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Mamma Mia

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Spock realized he had not listened to David’s apology or the conversation that followed, his mind was caught on how close Jim was to him. David had elected to put Jim between them, forcing him in his close proximity and Spock could feel the warm hum of Jim’s mind, he had always been hyperaware of his mind. He was even more at a loss when Jim turned his attention to Spock, looking at him expectantly, “Spock?”, Jim’s voice jolted him back into awareness, everyone was watching him.


“How do you find the island?” Nyota repeated as if Spock did not completely zone out


“Fascinating. Most of the original-“ Before Spock could finish his explanation Jim’s communicator beeped.


“Oh shoot it’s Bones” Jim grimaced, standing to leave, “I’m late for a checkup. I didn’t realize what time it was. Are you alright here?”


“Aye go before the doctor hypos ye” Scotty grinned as Jim shot him a crooked grin before kissing David’s forehead and racing out of the door with a wave.


“is something wrong with Jim?” Spock inquired


“No, Uncle Bones just likes stabbing Dad” David stated as he settled on the ground with a basket of napkins to start folding. Spock simply raised his eyebrow. Nyota, Spock, and David started folding napkins together. Scotty left for work five minutes after the folding began and they folded in silence for a bit before David started telling Nyota about the Turtles he had found on the beach last week.


“Aunt Nyota, how’d you meet my Dad?” David asked after the topic of turtles died down and Nyota hummed remembering it clearly…


The flashing lights of the club, loud music, and lively crowd made for the perfect Saturday night for a couple of drunken young adults. Nyota was there with her friend Galia, the Orion loved this particular club and was excited because a performer she knew was here tonight.


“The last time I saw him was back on Risa, he said he wanted to come back to Earth to join the Fleet but needed to make enough to attend classes” Galia explained to Nyota as they danced to the music. They were dancing when the DJ made an announcement. “Ladies, Gentlemen and everything in between can I have your attention, please! May I present our act for tonight!”


The spotlight fell on a gorgeous man with blond hair, blue eyes and a dark-colored, spandex outfit on. The man lit up the stage with his voice and energy. He swayed his hips with the beat as he sang, the club moved from its pause of awe and soon everyone was bouncing with the beat. The man danced across the stage with an energy that demanded attention.


Several song and dances later the Galia’s friend met them at the bar with a smile, “Hey Ga, long time no see”


“Jimmy, what’s it been 4 months?” Galia hugged the man with a smile, “This is my friend…”


‘Nyota Uhura” Nyota stepped in offering her hand to the glitter covered man


“Jim Kirk” Jim smiled easily, shaking her hand. A booth and several drinks later, Galia went home with a Cassian girl and left the pair.


“Galia said you were joining the Fleet?” Nyota prompted


“I wanna see the stars. You know the greatest danger facing us is  ourselves, an irrational fear of the unknown. But there’s no such thing as the unknown — only things temporarily hidden, temporarily not understood.” Jim chuckled as he took another sip of his beer, “I want to discover the secrets of the universe”


“Why’d you start performing?”


“I need credits to get to Earth and for classes. It pays a lot better than other jobs.”


“I think I’ve had too much to drink” Nyota chuckled, pushing away her beverage. “Wanna get pizza?”


“And that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Never have I ever seen another man rock spandex so well but don’t tell that to Uncle Scotty” Nyota winked at the boy. Spock was shocked, Jim had never told him of this. It was perhaps another thing in the curiosity that was James T Kirk.


“How did you meet my Dad?” David asked looking over at Spock, of course, David had read about it in the journal but he was curious as to how Spock would describe it. Spock remembered that as he remembered everything, with acute accuracy.


Spock was currently on a shuttle to San Francisco, he had spent his break with his mother and her family. His human relatives were less than ideal but his mother insisted he sees them since he was currently teaching at Starfleet. He noticed a man in the seat across the aisle writing in a Starfleet journal, the man glanced up at him with striking blue eyes and a flirtatious smile. The man moved into the seat beside him, causing Spock to stiffen slightly at the close proximity of man, he smiled and held up the Vulcan salute “Hi. I’m Jim Kirk”


“I am Spock” Spock raised his hand in the Vulcan salute, this was the first time someone had introduced themselves without an intent of malice or out of obligation. The cadet had no purpose to say hello. Spock couldn’t help but acknowledge how aesthetically pleasing Jim was.


“What brings you to San Francisco?” Jim asked, his eyes fixated on him


“I am a Professor at Starfleet”


“It’s my second year at Starfleet and I’ve never seen you around, I’d remember someone like you” For a moment Spock thought Jim was being mean but by his tone, he could tell it was meant for a different purpose. Jim had leaned slightly forward, his pupils slightly dilated and his tone was deeper than before. He realized Jim was flirting with him.  


“As I you” Spock replied, shocking himself, a part of him was urging him to flirt with his cadet. The response was immediate, Jim’s grin widened and he shifted slightly closer


“Do you like coffee, Spock?”


“Vulcan’s do not have preferences”


“Well then will you accompany me to a neutral, non-preference cup of coffee?”


“It is against Starfleet Regulation for a Professor to enter into a romantic relationship with a cadet”


“Hmm really? Then can we be friends?”


“Vulcan’s do not need friends”


There’s another way to survive — mutual trust and help. Do you play chess?”




“Then can I challenge you to a game as a not needed friend?” Jim grinned at him with a twinkle in his eyes and Spock couldn’t help but nod. Jim pulled out his PADD opening a contact draft and handing it to Spock which he filled out without complaint. Spock was never one for small talk but he found he did not mind spending the rest of the ride talking to Jim Kirk


“On the shuttle to San Francisco, we sat next to each other” Spock said instead of explaining the whole story and David simply looked at him, expecting more but when Spock said nothing else he nodded turning back to the folding of napkins.


“So, you’re letting the hobgoblin get to know David huh?” Bones asked as he ran a scan over Jim’s body


“Yeah. Why wouldn’t I? He wants to get to know David, he didn’t read the messages until last night so he didn’t abandon David”


“No, he just abandoned you” Bones muttered, he was what you would call very overprotective over his best friend. Jim was so young and he had already been through so much for his age.


“It doesn’t matter. David wants to know him and I won’t take that away. It doesn’t matter how I feel. Besides a little suffering is good for the soul” Jim hummed, as Bones scoffed and looked over the readings with a grouchy face.


“Jim all I’m saying is be careful. You were positive he wouldn’t hurt you last time and look what happened. I know you haven’t gotten over him and don’t say you have because you haven’t”


“I thought he was the one like my soulmate or something” Jim murmured, looking at his feet “It feels so right with him”


“I know, kid” Bones squeezed his shoulder “I know”


 “So, Doctor, am I going to live?’


“Your stress levels are way out of my comfort zone which means you are going to relax until the Bachelorette party tonight or I’ll hypo you into coma” Bones pointed at Jim menacingly


“C’mon Bones I can’t- “Jim was cut off by Bones stabbing a hypo into his neck “Ow! What the hell was that for?”


 “To lower your stress levels but also so you would shut up” Bones stated, walking over to his desk with Jim on his heels “Your staff can handle it that’s what you trained them for. Now go take your son to the beach or something”


Jim groaned as he was pushed out of the office, he made his way back to his office letting his staff know he was taking the rest of the day off and to contact him in any emergencies. Then he went back to his house to grab beach supplies for both him and David. He entered Nyota and Scotty’s house with a smile at seeing David fold napkins.


“How’s it going?” Jim asked, leaning against the doorframe


“Dad! Aunt Nyota said you sang and danced at a club” David grinned at his father while Jim just sent a glare at Nyota with a blush covering his cheeks because yeah he did not forget Spock was in the room.


“Well I was going to ask her to come with us to the beach but now no way” Jim picked David up and slid him on his hip.


“Hey he asked and I am not one to lie” Nyota grinned “but I have an appointment so I will pass on your non-beach offer. I’m sure Spock would like to go”


“Yeah come with us” David grinned, Spock looked to Jim who gave him an encouraging smile before he nodded his consent.