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Mamma Mia

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“David, is this really a good idea? “, Joanna asked as her friend opened the old journal


“What if your Dad gets mad? It is his diary, right?” Joanna McCoy has been friends with David Kirk her whole life, their Dads were best friends so it only made sense they were too. Joanna’s mom died when she was two, so she went to live with her Dad, Dr. Leonard McCoy. They live on a small island in Greece called Skopelos where every day they have to ride a boat to school.


“Old diary, Joanna and besides he won’t even know” David grinned, at nine years old; he was already as devilish as his father, Jim Kirk. He had his father’s bright blue eyes but his ears were pointed, and he had curly black hair They knew David’s dad was a Vulcan but all that Uncle Jim would say was David’s father couldn’t be around, he would always look so sad after that.


“Fine but if we get caught I’m blaming it all on you” Joanna stated firmly before settling in next to her friend as he opened the journal. It was a Starfleet issued blue notebook with headers of Captain’s Log and Stardate at the top of each page. On the cover of the book was the Starfleet logo in gold against the blue back, when he opened it a couple of old Polaroid pictures fell out, some of them were of Jim and Bones or of Bones looking grumpily at the camera or Scotty with a bottle of whisky in his hand but most of them were of a Vulcan. There were pictures of the Vulcan from across a 3D chessboard with a neutral expression on his face or of the Vulcan focused in on a microscope, lots of the pictures were of Jim smiling brightly while the Vulcan remained stoic.


Captain's Log

Stardate 2226.26

I’m riding on the shuttle back to Starfleet from the summer, visiting Bones was fun and Joanna is still super cute.  Although it is going to be weird without Bones as my roommate. Without Bones, I doubt I’ll be able to keep a regular sleeping pattern


There is a Vulcan on this shuttle to San Francisco... A really hot Vulcan actually. So this shuttle ride just got a hell of a lot more interesting.


Update: His name is Spock and I think I may be in love. He is so adorable and perfect; I just want to mess up his perfect hair. Or touch his ears


Update Part 2: He is a Professor and I am a cadet. I will be reading the Starfleet rulebook tonight.


Update part 3: As long as he isn’t my professor then we are in the clear.


Captains Log

Stardate 2226.29


With Bones back home with Jonna and leaving me without a roommate, I was randomly assigned one which isn't so bad. As Captain, I must be able to adapt to any condition and make nice with anyone. I figured it will be good practice but turns out I do not have to use my charming skills because my new roommate Scotty is awesome. Bones drinking abilities don’t hold a candle to Scottys…


I also took it upon myself to ask around about the Vulcan professor, it turns out he is the professor, I heard about last year that failed half his class. Everyone has said he has no emotions but I highly doubt that. I want to know some more…


Captain's Log

Stardate 2226.31


Making a Vulcan blush is hard work. Convincing Spock to go out with me is like nailing Jello to a tree but I’m nothing if not determined.


Update: We are going out for Tea on Friday 


Captain’s Log 

Stardate 2226.34

 So, I just got back from my date with Spock, I never thought I would enjoy drinking tea so much. We were there until closing, just talking about anything and everything. I don’t care what anyone says, Vulcan’s make jokes or Spock does and pretends he doesn’t.


Captain’s Log

Stardate 2226.48


What a night!

Spock and I went to a little vegetarian restaurant before walking down to the beach. We kissed on the beach, we stargazed on the beach and did some other fun stuff on the beach…


PS: Sand fucking sucks


Captain’s Log

Stardate 2226.97

I don’t care what they say, he isn’t a robot. He is a god damn love machine. The way he holds me makes me feel dizzy. The good dizzy. Oh ew, now I sound like a teenage girl. I am twenty years old but I feel like I’m seventeen again. It is just the way he kisses goodnight… with uncertainty at first and then with an overwhelming passion. It is like we were meant for each other.  I don’t care if I never eat a cheeseburger again, I am just happy to be with Spock.  He is so smart and we can play chess all night not even realizing the time. My favorite is when we play strip chess. I am happy to report that I win 60.13% of the time according to Spock's calculation and frustration.


Captain’s Log

Stardate: I kinda maybe am freaking out

Oh shit, I am in love with Spock…


Captain’s Log

Stardate 2226.99

I told Spock I loved him today... it went well,  like REALLY well. Touch telepathy is literally the best thing that ever happened in this universe. I love Aliens. I love Spock.   I feel like I wanna sing when he does his…”


“Oh wow that is descriptive” David grimaced as he skipped to the next entry


Captain’s Log

Stardate: Spock sucks

Spock is fucking leaving. He has a wife and is getting bonded in a month. Spock knew that he was getting married and he had the audacity to spend this past year with me, making me fall deeper and deeper in love. Did he even love me? 


I feel like I’m dying which is so stupid because I have been dying before but this is worse. This feeling is worse than Tarsus. On Tarsus I could hate the men that did those things, I could hate Kodos, I could hate Frank but I can’t hate Spock. I thought he loved me but I was clearly wrong. Everyone leaves in the end. I don’t know why I thought he was different.


Captain’s Log

Stardate: I’m fucked

I’m fucking pregnant and Spock won’t answer any of my transmissions. Fuck.


David lowered the book with a frown, turning towards Joanna “So that’s why Dad never talks about him”


“I’m sorry David,” Joanna says softly, placing her hand on his shoulder and he shook his head as if to clear his thoughts before he picked up a picture of the Vulcan, now known as Spock, staring at the camera with a raised eyebrow. A myriad of emotions passed through him, anger at the man who broke his Dad’s heart and curiosity of the same man who was his father. Finally logic and curiosity won the inner battle.


“I’m going to write him” David stated, determination setting in his features.


“Um... I don’t think that-“


“No no it is! I will write to Spock and I can get the full story!” David said excitedly “Maybe it was all a big misunderstanding like in one of those books my Dad reads”


“How are you even going to find him?” Joanna asked and David took a moment to think before grinning


“Uncle Scotty will know!” David grabbed his friend's hand and hauled her off to find the engineer.




Jim sighed as he finished patching the hole in the wall for the millionth time it felt like. After Jim got pregnant with David, he had to drop out of Starfleet because no kids were allowed on a starship and Jim wasn’t exactly rolling in money. So Jim finished up his semester, sold his old farmhouse in Iowa and flew out to Greece. On Tarsus IV, the aunt he was living with had bought an inn on Skopelos in Greece with plans to retire there and when she died it was given to him. The structures were old and needed lots of TLC but it was a worthy challenge for a farm boy who had nothing. No money, no family and no idea what the hell he was doing.


So he called his only friend Doctor Leonard McCoy for help. Bones and he were roommates during Jim’s freshman year at Starfleet but when Bones’ ex-wife died and left the kid motherless, McCoy dropped out to take care of his daughter. Jim can still remember that phone call in vivid detail


“Hey, kiddo. What’s up?”


“I need your help,” Jim said shakily, in the way Bones knew meant he had been crying or having a panic attack


“Are you okay? What did you do?”


“I’m pregnant”


“Dammit Jim”


“It’s Spocks… and he won’t answer any of my transmissions”


“That green-blooded hobgoblin! I’ll kill him! He thinks he can knock my best-”


“Bones… I’m scared”


“It’s alright Jimmy. We will figure it out”


Shortly after that Jim and Bones moved to Greece, to start a whole new life. On this little island, they fixed up piece by piece and started the inn up again. Then Scotty, their friend from the academy, was kicked out of the fleet for losing Admiral Archer's beagle and Scotty joined them, helping them update the inn to be ‘apart of this century’.  Scotty eventually got engaged to a woman named, Nyota Uhura, who was a Starfleet communications officer. She would stop by as much as she could and Scotty always pushed her to achieve her career goals. The little island became a home soon enough, they made more and more friends as time went. The island villa was now a fully functioning hotel, very popular for honeymoons and maintained a balance between extremely old and very high tech. Jim and Scotty spent thousands of late nights improving the systems. 


Bones worked as the Doctor for the islands, Hikaru Sulu joined their family two years ago as the island botanist and friendly pilot.  He ran fencing classes for the tourist as well as a navigation guide.  Hikaru and his husband Ben moved to the island after they adopted their daughter, Demora. Hikaru was a helmsman for Starfleet but when it started tearing his family apart, he realized he wanted to watch his daughter grow up himself and not through holos. Of course, that didn’t mean they wouldn’t take vacations in space.  So Jim offered him a place on the island which they readily accepted. Ben was a teacher at the local schools so it worked out pretty well in the end.


The last addition to their little family was Chekov; he was a 17-year-old kid who was shadowing Scotty. Even though Scotty was kicked out of Starfleet he was still an awesome engineer and everyone in his field had to respect for him. Scotty still did research on the island and that is what lead Pavel Chekov there. The boy was smart, very smart and he was eager to learn but Starfleet was reluctant to put him on a starship until he was legal so that is why he was here, for now.


The island was abuzz with excitement and preparation for Nyota and Scotty’s wedding. Jim was planning a big party for his friends and as awesome as he knew this party was going to be, running an inn and planning a wedding wasn’t exactly fun.  Uhura loved the island so much that she had wanted the wedding there and Jim being the awesome friend that he was decided to go all out. He was housing all the guests and having the reception at the villa. Uhura was on assignment currently but would be back in a week. 


Wedding planning via video chat with Uhura was kinda the worst thing Jim ever had to do but if it made his friends happy then it was worth it.


David was sprinting across the courtyard, dragging poor Joanna behind him. Jim ran up and caught his son before he could run past him “Hey Kiddo where ya going?”, he asked as he hauled his son on his hip.


“Um to see Uncle Scotty” David replied with a grin, his blue eye twinkled with mischief as he stared at his father.


“uh huh and what about may I ask?” Jim inquired, his fingers tickling his son causing the young boy to squeal with laughter as he tried to get away from the attack.


“To send a message to Aunt Uhura” David replied in between breaths and laughter


“You know how to do that” Jim reminded him but stop his assault and set his son back on the ground “Don’t do anything too crazy, got it?”


“Aye Captain” David mock saluted his father before dragging Joanna away again.


“Why are you letting that heathen handle my daughter that way?” Bones groached as he watched the two kids “and why ain't you stopping whatever awful deeds they are up to?”


“Oh come on Bones. Lighten up. They’re kids. Let them be kids. If I smother him then he will hate me” Jim responded with an easy smile in the direction of his friend “Besides I thought you had a patient?”


“Yeah, he’s the idiot letting his kid reign terror upon other children” Bones grumbled back “I came to make sure you had something to eat today”


Jim winced as he started walking towards the main office “Ya know Bones I really don’t have time right now. I’ve got to get the King suit cleaned and ready for the next customers”


“Dammit, Jim! Make time! You can’t keep running around eating only one meal a day!” Bones chased after his younger friend, a grouchy look settling over his features


“The wedding is in a month and I haven’t even gotten the flowers ordered! Plus I have to make sure all of their family has a place to stay” Jim exclaimed “Not to mention I have to make sure the bed frame in the Queen suit gets replaced, the Orions that stayed there broke it”


“How many people did they invite?” Bones asked as he followed Jim through the building “And that still isn’t an excuse to not be eating!”


“A lot like the whole villa is being rented out, a lot” Jim responded as he tapped furiously at the pad he was holding and walked through the building towards the King suite, the work belt tied around his hips. Jim was quite handy. Growing up in an old farmhouse does that to a guy. Jim personally fixed every broken thing in his little villa. Kirk was proud of it, he had spent years fixing the thing up and making it into a successful business. He also personally did all the online advertisements, booking and pictures.


“Dammit Jim” Bones grabbed his arm “You are getting something to eat. The bed frame can wait but your health can’t”


“Fine. Fine.” Jim conceded, finally lowering the pad to give his friend a look of surrender “but you are buying”


“I danno laddie. Is yer Dad okay with this?” Scotty asked the young Kirk and David smiled up at him


“Of course he is! He wanted me to learn more about communications! If I can’t locate someone then how will I ever be a Starfleet officer?” David blinked his big blue eyes at the Scottish man and Scotty sighed in resignation


“Alright Laddie but don’t be using this for anything naughty” Scotty pointed at this pair before motioning them closer to show them how it worked.  “All ye have to do is…”


About a half an hour later, David and Joanna left the little engineering building with the knowledge to track down and contact anyone. David grabbed Joanna’s hand yet again and hauled her to his house where a communications terminal was set up. His father allowed him free access so he could talk to his friends from the Learning Vessel he went on a couple months back. 



Finally, they found who they were looking for, S’chn T’gai Spock. The only Human-Vulcan hybrid in Starfleet. He fit the bill pretty well, he taught as a professor around the time Jim was a cadet and got married around the time Jim’s journal entries were logged. Now Spock was divorced and working as a Starfleet professor once more.  Apparently, this Spock was quite famous on Vulcan and his divorce was huge news.


“What should I say?” David asked, uncertainty tainting his excitement “If he didn’t answer Dad, why would he answer me?”


“Oh! Aunt Nyota was his pupil; invite him to the wedding as if you were her!”  Joanna exclaimed, “He can’t say no to that!”