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Mamma Mia

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David and Spock walked in silence to the learning pod. It was the first time, David had not filled a silence since Spock had known him.


“Have I upset you?” Spock questioned


“I do not know yet” David answered simply “Why did you kiss my father?”


“I care for your father a great deal just as I care for you” Spock responded, unsure on how he should respond. Frankly, Spock was reeling from the feeling of kissing Jim again.


“My dad said there are different types of love. Aunt Nyota loves Uncle Scotty but not in the same way she loves dad” David explained, “Do you love my dad like Aunt Nyota loves Uncle Scotty?”


“I do” Spock responded, his voice was low and serious. David looked at him assessing him before nodding in approval.


“Then why have you not told him?”


“I do not think he will believe me”


“Then you have to show him. Meld with him” David turned to look at him once again, the determination in his eyes and Spock raised his eyebrow at the child, “It is logical”


“Your logic is sound” Spock agreed, he couldn’t help but feel a rush of amusement and affection. David was so similar to Jim and to himself, it shocked him. The pair explored the building where David had his learning pod and showed Spock how the thing worked, showing him how he solved problems and so on. Spock was standing inside the pod with David watching him pull up an equation about DNA.


“May I called you Sa-mekh?” David asked, looking away from the screen to look at Spock who looked back at him with wide eyes.


“Is that what you wish?”




“I would be honored,” Spock said his voice was soft with admiration at his son and he could do nothing but pull David into a hug. The child was surprised but did not hesitate to squeeze him tightly. The hug was awkward, to say the least, but that’s okay because they are still getting to know each other.


Jim had finished going through his list, everything was ready to go and now his final thing to do was check on the bride and then the groom. Both were his friends. He knocked lightly on the room where he knew Nyota was getting ready.


“How is the bride doing?” Jim asked as Nyota opened the door, tugged him in quickly and slammed the door, “Woah I’m not that kind of girl”


“Shut up” Nyota rolled her eyes, she had a robe on and her hair was wrapped in a towel, “Can you paint my toes? My hands won’t stop shaking”


“Nerves?” Jim asked with a smile, grabbing the nail polish from her hands and sitting at her feet.


“Yeah. I can’t believe it’s finally happening” She smiled nervously, covering her mouth with a soft giggle, “I’m getting married”


Jim grinned as he carefully painted her toes, making sure not to get any paint on her skin “Scotty is one lucky man”


“Jim… Do you think-do you think Scotty and I will work out? Like years from now?” Nyota asked softly “I mean I’m going on missions and he is here… What if we don’t spend enough time together and fall out of love or-“


“Nyota. Hey, slow down.” Jim soothed “You’ve made it five years like that. Scotty loves you more than he loves engines which is a lot. You two really love each other and you guys have overcome distance before. True love is worth fighting for. Besides you’re too headstrong to let obstacles stand in the way of what you want”


Nyota smiled brightly, pulling Jim into a hug “Thank you. Thank you for helping me with this wedding and for dealing with all the guests and just thank you for being an amazing friend.”


“You’re welcome. Just doing my duty as the maid of honor” Jim kissed her cheek, “Now sit back down so I can finish your nails”


Jim left as soon as Nyota’s mother arrived, telling her good luck before he made his way towards where Scotty was.


“Oh, laddie. Thank god yer here” Scotty ushered Jim into the room, handing Jim his kilt, “My kilt has a tear”


“Didn’t Nyota tell you to make sure it was ready before the wedding” Jim chuckled as he pulled out the mini sewing kit he had taken with him, assuming somebody would tear something.


“Aye,” Scotty nodded, sitting on the bed with a huff “I dunno if I’m good enough for her, what if I’m holding her back?”


Jim sighed, a small smile to himself, it was so ironic how these two both needed reassurance and how course they would both come to him. When he had first set them up, he had no idea how much of a middleman he would play between them.


“Scotty you love her don’t you?” Jim asked as he sewed the tear in the plaid fabric




“And she loves you?”




“Then that is all you need. She is an adult and will make her own choices. She chooses to marry you because she loves you. She wouldn’t let you hold her back and you know it” Jim reassured him, finishing up sewing the fabric and handing it back to Scotty, “Now put your kilt on before your mom gets here”


“Thank ye” Scotty grinned pulling him into a hug which Jim returned. He was happy for his friends but he couldn’t stop the sadness he felt for himself. Putting together this wedding, reminded him of the things he would never have.


When Jim finally got back to his house, David and Spock were waiting for him in the living room. David was showing Spock the solar panel, Jim and he built for grandparents’ day, “Hey”


“Dad! Sa-mekh said all science vessels that orbit planets use solar energy” David crawled to his knees on the couch to get a better look at his father. Jim’s eyes widened at the word, looking over at Spock and then David. He was surprised David called him that so soon but David had always been very accepting. Jim supposed it was logical to address a parent with a proper title, even though Jim would never call Winona ‘Mom’.


“Well he would be right” Jim responded, glancing up at the clock before picking David up from the couch, “it’s time for a shower Mister, tell Sp…sa-mekh goodbye. We will see him at the wedding”


“Bye Sa-mekh, see you at the wedding. I’m the ring bearer!” David grinned giving Spock the Vulcan salute.


“I shall see you then” Spock returning the salute before making his exit. Jim carried David up the stairs setting him down in the bathroom and starting the water.


“Sa-mekh?” Jim asked, pulling a towel from the cabinet “You’re comfortable calling him that?”


“I wanted to” David explained, sitting on the chair while Jim untied and took off his shoes, “It was…logical to refer to him as what he is.”


“Okay” Jim sighed, standing up and brushing his fingers through David’s dark curls, “I was just surprised is all. Go ahead and get showered”


Jim left the bathroom, closing the door behind him before he went to the bathroom that connected to the master bedroom to start getting ready. Once Jim was dressed, he went to his son's room to check his progress which was none. David was sitting on his bed with wonder woman boxers and black socks on but nothing else.


“You know you actually have to get dressed if you want to go to the wedding” Jim sighed, picking up the little suit. It was designed to look like a mini version of Scotty’s suit just like Joanna and Demora’s resembled Nyota’s.


“But I’m hot” David protested which caused his father to sigh yet again.


“You never get hot” Jim snorted, gesturing for David to come closer so he could dress him “You just don’t want to put your suit on yourself”


“Maybe” David admitted, allowing Jim to put on the shirt and started buttoning it up, “Did you want to get married?”


Jim paused in the buttoning of his shirt to look up at David before finishing up buttoning the shirt and grabbing the bowtie from the dresser. “I did once”


“Why didn’t you?” David asked, as Jim tied the bowtie and slid David’s jacket on.


“Well the one person I ever wanted to marry, was married to someone else” Jim replied, pulling the kilt over David’s legs and tying it snuggly.


“You wanted to marry Sa-mekh?” David sat down allowing Jim to put his shoes on and tie them.


“Yes, I did” Jim replied and then took a step back “But baby it doesn’t matter, all that matters to me is your happiness. You’re my number one priority and you always will be, no matter what. I love you despite the fact you leave dirty socks everywhere”


David grinned at the last bit and Jim pulled his son into a hug “I love you too Dad”


“Good, you better” Jim teased “Now let’s get going before the wedding party leaves us”




The wedding party was on the move, everyone was heading to the church at the top of the hill, overlooking the sea. David and Joanna had gone with Nyota, excited to see the donkey climb the steep hills. Everything was surrounded with flowers and beautiful lights lit the path to the church. Jim was about to follow their lead when Spock suddenly blocked his path.


“Jim. I wish to discuss our relationship” Spock informed, grabbing Jim’s arm so he couldn’t keep walking away from him.


“Spock don’t do this now. I can’t hear this now”


“Jim, I ask that you listen to me”


“I don’t want to talk about things that we have gone through. Every time you bring it up I give away more of myself and you still haven’t given anything” Jim’s voice was heavy with emotion, his hands were drawn up close to him “It hurts so fucking much every time we talk because I still love you and I think deep down you know that. But Spock…we’re all out of cards. I lost.” Jim was crying now, tears making their way down his cheeks, “I thought I belonged in your arms, I thought we would get bonded, explore the galaxy and then maybe one day we’d have kids but I was a fool. I was a fool to think that you were mine. I was yours but you were never mine to have…” Jim moved closer, putting a hand to touch his cheek “Tell me did she kiss like I used to kiss you. Did it feel the same when she called your name?” Jim’s voiced cracked and he moved away from the Vulcan again, “I’m sorry that you have to see me so tense…no self-confidence but you see” Jim smiled bitterly “the winner takes it all”


Jim was sobbing now, tears slipping freely down his cheeks as he turned and ran up the hill after the wedding party. He ran to catch up so he didn’t have to hold back the wedding and he ran from Spock. He couldn’t stand to look at him any longer. Luckily running, he was able to catch the party as they got to the top, he panted and wiped at his face quickly.


“Dad” David ran over to him, his bond had been flaring with pain and seeing his father distressed was alarming to the boy.


“It’s okay, baby. I’m fine. We’ve got a wedding to be a part of” Jim soothed, brushing his fingers to calm David’s curls, “Remember to hold up your head and smile, I’m going to take my seat okay?”


“Okay,” David said softly, his eyebrows still drawn in concern. Jim sat down next to Bones and slouched in his chair. Thankfully he made it before the wedding party was to walk down the aisle.


“What in the hell?” Bones whispered at him, seeing the state of his best friend and quickly giving him a handkerchief, “Where were you? What happened?”


“Aww Bones you’re such a gentleman” Jim joked, wiping at his face and straitening up as the music signaled the entrance of the wedding party. Jim saw Spock sneak in after Nyota was down the aisle.  The wedding progressed as planned, nothing amiss and everyone cheered as Scotty and Nyota kissed, sealing their marriage.