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Mamma Mia

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The next morning, Jim was chatting with one of the guests in the breakfast hall where all the guest in the villa were currently eating. Not all of them but most of them. The villa served complimentary breakfast every morning from 07:00 to 09:00 and throughout the rest of the day was a restaurant. Finishing his conversation up with the guest, he moved to the table where David and Joanna sat every morning.


“Eat up David! You’ve got an apology to present” Jim grinned at his son who was eating his porridge mixed with honey and fruit. Despite Jim never eating correctly, his kid sure did. Jim made sure David had a nice balanced meal and a vegan one. When Jim was pregnant with David, all meat made him barf and that carried on even after David was born. Now they are both full vegans upon David’s request, that was one of the things he took from Vulcan logic.


“What about you Uncle Jim? Dad said to make sure you had breakfast” Joanna smiled innocently up at her Uncle and Jim huffed


“I will as soon as you tell your Dad who helped David hack into my PADD” Jim raised his eyebrows at the girl who shifted guiltily under his gaze. “That’s what I thought missy” Jim poked her nose before turning his attention to his son, “Once we finish up at breakfast we can head over to Uncle Scotty and Aunt Nyota’s house okay? Before then I want you to work on your summer reading”


“But Much Ado About Nothing is so silly” David whined


“It’s supposed to be. It’s a comedy” Jim reminded him as he wiped a bit of honey from his cheek, “Don’t you like laughing? Hmm?” he asked as he started tickling his son who attempted to free himself.


“Daadddd s-stop” David huffed between giggles, Joanna happily giggling along and Jim stopped when he thought David might pee his pants. David was still grinning as Jim ruffled his hair with an easy smile, the easy smile fell from his lips when he saw Spock standing by the table, watching them.


“Hey Spock” Jim straightened up to fully face the Vulcan “This is my son David and you remember, Bones daughter, Joanna”


“Peace and Long Life,” Spock said giving the Vulcan salute which the two kids mirrored.


“May I have a word with you?” Spock asked Jim looked at the two kids before nodding his head and waving Chekov over. 


“Hey Chekov, can you watch these two while I step out for a minute?”


“Of course! I vill tell them about Russia!” Chekov grinned and Jim sent him a thankful smile before leading Spock to one of the empty dining rooms so they could talk in private.


“I have read your messages” Spock began “If you would allow it, I wish to have the opportunity to know David. I was in error to not open your messages but it appeared to be logical at the time.”


“David knows who you are, he read my old journal from the year we were together” Jim stated “he was the one to invite you actually, he hacked into my PADD and added you to the guest list. He wanted to meet you and I won’t take away the chance to know his father but if you don’t intend to stay in his life then don’t put him through the heartbreak. I know T’Pring-”


“I divorced T’Pring 5.76 years ago. She was having an affair. I am currently planeside, teaching at Starfleet” Spock interrupted “I am grateful for the opportunity. I wish also to apologize to you. I have wronged you, my actions were cruel and I ask for your forgiveness”


Jim stared at him, a myriad of emotions crossing his features before he spoke “You’re right what you did was pretty shitty and I don’t know if I can forgive you yet but for David’s sake we should be friends”


“Friends” Spock said, feeling immensely pleased even if it meant being able to speak to Jim again “That is agreeable”


“I’ll talk to David and then we can work something out”


“Perhaps I could watch him while you worked today” Spock offered


“Maybe...Let me talk to David” Jim responded before he exited the room, Spock following him and Jim felt like he was in a weird dream. The pair reached the table as Chekov was in a full-blown debate with David and Joanna about whether or not electricity was invented in Russia.


“David” Jim placed a hand on his son’s shoulder “Let’s talk for a second okay?” David nodded, looking between Spock and his father before following Jim outside of the breakfast room. “Spock wants to spend some time with you, is that alright?”


“What about my napkin punishment?” David asked


“The idea is he will join you” Jim responded, smoothing the bangs on his son’s head, “Are you comfortable with that?”


“Affirmative. I would enjoy that” David responded “Thank you. Why are you in distress?”


“Don’t worry about me” Jim murmured, tucking a piece of curly hair behind David’s pointed ear, “Enjoy yourself. Ask him about his work or something”


“Thank you” David hugged him, his small arms wrapping around Jim’s waist before they both went out to greet the others.


“Breakfast ends at 09:00, David’s got something to say to Scotty and Nyota after breakfast and will be helping fold napkins for the wedding”, Jim informed Spock, anxiety welling up at leaving his son alone with Spock. Not really alone, Nyota would be there for the napkins and Chekov and Joanna will be here so he shouldn’t worry but a part of him fears Spock will disappear again but this time he will take David with him. Jim never thought Spock capable of doing what he did ten years ago but he stood corrected, “You have your communicator? Comm me if anything happens”


“I will” David nodded at him, he could feel his father’s anxiety through the parental bond and sent soothing vibes through it. Jim gave him a thankful smile, touching the child’s cheek before he headed off to deal with whatever duties awaited him.


“You possess a parental bond?” Spock inquired as they both resumed their spots at the table


“It was established while I was in the womb I am told” David responded, he was clearly attempting to remain more stoic around Spock, an attempt to appease him no doubt but Spock found he didn’t want him to hold back. He wanted his son to act freely as he did with Jim. “He is anxious leaving me.”


“My Mother had an identical reaction to departing my side”


“Your mom is human, correct?” David asked as he began to once more eat his porridge, the waiters came by and took Spock’s order as well as clear Joanna’s dishes. Spock was surprised to find Vulcan dishes on the menu as well as ones from various different planets. Joanna had moved a table away with Chekov, Sulu, Ben, and Demora discussing the best swimming spots on the island.




“I have a personal inquiry”, David stated, when Spock inclined his head as a sign of go ahead, David continued, “Did you love my dad?”


Spock’s eyes went wide before he schooled his expression to a neutral one, David sat there awaiting the answer, the young boy’s eyes held curiosity but also anger. Jim had said the child had read his diary, it was logical to protect ones’ parent. “Yes”


“Then why did you lie and hurt him?”


“I was in error. I believed myself to be acting logically but upon further assessment, I found the error in my logic” Spock responded, shame rushing through him at his actions and that fact his son knew of them “You are upset with me”


“I feel anger towards you for hurting my father” David replied as he pushed around the remainder of his fruit, “I do not understand how anyone could hurt him. He is kind, selfless and compassionate. He does his best to make everyone happy even if it means he is not. Do you intend to hurt my father again?”


“That is not my intention”


“Good” David responded as he finished eating his fruit, Spock silently ate his porridge and thought over what David had previously said. Of course, he was right, Jim was an enigma.


“How is education administered here?”


“All the island kids go to the local school on the mainland, there is a hover bus that picks them up, Joanna goes there and so do I every Tuesday and Friday for pottery class because all my other classes are taken in a learning pod like the ones they have on Vulcan. I tested out of the local schools so I’m on an advanced learning schedule but Dad wants me to socialize so he makes me do pottery which is fun but messy. At the moment, it’s summer break so technically I’m not in school but Dad gives me ‘summer reading’ and daily math/ science problems to ‘keep the cobwebs out’” David explained as Spock finished his food and listened avidly to the boy, “Right now I’m reading ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, it is quite illogical”




“Did your Mother give you ‘summer reading’?” David asked


“On Vulcan, we do not have a summer break as Vulcan’s do not need recreation aside from meditation”


“No summer breaks? But what about going on vacation?”


“Vacation is illogical. However, my mother did require one so we indulged her”


“Nam-tor she t'nash-veh ko'mekh-il?” David inquired, taking Spock by surprise at the switch in language and the fact that David knew Vulcan.

“Yes, she is your grandmother. Wilat did du oren-tor Vuhlkansu?”


“Dad taught me, he randomly switches between Vulcan, Greek, French, Standard and sometimes Klingon to see if I’m paying attention. Aunt Nyota does it too” David glanced over to where Jim was talking to one of the waiters, with his superior hearing he could tell he was speaking in Greek. Spock also turned his attention to Jim, the man was like the Sun, he shined brightly, warming everyone around him. Spock still remembers the feeling of Jim’s mind against his own, they never melded but he had brushed against it once or twice. His mind was like swirling, warm light that was so welcoming and so easy to fall into. If Spock had not been in complete control, he could have easily melded with Jim, their minds were beyond compatible, far more than his and T’Prings. He would have made a wonderful captain. Jim seemed to sense two pairs of eyes on him because he looked over at them with a questioning look, at being caught they both looked away. Spock and David talked and talked and talked until Jim finally came over to the table with a coffee mug in hand. Just then did they notice, the hall was empty except for the staff that was clearing the tables.


“Enjoyed breakfast?” Jim asked, looking between the two Vulcans an amused glint in his eyes at the slightly startled expression on their faces when they noticed they were the only people left.


“It was satisfactory” Spock responded


“Good” Jim gave Spock a half smile before turning to look at his son “Ready?” 


“Is Spock coming with us?” David asked, it was so odd to see Spock next David, even though Jim had been imagining it for years, for it to finally happen was very surreal.


“That’s up to him” Jim replied, looking back at his son who swirled around to look at Spock expectantly


“I am amendable” Spock was pleased his son wished to spend more time with him, even with knowing the past, David was welcoming and warm just like his father. The three left the dining hall and made their way to Nyota and Scotty’s house. The streets were narrow and covered with cobblestone, it seemed they had preserved most of the original landscape.


“The cobblestone is original, obviously we couldn’t save everything but for the most part, it’s all original. Even with the villa being neglected for so long, the structure was still pretty well preserved and the places where he crumbled we managed to fix. Whatever we couldn’t save we use for decoration or repurpose it. Most of the furniture is from the original building” Jim quickly filled the silence of the walk, Spock had almost forgotten human’s need to fill silences with idle chatter.


“Yeah! My nightstand is made from the broken glass of the original building”, David supplied, “Dad said he worked off all the baby fat while fixing up the villa”


“Quit telling people I was fat” Jim poked his son’s nose in reprimand


“Uncle Bones says you were”


“Yeah well Uncle Bones is a liar” Jim responded “Oh look we’re here’


Spock watched with a warmth growing in his chest, he could never imagine Jim being anything less than gorgeous, regardless of his weight or age. Another part, a colder part shot through him at the fact that he missed all of that. He missed the pregnancy, he missed the first steps, first words. Spock imagined Jim picking out baby clothes alone, painting the baby room alone and just doing everything alone, it was not logical to dwell on things he could not change. Logically Spock knew Jim had Dr. McCoy aid with all his efforts, now he imagined Dr.McCoy doing everything Spock should have done with Jim. Jealously. Spock had only known this emotion once and it always involved Jim. Soon the three of them sat on the living room couch with Nyota and Scotty across from them.