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Mamma Mia

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The reception was in full swing, drinks were passed out along with the food and soon the wedding speeches began.


“Hey, I’m Jim Kirk for those of you who don’t know. I’m the owner of the villa and the friends of these two” Jim smiled gesturing to the couple, “I actually introduced them, Scotty had just started working on the Island and Nyota came down for vacation. Both of them were overworked and needed a break so I set them up on a blind date. I never imagined I’d be hosting their wedding a couple years later” Jim chuckled softly, “Before the ceremony I went to see them both before and both of them asked me the same thing in different words, they were concerned for the other's happiness before your own. So, cheers to both your happiness’s”


The crowd cheered, more speeches were made and everyone seemed to be having a good time. The dancing began shortly after the speeches ended, upbeat songs played and everyone danced to them. Jim even got Bones to the dance floor for half a song before the man grumbled off to the bar. Joanna, David, and Demora had a little trio dance going which was both hilarious and adorable. Soon a slow dance came on, Jim and the kids cleared the floor as couples began to slowly sway to the music.


“I request to dance with you,” Spock said softly, his hand was outstretched towards Jim and Jim was in a state of shock. He was practically gawking at Spock, not once had Spock ever danced with Jim or indicated that he danced at all. Every time dancing was brought up, Spock would dismiss it with ‘illogical’. David pushed his Dad forward towards Spock with a soft ‘”go dance”.


Jim took Spock’s hand in his own and allowed himself to be led to the dance floor, where they swayed along with the other couples. One of Spock’s hands rested on his hip, holding him close while the other held Jim’s own.  Jim remained looking at Spock’s eyes the whole time, not forgetting what he had said earlier that day. Why would Spock want to dance with him? Why did Spock want to kiss him? Why did Spock take his hand when they danced? So many questions were shooting through Jim mind that he could hardly keep up.


“You did not let me speak earlier” Spock stated, his voice was low so only Jim could hear him, “This appeared to be the only way to get you to listen. I left you because my clan demanded it, if I had not fulfilled the engagement then dishonor would fall upon my family. I did not wish to leave you, it brought me a great deal of pain to do so. Logic dictated I attempt to find fulfillment within the bond between T’Pring and myself but I could not. Therefore, I waited until she gave me a plausible reason to dissolve it without shaming my family. By then I feared you had moved on and I did not contact you. I could not open your transmissions because if I had, I would have returned to you. I have not allowed myself to think of you since the day I left Earth in hopes of my desire for you would fade but it has not. I have been and always shall be, yours.”


The song came to an end and the louder music began again but Jim never moved from his spot and neither did Spock. They remained to stare at each other before Jim quickly made his way out of the reception party, he ran until he was standing on the sand on the beach, a couple feet from the water and he could feel Spock standing behind him. He knew the Vulcan would follow but he needed to get away from the crowd of people watching him, he needed to process.


“Do you mean that?” Jim asked, whirling around to look at Spock


“Affirmative” Spock responded, moving closer to the human and Jim didn’t step back, “I have spent ten years parted from you, I wish never to be again. If you permit, I will show you my depth of affection”


“What like a meld? But we’ve never done that before” Jim responded, it was kind of ridiculous how much he wanted to believe Spock. He wanted to believe every word and just fall into his arms but he was scared.


“Correct. Our minds are extremely compatible, I feared getting lost” Spock had never expressed his emotions so outwardly and it shocked the hell out of him. Jim thought about it for a second before he nodded.


“Okay. Let’s do it” Jim said, looking at the Vulcan with determination. Spock raised his fingers to Jim’s face and whispered the ancient words.


Jim felt like he was floating, surrounded by thousands of lights and colors. It was odd. Suddenly he could feel Spock beside him and slowly everything came into focus, they were standing on blankness, with the flow of colors swirling around and above them.  


“T’hy’la” Spock whispered with awe in his voice as he stared at Jim or at the apparition of Jim.


“I’ve never heard that word” Jim responded, “What does it mean?”


“Friend, Brother, Lover… A human word for it would be soulmate” The colors that somehow Jim knew was Spock, swirled around his own and then Jim understood. The longing, the never being able to get over him, the rightness he felt when he was with him, the connection and understanding. Suddenly Jim felt a rush of emotions that were not his own, pain, regret, jealousy, envy, happiness but most of all love. It was Spock’s love for him. In return, Jim poured all his feelings to Spock, all the love, anger, pain, everything. They were on even ground now, they both understood.


“What about David?” Jim asked, his concern for how his child would adjust to the change, he worried David wouldn’t understand or he wouldn’t like the change.


“He was the one who suggested the meld” Spock responded, showing him the conversation that they exchanged earlier that day.


“What a sneaky little shit” Jim huffed, Spock’s amusement surrounded him in what seemed like a laugh.


“I believe he gets that from you” Spock mused and Jim sent him a glare or he tried to but this whole mind thing was still new to him, “Would you show me your parental bond with him?”


Jim brought Spock to the blue bond that was held between David and himself. The bond was strong and thriving. It reminded Spock of the bond he shared with his mother.


“I can send emotions but that’s about it. It helps when he gets hurt or sick then I automatically know” Jim explained, his hands trailing over the blue light.


“Telepathic communications without a meld can only be done by Bondmates” Spock explained


“Yeah I read about that”


“Do you still wish to-“


“You know I do but not right now. David still needs to adjust but yes. I want to” Jim answered before he could finish the question, good thing about being in another person’s mind was you could literally read their thoughts. “Let’s get back to David though before he comes looking for us”


When the emerged from the meld, Jim had tears on his cheeks and a huge smile on his face. Spock’s lips were turned upward in an almost smile, the way Jim loved.


“You love me” Jim beamed, his hands coming to cradle the Vulcan’s cheek.


“I love you, T’hy’la” Spock responded softly, his own smile tugging at his lips, “May I kiss you?”


“Hell yeah” Jim wrapped his arms around Spock’s neck and they kissed. They finally kissed both of them knowing how the other felt. It was perfect and Jim felt like he was whole again. They would figure everything else later but for now, they were content to kiss on the beach and bask in this feeling.