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Mamma Mia

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Spock arrived at the party exactly at the time Nyota instructed it would be. The party was meant to be a bachelorette/bachelor party, it was a combination of Scotty’s and Nyota’s parties since they both had most of the same friends. The party was taking place in the courtyard of the villa, with fairy lights acting as a roof with flowers on the canopy. There was a dance floor, a bar and little tables for the guests to sit at. Nyota was sitting at the main table laughing at whatever Jaylah was saying and Scotty was chatting with Jim at the bar. That’s when Spock noticed Dr. McCoy walk up to him.


“Dr. McCoy”


“Listen, you hobgoblin I don’t give a damn about the doctor's oath, if you hurt Jim again I’m going to hypo your ass to the seventh level of hell. He still loves you for whatever reason so if you wanna get to know David fine but don’t play with Jim”


“Doctor. I do not understand your meaning”


“You see, I feel sorrier for you than I do for him, because you'll never know the things that love can drive someone to... the ecstasies, the miseries, the broken rules, the desperate chances, the glorious failures, and the glorious victories. All of these things you'll never know, simply because the word "love" isn't written into your book” Bones sent him a glare before walking towards where Sulu stood with his husband. The music drew the people to the dance floor with the exception of Spock, he watched as the group laughed and swayed to the beat. Mainly he watched Jim, the sway of his hips with a soft smile on his lips. It reminded him of Nyota’s story earlier, imagining Jim in tight spandex swaying his hips across a stage. The hips he had been well acquainted with. It was… distracting, to say the least. Eventually, Jim looked up, catching his eye before making his way to him.


“Not going to dance?” Jim asked, standing between Spock and the dance floor. He stood close to him so he did not have to shout to be heard but the proximity was taxing on his Vulcan control. The Vulcan’s attention was always captured by him, regardless of what was in the room. When they were together, Spock could only get work done if Jim was also doing work. The human was very distracting.




“I suppose you’re about to remind me that logic alone dictates your actions?”


“I would not remind you of that which you know so well” Spock’s eyes gave away the smile that did not appear on his lips and Jim’s heart warmed seeing it. Spock would always smile with his eyes and the slight upturn of his lips.


“Well I think I am going to get a drink” Jim responded, turning his back to Spock and making his way to the bar across the room. Several drinks later, the group was much looser with their dancing and their smiles. Spock watched as they all got drunker and seemed to be having lots of fun. It was illogical to impair oneself with a substance that would obstruct judgment and later cause pain.


Jim was having fun, he hadn’t drunk and danced like this since David came into the picture. Tonight, it was his job that Nyota and Scotty always had a drink in their hands and that they were both having fun. Arranging this party wasn’t as hard as he previously thought it would be and he would sure as hell have an easier time when he helped plan David’s wedding. There was a time Jim thought he would marry, he wanted to eventually but when he envisioned it, it was with a certain Vulcan. Now he has made peace with never getting married and just raising David. Besides dating was not really an option for a single father that ran an entire hotel by himself.


“Quit looking at the hobgoblin” Bones grumbled as he came to stand next to him and yeah maybe Jim didn’t realize where his gaze had drifted.


“I was not”


“Sure, kid” Bones huffed a laugh before handing a bottle to Jim.


“Romulan Ale. Why, Bones, you know this is illegal”


“I only use it for medicinal purposes.”


“I got three kids at my house, one of them is your daughter. I can’t stumble in wasted. Besides the wedding is tomorrow” Jim sighed “Damn when I become such a spoilsport”


“Kids, do that” Sulu said, sliding up next to Jim “How was De?”


“Oh, here I got pictures” Jim grinned, pulling out his PADD and showing them pictures of their kids. After agreeing to send them all, they all finished their drinks and returned to the dance floor. Well, Bones was dragged to the dance floor. Eventually, Jim needed a break and broke from the mass to escape to the empty balcony overviewing the ocean. What he didn’t expect was for Spock to follow him.


“Something to say, Mr. Spock?” Jim asked, having heard the footsteps of the Vulcan following his own, “Not enjoying the party?”


‘The party is adequate” Spock replied, taking a step to stand beside Jim “It is very well put together”


“Thank you”


“May I make a personal inquiry?” Spock asked, turning to face the human who mirrored his position


“Go ahead”


“When I inquired about your knowledge of Vulcan, you did not finish answering” Spock watched as Jim’s eyes briefly darted away “Will you complete your statement?”


“Why do you care so much?” Jim asked, his eyes questioning and defiant as they stared back at Spock’s. “You want to ask all these questions but why the hell do you care? Why do you even want my forgiveness?”


Spock did not answer, he remained silent and Jim looked at him with such emotion written on his face. “Why do I even ask?” Jim sighed running a hand over his face and turning to face the sea “I learned Vulcan because I wanted to bond with you. I thought we would explore the galaxy together. As stupid as it sounds, I thought you were The One”


“Do you still feel that way?” Spock asked, Jim’s eyes were a mixture of sadness and hurt when he turned to look at the Vulcan.


“I think you know the answer to that” Jim responded before walking away, leaving the Vulcan alone on the balcony. Jim went back to the party, joining the dancing again. Nyota grinned as she came over to him, her arm around Scotty’s shoulders.


“Jim! Where’d you go? You missed Sulu twerking” Nyota laughed at the memory, Scotty joining her.


“Ye alright? Ye look a little pale” Scotty questioned


“No, I’m fine. I think I’m going to go back to the kids though. I didn’t realize how old I’ve gotten” Jim joked “I’m tired and it's only 23:00”


“Are you sure?” Nyota asked and Jim nodded, giving them both a hug before making his way out of the party but not before being caught by Bones.


“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” Bones grumbled, one hand holding on to Jim’s arm “You ain't leaving me here alone”


“I just wanna go home,” Jim said softly “Please Bones”


“Alright, but we are talking about this tomorrow” Bones stated, walking with Jim back to his house.



The next morning, Jim had made breakfast for the three kids and was leaning against the counter with a cup of coffee in his hand. Today was the wedding and today Jim was off duty. He was not going to deal with another guest until tomorrow. So, the complimentary breakfast was being run by his staff for today. All he had to do today was go through the list to make sure everything was in order and get David ready by 17:00.


“Can I have more pancakes?” David asked offering his plate to Jim who added two stacks with a smile “Did you have fun at the party?”

“No” Bones grumbled as he came down the stairs. Last night, Bones had stayed the night because he was drunk and Jim didn’t really want him making a trip down a steep, narrow street.


“Aww, Bonesy do you have a hangover? I told you to drink some water last night” Jim teased a grin on his lips as the doctor flicked him off when the kids weren’t looking.


“Do you know how many ways I can put a man into a hospital?” Bones asked a scowl on his face before he softened to kiss Joanna’s forehead and tell her a good morning.


“Mr.Chekov read us a Russian Bedtime story called Frozen” Joanna smiled at her father who scoffed


“Typical” Bones scoffed as Jim handed him a plate of pancakes and a cup of coffee, “How the kid is so smart and still thinks everything was invented in Russia, I will never know”


“Dad, did you talk to Spock last night?” David asked turning in his chair to look at his father.


“I did talk to him” Jim nodded, avoiding Bones questioning stare.


“Oh, what did you two talk about?” Bones asked, his eyebrows raising and his arms crossing.


“Is he coming by before the wedding?” David asked hopefully, taking a bite of his pancakes as he looked at his father.


“I don’t know. He didn’t mention it” Jim replied, filling his cup with his second cup of coffee.


“Why don’t you call Mr.Spock Dad?” Demora asked her friend as she swallowed down a piece of pancake.


“Um… I don’t know. I haven’t asked if I could so…” David glanced at Jim for guidance who picked Demora up


“Why don’t we go brush our teeth before your Papa gets here to pick you up” Jim carried the little girl from the room and to the bathroom. As soon as his dad was out of sight, David and Joanna leaned over to Bones.


“What happened? I could feel dad was upset last night.”


“Listen, kid, I don’t even know” Bones admitted “And you stay out of it! Joanna, what did I tell you?”


“But you said if it is the right thing to do-“Joanna was cut off by the buzz of the front door.


“I got it” Jim called, making his way to the front door, Demora resting on his hip. He expected to find Sulu on the other side but was shocked to find Spock, “Spock”


“Jim” Spock responded and when it was clear the Vulcan had no intention of saying anything else or moving Jim invited him in. Jim led Spock to the kitchen and set down Demora at the table again “So Spock is here”


“Hi!” David beamed before trying to subdue himself and do a Vulcan salute which Spock mirrored with a slight upturn of his lips, “Do you want some pancakes? Dad made them himself!”


Spock looked at Jim who nodded, he had issues with Spock sure but David wanted to see him. This was something he would have to get used to. David turned to his dad giving him a strange look, Jim sent him a reassuring wave through the bond.


The door chimed again, Jim answered the door to reveal Sulu and Ben “Hey guys. You two look… hungover”


Sulu sent Jim a pitiful look before Demora ran into her father’s arms “Papa I saw your helicopter!”


“I know De” Sulu smiled


“Thank you for watching her” Ben smiled as he smoothed a piece of hair from Demora’s face


“No problem. They had a blast” Jim smiled easily, “Did you get the pictures?”


“Yea…Oh my… Is that Spock?” Sulu whispered once he caught a look at the Vulcan who was currently at the kitchen table with David, Joanna, and Bones. The doctor did not look pleased that the Vulcan was there.


“Yes. He wanted to see David this morning” Jim sighed, both men gave him a sympathetic look, “But hey look how happy David is”


“Good Luck,” Sulu said before the little family said their goodbyes and promised to see them at the wedding.


“Well Jimmy, I think Jo and I ought to go. Nyota wanted her to talk about how she wanted her to throw the flowers or something” Bones rose from his seat and Joanna did the same, “Good luck”


“Traitor” Jim muttered to his friend as they departed, he sighed and moved to stand in the kitchen doorway “David go upstairs and change out of your PJs.”


“Okay,” David nodded and started climbing the stairs towards the bathroom.


“Don’t forget to brush your teeth!” Jim called after him watching the boy stomp up the stairs. When he turned back to his house guest, the Vulcan was staring at something out of Jim’s field of vision.


“I see you kept my Lyre” Spock said, Jim, followed the alien’s gaze to see him looking over at his old instrument in the corner of the living room.


“Yeah you left it at my apartment” Jim muttered, a feeling of annoyance washing over him “It’s supposed to ward off unwanted visitors”


“You do not need a lyre to do that” Spock reflected, fondness in his voice and Jim sent him an irritated look as he grabbed the dishes from the table, to start washing them.


“What are you doing here, Spock?” Jim asked as he started to scrub at the glass plate


“I am here to see our son” Spock responded, moving to stand next to him while he worked.


“No, it’s not. You would have commed me before coming here and not just showing up. You don’t do that” Jim stated, accidentally dropping one of the plates, making it shatter on the ground. “Shit” Jim crouched on the floor picking up the broken pieces.


“Allow me to assist you,” Spock said crouching beside him


“No, I got it”


“Let me assist”


“No, I got it. I can deal with my own disasters,“ Jim had all the broken piece in his hands as he rose to his feet putting them in an empty bowl with the thought of maybe fixing it.

“Ouch” Jim pulled back his finger to reveal a cut from the broken glass, “Okay so maybe picking up the broken glass without protection wasn’t my best move”


Jim sighed, going to grab a towel but Spock had beaten him to it, grabbing his wrist gently and wrapping his finger in the towel to stop the bleeding. Spock’s hand was wrapped around Jim’s and their fingers touched. The static electricity that shot through them, a reminder of how it was. Jim looked into Spock’s eyes, his pupils dilated and heart rate out of control. They hadn’t been this close in so long. Spock leaned slightly forward bumping their noses together softly and all Jim would have to do was lean forward and they’d be kissing.  Spock made the move, pressing their lips together in a gentle, sweet kiss. The kiss was slow and gentle and everything Jim had wanted for ten years. It was like lighting a bonfire after being surrounded by darkness for so long.  


Jim moved away from Spock and across the kitchen, putting distance between them, “No, you’re here for David. Not me. You have every right to David but not me, not anymore”


“Dad?” David called as he entered the kitchen “Oh uh”


“David” Jim moved over to his son and brushed his fingers through his hair. Jim internally groaned because David was going to be so confused and now he felt like a shitty parent, “Um okay. You all ready? Why don’t you go show Spock your learning pod?”


“Okay…What happened to your hand?” David as seeing the bloody towel wrapped around his fingers.


“Nothing, baby. Go have some fun. I’ve got to go make sure everything is ready for the wedding” Jim murmured softly to David, touching his cheek before looking over at Spock, “Are you alright with that?”


“Affirmative” Spock responded, the green flush in his cheeks betraying his controlled facial expressions.


“Okay have him back by 15:00, he needs to get ready” Jim instructed as he walked them to the door. Once he had closed the door he deflated against it. Spock made him feel so alive, he had forgotten what it was like to kiss him. The explosive chemistry they had or have. Nothing has changed, it has only gotten more intense since the last time they kissed. The part of Jim that was willing to jump head first, following his heart, had been crushed by the overwhelming fear of being left again. He wanted Spock close to him, he always felt like they could be closer, he always wanted to be closer. Now he is going to have to explain to David what happened. Jim cursed himself, he shouldn’t be so selfish, if Spock decided to leave again then Jim would be devastated and that wasn’t something he wanted David to see. He needed to think about David.