes more than a little ardent in nature if there is a sexual aspect in that particular relationship. Her body acts without any thought but one and that thought is about what it wants. And right now, it wants to be closer to Lena, wants to touch her, wants to-

A loud scream coming from outside the restroom shocks them apart and though a part of Kara is disappointed, she feels that it’s probably a good thing that they had been interrupted. Especially considering her hands are now somehow under Lena’s shirt and judging by their trajectory, Kara’s pretty sure that she had just been about to unhook Lena’s bra. Lena must come to the same conclusion when she lets out a breathless laugh, her eyebrow quirking in that discerning way that gets Kara blushing even more. She lowers her hands back down to rest on Lena’s hips, a shy smile on her face. “Hi,” she utters softly.

“Hello again,” Lena replies, her hand moving to gently cup Kara’s cheek before she leans in to press her lips against it.

She gives Lena's hips a gentle squeeze as they both take a step back though their hands stay exactly where they are. That's when Kara takes a proper look at her, takes in Lena’s flushed cheeks, her kiss-swollen lips. Her heart skips a beat at the sight of her, knowing that this is all because of her, because of what they've just done. “You look really pretty today. Not- that you don't usually but-”

“Thank you, darling,” Lena replies, thankfully stopping Kara before she ends up spiraling in a long awkward ramble. Lena’s thumb gently brushes across her cheek. “Did you hear what your sister said earlier?”

She nods, following it up with a roll of her eyes. “Don’t let her fool you. She’s been teasing me since I told her about us the other day.”

Lena hums at that, a wistful smile on her face. “I feel that’s probably just a sister thing.”

“You're probably right.” Kara’s stomach growls then, so loud that the sound bounces off the walls. Even though it really isn't the first time Lena’s heard it, the volume of Kara’s obvious hunger still seems to make her laugh. She loves hearing Lena laugh even when it's at her expense so Kara can't even feel too embarrassed about that. She offers a sheepish smile anyway. “Food?”


She tries to ignore the smirk that she knows very well is on Sam’s face as she takes her seat next to Kara. It took them a few minutes to freshen up and attempt to hide any traces of what they were doing. Once she’s settled in her chair, she's a little surprised and wary when she sees the teasing glint in Alex’s eyes that matches with Sam’s.

“So, did you guys have fun?” Sam asks, wiggling her eyebrows as she props her chin with her fist, an excited gleam in her eyes.

She sneaks a glance over at Kara, finding that she's already looking at her. Lena hopes that the strength of her will is enough to keep her blushing at bay. Lena’s pretty sure that she managed to get her hair back to the state it was before she walked in the restroom, remembered to tuck her shirt back in her jeans and there isn't anything on her that's out of place so there's no way that anybody could deduce what happened between her and Kara in the restroom. No absolute way. “I have no idea what you're talking about,” she replies haughtily when she turns to stare Sam straight in the eyes.

“Maybe you don't but Kara's face sure is telling us a whole lot of things.”

Really, the fact that Kara’s the one that completely gives it away for the both of them is something that Lena should have been expecting in the first place. She has known Kara long enough to be aware of how utterly hopeless she is at keeping anything to herself, especially when she’s around people that know her well. It also really doesn't help their case when Kara is valiantly trying her best to hide behind her hands but failing as it isn't at all difficult for anybody to catch the fierce blush on her face. What Lena doesn't expect at all is that the remark had come from Alex and not Sam. She's filled with disbelief when she catches them exchanging a celebratory high five. “Whatever happened to ‘not talking about it at the breakfast table’?”

Alex only shrugs somewhat unapologetically though Lena feels a little placated by the slight pink in her cheeks. It doesn't surprise her though when it's Sam that answers her question, a proud and arrogant smirk tacked on her face. “I have my ways.”

“I suppose that's why I hired you in the first place,” she concedes begrudgingly. She’s not about to admit out loud that she’s kind of impressed that Sam managed to somehow persuade Alex over to her side in whatever small time frame it was when she and Kara were still in the restroom. Especially when everybody knows how notoriously stubborn Alex Danvers is.

“And also because you wanted to look at my gorgeous face,” Sam adds assuredly.

She waits a beat or two before she replies as impassively as possible. “Sure.”

“Babe, that's just hurtful.”

“I'm sure you’ll live,” she retorts, willfully ignoring the glare she knows is on Sam’s face to direct her attention back to her blushing best friend.

“I’m so sorry, I can't help it!” Kara whines, throwing her hands up in defeat.

After all these years, Lena still hasn't figured out how to resist the pout on Kara’s face. “It's alright, darling,” she soothes, reaching up to Kara’s cheek to comfort her. The pout thankfully goes away, replaced instead with an endearingly embarrassed smile that Lena returns with a smile of her own as she lowers her hand down to rest on Kara’s thigh, giving it a reassuring squeeze. She shoots Sam and Alex a narrowed glare when she hears them snickering between themselves. She grabs a menu off the table and offers it to Kara before grabbing another for herself. “Let's order some food and get to that game, shall we?”

It’s in the middle of perusing the menu when Lena realizes that her hand isn’t just still on Kara’s thigh but that Kara had also placed her hand on top of Lena’s. She doesn't know how she didn't notice that before, how warm Kara’s hand is enveloping hers but now - but now - it's all that she notices. And Lena doesn't know why. Not when this isn't the first time she and Kara ever held hands in public or in front of their friends. They've done it so much that it's practically normal. It is normal. Natural, even. But she can't help but feel so keenly aware of the way that Kara’s thumb is mindlessly stroking across her knuckles and Lena wonders if Kara has always done that, wonders if Kara can feel the little nicks and scars etched into her skin, wonders what her hand feels like to Kara’s sensitive touch. She’s so caught up in her thoughts that she doesn't even hear her name being called at first.

Sharing herself out of her stupor, Lena realizes that it was Kara trying to get her attention. “I’m sorry, I was daydreaming a little bit there. What were you saying?”

Kara easily accepts her excuse with an indulgent smile. It's not the first time she’d have caught Lena getting lost in her thoughts anyway. “Okay well, are you ready to order then? Do you know what you want?” she asks and Lena can feel Kara’s thumb stop, resting on the back of her hand.

She starts to answer but then smiles apologetically, shaking her head. “I think I do but I just need a little more time to be sure,” she tells Kara before taking her eyes off her to look down at the open menu in front of her once again.

Kara’s thumb starts tracing circles.


She regrets not accepting the paper bag from the food truck guy when she nearly drops one of her hot dogs. Thankfully Alex saves her just in time, grabbing the rogue hot dog and setting it on top of the cooler sitting at the foot of her chair.

“I can't believe you went to get even more food, you bottomless pit.”

She shrugs off her sister’s reproach. “I'm still hungry,” she explains before digging into the food she bought.

“You packed food for yourself and for everybody else,” Alex points out, gesturing to the two coolers next to them, one labeled with Kara’s name on the side while the other has everybody else’s names on it. “And we literally just had breakfast an hour ago.”

An undignified snort comes from Lena sitting next to her, who’s been silently watching the game that only started half an hour prior. Kara’s grin widens at Lena’s reaction before reluctantly holding out her food to offer her a bite and much to her stark relief, Lena only shakes her head with an amused, knowing smile before turning back to watch the game.

Turning her attention back to Alex, Kara only shrugs once again before plastering on a cheeky smirk. “Maybe I'm an alien.” She then takes a huge, obnoxious bite of her hot dog at her flippant remark.

She can just about hear the growl lacing the accompanying long-suffering sigh that Alex lets out in exasperation. “You're a dummy.”

“Your face is a dummy,” she shoots back with a lack of any real heat behind it due to the food still in her mouth muffling her words.

“Oh look, Ruby’s got the ball.”

Alex’s attention is swiftly drawn back to the field in front of them and Kara chuckles at Lena’s purposefully-timed interruption, having seen Ruby steal the ball and keeping possession of it long before Lena said anything. Kara continues happily biting into her hot dog as Alex walks off to join Sam who's been chatting with some other parents of Ruby’s teammates. Apparently there have been some talks about Sam possibly taking over coaching for one of the other moms but Sam is a little unsure about it. Kara would normally join them too if it weren't for the amount of food still sitting on her lap. And plus, Lena’s sitting next to her and she’s got a bottle pressed up to her neck in an attempt to cool down but judging by her irritated sigh, it's not working at all. She smiles in sympathy when Lena glances over at her and it fascinates her how even like this, Lena is still so incredibly pretty, with her flushed cheeks, the damp strands of dark hair sticking to the sides of her face. She almost can't take her eyes off her.

“Hey, do you maybe want to come over later?” she asks before taking the last bite of her hot dog.

She had intended on asking Lena this at a much later time, wanting to talk about some things that she discovered the other day. She had planned to ask either after Ruby’s game or before they all went their separate ways. But the question has been on the tip of her tongue since Lena first kissed her earlier - or maybe it was there when she first saw her this morning - and she’s at least somewhat impressed with herself that she managed to keep it in for the better part of the hour. Kara knows that there's no way she can project any kind of cool facade in the way that she asks, knows that there's a transparency to her that no doubt tells Lena exactly what it is that Kara is really asking of her.

Her head ducks immediately when she catches the discerning smile on Lena’s face, trying to hide the blushing heat in her cheeks. She looks back up when Lena’s foot nudges against hers and there’s this dark promise in her pale green eyes that leaves Kara just a little breathless, watching almost in slow motion as her best friend leans towards her. “That is a very tempting offer,” she replies quietly just as the look in her eyes fade, replaced by something like regret and disappointment in them, “but I’m actually planning to be in the office for the rest of the day.”

Though she is as equally disappointed, Kara frowns at the idea of Lena going into the office. “For the rest of the day? Lena, it's the weekend.

“You know that means nothing to me.”

Kara rolls her eyes. Sure, of course, she knows this. Anybody who knows Lena, knows this too, knows that Lena’s tireless work ethic is less of a habit and more something that is as intrinsic to her as her otherworldly genius. It doesn't stop Kara from worrying, doesn't stop her from wanting Lena to just take more than a small break for herself but she knows just as well that trying to stop Lena from working will only make her want to keep working out of spite more than any actual desire to work. And that is something she knows from experience. “Workaholic,” she chooses to tease instead, chuckling when Lena throws an impish smile back at her. “Would you maybe like to have some company instead then?”

Lena gives her a thoughtful look at first before letting out a deep breath, biting down on her bottom lip. “After the last time you were in my office, I’m not entirely confident that I can focus with you around.”

At the brazen reminder of her last visit to Lena’s office, Kara resists the urge to look away despite the hot blush she feels spreading back across her cheeks. She stares back at Lena in a willful exchange before she purposefully lets her gaze drift down to Lena’s lips, listening to the way that the beating in Lena’s chest starts picking up faster and harder. “Is that really so bad though?” she asks in a quiet whisper.

Lena starts to lean in a little closer then, bringing her lips closer and Kara is caught between wanting to let her do away with the distance between them but a part of her knows that she shouldn't encourage her because Ruby’s soccer game is probably not the best place for this. Her decision is made for her when the shrill whistle that signals the first break pierces through the air. She watches Lena shake her head then, as if she's surprised herself at what she had been about to do and Kara can't help but feel a little smug at that. Lena shakes her head one more time, shooting Kara a mild glare. “You are trouble, Miss Danvers.”

“I'm not sure what you're talking about,” she replies with an innocent smile, adjusting her glasses as she does so.

Lena hums skeptically, breathing out a deep chuckle as she shakes her head. “I do have a lot of prep to get through before my video conference tomorrow but- how do you feel about the afternoon instead and I can bring you lunch?”

She nods, an eager smile on her lips and an excited flutter in her stomach. “I can work with that.”


“So what are the plans for the rest of the weekend for you guys?”

It’s after the game and they're celebrating the victory of Ruby’s team. The announcement of pizza and ice cream was met with a chorus of cheers, Kara being the loudest out of everybody else. Not that anybody can blame her since they’re at her favorite pizzeria, one of the few places in National City that never bats an eyelid at the front row display of her near-limitless appetite. It still didn't stop Alex from shooting her a dirty look that Kara only laughed at and haplessly shrugged off.  

“Sleep,” Sam answers first, taking a massive bite of her pizza while keeping an eye on Ruby and her friends sitting a few tables away. “Though I don't know how much of that is actually going to happen since Ruby’s having some of her friends over later and they're staying until tomorrow.”

She winces in sympathy at the thought of a house filled with teenagers. Lena’s done her fair share of babysitting Ruby with one or two of her friends (with the help of Kara and sometimes Alex) and from what she can tell, Ruby thankfully has a good bunch of friends. But still, a whole slew of teenagers in one house over a weekend just seems incredibly intimidating.

“You can always come over and hang out at my place?” Kara offers as she looks over all the pizzas left on the table, seemingly trying to decide which slice is going to be her next. “Well, I want to visit the animal shelter for a bit if you want to join and then you can nap at mine until you have to head back home. I’m sure Ruby and her friends will be fine on their own for a little while. It's not like they've never been on their own before.”

“I guess that’s true.” Sam nods thoughtfully before shooting a warning glare over at Kara. “As long as we don’t stay too long at the shelter and you don’t try to pout at me, begging me to adopt all of them, again.

Alex snorts. “Good luck with that.”

“I don't- it was only one time,” Kara splutters in protest, her eyes wide and innocent.

“It was every time,” Sam deadpans, even though Lena can clearly see the teasing in her eyes. She doesn't even have to look to know that Kara’s pout is in full-swing at this point just as she knows that Sam will do her best to resist but like Alex and Lena herself, she will eventually crumble and melt at the sight of it. It's unfair really, the way that Kara uses that particular power over everybody else.

And Lena isn't ready or at all prepared when Kara turns to her with that pout on her lips and the full force of her pretty blue eyes solely on her. “I don't do that, do I?” she asks.

She opens her mouth to say that no, of course not but instead she reaches up to cradle Kara’s face in her hands. “You're so cute.”

Her attempt to deflect works when Kara blushes under her attention as she brushes her thumbs over the swells of Kara’s cheeks. A completely different feeling takes over, one that has her eyes sweeping down to Kara’s lips and wondering just how Kara’s chocolate milkshake will taste on her tongue. She doesn't even get to lean an inch further towards Kara when she feels a spray of cold water on her face and it breaks the spell between them, forcing Lena to pull away. Once she's done wiping the water off her face, she turns to find both Alex and Sam with twin smirks on their faces and half-filled glasses of water in their hands.

“Excuse me, this is a family restaurant,” Sam scolds jokingly.

“Yeah, hands where I can see them, you two,” Alex adds.

As if by unspoken mutual agreement, both she and Kara raise their hands up while she adds a little teasing wiggle of her fingers that only makes Sam laugh a little louder than what is likely appropriate in a public setting. “We’ll behave,” she promises just as she ever so discreetly slides her foot to nudge Kara’s.


She stands with her hands clasped behind her back, waiting patiently as Lena pushes her office door open.

Just as the door is slightly ajar, Lena looks back over her shoulder to catch her eye. “You know, you didn't need to walk all the way up with me, Kara. I am a big girl, after all,” she teases lightly as she walks in, Kara following dutifully before closing the door behind her.

She stalls, allowing Lena to place her bag on her desk. Kara offers a bashful smile accompanied by a shrug when Lena turns to face her, leaning back against her desk. “I wanted to anyway.”

Lena shakes her head, a soft and fond look on her face. They've been here so many times already that she knows how futile it is to even try to argue with Kara on this. She crosses her arms over her chest. “Did you have a good time at the game then?” she asks, laughing softly when Kara practically throws herself onto the couch.

The couch has never really been comfortable to lay down on and for the umpteenth time, Kara wonders just how Lena manages to sleep on it throughout the nights she decides to stay in LCorp. She makes a mental note to keep an eye out for some comfortable pillows. “The game, yes. Sam teasing us and somehow getting Alex in on it though? Not so much,” she grumbles, pouting as she does so. She’s staring up at the ceiling before she looks over to catch Lena nodding in agreement, taking in the pensive frown on her best friend’s face. “But- you know that they're just worried about us, right?” she asks carefully.

Lena sighs, brushing her hair back. “Because of what we’re doing.”

Something flashes in Lena’s eyes then that has Kara bringing her attention back to the ceiling, something that causes a flutter in her chest. “They're worried we’ll fall in love and it’ll ruin us,” she murmurs quietly, listening to Lena walking over to the couch. She can tell by the soft sounds that Lena has taken off her shoes, walking barefoot now and Kara grins a little, at how comfortable Lena feels around her. She sighs when Lena’s fingers weave gentle in her hair, a slight hint to get Kara to lift her head. She obligingly does so, giving Lena enough room to sit down so that she can rest her head on Lena’s lap.

“Love has been known to do that,” Lena utters softly as she starts to brush her fingers through Kara’s hair, her sharp nails lightly scraping over Kara’s scalp as she does so.

It's difficult to miss the knowing timbre that laces broad and thick in Lena’s voice. She looks up at Lena and isn't at all surprised to see the thoughtful frown that she’s wearing. She lets out a quiet sigh as she blindly reaches for Lena’s free hand, lacing their fingers together to offer her best friend a little comfort. Are Alex and Sam right to worry? Kara thinks of the love that Lena has experienced in her life, or at least of the ones that Lena has shared with her. She wonders if Lena is thinking of Jack, or maybe even James. She wonders about the kind of love that Lena has felt, if she has had a glimpse of the kind of love that she deserves. The greatest love Kara ever felt has only ever been for her family and friends. There’s no romantic love for her to speak of - only more than a handful of almosts and could-have-beens. A part of her feels a little insecure about her lack of experience with romantic partners or even just romance in general, especially when she looks to her loved ones and sees them meeting new people and connecting with them.

That's something that doesn't come easy for Kara, making connections. She thinks that a part of it is that she’s so used to this distance between herself and others, a distance that she created out of fear and survival to hide her Kryptonian identity. It’s why her friendship with Lena is so important to her. That distance never existed with Lena. There was something about her that Kara recognized in herself, something so viscerally familiar and it seemed that Lena felt the same way too when they latched onto each other nearly right from the start. There's an unparalleled intimacy between them that Kara has never really known with anybody else apart from Alex, an intimacy that has deepened as the years passed, most especially after she revealed herself as Supergirl just the year before. She wonders if this new development in their friendship will do the same too.

She looks back up, surprised to find Lena’s gaze already on her. Her chest aches at the tenderness in her best friend’s pale green eyes, the kind of tenderness that Lena so rarely allows herself to show with most people. “So, I've been doing some research on this whole- arrangement thing...” she starts, wanting to break the heavy silence between them.

“Ever the reporter,” Lena chuckles dryly. “And what have you found?”

Thinking back to the afternoon she spent practically glued to her laptop, reading countless essays and articles - so much more than Kara ever expected when she first started out. Most of what she found were articles, detached and impersonal, but then she stumbled onto a forum where people shared their stories. Who knew that there are so many people all over the world that get into these agreements with their friends? Certainly not her. Though she did end up going down quite the black hole, as one tends to do when in deep research mode on the internet. Kara has learned way more than she ever really needs to know about the underground swing culture in National City. At the very least, she has a back-up pitch for an article if she ever really needs it. She kind of hopes she doesn't. She’s not exactly sure how she would go about explaining to Snapper how exactly she got onto this idea without wanting to hurl herself into the sun.

But there's a reason as to why she wanted to spend a little extra alone time with Lena and it wasn't to get distracted by her addictive lips and her intoxicating scent and her firm hands.

Well, not just that anyway.

Deciding that it's probably best that she be in a better position for this conversation so that she can see Lena’s face properly, Kara gets up. She moves to sit across from Lena as she turns to face her, smiling softly when Lena’s knee bumps against hers. There’s really only one thing that concerns Kara after all the reading she did, especially after going through the forum and seeing the same advice, page after page after page. The patiently curious smile on Lena’s face eases whatever nerves that linger, though she takes a deep breath anyway as she reaches for Lena’s hand. “So okay, I was looking through forum and I noticed that there’s usually a list of rules for these types of things? But we kind of... don't have that?”

With the same smile still on her face, Lena shifts a little closer until her knee is slightly in between her own. It’s a warm reassurance as her best friend's green eyes look at her with a thoughtful gaze. “Would you like to have rules, Kara?” she finally murmurs.

She shrugs, unsure. “It seems like the thing to do, isn't it?” she asks, looking down as she starts to play with Lena’s fingers. “But I just- I kind of don’t understand them? They sound like they would be simple enough to follow but we’ve also broken some of those rules already? Like cuddles and sleepovers? We’re actually not supposed to do either of those but we’ve done them even before we started this and apparently once you’ve broken a rule, you either don’t do it again or you just forget the whole thing altogether?”

Once Kara is done with her ramble, she looks up to see Lena with that same soft, thoughtful gaze in her eyes. It's obvious that Lena is searching for the words, wanting to pick the right ones when the silence that follows, sits heavy and loud between them. She continues to play with Lena’s fingers when Lena grabs hold of her hand, effectively putting a stop to her fidgeting. Lena’s hand is reassuring, soothing as her thumb starts stroking her palm and she feels Lena’s warmth go through her like a whisper as she leans towards her. “Kara, these lists - the whole idea of this situation is simply to have fun with a friend but things can get... complicated when feelings happen. So people create these lists to make sure nobody gets hurt by getting emotionally attached and accidentally fall in love with each other.”

She frowns, letting out a frustrated huff that makes Lena chuckle as if she already knew that her explanation would only confuse her even more. “But- wouldn’t they be already emotionally attached because they’re friends in the first place?”

Lena nods slowly, chewing on her bottom lip. “Yes, but usually people do these things with friends they’re not all that close with, so that if something did happen then the potential hurt would be easier to manage.”

“But what is so bad about falling in love with your best friend?”

She wonders if Lena ever gets tired of having to explain things like this to her. Things that seem so black and white to her but apparently isn't to others. Kara isn't sure if that is down to her alienness or simply her inexperience. It just seems so illogical to get upset about falling in love with your best friend but while Kara’s own experience isn't so terribly lacking, she concedes that she has never dated her best friend before. She supposes that she could ask Alex but considering that her sister is not that much experienced than her, Lena just seems like the safer bet.

If Lena minds the abrupt question, it doesn't show on her face. There's only patience and understanding as she gently squeezes her hand around Kara’s. “There isn’t anything bad about it but I think it’s more that they’re - worried - if the other doesn't feel the same and that it would ruin their friendship. They’d be torn between wanting to stop the whole thing altogether because they don't want to lie or deceive their friend, or to keep going just so they’ll have a little glimpse of what it's like to be with them.”

“I guess you have a point,” she concedes. “But I still don't think there's anything wrong with it. I’d want my future partner to be my best friend. Wouldn't you?”

Lena nods, her hand squeezing around Kara’s again. “Of course I would,” she utters, quiet and emphatic.

She starts to say something when her phone buzzes in her pocket and Kara sighs remorsefully, having an inkling on who just texted her. It seems like so little time has passed at all since they arrived in Lena’s office. “That’s probably Sam. She’s meeting me at my place so I should probably go. Continue this conversation tomorrow?” she asks, kissing Lena’s cheek before she gets up to stand.

“I’ll be there.”

At Lena’s nod, she gives her one last smile before turning to make her way to the door. She’s just about to pull it open when a thought occurs to her and she pauses before turning back around. She’s met with the sight of Lena already standing up and off her couch, an eyebrow raised in question. Kara shakes her head, letting out a quiet laugh. “I uh- I just remembered something,” she tells her.

Lena’s eyebrow rises a little further. “What was it?”

She takes a deep breath as she walks briskly towards Lena, places her hands on her waist and pulls Lena into her. She just barely catches Lena’s hands coming to rest on her shoulders. “Just- this,” she mutters before pressing her lips to Lena’s and as Lena lets out a surprised moan at the contact, Kara is almost sure that she can hear the thundering in Lena’s chest too, can hear how it seems to race along with her own. It’s leaving her dizzy and so goddamn breathless. She wonders why she hasn't been kissing Lena this whole time, why did they spend so much of their time talking when they could have been doing this? Lena’s hands are in her hair now and god, it makes Kara groan and she can feel herself blush at how needy and gravely she sounds, as if it’s dragging itself right out of her throat and she can't help but push her hips into Lena’s then.

It takes all of her strength to slow down the kiss so she can pull back and she nearly loses all her resolve at Lena’s quiet whine. And Kara just knows from Lena’s flushed cheeks and her hazy green eyes that she wouldn't say no if Kara suggests that she stay just a little bit longer. But she can hear Sam’s heartbeat in the distance, already close to her apartment now and Lena’s got a desk full of work to get through and as much as Kara wants to stay - god, she really wants to stay - she doesn't want to actually keep Lena from doing her job. With a soft sigh, she reaches up to slowly sweep her thumb across Lena’s bottom lip, taking one last look of Lena with her flushed cheeks and her dark green eyes. She feels a little smug at the sight of Lena like this but mostly, she's kind of really amazed that she's the reason for it.

“Bye,” she finally whispers, soft and wistful.

It's only after the door closes behind her and she’s already halfway down the building that Kara realizes that the sound she keeps hearing is the thundering still going in Lena’s chest.


The rest of her day doesn't go as quietly as she thought it would.

From the shelter, both Kara and Sam text her near constantly with pictures of each other holding puppies that get progressively cuter as they go. Sam even sends a video of Kara holding up two puppies with the saddest look on her face as Sam tells her that no, she is not going to adopt them. Her friends’ antics make the day go a little faster and keep her from worrying about being underprepared for her meeting. Not that she’s particularly worried about it going badly tomorrow but it seems that nerves are a thing she still feels before any meeting, regardless of how many of them she’s already had.

It's during a lull between Kara’s and Sam’s texting that she gets a phone call from Alex. At first she thinks that maybe something must have happened to Kara as Alex doesn't usually call unless it's particularly urgent and she just can't wait or it's a Supergirl emergency. But there hasn't been a recent news alert about Supergirl going out for a rescue in the city so Lena tells herself to take a deep calming breath before accepting the call. “Alex?”

“Hey Lena, how busy are you right now?”

Relief goes through her when there is no real urgency in Alex’s voice but a hint of reluctance that gets Lena a little curious as she rarely hears it coming from Alex. She sets her pen down on her desk, checking her wristwatch before finally answering, “I can take a break for a few minutes. What’s up? Did you need something?”

“Not really. I- um- I just called to let you know that I- left something for you over at Kara’s.”

Even though Alex is being weirdly reticent, realization sinks in about why she's calling her. “Oh thank you! I’m not actually going over until tomorrow though, but hey wait- isn't it my turn to get the next bottle?”

It all started when Lena had gone to Kara’s to hang out but found Alex opening, what Lena found out to be, her second bottle of the night. Alex and Maggie had broken off their engagement not too long before that night and Lena understood the need to drown one’s sorrows. Kara had been out on a rescue which Lena didn't know at the time but she had brought a bottle of wine with her that she didn't want to drink on her own and so she joined Alex in the name of camaraderie, keeping her company until Kara came back from wherever she was. Two days later, she came back from lunch with an investor to find a new bottle waiting for her in her office with a note from Alex telling her that no, she was most definitely not allowed to refuse the gift but that she was of course, very much welcome to share it. Lena, being who she is, of course, decided that she needed to present Alex with a bottle to say thank you right back. The back and forth has since become a tradition that Lena shares only with Alex.

“It is! It is your turn. It's not a bottle or anything like that.”

Now she's even more confused about what it could be. “Is it something you need me to look at?” she asks. It's not completely out of the realm of possibilities. After all, she has been consulting with the DEO when they feel they've exhausted all their own resources.

She hears Alex taking a deep breath, as if she's preparing herself for whatever she's about to say next. “It’s a- god , it’s a red sun lamp.”

It takes her an embarrassingly long few minutes before she even registers what it is that Alex had just said to her. “A red sun lamp? You mean-”

Alex lets out a heavy sigh and she can almost imagine her running her fingers through her hair in a bid to center herself. “Look Lena, there are things I don't want to think about concerning my little sister, mainly her sex life, but I can’t exactly ignore who she is and what she can do. That’s not who I am. I protect her in every way that I can, even with this.”

“You do realize that it’s already happened, right? We have had sex - more than once.” She tries not to laugh when she hears a squawking sound over the phone. There's still disbelief going through her but she's also not about to waste any opportunity to get back at Alex for the teasing she and Sam put her and Kara through this morning.

Yes, I realize this, thank you,” Alex mutters grouchily. “But Lena- this is as much about protecting her as it is about protecting you, okay? You’re family, and Kara wouldn't be able to take it if she accidentally hurt you.”

Even though her heart flutters at the thought of being considered family - that Alex thinks of her as such - Lena frowns at the thought of Kara not believing in her own ability to keep her safe. “Alex-” she starts carefully.

“I know, I know, you trust her. And I trust her too,” Alex abruptly interrupts her, as if she knew that Lena was seconds away from a full-fledged rant to defend Kara and she can almost hear the amused tinge in her voice. “This is just… for my own peace of mind because then I know that I’ve done my sisterly duty.”

She smiles fondly at that as she leans back in her chair. It never fails to amaze her just how much Alex loves Kara and the ways that she shows it, a part of her wishing that there's a way to appease Alex’s worry, to tell her just how so terribly gentle and overwhelmingly tender Kara is with her but she’s sure that Alex will still push the lamps onto her anyway. And as amazing it is to think that it could all be so innate, Lena has never seen even a hint of uncertainty when Kara touches her, when she fucks her with her fingers or her tongue, leading her to theorize that perhaps she’s not the first woman for Kara. But with the stumbling manner that Alex is talking to her right now, it seems to point to her maybe not knowing whether Kara has been with another woman or not. That casts a shadow of a doubt on her theory because there's nothing that Kara wouldn't share with her sister. She’ll have to add that to the things she’s going to talk to Kara about tomorrow. “I don't know any sister - or any sibling, really - who would do anything like this,” she replies, not even bothering to hide her wistful tone.

Alex’s embarrassed splutter follows her words before she seems to regain her composure. “Well, you do now,” she tells her in a firm, resolute tone that leaves no room for Lena to doubt it. “Just one thing: please don't tell Sam.”

Lena laughs at the thought, shaking her head. She knows with every certainty that Sam would absolutely die hearing all of this before deciding to tease the fuck out of Kara and Alex. “No, I certainly am not going to tell her about how you're helping your sister get laid,” laughing even harder at the strangled groan over the phone.

“You're as bad as each other,” Alex whines.

The rest of her day goes on a little slower once she and Alex hang up. She still gets texts from Kara and Sam after they leave the shelter and they're in Kara’s apartment hanging out, watching their beloved musicals but with much less frequency now that there aren't any cute puppies around to occupy their attention.

There isn't much prep left to do for tomorrow that Lena almost considers packing it in early for the day. But just as the idea enters her head, she remembers a particular prototype her engineers have been stalled with recently and maybe - maybe - she can take a look at it, just for a few minutes. Just a few minutes and she’ll head on home.

The next thing she knows it’s so much closer to midnight than she expects but she can't really even feign a little surprise at that. It's always been so much easier for Lena to get lost in a project where she can use her hands than any piece of paperwork on her desk. But she knows that she needs to leave the office so that she’ll be rested enough to handle the meeting in the morning. Or she could just stay the night in her office instead of making that long drive home...

As she starts to make her way to her en suite bathroom so that she can change into something more sleep-appropriate and get ready to spend the night on her couch, Kara sends her another text. It's an adorable close-up picture of her laying on her couch, completely wrapped up in one of her amazingly soft blankets. The cozy image has Lena turning right back around to grab her car keys and her bag. Her desk has already been tidied and prepared for her morning so she doesn't even stop until she’s out of the building and finds herself in her car, listening to the ringing tone as she waits for Kara to pick up.

She sighs, a fond smile on her lips when she hears Kara’s sleepy voice saying her name. “Hey you. Is Sam still over?”

The rustling sounds that echo over the phone tells her that Kara is very likely flipping over to lay on her belly, a position she tends to prefer when she’s on her couch. “Nah, she went home about half an hour ago,” she mumbles before letting out an inexplicably adorable yawn.

“Are you too tired for company?” she asks softly.

Kara hums quietly. “If that company is you? Never. Are you sure though? It's already so late. What about your meeting tomorrow?”

“I won't stay too long,” she replies, wondering if she can really hold herself to that.

“As long as you're sure. Just use your key to let yourself in, okay? I’m going to take a shower. Drive safe please.”

And Lena does. She drives as safe as she possibly can, knowing that even though Kara’s taking her shower, she’s probably also listening out for her heartbeat. The radio keeps her company, filling the silence until she finally arrives at Kara’s building. She can hear the shower still going after she lets herself in before taking her shoes off. Taking a seat on the couch, she grabs the throw blanket to drape over her legs, the same one Kara used in the picture she texted earlier. The idea of joining Kara passes as quickly as it comes to her. It has been a busy and productive day, part of which was spent out in the morning sun and now that she's not actively doing anything, Lena is starting to feel the effects of it. She's always so comfortable here in Kara’s home, with Kara’s familiar scent all around her. Her eyes are drooping closed when she hears Kara’s footsteps and she looks up to see Kara looking impossibly cute in her robe, standing at the opposite end of the couch. “Hey you,” she utters quietly.

“Hi there.” Kara shoots her a soft smile before she joins her on the couch and she catches the strong scent of Kara’s body wash. She changes positions, scooting closer until she can rest her head on Kara’s shoulder, nuzzling her nose into Kara’s neck when Kara wraps an arm around her. “I wasn't expecting to see you until tomorrow,” Kara whispers this time, and the soothing tone only seems to make Lena feel even sleepier. She attempts to reply but it comes out incoherent to her own ears. It seems that Kara agrees when she chuckles, squeezing Lena’s shoulder before pulling away. Lena’s about to protest when she feels Kara’s hand cupping her jaw and meets Kara’s dark blue stare. “Come on, this is a sleepover now. There’s no way I'm letting you drive home or back to your office like this. Unless you want me to fly you?”

It takes her a little bit to register any of the words that Kara just said to her but Lena thankfully has enough brain function left to shake her head and reply, “a sleepover sounds nicer,” before she falls forward to rest her head back on Kara’s shoulder.

Kara chuckles once again, more than likely in reaction to how spaced out she sounds. She weaves her fingers in Lena’s hair, scratching her scalp in a soothing motion that has her melting further into Kara. “Let’s get you changed and then we can cuddle in bed, okay? You're lucky I did laundry earlier or you'd be wearing my dinosaur jammies again.”

“You're too good to me,” she sighs, absentmindedly pressing her lips to Kara’s neck before nuzzling her nose into it. “You smell so good,” she sighs dreamily, not even bothering to hide it as she breathes in the lovely scent of Kara’s shampoo and making Kara laugh as a result.

“Why thank you. I did just have a shower,” Kara replies in a teasing manner, pressing her chin to Lena’s temple. Kara’s hand is moving down to the back of her neck, making Lena shiver at the gentle touch even though Kara’s hand is so warm. “Is it okay if I carry you?” she asks softly. Just as Lena nods her assent, she’s gracefully lifted up in Kara's arms. She curls instinctively into the heat that Kara so naturally radiates, listening to the strong and steady beat of Kara’s heart as she carries her to the bedroom. When Kara lowers her on the bed, Lena’s almost a little reluctant to release her vice grip on the collar of Kara’s bathrobe, unwilling to let go. “I’ll be right back, okay?” Kara tells her, lightly brushing her hair away from her face before stepping out of her bedroom.

Lena takes the opportunity while Kara goes about making sure her door and windows are locked, to grab the clothes that Kara left out for her. The sigh she lets out is heavy as her body goes on autopilot, sluggishly changing out of her clothes into the sleep shirt and shorts that smell so strongly of fresh laundry detergent. There’s still a lingering warmth on them from the dryer and Lena pulls at the long sleeves to wrap over her hands as she goes to lay back on the bed. Kara walks in not too long after, carrying two glasses of water in her hands that she places on either side of the bed. She watches with half-lidded eyes as Kara joins her with an endearing smile on her face that makes something in her chest flutter at the very sight of it. She scoots closer, allowing Kara’s arms to pull her into her warmth. Curling her hands to grip the soft material of Kara’s shirt, Lena closes her eyes fully as she breathes out a contented sigh.

“Lena?” Kara calls out to her, quiet and unsure.

“Yes, Kara?” she answers, hearing the need for sleep heavy in her own voice. She rubs her cheek on Kara’s shoulder as Kara’s fingers start to run through her hair.

Kara doesn't say anything for nearly the longest time and she would have thought that maybe Kara had fallen asleep already if it weren't for her hand still moving slowly through her hair. Lena nuzzles in closer and waits patiently, knowing that Kara’s only trying to find the words, trying to find the right ones. She waits as she listens to the muffled sounds of National City on a weekend from outside Kara’s window, listens to the drunken singing of people making their way back home, listens to the steady sound of Kara’s heartbeat. And eventually - eventually - Kara sighs against her. “There's no such thing as being too good to you. There's just - it's not difficult - to treat you the way I think you deserve."

She lifts her head then, looks up at Kara who immediately meets her gaze. Lena closes the distance between them and kisses her then, delicate and wholehearted and Kara responds so eagerly to it, her soft sigh catching in between them.

This is a glaring example as to why she believes their arrangement doesn't need rules, won't ever need them. There’s a certain restraint- a firm grip on holding back from sharing what they think or feel to avoid - what? Sharing an intimacy that could then be misconstrued as motivation for romance? If it had been anybody else that said that to her - anybody who isn’t her best friend, who isn't Kara - Lena would have worried, would have decided that this whole thing needs to end immediately. But this isn't anybody else. It is her best friend in the whole world. It’s Kara. There’s nothing that can keep Kara from sharing how she feels and she would have bristled against being told to do so. Whether they fall in love or not, they can't deny or dismiss that there already is a very real love between them, a love forged from the years spent by being each other's friend. Anything that they say to each other or do for each other will always come from a place of care and affection. There can be no misconstruing that.

So rules be damned.

Kara’s hand is sliding down to rest on the side of her neck while her own moves to slip under Kara’s sleep shirt, wanting to feel the warmth of Kara's skin under her touch. She wonders if Kara can catch the fluttering of her pulse under her palm as Kara’s lips move languid against her own. Time feels like it's barely passing before Lena’s pulling away, sliding her nose along Kara’s as she whispers against her lips, “Good night, Kara.”

Kara’s smile is heart-wrenchingly sweet as she replies, “Sweet dreams, Lena.”

Chapter Text

Her day starts a little later than normal when she wakes up to a light pouring of rain.

It makes her curl in a little on herself as she reaches her arm out and finds nothing but empty space. That's when Kara has a blurry memory of being woken up by Lena’s alarm and her groggily getting out of bed. She remembers hazily going in and out of sleep before feeling the gentle press of Lena’s lips to her temple when she was about to leave. Kara remembers the strong scent of her own body wash, of minty toothpaste and of freshly-brewed coffee following Lena as she walked out of her apartment.

She spends her morning patrolling National City while the rain continues to fall so much heavier than when she first woke up, taking note of the lightning in the distance. Weather like this tends to make humans act a little more irrationally, especially when they're driving, trying to get home and out of the rain as soon as possible. Though aliens aren't actually any better about that either, funnily enough.

Her stomach growls loud and persistent when she finally flies back home in the middle of the afternoon, telling her that it's been much too long since she has fed herself. Once she has taken off her cape and her soaked boots, Kara is so caught up in pulling up the top of her suit that's completely drenched through from the rain and thinking about what she’s going to get for her late lunch, that she startles when she hears the sound of a throat clearing behind her. She brightens at the very welcome sight of Lena sitting comfortably on her couch and most especially, at the sight of all the containers of food taking up every inch of space on her coffee table.

“Lena, hi!”

Though Lena has already seen her naked as it is, modesty has her hastily pulling her top back down as she walks closer to the couch. She can't help but catch the way that Lena’s green eyes move slowly over her and how it still makes her blush so fiercely, making it seem as if she’s not wearing her suit at all. The smirk on Lena’s face lets her know that she knows exactly what she’s doing, that she likes how it's affecting Kara.

“Hello darling,” she drawls, scooting over to make room for her on the couch.

She shakes her head at the implied offer, smiling sheepishly as she gestures towards her bedroom. “Do you mind if I take a shower first? I smell like rain and outside air and I'm just- kind of really cold soaked to the bone.”

A heavy feeling of anticipation swoops down her belly when Lena bites down on her lip as she quirks an eyebrow. “Depends.”

“On what?” she asks, swallowing thickly as Lena moves to stand, strolls over until they're a mere few inches away from each other. But Lena is still close - so close that Kara can feel the warmth of her, can feel her own body coming alive at the proximity of her and Kara wonders at the newness of this reaction. She can't help but think whether it is new though, whether this is something that she’s been oblivious to for the longest time. She can't get over the way her body is so quickly overwhelmed with desire just from the sheer fact that Lena is standing this close to her that she can feel every breath that she takes.

Despite the show of confidence, Lena’s heart betrays her. It pounds just a little bit harder, skitters just a little bit faster and Kara catches it easily. Without her glasses, Kara can sense everything and with Lena so close to her, it isn't difficult to miss anything about her. Lena’s heart is loud - almost too loud maybe, but it's a sound that Kara has come to know as well as her own, as well as Alex’s. And for that reason alone, she finds comfort and reassurance in the sound.

“Do you maybe want some company?” Lena finally asks her, reaching up to lightly trace her family crest before flattening her palm to it. Even through the protective material of her suit, Lena’s touch burns.

“Do I want company wher- oh ! No, I- I don't- I don’t mind.” She lets out a sigh when Lena giggles and even though she loves the very sound of it, Kara still pouts. “You know, it’s kind of totally unfair how you can do that so easily.”

“Do what?”

She scoffs at the deceptively innocent tone, glaring mildly into Lena’s pale green eyes. “Oh please, like you don't know exactly what you're doing to me,” she mutters, willing herself to not melt as Lena’s hands move to rest on her shoulders.

Lena chuckles then, biting down on her lip as she looks up at her. “I can't help it. It's always been so much fun making you blush before but now- it might just be a little more than thrilling.”

Even with the feeling of vindication, Kara can't help but blush at the beguiling smirk that plays on Lena’s lips.

“Like I said, totally unfair,” she tries to grumble.

“Don't go underestimating your own abilities, Kara. I promise you that the feeling is entirely mutual.” At her skeptical look, Lena playfully rolls her eyes before staring back at her with a thoughtful gaze in her green eyes as she slides her hands down to grasp onto Kara’s, gently squeezing them. “You might not know this or knowing you, you might not even notice it at all but the effect you have on the people of National City alone is quite… frenetic.”

She ignores the uncontrollable heat making its presence known in her cheeks as she lets out a deep breath when Lena’s thumbs start to sweep across the back of her hands. Kara uses their connection to pull Lena closer until her forehead rests against hers, takes Lena’s hands to place them back on her shoulders before letting her own hands reach for Lena’s hips. Her hands must still be cold as Lena shivers at her solid touch.

“And what about- my effect on you?” she asks, the air around them silent, save for the deafening sound of Lena’s heartbeat racing in her ears.

Lena sighs against her, a coy smile stretching across her lips. It's still a little jarring for Kara, to be able to see Lena like this, to have her be like this with her and to have those green eyes so focused on her. She waits patiently as Lena's hands curve slow over her shoulders, feeling her thumbs sweep over her collarbone, her neck. Kara tips her head back a little when the edge of Lena’s nails lightly scrape the underside of her jaw.

“You’re the one with the heightened senses, Kara, I’m sure you can very easily tell, just how you affect me,” she murmurs, stepping in a little closer to nudge her nose to Kara’s. She then lets out this slight husk of a chuckle, so disarming that Kara just barely catches the teasing smirk on her lips. “I’m also very sure that I was more than vocal about it when you were going down on me in my office a few days ago.”

The scandalized laughter that bursts out of her breaks the heavy tension that had been surrounding them as she splutters, taking a staggered step back. Despite the slight distance, Lena’s growing smile is unashamedly so smug that Kara shakes her head at the sight of it, understanding immediately that her reaction was exactly what Lena wanted.

“Rao, you're terrible .”

It certainly doesn't help her case when she finds Lena’s lack of remorse more charming than annoying as she shrugs off her scolding with an impish grin. “Like I said, I can't help it.”

She rolls her eyes before turning back around in the direction of her shower, glancing back at Lena behind her with a pointed gaze. It isn't until she’s got her top along with her skirt thrown off to the side, that she hears Lena’s footsteps following close behind.

The heat of the water feels good in her hair and down her back as she turns to watch Lena climb in to join her. There's something about seeing Lena naked under the fluorescent light of her bathroom, something about the way Lena’s eyes move over her in this narrow space that makes Kara reach out for her. With her hands on Lena’s waist, Kara pulls her into her, bringing her under the spray of the water. She nuzzles into Lena’s neck. “Do you need it a little hotter? Cooler?”

Lena hums quietly in her chest, the sound of it vibrating between them and echoing in the stillness of her bathroom. “It's perfect.”

“Good.” She reaches for her shampoo beside them, giving it a shake and making a mental note that she needs to get a new bottle soon. Lena plucks the bottle from out of her hand, gesturing for her to turn around which she dutifully does. Lena’s shampoo-covered hands eventually go through her hair and her eyes flutter closed, far too content to enjoy the scrape of Lena’s nails that she isn't sure how much time passes before she breaks the quiet between them.

“So how was your meeting? Did it go well? But more importantly, what did you bring for lunch?” she asks, grabbing the bar of soap in front of her.

The rush of her questions has Lena chuckling and Kara can easily imagine Lena behind her, shaking her head in amusement.

“It went as well as it could have, I suppose. I’m just happy to be done with all of that, until the next meeting anyway.” The weariness and frustration is clear in the sigh Lena lets out then and Kara can't help but feel bad for her best friend. Even after all this time, even after Lena has helped saved the world time and time again, there are people that continue to live in the past, unable to unburden their grudges towards her last name. But it is also one of the things she admires so much about Lena, how she perseveres and moves past it with a grace that only somebody like her could pull off. She hears Lena clearing her throat. “And I um- I got us Vietnamese today,” she adds.

Her stomach growls at the very mention of the food waiting for them, breaking the heavy tension when it makes Lena breathe out a quiet laugh. Kara is unable to hold back her smile, her heart fluttering at the sound of it.

“My belly is obviously very excited.”

“Your belly is always excited,” Lena teases drily as she reaches around to pat Kara’s stomach. “Want me to get your back for you?” she offers, holding her hand out for the soap.

“Yes, please.”


It’s a couple of hours later by the time they're done with the food Lena brought back with her earlier.

Though technically, she herself tapped out much sooner since she obviously doesn't have the same seemingly insatiable appetite that Kara does. It's with the familiar mix of awe and disgust that she watches Kara literally devour everything down to the very last bite. It genuinely never gets old, wondering how Kara digests and metabolizes the food she eats and exactly how fast.

It's still pouring outside, though not as heavily as before. The sound of the rain pelting gently against Kara’s apartment windows is rhythmic and almost soothing to listen to, accompanied by the music coming from the Bluetooth speaker sitting at the end of the coffee table.

As promised, once she was done saying her goodbyes at the end of the video conference that ran much longer than it should have, she picked up their food before heading straight back to Kara’s, despite knowing that Kara was out patrolling the city. She knew too though, that Kara’s stomach can't keep her away for too long. And really, Lena was happy to be out of the office, having carried a tension with her when she walked into the meeting this morning. It was as exhausting and frustrating as she had expected it to be and she was very grateful that she had prepared for it the day before.

As soon as she let herself into Kara’s apartment and carefully placed the containers of food on the table, Lena threw herself right onto the couch and during the time that she waited for Kara to return, she let her best friend’s familiar scent comfort her into a light sleep. It wasn’t difficult to miss the moment when Kara flew in through her window though, the heavy drenched sound of her boots as she landed was enough to wake Lena up before she sat up and watched on in silence when she realized Kara hadn’t noticed her presence as she unclasped her cape and let it fall to the floor. Despite the amusing and silly display of Kara hopping as she struggled to push off her boots, there was this moment, this split of a second when Kara mindlessly brushed her wet hair away from her face. It was a moment that could have passed by without Lena noticing anything, a moment that could have been overlooked easily for all its casual manner but in the time within a single breath, Lena realized something twisting in her chest. It was a feeling wholly strange and unfamiliar to her and something that she couldn't exactly name.

That same feeling twists in her chest once more when she glances over to Kara looking entirely too adorable for her own good. She’s moved from the floor to sitting slumped back on the couch with her eyes closed and a blissed out smile on her face as she rubs at her belly. As if she can feel Lena’s stare, she blinks an eye open and lets out a dramatic groan.

“I think I'm actually stuffed. I've got a food baby, Lena,” she whines.

She glances obligingly down when Kara lifts up her shirt and stares at the envy-inducing flat belly for a moment or two or okay, maybe five, before she moves her gaze back up to meet Kara’s. At her friend’s smug grin, she rolls her eyes, scoffing. “If all you wanted was for me to ogle your abs, all you had to do was ask. I’d have been happy to be of service,” she teasingly informs her.

“Oh, I’m sure,” Kara replies cheekily and Lena barely has a chance to bask in the rare moment of Kara flirting back despite the faint pink that dusts across her cheeks, before Kara abruptly changes the subject with a bright smile. “So what do you want to do for the rest of the day?”

She hums thoughtfully as she gets up to join Kara on the couch. “Did you want to go anywhere specific? Anything in particular you want to do?” Kara shakes her head to both questions. “Then I don't mind just staying in, if you're okay with that.”

“Spend more time with you? Gosh, sounds like a fate worse than kale.” Kara pretends to swoon, proceeding to lay back on the arm rest in a dramatic fashion, swinging her legs over to lay them on top of Lena’s thighs.

She just barely musters a glare at Kara’s attempt at sarcasm, playfully pushing her legs off her. “You think you're so funny.”

“I'm pretty sure I am.”

Lena shakes her head, chuckling. “Whatever helps you sleep at night, babe,” she replies, patting Kara’s knee before getting up to make her way into the kitchen. “Ice cream and Netflix then?” she asks, already grabbing the big tub of ice cream and two spoons after she switches off the speaker on top of the counter. When she walks back in the living room, she isn't at all surprised to find Kara with her arm outstretched in anticipation of the tub of ice cream, her fingers wiggling. She chuckles at the impatient gesture, handing the bounty over to her friend before sitting next to her so they can start on whatever movie that Kara has chosen for them.

It isn't until about ten minutes past the opening credits and she has only had about three small spoonfuls of ice-cream to Kara's twenty big ones, when Kara breaks the silence between them. At the clearing of her throat, Lena pulls her focus away from the screen to see Kara staring thoughtfully at the open tub of ice-cream, as if it holds the answers to all the mysteries in the galaxy.

“Hey.” She gently bumps her shoulder against Kara’s. “Changed your mind about the movie?”

Kara chews on her bottom lip as she shakes her head. There’s a quiet pause between them, the only sound coming from Kara’s spoon scraping the ice-cream carton. “I was just thinking that maybe, um- could we- maybe continue our talk from yesterday?”

Grabbing the now practically empty tub of ice cream, Lena places it on top of the coffee table before taking Kara’s hand in hers, lightly squeezing it. “I'd really like that,” she finally replies. She smiles immediately at the charming blush on Kara’s face, smiles at how shy Kara is being despite the fact that not even less than half an hour ago, she was so boldly flirting back with her.

There's this wonderful and elaborate dichotomy to Kara, she’s found, that not many get to see because they don't know her. Or they think that they do but the thing is, they only willfully see one part of her, either Kara Danvers or Supergirl. They don't know the person that she becomes when both parts of her are free to be together, free to simply be. They don't know how much more Kara absolutely glows when she gets to be all the parts of who she truly is.

But they can't know. Kara can't afford to have them know. It’s not out of malice nor any desire to deceive. Really, she thinks that if Kara could, she would share so much more of herself but it all comes down to being able to maintain the kind of perception that is necessary so that Kara can be Supergirl while still keeping her life as Kara Danvers. Still, Lena considers it such an incredible loss and sometimes in moments like these, she grieves for all the time that she could have known, all the time they could have had. There are just so many things about her best friend that she’s still learning and discovering, even to this day.

Taking a closer look at the expression on Kara’s face, she realizes instantly that this isn't just about Kara’s modesty. She scoots even closer to her best friend, swings her legs over to lay them on top of Kara’s thighs. She feels the heat of Kara’s hand moving to rest right by her hip as she adjusts to her change in position, turning slightly while her other arm slides around her waist. Lena smiles fondly at the respectful placement of Kara's hands despite how indecently she’s dressed. The only clean clothes that she had left in Kara’s place were work-appropriate and not at all suited for a casual Sunday afternoon in, and so, apart from a pair of her own underwear, she’s wearing one of Kara's shirts that she had long ago decreed to be hers, to only be worn by her and nobody else. Except maybe Kara.

“Hey,” she murmurs softly, cupping the back of Kara’s neck, scraping her nails reassuringly over the sensitive skin while her other hand goes to rest at Kara’s collarbone. “Are you worried that maybe I'd be tired of having this conversation itself or of you wanting to have it?” she asks softly, smiling at Kara’s demure smile and how she melts under her touch, how she leans into it, as if she’s relieved by Lena saying it out loud.

“I don't know. I guess both?”

When Kara sighs, it's followed by the kind of abrupt shrug that she does only when she’s trying to deflect, when she's trying to make it seem like whatever she’s saying or feeling isn't a big deal or important. It's a self-sacrificing habit of hers that Lena isn't the biggest fan of and has her sighing, brushing her thumb delicately over the strong line of Kara’s jaw. “Kara, you're one of the most important people in my life, and there is just no conceivable way that I'd ever be tired of you,” she insists ardently.

“You're my best friend, you have to say that.”

The self-deprecating smile on Kara’s face softens her words and it breaks her heart sometimes how Kara doesn't see the full worth of who she is. Really, it’s something that they both share where they take turns to soothe and reassure each other. But Lena chooses this time, wanting to make Kara laugh instead, so she pauses the strokes of her thumb along Kara's jaw, and she smirks. “On the contrary, as your best friend and as experience should very well tell you, I'm much more likely to call you a dick.”

“Lena!” Kara does laugh despite the admonishment in her voice, and it's such a glorious sound that has Lena smiling wide and unrestrained. She loves hearing Kara laugh, even more so when she’s the cause of it.

She breathes out a quiet sigh as she lowers her arm to wrap around Kara’s shoulders, pulling her even closer until their temples press together. Kara’s hand is fully holding onto her hip now and she hums a little at the feel of Kara’s thumb stroking her skin. “My point, darling, is that I have never felt like I was forced to say the things I have said to you. I say to you only what I want to say to you, nothing more and nothing less, okay?”

It takes her less than a second to realize Kara’s mouth is on hers, barely enough time for her to even think about returning the gesture. But then it's all over far too soon and Kara’s pulling away, sliding her nose along her own before gently bumping them together.

“Okay,” Kara whispers against her lips before going back to kiss her again, and this time, Lena’s ready.


Lena lays breathless on top of her with her head on her chest as the pounding of her own heartbeat is beginning to slow down.

She brushes her fingers gently through silky, dark hair as they lay silently on the couch with freshly kissed-swollen lips and mussed up hair. There’s a pleasant warmth that hasn't stopped simmering underneath her skin, not with their tangled legs and Lena’s fingers tracing mindlessly over her stomach under her shirt.

She may have been the one to initiate the kiss but it didn't take long for Lena to take the reins. Kara mentally replays the last hour of the dizzying way that Lena’s body pressed hers down onto the couch, of being at the mercy of Lena’s addictive lips relentlessly devouring hers that they barely separated except for when Lena’s mouth was on her neck, Lena's tongue moving languidly along the column of her throat as if trying to commit the taste of her to her memory. Kara thinks of Lena’s hands firm on her hips as she rocked slowly up against Lena’s with no real purpose behind the movement but simply to feel more of her. The simmering flame underneath her skin only seems to intensify.

She isn't sure how long it has been now but they haven't moved an inch away from each other. There’s something about the way that they’re laying together right now that makes Kara not want to disrupt the contented silence. She wonders if maybe that’s why Lena hasn't moved either. Her fingernails are scraping dully over Lena's scalp and she shivers at the ghosting sensation of Lena’s happy sigh skittering over her neck. Their shared body heat is making her drowsy, nearly makes her want to surrender to sleep.

Kara lets out a little whine when Lena stops her ministrations, taking her hand out from under Kara’s shirt to grab at her own hand that lays languid beside them. She pouts at the action, about to actually whine about being deprived of Lena’s calming touches but stops when Lena deftly slides her fingers in between hers and squeezes her hand.

“Can I ask you something?” she hears Lena ask quietly as she maneuvers their tangled hands between them and Kara hums lazily, letting her know that she's listening.

Kara waits patiently, waits for what it is that has been playing on her friend’s mind when Lena shifts to rest her chin on her chest. She smiles lazily when her hooded eyes meet Lena’s and she can’t help but think how unfairly pretty her friend is just like this, with her soft eyes and even softer smile. She loves Lena most exactly like this, when she looks so at ease, without all the other burdens that she usually carries every day.

She sees the question in Lena’s eyes and she wonders how long has it been sitting in Lena's mind, whatever it is. There's not so much hesitation but only curiosity. When Lena chews thoughtfully at her bottom lip, Kara gives her an encouraging smile this time.

“I’m not- the first woman you've ever slept with, right?”

The question confuses her at first, wonders how that's relevant to anything, wonders how Lena even knows that.

“No, you're not,” she answers slowly.

It feels almost like whiplash when Lena very abruptly sits up on top of her but she's momentarily distracted by the cascade of dark hair falling around Lena that she doesn't notice the release of their tangled hands and very nearly misses the look of gleeful vindication on her friend’s face.

“Kara Zor-El Danvers, you have been holding out on me! We have been friends for all this time and you never shared this with me? I have to say that I'm a little hurt,” Lena gasps, exaggerated and completely over the top as she quickly grabs both of Kara’s hands this time to press them right against her chest. “Is this- is this my villain origin story?” she asks in a mock panicked whisper.

She chuckles and rolls her eyes, pulling slightly on their hands so she can sit up too and waits as Lena arranges herself to wrap her legs around her.

“If only the rest of the world knew just how much of a nerd you really are,” she murmurs dryly, aware this time when Lena lets go of their hands to rest hers on top of Kara’s shoulders while she automatically places her own on Lena’s waist. She grins lopsided at the cute way Lena slumps towards her with no care for her posture.

“Only with you, my darling, but back to what I was saying?”

Lena gives her this somewhat impatient look and Kara realizes that she’s looking for more of a story than simply confirmation that she has indeed been with other women. She squeezes Lena’s waist in apology as she shrugs. “There’s not exactly much to tell? Plus, you and I were only just getting to know each other by the time Lucy left.”

“Lucy?” It takes a hot minute after repeating Lucy’s name as Lena goes quiet. From the look of concentration on her face, it’s obvious that she’s trying to think of which Lucy this might possibly be. Before she even starts to clarify so that Lena doesn't have to think further on it, her best friend’s face brightens in realization as her hands on Kara’s shoulders squeeze around the material of Kara’s shirt. “Wait- Lucy? As in, Lucy Lane. As in, Lois Lane’s little sister. As in, your cousin's girlfriend’s little sister, Lucy Lane?”

She isn't too sure where this is going, a little alarmed by Lena’s apparent near-manic excitement at this piece of her history. And maybe, she looks a little smug? Definitely not sure where that's coming from but Kara nods slowly anyway, almost warily. “Yes, that Lucy Lane.”

“How did that even happen? When did it start?”

“Not too long after I got promoted to junior reporter. She and I were already hanging out a lot, and she was the one that asked me out,” Kara pauses then, smiling faintly the memory of Lucy pretending that she wasn't nervous as she asked Kara out to dinner. But there was no way that Kara could miss the way Lucy fidgeted with her fingers, the way her heart raced while getting her words out. She blushes when she notices the fond smile that Lena is giving her. Kara shrugs. “I always had such a huge crush on her, y’know? From the very first time we met, even when she was still with James-”

Lena interrupts her retelling with a gasp, lets out an uncharacteristically girlish squeal as she pushes her slightly. Kara isn’t prepared for it and actually sways back, a little alarmed and so completely taken off-guard by the action.

“Oh god, I forgot that she's also James’ ex!” Lena lets out a hearty laugh then, obviously so tickled by this reminder before she shoots Kara a self-satisfied, teasing grin. “This probably isn't the time but we should really talk about expanding your social circle so you don't run out of people to date.”

“You're hilarious,” she deadpans with a mild glare, “and also, really not one to talk about the size of my social circle,” she adds, earning her an offended look before eventually, Lena chuckles.

“Rude, but fair,” Lena replies, letting another chuckle. “So what exactly happened between you two? Was it serious?”

Kara shrugs, chews down on her bottom lip. “She was given a new assignment and wasn't sure how long it was going to take so we agreed that it was best to end it.” Her thumbs brush across at either side of Lena’s waist as she lets out a heavy breath. Lucy’s gorgeous face crosses her mind. It isn't difficult to conjure up that self-satisfied smirk that seemed to be permanently plastered on Lucy’s face, even though it's been a long time since she's been more than merely a passing thought in Kara’s day, more than just another person that Kara misses with an ache she can't punch away. She realizes that it has been months since they last talked and makes a mental note to fix that just so she can catch up with her friend. “Sometimes I feel like maybe, if she hadn't left, it could maybe have been serious? I really liked her.”

“Does Jimmy know about you two?” Lena asks carefully.

Kara understands the hesitation. It was only months after Lucy and James had broken up when she and Lucy started their own thing. Even when she was only harboring a crush on Lucy, she felt bad doing that to James. Even more so when she and Lucy started spending more time together. She knew that James had expected for them to eventually start dating once the appropriate amount had passed after his break-up with Lucy. Maybe he had taken too long to ask or maybe Lucy happened to ask at just the right time but James was most definitely not the one she ended up dating.

“I’ve never even told Alex.” Once again, Lena’s face brightens in the way that she gets when she knows she got something right and this time, she can't help but comment, “okay, you have that face you get when you’re proven right about something. What is it?”

Lena’s lips slowly stretch into the dangerous, cheeky kind of smirk that sparks something in the low of Kara’s belly. It’s the kind of smirk that she’s been seeing more and more of since they started this thing between them.

“Well, Alex called me yesterday and told me she left something here for me,” Lena starts.

Kara perks up at the reminder, looking to the box that Alex left right by her bookcase. She had brought it in with her when they were having their sister’s night. It's small and lead-lined which was annoying to find out after trying to x-ray through it. Even more so, when Alex told her she wasn't allowed to open it in her presence and no, she most certainly wasn't going to tell her what it was, no matter how much Kara pouted in her direction.

And Kara pouted a lot.

“Yeah, uh- what is it anyway?” she asks, nonchalant, as if curiosity isn't making her feel like she's about to burst from the inside.

Lena smiles knowingly, because of course, she knows Kara too well, reads her like an open book.

“It’s a red sun lamp,” she answers, so plainly that Kara’s mouth drops open in shock and before she can say anything, Lena continues with clear amusement in her tone, “apparently, she prepared for this.”

She can't help it. She splutters, awkward and clumsy as she goes to fidget with her glasses only to stop mid-reach, recalling that she left them on her bedside table. Her cheeks feel red hot and Kara tries to rub at them in lieu of fidgeting.

“She prepared for me having sex with you?”

Oh wow, her voice sounds weird? It definitely sounds weird. It's for sure a pitch she has never, ever reached before and it only seems to amuse Lena even further.

“Technically, yes but more- sex with a human in general, I think.”

Her mind races at the thought that Alex, her sister, her beloved older sister, prepared for this. Prepared, meaning that she had given this particular scenario a lot of thought, had given it great, extensive amount of thought. It being, her, having sex, with humans. Alex had thought about this. This certainly explains the reason Alex didn't want to tell her what’s inside the box and practically demanded her to not open it in her presence.

“Oh Rao, I’m going to need a solid month before I can look her in the eyes ever again,” she whines, hiding her face behind her hands.

Lena’s hands circle her wrists, cool and soothing, and she doesn't stop her from pulling her hands away from her face. By the soft and affectionate grin on Lena’s face, she’s sure that her own must look utterly miserable. Kara whimpers as her best friend pulls her in close, pulls her into her arms until they're pressed up against each other. She nuzzles her face into the comfort of Lena’s neck, her body melts further at the tender scrape of Lena’s fingers brushing through her hair.

“She’s just being your sister, darling,” she murmurs quietly, almost like a hum. “It's really not a problem.”

Pressing her forehead to Lena’s collarbone, Kara rumbles out a sigh. The material of the shirt that Lena's wearing is downy soft within the grasp of her fists as she counts along to the strong and steady pulse of Lena’s heartbeat. She thinks absently about how much she likes Lena wearing her clothes.

“I know,” she sighs, “but how many people can say that their sister has done something like this for their- for their sex life?”

“Ah, but you’re not just anybody though.” Despite Lena’s pacifying tone, the calming motions of her running her fingers through Kara’s hair, she grumbles defeatedly. As if she can ever forget something like that. Even after all these years of getting used to how much of her strength she needs to use in her everyday life, it's still something Kara has constantly going in the back of her mind. No matter how comfortable she is with the powers that the yellow sun has blessed her with, she can never allow herself to truly forget, most especially in sexual situations when it's incredibly easy to lose control. “And not to mention that, I have heard the stories of broken noses.”

Kara leans back, an offended scoff out of her lips as she does so. Lena looks at her as if she was expecting this exact reaction, as if she knew that this would get Kara out of her little pouting spell. And she would be correct. She chuckles at the glare Kara shoots her.

“There was one - only one, okay maybe three - but I haven't broken a nose since then.”

Lena raises her hands, a placating smile on her lips. “Hey, no broken noses here too or broken anything else, for that matter.” She places her arms back around Kara, humming quietly as Kara continues to mutter curses at her older sister. “But for the record, you’ve… never had sex with no powers?”

Her cheeks burn at the question, burn at the husky quality of Lena’s voice as she asks that question. But it is a valid question after all. They both know from past experience that green kryptonite is too painful, that even a small trace amount is toxic for her and even though Kara can now tolerate being around it for a certain period of time, it still requires an amount of exhaustive effort on her part. Solar flaring is definitely not the best way to go about it either considering Lena has been witness to how easily Kara catches a cold after burning out her powers. Kara shrugs, shaking her head. “Any dates I’ve been on since Lucy, have never really progressed so far as a kiss, or sometimes no kiss at all.”

“The people that didn't get to kiss you clearly missed out because you're really fucking mind-blowing at that.”

The ringing endorsement of her skills is said in such a matter-of-fact manner that has Kara coughing awkwardly, the receding blush coming back in full force. “Right back at you. You’re um- pretty amazing too.”

“Oh, I know.” It's so confident, so cocky, an air of arrogance that shouldn't be attractive on anybody, but somehow Kara is still just as helplessly into it, maybe even more than she should. It's not a quality that she's used to liking on anybody. She wonders if that is simply a Lena thing, something only Lena is able to pull off. She can't think of anybody else that can come close to doing the same. “So, do you want us to try using it?”

Kara nods. “If it’s something that can protect you from getting hurt by me, then yes, I-” she pauses when a thought hits her, “wait, I still don't understand. How did Alex letting you have the lamp lead you to think you're not my first?”

There’s that boastful, anticipating grin again, like Lena has been waiting for Kara to ask this very question. “Technically, it didn't. I had a theory that remained inconclusive after talking to her on the phone.”

“What do you mean?”

“The fact that Alex doesn't know about you and Lucy threw me off.”

Finally, it hits her and Lena’s smug expression suddenly makes so much sense. “Because I usually tell her everything.”

Lena nods. “And I-” she halts, takes a deep breath and there’s this shy, secretive little smile that grows across her face as she unwraps her arms from around Kara’s shoulders and reaches for her hands to play with Kara’s fingers. She gazes down at their joined hands, watches with bated breath as Lena’s fingers slowly drift in between hers. When she looks up, Lena's pale green eyes are staring back, darkening slightly. “It continues to amaze me, you know, how so- incredibly gentle you are, even with all your strength, your incredible power. You've always been so gentle with me and then- when you kissed me that night,” Lena blushes prettily as she chews on her lip before she finally shakes her head. “Kara, I have never, ever once worried about you hurting me. Not before that first night and definitely not anytime since then.”

She swallows thickly at the burning sincerity in Lena’s pale green eyes. On her worst days, Kara is used to seeing her hands as tools of destruction, her own body as a vessel of carnage. Those are the days when she is most aware of what she can do to another person, accidentally and on purpose. Those are the days when she seeks for memories of time gone by when she could tackle somebody into a hug, when she could jump into somebody's arms, when her every move didn’t have to be backed up by advanced mental calculations just to prevent a wreckage.

Those are also the days when she does her best to remember the first time she hugged Alex and heard her sigh in stark, proud relief, when she does her best to remember Streaky, remembers the way that strange little Earth animal allowed only her touch and how the rumble of Streaky’s purring never failed to ease the tight anxiety in her chest. Lena’s words are what she’ll do her best to remember too. Lena, who is always so careful with her too, always so careful to keep her voice soft and delicate after a long hard day of being Supergirl, when her senses are just a little too heightened and a little frayed and everything is just a little too sharp, leaving her on edge. Lena, who is always so careful to not treat her differently when she’s Kara or Supergirl when they’re in the privacy of their little bubble. Lena, who is always so careful, careful, careful.

“Oh Lena, I-” she starts to say, her voice breathless and breaking before Lena softly interrupts.

“Do you trust me?” she asks, lightly squeezing their fingers together.

Kara doesn't even stop to hesitate, doesn't even need to think about it. The answer is easy, effortless, natural like the instinct to breathe.

“I do.”

Lena’s face brightens then, brightens like the rising sun, soft and languid. She thinks of the days when her answer would have been met with a stare of disbelief, an eyebrow raised in skepticism, but now there’s none, no single trace of that. Now there’s Lena and her aurora smile filled with confidence and easy acceptance as she gently brushes her hair back away from her face.

“Then trust that I will look after you.”


“You know, I’m kind of surprised that Lucy was your first. I actually thought that maybe you and Miss Grant might have-”

She’s interrupted by a choked laughter, the kind that Kara makes when she’s shocked, scandalized and embarrassed all at once. The same spluttering kind of sound that Kara lets out after Lena teases her. It never fails to amuse her as Kara tries to regain some semblance of composure, gesturing wildly and mumbling to herself. It's endearing as all hell too, especially when Kara reaches for her glasses to fidget with them, forgetting once again that she never put them on after getting dressed earlier. Lena bites down on her lip to keep from laughing herself and waits for Kara to find some semblance of composure.

“Miss Grant would have eaten me alive ,” Kara claims in a hushed whisper, her blue eyes widening before she pauses thoughtfully. Lena waits and watches then as a cheeky smile slowly creeps up her face. “And I would have happily let her.”

Her previously repressed laughter lets loose at the hasty confession, laughing harder at the fierce blush that just as quickly takes over Kara’s cheeks. Lena shakes her head, completely amused by the endearing display. “I knew it.”

Kara throws her hands up in abject surrender. “She's Cat Grant! Who doesn't have a crush on her, really?”

Lena remembers the first time she met Cat, a few months after she moved to National City and barely a day after announcing the name change to LCorp. When CatCo reached out for an exclusive interview with her, she made sure to let them know that she would only talk to Cat and nobody else. She didn't have to vet whatever journalist that they would have sent her and she knew that Cat could be trusted. And by god, the power and grace that the former CEO of CatCo exuded as she strutted through the door, was absolutely mesmerizing and Lena found that she couldn't look away. So no, she definitely can't blame Kara for her infatuation at all.

“Fair point,” she concedes, leaning to rest her elbow on the back of the couch as she raises a discerning eyebrow. “You really do have quite the thing for women in power, don't you?”

Her question is asked with the simplest of desires to tease and it's bolstered by the the pretty blush that colours Kara’s cheeks as she ducks her head, clearing her throat at the same time. That intrigues her. “I like people in general but yes, women in power is… a thing I very much like,” she admits shyly.

A familiar thrum of curiosity shoots up her spine and it has her leaning a little closer towards Kara. “Is that something you’d like? To be dominated?” she asks in a husky murmur, as if they aren't the only ones in the apartment, as if saying it too loudly might break the spell.

“Do you?” Kara asks instead of answering, just as quietly. Lena’s breath catches at the unexpected, dark blue gaze staring back at her.

She doesn't need to think too hard, to conjure up the memory of Kara’s reaction whenever Lena pulled her hair. God, the way that Kara’s eyes fluttered at even the slightest tug of her hair, the rumbling moans that she made, the way that her hips rocked up a little more urgently against her. The mere thought of it all has her shakily reaching for the bottom strands of Kara’s hair, curling them around and around and around her fingers.

Kara notices this, of course, notices the way that Lena just gently pulls at the locked strands of hair that she has wrapped around her fingers. She must notice the deep breath that Lena takes in, only to raggedly let it out. But she doesn't bring attention to it.

“It um- depends on the day,” she starts, swallows thickly as her mind races at the implication behind Kara’s stare, struggling as she continues, “sometimes you want to be the one holding the whip and sometimes-” she pauses, wondering how long exactly Kara's hands have been on her thighs when they feel so blazing hot on her skin. She could swear that those very hands were right on her knees just seconds ago but now they're slowly inching towards her hips. Her breath shudders at the firm squeeze around her thighs. “Sometimes, you want to be the one on your knees.”

“And if I want to be on mine for you?”

“Have you forgotten that I’ve already had you on your knees?” she quickly replies, chuckling just as Kara lightly laughs too, shaking her head.

Kara nods, a thoughtful, hesitant frown on her face. “I did see a little something about the- um, the ‘whip’ thing- in my research. Does it always have to be so… sexual though? And painful?” she asks, worrying at her bottom lip.

Shaking her head, Lena scoots a little closer, furthering the placement of Kara’s hands up her thighs. “It is a common misconception that they’re tied together but they're really not if it's not what you or your partners prefer.”

She feels the slight tug at the hem of her shirt and when Lena looks down, it's to see Kara’s fingers playing with the material. The distant gaze in her best friend's blue eyes tell her that Kara is deep in thought. She waits patiently, knowing that Kara is looking for her words. “I think I kind of like that, that it's not always about sex- because I’m not always-”

She understands at once what Kara is trying to say, her hand quickly going to cup the back of Kara’s neck when she starts to fumble with what she wants to say. Lena hopes that Kara can feel the reassurance under her touch. “It's okay, darling,” she soothes, watching gladly as Kara melts immediately under her touch. “Sex doesn't have to happen at all, whether we’re doing that, or whatever else, and we can talk more on that side of things if you're truly and 100% interested.”

“You're not disappointed?” Kara quietly asks.

She frowns slightly at that, shaking her head. “Kara, you're my best friend and I care more for your comfort than getting an orgasm or two. And while sex with you has been intensely incredible, our friendship means more to me. You mean more to me and if at anytime, you’re not in the mood or if you just don't want to do it anymore, I’m never going to hold that against you.”

It says a lot to how worried Kara was about this when Lena feels her completely relaxing against her. She knows better than to feel offended, knows inherently that how Kara might or might not feel about sex has nothing to do with her but she thinks that maybe, few others didn't feel the same way about that. She can't stand the thought and pulls Kara close to hug her tightly before pulling back, letting her hand stay on the back of Kara’s neck, her fingers playing with the baby hairs there. “You know,” she softly starts, waiting for Kara’s eyes to focus on her before she continues, “this is why I don't mind that we talk so much about this. It's important to have constant and open lines of communication between partners to ensure a healthy and happy partnership.”

Kara gives her a rueful and crooked smile. “Therapy?”

“Therapy,” she confirms with a light chuckle and a slight nod. “I’m also an avid reader who’s had years of being in relationships with different types of people.”

“Did you and James ever…” Kara trails off, an intense blush appearing on her cheeks as she averts her eyes to avoid Lena’s gaze.

A smirk slowly stretches her lips as she purposefully lets her silence sit thick and heavy between them. She observes in silent glee while Kara comes to her own conclusions about the things she and James got up to in the bedroom. They were together for almost two years after all, long enough to cultivate a certain level of trust between them that Lena needs because this isn’t exactly the kind of thing she’d want any common stranger to do to her.

It’s almost amazing to learn that it is actually possible for Kara to get even more red than Lena has ever seen in all the years she has known Kara, which she feels is truly a feat in itself. Next thing she knows, Kara’s hiding her face behind her hands, groaning out loud at what Lena assumes is the mental imagery of her and James together. Kara’s still groaning when she tucks her face in the crook of Lena’s neck. “Oh god, I don't know if I can look at him in the eyes at work tomorrow.”

She moves to bury her fingers in Kara’s hair, meant to be a soothing gesture if it isn't for the laugh she struggles to restrain. “First, it was Alex that you can’t look at; now James? At this rate, with the amount of friends you have, you’re not going to be able to see anybody.”

A slight pinch on her thigh is what she gets for her sass.

“Stop, I’m in stitches,” Kara deadpans, coming out of her hiding place to glare mildly at her. Lena watches her sigh deeply, scrunching her face in that adorable way before finally settling on a pout that makes Lena melt even further. “I’m going to have to do more research, aren’t I?”

She lightly taps Kara’s nose. “A diligent reporter consults with many different sources, Miss Danvers.”

“Okay,” Kara sighs, laying her head back in the crook of Lena’s neck.


Kara feels cozy.

With her head on Lena’s shoulder and Lena’s hand warm on the back of her neck, Kara thinks that she can almost fall asleep just like this. The long fingernails scraping over her scalp has her purring in approval at the contact, a sound that she’s sure Lena can feel vibrate against her. Kara still has questions she wants to ask Lena though, questions that continue to buzz relentlessly in her brain. But she’s not exactly sure how to bring them up.

“Do you need me to move?” Lena asks, already withdrawing her arms from around her to change their positions.

Kara shakes her head. “Not really, but we can lay down so you're more comfortable?” she offers, knowing that while she may have no problem staying in one position for hours on end, Lena is still human and so doesn’t feel the same.

“Yes, please,” Lena replies softly, smiling apologetically at having to make them move.

They lay back then, easily situating themselves to the position that they were in before; with Kara on her back, one arm by her side and the other around Lena’s shoulders and Lena practically draped over her with her hand under Kara’s shirt and on her belly.

Kara can't help but think about the soft and calloused palm resting flat on her stomach and how that's something new, something Lena has never done when they've cuddled exactly like this so many times before. She thinks about how natural it is to have Lena’s hand right there, as if she has always done this, as if that's where it should always be. They've always been so physical with each other, so tactile before they decided to have sex together but there's this exhilarating new level of intimacy between them now that has Kara feeling like she’s on the edge of something.

She reaches down to slip her hand under Lena’s shirt to place her hand on the small of her back and her chest tightens at the way Lena’s eyes close at her touch, how she seems to just curl further into her. Kara takes a deep breath at that and decides it's time for a completely new topic of conversation. “So um- the other day, you mentioned- toys?”

Lena lets out an inelegant snort, opening her eyes to roll them at her. “Smooth.”

“I’d like to think so,” she replies with a cheeky smile. “So?”

The hand on her stomach moves up to her waist as Lena hums thoughtfully. “They are fun to use and they can enhance an already amazing experience. And I have what Sam calls a very ridiculous collection.”

Somehow, it doesn't shock her to hear this. Lena has never been shy about sharing anything about her sex life and Kara can readily recall the handful of times when Lena has mentioned toys being used whenever the occasion called for it. So of course, Lena would have accrued quite the collection over time. “Don't think I missed it when you mentioned that you make your own too,” she reminded her.

It had been an offhand remark, said so casually as if it means nothing for Lena to put in the time, effort and brain power to create something that Kara has no doubt works as it is intended, something that works well because this is Lena after all and how could it not work well? It has Kara intensely curious about all the other kinds of things that Lena could be making in her spare time that isn't being mass-produced.

“I believe people deserve satisfying orgasms, Kara.”

“And I agree, but I'm pretty sure I’d have heard of LCorp breaking into the sex toy industry.”

“Not for the lack of trying, mind you,” Lena grumbles, muttering quietly about stuffy old men and their stuffy old views about sexuality. “You’d think that with it being a multi-billion dollar market, they’d be jumping at the opportunity. But-” she sighs. “I’ve had to choose my battles. So for right now, my toys are for a very exclusive market. Namely, my cunt.”

Kara breaks into a scandalized laughter. “Lena!”

Lena smirks proudly, an amused glint in her pale green eyes. “I really love that even though you've had your fingers and your face literally right in my pussy, you still blush anyway.”

“I can't help it,” Kara whines, blushing further at being called out by her best friend.

“I know. That's why I love you,” Lena tells her and she feels Lena’s thumb start to gently stroke her waist in a pacifying gesture. “Did you and Lucy ever use toys?”

Logically, Kara knew that Lena was bound to ask her this since Lucy has now been established as her last real relationship but it still doesn't stop her receding blush from coming back. “We- may have talked about it a little but she left before we could really follow through.”

“Are you interested in maybe trying with me?”

All too suddenly, Kara is struck with a barrage of mental images that makes her heart race a little faster, makes her pull Lena in a little closer. She’s all too aware of Lena’s thigh pressing down on hers as she subtly rubs them together in a fruitless attempt to alleviate the acute throbbing between them. “Yes, I’m very interested,” she whispers, noting the breathless quality of her voice.

Kara swallows thickly at the way Lena's green eyes seem to darken at her reply.


“You know, it's been a long time since Lucy left but you don't really do a lot of the dating thing.”

Kara shrugs at the observation, frowning thoughtfully. “Lucy left not too long after the Daxamite invasion and I guess I was just so caught up helping with the reparations and then there was just so much happening after that,” she sighs heavily, her blue eyes glazing over.

“I remember,” Lena murmurs, carefully watching Kara’s face.

It's obvious that Kara’s getting lost in thought about the year after the invasion. Lena has a much more complete picture now that she knows about Kara being Supergirl, but even without her superhero duties, that year seemed like something was constantly happening, never letting up long enough for Kara to breathe and catch a break. Cat had left for her sabbatical. Alex and Maggie broke up after what Lena heard was a serious conversation about where their relationship was going and that they couldn't get past Alex wanting to have kids whereas Maggie didn't. Kara herself was entering her second year of being a reporter and that meant even more assignments. Between that, being Supergirl, taking care of Alex and now from what she’s learned, nursing her own broken heart from Lucy leaving, how could there have been time for anything else in her life?

Even though she was still reeling from being nearly forced into a marriage with Mon-El, Lena still got pretty heavily involved in the rebuilding efforts in National City and while Kara was just getting out of a relationship, Lena was getting into one with James. It would certainly explain further as to why Kara seemed so distant then and it wasn’t just because she was busy being Supergirl.

She feels Kara’s fingers start to play with the bottom strands of her hair, and she can tell it's all mindless action as if she just can't help herself from touching Lena. And suddenly, she’s shaking her head like she’s physically shaking herself off from going down whatever path her thoughts were taking her. Her blue eyes are back on Lena’s now and she can feel her chest twist almost painfully at the way Kara’s whole demeanor immediately softens at seeing her.

The look on Kara’s face is drawing her in and Lena belatedly realizes that they're both leaning in when she feels Kara’s hand on her neck to pull her closer. It's a short kiss, a tiny peck of Kara’s lips on hers but her heart still pounds madly against her ribcage at the fleeting contact. She wants to dive in for more and how can she not when Kara looks so heartachingly pretty like this, staring at her with eyes of an infinite blue? How can Lena not want to kiss her?

Kara must see the hunger in her eyes, must see Lena’s yearning as she leans back in to capture Lena’s mouth once again. It's firmer this time, so much deeper and when Kara's thumb strokes tenderly across her jaw, there's a swooping feeling in Lena’s belly that makes her grip a little harder around Kara’s waist. There’s no urgency in the way that Kara is kissing her, languid and unhurried, like she wants to take her time as her tongue mind-numbingly swipes over Lena’s. She can't think past that, can't think past Kara’s addictive lips and her talented tongue, her hand tangled and buried in Lena’s hair, the other solid and anchored to her hip.

She tastes the reluctance as Kara withdraws, pulling back from the kiss. Lena takes a deep breath. “You really are much too good at that,” she sighs, her voice husky and breathless.

Lena can tell from the faint blush on her cheeks and the shy smile on her lips that Kara wants to duck her head too, an instinctive response every time that Lena compliments her. And it’s so goddamn cute that it makes her want to kiss Kara all over again. Instead she reaches up to swipe her thumb over Kara’s bottom lip and somehow a thought occurs to her. “Do you really just not want to try finding somebody to date because maybe you’re not over Lucy?” she asks carefully, sliding her hand to gently cup Kara’s jaw.

Her question obviously takes Kada by surprise, obviously not expecting it when they were just kissing a second ago. Kara fervently shakes her head. “No, no. It’s not that at all,” she answers in a quiet rush. “I was sad that she left because I did like her a lot and I love her, as a friend but I wasn't- I wasn’t in love with her,” she murmurs quietly. “I'm not in love with her, Lena.”

She nods, knowing that Kara means it from the look on her face as she brushes her thumb soothingly across Kara’s cheek. “Okay, so then, what is it?”

There's an unquestionable burning desire, a need to know and she feels almost bad for it when Kara gives her a wistful smile. But the thing is, Kara is the most amazing person she has ever known, maybe even the best one and even though Kara has told her many times before that she isn't lonely and that she’s happy with her life, Lena can't help but wish for her hopeless romantic of a best friend to find the love that she dreams of having.

Kara shrugs, letting out a deep breath before giving her a wistful smile. “I mean, I’ve tried the dating thing. You know I have. You've helped me get ready for a few of them. And I’m not exactly great at noticing people liking me, as you and the rest of our family know.” Lena’s heart stutters at the casual way that Kara calls their loved ones their family. She’s never going to get used to that, being part of a family that she knows truly loves her in return. “And y’know, so could you, with the dating thing. Why aren't you trying to find somebody to date?”

The question stumps her for a second, as if she and Sam hadn't just been talking about this particularly subject a few days ago. “There hasn't been anybody for me to be remotely interested in pursuing.”

“So, what if there is somebody?”

Lena shrugs. “Then I guess, I would pursue it. Wouldn't you do the same?”

“You're right,” Kara quietly concedes. “But, there isn't anybody right now.”

“Not for me either.”

“But when there is-”

If there is,” she interrupts, grabbing Kara's hand. “I will tell you, just as I know and hope you'd tell me when there is somebody for you.”

Kara frowns, chewing on her bottom lip. She diverts her gaze and stares, unfocused, into the space between them before she looks back up to meet her eyes. “This is a really weird conversation to have, Lena.”

The fearful and apprehensive look in Kara’s blue eyes has Lena scooting up, forcing Kara to pull her arm away from her shoulders so Lena can lay on her side to look at her. Kara turns to rest on her side too so they're face to face. She cups Kara’s chin, brushing her thumb over her jaw with gentle strokes as she gives her best friend a tender smile before pressing their foreheads together. “It is very weird and I’m sorry, darling. I know that it's not easy but it is also kind of necessary for people in our situation, to avoid getting hurt.”

“You wouldn't hurt me.”

Her chest warms at the quick and effortless conviction in Kara’s voice, how it makes her heart race and flutter and pound beneath her ribcage.

“You wouldn't hurt me either,” she softly replies with as much faith behind her own words. It gains her a beaming smile that has her drawing closer to circle her arms around Kara’s shoulders.

“I love you, Lena,” she feels Kara whisper against her neck just as Kara’s arms are wrapping around her waist.

“I love you too, darling,” she replies before pulling back to press her lips to Kara’s cheek. Lena finds herself lingering there, finds herself sweeping her lips to brush over Kara’s, just barely touching them. “Kiss me,” she tells her and Kara doesn't make her wait, doesn't hesitate to close the already narrow distance between their mouths.

It's the kind of kiss that they both know is actually leading them somewhere this time and Lena doesn't think of stopping, doesn't want to stop. It's the kind of kiss that has her burying her fingers in the thick of Kara’s blonde hair, scraping her nails over her scalp that gets Kara shakily sighing her name into her mouth.

Lena whines when Kara takes her lips away, whimpers when they start moving down her jaw and to the sensitive skin of her neck. “Bedroom?” Kara whispers, panting hot into the space of her neck in such a way that leaves her own breathing ragged.

Lena thinks quickly as she subjects Kara’s neck to exploration of her own wandering mouth, thinks of the red sun lamp that sits in a lead-lined box a mere few feet away from them, thinks of the bed that’s just a little bit past that. Both such short distances and even more so for Kara who can move them all in one quick go. But Lena almost can't bear the thought of moving away right now, can't bear to take her lips away from the tantalizing skin of Kara’s throat.

So she shakes her head, rolling them over and using her body to pointedly press Kara’s onto the couch. Lena holds herself up with her hands on either side of Kara’s head whose blue eyes are intense dark and boundless like the open seas. Her cheeks are a pretty flush of pink as she lays panting with her kiss-swollen lips that are calling to Lena to claim them once again.

Yes, this is the right decision.

“I want you here,” she tells her with a searing heat in her voice before reclaiming Kara's mouth with her own.


So they don't move away from where they are, with Kara resting back against the arm rest of the couch and Lena straddling her lap with her hands on Kara’s shoulders.

Her apartment glows with the light of the setting sun and her body thrums restlessly with the energy that it gives her. It's not unusual for Kara to be able to hear her neighbors all around her, talking, whispering, laughing. She can usually hear every step they take, every move and every rustle. She can usually even smell the food they're cooking and eating, the thick, sweaty musk of their body odors. These are all things she can usually sense when she chooses to do so. But right now, everything narrows down to the woman in her lap, the woman doing a stellar job at kissing the living freaking daylights out of her.

It is a feast of sensations. The firm softness of Lena’s bare thighs on either side of her hips, the dizzying natural scent of her, the sounds that her body makes, the taste of her. Kara’s lips don’t stray too far away from Lena’s, not for too long. She can’t , as if she’s completely drawn in by the softness of Lena’s mouth, as if she’s completely addicted to the feeling that flutters low in her belly whenever Lena sighs so delicately against her. Lena’s kissing her impossibly slow and she nearly can't stand the way her lips move over hers or the way that Lena’s hips start to rock slow against hers.

“Is it crazy- how much I want you?” she whispers when they pull away, breathless and trembling at the way Lena’s hands glide under her shirt and up her stomach, making it clench under her touch.

She wonders if this is something she should worry about, in light of their conversation, how much every inch of her seems to call for Lena’s touch, how it has started to crave it even. She tries to think of not having this anymore, of not having Lena like this anymore and it has Kara scrambling, makes her hands palm at Lena’s thighs, her thumbs brushing across her hip-bones with the kind of pressure that makes Lena’s breath catch, makes her hips startle against her.

Dark green eyes glance up at her and Kara watches how Lena softens, slowing her hips as she shakes her head. Lena’s hands are on her face now, thumbs gently brushing across her cheeks. “I want you so much too,” Lena husks out.

Kara lets out a heavy breath at that. Something like relief goes through her and Kara realizes that they’re exactly the words that she wanted to hear, that Lena too feels the exact same way, that she too feels that same restlessness that itches and burns underneath her skin. She almost can't deal when Lena lowers to press their foreheads together and closes her eyes, how her lips brush so slightly against Kara’s but they're still so out of reach. And Kara whimpers at this. Whimpers at the feeling that storms and thunders in her belly, whimpers at how it rises up to her chest and makes her feel heavy, makes her hands desperate as they move over every part of Lena that she can touch.

She watches Lena biting down on her lip, watches how she breathes slow and deep though it comes out shaky and ragged. If Kara were human, she wouldn't have noticed it, wouldn't have even caught it, how Lena’s hands on her face tremble. She doesn't know why, doesn't understand what it is that seems to be making her best friend feel this way. It’s so subtle and so barely there but she can still feel it anyway. Kara goes to take Lena’s hands in hers, hopes to emit some sort of assurance through her touch as her thumbs over the backs of Lena’s hands.

“Lena,” she whispers, gently nudging their noses together before tilting her jaw upwards so she can nuzzle her cheek. “Can I touch you?” she asks softly, moving their connected hands to rest in between them. It’s almost dizzying how she can feel the heat between Lena’s thighs, intoxicating how her scent gets stronger and stronger by the second. Kara licks her lips when she remembers the taste of Lena thick and musky on her tongue.

Lena untangles their hands, her fingers gently trailing up her arms and Kara shivers at the light touch. Her lips sweep over Kara's cheek, to her jawline and eventually to the shell of her ear. “Please, Kara,” she mewls in a whisper, burying her hands in Kara’s hair, pulling her back to capture her lips with a near desperate edge as she resumes the rocking of her hips.

She rushes to unbutton the shirt that Lena’s wearing, mildly impressed with herself that she manages to do so when they're pressed so close together, without ripping anything, and through the intoxicating distraction of Lena’s breathtaking kisses. Kara doesn't push the shirt off Lena, lets it hang open as her hands start to wander and she groans at the silky feeling of Lena’s skin under the palm of her hands. When she squeezes Lena's breasts and just lightly flicks across her sensitive nipples, Kara can almost swear that she knows now just how exquisite her name tastes on Lena’s tongue.

“Wait, wait, wait, what about the lamp? We haven't even- we should-” Kara halts all movement and speech, her breath hitching at the nails scraping tantalizingly over her scalp.

Lena shakes her head, already trying to pull her back towards her. There's a sense of urgency in the way she's touching Kara that makes her want to mirror it tenfold. “No no, not right now. Trust me.”

“How can you be so sure?” she asks quietly, almost innocent in its softness as if her fingers aren’t already carefully tracing the delicate lace of Lena’s panties, as if she isn't already thinking about the eventual clench of her pussy around Kara’s curling fingers.

“Because it's you, Kara. There's no one else I could ever trust more,” she whispers before giving her this soft, little smile, as if there's no other real answer but this.

Her breath hitches at Lena’s reply and Kara can't help but feel overwhelmed once again at Lena’s unfailing faith in her. “Always?” she asks.

Lena nods, “Always. Always, always, Kara,” she promises, leaning down to press her lips to Kara's temple before pulling back so that their eyes meet.

At Kara's nod, Lena breathes out a shaky sigh, starting to rock her hips to chase the solidity of Kara’s hand and Kara doesn't stop her. Instead she offers her hand and watches in silent awe as Lena eventually rubs herself against the palm of her hand, whimpering from the relieving pressure on her clit. She can come like this, they both know it. It wouldn't take much, just a little bit more push on the heel of Kara’s hand and that would be it.

But that's not what Lena wants, and it's certainly not what Kara wants either. Lena whines when her fingers quickly slip inside her underwear but stop just shy of where they both want her to be. Kara swallows thickly at the scorching wet heat between Lena’s thighs that drips between her fingers as Lena tucks her face into the crook of Kara’s neck, ready and waiting for her.

Her eyes flutter close when her fingers enter the wet heat that immediately clenches around them.

And at the curl of her fingers, Lena breaks into a rumbling, grateful groan.

Chapter Text

The doors swing shut behind her and Lena sighs in relief at the near silence that greets her. 

Behind her, the party continues. 

Kara’s laughter rings loud and clear, even through the closed doors. She can't help but smile. Her heart flutters at the sound and a very welcomed warmth spreads through her at hearing Kara’s unbridled joy. There's just something about being able to hear Kara like that, that makes Lena want to hear it all the time. She walks further out until she gets to the railing, lets out a sigh once again as she rests her elbows over the solid wooden structure. She takes a deep breath of the Midvale night air, fresh and crisp in her lungs. 

The days are warm and despite the fact that fall is supposed to begin next week, it still feels more like they're in the incredible height of summer. She’s thankful that she thought to pack lighter clothing, though the nights are thankfully,bearably, cooler, especially here in this little beach town. It's the first time that Lena has ever been here, the first time she’s seeing the home where Kara and Alex grew up. 

She made the drive up from National City with both Sam and Ruby, having left early in the day so that they could make it with enough time to rest before the party began, wanting to help Eliza set everything up. Everybody else had gone ahead the night before. Lena would have joined Kara, Alex, and Parker when they made the drive up too if it hadn't been for the potential client’s meeting, one that had already been postponed one too many times for her liking. But it worked out anyway since Ruby couldn’t miss her soccer practice which meant that Sam was driving up the next day anyway and so she coordinated travel plans with Sam instead. 

“There you are.”

She turns, surprised to see Eliza Danvers’ head peeking out from behind the door. Out of everybody to come looking for her, she expected a completely different and younger Danvers. Lena puts on a timid smile. “Eliza, hi,” she utters in a single breath, feeling the warm blush of her cheeks as if she had just gotten caught doing something wrong. “I—wanted to get some fresh air,” she starts to explain, stopping when Eliza shakes her head. 

Lena has already met Eliza a handful of times before this night, doesn't feel quite the same initial awkwardness that she felt at first meeting her at last year’s Thanksgiving. At least, not to the same degree of awkwardness anyway. After all, she isn't just Kara’s and Alex’s mother. Eliza Danvers is a well-respected bio-engineer in her own right, and that is quite an intimidating thought all on its own. 

Not to mention the fact that Lena is also casually sleeping with her daughter fairly regularly.

She did have the foresight to remember and ask Kara whether it was something she had to worry about, Eliza knowing about them and not approving of it at all. She had asked the night after Kara extended her an invitation during one of their shared lunches. Kara had reassured her that she does not share the same level of openness with her adoptive mother as she does wIth her sister, which was somewhat a relief. 

But still, Lena can't help but be nervous about it. 

“You don't need to explain anything to me,” Eliza tells her as she walks out from behind the door to join her, a half-filled glass of red wine in her hand. Lena watches as she looks up to the night sky with a contemplative stare before meeting her gaze with a discerning smile. “I understand the need for a little quiet time. I just wanted to make sure that you were okay.”

Lena nods, a reassuring smile on her lips. “I am. Thank you so much for having me here. You have a really beautiful home.” 

Eliza graces her with a warm, grateful smile before turning back so that she’s facing the party. Lena can only imagine the shenanigans that are happening inside especially when there are so many of Kara's loved ones here to celebrate Kara’s earth birthday in advance. Even Clark and Lois made the trip all the way from Metropolis. “You know, I don't get to see Kara and Alex as often as I'd like. Oh, Kara does her best to fly over to have dinner with me whenever she can but it's still so difficult when she has two very demanding jobs.”

“I’m sorry,” Lena replies hastily, frowning slightly and unsure as to why she’s apologizing for things that aren't in her control whatsoever but she feels that instinctual need to do so anyway. 

Eliza laughs lightly but it's in a manner that doesn't make Lena feel offended. She doesn't think Eliza could be cruel in the same way that her own mother knows instinctively how to be. Even though they haven't had so many conversations together, it's still incredibly easy to tell the kind of person that Eliza Danvers is, a clear model of where Kara’s innate kindness and compassion had been nurtured during her growing years. She shakes her head as she places her hand on Lena’s shoulder in a comforting gesture. “Oh honey, there’s no blame for you to take here. It is what it is. I’m always going to miss my girls but, as long as my family is happy, then I am too. And I think that they are, aren't they?”

She nods to answer. “Parker’s lovely,” she remarks graciously, bringing up the person that Alex has been dating exclusively the past three months now or Alex’s ‘date-mate’ as Kara has taken to calling them, which Lena has found entirely too charming. She had already met them with the rest of the group on a game night last month after Kara had met them first and thus declared that they needed to meet the rest of their little family. Tonight was the first time Eliza was meeting them and it went well, at least in Lena's opinion. Parker did seem a little overwhelmed at first, to which Lena could absolutely relate. Kara and Alex might not be aware of it but their group of family and friends can be quite intimidating without even trying to be. However, it did look like Parker eventually warmed up to everybody else as the party progressed. 

Eliza makes a quiet hum of agreement, taking her hand off Lena’s shoulder. “They are, and Alex must like them very much to bring them home to meet me,” she replies before taking a sip of her drink. Lena watches as she levels a thoughtful stare inside the house. “Kara is happy too, yes?”

“I think so.” Lena turns to spare a glance over to where the party is going on and sees her best friend trying to climb on Clark’s back, clearly demanding a piggy back ride. It's a ridiculous sight to witness with Kara’s long arms and legs trying to clamber over Clark’s body. Kara's laughter is loud, boisterous and bellyful, as she ruffles her cousin's hair while he only seems to glare playfully at her antics. Her heart flutters in delight, seeing Kara so carefree like this and from the look on his face, Lena can tell that Clark is incredibly pleased to see Kara like this too. 

“What about you, Lena? Are you happy?”

Lena turns back in surprise. She definitely wasn't expecting that question, at least not from Eliza. It’s not that she doesn't think that Eliza doesn't care about her but more that she didn't think Eliza cares about her that much to want to know how she’s feeling. And she’s not so sure how to feel about that, isn't sure how to handle having somebody asking towards her own well-being with no hidden agenda behind it. Not with her abysmal track record with mother-figures as it is. But she reminds herself that this is the person who single-handedly raised Kara and Alex, the very same person who, despite Lena's protests, made sure that she went back home with leftovers after Thanksgiving last year. She doesn't have anything to worry about with Eliza but still, she’s not so sure how to handle this concern for her. 

“There hasn't been an attempted assassination on me in awhile, so I am pretty happy about that,” she says, trying to make a joke of it until she sees the look on Eliza’s face that is clearly chastising. Lena immediately realizes that her default of making blasé and light comments about the worst things in her life doesn't go down well with Eliza, making her feel guilty. It might be that she doesn't know Lena well enough to know that she’s merely joking as Kara would usually just mildly glare at her as she shakes her head then she’d roll her eyes and breathe out a huff of a laugh. So Lena scrambles for a better answer. “And I guess—I guess, I'm not terribly unhappy with where I am in life now.”

Eliza then makes this expression that Lena has seen Kara make so many times before, like she’s confused and deeply concerned all at the same time. It truly is a wonder sometimes the parts of Kara that Lena knows and loves so well, and seeing just where the roots of those parts come from and they're standing right next to her at this moment. 

“You’ve imagined your life differently than this?” she asks. 

She hopes that the smile on her face doesn't come off patronizing and Lena reminds herself once again that Eliza doesn't see her every day and so she doesn't know the things Lena has to hear others say about her, doesn't know the one too many attempts on her life, probably doesn't even know what Lena’s relationship really is like with her family. Eliza doesn't know the trajectory that Lena expected her life to take when she took over LCorp and how surprised she is by how far her life has diverged from it. 

“Of course,” she starts to answer. “In what world could I have possibly ever thought that I would have something like this?” she asks, waving her hand to gesture towards the raucous party happening inside. “Friends like Kara, Sam, and Jess? People who love and care for me, unconditionally and without agenda? I never could have pictured any of that, not for me and not in this lifetime.” She lets out a deep breath, her cheeks heating at her rambling explanation, at how dramatic she must sound. She looks up to meet Eliza’s patient blue eyes. “Sorry,” she apologizes with a sheepish smile, shaking her head in embarrassment. 

“I’m sure that the wine is making your tongue a little looser right now and you wouldn't usually have shared something like that, at least not with me,” Eliza says with a reassuring smile that eases Lena’s anxiety, stopping her from saying anything that they know won't be true. “But it's not to say that I’m not glad that I get to know you just a little bit better, Lena,” Eliza utters quietly. “You're so important to my daughters, to Kara and I’m—I’m just really glad.” She gives Lena a tiny smile before letting out a sigh, then takes another sip of her drink. “I should be heading back inside. We need to bring out Kara’s cake soon and I'm going to need Clark’s help carrying that thing,” she murmurs dryly, making her way towards the door.

It has the desired effect of making Lena laugh as she had seen the cake when it was delivered to the house earlier. It took four of the people from the bakery to carry it inside the house and perhaps it might seem a bit excessive when they are only a party of less than thirty. But when having a party with two Kryptonians that have an intense propensity for sweet things, two speedsters with matching bottomless pits for stomachs, they were all going to need a huge cake or they wouldn't have anything left for the rest of the guests.

With a hand still on the doorknob, Eliza looks back at her. “Don't take too long being out here now. You know that Kara will come looking for you sooner or later if you're missing for much longer,” Eliza warns her with a teasing chuckle. 

Lena joins in, knowing that she’s not at all wrong about that. “I know. I’ll be in soon, I promise.”

She waits until the door closes behind Eliza before turning back around to gaze back up at the stars. She contemplates carrying over the telescope that’s standing by the lounge chairs so that she can see the constellations better. She hesitates doing so when she’s standing in front of it, knowing the history of how Kara came to own such a beautiful instrument. Instead, she trails her fingers over the telescope tube to the finderscope. It’s obviously regularly taken care of and very well-loved. She wonders just how many times Kara uses it whenever she comes back to visit, if she uses it every time when she does. 

It’s so strange to think that at this point last year, she and James were still together, attending this party where it was held in Kara's apartment, together. Even stranger to think that it has been a month since her arrangement with Kara began. So much has changed within this limited space of a year; so much is different, and Lena wonders what that means, wonders what more will change this year. 


Hastily pulling her hand away from the telescope to lace both hands behind her back, Lena turns around to see Kara poking her head out from the door in a similar fashion to Eliza earlier. Kara gives her a tipsy smile, her cheeks flushed red from inebriation. It’s still quite the novelty seeing Kara like this and Lena sighs, thinking about how incredibly unfair it is that Kara looks so terribly pretty just like this. With her glasses, the sunshine smile on her face and her hair down, flowing free in those luscious curls that Lena loves to touch, it's truly a breathtaking sight to behold. “Finally found me, huh?”

Kara stays where she is as she holds up a filled glass of wine in her hand as a peace offering. “I brought you a drink?” 

“My hero,” she teases with a cajoling grin.

She walks over to meet Kara in the middle, taking the glass with a grateful smile before taking an eager sip. Lena sighs, humming quietly at the taste. She arches a questioning eyebrow at the look on Kara’s face. “Thank you,” she murmurs. 

“You’re welcome,” Kara replies with a soft smile as she adjusts her glasses. “And I’ve always known where you were. I just didn't want to disturb you. I saw you talking with Eliza and I figured you needed your quiet time.” 

Lena smiles fondly at her best friend's consideration, endeared at how Eliza herself had used the same phrasing earlier before she places her hand on Kara’s forearm, gently squeezing it. “Is it time for cake?” she asks, remembering the reason Eliza went back inside in the first place. 

Kara shrugs, pulling her arm back so that her hand is holding onto Lena’s instead. “Almost, but they can wait a little bit. Are you having a good time?”

There's a look of worry in Kara’s blue eyes and Lena slips her fingers in between Kara’s. “I’m having a wonderful time, darling,” she replies, giving Kara’s hand a firm, reassuring squeeze. 

Relief shows on Kara's face at her answer and Lena tightens her grip around Kara's fingers once again in an attempt to assuage whatever remaining concerns she might have about Lena not enjoying herself. Kara shakes her head, breathing out a quiet sigh before giving Lena a shaky smile. “I’m just—really happy that you’re here, that you were able to make it,” Kara tries to explain. 

“I wouldn't have missed this for anything,” she promises with a discerning smile. “You’ve been thinking about last year, haven't you?”

Kara’s mouth opens, as if to deny it or maybe even feign ignorance but stops before she can get a word out. She gives Lena a crooked smile. “You too?”

She nods. “It was nearly a year ago today that you told me about you being Supergirl. We were in National City but you told me underneath these very same stars,” she pauses to look up to the sky, darting down to their locked hands before finally meeting Kara’s blue eyes, “it was a very significant milestone in our friendship. No way I'd ever forget that.” 

It had been at the end of the night, after Kara’s birthday party where it had been held up on the rooftop of Kara’s building. Everybody else had gone home while she stayed behind to help Kara and Alex clean up. But then Alex had gone down to Kara’s apartment with some flimsy excuse while Kara stood nervous with an edge of fear and asked her if they could talk. Little did Lena know as she said yes, how everything between them would change that night. 

Broad shoulders slump forward as Kara takes a step closer to her. She’s chewing on her bottom lip in that anxious way she usually does when she wants to ask for something and Lena doesn't say a word. Her thumb brushes tenderly across Kara’s knuckles, waiting patiently. Kara takes a deep breath. “Is it okay if I hug you?”

Lena doesn't answer. She circles her arms around Kara's waist to which Kara takes barely a second to react, wrapping her own arms around Lena’s shoulders. Lena presses herself into Kara, curls in and tucks her face into the crook of Kara’s neck, taking in a lungful of her familiar scent. Kara is so warm against her and yet Lena still shivers when she feels a drop of a kiss on her bare shoulder. 

“Thank you for still being here,” Kara whispers, her voice thick and shaky.

Her arms around Kara's waist tightens.


The party gradually and officially comes to an end once they've made sure that their guests are safely buckled into their Lyft rideshares, warm from the freshly-brewed coffee that Eliza made them all drink, and on their way back to their hotel. 

Sam and Ruby had already gone to their designated bedroom earlier in the night, while Alex and Parker have decided to stay up a little longer and take a romantic midnight stroll over at the beach. She and Lena stay behind and make sure to shoo Eliza away to her bedroom so that she doesn't try to help with the clean-up. Her adoptive mother has already done so much to prepare for the incoming guests and for the party itself. She deserves the rest. 

It's been hours since she had her last drink and in the time it has taken them to clean up, Kara feels herself sobering up further. And though her mind has started to clear, she still feels a little— floaty , like she’s walking on air, like there’s nothing but sunshine beating in her chest and running through her veins. It's a feeling that's been coursing through her all night, before she even touched an alcoholic drink. It had her being more tactile with everybody than she already normally is, has her melting and leaning into the embraces that they seem to happily give her in return. Drunk on love, is what Alex had called it, laughing in delight when Kara had cuddled up to her before she left for her walk with Parker. 

Perhaps her sister is right and she’s sure that everybody else must have noticed this, must have noticed the constant way that she kept reaching out to them. She wanted piggyback rides with Kal-El, wanted Lois to run her fingers through her hair and braid it. She was absolutely beside herself when Ruby, so near to sleep, came to sit and curled up right next to her. Kara just couldn't get enough of it but at the same time, it’s also almost overwhelming really, how this energy seems to roar and pulsate within her and, even though it's the end of the night, it's all still so very much there, making her feel—somewhat restless. 

Kara thinks about maybe taking a midnight flight or maybe a run—something that can tire her out so that she’ll be able to sleep when she walks in her bedroom to find Lena zipping her duffel bag closed, already scrubbed clean and dressed for bed. Lena smiles readily at the sight of her, a smile that she easily returns with one of her own. 

“Hey you, all done?” she asks, to which Kara only nods in reply before lazily padding over until she can circle her arms around Lena to hug her, resting her chin on top of Lena’s shoulder. It doesn't take long for Lena to reciprocate the gesture, her arms going around Kara’s shoulders. “You okay?” Lena asks softly when Kara lets out a quiet but heavy sigh. 

She nuzzles her nose into Lena's neck before pressing a soft kiss to the sensitive skin there, smiling at the rising goosebumps. “I’m just—tonight made me really happy.”

She hears a low chuckle in her ear just as Lena’s hand cups the back of her neck, her fingers gently scratching at her skin. “I can tell,” she says quietly. 

“Is it because I can't stop smiling? I think my cheeks are for sure starting to feel it.”

Lena’s responding hum vibrates between them just as she starts to play with the baby hairs at the nape of Kara’s neck. “Partly, but I think that it’s something more than that.” 

She pulls back and sees the knowing smile on Lena’s lips. Of course, she noticed. Of course, Lena noticed and knew exactly what Kara is going through. Kara always wondered what it would be like to be known and seen in the way that Lena knows and sees her. She didn't think it was possible. She already has Alex who knows her as best as anybody could ever know her but then Lena comes into her life and knows her in the ways that Alex doesn't or can't. There are no words to describe the way that Lena responds to her, without Kara having to even say it. Like this instance, how she keeps her voice soft and hushed, how she keeps her touch grounded and undemanding. 

Kara presses her forehead to Lena’s. “Yeah, I think so too,” she sighs, her eyes closing. 

Lena’s arm squeeze around her waist and doesn't say another word as Kara shuffles them from side to side. She likes this, loves it even. Loves it when Lena starts to hum quietly to a song that doesn't seem familiar to her, and it's almost like a purring and Kara feels the reverberation of that sound right against her chest. She loves the firmness of Lena's hand on her neck, how her fingers are weaving and tangling in the thick of her hair. 

That's when Kara feels it, the slight breath of a sigh across her lips. Her eyes open again to meet Lena’s, a dark green forest in the dim lighting of her bedroom and Kara waits. She waits for Lena to say a word, to make a move, to do something . She can trace the faint hint of wine and toothpaste mixed in together. Kara licks her lips, her breath already shaking in anticipation. Her gaze falls to Lena’s mouth, watches how it curls into a tiny smirk and Kara thinks of the dark red of Lena's lipstick that she wore all night, wishing that she had had the chance to kiss it off Lena’s lips. 

Meanwhile, her hands have been wandering on their own volition, making their way from Lena's waist to her hips, to the small of her back. It seems that her restlessness may have come down on its own solution to hopefully wear herself out. From the discerning grin on her face, Lena comes to the same conclusion. 

“You're in a mood now, aren't you?” Lena asks her with that husky tone of voice which she knows drives Kara absolutely crazy with want, has Kara completely weak in the knees. Lena’s hands fall to her arms, her fingers digging slightly into the unyielding steel of Kara’s skin. 

“Is that okay?” she asks, carefully walking them to her bed as she slips her hands under Lena’s shirt, hearing the catch of Lena's breath at Kara’s warm touch on her belly. 

“Only if you can keep quiet,” Lena replies with a cheeky smile. 

“I’m the one touching you,” Kara counters with an incredulous smile, emphasizing her point by lightly pinching Lena's nipples.

“I'm very aware of what I said and I stand by it,” a lone shaky breath is all Lena allows her to hear before she arches her chest into Kara’s touch as she replies with a composure that makes Kara want to see how much longer she can keep this going before Lena eventually breaks. Until she realizes the implication of Lena’s words, that Kara is the more vocal one between the two of them, which is absolutely ridiculous and completely false. 

Her blue eyes narrow into a mild glare. “I was going to kiss you but I don't think I want to anymore,” she tells her with an air of petulance.

“Oh, really? Are you sure about that?” Lena chuckles, a challenging glint in her green eyes and an annoying, arrogant smile that—even more annoyingly—makes Kara want to kiss it off her face, which is totally counterproductive to what she is trying not to do. 

Kara stubbornly purses her lips, going as far as to pull back to avoid the temptation of Lena’s mouth. “Yep. Not going to kiss you at all,” she asserts, her hands squeezing Lena’s breasts as she does so. 

Lena’s eyebrow quirks in clear disbelief at her action. “But you're still going to touch me?” She doesn't even give Kara a chance to reply before she continues, “oh, I think you're definitely going to kiss me,” she teases, leaning close to narrow the distance that Kara previously made between them. 

She shakes her head, leaning back so far that Lena is basically dipping her. What a ridiculous sight they must be right now. If anybody is to walk in at this moment, she has no doubt that they would certainly think so. “No, I won't.”

“Yes, you will,” Lena adds with a nod. “You can't not kiss me.” 

Her heart flutters madly—the rebel—at Lena’s assured tone but Kara remains steadfast. “Yes I can and I’m not going to kiss you.” 

“I don't think so.” The look in Lena’s eyes turn steely and determined as her hand at the back of Kara's neck, squeezes harder. Despite herself, Kara’s breath catches at the firm touch. Lena veers back then, forcing them both back in the upright position. Kara watches quietly as her best friend puts on the most confident smirk she has ever seen on Lena’s face, watches with bated breath as Lena reaches up to take her glasses off her face, watches as she throws it carelessly to the side. The nearby soft thud tells Kara that her glasses landed on the floor somewhere and not the bed. Lena grabs her attention by cupping her hand to Kara’s jaw, her thumb just barely brushing across Kara's bottom lip. “I think—that you like kissing me too much, and I also think that you're going to want to kiss me because you just can't help yourself, Kara Zor-El.” 

It takes all that Kara has to not whimper or moan or make any kind of sound as Lena takes one of her hands off her chest and drags it down over her belly to slip beneath the waistband of pajama pants. She swallows thickly at the yearning heat in between Lena’s legs, breathing shakily at the thought of how she hasn't even really touched Lena yet. Lena continues to speak and if it isn't for the fact that her voice has softened to a measured, breathy whisper, Kara would think that she’s completely unaffected by her touch. “You're going to touch me, Kara; you’re going to be inside me, feel how soaking wet I am and you’re going to make me come and somewhere in all of that—” Lena pauses to look right up into her eyes as if to make sure that Kara’s stare is on her, as if Kara would be looking anywhere else or thinking about anything else, as if she even wants to do either of those things. The dark green of Lena’s eyes has her far too entranced, too transfixed.  And when Lena is finally satisfied that she has all of Kara’s focus, Lena steps in close, so close that her cheek presses against hers, so close that all of Lena is pressing up against her and Kara can feel Lena’s breath sweep so delicately across her neck, “you’re going to be kissing the fuck out of me.”

She doesn't even try to hold back the whimper this time and when she glances down, a pleased look is crossing Lena’s face, telling Kara that this is the exact reaction that Lena wanted from her. 

In the next breath—before she can even think up of a response—Lena presses down on her hand and Kara trembles in response to the soaked panties that greets her palm. 


Kara still hasn't kissed her yet.

Even after they've found themselves on Kara’s bed with Kara on top of her and in between her eagerly parted legs. Even after Kara pushes her panties to the side and slides her fingers through her slick folds. Still nothing. 

But oh, Kara does kiss her everywhere else though, which makes it all even more maddening really. The soft fullness of Kara’s lips along her jaw, down her throat and across her collarbones. Maddening. Especially in the way that Kara lingers at every spot that she kisses, the way she sucks and nips wherever she can, the way her tongue curls and dips in the hollow between her collarbones. It seems that with every kiss to her skin, Kara’s resolve to not attach their lips together strengthens. It’s teasing; it’s playful; it’s— maddening

But at the same time, Lena can't help but feel a certain kind of thrill that shoots down her spine at having challenged Kara like that and having her respond to it in the way she is now. It's not something that they have ever done before, pushing each other like this to see how the other would react. Judging from the filthy wet sounds of her pussy though, Lena is intensely into it, and from the manner that Kara is touching her with an edge of restless desperation that is almost new, she must feel the same too. 

In the past month, Lena has learned many new intimate things about Kara; things that she never would have guessed that Kara would like so much, and some she would've if she gave it as much thought as she does now. In fact, Lena hasn't been able to stop thinking about the things that Kara likes, the things that have Kara making those sounds that she just can't get enough of hearing, the things that has Kara’s body responding in the way that she can't get enough of witnessing. It’s still so breathtaking to think that all of these things are happening because she’s touching Kara, because Kara wants her to touch her. 

God, Kara still isn't kissing her. 

They're both trying to keep quiet, being mindful that they aren't in the privacy of either of their own bedrooms in National City and that their family and friends are close by. Kara has her face tucked into the space of Lena’s neck, panting heavily against her as she fucks her slow and surely. Lena’s biting down on her bottom lip, doing her absolute best to muffle the sounds that she desperately wants to make because fuck, how can she not when Kara has three of her fingers stretching and curling inside of Lena. She keeps her arms around Kara’s shoulders, her shaking legs encasing Kara’s narrow hips while her hands weave deep and grip tight in Kara’s thick blonde hair.

Her eyes fall shut at the light grazing of teeth on her neck and Lena breathes shakily. Why isn't Kara kissing her yet? 

If it were anybody else, Lena wouldn't care about it so much. Not that she doesn’t care for it at all. Kissing is absolutely fine, it can be good and it can be really great when she has a good kissing partner; and she has had some pretty great kissing partners over the years. But there are truly no words to describe the kind of kissing partner that Kara has been to her. Sometimes she's firm and demanding in such a way that makes Lena's heart race and pound hard against her chest, makes her want to get down to her knees and yield to whatever Kara wanted from her. Then there are times when Kara kisses her so gently, so delicately and god, how does that still take her fucking breath away? Those kisses make her want to press the full length of her body on Kara’s, makes her want to feel every inch of her pressing against every inch of Kara. She has no shame in admitting it to herself or even to Kara, that there have been days when Kara kissing her is all that plays out in her head and nothing else. 

So Kara can't blame her for what she’s about to do. She brought this on herself, after all. All’s fair in love and war, and all of that. 

Lena gathers all the remaining will that she has left, does her best to ignore the dizzying way that Kara’s palm presses down on her clit in the same time that her fingers flit rapidly inside her causing Lena to clench around them. “You feel so good, Kara,” she starts to husk out, licking her lips before letting out a choked gasp when Kara’s hips buck down on hers. “I love when you're on top of me like this. You're all over me, so warm and so—god, yes, just like that, darling,” she praises when Kara starts to hasten her pace, starts to fuck her a little harder. Lena breathes out a panting moan. God, she's so close. “You’re so good at this, so good at touching me, I can't get enough of it. Can't get enough of you.”

“Oh god Lena, you're trying to drive me crazy,” Kara replies in a rough whisper into her neck.

Lena bites down on her lip before letting out a raspy chuckle. “Pretty sure that it’s working.” It's taking Lena all that she has to mutter her words. “Give me one more, babe, just—fuck, one more—” Lena breaks into a low, drawn-out groan when Kara does add another finger.

“I’d kiss you to shut you up right now but then that means you win.”

“I’m pretty sure I’m winning anyway.” Her laughter is full and breathless until she realizes that Kara hasn't said anything in reply and she sees that Kara is looking at her with an indecipherable expression on her face. “What is it?”

The expression on Kara's face stays until suddenly she breaks with a quiet chuckle as she shakes her head. “You're right,” she says ever so softly, staring down at her with those eyes of infinite blue.

“About which part?” she asks, confused about where this is going. 

Kara chuckles and shakes her head once again before gazing at her in a most dazzling way that keeps Lena’s attention on her. “I can't—I really can't help myself,” she whispers when all too quickly, she’s leaning down and at the touch of her lips, Lena feels herself clamping tighter around Kara’s fingers. 

Her mind blanks instantly at the firmness of Kara’s mouth finally, finally, finally on hers, swallows the moan that rumbles between them and Lena wonders how it is that after all this time, after all the many kisses that they have already shared together, she’s still not tired of this. Every part of her still aches and wants so desperately to be consumed. Kara is kissing her in a way that feels like she just can't seem to stop and god , Lena never wants her to either. Every time one of them pulls back, the other is drawn back in for more and Lena indulges her with pleased whines and delighted whimpers. 

With Kara's lips catching hers in a devastating liplock, Lena comes with a rumble in her chest and a racing heart, comes so hard that she has to pull away to catch a breath. But Kara doesn't let her stay away for too long, capturing her mouth once again to kiss her deeply. It's messy and clumsy and sloppy but Lena doesn't want it to end as she feels that tightening in the low of her belly coming back faster than she expected.

 “God, Kara, I—”

“Oh, I’m not done with you yet,” Kara thankfully whispers, slowly pulling her fingers. Before she can even whine in protest at being left empty and wanting, Lena watches as Kara takes her fingers right into her mouth, watches as dark blue eyes close to the taste of her, feels the way Kara’s chest almost seems to growl in satisfaction. When Kara’s eyes open, she thinks about how it could be possible that they are even darker now and anticipation curls hot and striking in the low of her belly. Lena expects to be kissed then but instead follows as Kara moves down her body and with no warning and a cool tongue, licks right up her pussy, flicking firmly against her clit in such a way that takes her breath away.  



“I win.”

Kara laughs at the smug declaration, a hearty and full-bellied kind of a laugh as she shakes her head. “You did not ,” she protests, lifting her head up from the pillow to stare down at Lena’s profile. 

Her best friend’s face is still a pretty flushed pink from their activities, still breathing heavily. Kara can feel her own face, damp and sticky and all she can smell right now is Lena all over her. They should probably go and clean up soon. 

Lena rolls over to lay on her belly, arching an eyebrow at her. “You kissed me, Kara Danvers, when you said you wouldn't, therefore, I win.”

She stares at the triumphant smile on her best friend's face, once again wondering how it is that she is so charmed by this display. Maybe it's because they both know that Lena’s completely right. Kara did kiss her. It felt like one of the hardest things she ever had to do, to keep herself from kissing Lena. Every second that she denied herself, felt like agony. Every second that she could hear Lena’s heartbeat pounding against her chest; every second that she could smell the slick wet heat between Lena’s thighs getting stronger and stronger; every second that she could feel the way that Lena wanted so desperately for her to kiss her too. 

But it was this element of—playfulness between them that was the only thing that kept her from doing so, something that Kara has never had with anybody else, not even Lucy. Kara never gave it much thought before but she doesn't think that there has ever been this element of lightheartedness between her and her exes. She didn't think that it’s something that a relationship could have but it seems so simple, so effortless with Lena. 

“I’ll show you who won,” she threatens mischievously before turning over to tickle Lena’s sides, victorious when Lena immediately reacts, trying to dodge and escape her method of torture. But Kara is relentless and unyielding—how can she help it when she gets to see Lena’s face all adorably scrunched up in the way that it is as she runs her fingers at all the spots she knows will incite Lena’s unrestrained laughter. 

“I give! I give up!”

Kara stops, holding her hands aloft as she watches Lena trying to catch her breath. “Do you really?” she asks, suspicious that Lena’s uncharacteristically claiming defeat so easily. 

Her uncertainty is proven correct when Lena then shakes her head and shoots her a cheeky smile. “No, I still win.”

Her mouth falls open in disbelief before shaking her head, laughing at her best friend cockiness. “Why, you little—”

“What are you going to do about it?” Lena asks her with a challenging smirk. 

“Oh, I can think of plenty of things,” she replies with a promise in her own smirk that Lena easily catches when she bites down on her lip.

“Oh, really?”

Kara hums affirmatively before leaning down to press her lips to Lena’s neck, knowing her actions will be more effective than her words. It doesn't take long for Kara to hear the hitch of Lena’s breath, the skip of her heartbeat as she grazes her teeth along Lena’s throat. She gives Lena another second to enjoy her attention, lightly nibbling at the mole that she kind of really adores—before puffing her cheeks to blow a loud and wet raspberry on her neck, pulling away to laugh when Lena squeals her name.

“Oh my god, get off me, you goof,” Lena tells her, emphasizing her words by making an attempt to push Kara away. She follows the motion of the shove and falls to lay on her side, smiling brightly at her best friend. The dirty glare Lena sends her way only makes her laugh even harder. “You’re such a little shit, you know that?” Lena grumbles. 

“But you love me though.”

“I’m not even sure that I like you right now.”

Kara feels mildly affronted. “You liked me enough when I was inside you earlier.” 

Lena breathes out a husky chuckle when her green eyes twinkle with an idea. “I think—that you are just going to have to make it up to me.”

“And how exactly would you like me to do that, Miss Luthor?” she asks, though she already has more than an inkling about how she is meant to go about making her recompense. 

Kind of hard not to figure it out when Lena strongly encourages Kara to lay on her back before crawling up her body, making sure that she rubs her swollen cunt over Kara’s belly. She tries not to moan at how wet Lena apparently already is—or perhaps, still is—as she continues to make her way up. Lena’s musky scent hits her first and she licks her lips in anticipation as Lena’s fingers find their way in the thick of her hair before she’s pulled upwards.

As her tongue slides up Lena’s pussy, Kara can hear her whisper, “I can think of a few ways.” 


“Oh god, no, okay, you win. I’m done.” 

“Are you sure?” Kara asks, slowing the pace of her fingers but doesn't pull out at all.

“No,” she answers slowly, hesitance coloring her tone when she feels the tap-tap-tapping of Kara’s fingers inside her. She lets out a deep breath as her pussy tightens around Kara’s fingers. It's almost ridiculous how she can feel how much she still wants to keep going. “But if I have any hope of sitting comfortably or walking in any kind of line tomorrow, we’re going to need to stop.” 

Kara snorts. “Okay, okay—you go on and clean up. I’ll change the sheets.”

They're both silent, watching each other as Kara pulls out, excruciatingly slow and gentle. She lets her gaze roam over Kara’s face, noting how her chin no longer looks as wet as it was a minute ago. It also doesn't take much to detect the strong odor of her musk permeating the air between them. “You should definitely give your face a good scrub.”

Chuckling, Kara nods. “Oh, I will. I’m very well aware of how your scent lingers,” she teases, making Lena laugh quietly in return. 

Her eyes flutter when Kara’s completely pulled out of her and Lena sighs at the empty feeling. She gives Kara a tired smile, closing her eyes when Kara leans down to gently press her lips to Lena’s forehead, a most tender gesture to cap off their night together. 

On shaky legs, Lena puts on her underwear and makes her way to the bathroom, thankful that it's only around the corner from Kara's bedroom. She shivers, somehow still feeling every delicious inch of Kara’s fingers moving deep inside her now. Even her clit still throbs insistently, as if she hasn't come enough already tonight but she knows that she can't handle much more, not when her pussy is now too sensitive to be touched again. Washing up will hopefully help calm her libido down to a more manageable level.

Speaking of libidos, Kara was definitely a lot more insatiable than she usually is, and that's saying a lot. She was already intuitively aware that Kara seemed restless before they started but Lena wonders what it was that caused it, whether it was a result of the party and having been surrounded by so many of those Kara loves so much or—Lena’s not sure really. Something feels different for Kara tonight and she’s incredibly curious about it. Whatever it is though, she knows that Kara will eventually tell her. Whenever she’s ready. 

When she makes her way back to Kara’s bedroom, she finds Kara in a different set of pajamas and the bedsheets already changed out. Lena opts to take her sleep shirt off instead; knowing exactly how hot she’ll inevitably get from sharing Kara’s bed. It's much smaller than Kara’s bed in National City and even more so than her bed, so she’ll much easier feel the heat that radiates so naturally off Kara. When she looks up, she finds Kara staring so unashamedly at her chest that she can't help but laugh. There used to be a time in the earlier days when Kara was so careful and shy about not ogling her like that but Lena doesn't mind and she has told her as much. Even when they've already spent so many hours rolling around in bed together, seeing the desire so naked and so plain on Kara’s face does something to her, stirs unrelenting at that tight feeling in the low of her belly. 

Lena makes her way closer to Kara, wrapping her arms around those broad shoulders of hers as Kara rests her forehead to Lena’s neck. She breathes in deeply at the muscles rippling and flexing under her touch. 

“Hey you,” she whispers.

“Hey,” Kara replies, softly kissing the juncture of her neck and her shoulder. “Ready for bed?”

Lena nods. “I think so. You?” she asks. She can tell from Kara’s demeanor that she’s unfortunately still feeling restless. Not as much as she was earlier but definitely still not completely relaxed. Lena feels a little bad that she’s very likely going to pass out once they've said their goodnights and even though she knows that Kara will reassure her, telling her that it's okay, Lena is still going to worry anyway. 

Kara shrugs with a less than convincing smile on her face. “I hope so.”

“Come lay down with me,” she delicately entreates, to which Kara nods in reply and Lena takes her hand, pulling her towards the bed. She lays down first, opening her arms for Kara to fall into them which she does eagerly. Lena sighs at the warmth of Kara’s body pressing up against hers again, at Kara nuzzling her nose into her neck. She brings a hand up to Kara’s hair, brushing her fingers through the soft blonde locks, smiling when she feels Kara humming contentedly. “What is it?” she asks when she feels Kara mumbling on her neck.

Kara pulls back, an unsure smile on her lips. “Will you read me something?”

“You want a bedtime story?” she asks, feeling absolutely beguiled by the shy request. 

Letting out a heavy sigh, Kara carefully nods. “Yes, please. If it’s not too much trouble, that is.”

She kisses Kara’s forehead, hopefully soothing the worried frown away. “Never for you, babe,” Lena promises. “Now, what would you like for me to read?”

After a moment of deep thought, Kara reaches over to the bedside table, pulling open a drawer to grab a book that Lena had seen laying on top of the table when she first arrived at the house hours before. She meant to ask Kara about it but never got the chance, too busy helping to get everything ready for the party. The book is worn, obviously well-loved when Kara hands it to her with a shy smile. She peers down at the title.

The Last Unicorn ?” 

Kara shrugs, looking down as her fingers starting to lightly trace the lines of Lena’s collarbones. “Alex always used to read it to me whenever I couldn't sleep or—when I had nightmares.” She peers up to meet Lena’s eyes. “I could already read in English pretty well but it was still nice, y'know, having her read to me. My—my aunt Astra used to do that for me.”

Her heart aches at the mention of Kara’s beloved aunt, having gotten the full story from both Kara and Alex. Lena watches as her best friend purses her lips, watches as she takes slow and measured deep breaths, obviously trying to get a handle over what she feels every time she talks about her aunt Astra. She can't imagine all the unresolved feelings that even comes attached with that. 

She brushes her fingers through Kara’s hair. “And you want me to read this to you? Are you sure Alex would be okay with that?” she asks gently. It's clear that the ritual of having something being read to her means something truly significant to Kara and maybe even to Alex, and Lena doesn't want to intrude on that. She almost doesn't feel worthy of being given such a task.

Kara shakes her head, giving her a reassuring smile. “Alex wouldn't mind, I promise. And I—,” she pauses, shaking her head as her cheeks flush a slight red, “I’ve actually wanted to ask you to read to me a long while ago. I know you said that I'm not a bother or a burden but I still want to do my best to not be one, y’know?”

Her thumb brushes over the apple of Kara’s cheek, feeling the lingering heat of her blush. “I understand,” she softly replies. She can tell it to Kara ad nauseum, that she can ask anything of Lena at any given time and Kara knows fully well that though Lena jokes about not being able to refuse her, she will be able to—when it matters. She takes Kara’s ensuing silence as her acceptance and Lena nods, one-handedly flipping the book open while keeping her other hand in Kara’s hair. “Alright then, let's get comfortable, shall we?”

Kara barely shifts from her position, only returning her face into the crook of Lena’s neck. She feels the light pressure of Kara’s lips on her skin. “Thank you, Lena.”

She slides her fingers through Kara’s hair. “Now, where shall we begin, hm?”


Sleep doesn't come easy for Kara. 

Not tonight anyway. Even though she feels like she could crash, her body completely exhausted from the party and the hours after that she and Lena spent completely lost in each other. Lena had fallen asleep somewhere in the middle of reading to her and Kara didn't stop her, knowing how much Lena needs the rest. But for Kara, sleep seems to be a stranger tonight and her mind is as busy and loud as it always is and even though her eyes are determinedly shut, this still makes it a downright challenge. Her skin prickles, telling her that dawn is already nearing but she just can't seem to make herself go to sleep. 

This isn't anything new for Kara though. For every one of her earth birthdays these past few years, there are so many feelings coursing inside of her that Kara just doesn't know exactly how to unpack. 

Kara makes a decision then, giving up on the idea of sleep. She gingerly lifts her arm off from where it has been draped over Lena’s waist, before rolling to lay on her back. She pauses for a long moment, taking in the sight of Lena’s naked back. She thinks about not too long ago when she let her fingers trail up the elegant line of Lena’s spine, thinks about how she created new constellations with all the tiny moles that she could see. There were so many of them that she thinks about wanting to do it again but she doesn't want to risk waking Lena up when they only just barely laid down to sleep. So Kara carefully rolls herself out of bed, hoping that her movement doesn't rouse Lena awake. It must not have worked when she hears a groggy, husky voice as she reaches for her sleep shirt. 

“Kara? Where are you going?”

Though she winces guiltily as she turns around, Kara melts instantly at the sight of an adorably sleepy Lena with half-lidded eyes and her hair completely messy from slumber. Kara reaches over to cup her hand over Lena’s face when she turns to face her, her chest aching at the way Lena closes her eyes and how she leans and nuzzles into Kara’s palm. She brushes her thumb gently over the apple of Lena's cheek before bending close to tenderly press her lips to Lena’s temple. Pulling back, she waits for Lena’s eyes to open again. 

“I couldn't sleep so I was thinking about maybe going to the beach, just for a little while,” she whispers softly. 

“Oh,” Lena replies, blinking slowly as she takes a deliberate, deep breath. She hums thoughtfully. “Is it okay if I join you?”

Even though she wasn't expecting it, Kara isn't surprised by Lena’s offer. Somehow she knew that Lena would want to accompany her. She gives Lena a soft smile. “I’d really like that.”

Lena covers her hand on her cheek, pulling it down to tangle their fingers together. “I understand if it's something you want to do on your own, if you want some space to yourself.”

Kara shakes her head, leaning back in to kiss Lena’s forehead, her nose scrunching a little when Lena’s hair tickles. “I'd love to have you with me.”

Lena sighs quietly, staring at her with a contemplative look in her sleepy green eyes. She’s searching for doubt, for some kind of discomfort that Kara might feel about bringing her along but she won't find any. The more that Kara thinks about it, the more she realizes that she won’t just love having Lena with her, but she wants her there too. 

Whatever Lena does see, must satisfy her because she nods, pushing herself to sit up on the bed. “Let me just put on something warmer, okay?”

She nods silently in reply, getting up from the bed to get changed as well. 


They make their way to the beach by foot.

The early hour before the break of dawn means that Lena doesn't see many people or cars passing them by, which doesn't surprise her too much. It seems to be when the scent of the ocean is strongest without anything else polluting it. And despite the fact that she decided rightfully to wear a thicker jacket, her gloves and one of Kara’s beanies, it also happens to be the coldest. 

Though Kara hasn’t said a word to her since they left the house, she pulls Lena in under her arm. Even with the biting chill, Kara is so deliciously warm that Lena instinctively huddles in closer. It slows down their pace but Kara thankfully doesn't complain. She doesn't think she can bear to pull away from Kara’s heat. “Thank you,” Lena still whispers anyway. 

Kara graces her with a slight smile, nuzzling her nose to Lena’s temple. “We’re almost there,” she promises.

Lena wonders how many times Kara has walked this same journey, how many times she has walked it with Alex, with Eliza or maybe even by herself. She wonders what memories come to Kara as they step over the gravelly passage. She wonders if walking with her here will be something Kara will think about too. 

Soon enough the sound of seagulls that she had been hearing squawking in the distance since arriving in Midvale, is much louder, much nearer and all around her. The thundering sound of crashing waves greets her as Kara leads her down a well-trodden path. Lena takes a deep lungful of the salty air, feeling the only kind of peace that that sea can give. It's been a long time—far too long—since she has been at any beach in the last few years. Maybe she could ask Kara if she could join her on her trips back here sometimes. 

“We’re here,” she hears Kara tell her. 

The path ends and Kara is quickly taking her shoes off to presumably feel the sand underneath her feet. Lena follows suit, thankful that it doesn't feel as cold as the air itself. She shoots Kara a grin to thank her for letting her lean on her shoulder while pushing her shoes off. Lena slides her hand down to grab hold onto Kara’s, squeezing it tightly.

“Lead the way.”


“What are you thinking about?”

Kara smiles at the question. There's a soothing levity in Lena’s voice that she's so fond of hearing and that limitless curiosity that she admires so much about her best friend. They're sitting close together, Lena for warmth and Kara for the cuddles, sitting on a log not too far from where the water comes back to the shore. Until now, they hadn't exchanged a word since sitting down, seeming to have come to an agreement that there were no words necessary. 

The tickling grit of the ocean-soaked sand sticks to her bare feet while the salty mist of the sea lingers in the air. Not much longer until the dawn breaks and the sun will start to rise. Kara takes a deep breath of the dewy scent and not for the first time, she thinks of how she misses living so close to the beach. There’s a much different kind of calm here than in National City, one that can only ever be associated with nature. It’s an assuredness in the roaring waves and the infinite sea, that there are things bigger than who she is, and more powerful. 

She glances over to Lena, her heart fluttering at the pink that colours her best friend’s cheeks ever so prettily. It's the first time she and Lena are on a beach together, she realizes, and Kara knows in this very moment, that this will become a memory she won't soon forget, something that she will think of in the times when she needs to remember. Especially how Lena’s eyes look exactly the way that the ocean does: dark, captivating, and so full of possibilities.

She leans down and tracks her fingers through the sand, finding it cold to her touch. “Kind of the same thing I was earlier.” she finally answers, rubbing the sand in between her fingers before flicking it away. At Lena’s questioning gaze, she goes on to explain, “about how much has changed in a year since I told you about being Supergirl.”

Lena nods to agree and as she turns her gaze back to the ocean, she lets out a little laugh that Kara can't help but smile at hearing. “It really is amazing how different things are,” she utters almost wistfully. She looks up to meet Kara’s eyes. “Any regrets?”

She lets out a heavy breath, turning to look up at the sky and down to the horizon. The darkness is lifting. “Sometimes—I wish that I had done it sooner,” she quietly confesses, directing her gaze back to Lena’s.

Her best friend seems to frown slightly at that. “Why?” Lena asks and that seems to stump Kara for a second, a part of her having expected for Lena to feel the same as well, to agree immediately. A contemplative expression takes over Lena's face. She squeezes in somehow even closer than she already was and leans her head on Kara’s shoulder. “You know,” she starts with a gentle tone, tucking her arm under Kara's until she can wrap their hands together. “I’ve given a lot thought about that, about you telling me sooner—in so many different scenarios and I thought how I’d have reacted at each time. But after many, many afternoons spent processing and analyzing with Mrs. Manik, I’ve come down to this: you told me at exactly the time you were meant to tell me. Not one moment sooner nor later.”

Lena started seeing Mrs. Manik after Jack died  and she had been going to see her ever since. A few days after Kara told her, Lena rightfully asked for space so she could think and it had taken just over a month before Lena called her to talk. Not that Kara cared how long it took. She remembered missing Lena terribly in that time they didn't see or talk to each other. 


“Was I hurt? I’m not going to lie about that. We both remember those few weeks after you told me.” Lena’s hand squeezes around hers in comfort as she lets out a sigh. “But we also both eventually worked through that together and I felt—I feel —so much closer to you than ever before, closer than I’ve ever been with anyone.” Lena’s head shifts, her temple resting against Kara’s. “So no, Kara, I wouldn't have changed a thing of when you told me because I don’t ever want to take a chance of not having what we have now.”

She swallows thickly, affected by the sheer conviction in her best friend’s voice. Kara pulls back, wanting to look directly at Lena’s face, wanting Lena to see hers. “Thank you.”

Piercing green eyes stare back into her own and Kara can just barely stand it, the way that Lena looks at her that pulls and twists hard at something in her chest. 

“Thank you , Kara,” Lena finally whispers. 

The sun rises and there is light everywhere. 



Kara hums quietly in reply. With the rising sun, they had changed their positions so that Lena is now wrapped in the cocoon of Kara’s warmth with her arms around Lena’s waist and her legs on either side of Lena’s. Kara’s hands are under her jacket and shirt, pressing her so very warm palms onto her belly.  

“Are you happy?”

“Why do you ask?” she asks, rubbing her cheek onto Lena’s, and despite the warmth radiating from her. Lena shivers. 

Lena hears the mirth in Kara's voice at the unexpected question and the confusion isn’t too hard to miss either. She leans back into Kara, shrugging. “Just—something that Eliza said last night and I suppose it had me wondering.”

Kara doesn't say anything right away and she almost thinks to change the subject entirely. Happiness is such a complicated topic for the both of them. It was difficult enough when Eliza asked her and she feels almost guilty having asked that of Kara. But Lena just couldn't help but wonder. When Kara finally starts to speak, her voice is so soft and delicate that Lena almost can't hear her over the ocean. 

“It’s been sixteen years since my pod landed here.” She turns to look at Kara, finding her with a smile that bears so many mixed emotions that she can't even begin to decipher herself. “It means that I’ve been here longer than I was ever on Krypton and sometimes I don't know what that means, whether I’m more Earthling than Kryptonian.”

Lena often forgets that Kara didn’t arrive here as a baby, the same age as her cousin did, but much older than him. She had been so young at twelve but still old enough to have developed an identity from the years she grew up on Krypton. In twelve years, Kara learned what she liked, what she disliked. In those twelve years, she breathed the air of Krypton, seen the sights of it with her own eyes, spoke the language. In those twelve years, she shared experiences and made memories with other people that aren’t from anywhere here. Lena can’t even imagine how different the food must be and for the first time, she wonders if maybe that's another reason that Kara eats so much, that she’s trying to recreate something she lost so long ago. 

But she also has no doubt that Kara loves being on Earth, that she loves the Danvers and all the friends she has made here. Even the powers she has now so that she can protect this world in a way that she couldn't protect her lost one. There is nothing as agonizing as the guilt of a survivor. 

She presses her forehead to Kara’s, feeling her arms tightening around her. “There's—nothing wrong with being both, Kara. You can be both, of that’s what you want, if that's how you see yourself.”

“Is that how you see yourself too? You’ve spent more time in this country than you ever did in Ireland.”

“Huh. You know, I've never thought of it that way before. I was much younger when I came here but I suppose, inadvertently so, I do think of myself as both.” 

“I always thought that I had to choose. Citizen of Earth, daughter of Krypton… Supergirl. It seems so selfish to want to be everything.” 

She hears the scolding in Kara’s voice, knows that she’s admonishing herself for wanting what she thinks is too much to ask. Lena reaches up to cup Kara’s face in her hands, brushing her thumbs tenderly over Kara’s cheeks. “It's not selfish when they are all things that you are, Kara. Being one doesn't just cancel out the existence of the other.”

Kara’s blue eyes turn away from her as she shrugs. “Maybe.”

Sometimes she wonders if Kara feels lonely. Even with the friends and family that know who she truly is, Lena can still see the distance that lies between Kara and the rest of them. No matter how hard they all try to bridge that gap in a noble attempt to understand, they simply can't. Alex can get close enough but who can truly understand not just losing the only world she had ever known but witnessing its very destruction too? But they can surely empathize. They've all lost their own worlds, in one way or another. Her biological mother was only one person but she had been Lena's whole world for the brief time that they were together and she still feels that loss just as keenly. Perhaps even more so now that she understands exactly what she lost. 

Her therapist had once said that hers is a self-imposed isolation, in order to ensure her survival. It is an exile reinforced by intense shame and incredible guilt that she continues to work through every three weeks in a small office downtown. Lessons learned from living with the Luthors, from constantly being the youngest in her class, from being the only woman in the boardroom. For who can genuinely understand what it means to be the one Luthor with a dogged desire to eradicate all the evil her family has committed in a lifetime? There never seemed to be a soft place for her to land, no place for comfort, nor did she allow it often for herself, especially after Lex’s sentencing. 

And no matter what Kara does, no matter how many heroic deeds she has done, Supergirl will continue to always be misunderstood, even by the people that claim to love her. That's the price she pays for being an idea, a symbol, the embodiment of hope and wholesome goodness. Not many will choose to look past that symbol on her chest and not many will want to do so. 

Just as many as those who choose not to look past her last name. 

Perhaps that is why they have worked so well as friends, as Supergirl and Lena Luthor, as Kara and Lena. From the very first time they met in her office, there had been something magnetic about Kara Danvers, a kind of irresistible force that she didn't understand, something that made Lena want to reach out to Kara in a way that she wasn't used to doing with anybody ever before. 

Her thumb gently strokes over Kara's jawline as she gives her a light smile. “It's strange, isn’t it?” she asks, waiting for Kara’s eyes to turn back to her before she continues, “how we're two people from literally two completely different planets but we’re still so similar in ways like this.” 

That gets a smile out of Kara, one that grows slow like the rising of the sun itself and Lena’s heart catches in her chest at the sight of it. “I think it's amazing. What are the odds of people like us meeting the way we did, living similar lives with a shared history but then forging a relationship despite that history? Is that what you call destiny? Or is that fate?”

And Lena can’t help herself. She presses her lips to Kara’s, kissing her like they have nothing but all the time in the world. Kara's blue eyes are darker when Lena pulls back, breathless. “I'm not sure what they call it but either way, I think we can call it ‘meant to be’.”

“You’re so sappy,” Kara teases her.

She groans. “You're such an ass ,” she leans away to playfully shove Kara back, grinning despite herself when Kara allows herself to be pushed and falls onto the sand, her body curling in laughter. 

And as she watches Kara laugh herself silly, Lena can’t help but think about Eliza asking her whether she was happy. 

In this very moment, she is. 


The sun is fully showing its face when they’re on their way back to the house, with Kara giving Lena a piggyback ride.

Once they had gotten up and did their best to dust the sand off their clothes, Lena had very sweetly asked Kara to carry her and who was she to ever say no when Lena Luthor looked at her in that heart-piercing way that she did? 

With the bright light of day and the ocean roaring behind them, there seemed to be no better sound than the carefree and breathless laughter that Lena makes when Kara starts to run, though her pounding heartbeat comes a close second. Kara isn’t going at super speed (having learned with Alex what happens when she does), but it's still fast enough that Lena tightens her arms and her legs around her. They both know though that Kara won't ever drop her. She has never dropped Lena before and she certainly isn't about to start today. 

She starts to slow down once she catches sight of the house, having learned her lesson when she couldn't stop in time and very promptly ruined Eliza’s garden. Her adoptive mother, thankfully, wasn’t terribly upset but Kara still very eagerly did her best to make it up to her by helping her fix up the garden. 

Speaking of, Eliza is the one to greet them as soon as Kara takes the first step into the house. 

“And just where did you two young ladies fly off to?” 

Though Eliza stands with her arms crossed against her chest, her blue eyes give her away. They let Kara know that they're not in any actual trouble, that she’s only teasing them both. 

“Busted,” Lena whispers conspiratorially, loosening her arms and legs to drop her feet to the floor. “It was all Kara’s idea, Eliza.”

While Eliza chuckles, Kara gasps at her best friend’s audacity in throwing her under the bus before rolling her eyes at the impish smile that Lena gives her. She turns back and gives her adoptive mother a slight innocent grin. “We were just at the beach, Eliza.”

Her adoptive mother only hums at her answer before finally letting a smile show on her face. “Did you catch Alex there? She left with Parker earlier too, said she was going to do a little surfing.” 

She hears Lena closing the door behind her before walking further into the house. “We didn't see her but she was probably already out in the lineup.” Kara focuses on searching Alex’s heartbeat and she finds it easily. Her sister is indeed at the beach with Parker and from the way that her heart is beating strong and steady, she must be surfing at this very moment. She remembers Alex telling her once how at peace she felt whenever she was on her board. The way she told it to Kara, made it seem similar to how Kara feels whenever she takes to the skies. She brings her attention back to Eliza, finally taking note of the light dusting of flour on her hands and the smell of recently cooked food. “And you know that there's no way I was going to miss out on your pancakes.”

Eliza makes a knowing laugh before gesturing for them to follow her into the kitchen. “It's a good thing I made quite the stack then, isn't it?”

Her stomach growls in response. “You're the best,” she groans, rubbing at her belly. 

Having stood quietly beside her, Lena takes a step to the side and points towards the stairs. When their eyes meet, Lena gives her a tiny smile. “I'm just going to get cleaned up,” she explains before letting a slight grimace show. “I still feel like there's sand all over me.”

Eliza interrupts her before she can even reply. “Kara, you too.”

She quickly snaps around to protest. “But—pancakes.”

Having long gotten used to it, Eliza is now immune to the power of Kara’s pout. She only gives Kara a calm smile before shoo-ing her towards the stairs. “They will still be here, nice and warm, after you're clean.”

“Fine,” she grumbles. 

Kara playfully stomps towards Eliza and hugs her, smiling when Eliza hums contentedly at the embrace as she slowly hugs Kara back. She listens to the sound of Eliza’s heart beating against her, that familiar sound she grew to love hearing over the years. Eliza always tried her hardest with Kara while growing up, her heartbeat as steady as her presence. She feels her own heart tightening in her chest from thinking about it, the years they spent together as she learned to love this new family. 

When Eliza pulls back, her hands are cupping Kara’s face, gently tracing her face with her thumbs. “Happy earth birthday, Kara, thank Rao for blessing us with you,” Eliza whispers. 

She swallows thickly at hearing Eliza’s words. The sad smile on her adoptive mother’s face tells her that she knows exactly what Kara is feeling, what she's thinking. “Thank you, Mom, thank Rao for blessing me with this family,” she’s finally able to reply back in a thick whisper. 

Eliza gently runs her fingers through Kara’s hair, giving her a restrained smile. “Go on and shower, my love.”

She nods slowly, planting a tender kiss to Eliza’s cheek before turning around to shoot Lena a comforting smile and grabbing her hand to pull her upstairs. Lena doesn't say a word and Kara is thankful for that, wanting a minute to gather her composure. It never stops being bittersweet, how elated she is to have the Danvers and how utterly sad that she can't share this happiness with her own parents. She just knows that they would have loved knowing Alex, Eliza, and Jeremiah too. 

They're finally back in her bedroom when Kara finally breaks the silence between them, giving Lena a reassuring and grateful smile. “Thanks for coming with me.”

Understanding glows in Lena's green eyes and she returns Kara’s smile with a discerning one of her own as she squeezes Kara’s hand in hers. “Thank you for letting me come with you.” She watches Lena biting down on her lip before letting it go to put on a slight smirk. “If we were home, I'd ask if you want to shower together but since we’re here—”

She chuckles and shakes her head, rolling her eyes when Lena playfully waggles her eyebrows. Kara leans in to press her lips to Lena’s cheek.

“Rain check?” she asks softly, smiling when Lena nods. 


Eliza is still cooking in the kitchen when Lena makes her way down, feeling fresh and clean after her hot shower. 

“Kara’s still taking her sweet time?”

She nods, thinking of how she heard Kara singing in the shower. “I think she might be just a few more minutes. Coffee?”

Catching Eliza’s distracted gesture that points her towards the pot of freshly made coffee, Lena makes herself a generous helping. With the long drive back to National City later, she is going to need all the caffeine that she can get. Not to mention how late she and Kara eventually went to bed and how incredibly early they left for the beach. 

“That's probably good,” Eliza finally replies, giving her a sneaky smile. “You can steal a few pancakes before they're all completely gone.”

Lena chuckles though she goes to eagerly place three pieces on her plate. “I can't imagine how time-consuming it must be to cook, especially with Kara's appetite,” she points out as takes a seat at the dining table. She pours a little bit of maple syrup to the side, not a fan of having too much that will end up completely soaking through her pancakes.

She waits until Eliza joins her at the table before she starts to dig into her breakfast. Lena catches sight of Eliza’s own cup of coffee and a plate that she brought with her, simply overflowing  with incredibly fluffy pancakes that she can safely assume is for Kara. Eliza then shrugs, a genial smile on her face. “I don't mind doing it at all. It always gave me a little break from my actual work back then so it’s nice when I get the chance to do it again.”

“Well, these are delicious,” she quietly raves before taking another bite. “I can see part of the reason why Kara comes back to have dinner with you.”

“Thank you, Lena.” Eliza ducks her head at Lena’s praise and Lena can't help but think of how Kara does the exact same thing whenever she does something that flatters her. Kara's adoptive mother looks up then, a secretive smile on her lips. “You know, I heard you both last night.”

Lena does her best not to choke on the bite of pancake going down her throat. “You did?” she asks. 

When Eliza quietly hums in reply, she thinks about how it's suddenly so difficult to swallow down this little bit of pancake. Lena silently reminds herself that she is an adult and that there was absolutely nothing to be ashamed of that happened between her and Kara last night. Absolutely nothing. She does her best to maintain her poker face, meeting Eliza’s warm blue eyes only to quickly glance away. 

“Hearing Kara laugh like that always brightens my day.”

“Oh,” she breathes out in quiet relief, recalling Kara’s laughter when she blew that damn raspberry on her neck. Her shoulders relax as she looks to Eliza with a hopefully not so shaky smile. “Oh, I feel the same way too. Whenever I’m working late, sometimes she’d call me and she’d tell me about her day. If I'm having a particularly bad one... her laughter makes all the bad seem—not that bad, especially if it means I get to hear her laugh like that.”

Eliza nods, a thoughtful look crossing her face as she brushes her thumb over the handle of her cup. “You know, the first time she ever laughed in front of us; she had burst right into tears.” 

Lena frowns at hearing this, confused. “She did?”

“She was as surprised as we were,” Eliza replies with a chuckle, though not a happy one. Lena thinks it sounded quite wistful. The plaintive smile on Eliza’s face only confirms it as such, her eyes looking a little sad at the edges. “She was—so sad for the longest time after she came to live with us, and so angry too. Sometimes she took it out on us but she mostly kept to herself.”

Lena hesitates before placing a hand on Eliza’s in a show of comfort. “That sounds exactly like something Kara would do,” she remarks, knowing fully well the machinations of her best friend whenever she’s hurting. While Lena used to drink heavily before either taking out her pain on others or locking herself away in the lab for days on end, Kara took all of her pain into herself. 

Eliza gives her a commiserating smile. “Even when she and Alex started getting closer and becoming more like sisters, it still took some time before she let us hear her laugh so freely.” Even though there's no way that Eliza would even lie or embellish about this, it's still hard for Lena to even imagine a time when Kara didn’t laugh. It seems wrong, in a way that she almost couldn't bear to think. She feels Eliza’s other hand on top of hers, giving it a gentle squeeze while an even gentler smile stretches her lips. “I’m so thankful every day that she has people around her that can make her feel like she can do that.” Eliza then gives her a meaningful look that she is unable to decipher but it somehow makes Lena blush to see it. 

“Thank you for the pancakes, Eliza,” she shyly says instead. 

“Anytime, my dear,” she replies, lightly squeezing her hand once more before she goes to stand, taking her coffee mug with her. 

Lena feels Eliza’s hand on her shoulder, giving it a firm squeeze before she lets go and walks out the kitchen.


When Kara makes her way back to the kitchen, she finds Lena washing up her plate and she can't help but grin at the domestic sight.

“Hey you.”

Lena looks back over her shoulder, throwing a teasing smile. “I see you finally finished your little concert,” she replies before going back to her task.

She chuckles, knowing that she wasn't exactly keeping it down. “Where’s Eliza?” she asks, grabbing an empty plate for herself before taking a seat at the table. 

“She's gone outside to work on her garden.”

Kara hums, looking outside the window where the sun is shining brightly, a slight wind in the air. “It is a beautiful day,” she sighs, watching as Lena comes to stand beside her before taking five pancakes from the overflowing stack, then places them onto the plate that Kara had grabbed earlier. She smiles softly at the unprompted action. “Thank you, Lena,” she utters quietly, almost so bashfully that it earns her one of her favorite Lena smiles. 

“I’m just plating what Eliza cooked for you, darling,” she replies before tenderly pressing her lips to Kara's temple and brushing her fingers through Kara's still wet hair. 

Kara closes her eyes at the touch, feeling Lena’s nails gently scraping through. “I know, but thank you anyway,” she sighs happily, opening her eyes to look up at Lena. “Are you going to keep me company?”

“If you'd like me to,” Lena answers as she grabs for the bottle of syrup across the table. 

“Yes please, always,” she nods, placing a hand on Lena’s hip as she pours out an incredibly generous amount of syrup on top of her pancakes. Kara chuckles when she catches the playful grimace on Lena’s face, knowing exactly her best friend’s thoughts on the supposed “appropriate” ratio of syrup to pancakes which is that, they should be so much less than the amount that Kara usually likes on her plate. As Lena goes to take the chair next to her, she sticks her tongue out in retaliation, making Kara shake her head at her absolutely juvenile display. Once she picks up her cutlery to cut into her pancakes, she changes the subject. “Are you looking forward to heading back later today?” she asks before taking her very first bite, humming happily at the heavenly taste of Eliza’s pancakes. 

Since Sam and Ruby had planned to stay an extra night so that they could both have a day to enjoy the beach, Lena either had the choice of staying with them or going back to National City with her, Alex and Parker. Kara genuinely expected Lena to choose to stay with Sam and Ruby since it would mean spending more time with her old friend and her favorite niece but she was still elated when Alex had told her last night that Lena will be going back with them. Being a third wheel is never fun. 

“I am. I’m going to have so much to do when I get back to work tomorrow.”

Kara rolls her eyes at how Lena doesn’t even try to pretend to look disappointed by that fact. “You sound positively distraught by that.” she deadpans before taking another bite. 

Lena chuckles, arching an eyebrow at her. “I’m a self-proclaimed workaholic, my dear, and you know this. Although, I do have to plan for the Christmas gala and you know how much I hate doing that.” 

She snorts at the dismayed pout on her best friend’s face. “You know, there is this thing called delegating,” she points out.

“Sam and Jess will be there to help.” 

Kara scrunches her face, shaking her head. “That's not delegating,” she starts to argue only to stop when Lena gives her a wide and innocent smile and that’s when she stops to sigh instead, unable to resist whenever Lena gives her that face. “What am I going to do with you, huh?” she asks with a resigned smile and quickly wondering if she should regret asking that when Lena answers with a dangerous smirk. 

Under the table, she feels Lena’s foot hooking around her ankle and Lena’s hand suddenly on her shoulder, slowly moving down her arm. “That actually reminds me,” she starts quietly, leaning in closer as if they aren’t already the only two people in the room, as if Kara’s focus isn’t already completely on her and not the food on her plate. She feels the faint whisper of Lena’s fingers as they trail down her bicep, watches as Lena bites down on her bottom lip before she breathily continues, “when we get back home, I have a birthday present for you.”

When the words eventually register in her brain, it breaks Kara out of her trance and she frowns slightly. “Lena, I told you that you didn't have to get me anything. You coming here was already my present.”

Lena gently squeezes her arm. “Darling, did you seriously think I wasn't going to get you something for your birthday ?”

Kara shrugs. “I’m very happy with what I got and that was you—and everybody else—being here.”

Her response elicits a softness in Lena’s green eyes, a tender smile, only to be quickly replaced by such an utterly wicked smile that despite the feeling of whiplash, Kara shivers where she sits. “Then if you want, you can think of this one as less a present for you and more for the both of us .” 

“Oh,” she lets out in a swift breath.

Before Kara can even think of what to say further, Lena’s out of her seat and standing over her. “I’m going to go up and pack my things,” she explains. “You go on and enjoy your pancakes, maybe spend some time with Eliza. I’m sure she’ll appreciate your help in the garden,” she calmly suggests even though Kara can easily hear the way her heartbeat has been racing and with a sly wink, Lena is walking up the stairs.

Kara’s eyes dutifully follow every step that Lena takes, food completely forgotten. 


It's that time of night when most of National City is asleep but for her and Kara, they're still so very much awake. 

A long drawn out moan can be heard from her bedroom. Lena rocks her hips down and Kara moans once more, pressing her forehead onto the mattress. Lena’s arms tremble as she precariously holds herself up with one hand on the bed, gripping tight onto the bedsheets and the other holding onto Kara’s hip, keeping her from moving too much.

Her bedroom is cast in a sunset glow under the red sun lamp Kara had switched on earlier while Lena had been tightening the straps of the harness to her hips. 

Lena isn't sure how long they've been at this now but she doesn't think that there seems to be any sign of them stopping. Even though her body is completely slick with sweat and her thighs are soaked from both her and Kara grinding almost endlessly against each other. Strands of her hair are falling around her face, coming out of the hasty ponytail that she had tied it in earlier. Her cunt throbs at the addictive way that Kara mewls out her name, so breathless, and god—so fucking needy . She hasn't been asked to stop and so Lena won't. She pulls out just enough to leave the thick head of the dildo inside Kara before she begins shallowly thrusting inside her, relishing in the way Kara is doing her best to move her hips up to meet Lena’s. 

“Can you come like this?” she asks between panted breaths, still keeping to those shallow thrusts.

Her question earns her a high-pitched whine. “I didn't think so but it really feels like I— god , just like that, Lena, just like that,” Kara breaks into a praising babble when Lena rocks her hips up to a certain angle that never fails to drive Kara closer to the edge. 

It's a wonder sometimes, how a person with skin of steel—invulnerable to bullet rounds and concrete edges—can feel so pliant and yielding underneath her touch but Lena supposes that that is what happens after one pretends to be human for so long. Kara melts, bends and curves under her hands as if Lena can shape her anew. She has found herself addicted to that, addicted to the way that Kara so eagerly succumbs to her. 

Eventually— finally —she feels Kara stiffen under her, watches as Kara grabs a pillow to groan into it. It's a guttural sound that seems to drag itself right out of Kara’s throat and it urges Lena to keep going, to make it last longer, to see if Kara can make that sound again and she does. Kara does and it’s so breathtakingly glorious that Lena wants so badly to capture that sound. Kara falls boneless to the bed but Lena keeps the consistent thrusting motion. “Happy earth birthday, darling,” she husks out, placing both her hands on Kara’s lower back so that she can lean in a little closer to press a kiss in between Kara’s shoulder blades. 

“Happy earth birthday to me indeed,” Kara moans, lifting her ass so Lena pushes her hips down a little more forcefully. 

The delighted sound that spills out from Kara’s lips tells her that it was exactly what Kara wanted. 


She breathes a blissed out sigh as Lena rolls off to lay beside her, letting out an inelegant snort when Lena playfully pats her stomach.

Her eyes close as she catches her breath, the insistent throbbing between her legs pulsing and beating in tandem with the pounding in her chest. Lena’s heart is loud too, still fluttering pretty fast that it makes Kara blindly reach out for her. She finds Lena’s hand, immediately tangling their fingers together. A smile pulls at her lips when she feels Lena giving her a gentle squeeze. 

With another squeeze of their hands, Lena slipping out of their locked fingers when Kara feels the mattress rustle and shift. When she opens her eyes and she turns to look, her breath catches at how Lena cuts a striking figure as she stands naked beside the bed with only the red sun lamp and the moonlight outlining her silhouette. “Hey,” she whispers softly.

Lena glances back at her over her shoulder, smiling crookedly. “Hey you, are you hungry?”

She soaks in the sight of Lena in all her glory, her eyes falling to the still strapped dildo between her legs, the condom slick from her wetness. Kara bites at her bottom lip, a fierce heat in her cheeks as she is overcome by the desire to take Lena in her mouth. Lena seems to quickly catch on the focus of Kara’s hungry gaze.

“Again?” Lena asks, her voice dropping back down to a delighted, breathy whisper. 

She nods, sitting up before moving to face Lena, her legs hanging off the bed. “If you don't mind?” 

Kara tilts her chin to look up at Lena as she reaches for the dildo when she sees Lena give her an affirming nod. 

As soon as her hand wraps around the silicone shaft, Lena’s hands are in her hair, brushing it back while her pale green eyes remain locked on hers. Kara starts to stroke the dildo, making sure to add a little pressure at the base; watches Lena’s eyes flutter as it presses onto her pussy with a firm touch. 

Feeling impatient, she places her other hand onto Lena's hip, silently directing her to lay in the middle of the bed. Once Lena is on her back, Kara kisses her chaste and quick before she crawls down, hovering at first to adjust the harness so that the dildo presses directly on Lena’s clit. She feels Lena’s eyes on her as she sticks out her tongue and starts licking up between her wet folds. 

Kara closes her eyes to the hitching sound of Lena’s breath and the husky moan that follows it. 


Lena chuckles, watching Kara stubbornly pulling at the string of cheese connecting the pizza to the slice in her hand. 

When the cheese finally breaks, she arches an eyebrow at her. “Satisfied?”

“Yes, thank you,” Kara primly replies before taking a huge bite. 

Lena breathes out a laugh, shaking her head before taking her own smaller bite of the pizza in her hand. Once they came to the mutual agreement that they had no more energy to go for another round, they both concurred that a shower and a lot of greasy food were the next orders of business. And after taking separate showers followed by making phone calls to three different food establishments, every inch of her coffee table has a container of food on top of it that covers the gamut from starter to dessert. Lena is under no illusion that she will be able to help make any kind of dent on how much food they have but she’s for sure eating a little more than she usually would. But the rest? All dependent on Kara’s bottomless pit of a stomach. 

She leans over to grab the fries, listening to the way that Kara mumbles distractedly to herself, content to sit in silence as they eat. “Are you staying over tonight?” she asks. 

Kara nods, swallowing the final bite of pizza that she had chewing. “If that's okay? I can always fly home if you want some alone time though,” she offers with a genial smile, letting Lena know that she meant it and completely unaware of the little bit of red sauce that’s smeared on the corner of her lips. 

She grabs a napkin. “You know I love having you here,” she replies with a soft smile. “Look at me for a sec,” she quietly tells Kara, cupping her jaw to keep her steady as she wipes at the sauce. 

Kara gives her a shy smile, a faint blush in her cheeks. “Thank you,” she murmurs, turning her focus back to the food with a calculated gaze. There's still a lot of food left but Lena has no doubt that it’ll all be gone before they eventually head to bed. Kara finally decides on a box and it seems that the chocolate cake is next in line for Kara's belly. She sits back, watching as Kara gleefully enjoys her cake when a thoughtful look crosses her best friend’s face. “Hey, did you think something seemed different—about Alex and Parker on the drive home earlier?”

“You caught that too?” she asks, not even trying to hide her surprise that Kara actually noticed the tension between Parker and her sister. 

She feels a gentle slap on her thigh. “I can be perceptive,” Kara insists with a pout. “They seemed fine during the party and they were so weird and quiet in the car. Has Alex said anything to you about her and Parker on one of your drinking buddy nights?”

Lena rolls her eyes. “We prefer to call it Whiskey Wednesdays.”

“The last time was literally on a Tuesday,” Kara deadpans.

“Okay, you know what—” she starts, only to stop when Kara barks out a laugh. Lena waits patiently for Kara to turn her attention back to her. “No, Alex has not said anything to me, and I can assume since you're asking me, she hasn't said anything to you either.” 

Kara answers her question with a nod, a worried expression taking over her face. “Do you think that they're okay?”

She places her hand on Kara’s shoulder, giving it a comforting squeeze. “I’m sure that they are, Kara, and I have no doubt that Alex will tell you if there is anything to know.”

“You’re right.” Kara lets out a heavy sigh, placing the white box back on the coffee table. 


“Penny for your thoughts?”

Lena chuckles at her sleepy question, having taken a sip of her water before placing the glass back on her bedside table. Kara herself is already snuggled up under the blanket, inching closer and closer to sleep. She waits until Lena shimmies further under the blanket to join her, turning to lay on her side. She scoots closer, brushing her nose against Lena’s which garners a smile from her best friend. 

She feels Lena's hand on her waist, Lena’s thumb brushing gentle across her skin. “I was just thinking about how nice it was to get away in Midvale but… I’m really happy to be home,” Lena confesses in a delicate whisper.  

Kara smiles at the sentiment. “Yeah?” 

She feels Lena’s hand move down her waist, moves to take hold of her hand, their fingers immediately intertwining with each other. “I had hoped that it would be—before I moved here. That was what I wanted to do, you know? To be the Luthor that makes this city a home with a Kryptonian. But even with all my careful planning and my endless list of expectations, nothing could have ever prepared me for you.”

“Lena—” she starts, unsure of what exactly to say in response, swallowing thickly at the sight of Lena’s green eyes staring back at her. 

“I thought,” Lena whispers, letting out a shaky breath before she continues, “I thought National City was going to be the home I wanted and in so many ways, it is but—it also became the home I needed.”

She dives in, wrapping her arms around her best friend’s shoulders and feeling her reciprocate, her arms circling around Kara’s waist. Kara closes her eyes when she feels Lena tremble against her. 

It's not a secret that home has always been a complicated and heavy subject for Kara as well. How she feels that despite having lived here for as long as she has now, sometimes Earth still doesn't feel like home. It makes her feel a little adrift, a little lost. But then there are times, like when she and Alex are cuddling on the couch together, or when she’s with Winn and they're having one of their epic karaoke sessions, or when Kal-El is flying high up in the skies with her or when—when Lena looks at her. Those are the times when she feels like she is home.

And if this weekend had taught her anything, it is that maybe home really isn't a place, isn’t where she hangs her cape or leaves her glasses. Maybe home is simply in the hearts of those that love her truly and for all that she is. 

“I love you, Lena,” she breathes, gently pressing her lips to Lena’s shoulder. Lena’s arms tighten even more around her before she feels them withdrawing and Kara pulls back but Lena doesn't let her go too far, cupping Kara’s face with both her hands. “And I’m really happy that you're home.” 

Lena’s thumbs brush carefully over her cheeks, soft and reverent. She watches as a smile grows on her best friend’s face, a smile that rocks in her chest like lightning. With her misty green eyes, she’s the most beautiful thing Kara has ever seen. Then Lena is kissing her, so soft, and languid, and so firm that it feels bone-deep; and when she eventually stops, it's so gradual that Kara yearns

A tender kiss is pressed to her cheek and she opens her eyes to meet Lena’s once again. Her smile is still there and it still rocks through Kara like lightning. Lena presses their foreheads together.

“I’m really happy that I’m home too.” 

Chapter Text

“Kara, for the love of god, stop eating all the goddamn candy.”

“Oh, you mean, this candy?” she asks, holding up a jelly baby between her fingers before throwing it right into her mouth, obnoxious in only the way that a younger sibling could. She smirks at the narrow-eyed glare that Alex shoots at her. While she will vehemently deny it, Kara does very thoroughly enjoy playing up her role as the bratty little sister. “Hey, you're the one who put me in charge of the treats. You should have known better.”

Alex’s glare darkens even further. “Give me that,” she snaps, snatching the half-empty bowl in Kara's hands.

Putting on a sad pout, she watches her sister walk triumphantly away with the delicious, delicious candy. Once Alex is occupied with talking to the trick-or-treaters, Kara’s lips stretch into a sneaky, little smile as she digs into the pockets of her hoodie to grab one of the bags of sweets that she managed to hide away. Never let it be said that when it comes to food, Kara Danvers doesn’t have a back-up plan. She has even stashed away an extra bag in her underwear drawer. Alex would never think to look there. 

In the middle of stealthily munching down on one of the yummy treats, Kara’s phone rings, vibrating noisily on the coffee table. Once she sees the name on the caller ID, she answers it with an elated grin. “Hey you, taking time out of your oh-so-busy schedule to talk to little ‘ol me?” 

Her smile widens at Lena’s responding chuckle and she soaks in the rich sound of her best friend’s voice. 

“Can I help that I've missed you?”

To the untrained ear, it'd have been easy to miss the strained exhaustion in Lena's tone; she knows how to hide it well. But Kara hears it clear as day. She knows better than to point it out though, knows better which battles to pick with Lena when it comes to taking a proper rest. Every year, Lena always makes sure to be present for the gala planning at its every stage, from start to finish. Even though she actually loathes every single minute of it. That's just who she is and there’s no breaking her out of that habit. Kara knows though that by Lena calling her, this is Lena's compromise of giving herself a reprieve and Kara will take whatever she can get. 

Her heart does still flutter at Lena’s quiet and unexpected admission. It’s been three weeks since she has seen her; three weeks since Lena came over and stayed the night. Her cheeks blush as the memories from that night start playing in her head. 

That had been a really good night. 

“I’m actually kind of a delight. You should miss me all the time,” she declares almost haughtily, once she breaks herself from thinking about those hot and heavy moments with Lena between her legs. 

“Oh, is that how it is?” Lena asks, teasing.

“It sure is.”

“Then I guess it works out that I do miss you all the time, doesn’t it?” Lena asks so tenderly that Kara can clearly picture the equally tender smile on Lena’s face. Kara can hear a light breeze over the phone and she knows then that Lena is standing on the balcony outside of her office. She gets up from her couch and walks towards the window. Looking up towards the sky, the very same that she knows Lena is looking at, makes the distance between them now seem less unbearable. Lena clears her throat. “Anyway, Sam’s gone to get us some food so I thought I'd give you a call, see how your Halloween festivities are going as I’m sure that they're much more thrilling than what we're doing.”

Kara looks down at the half-eaten bar of candy in her hand, an amused smile on her lips before she lets out an inelegant snort. “Well, Alex put me in charge of holding the candy bowl—” she starts to say, pausing when she hears Lena knowing chuckle. 

“Ooh no, Alex, big mistake.”

She grins excitedly, nodding as she joins in the laughter. “Right? It's like she doesn't know me at all.” Kara walks back to the couch, carefully throwing herself onto the comfortable cushions. “You know, this would have been much more fun if you, Sam and Ruby had joined us.”

She hears Lena sigh over the phone. “I know,” she murmurs apologetically, “but Ruby’s apparently ‘too cool’ for trick or treating now and I would love nothing more than to join you but—”

“I know, I know,” Kara interrupts, laughing lightly over the phone. “Got lots of important planning things to do,” she continues with a dramatic sigh. “I’m still a little bit jealous that Sam has been spending so much time with you.”

An embarrassed blush fills her cheeks at Lena’s husky chuckle in response to her playful whining, the very sound of it making her feel warm all over. “I’ll make it up to you soon,” Lena replies, a quiet promise that Kara knows she’ll keep. 

She lets the silence sit between them for a moment, listening to the sounds of Lena’s quiet breathing, of her strong and steady heartbeat. Sounds that she has missed hearing up close. Kara sighs at the ache that twists in her chest before shaking her head, not wanting to dwell further when Lena's right on the phone with her. “Let’s talk about fun things like, do you know what you’re going to be wearing?”

“Not yet but I’ve arranged for Stephanie to send over a selection next week. What about you?”

Kara tugs mindlessly on the strings of her hoodie. “Well, since we don’t all have our own personal stylist on our speed dial, Miss Luthor—” she teases, grinning when she hears Lena chuckling, “me and Alex are going shopping this weekend so I’m sure I’ll find something.”

She doesn't really have a clear idea about what she’s looking to wear. All that she does know is that she wants very much for it to have an effect on Lena. She already knows that Alex’s advice—her standard advice—would be to go for something blue. It is after all her colour but Kara wants to do something different, something… a little bit bolder. She has an idea of who else can help her with that but she’ll have to bring it up with Alex later, and hopefully her sister will agree to it. 

“I’m sure that whatever you choose will look amazing on you.”

Her cheeks warm over at Lena’s flattery. “You’re such a charmer.”

“How do you think I get people to give me what I want?”

“Oh? And is there something you want from me?”

She hears Lena humming thoughtfully over the speaker. “A dance?”

It throws Kara off for a second that Lena is asking her for a dance. It's not even that they've never danced together before, when in fact, they have shared many dances in the last few parties and galas that LCorp has thrown. Maybe it's the fact that their relationship is different now, that it has a new sexual aspect to it and though they've not really changed the way they interact with each other in public, this is much different. This will be a crowded room, filled with people focused on Lena’s every move, people that have absolutely no idea about what's going on between them. But Lena hasn't said anything about needing Kara to act differently, at least not yet, and she knows her best friend well enough that Lena wouldn't want her to anyway. So Kara will act and behave the same as she always has, and they’ll do what they've always done, which means, dancing with each other. 

She breathes out a thoughtful hum, purposefully make it sound as playful as possible for Lena to hear. “I suppose I can pencil you into my dance card. It is quite full, you know.”

“I would very much appreciate it,” Lena replies seriously, even though Kara can hear the smile in her voice. 

“I’ll even save the last dance for you.” Kara means to say it just as teasingly but even she can hear how earnest she sounds. 

“It would be my greatest honor,” Lena answers back so softly, in a way that catches Kara breath right out of her. 

She's about to reply when Alex cuts in, bursting Kara out from the bubble that she’s been in with Lena. Her sister is carrying a bowl of popcorn in one hand and two bottles of beer in the other before throwing herself on the couch beside her, making some bits of popcorn fall on the couch between them and some to the floor. “Start up Netflix, sister’s night can officially begin!”

She hears Lena quiet chuckle over the speaker, no doubt having heard what Alex had said. “Sounds like I’m going to have to let you go.”

Kara sighs at having to stop talking to Lena, wishing once again that she could see her sooner. “Call me tomorrow?”

“I will. Goodnight Kara, and tell Alex the same too.”

“Will do. Goodnight Lena,” she softly murmurs before hanging up. Placing her phone back down on the coffee table, she looks over at Alex with a smile on her face. “She said goodnight,” she relays to Alex as she grabs a bottle for herself. 

“Oh, I know that look,” Alex mutters before taking a sip of her drink. 

“Wha—I don't have a look,” she splutters defensively. “You have a look.” 

Alex gives her a blank stare before rolling her eyes, adjusting herself to get more comfortable. “Sometimes I really wonder how you're the earth’s champion.”

“Who can resist this smile?” she asks, pasting on her self-patented Supergirl smile. 

“Unfortunately, nobody,” Alex grumbles. “But seriously though, you've got the whole smitten look right now, more than normal.”

She snorts at Alex's choice of words. “Smitten? Really?”

Alex shrugs. “If the cape fits.” 

“And what would you say if I am—smitten?” Kara asks quietly, turning her attention to the sticker label on the bottle, scratching at the edges to avoid Alex's questioning stare that she can feel burning on the side of her stare. 

But the thing is. Alex has always been better at this game of waiting each other out. Kara has gotten better at it, sure, but she is sometimes still too impatient and so she gives up, gives in and she turns to look at her sister. 

It's not something new that Kara has noticed but there is something different , in the way that she sees Lena now, the way that she thinks about her. She’s not even sure how to describe it or what to even call it. The love she feels for her best friend has always been encompassing, so set in her very bones and soul-deep. The very picture of the future that she sees for herself has always included Lena and somehow in these last few weeks, Kara has realized that that picture has changed, has evolved. For the past few years, Lena has been her partner in so many areas of her life and never once did she think that romantic partner would be one that she wanted. Yet here she is, and she wants. 

She wants it so much. 

Kara knows that this is one of those things that Lena has told her before they started this arrangement, something that would usually mean the end of what they have going. Sometimes it would even mean the end of a friendship and though there's a small, tiny part of her that niggles with worry, the rest of her knows better. Knows the true strength that is set in their bond, their connection. Knows somehow that even when the unknown is scary, there's nothing to fear with Lena because she knows Lena. Knows that whatever happens between them, she’ll be all the better for it. 

The moment stretches itself as Alex continues to stare at her, thoughtful and searching until her face eventually softens with a smile as she places a hand to gently grip Kara's shoulder. “I’d say that, you deserve every happiness that life can give to you, Kara, and it—eases something inside of me to know that you’re not denying yourself of it.” 

But there’s something in Alex’s voice that has Kara breaking her silence on a different matter, something that's been on her mind for the past few weeks. “Are you ever going to talk to me about what’s up with you and Parker?”

Alex snatches her hand away from her shoulder as if Kara's question had burned her but she quickly grabs her sister's hand before she can make a full retreat. 

“Kara—” Alex sighs, placing the bowl of popcorn on the coffee table.

“Hang on,” she stops her before Alex can try to make any kind of excuse to avoid the conversation just as she’s obviously denying Kara's inquiring gaze, looking at everything else but her. Kara softens her tone, innately knowing that she needs to tread carefully. “You know I’m only asking because I love you, Alex, and I’ve managed to not say anything about this since we came back from Midvale—almost six weeks ago, by the way, I totally deserve a trophy for that—because I wanted to give you space but you two were still… off at game night last weekend.”

For a brief moment, she doesn't think Alex will say anything until her sister eventually lets out a heavy sigh. “I know,” she whispers before finally turning to look at Kara. “And we are mostly good but—I don’t know if we're going to last the year.”

Kara frowns at hearing this, her heart breaking at the distraught look on her sister’s face. She squeezes Alex’s hand gently. “Why do you say that? You guys are so good together.”

Alex huffs out a laugh, a tight smile on her lips as she shakes her head. “Yeah, but I think I might have jumped the gun inviting them to your party.”

“What do you mean?” she asks, her frown deepening.

Alex sighs, shaking her head again. “It was just too much, too soon.”

“Did they not like meeting Eliza?” Kara asks, thinking about the weekend of her birthday party and trying to remember everything that happened, wondering if maybe she actually had missed something. Both she and Lena noticed the off-ness between Alex and Parker but hadn't been sure of the reason for it. 

Her sister falls back on the couch cushions, clearly needing to feel the comfort of it. “They did. They loved her, but… family’s kind of a complicated thing for them and seeing all of us like that just… brought up some difficult stuff for them.”

“Oh,” she replies, and though Kara understands, she’s still confused as she joins Alex, leaning against her. “Do they know that family’s a complicated thing for us too?”

Alex smiles ruefully at the reminder of their more tumultuous years before they became close. “They know that we’re not perfect but—”

“But what?”

A guilty look crosses Alex’s face as she clenches her jaw. “It's not exactly stuff I can share with you, Kara. It’s Parker’s personal stuff and they already had a hard time sharing it with me and—”

She gently laces their fingers together, stopping Alex in her tracks. “Hey, it’s okay. You don't need to tell me anything. I just need to know that you're okay.” 

Alex shrugs, giving her a weak smile. “I will be.”

Even though she does believe that Alex will be okay, Kara is suddenly filled with remorse. She was the one that told Alex to invite Parker to the party and they could have avoided this if she hadn’t pushed her sister into it. Alex had seemed so happy with Parker these last few months and all Kara had wanted was for Alex to be able to share the day with them on her birthday but now it's because of her that her sister is alone, again. “I’m so sorry, Alex.”

“Hey,” Alex grabs onto her wrist, gently squeezing as she softly interrupts her, “I was the one that made the choice to invite them, just as they chose to say yes.” She gives Kara a small reassuring smile. “This isn't on you, Kara, okay?”

Kara nods to herself, feeling guilty regardless. She still can't help but regret her own role in facilitating what's going on between Alex and Parker right now. Maybe it could still have happened but she certainly helped it along a little sooner. She can only hope that they will actually work it out. Sensing that a change in subject is absolutely necessary, she clears her throat, leaning over to grab the television remote. 

“Now, since it is Halloween, it feels only right that we watch horror films.”

The screen lights up with a selection of horror movies and Kara clicks onto the one that she knows is Alex’s favorite, filled with action, suspense and more gore than Kara would ever like to see. But she knows that as troubling as it sounds, it'll put a bright smile on Alex’s face. 

Alex reaches for the bowl of popcorn. “And I obviously already made the goods while you and Lena were giggling over the phone. How's the planning going anyway?”

She grabs a handful of popcorn, sitting back to get properly comfortable. “Oh, you know Lena,” she mumbles, distracted as she chews on the popcorn.  

“Having bags of fun then. She really needs to learn to delegate.” Kara snorts at hearing this, giving her sister a look of utter disbelief when she looks away from the television to shoot her an incredulous stare. The confused expression on Alex’s face immediately turns to slightly offended. “Hey, I am so much better at it now. I haven’t been back on the field in months.”

“I guess that's true. ”

It's been over a year since Alex’s promotion, since she started going out on field missions with Kara less and less. She stopped going completely after one such mission went so particularly bad that she needed many weeks to heal from her injuries. It had been a wake-up call for the both of them. As much as Kara always wanted Alex to be fighting by her side, she realized just how she wanted so much more for her sister. More than simply living the life of a soldier and her protector. Alex deserves so much more than that, has earned it a billion times over. And it took awhile to get used to, having to acclimate herself to and rely on new partners but eventually Kara has learned to have her sister’s voice over the comms. 

But sometimes, in the quiet moments, Kara still catches herself trying to find Alex’s familiar brown eyes, startled that Alex’s familiar heartbeat is farther away than it would have been if she had been right next to her.

With a sigh, she rests her head on Alex’s shoulder, breathing in her sister’s familiar scent as she takes comfort in the strong thumps of Alex’s heart. Alex wraps an arm around Kara's shoulder, holding her close as if knowing the thoughts that are running through Kara’s mind. 

“I miss being out there too,” she softly utters, “but hey, Agent Darcy isn't so terrible a replacement though, is she?”

A small smile stretches at Kara’s lips at the mention of her regular mission partner. “Nah, Ellie’s pretty great. She actually brings me snacks.”

Alex immediately chortles at this and upon noticing the questioning look on Kara’s face, she grabs the remote to pause the movie though it has barely started. She then pushes herself off Kara to give her a reproachful glare which can only mean that she's in for a lecture, though Alex’s eyes do have a teasing glint in them so maybe it won't be too bad. “Oh, you mean the very same snacks she brings for herself but she ends up giving them to you because she still doesn’t know how to say no to you yet?”

She lets out a squawk of protest, indignant at the incredibly, very false accusation. “She doesn’t give me all of them!”

“Kara, if you know you’re going to be on a mission for an indefinite amount of time, why wouldn’t you pack your own food? It just makes sense!” 

“She brings great snacks! They're homemade,” she gushes dreamily, as if it explains anything. But in her defense, they’re really, really, really great snacks. 

Alex continues to stare blankly at her before finally breathing out a light chuckle as she rolls her eyes, shaking her head. The smile that pulls at her lips is knowing and heart-achingly affectionate. “Bottomless pit,” she teases gently, poking Kara right on the belly. 

Kara sighs, pouting. “But you love me anyway, right?”

“I guess,” Alex mutters with a playful smile. “But I’m just saying, maybe next time you should bring the food. Don’t act like it won’t take you less than a minute to fly out and get food for yourself and your partner, from wherever in the world.”

“Okay, okay, you’re right as always,” she gives in, knowing that Alex has a point. It would be a good way to thank Ellie for all the times she gave Kara some of her snacks. “Let’s watch some scary movies, huh?”

“Yes, please.”

“Cuddle me,” she whines playfully, stretching her arms out to make grabbing motions with her hands. 

Predictably, Alex rolls her eyes, sighing reluctantly at Kara’s clingy gesture but knows better than to fight it. “Urgh, fine,” she mutters as she leans back to rest on the cushions, pulling on Kara’s arms so that Kara can lay on her. She hums contentedly when Alex starts lightly brushing her fingers through her hair. “Love you, Kara,” she whispers.

“Love you too, Alex.” 


She sighs tiredly, pressing the speaker button as the ringing continues until she finally hears the comforting sound of Kara’s lovely voice after picking up her call and her heart flutters at hearing it. 

“Hey you, how’re you doing?”

“I’m good, coming up with a small to-do list as I'm also kind of hungry, maybe a little tired,” Lena pauses to sigh again as she leans back in her chair, a lazy smirk on her lips when she smoothly adds, “vaguely horny.”

Her smirk transforms into a proud grin when she hears Kara snorting over the phone. “Well, food can help with the hunger and some sleep can definitely help with the tired part.”

“And the vaguely horny part?” she asks, reminding Kara of—in her humble opinion—the most important part of her current situation. Very important. Climbing on top of Kara certainly seems to be climbing higher and heading right to the top of her to-do list. 

Kara makes a thoughtful sound. “As I recall, you have a treasure chest sitting very prettily at the foot of your bed and it's full of toys that can help with that particular problem.”

Oh, she does love it very much when Kara gets all coy with her. 

She plays with the loose knot of her tie, loosening it further until it comes completely undone and lets it hang there. She fiddles then with the top button of her shirt, contemplating undoing a couple of buttons. 

For science. 

“I don't know,” she drawls playfully. “I’m actually on my office so I think I might need some assistance on that one.” 

Kara chuckles at this. “I have to say, I’ve never been on the receiving end of a booty call before.”

“Are you implying that you've made booty calls?” she asks, arching an eyebrow at the very thought of it. She can barely imagine it and Kara spluttering awkwardly over the phone only confirms that suspicion. “Kara?” she utters quietly, stopping her best friend before she launches into her typical ramble. 


“Please come over,” she whispers plainly, entreating, and Kara thankfully doesn’t make her wait. 

“I’ll be there in ten minutes.”


It takes less than ten minutes to get to Lena’s office. 

Even when Kara stops to pick up some food for them both since after all, Lena did mention she was hungry, and Kara is almost always hungry anyway. So it's a win-win for them both. Big Belly Burger isn't as busy as she thought it would be which was the entire reason for her approximation of taking ten minutes to get to LCorp. It seems though that it's by sheer luck that she gets there in that narrow space of free time before the late Friday night rush of customers come in the drive-through. With the bags of food cradled safely in her arms, Kara flies her way to the topmost floor of LCorp and lands on Lena's balcony, checking her watch once her boots reach the floor. 

Eight minutes. Not bad. 

The lights are at a dim setting in Lena’s office as she walks inside. She finds her best friend still sitting at her desk, her eyes closed as she's leaning back in her chair with her elbows propped up on the arm rests of her chair as her folded hands lay over her belly. Lena’s slow heartbeat gives away how more than a ‘little tired’ she actually is which isn't really out-of-character for her to downplay the truth of her exhaustion. Kara quickly comes to a decision then.

Eating and whatever else can wait. 

She places the food on the coffee table before quickly changing out of her suit and into something more casual. She then makes her way back to Lena, turning her chair to face her. She eagerly drinks in the sight of her best friend in front of her. It's been almost four weeks since they last saw each other, though their phone calls have now turned into more of a daily thing since Halloween last week. While Kara is definitely a very big fan of being able to hear from Lena every day, it really can barely compare to actually being able to see her in person. She actually didn't think she'd be seeing Lena for another few weeks, so used to her best friend pulling a disappearing act until at least a week or so before the night of the gala itself. So it’s very much of an understatement to say that Kara was surprised when Lena asked her to come over. Even more so to find that neither Sam nor Jess is around the office right now. 

But Lena did ask her to come over and Kara can’t bear to stay away, not when she doesn’t have to do so. 

And so she’s here. 

Kara gently pops the collar of Lena's shirt, lifting the silk tie out from under it to drop it carefully on top of the desk. She gently pulls her best friend into her arms and carries her over to the much more comfortable couch. There's a well-practiced ease to Kara's movements that Lena doesn't even stir awake in her arms, only letting out a quiet sigh as she moves slightly to tuck her head in Kara's neck. Kara presses her cheek to Lena’s head, breathing her in as she carries her.

Once she has Lena in a comfortable position on the couch, Kara moves quickly to pull off her heels. She lightly massages Lena’s feet before placing them back down on top of the cushions, grabbing the folded plush blanket from the closet to tuck Lena under it. Finally, Kara reaches up to undo the loose ponytail that Lena had her hair in, threading her fingers tenderly through her best friend’s luscious dark hair and she watches with an affectionate smile as Lena’s face relaxes further, falling deeper into sleep. 

She leans down to lightly nuzzle Lena's cheek, breathing in more that familiar scent of her before moving up to press her lips to Lena’s forehead. “Love you,” she whispers quietly, the soft smile remaining on her lips when she goes over to the chair next to the couch, easily finding a comfortable position. 

It doesn't take long for Kara to join Lena in sleep. 


She wakes up to the smell of greasy fries. 

Big Belly Burger fries, if she's not mistaken and by the faint excited rumble in her belly, she hopes that she isn’t. 

It's still dark out when Lena opens her eyes and it doesn't surprise her at all when she catches sight of Kara sleeping in the chair at the other end of the couch, or the fact that she herself is bundled up under the blanket that Kara keeps in her office for nights like this. It has been over a year since Kara had left it that she easily catches her own scent on it but somehow she can still smell Kara within the soft material. The combination of them makes Lena breathe out a contented sigh. 

Lena moans quietly, murmuring contentedly as she makes a full stretch of her body before she pushes herself to sit up, brushing her tousled hair back once her bare feet land on the carpeted floor. From the time on her wristwatch and what she can recall from the last she checked, it’s just shy of three hours since she decided that she could rest her eyes while waiting for Kara. 

Actually falling asleep was not her intention at all but clearly her body had other plans. Not that she regrets it because she does feel slightly more rested now but still, she feels bad having asked Kara to come over for sexy reasons and while she still ended up on the couch like she wanted, she had planned for her body to be covered by Kara’s and not by Kara’s plush blanket. Though the blanket does feel quite nice and lovely, it doesn't exactly beat having Kara's slight curves pressing all up against hers. 

Her cunt throbs at the very thought of it. 

She looks back over at Kara, marveling at how she’s able to sleep so easily in her current position. Though she supposes that she doesn't have much of a ground to stand on considering the state that Kara found her in earlier. She laughs quietly too at the adorably goofy display of Kara’s glasses sitting askew on her nose. 

Looking at her now, Lena's glad that she sent Sam and Jess home after having spent the day with them, meeting with potential caterers. Kara is a sight for her very sore eyes and she really doesn't know how she manages to go through so much time without seeing her. The time apart has only been made bearable by the fact that they've been talking on the phone since Halloween last week; and that is something so very new.

Lena has been under no illusions that once they started having sex, her relationship with Kara will stay the same. She has always known that it was going to change. That is, after all, the very nature of many things. Change is to be expected. How their relationship was going to change, however, had been the mystery, and she is keenly aware of how things have been different, have shifted between them since Kara’s earth birthday party. 

Kara predictably wakes up, her blue eyes fluttering open as soon as Lena has one knee on the cushion by Kara's thigh, her hand outstretched to pry Kara’s glasses off her face. “Lena, hey,” she whispers drowsily, giving her an adorably sleepy grin and Lena returns a smile of her own as she carefully places Kara's glasses on the coffee table. 

“Hello darling,” she replies, now straddling Kara's legs and once she has made herself comfortable, she gets to work, untucking Kara's shirt.

“Whatcha doing?” Kara asks her, still sleepy but clearly bemused by her actions as Lena begins the very, very tedious task of undoing the buttons of her shirt. 

“Crossing something off my to-do list,” she mutters, concentrating on one particularly stubborn button. 

“Come closer.”

She pauses and glances up to Kara’s eyes, her smile teasing. “I like where I am right now.” 

“But I prefer you right here,” Kara mutters, placing her hand on the back of Lena’s neck to pull her closer. Her breath catches at their sudden closeness while Kara’s nose nuzzles into her throat, making a show of breathing her in and letting out a content sigh. “Spent some time in the labs earlier?” Kara asks when she pulls back to look up at her.

She shrugs dismissively at the look on Kara’s face, obviously curious about what it was that she was working on earlier. “Just playing around. I sent Sam and Jess home after we were done narrowing down caterers earlier and I was feeling a little idle.”

This seems to make Kara chuckle, shaking her head as she does so. She arches an eyebrow, meeting Lena’s eyes while her own are bright and knowing. “Such idle, restless hands, Miss Luthor,” she sighs, a teasing smile on her lips as she pulls Lena’s hands off her still partly buttoned-up shirt. Something flutters in the pit of Lena’s belly at the way Kara's fingers are playing with her own, delicate and playful. “We’re going to have to do something about that. They say that idle hands are a dangerous thing, y’know.”

She bites down on her bottom lip, trying her best to keep her excitement at bay. But she knows that Kara catches it in the gleam in her eyes. “I might have a surefire idea of how to keep them busy. If you’re open to it, of course,” she murmurs casually, withdrawing one hand out of Kara's grasp to press it to Kara’s chest. The vibration of Kara’s thoughtful hum under her palm, her strong heartbeat rocks its way through Lena’s body. 

“I think… that I might need some convincing,” Kara replies.

Lena moves her hand to the base of Kara's neck, a roguish smirk growing slow on her lips as she digs her nails slightly into Kara's skin, grinning proudly when Kara breathes out a quiet gasp. 

“Lucky for you then, I can be very… persuasive.”


Lucky indeed. 

They're still in the same position as before, with her on the chair and Lena sitting atop her, their clothes barely off and barely undone. They’re so completely disheveled and with their lips constantly locking together, there's no mistaking what it is they've been getting up to, what they're doing now, not with her hand buried in Lena’s pants, three—four fingers in her wet heat and the other hand on Lena’s breast. Not to mention the lipstick marks scattered all over her own chest. 

Lena’s hands of course, have been less than idle and as she promised, incredibly restless. Her heated touch lingers long past her moving onto a different part of Kara’s skin. It gets Kara all flustered to have all this physical attention and it's almost a little overwhelming that she can't believe Lena can't hear how fast and how hard her heart is beating. She tunes into Lena’s own pounding heart, and it's fast but it's strong and steady, despite its quick rhythm that the longer Kara focuses on it, the less the overwhelming feeling becomes. 

It doesn't happen too often when they're together. Kara has a strong handle on keeping her powers in check but Lena is just so good—too good—at making her loosen the reins just a tiny bit sometimes. But even a tiny bit is already a tiny bit too much. In the past few months, Kara has had to learn new ways to center herself, to train herself from causing harm to her best friend. Lena thankfully has them using the red sun lamps more often than not but Kara at least now feels secure in the fact that she knows how to bring herself back from getting too affected.

Suddenly, she feels Lena's thumb brushing gently over her cheek and Kara’s breath hitches as they pull back from their kiss. Her chest warms and her heart flutters at her best friend's understanding gaze burning into hers. Lena comes back to kiss her again and this time it's slow in pace but still as firm and unyielding in only the way that Lena seems to know how to do. The touch of Lena’s hand on her wrist when they pull back, startles her but she quickly recognizes that Lena is telling her not to move, to keep her curling fingers inside of Lena as still as possible. Once she does, Lena’s hands then go to brace themselves on her shoulders. 

With their eyes connected to each other’s, Kara watches Lena start to move then; watches her start to purposefully rock her hips down. She swallows thickly as Lena’s pussy tightens around her fingers. letting out a shaky breath; watching Lena fuck herself. She thinks about how Lena is so beautiful like this, so breathtaking, taking control over her own desires and though she shakes with her own want to thrust, to be the one to do the pushing and pulling inside of Lena, Kara is also only too happy to witness Lena unraveling right before her. 

Kara grunts out a quiet moan, watching in breathless fascination as Lena’s eyes flutter close before arching her chest towards her. She’s tempted to take a hard nipple in her mouth, to lick and suck at it just so she can hear Lena groan in the way that she likes, that deep, rumbling groan that always gets to her. Unable to resist any longer, Kara leans closer and flicks her tongue across one nipple before taking it into her mouth and oh, there it is; that rumbling sound in Lena’s chest.

Lena is seemingly lost to herself, a whimpering, babbling mess as she repeatedly moans Kara’s name in the kind of pleading tone that tells Kara just how close she is. She moves faster, harder onto Kara's fingers and when she reaches into her pants to rub firmly at her clit, the room echoes of Lena’s strangled cry of release, her hand tightly gripping Kara's shoulder as she comes with four of Kara’s fingers buried knuckle-deep inside her. 

She’s forced to release Lena’s nipple when she collapses onto Kara, nuzzling her nose into Kara’s neck. “Fuck, that was so good,” she murmurs, breathless and lazy, clearly in a post-orgasmic daze and Kara can't help but smile adoringly down at the look on Lena’s face. “Thank you,” she whispers with breathless contentment.

Kara snorts, amused, “I'm pretty sure you did all the work there,” she points out. 

“I’d like to call it a collaborative effort,” Lena replies, humming a little when Kara wiggles her fingers within the tight inner walls of Lena’s cunt.

She keeps her fingers where they are, within the pulsing grasp of Lena’s slick heat, unmoving. She knows how much Lena likes it when she stays for a little bit longer and honestly, so does she. There's something so incredibly intimate, about being able to feel Lena, so hot and wet, pulsing like a heartbeat around her fingers. 

She wraps her other arm around Lena when she feels her shiver, kissing her lips to Lena’s forehead. “Party planning getting a little overwhelming, babe?” she asks softly, pressing her cheek to Lena’s temple. 

Lena sighs, shifting to get a little more comfortable. “A little bit, and I know—I always do this to myself but I keep forgetting until the next event comes around and suddenly, oh, I remember how shit it is,” she grumbles lightly, reaching up to play with the collar of Kara’s shirt. 

She murmurs, sympathetic to Lena's dilemma. “I wish I could make it easier for you.”

Soft lips press themselves gently to her collarbone, placating. “Honestly, getting to talk to you on the phone this past week has helped a lot. And this—,” Lena pauses to wave a hand over the both of them, “has helped immensely. Plus, Sam and Jess do take a great share in doing what needs to be done but—”

“You just want everything to be perfect,” she finishes for her. Kara brings her hand up to tangle in Lena's hair, brushing her fingers smoothly through it. 

Lena sighs, nodding against her neck. “A Sisyphean goal but it's not exactly going to stop me from trying.”

“I know,” she murmurs quietly as she gently scrapes her fingernails over Lena's scalp. “It's one of the things we all love about you,” she adds reassuringly before breaking into a light chuckle at the sudden clench around her fingers.

Lena then pulls back, a curious smile on her lips as she looks up at her. “What is it?”

Kara shakes her head, chuckling once again. “I still kind of can't believe that we’re here right now, like this,” she answers, pointedly tapping her fingers. She watches Lena's green eyes flickering close at the repetitive, rhythmic touches.

It takes Lena a second to pull herself out of her daze and Kara can already tell by the look on her face, that they’re going to go another round again and soon. 

“I feel like that too sometimes,” Lena agrees, putting her hands on Kara’s shoulders as she begins a shallow rock of her hips down to Kara’s fingers. She lets out a shuddering breath and Kara can already feel the returning slick of her pussy. Lena’s hand cups the side of her face, their eyes locking onto each other as she keeps moving her hips. “But it's been good, right?” she asks, her breath starting to come in panting and heavier, “being here, like this? With me?”

Kara decides then to pull her fingers out, bringing them up to Lena's mouth just as she can hear the whine of protest coming alive in the back of Lena's throat. Her breath shakes when Lena eagerly wraps her fingers between her lips, moaning as she licks them clean, tasting herself on Kara’s fingers. Her fingers are barely out when Kara leans up to capture Lena’s mouth with her own, groaning at the taste of Lena, thick and musky, coating her tongue 

“So much more than good,” she finally husks out when they part though she keeps them close, so close that she can feel the sweep of Lena's breath on her. 

“I’m sorry we haven't had much time together and probably won't for a little while longer,” Lena murmurs, plaintive. 

She kisses Lena, wanting to wipe away the regretful look on her face. “It's okay,” she whispers reassuringly. “You’re worth the wait.”

Lena’s hands are on her shirt again and Kara knows that this time, all her buttons are getting undone. “Come here, I’m starting to feel a little restless again,” she mutters, reaching for the zipper of Kara’s jeans. The sound of it being tugged down seeming to echo all around the room. 

“What about our food?” she asks, though for maybe the first time ever, Kara doesn't actually care about what happens to the food.

Lena shakes her head, shrugging in dismissal. “They're already cold anyway. They can wait for me to have my fill of you first and who knows how long that’ll take.”

A hot mouth quickly latches onto her neck, teeth sinking into her and Kara groans, louder still when Lena’s hand snakes itself right into her underwear. She tucks her face into the crook of Lena’s neck. Her hips buck at the long fingers trailing down her wet folds. Lena moans against her, clearly enjoying the feel of her, enjoying the effect that she has on her. Her clit throbs madly, hungering for the same attention from Lena but Kara knows that Lena is going to want to draw this out until she can't take it any longer. 

Until Lena has had her fill. 


“Is it too late to just cancel this whole damn thing?”

The question has barely left her lips when Lena glances up from the tablet in her hand. She swears that in all the years of their friendship, she has never seen Sam look so unimpressed with her. It’s almost as good (and almost as terrifying) as the look that Jess gives her whenever she says something similar and Lena is thankful that Jess has already gone home or she’d be on the receiving end of this look from the both of them. Not that Sam is a slouch in that department all on her own. 

“You're kidding, right?” Sam finally asks, disbelief coloring every inch of her tone. 

Lena breathes out a heavy sigh, brushing her fingers through her hair. She had set it free from the tight bun she had it in earlier once she felt a headache starting. It’s a mild pounding and nothing she's not used to ignoring but god, is it annoying. “I mean, there’s still another week to go. That's plenty of time and honestly, if I have to look at any more numbers, I’m going to throw this tablet out the window,” she heatedly threatens, holding up the aforementioned device in her hand. 

Sam barely reacts to her threat, clearly too used to her dramatics by now and only graces Lena with a sly smirk. “That’s okay. Jess has a back-up tablet and second back-up binder.” Lena pouts at hearing this, defeated by the very fact that her former assistant knows her far too well when it comes to these things. “Do you really want to cancel the annual Christmas gala celebrating LCorp and its employees?”

“No,” Lena sighs heavily, pouting further. She knows exactly how much her employees look forward to the Christmas gala every year—Jess tells her this constantly—and while she may moan and groan about it, everybody involved knows that she's not really going to ever call it off. That's just not who she is. Throwing the tablet out of the window however, still very much up in the air. “Planning is just so tedious.”

“That's what Jess and I are here for but, you're also a little anal and you needed to know everything that's going on which is why you've been here.”

“I can't wait to go home so I can get away from you,” she mutters, her lips twitching a little when she hears Sam laugh quietly as she turns her attention back to her tablet. When the screen comes back on with the numbers displaying the gala budget staring back up at her, the urge to throw it through her window also comes back with a vengeance. 

She looks up at the sound of a throat clearing and finds Sam holding out a filled wine glass. “Will a drink help ease your troubles and win me back into your good graces?”

“It would be a fine start. Is it good wine at least?” she asks, reaching for the offered glass. She looks down before tilting it to the side, watching the wine roll towards the edge and taking in the range of color within it. She hears Sam chuckling as she carefully swirls the glass before bringing it up to her nose. 

“You're such a wine snob.”

She smirks, raising her gaze up to meet Sam’s, clearly having taken more than a few sips of her own drink already. Lena shrugs. “Some habits are hard to break, Samantha,” she replies haughtily.

“Well, you paid for a case of this so you don't need to check to know it's going to be obscenely good.” Sam takes another sip, humming in approval as she licks her lips. 

Lena pauses just as she has the glass raised to her lips. “Are you telling me you stole a hundred thousand dollar bottle from my wine room?”

She watches Sam practically choke on the wine, coughing violently and slamming her chest until eventually she calms and lets out a high-pitched squeak. “Are you serious?”

She smirks, amused at her friend's look of horror. “Oh no, I’m being quite facetious. The actual cost price is five,” she answers, pursing her lips to keep herself from laughing. 

“Hundred thousand?” Sam yells in utter disbelief before falling silent, dropping to sit on the couch as she stares blankly at her for an incredibly long moment. Finally, Sam breathes out a grunt and chugs the rest of the wine down her throat before pouring a generous amount into her glass. “You know, it is truly disgusting how loaded you are and I should have stolen at least three more bottles,” she mutters towards the end. 

Lena snorts. “I can have a case sent to your place tomorrow, if you want,” she offers, picking up her phone to make a note to her personal assistant. 

Sam fervently shakes her head, waving her hand. “Lena, no. That completely defeats the purpose of stealing from the rich.”

She shrugs. “Alright then, if it'll make you feel better.” She surreptitiously amends the note to sending three bottles. Sam may still protest it anyway but it’s not like Lena has much chance to spoil the people she loves and despite annoying her on a daily basis, Sam has been a trooper working with her these past few weeks. Lena makes a note to do something for Jess as well. “How do you even know the passcode to the wine room, by the way?” she asks, looking up from her phone to see Sam roll her eyes in response. 

“Please, you're so transparent. It's the day you and Kara met.” 

Not expecting Sam to actually know the significance behind the numbers of her passcode, Lena feels a fierce blush spread across her cheeks and up her neck. “How do you even know that?” she asks, doing her absolute best to maintain direct eye contact. 

Sam chuckles, shaking her head. “I can’t share all my secrets, can I?” she gloats, almost cackling when Lena grumbles incoherently in response. “So,” she starts casually. The grin on Sam’s face is all-knowing and incites a shiver of terror right down Lena’s spine as Sam leans back against the cushions of the couch, crossing a leg over the other before taking a long, dragging sip of her drink. “You seemed much more relaxed earlier when I came back with the food than when I left but you didn't look like you took some ‘private' time…” she trails off, staring pointedly at Lena. 

It takes Lena longer than it should to understand what it is that Sam is implying and she’s inclined to blame it on exhaustion. Heat spreads across her cheeks. “Samantha!” she shouts in shocked outrage.

“Lena!” Sam yells back, laughing with a playful gleam in her eyes. “Don’t act like you don't do that every time you're feeling frustrated with work or when you're feeling particularly satisfied with how a meeting went,” she points out with a smug grin when Lena starts to splutter, indeed trying to come up with a different plausible reason. Unfortunately for her, Sam rolls her eyes, barreling onwards, “I know what it actually means when Eric tells me, ‘Oh, Miss Arias, I’m so, so sorry but Miss Luthor has a migraine and is taking a half hour break’ and I’d bet Ruby’s entire college fund that you're not napping in here.”

Well, that's just embarrassing. 

Obviously it's not that she's ashamed of masturbating in her own goddamn office but it's quite a different animal to actually have it confirmed that somebody knows of her activities and it's not because she herself said so. She’s taking deep breaths as she and Sam stare silently at each other until finally she can't resist and simply snorts, shaking her head at Sam’s near-perfect imitation of her secretary. “Have I fired you today yet?” she asks dryly.

“Only twice so far.” She gives Lena an irritating smirk that absolutely reeks of trouble and Lena can't help but think about the first time she saw Sam all those years ago. How bold and unafraid she had been then too when Lena first approached her, wanting to work with Sam when LuthorCorp acquired the company she was working for at the time. Their working relationship has always been easy; their friendship however, took a little more time to build. It was when Sam started talking about Ruby that had been the very thing that brought them closer as Lena was and continues to be, in awe of Sam for working as much as she does, yet still able to be so present to lovingly dote on her daughter. No matter how tired she seemed, she never failed to have the brightest smile for Ruby and Ruby alone. 

Lena will always regret how she had left their friendship to the wayside once she took over LuthorCorp, always too busy and drowning in the messes that Lex had left for her to clean up. But she could never forget how Sam did her best to make sure that Lena knew that she would always be on Lena’s side. Sam might be a royal pain in her ass from time to time but loyalty like hers could never be bought and whatever Lena did to earn it, she’s going to do her best to make sure that she’ll never do anything to lose it. 

She shakes her head, softening with a fond smile for Sam, that royal pain in her ass. “If you must know, I was talking to Kara,” she finally answers, not even trying to hide how her smile turns almost dreamy at the thought of Kara crossing her mind and what came out of the talk they had over the phone. “We were making plans for the weekend since we haven't been able to see much of each other because of all this and work, for the both of us.”

Kara didn’t disclose much about what she's been getting up to with her Supergirl duties, Lena knows that it has to be something big as Supergirl has been going out on missions almost weekly now. It ends up with Kara calling her in the late hours of the evening and there's just something—about hearing Kara’s voice, all gravelly-tired and husky-deep that leaves Lena wanting for more, more of Kara. 

Though really, that’s a feeling that Lena has become much too familiar with since the last time they last saw each other. They even missed out on having Thanksgiving together as Lena had to be in Gotham to attend a few meetings and also to extend a personal invitation to an investor to attend the gala. If it hadn't been for Sam and Ruby going on the trip with her, it would have been the first time she'd spend the holiday alone since she moved to National City, meanwhile from what Kara told her, she had spent it with Alex and Eliza in Metropolis with Lois and Clark. It felt weird too, to have Thanksgiving dinner and not see Kara’s face across the table. Lena was most definitely not a fan of that. 

“So, not much time to have a quickie, huh?”

She breathes out a laugh, quirking an eyebrow at the teasing question. “Well, there was one time…” she playfully starts to say but lets her following silence speak for itself. She almost laughs again at the look on her friend’s face. 

Sam’s mouth is open in shock and it lasts for more than a second before she finally points an accusatory finger at Lena. “I knew it.”

Lena rolls her eyes, waving a dismissive hand. “But that was over a month ago, and we’ve barely had time to even see each other since then.”

That earns her a look of confusion from Sam “You're telling me that in the, what, one month of not seeing each other, you didn't even have phone sex? You do know that FaceTime and a multitude of other video-chatting apps exist, right?”

Lena snorts, shaking her head at how well her friend knows her. “No, not that either,” she replies, slowly tracing her finger around the rim of her wine glass, getting lost in her thoughts.

“Shame,” Sam remarks with a pitying smile. “But oh, I know that look,” she teases though her brown eyes widen in excitement. “I’ve totally seen that exact same look before.”

At first, Lena thinks about denying it. It isn't that it isn't true or that Lena doesn't want it to be. But there's just something about a singular truth when it's said out loud. 

“You’re right,” she finally utters quietly. 

To her shock, Sam lets out a loud, almost lascivious groan. “Oh my god. That is the sexiest thing that has ever passed through your lips.”

“Fuck you,” she laughs, shooting Sam a dark glare before taking a sip of her drink. 

Sam leans back on the couch, patting pointedly at the cushion beside her. “Come on, let's have some proper girl talk.”

She stares at all the work that's left for them to do. “But—” she starts to protest only to stop when Sam raises a hand, a reassuring smile on her face. 

“The work isn't going anywhere, Lena, and I think you’ll agree when I say that this is so very much more important than work.”

Not wanting to hear Sam groan again at hearing her say that she’s right once again, Lena moves off her chair and steps towards the couch. She walks slow, somehow starting to feel a little nervous about actually talking about this out loud to someone else but also glad that it's Sam because there is nobody else who knows her just as well. That's why Sam doesn't say a word at how slow Lena is moving from her desk to the couch, her brown eyes shining with understanding and affection. 

Lena sighs when she finally reaches the couch, sitting across from Sam. “Where should we start?” she asks, staring down at her fidgety fingers and wishing she had thought to bring her wine with her. Without a word, Sam passes her the bottle of wine and she takes it with a grateful smile, taking one long swig before putting it down between them. 

“Was it her birthday party?” Sam softly asks her. 

She looks up in surprise at the question, not having expected for somebody else to notice it too. But Sam has always been so quietly observant, even more so when it comes to Lena. It's after all, how she knew right out the bat that Lena had sex and eventually that it had been with Kara. So is it really that much of a surprise that Sam would figure out just how far back this change, this shift between her and Kara has been going on? 

Lena nods, thinking back to the weekend of Kara's birthday party. She thinks of the hours that they spent losing themselves in each other, of watching the sunrise the next morning together and of the talk that they had. Lena thinks of when they came back to the city, when they talked of how National City has become her home. She thinks about the days that followed when she realized that—Kara has become her home too. 

Sam makes a humming sound in the back of her throat, a small, discerning smile on her lips. “You know, Alex and I have actually talked about this a lot recently.”

“Really?” she asks, puzzled though somehow not surprised to find out that Sam and Alex have been talking about her and Kara. Despite how much they probably wanted to, neither Sam nor Alex have meddled or tried to interfere with what’s going on between them. So why wouldn't they seek each other out to talk about it? Apart from the red sun lamps and the occasional light teasing, all has been as it was before when they all hung out together. 

It seems that Sam is thinking along those same lines too. “And it's weird, y'know? Because like, on the surface, you guys don't act that much out of the ordinary but at the same time, it still feels…” she trails off before pursing her lips, seemingly unsure. 

And Lena understands that uncertainty. She knows exactly the words that Sam wants to say, just as she knows that Sam feels the same as she does about it. That these words don't feel apt, don't feel enough to truly describe what's going on between her and Kara. But Lena tries nonetheless. “Different.” 

Sam nods, a thoughtful frown coloring her face. “Yeah, exactly. You’re the same but… also not,” she pauses to chuckle and shake her head. “That seems like it could get very confusing.”

She gives Sam a rueful smile. “You would think so, right?”

“But it's not?”

Lena brushes her fingers through her hair, shaking her head. With all the time that they have spent apart these past few weeks, the thought of Kara is never far from her mind and because of that, there's no escaping thinking about this very thing. 

She doesn't know exactly how it started, simply that it had started that weekend and has been growing stronger and stronger ever since. Much too strong for her to really try to deny or ignore or be oblivious to, that her feelings for Kara have taken a romantic turn. And that’s—Lena’s not afraid of it nor is she upset by it. Honestly, she doesn't even feel terribly shocked by this either, as if a part of her had already been somewhat expecting it. 

Something she can't help but think about though, something that has been on her mind more and more is how it doesn't feel—new. These growing feelings seem like they've always been there, having laid dormant but now they're waking up, growing slow and steady in the deep of her chest, growing and blooming until there is nothing left for her to do but pay attention to them. 

And so she is. 

She takes in a deep breath, trying to sigh out the wild fluttering that started in her chest. “I love Kara and I know intimately what it is like to love her as a friend, as a best friend. I know nearly all the things that a best friend could ever know. There's nothing about Kara that is a mystery to me. As a best friend,” Lena repeats, almost pointedly. She licks her dry lips before quietly continuing, “but now, after all these months, I also know her in the ways that only a lover could, and whatever this feeling that's been growing inside me—that’s something that only a lover would feel and I do.” 

“Does that scare you?”

She breathes out a cracking laugh at the question, slowly shaking her head before she looks straight into Sam’s concerned gaze. “It’s Kara. How can anything related to Kara be scary?”

Sam suddenly chuckles. “I don't know. Alex can be pretty scary,” she dryly utters, making Lena join in her laughter. “So, are you? Scared?”

“Shitless,” Lena admits with a quiet laugh, shaking her head at how much an understatement that still is. “But,” she softly continues, settling into a smile that starts small, grows slow and shines bright; a smile that Sam seems to unconsciously be mirroring back at her, “I’m also really excited.”

Sam’s own grin softens into a tender smile then as she reaches to gently cup Lena’s jaw. Her brown eyes are staring into Lena’s for a long thoughtful silence. There's pride in her loving gaze that Lena immediately warms under. “Happy looks so good on you,” Sam finally whispers, her voice thick and heavy before she leans across the space between them to press her lips to Lena’s forehead. When Sam pulls back, she scoots herself a little forward until their knees are pressed up against each other and she takes Lena's hands into hers. A comforting grip. “Do you think Kara knows? Or that she’s thinking and feeling the same?”

She shrugs. “There have been times, when we talk on the phone and it seems like she does. Whether she knows about how I feel?” she asks, pausing for thought. “It’s also possible. She knows me far too well that she can't have noticed.”

“You know her well too though,” Sam reminds her with a reassuring squeeze of Lena's hands. 

“I do,” she agrees with a tiny smile. But Lena doesn't want to make quick assumptions, not when it comes to matters of the heart, not when it comes to Kara. Assumptions tend to lead to expectations and expectations more often than not, lead to heartbreak. Lena has never expected anything of Kara and she’s not about to start now. “Is it bad though that I kind of want to live with these feelings for a little longer before I say anything about it to her?”

To her relief, Sam squeezes her hands once again. “No, not at all,” she gently replies, understanding.

“I just haven't felt like this in so long, not since—not since Jack,” she murmurs, saying his name in a whisper. 

Sam’s eyes go wide at hearing that. “That's… a lot considering you were thinking about marrying the guy.”

“I know.” She nods, a sad smile on her face as she thinks about Jack. Lena wonders what he'd have to say about this, whether he would be happy for her. She thinks that he would be. He wanted nothing more than the absolute best for her and she knew that he would love Kara so much. “And y’know, Jimmy was great. I loved him too but it was just... nice, you know? It was good with him and he was what I needed at the time but it also wasn't like it was with Jack, and certainly not like how it is now.” Lena stops, realizing the utter weight of all that she's saying and she can't help but laugh and shake her head. This isn't just ‘a lot’ as Sam had put it; this is… so much more. “God, am I crazy for saying all of this?”

Sam places a hand on Lena's knee, providing a grounding touch. “You're not crazy, babe. You're just processing something really huge right now and I have to say that I much prefer this method than when you used to just get stupid drunk and hid away in your lab.” 

Lena snorts in agreement. 


“I think we're done for the night. You can take off, Supergirl.”

Kara looks up from her notebook, grinning tiredly at the sight of Agent Darcy standing over her. It has been a busy day for her, coming straight from CatCo to assist on a mission with a small DEO team. They had been prepared for it to be another simple recon like all the other previous ones that they had been on recently. They were expecting too, to come back to base empty-handed once again. But not tonight—tonight’s simple recon ended with more than a handful of arrests and a retrieval of a single crate full of encrypted hard drives, a potential break for their current case. 

She could have gone back home as soon as she realized that there was no actual need for her to be there anymore but instead, Kara went right to Alex’s office. Her sister is currently at the DEO’s Metropolis division, overseeing the new procedures they had implemented recently and has been there for the past week or so. Alex’s familiar scent lingers in the air and it helps curb the ache Kara feels from missing her sister. Not to mention that Alex also keeps a stash of snacks for Kara whenever she stops by and maybe she was feeling a little peckish when they got back to base. 

Kara glances down at her notebook, looking over the rough sketch that she has made in the time since she sat down. A person’s profile with their face turned towards the side where a dark shadow that Kara had shaded in, takes up nearly half the page. Though their face is hidden, there’s still no mistaking the elegance of their jaw line and the graceful line of their neck that flows down the page; both eye-catching features belonging to one Lena Luthor. Kara’s blue eyes trail over the dark hair that she drew in too, tied neatly into a high ponytail with its bottom strands curling and brushing down the side of Lena’s pale neck, just barely touching her shoulder. 

It's no surprise to Kara just what—or rather who—it is that’s been on her mind, especially when she’ll be going over to see Lena once she gets out of the DEO. With the gala in less than a few days and mostly everything pretty much set and ready, Lena had asked her if she maybe wanted to sleep over and spend the Sunday with her after that. Like Kara was ever going to say no to finally spending time with Lena. 

More than thirty days have passed by since she has breathed in Lena’s scent, since she has hugged her. Hugged her. The crazy thing of it all is the fact that this isn't even the first time they've gone this long without seeing each other but these past few weeks, Kara has found herself missing Lena with a heart-twisting ache that seems to know no measure. She’s pretty sure it's why Alex jumped at the chance to fly to Metropolis, to get as far away as possible from all the whining that she had been doing about missing Lena. Not that Alex said as much but still, it wouldn't be unlike her sister to do so.

She catches Ellie looking down at the page too and Kara quickly closes her notebook, blushing fiercely at being caught drawing her best friend. Not that Ellie doesn't know how close she and Lena are but her art has always been something she likes keeping to herself, even from Alex. Her sister doesn't even know that Kara has kept the notebook underneath all the snacks in her drawer. 

Kara clears her throat. “Um, are you sure? I don't mind staying a little bit longer.”

“The tech guys have it covered,” Ellie replies, glancing over to where they can see the agents hunched over their desks and staring unblinkingly at their screens. “Decrypting everything is going to take at least a day or so, if not more. We can't afford to do a rush job on this one since the last time resulted in a street-wide power outage.”

She nods, remembering that particular day and the panic that followed. They definitely do not want that at all. “Will you be going home too?”

When it comes to partners, Agent Darcy isn’t anything like Alex and really, Kara had been really happy about that. There will never be a partner like Alex. There were a couple of others before Agent Darcy who thought emulating Alex would help ingratiate themselves to her but it really just did not at all. Kara knows that a large part to why she and her sister always worked so seamlessly well together was because they grew up together, and no matter how much distance there is between them, that will never change. Agent Darcy isn't anything like Alex, in that while Alex was and is officially her superior, she and Agent Darcy were meeting each other as equals. 

Though they've worked side by side for nearly two years now, her partner continues to maintain an air of professionalism. At least, when they're both in the command center, surrounded by other colleagues; then they're Supergirl and Agent Darcy. But when they're like this, when it's just the two of them, they're Kara and Ellie. She finds that she likes that, having that kind of distinction. 

Ellie sighs heavily, tiredly, shaking her head. “I’m just going to stay for another hour or so—oh god no please, not the pout,” she protests with the kind of whine that would seem uncharacteristic for those who only know her as an agent. But Kara is used to it and though she wants to laugh, she only deepens her pout further. “Has anyone ever told you that thing is dangerous?” she sighs, exasperated. 

Kara shrugs, an innocent smile on her lips. “Yep, but I use that power responsibly,” she answers with a concise nod. “Are you okay to drive home or would you like me to fly you?”

Her offer gets a quiet chuckle and a wry smile out of Ellie. “While I’m sure that my family would love to see Supergirl bringing me home, again, I’m alright for tonight,” she replies before pointedly staring down at the closed notebook still under Kara's grasped hands. “And I’m sure that Miss Luthor would also prefer to see you sooner than later.”

“If you're sure,” Kara accepts easily, though she blushes under the implication of Ellie’s words as she pushes herself to stand up and moves slowly towards Ellie. She clears her throat with a slight cough. “Is it okay if I hug you?” 

Ellie gives her a knowing smile as she nods, turning to face her. “Oh, and thanks for bringing the snacks, and all the food.”

She wraps her arms tight around Ellie, remembering that her friend prefers a slightly tighter-than-normal pressure while giving herself a mental victory high five and congratulating herself for the choices of food that she brought when she came into the DEO earlier. “Great tacos, right?” she asks, an excited grin on her face. “I’ll bring their quesadillas next time. You're gonna love those.” 

When they pull back, Ellie breathes out a laugh, nodding once more. “Okay well, don’t forget we have that class for your CPR and First Aid recertification.”

“I won’t,” she promises, walking back over to lightly tap her phone, “and I’ve got a reminder set for it too, just in case.”

“Good. And you really should think about the BBP certification. Always best to be prepared, y’know.”

“I know,” she nods. “I’ll talk about it with Alex when she gets back and see what she thinks.” Her phone vibrates on top of the desk with Alex's face popping up on the screen. “Speak of the devil.”

She’s picking up her phone, looking up when she hears Ellie start to move. “I’m off then. Have a good weekend, Supergirl.”

Kara shoots her a parting grin. “You too, Ellie, goodnight. And text me when you get home safe,” she adds, watching Ellie nodding in reply before making her way to the locker room while Kara starts picking up all her things as she accepts Alex’s call. “Hey, I was just talking about you.”

“Talking shit about me again?”

She snorts. “Oh yeah, for sure. we’re saying all kinds of things about you right now,” she tells her, putting her notebook back into the designated drawer in Alex’s desk, under all the snacks, one of which she grabs for her flight to Lena’s. 

“I knew it.”

Kara rolls her eyes at her sister’s smug tone, “How’s Metropolis?” she asks, grabbing the used food containers to throw into the recycling bin when she leaves. 

“I never thought I'd ever say this but I really miss the sunshine,” Alex grumbles miserably over the speaker. “I don't know how your cousin handles all this fucking rain.”

She snorts. “Gotham is way more bleak than Metropolis though,” she points out, wondering in the back of her mind how Kate is doing. “But Clark seems to like it.”

Lois loves it, so of course he likes it,” Alex counters and Kara can see in her mind’s eye, her sister rolling her eyes at how sappy her cousin is over Lois. It's understandable really. After all, Kara used to have a little bit of a crush on Lois. Not that she ever told Lucy about it, of course, especially when they started dating. That would have been just too weird. “Now, what were you saying about me?” she asks just as Kara starts to make her way out after locking up Alex’s office.

Kara shoots a smile at the agents, nodding at them as she passes by when she catches them waving at her. “Oh yeah, Ellie was just reminding me about the BBP certification? She said it'd be good to have, just in case, so I said I'd talk to you and see what you thought.”

Alex makes a thoughtful hum. “She's not wrong. We should’ve gotten you certified for that with everything else awhile ago but it didn't cross our minds. Sorry about that.”

She shrugs. “Better now than never. I’ll let Ellie know next week. I’m heading over to Lena's in a sec,” she murmurs, making her way up the steps to her usual exit. 

Kara wonders what it is that her sister is doing right now and where she is, hopes in the back of her mind that Alex is being safe. Listening to the background noise coming from Alex's side on the phone. Kara thinks that she can hear the typical Metropolis city traffic. 

“Are you gonna have the talk with her tonight?” Alex carefully asks her after a brief silence. 

Since the first time they talked about this over Halloween, it has felt like there's little else that fills her mind. She thinks about Alex calling her smitten and the more that Kara thought about it, the more she realized that maybe—she is well past the smitten stage now. 


She stops from launching off and instead leans against the railing, taking in the sight of National City in this late hour of the night. “Should I? I didn't really think about that. I was just thinking that we’re finally going to see each other and like, spend tomorrow together, just hanging out,” she trails off, not even noticing that she has started pacing the length of the balcony. “We were gonna go to the zoo but—maybe after that I should talk to her, right? That's… that's the thing you do, right?” she asks, stopping right in the middle of the floor.

“Okay well first, take a breath,” Alex tells her, seeming to wait until Kara does as she tells her and so she does. She takes a deep breath and gradually lets it out. “Good. Now, you don't have to talk to her about it, especially if you're not even ready to say it.”

Kara bites down her bottom lip. “But, how do I know if or when I'm ready to do that?” she asks, on the brink of flying all the way to Metropolis just so she can see her sister’s face. 

Alex sighs at her question. “There's not really a schedule to these kinds of things, Kara, and you can't plan on it either. This isn't anything like when you came out to her about being Supergirl. These things—they just… happen, you know what I mean?”

And in some weird way, Kara does. She knows exactly what Alex means. Things do just happen, especially for her and Lena. Their first kiss wasn't planned or even intentional; it just happened and since then everything between them has kept happening. There hasn't once been a moment when she thought about stopping, about denying herself of it, denying herself of Lena. 

“Yeah, I think so,” she whispers, hesitant. 

“Kara,” her sister sighs and Kara knows instantly from the tone of her voice, that Alex is going to say something that Kara needs to listen to carefully, “you’ve never given yourself time to enjoy anything like this before, y’know? You tend to—rush as if you're going to lose it at any moment and I understand why but maybe this time around—maybe you should give yourself permission to take as much time as you need, as much time as you want. You haven't been with anybody in a really long time and you shouldn't rush something like this.” Kara starts biting down the corner of her lip again, listening intently to the way that Alex is breathing deep and slow. “I rushed… everything with Maggie and we skipped so many important steps before getting engaged. So just, enjoy what it is now, what you have with Lena. The time will come when it’ll change and you’ll be ready, and it’s going to be so great.” 

She breathes out a sigh, deep and comforted. “Thanks Alex.”

Her sister chuckles. “What are big sisters for?”

“Bringing back those chocolates that I love?” she asks hopefully to which Alex scoffs right through 

“What am I, an amateur? I’ve got you covered.”


Lena’s exhausted. 

After spending the last few weeks pouring all her energy and attention into preparing for the gala that's finally happening in less than a few days, it seems that her body has gotten the memo that no more needs to be done and is quick on the road to completely crashing.

But tonight is the first time she's seeing Kara apart from the short bursts when Kara would fly by LCorp or when there’s a live broadcast of Supergirl. It also means it is the first time in a long time—much too long, in her opinion—that she’s actually spending a significant amount of time with her. 

But god, she is exhausted

A part of Lena wants to crawl under her sheets to sleep and shut the rest of the world away for the weekend before having to get back up to Monday to face it again. But the other part of Lena has missed Kara something fierce and she thinks that maybe Kara must feel the same too, with the firm grip that she has on Lena’s hips and how her mouth moves hungrily between Lena’s neck and her collarbones.

It all feels so cunt-wrenchingly good and that heat in the low of her belly is growing hotter as she continues to lazily grind against Kara. Lena doesn't want any of it to end but she doesn't know how much longer she can keep this up without passing out on Kara and that is definitely something she does not want to happen. But she is so tired. Closing her eyes seems like the most dangerous thing to do because god, when did her shirt become unbuttoned? When did that happen? When did Kara do that? Lena can't keep going like this even though she breathes out a moan of approval when Kara’s mouth falls to her chest.

She gently taps Kara’s shoulder, powering through the tremble that goes through her at the hot tongue roughly flicking up her nipple. “Kara,” she manages to whisper only for Kara to hum around her, wrapping her lips around her nipple before god—she starts to lightly suck and Kara’s thumbs are curling suggestively over the waistband of her panties. “Kara,” she whispers with as much urgency as she can muster this time. “Babe, I need you to stop.” 

Kara practically flies off her in an instant and Lena hears herself whine at the loss of contact. There’s a mix of arousal and panic in Kara’s dark blue eyes that twists something hard in her chest. “Are you okay? Was I hurting you?”

She scrambles quickly to reach out to Kara. “Whoa hey no, it's okay. Come back here,” she softly entreats, earning her a narrowed look from Kara but she still follows into Lena's pull anyway. Kara’s head is on her chest now and the soft bursts of her panted breathing on Lena’s neck make her shiver. “I’m sorry I stopped you.” 

Concern quickly replaces the panic on Kara’s face when she looks up and shakes her head, smiling reassuringly. “You don't ever have to apologize for that, Lena,” she promises before her smile transforms into a worried frown. “Was it not—did it not—did I do something wrong?”

Lena shakes her head. “Oh Kara no, I didn't stop you because I was uncomfortable. Or that it didn't feel good because trust me, it felt really good,” she whispers, breathless as she thinks about the mouth that had just been on her breast. “I stopped you because—” she pauses, hesitating. 


“I'm just so tired, Kara,” she whines mournfully. “All the planning and all the meetings I've been taking have just been so crazy and hectic and so much, and I just—I just really want to sleep.”

She feels Kara pushing herself up so that her blue eyes are looking down into Lena’s, her frown deeply creasing the space between her eyebrows. “We could have waited to spend some time together, Lena. We’re literally going to see each in a couple of days.”

Lena huffs at Kara’s gentle reminder, feeling a lingering heat spreading across her cheeks. “But I wanted to see you. I know that we’re going to see each other soon at the gala but,” she murmurs with a wistful sigh, “I've really missed you.”

Kara’s gaze softens in understanding at her whispered admission. “I've really missed you too,” she replies, earnest. A thoughtful look crosses her face before it lightens up, an idea striking. Kara abruptly sits up. “Okay, tell you what, you go get into your jammies and under the covers and I’m gonna go make you some tea.”

“Are you—are you leaving?” she asks carefully, uncertain as she herself follows Kara in sitting up as well. Her heart seizes painfully at the thought of Kara going home and not waking up to her in the morning like she had been looking forward to since they made their plans earlier in the week.

Blue eyes widen at her question. “Oh heck no, unless you want some alone time?” Lena quickly shakes her head before Kara even finishes her question, making her best friend grin happily at her action. “That settles it then. I haven't seen my most favorite person in way too long, so you and I are having a sleepover and tomorrow, instead of going to the zoo like we said, we’ll do something else that's relaxing with absolutely no distractions, and absolutely no work talk.” 

It takes Lena longer than she's willing to admit, to fully register everything that Kara had just said to her. All she can think is that no, Kara isn’t leaving and that she's staying and that her face will be there in the morning for Lena to see when she wakes up tomorrow. The ache in her chest eases and it hits Lena just how much she had been looking forward to this.

“Oh,” she finally whispers with a single breath. She stares at Kara's smiling face, filled with so much pride and so goddamn breathtaking that Lena can barely stand it. “I love you.” 

The smile on Kara’s face melts at the edges. “I love you too,” she replies. “Now go get comfortable and um—here,” With her super speed, Kara buttons Lena’s sleep shirt back up before leaving her bedroom with a gentle peck on her temple, presumably headed to the kitchen.

And Lena watches her go with a soft smile on her face, chuckling when she looks down and realizes that in her haste, Kara totally missed a button. 


She wakes up to the delicate stroke of Lena’s fingers along her spine. 

“How long have you been awake?” Kara mumbles into the pillow, lifting her head to turn and face Lena. She feels better at finding Lena with sleep-dazed eyes and a lazy smile. 

“Not that long,” Lena answers, her voice so husky from slumber that Kara shivers at hearing it. Lena scoots closer to her, so close that they’re sharing the same pillow now. She brushes her nose gently against Kara’s, closing her eyes as she lets out a quiet hum. It’s a satisfied, content kind of a noise that melts something inside of Kara, makes her go almost boneless. She mirrors the sound just as Lena’s fingers resume moving up and down her back.

She breathes out a sigh, leaning further into the touch. “Lazy day today?” she asks in a hopeful tone. Kara finds herself wanting to do absolutely nothing but to just lay in bed with her best friend, to spend the day with Lena, exactly like this. 

Lena’s eyes slowly open, revealing a mossy green so breathtaking that Kara can't bear to look away. Her lazy smile stretches, a dimple forming in her cheek that sparks a wild flurry in Kara's chest. “I’d really like that.”

“Good,” she whispers before finally surrendering to the temptation of nuzzling her nose onto Lena's dimple. Kara grins when Lena chuckles breathily at her action, feeling Lena’s palm flattening down on the small of her back. 

It's going to be a really good day. 


It's the night of the gala and Lena is feeling… a little nervous. 

Not that that is anything new. She's always nervous on the night of a big event. LCorp seems to have this dumb luck that whenever she holds some kind of public event, it gets attacked. Lena would really love for that to not happen tonight. The last few press conferences have thankfully been relatively uneventful, notwithstanding the normal group of Luthor protestors that are always in attendance no matter what. Her security team is top-notch and can take care to keep the group at bay. Plus Kara will be there too, with Alex and the rest of the DEO team at the ready. Logically, things should go smoothly but she wouldn't be who she is if she didn't try to get ahead of anything that might happen. 

Lena closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. 

Opening her eyes, her gaze immediately falls on the bouquet of flowers sitting prettily in its vase. It isn’t out of the ordinary for Lena (Sam and Jess too) to receive all kinds of gifts on the day of a gala; most of them are usually tokens of gratitude or felicitations from LCorp’s board of directors and investors. Lena is well-aware that there was little thought behind the lot of them and while she brings the wildly expensive bottles of alcohol back home with her, she’d usually leave the ostentatious bouquets of flowers to be displayed around the office building. 

The more personal gifts, however, are the ones that she is always happy to receive, like the basket of homemade baked muffins that Jess bakes only for special occasions like these, which is really for the best because Lena once had five muffins in one sitting. Kara had been very upset about that. 

She also wasn’t surprised to see that Kara had sent her a bouquet too; one that Lena has now sitting on the bedside table where she can see it every morning she wakes up until she’ll have to throw them out. Kara started sending flowers straight to Lena's penthouse the day of every LCorp gala since more than a year ago and has done so for every one that she has been to, and even the ones that they both knew she was going to miss. And because it's Kara, bouquets of flowers are also sent to both Sam’s and Jess’ homes.

In the back of her mind, Lena has been wondering why Kara hadn't included her usual handwritten card. She usually writes a little note that often says how proud she is of Lena and really, some other sweet and heartfelt things that tend to drive Lena to near tears. Lena keeps those cards inside a little box in the bottom bedside drawer and she had been looking forward to adding a new one to the collection so she was mildly disappointed when there wasn't a card at all. 

Despite that, her heart flutters in delight at the red and yellow tulips, their petals not in bloom yet but she can already imagine how absolutely gorgeous they will be when they do. She can't help but notice too, the single long-stemmed red rose in the midst of all the tulips. She knows that it cant’t have been an accident. Kara always sends her tulips. Different colors every single time, sure, but always tulips, which can only mean one thing. 

Kara had done this, on purpose. 

“Oh,” she whispers in a ragged hush of air, realizing why there was no handwritten card. 

She takes another deep breath. 

Lena stares at the mirror, back to her reflection. She can see behind her, the garment bag with the dress that she’s going to wear later, hanging up on the closet door. Her heels are sitting pristinely on the floor under it. Her make-up is done and her hair is in an elegant up-do. There’s still another half-hour before her driver arrives to pick her up to take her to the venue. 

She had offered to pick up both Kara and Alex on the way but they declined, saying that they’ll meet her there instead. Lena thinks that it's mostly because Kara wants to surprise her with what she's wearing as she has refused to say a word about it. 

There's a certain kind of giddiness that's been bubbling in her chest. The way that she and Kara have been lately. The day that she and Kara had spent together, being on their own cooped up in her apartment with no work or even Supergirl duties to take them away from each other was simply—incredible. And it feels so funny for her to even think that of spending time with her best friend and yet, there it is. 

It really has been so long since she has felt this flutter of romance with anyone. 

As she gets up to make her way towards the garment bag, Lena thinks about the look on Kara’s face when she finally lays her eyes on Lena’s dress and she knows that Kara won't be able to take them off her for very long. Her breath shudders as the light material of the dress smooths itself over her skin. She can already imagine how she’ll easily feel the heat of Kara’s touch over it. Lena’s sure that she will have to send Stephanie a bigger bonus check this time for all the extra hours Lena made her spend looking for this dress.

And for the final touch, she goes over to her vanity table and picks up a necklace, a delicate white gold thing with an emerald teardrop pendant that she bought for herself so many years ago. Earlier, she replaced the chain with a similar but slightly longer one that she clasps easily around her neck. Lena’s fingers slowly trail down the necklace to the jewel that usually sits right in the hollow between her collarbones but now is settled right in the dip of her cleavage, staring at her reflection as she does so. A mischievous smirk stretches at her lips. 

She can't wait for Kara to see her.